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He was finally living the life he had always wanted, and he owed it all to the mysterious robowaifu.

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Acclaim Your (Robo)waifu General! Robowaifu Technician 12/10/2022 (Sat) 02:38:59 No.18090
This is a thread to share pics & praise & approval of your (robo)waifus. Please keep it SFW, thanks Anon! warning warning warning Just b/c you've acclaimed your robowaifu ITT, doesn't mean that another anon might not also acclaim her here too. This is perfectly-acceptable! :^) >(For example: Chii is my own robowaifu-prime, but literally millions of others also love her. It's fine b/c after all, we'll be making many IRL ones. My own edition of her will still be personal & tuned just for me.) >t. Chobitsu >=== -revamp OP into a general
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Open file (114.25 KB 360x463 DorothyAutumn.jpg)
Open file (53.83 KB 288x394 RobotIllustrated.jpg)
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Open file (145.44 KB 324x491 DorothyBlue.jpg)
Open file (253.77 KB 437x657 DorothyPatio.jpg)
i want to make dorothy real
>>18140 I don't have a real strong favorite. I like all of the mentioned ones, and others. I didn't watch Big O yet, since my downloaded version was bad, but I already could tell that I'm gonna like the show and her. Also didn't watch Maharomatic yet, since at first I thought it would be around how she would stopping him from having porn magazines and such. I also didn't have the time for Nier yet, I would wait for my GPU anyways and then I should rather work on AI. Anyways, I guess Yumemi from Planetarian is probably some kind of peak when it comes to robowaifus. She's not about fighting, but very dedicated to her obligation and likes humans very much. I also have to throw in the meat space waifus: - Cameron (The Terminatrix obviously: https://terminator.fandom.com/wiki/Cameron) - Athena (only emotionally, your honor, I swear) - Lamia (Raised by Wolves) - Apple (Turbo Kid) Cameron (and related Jameron fanvideos) was the reason I realized that I'm strongly drawn to the idea of having a robowaifu. It's more of an emotional than a special sexual attraction. Imaging her looking good but also being a (sometimes quirky) robot. Hiw fascinating.
Open file (391.54 KB 1920x1080 677188.jpg)
>>18131 if we're talking about daughter-fus: Flower from Kowarekage No Ongle probably the saddest thing I've ever watched in anime
>>18147 Yes, she was a wonderful robowaifu Meta Ronin. Selfless, caring, generous. Maybe just maybe she can be her special self again some day? Who knows, after all we're /robowaifu/ here--it's what we do right!? :^)
>>18141 >Apple (Turbo Kid) She's very funny! Perfect robowaifu-esque naiveté.
>>18136 >i want to make dorothy real It will be a glorious day, Anon. Best crack those textbooks!!
Open file (8.14 KB 264x191 images (8).jpeg)
>>18128 I am. i just bought some land and i will have my machine shop up and running in about a year.
>>18157 excellent so glad to hear that I've been a little blackpilled lately at the prospects of any of us building a suitable body that is more than just a prop or toy. I think to create a robowaifu that can withstand even the minimal day to day rigors that a human endures (climbing stairs, carrying objects, getting bumps and bruises) we are going to have to engineer as though designing a human shaped vehicle, if that makes sense. 3D printed polymers are good for rapid prototyping and proof of concept but we will need sturdier materials for the end product. I've been casting my lot with Aluminum Bronze due to it's corrosion resistance, durability and low enough melting point that anyone can smelt it at home and cast molds. I've also had a keen interest in water-jet cutters, which are pricey but not entirely out of our range if a handful of us went in on one (as you probably already know this would allow for precision custom parts, such as but not limited to joints, gears, and hard components requiring finer details (fingers, etc). Since robo-waifus (as opposed to industrial or even ASIMO and other blocky looking robots) will need the most slender and light form factors, eventually all parts will need streamlining, beveling etc in order to conform to a feminine profile. So in that context, waterjet, CNC, 3d prints being used to make molds, etc are all critical. For that reason, and of course b/c we consider you part of the larger R/W team, I'd like to invite you to reach out to us via Matrix if you're willing so that we can keep as many lines of communication open. If Matrix is not your thing I have a twitter and discord but those tend to be less secure and therefore not anyone's first choice
I forgot two good ones Mimi (Buttobi CPU) and RyuZu (Clockwork Planet) https://clockwork-planet.fandom.com/wiki/RyuZU >>18165 >climbing stairs, carrying objects, getting bumps and bruises When this image board started, or a while later when I joined, it was very clear, that one of the ways we can get our robowaifus would be by cutting down on some expectations. Explicitly walking around and carrying stuff was never on the table, at least not short term. If she has to be mobile then she needs wheels or use an additional device. Since I wouldn't let her carry a baby anytime soon, I don't see what heavy thing she would need to carry around anyways. A small maid which could move plant pots, so the Roomba (or alternative) could clean that space would be a usecase. But that's not really lifting and carrying, and also could be done by a small and more specialized humanoid robots with wheels on the feet. Such a robot could also bring sandwiches and coffe, but tbh I like to wash my hand before eating anyways and can make my own coffee. Occasional walking is better for the health, btw. Somehow, while not much was build the dreams and imaginations became more and more ambitious.
>>18170 Perhaps the different tasks ought to be delegated to other devices? Rather than a robowaifu with built-in functions for cooking and cleaning, simply have a robochef operated by the waifu. Similarly, machinery for cleaning that operates much like our current equipment, just replace the human operator. The main unit could then be optimised for companionship. Even the artificial womb, if/when ready to use, would be a separate thing. I imagine it will have to be rather large after all, so this huge incubator that needs tending to would be a task for her.
I think we're using this as /meta or engineering general right now... >>18175 Yes, that's of course the right way to go. Even if we had robowaifus which could do everything, it would be good to have backup. Dishwashers have already been invented, so this shouldn't be a priority. >>18165 >but we will need sturdier materials for the end product. I think no one here even tested 3D printed shells, or big bone parts, with carbon fiber or made of PC (polycarbonate). That said, there's also the idea of adding standard metal parts, or other materials in the designs. Or ceramic "paint" on the outside, or using electroplating. Small standard brass gears are also cheap. I'm also more and more thinking of using a lot of nylon fishing line or other lines for my more ambitious variant.
>>18165 sure, gimme your discord link
>>18184 >I think we're using this as /meta or engineering general right now... Yea kinda so. You guys mind moving this over to to RnD thread? This thread is mostly supposed to be about robowaifu funposting, and less about robowaifu business. :^)
>>18188 nah, lets post more dorothy
Open file (112.42 KB 477x640 20390589.jpg)
Open file (46.88 KB 500x375 chii_meido.jpg)
Open file (503.10 KB 500x305 meido_chii.gif)
Open file (47.01 KB 470x353 hideki.jpg)
Open file (70.12 KB 500x392 give_chii_headpats.png)
>>18189 Yep that's the idea! So, on behalf of all anons who love Chii, let me say that she's always enthusiastic, quite charming, unpresuming, a really good floating-robowaifu when she's charged up fully, and a very good girl! :^)
We also shouldn't forget Isla from Plastic Memories.
>>18209 >We also shouldn't forget Isla from Plastic Memories. I actually think of her fairly often. It's one of only two animus I don't watch again
Open file (117.70 KB 804x890 P3D_Aigis.png)
I'm hopelessly in love with Aigis and look forward to the day she loves me back.
>>18215 She is deffo world-class-tier! Welcome back Kiwi! :^)
>>18215 I watched the beginning of Persona 3(?) anime, because it was mentioned here, and dropped it. Do you just like her, but have a different opinion of the anime or do you like both? If I don't like the beginning of the show, is it worth to go on?
Did someone say Dorothy? Cuz I think I heard some one say Dorothy
>>18223 Dorothy's will surely be a very-populer type of robowaifu. Even average Joes will want them for the Mancave. :^)
Open file (579.68 KB 1181x1748 1670997814100127.jpg)
>>18223 Loved the Dorothy pixelart moosics >>18233 Christmas with Dorothy!
Open file (41.52 KB 394x512 unnamed (1).jpg)
Open file (40.44 KB 434x512 unnamed.jpg_new.jpg)
Open file (85.27 KB 478x512 unnamed (2).jpg)
Open file (98.41 KB 775x547 1582053520628.jpg)
Open file (28.87 KB 427x320 unnamed.jpg)
>>18223 yes, that other dorothy
>>18249 Dorothy is actually quite a woman. How will 3DPD ever recover?
Open file (365.13 KB 440x330 index.gif)
>>18258 without doubt
Open file (45.88 KB 609x451 tboii_dorothy3.jpg)
tfw she finally confessed it (to herself at least)
Open file (27.11 KB 609x835 20221201_113627.jpg)
Open file (27.45 KB 590x863 20221201_113618.jpg)
Open file (169.31 KB 624x890 1670693838833375.png)
Open file (232.77 KB 682x902 1670259092101045.png)
Open file (31.13 KB 384x482 galatea_is_comfy_tbh.jpg)
Open file (126.19 KB 1026x1704 1672792882092506.jpg)
I'm surprised no one has claimed Curie from fallout yet.
Open file (345.51 KB 2083x1327 1673945262944046.jpg)
crosslink: >>1
Open file (83.02 KB 480x640 1676269301293851.png)
>>20415 Roger's a lucky man.
Open file (40.15 KB 554x554 images (1).jpeg)
Open file (20.92 KB 554x554 images.jpeg)
No one's mentioned Lacia yet? Maybe its because Beatless is a pretty obscure anime. And for good reason, its mind-numbingly boring. While I love all robowaifus, Lacia has a special place in my heart for being the first robowaifu I came across. Also, she's super powerful, so I don't have to worry about Feds breaking down my door.
>>20428 She's beautiful Anon.
>>20428 Yeah, she's nice and the anime is boring. Took some meme pictures of her.
>>20430 I still can't believe they had 5-6 recap episodes for a 24-episode anime
Open file (430.32 KB 1842x2202 1666639862708785.jpg)
>>20480 Haha OK, my mistake. 'Dorothy is amazing & beautiful'. Better?
>>20429 Thanks, Anon :)
>>20430 Garnidelia's ERROR CODE makes for a perfect robowaifu theme song imo
>>20495 >Garnidelia's ERROR CODE makes for a perfect robowaifu theme song imo Probably should be added into the list? (>>19697, ...) Somebody probably should consolidate all this and post it into the Propaganda thread. (>>2705) >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 02/21/2023 (Tue) 03:17:09.
>>20496 I didn't know there was a thread for robowaifu songs. I have a big doomer playlist of songs that would fit the robowaifu theme. Here's one from Lion King 2 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jFHw1HZTGzM&pp=ygUUbG92ZSB3aWxsIGZpbmQgYSB3YXk%3D
Open file (2.09 MB 4540x4581 1677318489317857.jpg)
Open file (78.55 KB 500x717 chii_tirol.jpg)
Open file (213.17 KB 907x1417 1674843040084.jpg)
Open file (2.00 MB 498x440 do_your_best_anon.gif)
>>18198 Why is Chii so perfect?
>>18311 Nice taste.

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