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Acclaim Your (Robo)waifu General! Robowaifu Technician 12/10/2022 (Sat) 02:38:59 No.18090
This is a thread to share pics & praise & approval of your (robo)waifus. Please keep it SFW, thanks Anon! warning warning warning Just b/c you've acclaimed your robowaifu ITT, doesn't mean that another anon might not also acclaim her here too. This is perfectly-acceptable! :^) >(For example: Chii is my own robowaifu-prime, but literally millions of others also love her. It's fine b/c after all, we'll be making many IRL ones. My own edition of her will still be personal & tuned just for me.) >t. Chobitsu >=== -revamp OP into a general
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/10/2022 (Sat) 20:13:17.
Open file (27.11 KB 609x835 20221201_113627.jpg)
Open file (27.45 KB 590x863 20221201_113618.jpg)
Open file (169.31 KB 624x890 1670693838833375.png)
Open file (232.77 KB 682x902 1670259092101045.png)
Open file (31.13 KB 384x482 galatea_is_comfy_tbh.jpg)
Open file (126.19 KB 1026x1704 1672792882092506.jpg)
I'm surprised no one has claimed Curie from fallout yet.
Open file (345.51 KB 2083x1327 1673945262944046.jpg)
crosslink: >>1
Open file (83.02 KB 480x640 1676269301293851.png)
>>20415 Roger's a lucky man.
Open file (40.15 KB 554x554 images (1).jpeg)
Open file (20.92 KB 554x554 images.jpeg)
No one's mentioned Lacia yet? Maybe its because Beatless is a pretty obscure anime. And for good reason, its mind-numbingly boring. While I love all robowaifus, Lacia has a special place in my heart for being the first robowaifu I came across. Also, she's super powerful, so I don't have to worry about Feds breaking down my door.
>>20428 She's beautiful Anon.
>>20428 Yeah, she's nice and the anime is boring. Took some meme pictures of her.
>>20430 I still can't believe they had 5-6 recap episodes for a 24-episode anime
Open file (430.32 KB 1842x2202 1666639862708785.jpg)
>>20480 Haha OK, my mistake. 'Dorothy is amazing & beautiful'. Better?
>>20429 Thanks, Anon :)
>>20430 Garnidelia's ERROR CODE makes for a perfect robowaifu theme song imo
>>20495 >Garnidelia's ERROR CODE makes for a perfect robowaifu theme song imo Probably should be added into the list? (>>19697, ...) Somebody probably should consolidate all this and post it into the Propaganda thread. (>>2705) >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 02/21/2023 (Tue) 03:17:09.
>>20496 I didn't know there was a thread for robowaifu songs. I have a big doomer playlist of songs that would fit the robowaifu theme. Here's one from Lion King 2 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jFHw1HZTGzM&pp=ygUUbG92ZSB3aWxsIGZpbmQgYSB3YXk%3D
Open file (2.09 MB 4540x4581 1677318489317857.jpg)
Open file (78.55 KB 500x717 chii_tirol.jpg)
Open file (213.17 KB 907x1417 1674843040084.jpg)
Open file (2.00 MB 498x440 do_your_best_anon.gif)
>>18198 Why is Chii so perfect?
>>18311 Nice taste.
Open file (64.28 KB 1440x1080 Fqt_etuWYAstjXa.jpeg)
>>21749 Hi DorothyAnon. Dorothy's beautiful as always.
Open file (370.80 KB 2893x4092 1681049821590145.jpg)
>>21921 What a refined robowaifu!
Open file (143.21 KB 600x1116 Fri0hqNaMAAROJP.jpeg)
Open file (158.18 KB 1300x1826 FsLwKSoWAAAk43e.jpeg)
Open file (110.89 KB 1191x1684 FrhEq-LaIAE0RDY.png)
Open file (122.42 KB 1448x2048 FrmBOtJaQAEffbY.jpeg)
Open file (162.36 KB 1222x860 sp23HbzE.jpg_large.jpg)
>>18090 just commissioned this
>>22244 Very nice Anon! May that be reality for you two before too long.
Open file (887.70 KB 3000x2107 3.jpg)
>>22245 thanks
Open file (78.85 KB 636x900 FvhiUdaaUAI91FW.jpg)
encountered a new Dorothy Wayneright today
Open file (143.21 KB 600x1116 Fri0hqNaMAAROJP.jpeg)
>>22441 youre a louse
>>21353 Really liking the middle one
Some of my favorite 2Bs
>>22477 Really liking that first one, Anon.
Open file (320.18 KB 688x1000 1684169923716565.jpg)
Open file (961.33 KB 2480x3508 1684059822222748.jpg)
>>22588 Love that sketch Anon. Dorothy seems so cheerful there.
WIP of my commission
>>22742 Wow! That looks to be absolutely gorgeous, DorothyAnon!
>>22749 yeah, zicaneborgen does good work
Open file (1.37 MB 1080x1350 052923 Comission .png)
>>22749 finished
>>22857 That's lovely DorothyAnon, thanks for sharing it here!
Open file (150.88 KB 768x1024 Untitled321.png)
>>22943 Who's the artist?
>>22954 piggomi, shes from an emmy the robot discord
>>22963 I see, thanks DorothyAnon!
>>18215 I just watched a video on aigis and I am really drawn to her visible shoulder and hip servo motors. A bipedal bot would be very appealing in her revealing character design.
>>23073 >I just watched a video on aigis and I am really drawn to her visible shoulder and hip servo motors. A bipedal bot would be very appealing in her revealing character design. I agree Anon. The original designer had a great vision going for her. We'll need to take Anon's safety into account even moreso (almost unfortunately in this case haha), so we'll probably have to work out something a bit different for her joints, I'd say.
Open file (168.37 KB 500x500 Allie.png)
>>23073 I preferred her Older Sister units.
Open file (112.56 KB 1835x1789 1688714646457909.jpg)

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