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Open file (2.92 MB 1470x1665 1280938409182.png)
nandroid project II Emmy-Pilled 09/11/2023 (Mon) 01:03:11 No.25306
building own personal nandroid doll continuation of previous thread: https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/19226.html#
Open file (3.83 MB 1578x1789 903128904370129.png)
we´ve finally moved on to the painting process for certain parts, as well as shortening the arms a bit more while possible new hands are on the way
>>25361 Wow those look super-pro, Emmy-Pilled. I presume these will be the balls for a kind of BJD-type design for Emmy's joints?
good job looking good
>>25372 yes, they´re the same wooden balls you saw here >>25272 but painted >>25377 thanks
>>25306 I don't get hyped for games or movies, I get hyped for the nandroid project's progress
Open file (675.51 KB 1300x840 183928901 avery.png)
>>25412 that´s the spirit
Open file (3.98 MB 1555x1548 083091283918.png)
>>25306 soon ready for re-assembly
>>25473 the 7 8 hills of nandroid... indomitable
>>25475 kek, I was not confident enough in the paint alone considering the constant action it will face. So I fused it with several thin coats of epoxy as seen sanded with 800 here >>25473
>>25473 Nice. Do you have any plans for any type of lubrication for her joints, Emmy-Pilled?
>>25480 not at all, unless you count a bit of grease in the steel axels crossing into the metal joints
Open file (911.14 KB 3980x1862 1312521512322.jpg)
Open file (7.17 MB 1895x2570 4019283091280.png)
tho´ aside from those metal joints pretty much the entire arms are decorative, same for the legs disguised with the hip tops and kneecaps
>>25482 >>25483 Ahh, I see. Since we're on the topic, I was wondering if you had any plans to shorten Emmy's arm/forearm ratios to bring them more on-model for Emmy arts?
>>25494 yes, as well as the new hands I´m having ordered for her
>>25498 Excellent! Emmy's gonna look sweet. Keep moving forward Emmy-Pilled. Cheers. :^)
>>25504 hope you're excited for the new hands, they're finishing their designing stage as we speak. Cost me a pretty penny to commission. May have to wait until the week after this before I can order their print
What have you considered for the "brains" of the nandroid? Are you going to put some kind of LLM there like Google's RT-2, or will it be a much narrower ranger of tasks hardcoded?
>>25513 The brain is not as hard as people make it out to be. Its response to visual and tactile stimuli provided by a camera and sensors. The visual is a solved problem(opencv) the tactile is a matter of turning the motors on and off when the sensors are triggered. Either way you got nothing without the body. Wish we could all be on the same page and do this thing in steps like its supposed to.
>>25510 >hope you're excited for the new hands, Yep, very much so. Looking forward to next week Emmy-Pilled.
>>25513 >>25516 wish I knew how any of that stuff worked, maybe I´ll hire some people to figure that out the day Emmy v.2 rolls out haha
>>25513 >Google's RT-2 It will be interesting to watch what happens in the opensauce communities regarding this platform. Of course, no anon wants to 'trust' his waifu into the """tender mercies""" of G*ogle! :DD >>25516 With all due respect Anon, it's much harder than any of us can even imagine ATM. No doubt the shell is a complex and difficult engineering endeavor. But the clear consensus is that the 'ghost' is much more difficult still -- indeed of entirely unfathomed depths as yet. But let's move this topic to the Cognition discussion thread, thanks. (>>24783).
>>25513 >What have you considered for the "brains" of the nandroid? Are you going to put some kind of LLM there like Google's RT-2, or will it be a much narrower ranger of tasks hardcoded? Local language models exists now. Maybe use one of them for the nandroid?
>>25525 I´ll consider getting my electrician friends on that case, thanks Anon. Always planning for the far future day project v.2 should launch (but before talking about such matters maybe I should finish my actual project first lmao)
Open file (3.14 MB 1232x2892 58928409234890.png)
>>25306 adding grey to the joints adds so much, next up is making the hips all snug and painted grey too. Currently looking for a company to print the new hands
>>25642 Excellent Emmy-Pilled, that really does lend nice highlights to Emmy's structure. Looking forward to the hip work upcoming, and especially the hands once you've sorted things. Cheers. :^)
Open file (93.87 KB 297x676 109381248901.PNG)
>>25306 have a small sneak peek
>>25648 Very nice. You're going to have full dexterity in Emmy's hands, by the look of it. Is there some type of frictional braking designed into the knuckle/wrist joints so she'll hold her pose while holding an item, say? Also, do you think you'll lay down some type of grippy, rubberised paint or something for her palm pads/finger pads to assist with her grip?
>>25306 I bought this model for 5$ and paid someone to redesign it to my liking, I´m looking into having it printed in "signal white", or as close to plain white as I can. As for "locking", now really. Its a "snap-on" joint system
>>25652 Great. Yours look much better, BTW. Looking forward to seeing her shiny new hands, Anon. Cheers. :^)
>>25306 I hope an epoxy print is possible, much sturdier and *heavier* than most plastic filaments
>>25658 Yeah, that'd be great. Not sure how to do that, but please let us all know how you solve things Anon.
>>25648 how exciting! She's coming along in such a splendid manner, not that much to go
>>25648 oh, and I hope you'll remember about the obligatory handholding photo!
>>25658 I don’t know much about epoxy prints, but I’ve done epoxy casts from 3D-printed investment mold positives in the past. That’d probably be a massive PITA for a hand with so many small parts, but then again, so many small parts lend themselves to just printing the negatives in the first place, then casting the parts directly. Of course, I’d recommend reinforcing the epoxy with some sort of fibrous material— para-aramid/kevlar pulp/wastes are pretty cheap (meta-aramid/nomex if you’re concerned about flammability), linen even more so (I’d caution you away from fiberglass if you have any hand-holding planned, though). You’d also have to check water-tightness beforehand, and have some plan for patching tiny flaws (I just used a solvent to dissolve waste scraps of whatever material it was printed from, then painted on my makeshift “glue” to fix it up). Not strictly necessary for non-structural parts, but if you do cast (and it’s in the budget), I’d recommend using a vacuum pump to pull out any voids during the process— it’s good practice, if nothing else, especially if you use the process for larger/load-bearing parts in the future (why yes, I did have a part fail spectacularly because of casting voids, how did you know?)
>>25658 >Printed epoxy Very difficult and not actually much better than a quality printed part What are your requirements though? Why would this hand need to be heavy duty?
Open file (1.50 MB 916x749 Emmy and Franny.PNG)
>>25683 agreed
>>25689 when talking "epoxy print" I mean an actual epoxy printer, I´m hiring a company to print it for me. One of the big fancy ones
>>25692 the weight, when holding a hand that's a bit too "light" it can feel weird
>>25689 >(why yes, I did have a part fail spectacularly because of casting voids, how did you know?) Haha, your insights are invaluable Lin. Please continue with them all, thanks! >>25692 >Why would this hand need to be heavy duty? Pretty sure Emmy-Pilled is majorly buff, so having a hefty Emmy is a good match.
>>25716 >I mean an actual epoxy printer, I´m hiring a company to print it for me. Neat. I didn't realize that was a thing. I should've guessed, since today you can actually 3D print jet & rocket engine parts with highly-advance metal alloys.
>>25642 already looks great, whats the plan for the head?
Open file (1.34 MB 790x1234 7821738127893190.png)
>>25718 correct
>>25736 I plan to have the 3D model of it have the eyes and cheeks removed (leaving gaping holes) and hopefully printed in one piece (the place I ordered the hands from today offers up to 100x100x100 cm prints so it should be no sweat) then casting the eyes and cheeks in corresponding light blue and pink ultra thin epoxy discs
Open file (135.48 KB 1810x1046 Hand - Copy.jpg)
since the hands are currently waiting to be printed I do not have much of an update this week
>>25832 This is all very inspiring, and it may sound a little random, but I do hope this entire construction process is fun for you!
>>25860 My compliments to you and whoever remodeled those hands. They are much more feminine looking than all the many designs I've considered. Did they also shorten the ring fingers? It's hard to tell from the orange hand pose.
>>25860 it is, thanks >>25861 I believe he did, the person I hired performed the task to the tee, it´s simply perfect
>>25832 Excellent! Thanks for the 4-view Emmy-Pilled. That's a nice modelling job by your contractor -- much better than the original. Looking forward to seeing the prints for the hands & head. Cheers. :^)
>>25863 its gonna be about 1-2 weeks before the prints show up, and if money can manage it for the month, I´ll get another contractor on fixing the head. The print firm of choice allows 100x100x100 prints. So size is for once no issue
>>25867 Sounds like a good time to take a little break, maybe? I'm sure it's all going to work out soon enough, Emmy-Pilled. Emmy's gonna be sweet looking! :^)
Open file (183.46 KB 1280x720 20231010105927_1.jpg)
>>25870 she´s gonna be a *doll* aye, I´ll get to work on the upper hips and painting them grey for this week´s update. Cooling off with the more limited workload in this waiting time
>>25887 >she´s gonna be a *doll* aye Heh, that she will. Have some good vidya Anon. Don't forget those reps though!! :^)
>>25896 gotta get yolked lifting wooden log dumbbells deep in the woods gorilla-style like my hero Krauser. That´s how you get the nandroid babes
>>25913 >wooden log dumbbells deep in the woods gorilla-style Nice. :^)
Open file (612.05 KB 1631x1544 prophecies.png)
>>25921 "I´m the silverback gorilla of this gym Molly, looking to get JACKED for cute Emmies. It´s jehovah, moneyball style..."
>>25952 that's not very nice
Open file (71.73 KB 695x492 784793878927981.png)
officially got a statement from the company, they expect the prints to be done next week
>>25967 its already been a week, tell them to hurry up btw what if it comes out wrong? can you just send it back
>>25968 it´s a long que, dozens of people with orders before mine. It is however one of the best companies around, they even do quality inspections after prints to make sure there are no errors. I do doubt they would have a return policy since they do quality inspection as mentioned
>>25967 Nice. That will be a big moment I expect Emmy-Pilled. Get stoked! :^)
>>26006 indeed, next up when budgets are back up will be the head, fully printed
and so I finally got an email detailing the print has indeed begun and the countdown to arrival has started
>>26073 >the scaffolding shes being built by bionicles
>>26073 Awesome, Emmy-Pilled! These are going to look amazing once everything's assembled properly. Kind of like some sci-fi render I think. It's so smooth, it makes me think they treated the print in a refractory heating post-process. Thanks for the update, Anon. Cheers. :^)
>>26074 "on the beaches of Nanna Nui, five nandroid guardians have awakened..."
>>26075 no clue how they do it, but they did promise quality checking, so I imagine they clean it up too. Properly ultrasonic
>>26078 Neat! Looking forward to hearing about the delivery to you, Emmy-Pilled.
Open file (817.38 KB 1922x2024 cracked tips.png)
>get call from printing firm saying fingertips printed with cracks, get a complete reprint for free >sent friday >NO arrival today looks like its gonna be monday before anything happens, feels bad brah
>>26126 cant stand people who crack their fingers, good thing they checked that stuff would drive you mad
>>26127 sometimes you win and sometimes you´re Jonah Hill standing alone in a baseball stadium. Here´s to hoping for next week
>>26126 Well, at least it sounds like they managed to actually solve whatever the manufacturing issue was, so that's good Anon.
Open file (1.33 MB 4092x2486 489012380912.jpg)
the hands arrived finally and are being assembled. Turns out some of the hinges need a good 0,5 mm shaved off for a better fit in their slots. They should be fully assembled and attached by next week.
also seems the clean-up process of >>26073 left some minor traces, spent the day wet-sanding with 180, 240 and some 1000 grit to a nice shine
>>26202 >>26203 looks really professional, how are are you going to attach it to the arm, a hinge or also a ball socket?
>>26202 >>26203 Wow this looks really good, Emmy-Pilled! Exciting to see Emmy's hand components in now. :^) >also seems the clean-up process of >>26073 left some minor traces, spent the day wet-sanding with 180, 240 and some 1000 grit to a nice shine That looks really good too. I'm betting you could further use a polishing wheel to have a sheen on Emmy's parts you could shave from. You know, someone who can create this type thing is probably someone both talented and skilled. You might just ring him up and let him know about the unfinished print parts and that 'it's OK because I polished it up, but can you check things a little closer next time?' Good men like to do good work in my experience, and he'll probably take better care of you next time if you gently point it out to him this time. By such he'll know you're a man who also cares. Looking forward to next week Anon. Cheers. :^) >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 11/05/2023 (Sun) 00:08:17.
>>26205 despite the new parts their attachment will be the exact same as what proceeded it (13 mm threaded rods)
>>26207 wax tends to leave a bit of a stain when it comes to this epoxy, I normally use liquid polishing compounds with a car waxing sponge. Also already had to fix some minor cracks, learned the hard way you gotta "jerk" the fingers on, not squeeze them along with the ball-joints for the start of the fingers being too small. A lot to learn from this print with the fixing I´m doing
>>26217 >A lot to learn from this print with the fixing I´m doing I bet. I've never worked with this material before. We're all glad you're forging a path for everyone, Emmy-Pilled. Drive on! :^)
Open file (63.00 KB 654x566 B - Copy - Copy.jpg)
>>26218 those plug pins on the far left are too small, so I´ll have to take some wooden beads and cast my own (easy fix, pretty self explanatory), the hinges to the wrists are too thin and gotta be widened (again, just add more epoxy, easy fix) and finally those hinges I learned the very hard way are to be gently "exercised" on with a snippet of vaseline on the joint
>>26220 Great work Anon.
Open file (3.50 MB 1547x2255 48910383012740392.png)
in hindsight perhaps a more flexible plastic should have been chosen for the finger joints. Five snaps in one week trying to carefully file and snugly fit them all. A reprint might be in order
Open file (445.67 KB 500x220 MFW.gif)
>gently jerk the joint on (slight addition of vaseline with a quetip to easier slide it on) >the (left/right) hinge joint FUCKING SNAPS >MFW
>>26334 Looks gorgeous! >>26335 I use TPU for everything. You can pile driver things made from it and it just bounces back.
Open file (22.48 KB 832x669 3890128901.PNG)
>>26336 these are my options, I aim for ABS since I need a solid just a bit more flexible for the second and third digits. Rest is fine (they sent me the old print as well, meaning I got two entire sets of fingertips. Talk about overkill)
>>26334 These are looking great Emmy-Pilled! >>26334 >>26335 >Five snaps in one week trying to carefully file and snugly fit them all. A reprint might be in order >>the (left/right) hinge joint FUCKING SNAPS Brother don't be too hard on yourself. This is prototyping work. It's always harder/more expensive/time consuming than you imagined it would be. You're on a good road Anon. Stay the course.
>>26339 actually expected it to be easier since it´s a borrowed modification of >>25652. Figured most the chinks would be ironed out. What it really came down to was material
Open file (1.89 MB 540x304 high five.gif)
>>26342 >What it really came down to was material Understood. Well to be honest, material selection is a vital part of successful production in the end, right? I know you'll solve everything Emmy-Pilled. DRIVE ON! :^)
>>26342 doesnt it soften up with heat, you could try heating up the joints with a blowdryer while you assemble it
>>26344 the idea had crossed my mind, but with how unbelievably fucked these snapped pieces that keep snapping the best option is to start fresh. (not to mention as you can see it´s barely 3 digits that´s giving me problems)
Open file (212.03 KB 791x684 083921832901.PNG)
>>26343 my job while waiting will be fixing the wrist joint which is too thin, and the ball-connectors. Also too thin. They will be the most easy fix since I just make a dummy model with a wooden bead and some roundstock, then encasing it in silicone and casting it (gonna use leftover filing dust for strength and a stainless steel screw for a core. For I fear they may need to be extracted at some point, something you DON´T want them to snap at)
>>26347 You'll solve it all Anon, I'm sure. Cheers. :^)
>>26372 quite on the case as noted here >>26220
>>26385 Yup, I hope it all comes together very smoothly for you, Emmy-Pilled.
>>26385 >>26389 You can do it, we believe in you!
Open file (902.17 KB 3000x4000 1619293594151.jpg)
>>26400 WAGMI
>>26416 We're all gonna make it together! Very sweet image, Emmy-Pilled. Saved. :^)
Open file (190.09 KB 844x527 82792374189.PNG)
PETG have been ordered. Hopefully it´ll go right this time
>>26492 Looking forward to your updates on this, Emmy-Pilled. Cheers.
Open file (3.61 MB 1420x1857 523451232151232.png)
replacements arrived in time
>>26575 Excellent! Glad to hear of the parts delivery Emmy-Pilled. Emmy's hands are really starting to come together now. Any updates on the further arms/hands assembly progression? BTW, how the's 'firmness' of the finger positioning now? Do her hands stay in pose properly? Looking forward to your next updates, Anon! Cheers. :^)
>>26584 hopefully joining them to arms once the wrists and finger-sockets are figured out. as for the "firmness"... eh, a bit loose, compared to the much tighter epoxy fingers. Might stuff some sewing thread in there to slow their movement a bit. Taking these apart for full overhaul would snap the shit outta them
>>26585 I see, that will be a nice 'rejoin' for Emmy! I know you'll figure out the poseability issues, Emmy-Pilled. Cheers. :^)
Open file (78.38 KB 521x890 718937129878.jpg)
>>26600 I´ll try my best, I don´t think it would be too noticeable anyhow. I do have silk gloves in store for her since I´m too conscientious about keeping them 100% clean from all dead skin and sweat handholding would leave
>>26601 >I do have silk gloves in store for her Wonderful. Those will be both helpful and quite elegant as well. Quite fitting for Emmy IMO. :^)
Open file (3.49 MB 1062x1144 51312513521312.png)
and finally its been done, order filed in and given an estimated 2 weeks before finished being printed. This is gonna be a huge step
>>26828 Excellent! This is really going to be exciting seeing Emmy's head parts come in. They look great. Cheers, Anon. :^)
>>26829 it will be printed with 3 walls, each end with a thickness of 1,2 mm. I intend to give a thin coat of epoxy over it to fill out the printing grooves and add some more strength in return for more smoothness
Open file (177.88 KB 1707x2048 529.jpg)
>>26828 Planning to paint the parts individually? Are they printed in different colors? Looking forward to seeing Emmy with a face.
>>26828 I think this is how im gonna make dorothy since bidenomics took away any chance of having a proper machine shop
>>26831 Sounds impressive. Should be very strong and smooth as silk!
>>26828 Think it'll be good the first try, or are are you expecting the first to need practical revisions once it's printed?
>>26855 the cheeks, eyes and "ears" are all dummy-pieces, to be encased in silicone and used for silicone molds to cast the parts in dyed epoxy
>>26939 I think it will be printed well, its so large my printing company had to outsource it to an even bigger printer to print the entire thing in one piece. Its PETG too
>>26947 Cant wait to see what it looks like irl
and finally the print is almost finished, they had to outsource to a second company due to the sheer size
>>27343 That scaffolding looks wild. It's like her head's part of a root system. Before they remove the scaffolding, you should have them take a picture of her head in a flowerpot.
>>27343 Wow, that looks pretty remarkable Emmy-Pilled! Really looking forward to Emmy's head being printed and shipped out to you. :^)
Open file (3.12 MB 2879x3786 490389012890.png)
and here we are for the big Christmas update. It went better than I had expected
Open file (766.39 KB 4160x3120 4178381209.jpg)
(with the lids too)
Open file (3.71 MB 3074x2603 1890238127389172.png)
before even starting on makings molds and casting the eyes and cheeks, there will be a *lot* to work on
>>27568 >>27569 >>27570 Wow, very cool Emmy-Pilled! Now for the main event. :^) >there will be a *lot* to work on They actually look a lot cleaner than expected. Can you share your forthgoing prep work, etc., with us here Anon?
>>27573 I intend to smooth out the ridges rather than sanding them right away, I have an entire bag of leftover pieces of epoxy from all the casting I did way back when. I´ll grind the pieces to a fine dust and mix it with epoxy (so pretty much epoxy dust mixed with epoxy, inspired by https://youtu.be/KVf0mbBCygQ?si=8nyv6BIqpSEjIQTy)
>>27575 I see. Really looking forward to seeing your progress with Emmy's head pieces. She going to be so solid & smooth! Cheers, Anon. :^)
>>27576 the time of headaches is not over yet, I have to contact an international wigmaker for her new wig (old one is too small) and how I can get lights inside the head (and have an opening for future repairs etc.)
You alive?
Open file (5.92 MB 1733x3504 879879812738.png)
>>28805 apologies, took a bit of the month off. Meant to post last week but forgot. Adding a couple of layers of epoxy mixed with babypowder to fill out the blank spaces left between sandings
Open file (2.45 MB 4160x3120 471893712931289.jpg)
I am currently working on solving the thinner visible line going around her head, by sanding it a bit out and adding a thin layer of white epoxy, after that I will add 1-2 more coating layers before a final sanding/buffing
>>28840 Adding a little thinner will help the epoxy flow into the line better. It is already looking substantially better. Keep up the good work.
Phew ,all is well.
>>28839 >>28840 Good to see you around these parts again, Emmy-Pilled. Wow! Emmy's head is starting to look really smooth. Looking forward to seeing what progress you make soon with this coating/assembly. Cheers. :^)
>>28844 mixed some dyed epoxy with some dust I had collected from said sanding, should fill out the space
>>28840 Well it does look nice and smooth. Gj.
>>28853 thanks, ironically the current state is 80 grit so it´s extremely rough textured
Open file (2.45 MB 4160x3120 471893712931289.jpg)
Open file (2.33 MB 4160x3120 471893712931288.jpg)
now that was a very nice improvement
>>28895 Nice. How does the surface feel now, Emmy-Pilled?
>>28901 still same grit as before, she was given her first new layer of epoxy. Using a new mix that should cure within a little over 24 hours instead of 72. Going for about a 1-1.5 mm thick layer then smoothening
on the second layer
Open file (6.50 MB 2080x3000 781927312987891.png)
layer 3/8 complete
>>29022 That nice, shiny-looking sheen is starting to come together for Emmy, Anon! Nice. Do you have a standard approach you use to lay down the epoxy into a thin & smooth film? Also, I presume you'll also buff her head into a fine finished surface. Any tips or advice there, Emmy-Pilled? Looking forward to seeing your further improvements. Cheers. :^)
as for applying it I use pieces of regular cleaning sponges kit into small square pieces. The mixing and application is exactly as shown in this video https://youtu.be/KVf0mbBCygQ?si=sYlUnSiFUM6vyeSf[Embed] I will sand the head with a more rough 180 grit before moving to wet sanding it upwards to 1200 grit. Before finally applying some liquid epoxy buffing agent to scrub on with a drill buffing sponge wheel
>>29050 protip: you will use a LOT more babypowder than you think at first, even trying to be careful you will dump it into the epoxy at least 3-4 times just to get that right "thick" but not too thick mixture
>>29074 >>29075 Thanks for the tips, Anon. Looking forward to next Saturday's drop! Cheers. :^)
Maybe a bit late, but anyways: Shaving prints instead of sanding: https://youtu.be/TbvFPN7yxt0[
>>29200 having done much woodwork before, parts of her head were actually scraped rather than sanded. Mainly the top of the her head, her chin and drop-gaps formed by excess epoxy
Open file (6.76 MB 1899x3317 78749137289.png)
6 out of 8 layers down, adding two more before a final sanding and polish
>>29575 Definitely taking on that glossed, coated look, Emmy-Pilled. Nice. Do you have a set protocol for curing between coats, or any other advice to give for your workflow for this? Cheers. :^)
>>29614 I use the german Epodex brand, their quickest epoxy has a maximum pour height of 2 cm and cures within 24-30 hours. So generally every 24 hours do I apply a new layer
>>29615 I see. 1 coat/day isn't too bad then. Looking forward to the final polish, Anon! Cheers. :^)
>>29615 >wake up, it's time for your daily layering session
>>29640 "it´s 4 in the morning, why on earth are you layering Emmy?"
Open file (6.28 MB 2149x3205 7247937482.png)
much more pleased after 8 layers, adding another 2 along the week.
>>29680 Hard to believe that's even a 3D print at this stage, Emmy-Pilled, it looks so good. Nice work! :^)
Open file (5.70 MB 1887x3098 789217381298.png)
>>29707 and finally it´s finished, currently getting models printed to make molds and castings of her eyes and cheeks
>>30069 You have really followed through with Emmy's head design, manufacture, and prep work Emmy-Pilled. It looks truly pro! :^) >currently getting models printed to make molds and castings of her eyes and cheeks This will be fun to watch. Good luck, Anon. Cheers. :^)
>>30072 thanks, cheers
Open file (2.56 MB 4160x3120 51312312.jpg)
did an extra round of fine hand sanding to drive out any mechanical inconsistencies there might have been brought by the electric sander
Open file (324.43 KB 434x400 FRANGEL.PNG)
(also added some more detail to the mouth that layers had slightly obscured)
>>30156 >>30157 Nice improvement. The mouth really pops now.
>>30159 started out carefully filing it with a small fine file. I like the little 5 degrees of curve I added on each end
Open file (268.62 KB 1773x1188 79273499283.png)
new eyes and cheeks have been designed and ordered to print, along with new hands. I expect arrival sometime this week or early on the week after that
Bad time to mention this when you have prints on the way but have you ever thought of using colored translucent resin for the eyes and cheeks to insert LEDs behind them so they can glow. This would also allow for expression having the cheeks more conditional when they glow and how brightly.
>>30372 that could properly be easily done if I can track down some proper glow dye, the prints you´re seeing are "dummy parts" that will be used to make silicone molds out of, the "actual" eyes and cheeks will be cast from epoxy
>>30374 Do you mean glow in the dark dye? Well that wouldn't show up in normal lighting but if that were the case you could use UV LEDs behind which I'm not sure what kind of effect that would produce so depends what effect you want. I was thinking of 3D resin prints or resin castings that have color to them but it lets light through from behind where the resin itself takes care of the colours though using also colored LEDs might or might not produce better results. If they turned out too transparent rather than translucent the outer surface could be frosted from sort of a matte surface it would help diffuse the light more evenly and prevent from seeing internals through the eyes and cheeks. But ideally you'd have not too opaque where light can't shine from behind very cleanly or too transparent where you could see the internals. Also if you are using silicone youd have to avoid it glowing through the silicone too much as well. Was just a thought.
>>30375 with how thick the epoxy is as seen above, I think a white LED light could cut it, secondly it´s also because I´d have to do a lot of internal walling if I were to have four lights, two with their own colour not mixing .The silicone is just for the molds, not sure why you think it´s part of the main construction
>>30376 Ah true there would have be a reflector to stop it from shining in wrong spots. So similar to how a car blinker and brake lights are. When you said "silicone molds" I thought you meant molds to cast silicone for some reason.
Great progress, congrats. >>30376 >The silicone is just for the molds I myself thought the cheeks would be silicone rubber.
>>30383 not at all, like said in >>26946
Open file (3.44 MB 1494x2592 5213512351.png)
new eyes and cheeks fitting a lot better, sanding, molds and casting expected to be done along the next week
>>30470 Looks nice. Are the holes in the eyes to attach eyelashes?
>>30502 Yes.
Great progress, Emmy-Pilled!
Open file (4.34 MB 2041x4127 5792080934.png)
Open file (6.23 MB 3991x2818 623435123.png)
>>30541 as we have now passed the second year anniversary, the big flexes are coming now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n63o0dE44jo
Open file (3.93 MB 1616x2424 781237218978.png)
finally its happening, as hinted so long ago >>19504
>>30543 >>30694 Outstanding, Emmy-Pilled! Emmy's shaping up to be quite an achievement for you. GG Anon. Cheers. :^)
>>30713 thanks, I think you´ll think this week´s update quite the *glow up*
>>30694 All i could think of when seeing this is green eggs and ham.
Open file (843.11 KB 1920x1080 f_cruz_story_130924.jpg)
>>30731 "that Nan I am, that Nan I am." "I do not like outmodes in my tram..." "I would not like them here or there, I would not like them anywhere"
>>30727 Beautiful piece. You're a man of many talents, Emmy-Pilled. Make a glorious finish with Emmy, dear sir! :^)
>>30733 Lol.
>>30753 the most superior reading of that classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lSCuYit5QU a shame my own favorite book´s english version has not been printed since 1959, would´ve loved to have animated my Emmy VA reading it
>>30761 Kek. Was that part of a filibuster or some other Burgerland political retardation? :D >Oswald the Monkey Never heard of it. Don't hate me, Anon. But I, too, would love to have Animated Emmy reading it though! :^)
>>30767 I have no clue what the translated english version of the book goes like, so I doubt a direct translation would be anything above a "beautiful duwang". But still I entertain the idea of book readings
Open file (294.60 KB 1080x1929 IMG_20240404_112956.jpg)
Good to see you on /fit/ Emmy-Pilled.
Open file (3.12 MB 1563x2714 53215321563123.png)
Open file (1.12 MB 1219x2079 51426531414.png)
and so, as promised. Finally we have eyes and with light to boot
>>30773 Welcome Romanianon! Is this your first time on /robowaifu/ ? If so, please have a good look around while you're here. Heh, I think Emmy-Pilled is breddy majorly-buff tbh. :^) >>30804 Sweet! The first set is pretty cutey, the second is quite spoopy! :DD I've stated for years now that we should have 'Walking Lightshow' mode for our robowaifus ('specially for dancin' ! :D You are already well along that path it seems. GG, Anon. Cheers. :^)
>>30804 Looks pretty cool. What exactly did you wind up using for the eyes and cheeks? The glow through the head when lights out is amusing the pattern it produces but if you wanted to get rid of that maybe you could paint primer on the inside to better block or at least help diffuse the light? If you happened to want to attempt a moving Iris / pupils I wonder if you put a round disk behind the eyes that moves around if that could be an iris / pupil. There is a few ways to accomplish that off top of my head depending on how much room you got back there. One way is a disk or sphere on a rod that moves around like looking down on a joystick from above that just angles itself. Another way is if that rod is hooked up to a plotter like rail system. Another way is nylon lines on spools that just tugs disk around around with different motors though that might cast a shadow where the nylon lines are. It's good how it is too though.
>>30806 thanks, it has a total of 9 colors as if that would ever be needed. >>30809 I cast the eyes and cheeks out of epoxy, I plan on taping tinfoil to the inside of the head, as it will reflect and boost the light while keeping it limited to just the sockets. I never really had an idea for making the pupils move since I can´t do electronics. I simply plan on carving the iris into the eye and adding some more epoxy in a darker shade

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