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He was finally living the life he had always wanted, and he owed it all to the mysterious robowaifu.

DCC Design Tools & Training Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:42:32 No.415
Creating robowaifus requires lots and lots of design and artistry. It's not all just nerd stuff you know Anon! :^) ITT: Add any techniques, tips, tricks, or content links for any Digital Content Creation (DCC) tools and training to use when making robowaifus. >note: This isn't the 'Post Your Robowaifu-related OC Arts & Designs General' thread. We'll make one of those later perhaps. >--- I spent some time playing with the program Makehuman and I'll say I wasn't impressed. It's not possible to make anime real using Makehuman, in fact the options (for example eye size) are somewhat limited. But there's good news, don't worry! The creator of Makehuman went on to create a blender plugin called ManuelBastioniLAB which is much better (and has a much more humorous name). The plugin is easy to install and use (especially if you have a little blender experience). There are three different anime female defaults that are all pretty cute. (Pictured is a slightly modified Anime Female 2.) There are sliders to modify everything from finger length to eye position to boob size. It even has a posable skeleton. Unfortunately the anime models don't have inverse kinematic skeletons which are much easier to pose. Going forward I'm probably going to use MasturBationLABManuelBastioniLAB as the starting point for my designs. >=== -re-purpose OP for DCC consolidation
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Note: I'm going to go ahead and merge this with the 3D Models of Humans thread soon >>415 . There's some instructional information already there on these kinds of topics, and we have already similar information spread out too far. I'll probably change the subject of that thread to make it more general. >--- In this thread we discuss various CAD software for the purpose of making access easier for others to get started. I'm using Fusion360. Other good options are Blender and FreeCAD. Fusion360 is the easiest to use imho and is free unless your business makes over 100,000 dollars. Post software, tutorials, tips and tricks you've learned, etc. Let's make designing waifus easier for each other!
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I've tried out ManuelBastioniLAB and it's very comprehensive while easy to use. It's been discontinued and forked into the MB-Lab project now.
There's a way to add in genitals or remove the modesty coverings but the default program doesn't include them in order to get around strict pornography laws in European jurisdictions.
>It's been discontinued and forked into the MB-Lab project now.
Ah, thanks for the update anon. Dollfan would be glad to know I imagine. Any way of adding the genitalia feature back into the program you know of? Asking for a friend.
Open file (891.21 KB 704x480 output.webm)
It's been awhile since I've used it and I can't find any information on how to do so as manuelbastioni.com/guide_tips.php is down.

Trying it out in Blender 2.8 I have no idea what's going on with this new UI. Ah got it, go into edit mode and select the MBlab_generic material. Assign the MBlab_human_skin to it and it's replaced. Hopefully this webm helps, don't know why the mouse pointer isn't showing up.
maybe this will help?
also, i think you're supposed to use v1.7.5 with Blender 2.8 as well.
Open file (224.21 KB 512x509 test.png)
Read through that and didn't see anything about removing the coverings. It's working fine the way I showed how just do it before finalizing the character.

SFW board, keep it spoilered anon.
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I threw up a little.
A lot of SFM model creators use modding tools in Skyrim to make a base for their models. It does a decent rigged body that's very customizable with a simple UI but getting Skyrim with porn mods setup properly is a pain in the ass. Loverslab is where that community hangs out for adult mods and allthefallen.ninja is for loli mods.

Two sites that have a good collection of 3d models are sfmlab.com(requires an account to see nude models but all it takes is a disposable email) and smutba.se , you might get lucky on DeviantArt and tumblr too.

And on this site we've got someone creating his waifu in VR over in /agdg/30078 with constant updates on his progress. There's also /3d/ that's somewhat active and has tons of good resources for Blender.

I'm not very knowledgeable about the MMD or VRchat community but here's a booru for the first one, sometime links to the models are posted
Any professional-tier 3D modeling/animation suite like Maya, 3DStudio Max, Motion Builder, SoftImage, and even Blender more and more, will have some type 'human-builder' plugin available either in-product or as a third-party plugin.

I think MoBu has the simplest and most intuitive IK/FK humanoid shell-rigging system I've ever worked with tbh.
bump for interest. A "How to make 3d models" thread would be nice.
I think both /3d/ and possibly /agdg/ may have some Blender information anon. But yes this would be a good thread here I agree.
Here are some build a bod models for blender.
Learn how to use shape keys before you mess with them.

Open file (3.77 MB 2560x1440 robotdance.webm)
Testing to see if I can use spoilers when javascript isn't enabled. If it doesn't work I won't post anything lewd on here from now on.
Too add to the sources list as Tumblr has banned pornography since that post was made;
https://e621.net/post/index/1/3d_%28artwork%29 (furry)
https://ecchi.iwara.tv/?language=en Found this video on their front non-ecchi page
Deviant Art and Pixiv I'm not familiar with so can't say much about them.
Open file (27.85 KB 480x360 0.jpg)
Open file (26.54 KB 480x360 0(1).jpg)
Beginning tutorial for Fusion360

Good thread OP. So, are you free to give away or even sell you're waifu products with Fusion360 too?
Yes Anon, and you can use it for free. One of the more interesting features is the ability to collaborate. We could set it up so that multiple Anons can work on the same project together.
Let's all learn together.
I'm going to check this software out OP.
This software is amazing OP I thank you immensely for bringing this to my attention. I've used other CAD software like Rhino and FreeCAD, and I could never get into them for one reason or another. Fusion360 is great in my first 30 minutes with it I designed a basic mock-up of a forearm. It's really intuitive and I recommend it to anyone struggling to find something they like.
It's fantastic to hear an Anon benefited from this thread. I'd really appreciate if you posted pictures of your progress, either here or potentially your own that if you're planning a project you'd like to share.
Thanks for that recommendation anon, and to the OP also for introducing it to us.
Personally I'd recommend using onshape for anyone who doesn't already have cad.

It's fairly similar to solidworks so it's very easy to pick up and can be accessed from anywhere with a web browser. The models can be shared and edited publicly so it makes it easy to collaborate. It was sort of made for open source projects like this. Entirely free to use as well.
>It was sort of made for open source projects like this. Entirely free to use as well.
This looks really interesting. As great as Fusion360 is there are two issue holding me back on it. A) It's owned by Autodesk, and having experience with them in other industries I'm hesitant to go there again. B) It doesn't run natively on Linux. I have come to literally hate both Microsoft and Apple over the last few years. They have become enemies of their own users. Otherwise it's amazing.

While I haven't looked too closely at onshape yet (I will now after you're post) there's one thing I really like about it: it runs on Linux with no complications. However, I'd like to ask you first: We need to ensure that we can both download and work locally on models offline. If (((they))) pull the plug on us, we'd be fucked if we had to reach the cloud to work on our designs thereafter. Very risky weakness if we have to imo.

Good find Anon, it works on pretty much anything with an internet connection and send to show for easy collaboration. Overall great software for learning. Though if using for professional development for production, Fusion360 is cheaper 125 a month. If you're interested in learning CAD or only want to make open source designs and have a solid internet connection, this is a great choice.

You are free to download your designs and work on them offline through other CAD programs. You're right in that if they pull the plug, you're fugged. It's a program that requires there servers to function.
Really cool software to help with designing linkages.
Useful tips for making joints.
Open file (139.29 KB 570x564 0704225106464_21_a49.png)
>runs in a web browser
And what if some of us aren't into masochism?
It is rather a nice piece of software, so that is a shame about that part of it.
Maybe someone posted this already, but EAA is offering Solidworks student licenses to their members, membership being $36 per year.
There's other perks too if you're into flying.
Very cool anon, thanks for the tip. I love flying, and EAA is filled with great people.
product page
Open file (28.37 KB 480x360 0(2).jpg)
Hory shitto, Blender is getting a real fixed units system! That means it could soon become the best modeling software available bar none.

That's good news Kiwi thanks. Yes the 2.8 version will be something special. I'm very hopeful the Blender 101 project will also make the platform more approachable as well. Should be a great new year for Blender coming up!



Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/05/2019 (Sat) 16:44:24.
Blender 2.8 is finally in beta.
Does it finally solve the whole command line dependency?

>ed. Clarify your question please.
thank you anon, it's been a long wait!
It feels like a professional platform now tbh.

Official Blender 2.8 Fundamentals playlist
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/05/2019 (Sat) 17:10:48.
Open file (39.18 KB 480x360 0(4).jpg)
Man that's an outdated infographic. The newer ones changed the layout so I knew it was old just at a glance.
great, thanks anon.
I'm surprised nobody mentioned the newer Illusion games, they allow for quite a bit of customization of 3d models and since it uses the Unity engine it can be easily exported for use in other 3d editors. As games or VR sex simulators they're not very good, better to use them as an animation studio or model builder.

There's also a huge community making their own characters and sharing them online on imageboards or on boorus thanks to the 'card' save feature. Just find a character you like, save the .png card into your UserData/chara/female/ folder and it's ready to use.
https://kenzato.uk/booru/explore (needs an account to see everything)
https://www.pixiv.net/search.php?word=%E3%82%B3%E3%82%A4%E3%82%AB%E3%83%84 (needs an account to see everything)

I'd recommend trying out Koikatsu as it's the most popular one at the moment and there's a newer torrent out that includes all the most important mods preinstalled.

I spent a dozen hours in it and the UI is still feels odd but very simple compared to dedicated 3d programs. I mostly screw around in the Chara Studio program rather than the main game. Unfortunately most of the community for it hangs out on Discord but you find guides for it and tips on installing it with Wine on the HGames Wiki.
I don't vidya much these days anon never did really tbh too tied up with school and coding. That sounds interesting though. You mentioned you've spent some time in it. Any chance you show us some of your results? Not prying just curious what's being done by anons here.
I'm just screwing around in it so I don't have anything to show off, I thought about giving an example with that post but just clicking on any of the links will provide some. At first I tried it out for the character modeling but the animation studio is what I find the most useful. This video gives an idea of how it works.

It's more of a simulator with 3d models than a game, the reason why I think it's pertinent to this board is you can pipe the chroma keyed video output of animated characters for several purposes. I remember one guy on here wanted to make a virtual desktop assistant program and this would be perfect for that.

The aspect I'm most interested in is using it with AR/VR which I'm having trouble to get working as the VR version is designed for the main game to work with the Vive headset and that whole ecosystem isn't something I'm interested in. I'm currently doing tests having two programs running and slightly changing the camera angle. By binding headset tracking to the camera on both instances it should work.
Thanks anon. That does look pretty easy to use and the waifu is cute. I'm assuming it's also pretty easy to animate since you mentioned that specifically?

I'm not exactly sure I understand how the details of the chroma key function will support the anons who want to make a virtual/visual waifu? Though it seems like it would be good for it from your statement.

I hope you can figure out how to do VR w/o relying on the commercial Vive, etc. platforms. Open-source VR gear when?
Open file (727.17 KB 512x928 testpatern.mp4)
The chroma keying works by selecting a solid color background like in this video. Then sending the output of the window into ffmpeg using gdigrab you use -filter_complex 'colorkey=0x<color>' to remove the color. Then there are many ways to display a transparent video output with characters on your desktop depending on the DE/WM you use.

The animation is what really surprised me with Chara Studio, I'm used to standard 3d software where you have to waste time rendering to see if it's any good and it takes forever to learn all the intricacies. With this software it's all live and through easy to select FK/IK options you can modify the basic animations. Of which there are a lot of.

And by this time next year I expect OpenXR to be usable with a third party tracking solution that's supported, it should already work right now. They can output video to almost all the headsets out right now but the issue is position data.
Aha. I think I understand that a little better now thanks anon. That sounds like pretty compelling experience with the animation, I think simple to use is a better choice than extravagant array of features for the majority of us anons heh.

Do you think OpenXR to become popularly supported similar to say, OpenGL?
>position data
Are there any good open source Kinect-like alternatives or something functionally similar? Has a new market formed to fill the Kinect void?
PS. Moar Chii tbh! :^)
I'll give it a look anon, thanks for bringing it up.
Open file (635.62 KB 352x904 output1.mp4)
To keep this on topic there's also the Custom Maid 3D series that's similar to Koikatsu. You can find a 122gb torrent for it on nyaa.si

OpenXR is made by the Khronos group and they're the people who are behind the OpenGL replacement Vulkan so industry support is guaranteed.

As for tracking that's a whole different can of worms, there's NOLO VR that's not very well supported but works at the moment and Valve's lighthouse system that's currently being reverse engineered through libsurvive. I'd give VR another year or two to mature before buying into it as it's still a mess. And even then buy something cheap and used.
Thank you, I'll have a lot to look at heh.
Has anyone tried VROID studio? I while ago I watched a video about it, and I remember that it's possible to roll out the skin. Which might be usefull if someone wants to create a skin for a bot later. https://youtu.be/p8xQ0waBwPo
>>4339 Thanks for the tip anon. Yes, the idea of splaying a skin come up in the papercraft waifu thread. I think there are some dedicated tools just for it too, IIRC.
Anyone tried Solvespace or OpenCAD?
>>4390 I haven't what about you Anon? Anything you can tell us about them here?
>>4390 I started with Solvespace, but like with everything I got distracted. Will soon start again, there are tutorials on Youtube. I like that it even runs on a Raspi 3 (also Linux in general).
Other than the following links, anyone aware of any good human anatomy models to use as a basis for the internal mechanisms? Having an external form will be useful as a basis, but for CAD work of mapping out the actual mechanisms it seems like having more than just a shell to work with could be good. I have a few links to some very nice resources for human anatomical models, but the download speeds are terrible and it isn't customization in their proportions. 3d models of bones, muscles, veins, and organs with a built in viewer and downloads http://lifesciencedb.jp/bp3d/?lng=en Model of the above link with full skeleton https://grabcad.com/library/human-anatomy-v3-male-life-sciences-japan-bodyparts3d-source-1/details?folder_id=4540778 v4 (previous being v3) but seems incomplete https://grabcad.com/library/human-anatomy-v4-male-life-sciences-japan-bodyparts3d-source-1/details?folder_id=4247170 There seem to be a few different currents here, which is good, but for those who want a more biomimetic waifu, organs and bone structure should maybe be considered at least for design. Are there any easier ways to go about this that I am unaware of?
>>4450 Looking at the anatomy is certainly very useful, it would be even better if we had a 3d model of a young woman which we could adapt to our needs. In the ideal case, the most human-like waifus will feel similar to humans from the outside. We could find the bones we need to keep and the ones which could be bigger or differently shaped in the waifu.
>>4450 There are actually anatomy programs that actually used in pre-med/med schools as reference and teaching aids. They are entirely commercial products and they don't give their models away for free. But if you're so inclined to obtain a copy and use is simply as interactive reference, you probably couldn't find a better type of resource along these lines Anon. >Complete Anatomy Platform 2020 https://3d4medical.com/
>>4465 Thanks, there are also more and more apps to learn anatomy like eg "Teach me Anatomy". Didn't try it yet though, but I have it on my wishlist.
>>4454 >it would be even better if we had a 3d model of a young woman which we could adapt to our needs I agree. I was hoping that there would be other sources with different human models that could be exported to a CAD program but it seems like there may not be. There are tons of resources on human body proportions and the difference between male and female proportions, but I have no idea how to translate that into a things like bone structure and musculature on the design level. The resources I linked were created with scans of at least one human, I'm not sure if more were used, and finding human models already in existence has proved fruitless. https://www.intechopen.com/books/machine-learning-and-biometrics/a-human-body-mathematical-model-biometric-using-golden-ratio-a-new-algorithm This is a decent paper on human body proportions, but it is also male. There are other proportional charts and papers that go over females but this one seemed the most comprehensive generally which is why I saved it. Referencing the differences between the sexes and applying it to the more detailed male model seems a decent temporary solution. >>4465 Fantastic resource anon! This will definitely be useful for reference in understanding anatomy and biomechanics.
>>4480 >This is a decent paper on human body proportions, but it is also male. There are other proportional charts and papers that go over females but this one seemed the most comprehensive generally which is why I saved it. Referencing the differences between the sexes and applying it to the more detailed male model seems a decent temporary solution. I feel obligated to speak up and let you know I will oppose any male-oriented project work attempted here on /robowaifu/. Other groups are free to take our work and do with it as they will, but /robowaifu/ is strictly, well, waifu-oriented.
>>4481 I think it's about finding ways to use the male bone model and then changing it based on other infos.
>>4481 Waifus are my goal as well, but without a decent internal model to work with I feel that altering a male form to be better proportional to a female form may be the best course of action for the development of a biomimetic android. If someone could find a female base to work with I'd be more than happy to use it, but until then altering a male model to be female is much more straightforward than translating MRI data into something more workable. That said, the proportionality of the human body has been a pain to try and sift through. If there are any better proportionality charts and algorithms than the one I posted here >>4480 please let me know.
>>4483 >>4484 Understood. Once the transform work has been successfully concluded, then I'm sure the results would be welcome here.
I posted something about software for modelling faces here: >>4549 - It's partially related, but more about faces.
Looking forward to try some programs, when I find the motivation to setup my laptop with a new Linux distro or when I have my PC. Has anyone tried these? dust3D: https://youtu.be/MytN8t4guuM MeshMolder (Video from 2018, back then WinOnly, works with oldish PCs): https://youtu.be/k3rfjydtm6A SculptGL (seems to be really good, maybe resource hungry): https://youtu.be/d2Lf_RVyQYA Neobarok (unique workflow, prefers AMD, a bit buggy): https://youtu.be/YRGjD4nTp_k MeshMixer (no Linux, already has objects, like eg ears, good for honeycomb shapes): https://youtu.be/YJ9LAwMwr0M I didn't watch the whole video for Thea Conceptor, from askNK bc I didn't like the video. There are more and more specialized free programs where the results can be exported to other programs, like Blender. Character Creator seems to be a commercial alternative to Make Humans, just wanted to mention it. Just in case someone needs something which might be more powerful.
Some thread in 4chan which might be worth some digging. Didn't look into the links. Maybe it's nothing important. A lot is in Japanese, though.: Anatomy, tutorials, construction, building, texturing, etc.: http://boards.4chan.org/3/thread/742562
>>4756 Thanks Anon. I used to spend days modeling ears, just to prove my instructors wrong and show that they could in fact ofc tbh be modeled all with quads. I was correct.
>>4423 Update on Solvespace: There's no way to import . STL files or any other files into it. It's easy to use for ones own design, but not to work with other files, except the creator shared the Solvespace files. However, I also found Wings3d and Makehuman are installable on my Raspi3. I'll try Wings3d first, since I cant imagine Makehuman would be working fine, and also because I only want to change same smaller parts from Thingyverse and such.
>>4795 Hope you keep us updated Anon. >do these work OK on a SBC like that?
Open file (1.37 MB 500x250 migi.gif)
>>4802 I'm using Meshlab for repairs and filters, Wings3D for some extrusions and creating new simple meshmodels, though in the future I might use Solvespace for that, Prusa Slicer for cutting mesh models and adding parts for support (I don't mean the regular auto- generated supports, but manually added ones). I tried Blender briefly, though it's really slow with a complex mesh model on a Raspi3. I didn't even try to use Make Humans yet. Misfit Models 3d works well for some things, it can open dxf files but not stl, while Wings3D doesn't accept dxf but stl, and Solvespace takes only dxf or its own file format. Meshlab is very responsive and has a lot of filters, but the file I repaired with it still had errors in Prusa Slicer and caused a faulty print, while it didn't make it easier to cut it. Cutting whole models into parts in Prusa Slicer causes severe errors (deformations) in that model most of times, which then need to be repaired manually, taking hours (for a beginner)... By now I'm completely opposed to the workflow of mixing CAD designed exact parts with mesh models, like the developer of Sophie does, but also the developer of InMoov seems to have done. This kind of mixing needs to be kept to a minimum for good design.
Open file (53.69 KB 683x535 Fusion-Upgrade.png)
Open file (577.29 KB 2400x1600 Stallman.jpeg)
Before I forget it again: Congratulations to your progress in learning Fusion360, especially the more advanced options. Autodesk thanks you a lot for enjoying their product. Autodesk is so happy for everyone, they just announced that Fusion360 won't have so many options in the free version anymore. Now you can support them with a regular monthly payment or once a year, and therefore contribute to the further development of their product, and so help them to create even better and more expensive options. You can even get some bonuses here and there, maybe. So you won't need to spend to much. Hmmm.. Okay?
>>5194 kek. Yeah Autodesk is rather mercenary in their general behavior. I've been dealing with them for years, no surprise tbh.
>>5194 Don't forget to export your files in every format they allow right now, you might need these files later. Not sure if dxf works everywhere, and how well. Every progamm has its own format, and it seems to be difficult to write code for import.
Open file (156.79 KB 1920x1016 Abdomen.png)
Open file (42.95 KB 1389x908 helix_case_playground.png)
Open file (43.43 KB 1408x922 helix_round_testing.png)
I found the option to make more complex round forms in Solvespace version 3, the one in some repositories is 2.3 (e.g. Raspian). Not sure if it's in these old versions. I'm using the version from Github now, which even builds on a Raspberry Pi 3 directly. It can create a helix or revolve around some point, but not completely. I want to use this to build many parts which will assemble to something bigger, for example a skull or a abdomen. Only if absolutely necessary their should be some small parts added which a sculpted. I want everything in CAD (parametric design), so I can add cavities and then holders or levels on the inside, or scale and slice the whole thing however I want to. The example pic with the abdomen is from Sophie (stl-file in the Mega cloud of the developer). The green part is a example in CAD, which isn't perfect, but it shows that I might be able to build something alike step by step. This might also be more useful if something is supposed to be a mold for silicone rubber, bc I can work on the inside of such a model by making a cavity with the same shape but maybe some extras like the negative of the belly button. I'm still playing around and learning, so don't hold your breath for something complete coming very soon. I'm working parallel on may different parts, however I feel like. I found that in some cases it's good approach to use the 2D preview of a stl-file in a slicer to get some picture with a pattern as orientation. Also using 3D sculpted models for comparison.
>>8076 Thanks for the progress reports Anon. I really wish you good success in devising a robowaifu design system based on a SBC system like the RPi. If we can bring the costs down of everything -- including the design process -- then we can see many more anons getting their own robowaifus. I like the thinking about parametric design work. BTW, this kind of facility is also included in packages like Blender and Maya. It's called NURBS there, and as you suggest is a fast, powerful way to make all kinds of geometric edits. But personally, I'd feel a lot better knowing that at least one of us was taking the time to master SolveSpace too. Godspeed in your research and studies Anon!
>>8076 Glad to see at least some of Sophie's early parts are coming in handy for learning/conceptualisation of your robowaifu! Managed to 3D-print her entire right hand and half her forearm in the space of 24 hours today using a single 3D printer. I want her to be low cost, easy to fix and mass-manufacture! Not just so that any damage is easily repaired, but so that other people can easily build upon and make use of her parts.
>>8084 >I want her to be low cost, easy to fix and mass-manufacture! Not just so that any damage is easily repaired, but so that other people can easily build upon and make use of her parts. Thank you very much for that goal Sophie Anon. It helps everyone!
>>8079 I wonder how good Blender is at parametric design. I while ago the message was that it isn't really good at it, but it might progress fast. I think the fundamentals can be learned with many programs, then transferred to many of them.
>>8102 I'm not too sure how well NURBS+Subdiv works on Blender yet, but with Maya it's definitely pro-tier. My guess is the Ton & crew are very quickly catching up in basically every area that they may lag behind the big boys. After all, the Blender Foundation is now literally raking in millions a year as many major studios have begun coming on board with the tool since the very innovative v2.8 dropped. In fact, a number of them are literally sending engineers to work right alongside the Blender devs to help them integrate features they deem essential. True 'skin in the game' move. It's been a long 25+ years lol haul for Ton, but he's finally become an 'overnight' success at last. Blender is amazing now, and I definitely mean to dig deeply into it this year and start creating a virtual waifu for our MRS simulator so we can finally use it with at the least a virtual waifu's face in it. >>1814 > I think the fundamentals can be learned with many programs, then transferred to many of them. Yep, I think you're right.
Still trying out different stuff (pics related). Often not with some specific goal in mind, just for testing. However, combining different 3D parts in one assembly turned out to be more difficult than anticipated. I might have to learn a bit more, to get better at it. For now I focus on playing and low hanging fruits (crude prototypes). >>8079 > devising a robowaifu design system based on a SBC system like the RPi This works to some extend, but it' wont' work for 3D sculpting. Also, I'm only doing this because I can't get myself to install and configure a new Linux on my laptop. Sooner or later I'm going to do that, though. I also intend to buy a PC for machine learning and some other things like 3D modelling, after I moved to another place. If I tried this now, I couldn't be sure when the parts arrive, and I'm busy anyways.
>>8110 I like the details of these cutaways Anon. Nice work. Seems to me you're really starting to get the hang of designing useful parts. Keep it up!
Open file (22.13 KB 150x150 openscad.png)
Open file (875.08 KB 1300x1089 libtest.png)
Has anyone here tried OpenSCAD yet? An anon mentioned it once here >>4554 but afaict there weren't any responses about it yet. It seems promising on the surface of it. It seems like is supports programmability for creating models, which as a programmer I find quite interesting. There is some kind of library available for it (Presumably it's a library of modeled parts, etc. pic #2 related ). The source code is available for building it directly for your machine. https://github.com/openscad/openscad https://www.openscad.org/cheatsheet/index.html https://github.com/nophead/NopSCADlib
>>8469 I have the tab open for quite a while, but didn't try it out. Seems to be interesting, I might look into it this year at some time. It's probably going to be about finding out what workflow works better, programming or working with the mouse. The problem is that these programs have no good exchangeable file formats. What might be interesting about OpenSCAD is that it might be possible to train programs to create object, while comparing it to a real object with image recognition, or to use it in a physics simulation. Maybe we can use this at some point to have our waifus imagine objects and run simulations to figure out how to handle them, a bit like dreaming or like planning and understanding how things work through imagination.
The designer of Alitas bodies in the live action movie : > https://vitalybulgarov.com/alita >Software-wise I used: ZBrush for initial sculpting(shape exploration), then Softimage XSI(for SUBD parts) and Moi3D(for CAD parts) for final surfaces/detailed work. Bodies rendered in Keyshot and the heart was rendered in Octane (I transitioned to Octane Render at the end of the project). Doesn't help me much, tbh. Except the term SUBD helped me to find this: https://solidedge.siemens.com/en/solutions/products/3d-design/subdivision-modeling/ Subdivision Surface Modifier — Blender Manual: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/modeling/modifiers/generate/subdivision_surface.html This might be the knowledge I lacked to get ahead. It's for the creation of more complex organic forms, but not (horrendous) 3D sculpting.
>>9355 I might be able to help you sort through some of that Anon. But honestly, you are already on the proper course by focusing on Blender instead unless you are independently wealthy. Today, Blender is not only still a free product (both as in beer and speech), but it also kicks ass too. Several studios have begun migrating to it, and Ton is now raking in over a million a year to grow the Blender Foundation's efforts with the platform. It shouldn't be the only tool in your pouch, but Blender should generally be the first thing you reach for Anon.
>By using optical metrology, you not only get accurate and comprehensive measurement results, the GOM Inspect Suite also provides you with detailed and versatile analysis functions and reports can be easily created. From nominal-actual comparison to form and position calculations and volume inspections, various functions are available
Anyone looked into anatomy sources recently? Something new? Anyone tried Human Generator? https://youtu.be/b3at8PXN9sk or importing from Make Human into Blender?https://youtu.be/bKqxbmnYlCw or >>4339 VRoid studio? https://youtu.be/aD5yAAPA4fU
Blender Foundation has now released their next LTS version 2.93 . This version will be actively supported for two years. https://www.blender.org/download/releases/2-93/ It has a remarkable new array of features. The geometry nodes and line art tools could be quite helpful to some of the kinds of work we might do here on /robowaifu/.
Open file (593.26 KB 1058x1058 1589549808561.png)
After dabbling in the 3D modelling community for a few months now I've realized a lot of people just use other models as bases for new ones and creating a good one from scratch can take a whole week. DeviantArt seems to be the most popular source for models: https://www.deviantart.com/search/deviations?q=mmd&order=all-time And SketchFab: https://sketchfab.com/search?q=anime&sort_by=-relevance&type=models (after filtering the results by clicking Downloadable) The CATS plugin makes it easy to import and work with anime models that are usually in MMD format: https://github.com/GiveMeAllYourCats/cats-blender-plugin And there's also the mmd_tools plugin: https://github.com/powroupi/blender_mmd_tools Mixamo makes it stupidly easy to animate any humanoid model and get it moving in a game engine: https://www.mixamo.com/ I'm pretty hyped how close I'm to having a virtual waifu. Just a year ago I couldn't imagine myself ever doing any sort of 3D stuff. And this shit is gonna be so easy for people once it's all together. Just adjust the blend shapes, pick a hair style, clothing, hair color, etc. Then pick a voice and personality for her and challenge your waifu to a game of strip checkers. If I can wrap my head around 3D file formats I'd love to take a shot at generating character models with AI next year. It wouldn't have to generate the whole thing. It could work in pieces, making random adjustments for the user to select what they like and blend the samples they like together, sort of like how 2D waifus can be generated. The Blender API would make it possible to generate stuff directly in the editor too. What a time to be alive.
>>11556 Neat! Thanks for the information and links Anon. I think you're right about things like Blender's Python API making things possible to generate automatically. And there are other options available today, like things ITT. >What a time to be alive. Indeed. Let the virtual waifu armies arise!!
One of my favorite things about Blender is how it's entirely self-contained, cross-platform, no install needed. Drag-and-drop and it just werks. Honestly, I can't think of a single other large program that does this as well. OTOH, building it all from source can be a bit rough! :^)
Open file (146.55 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
This isn't so much a tool per se but I learned most of what I know about 3D modelling from watching Shonzo make anime models from scratch. Often he uses screencast keys during his streams so you can see the hotkeys he uses during his workflow. Posting this here since there isn't really a general 3D modelling thread or art thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNFUPVBy1vk https://www.twitch.tv/shonzo https://www.youtube.com/c/Shonzo/videos
>>11896 Thanks! >since there isn't really a general 3D modelling thread or art thread. Yes, that is a long-standing need. Tell you what, if you'll go ahead and OP a thread that solves that for us, I'll go ahead and merge this entire thread into that one.
>>11556 Cheers anon! This thread is awesome! Bookmarked into my 3D modelling folder. You can also download a bunch of reference books from Z-library and Library Genesis (you may need to register on their website and use Tor for certain titles). Just type in Blender and you'll find several 2020 titles on game and character design using both Blender and Unity Engine. (I can't post them here due that being piracy).
The Solvespace tutorials from Eric Buijs moved to Peertube and are gone from YouTube bc of enforced advertising: https://peertube.linuxrocks.online/video-channels/homehack/videos
>>11964 Thanks for the heads-up Anon! Save.everything.
>>11896 Shonzo is a narcissist troon and an idiot who couldnt teach if their life depended on it. Literally all that literal faggot does is have its stream chat stroke its ego cock while answering zero questions nor explaining any of his processes. Anyone who considers a timelapse a “tutorial” and labels it as such like Shonzo does is: 1. Wasting your time 2. Incredibly retarded and should be avoided. 3. They do VR chat models. Obviously pozzed. There are literally dozens of better resources out there like Grant Abbot who actually teach you what the fuck they know and show you step by step without any of the 500x 30+ minute timelapse video titled “tutorials” that Shonzo and their ilk does.
>>12105 Not him, but I definitely like what Grant Abbitt does Anon.
>>12105 Seethe and cope more, Mr Reddit
>>12105 Shonzo is an ass with a lot of stupid hot takes but I like his models and prefer learning by watching people work than explaining everything. Also VR Chat models are a good source of income. I don't know why you're so salty about it.
>>4756 The thread is gone, but 4chan and probably others have boards for drawing, sculpting, etc which could be useful for us. Here's also some archive: https://4chanarchives.com/board/3/ though I didn't find the thread from my posting above. I also didn't save it, since it was from befor we had Bump.
Open file (305.87 KB 1495x2048 media_EZaTcMIUYAAvTBz.jpg)
Note: I'm going to go ahead and merge this with the 3D Models of Humans thread soon >>415 . There's some instructional information already there on these kinds of topics, and we have already similar information spread out too far. I'll probably change the subject of that thread to make it more general. >--- Mostly playlists of Blender artists and other arts-related or technical training channels. SAVE.EVERYTHING. I know we have the Tools to Create 3D Models of Humans (>>415) and Robowaifu Design Software (>>414) threads. But this thread is actually closer in intent to the ROBOWAIFU U (>>235) & the Humanoid Robot Projects Videos (>>374) threads, in that it's more about training and videos but with a focus on learning the products like Blender, Krita, Solvespace, Kdenlive, Godot, etc., or the techniques themselves. I even hope Bob Ross' shows and other kinds of similar video lists will be placed ITT since it's also arts, and far too little attention is being given to arts on /robowaifu/ currently!. >"We are creating an active hobbyist scene of builders, programmers, artists, designers, and writers using the technology of today, not tomorrow. Join us!" Thankfully, that seems to be changing a bit recently, and hopefully this information can help speed that up. Also, I figure it might be helpful if the whole group here had a kind index of arts-related & technical video content out there. Easier to find a few of the things that might be of interest to the robowaifuists here. Oh yea Anon, did I mention this... SAVE.EVERYTHING. :^)
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>>12245 SAVE.EVERYTHING.? Pfft, Wat? I know you might be asking yourself this question, Anon: >But why do I need to save anything, much less everything? After all, it's current year and we have the Internet. Don't we live in a society? Can't I just watch every.thing.ever. 24/7 on Google YouTube with my handy Apple iPad? Obviously that's NEVER going to change, so why even worry about it? If that's you asking yourself that right about now Anon, I have just two words for you: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OK, so maybe that's more than two, but I hope you get the point. Leftists and their cancel-culture frenzy won't be satisfied until their snowflake-safespace 'utopias' are literally free of any and every last little crumb of wrongthink. Perfect little infobubbles. Oh, and BTW Anon...The Ministry of Truth and The Ministry of Love would both like to have a word with you about that 'robowaifu' thing of yours, "You got a loicense for that, Mate? It's on un-approved lists, it is." >tl;dr Your favorite channels may not be around forever Anon. Better get 'em now while you still can. Alright, enough preaching to the choir here. Maybe like me you've already accumulated your own copies of literally thousands of videos such as these but just in case, how do you go about this yourself if you haven't done? Well for starters if you don't already know about it then run, don't walk, and setup a copy of youtube-dl (**) on your box right now. (1) Then, create a directory to contain all the downloaded video, subtitles, descriptions, and other content for each playlist. A convenient way for a beginner would be to simply copy/paste the naming I use: (*) > #1 #2 Create a new text file in that same directory, named the same as the directory, with the extension .m3u added. > #3 Copy the list text from the codeblock itself and paste it into your new text file > #4 This is the playlist, which you can run with mpv. (2) Open that directory and run the youtube-dl command (posted here in the codeblock related to that playlist). So, for the above example, you'd run this from the terminal: youtube-dl -i --write-description --write-auto-sub --sub-lang="en" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn3ukorJv4vvJM7tvjet4PP-LVjJx13oB It's probably easier on you if you first create a script with the youtube-dl command + the initial 4 (of the 5) params in a script file in your home directory, then just call that from your new playlist's download directory. That's how I do it: > #5 Seems like a lot of work I imagine, but really stuff like this just becomes second nature before long. Do it regularly enough, and soon you too will have an entire library of training resources you can call up in a moment's notice -- and which can't be taken down on you. Cheers, Anon. === ** Note: -As any regular users of youtube-dl already are well-aware, the RI*A's lawyers, in cooperation with M*crosoft's lawyers, set about with a cancel-culture attack against the author of the wonderful youtube-dl tool. Thankfully, there was enough of a pushback against The Globohomo Big-Tech/Gov on that one that M$ actually relented and re-enabled the repo on their absconded-with property, SJWhubGithub. Well enough. But soon thereafter, the author stopped pushing the absolutely-vital patches so his tool would continue working properly (against the intentionally-contrived machinations just-so, of that other Globohomo behemoth, G*ogle). Thankfully, his software was open-sauce and other teams have forked his work. The single best one of these ATM is yt-dlp, and it's effectively a drop-in replacement for youtube-dl (just replace all occurrences of 'youtube-dl' ITT w/ 'yt-dlp', after installation of the latter). So today, run-not-walk and install it instead. Installation and even scripting instructions for it's convenient & privacy-focused use have been provided here (>>16357). Cheers. >t. Chobitsu >--- 1 https://ytdl-org.github.io/youtube-dl/download.html 2 https://mpv.io/installation/ >* BTW Anon, just in case my writing wasn't clear enough on it in that post; Create one new, separate, directory for each playlist ITT. Any other approach will result in an abominable filepile mess. >=== -add external tools links -add 'yt-dlp' note
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I think we can all pretty much agree on Grant Abbitt as a good Blender teacher, and thankfully he's created a large set of free tutorials including several aimed squarely at beginners. May as well start at the beginning, right? >Blender 2.8 for beginners full course >"Create this fun scene and learn the interface, how to add objects, lighting, build objects, create atmosphere, render images and movies and lots more." youtube-dl -i --write-description https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn3ukorJv4vs_eSJUQPxBRaDS8PrVmIri >Blender_2.8_for_beginners_full_course.m3u Complete Beginners Guide to Blender 2.8 _ Free course _ Part 1 _ The Interface-7MRonzqYJgw.mkv Complete Beginners Guide to Blender 2.8 _ Free course _ Part 2 _ Modelling-L0AY61v6-M4.mp4 Complete Beginners Guide to Blender 2.8 _ Free course _ Part 3 _ Editing Meshes-WFzIbz2FN28.mp4 Complete Beginners Guide to Blender 2.8 _ Free Course _ Part 4 _ Materials-OFmKedu8r88.mp4 Complete Beginners Guide to Blender 2.8 _ Free course _ Part 5 _ The Monster-irlEIYkeRCI.mp4 Complete Beginners Guide to Blender 2.8 _ Free course _ Part 6 _ Rendering and Atmosphere-g8683RF1COo.mp4 What to Model & Where to Begin _ Starting Out 3D Modelling-IrqxisntnRo.webm Blender 2.8 Complete Training - Course Review-eyWmQ2VZLN0.mp4 blender secrets-8Q_BsS2KToY.mkv
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Open file (107.80 KB 336x188 ClipboardImage.png)
>low poly well >"In this guide I make a low poly stylized well. This a is a full detailed guide designed for you to follow along." youtube-dl -i --write-description https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn3ukorJv4vu6pnoAtivKf5Bo_6oQS0N_ >low_poly_well.m3u Create A Low Poly Well _ Beginners Tutorial _ Blender 2.8 _ Easy-OlnkGCdtGEw.mp4 Create A Low Poly Well _ Beginners Tutorial _ Blender 2.8 _ PART2-bWHhx4uos84.mp4 Create A Low Poly Well _ Beginners Tutorial _ Blender 2.8 _ PART3-m7m3QkwRcGE.mp4 blender secrets-8Q_BsS2KToY.mkv
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Open file (134.12 KB 336x188 ClipboardImage.png)
>sea shack tutorial >"Make a beautiful low poly sea shack in Blender 2.8. This is a full course that goes all the way into animation and rendering" youtube-dl -i --write-description https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn3ukorJv4vsIOjZoMToZusH2uOyjCu6G >sea_shack_tutorial.m3u Sea Shack _ beginners tutorial _ blender 2 8-Jmir2bDpZA4.mp4 Sea Shack _ beginners tutorial _ blender 2 8 _ Part 2-XKB4N8n8_hw.mp4 Sea Shack _ beginners tutorial _ blender 2 8 _ Part 3-TEZVzHGh1fM.mp4 Sea Shack _ beginners tutorial _ blender 2 8 _ Part 4-obQEsWXl5SA.mp4 Sea Shack _ beginners tutorial _ blender 2 8 _ Part 5-zGH9gFFAvQ4.mp4 Sea Shack _ beginners tutorial _ blender 2 8 _ Part 6-05BZ2ji-BzM.mp4 Sea Shack _ RENDER WITH BACKGROUND IMAGE-uNzVC0AxClQ.mp4 Animating Waves with Displacement _ Blender 2.8-grdhD3PPkKs.mp4 Introduction to Bones, Armatures & Weight Painting _ Blender 2.8-JAa6j0JYFtc.mp4 Animating Fish - Bones, Armatures & Weight Painting _ Blender 2.8-C-3vKs_O8WQ.mp4 Animating Boat & Rope - Bones, Armatures & Weight Painting _ Blender 2.8-jdGZLDDSpDY.mp4 How to Create a Night Scene _ Blender 2.8 _ Lighting-qbRJtjjU-XM.mp4 What to Model & Where to Begin _ Starting Out 3D Modelling-IrqxisntnRo.webm blender secrets-8Q_BsS2KToY.mkv
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Open file (144.71 KB 336x188 ClipboardImage.png)
>Ray Gun Blender tutorial >"In this beginners tutorial you will learn how to make this fun ray gun in blender 2.8. You'll learn a lot about subdivision surfaces and hard surface modelling. I also explain and introduce modelling with curves." youtube-dl -i --write-description https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn3ukorJv4vssG_0OVJRwABFsHDKe9WhO >Ray_Gun_Blender_tutorial.m3u Ray Gun Beginners Tutorial _ Blender 2.8 _ Easy Follow along-5CHXxM-oACg.mkv Ray Gun Beginners Tutorial _ Blender 2.8 _ Part 2 materials-ffcf8W-4guA.mp4 Creating & Animating ZAPS _ Ray Gun Beginners Tutorial _ Blender 2.8-vF17xF_Veks.mp4
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Open file (145.11 KB 480x360 ClipboardImage.png)
>Complete Beginners Guide: Make a Sheep >"part 1 - The interface and making basic shapes. part 2 which goes over lighting and rendering your sheep :)" youtube-dl -i --write-description https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNQYhbvTJi8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyEnnypo-u4 >Complete_Beginners_Guide-Make_a_Sheep.m3u blender 2.8 _ Complete Beginners Guide _ Make a Sheep-wNQYhbvTJi8.mkv Blender 2.8 _ Complete Beginners Guide _ Make a Sheep _ part 2-qyEnnypo-u4.mkv Note: AFAIK, he never made this into a playlist from his channel, so this is simply the two videos. Copypasta the youtube-dl codeblock into the terminal as if just the usual playlist type. BTW, I didn't discover this one on his YT channel, but rather on his website. https://www.gabbitt.co.uk/videos
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Open file (121.42 KB 336x188 ClipboardImage.png)
>beginners guide to animation in 2.8 >"a series of videos going through the basics of animation in Blender 2.8. I go trough: Keyframes, Dope sheet, channels, output to video" youtube-dl -i --write-description https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn3ukorJv4vvHr6RMoXrZSMVqmOKlqbBR >beginners_guide_to_animation_in_2.8.m3u The Complete Beginners Guide to Animation in Blender 2.8-zp6kCe5Kmf4.mkv BASICS OF ANIMATION in Blender 2.8 _ Part 2 _ Graph Editor-bRM0VYSVeQM.mkv BASICS OF ANIMATION - Blender 2.8 - Part 3 - Bones & Armature-IAiTYaiZmY0.mkv BASICS OF ANIMATION - Blender 2.8 - Part 4 UNDERSTANDING RIGS-nlT9rYcIRzU.mkv BASICS OF ANIMATION - Blender 2.8 - Part 5 - Face rigs-K0f3izO2muQ.mkv Exporting Animations to Sketchfab _ Beginners Guide-DP8NZ7rJDKs.mkv Animate & Rig Characters the Easy Way-k-ZeLNV4zPw.mkv
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Open file (23.11 KB 336x188 hqdefault.jpg)
>fantasy castle - beginner course >"In this series we will be delving deeper into 3d artwork. Focusing on making our assets and models suitable for games. This time we are making a fantasy tower / castle. This can be hand painted or low poly i will explain both methods. We will be going through lots of techniques will will build our skills form previous courses." youtube-dl -i --write-description https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn3ukorJv4vvQ1Su1pam5vyTsUFOvxGLX >fantasy_castle-beginner_course.m3u FANTASY CASTLE _ Beginner Course _ Blender 2.8-0WET0-ORIjs.mkv FANTASY CASTLE _ Part 2 _ Simple Textures _ Beginner Course _ Blender 2.8-Bmr16EKsQ2I.mp4 FANTASY CASTLE _ Part 3 _ texture painting _ Beginner Course _ Blender 2.8-wAEKzYJbi-4.mkv FANTASY CASTLE _ Part 4 _ Building the Castle _ Beginner Course _ Blender 2.8-4Fr8gaCO5ys.mp4 FANTASY CASTLE _ Part 5 _ Windows and Doors _ Beginner Course _ Blender 2.8-MXhbDo6V7-U.mp4 FANTASY CASTLE _ Part 6 _ Roof and Windows _ Beginner Course _ Blender 2.8-IZcv3He_sOU.mp4 FANTASY CASTLE _ Part 7 _ LOW POLY STYLE TIPS _ Beginner Course _ Blender 2.8-e3tkPad2Gq0.mp4 FANTASY CASTLE _ Part 8 _ UV unwrapping _ Beginner Course _ Blender 2.8-_6UTV2v5hJw.mp4 FANTASY CASTLE _ Part 9 _ Texture Painting _ Beginner Course _ Blender 2.8-ZSjr5AxOjJY.mp4 Stylised Trees Using Alphas _ Blender 2.8-1PslkSUNF6s.mkv Uploading Your Models to Sketchfab-VWjYbb8t7Iw.mkv
Open file (19.46 KB 336x188 hqdefault.jpg)
>rocket beginners >"This is a continuation of the get good at blender series. This episode looks at hard surface modelling and using subdivision surface modifiers with bevels and proximity loops. You can combine this with the bevel modifier but for simplicity sake i have just used the bevel tool." youtube-dl -i --write-description https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn3ukorJv4vsRaEZZ8vBaEPotUFR6KSMK >rocket_beginners.m3u Build a Rocket _ Get Good @ Blender _ hard surface techniques _ 2019-y8pbdYnFEvk.mp4 Build a Rocket _ Get Good @ Blender _ hard surface techniques _ 2019 part 2-eFnJhQLAQAo.mp4
Open file (29.29 KB 336x188 hqdefault.jpg)
>get good at blender 2.8 >"Easy and simple beginner exercises to help you understand the different ways of modelling shapes in blender and any other 3d modelling programme. These exercises are designed to build up your skills progressively and slowly get tougher each time until you have more advanced blender skills." youtube-dl -i --write-description https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn3ukorJv4vvv3ZpWJYvV5Tmvo7ISO-NN >get_good_at_blender_2.8.m3u Beginner Exercises _ Part 1 _ Blender 2.8-98FkRIbihyQ.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 2 _ Blender 2.8-51SdWI-yof4.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 3 _ Low Poly Weapons _ Blender 2.8--0tMeMZpeXE.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 4 _ Low Poly Buildings _ Blender 2.8-Syq6JjMdyhI.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 5 _ Hard Surface Modelling 1 _ Blender 2.8-DG9hlltg2HA.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 6 _ Lego Bricks _ Hard Surface Modelling 2 _ Blender 2.8-Lj0nBJ4Xsy0.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 7 _ Hard Surface Modelling 3 _ Blender 2.8-ZaxncC_2fp0.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 8 _ Hard Surface Modelling 4 _ Blender 2.8-qHtxFntZfLM.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 9 _ Hard Surface Modelling 5 _ Chess set _ Blender 2.8-p4eShxxB2lU.mkv Make 3d Logos from 2d images _ Blender 2.8-hwTfNmFpCs0.mkv Do You Have to Model in Quads Tris, Quads & Ngons Explained-O9yXCsRcMqk.mkv Topology Flow _ Hard Surface Modelling _ Blender 2.8-ormlcMpVx7k.mkv Steam Punk Goggles _ Beginner Exercises _ Part 10 _ Hard Surface Modelling 6 _ Blender 2.8-eL6W1s7e8zA.mkv Hunting Knife _ Beginner Exercises _ Part 11 _ Hard Surface Modelling 7 _ Blender 2.8-QXNRrt8EcEg.mkv 3 Different Quick Effective TEXTURING TECHNIQUES - Hunting Knife - Blender 2.8-2Wlc5PXo6pE.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 12 _ Hard Surface Modelling 7 _ Blender 2.8-dgg9M5nuLTA.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 13 _ Hard Surface Modelling _ Space Ship _ Blender 2.8-AEMWIga-Bo0.mkv How to Learn Hard Surface Modelling in Blender-pSFeDo7aOp4.mkv Blender 2.8 Complete Training - Course Review-eyWmQ2VZLN0.mp4 blender secrets-8Q_BsS2KToY.mkv Create a Low Poly Sword for Beginners-lgJaWqIYeKM.mkv Essential Skills to Become a PRO - How to Learn Topology-xo9JRPhGi68.mp4
Open file (23.02 KB 336x188 hqdefault.jpg)
>Old Cottage Beginners Course >"This is the 1st in a series of beginner videos on how to create a stylized cottage in Blender. I'm using Blender 2.83. In this episode I will be making the frame" youtube-dl -i --write-description https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn3ukorJv4vsPA95G7jTHDHixF5FntFm3 >Old_Cottage_Beginners_Course.m3u Lowpoly Stylized Cottage - Free Beginners Course - Blender 2.8-izjz2Hya2QM.mkv Lowpoly Stylized Cottage - Roof & Walls - Pt.2-q8t3lOC5mTE.mkv Low poly Stylized Cottage - Details - Pt.3-0Y61LCqmSwk.mp4 Low poly Stylized Cottage - Details - Pt.4-Jljy5E3xkeg.mp4 Low poly Stylized Cottage - landscape - Pt.5-7ShnDmsNV4M.mp4 Low poly Stylized Cottage - landscape - Pt.6-oViV-nYHoBA.mp4 Low poly Stylized Cottage - landscape - Pt.7-B_ggR6o4VnA.mp4 Low poly Stylized Cottage - landscape - Pt.8-yynlY7ejydg.mp4 blender secrets-8Q_BsS2KToY.mkv
Open file (15.58 KB 336x188 hqdefault.jpg)
Blender Secrets is a channel loaded with literally hundreds of 1-minute videos with an almost unbelievable quality-to-duration ratio. He touches on many more topics than I ever imagined about the tool. >Blender Secrets - Interface youtube-dl -i --write-description https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrB1kuJIjcg7piZufnCVeLmYFpTRqc0oz >Blender_Secrets-Interface.m3u Daily Blender Secrets - The Reroute Node-UB8DffsYokE.mkv Daily Blender Tip 359 - Extra Shading Pie Menu Items (Blender 2.8)-5K2CwX-WNxw.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 336 - How to turn off lights widgets in Eevee (Blender 2.8)-CC0qp-OIyu8.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 333 - Swap Interface Windows (Blender 2.8)-JBfUt9mMHdc.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 327 - Maximum Undo and Picking Shortcut (Blender 2.8)-Vux41BA-o6M.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 326 - Fix missing (pink) textures (Blender 2.8)-80sKbijYIJs.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 322 - A couple of Interface Tips (Blender 2.8)-_6OMgMA0I7I.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 318 - Import SVG Vectors with Colors Intact (Blender 2.8)-YJeipIO0wcw.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 316 - Custom Startup Settings (Blender 2.8)-nyaMkg1W9jU.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 314 - Quicly open your renders folder from within Blender (Blender 2.8)-PPk2SpcRE80.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 281 - Lock to 3D cursor (Blender 2.7 & 2.8)-gmw3G_N7dqU.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 272 - Turn on Auto Smooth for all objects at once (Blender 2.7 & 2.8)-vZ-2d-UBBcY.mkv Daily Blender Tip 262 - Align Objects to Camera View (Blender 2.7 & 2.8)-wpk-KJtCqiU.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 229 - Snapping (Blender 2.8)-0BKhePwGN8w.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 216 - Scaling the Interface (Blender 2.7 + 2.8)-ZmpMm09_a6s.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 211 - Value scrolling in Blender 2.8-8O1X4EQ-PCI.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 199 - Even more Node Tips!-CW7XpijLCY4.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 198 - More Node Tips!-xooVQKaHjjw.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 197 - Node labels and colors-C2ADMKtjtk8.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 181 - Set in- and out-points in the timeline (Blender 2.8)-JM-dl_EePjY.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 178 - Colorful Wireframes-IRNlRYD-zT4.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 166 - Incrementing your file names-B6KaU4aS1ug.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 160 - Snap to orthographic view-OyRAc4YI4h0.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 155 - Viewport transparancy in Object Mode-vFmtzSFQixA.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 151 - How to reset the rotation of the 3D cursor-SV87UDJ8xTw.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 130 - Purge All Unused Materials-3SfTz_yv570.mkv Daily Blender Tip 129 - Quickly Align The View To Your Mouse Cursor Position-gl0rl5Vof8U.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 124 - Quickly Find Objects In The Outliner-dRdjD7aYNMQ.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 115 - How To Save Quick Favorites In Blender 2.8--neQZryLwnM.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 109 - Quick Favorites in Blender 2.8-LsjrZnzRRzg.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 108 - Toggle Full Screen in Blender 2.79 and 2.8-ovio8TR04bE.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 107 - Fly Mode in Blender 2.79 and 2.8-iL0IOygp_P4.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 106 - Recover Lost Blend-Files-CJFPO5ATUBY.f248.webm Daily Blender Tip 104 - Zoom To Selected-7oVVH2vFU9s.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 103 - Quad View Toggle-5v1XUXGepzQ.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 102 - Random Object Colors in Blender 2.8-3G0OxL2lfLs.mkv Daily Blender Tip 92 - Blender 2.8 Keyboard Shortcuts-mihOtqlqkbI.mkv Daily Blender Tip 91 - Apply All Modifiers At Once-TyYHx5GOp84.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 54 - 2 Viewport Tips-qj2yDtU2M_I.mkv Daily Blender Tip 51 - Layer Management-qZTR0HWZ1UE.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 50 - Isolation Mode-T0OsgkDtBu4.mp4 Daily Blender Tip #25 - Hold CTRL To Snap Objects-uOqeimtviAU.mp4 Daily Blender Tip #21 - Copy Objects From One Blender Window To Another-eM5hHkLd-Mo.mp4 Daily Blender Tip #9 - Simplify Setting-RxtfwQKmWUk.mp4 Blender Secrets - Camera and Light Tip-MYEPTZEOWp0.webm
Open file (10.38 KB 336x188 hqdefault.jpg)
>Blender Secrets - Environment youtube-dl -i --write-description https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrB1kuJIjcg7UrLDJNmhzzske8kSAwORX >Blender_Secrets-Environment.m3u Daily Blender Tip 337 - How to use IES lights (Blender 2.8)-Sqhcj5NSJaQ.mkv Daily Blender Tip 331 - 700+ Free ArchViz Models-zE17pfJWOn8.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 325 - Download any terrain data for free (Blender 2.8)-DVwyTbt-vdk.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 324 - Camera Projection Mapping (Blender 2.8)-TBN76lyaSXk.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 323 - Camera Calibration with fSpy add-on (Blender 2.8)-2mAn-dG6dVM.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 320 - Infinite Sofas with Group Instances (Blender 2.8)-SCpsAcNBEa4.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 319 - Import Sketchup files (Blender 2.8)-UyOg29tZfJU.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 313 - Forest that tracks camera with Particle system Billboards (Blender 2.8)-n4cyCqijpME.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 312 - Track Billboards To Camera (Blender 2.8)-NVPwwgbh0YI.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 288 - Making characters with MB-LAB add-on (Blender 2.8)-opCDoPmNk5U.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 231 - Extruding Complex Shapes (Blender 2.7 & 2.8)-nhh5bJk0X5I.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 230 - Quick Grass in Eevee (Blender 2.8)-IYLh9tTavI0.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 148 - How to use Nasa's free models and textures-ckkFYXIjdmI.mkv Daily Blender Tip 114 - Easily Add Camera Movement To A 2D Painting-KMcdkXGBTo8.mkv Daily Blender Tip #30 - Volumetric Light Through A Window-rJ9Zk9MMZts.mp4 Daily Blender Tip #11 - Using HDRI Images To Light Scenes-FB4KDmmeemo.mp4 Daily Blender Secrets - Scatter Add-on-7e2FUeuhldE.mkv Daily Blender Tip #29 - Quickly Set Up HDRI Lighting-QAv0LOE0p7w.mp4 Daily Blender Secrets - Fix Overlapping Particles with Blue Noise Particles add-on-kJPeK8D2I-k.mkv Daily Blender Secrets - Easy Textured Pipes-WCf3c1YWDlY.mkv Daily Blender Secrets - Add ivy with IvyGen add-on-XqpdfLivqxs.mkv Daily Blender Secrets - Draw cables on surfaces-yplsXhRt5o0.mkv Daily Blender Secrets - 2 tips for navigating in a big environment scene-JudezcdV6eU.mkv Daily Blender Secrets - Use HDRI only for foregrounds-vkJByvYAfzI.mkv Daily Blender Secrets - Sunset Timelapse (Blender 2.9)-1trNOknO7e8.mkv Daily Blender Secrets - Volumetric background to HDRI transitions-7t96IhTWw00.mkv Daily Blender Secrets - Easy lighting with Gaffer-wt_L2u8PT_M.mkv Daily Blender Secrets - Ocean Modifier basics-vDvySVkm1yw.mkv Blender Secrets - Realistic Animated Grass (part 1 - modeling and texturing)-6Qz83AFgMq8.mkv Blender Secrets - Realistic Animated Grass (part 2 - rigging a million blades of grass)-Uv-j_Ym5XNs.mkv Blender Secrets - Realistic Animated Grass (part 3 - particles)--YO5fYR-jpM.mkv Daily Blender Secrets - Easy Clouds!-NH_gH7oqhCk.mkv Blender Secrets - Mixing 3D Scanned Photogrammetry trees with Procedural MTree trees in Blender-EdY6T1Uq6L4.mkv Blender Secrets - Best Tree Ever-30g7Yzv9g2M.mkv Blender Secrets - Floating Boat-0GnMk8v4U78.webm Blender Secrets - Using Proxy Image Sequences-1-XRkRFLFDY.webm Blender Secrets - Free Proxy Addon-tAi6fCavSeU.webm Paint Flowing Water-0D-dvU6Nt6g.webm Blender Secrets - Paint Flowing Clouds-xBsyIZ5Ojfk.webm Blender Secrets - Easy Textured Mountains with the free Blender GIS add-on-I3UwGZUKDH8.webm Blender Secrets - Moving Cloud Shadows-SA1yLTeoohg.webm Blender Secrets - Free Geometry Nodes-based scatter add-on (G Scatter)-RKQ20ehlzB8.webm
Open file (21.07 KB 336x188 hqdefault.jpg)
>Blender Secrets - Grease Pencil youtube-dl -i --write-description https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrB1kuJIjcg7gxhP5rDsxa7eKNohGFTXj >Blender_Secrets-Grease_Pencil.m3u Daily Blender Tip 253 - Creating your own custom Grease Pencil brushes (Blender 2.8)-abZxp-fHUSA.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 252 - Installing the new textured brushes (Blender 2.8)-NLNllP6bras.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 154 - Grease pencil cutter tool-97QHsTFM3YQ.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 153 - Grease pencil guides-PVgqNc_TjoA.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 150 - Grease Pencil Stroke Interpolation-cDKmGkSyEaY.mkv Daily Blender Tip 120 - NEW Curve Tool in Grease Pencil Blender 2.8-7SXqr_HlYEg.mkv Daily Blender Tip 113 - From Sketch To Clean Lines in Grease Pencil-QO5a2rKhMtQ.mkv Daily Blender Tip 111 - Grease Pencil Sculpt Stroke Thickness-tiziRwr082Y.mkv Daily Blender Tip 110 - Grease Pencil Build Modifier-uzsrCIucgN0.mp4 Daily Blender Tip 98 - Stabilizer (Lazy Mouse) In Grease Pencil-ah13EISw7nc.mkv Daily Blender Tip 97 - Exploring Grease Pencil - Different Brushes-j3M8DFFcysM.mkv Daily Blender Tip 96 - 2D Animation From 3D Animation (Blender 2.8)-QI5rEvu7r4I.mkv Daily Blender Tip 93 - 2D Animation Quick Start-djjzQYtKhBY.mkv
Open file (1.51 MB 1536x864 ClipboardImage.png)
The upcoming version of Blender is incorporating Asset Browser, which seems to be a really nice advancement for the tool making it really easy to gain ready access to a huge collection of high-quality assets created by top-flight Blender experts. https://code.blender.org/2021/06/asset-browser-project-update/
Open file (34.66 KB 336x188 hqdefault.jpg)
25games is a channel by a German guy and it has tons of good material. https://www.youtube.com/c/25games/playlists >Blender - Grease Pencil >"This tutorial was a lot of work for me. I'm new to this topic as well so I tried to get as many information as possible and searched for the tools I would need for drawing. This video has extra length and is about the basic tools and where to find them for Grease Pencil. If you are new for drawing with Blender Grease Pencil tool then this video tutorial will probably give you a hand!" youtube-dl -i --write-description https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1XwjHBOypY8mlFVAipwTWk9mkh0iJKRg >Blender-Grease_Pencil.m3u Grease Pencil #1 - Basics of Interface _ Blender 2.82 _ Tutorial-w3O-t_dkoBU.mkv How to draw in 3d space with GREASE PENCIL _ Blender 2.9 ALPHA _ Tutorial-72XGpJDiVAE.mp4 How to 2D animate with GREASE PENCIL _ Blender 2.82 _ Tutorial-ogowBEyV44s.mkv Vertex Color and Tint - Grease Pencil Tool Update _ Blender 2.9 ALPHA _ Tutorial-2LyCkpJwzIs.mkv How to ENABLE and WORK with the GREASE PENCIL TOOL _ Blender Addon 2.91 _ Tutorial-PFfc5rdTONA.mkv How to Render a Grease Pencil Animation Video _ Basic Settings _ Blender 2.9 _ Tutorial-qSg8au-B6Z8.mkv
A tutorial on precision modeling on Blender https://youtu.be/Ef7pROo5O0I
>>12484 Thanks Anon. I hope to actually take my effort to learning Blender and turn it directly into skills with designing 3D-printed parts for robowaifu engineering. The title sounds like it would be helpful towards this goal of mine. Will download and have a look at it.
Open file (29.35 KB 336x188 hqdefault.jpg)
>Blender 2.9 youtube-dl -i --write-description https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1XwjHBOypY8Q_50TP9Hkbce_M3WQFfFj >Blender_2.9.m3u How to work with shortcuts in modifier panel _ Blender 2.9 ALPHA _ Tutorial-SXNFyvYYNhg.mkv Vertex Color and Tint - Grease Pencil Tool Update _ Blender 2.9 ALPHA _ Tutorial-2LyCkpJwzIs.mkv How to add Snap Points in Edge Slide Mode _ Blender 2.9 ALPHA _ Tutorial-RzHSis9Xfow.mkv New Extrude Manifold function _ Blender 2.9 ALPHA _ Tutorial-FlhAjyLnvrY.mkv How to use Bevel function _ Blender 2.8 + preview to 2.9 _ Tutorial-znZGx3CIqX4.mkv How to import a SVG and convert it to Grease Pencil _ Blender 2.9 _ Tutorial-mUkZCuT9EG0.mkv How to Transform Pivot Point _ Blender 2.9 _ Tutorial-qwLv62Hu-D8.mkv How to work with 'Primitive Add' - 2 click creation _ Blender 2.92 Alpha _ Tutorial-9cm0NTodNaM.mkv How to add further Extra Objects to your Add panel _ Blender 2.9 _ Tutorial-LVLSTW_etP4.mkv How to work with METABALLS _ Blender 2.90 _ Tutorial-kn0pUWTLGGI.mkv How to render a Metaball Particle Effect WITH Collision-BrnqWqbopPc.mkv How to work with the ARRAY MODIFIER _ Blender 2.9 _ Tutorial-4zytiZczsps.mkv How to use the Build Modifier with 3D objects and Grease Pencil _ Blender 2.90 _ Tutorial-vvMLgdlBrbo.mkv Wie arbeitet man mit Blender - Modeling _ Blender 2.9 für Anfänger _ Tutorial Deutsch-ho_ZvVzMORk.mkv How to create rectangular Curves for Bevelling_ Blender 2.9 _ Tutorial-6kNUkxg2b8E.mkv Wie arbeite ich mit dem UV Eidtor mit Blender #2 _ Blender 2.9 für Anfänger _ Tutorial Deutsch-H_7f97UFBpM.mkv Wie erstelle ich eine Textur mit Blender #3 _ Blender 2.9 für Anfänger _ Tutorial Deutsch-6PeegZKz4Ko.mkv Geometry Nodes - Basic Nodes _ Blender 2.92 ALPHA _ Tutorial-apIe8HoiyrE.mkv How to model a Fish Tank (for rendering) _ Blender 2.91 BEGINNER Tutorial-rCDLsCOgu_E.mkv How to set up a Render Scene _ Blender 2.91 BEGINNER Tutorial _ Fish Tank-RDLhQwhkLiY.mkv 5 Ways how to add WATER _ Blender 2.91 BEGINNER Tutorial _ Fish Tank-0Det7UnqiLI.mkv How to add details to your 3d Model _ Blender 2.91 BEGINNER Tutorial _ Fish Tank-pcR1ZAtzUG8.mkv How to ENABLE and WORK with the GREASE PENCIL TOOL _ Blender Addon 2.91 _ Tutorial-PFfc5rdTONA.mkv How to use the ASSET BROWSER _ Blender 2.92 - Alpha _ Tutorial-6l668t950PY.mp4 How to work with Bevel Bezier Curves _ Blender 2.9 Update _ Tutorial-syK0TvNx08E.mkv How to Render a Grease Pencil Animation Video _ Basic Settings _ Blender 2.9 _ Tutorial-qSg8au-B6Z8.mkv How to BISECT _ Blender 2.9 _ Tutorial-w4Ke_UoZRXQ.mkv How to create SOIL + ROCKS _ Blender 2.91 _ Tutorial _ Fish Tank #5-1Hv54CVeKXw.mkv Why am I snapping although snapping is disabled _ Blender 2.9 _ Particular Case _ Tutorial-WIelX_Vmf_s.mkv How does my Camera follows an object _ or an object follows my camera _ Blender 2.9 _ Tutorial-61ilTE0H7fU.mkv What is the difference between METARIG _ CONTROL-RIG _ GAME-RIG #03 _ Blender 2.9 _ Tutorial-1ajn_vBelgQ.mkv My Animation Work Space & Workflow #04 _ Blender 2.9 _ Tutorial _ Guide-TDY9Tdf0H78.mkv File Size Optimization & FBX Export #05 _ Blender 2.9 _ Tutorial _ Guide-H5obo7DYK_U.mkv How to create fish tank FILTER _ Blender 2.93 _ Tutorial _ Fish Tank #6.1-t1IjvAKJz_o.mkv How to load & change the font _ Blender 2.9 _ Tutorial-3s0FLwKq60U.mkv How to link or copy properties of an object _ Blender 2.9 _ Tutorial-U-zwPy4oRsg.mkv What is different with MODIFIERS & the BOOLEN MODIFIER _ Blender 2.93 Update _ Tutorial-eGcI89OjTOo.mp4 How to ANIMATE VISIBILITY _ Blender 2.93 _ Tutorial-aoDTzHqgaDY.mp4
>related crosspost (>>12500)
This program, IceSL, is similar to OpenScad but also a slicer which can add supports manually to a print: https://icesl.loria.fr https://youtu.be/p4jI7fqBwXw https://youtu.be/gDuuL6pFvaE
>related crosslink (>>13020) >Blender 2.9 - Anime Girl Head Modeling In 30 Minutes WIP #1
Open file (216.77 KB 600x450 cassandra2.jpg)
This here >>13721 is related to Vroid Studio and why it isn't good for modelling body parts for 3D printing. I wonder which other programs won't work for similar reasons. Also, I was impressed with the option of laying out the skin in Vroid Studio. This might be useful for creating some textile part and/or mold for a silicone skin and also adding sensors to it. I only saw this in a video and wonder if that works in other programs as well.
>>13741 The problem of skinning a complex 3D topological shell down into a flat 2D plane is both an interesting one, and one that's important to us here on /robowaifu/ (particularly to say, our papercraft waifu Anons). It's also fairly challenging to do well, as I'm sure our 3D modelling Anons who are doing meticulous UV layouts know right well. However, please do try to avoid the grotesque while you're here Anon, it's not really our thing on /robowaifu/. >=== -minor grammar edit
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Blender is getting closer to being a full featured CAD suite. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92QmjS-xDaI
>>15973 Good news, thanks.
Focuses on a realistic male body in OpenSCAD, but still interesting: >Carl Davidson edited this page on Dec 4, 2015 >In this tutorial we will show you how to model the human body. This is an ongoing project so make sure to check back for updates. https://github.com/davidson16807/relativity.scad/wiki/Human-Body >We're striving for realism, here - this is not meant to be a mannequin or cartoon character, at least not in its finished form. We will attempt to maintain correct body proportions using a method that's common to classical figure drawing. Bone, muscle, and cartilage will all be present. If you have any experience in figure drawing, your input is welcome. Feel free to edit this document or submit a pull request with your changes to the body.scad script.
> Why choose Bforartists, and not Blender? > An own keymap, which is reduced to just the necessary hotkeys and a navigation that can be purely done by mouse. > Cleaned up User Interface. Lots of unnecessary double, triple or even more identical menu entries removed. > Extended User Interface. Many tools that were formerly hotkey only have a menu entry now. > Rearranged User Interface. Some things are better accessible now, some are not so much in the way anymore. > Improved defaults. > Colored and as double as much icons than Blender. > A configurable toolbar with icon buttons. > A tool shelf with the old tools too, in tabs. > Tabs in the toolshelf. > Improved layouts. > Left aligned checkboxes and text where possible. > Better tooltips. > Better readable standard theme. > Some neat add-ons to improve usability, like the reset 3D View add-on or the Set Dimensions add-on with which you can scale in world coordinates in edit mode. > And lots more small details like not so much confirm dialogs. > A detailed list of the changes can be found in the release notes: www.bforartists.de/wiki/release-notes > But the code is just half of the show. Another important bit are the non code things. > The target audience for Bforartists are hobbyists and indie developers. Blender tries to target professionals. That’s a completely different audience and development target. > We have a better manual. The Blender manual is unsearchable in big parts, has an odd structure, and still relies heavily on the Blender keymap to name just a few flaws. This makes it nearly unusable for users. And that’s why we have rewritten it. With the tools in mind, not the hotkeys. Without odd opinions like Angle based is better than LSCM to unwrap. Without general CG Tutorials for a tool, and forgetting to describe how the tool really works and what it does. And a structure that follows the editors and the menus. https://www.bforartists.de/
>>16856 Neat, Anon. TDs have to focus on their artist colleagues just as much (more, actually) as their pipeline devs. Will be interesting to look into, thanks!
>>16856 ~/tor_ytdl_retry.sh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXu2t3e9NkA Nice, concise official video highlighting several differences between the two products. ~24mins. >via https://www.bforartists.de/the-differences-to-blender/
Open file (11.34 KB 336x188 hqdefault.jpg)
>>16856 >Quickstart ~/tor_ytdl_retry.sh https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB0iqEbIPQTZEkNWmGcIFGubrLYSDi5Og >Quickstart_play.m3u Quickstart Intro [Gm7aCzI4xws].webm Quickstart Navigation [TDzMx7huGzk].mkv Quickstart Scale and Extrude [-oaTVNOIf-c].webm Quickstart Modeling [f9ubBGV4js0].webm Quickstart UV Mapping Smart UV Project [oRebOmPy2iU].webm Quickstart UV Mapping Unwrapping [qTCTPf0gFiY].webm Quickstart UV Mapping Cleaning up [f004Kvke10c].webm Quickstart Export UV Layout [sRYZLgqPJjM].webm Quickstart Adding Cycles Material [h3LFl59qnLk].webm Quickstart Camera [c34RBNXvIZI].webm Quickstart Lights [X83gVkyT4B8].webm Quickstart Rendersettings Cycles [W8EZNTQYCOY].webm Quickstart Simple Animation [cDSXxLWp3gY].webm Quickstart Armature Basics [NyMeCRrEyXw].webm Quickstart Armature Bone roll [yL3AFpABSLA].webm Quickstart Armature Display Options [_ps4keaysvE].webm Quickstart Armature Relations [4H_g9GmWXn4].webm Quickstart Armature Skinning [J1lkCs6oAXg].webm Quickstart Armature Add Object to bone [bFcHkGo5pXw].webm Quickstart Armature Weightpainting [1M0ZuLtUt10].webm Quickstart Armature Kinematics [_kZsKHgE5aE].webm Quickstart Armature Mirror Bones [6IOUHBTItNI].webm Quickstart Armature Animation [u7b7cWCphcM].webm
>>12248 >updated Learn_Blender_3_for_Complete_Beginners yt-dlp --write-description --write-subs https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn3ukorJv4vuU3ILv3g3xnUyEGOQR-D8J >play.m3u Blender 3 - Complete Beginners Guide - Part 1 [jnj2BL4chaQ].webm Blender 3 - Complete Beginners Guide - Part 2 - Materials & Rendering [g5lHlUB66r0].webm Blender 3 - Complete Beginners Guide - Part 3 - The Old Man [zt2ldQ23uOE].webm Blender 3 - Complete Beginners Guide - Part 4 - Edit Mode [iSHMlLSzsrk].webm Blender 3 - complete beginners guide - part 5 - the monster [kSrqpVZ1raY].webm Blender 3 - Complete Beginners Guide - Part 6 - The Monster [kRA3_M74vIw].webm Blender 3 - Complete Beginners Guide - Part 7 - The Street [3GILW1wnP8Y].webm Blender 3 - Complete Beginners Guide - Part 8 - The Lighting [8x2a8UalJCQ].webm Create Any Animal in Blender 3 - Detailed Beginner Tutorial [GHv42up5xA0].webm Updated for version 3. Highly recommended for Blender beginners. Cheers.
>>8469 >>16780 Working on improving my skills today, which might keep the pace of actual modelling still low. I'm still working on this >>19783 but I have to get better at the usage of the program itself, and maybe refacture my code step by step. >OpenSCAD allows you to create three-dimensional models using Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG). The idea is to create complex geometries by combining a limited set of simple basic elements such as spheres, cylinders or boxes - a bit like how you used to play with building blocks as a child. >The special feature of OpenSCAD is that the geometry is specified via a purely textual description and not, for example, by using a pointing device in a graphical editor. This approach predestines OpenSCAD for a whole range of use cases that would be more difficult to implement in systems with a more interactive usage scheme. https://mastering-openscad.eu/buch/introduction/
>>20064 Good luck with your learning efforts, Anon. Thanks for that description, I didn't know the program was text-driven. Neat. I've been thinking about how to go about writing programs that create robowaifu meshes from scratch for Blender. Maybe this would be even simpler to target.
>>20072 >I didn't know the program was text-driven. Okay, I'm surprised by this. I thought you knew about this for years. You answered to my comments about how many lines I wrote to make a model... >>18551
>>20073 Haha, I guess I did already. :P I have a lot on my plate Anon, some things may fall off of it occassionally! :^) Anyway, I'll look into it deeper before too long to examine my point.

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