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Open file (380.52 KB 512x512 1 (25).png)
Open file (359.76 KB 512x512 1 (58).png)
Open file (360.42 KB 512x512 1 (62).png)
Open file (330.60 KB 512x512 1 (93).png)
Open file (380.42 KB 512x512 1 (104).png)
Stable Diffusion for Robowaifu Art SoaringMoon 11/25/2022 (Fri) 06:43:32 No.17763
I generated a whole much of neat images with Stable Diffusion 1.6. Enjoy. You are free to use the for whatever. >OP images are my five favorite of the bunch. Some proportions are off obviously. < "a robowaifu with [color] hair, digital painting, trending on artstation" Was the generation phrase. --- >Sorry to spoil all your files, rather than just the one (w/ Lynxchan it's all or nothing after the fact). The Problem Glasses are a Leftist dog-whistle that is rather distasteful around here (and also a red-flag). Certainly not something we would want to look at year-after-year in the catalog. Hope you understand, OP.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 11/25/2022 (Fri) 10:46:04.
There's already a thread for this ( >>17763). These are some nice images, though.
>>29334 Much as I really value your selections, OP, Greentext anon is right (>>29349). I"m going to have to merge your thread into the other soon. Two reasons: 1. We really value keeping threads on-topic here. The catalog is your friend. 2. We want to keep our limited thread budget under control, and we're a board that retains focused, long-running topical threads. Hope you understand, Anon. Again, nice choices!
>>29353 I completely understand, I actually looked in the search option for AI image but I didn’t get a result back so I thought there wasn’t a thread like this already.
>>29359 Yeah, my apologies. I may edit the subject of this thread to better encompass such a search. Thanks for your understanding Anon. Cheers.
>>29334 The 'baby on board' and the 'catgrill inna box' are pretty iconic images, IMO. >>29335 Also, the 'Holly Homemaker' as well.Good marketing material!
>>29378 3rd pic would be a great image for a /wbg/ thread. (cf. >>29313, et al) >>29379 Also, the final two here as well.
Open file (3.38 MB 245x256 randy.gif)
>>29342 >>29343 Okay, this is getting really good. (I'm ignoring the fat one). The first in here >>29344 is also great.
>>29343 curvy robowaifu best for laifu more curvy robowaifus!
>>29344 That face speak volumes.
Open file (5.37 MB 2560x4096 Aigis.png)
Open file (620.69 KB 512x768 2B.jpg)
Happy Valentine's Day! We're another day closer to your waifus being real! Until then, if you do a little drawing, it can really make a difference in how your art ends up. I think it's a beautiful thing to see something come to be, through the mutual efforts of an Anon and his machine.
Title of thread is wrong, should be something like AI Robowaifu Art. Stable Diffusion is not the only AI image generator, all of the images I posted in this thread were typed in DALL E 3
One of my streams of pics is accessible online, btw: https://stablecog.com/NoidoDev - This includes the ones I didn't download and wouldn't spread further, though.
>>29610 Nice but maybe a bit too creepy looking, since the machine looks too much like a machine. I contemplated adding babies to my waifu pics.
Looking for ideas on how I can make the (picrel) antenna less terrible-looking. It’ll be movable with cables and anywhere from 2” - 5” in length, and I was planning to add LEDs so I can make it a part of her “face”/tied to her “emotions” My current idea is like the attached SD gen, with a centered antenna in the middle of her head. Of course, I personally have zero attachment to humanoid aesthetics and whatnot, so I could use advice from people who *aren’t* completely faceblind/function-over-form. I can move the outer antenna/conductive rings into the body/stem of the antenna itself, but the LIDAR block on top (2.3”x2.3”x1.7”) is pretty much required. The upper part (the cylindrical “dome”) cannot easily be covered, either. (apologies if this is the wrong thread for aesthetic brainstorming, couldn’t find one more suitable in the catalog)
>>29644 The first thing that comes to mind is a top-hat. Maybe as the top of a steam-punk style with the goggles concealing other sensors. Or as part of a mini top-hat, anime style. depends on what style you are going for.
>>29644 Hmm. If you're trying to stick as close to human as possible, the only thing I can think of that would look nice is some kind of non-removeable headwear. A crown or tiara, perhaps? The LIDAR device could be mounted in the body, and the dome protrudes from the top.
>>29644 >>29645 Taking the top-hat concept a little further, if you want the techno-body like in your pic, you could go for a transparent hat so the antenna is showcased as part of it, hiding in plain sight. You could use a transparent plastic container cut off and inverted. Mold a hat brim form with modeling clay and vacu-form a transparent brim from plastic sheet over it and glue the two together. Use magnets to hold it in place on her head so she could raise/tip her hat when appropriate to add character. Include a little slack wire for the purpose, with a connector for complete removal if desired.
>>29645 Can any of the lower part of the antenna be inside her head? If so, and her hair (if any) isn't enough to conceal the rest, you could go for the "headphones" look like in your picrel, with the protruding emitter/receiver as part of the headband design, possibly with other antennas on the sides or folded up boom-mikes. See picrels. Other than those all I can think of would be as part of a restraining band for a hairstyle like a puffed ponytail, see picrel
>>29649 Wrong crosslink, should be >>29644 Mod, please fix and delete this. Thanx.
>>29645 >>29647 >>29648 >>29649 Damn, I hadn’t even considered making it a tophat or another accessory— much appreciated, thanks guys. I’d only been thinking about mecha or monster-girl aesthetics… and as for my design goals, I’m not at all attached to ”near human”— in fact, I’d prefer she be quite obviously robotic, 100% function-over-form Anyway, functionality-wise, the antenna needs to be able to “sway” around enough to let the LIDAR “peek” over the head so it can scan the ground immediately in front of the robot (worst-case, of course, but that always needs to be accounted for in design). The antenna head (LIDAR dome) itself needs to be the highest point of the robot (so the scan plane isn’t obscured); presumably, that implies it’s centered, but it doesn’t *need* to be. During normal operation, I imagine it’ll sway by 0.25-0.5in as it angles the scan plane to hit areas that the optical sensors marked “uncertain” (stereoscopic correlation -> depth failed). Anyway, I wanted to make it something that looks “natural”-ish moving around a bit during operation, which is why I defaulted to an antenna. I might be able to do a “dancing tophat” or similar theme too, tho… Frankly, I don’t fathom what normies will or won’t find cool/scary/repulsive, so I figured I should ask before going ahead with that part of the design. Worth noting that I’ll likely do “inhuman” ears as well, perhaps headphone or fantasy style (elf/dragon/fox/etc.?) I personally don’t mind having a “chimera robo-girl”, but perhaps people would find a cohesive “theme” more pleasant? Plus, I plan on having a fairly advanced audio localization system, so the orientation (and ideally the shape) of the ears will be dynamic
>>29695 Hmmm, asymmetry will be tough to pull off aesthetically. I think the picrel of the girl-bot is an example of it not working. It works for Robby because even though the antennas on each side are at different angles, they are the same shape and there are two of them, giving balance. For having the LIDAR unit tilt, you could just have her head tilt to "glance" downward, just as we meat-bags do.
>>29695 I’m not at all attached to ”near human”— in fact, I’d prefer she be quite obviously robotic, 100% function-over-form Wow, I completely misinterpreted your original post, to the point of essentially reading it backwards. I thought you wanted her to stick as close to human as possible. If we throw that out the window, the possibilities increase significantly. First, I'll get what seems to be your primary concern out of the way: >Frankly, I don’t fathom what normies will or won’t find cool/scary/repulsive, so I figured I should ask before going ahead with that part of the design. What normalniggers find to be "okay" and "attractive" is little more than vogue - it changes over time, and we are in a period where vogue changes quite rapidly. If you try to stay in-vogue, you'll just get left behind. Don't waste your time chasing someone else's vision of beauty. Build a waifu who is beautiful to you, and those who agree with your designs will come to you. Now then, I have many more ideas for how you could mount your waifu's LIDAR system in a more attractive manner, but I'll stick to basic overviews based on a handful of general aesthetics: High fantasy: The LIDAR block could be mounted onto the end of a horn, antler, sigma (botanical), or halo. There are other possibilities of course, but I can feel this post becoming quite long as-is. Concerning the horn: it could either be a singular horn (unicorn-like, protruding from the forehead), or the largest horn of an asymmetrical design (you'd be surprised (or maybe not) at how good asymmetrical horns can look). The horn itself can be hollow, and made from lightweight plastic. This gives you room for tilting in the LIDAR device. For instance, the antenna could be within the body of a chonky horn, and only the dome protrudes from the top. Tilt could be achieved by mounting the antenna to tension cables, which shift the block on the top when articulated. An antler based system would work the same, I surmise, just with a different form-factor. Concerning the stigma: if you don't feel like looking it up, the stigma is the endpoint of the pistil (stalk-like thing in the middle of the flower). This would necessitate that your waifu is botanically themed, but it can be done. It'll also look more natural than the horn idea, since it's easier to pass-off the movement of the LIDAR device as normal "swaying" of the "plant". Concerning the halo: there are many forms a halo can take, but they all basically amount to you adding plastic mass in a vague ring or circle shape to your waifu. The idea here is similar to horns or antlers, just implemented differently. The LIDAR block would likely have to be static in the halo, as the entire halo structure articulates. Elves, animal-ear autism, and (you): Every feasible ear design would work roughly the same way, in that the LIDAR device would be integrated into an articulating "cartilidge". I'd personally recommend felinid, canid, or lagomorphic (upright, not floppy) ears, since they're large and allow many degrees of freedom while allowing the LIDAR device to be as high-up as possible on the structure. I don't know too much about LIDAR systems, but I assume that they work best when located as high-up as possible, so I'd personally stray away from ears that stick out the sides, like in elves. I could easily be wrong there however, since I'm not concerning myself with LIDAR (I'm personally leaning more towards SONAR). Sci-fi: There are two primary thoughts I have that could work with this aesthetic: The first is that you lean into the futirist aesthetic, and let the LIDAR device shine on its own. The second is that you merge this with fantasy, and create sybernetic "horns" or something similar that look more metallic and technologically advanced. The following ideas are ones that can work very well, but only if you really commit to the aesthetic. I don't reccomend them unless you have an eye for them. Dark fantasy: Similar ideas to fantasy, except focused more on monster-like and undead aesthetics. Wouldn't a lich waifu look nice with a pretty bone crown or strange crown-like artefact fused to her head (the crown jewel of said artefact being the LIDAR block)? Concepts like this can look pretty, and I've seen it done very well, but it's an acquired taste for most. Dark sci-fi: Similar to sci-fi, just messier and with old school (typically) sci-fi dystopian elements. Perhaps give her some complex-looking visor headgear made from dark metal and have some (fake) wires stick out? This, too can be fused with fantasy elements. Eldritch: Are you looking into the abyss, or out of it? Scrape away at the blackened dregs which have settled upon the bottommost depths of your imagination, and form them into a vision of terrifying beauty never before seen by mankind. These are just a few basic off-the-cuff ideas. Regardless of what you choose, you'll want ot theme your entire waifu accordingly. I'd advise considering her appearance as a whole, instead of focusing only on parts. That head has to be attached to a body, after all.
>>29695 >I’d prefer she be quite obviously robotic, 100% function-over-form OK, that narrows it down a bit. How about an "up-do" hairstyle made of wiring, heat pipes, fiber-optics, jewels(camera lenses), etc, in a style similar to that of yeoman Janice Rand in Star Trek TOS, with the LIDAR box/dome on top? See picrels. This could conceal the tilting mechanism, and the rings could be hidden or exposed as part of the do. The sloping shape would allow a clear field of view all around. You could have the mood LEDs light the fiber optics. Fiber optic "hair" could fall behind to shoulder-length or longer with more metal ornament (tinsel?) suggested by the hairstyle of Jennifer Connely in "Labyrinth". Black and white Rand pic with more silvery look. A feminine but very artificial look, as functional as you can make it. Sorry, I don't have any robot art with anything close yet.
Open file (105.08 KB 672x672 image (5).jpg)
Open file (89.88 KB 672x672 image (4).jpg)
Open file (166.99 KB 672x672 image (3).jpg)
Open file (161.80 KB 672x672 image (2).jpg)
Open file (129.24 KB 672x672 image (1).jpg)
>slim vertical hair antenna tower on top of the head made out of rings on one pole on top of a waifu
Generative image making isnt very good for designing ideas for 3D objects since it can only create identifiable objects already commonly drawn and photographed before. Otherwise details get melted into unidentifiable masses if you prompt anything but a cliche or lots of small parts are used and not enough people draw it exactly the same. In many cases you could have found images of already drawn by someone relatively easily with some ideas more clearly, just not always in a single image. All you get is a seemingly polished image but is actually full of flaws in any detail so it only gives a vague idea but not detailed like even a simple sketch can better convey sometimes. Id say it is a waste of processing power and time. >>29699 >>29698 >>29695 If you mean a LiDAR that is 360 you can place it in the neck behind translucent plastic or resin that doesnt block IR. Just need short enough hair and a way to move the head that wont block LiDAR too much which might be challenging though. What if it was a staff she carries or even just a simple tower or rod protruding from her shoulder or back above her head? or what about a small drone that automatically tracks her that LiDAR and sends the info to her guiding her third person perspective but is technically part of her? When it comes to stationary LiDAR that is way easier but you would need a minimum of two to four depending where placed. I had posted some more affordable LiDAR in a few posts in the vision thread if anyone is interested.
Open file (561.08 KB 2048x2048 grid-0025.jpg)
Open file (508.70 KB 2048x2048 grid-0026.jpg)
Open file (514.15 KB 2048x2048 grid-0027.jpg)
Open file (466.98 KB 2048x2048 grid-0028.jpg)
Open file (470.78 KB 2048x2048 grid-0029.jpg)
I've been generating robot girls (among many other things) using A1111. I'll dump my stuff in here. >what checkpoint? My checkpoint is the pony one and I swap loras around all the time but I usually use anime-themed ones. >can I get a .png version? If you want a higher definition of one of these pics, let me know and I can drop the .png file. >what prompt did you use? Most of these utilized PSO as a tag with various other things for posing and backgrounds. If you want specific prompts I used for each set, let me know. I don't know if this board wipes metadata, if it doesn't you should be able to pull it from the pictures. >can you make "x" themed art? I can try, but I'm no professional prompter. If you want me to use another checkpoint or a specific lora let me know and I'll look into it. >Can I use this art in my project? Nothing I can really do to stop you. It'd be polite to at least note that you didn't make it and you pulled it from the net but I don't need to sign my name on any of this stuff. >Some of these gens are kinda shit... HIT THE LEVER! You never know what you're going to get. If all 4 outputs shit the bed, I won't be inclined to share them but if 2 out the 4 are decent I'll post the grid.
Open file (545.75 KB 2048x2048 grid-0030.jpg)
Open file (583.84 KB 2048x2048 grid-0031.jpg)
Open file (605.68 KB 2048x2048 grid-0032.jpg)
Open file (614.62 KB 2048x2048 grid-0033.jpg)
Open file (495.76 KB 2048x2048 grid-0034.jpg)
Open file (537.47 KB 2048x2048 grid-0035.jpg)
Open file (516.97 KB 2048x2048 grid-0036.jpg)
Open file (540.32 KB 2048x2048 grid-0037.jpg)
Open file (518.82 KB 2048x2048 grid-0038.jpg)
Open file (518.60 KB 2048x2048 grid-0039.jpg)
Open file (511.81 KB 2048x2048 grid-0040.jpg)
Open file (849.76 KB 2048x2048 grid-0041.jpg)
Open file (743.02 KB 2048x2048 grid-0042.jpg)
Open file (759.91 KB 2048x2048 grid-0043.jpg)
Open file (434.83 KB 2048x2048 grid-0001.jpg)
Open file (449.92 KB 2048x2048 grid-0002.jpg)
Open file (484.78 KB 2048x2048 grid-0003.jpg)
Open file (495.10 KB 2048x2048 grid-0004.jpg)
Open file (493.46 KB 2048x2048 grid-0005.jpg)
>>30938 These more generic bots were made without the PSO tag. I added "nuse" and "hospital" for some of the nurse bot pics. Big tiddies too.
Open file (350.98 KB 512x512 00061-3995292387.png)
Open file (915.65 KB 808x808 00062-1778171854.png)
Open file (783.49 KB 808x808 00063-1778171855.png)
Open file (846.85 KB 808x808 00064-1778171856.png)
Open file (810.66 KB 808x808 00065-1778171857.png)
>>30939 These were some of my earlier outputs.
Open file (844.37 KB 808x808 00066-3129588462.png)
Open file (739.21 KB 808x808 00067-3129588463.png)
Open file (783.91 KB 808x808 00068-3129588464.png)
Open file (699.93 KB 808x808 00069-3129588465.png)
Open file (730.17 KB 808x808 00070-2996704907.png)
>>30940 I'd deleted the grid versions of these because I was afraid they were taking up too much space. Also, all these spoiled ones get pretty lewd. >Why are the robots creating milk? Why not?
Open file (744.52 KB 808x808 00071-2996704908.png)
Open file (858.51 KB 808x808 00072-2996704909.png)
Open file (773.13 KB 808x808 00073-2996704910.png)
Open file (777.73 KB 808x808 00074-2794873596.png)
Open file (811.02 KB 808x808 00075-2794873597.png)
>>30941 I forget what the prompt was for these bigger bodied waifu bots.
Open file (856.37 KB 808x808 00076-2794873598.png)
Open file (875.52 KB 808x808 00077-2794873599.png)
Open file (748.12 KB 808x808 00078-2584427227.png)
Open file (799.90 KB 808x808 00079-2584427228.png)
Open file (730.60 KB 808x808 00080-2584427229.png)
>>30942 I for some of these lewd ones, I was experimenting with how the model would create "robot pussy". I'm not sure if that's the actual tag I used, I can dig into it as necessary.
Open file (901.81 KB 808x808 00081-2584427230.png)
Open file (918.03 KB 808x808 00082-1753334759.png)
Open file (766.38 KB 808x808 00083-1753334760.png)
Open file (838.15 KB 808x808 00084-1753334761.png)
Open file (915.01 KB 808x808 00085-1753334762.png)
>>30943 Some of these got really weird but I liked the designs so I held onto them.
Open file (740.65 KB 808x808 00086-4127464749.png)
Open file (847.90 KB 808x808 00087-4127464750.png)
Open file (766.50 KB 808x808 00088-4127464751.png)
Open file (748.01 KB 808x808 00089-4127464752.png)
Open file (953.28 KB 808x808 00090-1174367101.png)
>>30944 sorry for all the robot puss. I wanted to see what the SD model could do.
Open file (1.02 MB 808x808 00091-1174367102.png)
Open file (1.05 MB 808x808 00092-1174367103.png)
Open file (781.84 KB 808x808 00093-1174367104.png)
>>30945 Sorry for all the slop. Hope you enjoyed my generations. The last one I'm not sure about being NSFW but someone might construe her color scheme as showing nips so I hid it.

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