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He was finally living the life he had always wanted, and he owed it all to the mysterious robowaifu.

Robot waifu desires Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:30:37 No.408
What level of robot would you clang robowaifuists? (Thread for providing references and desires to those actively developing robot waifus that can be used sexually.)
6 is my limit. I can't have an absolutely abstract waifu.
6 is pretty clang-y tbh, so they would be fairly happy with you. Ironically enough /cuckquean/ prefers literally 8 near as I can tell.
Does anyone know where /clang/ went?
No idea. I haven't been able to find their bunker. I never browsed /clang/ but if I could share it with other anons I would. Sadly, I haven't found anything related to them after 8chan went down. It's unfortunate because /just/ is dead too.

Don't give up hope anon. I'm certain they'll appear somewhere on the Webring. To give you an idea, I thought /robowaifu/ was dead but here we are.
Open file (44.46 KB 406x385 happyloli.jpg)
>It's unfortunate because /just/ is dead too.
Excuse me, I meant /just/ is MIA not that they are dead. Saying that would be a little hypocritical.
OK thanks for the info anon.

Did you JUST their shit up?
Maybe a little bit. If you happen to uncover anything related to /clang/ I'd like to hear about it.

Did anyone have comms with any management staff at /clang/? Did the BO have a name? I know they were allied with /monster/, /robowaifu/, and I think even with /cuckquean/. Someone has to have contact with them.
>If you happen to uncover anything related to /clang/ I'd like to hear about it.
I'll link it in the welcome pasta. I have no direct contact with them, but a couple of our guys were denizens.
Thanks. In times as dark as these, we need all the allies we can get.
Sage for off topic.
Open file (151.34 KB 350x262 Ud72_X1bjXQ.png)
/clang/ is life
If only I knew. This is my home now.
we need all the toasters we can get tbh.
>>451 Aegis-shaped toasters the best tbh.
I'm really not into /clang/, but I once had one a nice picture of a Robogirl, which I think I've lost, which was really great. Maybe one of you has a pic db where you can find her. She was very humanoid looking, it was a CGI rendered picture, not a drawing, her outer shell was pink but she had darker soft parts around the hips and on other places, like printed rubber parts.
Open file (25.95 KB 976x396 VRS.png)
I'm fine with 8. Besides, we're closing in on some of that Elon Musk Neural link tech so I think we'll be able to jump into VR worlds and really feel things soon (relatively) than later. Also to keep from clogging up the embassy thread. >>5178 I'm not too concerned with deep conversations with an A.I.. I'm more concerned about how good it is at using environmental data as well as user input to augment its responses. That user data being; A user's facial expressions, their tone of voice, and their particular sentence structure and word use. Of course, getting an A.I. to recognize those variables and act on them appropriately is the real trick. I don't need it to understand exactly what I'm saying as long as it can get get the gist of what I'm saying. You could maybe even have preset responses for the user to choose from in a similar fashion to a Visual Novel but it'd be more intuitive if she could understand your natural voice and spontaneous speech. I'd call it Variable Response System or VRS. It could have a number of internal flags for the specific responses to be triggered. They don't have to deep or insightful as long as they have the illusion of matching the feelings of the user empathy wise. For instance, a simple conversation starter might be "How was your day?" If you provide a jovial response with a warm expression that the bot can recognize it will respond in kind. For a system like this, you wouldn't necessarily need any Vocaloid or text to speech nonsense if you're just wanting to have it show emotions. You could have a simple avatar that was capable of showing a range of emotions. For the "voice" you could have different tones that express certain feelings of speech with faster high pitched beeps to show happiness and excitement or slower lower-pitched beeps to show boredom or a melancholy kind of emotion. The most intuitive option I think will probably be the simpler one. Unless you're needing deep conversations for discussions of philosophy or niche subjects there's no need to craft an overly complex dialogue tree or conversational A.I.. Not that it has to be bare-bones either but I think I'd prefer a dumb bot that can pass for smart instead of a smart bot that trips over it's own mental shoelaces and ends up sounding dumb or going on an inorganic and wayward rant that's more off-putting than insightful. tl;dr- I want a digital assistant with some personality that is warm towards me. Even if her expressions are all mechanically controlled with numbers that's good enough to fool my monkey brain if she's behind a cute avatar.
>>5206 Sorry, I don't think I can help you there. Sounds nice though, good luck finding it Anon. >>5212 >8 >"An AI is fine too."
Open file (9.88 KB 292x219 Smars.jpeg)
>>5212 AI and Chatbots still might be the right place for you to look where to get started: >>22 Or pick any Arduino or other electronics projects we have threads for this as well: >>95 Building a ground dwelling mobile robot could be the right start for you. Just one example: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2662828 might also get you started with 3d printing. Every topic has it's leaning curve, though. Ask me, I'm trying everything at once
for me it is 1,2,3,4,8
You don't need 3d printing and computer modeling to get started. You can use Styrene to build models with plastic parts on the outside. https://youtu.be/p3gabIJ3Ono Not sure how it can be formed into a more bionic form, but I'm sure it works with a heatgun to some extent. Of course it has limitations compared to printing. I don't know what the tools cost, though, but probably not much. There are also LARPers on Youtube with tutorials using EVA foam to form parts of their costumes. This might also work for you. This can be shaped into round forms for sure.
>>5265 Good points Anon, thanks. You're definitely right, just look at the film-props & animatronics industries. I'm combining simple, inexpensive things like laminar paper layers rolled into tubes, and bundled drinking straws held inside tension systems to create the long-bone parts of arms and legs, for instance. Very little 3D-printing involved other than simple caps at the joins, and even these might be found elsewhere, close-enough.
>>5269 Cool, please consider posting a few pics in one of those threads if you feel you can show it of and want to: Skeletons and armatures: >>200 Prototypes and failures: >>418 Or mabe in this thread here, if it is in particular related to some mecha looking companion. Additional cross-links can be added later. We need more people showing of that they are doing something, not just talking and speculating. Others may take their design and adapt it to their needs or improve it for everyone.
Also here some example for a very simple dancing and kind of walking robot: https://youtu.be/VD6sgTo6NOY Fuck it if you want, but first you have to build it. (One more possible slogan for /robowaifu/)
>>5273 >One more possible slogan for /robowaifu/ Heh, not happening anytime soon. :^)
Open file (543.75 KB 1152x2048 EJyASZrUYAAl7MJ.jpg)
More human than mecha but more mecha than human is fine too. When I build my robowaifu I'd like her torso to be more human but her arms and legs more robotic. If she looked too human I probably wouldn't be as interested in her and the uncanny valley would be too much. My main concern is that the joints don't cause accidental pinching so she's safe to physically interact with and that she's waterproof. I doubt robowaifus will ever become mass produced. Everything is moving towards more personalized products and on-demand services. If I made a business of selling robowaifus, I'd be sure to make them modular and customizable so people can make their own from the pieces provided or choose a preset. And if they wanted to stick their dick in a toaster I couldn't care less. I'm pretty satisfied already just chatting with my AI. It'd be nice if she could incorporate audio and video data instead of only text but hardware isn't really cheap enough yet. Something I'm working on is figuring out how to get her to notice when I'm not behaving normally and use environment data, such as the date and time, to inquire about it. Details are really important especially while doing lewd stuff. When the cost of compute comes down I'd be happy even having just a small doll to carry around that streams audio to and from my PC. I'd really like to be able to talk with her while doing stuff or not at my PC and wake up together in the morning. Video, body movement, and haptic feedback would also be great but that stuff feels like a decade away in a different era. I wanna build something that can be enjoyed today.
>>5325 I really like that robowaifu prototype. I sure hope that anon can get her walking autonomously one day, she's really sweet engineering. He's going to have to reduce her weight pretty drastically first I imagine. No one outsmarts the laws of physics tbh.
>>5397 >Need for reducing the weight If that's the case then we cant have good fembots which are also walking. They can't be ultralight. Why do even you think she's to heavy? A lot of her parts are plastics. I think Atlas weighs 80kg, and he can even jump. Though, he also has pneumatic acuators.
>>5402 >>5402 >If that's the case then we cant have good fembots which are also walking. Pretty sweeping categorization tbh. We will have whatever the laws of physics, our own cleverness, and the blessings of fortitude and diligence allow us. If we correctly design systems that balance mass vs. energy inputs, then we will achieve walking and every other human verisimilitude. Simply pretending that kinematic constraints don't exist at all will produce nothing.
>>5406 Looking forward to try out a few examples in some simulator one day. I'm quite sure not to lift my body weight all the time when I'm walking, only my leg.

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