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Open file (44.05 KB 443x224 Proteomics.png)
A.I. Masters Proteomics Robowaifu Enthusiast 12/02/2020 (Wed) 11:01:13 No.7458
Google Deepmind's "Alphafold 2" machine learning program has gotten very accurate at predicting how a protein will fold into it's tertiary structure just by analysing it's amino acid sequence. Of course, the amino acid sequence is linked to the mRNA molecules, which is directly encoded by DNA and genes. This could be big, guys. I remember when I was at Uni and one of the most experienced biochem professors there said that whoever manages to solve proteomics will become "the closest thing to a God on this Earth". Because it cracks the code of how the majority of organic life is assembled. Not sure whether this should go in the thread about artificial wombs or organic brains for robowaifus, but this advancement could have BIG implications for things like growing whole organs from scratch, developing drugs that are tailored to each patient (and, of course biogenetic weapons such as an engineered virus that only kills a particular person or genetic group). https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-03348-4 Looks like A.I. saves the day just as I'd given up hope on humans ever making any more big scientific advancements!
>>7458 That's great. My main priority here would rather life extension than anything else. Not sure if artificial wombs are related to it at all. We probably need a thread for biology stuff in general, including for stuff that might be unrelated to robowaifus but generally important, or in cases where it might become important some day.
>>7459 They haven't quite reached the stage where the A.I.s results are on par with NMR spectroscopy, and it still struggles to predict quaternary structures (where several proteins are linked together), but then I think that will be a later goal. If the A.I. continues to advance like it has been, then within two to five years things could get very interesting.
Yes, I think we might benefit from having a catch-all Cyborg thread to focus biological topics that have some importance to designing & building robowaifus. We already have two threads now, the artificial wombs & synthetic bio-brains ones. Poll: Please contribute suggestions for a general cybernetic-organisms thread that we'll move this (and possibly the bio-brains) thread into. I think the artificial wombs should continue as an independent topic.
>>7461 Could have one thread simply titled "Ectogenesis (Artificial Uterus)" and another thread called "Cyborgs & Organic Computing"? I mean if we ever got around to actually growing and maintaining even a partially functional brainstem, midbrain and neocortex connected to a heart/lung machine (we wouldn't necessarily need to understand it all on the molecular level, in the same way a farmer doesn't need to have a PhD in molecular biology to grow crops). Then essentially we'd have a cyborg. I doubt the early versions would look even remotely human though.
Certainly Alita should be the opener OP pic don't you think? Which ones are the best ones? The absolute best one?
>>7479 Best girl.
>>7484 Neat. If you're going to shitpost, at least it's a robot. still...
>>7484 >nudoom >bethshit You deserve bullying.
>>7478 >called "Cyborgs & Organic Computing" That's not 'catch all enough', not general enough. We don't have that much going on with cyborgs, for good reasons. I wrote something to the potential problems with cyborg development here: >>7456 The most likely uses of organic material in near future will be water kefir in the saliva of the fembots, or generally something on their body parts to keep organisms at bay which could be harmful to the owner or the bot materials. Pheromones are also a thing, though we probably won't be able to create organisms which produce them, idk. Biohackers exist. So maybe this is not related and a topic of it's own. But, well it's human biology, so it could go into a thread related to biology general.
Just spitballing here. Since crossovers are so common in anime or otherwise, what if we included that concept in the subject. RobowaifuXBiology nahh. bad idea probably but w/e.

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