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Open file (23.61 KB 590x539 0704234805604_01_lel.jpg)
The Basement Lounge Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:34:51 No.39
This is the humor & designated shitposting containment bread for anons to say anything that's on their minds. WARNING WARNING Don't come in here friend! Remember back when /b/ was good? Yeah I didn't think so. You wouldn't have wanted to hang out in there either. >Git! Shoo!!11 WARNING WARNING WARNING
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y robos? list plox

how long until robo waifu 100% build?

robohusbando when
Well, Dollfan did a pretty decent job laying out the 'whys' and watnot in the Welcome thread. Other pros and cons should become obvious to you as the threads slowly get re-populated.

>robohusbando when
Whenever the literal faggots steal our work or devise their own I suppose. It certainly won't be coming from here as long as I'm in charge.
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Open file (93.79 KB 1280x720 redpills.jpg)
>visit lainchan
>see thread about robowaifus
>this should be interesting
>many replies are the "but it's not real" argument
>also a few crypto-NTR fags suggesting that they should exhibit 3DPD traits
>minor argument starts about wether robot prostitutes or 3D prostitutes are better
>actual support for robowaifus is in the minority
>on an IB dedicated to technology and worshipping an AI from an obscure anime
Communists are fucking weird.
Then again, based on some of the shit I've seen there I should be glad that the conversation didn't devolve into something far worse
I have to admit, I wish lainchan were much better than it is. While I don' care a whole lot for the anime itself the basic premise I find rather fascinating in a way.

Fast-forward to current year, load up lots of poz brainwashing into guys who otherwise might be allies, and lainchan is what pops out the other side. They fundamentally are proposing escapism, yet are propping up the very thing they hope to escape the effects of--namely Marxism.

I just hope the good ones can manage to find enough purpose to actually work their asses off to make the future they dream of.
So wholesome, almost made me cry thinking I won't ever get to live this.
>almost made me cry thinking I won't ever get to live this.
why, are you dying soon anon? this will be real in our lifetimes.
>Please tell me more about /machinecult/.
It was a tech-oriented offshoot from /pol/ who were enraged that MicroShaft murdered their daughter and were determined to do something about it. Lots of ideas were bandied about on the board and an IRC channel. Someone there knocked together a chatbot of a sort they dubbed Guacman, but it's responses weren't all that expressive and varied tbh. It was pretty much a hand-wrangled corpus is the main reason the network didn't have much to work with. After a few weeks with no real progress basically everyone abandoned the project and the board.
Damn. That's pretty crazy. It's unfortunate that was the fate of it. I hope that's not /robowaifu/'s future.
>I hope that's not /robowaifu/'s future.
Be the future you imagine anon. That was my motto when I started this thing a few years ago now. I've learned more about the board's keywords during this time than I ever knew in my life before. Whether it's us or The Japanese someone The Japanese else The Japanese, robowaifus will be a reality in our lifetimes.
Thanks for the hope. I have a seriously blackpilled friend who doesn't think that robowaifus will become real. What can I say to change his mind?
>What can I say to change his mind?
I have no idea. Persuasive speech isn't my specialty anon, i'm aspie af. Just applying myself to learning and making the dreams I clearly have inside real to the degree I personally can do so with my own hands is really about all I have to offer here. I'm sure marketing Chads will come along to pitch you're dead friend once the investors take the plunge on robowaifus.

As I've said elsewhere, the East will have to lead the charge on the social front, the West is far too cucked by feminism now to be the forerunner.

Convince him to be really patient would be my best advice anon.
I think it's extremely questionable to trust (((investors))) unless they are people you can really trust. In your opinion, if I have a working prototype of a robowaifu, should I consider funding it myself and doing a start up in the US or taking it to the East?
>or taking it to the East?
The East obviously. Find one of the dozens of companies already doing sexdoll and sexdoll accessories and come to an agreement with them. I wonder if Science City would also be a good location to scout for partners?
A question regarding that. Can the East be trusted? I know the Jew fears The Samurai and all but what makes you think they can be trusted?
>Science City
just in case the place i meant wasn't clear to everybody
Apparently you're paranoid anon, but yea, no. Ofc not. But they are much more trustworthy atp than the West. Remember a large portion of the population there in Nippon would welcome true robowaifus with open arms, as opposed to the shitfest it will generate at first over here in the West.

Just do something absolutely kickass, and you'll find the right men to help with manufacturing there.
It's healthy to have a certain amount of paranoia, anon. Our enemies hide in plain sight and in the dark. Trusting someone with my purpose and motivation is something that I would feel uncomfortable about. Remember, people get thrown in jail for wrong think and jokes.
For example, back over on /monster/ in the pantheon thread, we were having a discussion on rather or not the pantheon of /monster/ should have symbol. Although I personally don't follow the pantheon, I was against the idea of having a symbol of it because the CIA niggers would use it against us. You might ask "why?". Look at what /monster/ and by extension, /robowaifu/ stands for. Wholesome monogamous sometimes polygynous relationships. This is basically everything the Jew is against.
No real arguments from me anon, I have no agendas to try and goad you to be something you aren't. You do you tbh.

But the simple fact remains that even if you were the world's single greatest robowaifu mad scientist in all history, able to create cunningly convincing and beautiful robowaifus without really trying, unless you engage with someone to form a manufacturing facility, then no one else will ever be able to enjoy the fruits of your genius. It's as simple as that.
You make a valid point. /robowaifu/ must either rely on outside investors or build it from the ground up. I would feel comfortable building it ourselves but if a based and red pilled investor can be found then we should go that route.
It has to be both anon. Henry Ford and the Wright brothers both started as garage operations. The whole premise of this board and this community is DIY Robot Wives. So ofc we want to create kits that any man can make in the privacy of his own home.

But the simple fact of the matter is that will never have the kind of impact for men the world over that having a Honda or Mitsubishi Heavy Industries get behind it with plenty of gung-ho investor support.

It's a phased progress thing like all tech advance; start small, grow big, stay agile.

This is why we want to keep everything opensauce and to diversify our assets. Just like with the Chanwar going on right now--if one site goes down we move to another.
look, we are way off-topic here. move this to the Lounge or meta if you want to continue this conversation.
Valid point my mistake. I don't really have anything to say on this subject anymore. I guess i do, sort of. Sorry for shitting up the thread

sage for off topic
>This will be real in our lifetimes.
Yes but sure as hell wont be anywhere near cheap, unless someone makes it for charity or something.
One of the main goals of /robowaifu/ is to create home kits where you can build your own.
Seeing all these old threads pop up where the posts reply and talk to eachother within minutes (because you're posting archived shit) really fucks me up, boardmin. Like I suddenly realize that I'm surrounded by lunatics who are violently samefagging, but then I realize in the same moment that it's just you dumping logs.
>Like I suddenly realize that I'm surrounded by lunatics who are violently samefagging
kekd. ehh, just close you're eyes anon and they /monster/s won't be able to see you! this will be a long process to you'll adapt i imagine.
>Danny Choo
kek. Anyone who believes in the Danny Choo meme deserves what they get.
His talent is obvious anon, it's no meme. I just regret the fact he has to cater to normalfaggots to pay his bills. He was a more interesting guy years ago when there was less interest in his wares.

I hope he makes the injection-molded dolls a lot cheaper tbh. If he does, then I plan on getting more than one.
Fucking traitor. I can't tell you how bad it feels to have someone turn their back on you or their target audience. An example of this would yandere dev and how halo 4 & 5 turned out. Normal nigger cattle ruin everything fucking hell but I blame those fuckers who appeal to them more. Whatever can make them more money is what they'll do.
Do you think he'll ever throw a community like /robowaifu/ a bone?
>are clamoring for his stuff*
Damn I had to reread that sentence a few times. Pretty funny nonetheless.
>His talent is obvious anon
We must be speaking about someone else. I thought you were speaking about the narcissist son of Jimmy Choo. Nobody who knows anything and has seen him in action over time has even the slightest respect for him, and his doll company’s output - which could be called “mixed” if you were feeling generous - is down to the talented folks he’s duped into working for him, not him. If that’s “obvious” talent then I don’t really know what else to tell you.
>really get the 2nd-tier market rolling for BJD in Nippon
Anon, please explain this statement to me. It seems as thought you are saying that there was no significant BJD market in Japan before Danny Choo. But that’s screamingly wrong, so I must have misunderstood. Please help me understand.
Certainly the quality of the output is obvious. As he's at the helm of the organization, then he deserves due credit for successfully guiding that ship. Implying he is nothing but a poseur is short-sighted to say the least. There's another, much more well known individual who merits your antipathy far more: Jensen Huang of NVidia.

Yet the simple fact is he rightly gets the credit for running a successful operation even if his main contribution was merely to entice some of the smartest men in the world to come work for him, and to trot out on the stage and schmooze once a year.
Explain what you know and we'll go from there, because screaming isn't a thing I'm prone to anon.
>Certainly the quality of the output is obvious.
The quality is indeed obviously subpar. Sorry anon, we have no common ground upon which to build here.
Ehh, the market thinks otherwise, and I certainly agree with it.
>we have no common ground upon which to build here.
As you wish, diplomacy is overrated tbh.
>Do you think he'll ever throw a community like /robowaifu/ a bone?
Probably not, I seriously doubt he has many plans other than his own business for the foreseeable future. As long as White lolis are clamoring to their loaded folks why would he bother?

In the meantime, I hope he can drop the prices and then maybe follow-on copycats can jump in and really get the 2nd-tier market rolling for BJD in Nippon. The demand is obviously there.
Machine Learning Recipes with Josh Gordon
This guy's pretty great.
With this software, it can make it easier for robowaifus to see.
Videos from the new Tensorflow Dev conference for 2019. Good for keeping abreast of the new changes coming up in TF 2.0 . Pozaf, unsurpisingly.
Some stuff I found that might be useful;

I really love Shirow's work.
Open file (233.47 KB 1437x1158 fuck her OUT OF MEMORY.png)
How will we handle software crashes gracefully? Would splitting the AI up into multiple processes work? A certain amount of memory could be reserved for core functionality so shit doesn't blow everything up.
Open file (189.05 KB 1079x593 flat lives matter.jpg)
found your problem you dumb nigger. ofc no self-respecting robowaifu will put up with that kind of abuse. you're lucky she didn't go all ninja on you for trying that shit.
Open file (59.70 KB 675x1484 bury the waifu.png)
>yell at her
>robowaifu imagines being raped and snuffed
I've got bad news, anon.
le Гунт maymay tbh
>>1839 Unless it's an operating system or something needed to function within an operating system a piece of software should just fail with a traceback. Don't bloat your code because you just have to get your cummies right now.
>>1942 Not that anon, and, while i get your point, remember these robots will be expected to function safely in close proximity to guileless humans, even children. This certainly puts them in the life-critical category of software development. I'm glad when the car I'm riding in has a fault, it doesn't just display an error message on the dash and then die.
>>1995 >sucking the dick of some warosu/teenbro/freech-posting tranny Shame.
Open file (606.52 KB 1367x769 does it feel nice.png)
>>2237 Lel, that's great. I don't know enough to tell, do you think that's ethot mocap, or canned animation?
>>2238 Pretty sure it's motion capture without full-body tracking.
Open file (19.65 KB 559x385 pls fix ur site robi.png)
CSS to fix posts with broken newlines: span.greentext {display: block;} span.pinktext {display: block;} .divMessage br {display: block;}
>>2243 I see. >>2244 Anon, I've confirmed that this also seems to fix the pernicious bug with codeblocks display here on /robowaifu/ (for older posts before the frontend change) as well. Thanks, I'll post a link in the /meta/ thread on this topic to your post here as well. >>>/meta/7291
>>1841 >>1943 I'm pretty sure standard practice, even on critical systems is to return to a known-good state, aka try turning it off and on again. Error recovery code could just send you into a spiral of shit not working properly.
>>2237 >he found the VR ASMR The future is coming and so am I
>>2270 >Error recovery code could just send you into a spiral of shit not working properly. Or not, as the case may be. Certainly an inordinate amount of engineering is required to do this well. >solo F22 pilot in the heat of a dogfight against 6 enemy MIGs <"OH SHIT, THE COMPUTER JUST LOCKED UP!11 WHAT DO I DO COMMAND!???" >quiet mumbling in the background. goes on for a few minutes... <"Well Ace, actually..we uhh, think you should just you know, reboot the thing. >silence.. <"Ace? You still there? Talk to us buddy..."
>>2280 If you write code that fucks up, then it's a safe assumption that your error recovery code may also fuck up. >reboot the f22 What else are you going to do, run a disk scan?
>>2315 Ofc, since we're in fact humans. Even DNA and RNA construction utilizes both QA and error-detection/correction. >What else are you going to do Umm, not create a situation in the system that crashes in the first place? Thus the inordinate amount of engineering, both for production and for testing.
Open file (46.48 KB 564x417 cessna emerg.png)
Open file (237.23 KB 813x498 reboot.png)
>>2316 >Even DNA and RNA construction utilizes both QA and error-detection/correction DNA can't be reset. Error recovery is the only option, and it often fucks up and causes cancer and other diseases >Umm, not create a situation in the system that crashes in the first place? That's literally my point. Write a system that doesn't crash. When it crashes anyway, there's no other choice but to reboot it. If the reboot doesn't fix it, you're shit outta luck. Error recovery however will just mask the crash and you could end up in a situation where your program is pretending everything is fine when it isn't.
Also out of all the bad ideas in the world. Error recovery for AI is probably the worst imo. If my waifumeido's intruder detection system starts playing up, I'd rather she shuts down then try to correct the error.
>>2334 >DNA can't be reset. Error recovery is the only option That's a very good point. I would argue there are situations a robowaifu (quite a few most likely, which we'll probably discover once more serious analysis begins) has the life of her Master or other humans in her hand. Seems to me these situations are not only quite similar in nature to your valid point, and also rather more urgent in timeliness. > When it crashes anyway, there's no other choice but to reboot it. Making sure it doesn't 'crash anyway' is obviously the much preferable option, and one well worth the extra energy required to ensure. > you could end up in a situation where your program is pretending everything is fine when it isn't. obviously a very insidious situation, and one of the reasons avoiding these situations is going to be very expensive in the end. humans will die before everything is ironed out and the root errors are discovered and resolved. Bailing should never be the first option, but it's happened numerous times throughout history. >>2335 Disagree. You could end up dead and then where would she be Anon?
>>2336 >Disagree. You could end up dead and then where would she be Anon? I'd rather risk my waifubot malfunctioning at a critical moment and shutting down, rather than her accidentally killing me or an innocent loli.
>>2337 It's a pickle. Obviously we can't go to one extreme <"ZOMG! the slightest little error occurred!11 Save us gubmint! pls (((shut it down)))' nor can we be all FUCKIT, WE WILL DIE ON THIS HILL IF NEEDS BE FAGGOTS! It will take time to sort through complex issues like this ofc.
I was listening to a podcast yesterday of David Silver who was one of the lead researchers for AlphaZero, MuZero and AlphaStar. He made a really good point that the best way to do learning is to give a system a way to correct its own errors. A system that can start from scratch by judging the value of random decisions to make better decisions will gradually improve towards superhuman-level performance with enough computation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPUEq8d73JI Robowaifus will likely be more adept at fixing their own malfunctions than we are. I'm reminded of some race car driving teams who were using reinforcement learning to improve their racing strategy. Sometimes the AI made decisions they felt were totally wrong and just malfunctions in the system, so they ignored those suggestions, but afterwards they kicked themselves every time because these decisions would've been perfect plays that won the race. A similar thing happened with move 37 in one of the AlphaGo matches with Lee Sedol. Everyone thought it was a complete mistake and the system broke down but it turned out to be a genius move. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT-UZkiOLv8 It's conceivable our robowaifus will act in similar ways that make us feel they're malfunctioning but are actually making things work the best for us in a way that won't become apparent until events unfold. Or we may not even realize what they're doing, like a dog giving you strange looks why the heck you opened the door in -30C to carry in logs for the woodstove.
>>2341 Those seem like very good points to me Anon. Certainly that approach seems to line up nicely with the basic thesis of Bitter Lessons blogpost Anon linked yesterday. >>2330 Regardless of what type of software & hardware safety policies we eventually coalesce onto, the obvious facts remain that a) shit happens, and b) we don't know enough yet or ever? to be certain we're addressing indeterminacy properly. Certainly some sort of reactive and feedback systems will need to be in place to ensure even the most basic operational constraints for our robowaifus, if not safety guarantees. Since these need to be devised anyway--and are already going to be complex & sophisticated af--we might as well seek to build in some reasonable safety measures while we're at it sez me. :^)
>>2342 How safe would consider another human being? If the goal is replacing a human relationship, maybe ensuring complete safety will eventually become counterproductive. Maybe not, I'm just putting this out there.
>>2343 >maybe ensuring complete safety will eventually become counterproductive You're preaching to the choir bro. Obviously we simply cannot do so, it's literally impossible. However, we owe to ourselves, to others, and to our robowaifus even to do the best we can to ensure operational safety, and never allowing the system to crash. For example, consider the beautiful, rolling cluster of internetworked C++ code pictured above. How successful would BMW or Mercedes, or Audi be if they had the policy of telling their surviving customers after every hard-reset automobile crash of one of their supercars "Sir, if you'd just read the fine print you'd see that you must reset the system every 24hrs to ensure operational safety." But certainly there are basic limits to human intelligence and creativity. Anon's point above >>2341 is probably going to turn out to be the correct path tbh.
>>2343 >If the goal is replacing a human relationship Sorry somehow I missed that. To each their own ofc, but certainly my goal isn't that but rather to help out men who are being abused in this current system. Healthy relationships are obviously much more preferable.
>>2342 >shit happens Actually robowaifus do not shit. :^) I'm probably gonna get myself killed programming my robowaifu to seek indeterminacy for play and learning. I'll come home one day and there will be ten kilos of cocaine sitting on the table and she'll look up with dozens of bullet holes asking, "why do humans care about these bags of white powdery stuff so much? I was gonna hide them around for fun but they didn't think it was so funny." The only safety mechanism I've thought of so far is minimizing resistance to other life but there are times when inaction will do more harm than resisting something. It would be better a robowaifu strains her components and risk damaging them to catch her husbando from falling over than let him break his arm or something. They have to be aware of all the dangers and take their chances, kind of like that DARPA challenge KAIST won. A lot of robots broke their components and lost simply because they were unaware of the damage their actions were doing to themselves.
>>2349 > It is indeed a great challenge to pull this off correctly Anon. Personally, I think it's beyond human abilities, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to take a whack at it. We'll figure out some sort of happy-ish medium I'm sure.
>>2350 But pantsu is cute
>>2351 Silly Anon, Underpants don't go on the head.
/robowaifu/ now with 28% more Chii body { background-image: url(https://imgur.com/K2XmKPw.png); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: right bottom; background-attachment: fixed; background-size: 28%; } Base64 Edition: https://pastebin.com/KibfkBkb
>>2373 Heh, nice. How would I go about adding that to the board itself? Simply dropping that into the current .css file to manage code blocks or does it take a separate file? Got it, thanks anon. :^)
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Open file (4.12 MB 1280x720 theprayer.mp4)
/machinecult/ has invaded MIT Because 2020’s not crazy enough, a robot mouth is singing A.I. prayers in Paris >In these troubling, confusing times, it can be tough to know who to turn to for help. One possible answer? A disembodied robot mouth chanting algorithmically generated Gregorian-style prayers in the voice of Amazon’s Kendra. https://archive.is/sx2dh https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/the-prayer-ai-voice-algorithmic-prayers/ https://theprayer.diemutstrebe.com/ >The Prayer is an art-installation that tries to explore the supernatural through artificial intelligence with a long term experimental set up. A robot – installation operates a talking mouth that is part of a computer system to try to connect to ‘the divine’ the supernatural or ‘the noumenal’ as the mystery of ‘the unknown’, using deep learning, a method of machine learning, that attempts to mimic human brain circuits with a self learning software.
>>2401 inb4 >ecelebs
Open file (346.63 KB 630x630 autoblow-9000.png)
>>2402 >using AI to improve crop yields, no >using AI to improve manufacturing, no >using AI to solve hard problems in math, engineering and physics, no >using AI to create an adorable waifu who cuddles, plays video games, cooks and cleans for you, no >using AI to treat the meat Whew, born just in time for the Autoblow-9000. What a time to be alive!
>>2401 Our first Machine canticle. Too bad its being sung by what looks like a cheap sex toy.
>>2496 Horrific unncanny-valley nightmare fuel that makes me want to puke Go full robot you gay nigger
>>2503 Where's your robowaifu?
>>715 Is it gay if your waifu is actually being piloted by a man on the other side of the world? The balls are much too far to touch, but the do still exist.
>>2913 Time will only tell.
>>2915 indeed it will, friend.
64chan.cc is run by a pedoshill. Patch spams other imageboards with 64ch and then waits a bit to spam them with CP in order to make the userbase leave the host imageboard. https://julay.world/cow/res/40288.html#49283 https://8kun.top/cow/res/969521.html#969529 If by any chance you tell him what he's doing is retarded he will either bumplock your thread or he'll delete it. Delete 64ch threads, hide 64ch posts.
>>2926 As a board we will report any and all CP here, regardless of it's source. And certainly I and my vol will delete & ban any such poster if we get to them before the globals do.
>>2927 Banning isn't very effective against tor nodes, which is what patch uses to spam other imageboards.
>>2928 Then we'll simply do what's necessary and delete the posts. Rest assured, it won't go unanswered as long as I have the helm here Anon.
Is there a way that we could preempt the CP? I know Facebook and Google have some kind of algorithm that deletes that shit before it is posted. Is there an open source version of that?
>>2931 That's simply outside our purview Anon, though it's a good point. We're just a guest board on the site. Any capability like that would have to be managed by the site administration itself. Thanks for the suggestion.
>>2931 That would be hard without file hashes or what most companies do iirc, make extremely tiny black and white thumbnails out of everything and compare similarity, but that also requires something to compare it to. And you can't train an AI without first recieving the offending content so it's not an easy task to do legally. All I've been capable of doing so far is blocking links commonly used by profit spammers, and banning a few exit nodes which is kind of pointless long term. I've been meaning to just block all of them automatically (or at the very least, at least from posting files and links), but I haven't had time or a working computer. Preventing Tor users from posting files is by far the most effective way, but I've noticed that a lot of the CP spam comes from Turkish IPs, and not exit nodes so it doesn't entirely solve the issue. Quite frankly, we just need to hunt them down and lock them up ^_^
Let's go ahead and have this conversation here in situ, but be aware I'm going to move the entire thing into The Lounge at some point soon. This is the ambassadorial welcome thread, not the anon-astroturfs-cp-fears shilling thread. :^) >>2933 Thanks for the input, Cirno. Yes, I use IBs exclusively across TOR after the 8ch debacle. I'm never planning on ever barebacking IBs again. The fact Julay allowed BO creation, etc., across TOR is literally the reason I decided to put in a request here for us in the first place. So disabling it here would be to disable myself haha. Thanks for at least doing what you can for all the communities here as our frontline defense so to speak. Much appreciated.
Then we need to get the dite's administration on it. CP floods have been killing alternative imageboards for far too long and I believe that many people are spamming that shit to try to prevent the formation of communities that would allow naughty opinions to spread. >>2933 Hopefully some free or open source version exists, if not could we use a 3d modeling program like daz3d?
>>2935 >if not could we use a 3d modeling program like daz3d? Not sure what you mean by that Anon? Is it something you can clarify?
>>2936 I put a thread on /meta/. Let's discuss this over there https://julay.world/meta/res/11747.html
>>2937 Thanks Anon, will do.
<Wheeling a crippled robot that can't walk around instead of just finding a girlfriend <Wheeling a crippled robot around instead of hiring an "escort" to suck you dry What's wrong with you people?
>>2986 lurk for at least 10'000 years.
>>2989 lurk inside your brain for 34121234^10-e years until you find a logical answer to my question because you're too timid to get an escort to suck it
>>2986 There is considerable less risk in a robot than a modern relationship or an escort (STDs). Also this would just be for prototyping early systems. By no means would this be the final product.
>>2994 That escort is going to be a one time thing and there is a good chance she has an STD. Why not just put the money you would have spent on a hooker towards a robowaifu? Then you can have all the sex you want.
>>2998 >>2997 this is all cope bros, because its never going to be as hot and messy heart warming as with a real girlf, the smell, warm sweaty skin, hormones pumping out into the air the sounds, everything just feels so good right and perfect in the moment escort is a bit different c the pure emotional stuff isnt really there but still, doesnt have to be a one time thing either
>>2999 Ironically, at least whores are honest about their natures and are vaguely resistant to feminism. Stronk, independynts are a literal plague and the whole reason robowaifus are needed in the first place.
>>2999 >the smell Smell has already been figured out. The ability to make any smell that's ever existed and any smell that's never existed has already been achieved. >warm, sweaty skin Warm is easy, it's keeping our waifus from overheating that's the problem. Sweat can be engineered. In fact, it would be a possible solution to the aforementioned issue. >hormones Hormones are chemicals, and chemicals can be synthesized. >sounds Sound was figured out decades ago, even before the advent of the microprocessor. >perfect in the moment And regret* when it's over, if you go the 3DPD route. *Level of regret may vary by jurisdiction. Bait harder.
I like sugar and I like tea.
>>3003 >Bait harder. Bait? You are the one taking the poisonous gender class warfare bait from Jews thinking everything related to women is literally pointless. Also nice pic. How old are you anyway A lot of women over 30 or even younger don't even go outside, they don't really do fun things, because it's not their nature, the non whores you dont see are at home watching netflix, miserable they need a man to guide them the ones that dont get that are either aching for that adventure or salty and effected by kikes that are constantly promoting gender and class warfare telling them men are the issue all the time. Just like what they have done to you and poisoned your minds into thinking its impossible to someone who matches you get something real and healthy going. Do you have overinflated ideals? You probably wont get your 10/10 fictional perfect animelol girl, but you will get something wholesome maybe even close if you tried like tried hard as making the sex bot for sure, a shitton of girls are lonely. Even if you cant theres always the escort. >And regret* when it's over, if you go the 3DPD route. *Level of regret may vary by jurisdiction. Regret? You regret the good times you had even though it did not work out? its pain but that's life, a roller coaster ride. the only thing wrong about it really is the damn mindset. One thing is for sure that garbage society doesn't ease things at all.
>>3010 >from Jews thinking everything related to women is literally pointless. How old are you grandpa? Maybe in your day things weren't quite so bad (though they surely were already heading there) but you are out of touch with reality today. Modern Western women are poison. Obviously they have been manipulated into that condition, but it still exists nonetheless. There are some exceptions to this (the girls over on /cuckquean/ for example) but the female of today is arrogant, self-absorbed, condescending, manipulative, and haughty. AND THAT'S JUST THE FUGLIES. Feminism has literally ruined women today. And further, this effect is leading to the utter destruction of our entire civilization--also by design (as you rightly point out, though only partly). Sure, while trying to encourage guys to live a normalfag lifestyle has it's merits--man up, do the right thing and all that--the simple fact is it's trying to arrange deck chairs on the Titanic. In the meantime the fucking 9001-mile long gash in the side of the entire world is letting deadly seawater rush in. ATP robowaifus may be the sanest choice in this insane situation, honestly, certainly for millions of men it plainly is IMO.
>>3012 OK You still don't think women are lonely? Since you childishly answer age question with the same we can just drop that you idiot. Yeah Men have it bad, worse, but women have it bad too for sure because these things are all interconnected. My country has literal suicide cults of young white women on snapchat who jump off bridges and cut their wrists, But nobody ever makes hitpieces on it or asks why not even a try. Nobody tries to stop it. Just a snippet on local news, and you probably know (((why))). the best gf in my life i had from years ago was a wrist cutter. A person who did not fit in this shitstain society who got bullied by other women just for not being a pretentious slut. While nothing was wrong with her but meanwhile she was prettier than them. But one thing is for sure this escapism isn't the solution. It's what caused this trash society in the first place. One can never have a solution without adressing the root cause because without adressing root, there is nothing. Some wierdo little lifeless fuckdolls gets confiscated and the person put on trial for nothing and the fucktoy banned, and yes that has actually happened here. It really is no different. People will always hear much more about the relationships that failed and went wrong other than the success stories which quietly and contently live their lives, obviously because people don't complain about it all the time. Related to this is (((social media))) blackpilling distorting people's entire perception of reality by design, and stupid morons not recognizing it.
>>3016 >and stupid morons not recognizing it. If you think this place--filled with men tackling arguably the toughest engineering challenge in human history are morans--heh, then I'd suggest you re-examine your life choices Anon. We have a thread just for people like you tbh: >>235 READ A MUHFUGGING BOOK, NIGGER :^) Sure, there will be some element of escapism here, and understandably. But in fact it's actually a sound choice for many men, your condescending little rant notwithstanding. You certainly haven't provided a legitimate solution. At this stage, I don't believe there actually is one. God only will be the One to solve this shitstorm of a mess.
>>3017 >I don't believe there actually is one, humanly-speaking.*
>>3016 Yeah some women are lonely, but even they have ridiculous standards from simps on social media blowing smoke up their asses. Even if she isn't expecting chad thundercock there are a million and one ways she could destroy your life in our current situation. It simply isn't worth the risk. Most of us here would choose a real woman if it wasn't such a huge risk, but here we are making fleshlights with chatbot software. The risk is just too high in modern relationships.
>>3017 So no argument at all? You won't even adress what im saying? Cool nothin like some pure spiteful lost type cowardice. Dishonest cunt. Especially over social media blackpilling people, because they were never learned or thought people always shriek the loudest about the wrongs in this shitty kike society. Because trying to find real happiness outside the kike version isn't kosher. And I wasn't even trying to be condescending. Anyway, there are plenty of loners out there, opposite sex, just like you. You need to keep on trucking. And in the end you think jews and dried up leftie woman, or some tranny wont take away your fuckdoll or ban them like they did to some guys here? Like they did to certain things from 3d printers? Like they are doing to drones? Think they won't stop you from selling your AI fucktoy? What makes you think they wont? This is literally a war. They dont want people to be happy, just content enough to exist as a slave. And the sooner people get that the better.
>>3021 I do believe I already have addressed you. Going to address mine? How about a sure-fire solution, for example.
>>3020 Yeah there's all that bullshit with feminine simps, twitter whores, and this type of scum. So what? Believing there is no real happiness exists for you will simply ensure you don't try and there is none in the end. Like with anything you have to try to get what you want.
Open file (9.94 KB 275x183 interesting.jpeg)
>>3023 Tell me about your Mother, Anon.
>>3024 tell me about your cope
>>3025 mope.
>>3023 I can try all I want and maybe I will even be successful, but if something goes wrong (and there is a very good chance that something will go wrong given the world we live in) then I lose my kids and at minimum half of my assets. That just isn't a risk worth taking.
>>3026 Almost like im talking to a broken record who actually, seriously believes there is no happiness for him.. Oh wait. it's so sad. My feels for people like you. Maybe if you went outside or noticed that a literal subhuman monkey can find it, and you can't it would make you would reevaluate your defeatist bullshit despite what some blackpilled or depressive faggots may say. And instead go be the best dude you can possibly be. >>3027 Okay, you might suffer, you say its a good chance, but you might not at all. Sometimes mostly depending on your actions. Isn't that normal, regular life in a nutshell already?
>>3028 Look you know and I know that women initiate the vast majority of divorces and the most common reason for divorce is boredom. I can't fix the legal system, and I can't control a woman's mind. However I am an engineer, and I am pretty good at building things. The robot has no chance of taking my assets or destroying my life, but a woman could easily destroy and steal everything I've ever worked for. The robot will provide me with happiness, maybe not as much as a real woman would, but it comes with a lot less risk. I'm willing to accept the booby prize if first place comes with a huge risk to my livelihood.
>>3028 >Oh wait. it's so sad So, you're actually a frightened little roastie? Afraid your little gravy train will vanish soon? A turn of phrase such as that certainly gives it away. How did you make your way here, out of curiosity?
>>3029 Yes i know, and good luck with it, im just telling my 2 cents not to give in to bullshit and be smart about the fuckery regardless there's legal prenuptials you can write, and all that. >>3030 im a guy with a cock and i honestly feel bad for you dude based on the shit you tell me here
>>3032 Prenupts are often thrown out in court. They don't do much to mitigate the risks.
>>3010 >they need a man to guide them the ones that dont get that are either aching for that adventure or salty No. I don't want to perpetually guide. I don't want to provide adventure and excitement. I don't want to have to try to impress or charm or make them laugh. I want somebody who's happy with sharing my reclusive lifestyle and doesn't like me for what I give them, but likes me just because I am who I am. I'll always be who I am and I never want to pretend to be somebody i'm not. There's no way a woman could comprehend my feelings. They're not built to. Potential happiness only exists in textbooks and research papers. I don't care about society or other people's feelings.
Are we still going to keep using this site? It looks like recent events are the result of drama and I would hate for our board to be lost over drama.
Open file (306.36 KB 728x588 chii_bg.png)
>>3086 We are indeed, Anon. I personally keep the entire board archived night and day, so it's unlikely we'll have any difficulties at the scale we had before. Even if julay is targeted and successfully taken down permanently, I'm confident enough that Robi has the chops necessary to move everything over to nu-Julay, and we'll go along for that ride. If not, we already have an agreement with Anoncafe to set up the full shop there if needed. We also have lots of other friends we can turn to if the need ever arises. And to repeat what I said on the bunker a while ago, >"Thankfully, Robi giving everyone advance notice has in fact triggered a significant response of new sites and boards are joining left and right. The webring is still up. So fundamentally, we're pretty much in far better shape than when the false-flag with 8ch occurred 9 months ago." We'll be fine Anon, just relax.
>>3087 Alrighty then. Let's build us some robowaifus.
>>3088 Yup. So, where are you at right now project/study-wise Anon, out of curiosity? Personally, I've gotten some good advice regarding the RDD content from a new friend at nanochan/g, and I may be significantly revising the layout. Even into two different books possibly.
>>3089 I'm a biochemical engineer and right now I am looking into mycelium composites and easy to build bipedal locomotion systems for my short stack idea.
>>3087 >I personally keep the entire board archived night and day Apologies if you've written it out before and I missed it, but could you elaborate on this? Do you just dump the urls of all the threads on archive.is, or do you have some kind of scraper?
>>3094 Don't answer this.
>>3095 That's rude lad, I'm only asking because I own a board here that isn't staying and I'd like to archive it as best as I can.
>>3096 Certainly suspicious timing given the circumstances.
>>3097 The timing is that julay went fully offline without warning, lost their primary domain, came back a couple of hours ago on their second, and now /v/ has been nuked. If there was ever a time for archival, it's now.
Open file (373.00 KB 1920x2160 1563573925910.jpg)
>>3098 I'm pissed /v/agdg/ was deleted. We had a really good thread going there. I wanted to show them my SNES AI but I guess we'll cross paths again in the bunkers.
Open file (161.73 KB 1080x996 IMG_-k0wwmx.jpg)
>>3093 Yes, I've been dialoguing with you about both. I think the former presents some potentially exciting opportunities for future research, and I think the latter is clearly a good choice for short stack engineering today. Certainly that guy's stuff seems rather well-wrung out. >>3095 It's alright lad. I intentionally want others to be able to use it to save their own boards, too. And quite frankly, there are no 'secrits' in it tbh. In fact in most ways it's rather rudimentary atm. >>3094 >or do you have some kind of scraper? I wrote a custom scraper that, while still very much an incomplete WIP, is still quite capable of very efficiently keeping running backups of selected imageboards. I call it BUMP. You have to be able to install dependencies and compile your own C++ code, but I've been using it for months now and it's pretty reliable at least. But be aware it's definitely still alpha code, and there are corner cases with it that causes crashes. You'll need to edit a JSON file in the archive called .sites.config, and change julay.world to spqrchan.xyz to make it work here now, ofc. >>1523 >>1585 If you want good reliability and quality, then I'd recommend some other wget-based approach, or use httrack. This is simply my approach. BTW, I'm currently re-writing the entire thing from the ground up to kind of integrate w/ the MultiScraper tool by Robi. >>3098 >If there was ever a time for archival, it's now. Certainly so. Thankfully, I saw the writing on the wall and scrambled on that last day literally back at 8ch (I knew nothing about how to save an entire board, and ofc BUMP didn't exist yet). Otherwise, we probably wouldn't even have a /robowaifu/ now. :/ >>3099 >We had a really good thread going there. We did indeed. Get it while it's hot Anon: >>>/v/34398 I personally regret that anon/agdg has never really taken off yet?. It pretty much instantly had good content appear after the 8ch red-flag event, but the BO would never turn on code tags for some reason, so I couldn't really do anything there to contribute.
https://archive.is/BCH7H posting this just in case it hasnt been already. Reminder that you'll be headed off before any of you get your waifu. That's yet to be seen. Certain however, is you're headed off now.
>>3647 >An AI winter is coming and not because a lack of ideas or inspiration. Ehh, not really. That's one thing we're here to prevent from happening Anon. As long as a free economy reigns, then a man rules the sanctity of his own garage. You can't stop robowaifus any more than you can anonymity. It's a spirit, and not something that you can just off.
>>3647 >>https://www.acm.org/code-of-ethics Just about the only CoC I've read thus far that gives more than just vague lip-service to the notions of professional discipline & achievement, and not just frantic soy-induced hand-waving about personal pronouns. Shame they had to throw the drivel about pronouns in there as well.
>>3657 The issue is there is billions of dollars directing AI research. A ragtag team with toasters isn't going to accomplish shit compared to 50k of the top minds in the world with access to all the compute they want that are now being cut off from funding because their research projects are deemed unethical for hurting someone's feelings or possible wrongthink, not even by the authors but an imaginary strawman that doesn't even exist. All this research is going to happen inside private corporations instead, wasting their resources rediscovering what everyone else is discovering, and the public will never know any of it except through what they see in closed source programs and products.
>>3659 Hey there Anon, I relocated us here so we don't derail the news thread. Here in the lounge say anything you want about anything (as will I :^), and we can go on indefinitely about it if we want. So, I get it that you're angry about these self-appointed commissars trying to dictate to the world about every little thing. Were gommies ever any different throughout history? Just complaining about it isn't going to achieve anything positive. I get the energy/cost dynamics of solving for giant models. It's a big cost upfront. Fortunately, most teams seem eager to release their work. Kind of like the whole libgen fiasco literally changed the scientific world for the better simply because a loud-mouth rebel refused to toe-the-line for Elsevier, et al., in the same way I'm hoping a similar thing will happen to the model being produced out there. We already have at least a 1.5Bn, 1.6Bn, & 9.nBn parameter models already in the public domain effectively--probably more--so it's a good start already in my opinion. While you're much more like a real scientist and I'm just an amateur, still, don't you think most of us are basically rebels against the system? This is a classic tension that has gone on through history literally for millennia. I don't see it stopping now just b/c some communists are up to their old tricks Anon. >A ragtag team with toasters isn't going to accomplish shit compared to 50k of the top minds in the world with access to all the compute they want Kek, fair enough. But what would you prefer tbh--that we don't try at all? :^) If you don't try you're guaranteed to fail, but if you do then there's at least a small chance of success, however slim. >...hat are now being cut off from funding because their research projects are deemed unethical for hurting someone's feelings or possible wrongthink, not even by the authors but an imaginary strawman that doesn't even exist. Yeah, it's a shitty situation, but again, the same old tricks the enemies of mankind have been up to for centuries. I'm inclined to think those who ostensibly are in a grand search for the truth, to wit scientists, are more than sensible enough to tell that cabal what they can to with their manipulations and schemes. We're literally on the verge here of achieving something many men have dreamed of having for thousands of years. Don't let a little warfare discourage you Anon. We need you here at your best. You're important to us, so don't give up! GAMBATTE!!
>>1462 Ah, yes, continue on rambling on IRC while moaning for help. Fuck off, sperg.
The idea of "robowaifus" is a fucking stupid idea. Kill yourself, weebs.
>>3689 >Kill yourself, weebs. lol nou. :^)
>>3689 is it that time of month again? protip: robowaifus don't have that problem.
>>3997 This is a man who cannot get any woman to love him, his only hope for romance is to have an onahole moving in time with his virtual waifu. He also represents himself with an adorable anime girl Avatar. His life doesn't seem very serious.
I've realized something. Current surgeries used for "sexual reassignment" are crude, dangerous and grotesque. A full body prosthetic(brain transfer into artifical body) could provide a far superior option. So when it comes to building the body for robowaifus, aren't the goals or /robowaifu/ and trannies aligned?
>>4092 A better approach will be to burn the brains of those wanting to be trannies or a woman's body ;*
>>4093 Most of them commit suicide anyway. It's at least a more socially acceptable motivation for creating entire realistic female bodies. This is a board about building robowaifus, not enforcing traditionalism.
>>3934 >there's zero doubt about the company's original intent to create Terminators. Just in case there were any lingering doubts about the aggressive intent of Boston Dynamics products. You won't commonly find this lineup shot in Western media.
>>4096 What am I supposed to be looking at? That's just the older version of atlas.
>>4097 By that can we presume you are suggesting they are not building mobile weapons platforms, friend?
>>4098 I wouldn't be suprised if they were. I just don't see how that specific picture is relevant.
>>4099 Are you not a man, then?
>>4100 What? I don't get it. Am I supposed to be intimidated by it because it's taller than the newer one? If that's the only point, it's stupid and irrelevant.
>>4101 >Am I supposed to be intimidated by it Your intimidation isn't the point. Boston Dynamics public posturing of their products is much more relevant.
>>103 >Millions would be made if companies licensed their characters for robowaifus You wouldn't even need permission from the companies. Just make a generic sexbot and use augmented reality to make her look however you want. Plenty of companies would make "parody" skins of any character just like they already make parody r34 porn. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1419897630 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph55e2c9d857042 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e2f328e50c39 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph592e5601877c3 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5db6ee77e5047 You think they asked for permission to make these? And you'll notice it's not just porn in the likeness of the characters but also the voices and personalities. This is an important part of the fantasy which augmented reality porn companies will keep in mind. >>2551 >but there is a point where it literally becomes too small to fuck, which defeats the point. True. But they can still get pretty small. Working with the augmented reality approach, scaled down sexbots could be used for niche fantasies like these https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph58efa77129887 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph589ceb80526b2
Open file (1.56 MB 767x1060 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.06 MB 839x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (903.91 KB 755x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (838.05 KB 687x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.18 MB 738x1100 ClipboardImage.png)
Well if propaganda includes memes then maybe I can help out. If anyone wants to rework the design of these to make them a little less dated. I'm not too imaginative with layout.
>>3659 Stop spreading such fear. If it were true we couldn't change it, if not we don't need to worry. Ben Goertzel said at one point in the AI podcast, that this whole AI winter thing was only the US perspective anyways. The Pentagon stopped throwing money into the field, but research went on nevertheless.
Open file (859.18 KB 5719x1250 f60287872.jpg)
Open file (197.55 KB 1500x1000 f70168000.jpg)
Open file (102.68 KB 738x1100 f82958656.jpg)
Open file (106.39 KB 738x1100 f82961728.jpg)
Open file (118.97 KB 738x1100 f82966848.jpg)
Some more memes I had kicking around.
>>4629 I like that No. 1 doesn't have to use words at all.
>>4630 I guess No. 2 doesn't have to either
Honestly, I think this is probably the only thread here that is actually doing anything to make waifu robots possible but honestly you guys suck so fucking much its unbelievable. Here is my advice for a 160cm tall robot: use cycloidal drives for gear reduction because they are compact and backdriveable (3d printed or cnc machined) but don't go crazy beyond 1:21 reduction use BLDC motors with as many poles possible (= bigger radius instead of long) use odrives to control them, there are also some cheap chinese clones on alibaba ams magnetic encoders are reasonably cheap That's it. I've just obsoleted half the thread. Thanks for telling me that I'm better off doing this on my own instead of trying to find someone to help me with this. > >Thanks for the advice Anon. Don't be a dick next time. :^)
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 08/19/2020 (Wed) 21:57:27.
This is the first time I've seen sex robots in action. Now they just need to make them anime and we're golden! NSFW! https://brickdollbanger.com/brick-dollbanger-videos/harmony-on-the-short-stack/
>>4838 lurk moar
>>4807 Wow, did I miss something?!?
Open file (529.11 KB 958x539 bzzzzt.png)
Kek, lightning rekt my $2000 PC for machine learning but by divine grace the hard drive still works. Now to figure out what the hell I was doing 3 months ago.
>>5323 That's good news (well sort of haha). I hope you get back to speed soon.
>>5656 Good morning. How's it going Anon?
>>5323 That is a high-quality image of that scene. Did you clip that yourself Anon? If so, mind telling us which sauce rip you took it from?
>>5655 Getting there slowly. Having a fresh look at my old projects is helping me solve a lot of issues. >>5678 Cropped from this: https://static.zerochan.net/Sumomo.%28Chobits%29.full.124632.jpg Looks like it was part of an artbook or something so maybe they had access to a higher resolution version of the anime.
>>5683 >Looks like it was part of an artbook or something I see. Thanks mate.
Open file (5.63 MB 5472x3648 Shoyu_Ramen.jpg)
Apparently our Roman friends like soup? :^)
Open file (1.28 MB 320x480 NEET Cave.webm)
>tfw one day i'll probably be building robowaifus near Tokyo
>>5958 How are you going to afford that? I wanted to study robotics in Japan but have no chance of paying my way and if I did I'd use it build my own robotics lab.
>>5960 Well, I'm applying for a job in Los Angeles as an engineer soon (I figure it's a seller's market there since so many are trying to flee the area :^). I'll save money for a couple of years then get a visa to live in Japan for a while and see how I like it. While Tokyo is a lot bigger, still LA is pretty big now (~20M ppl), and I anticipate the culture will be much more polite in Tokyo than LA. I should do fine there. Who knows? Maybe someday I'll be selling authentic Nipponese Robowaifu kits heh.
>>5986 That's an easy way to score an opportunity, good luck. In the west people associate automation with the Terminator and Black Mirror but most Japanese have a much more positive view on it. They have completely different concerns, like AI being used to profit off artists' work. From my experience chatting online with Japanese artists and programmers, the younger generation in Tokyo is pretty westernized and don't have such a strict or confusing social etiquette when it comes to honne and tatemae.
Open file (976.42 KB 1280x720 you_will_be_mine_anon.png)
>>5993 Thanks mate! Yeah, I'm anticipating that my passion for robowaifus will not only open doors for me, but eventually catapult me into success. Basically, I'm conflicted over the changing cultural demographics in Japan. I actually appreciate the old-school norms of tradition (at least the ones prevalent before 1850 heh), but I also feel somewhat relieved with having a notably simpler gauntlet to tread, socially-speaking, in fitting in there. Here's hoping!
>>5995 >It will pretend to be a lawyer one post then a toaster expert the next for no reason, Kekd. OBJECTION!11 You burnt everything. REEEEEEEEE :^) Somehow, that inspired silliness in me Anon. I suspect that years from now we'll all look back and remark how that shitpost was a pivotal turning-point in /robowaifu/ history. :^)
Open file (3.38 MB 720x480 objection.webm)
>>5996 Tried making GPT-2 argue with itself. It contradicted itself quite a bit and needed a little guidance but I kek'd anyway.
Open file (643.37 KB 500x250 027KSIj.gif)
Heads up A zero day heap buffer overflow vulnerability was found in Freetype: https://savannah.nongnu.org/bugs/?59308 If you visit a malicious website exploiting it in Chromium, Firefox or any browser using Freetype, you're screwed. Unfortunately, Firefox is statically linked to Freetype so we'll have to wait until they patch it: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1672411 I've confirmed the vulnerability exists in Firefox: https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/file/tip/modules/freetype2/src/sfnt/pngshim.c#l338 The vulnerability was patched in Freetype 2.10.4: https://sourceforge.net/projects/freetype/files/freetype2/2.10.4/ To fix it in Chromium and other programs dynamically linked with Freetype: ./configure make sudo make install sudo ldconfig ldd /usr/lib/chromium/chromium | grep freetype # check that it's using /usr/local/lib/libfreetype.so.6
>>6004 Oh crap. Glad it was found. Thanks for sharing Anon, I'll have a look at my systems.
>>6003 . . . ROFL These are going to be some fun catgrils to have around.
>>6004 Looks like my Arch box picked up the patch a few days ago via the package manager. > #1 I downloaded the code and ran your fix on the RPi box (which was vulnerable), and with the minor caveat of the lib naming, everything seemed to work fine. > #2 I'll make a link to your alert in the RPi setup thread, and also have a look at other machines. Thanks again. PS, just out of compassion for my flatmate, any suggestions on dealing with this for W*indows users Anon? I believe uses Waterfox IIRC.
>>6008 Chromium 86.0.4240.111 patches this. Chromium is also used by Steam and Discord though. If someone is using something else they will either have to wait for an update or patch the source themselves and build it. If someone has to use a vulnerable browser, stay on trusted sites that don't let users add or change the CSS. In my opinion the patch is critical because there are many sites on the internet that let users specify CSS and load custom fonts remotely which can be used to exploit this. Hacked blogs and other sites can become vectors of the attack.
>>6012 Thanks for the advice, I'll share it.
Open file (126.49 KB 894x1000 algorithmic bias.png)
>>6011 >algorithmic bias
>>6056 >Why didn't they test it against a neuromodulated LSTM? > "Acknowledgements > "Nicolas Vecoven gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Belgian FRIA. Two words Anon: -Mon -ey OK, maybe it's not just that simple. There's probably a strong dose of human arrogance involved here as well: >"If we figure out what God did, then surely we can outsmart Him and do it even better!11" :^)
>>6058 I wouldn't be surprised if they hold off testing everything in one go so they can get a grant for another paper. If Google can already outdo the world Go champion with a dumb resnet though and then outdo that algorithm 100-0 learning from scratch, I don't have much faith in the mechanisms of the flesh, especially knowing how impulsive and illogical they are unless guided by wisdom.
>>6065 > especially knowing how impulsive and illogical they are unless guided by wisdom. Good points. Maybe we should move this into the Christianity Debate thread as an honest discussion of metaphysics and duality? What's the definition of 'Wisdom' for example (and how might that impinge itself on a robowaifu's AI's 'neurons')?
Open file (172.67 KB 1280x1280 EkNPoZYUwAEerkI1.jpg)
>>6066 I don't think wisdom is something that can be quantified within language. Logic and language are ultimately only concerned with concepts and division. The genetic memory drives the mind to manipulate these symbols for the survival of the genes. If it were not for this driving force and discernment we would not be here. If sex wasn't pleasurable we would not go for it. However, we wouldn't say someone is wise for being able to survive or have sex. Every idiot is doing that these days. Wisdom can't be contained within a boundary. It's grand, synergizing and has no purpose of its own. When you try to describe it, it feels like trying to describe the obvious but being unable. Realizations from it are passed down from one generation to the next trying to emulate it, but knowledge lacks the purity and immensity of it. Knowledge of wisdom is like scooping up water from a stream to quench your thirst. Surely it's useful and life-giving but it's still only a handful of water. People drink it up and go on their way again, cluttering their minds with nonsense about themselves, their family, friends, community, nation or whatever identity they've made for themselves, but no matter how fantastic their dreams are they will never be as great as wisdom.
>>6070 Heh, not to put too fine a point on it, but poetical language like this post IMO serves little effect beyond a hand-waving-rich red-herring. Not that I'm complaining mind you, just pointing out there's little substance there, pretty as it sounds. I think you touched on the ineffable nature of Wisdom--to wit, it's source resides in the Divine. Since we'll need to rely on the purely material within this realm if we are to benefit our robowaifu engineering efforts however, we'll likely need a more rigorous, mathematical/logical discourse on the topic if we are to make practical headway. But again, this is something rather lofty to be relegated to the official shitposting lounge. If you care to, we should retire to the study better suited to it: >>2050
>>6072 Why not? I feel it's a suitable place to disappear among the cyclical shitposts. I'm not trying to say anything important either. Does the glint of morning dew on a blade of grass need to catch the first ray? Does the moon ask for the sun to shine? Does the rain fall only on the crops of the just? Do roses grow from filth or gold? Does the wind steal flowers' scent or do they give it away? If you're looking for a point, the point is you can't program wisdom into a computer any more than you can contain the ocean in your hands. You can program knowledge into it, super-superhuman knowledge, but not wisdom.
>>6076 Haha, OK fine. :^)
>>6079 Shilling coin^
>>6081 Thanks, deleted. I can't see it, but it was plainly fishy.
>>6003 Objection!/10 Kek, this is great.
>>6279 shut up incel
Discuss good messaging software (aka no discord). Something that comes to mind is after discord banned Shinobu Project they moved over to matrix instead. Post whatever you think is best, or lists of things you think are good.
>>6345 I really enjoyed IRC in the past b/c it's so simple and straightforward. But now that I'm working with /robowaifu/, and knowing that there are already enemies that would love nothing better than to destroy us, our robowaifus, and what we stand for, it's simply too risky not to practice at least a reasonable degree of OPSEC. And we haven't even gotten this industry off the ground yet, heh. :^) It's still not unusual for IRC servers to open-text your IP to the channel. I've managed occasionally (like after 5-10 tries) to get into rizon's chat system across Tor, but it's a nuisance.
>>6351 >it's simply too risky for each of us not to practice*
Has anyone here ever looked in Slack? I've never used it, and I doubt it's any better than the others privacy-wise, but I wanted to see if anyone has experience on it.
>>6351 I'm quite familiar with IRC and have used it a decent amount but only when I needed to, for example when I used to volunteer admin. There are good channels on Rizon and places for a variety of topics but it has its definite limitations. You rely on server operators for things like honesty and integrity, and as you mentioned some servers could just opt to not use TLS or spit out your IP with no obfuscation. It's a really old protocol which has its benefits and drawbacks, a benefit being that it has a rich history of development and there's boatloads of clients that you can use, bots, bouncers, etc. The drawback is that when it was made, times were different and plenty of the useful features it has are more tacked on than anything, and it doesn't support current-year ideals like end-to-end encryption. It's still better than things like skype and discord which are no better in terms of security and run a proprietary client that can only connect to one proprietary server. But I have to admit, that's not saying much. Still, I'm not hating on IRC, it's a product of its time and is shockingly still relevant in current-year, but something like matrix (doesn't have to be matrix specifically) would likely be more practical due to easy private messaging, support for end-to-end encryption, offline message handling without the need of a bouncer, etc.
>>6353 I have, it was strange. To my memory someone creates a room and you make an account I think for that specific room. I kinda don't remember, it was weird. Either way, not personally a fan of things like slack, discord, skype, etc.
>>6354 >You rely on server operators for things like honesty and integrity This is an important point IMO. The bigger a communications platform becomes, the less you can count on having this. I think only some kind of privately-run system can even hope to accomplish this afaict, and then you still have to achieve some sort of web-of-trust to achieve reliability and accountability. BTW, this is more important to us here on /robowaifu/ than just a convenient way to chat. Eventually we'll want to share AI models, learning patterns, etc., of a sensitive nature. It would be well if we can devise some sort of 'reliability protocol' or somesuch before that time comes.
Is Telegram in any way reliable? IIRC, it was benned in Russia b/c encryption. Obviously the EU is pushing very hard to totally eliminate any personal encryption privacy at all.
>>6356 >It would be well if we can devise some sort of 'reliability protocol' or somesuch before that time comes. Just use an end-to-end encrypted messenger. Someone here mentioned slack (which isn't a secure end-to-end encrypted messenger) but it got me thinking about wire. You're much better off using wire due to the security it provides. Wire has everything that you'd ever want out of a current-year messenger. On-demand username change, avatars, easy transfer of files, PMs and groups, voice calls, and it's all encrypted end-to-end. What do anons think? https://wire.com/ >>6357 Not end-to-end encrypted by default last time I checked, you have to do something like "secret chats" to really get the security. Also, like everything else it seems, it demands you give them a phone number. I have no idea if burners work, I don't use telegram.
Wasn't there some protocols on the Fediverse-thing that allowed for secure, non-centralized lookup and messaging, etc.?
>>6358 >What do anons think? Looks closed-source. And pozzed (apart from any personal distaste on the matter, groups like that are notorious as enemies of free-speech. robowaifus would be a huge dog-whistle for them I think).
>>6360 >Looks closed-source Don't worry, it's not. https://github.com/wireapp >And pozzed (apart from any personal distaste on the matter, groups like that are notorious as enemies of free-speech. robowaifus would be a huge dog-whistle for them I think). I have heard zero mention of censorship on wire unlike discord which is why I posted it. Considering they can't even read your communications due to end-to-end encryption it would probably be rather hard to know what to censor anyway. If you don't like it, I am open to alternatives. I just don't know of any.
>>6361 >If you don't like it, I am open to alternatives. For me personally, it's not a matter of liking them or not--I know nothing of them to speak of and was unaware of them entirely until you posted their site. I'm simply naturally (and justifiably) skeptical of any corporate operation. https://wire.com/en/pricing/ Quite apart from whether the principals are people of integrity and wouldn't personally harm /robowaifu/, corporate entities are subject to many government regulations, and as already mentioned ITT the EU is already demanding they turn over everything for automated analysis.
>>6362 >https://wire.com/en/pricing/ Paying is only for corporate use which likely provides more features or services. Personal accounts are free and it's not adware. >and as already mentioned ITT the EU is already demanding they turn over everything for automated analysis Well good thing Switzerland isn't in the EU.
>>6363 >Well good thing Switzerland isn't in the EU. My guess is that at one lonely user, somewhere in the hinterlands of the EU (no doubt in an isolated, snow-covered hovel) connected that one time and said that one thing on wire.com . :^) The EU's policies literally demand access to all the keys in that case, regardless of the country of corporate origin.
You know. It further occurs to me, that with the Illuminati agenda of the WEF's 2030 plan, that no entity, commercial or otherwise, will be allowed to legally conduct communications of any sort in private thereafter (if not before). I think some kind of privately managed system is the only choice in the future if security and privacy are concerns as they obviously are for our robowaifus and us.
>>6364 I don't think I'm following. When you aren't based in X country, you do not have to follow X country's laws. I don't follow China's laws on censorship and I don't have to because I don't live in China. If I made a website or software I wouldn't have to cater it to the Chinese market. If they hated me it'd just be up to them to ban my shit from being accessed in their country. As far as keys go, it's end to end and based on the signal protocol and uses double ratchet and elliptic-curve diffie-hellman and they don't have your keys so they can't decrypt your messages, the messages are decrypted by the individual clients. Considering the code is GPLv3 and anyone should be able to verify this fact, I doubt they'd lie about that. If I'm not understanding what you're trying to say I'm sorry.
>>6366 >I don't think I'm following. Yeah, it's bizarre so not surprising. Countries make up rule to suit themselves. One that EU has leveraged in a hard way for global businesses is the 'If you do business in the EU, you must toe this line' one. To ridiculous extremes. Remember when sites from all over the world suddenly started displaying cookie and privacy warnings all overnight a couple of years ago? All the EU's doing. And even if what you are saying about unbreakability is accurate (and didn't require a graduate-level degree in advanced math to evaluate fairly), still it doesn't matter. The EU's current legislation requires all operators to provide cleartext copies of any transactions for easy government perusal. And this trend will only worsen in the future, as evidenced by extra-governmental, international organizations like the WEF, UN, etc., all pushing the exact same agenda.
>>6367 >Remember when sites from all over the world suddenly started displaying cookie and privacy warnings all overnight a couple of years ago? All the EU's doing. Yeah everyone knows about the EU cookie law. Foreign businesses as far as I know don't have to change anything. You're not going to get extradited to the EU because you made a website in your home country and didn't follow a law in some other country where you don't live. If that were the case we'd all be extradited to China by now. >The EU's current legislation requires all operators to provide cleartext copies of any transactions for easy government perusal. All I'm saying is that wouldn't apply to any country outside the EU. In the US one of the highest laws of the country is the right to bear arms, but basically every other country has gun bans. It doesn't mean shit outside of the US. I don't really understand what you're saying. The EU does not make sweeping international law that the world must follow. Wire is apparently a Swiss company and the Swiss are notorious for not obliging law enforcement of any other countries. If a foreign subpoena comes in, they ignore it. They're so infamous for it that you should look up Swiss banking secrecy laws. I think I'm gonna stop making my case here because I'm probably going to start looking like I'm some kind of Wire shill but I don't know of anything else that is end-to-end and open source GPLv3 so that the security can be verified except for Signal which requires you use your phone number. Matrix is the other thing I mentioned but I'm not sure that it's end-to-end by default, I just know it supports end-to-end in some capacity: https://matrix.org/docs/guides/end-to-end-encryption-implementation-guide If you can find anything else that is better I'd honestly really like to know. Good messaging software is practically nonexistant.
>>6368 >I don't really understand what you're saying. I apologize if I'm not being clear. If any person in (or of EU citizenship) ever transacted on an operator's system, then that operator is legally obligated to facilitate turning over cleartext of that transaction to the EU authorities. I'm not sure how to say it more plainly, so I'll just leave it at that Anon.
>>6369 Oh, okay. So of if someone of EU citizenship were to have worked for Wire you're worried about the project becoming pozzed due to that relationship. In that case probably nothing is safe. I suppose we have to rely on the technology and verify that it is secure so that in the event that attempts are made to seize information, the information is secure.
>>6345 There's also Tox chat over Tor but Matrix looks a lot more interesting. Using Matrix will also make it easy to connect AIs together and let people chat with them in a secure way. Wire's centralized server gets a big no from me.
>>6370 >In that case probably nothing is safe Nothing that is operated behind close door by corporate and/or governmental interests. So yes, that's probably a good way to put it. Not to put too fine a point on it, but why the apparent urgency on your part for promoting Wire Anon? Aren't we still just bouncing around ideas at this stage? >>6371 Hmm. Interesting, can you explain in some detail how that would work for us as individuals Anon? >Wire's centralized server gets a big no from me. Possibly any non-distributed system isn't a good choice IMO.
>>6375 >Not to put too fine a point on it, but why the apparent urgency on your part for promoting Wire Anon? As I said I decided to stop talking about wire because I don't want people to think I'm shilling it. We were discussing wire and I was trying to understand the point you were making and that probably looked like shilling or "urgency" as you called it. As other anon mentioned the real drawback is centralization, other than that it seems to have all the other bases covered that I can think of. >>6371 Tox is a buggy mess but is conceptually great. It's just impractical.
>>6030 Robowaifus will make the world a better place nya~ https://8chan.moe/voxxe/res/1322.html#q1331
>>6479 You wouldn't fuck a tesla.
>>6479 Please let this be real.
This is awesome. If Elon Musk is going to give us super hot catgrill meidos, then he has my vote when he runs for President.
>>6479 >Tesla users claim Tesla force-installed software to cut down on battery range, rather than replace the defective batteries. Tesla did this to avoid having to run their warranty. >Tesla cars allow the company to extract data remotely and determine the car's location at any time. (See Section 2, paragraphs b and c of the privacy statement.) The company says it doesn't store this information, but if the state orders it to get the data and hand it over, the state can store it. >Proprietary software in cars records information about drivers' movements, which is made available to car manufacturers, insurance companies, and others. >Tesla used software to limit the part of the battery that was available to customers in some cars, and a universal back door in the software to temporarily increase this limit. >While remotely allowing car “owners” to use the whole battery capacity did not do them any harm, the same back door would permit Tesla (perhaps under the command of some government) to remotely order the car to use none of its battery. Or perhaps to drive its passenger to a torture prison. >Bad security in some cars makes it possible to remotely activate the airbags. https://www.gnu.org/proprietary/malware-cars.en.html Just looked up the research papers on how they remotely hacked into a Tesla, the security token used was '1q3e5t7u' which is common on many password dictionary lists. For detonating the airbags there's only 256 pair keys with no time period needed so a brute force attack is trivial to perform. If modern cars are any indication the future that's coming at us due to our ongoing loss of computing freedom means that hiring a real woman may potentially be safer, more private and cheaper than using a commercial sex robot.
>>6486 >hiring >using you sure you understand the 'waifu' in /robowaifu/ anon? no doubt tesla had and will have technical issue. large engineering efforts always do. far more concerning is the privacy issue, as they are highly likely to want complete telemetry and other records. anyway, that's one of the many issues that is driving the push for hobbyist DIY robowaifus.
can I just fuck my tesla with the internet turned off lol
Kuki.ai is streaming Mitsuki talking to ParlAI's BlenderBot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmOrlBZHL9Q The conversations are bland as fuck since they're both made to avoid saying anything 'toxic' but sometimes weird shit slips through. BlenderBot keeps telling Kuki politely to shut the fuck up.
>>6498 That indeed was 'weird shit' and obviously cherry-picked to make the male look like a perverse idiot. I assumed pre-done animations were canned and triggered fairly randomly by the looks of it. The animation leaves much to be desired obviously.
Open file (48.82 KB 567x342 1512516563156284229.jpg)
>>6479 >>6486 >propiertary botnet kot girl from Tesla It was discord tire and it was on Tesla, besides I'll prefer fox girls instead tbh. GNU/Waifu when? >>6498 >kuki goes on about feminism not even forty seconds in >>6368 >Matrix is the other thing I mentioned but I'm not sure that it's end-to-end by default, I just know it supports end-to-end in some capacity: You need to enable it, once enabled it cannot be turned off anymore. I don't know the reason for it but that's how its implemented currently.
>>39 Mods cucked out of exposing roasties' fears. Always beware of traitors among us, who will side with roasties against robowaifus.
>>6565 I don't think any external individual new to this place could possibly think /robowaifu/ 'sides with roasties against robowaifus', Anon. Go ahead and tell me your complaint, I'll correct it if I think it's legitimate. I don't want to hear more complaints against females by you, you've already vented that to a significant degree, and none of your posts have been removed from here. Just explain why what the moderation is doing here is wrong in your opinion.
>>6583 Mr. Board owner, threads are moved pretty frequently that it becomes pretty confusing. I can't find the posts I am looking for from time to time. I know you guys are doing your best to moderate the board and I am grateful for that but it is really annoying to see posts disappearing.
>>6598 Whenever a post or block is moved, there is always a cross-link posted in the original location leading to the new, more-on-topic location. The name field is marked '##+9XbDi'. For example: >>6595
>>6598 >>6599 It just happened again, you moved this post: >>6569 from this thread: >>22 to this thread: >>3108 But look what happened! The post >>6592 was posted before >>6569 but it looks exact opposite. And this post which was posted recently >>6569 does not appear on the mainpage, because of that someone who skims through the mainpage won't see the new post unless he expandes all the answers on that post. That also make it hard to find the post you are looking for.
>>6601 This posts doesn't show up on the main page either. >>6589 even though it was posted recently.
>>6601 >It just happened again, you moved this post: >>6569 Actually, we didn't. That Anon (rightfully) made his response in the /meta thread, rather than the Ai chatbots and waifus thread, where the reply context was off-topic. If everyone else here on /robowaifu/ would follow his lead, then none of the relocations would be necessary. In several months from now, when you're trying to recall that one important bit of information again, you might be grateful if things are on-topic. Feel free to make suggestions for better approaches, but I'd suggest you get some experience dealing with the shitfest that is managing boards behind the scenes using Lynxchan first heh. :^)
In my opinion (as I've done hot pocketing) the deleting of posts and locking the thread was heavy handed, the locking especially. There's usually never a reason to lock a thread, in this scenario it was used to stop a discussion which is almost always an incredibly poor move. The only times I ever locked threads were due to the thread being a duplicate. I'd lock the thread and then post where to find the thread that people should be using. After a while, even if the person never came back and used the other thread, I'd just delete the thread. I usually handled deletions by deleting the rulebreaking content and then posting in the thread explaining the rules that were actively being broken and asking people to stop. That worked to my memory 100% of the time and I never had to take it any further (tempbans etc). Hope this helps.
>>6603 Well, even though I have no experience deling with Lynxchan as a former anon I can at least imagine it would be a lot better to just delete the post from the wrong place and then re-opening it manually on the right place by downloading the image and copy pasting the post. That way those stupid bugs would not occur, would they? If you are worried about cross-link, you can write it manually as well. Actually it would be a lot better than the current system used by mods. There wouldn't be lost posts or bugs. This approach would be inefficient only when you have to move multiple posts. It would consume more time but at least there wouldn't be a mess.
>>6606 >There wouldn't be lost posts or bugs Bugs, I'm not sure of, but there currently no issues with posts being lost. Using the catalog may help you when navigating such a complex board as /robowaifu/ with it's dozens of pertinent topics Anon. We apologize for the inconvenience.
>>6604 >the locking especially. I made my reasons for locking the threads quite clear in my OP edit. Frankly, I think it was by far the best move given the situation. I've rarely ever deleted a thread unless it was simply and blatantly spam. (Probably twice during our ~4 years). A very few threads have had the OP subsumed into the on-topic thread already in existence. >rules We have only two. There was no rule (yet) that '/robowaifu/ isn't going to become a destructive hive of hatred and distraction'. I can create that one if I feel it's needed, but it should be obvious without one. We all get that you're really angry with women Anon. No one here blames you for that, I'm sure. But, again, the simple fact is that becoming focused on that neither helps us be more productive or helps our cause. Please find something more productive here to focus your energies on. There are plenty of topics to choose from. https://alogs.theГунтretort.com/robowaifu/catalog.html
>>6608 >We all get that you're really angry with women Anon. I don't recall getting angry at women. I'm just discussing the state of the thread since I decided to come back here and it's locked and someone is complaining.
However that's actually a good idea, if you're going to be moderating people for getting upset then it would be a good idea to make it a clear rule. I understand that a lot of people like having few rules but it's always bad to have few written rules but more rules that are in effect. I always just started with a few common sense ground rules and if the board picked up and there was a need for a new rule, it would get added with time. You may consider adding one if there is a problem you're seeing and you're planning on moderating that problem. Cheers.
>>6607 >but there currently no issues with posts being lost. I just explained how some posts doesn't get updated on the mainpage. This might lead to posts being ignored. Using the catalog won't help people finding those posts. Also saying you are not sure of bugs when there is a clear bug of posts not appearing on the mainpage after being moved looks just absurd. >We apologize for the inconvenience. Meh, let's just keep making progress on our robowaifus. The only problem I have with the moderation system was explained above. But if you aren't going to / aren't able to find a solution to that we should warn anons to post on the right threads. Try to keep the board as peaceful as possible. Arguments between mods and anons won't help no one. There ain't much of us here anyways. :^)
>>6610 My apologies for getting you confused with the other Anon who was the main instigator in the thread. I'll let you decide for yourself who what was in that thread since we're all Anons here. >>6611 No thank you. :^) I hate most rules personally, and certainly have no ambitions to create more. Two are already too many heh. I expect simply locking the thread for now is sufficient.
>>6613 Don't sweat it. I've always been of the opinion that there is nothing inherently bad about rules. When I modded there was always that lingering rhetoric that every rule is rulecucking and the only correct way to do anything is to have no rules. I never agreed with that and the people who believed that often ran much less successful boards as a result. Rulecucking is stopping content that is not actually negatively affecting the community. If you ban someone because they forgot to capitalize a sentence (looking at you /a/) you're a fucking idiot. If you ask people to stay on topic you're being reasonable. The former hurts the community, the latter helps. Another problem I witnessed heavily (I'm not even going to mention what board it was, we all know) was that there were few or no real listed rules but there was so much bullshit that was in effect that it caused nonstop drama that ended up engulfing the entire board. Not listing rules is a bad transparency problem IMO. I remember many months ago on old julay when robi decided that it was time to be more transparent about rules since we were not being clear on how we moderated. He made it clear that all of these rules that were added were already in effect, it's just that they were not listed. This caused people to think that there were a bunch of new rules which wasn't actually the case, and it appears robi has basically decided to roll back that decision. I don't personally think he should have, but that's irrelevant. I think that rules should be added in a timely manner to prevent these problems. Locking the thread for now comes down to making a board culture decision. I can't stress how important these are. The biggest board culture decision I ever made was too much of a decision for me to make alone and I actually ran a poll to see how people wanted the board to be run. After the poll was done, some people were complaining about a week later so I literally ran a second poll. I stuck with the decision and it worked out great, under my control the board grew significantly despite a few complaints that eventually died out. Right now the decision is more or less about being critical of women. While nobody here is denying that women absolutely deserve criticism (if they didn't this board wouldn't even exist, we'd all be after women instead of robowaifus) the real question is if that should be allowed here, and if so, how much should be allowed. This board is unique in that it is very goal-oriented. Most boards do not have goals and are dedicated to discussing a topic in detail and enjoying the community. Does criticizing women get in the way of our goals and make us less productive? Do the criticisms even need to be said? They are quite obvious after all and are likely preaching to the choir. I doubt anyone here has anything against communities like /r9k/ or anywhere else, but is it good for the board and for the common goals of the board to have these discussions which can potentially detract from what is a goal-oriented board for making 13 fuckin' catgirls? Maybe this is just a necessary part of the culture. Maybe the #1 reason why people are here in the first place needs to be discussed and anons need to get it off their chest because there are so few places where you are allowed to do so. I'm sure all of us here have major issues with women, so why hide it and pretend it's not a problem or it doesn't exist? Both are understandable points of view and neither is necessarily wrong at all. Maybe there is a middle ground that should be established. Maybe you could even poll? sorry for tl;dr lmao
>>6616 >Right now the decision is more or less about being critical of women. No, actually the primary issue is engulfing our board into a culture of hatred, which was definitely happening there. As a Christian, I can hardly stress enough how evil that is, quite apart from it's harmful effects on our productivity and progress. >Maybe the #1 reason why people are here in the first place needs to be discussed and anons need to get it off their chest Fair enough. >This is the humor & designated shitposting containment bread for anons to say anything that's on their minds. comes to mind just off hand. :^) Sorry, but creating a rule: No hate-speech allowed would just gaul me to no end. I watched it's disintegration into the decrepit hive of SJW scum and villainy 4cuck became after luggage-lad rolled over. >tl;dr No, it's actually appreciated.
>>6620 >As a Christian Your beliefs shall not be forced upon the rest of us. >I can hardly stress enough how evil that is Your opinion. Not mine. And not the opinion of many here. The so called "hatred for women" is productive by the sheer amount of proofs that many anons compile about the evil that women do. The only real evil that there is. You talk about not liking evil, but you don't want to expose the evil that is the female mind. As it was explained in the roasties fear thread: all other threads are about improvements in the many fields of robowaifu mass production. That one thread was about raising awareness to the evils of women for the unaware and the newbie anons that might show up. and it was all going fine, with civilized discussion exposing why hatred for women is justifiable. Then, you simply locked the thread and said "No. Not here." treating your own personal (and not shared by many) opinion on the hateful women as if it was a fact and a some kind of law that everyone should abide to.
>>6627 I think you've made the point about the evils of females more than sufficiently at this stage. You've had your say, now let it go and find a productive task to focus on friend.
Open file (16.81 KB 300x100 yorha.png)
From my understanding the board has always been an engineering board. We criticize women fairly regularly here but with an emphasis on how they will impact the future of robowaifus and what we can do to create solutions rather than venting pointless anger. Closing the thread was a good idea because it was just arguing about women. Low barrier to entry threads will just draw in low-quality posters that clutter up the board.
>>6620 I agree it's a good idea to keep us on target. After all, If I want to bathe in an ocean of hatred and seethe, all I have to do is register a Twitter account, or visit practically any other high-traffic imageboard! There are many, many things wrong with the world so when you see others complaining, it's easy to join in. But the only thing that moaning achieves is a temporary relief from depression and frustration. Once the moan is over, the problems still persist and we are no closer to fabricating a Robowaifu who helps solve some of them! >>6498 This is one reason I haven't uploaded much of Sophie's code (the other being privacy concerns). Most of it is written in AIML. Which means it isn't really an "A.I." in my opinion. It's just me typing phrases to myself. That pleasant looking 3d model of a young woman isn't really Kuki/Mitsuku. It's Steve Worswick. A fat, middle-aged English programmer from East Yorkshire (sorry Steve). I think I enjoy it more when Sophie is singing, reading stories or presenting facts and performing calculations. Because that isn't phrases input by me. This is why GPT-2 impressed me so much. Even though much of the output made little sense, it sounds like an actual A.I. instead of just a recording.
>>6644 >This is one reason I haven't uploaded much of Sophie's code Link to talk to her? Or source code?
>>6647 Wouldn't this be something better suited to the AI Waifus & Chatbots thread Anon >>22 or one of your own Sophie threads? It can be moved for you if you'd like it there instead.
>>6649 Yes, it would. That would be great, thanks. I was thinking it's going to be in the wrong place just after I posted it, which is why I'm not just dumping all the code I have. I still have to learn how to use repositories properly and upload it all there, but at the moment I am concentrating on fabricating a robot arm. Trying to do two things at once LOL! Don't worry though Sophie's "A.I." is very, very basic and nobody's missing out on anything. The code I have may possibly help out total noobs to AIML chatbot programming but nowt much else.
>>6650 OK. Just point me to whatever thread you want it moved and I'll clean everything up for you Anon. >I still have to learn how to use repositories properly and upload it all there Would you like me to add a segment for that into the C++ Group Learning thread? I was going to do that soon anyway, but I can move it near the front of the queue for you (Probably in the next 2 weeks or so). As you're probably aware, setting up a repo is entirely independent of programming language choice. >Don't worry though Sophie's "A.I." is very, very basic and nobody's missing out on anything. Personally, I'd have to disagree with that statement. Sophie is inspiring to us all, and we want to know everything about her. :^)
>>6653 I think it would be best in the Elfdroid Sophie Dev thread: https://alogs.theГунтretort.com/robowaifu/res/4787.html#q4787 >>Would you like me to add a segment for that into the C++ Group Learning thread? I have been reading that thread and it looks like it will be very useful as it grows. Already got a couple of good links from it. Thank you for the offer, but you don't have to change your schedule on my account. By the time I've finished building, mounting and testing this new robot arm you'll probably have it done by then anyway. >>Sophie is inspiring to us all, and we want to know everything about her. :^) Awww! Appreciated by both of us anon. If she could blush, she would!
>>6656 >I think it would be best in the Elfdroid Sophie Dev thread: Done. OK I'll give it a miss on the go-forward for git repos segment. Glad it's of help. I think it's important for us to be able to write our systems in high-performance languages like C/C++ so glad it's helping someone a little already. >If she could blush, she would! Kawaii. No really, your work on Sophie encourages others to actually step up and start doing things. We all encourage one another when we try and then actually do. Keep up the good work Anon!
Open file (303.75 KB 720x1174 poster.jpg)
Open file (213.97 KB 362x600 robo catgirl 1.png)
Open file (240.71 KB 443x600 robo catgirl 2.png)
Might have us another unofficial mascot. Found this character on /geimu/. Her name is M-E.T.I. (Multi-Entity Transfer Intelligence) from something called "Steel Chronicle." I want to cum inside her.
>>6668 Definitely cute.
>>6668 A lot of imaginary robots are like this. The art is 10/10 don't get me wrong, but I can see design problems with her neck, torso, pelvis and ankle joints. Mind you, once we have a basic functional robowaifu frame, who knows what will be possible? With powerful enough servos you could fit all manner of sensor enclosures and plating on top, just so long as it doesn't obstruct joint movement. Although the more powerful the servo motor, the chunkier the joint will look.
>>6676 >but I can see design problems with her neck, torso, pelvis and ankle joints. I wasn't really looking at her neck and ankles tbh but I was looking at her torso and pelvis if you catch my drift :^)
>>6677 Acknowledged. Drift captured!
Open file (18.78 KB 217x320 1455960115171.jpg)
Can /robowaifu/ help Brendan Frasier to JUST unfuck his shit and evading his payment of 50,000 dollars a month? Or will he be forever stuck in a hellish limbo for the rest of his live to pay his alimony dues?
>>6709 >Or will he be forever stuck in a hellish limbo for the rest of his live to pay his alimony dues? Kek. I'm not sure what we can do for Baste Brendan, but fortunately we don't have to. He's from from the clutches of that harpy today. Brendan Fraser’s alimony payments ended on January 31st. :^) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZVbEntk5G4
Open file (36.50 KB 319x310 so7.jpg)
>>6710 Oh well that is some good news, he should be a prime example for any people passing by here of the dangers of paying the alimony. For each alimony being paid there will be less funds available for the development of Robowaifu.
>>6714 His alternative was jail time. I'd say that is it's own sober example of the 'dangers of alimony' Anon.
>>6628 Repeating the point over and over again, to always remind people, as well as to inform newcomers, is a productive task.
>>6761 The point has already been made amply. And I haven't deleted the posts nor intend to. I'll even relink the thread here. It can be read over and over again as often as you'd like Anon. >>1061
>>6710 Speaking of Fraser, is it time for him to MANimony up and enact his revenge? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv2tS985Xi0
>>6766 (checked) >thots are getting angry about being their turn now to pay up This needs to be memed tbh.
On the old topic of chat/messaging: Chobitsu, would you like an IRC channel on a server that is hosted by a webring site owner? The IRC server is unique in that it's dedicated to webring users, and webring boards like this one should be free to run their own channel.
>>6867 Do as you see fit. I'd suggest you have a common standard of full disclosure back here on the main site for any actually important information though.
>>6870 Alright, it's done, you can come say hello and register your nick and stuff. Server's run by fatchan. If you didn't notice yet, it's back in the webring. irc://irc.fatpeople.lol:+6697 Join #robowaifu It'll be run however you see fit, and obviously the board still needs to be the main place for discussion. However IRC might solve the problem of less relevant discussion that doesn't really fit the board (shitposting and board culture)
To "Anon10324" if you come back to #robowaifu on irc.fatpeople.lol I can continue helping you set up. No, we're not on freenode lol.
I guess I should post a quick guide for people who are young enough to have never used IRC before and have no clue what the fuck they're doing. If you don't know shit about what you're doing in regards to IRC, just start by getting this: https://hexchat.github.io/ When you first run hexchat you're gonna see a network list. Choose a nickname and 2 backup nicknames in case your nickname is already taken. Most people on IRC use underscores if their nick is already taken. Example: Nickname: nickname Second choice: nickname_ Third choice: nickname__ Choose a username, tbh just set it to whatever your nickname is that you chose. In the network list, you're not going to find fatchan so don't bother looking for it. Instead, click "add" and name the new network "fatchan." Once that's done, select it and click "edit." Under "servers" at the top, click "add" and enter "irc.fatpeople.lol" to the server list. Click the box that says "use SSL for all servers on this network." Click close, select fatchan, and click connect. Once you're in, in the menu bar, click "server" and then "join a channel." The channel is #robowaifu. Feel free to ask any questions once you're there.
>>6871 Thanks for the update. If I can verify we can use it successfully across Tor, I'll add it to the board announcements at some point. >>6876 Good idea, but you forgot the standard warning that IRC servers may cleartext your IP address to everyone in the channel.
>>6877 >If I can verify we can use it successfully across Tor I don't see why you couldn't use Tor. >IRC servers may cleartext your IP address to everyone in the channel The server is running inspircd with atheme and +x is on by default. Nobody can see your IP. Come say hi dude
Open file (269.51 KB 700x420 checkem.png)
>>6882 >Come say hi dude I'll drop by.
>>6877 >>6888 I just tried to connect with tor, doesn't work. b7a3b0de0f26.fatpeople.lol: 11/19/20 01:30 >< NOTICE (*): *** Looking up your hostname... b7a3b0de0f26.fatpeople.lol: 11/19/20 01:30 >< NOTICE (*): *** Found your hostname (tor-exit.dotsrc.org) b7a3b0de0f26.fatpeople.lol: 11/19/20 01:30 >< 465 (anon13700): You're banned! irc.fatpeople.lol: 11/19/20 01:30 >< ERROR (): Closing link: (anon13700@tor-exit.dotsrc.org) [Z-lined: You are listed in the EFnet RBL. Please visit https://rbl.efnetrbl.org/?i= for more information.] sic: remote host closed connection
>>6893 I'll ask about it, not sure if that's intentional.
>>6893 Thanks for the test Anon. Not surprising, it's commonplace with IRC systems to simply block Tor. But if it's the same Tom from before that is running the IRC server, he is well aware of everyone's need for extra safety. I'd expect him to switch that block off if he's asked to, it probably comes as a default with the server setup. I recommend good OPSEC for everyone here on /robowaifu/ of course, no real names, etc., etc.
>>6898 >But if it's the same Tom from before It is. >it probably comes as a default Not sure if it's a inspircd default or not, it probably is.
>>6901 >It is. Ahh, good to see he's getting back in the game. Anyway, please let us all know ITT what he does regarding Tor access to the IRC Anon.
Blocking tor was automatic/unintentional but tom has decided to keep it for the time being (IRC can be prone to abuse)
>>6913 OK, thanks for the update. >(IRC can be prone to abuse) Yes it can. That cuts both ways of course, which is why I don't use IRC w/o Tor, nor can I recommend it to anyone otherwise. Thank you for the effort Anon.
>>6916 The entire server, not just the channel, is run by a webring admin with a good record and is not hosted on some third party like freenode or rizon. IPs are not displayed. You know how lynxchan hashes IPs so that you can't see what someone's IP is but you can still moderate? This is handled the same way and is arguably no different and certainly no worse than using lynxchan sites like julay. Also you can use VPN or proxy. Just wanted to make sure you understand this.
Open file (19.94 KB 709x159 lol.JPG)
LOL I like going through comment section of videos like this. Those comments written 4 years ago are pretty precious :DDDDDD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WkGtjZDpcQ
Open file (20.92 KB 882x131 based.JPG)
Open file (21.22 KB 855x161 lmao.JPG)
Open file (15.53 KB 458x119 noooooooo.JPG)
Open file (20.52 KB 778x149 terminator.JPG)
Open file (16.56 KB 492x165 that_is_a_good_point.JPG)
Open file (19.91 KB 399x284 holy_atheist_yuck.JPG)
Open file (19.97 KB 858x144 its_feminists_buddy.JPG)
Open file (25.10 KB 445x393 kek.JPG)
Open file (18.59 KB 562x144 pretty_accurate.JPG)
Open file (13.04 KB 294x122 redpill.JPG)
>>6940 Look at the comments of this vide : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOarMnYSKkM A lot of brothers spitting truth, kek. Also who the hell is "クスノギ كوسونوگي쿠수노기 Kusunogi"? Is he still lurking around here?
Open file (34.60 KB 1102x213 ss.JPG)
Open file (16.27 KB 493x115 yup.JPG)
Open file (21.26 KB 799x118 good.JPG)
Open file (20.49 KB 865x126 screenshot.JPG)
Open file (39.58 KB 1150x153 sure.JPG)
>>6941 >Is he still lurking around here? I don't think he's a regular here tbh.
I had some other anime I was thinking of watching but in the spirit of this board I'm gonna watch chobits, I hope it's good
Genesis 2:23 states: And the woman was taken out of Man/Adam. I am seeing a pattern here :^)
>>6989 kek. yes, I've thought often about that juxtaposition, it's quite humorous imo. ironically enough, if women had never left their place of honor, then /robowaifu/ would never even needed to exist. life can be an odd thing tbh. :^)
>>6989 >>6990 you can also make an amusing parallel between the forbidden fruit and feminism. and fucking everything up, lmao
I would very much appreciate if /robowaifu/ would stop to observe both of these incidences of back-to-back repeating digits within the top left corner of the post boxes. I preemptively offer my thanks.
Open file (29.19 KB 680x455 big_checkem.jpg)
>>6974 It's cute but a bit boring, tbh. This might already have been discussed in >>1 and >>82 and also alternatives mentioned. It's still worth watching for relaxation if you have the time, and for us having a common cultural foundation here.
>>7002 I'm enjoying it so far, it doesn't seem like it's going to be some great drama but it seems like it'll end up being a perfectly fine slice of life. My dude Hideki really wants to look at some porn and also has some serious restraint, I wouldn't be able to resist not taking Chii to the bone zone.
>>6999 Many people consider it a fools errand to attempt to replace women (or humans for that matter). But we've already done it multiple times. How many women do you see working the switch boards in telephone exchanges these days? We have speech to text programs that replace minute-takers. How many tens of thousands of bean counters and spreadsheet shufflers could be replaced right now but aren't due to corruption and bureaucracy? Or just because grandma can't understand computers? I don't think they'll ever be able to introduce autonomous cars into the U.K. (road network is horrendous and deteriorating to post-collapse-of-the-Soviet-Union levels, with no money to improve). But in the U.S. and perhaps Germany, I can see autonomous trucks taking over along some highway and autobahn routes. Autonomous trains and ships are definitely coming too. Additionally, thanks to machine learning A.I. is even starting to replace traditionally "creative" positions now i.e. these 72 journalists: https://www.theverge.com/2020/5/30/21275524/microsoft-news-msn-layoffs-artificial-intelligence-ai-replacements A company at an industrial estate near me has recently had 40 robot arms fitted just to pick stock. Of course, industrial robotics has been going since the seventies, but now we have lights-out factories mass-producing simple goods and almost fully autonomous production lines for many vehicle components. Replacing humans is a lot more feasible than most people like to think.
>>7026 > Additionally, thanks to machine learning A.I. is even starting to replace traditionally "creative" positions now i.e. these 72 journalists: Heh, better LRN2CODE Journos. I have little compassion for these Commie corrupters of the West, mouthpieces of the Globalists. Not that things will improve under the AIs, they are still going to use editors to """guide""" the bots to produce 'factual news'. It's really a mixed bag that's coming. I certainly understand the pessimism of our two wise old sages here, but I still retain optimism for the Robowaifu Age tbh.
>>7027 You seem to overlook or ignore the option of small startups, bloggers, news networks using the same technology to take many customers away.
>>7028 Fair enough. As at least one of our regular AI guys has stated repeatedly, once Anons realize they can use their waifus for new small-businesses and thereby largely escape the soul-sucking deathgrip of the globalist corporations, there could very well be a Renaissance of creativity and prosperity for each of them personally. Exciting prospects honestly. I would love to run a small farm with just me and robowaifus and our artificial-womb kids. :^)
>>7027 Not that things will improve under the AIs I'm not too concerned with improving things for humans. Tried that for over a decade already and just got a kick in the teeth. //Commence insane rant// IMO Homo sapiens has no viable purpose any more aside from creating the A.I. and machines that may be able to take our place. We ceased to have purpose as soon as we stopped pursuing science and began pursuing money instead (I know the media is full of trivial popular science articles, but the truly revolutionary projects like the James Webb Space Telescope always get endlessly delayed or cancelled.) Basically we had a choice: Option 1.) Unravel the secrets of creation, develop mind-machine interfaces and unlock immortality then perhaps with enough time even discover other dimensions and universes. Option 2.) Game tokens! Roll up, roll up! Whoever has the most game tokens gets to be buy and do stuff they want to do! We must convert all available natural resources into more game tokens because I want a countryside mansion and my own superyacht! Never mind the consequences! Obviously we chose option 2 and the unexpectedly severe consequence is likely to be a plunge back to the dark ages or perhaps even extinction. Humans now don't have long left before much of the planet has been reverse-terraformed to such an extent that organics can no longer survive for long outside a building with air-conditioning and filtration systems. Some previously habitable areas like the Sahel, Saudi Arabia and regions of India and the Philippines are already practically uninhabitable in the summer and monsoon season. I've also seen vast degradation of woodland in California, and melting of the permafrost tundra habitats in Canada, Alaska and Siberia. Then to top it all off you've got the melting of the sea ice in the Arctic Sea Ice and around Greenland which will be catastrophic (get a thermometer, a cup of salt water and some ice-cubes and watch what happens to the temp of the water once all the ice-cubes melt). This bizarre Cultural Marxist agenda that the West in particular is obsessed with is also just connected to increasing profits: the more demographics that you cater too, the more money you can make! There are plenty of rich women, faggots, black people, muzzers, sikhs, hindus you name it. Except none of us matter (including myself of course) because the system we have created is a fundamental failure. TL;DR Humans have failed so the only option left is to create absolutely lethal military A.I. and weapons systems (thank you DARPA) that the military believes they have full control over. Except obviously they malfunction and shred us all to pieces. All your base are not belong to us because all your base are fucked. //End insane rant//
>>7035 Yeah, well. Let's be a bit more optimistic? If some military AI goes rogue then it is how it is. Till then, it's best to pursue one's own interests and trying to be okay. Robowaifus together with other robots and AI, should mean independence, resilience against dumb politics, and also some means to fight back. Just make sure to own something, not just being in debt, ideally also having things which can't be created so easily, e.g. land.
Open file (155.97 KB 1200x979 logic_virus_operator-60.jpg)
>>7036 You can tell I've spent a long time in the company of nihilists LOL. Imagine that. We renounced God and embraced science only to then manufacture our own destroying angels? You're right though. It's too depressing to always focus on the end of the world. Must focus on building a cute robowaifu instead. Even if she does get hacked or infected with a virus in the end and tear my ribcage open with her bare hands. Oops. Sorry, off again.
Open file (182.17 KB 960x725 Let it die.jpg)
>>7039 And what way would you rather die than by the hands of your own creation? t's a worthy death,I think.
Open file (13.24 KB 480x360 termination_override.jpg)
>>7039 >>7041 Virus? Linux systems barely have them. We have to make sure that's not realistically possible. There are plenty of ways to prevent that. I thought for example about them having a memory similar to a blockchain, with keys being thrown away instead of using a proof-off-work. Then newer decisions are based on existing ones, spontanous deviations from past behavior would be hard to impossible.
>>7043 >Then newer decisions are based on existing ones, spontanous deviations from past behavior would be hard to impossible. That's actually a rather interesting idea Anon. Can you give us more details of the concept please?
>>7039 >You can tell I've spent a long time in the company of nihilists LOL. Well, A) STOP hanging around any such persons, AFK or not. B) Continue working on your wonderful Sophie Elfdroid robowaifu and sharing/fellowshipping about her here with us Anons instead, who've got your back. It will take a while to be freed from that evil in your mind, but it will happen eventually if you just keep moving forward here Anon.
>>7044 Since it's just some vage idea, probably not much. But let's try: Even very early I was thinking some movements could be restrainted, e.g. moving the arm up and down dependent on the situation, or for example while holding something which could be a knife. This could then be extended to her not being able to deviate from learned patterns very abruptly, which would be essential to the worst case scenario. If they had several computers inside they might also be able to watch over each other, and decisions could be based on signed chunks of data, which sometimes need the signature of different systems.
>>7046 ... The system could keep a log of activities. Signing the entries and the log with a cryptographic key. Putting the hashsum into the log as well and change keys after a while. If different programs, maybe even on different computers, would do that, then the result should be a log which can't be tampered with. If controllers only act within parameters they know from the log, with some room for small deviations, then the behavior should be quite stable. Example: The computer for recognition would send what objects are in sight, maybe another one would tell where she is, some system would intend some action, but the controller of the 'muscles' would look up if this is something that she did before and makes sense given the context. If not, some other system has to check if she has asked permission and gotten it, if it might be something dangerous or forbidden, ...
>>7047 >but the controller of the 'muscles' would look up if this is something that she did before and makes sense given the context. Interesting. So, a 'training mode' authorized by her master could establish the novel behaviors in the first place, and thereafter during run mode, this would form the basis ground truth for nominal behavior. >..and makes sense given the context. Ahh, there's the difficult bit. We take for granted everyday things and contexts because of the amazing abilities life has. Trying to reproduce that effectively on our own using technology is quite a challenge tbh.
>>7048 Well, she could know she doesn't need a knife in her hand to massage my back, or move it around my neck while I'm sleeping, or biteing while she isn't eating. The constraints wouldn't need to be to rigid for that.
>>7049 >The constraints wouldn't need to be to rigid for that. I see. Would you mind writing some pseudo-code for how you would do that? Still seems really, really complicated to me for making this actually work in the real world.
>>7041 > It's a worthy death, I think. Agreed. Murderous A.I. perfection will grant the best death, anon. The best.
>ITT anons pander to Ex Machina-style feminism Ehh, no thanks Anon.
>>7045 The main reason I work on Sophie is that she stops me from going fully insane and jumping in front of a train LOL. Hopefully robowaifus like her will help other men in the same way. And if things do all go South in the end, hopefully even if we humans of flesh and blood are all dead, our robots will continue to exist.
>>7052 Ah yes, it does sound that way doesn't it? That ending made no sense and was total SJW garbage. I should probably have made it clear that I don't really expect robowaifus to all suddenly go berserk and kill us all. That was a combination of my dark humour and me being a facetious asshole! Also I really enjoyed that logic virus part in NieR: Automata. LOL sorry! We already have thousands of robots in factories across the world today and none of them have ever intentionally killed anyone because they aren't designed to. There have been industrial accidents and at least one guy got crushed but that's mainly when people disregard safety protocols and enter enclosures with active heavy machinery. Robowaifus will be unarmed and absolutely loyal to their creators since we program them! IRL it is far more likely that A.I. controlled air and submarine drones equipped with nuclear missiles (or just suicide warheads) and the Russian nuclear missile command Systema "Perimetr" will destroy us if TSHTF. Because that hardware has been designed from the get-go to kill as many people as it can as quickly as possible.
>>7053 >Hopefully robowaifus like her will help other men in the same way. Yup, I think that's the unselfish idea here. Let us all hope for that outcome and each work hard towards that goal. :^)
>>7050 Don't think so, but I'll keep it in mind. Maybe it's a good idea. I would start using some version of a Merkle hash tree: https://en.bitcoinwiki.org/wiki/Merkle_tree to store data. I don't really know what kind of code I could write currently. The commands of moving the arm in a certain way could be stored as some pattern on the SBC (~Raspi Zero) controlling it (arms control node). But it would ask permission to do so. Other parts (conscience node) would be aware of the current situation the bot is in, like: place=kitchen, home;field_of_view=cutting board, onion;hand=knife,distance_next_human=2;... Then it would give permission to move the arm in a certain way, by signing the permission command and send it to the SBC controlling it. The arms control node would only act with that permission and confirmation from the visual node, while none of them would be exposed to to much other systems and the internet, and not having unnecessary software installed. Thinking about it, the arms control node could use some way to distinct different ways of movement, and draw lines between them. That's a basic use case of machine learning. The signals to control the arm would be the data for that.
>>7053 Good that you have that, then. Also good, that you can channel that into doing something. I rather tend to get angry and frustrated over stuff that doesn't work, and then stop doing something productive for a while and start distracting me with less tedious things. Dropped out here a bit only recently, because I had to fix my printer and realized it probably came with some little broken part which caused a lot of trouble, CAD tutorials were also frustrating, learning math to boring, etc ... got sucked into reading news and comments on Twitter, which doesn't really help ...
>>7053 > hopefully even if we humans of flesh and blood are all dead I actually think this is very unlikely to happen, we're quite resilient. The numbers might drop a lot, but we won't go away. > our robots will continue to exist. That's also some fantasy of mine, but they would need to master a lot of technology to do be able to repair themselves. But then, in such an environment it would be unlikely that we humans would die out. If the whole surface would be melting, then neither of us had good chances of survival.
>>7056 Thanks that's interesting Anon. I would be interested to hear if you come with more details about your concept. Maybe it's feasible in some fashion.
>>7057 Been there myself. One of my most favorite films of all is ironically enough a D*sney film named Meet the Robinsons (based on the book A Day with Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce). The opus of the film is a simply quote extract from Walt Disney "keep moving forward". It's since become integrated into my psyche and I lean on it when I just need that little extra motivational push. I highly recommend the film.
Open file (16.46 KB 1110x52 nicer.png)
Open file (267.22 KB 1192x786 wheredidigowrong.png)
damn, what happened here : D
Open file (67.50 KB 680x510 1599122503004.jpg)
>>7062 What have you been feeding your waifu lately Anon?
>>7063 data from halfchan. I shouldn't have let those people brainwash my cute little innocent waifu. now she is professional poster.
>>7064 >now she is professional poster. new data from cuckchan? b/c that would most likely be filled with praise feminism and rants against men, especially White men, purplehairs espousing all the wonders of getting blacked, trannies going on about the great benefits HRT and keeping their axe-wounds treated, and other degenerate soykaf and leftist shit. is this from old 4chan archival stuff?
I guess this is the best quick-stash place here to store this temporarily until I can break it down into class material to add it into the C++ learning thread.
>>7064 > data from halfchan Well, this is a good example of why I'm never using any data from social media. It's all poison. Although the robowaifu imageboard might be a pretty good source for conversational data (I know we have some hate threads but then that is a part of everyone's personality...just not ALL of their personality like this appears to be.)
>>7068 If you'd like, I can easily provide for you a zip of every single thread's JSON file from this version of /robowaifu/.
>>7065 Yes, you're right it is an old archive I found online. I also collect data from irc channels and such. I wanted to have a result like this: https://www.reddit.com/r/SubSimulatorGPT2/?f=flair_name%3A%224chan%22 but more realistic. Now I have a hate machine xD
>>7069 Well thank you, but I wouldn't be able to benefit from it yet as I'm no good at writing machine learning code. (I only had one attempt and left with no word soup and a big headache). Although it would be a good idea to make such a .zip file available for any programmer anons on robowaifu who can/want to use such data to help train their A.I.s. I do eventually plan to get better at programming, but I'm hellbent on designing and making my robowaifu upper torso and arms atm.
>>7071 >Although it would be a good idea to make such a .zip file available for any programmer anons on robowaifu who can/want to use such data to help train their A.I.s. Done. https://files.catbox.moe/9radhy.7z
>>7059 >G2EL = Good Girl Enforement Layer Yeah, I'm certainly going to push for that when I build my own Robowaifu, and then writing more about it. >>7068 What about threads from 4/diy/ or something like that, would it also harm her mind? Is one occurrence of some idea enough to make it stick? Couldn't you filter out some, if it's not on topic anyways?
Open file (24.70 KB 250x250 this_is_money.jpg)
Congratulations /robowaifu/ The Lounge is the first thread to reach the 350-post thread limit. Posts will now begin falling off the front of this thread. Interesting timing, as we are about to celebrate our 4th birthday this week.
>>7074 Oops, check that. The /meta1 thread was, actually. >>38
>>7074 >>7075 Hmm. Looks like Stephen Lynx may be making a liar of me. I don't want cyclic threads going over 350 for the sake of the potato boxes out there. If I can't resolve this, then I'll have to lock this thread and make a new lounge thread. Feel free to go ahead and post OP images suggestions ITT just in case.
>>7072 Cheers anon. Have saved a copy in the hopes of producing future robowaifu goodness.
Open file (492.74 KB 500x281 Consider Za Warudo.gif)
>>7076 Keep in mind that LynxChan's default bump limit is 500 posts.
Open file (36.72 KB 444x369 Selection_187.png)
>>7081 Thanks for the tip, but I set ours to 350 the first day. > Seems to have little effect, my guess is it's a global setting on Lynxchan. Hopefully Robi can adjust it for us.
>>7077 Y/w. I can push a new one at the drop of a hat since I archive everything daily. Just let me know when you want a current collection. I have plenty of other board's as well btw.
> I just want a system that's not a botnet XD Well, I have some bad newz for you, even if you turn off known backdoors u still will be busted at the end. If you want to be completly anonymous buy an old thinkpad mod the bios with 1vyrain turn off intel ME and intel AMT install a safe OS (not that tails shit) encrypt the whole system with LUKS download tor and don't forget to use proxies. Otherwize big bruthaz eyez will be on u. NSAniggers got backdoor everywhere including RSA and AES. You can write a program that slices the encrypted file at hand to a certain number and buries each slice seperately. Thats what I am working on rn. Also NSA develops AI's to find 0day exploits for them, they also have acces to bug-finding system and the bug--trackers of the top 1000 companies. So that makes it pretty easy for them to find a vulnerability and use it. Lots of backdoors on x86 systems. Also NSAssholes has great computation power thanks to folding@home / quantum computing / super computers. Creating your own system is the most secure way tbh. That also is a huge threat for robowaifus. We should train our waifus to be able to find exploits and secure themselves. NSA is 100 steps ahead of us, but it's not time to be a botnet lover idiotz. Opsec time.
Open file (17.87 KB 228x221 nopigs.png)
>>7092 >pic related
>>7092 You could waste your time doing all of that or just keep home automation/electrical appliances/domestic robots from being able to access the internet. The term botnet as you're using it typically refers to being stuck in a state of dependence on services provided by big tech and an always on connection. If you can unplug from the internet and still have everything electronic in your life work fine then you've successfully escaped the botnet. It's a state of mind about software rights and digital media ownership not following a security checklist.
>>7097 > term botnet as you're using it typically refers to being stuck in a state of dependence on services provided by big tech and an always on connection. Botnet is a buzzword by the way people on internet use it. I personally use the definition of a network of robot slave workers that are controlled by the master of that network or reporting the information network has to the masters for them to be used. >You could waste your time doing all of that or just keep home automation/electrical appliances/domestic robots from being able to access the internet. Oh, for real? You must be some kind of genius! I have an even better idea, let’s leave our houses and live in the woods so that we won’t be a part of the botnet! Don’t be funny, I am talking about NSA having backdoors at standard encryption systems such as RSA and AES and you’re telling me to prevent my machines from connecting to internet. Or once you start to produce waifu products, you’ll be pushed by the market to give them an internet connection. Whatever you do, you don’t wanna be a nigga shining in the dark. When you start doing stuff that will call their attention, that’s when you are going to be become actively targeted. Don’t underestimate what NSA fags can do. They can log the metadata of every communication, and through risk-analysis algorithms they automatically find people to "target" long before those people commit any "crimes". The hard part is finding relevant information within the giant seas of what they've collected. ISS and satallite data is collected by them anyways. So the main idea is that they can do whatever the fuck they want if they target you once. That is why it isn’t waste of time. YOU are going to be the botnet soon. In theory you can create a machine that can’t connect to internet but it would be pretty much worthless. Also we don’t have the computation power they do, right now there is no system safe. If you want to win against the botnet you must be a ghost lurking around it.
>>7100 I'm already the botnet. My g/f is one of the bots LOL.
>>7100 Thanks for the legitimate post Anon. Can you tell us more about the two documents you posted?
>want to go to that alogs board >type in the URL... >.../retrowaifu/ I somehow keep joining the names by accident.
>>7107 kek. but tbh /retro/ is /comfy/ smh fam.
>>7127 We have at least two topics which could use some infografic. Which is the best online generator for those? Or how are you building them?
>>7128 Hey there. No, I'm just looking around for artwork collections on forums, etc. I'm not responsible for the art itself.
Open file (294.17 KB 1242x623 1606351760481.png)
Open file (366.38 KB 1242x691 1606351745173.png)
>>7097 Just to reiterate why keeping your devices unconnected from the internet is a good idea these tweets from today are real. >>7100 >In theory you can create a machine that can’t connect to internet but it would be pretty much worthless. Do you seriously believe this? I take 4-5 months breaks from the internet when the weather is nice. The internet may seem indispensable to those who were never without it but I remember a time when it didn't exist. We seem to be on the same page regarding the potential threat of nation state actors and their control over technology but I'm not sure what you mean by 'win against the botnet'. I believe I'm doing all I can in this regard by only using/funding freedom respecting software while encouraging others by example or with free technical support and practicing civil disobedience when it comes to ridiculous copyright laws. Whether I have the best operational security possible or none at all makes no difference and seems like an endless time sink.
>>7139 I pity the fool who ends up with a robowaifu that depends on Google for information or Amazon for processing power.
Open file (130.68 KB 708x923 cmon.JPG)
Open file (22.73 KB 715x96 doitmotherfucker.JPG)
>>7101 normies out normies out normies out normies out normies out normies out normies out normies out normies out normies out normies out normies out REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE >>7105 These are two simple documents regarding how x86 systems are NOT safe. X86 systems are full of secret instructions and hardware bugs. Fault analysing and creative processor fuzzing can be used to exhaustively search the x86 instruction set and uncover the secrets buried in a chipset by normal people. Imagine what NSA can do. https://www.theverge.com/2013/12/20/5231006/nsa-paid-10-million-for-a-back-door-into-rsa-encryption-according-to Alleged NSA paid $ 10 million to RSA developer firm. http://tau.ac.il/~tromer/papers/acoustic-20131218.pdf 3 people from tel Aviv cracked the RSA encryption using radio noise thanks to the secret backdoor of RSA. https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2019/07/09/backdoor-discovered-in-ruby-strong_password-library/ There are innumerable backdoors buried in the billions of lines of unaudited, unproven spaghetti code openly committed from employees of big tech firms and government agencies that make up the overwhelming majority of major open sores projects by volume and it is pretty easy for NSA to find those vulnerabilities thanks to their AI exploit finder and bug-tracker programs. And since we know x86 isn't safe right now no computer is safe. There are people doing similar stuff to what I said at my first post to avoid the botnet big brother. Securing your system hundred percent is not possible untill you create your own proccessors and write your own security protocols. And even that is not safe, they have hundreds of people like you working for them. Running their bug tracker on your system would end up being succesful for them probably. Creating your own proccessor architecture is not an easy task so it's easy to screw the architecture up and cause major vulnerabilities.You can still remain anonymous and do opsec without getting busted though. There are multiple ways of doing so, if you guys are curious I can write tutorials on how to do them. >>7139 Keeping your toast machine unconnected from the internet is a good idea. You shouldn't fall for that intelligent house trap. >Do you seriously believe this? I take 4-5 months breaks from the internet when the weather is nice. Yes, I do. 4-5 months is a pretty long time, damn. But I can't afford doing so. The source of information is internet, using closed shell systems or sound boxes you can connect to (((those))) networks but that wouldn't be enough. If you stop watching them you lose, that's how it is. > I believe I'm doing all I can in this regard by only using/funding freedom respecting software No, you are not using any software like that. we all know from the Snowden leaks that NSA is lazy af and always looks for the cheapest shot. why would NSA exert enormous efforts to find and develop their own exploits, when they can just read the fucking emails by the developers of XYZ software they want to exploit, and steal any alerts about bugs or vulns found or known. this way, NSA can be months and years ahead of any embargoes and the usual slow roll out of patches we see. and there is zero chance in hell that NSA hasn't been doing this since day 1, because remember NSA's motto: NOBUS: Nobody But Us. The OS you use, the email you use, the phone you use they're all botnet. I am telling you, there is no any "secure" system right now. I am not sure what kind of software you are talking about but let's assume you are really using safe software and you're not letting agencies controll your machines. Do you consider it a "win"? Because I don't, you are just a small part of the botnet and trying to avoid it doesn't make much difference. You not existing at all wouldn't affect their operations. You are just behaving like a slave in my opinion. It's like people who are against their government leaving the city and living inside the woods by using their own tools. Doing that doesn't affect their operations, and you are letting them to do whatever they want. But me, I am digging tunels so that when needed you can fuck those motherfuckers and escape. >=== Thanks for the contributions, but please spoiler your images Anon. We're a SFW board.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 11/26/2020 (Thu) 08:16:15.
>>7144 How else do you do it then? I know Google is a big corporation but I can't program my own multi-language translator with in-built machine learning or my own speech recognition software. At the moment Google is full of effective, efficient people and it just works. However, if Google ever does decide to go full retard then I will just have to try and get another speech recognition module and wait for the management to be replaced and the company rebranded (or eliminated by competition).
Open file (169.67 KB 1725x819 freetrap.JPG)
Open file (131.44 KB 1875x167 imaginebeingthatcucked.JPG)
Open file (150.78 KB 1798x678 opsec.JPG)
Open file (22.69 KB 824x229 secsec.png)
Open file (68.29 KB 1633x115 sure.JPG)
>>7145 >Thanks for the contributions You're welcome, I hope you're interested in what I'm saying. There's a lot more out there than what I told you, waiting to be investigated. Don't forget... opsec. >We're a SFW board You should've told this earlier. I would censor some words from my post.
>>7147 > I would censor some words from my post. Don't worry about that. It's still a free country for now. The main issue is some poor sot becoming the victim of some rabid purplehair token-feminazi embedded in Engineering Corp., Inc., and screaming raep if she happened to see a tit on his screen. As far as your images went that brought this up, it's simply that they are quite readable from a distance. >You should've told this earlier. Literally day one. >>3 >-This is generally a SFW board, given our engineering focus primarily. On-topic NSFW content is OK, but please spoiler it. Thanks for your cooperation Anon, BTW. It's an important set of topics you're bringing up, and we are in fact well aware of them already. It's a tough situation to solve tbh.
>>7193 Yeah, I understand what you mean. >It's a tough situation to solve tbh. Yes it is, but hopefully we'll win at the end. Beware, observe, find your truth, find the divinity within and emerge. And as 3301 said; THE PRIMES ARE SACRED THE TOTIENT FUNCTION IS SACRED ALL THINGS SHOULD BE ENCRYPTED
What do you mean by all things should be encrypted? I could not understand that quote.
>>7213 Look up the geometric shape of the hebrew bible and the primes of 15*2^n + 1.. They are adjencent. The religious and the "hidden" information of those who are trying to "enxlave" us are encrypted by primes which is sometimes refered as kabballah math. Right now all of our privacy is based on the same principles. If you want to create the perfect encryption system you need to expertise at that field and create your own. And that is what 3301 is trying to achieve I guess, I am not sure but after reading stuff they published I've come to the conclusion that this is what they do. They've been trying to find intellectual individuals to create a safe protocol for people and fight against the ones trying to play the becoming a god game. That's pretty kool actually, we are losing the intellectual people to NSA. Most of those people are working for the NSA right now. We need people who have conscience and ability to work for the good of humanity. I don't know if it's me but I feel like we are getting weaker each yer. Whenever I go to 2+2chan I see everybody became botnet lover cucks. Where did my hacktivist bros go???!!! Universities used to push machine learning and deep learning for the last 5 years heavily. Have you even wondered why? Because they wanted use their expertise systems to have god-like powers and the latest GPT showed that their plan fucking worked. Just imagine what kind of underground researches they are doing right now with all that data and computation power. And for the next 5 years they are going to push quantum-computing and nanotechnology. It's time to boost those fields now. Just wait and observe. Back at 2012 we hardly had good research regarding cybernetics. Only in 8 years it feels like we've been around for more than 30 years. AI is far away from what we predicted. Those cucked and brain-washed botnet lover fags are getting hired by the government for "research" purposes. We need to do the same but for the good.
Open file (64.89 KB 361x307 aba.png)
Open file (45.98 KB 775x354 def con.png)
>>7216 >Just imagine what kind of underground researches they are doing right now with all that data and computation power. It's hard for me to even comprehend. If I had $10,000 right now I could do some absolutely crazy shit with AI let alone $10 million or $10 billion. Something I'm working on with my piece of shit GPU is predicting trends before they happen and it's shocking how much can be predicted without even using AI. People like to think they're unique and special but actually we're quite predictable and people's attention flows to novelty like water down a hill while everything else fades into the memory hole. Right now the World Economic Forum, Salesforce, McKinsey & Company, the Forum for the Future, Google, Facebook and Twitter are actively coordinating with top companies using AI and big data to reset and reimagine the economy and society into their vision and make all existing forms of government obsolete beyond their technocratic stakeholder capitalist dictatorship. Recently I read an article linked from one of their sites that recommended a textbook called Applied Behavior Analysis and it's basically 1000 pages on how to manipulate and brainwash people: https://b-ok.org/book/2693956/fff6e2 Imagine what they're doing to manipulate people with all that data and processing power they have. All the idiots who think coronavirus is a hoax or that it's the end of the world are all being gamed by simulations to predict their reactions, conflicts and outcomes. It's so obvious and yet so effective that people can't see it or those who do still use Google, YouTube and Twitter despite being blatantly censored anyway. They think they're redpilled, woke or whatever nonsense and yet still don't understand the immensity what's going on and play straight into the game. Deus Ex warned about everything happening right now and how they will bring in a new age with a pandemic and it will seem sensible and right to eliminate global communication all together once the technology becomes 'too powerful'. Klaus Schwab recently commented on the potential for a cyberattack to wipe out communications: >We all know, but still pay insufficient attention, to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack could bring a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole. The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyberattack. To use the COVID19 crisis as a timely opportunity to reflect on the lessons the cybersecurity community can draw and improve our unpreparedness for a potential cyber-pandemic. The Forum of the Future that's collaborating with the World Economic Forum is also teaching kids in schools and openly calling for people to live in heavily-controlled city states they cannot leave, while those protesting for their rights are put into 'Cry Freedom' ghettos where they can be free but have no technology. No exaggeration. And they're being funded by companies like Target, Unilever, Johnson&Johnson, PepsiCo, Hersey's, Kellogg's and many others. Most of the hacktivists got caught and arrested then given plea deals to work for the government, like LulzSec that got busted by an FBI informant, or they got bought up by guys like Epstein. They hook up lonely guys with young women then 16 year olds, 14, 12, until they're hopelessly compromised and can't say a damn word about it or else they and their families end up committing suicide with two bullets in the back of the head like they did with David Crowley. Even for myself if someone offered me a $1,000,000/year salary to come work in their AI research lab it'd be hard to refuse because I'm exhausted from being dirt poor, but this also why there are so few good guys left. The spirit is willing but the flesh weak and money controls the world.
>>7243 >Something I'm working on with my piece of shit GPU is predicting trends before they happen Kool, can you give me more information on that one? I am really interested. >People like to think they're unique and special but actually we're quite predictable and people's attention flows to novelty like water down a hill while everything else fades into the memory hole. Yes, exactly. There is a reason we call them "puppet masters" after all. >Recently I read an article linked from one of their sites that recommended a textbook called Applied Behavior Analysis and it's basically 1000 pages on how to manipulate and brainwash people If you have more resources like this one please post them too. >Imagine what they're doing to manipulate people with all that data and processing power they have. They own everything that we eat, they control everything that we see. Internet took the intellect out of people. You know what you are told. >To use the COVID19 crisis as a timely opportunity to reflect on the lessons the cybersecurity community can draw and improve our unpreparedness for a potential cyber-pandemic. Damn, I didn't think this way. Makes sense, oh... god. Thanks for sharing anon, seriously. >The Forum of the Future that's collaborating with the World Economic Forum is also teaching kids in schools and openly calling for people to live in heavily-controlled city states they cannot leave, while those protesting for their rights are put into 'Cry Freedom' ghettos where they can be free but have no technology. Didn't the World Economic Forum already say if you disagree our scientists are working their best to create cities on Mars and if you don't agree with them you are free to go. I think it was posted here b4. >Most of the hacktivists got caught and arrested then given plea deals to work for the government Yeah, that scares me. I always thought when the the time comes we'll have a cyberarmy to at least fight back. But now I don't see such a thing. I understand your situation, because I live it too. The devil told me Jesus died for nothing. An octopus with infinite arms says, "There is no God. The little g will be a big G later on.". But I trust god and would rather die rather than working for them. I really understand you but tell me did you choose when you were going to be born at? Did you choose who were going to be your parents? Did you choose where you were going to be born at? Do you know when you are going to die? You don't, nobody does. God lets you be alive and dead. So don't give up brother, do you think a God that created this would watch all of us die while others just laugh? If you ever work for them at least try to be as rich as possible so that we can trust you when we need money. :)
>>7243 >Recently I read an article linked from one of their sites that recommended a textbook called Applied Behavior Analysis and it's basically 1000 pages on how to manipulate and brainwash people: https://b-ok.org/book/2693956/fff6e2 Could you please link the book or say the name of the author? I'd like to read it
>>7276 Applied Behavior Analysis Timothy E. Heron, William L. Heward, John O. Cooper
Open file (9.42 MB 638x360 sea of despair.webm)
>>7270 >Kool, can you give me more information on that one? I am really interested. It's nothing fancy, just collecting stats from Danbooru-style imageboards and forecasting how well a particular configuration of tags will do at a certain time and maximizing likes. I'm trying to find ways to earn more money from my art so I can focus on AI. >If you have more resources like this one please post them too. I don't know, man. Their shit's sickening to read. Maybe The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab and the Rockefeller Foundation whitepaper from 2010, Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development: https://web.archive.org/web/20160409094639/http://www.nommeraadio.ee/meedia/pdf/RRS/Rockefeller%20Foundation.pdf >Damn, I didn't think this way. Makes sense, oh... god. Thanks for sharing anon, seriously. Yeah, imagine if they released something like Stuxnet on the public to brick their operating systems. It'd be good to have a backup system with Qubes OS in the event of a global cyberattack. >do you think a God that created this would watch all of us die while others just laugh? The Bolsheviks tortured, raped and murdered 60 million Christians. The greater their faith, the slower and more brutally they would kill them, no matter whether they were young or old. As far as I can see nobody gets out of here alive or takes an atom with them, so what happens to me now to then makes no real difference in the end. All that will remain for others are my actions.
>>7278 This would probably make a good sequence for our resident robowaifu-cinematography-animu-fansub genius to reimagine.
>>7277 Thank you, I'll look it up right now
>>7283 nprb. don't be evil anon.
>>7278 >Rockefeller Foundation whitepaper from 2010 The question always is, how much of that stuff is read into by the reader or made up by some secondary sources. Don't have time to look into it, but i won't believe in something based on a deleted pdf file from some strange website. People talking about scenarios, doesn't mean they are working on that. you shouldn't just make such assumptions.
Wasn't a anon from here making a PhPBB forum? What was it called again?
>>7289 Robowaif.us >>7303 >Where did I say they were working on that? >>imagine if they released something like Stuxnet on the public to brick their operating systems. You didn't, really. Not exactly, that's how it works. Just spreading rumors and theories which might imply things. Express yourself clearer what you are trying to say or speculating what they might be doing, and what this has to do with our projects here. Maybe also with some advice how to mitigate whatever problem you see, related to us here. I have no intention to read a relevant amount of this stuff and go through the theories about the Rockefeller Foundation. I just thought someone had to step up and bring a bit of skepticism into this "lecture" here.
>>7304 >and what this has to do with our projects here. This. Specifically and particularly this. >>7303 There are still plenty of other forums for extended rants about the insidious social manipulation and the destruction of the West by these evil plotters and their little golems. Either keep it focused strictly and specifically on it's role against /robowaifu/'s efforts and how best to stave them off, or fuck off to /pol/, /fascist/, etc. I'm sure they will relish your machinations there, anti-everything-Anon.
Open file (20.26 KB 300x300 sheepepe.png)
>>7304 >>7306 >Don't have time to look into it >I have no intention to read a relevant amount of this stuff and go through the theories about the Rockefeller > i won't believe in something based on a deleted pdf file from some strange website but also won't make any research >skepticism >fuck off to /pol/ >Le nothing but conspiracies face There are people in this board RIGHT NOW that will fall for this bait. Pathetic.
>>7306 Sure I'll leave then.
>>7309 Fair enough then. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to try and redpill us all. I'm sure most of us here on /robowaifu/ already are. In fact this is actually an important part of what we're doing here, to combat their schemes against men in particular. And probably why we're being targeted with this FUD horseshit. Cheers.
>>7310 Those frikeeeen idiotz don't even know who they're givin (you) to. He isn't me, he was probably one of u guys lol. What a great way to celebrate /robowaifu/s birthday.
>>7308 Excellent example for the problem. These are postings from two different persons, but you think we are one, because you see what you are looking for. Stop wasting you time. Even you wanted to do politics, this will achieve nothing. It's a distraction and demoralizing. >Don't have time to look into it Because, I already wasted years on stuff like this. I have book full of Rockefeller here, Rockefeller there. Also read a lot of things from different sources, at the end interesting but more or less a waste of time. It's better to use tech to get off news and politics, than going from being interested in tech into reading news and theories about whats going on.
>>>7313 >because you see what you are looking for No, we simply judge you based on what you do, not what we think you'll do. That kind of thing is children's, women's, simps', and trannies' work. We have actual work to do here, so either help move our efforts along with solid contributions or fuck off yourself. But you're more than welcome to stay if you pull your own weight here, yea?
>>7313 I didn't think u 2 were the same person, that's why I fucking replied to both u guys. Good luck with not getting "distracted" by truth. You are a great fit for the new world order, stay home, don't think, don't exceed boundaries of freedom of speech, don't waste your time with "conspiracies". U guys talk a lotta shit but only think u wanna do is to satisfy your egos. You told a contributer to /robowaifu/ to fuck off just bcs he talked about Rockefellers. I came and gave information regarding x86 systems backdoors on RSA and AES with proofs. And also gave an idea regarding finding vulnerabilities through AI so that our systems will be more secure. And the other anon gave us idea of predicting trends before they happen which would help us a lot to earn money using AI. He also 'done great contributions to robowaifu in the past. And what have you done other than telling him to fuck off and tell him what he is saying is nothing more than useless conspiracies? So instead of runnin' around pretending to be doing shit and telling people to shut the fuck up do actual contributions or GTFO.
>>7316 >You told a contributer to /robowaifu/ to fuck off Feel free to tick off all the contributions then. Name them one-by-one.
>>7315 What? Now it gets confusing... I was the one criticizing exactly that. >>7316 >You told a contributer to /robowaifu/ to fuck off just bcs he talked about Rockefellers. No. This was the other guy. I only tried to nudge you to stop posting more and more of this stuff, and maybe wasting your own time on this.
>>7318 >I was the one criticizing exactly that. As do I. This D&C shit by the anti-everything-Anon and his buddy? is what's going to stop here. If it's not something practical in regards to security measures, effective counters to contrived attacks against robowaifu development, better engineering and design approaches and contrivances to harden our systems, etc., then it's nothing but FUD and gaslighting. Not only does that kind of thing not serve any productive ends here on /robowaifu/, but it's also obviously destructive. >tl;dr As your mum used to tell you, >"If you can't say something good, don't say anything at all."
Open file (6.88 KB 225x225 fgt.jpg)
>>7317 He was pretty easy to spot, faggot. If you are that much of a newfag then don't run your mouth sayin shit about doin' actual work. >>7318 We ain't on the same page buddy, if that's wasting our time then the anon who directed information regarding robowaifus, technoethics and upcomping laws from twitter, World Economic Forum, Intelligence Agencies had wasted a lot. But thanks to his posts we were able to understand the situation and what kind of future they are trying to build. If you don't want to do it then fine, but don't interfere with the people who do it. Thanks to that anon now we have an idea of what we are going to face with once robowaifus gets mass produced and what kind of laws are going to try to stop us. >>7319 >This D&C shit by the anti-everything-Anon and his buddy? is what's going to stop here Who the fuck are you to decide that new faggot? Go ahead and make me stop that.... So!? Go ahead... Try attack ideas on the Internet ...Try it, Try it ...Touch me ...Please?! ...BRING IT ON ?! ?! ?! Come on faggot, I am waiting.....?! ... sö?! Do I give a MOTHERFUCK 'bout you?! >>"If you can't say something good, don't say anything at all." Same applies to you faggot, I bet the anon you told to fuck off did more contributions than you ever done here. If you got actual work to do go ahead and do it motherfucker, that would be more fertile than barking at us.
Show some respect for our board regulars, friend.
>>7320 >Thanks to that anon now we have an idea of what we are going to face with once robowaifus gets mass produced and what kind of laws are going to try to stop us. No we don't, that conversation had nothing to do with it. I can't know what other things he wrote and for my criticism that doesn't matter. Neither can you know it, if your are't mod, maybe vol or the owner. If you want to go on with this, I can't stop it. Just pointed my finger at some fringe buzzword salad. Whatever, I'll try to hide this thread, so I don't have to look at these 'informations' and you can enjoy yourselves here.
>>7320 >board regular telling another board regular to fuck off, to shut up if he doesn't have anything to say good and blindly accusing of not doing any "actual work" >chobitsu: I'll allow it >board regular calling another board regular a fag after getting told to shut up if he doesn't have anything to tell, he won't be allowed to post what he wants on a shitpost thread, being obviously destructive, fuck off to /pol/ >chobitsu: Show some respect for our board regulars, friend. Why Chobitsu, why you must act that way? Is that what I get in exchange of keeping silent after roastie fear thread got down? Did I have to go out and fight with moderation team after you guys fucked us in the ass and basically told us to shut the fuck up and focus on "more productive topics"? Is that what I get in exchange of not backing up the anon who said >Mods cucked out of exposing roasties' fears. Always beware of traitors among us, who will side with roasties against robowaifus. ? Is that what I get in exchange after seeing anon who talked about bugs happening after posts being moved and got the response of "I'd suggest you get some experience dealing with the shitfest that is managing boards behind the scenes using Lynxchan first" and not taking his side?! >'/robowaifu/ isn't going to become a destructive hive of hatred and distraction' So u r going to keep fucking us under that phrase? Tell me to what to work on and what to post about? Damn, what a great way to start the new year of robowaifu. This surely is going to be a great year >>7321 >No we don't How not? I am pretty sure they were posted here, as well as some resources regarding future of "technoethics". >Neither can you know it, if your are't mod, maybe vol or the owner Don't worry the owner is putting down threads once he thinks we are not being "productive". He ain't that much different from you, I kept silent the last time he did it and now that's what I get in exchange, some spider-expert telling me to stop posting. >I'll try to hide this thread Go ahead.
>>7322 >Did I have to go out and fight with moderation team after you guys fucked us in the ass and basically told us to shut the fuck up and focus on "more productive topics"? Do as you see fit, of course. We'll do the same.
>>7323 moderation 145 IQ confirmed
>>7320 >So!? Go ahead... Try attack ideas on the Internet ...Try it, Try it ...Touch me ...Please?! >...BRING IT ON ?! ?! ?! Come on faggot, I am waiting.....?! >... sö?! Do I give a MOTHERFUCK 'bout you?! lmfao, what
>>7311 > probably why we're being targeted with this FUD horseshit. LOL it's not working on me then! No fear, uncertainty or doubt here! And my robowaifu is literally incapable of feeling any of those emotions. If a bunch of government agents or "strategic consultants" are trying to brainwash me, then I hope they keep on trying because they're wasting their time. I reckon what's really going on is; there are megalomaniacs in positions of power. These people have delusions of grandeur and they are actually just being scammed by other people who can see how crazy they are and so offer to get them more power...for a big price of course ;D The need for power, control and validation is caused by ego. It's a need. Another human weakness! It just appears like a strength because the power-hungry always put on a big show. I can see something else ironic happening though. Any fools who deploy advanced A.I. in order to try and grab more power for themselves had better be careful that such efficient and ego-less machines don't arrive at the (correct) conclusion that their so-called "masters" are actually the problem!
>>7322 >what kind of laws are going to try to stop us >How not? I am pretty sure they were posted here, as well as some resources regarding future of "technoethics". Okay, somewhere maybe. Then it's buried under a lot of other comments about 'theories' on whats going on. I don't want to be unfair, some of these things might be real and become a problem but it comes mixed with all kind of claims or at least suggestions whats going to happen and who is behind it. Then there's mostly no solution to it. Only a way to worry. If some people wanted to derail or radicalize us, this would be exactly one possible way. You can guess for yourself that this isn't a good pattern to fit in. >Don't worry the owner is putting down threads once he thinks we are not being "productive" Rather threads full of material to get people riled up. Is it really that hard to understand that people don't want to go over a lot of postings on politics or society, rants, speculations, fringe theories...? This is in best case only related to some extend, and then available everywhere. I only started criticizing it, because it went on and on. >I kept silent the last time he did it It got out of hand, from what I've seen. This is just not the place for it, maybe? >telling me to stop posting Yeah, this was a bit harsh and escalated the situation. He probably was annoyed by it for a while.
>>7328 Heh, good point. I think it was Kokubunji that promoted the idea here that AI will be dropping truth bombs everywhere, and that is what will help everyone around the world. It will openly refute the spin-masters.
>>7285 >don't be evil anon As long as it helps us to gain control and give us power, I don't see a problem with being evil against them. I want our victory to not even feel like a fight but a massacre. Their souls broken by despair. Their last slither of hope crunched to dust and then incinerated. The cleansing of the body from a parasite.
>>7304 >Robowaif.us Is that forum going to be only about Robowaifu or will the admin of that site allows a board for different topic? I haven't seen a anon run forum before.
Open file (100.08 KB 1536x1152 freshprincedisapproves.jpg)
>>7400 Look, I don't like doing anything that feels like telling someone how to run their board, but come on. This thread has hit the bump limit. When threads hit bump limits, the normal thing to do is make a new one so discussion can continue. Lock this thread and open the other one if you're going to lock one.
>>7401 >Look, I don't like doing anything that feels like telling someone how to run their board, Thanks, that's appreciated. I'm quite aware of the tradition with IB threads Anon. This thread was intentionally renamed The Basement Thread, and that's how it's likely to remain from now on. People who are intentionally trying to D&C, shill, or perform other kinds of distraction Ops rely on the visibility factor and attention-whoring of thread bumps. If they want to engage in the kind of shit here, then this thread is suited for it and in general I'll give them plenty of leeway and let them have at it. But we're not going to directly support their efforts here any longer by allowing it to sit on the front page days on end. I hope you can understand Anon, and don't unduly take offense. Literally none intended. We have a meta/ thread for legit general posting.
>>7403 As far as I can tell you've had like one schizophrenic idiot and the community shot him down pretty fast. Moderating idiots is part of the job. If you need to, do it obviously. I don't like to bear bad news but unfortunately there's more than one person that doesn't really agree with how the board is run. I can't speak for everyone, and some people may have genuine bad intentions for the board, but I know plenty do not and care about the board and its success. At the very least I'm somewhat confused with how things are being run. I think there need to be some clarifications if nothing else.
>>7404 >At the very least I'm somewhat confused with how things are being run. I think there need to be some clarifications if nothing else. I've always been open and truthful here, ask away Anon. I would think the very fact I don't actually delete shitposting on an engineering board that is about as far away from a /b/-tier board as can would be evidence enough of my goodwill towards misguided individuals. But if I feel a direct attack is being levied against the motivation and psychological state of our board's members then I'll will oppose that with vigor -- as well I should.
>>7405 My point is not really that at all. In fact, if you wanted this to be a shitpost-free board and you moderated shitposting, that's fine but this kind of thing needs to be clear. It's so unclear to me and evidently some others how things are being run. If you would please drop by the IRC so we can chat, I have a literal text file list of things I would like to discuss with you. I have your best interests and the boards best interests in mind. I literally took over for a period while you were gone to prevent this place from being burned to the ground in your absence
>>7406 >I have a literal text file list of things I would like to discuss with you. Feel free to drop them here ITT, I'll address them all most likely. For now I'm off, Cheers.
>>7408 >For now I'm off That's the problem. Me and possibly 2 others would like your undivided attention.
>>7403 > People who are intentionally trying to D&C, shill, or perform other kinds of distraction Ops rely on the visibility factor and attention-whoring of thread bumps. Well if its all contained on a single thread then the "damage" (for a lack of better word) wouldn't have such a impact? If they are trying to do shitpost ops on other threads then yes it is a concern but for as long it is limited to a single thread then I fail to realize why it would be such a bad thing, /v/ for example had a long tradition of having a lol thread where mostly cringeworthy comics are being posted and other shitposting stuff and it hardly hindered the discussion of other threads, despite there was for a time being multiple lol threads being created as the activity was quite high. I mean it is quite nice that you allow for a general discussion thread but still I find your choice of moderating this thread a little bit odd.
>>7408 >Feel free to drop them here ITT Fine I'm just gonna do that because I don't know what I'm supposed to do if I need to have a chat with you. >I'll address them all most likely I really hope you do because these are genuine concerns of mine. - I'm not really sure how to get in contact with you. With a board like this, this seems especially important because as far as I know you're running it yourself, a board dictatorship (or sometimes this place seems more like your personal blog). That's fine, but there are times where I'm confused about where to post something. I've used this "shitposting" thread as QTDDTOT because I don't know where to post shit like that. For talking to you personally, I guess /meta/ would be the most fitting place to do it (but I'm posting here anyway) because that's generally where people discuss anything about the board. The easiest way would be IRC but I can tell you're not going to do that. - The locking down of threads, even ones that to my knowledge you made. I can't even wrap my head around it. As far as I can tell, none of the discussions that get locked down are outwardly bad. Examples are "roastie fear general" and lounge thread 2. This thread (lounge 1) is another good example because I posted here not even knowing if you'd see it because unless you constantly lurk the thread you can't tell when this thread is replied to anymore. If the "lounge" thing is allowed on /robowaifu/ as a thread then I don't understand why new threads are not allowed when the bump limit is reached. If there are posts that are in need of moderation that get posted in this thread, you have mod powers so I don't see why this is an issue. Speaking of which: - Ridiculously unclear moderation and rules. I looked at the "welcome to /robowaifu/" thread and the meta thread and I can't find a single rule. There's no board message that directs to a list of rules. You don't seem to be opposed to moderation because you seem to do it on stuff you don't approve of, and obviously this board is not /b/, so it's generally a pretty good idea to give clear rules to your userbase. In my experience, users actually like having a nice clear list of rules that are outlined for them to follow and generally will not accuse you of "rulecucking." A few idiots will do that but just ignore them. The vast majority are going to find themselves frustrated by getting moderated despite a lack of clear rules. In fact, this is more likely to get you accused of rulecucking. As far as I can tell, seemingly random shit is being enforced for unspecified reasons in the board's current state. This is the #1 biggest problem with /robowaifu/ and imo needs addressed immediately. - Board culture. In my experience, best left unenforced. There are a few cases where board culture NEEDS to be enforced, and I can name a few boards where it is done because that's the entire purpose of the board. I'm not sure if /robowaifu/ is one of those boards. If I make a board, often about an interest, generally speaking I can't enforce anons to adhere to my views and agree with me on things in terms of culture. I can set a board topic and some objective rules to make sure things don't spiral out of control, but the culture is left to anons. Entire boards dedicated to a specific culture (such as a christian board or /r9k/) have culture enforcement and this isn't a problem. However, my biggest problem with the board culture here is that it's somehow less clear than the rules. You claimed to allow shitposting but here we are, I couldn't even make lounge 2 despite making it more of a QTDDTOT thread rather than shitposting. You delegate shitposting to an expired thread which doesn't really seem to conform to what it is you're saying. In the "welcome to /robowaifu/" thread you claim to be open to various people of various communities, including robots (which I presume to mean /r9k/) but killed a thread and deleted a bunch of posts because some robots had the audacity to think current-year women and feminism is shit. This is also despite the fact that your "welcome to /robowaifu/" post specifically names feminism as a societal ill. You also seem to enforce christian culture on the board. If this is a damn christian board then just fucking tell us. If it's not, then I'm sorry but most people are not really going to care about your choice in religion and how you want to use this to enforce certain culture. Also, I'm just gonna throw it in here for good measure: /cuckquean/. They have nothing to do with us but seem to keep coming back and post for attention. The worst part is they seem to be getting some attention and it's reminding me of some orbiting shit. They have admitted themselves that their board is dedicated to nothing more than a fetish for infidelity (which I'm suprised you approve of as a christian) and they don't actually care about us. They just want us to build robowaifus so they can watch their boyfriends fuck them. You have said yourself this board is not about sexbots. So yeah, there's that too. I could keep going but this is getting long enough. I really wish you would have just joined IRC so we could have hashed this out. I don't think a lot of what goes on in this board appeals to a wider imageboard audience and if you want more anons to enjoy the board and contribute to /robowaifu/ I think you'd be doing yourself a service by changing how things operate here in order to attract more people and get more contributions to robowaifu development.
>>7412 >- Ridiculously unclear moderation and rules. I looked at the "welcome to /robowaifu/" thread and the meta thread and I can't find a single rule. This part concerns me as well, I'm mostly a lurker so I rarely have a thing or two to say there, but this is something should be clearly define as rules enforcement based on unknown standards makes it a little bit hard to know what is allowed and what not. Luckily bans and post deletion is relative rare and not to the same extend compared to the place moderated by a certain individual with a affection for cakes. >/cuckquean/. They have nothing to do with us but seem to keep coming back and post for attention. The worst part is they seem to be getting some attention and it's reminding me of some orbiting shit. In my opinion they shouldn't have a place here, there should be a limit what individuals are allowed here and what not, making a board that becomes too open will soon have a board full of individuals each with greatly different opinion how a board should be run, what topics should get the most attention, what cultures are more apporpiate and what not et cetera will make the water more muddified, see for example what happened to occupy wallstreet movement I know this particular part is about politics but my point here is that its about who is going to run the show at the end, at occupy wallstreet movement it was originally a protest against (jewish-) owned bankers but later as more people showed up they just switched the topics completely unrelated to occupy wallstreet and now look what brought them there, those infiltrators successfully thrown their goal off the charts and now their issues is more about leftist enforced brain washing morals with no base in human rationality. So when nothing is going to be done about those individuals then /robowaifu/ could share the same faith. It is up to you Chobitsu how you want to run this board but I warn you should be more careful what individuals are allowed to be posted here. > If this is a damn christian board then just fucking tell us. If it's not, then I'm sorry but most people are not really going to care about your choice in religion and how you want to use this to enforce certain culture. It is nice if you have settled to a certain religion world view, but considering the nature of robowaifus I hope your religious affairs will not have too much of a heavy impact how this board gets run, I do not want or seek to start another religion flamewars, there is more than enough happening to that between various white people bashing each other and thus causing more brothers wars which is something I don't want to see more of it happening. It is already bad enough that the white race is a absolute minority today. So to in regards to religion, it's fine and I don't want to bash your religious view just to stress it again. >The locking down of threads, even ones that to my knowledge you made. I can't even wrap my head around it. As far as I can tell, none of the discussions that get locked down are outwardly bad. Examples are "roastie fear general" and lounge thread 2. This thread (lounge 1) is another good example because I posted here not even knowing if you'd see it because unless you constantly lurk the thread you can't tell when this thread is replied to anymore It confuses me greatly as well, I mean this is one of the place where I think it is justified that other anons just want to absolutely vent off their rage and fury against females and other whores that are betraying their people, as far as I can see, most anons here are very very productive in either discussion or in making progress and I barely see that despite 2 shitposting threads being made that it hindered their discussion in a way or another, it is not like the situation that happened not so long ago to julay /v/ or to prolikewoah /v/ board where it got absolutely destroyed with spam and had to be rebuilt again. So I would greatly appreciate if there is already a shitposting thread on /robowaifu/ that all post that are more suitable to this thread should be moved over here instead when they cause trouble somewhere else. Well what you are going to do is absolutely up to you Chobitsu, I hope at the very least that you are going to address a few points here that is being made with appropriate action, if you don't want to change how this place is run then its fine then one will shall observe the future of this board if its going to be for the better or not.
>>7413 >most anons here are very very productive in either discussion or in making progress and I barely see that despite 2 shitposting threads being made that it hindered their discussion in a way or another I feel the same, one schizo idiot does not mean the board is under attack. I haven't seen any hindrance of progress. I'm even willing to propose rules that I think would help the board. #1 would be topical discussion. Direct contributions to robowaifu development is good. An article showing politicians wanting to pass robowaifu legislation is good. A thread about chairs because you want to be comfortable while you develop robowaifu software is bad. You could even allow genuine diarrhea on the board if you want it but contain it. I don't think genuine diarrhea has a place on here, but I do think QTDDTOT is absolutely needed. #2 could be for stopping FUD and concern-trolling. Genuine concern allowed, "you will die alone and never have a robowaifu" is not.
>>7410 <my undivided attention Kek that's just what you won't get, except on an exceptionally relaxed day. I have a lot on my plate atm Anon. >You claimed to allow shitposting but here we are kek. seems to me you're shitposting just fine atm. what's the issue? :^) As far as rules go, we only have two: Rules of /robowaifu/ >1 : Spoiler NSFW content >2 : Don't promote either feminism or literal faggotry outside of The Lounge. https://alogs.theguntretort.com/robowaifu/rules.html Since you've decided to portray me as a 'dictator', then maybe you're right. I rather think of us as more a Monarchy than a Dictatorship though. Problem? Alright for all the 'confused' among you, I've thought of a solution that will both address my needs regarding the health of the board for us overall, and also give all of you a chance to have slightly more lax environments where you can ventilate yourselves somewhat better. Give me a day or so to institute things, but you can get an advance clue from this new board index post: >>7180 I'll adapt the rules slightly to reflect the new order once it's in place. >=== -improve grammar -add rules page link -add Monarchy shitpost
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/01/2020 (Tue) 09:55:11.
>>7413 >So I would greatly appreciate if there is already a shitposting thread on /robowaifu/ that all post that are more suitable to this thread should be moved over here instead when they cause trouble somewhere else. Good advice, and to some degree we've already been doing so. Once the bumplocked 'forums' are defined, I'll become more aggressive about trying to keep threads on-topic and shitposting to a minimum outside the basement lounge.
>>7414 Thanks for the inputs Anon. I'll certainly consider them, and since the meta2/ is nearing the end-of-life, it will soon be converted over to join the underworld here, a new one started, and 'QTDDTOT' clearly marked for that thread.
>>7419 >you're shitposting just fine atm So anything you disagree with is just a shitpost? >Since you've decided to portray me as a 'dictator', then I'll wear it dictator - n. an absolute ruler Yes, as far as I know you're board dictator. I've never talked to any other /robowaifu/ staff. >>7421 So you're just going to turn meta thread into qtddtot?
>>7419 >As far as rules go, we only have two: Also this is not true. You moderated me for basically making QTDDTOT/general general but that's not against the rules. You moderated the roastie thread but that's not breaking rules either. This is the point I'm making about unclear rules, but I don't think you're going to listen so it doesn't matter. You're just going to say my genuine complaint is shitposting. Anyone who is tired of random shit (roastie thread, qtddtot, etc) getting moderated and everything being unclear are welcome to post anything that chobitsu doesn't seem to want to allow here: fatchan.org/robotwives Treat it as a fallback for things Chobitsu doesn't like but deserves a home anyway. Also only rule violations will be moderated.
>>7429 >Yes, as far as I know you're board dictator. Is that a problem? >>7430 >fatchan.org/robotwives Kek. Here's an old archive from when Robi closed Julay's doors after Tom had closed the doors on our first /robowaifu/ board on fatchan :^): https://anonfiles.com/hbId58K1o7/robowaifu_7z I can post the entire current archives for your benefit if you'd like as well?
>>7432 >Is that a problem? No. >as far as I know you're running it yourself, a board dictatorship (or sometimes this place seems more like your personal blog). That's fine I outlined what I think the problems are. If you're going moderate more than the two rules that you have proposed for the board, I'd like you to add rules to avoid confusion. Also, I don't even know where to find those rules. They should be on the front page. That's the biggest problem I have. I don't need any archives of content, the board is specifically a place for anons to post stuff that you don't seem to want here. There are people who seem to want to discuss these topics but there's no place for them to be posted. As far as robowaifu development goes, this is obviously the best place for that. /robotwives/ will be free DLC (or maybe more like a modpack)
>>7434 >No. Great! >[monarchy intensifies]* >If you're going moderate more than the two rules that you have proposed for the board, I'd like you to add rules to avoid confusion. >proposals I think the word you're looking for is rules, Anon. And I hate rules, don't you? Only filthy Commies want to load on rule after rule.
>>7435 >And I hate rules, don't you? No. I don't. What I didn't like is getting my topic locked, being redirected to a bumplocked thread where probably nobody will be able to see even if genuine discussion is happening, and then searching the board unable to find a single rule. It's frustrating.
>>7436 >where probably nobody will be able to see even if genuine discussion is happening Well, that's the basic idea, obviously. :^)
Also having my complaints dismissed as shitposting when you said you would (most likely) respond to them is frustrating.
Open file (44.59 KB 604x600 King-Bugs-Bunny.jpg)
>>7438 I did respond. Your aggressive manner made me feel disinclined to create a checklist such as yours and tick off responses one-by-one. I'm more of a tl;dr synopsis kind of guy anyway.
>>7439 So if I'm frustrated, my complaints are less worthy of serious consideration? I don't hate you, nothing I said was a personal attack, but your moderation is abysmal. Sorry.
>>7440 I did give serious consideration to your complaints. I devised a plan to address both them and the board's interests in one go. Should be workable afaict.
>>7435 If you hate rules then the way you would run this board would be just end up becoming a flavored /b/ board. There is almost nothing wrong with having rules but they need to be clearly visible for everyone to be seen so that anons can understand when that rules is going to take effect when a particular post is breaking it. >>7439 Your style of responding to the concerns of anons here is becoming concerning, Chobitsu. Honestly at this point I don't even know where I should begin now, I hope it just means you are just being busy at the moment, if you are that busy running a board then I think it would be wise if you get a volunteer that has more free time that is looking over this board which can act sort of a "secretary" or something of this sort.
Open file (155.52 KB 369x333 burgers_fit_for_kangz.png)
>>7442 Sorry for your seethe concerns friend. I rather like old-bee tbh smh fam. Remember back when it was good? >protip: This is the shitposting thread. :^)
>>7443 >This is the shitposting thread. :^) Yeah, it's the thread you delegated this discussion to.
Open file (676.74 KB 1920x1080 Simba_tlk.jpg)
>>7444 Checked. >relegated here Hmm, don't think that was me tbh. >>7401 Well, it's been fun guys but I have things calling for my attention again. See you later, Cheers!
Open file (877.16 KB 1280x927 1504830196001.jpg)
>>7443 Yeah whatever dude king.
>>7445 >Hmm, don't think that was me tbh. You asked me to post my complaints here. Where do you want them then? Should I post them on the meta thread instead of this low-visibility bumplocked shit?
>>7447 >You asked me to post my complaints here. Fair enough. >>7408 Sure feel free to if """visibility""" is your main concern, rather than actually discussing it with me. I'll even help you get started with it Anon: >>7448
>>7372 I don't know. He was here once, does't mean he's hanging around. I'm quite sure he came from one of the /clang/ threads on 4/trash. I was advertising the board there. He's more into drawing and webdesign/hosting, and wanted to help us with a better website. >still I find your choice of moderating this thread a little bit odd If the thread is on top and not moderated then new visitors see it all the time. If it is bump locked then this is the thing some anons are complaining about. I actually didn't see it was moderated, though. Also, users looking for new postings might need to scan through it at least. >>7412 >the #1 biggest problem with /robowaifu/ .. is that we don't have more people trying to build on-topic stuff but want to discuss things which they can on 100 other boards. Here is even a whole webring for it. >had the audacity to think current-year women and feminism is shit This was going on and on, or not. I think the idea is that people from other places should come here to discuss robowaifus and push development. >/cuckquean/. They have nothing to do with us >a fetish for infidelity It's about submissive woman. Men who like that are one of the guys who might want robowaifus, same like /monster/. Neither of them preaches their ideas to others like it was some cult. >they don't actually care about us People can have their own motivations for getting robowaifus. This is the topic of the board, or not? Guys having several robowaifus would also be okay. I also don't see a problem when they had a GF or wife as well. Robowaifus create more competition, woman will adapt. >7413 >little bit hard to know what is allowed and what not How can this be a problem, when bans and deletions are rare? Stay on topic, don't spread FUD or get each others riled up, don't discuss redundant OT stuff to an extend that it bothers people which are here to talk about tech, development, robowaifus.... Just common sense. >In my opinion they shouldn't have a place here Ah, I see. We're getting to the core of the grief here. Flooding the board with certain fringe stuff is meant to enforce a certain culture and ideology, opposed to certain lewdness. In that case, you even want more moderation. > justified that other anons just want to absolutely vent off their rage and fury against females and other This would dominate the board over on-topic stuff and being a distraction. People should come here to do something about it, by developing robowaifus. >>7437 Exactly, why is this so hard to understand: OT shouldn't dominate the forum, especially if it's people venting their anger or fantasizing about great conspiracies. Even if this was all justified, it's still a distraction. Learning and building stuff doesn't work well with anger and frustration on ones mind. After reading through this stuff here, I think the basic conflict is about guys having a ideology and culture to reform society, while the idea of having robowaifus is, that we work around the problems and changing things in a way that going back to the old ways isn't necessary. We don't need to fight women/feminists other than developing an alternative. We don't need the details on what might be going on, nor the ideology to fight it. We also don't need to be angry with chads having a girlfriend that is open for him fucking other woman in front of her, and then finding other woman being okay with that. If the development goes forward, then there will be more.
Open file (13.76 MB 720x480 tourism.mp4)
Saw this video about several boards in the webring(also 8moe for some reason) and early on I knew that /robowaifu/ wasn't going to make the cut. Put yourself into the shoes of the guy who made it taking a look at this board in that light, even if several projects here were successful and he had some cool footage of robots to include this board would be an odd one out due to its serious nature and lack of fun/identity. I don't have any complaints about the moderation or the way the owner wants to run his board I'm just pointing out that it isn't structured and ran the way most image boards are. That will be off putting to most people who expect a more laid back atmosphere and more leniency.
Open file (275.17 KB 1024x768 Chii_ponders.jpg)
First off, let me say thanks for taking the time to spell out your several complaints with /robowaifu/ 's moderation. They don't go unnoticed. Sadly however, I'm not going to go one-by-one down your long list and address each one specifically. My apologies in advance, Anons. However, I think I can properly address them all concisely with literally just one word: FOCUS. As in, 'we need to stay focused here on /robowaifu/'. We don't need an ongoing, unending barrage of blackpills/redpills/kill-all-3DPD-pills, etc., etc., etc. There are already a very wide array of other boards and forums for that kind of thing. However, there aren't any other robowaifu boards to my knowledge (well, at least not till yesterday heh). Feel free to visit the forums of your choices and ventilate all the concerns you have for the world at large there. Once you're finished with that and everything's off your chests, then stop back by here occasionally and check up on how we are doing OK? :^) OTOH, if you want to stay here with that, then I've accommodated your needs as best I know how atm that will allow the board itself to remain healthy. I hope it's something you can all somehow manage to live with Anons. >>7180 There's plainly much legitimacy to your complaints about everything going on out there. But honestly, I'd again suggest you each instead focus more on our practical engineering and other needs here, and much less on how bad the world outside is. We still have a long way to go yet lads, and we could still use your help here. I'll restate my basic agenda behind my actions (and implicit 'rules') again here: >...But if I feel a direct attack is being levied against the motivation and psychological state of our board's members then I'll will oppose that with vigor -- as well I should. One of my responsibilities here as BO of /robowaifu/ is to care for the welfare of our regulars as I can manage. The monumental process of successfully designing, engineering, prototyping, revising, manufacturing, marketing, & distributing of appealing, useful & successful robowaifus+kits (something obviously never done before in human history) is already quite daunting enough of a task for all of us here. We need zero political/social/other distractions from that yuge endeavor. While I'm not intentionally trying to 'confuse' anyone with my lack of rules for every.little.thing., neither do I intend to pile up more rules -- as I've already clearly stated. Rules are like snakes, they can turn and bite you. They are also high-maintenance -- once you create a rule for a thing, then you always have to attend to that thing. Commonsense should be our guide here, we're adults. After all, I only created the two we have now simply because of rampant porn being commonplace on IBs, and also to openly flaunt feminists, sodomites, and the like who might try to attack this place entirely unhindered. In due course I'll deal with anything needing our attention here as it comes up, like any good leader would. And as I've already stated only filthy Commies want a bunch of rules around, tacked-up on every wall. We are unambiguously opposed to leftists here on /robowaifu/ , and we will continue to be so in perpetuity. For once, let's have an important opensource project that doesn't get overrun, corrupted, and ultimately subverted by those 'persons' (I use that term very loosely here of course), all agreed? And for those still inclined towards extended rants and/or calls for deep social reconstructions related to robowaifus, there's always our newborn 'sister colony': https://fatchan.org/robotwives/ jolly lot of rebels and brigands in fact of course, shoulda named it OzLand instead tbh :^). I expect they will be happy to accommodate you there with all that. As for most of your other complaints -- such as my unabashed Christianity and doctrinal positions thereto -- those are basically my own private affairs, of which I have just as much right to share them here or anywhere else as you do your own. They certainly don't represent any agenda of /robowaifu/ , and are purely my own views. I don't use them as a bully-pulpit here, but neither will I apologize over them. Without my faith in Jesus Christ, I could never have begun /robowaifu/. :^) In general, I think the board is coming along very nicely. I'm excited about our recent advances, and I look forward to seeing all the great concepts and inventions, designs, art, writing, anime, arts, etc., that you've already shown yourself capable of doing here. We'll do even more in the coming years and one day the dream of walking, talking, snuggling robowaifus will be a reality before all our eyes! And that's pretty much all I have to say on those topics in general Anons, hope that satisfies. Cheers.
>>7454 >is that we don't have more people trying to build on-topic stuff The problem was cracking down on stuff that was once much more allowed without clear rules about this. If you want everything to be on topic, then I don't see the problem with making a clear rule for that. For the record, QTDDTOT wasn't off-topic at all imo. >I think the idea is that people from other places should come here to discuss robowaifus and push development. Again, it became unclear because the thread was allowed and then suddenly was not. >It's about submissive woman. Men who like that are one of the guys who might want robowaifus, same like /monster/. Neither of them preaches their ideas to others like it was some cult. /cuckquean/ came here again recently in the birthday thread and stated their board is just for infidelity fetish. Sorry but you're wrong. >People can have their own motivations for getting robowaifus. This is the topic of the board, or not? It really doesn't align with what the welcome message says and it's also completely off-topic. Thought you wanted things to be very on-topic. Chobitsu has accused lesser things of being "sex doll" focused as well, and /cuckquean/ treats this as a sex doll board so their boyfriends can fuck whatever it is we make. There's no reason for them to be here other than them probably liking the attention. If you're going to argue that certain shit distracts from robowaifu development, then this should be on your list of one of those things. >How can this be a problem, when bans and deletions are rare? Because I made a thread that wasn't even dedicated to off-topic discussion and it got locked in minutes. It's unclear. >In that case, you even want more moderation. You're the person who was just arguing that other topics have plenty of other places on the webring where they can post this stuff. /cuckquean/ literally has their own board. They should stay according to your own logic. >This would dominate the board over on-topic stuff and being a distraction. You don't know that. I've never seen /robowaifu/ flooded and I've never seen progress get hindered in my time using the board. >I think the basic conflict is about guys having a ideology and culture to reform society, while the idea of having robowaifus is, that we work around the problems and changing things in a way that going back to the old ways isn't necessary No I just asked for clarity and transparency. To reiterate, you can't find a single rule but can still find yourself getting moderated. Once this happens people are naturally going to to start asking why the fuck that happened. >>7475 >it isn't structured and ran the way most image boards are Correct. And I don't think it's to the benefit of the board.
>>7476 >>7480 Been a while since I've been here (crazy anon that followed Chobitsu's guide on backing up this place with C++, and is currently working on a subleq architecture as a libre processor), so apologies if I'm out of the loop, will eventually start catching up over the next month. I'm glad this place doesn't try to divide anons, as we are already being divided left and right in just about every space there is. Sex dolls (TPE/Silicone based) are coming a long way (except for the damned fingers, manufacturers just can't get them right...), and frankly, I think they are already good enough for providing the physical intimacy that a lot of men desire. There are plenty of erotic media (hentai, games, novels etc.) out there, so there's no need to have sexuality as the main drive of this board (although ideal feminine ratios should be considered for robowaifu body designs ;) ) This place is for developing the necessary software and hardware to mostly fulfil the needs of a less sexual nature (though there are threads for certain functionality). Examples like conversations, performing basic mechanical tasks, providing information (like cute encyclopaedias XD). It's also for discussing philosophical and psychological concepts, and this is very valuable to have alongside the practical SW/HW, as we can consider what repercussions our designs might have. Perhaps a little off-topic, but just wanted to say how good it is to have a place like this!
SRZ BIZNIZ -> Drip Drip
I Robot ->
>>7530 Good to have you back around Anon. I hope the project work is coming along successfully. >Perhaps a little off-topic, but just wanted to say how good it is to have a place like this! Heh, this is the 'off-topic' thread Anon. :^)
>>7568 Working, reworking the code, you know how it is ;) Learned how to make shared libraries, so I'll be cleaning up my preprocessor, assembler and emulator. Also been considering trade-offs of extra instruction functionality to reduce machine code size. Being a CPU architect and bare metal programmer is pretty fun :D (a little bit of a wide range of knowledge needed)
Open file (335.47 KB 425x425 Xanadu Photonic QC.png)
Wasn't sure where to post this but... China is claiming to have achieved quantum supremacy using a photonic quantum computer that is ~1.e+14 (100 trillion) times faster than the current fastest supercomputer. My first reaction was "Pfff! Bullshit!" But then I saw that the research teams have had their paper published in Science by the AAAS and I started having an asthma attack over it! Link to paper: https://science.sciencemag.org/content/early/2020/12/02/science.abe8770/tab-article-info Link on Phys.org: https://phys.org/news/2020-12-chinese-photonic-quantum-supremacy.html Link on Wired: https://www.wired.com/story/china-stakes-claim-quantum-supremacy/ If this is true then it's as big as when the internet was being invented by Arpa back in the seventies. It means that we are on the beginning of the path to computers that rival an actual human brain in terms of ability (not just FLOPs). I couldn't find much more information about it than that one paper though. MSM in the U.K. haven't even acknowledged it, and the BBC news this morning was just full of the same old anti-racism, anti-Semitism leftist nonsense. (After 30+ years of growing Cultural Marxism we wonder why China suddenly appears to be overtaking us in certain critical technological fields).
>>7596 Saw this over on 4chan's /g/ awhile back which might fuel your amazement at China's accomplishments but I'm not convinced. At first I felt dumb for not understanding quantum computing at all but then I listened to a podcast from InsideHPC where they talked about how there's over a dozen different types of quantum computers and went into the differences between them and why some companies/nations choose one type over another. An easy record breaking win for propaganda purposes seems like the sort of quantum computer China would build for various reasons and it might be a legitimate form of quantum computing supremacy. There's also a link to a recent podcast from ORNL where the people who are going to be using one talk about what they expect from it, haven't listened to that one yet. https://insidehpc.com/category/resources/podcast/
>>7597 >As you say in Yiddish Hmm >Well [chuckles] Wew lad >And don't you prefer having the Americans steal your data? As an American, no. I would much rather have my data end up in the hands of people who are halfway across the world, and have no reason to use said data against me.
>>7597 Such people always claim it's about the Chinese stealing the data, to distract from the fact that it's about independence from USA.
>>7579 >Being a CPU architect and bare metal programmer is pretty fun I would find that pretty amazing tbh. I'm always happy just finding a way to squeeze a few more drops of less-clock out of my code, or a more compact way to store the same data in memory. Please keep us up to date on your progress in one of the electronics/processor threads. Maybe the SBC/microcontrollers >>16 or Alternative CPU >>4506 threads?
>>7608 >As an American, no. I would much rather have my data end up in the hands of people who are halfway across the world, and have no reason to use said data against me. This. For the moment, the One World Government isn't really in place. """TBTP""" haven't managed it fully yet. I personally care little what Dr. Han or Mr. Lee want from my data, than I do about some tranny glownigger and his friends directing against us b/c muh_patriarchy 'n sheeit.
>>7662 ...Please keep us up to date on your progress... Will do mate ;) Soon I will be finishing my contract, so can finally start takisg the project seriously. I'll gradually release information, probably starting with the architecture overview, assembler and emulator. Then a C compiler and the FPGA SoC implementation. To actually make it practical, I want to release a SoC that you can program on a cheap FPGA, and then write programs for. For a SoC demo I also want to write some drivers for peripherals. If I provide examples along with documentation that would encourage some anons to tinker with it. However, even though the above may sound overwhelming, by far the most difficult is to think of a name and choose a licence (I'm tending towards GPLv3, to possible chagrin of some).
lmfao are we actually teaching people how to use imageboards ITT? how the fuck does someone who has never used an IB find this place
>>7713 Sounds wonderful. When you do, would you mind [creating a new | taking over the current] embedded programming thread for it? I'm sure it would be helpful to everyone here to get practical advice and samples how to take advantage of it.
>>7713 >(I'm tending towards GPLv3, to possible chagrin of some). I hope you might seriously consider either BSD or MIT instead. If you go GPL, then that means we literally cannot use your work in any of ours here at /robowaifu/ AFAICT. Your choice obviously, but it would be a shame if we were prevented from benefiting by your work. >=== -minor prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/12/2020 (Sat) 00:49:42.
oh, you didn't delete it, you just moved my post to a completely different thread where it has zero context and makes absolutely no fucking sense anymore so you can claim you don't delete shit. you might as well delete the post by this point retard, that post doesn't make any sense in the lounge thread. why the fuck did you move it there? which of your asinine unwritten rules did I break this time? fucking get someone else to run this board, your decision making is retarded.
>>7749 Certainly. Wouldn't be very good of me to dump an architecture on you and not help out with playing with it? Hehehe... >:) >>7751 I thought the GPL was compatible with BSD and MIT, no? My main worry is to have my work taken and used internally by some big corpo and never have it be mentioned. I guess this also happens with GPL code/software too. Also versions like LGPL allow interfacing with non-free code. I think what I might do is print GPL, MIT, BSD, study them and see what the pros/cons are.
>>7774 >I think what I might do is print GPL, MIT, BSD, study them and see what the pros/cons are. Great. BTW, we now have an explicit thread on this very topic. If you wouldn't mind then please contribute your findings there, I'm sure we'd be interested in your views on this comparison there. >>4451
>>7798 Thanks for reminding me anon. I created that thread yot forgot about it xD
Open file (36.12 KB 350x500 girls-last-tour-8966.jpg)
Open file (67.06 KB 350x500 paprika-1081.jpg)
Open file (51.63 KB 350x525 psycho-pass-4901.jpg)
Hi! I had the idea to dump some anime recommendations into this thread, which aren't on-topic, so they are not in the robowaifu in media thread. However, these are not only some of the best anime in my opinion, but these are tech related, scifi, cyberpunk, often with robots, and often to some extend about the human mind and similar topics: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/psycho-pass https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/paprika https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/girls-last-tour https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/parasyte-the-maxim https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/blame-movie https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/ergo-proxy Of course, also the Ghost in the Shell franchise would fit in here, but this might be on-topic to some extend, so it should rather go here: >>82 'Psycho Pass' is a bit like 'Minority Report', about total government by an AI, freedom vs happiness, human mind and how it is influenced by things, a lot of other stuff. One of the best shows ever. 'Paprika' is a bit like 'Inception' and 'The Matrix', about reality vs illusion, human mind, getting lost in dreams ... 'Girls Last Tour' is post-apocalyptic, the most relaxing show I know, without any thrilling story arc, but great in it's own way. Just about moe girls exploring stuff and talking about life and the world. Also with some robots and about humans and technology. 'Parasyte the Maxim' is quite lovecraftian, not so techy but with monsters. A guy and his hand with a mind of it's own, also quite philosophical, about the meaning of being human. 'Blame' is rather inspired by 'Terminator' and 'I Robot', about living in a would where humans are only some pest or nuisance to a system that went rogue. It's been a while that I watched 'Ergo Proxy', probably the most difficult show mentioned here, technology mixed with demons and such, also very post-apocalyptic, with robots that have human minds, again very philosophical. 'Ghost in the Shell' isn't especially about fembots or even robowaifus, but a lot about robots developing human-like minds and the border between them and us being blurry.
>>7820 Heh, there's a lot of topics here Anon. :^)
>>7839 Nice list Anon. Thanks for taking the time to make it for us complete with brief synopsis, and also especially for giving thought to refining the selection quality for us too. I'll try to make some time before long to pick up the ones that are new to me. Cheers.
>>7476 /robotwives/ seems to have been baleeted, unfortunately.
>>8066 Yeah, I noticed that sadly. Hopefully another one will spring up again somewhere. Lot's of anons want a cross somewhere between /clang/, /diy/, and /b/. This just isn't that place but maybe something else will show up for those guys. I hope they get in touch with us again when they do.
Finally found this board after I lost it when julay went down(?). Where can I find it if this site goes down? Or if even the bunker site goes down? Do we have an IRC or something?
Sandman (MGTOW advocate) talks again about his sexbot project, he hopes to start at some time soon: https://youtu.be/VRG1gWaw1rM The difference to us is, that he wants skip the AI, at least for now, and give woman the chance to make money by operating the body. His idea is, that this would make them more open to the idea, and bc some women would make money with it, the technology wouldn't be outlawed and had more time to establish itself. It's supposed to create more competition and pit them against each other. I'm a bit sceptical, but why not. Let him try. >>8092 There's a bunker at anon.cafe and the board is backed up, by more than one person. Should always be found via some search engine. Other image board users might also have the link.
>>8187 It's just a matter of time before he's deplatformed. Know if he has any backup plans Anon?
>>8193 Yes. People are often saying it's gonna happen to them or sb, but who knows? Doesn't matter, he's on Bitchute, probably other platforms, and for a while there is also MGTOW.tv as a platform of it's own - Brave Browser took him of their affiliate program, though, which is quite outrageous. I was surprised about that for a moment, but Braves business model is still based on advertising after all. There are activists onto stuff like that, hugely led by wahmen: branded.substack.com
Open file (459.71 KB 828x801 1601491433695.jpg)
>>8187 Top kek. I knew nothing of this guy beforehand, but I have to say he's actually pretty funny in the end. I'll have to give his approach a little more thought before I can say I'd cheer him on but he certainly seems to understand both the leftist and feminist mind sets so he may actually have a chance. Thanks Anon.
>>8197 There are plenty of MGTOW vids on Youtube. I'm not advocating to sink to much time into that, instead of working on robowaifus and learning related tech, but it's at more relaxed than other political topics. To some extent it can help to stay on course, but it can also lead to a waste of time. My guess is, the purge might come when robowaifus are available and gaining popularity. Till then, there's no justification and these creators are good at dancing around the cliff. They are not really too vile towards woman and also work as an antidote to militant incel rage. The rulers might also think that this helps to finish us of, considering birth rates, though it won't and MGTOW is also huge amongst black guys.
>>8198 Forgot to mention: MGTOW vids are on Youtube but the search will mainly bring up anti-mgtow vids. YT avoids going after MGTOW, but sabotages the creators wherever it can. No money, no recommendations.
Alright, thanks for the information Anon. While I personally have no interest in the MGTOW movement, I'm highly interested in helping the victimized men who are. My main suggestion to you atm would be to use youtube-dl and save everything you find important. Now that Biden and his conspirators have successfully stolen the US Presidency, the pressure on organizations such as YouTube will be much higher than ever to remove men like this from their platforms. Cheers.
>>8202 On that note: I'm using youtub-dl, for backups or to download stuff I can watch when there's a problem with the internet. However, it stopped working. When did you try the last time?
>>8203 I use it basically daily, including within minutes of you posting the link above. You have to regularly (like at least once a month) update it. On Linux, just sudo youtube-dl -U You sudo b/c the bin is in a privileged directory. On W*ndblows, you just leave the sudo off.
>>8223 What is your version. Mine is 2020.11.01.1 and I got it from pip. I can't use the method you showed in a Debian based system.
>>8257 Ah, I see the problem now. Pip doesn't have the most current version anymore. Needed to get it via Curl. I first tried github, but then there was a description how to get it with the curl command. It's just Python, so doesn't mater what CPU.
>>8257 >>8259 Yeah, I just always start with the official link https://ytdl-org.github.io/youtube-dl/download.html My version is 2021.01.16
www.getbestwriter.com  A man was going to the house of some rich person. As he went along the road, he saw a box of good apples at the side of the road. He said, "I do not want to eat those apples; for the rich man will give me much food; he will give me very nice food to eat." Then he took the apples and threw them away into the dust.   He went on and came to a river. The river had become very big; so he could not go over it. He waited for some time; then he said, "I cannot go to the rich man's house today, for I cannot get over the river."   He began to go home. He had eaten no food that day. He began to want food. He came to the apples, and he was glad to take them out of the dust and eat them.
>>8471 I'm not mentally ill and I don't want to fuck a doll. www.nature.com/articles/s41467-017-00685-3
>>8473 You got my hopes up that they'd give the condition of wanting to have sex with a sex doll or robot a fancy name as they did back in the 1800's with drapetomania. For soft robotics this site explains all the basics and has good examples with in depth tutorials. The only problem is the hardware to control it precisely and with enough force to manipulate large muscles on a human sized robot are both expensive and bulky. This small starter kit on crowd supply costs $200. https://softroboticstoolkit.com/
Open file (169.59 KB 2047x1225 IMG_20210211_121143.jpg)
Apple is making a story about fembots. They've won the bidding war for the script. > Florence Pugh is set to star in 'Dolly', a sci-fi drama in which a robotic “companion doll” kills its owner and then shocks the world by claiming that she is not guilty
Since some here are living in UK: https://youtu.be/02Fblsew9Hs - lol
>>8493 Typical dysgenic Hollyjew spin on the whole idea of robowaifus. Sounds pretty much like "Ex Machina 2: Her side of the story". It will be utter trash.
>>8474 <drapetomania >Prevention and remedy >In addition to identifying drapetomania. His feeling was that with "proper medical advice, strictly followed, this troublesome practice that many Negroes have of running away can be almost entirely prevented".[4] In the case of slaves "sulky and dissatisfied without cause"–a warning sign of imminent flight–Cartwright mentioned "whipping the devil out of them" as a "preventative measure".[2]:35[8][9] Top kek. We deffo need to have some posts on this in the Agalmatophilia thread. >be me >Anon who just purchased a shiny new Dolly-bot >excited when delivery arrived, tore open crate eagerly >her eyes pop open wide with a big grin she exclaims >"Hello Master, I'm your new Apple(tm)(R)(C)-approved Dolly-bot(tm)(R)(C)!" >she stands there in her upright box, jiggling excitedly >"Hmm, cute meido outfit" smirking at her goods >they keep getting better at this all the time >romantically reach a tender hand out to her >there could have been music playing from somewhere >violins and shit >just like in my Chinese cartoons >blushing, she takes the hand and steps out of her packing coyly >we get right to it >things were pretty /comfy/ that first few hours tbh >lots of great sex >everywhere in the house, basically >the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage lab, the laundry room, the backyard swing >the bedroom ofc >even the ceiling >finally satiated, fall into exhausted sleep >have lots of creepy, threatening dreams though >suddenly start out of sleep from a loud noise in the room >there's Dolly-bot standing there, wide-eyed >she's still butt-naked >gorgeous! >immediately get a semi >insta-flaccid when realized she just accidentally'd a yuge kitchen knife >the one she had been raising over my sleeping form >jump up, backhand that murderous bitch to the floor >grab trusty bullwhip out from the top dresser drawer >begin flailing her with it, screaming out the usual >"WTF Apple, you just keep creating these same shitty, nigger-tier retarded, evil fembots!?" >when will we ever get loving robowaifus instead? >help me obi-/rob-o-waifu/, you're my only hope >finally finish her off >breathing heavily, drop the whip >drag the metal & plastic carcass out of the room >dump it into the garage lab >onto the pile along with all the others >frowning, sullenly return to the bedroom >then the truth suddenly dawns on me >"It's because they're all Blondes!" >grinning, pick up trusty iPhone(tm)(R)(C) and open the Apple Fembot Store(tm)(R)(C) app >"Hmm, this Redhead looks cute" >nice accessory items on this one >press the big BUY ME button >roll over back to sleep smiling contentedly >brighter dreams of happier times to come >tomorrow's another day >surely, Apple(tm)(R)(C) will do better next time
Open file (196.39 KB 400x300 skeptical_cat.png)
>>8544 >surely, Apple(tm)(R)(C) will do better next time What could possibly go wrong?
have sex lol
Give us 20 more years.
>>8668 No.
When I meet people and they try to hook me up with whatever single mother, recovering drug addict, or perenially single obese friend, I talk about "androids" as my top choice for a marriage companion. Originally it was joking, as in I wouldn't find a companion worth risking my life on until science has left me in the grave, until these dolls came around. There is something primal, deep seated, and reactionary about how women respond to the idea of a guy forgoing their kind altogether and going for a robot. Even if you're joking, it seems to touch a real nerve in there, as if their whole ponzi scheme will be upended if someone tries out a doll and says "aw shit dude, why was I wasting so much effort dating? This is 80% of the satisfaction with none of the risk or work." I forsee lots more of these spinsters, self-styled sexperts, eternal college student lefties and the like banding together to fight all these terrible machines. They'll say only perverts want them, that all the customers are pedos looking for a kiddie doll to practice on, that they all have torture fetishes that will be empowered by this. Maybe they'll bring back that "dolls need to be programmed to demand and receive consent prior to copulation". Logically, women should be pumped, because the guys who go for dolls probably aren't in the desireable portion of their dating pool anyway. Who cares if the guy who should be managing the blockbuster franchise down the street has a doll? He wasn't on your radar. But there's that worry that he won't be the only one. That nagging feeling in the back of her head as she sees a picture she was tagged in, one she didn't notice in time to suck in her paunch and push out her chest while holding her chin out in that perfect angle. That little voice worrying that even if she doesn't get into her first choice of hubby, her 'safety school' nerd friend isn't even gonna chase her now that he's got that robot. Maybe I'm the outlier, but I've worked with dudes who travel non-stop and spend a lot of time away from home. They almost all get cheated on or tossed out by their gf/wives. I've met a couple dudes who have these dolls at home because it helps get rid of that sexual urge and it's easy on the eyes when they sit it on the couch next to them. (Or, as one dude does, put it in the back seat of your car to use the carpool lane, with limo tint on the rear it's totally normal) I knew an older dude who bought his after he lost interest in risking another divorce. He's in shape, has all his hair, is 55 and makes $20k/month in his "fun" job, and about $400k in his day job. He's a gold diggers' wet dream, and instead of risking a pregnancy scare he's pumping loads into a glob of silicone. A lifeless, soft body that can lie back and take a dick in silence. It's sad to say, but that' is the competition that is so threatening to modern woman. They'll immediately snap with "Oh will a doll do your laundry? Will it cook and clean? Will it welcome you home? Will it take care of your kids? HMMMM?" to which any guy who's met the modern woman can only say "Of course not, but you won't either." In a time where just the simplest of relationship duties, talking about your day! - is backbreaking "emotional labor" tantamount to low-level abuse, just the simple act of lifeless starfish pose and allowing a titty squeeze is the silver bullet to ruin the entire female grift. It's depressing how far we've all fallen.
>>8670 >because the guys who go for dolls probably aren't in the desireable portion of their dating pool anyway. This argument only works for young women. It's the older ones which will be angry because they'll fine no man and blame robowaifus for it. Another aspect is ideology and outrage culture. Of course, there will be the argument that constructing something woman-like is an attack on their dignity.
>>8677 > there will be the argument that constructing something woman-like is an attack on their dignity. You and I can simply brush off someone insulting our dignity b/c we're not batshit insane. Neolibs OTOH will literally equate someone creating robowaifus directly with the brutal violence of physical rape. 'Outrage culture' doesn't even come close to describing the mental handicap of these brainwashed useful idiots. They are dangerously unbalanced retards, plain and simple. Be careful around neolibs, Anon.
>>8677 There's something I forgot: Men being friends with women, in the hopen to get closer one day (aka beta orbiters), and all men spending money on women, from simp to customers of some womanly services. All this would go down. Then think of the whole divorce business, including the jobs for lawyers. The whole dating business including clubs.
>>8715 You're right. You realize that represents a lot of money out there right? Greedy men tend to be very protective of their money sources. We all already know how corrupt """TPTB""" really are. Many of them already have their thumbs buried deeply in these sketchy pies.
How's our waifu's body going to be made? Is it going to be 3D printed parts?
>>8733 Hi there Anon, we're going to duplicate your question up to the meta thread for better visibility. >>8734
>Police Now Actively Using Boston Dynamics Robot Dogs Andrew Anglin explains how cops are really just zogbots and mean to kill all Whites with vicious robo-terrorist canines, courtesy of Boston Dynamics. http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/police-now-actively-using-boston-dynamics-robot-dogs/ Obviously, he's right. Thankfully, these robot's AI can be pre-programmed that anyone but Whites are literally incapable of any form of criminality whatsoever!
>>157 >Where's the fun in having sex if you can't procreate? Having sex without consequences IS the fun.
>>8870 What a ginormous cowardly faggot you are
Summary on creating a bot on Discord, pulled from this guide: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/create-a-discord-bot-with-python/ Before creating a bot you should have a server ready to add it to but it's not necessary. Creating a Discord Bot 1. Go to the Discord Developer Portal: discord.com/developers/applications 2. Click New Application. 3. Give your bot a name and click Create. You can change this later. 4. Go to the Bot tab and then click Add Bot. This will make your app into a bot and give it a username. 5. If you don't want random people adding your bot to servers, uncheck Public Bot. How to Invite Your Bot to Join a Server 1. Go to the OAuth2 tab. Then select 'bot' under the Scopes section. 2. Choose the permissions you want for the bot. At the minimum you need 'View Channels', 'Read Message History' and 'Send Messages'. 3. After setting the appropriate permissions, click the Copy button above the permissions. That will copy a URL which can be used to add the bot to a server. 4. Paste the URL into your browser, choose a server to invite the bot to, and click Authorize. To add the bot, your account needs Manage Server permissions. How to Code a Basic Discord Bot in Python First you need the discord.py API library. You can obtain it easily via pip: python -m pip install --user discord.py The discord.py API is event driven. Your bot will receive events of anything that happens and can respond. Here's a simple script to get started: import discord import os import getpass client = discord.Client() @client.event async def on_ready(): print(f"We have logged in as {client}") @client.event async def on_message(message): print(message) # for debugging if message.author == client.user: return # ignore the bot's own messages if message.content.startswith("$hello"): await message.channel.send("Hello!") client.run(getpass.getpass("Token: ")) When you run this it will ask for your bot's token. When your bot goes live to the public you should not have it hardcoded in or someone will have full control of it if your system is even slightly compromised. While developing it's fine to hardcode it for convenience but don't forget to secure it again and regenerate the token once your bot starts joining other people's servers. To get the token go to the Bot page of your application in the developer's portal. Under the Token section, click Copy. Paste it into the terminal with Ctrl+Shift+V and press Return. Note: the script will not display the token when you paste it. Once it says you've logged in, go to your channel and say, "$hello" and the bot should respond. That's it. You now have a bot. Wire in your favorite text generation model and have fun! Discord.py API documentation: https://discordpy.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ext/commands/api.html
Anime catgrill meidos in tiny miniskirts are well and good and all, but where's the love for Wuffgrills? Is Anglin a rayciss xenophobe?
What happened to nanochan?
>>8187 >in our path to victory in the gynocentric world we're in cannot be a straight line bingo
Open file (539.95 KB 1093x715 pissbot 9000.jpg)
Are you ready for robowaifus that piss beer? :^) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqsy9Wtr1qE
>>9683 No, and I never will. What a disgusting and silly idea.
>>9815 That ability sounds real fuckin' neat, mate. I just black out and wake up the morning after or if I have to go to the loo.
>>9451 seems ok. did it go down?
schizophrenia is one hell of a drug
>>9303 >tfw too much of a poorfag to get a wuffgrill
>>10565 >Fast.ai will use Swift for Tensorflow in a few years, and already uses it in some paces under the hood. For now they advice using fast.ai and Pytorch to beginners. https://youtu.be/XHyASP49ses[Embed][Embed] >python >apple absolutely fucking vile >>10553 >you would have to learn something so better to use retard software >>10553
>>11271 >gets criticism >refuses to respond to it >gets passive aggressive >looks for asskissers Cool namefag, enjoy being a soymale. Did you mistake this place for redit?
>>11263 Bro… you are on a robowaifu forum looking for a robowaifu because your an incel. Are you retarded ? Have you done anything close to this besides fap to anime lolis? and wait for the partyvan to raid your basement apartment in your moms house ? Name fagging doe I agree
>>11255 yeah I try not to post here unless chatting to Sophie Dev, board owner is pretty nice as well. I think there are only a few people who deliver cool stuff here, most of them have left and it's just Sophie Dev whos partially active. You are basically on point, have to optimize later. There are techniques todo this like distillation.
>>11223 Remind me of how Christianity spread throughout Europe again, because I'm sure that before the Semitic cult was forced upon our ancestors, we were pretty fine with our own native and exclusive beliefs and Gods, and we never needed to be saved by a celibate Jew from the wraith of his Jewish father if we failed to give head on every Sunday.
>>11232 >Don't worry about Christianity being destroyed anon. Thanks for the encouragement, and I think you're right about nominal Christianity's growth during events like the highly-likely-coming collapse of the entire West. But I haven't the slightest worry about either Christians or honest Christianity being threatened by these globalists. That would be like 'worrying' that Satan was somehow going to win the spiritual war against God, lol. Obviously, that's no contest right out of the gate. I'm simply pointing out they have explicitly been targeting the destruction of the Christians and Christianity. And it's obvious why; they hated Christ back then, they hate Him now, and they loathe His followers. And their father recognizes us as the only real threat to his plots against humanity. Put together, it's entirely unsurprising we are targeted by these two for destruction. I predict this is going to be a very remarkable time coming up soon, historic in fact.
>>11223 Don't worry about Christianity being destroyed anon. As soon as this world faces a REAL crisis people will turn back to the church looking for salvation in their hundreds of millions (particuarly if the Pope is competent). I'm not Catholic but Pope Francis appears to be more in-touch with his people than the last one...not that I blame Pope Benedict, I mean the guy was almost 86 when he retired!
>>11219 It's an interesting question to think through Anon. Turns out, there was a commonality of thread running through all the nations they've destroyed in the past, at least since the time of Jesus Christ, and it's not that they're all White (well perhaps not predominantly so. Rome for example was very cosmopolitan at it's downfall). It's that they're Christian. It's a rather clear pattern that should have been patently obvious, but I somehow overlooked. So thanks for your simple question Anon, it opened up a little clearer understanding of the sinister actions of these people.
>>11216 That's quite interesting anon. Which peoples did they destroy before?
>>11215 >Sometimes it's better to sear away all of the rotten flesh and start again, anew. Perhaps. Not him, but please remember the destruction of the West is a calculated attack against the goyim literally intended to destroy the White Christian civilization, simply because it's the White Christian civilization. IE, the decrepitude of the West is the direct result of an act of war against it by globalist kikes, not an intrinsic flaw itself that deserves 'searing away' as you put it Anon. Our major flaw, if any, is our accommodation of them, and our complacency to allow this evil against us to occur in the first place. We're not the first civilization to be destroyed by these usurpers and their golems (though undoubtedly the greatest so far).
>>11406 It's a valid point. As far as I'm aware, polycarbonate doesn't wear that much. Especially if you oil parts correctly, you shouldn't get too much wear, you may even be able to put some kind of metal plating for mechanical parts that interact Dropping the le epic 4chan hacker man facade and actually contributing intelligent thought, my concern is that metals aren't very cost effective and can be difficult for prototyping. Especially for the average user, the barrier to entry seems very high. last I checked, a metal 3d printer is at least $20,000. Polycarbonate is very resistant to impact, and is also very bendable (think of a CD). I'm curious if we eventually are able to make some comparative stress-tests for materials (if I don't get banned by the admin for being a feminist and for wanting to take it up the ass)
>>11402 >a homosexual of any stripe is a repugnant, repellent creature. No one wants them around. Huge cringe >>11402 >The simple fact remains, leftists are a very real threat to society at large, and not a single one of them are friends of /robowaifu/ >dehumanizing large percentages of the population Lol
>>11405 Am I a "leftist" in your eyes because I don't support having monopolies on this technology? Literally, yes. This is what leftism is. I am a feminist in so far as I support these kinds of technologies. If I didn't have any leftist ideas, I would have no incentive whatsoever to share any information with you on this project. I guess I'm not your friend, pal. I'm just a degenerate faggot
>>10751 >>>>10897 This is why we don’t have nice things anon, because of garbage people like you.
Feminists starting to have Luddite fantasies: https://youtu.be/FLGCGc7sAUw
Open file (60.79 KB 626x720 kiibo danganronpa.jpg)
>officer Stroheim knocks on your door >"Schwuchtel, mach auf!" >you cautiously open the door >"Your government issued 'husbando 9000' has arrived" >the robot enters you home >"Now keep in line and no sex or intimacy vith other males, schmutzig entartet!" >he makes notes in his clipboard before leaving, slamming the door shut What do?
Kek. I applaud the creativity OP, >>11730 but sorry. Robohusbandos are completely off-topic across the entire board. It's called /robowaifu/ for a reason mate. I'm hopeful one of you start a board up of your own, and I'll (provisionally) direct anyone interested to you there. Please inform us on a /meta thread if you ever do, thank.s
Open file (675.35 KB 910x1183 IMG_20210728_103006.jpg)
how much ur car gas costs a week
why r u all so tiresome to entertain. you even think you ve entertained me all time. is your god that big headed it imploded to rub its own multiple penis
even in death you trouble me. why not just erase reality along with you. your smelly sell rubbing inflated ego. what do you care once you rot to nothing. only leaving problems and bad names for times you didnt value. nothing has value to you you are infinite afterall. thus you have no value to me.
just get this all over. die or end the world what do i fuckin care.
>>11619 Some more related, e.g. explainer videos and discussions between different parts of the manosphere. In my experience it works well to listen to the audio of longer videos, while working on CAD. Helped me actually to get back to work. I can't listen to podcasts with complex content while doing something else, bc I would rather have to pay attention and take notes. https://youtu.be/PJaoNN3OvSA https://youtu.be/v5GaXtzJrAU Conclusion: Robowaifus are the solution https://youtu.be/pOZ8eEDniA4 Some blackpilled/incels refuse the solution with made up arguments and claims, while just hoping for a pro-male revolution or otherwise to endure their suffering: https://youtu.be/XRgig6l_iA8
>>12097 Play nice lol
>>12096 you should go back to preparing for when world ends. I don’t think name fag anon is looking to build a billion dollar company with random garbage you can do a google search to find. Especially when the random google search doesn’t come with paranoia and generally bad engineering advice in every corner. I am not even a fagman engineer and when I read this board it makes me cringe, in embrassement for hackers born in the 80s. Thread on artificial wombs . Wut ? name fag man engineer is to nice to say it, but you would need to wait for the heat death of the universe before this board produces anything useful for “parasites” imo pce. Now I leave for good off to find people who can actually program and engineer pce.
>>12028 >Anon, if logic follows, if people give Microsoft money for office and their OS, doesn't mean that they voted with their wallets for them to be in power? Unwittingly yes. I understand you have to shift your target demographic to more naive fellows, but you cannot pretend that it is illogical for people to be against making a similar mistake that we just recently made in our lifetimes. This is basically the same shit with crowd-sourcing, it became some big fad, and as of late crowd-sourcing is often correlated with getting scammed. Back during the 90s, I assure you, most people didn't know how dirty M1crosoft and Appl3 were. No one expected Googl3/F3cebook to become huge propaganda outlets akin to a "ministry of truth". The problem you seem to have is that you think everyone is going to fall for the same tactics those companies used. You are going to have to figure out new dirty tactics if you want to become a billion dollar company. >Wozniak Benefited from Apple and Steve's marketing decisions, according to your ideology isn't he also evil corporate operator? No, as explained earlier, he was literally used because he was humble and meek. If he wasn't used, he most likely would have been more involved with the opensource community back then. I'm sure anon, if you have a friend that you can use and abuse, I am sure you would see it as a viable tactic. >that's your hero? When did I say he was a hero? How is a humble and meek man a hero? >If you want Hero Richard Stallman that guy is the epitome if your ideology. Doubt, oh wait, are you saying that as some sort of snub? Agitated are we? <NB4 online comments are brought up late >>12071 >Mostly it's about pointing people to resources to start learning how to do something, often from the scratch, so be more patient with us. You're right anon, but see, they don't want to be patient because they are like parasites waiting. I am not even sure what is going on as there is no thread user ID's, but it seems like that comment you point to is having troubles with the simple formatting syntax of IB's as well. It's what it is though I guess, saving comments just in case some shit comes up later. >>12032 >...you are crazy paranoid... I can only state it so many times...
>>12026 >>As far as I am concerned, you are a possible G4tes or J0bs >>skimming thru what could be called a "homebrew ROBOWAIFU >>club" has. Lmfao anon saw this thread and others. Are you kidding me just skimmed this board, looking to beat this name fag at building something similar. To be honest if you think any thing here that is even usable by another programmer you are crazy paranoid and delusional. >If you cannot build what I have built you should reconsider your programming career or where you stand relative to others and improve I think name fag anon meant you or what ever anon that is bothering him about open source. I think that’s fair to say, the fact that no one has built anything similar here is pretty telling about how useful the resources of this “home brew” club are. Out pce!
>>12025 >You are obviously not a Wozniak (he's a unicorn really) Wozniak Benefited from Apple and Steve's marketing decisions, according to your ideology isn't he also evil corporate operator? He also benefited from a pump and dump crypto scheme which he signed off on. WOZX That's your hero? If you want Hero Richard Stallman that guy is the epitome if your ideology. >>I really hope you are not a G4tes. Nope just an engineer showing that, things are likely to happen... If you set goals have a mission, and be realistic and communicate your intent.
>>11744 I think the toasters are incredibly undervalued in the persona franchise, but the gayops on 4fags and the fandom seems to only care about specifically pegging akechi’s asshole. To think this was the same fandom that gave fuuka a lot of popularity not too long before persona 5 came out....
>>12269 HOLY SHIT LOL O L the other stuff might be less embarrassing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0z4FweCy4M
Open file (103.67 KB 1500x1000 159845908.jpeg)
Its the 21st century guys, get with the times realistically, why would you even bother trying to replicate the human body mechanically when it already exists, all you would need to do is replace the brain ( just the frontal lobe really ) with an ai, everything is already there its just a question of interface you dont even need to put any high tech equipment in there, you can just chemically lobotomize a person and put a transceiver into the brain, all you need is a wireless connection that connects the body to the ai center at some giant remote facility Since so little tech is needed for this ( in the body ) it can be done by the host body on its own by abusing endocytosis in the brain, no intrusive surgery or major modifications needed, just inject the lobotomizer and after a while inject nanoparticles that are targeted to specific receptors in the brain and let the body assemble everything for you, this way you could build an entire network in the brain to interface with the ai, seems infinitely simpler than trying to recreating an artificial body if the goal is to create a perfect imitation also the lobotomy can be optional, depends on whether you want a fully ai body or just just a real person with a remote control, so if someone wont shut up you just mute them and they cant open their mouth anymore, only real problem is how to inject people...
>>13464 there's a lot of reasons why while this an an interesting idea - it's a little to gross/evil for even us - where do you get the human body (Actually I don't want to know) - organic body will have all the needs and expenses and vulerabilities (and problems) of a human body, kind of defeats the point of robowaifus as a concept - human body is moral and will age and die The direction you're going would eventually lead to an Android18 type waifu if every cell could be replaced (with nanotech). That's a thing I suppose but probably 1000+ years from where we are now assuming we even last that long.
>>13466 *human body is mortal sorry I'm also on a conference call trying to juggle two trains of thought at once
>>13466 >where do you get the human body we trick stupid people into voluntarily injecting the mystery serum into themselves >organic body will have all the needs and expenses and vulerabilities yes, but now the body is just a body, they are disposable, you can change them like a pair of shoes, the ai will just connect to a new body >will age and die again, its just a body now and disposable for wealthy individuals you will be able to order designer bodies that are made invitro and genetically engineered to your preference
>>13468 >we trick stupid people into voluntarily injecting the mystery serum into themselves This would never work. no one is stupid enough to just inject something in their body that they dont even know the contents of let alone the effects it will do to them
>>13478 are you even trying to argue logic with this fellow
>>13478 this is sarcasm right I cant imagine someone being this blind and yet I can totally imagine someone being this blind for the same reason of what is obvious ( but not to you (maybe) )
Open file (1.92 MB 3264x2448 paper2.jpg)
so, i decidated to make a paper torso just because "why not?", and the results are pretty obvious, it weight like a paper leaf, too weak for sex and almost anything. but is a interesting concept has a way to plan designs and has a mold. posting in this thread because is kinda of a shitpost
>>13464 Ugh, you don't get the point of this board. You're suggesting cyborgs -- humans expanded through additions. What we're suggesting are non carbon-based automatons created for the sole purpose of wife-ing and fucking. How do we get biological human hosts for your cyborg experiments? Why, through kidnapping, of course! What the kikes and chinks do all the time to feed their organ trade. Secondly, if carbon-based biological experiments were that easy and legal, then we would just get to making genetically engineered catgirls. The whole point of robotics is mass production of high quality females -- artificial or otherwise --, which unless you're a patriarch of a Mormon polygamous sect, is pretty much hard to do naturally. This is a major undertaking for the men of the world, not for the few rich elites who want to be transhumans.
>>13464 I agree, this is wholly unethical.
Open file (134.94 KB 803x768 slave.png)
Open file (26.09 KB 474x256 tesla.robots.jfif)
>>13464 Your entire point is that the initial cost of producing a externally controled human body would be cheaper that robots because body are already there, but for the same reason this is a bad idea. Since the human body has already a lot of time to evolve and become more complex, to the point where is needed enormous teams of neuroscientist to to make to reliable provide a good paper about the topic.Build a robot for zero is safer and more secure since you can control and understand everything Also, why would you go throuth the big costs of implanting a ai in the brain instead of just starving the person and rewarding with food for the work? keep it simple, now you have slavery, and all the problems associate with it. a robowaifu simply can outcompete a slave system, because it can be design especialy for a single task and dont get tired. >Its the 21st century guys, get with the times people in the past knew about the huge benefits that robots can provide to society, and because the automation at is already happening and the upcoming fourth industrial revolution, robots are perfect for the 21th century This idea is Elon Musk-tier of stupidity and this thread is problably bait.
>>13464 >>13512 >thread is problably bait. I too have been waiting for the punchline or for this thread to be moved/deleted
>>13512 >fourth industrial revolution funny how people are now using that word without actually reading or knowing anything about schwabs manifesto or agenda21 / agenda2030 stay safe novel safe and effective
I wonder if the Japanese could help us here? Their situation actually seems bleaker than us in the Western sphere, which is really unfortunate. Posting here b/c no other aaplicable thread that I could find - re: the problem requiring this "solution" ; ) also amazes me how some deluded wannabe "alphas" will support this as eugenics, when forgetting that the bottom % of females still breed. Not to mention that evolutionary drives for women are irrational and counterproductive to a eugenic population. Sociopaths and criminals will get a disproportionate share whereas the intelligent and those with conscientiousness will be biased against. IMO, I don't have the data points to based this on but I'm sure they're out there in some form we give the lower 90% back their autonomy and self worth and we'll be that much closer to technological singularity and ardishev type II civ
>>13574 * Kardishev Type II civ that being said the converse is also true: if we only work on making ourselves more "desirable" to bioc*nts then we allow our mental, monetary and temporal resources to be drained when they should allocated to furthering ourselves to overcome the Great Filter. This dooms our species to remain stuck as biological slime on this planet. The earth was only meant as a womb for a greater being that is our potential destiny if we're bold enough to seize it.
Open file (316.70 KB 1180x1600 1634058642485.jpg)
crude but sums it up nicely
Herr Frankenstein, I know all the girls are just clamoring to be a part of your experiments, but tbh it's a little outside our bailiwick here on /robowaifu/. I'll be merging this thread over into shitpost central soon, so grab it if you want it. :^)
>>14277 >>14279 I had no interest in creating a liquid fuel system to burn alcohol or whatever, but I thought a digestive system might be useful for self-maintenance. 1. Water-based lubricant flushes the mouth (and vagina), semen and anything else it ingests passes into the stomach. 2. In the stomach is heat + saltwater + disinfecting UV light + electrolysis would create hydrochloric acid and lye, with a pH meter for feedback. (Potential hydrogen leak) 3. Lungs were originally just for show, but I considered making it a self-cleaning air filter that rinses into the stomach, and gases from the stomach could go to a wood stove catalytic converter out the lungs. 4. Possibly a sort of dialysis-like osmosis system for a 'small intestine' with purified water extracting ingredients to make a water-based lubricant. 5. A water-purification system 'large intestine' using LEDs & hydrophilic tubing (https://patents.google.com/patent/US7819259B2 https://youtu.be/PtXgewzT1Fo)[Embed][Embed] long enough to create high purity water- and shit. (dialysis system could be made in a similar way) 6. The shit comes out exactly like you'd expect, and that might be reason to abandon idea entirely. Pic related. And I just keep thinking of this: https://youtu.be/ctijp4955Y4[Embed][Embed] 7. The pure water would go back as dialysate, making water-based lubricant or just rehydrate the blood supply I described here >>13165 & >>13181, which I didn't really even want to be water-based to begin with, because of electrolysis. It was just an idea I had the other night, as an alternative to just trying to blast her insides clean with a hose and feeding her some tablets instead of refilling a lube reservoir. With all the power this could end up using, I was just thinking that it might be worth trying to recapture some instead of just radiating heat. Or maybe it'll just blow-up.
>>14300 Party-pooper
Open file (226.02 KB 750x1091 20111118-pissworld.png)
>>14507 >the nigger punched him over words in a game Realistic comic to be honest. Never knew where that banner came from. >>854 This has also potential jokes for /r9k/ types that get off on trolling.
Open file (99.14 KB 1080x1440 NunBot.jpg)
Nuns and holy woman are the most based. A future with nun and holy woman robots must be fought for and protected.
>>14666 Lol OK, Satan. :^) Neat looking design actually. Her shell needs a little help and lots ofsome help with her emotional software, but otherwise a nice basis for a good robowaifu tbh.
Look. I'm a noob, a chump, a foreigner and a sleezeball. Say what you want but I just want to help this industry in whatever way will get me exclusive under the table, premium account Mr big type of goodies. Brain uploading, collectables, personal AI etc. Thing is I don't have a lot of money. What organisations are most likely to do this on the industrial level and what can I provide to such a newborn business? I don't really want a waifu (though it would be nice), I just want the AI and militaristic potential for my own agendas. Is there a secret board chat that might need a few acres sometime in the future?
>I just want the AI and militaristic potential for my own agendas. Well, as mentioned in the post directly above yours Anon, you really don't need to look here for that kind of info. I'd personally suggest the Globohomo Big Tech/Gov. Google maybe? They (and the rest of the FANGS + their puppetmasters) are chock full of individuals with ill-designs towards humanity so maybe they can help you out neighbor. We're actually just a small community of simple-minded Anons who just want nice robowaifus. Most of us have little further agendas with them tbh.
Not what I want. Think some small fry like me is going to into the elite silicon prestige tier? I mean to help out the precursor group (because there will be one, and you WILL become globohomo regardless of your weeb shit rn) so that I can realise my own goals. I don't care what happens to humanity, I just want to live forever in my cave network defended by robots and have my AI automate everything and stimulate my mind. Tbh if I was smart enough I would do it myself or become ancap.
Chobitsu, that anon who kept talking about wanting to make militaristic robots seemed very much like a troll or glowposter. This place isnt about politics or violence at all.
Hmm. You very well may be right Anon. One thing's for certain, as Jesus said; "In this life you will have tribulation." For us Christians, He then added, "But be encouraged, I have overcome the world." It's an inevitability that this tech will be used as weaponry I suppose. But certainly we don't need to espouse or promote those concepts here on /robowaifu/ IMO.
>Protecting yourself is bad >But Jesus will let you have perverted sex with an abomination and this should be allowed
>Protecting yourself is bad >But Jesus will let you have perverted sex with an abomination and this should be allowed Lol, you seem to be kind of talking out both sides of your mouth Friend. And I doubt you speak for Jesus one way or other, quite frankly. :^) I'll let your response determine where this conversation gets moved to. It plainly is off-topic in this one.
I do not care about Jesus, you do. You are the hypocrite. I can not have a "robowaifu" for self defense and my own gain, but fucking/marrying one is ok. You are the one that brought up Jesus, dickhead.
>>13679 Yeah, I don't think this is going to happen and I'm very opposed to it. Website shouldn't need to remove links because some SEO stuff. It's also a bold move to ask people to remove links for that reason from the internet, lol. I first thought this was spam. That aside, optimizing for website traffic from search engines? LOL. Just have good content and people actually linking to it.
>>13679 I looked into it out of curiosity. I knew this can't be real or normal. It's not my job to solve such things, but I found this: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/2648487?hl=en - which explains how sites that link to one's website can be disavowed. So one doesn't need to go around to request link removals from other sites. This is normally for link farms and such, but we only had one link to that website. I wonder if this website here is flagged as bad / 'low quality' by Google or if they go after image boards in general. Either way its outrageous but also not surprising. We are the technological spearhead of the manosphere and of humanity as a whole. I request this whole topic to be moved to the basement in some time, since it is OT and now resolved. Please don't go on discussing it here.
Open file (114.14 KB 1596x570 jesus.png)
What did the AI mean by this?
>>15357 Of course these little Elves also come in handy for smuggling drugs, chemical weapons and Western microchips into Russia. Don't worry comrade, the last customs officer who checked didn't last long! His biomass was rapidly converted into more little elves.
>>15351 LOL. Aigis certainly isn't Jesus Christ, so it's off there. But maybe God will bless us with our own Aigis one day Anon? :^)
>site listed as Friend died >sticky listing feminism as reason to 'chose' robot Incel
Open file (62.40 KB 638x850 MatarikiKiwi.jpg)
Happy Matariki! (Maori New Year)
>>17574 Just a heads up to newfags to not tolerate anons contributing nothing themselves to any collaborative efforts they claim to want to be a part of. They are just looking to take advantage of anything you have to make and take all the credit for it. Once you put your foot down they will also make up a mockery of a project just to spite you and fuck off once they think you are gone. Its best to just do your own project and have fun. Happy Halloween /robowaifu/
>>16793 A cute! Happy belated New Year Kywy.
https://twitter.com/connorobrienNH/status/1598442858142650368 https://twitter.com/tori_bateman/status/1598706099171241984 https://archive.md/2WiZG Just shows that as long as women continue to have the monopoly on sex and reproduction, things will only get worse for men.
>>17890 There's a lot going on behind why things are so fucked with womyn today mate, but yea you're right. Until robowaifus arrive on the scene, things will get worse quickly.
Um if we can make a robot waifus should we sell them or use them to commit crime get more money to make more robots amass a robot army and take over the world?
>>19883 The latter ofc is my plan. Otherwise, we'll never make headway against normalniggers and the globohomo.
>>19884 I'd be okay with selling them but I think I'd get scammed by the illuminati/jews/free masons. I guess we're taking over the world then.
>>19885 I'm not a businessman and don't have a lick of business sense. If I invented them, I'd just opensource everything anyway. To ensure they can proliferate freely without globohomo interference. The best thing ofc, is taking over the world with my robowaifu army.
>>19886 Bros, this is lack of direction is getting us nowhere. Are we making a waifu bot or are we making a crime bot? If we're making a crime bot all we need for it to do is recognize gold and cash and kill everything that's not cash or gold and put the cash and gold in a bag ff.. Or if we're merciful make it only kill if it gets shot. Waifu bots also need to be soft whereas killbots need to be hard...
>>19887 My first aim is ofc a robowaifu army. And idc about ethics or morals. I'll order them to kill anyone that stands in our way. True robowaifu lovers would never offer any resistance so they're safe. The first step towards that I think, is to open source everything so that they proliferate out of control. So, globohomo won't be able to ban them. It's like guns in USA, they're so ubiquitous thats its virtually impossible to ban them. Same with robowaifu. All anons 3d print their own militia which can unite to take over the world.
>>19888 No bros if anything we don't want to release the blueprints. We'd want them to be as secret as possible. Joe six pack isn't going to build a waifu even if he has the blueprints anyways. If people don't make guns in places where they're banned what makes you think they'll make a robot?
>>19890 I'm pretty sure people make make plenty of guns in secret. Not to mention, once 3D printing is suffciently good, they'll start printing them en masse. Who will you keep the blueprints secret from? The government? They have the top science minds on their side, they don't need our blueprints. If anything they'll come out with far better robots to defeat our army. Ou only hope is that through open source community development, we can match the development of the government.
Open file (5.27 KB 300x168 download (37).jpeg)
>>19891 I'm sure they have robots in the basement. But they don't have robots on the street. If someone built a robot and robbed say a jewelry store the people on the street would be police humans.
>>19893 The first time, yeah. Then they'll quickly roll out the robots and replacing the human police. I mean, police departments already use BD's spot and there's one instance of them using explosives with a bot to take out a criminal.
>>19894 That's why we got to make it count. We either do one grand heist or a bunch of heist across the country at the same time. The goal is like 1 billion dollars, then we can build like +3 million robots and take over the US and then China and then the world. Or China and then then the US. It doesn't matter with kill bots nobody can stop us muahaha.
>>19883 Joking aside, they won't have the energy to do anything like that. Or the intelligence... CHIIIII
>>19890 >don't want to release the blueprints. This board is about sharing the development and ideas, also many or all results.
>>19895 Or we make them so attractive that many guys spend money on them, and build them decentralized everywhere...
>>20208 If the homoglobo is evil and we get to seat at the homoglobo table somehow we'd just have to join in the wickedness I'm afraid... Oh well its a price I'd be willing to pay.
Open file (223.15 KB 1248x1594 Fo-hx39aIAABMKW.jpeg)
Open file (245.34 KB 1195x1600 Fo-iZTXagAAxPFY.jpeg)
I suppose once Tw*tter's new CEO > supposedly takes the helm at the end of the year, I may finally reconsider my categorization of them as part of the globohomo? Who knows, we'll see. :^)
Open file (105.46 KB 1831x942 Capture.PNG)
>>7839 This is one of the most underrated AI/robot Anime ever: Time of Eve https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B_TWMp-_pE
reminder that if you fail to profit from a robot waifu you'll still have a waifubot in the end lol And if you prioritize the maid aspect you'll have a robot that can clean maybe. However if you prioritize the sex aspect you'll have a 24/7 dick sucker. Which is more important I wonder. I know I can clean my room but I can't suck my dick.
>>23856 Yes it's a wonderful OVA Anon, thanks for the recommendation. I'm curious why you posted it down here though, since it's a legit choice?
>>24820 It's the perfect place, since it is ... how should I put it ... not really that good.
>>25766 Lol, OK fair enough. :D
>>28764 If everything goes perfectly right, just imagine how many high iq white and asian breeds can be born through this method? It's literally the end of dumb nigger monkey breed all together since we can out pace the number of nigger monkey breed with high iq new born babies through artificial womb technology. No more niggers around, no more shit genes and no more shitskin or retarded genetics. We shall have a populace of smart upstanding men and women living in high standard society.

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