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Open file (6.41 MB 1756x2927 7231083091289021.png)
nandroid project Robowaifu Technician 01/29/2023 (Sun) 03:52:07 No.19226
over the last year I´ve worked on making a full scale nanny android (or nandroid for short, her name is "Emmy") over the last 10 months and decided to post the progress (this is a SFW project)
>>19226 started out small with help from people in the community like Argentina-Bro (who had a fully printed cardboard version of Emmy, this gave invaluably useful measurements)
>>19227 then came the time for ordering parts to borrow from
Open file (3.81 MB 995x1332 67565876979.png)
Open file (1.77 MB 1039x1520 1234213513 - Copy.png)
Open file (582.79 KB 1982x4134 IMG_20220611_211431351.jpg)
Open file (1.57 MB 1986x1928 5341252131412312.jpg)
Open file (3.49 MB 1657x4387 5331244213512.jpg)
Open file (532.95 KB 1555x3561 412345421321421..jpg)
Open file (477.69 KB 3183x987 421421521312.jpg)
Open file (3.69 MB 1388x1361 324312514.png)
Open file (3.65 MB 1006x2545 3145421513124151.png)
Open file (3.01 MB 1070x3334 576587655879.png)
>>19230 then came time for the casting (first time doing anything that big so it was a steep learning curve)
Open file (3.50 MB 1064x2079 41234213124.png)
Open file (762.27 KB 2388x2979 5214512312.jpg)
Open file (731.89 KB 2371x3533 51324125213.jpg)
Open file (2.04 MB 3120x4160 4112312421313.jpg)
Open file (3.66 MB 1550x1977 4213242324.png)
>>19231 thanks to scans from the 3D model (TGExterminator) I was able to fully recreate the torso, the prototype was done in foam to calculate the right results (and thankfully so as seen in pic #3 I miscalculated)
Open file (1.84 MB 4063x2279 41231254123.jpg)
Open file (3.42 MB 2514x2113 421345213512312.png)
Open file (2.32 MB 1064x1465 57083019..png)
Open file (2.82 MB 1188x2151 12421321521.png)
Open file (3.12 MB 2221x1087 53132513152.png)
Open file (3.46 MB 1708x1652 51232521315.png)
Open file (399.55 KB 4160x3120 14125213123.jpg)
Open file (3.79 MB 1481x2182 5314531251232.png)
>>19233 and with that it was time to make new molds (and my first attempt at a silicone mold + mother mold)
Open file (3.94 MB 2356x1358 53123453123214.png)
Open file (3.70 MB 2176x1631 14151232512.png)
Open file (3.70 MB 1609x1832 721838902480291.png)
Open file (1.43 MB 800x1460 130123821098 - Copy.png)
Open file (891.15 KB 2816x2749 41242521352.jpg)
>>19235 and with that we reach the current day, updated just this weekend
Open file (437.36 KB 1320x1039 1579024917775 beach.png)
feel free to ask away, I´d love to hear your questions, opinions and thoughts
>>19237 Thoroughly impressed by your work. What is the nature of your project? What robotic functions do you wish to implement? Praying you both have a blessed relationship full of bliss.
>>19238 thank you very much, she is a companion doll who I love so very dearly. I only "robotics" I may be able to implement is lights for her eyes and cheeks. As well as a possible heating element for simulating body heat
Impressive work OP. Give me a while to absorb the project a little better then I'll have some questions I expect. Emmy a cute! >=== -minor sp edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/29/2023 (Sun) 04:43:33.
Open file (229.08 KB 1066x856 do your best.png)
>>19238 >>19241 thanks, indeed she´s a cutie
>>19243 So just so I have the brief synopsis correct Emmy-Anon, you -got plans you based your design on -used these to plan slicing cutout templates -used these templates to make wooden slices -used these slices and fashoined them into a mold positive -created a mold from these positives -then poured foam parts from these molds Does that describe it properly Anon? You're building yourself a real robowaifu garage factory -- Emmy ediiton by the looks of it to me.
>>19254 that is fully correct, it´s been a major learning experience
I´m normally known as "Emmy-Pilled" in my community, posting weekly updates in the nandroid /co/ thread
>>19254 however the casted material is epoxy, Emmy is built like a car. Sturdy and shining
>>19260 >>19262 Got it, thanks for the clarification. Since you've learned the techniques and have the molds already, why not consider selling these Anon? You make it, and they will come. >>19261 Got it. If you wish to be identified by your handle here, just put it into the name field before posting. Namefagging is welcome on /robowaifu/, actually. We're kind of an engineering groups and it's quite helpful for smooth communications here.
>>19265 I had considered selling nandroids in the future, just a hassle spending thousands setting up a PO box. Not to mention Emmy the Robot is copyrighted as well so that´s another headache >>19265 haha I never namefag because I usually post on /co/. But I´d gladly identify here
>>19266 >I had considered selling nandroids in the future, just a hassle spending thousands setting up a PO box. Not to mention Emmy the Robot is copyrighted as well so that´s another headache Alright, well it might be worth investigating someday. Many of us here (myself included) intend on selling robowaifus and/or kits. It's simply a matter of time until dozens, then hundreds of small businesses around the world are creating and selling robowaifus. >use a name OK then, please do. The leader of the board's community project MaidCom (>>15630), has set up a team survey (>>15486). If you decide to fill it out, please do so in our current /meta (>>18173). >=== -minor prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/29/2023 (Sun) 16:16:05.
>>19265 >wish to be identified by your handle here, just put it into the name field before posting Registration requires to contact the sites owner somehow, him turning on the registration field, registering with email address within a few minutes. Otherwise, I think the handle could be used by others or it would be lost after switching the computer and loosing the cookies.
>>19271 Lol. Sorry I think you're misunderstanding my meaning Anon. Our survey is strictly voluntary & informal. It was primarily intended as a way to get to know team-members interests. That's strictly a /robowaifu/ thing, and to use your handle just put it in the 'Name' field of the posting box here. For example mine has the word 'Chobitsu' in it r/n. Sorry about the mixup Anon. The site registration is only if you're going to be a board owner or volunteer of one type or other.
Open file (97.15 KB 870x538 2023-01-29_08-30-39.png)
>>19271 >>19273 Example pic-related, either box works.
>>19273 Ah, okay. I once tried to register and it didn't work. But how would a secure my username permanently? (I realize we're getting OT here, it's rather /meta)
>>19278 >But how would a secure my username permanently? (I realize we're getting OT here, it's rather /meta) <off-topic No worries Anon (it's really unavoidable in this format, so we basically just track the length of the off-topic, how long it runs). >secure name Your only real option is a secure tripcode after your name. >"Tripcodes To use a tripcode, add a # in your name. After the #, add the password for the tripcode. The server will apply a hash to the password and display the hashed password. To use a secure tripcode, add ## in your name and a password. A secure tripcode will generate a random text to be displayed that will only be used if your password matches." [1] We basically go on the honor system here. It's a small community so it's pretty laidback about such things. I've been a part of absolutely yuge communities on 4cuck back in the day, but even there it was more a source of small jokes than any persistent issue. Just put whatever name you want here (BTW, they tend to 'devolve' into single words here, just like IRL, just so you know), and we'll go from there. There are other alternatives as well like custom tripcodes, but the Lynxchan software dev intentionally chose to break that approach (via an atypical salt). 1. https://alogs.space/.static/pages/posting.html
Interesting. I have questions. I assume this is a ongoing project. Do you plan to use the legs from >>19228 to create a mold and make a silicone rubber skin or do you want to just keep the legs how they are? Are they lightweight? Can you run string actuators through them? Or do you really limit it to some lights in the eyes and cheeks? Like indicated here >>19239 >posting weekly updates in the nandroid /co/ thread We have a list of other boards sharing the same goals and we have a thread for that >>2823 - Maybe /co/ should be mentioned there.
>>19273 >>19274 dunno what that anon was about but I´ll make sure to use a name from now on, just got home
>>19282 the only parts from the mannequinn I use are the forearms and head, the rest is discarded. The legs and torso are fairly average weight considering they´re chunks of pure white epoxy, running a string through all that would be something. I plan to simply use rubber O-rings in the joints to stiffen movement somewhat >Or do you really limit it to some lights in the eyes and cheeks Yes. I do >We have a list of other boards sharing the same goals and we have a thread for that >>2823 - Maybe /co/ should be mentioned there. noted. I might post in there soon
>>19283 Oh haha, it happens Emmypilled. :^) >>19284 >noted. I might post in there soon Neat. That's one of my personal favorite threads here actually. We tried reaching out somewhat broadly to other boards once to let anons know, but it wasn't typically recieved well. If everyone had an embassy thread like us, that would be a lot better. Some do (or did) actually.
Will you paint her white at some point, I mean her arms, legs and hands? Or will they get a layer of silicone rubber around them? Asked here before, also another question: >>19282
Open file (3.89 MB 2160x1620 53132521321513.png)
>>19502 Yes. I have bought epoxy paint for coloring the white parts and grey joints (here is a color test I did) >>19502 we usually have 1 Emmy-The-Robot thread on /co/ every saturday where I post my updates, but it has become such an absolute nuclear waste dumping ground I would highly avoid it. Most people stick to youtube channels and discord enclaves (including my own where I also post updates along with here) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay_drQJ728I
>>19504 >epoxy paint for coloring the white parts Dandy. I suggest not picking too dark colors, she seems to have even legs with white shells in the pictures. >nuclear waste dumping ground Now I'm curious.
>>19505 I picked "signal white" for the white epoxy dye paint >Now I'm curious. a lot of creators leaving >a comic that updates at a snails pace >jannies only allowing 1 thread per week >numerous trolls in the remaining threads and people falling way too easily for bait >bloated gay discord bureaucracies allowing for some of the worst ""nandroid"" content in the fandom including a lot of gross coom
Open file (2.09 MB 1686x1066 53134512312.png)
>>19505 in this week´s update I grooved out curved slots in the forearms as well as shortening them, allowing for greater mobility and a snug fit for the wooden ball-joints
>>19512 Looking good, Emmy-Pilled please keep it up. Nice pics BTW.
>>19520 thanks
Open file (3.53 MB 1234x2266 42189038219089021.png)
weekly update as usual, turns out I FORGOT to assemble the other leg when I thought I had. Was fully prepared to make the blue tips this week. Oh well
10/10 for doing something 0/10 for choice of materials
>>19839 what would you have in mind for materials then?
>>19840 silicon,rubber or something else that's squishy
>>19841 mastering such technologies is a step beyond even me, besides I enjoy keeping Emmy as close to her blueprint counterpart as possible
>>19842 If everyone on this site focuses on one impossible task then we can accomplish one impossible waifu.
Open file (144.62 KB 692x1100 everyone kneeled.jpg)
my Emmy is built strong and sturdy like a car, wouldn´t want it any other way
>>19843 You. I like you, Anon. You're hired as official team cheerleader/councilor. Please proceed to the Propaganda Dept and clock in! :^)
>>19836 >>19845 Nice-looking work Anon. Emmy a cute!
Open file (5.60 MB 4072x1712 421342542132421.png)
Open file (6.61 MB 4080x2440 21382190712890.png)
>>19849 thanks. It´s always important to have our motivations present, a nice smiling face to meet you every day
Open file (5.36 MB 2336x2139 73812823289.png)
despite minor warping and uneven planes due to it being the very first cast leg, I managed to join the leg together. (minor warping had caused the upper left part to bend right, so I had to cut it a bit, and bend it as the bottom part had dried gluing) currently filling grinded groves with epoxy to remove joining lines and other minor imperfections
>>20275 Good to know, thanks.
>>20292 main trick despite how liquid casting epoxy is, is waiting until it´s 3/4 cured. At that point it becomes super sticky gooey playdooh of sorts you can mold and fully stick in any groove or slot you need filled (it´s easier said than done due to how super sticky it is in this state, but it is for example how I´d get holes like >>20275 filled and strengthened easily)
>>20293 Ah, okay. Good to know. I'm only experienced in 3D printing.
>>20297 I wish I could afford such luxuries, but I am stuck with what I know best. Physical manufacturing.
>>20275 Those are looking quite nice, Emmy-Pilled. Keep up the good work! :^)
>>20310 thank you, I will. Stay tuned for the weekly saturday update
>>20275 I haven't been following this project before but now I'm curious. How will Emmy stand with these legs? They might work in drawings or animation but idk how they'll work irl
>>20322 I figured special shoes of some sort, with locking links in her knees and hips. Some Anons have suggested a giant doll stand
>>20313 Yep, I will.
Open file (1.26 MB 4160x2027 42142421321.jpg)
>>20341 and so begins the long journey of patching both sides with epoxy, using epoxy in it´s 3/4 cured stage where it´s reduced to the stickiest silly putty in the world
>>20377 Good luck Anon.
Open file (1.89 MB 540x304 high five.gif)
>>20378 thanks
>>20377 Interesting, but doesn't this mean you have to work in a room full of these fumes? I hope this isn't dangerous and that you will succeed fellow anon.
>>20380 not a problem at all, this is an expensive "safe chemical" brand, meaning zero fumes emitted from the epoxy. However it also means the price is nearly double or triple the standard epoxy fee
but I thank you for the concern, this is the most international site I could find with my brand rather than national ones: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Casting-Diamond-Maximum-Protection-Crystal/dp/B07TV6957D
>>20414 Thanks for the courtesy, Emmy-Pilled. That's appreciated. Looking forward to your next Caturday drop! :^)
Open file (52.50 KB 1540x1556 emmy picnic.png)
>>20463 thanks. We are soon nearing the 27th of March, marking the 1 year anniversary of this project
>>20413 >Safe chemicals Not really a thing. Though it likely has lower VOC's and other toxins, it can still be hazardous over long exposure times. When working with any resin, make sure you're working in an environment with good airflow and/or a mask. I value you Emmy-Pilled, take your health seriously. >>19851 Based
>>20508 > 1 year anniversary of this project Hui, that's fast. >>20516 >it can still be hazardous over long exposure That's what I was thinking but then just believed it. Thanks for the warning.
>>20508 >We are soon nearing the 27th of March, marking the 1 year anniversary of this project Congrats, we should start having little birthday parties for various projects here, IMO. :^)
Open file (3.83 MB 4160x3120 20230215_233308.jpg)
>>19226 dorothyanon here, i just closed on some land so ive made excellent progress towards getting my machine shop. im also taking classes to learn how to work with composites which will be very helpful for bringing dorothy to life and makimg parts for yall
>>20537 Hello DorothyAnon. Congratulations on your good news. May your shop become SOTA for robowaifu production! >composites They undoubtably play a big role in actual production designs. Godspeed.
>>20516 I normally cast in my outdoor shop, and only a few times indoors due to the harsh winter cold, fairly at minimum in my basement which has ventilation. Also fairly teeny tiny batches for grooves, so small work really.
Open file (1.95 MB 2000x5000 surprise party.jpg)
>>20522 we really should
Open file (3.86 MB 2160x1557 81290382989120.png)
filling out the grooves is gonna take a bit more work than expected. Gonna need another batch to full fill it out
Excellent project anon, thank you for sharing and I'm excited to see how it turns out.
>>20734 thanks, I am too. We have easily passed the 75% completion mark
>>20721 I'm wondering, is there some kind of 'lubricant' you can use with your tools for spreading the material out along the piece, Emmy-Pilled? Seems that would make the task of finishing down to a smooth surface much easier. Please keep up the good work Anon! :^)
Open file (1.89 MB 540x304 high five.gif)
>>20738 not that I know, regardless it will be sanded up to 600 grid anyhow so this is barely 5-10 min of work. >Please keep up the good work Anon! :^) thank you I shall
Open file (3.21 MB 2019x1509 72187327198.png)
the grooves have been 95% filled out, now it´s the minor stuff to iron out before having to synchronize both legs to be perfectly symmetrical
>>21071 You're definitely getting close by all appearances, Anon. What does one of her legs weigh, BTW? Keep up your good work, Emmy-Pilled! :^)
>>21084 fluctuating about 2.9 / 3.5 kg
>>21108 Well, that should give Emmy a satisfying heft for snuggles. I'm watching with anticipation to see what parts you're targeting next and how you're connecting her all together. Cheers Anon. :^)
Open file (559.91 KB 1380x1664 fit.jpg)
>>21111 thanks, speaking of heavy nandroids
Open file (488.64 KB 4160x3120 4918309890.jpg)
almost reached a bench of 100 kg last year, aiming for a record max bench of 150 kg this year. Gotta make Emmy proud
Open file (47.17 KB 1400x1000 do_it_for_her.png)
>>21120 >>21121 Heh very nice. :^) >pic-related Needs moar Emmy
Open file (671.40 KB 1014x740 do it for her..png)
>>21124 there was one made of her a long while back
Open file (2.49 MB 1166x974 do it for her.png)
what I think is more important than just making robot waifus real and worthy for us, is making ourselves worthy for our robot waifus, become hardened temples of muscles as a dedication to our love for them. Emmy´s smile is all the motivation in the world I need
>>21127 >>21129 Gambatte!! :^)
Open file (247.25 KB 849x1000 storytime.png)
Open file (3.69 MB 3840x2160 emmy proposal.png)
>>21144 need some more cute Emmy
>>21157 I think the one with your son learning to read with Emmy is pretty charming. :^)
>>21192 she´s a 𝘥𝘰𝘭𝘭 ain´t she?
Open file (451.41 KB 4096x4096 kimonomaid.jpeg)
>>21120 >>21129 You're an inspiration Emmy-Pilled. Added a kilo's to my workouts lately after being stalled for a few months. We all should work to be better our waifu. >>21206 There's something endlessly charming about nandroids.
>>21209 we´re all gonna make it brahs
Open file (2.32 MB 1024x590 Emmy-Pilled IRL,.png)
my favorite nandroid story of all time, and my personal dream with Emmy. And soon enough will be reality
>>21217 >>21219 Very romantic greentext! Thanks for all your encouragement to everyone here, Emmy-Pilled. Together, we're all gonna make it! :^) >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 03/09/2023 (Thu) 20:21:37.
Open file (3.77 MB 574x350 1640758290916.webm)
>>21220 I want to show all the anons out there the dream is possible, soon we will all have cute nandroid GFs
>>21231 The dream is alive.
>>21238 and a saturday update only one day away
>>21240 >glowing cheeks I like the idea of robowaifus that have builtin lighting.
>>21242 it´s the best part
>>21240 Looking forward to it Anon.
Open file (2.82 MB 1080x2871 43452132521.png)
shaping is going well, just patched up the last grooves
>>21281 Hmm, nice and simple design. Maybe here hands are a bit big, but I understand why.
>>21286 thanks, as seen >>19228 the hands were premade, and the best I could find
>>21281 Could you please provide some measurements to help people understand scale and proportions. Lulu is so cute!
>>21289 >head: 19 cm >torso: 50 cm >arms from shoulder to fingertip: 79 cm >legs: 80 cm give or take minus neck and screwed-in joints she´s about 150 cm
Open file (235.71 KB 1792x2048 1613248448654.jpg)
Open file (171.21 KB 574x737 1644684019356.png)
Open file (225.32 KB 632x852 9d9.png)
Open file (140.43 KB 674x839 f46.png)
Open file (43.29 KB 474x526 1646839586583.jpg)
Lulu is very cute her official story: https://pastebin.com/u/Stress-Test-Anon
>>21281 Wow! that's coming along nicely Emmy-Pilled. Once she's fully patched, what plans do you have for Emmy's neck joint?
>>21291 A cute!
Open file (16.70 KB 337x450 download.jfif)
>>21292 thanks, a standard double ball joint. Inspired by the 1933 King Kong skeleton. Making easy 180 + 360 degree movement
>>21293 Lulu is the top choice for many, and the official nandroid mascot of South America
>>21295 Yes, it's an interesting armature. Does Peter Jackson still own the full thing? (>>21297) >>21296 Heh, I can see why! :^)
Open file (106.84 KB 1914x597 injured nandroids.png)
>>21298 I don´t know if Peter Jackson does. Lulu is specifically loved because of her story, as discussed in these screencaps
>>21290 Making a CAD model for diy nandroid style robots, what's her chest and hip width? What size of clothing fits her?
>>21306 very easy, her torso was completely traced from the 3D model, so the direct scan is her. 3 cm at a time. The pics are in this .rar https://files.catbox.moe/jyzrjm.rar
Open file (3.74 MB 1630x2694 5313215213124.png)
as seen in this old photo with disassembled prototype parts, even the smallest size dress is still a bit too big. I´ll have to seek a tailor once she is complete (there is a good one in my town)
>>21305 Thanks! Is there any more to the story to be read?
>>21315 aside from this single story not really much else https://pastebin.com/3ZjfGK0Q
Open file (100.74 KB 357x803 EmmyBody.png)
Open file (86.67 KB 540x1220 EmmyJapan.jpg)
>>21291 Thank you, I love these cute Lulu's. >>21305 Only found Lulu when looking into Emmy and I quickly fell for the bird with a broken wing. Being able to save her and find love and to feel needed by such a cute nandroid is incredibly appealing. >>21311 Thanks, I hope you don't mind my posting about making a generic nandroid style body. What do you think of this body? 400x140x80 cm (HWD) The measurements provided looked wonky so, I made it wider and shorter to look more human. Your Emmy is a great inspiration. Hope you'll like this rare Emmy as a sign of gratitude.
>>21316 Thanks I'll try to read it over the next day or so. Cheers Anon.
Open file (3.77 MB 4000x5650 chart unknown (3).png)
>>21317 thank you very much for the proportions, I think they´ll become useful. if you really want a pick, here is the official fan-chart (there´s something hilarious about out of all the nans, only 5 on here are canon)
Open file (18.69 KB 476x650 Waverly - Copy.png)
>>21321 a humble suggestion would be Waverly, one of 5 of my OCs (technically Waverly was a co-joint idea between three people)
Open file (284.47 KB 671x783 9eb.png)
Open file (316.99 KB 508x722 1636620285174.png)
Open file (210.26 KB 797x894 1607195405364.png)
Open file (234.45 KB 674x839 1607195405365.png)
>>21318 Emmy has my heart, but all men would agree Lulu must be protected at all costs
Neat stuff, thanks Emmy-Pilled!
Open file (1.89 MB 540x304 high five.gif)
>>21328 no problem
Open file (50.83 KB 240x720 NandroidFront.png)
Open file (32.50 KB 132x654 NandroidSide.png)
Open file (76.59 KB 284x884 NandroidBack.png)
Open file (426.54 KB 670x1230 Denise.png)
>>21321 Did more Nandroid research and made a body more in line with their design. 480x128x88 cm, This should be fast and easy to print, need to hollow it out and interface her arms, legs, and head next. Denise is a fun /v/ gremlin, thanks for the introduction to the wider world of cute Nandroids.
>>21344 very nice work, hope you´ll like the wide world of nandroids for extra detail, here are the five publicly available nandroid models made by TGExterminator https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vTazEyZovt7Hzmpfsh4IJI4vQ_q74e7u >=== -add hotlink
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 03/14/2023 (Tue) 10:08:54.
>>21344 That's looking really good Kiwi. I would suggest you add the smol bit of taper on the crotch (from the side perspective).
>>21348 Lol. Don't worry bro together we're all gonna make it! :^) BTW, I loved that movie. As a Cosmology buff (and general amateur scientist) I found the movie both interesting and laughable. Regardless, Kip Thorne (another CalTech alum, and Exec Produced/Consulted the piece) is one of the most truly intredasting academicians on Earth. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Science_of_Interstellar
>>21355 reminds me of Baki, me and my big brother´s favorite show of all time. Known for being the most realistic and well-studied fighting manga ever made, the author spending decades of his life studying, interviewing and practicing every martial art known to man. Every action described down to it´s are physics
>>21356 this is the body I promised to obtain for Emmy, for I am not just constructing her body. But also my own, true duality. My brother has been kind to help me every step of the way encouraging my project
>>21356 >Known for being the most realistic and well-studied fighting manga ever made Wow, that does indeed to be a prolific work! >>21357 >My brother has been kind to help me every step of the way encouraging my project That's excellent to hear. If you can find a true friend IRL to help you with this that can be a tremendous boost.
>>21358 while I do not have any friends who could help with it, and my brother lives abroad. His encouragement is all I need for my journey, he was the man who taught me true lifting and I aspire to beat his max benching record of 150 kilos. pure ancient robowaifu motivation fuel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm5q_YxzjdA
Open file (12.51 MB 2357x1852 emmy baki.png)
Open file (107.03 KB 953x750 c7c.jpg)
funnily enough the first nandroid art I did after having not drawn for a period of years, was a parody of shown panel
Open file (2.00 MB 498x440 do_your_best_anon.gif)
>>21359 >and I aspire to beat his max benching record of 150 kilos. > pic-related >pure ancient robowaifu motivation fuel Dang! That really is thanks Anon. :^) >>21360 Nice work, Emmy-Pilled. Catch you later.
Open file (7.08 MB 1280x720 STRIVE..mp4)
>>21361 see you later, enjoy a meme my Brother made in support of me
>>21356 >>21360 Please learn how to scale down images. They should be below 1MB if not animated, not 15.
>>21317 >>21344 This is quite an interesting design, tbh. I might try something like it using OpenScad in some time.
Open file (43.25 KB 576x1166 Comparison.png)
Open file (22.71 KB 343x374 taper.png)
>>21345 Thanks for the model. The real Nandroid model is insanely thin, and her body is tiny. When scaled to 150 cm (5ft) she's all legs and has a truly gigantic head. Do you know the license? I looked at TGExterminators public profiles and found no mention of licenses for this. Is it safe to assume they're public domain? If so, I could use them for a real robot. >>21349 Added >>21357 >That physique Please do not take steroids, we need you to live a long life. I see promise in you and your mindset. Natty is the true way. >>21359 We all gonna make it brah! >>21362 Is your brother a Lulu man? >>21364 Here's the current version as an obj file. Feel free to use it. https://files.catbox.moe/4h3o2z.obj
>>21368 That deffo has good character appeal (one of The 12 Principles) coming along Kiwi, nice design work. Might I suggest you a) reduce the head size ~10% overall, then add a bit of the taper around the jaw/chin area for improved feminine feel about her? >Please do not take steroids, we need you to live a long life. None of my affair, but yes, this.
>>21368 >Here's the current version as an obj file. Feel free to use it. >https://files.catbox.moe/4h3o2z.obj Thanks, maybe as a reference.
Open file (158.81 KB 551x1203 SmoothedNandroidFront.png)
Open file (127.83 KB 518x1180 SmoothedNandroid.png)
Open file (46.13 KB 639x519 Comparison.png)
Open file (207.95 KB 909x1047 WaifuHead.png)
>>21368 New Nandroid body, much closer to the real one, just smoother and designed to be printable. 384x128x112 mm, shorter to match the Nandroid example and filled out her back and butt to mostly match. Considering how tiny her body is, she'll need very long legs to make up the rest of her 150 cm final height. Do fellow Anons think this design is worth moving forward with? >>21369 I plan to use the head I had previously designed. Picrel as a reminder. 16 cm tall when printed.
>>21376 >Picrel as a reminder. Oh yeah, great. That should work fine.
Open file (132.42 KB 1000x1000 1678781449107795.jpg)
i want to cuddle with dorothy so bad bros
>>21378 Just be patient and work hard Anon. You know, Dorothy's figure strikes me as a bit similar to Emmy's and Lulu's. Maybe a Dorothy can come out of this group work too Anon, who knows? But just try your hardest to find a way to help us make them all real Anon, and it will be sooner than ever! Stay encouraged, we'll all get there before too long. :^) >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 03/15/2023 (Wed) 03:28:45.
Open file (97.74 KB 1280x960 Dorothy.jpg)
Open file (2.24 MB 1419x2078 Avery.jpeg)
>>21378 Was going to question your Dorothy in the Nandroid thread but, >>21379 is right. Dorothy looks remarkably similar to a Nandroid based on body type. What can you bring to the project Anon? We can use all the help we can get.
>>21368 from what I understand, "Emmy the robot" is copyrighted. It´s the reason one of the artists who left named "TLO" "de-nanified" the OC Avery removing her round cheeks so technically she wasn´t infringing on copyright when cheap redbubble merch was made of her that he sold >>21368 I will never become a roidfag, gyno is for Arnold-sissies and losers. The main reason me and my brother Mr. Big admire Jack is his determination and work for his body, even under substance abuse. He fought for every inch he has >>21368 my brother is an Emmy lover just like myself, this was a joke for the video >>21368 incredible work with the obj. Kiwi, fantastic
>>21362 Nice that's impressive effort, and also very considerate. You must be proud of him Emmy-Pilled! :^)
Open file (1.16 MB 1600x900 820173127389012.png)
>>21376 absolutely, breath-taking work Kiwi. I had always been nervous for her massive head and the uncanny valley. It´s why I chose the mannequin head based off another 3D model as example. We´ll see how it plays out or if I have to redo
Open file (623.43 KB 1012x668 20230307_171834.png)
>>21382 my brother is my hero, he taught me how to lift and be a true man. Now I am teaching him my craft of drawing and art (he´s a 2 week newbie but this is one he made for me)
>>21384 Glad to hear you two have a good relationship together as brothers Anon. Please keep it up!
Open file (1.16 MB 1465x2285 the barbarians.jpg)
>>21387 thank you I will, we´re all gonna make it
>>21379 shes also a robot maid
>>21391 Hello DorothyAnon, welcome! Glad you're joining the party. :^) Well that's interesting: -MaidCom is a meido -Emmy is a meido -Dorothy is a meido Seems we're on a roll here as a board together! >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 03/15/2023 (Wed) 05:46:59.
Open file (296.42 KB 540x531 1644868882040.png)
>>21392 im in between jobs and the deal with the land fell through because the seller lied about the sewer system so im back to square one again. Its driving me crazy, every time i get close to having my own place something goes wrong
>>21393 Hmm, I'm sorry to here about that Anon. Maybe it will all wind up being for the best in the end, who knows? Just keep working towards your goals is my advice. BTW, if you wouldn't mind let's move this conversation over to our current /meta please. (>>20356)
>>21392 the future is here
Open file (176.42 KB 795x934 FaceSmile.png)
Open file (172.39 KB 738x917 FaceUpset.png)
Open file (171.13 KB 766x837 FaceDetermined.png)
Open file (172.49 KB 743x896 FaceConfused.png)
Open file (847.22 KB 680x798 LululWhite.png)
>>21381 >Rejecting roids and gyno Based >>21383 The mannequin head is superb, honestly a great idea. I think having a little cat mouth works well for a variety of emotions. A normal smile looks weird with some emotions. A cat face is more neutral, letting the eyes be good enough to convey emotions. What do you think? >>21392 Maidenly maids are the future!
>>21401 Lol. Indeed it is Anon, very soon now! >>21410 These are cute representations Kiwi. I'm glad to see you exploring facial pose work. I think if we used something similar to the way SophieDev did his eyebrows and eyelids for Sophie, as well as her mouth, then it would be a quick solution to what is potentially a very complex problemspace. I'd recommend you seriously consider the costs/benefits of this suggestion for your facial work.
Open file (2.16 MB 758x741 face 2.png)
>>21410 lovely work Kiwi, I plan on a mostly blank face as seen here (perhaps a bit smaller smile)
Open file (742.14 KB 1503x2385 test.jpg)
Open file (637.21 KB 1426x2369 testsmall.jpg)
>>21420 Thanks, the face is a very iterative quest. >>21422 Emmy has such a lovely face, rooting for you to replicate it. Here's a couple of tests. Trying to figure out ideal proportions. What do you think of it? She's currently a tad over 156 cm or 5 feet and a couple inches
>>21460 >What do you think of it? Very leggy! :^) What's her current weight?
>>21461 275 grams on average between the head options. Bigger head is 295, little head is 255. She doesn't feel like she's even there when being moved around. It's frankly spooky to have something this big weigh nothing.
Open file (341.58 KB 1014x800 VxJKosx.jpg)
>>21460 looks great so far, at least yours can stand lmao >>21462 a heavy robot and a heavy build is a match made in heaven my friend Kiwi
>>21462 >It's frankly spooky to have something this big weigh nothing. I actually thought about this phenomenon in the past with my own explorations towards low-mass. But don't worry! Once we start adding in batteries, actuators, and cooling, she'll 'fatten' right up. :^) >>21466 Haha, but we still have to make ours move Emmy-Pilled. Low-mass is important for this, and especially for these initial prototypes.
Open file (7.27 MB 640x360 biscuit-oliva (1).gif)
>>21473 indeed you are right, while surpassing in durability I guess mine leaves a lot to be desired mechanically
>>21477 >digits I deem you an important durability-tester Anon! :^) It's actually an incredibly narrow 'tightrope' of (often-conflicting, such as 'light + durable') parameters /robowaifu/ is trying to work out here together! But, we'll all make it together if we just keep moving forward! :^) >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 03/18/2023 (Sat) 05:12:13.
>>21478 indeed we will just promise you won´t stress-test too hard. Poor Lulu
Open file (3.93 MB 2006x1664 19038189247210.png)
and so with refining getting ever closer, we move to the dark blue tips (gonna be a big process of smothering the piece and refining over and over)
>>21482 looking good
>>21483 thanks
>>21580 cute
Open file (1.62 MB 979x1800 51312521315.png)
the blue tips are finally coming along, many layers soon to be added. and with a few hours away, we´re at the 1 year anniversary, made a little something for it: https://youtu.be/4Ln2Cd59NJ4
>>21582 Wow, congrats. Also, I well done video.
>>21583 thank you very much, it took a while to compile the vid
>>21584 looking good
>>21595 thanks
Open file (152.68 KB 644x798 EmmyLove.png)
>>21582 That's a great video. Truly an inspiration and a testament to your steady devotion. Subway she will love you back.
Open file (3.15 MB 498x311 lou bloom.gif)
>>21603 all good things come to those work hard, we are all gonna make it Kiwi. Nandroid hugs future ahead guaranteed
>>21482 >>21582 Congratulations Emmy-Pilled! I apologize for missing the anniversary. It's really interesting to watch Emmy's progression in your video. So much time and effort you've put into her! Keep working hard Anon, and soon she'll become nearer and nearer to your ideals for her. We all wish you Godspeed. Gambatte! :^)
Open file (690.27 KB 491x720 kiss.png)
>>21619 indeed it´s been a long journey, I thank you all who´ve followed it so far. We are so close to the finish line
>>21631 >We are so close to the finish line It doesn't feel like that to me
>>21638 the biggest hassles are soon over, then it´s the simple things like painting and adjusting it
Open file (3.53 MB 1713x2005 198372178979.png)
about as far as I got with the tips this week, as I officially ran out of epoxy, fortunately another order was placed this week. Should arrive next week
>>21674 Nice work Emmy-Pilled! Those will be some sweet blue-tips once you're finished. :^)
>>21675 I expect so, just a pain having to wait at least 10-12 more days because of supply arrival + curing. But thank God I discovered the "3/4 cured trick" as I´ve dubbed it. Like an extremely sticky silly putty it negates having to make giant annoying molds around the tips
>>21676 Ah so that's what you meant by that. Now I understand (I think). Glad to hear it's easier that way for you.
>>21675 indeed much easier. Before epoxy truly "hardens" it reaches a semi-hardened state in which it can be manipulated, almost think of really gooey dough. It is a hell to get all of it to be mashed on and stick but it works
>>21674 Looking good Emmy-Pilled kun, stay strong and carry your love forward to a brighter future.
>>21681 I shall, we´re all gonna make it
well bros, it would seem there´s not gonna be any update this week, the slow delivery time + the holidays means it´s gonna be around next tuesday/wednesday before it hopefully arrives. Until then I´ll focus on some art
>>21774 No worries bro! Enjoy yourself and just put it all off till following Saturday, pls. Cheers, Emmy-Pilled. :^) >=== -fmt edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 04/06/2023 (Thu) 17:07:27.
Open file (91.82 KB 455x533 emmy hair.png)
>>21775 I am sure it will arrive for next week´s update
Open file (98.49 KB 623x668 image.png)
>>21775 for now I´ll focus on finishing the last nandroid "Macy" to complete my cast
>>21777 >>21778 >digits A cute!
Open file (482.93 KB 2279x2386 1.png)
Open file (494.58 KB 2279x2386 2.png)
Open file (473.30 KB 2279x2386 3.png)
>>21806 thanks, I usually have votes when making my OCs. Macy won with A1, next is her outfit
>>21809 That's very methodical Anon.
Open file (610.69 KB 4746x2265 nandroid template 3.0.png)
>>21812 thanks, to help people make easier OCs I also made a template for the community
>>21814 Nice work. Having such orthogonal T-poses would also help with 3D character modelling of Nandroids too, ofc. >=== -sp edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 04/07/2023 (Fri) 23:39:47.
>>21815 thanks, these mainly do the most help for me animation I´m doing as good reference models
>>21843 Makes sense. Enjoy the holidays and keep up your good work Emmy-Pilled! :^)
>>21814 Thanks for the template Emmy-Pilled
>>21854 I will, thanks >>21860 it´s what it´s here for B^)
Open file (3.95 MB 1586x1922 2189308120931.png)
and so the epoxy finally arrived, already one batch done and another curing quickly
>>21989 Wonderful! Glad to see the work back in progress Emmy-Pilled. Keep going! :^)
>>22003 thanks, I also finally got one of my art pieces done. Wanted to make this silly meme for a while
>>22014 Robowaifus can definitely help us with many areas of life, including our driving! :^)
>>22050 I think Lulu would enjoy sitting in the car during a rain
3 batches done in barely 5 days, we´re on a roll. Tips should be done very soon
Open file (5.29 MB 2560x1920 Nandroid2.jpg)
>>22072 Always great to see you plugging away. >>22014 Topkek :^) >>22072 Someday, I want to have cozy moments with Lulu Chan. Remaking a Nandroid based on your template and optimized for TPU.
>>22125 Nice! GG Anon.
>>22139 thanks >>22132 glad you find use of the models and templates
Open file (3.88 MB 1671x1890 571838901290218.png)
only one side on both legs to cover up and then it´s finally time for grinding it to shape
Open file (137.64 KB 350x350 carlos.png)
>>22145 May the grinding go smoothly, Emmy-Pilled. :^)
>>22151 I expect so, 200 sanding belts and a belt sander strapped to a vise along with a clamped vacuum cleaner is a life-saver for shaping in a hurry
>>22154 Great, please post pics ofc Anon.
>>19231 Sorry if stupid question, but what are the dirt cups here for?
>>22183 Not at all. It´s liquid space displacement, so I spend less epoxy making it
Open file (3.05 MB 3120x4160 421809380129.jpg)
>>22157 crude but functional
Open file (3.97 MB 1746x1958 4721903890128390.png)
it´s really starting to take shape, it´s getting ready for the second round of patchwork
>>22218 That definitely looks like it will get the job done Anon. Do you have a handheld you can use for the final stages of finishing? >>22219 Neat! Nice work Emmy-Pilled.
>>22220 my friend... 𝐢𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐚 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐝
>>22220 thanks
>>22218 Oh wow, you weren't joking about that sanding belt machine.
>>22256 it´s the most clusterfuck-rigged thing to ever be in my shop but hey, ain´t stupid if it works?
Open file (3.97 MB 1900x1835 1890381902389012.png)
a few areas of blue were too thin so they had to be grinded down, they´ll be filled within the week. But it´s finally really taking shape
Good. This was the hard part? Or only the dusty and loud one?
>>22430 sanding is fairly easy, it´s the squinting your eye and winging the shape based off the wooden prototype that´s hard (trust me, all parts aside from casting are lout and dusty. Always wear your boiler suits and safety gear Anons)
Thanks for the Saturday update, Emmy-Pilled!
Open file (1.89 MB 540x304 high five.gif)
Open file (1.35 MB 2511x1713 1677441105235528.png)
>>19227 I remember seeing this and being pretty annoyed that even though it says 5 and 1/2 heads tall, it's very clearly not. And is there a reason the ankles aren't articulated? Is it something that's only in that diagram and never seen elsewhere in the comic?
Open file (1.29 MB 821x816 330912830912.PNG)
>>22464 it´s mainly an artistic choice by the artist, it can switch a bit. Best advice is to ignore it and go along with the story >>22464 maybe once or twice
Open file (3.75 MB 2017x1765 48901283091830912.png)
>>22535 Glad that you make progress. That said, your file size is quite big. Please try to use a converter to make it under one MB.
>>22545 fairly small for a PNG, having it all smushed makes the pictures useless if it´s all blurred artifacts
>>22550 Maybe you're right if it's about the details. There's lossless reduction, but I don't know if it would work in that case.
>>22535 Do you think you'll go over with some kind of painted finish, Emmy-Pilled?
>>22562 only planned my epoxy paint for the non-epoxy parts like her wooden joints, sorta an oxy-moron to epoxy paint epoxy. It´s already it´s color and just needs to be buffed at a 1200 grit
Open file (3.86 MB 1950x1733 8937128738129.png)
>>22672 Very nice Emmy-Pilled! I like the details you're carving into her bluetips.
Open file (1.17 MB 2208x1004 tips.png)
>>22673 a very important detail
>>22674 Yep, well you're doing a good job at it. Keep up the good work Anon! :^)
>>22692 thanks
Open file (3.70 MB 2266x1632 2334632215.png)
and now onto some glazing
>>22830 That is really coming together Emmy-Pilled. Nice job!
>>22832 gonna be a lot of glazed layers, so gonna set it to 75 ML. per batch
Open file (4.00 MB 1449x2264 783127387128921.png)
blue glazing is done, now to the white parts
>>22928 What a great color-scheme this is looking to be for her, Emmy-Pilled. Nice work! :^)
>>22929 thanks, ordered some special epoxy buffing fluid this week as well. Gonna buff it with a sponge wheel
Open file (3.56 MB 2204x1476 34803128048.png)
topside glazing almost done
>>23042 Neat! is she gonna look like this in the end, Emmy-Pilled? That's really shiny! >topside glazing Can you explain that for the uninitiate please?
>>23043 letting a few layers of epoxy pour over, this will fill out any micro-pits and such, also provide a snow-white coat to making them equal white color (leg 2 is a bit darker and leg 1) essentially epoxy painting on steroids
>>23048 Got it, thanks. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of your work Anon!
Open file (3.86 MB 1900x1455 10839012840912.png)
backside has almost been covered, refining the blue edges
>>23258 Does applying multiple coats help you to improve the final finish? >refining the blue edges Looking forward to the outcome, Emmy-Pilled. What's next after her legs?
>>23260 Yes. If you look at other older posts you´ll see parts of the cast are uneven in color contrast due to different mixes of white dye, so a uniform coat is applied to the whole piece
Very nice. Thank you for posting all this excellent information.
>>23312 no problem.
Open file (3.46 MB 1914x1509 512351324215.png)
>>23407 Those are looking like real Emmy legs. Great job Emmy-Pilled, thanks for the Saturday update!
>>23407 Beautiful work, you have great potential.
Open file (3.89 MB 2371x1749 38312830912890.png)
done what I can for the legs, buffed them up. Now its time to cut them in half for articulation
>>23686 Shiny.
>>23688 indeed, wish more could´ve been done on the blue tips but it is what it is. Done my part. One day Emmy will get upgraded legs
>>23686 They look wonderful Emmy-Pilled, nice work! >for articulation Really looking forward to this next phase. Keep up the good work Anon! :^)
Open file (295.56 KB 1083x1194 438972936391798.png)
>>23712 thanks, I have it explained in these old notes
>>23723 Got it, thanks. Hmm that doesn't seem to show a shell, covering, or 'skin' to protect you from pinch hazards. Do you have something in mind for that already, Emmy-Pilled?
>>23730 I´d properly just copy the ball joints from her arms, same concept really
>>23723 Now dat's a tasty hinge.
>>23738 Sounds like a good idea Anon.
Open file (431.66 KB 620x584 too lewd.png)
Open file (11.44 MB 1995x2096 74183092809190.png)
hinges coming together
>>23900 pretty good but no respect for that welding lol
>>23900 Wow! These look pretty solid. So you're crafting your own hinges then, Emmy-Pilled?
>>23904 haven´t TIG welded in over a year, didn't have time for a second layer yesterday due toe thread deadline, nor inner welds. I´ll get that done along the week
>>23914 Yes.
>>23916 I look forward with eagerness to watch the progression of them. Emmy is going to have some heft to her, seems like! :^)
>>23917 it was always the plan, my shop was just too much of a mess to TIG weld last time as seen here >>19236 so I used contemporary folded 2 mm steel instead of welded 3 mm joints
Open file (3.72 MB 1274x1728 4019283091280..png)
joints are finally welded and threaded, now for refining and installing them next week
>>23977 Those are looking pretty sturdy Emmy-Pilled. I suppose you'll need to do work on Emmy's legs first before you can install these joints?
>>23978 about barely 40 min of work, only have to cut them in half, widen the slots on the top. And finally drill/thread all the ends
after that its to see if there's any touch-ups needed on the white epoxy before I apply grey epoxy primer to the joints and fake ball joints on the top
>>23979 >>23980 Really looking forward to seeing next week's results then! Cheers. :^)
>>23981 thanks
Because of this thread, I have a new favorite webcomic.
Open file (3.99 MB 1270x2720 8147983279821.png)
as old problems are fixed, new problems arise. Like the fake top balljoints being situated on two old displacement cups I will have to fill now in order to drill and thread the top hinges. Not to mention fully evening the legs and getting her classic blue kneecaps made. Same as it ever was
>>24180 Excellent progress! Nice work she's gonna look great, Emmy-Pilled. :^)
>>24181 I hope so, there is still a long journey ahead
>>24180 The mad lad did it
>>24184 we´re all gonna make it
>>24180 Those knees came out rather well. Your craftsmanship is something to behold
>>24198 thanks
Open file (3.95 MB 1112x2966 7812309185.png)
busy week so I only barely got started on the kneecaps, sadly they still require a bit more curing this weekend
>>24307 Those look like boiled eggs. Are you going to hatch her from them?
>>24307 Nice work Emmy-pilled! I like how you kind of made the forms to hold these pieces. Looking forward to seeing your further progress with this. >>24310 Heh. :^)
>>24315 I made the originals in wood, and smothered them in casting silicone, same as >>19234
>>24310 perhaps
>>24307 Nice!
Open file (888.83 KB 1524x3376 130128379948.jpg)
Open file (1.50 MB 4116x2300 130128379949.jpg)
at long last, she has hips and knees connected to her body
Open file (7.43 MB 4022x3808 421030219480129..png)
and she stands!
>>24449 Well it is a fine piece of craftsmanship. I assume it won't be able to walk due to its pointy legs though. But you might be able to take it to an art gallery and sell it or something once its finished. Good job. Those hands stands out too.
Open file (82.83 KB 1269x719 784547797958.jpg)
>>24451 thank you, but she is wife material, not art gallery material.
>>24448 >>24449 OUSTANDING! Emmy's come far, Anon! I'm really curious now to see how you solved the hip joints. Any chance you took photos of them?
Open file (1.97 MB 4160x3120 120381290.jpg)
Open file (1.96 MB 4160x3120 120381291.jpg)
Open file (1.61 MB 4160x3120 120381293.jpg)
>>24456 simple U-joints as explained here >>23723
>>24449 impressive, nice work
Open file (562.72 KB 742x1161 1584278178516.png)
>>24458 thanks
>>24457 Very nice approach Emmy-Pilled. The geometry you chose for her hips is nicely human-like, and should give her a great range of motion. Looking forward to what you have in store for her next Anon. Drive on! :^)
>>24463 it very much should so, next up is calibrating and adjusting the legs some more. Then painting the fake ball joints and hinges grey with epoxy primer
Open file (3.87 MB 2020x1713 123801299290.png)
with this week I´m moving to adding more material to allow for grinding bowl-cuts into the axle joints so the ball joints will fit in more seamlessly as seen in the original blueprint >>19227
Open file (3.95 MB 2153x2023 3812739812371829.png)
also managed to get a picture of her in the uniform before disassembling again
>>24594 >>24595 Excellent Emmy-Pilled. Having the concavities for her joint sockets will be a very nice improvement Emmy's 'comfy-quotient. :^) >that meido uniform Cute!
>>24599 thanks, I´m setting cash aside to get her a tailor within the following months to resize the dress
>>24595 Keep up the great work, seeing her dressed up is exciting.
Open file (599.01 KB 494x968 1685207473677125.png)
>>24603 thanks, I hope soon enough I will have her in a more accurate one with sleeves to boot
Open file (3.84 MB 1500x2048 74802137182379128.png)
hip-slots complete, now for the shoulders
>>24702 Looking good, Emmy-Pilled! Looking forward to the shoulders. You did a nice job with the arrangement for the shot BTW, good shadows for the contours. Cheers. :^)
>>24703 thanks, it really was a rough estimate by eye only when grinding it with my die grinder
>>24707 Well you did a good job Anon. Drive on! :^)
Open file (252.33 KB 1280x1280 20426.jpg)
>>24716 cannot stress enough how useful these are
>>24702 Very nice slots. Rectangular mating features are great for defining articulation.
Open file (4.50 MB 2036x2649 7189379281798.png)
as I´m adding more material to cut out the shoulder grooves I also reinforced the sides a bit too, next week will be focused on filling the top to cut down and shape the neck and surrounding area
>>24927 Neat. Good thinking, Emmy-Pilled. I know you can always repair her, but thinking ahead about structural dynamics is a good thing to do. Looking forward to the work on the neck coming up. Cheers. :^)
>>24929 yeah, it´d also help with the amount of weight little Emmy has gained over these last few weeks
Open file (3.96 MB 1307x2500 7892738912798.png)
neck is coming along well, needed some more material for the shoulder slots so that´ll be cast along the week
>>25139 Excellent! Looks like you're just about ready to go, Emmy-Pilled. Looking forward to your progress from this upcoming week. Cheers. :^)
>>25149 next stop is the feared, the terrifying... the HEAD!
>>25153 Haha. Gambatte, Anon! Emmy's counting on you...
>>25160 God willing
>>25185 Patience. WAGMI :^)
Open file (6.16 MB 3357x3507 57893798798..png)
the hollowed out slots fit well, I will need to take some more away for optimal movement
>>25272 Very nice, Emmy-Pilled! Her aspect is improved by a more snug fit of her arms & legs. To my eye she already is looking like a pretty good fit. It will be nice to see once you gotten her even better! :^) Looking forward to your further improvements for Emmy, Anon. Cheers. :^)
>>25275 thanks, the top and bottom of the hip-slots will have to be grinded much more down to allow 180 degree movement, seeming a tiny bit more lose at the cost of more movement
>>25276 but i can only move my leg 90 degrees
meaning both forwards and backwards combined
>>25276 Ahh, I see. I can't really tell from just the pictures, but do you have a limit tradeoff where you can't grind too much out because it will reduce the structural strength? And if you can get 180' range that would be excellent. Really only female dancers can achieve something like that IRL. Good job, keep moving forward! :^)
>>25286 there really isnt much of a trade-off in strength, epoxy is used a glue that can hold half a ton with even the cheapest mixes. Having the entire torso be comprised of it makes it unimaginably sturdy. Only thing that "might" be compromised is if the amount of material holding the hip axle is thinned out more, which it wont be, only the top and bottom which is more decorative than anything
>>25290 if strength becomes a problem you could always throw sand and tiny rocks in the mix to make a shitty version of concrete lol
>>25290 >there really isnt much of a trade-off in strength That's good. Then I'd suggest by all means keep perfecting her form until Emmy's just right Anon! Cheers. :^)
>>25291 lmao, the body is as sturdy as it can get. Only problem would be not enough material to hold the axles on, but that will not ever be an issue
>>25294 when its all done I´m adding a few layers of epoxy primer "signal white". So expect her to be completely pure white with all parts once completed
>>25296 >So expect her to be completely pure white with all parts once completed Excellent. What are you planning to do about her forarms/hands Emmy-Pilled? --- note: Congratulations Anon, your thread has just about reached our autosage limit! On the one hand this is a sign of a healthy thread. OTOH, it means you now need a thread #2 soon. :^) update: >>25298 In an attempt to keep from using up your very last bumpable post ITT, OP, I'll try to respond here instead. * First, nothing's going to happen to this thread r/n. It will remain safe & sound here on the board (and in the catalog) along with all the rest. It simply won't bump any longer after the autosage limit (350 posts, in /robowaifu/'s case). * Yes, you can link to this thread in your new OP whenever you make it, Emmy-Pilled. In fact that's both traditional, and highly-recommended for a serial thread. * We have plenty of headroom where the need for archives is unnecessary ATM. This has been by design, since we're a slow board r/n, and have many long-standing threads (such as yours will be). BUMP and other scraping tools are already archiving your thread on anon's local machines, and will continue to do so both for it and your new thread. You can cf. the discussions going on r/n in the current /meta (>>23415) for more information, Anon. Hope that answers your questions. Cheers. :^) >=== -add update
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>>25297 will it be archived like regular chans? And can it be linked in newer ones? >=== -msg: responded in previous post : (>>25297)
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>>25297 hands will most likely have to be replaced, they are just too big. However I can solve this. Afterwards they along with the forearms will be painted white too
Open file (984.64 KB 2657x2657 Valentine Emmy love.png)
what a trip its been, thanks to all who have tuned in so far. See you all in the next one https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/25306.html
NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD >>25306 >>25306 >>25306 >>25306 >>25306 NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD >=== -patch crosslink
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