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Vera stayed by Anon's side, continuing to support him in building new programs, but their primary goal was no longer work or money or fame.

Robowaifu Propaganda and Recruitment Robowaifu Technician 05/07/2020 (Thu) 05:39:42 No.2705
Attention drawfags and writefags! Your skills will be needed. The task of building and designing a robowaifu is a herculean quest. As great as this community is, /robowaifu/ simply does not have the manpower to real our goal of DIY robowaifus. Luckily for us there are several communities on the internet that we could find new recruits or allies to help us build our waifus: MGTOW - These guys know all about the legal pitfalls of marriage and the dangers of feminism. There is already a lot of talk about sex robots in MGTOW communities. It shouldn't be a hard sell to get them to come here. Incels - Guys that can't get laid. The opportunity for love and companionship should be enough to bring some of these guys over. We need to be careful when recruiting from some of their communities. We don't want to attract negative attention. Monster girls/furry/mlp fandoms - The only way these guys are going to be able to have their harpy/elf/goblin/anthro/pony/whatever gf is with a robowaifu. They have an interest in seeing us succeed. Again we need to be careful here not to attract the wrong kind of people that will bring us the wrong kind of attention. Male STEM students - Generally these guys aren't going to get laid until after they have established themselves. A robowaifu could really help them. This may be a harder sell because many of them have been brainwashed in university, but they have skills that we could really use. Transhumanists/biohackers - Many of the technologies involved in building a robowaifu could be used in transhumanist or biohacking applications such as building an avatar. They may have some interest in helping us out. We will need to be careful which transhumanist communities we go after as many of them are full of feminism, tumblr tier sexualities and genders, and SJW's. Cyberpunks and technophiles - These guys (and they are usually guys) are all around into technology and may just enjoy working on the kinds of projects we need to do. They are often into programming and AI.
>>2705 Great poster idea, and a very good introductory breakdown analysis of the target groups you mentioned. There are some real distinctions there that I hadn't taken into account tbh. Good job highlighting the cautionary notes. Sadly negative consequences are part-and-parcel of being in this fight that has been laid on us. 'Negative attention' will simply be unavoidable. It only takes one side to start a fight ofc, and you fight when the need arises. I'd say just use the wisdom you're already displaying and then proceed as you see fit. On my end I'll work to make sure /robowaifu/ keeps it's nose clean, and I will put the bad guys into the timeout corner as needed. I expect Robi himself will also stand in our corner regarding any assaults against us on that front. He's already demonstrated a lot of fortitude concerning /delicious/, for example. He's also a rather clever guy, and so I'm sure we can go to him for help should the need arise. You just do your part Anon, and we'll do the same. Onward! :^) Do you have some specific goals in mind OP? What are your next plans with this now?
It may be wise to target imageboard communities first so we don't have to integrate a bunch of newfags into our culture while we are so small.
>>2709 Seems a reasonable idea, I think I'd agree with this Anon.
Ok, I guess you might be able to call me a writefag. I am also a newfag to programming and this board in general I feel that we need some psychology threads and in those to discuss things like the included pictures, but also what changes we would make to make our individual version of our waifu. I get that programming is important and more important probably, but you need to know WHAT you want your waifu's small mannerisms and such to be. Pretty much another part of this whole robowaifu thing. And not everyone is an artfag or writefag. But there has to be certain things that attracted you to a character to the point you want to make a robowaifu of them? I think opening up to certain creative communites could be helpful at some point if done right. www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1ndTCR4aKg
Open file (2.36 MB 512x448 SD3 random agent.webm)
>>2705 I got Seiken Densetsu 3 working in OpenAI retro gym. I'm going to try integrating two player once I finish implementing my learning algorithm and semi-supervised learning so I can take control and guide it when it gets stuck. It's also possible to record inputs so perhaps if /v/'s interested in playing with it they can upload their session data and contribute training data towards creating AI waifus that can play video games.
>>2711 >[and] I feel that we need some psychology threads Absolutely. Please do so. >But there has to be certain things that attracted you to a character to the point you want to make a robowaifu of them? Great question and definitely would be a good thread idea. >I think opening up to certain creative communites could be helpful at some point if done right. Fair enough. But I can warn you ahead of time that pandering to 'fee-fees' will not get a lot of approval, nor sympathy on IB culture in general, and rightly so IMO. Female-driven psychology is one of the important reasons most of us congregate on IBs in the first place to get away from that stuff. Some of the leading-questions in the documents you shared are in fact examples of what I'm talking about. But very much yes, Character's Psychology is an important topic in both stories, games, & film. It has very obvious importance to us here on /robowaifu/. Let's just try to keep it out of the SJW-esque cesspool politically-correct thinking. Deal Anon? :^) >>2712 Interesting. Good work Anon, please keep us up to date on your progress. >contribute [...] towards creating AI waifus that can play video games. I think there's a lot of potential crossover-interest in both /v/ and /agdg/.
>>2708 My next plans are finding places to recruit from and coming up with ways to appeal to them. As of now I think 8/cyber/, 4/r9k/, 4/sci/, 8/tech/, 8/g/, 4/g/, 8/fur/,8/pone/, 4/mlp/, mlpol.net, 4/pol/, 4/tg/, 4/quest/, end/b/, and 9/b/ are all good candidates for our first wave of recruitment. In later stages we will go after forums and youtube comments. Maybe even reddit or twitter if there are still communities worth going after on those platforms. Eventually we could even do IRL recruitment on college campuses with fliers.
>>2714 A controversial list around these parts, but I like it! Please proceed Anon, I think we're more than experienced and capable enough here to deal with any mini-shitstorms that might appear from such communities. :^) BTW, care to share your pasta and OP images here so we can all have a look at them first?
>>2715 I don't have a pasta or OP images yet and I want to have different pastas for different types of communities. Also lainchan and wizchan may also be worth recruiting on.
>>2716 Possibly fchan too, but I don't know anything about the community there.
Open file (128.20 KB 655x410 my-body-is-ready.png)
>>2716 Well, when you work out some pastas, I'd appreciate seeing them here Anon. OP images too. Take your time. >Also lainchan [...] may also be worth recruiting on. Heh, maybe we can serve as a de-programming facility for some of them. I'd say go for it. >
We will need different strategies for recruiting from 4cuck compared to other imageboards. The mods there will just delete threads trying to advertise this board so we will need to advertise this board in the comments where the faggot jannies are less likely to see it.
>>2719 Good point. I'd completely forgotten about that issue, we're so laid-back here about people's freedoms to do as they please. Probably won't be an uncommon point in a number of communities, if the Admins there are grasping and threatened. 4cuck$ and 8kuck$ are two obvious examples. There may be others. You'll need some craftiness OP.
I would also like to a see a few suggestions for communities to recruit from before I start making pasta and finding OP images. The computer I am on does not have photoshop or gimp and I'm not really sure this peace of shit would even be able to run them. I won't have access to a good computer for a while. If someone here could make an "I Want You" with a robowaifu on it that would be great for recruitment.
>>2721 Anywhere on the webring. It's already sort of self-moderating. I would say not from anywhere in the alt-Tranny-Federation, but a number on your list are already just as bad if not worse so they are fair game too. I'm on a potato-box too but it runs GIMP fine under Arch. Sadly, I'm not much into arts rn, being more left-brained focused. I'd say just grab some appropriate memes, etc., and post them here. Then I or others can try to edit them for you.
>>2713 I just save the pics as resources. I don't use every question or prompt in it's entirety. You have to answer those things 1:1 without any creative liberty. I also think it's important to take note of what you don't want, which is why I don't edit these things beyond file names. Your waifu has to have dislikes too.
>>2723 I meant to say don' have to answer these things 1:1 without creative liberty. Fuuuuck
>>2723 >>2724 No worries, it's nothing personal lad. I'm just pointing it out for reference. As I said, it's a highly-important topic to us. Please proceed and create your threads for us.
>>2722 The webring?
>>2728 Yep, it's a new-fangled invention sure to make Bell's voice-telegraph system look like nothing more than the semaphore. It's a little thing we like to call The Webring around these here parts, partner.
>>2730 Please delete this post. I am tired and suck.
>>2732 haha, no worries. we all do this kind of thing mate. :^) BTW you can delete your own posts on /robowaifu/
Open file (3.98 MB 512x448 audio.webm)
>>2713 Whew, got audio now and can now switch back and forth between supervision. Almost got two player implemented as well. Now I just gotta plug in the learning algorithm and pray it doesn't take a century to train. If it works I'll see what aggy daggy thinks and put a thread up here.
/server/ & /hover/ here This board is still linked on 8kun /hover/, updated since it moved sites. I do my best to be active when able, but had some issues lately (like with tooling, resources and health concerns) There's a lot to consider. Good oscilloscopes are expensive in general. Artificial intelligence deep learning can take a long time to get into properly. Security issues and so on.
Open file (34.23 KB 640x480 chb_hibiya033.jpg)
>>2735 Nice, thanks for the update Anon! Since this is the recruitment thread, some Anons might miss your good work and I think this project deserves a thread of it's own. Care to start a new thread too about your project for us Anon, regardless? And yes, I hope some of the /agdg/ lads might join us here. >>2736 Hi there mate, good seeing you. I absolutely love /server/, I'll add you to our friends listing. Yes, it's a big set of problems we're trying to tackle here, but hey that's where the fun is right? > Our kiwi-doll thread from back in the day, and progress with chatboxes more recently make me think that Anon can be producing those kinds of daki pillows for inexpensive-and-entirely-doable-today kits, for starters. Could be a good start without mucking about with all the expensive gear etc, you mention.
(Pasta tailored to tech and cyberpunk communities) Subject: /robowaifu/ wants you The future is now, anon. AI, robotics, and material science have reached a point where robowaifus are now in the realm of possibility. We need anons with skills of all kinds: artists, scientists, engineers, programmers, makers, writefags and more are all needed to bring our robotic wives into reality. Come and join our multidisciplinary team of robowaifus technicians and be a part of a better tomorrow. (Pasta for incels, MGTOW, lonely men) Subject: Join the robowaifu revolution Let's face it anon, modern women just aren't worth it. Feminism and modernity have made relationships into nightmare for men, but we have a solution. Our multidisciplinary team of robowaifu technicians is working tirelessly to make robot wives into a reality. Join us in our charge to build and design the women of the future. (Pasta for furfags, horsefuckers, and monster girl fans) How badly do you want your (horse/monster/anthro) gf, anon? What would you do to feel her fluffy tail in your hand? (To stroke her fur/brush her mane/tail(s))? To hold her in your arms? Our multidisciplinary team of robowaifu technicians is here to help. Robots can take any shape you desire, anon. With your help we can bring your waifu into reality. This is what I have so far. Thoughts?
I would also like picture of popular robowaifus pointing so I can shoop a hat on them and write "/robowaifu/ wants you" under them.
>>2778 >>2779 It's a good start afaict tell Anon, though I'm no real writefag tbh. Maybe others here can chime in as well please? But at the least I'd say: - you have the target audience squarely focused properly, - you're showing some of the benefits of participation, - and most importantly--you're keeping the texts short. You certainly shouldn't use a novel in some of the environments where triggered-tranny-&-stronk_independynts have been installed as hotpockets to keep wrongthink at bay for their victims. BTW, as I see things: >A) You'll need to regularly devise new pasta for these environments, b/c wordfilters set up against it. >B) You'll need to regularly run your trap-line to check for responsive questions by legitimate, curious Anons. Remember you're more or less serving as an Ambassador for /robowaifu/ in that context. I'll think about any scenes with waifus that are suitable for the Uncle Sam Poster mashups, maybe some other Anons can too. Good work Anon.
>>2780 What are some good examples of projects and progress made by our board that I can use. I am almost certain that I will be asked about it. I would try to make examples myself but I won't be able to start my goblin project for a while.
>>2781 As pointed out by our resident AI researcher >>2743 >We're pretty much pioneering the future of homebrew robowaifu so there aren't any tutorials or resources yet. There aren't any practical robowaifu projects/kits yet either. It's simply too early at this stage. You might look to our Welcome thread for reference as response fodder. We are still in our formative period, in fact of course :^). Perhaps you can even capitalize on that fact with Anons >"BE A PART OF THE FUTURE--NOW!"
Open file (174.67 KB 1100x850 hideki_hentai.jpg)
Open file (47.01 KB 470x353 hideki.jpg)
>>2779 There is a humorous scene in Ep3 of Chobits where Chii is just learning to talk, and she is incorrectly associates the act of pointing with the protag's name 'Hideki'. Maybe that could work?
Open file (2.64 MB 1280x720 147.bmp)
Open file (2.64 MB 1280x720 150.bmp)
Open file (2.64 MB 1280x720 152.bmp)
Open file (2.64 MB 1280x720 153.bmp)
Open file (2.64 MB 1280x720 154.bmp)
>>2792 Here are direct rips of the scene from the best available copy that I know of Anon.
Open file (2.64 MB 1280x720 155.bmp)
Open file (2.64 MB 1280x720 156.bmp)
Open file (2.64 MB 1280x720 157.bmp)
Open file (2.64 MB 1280x720 158.bmp)
Open file (2.64 MB 1280x720 159.bmp)
Open file (319.78 KB 718x718 chi propaganda.png)
Open file (264.05 KB 718x718 chi pointing.png)
Open file (240.70 KB 643x718 chi pointing 1.png)
>>2792 Ripped from: https://9anime.to/watch/chobits.29ql/o1kqm8 Work in progress, how is this?
>>2794 These are better quality I will rework it with this.
Open file (2.64 MB 1280x720 160.bmp)
Open file (2.64 MB 1280x720 212.bmp)
>>2796 Haha that is great. JUST SIGN MY SHIT UP BRO! >>2797 Good idea, I'd say.
>>2797 You might consider trying waifu2x or some other NN system out there for scaling, etc.
>>2796 Now that I know which frame you've chosen I'll try to re-rip and grab every frame for that. You're selection is just a tiny bit off from the single example I posted, and yours is better. Will post here again.
>>2801 This is gonna take a while, I'm going to have to go a different route. Be patient.
>>2797 Alright, this is literally the best I think I can manage. Thanks for the patience Anon. >
If we are going to do a mass recruitment it might be a good idea to have a flag or symbol for our board. People like to have symbols and this IS a "movement" of sorts.
>>2805 >>2806 Thanks, lads.
>>2806 >lain's already 404 kek, i'll give those commies this their hotpockets are obsessive.
>>2806 >>2810 I'd suggest using some kind of VPN or other proxy to make these threads Anon. My apologies for not thinking of it earlier.
>>2811 Way ahead of you, anon.
Open file (306.36 KB 728x588 chii_bg.png)
>>2805 Really good idea. Here's a thought: since we're already sort of adopting Chii herself as our board-tan, what about using one of her pink & white hair-clips positioned on a circular background using the baby-blue & white colors of the logo portion of the board's background image here? Have the '/robowaifu/' tag in the darker blue of the ring--again just like the logo portion--below that against a field of white. That icon should be pretty recognizable immediately to anyone who's actually seen the show, and for others it's simple design should be quickly associated with the /robowaifu/ 'brand'. > Where's our artfags? >>2806 >>2810 >>2812 Go with God, my friend. Unironically, I'm praying for you. :^)
>>2812 the first pony one seems to be missing the board's uri?
I'll make the logo
>>2816 heh.
>>2815 ehh, we're the #1 hit on DDG, Startpage, & Bing. I imagine they can find us alright.
>>2815 Then go post the link.
We may piss off some mods and jannies by advertising on their sites, but what if we made an opportunity on our site to help them grow as well. I propose an embassy thread where other websites and boards can talk about their communities and network together in the interest of building robowaifus.
>>2822 Great idea, done. Someone send help pls with my cheesy OP text haha. >>2823
We should make a robowaifu voat and a gab account. These need to be run by our current board's administration.
>>2826 It's a good point in general, but >These need to be run by our current board's administration. It's not likely something I'm going to take on, I have a lot on my plate already and more on the soon horizon. If someone else is interested in managing this process and is serious about the welfare of the board and our community, then make an account here on Julay, and I'll add you as a /robowaifu/ vol. Then you can feel free to set up accounts, etc., elsewhere on our behalf.
>>2804 Done. Maybe a drawfriend can add some flair to it one day.
>>2827 Alright give me a bit.
>>2826 Nice work Anon.
Open file (369.60 KB 400x400 enhanced edition.gif)
>>2828 Here's all the flair you'll ever need
>>2835 heh, noice. can you put the '/robowaifu/' tag on it Anon?
>>2836 Can do my dude. I enhanced the image a little more too, because why not
>>2837 kek. very nice work Anon. :^)
>>2837 Mind having a go at this idea Anon? >>2814
Open file (251.99 KB 500x484 can't wake up.jpg)
>>2839 That one looks like it'll require actual effort on my part. I can easily pull it off, but it'll take time and right now I'm just popping in between writing all of my final papers at once at the last possible minute. I'll definitely do the logo sometime late tomorrow. It's been a while since I've last done an edit by hand and even longer since I've done a high-effort one, and it's always great fun. This one didn't age so well
>>2840 Sounds great Anon. I'll try to give you a 9'001hrs-in-ms-paint sketch of the hairpin the way I see it if I can't find a picture.
What's a good email service other than proton mail?
>>2853 cock.li I guess? it's notorious for technical issues and going offline. i think it's literally under constant attack. it's what i use though.
Is the embassy thread locked l? Just got a complaint from someone on neet.moe
>>2855 >Is the embassy thread locked l? no, it's just pinned to remain visible to newcomers. no one's bothered to post in it thus far is all i can see anon.
Ok I've made an account. I will make the voat and gab accounts shortly after I become a volunteer.
>>2858 OK, you should be all set. Please make a post using your capcode so I can confirm you're good to go, ribose.
>>2859 My what?
>>2860 It's the common name for your Role signature. Notice my ## Board owner ## thing? That's my capcode. https://julay.world/.static/pages/posting.html
Test 1
>>2862 Alright, looks like you're all set, ribose. Happy hunting mate! :^)
I've got to get to bed I will work on this more tomorrow.
>>2864 Sounds good. >>2865 Sleep well.
What is the progress on our symbol? I would like to make that the profile pic of our gab account.
Anyone know how to make a subversive on voat.co? I've never used that platform before.
>>2876 ah thanks for reminding me ribose, I need to make to look for reference. good idea about profile pics. can't help you out with the other, but someone can I'm sure. btw, protip: you normally only use your capcode when you need to establish the authority of your post. use your name freely as you will, but i'd hold off using the capcode for every post. people will think you're attention-whoring eventually. i'll try to do something on this sketch today.
Open file (365.25 KB 1600x1200 rw_logo.png)
>>2840 OK, here's a crude outline of my basic idea. The one thing I neglected to include was the border around the background oval. The hairclip is from Chobits ep18 at ~14:27. Feel free to select an angle as you wish ofc. But please, feel free to remix on this premise and present any variations on it you think are interesting Arts-Anon. Also, if anyone else here wants to chime in on the premise, please do so. Cheers!
Open file (74.19 KB 1280x720 1573124062225.jpg)
>>2881 It looks like an onahole.
What do you guys think about targeting the far right as potential allies in the fight for robowaifus. On one hand they will almost certainly see it as degenerate, but on the other they know what robowaifus are going to do to feminism. Would they actually help us?
>>2882 >>2884 heh, i saw that too. ok, something else then. but don't just complain Anons, get those creative juices going and give us some ideas and sketches ! :^) >>2883 certainly the feminism/effeminism effects that have effectively doomed the West and led to the need for robowaifus in the first place certainly come from the left and not from the right. not sure how 'far' far right you mean anon. conservatives sure, but they would be 3rd in line to condemn us right behind the feminsts & SJWs haha.
>>2885 I'm think about traditionalists, fascists, monarchists, and white nationalists types.
>>2887 One of the other reasons I think they may help us is because there are a lot of lonely guys in those movements. Sure they have their morals, but how strictly would they adhere to them when they have the real possibility of companionship?
>>2885 How about a gear with the symbol for female in the middle of it with the words "mulier ex machina" stretching across the top of the gear and /robowaifu/ under the female symbol.
Are there any ecelebs I should follow on gab?
Just had a thought on something everyone can do to help /robowaifu/ grow. Any time you have an opportunity to mention robowaifu an other community or group seize it. If someone brings up how shit women are direct them here. If someone mention love dolls or sex bots direct them here. If someone mentions tfw no gf direct them here.
>>2887 Sure, I don't see why not in general. You're right we'll be viewed as fundamentally degenerate by them in a group-think kind of way, I think. Honestly, I have no concerns about that, Not their cup of tea, and that's OK. But then again, the ones who are awake will also see the field's significant advantage in resisting the much bigger problem for them (and everyone else) of feminism. The broader culture will probably always try to lump all of us together as dem ebil vidya-playing nahdzees anyway, so probably not much of a distinction there tbh. >>2889 Very symbolic, I like it. Maybe we can add 'gentle human' into the mix somehow, Mulier Humanus Ex Machina? Care to give us a rough sketch so our draw-friends can have a go with your idea? Maybe you're a draw-friend yourself? >>2890 Heh, I'm sure I have no idea Anon. >>2891 Sound advice.
>>2889 On second thoughts, if by 'the symbol for female' you mean the modern feminist-remashed symbol (like pic related w/o the '=') then no. We need something classic that's evocative of Venus, not Fem*n.
>>2898 What about a ring but the band is replaced with a gear?
>>2900 Clever idea, would probably be a nice symbol. But in my opinion there's just too much stigma attached to the symbol form itself today. It would be obnoxious having to look at it regularly, much less adopting it as our logo. Something with 'V' would be nice maybe. Even something related to the famous Venus painting itself Anon?
>>2901 >Something with 'V' would be nice maybe Human hand holding dolljoints hand, the arms would make the v shape you're looking for.
Open file (12.87 KB 150x150 muhlogov3.png)
Open file (13.37 KB 150x150 muhlogov2.png)
Open file (13.32 KB 150x150 muhlogov1.png)
Open file (17.34 KB 150x150 hairthing.png)
>>2839 Alright, I finished your logo to what I think the specifications were. I made three versions. Two with the slashes in different places, and one without and slashes. If anyone wants to try something else, they can use the transparent hairband image I made.
>>2903 Certainly that would have a nice implication all on it's own, quite apart from the shape. I think that's a keeper. >>2904 Thanks Anon. Unfortunately, I think the general consensus now is that in isolation--especially for the uninitiate--Chii's hairpin simply resembles an onahole too much to be suitable as our public logo. I'm sure it will be good for in-joke ecchi humor in the future though haha. >>2881 >>2882 >>2884 >>2885 Sorry to put you out like that Anon.. Mind presenting some other ideas of your own?
>>2905 I noticed that, but hoped that a side view of the hair thing would be more acceptable. Would a heart with traces be good? I made a 3D model of a sort-of medallion thing which used this as a concept. It prints quite nicely on my potato-grade 3D printer, but it was a bitch to get off the bed. I could do something like that, but 2D and with a baby blue and white background.
>>2906 >I noticed that, but hoped that a side view of the hair thing would be more acceptable. Yeah, I thought a side-view might be better as well, once I saw the layout of my idea in perspective. But I guess we should drop the hairband thing. Oh well. >heart medallion Sure let's see. I personally do like the pastel 'baby' colors, I think they make a good color scheme. Ofc thinking about it now, we probably should try lots and lots of ideas out first before finalizing on a design. It's the typical way it's done professionally in graphics houses, and I think it would serve us well here too. Please proceed Anon. >>2876 I think we'll have to delay finalizing a decision for a while Anon. Can you hold of on that for a week or two?
>>2877 ribose, please take note: >>2926 >>2927 these are to be permabans for any non-TOR posts ofc, ribose.
If anyone is willing to have discord on their device then they should start shilling us in various discords.
>>2947 There used to be a discord on the old board I believe. I refuse to touch the stuff myself, heh. Maybe you can relocate it?
Why not only go for /sci/ and /g/ boards? While these other groups may have an interest in the topic and some among them may be knowledgable, wouldn't it be better to only go to places where you know people are into STEM? Some people like that may also be put off if they come and see most of the first page filled with religion, politics and magic discussion, which is probably all that some of these groups will contribute.
>>2954 We can simply get rid of off topic posts. Keep in mind we need more than just STEM in this fight.
>>2954 >Some people like that may also be put off if they come and see most of the first page filled with religion, politics and magic discussion, which is probably all that some of these groups will contribute. It's a good point, but as I mentioned before in the 'community growth & cohesion' section, I'd like us to "...all go out of our way to strive to be patient and helpful to newcomers over the next few months, myself included." >>2701 The ambassadorial thread in particular needs to be accommodating to others who are new here. I'll do my part to restrain Majick-Anon's activity on /robowaifu/ if it becomes essential to do so. And for my part concerning my own Christianity, if a philosophical topic or position is already being presented by Anon in a thread, I'll make an honest response if I feel the need to. I don't generally start these kinds of conversations but simply present my usually-alternate :^) POV. Even if it's uncomfortable on both sides, this is only proper in my opinion. I'm certainly open to suggestions on this topic. It's certainly a good suggestion for recruitment-Anon and the rest of us to focus on sci-tech communities for outreach, but frankly, much of what we're attempting here involves deep and/or mysterious topics such as the human soul, etc., so I don't think it's entirely possible to avoid theological discussions here, even if we made a strong and overt attempt to do so. I don't think it's possible for us to succeed at this huge task without lucidity and wisdom on all fronts. If, for example, that means acknowledging the clearly-designed biological systems surrounding the coding mechanisms inside DNA for example--and drawing inspirations for our own designs from that observation--then I willing to let the metaphysical chips fall where they may here.
Open file (107.47 KB 509x335 3rd ban from facebook.PNG)
I just wrote ~1500 words, sneezed, my headset flew off and landed on my keyboard, my entire computer crashed and I lost all my work. Just fucking kill me.
We have advertised on just about any alternative imageboard worth advertising on. We don't have the numbers to advertise in the comments of 4chan or the larger boards on 8kun. Anyone have any idea what communities we should target next?
I am unable to post to ponychan, furchan, fchan, and 2ch.hk/int over tor. I would appreciate it if someone else could post the appropriate pastas on those sites.
>>3040 Oh and 420chan
https://8kun.top/pnd/res/106800.html Can't imagine that this is going to last very long.
>>3034 >Anyone have any idea what communities we should target next? Honestly, I think you should stick to IBs until the dust settles, so to speak. Let this find a little equilibrium first would be my advice. After that, lather, rinse, repeat once for the sites that took your threads down. Other than that, the communities themselves have to adopt their own interest in robowaifus, I think. You can't force things on anyone ofc. Beyond that, I'd say use the two social media accounts you set up on voat and gab?
Maybe just 'make the rounds' every couple of months until interest grows? Summer is coming up, which will mean increased traffic on IBs.
Everyone, please take note of the proper place to promote /robowaifu/ on nanochan: >>3050 >As a rule we do not allow imageboard advertising threads outside of /b/ or the dedicated thread on /l/, Thank you.
So one anon in the meta thread brought up a good point, and that is that lots of people aren't going to want to use an imageboard because of the negative stigma around them. Would it be possible for us to make a separate forum type website that we would control that we could send nonimageboard users to? It would certainly decrease our risk factors when recruiting from certain groups.
>>3120 Probably a decent idea. It would have to be a 'sister site' alongside us, and I'm not up for managing more than just the /robowaifu/ IB itself, currently Anon. If anyone wants to step up, just make an account here on julay, and I'll add you as a board vol. Then you can make sites, etc., on our behalf.
>>3120 That's probably me you're referencing, and yeah from the perspective of a new anon here I had my reservations at first about exploring to much of Julay since I thought foreign boards besides 4chan were likely reserved for full on p-bears. The only reason I kept on was because Reddit kept deleting all the good "wrong think" subs and I was desperate for a new non conformist community. Honestly I don't really foresee anyone making as much effort as I which was required to find this place since at first google seemed to outright block most of my queries involving companion / waifu bots / alternative forums and even then I had to crawl through many duckduckgo results while simultaneously navigating a bunch of other IBs which were either dead, suspicious or slow/dying (looking at you LainChain). In terms of a forum, I feel like it'd only be possible if it was private and invite only. While it'd be infinitely easier to navigate, organize and interpret info, it would for sure dampen user join rates (which would otherwise be possible on a public platform). >>3125 Like Chobitsu mentioned, I think a sister board would be the best option.
>>3146 >reserved for full on p-bears What's a p-b... wait, I likely don't want to know. Not that I touch the stuff that often, but Google probably does block IBs. I know they had outright bans on linking to 4chan, & Hotwheels put in a request not index 8chan, which I believe they honored. /robowaifu/ is the number 1 hit on most of the other engines if you use that term. I'm not sure what other closely-related contextually terms will yield however. So after hearing your adventure to get to us, first off let me say congratulations! Secondly how did you actually manage it in the end Anon? What was the one key? Maybe that will give Recruiter-Anon here some ideas. >While it'd be infinitely easier to navigate, organize and interpret info There's an Anon who mentioned starting a wiki for us, and I've been tinkering around learning the basics of writing a thick book.
>>3147 > What was the one key Funny enough while Reddit drove me away, it also helped me find you guys. Usually when I'm looking for more niche communities I add "reddit" to see if there any discussions on any subject. The process went roughly like this though (ommitting useless queries) r/KIA2 warns that IBs are begin attacked and most likely they were going to be as well. They mention 8chan. https://www.reddit.com/r/kotakuinaction2/comments/gewvte/8chanmoe_is_live_supporting_free_speech_gg/ googling 4chan sites brings me this but nothing more, read about and started trying to figure out what lynxchan vs Vichan is. https://www.16chan.xyz/b/res/9601.html I eventually duckduckgo "lynxchan" + "reddit" and find the infinitechan sub where someone mentions julay.world https://www.reddit.com/r/infinitechan/comments/gayhfj/hey_retards_heres_the_alt_sites_anons_are_going/ I figure this is a reference to Chris Chan (is it? kek) so I visit right before the site goes down. However just before it goes down I lock eyes with /robowaifus/ and realize I found my new home. The next day the site disappears followed by my brief hysteria, but as you can tell I figured out there's a bunker and not all was lost.
>>3150 Aye, this is a turbulent time you picked to show up, but /robowaifu/ is supposed to be on the julay rebirth anyway, assuming things go as planned.
Open file (112.42 KB 477x640 20390589.jpg)
>>3150 That's quite intriguing Anon, thanks for sharing it. You certainly show a lot of persistence in finding your way here, so I applaud you for that. There's a lot to take in here (and more on the way) so just take your time here and you'll get it I'm sure. So, do you have any specific areas of interest you know of yet? For example, I'm kind of a systems guy myself, and can do a little coding very little, some might say haha. Regardless, we're all glad you're here Anon, welcome.
>>3120 To add to this, the culture of 8chan and its off shoots like julay in particular can be an obstacle. Every board that originated there in some way has a feel to it that can be offputting. There's a lot of people outside of the 4chan and 8chan circles even among imageboard users, they don't use the same lingo. The kissu.moe thread kind of shows this. Robowaifu is better in that regard. I found it through /monster/, which I only briefly looked at. During that short period I saw posts of anons telling each other to set themself on fire and that kind of thing. Bascially violent 'tism symptoms, and I've seen other people with the same opinion.
>>3159 Heh, you can still find angsty shitposting inside The Lounge containment thread, and that's fine imo. In the spirit of muh_freeze_peach: >Don't want to see it? Easy, just hide the thread Anon. So yea, we're very definitely part of that whole lineage you described. But we have a bigger goal here than just being spergy edgelords, so we keep the conversation on a higher level everywhere else on the board, I think. But we will never just fit in with 'polite' society here, I think. At least we better never do so haha :^)
>>3160 That's fair. There's drawbacks to everything.
>>3156 Well I'm studying to be a CS major and in terms of robowaifu I'm really interested in functional and open sourced 3D printed skeleton structures. However my job just layed everybody off so I've put buying a 3D printer on the back burner. The moment I can secure a pandemic proof job is the moment I'll jump in and start working on designs. I've amateur experience in many useful areas like Blender, programming, photoshop and am planning on really trying to hone and put my skills to test this summer
>>3162 >in terms of robowaifu I'm really interested in functional and open sourced 3D printed skeleton structures. We have an armatures & skeleton thread, and we've touch on a number of topics related to this here in the past as well. My own current interests in these domains is primarily related to the kinematics and structural design constraints of bipedal-locomotion. For now, most of us are temporarily resigned to a cripplebot robowaifu >>2983 but I, for one, mean to change that if I can. :^) >However my job just layed everybody off so I've put buying a 3D printer on the back burner Smart thinking. Don't worry, they keep getting better/cheaper over time so you'll be ahead when you do finally pull the trigger, Anon. >I've amateur experience in many useful areas like Blender, programming, photoshop and am planning on really trying to hone and put my skills to test this summer Sounds awesome. I look forward to seeing what you devise. Just out of curiosity mind if I ask what type of programming you do? I have a specific interest in systems programming myself here.
>>3163 Well to be honest I'd still consider myself a novice without a focus atm since the core of my programming experience is comprised of Java and x86 Assembly. I originally planned to study C and progress to C++ during summer and from what I've read around in this board it seems like that's a pretty standard route to get up to date. For all intents and purposes (since that was kind of a vague answer), I guess it's best to say I want to focus on game deving with unity(C) then move to unreal engine(C++) as a hobby and eventually move on to embedded systems(C++) career-wise while applying that knowledge to whatever /robowaifu/ project I'd be working on. Also, sorry for the late replies. I'm pretty new to IBs and I've been getting lost trying to sift through as much of the board as I can. If you don't mind me bombarding you with questions, how do you keep track of all your conversations/replies? Also, would you happen to know where I'd be able to find the latest update to the RDD pdf? And has a wiki been established yet?
>>3173 >Also, sorry for the late replies. I'm pretty new to IBs and I've been getting lost trying to sift through as much of the board as I can. If you don't mind me bombarding you with questions, how do you keep track of all your conversations/replies? Also, would you happen to know where I'd be able to find the latest update to the RDD pdf? And has a wiki been established yet? \Haha, no worries mate, we've all been there. :^) > how do you keep track of all your conversations/replies? The catalog. https://spqrchan.xyz/robowaifu/catalog.html All the newly-bumped threads will rise to the top of the board. After a while, you'll get used to watching the 'replies' counter. You also generally keep a tab open for any threads you have an open (unanswered, etc) post in. Whenever that thread gets a bump a number will show up on the tab and by that approach (tabs open for each open thread) you can quickly spot any new posts for the thread. At least that's been my approach. There's a 'Watched Threads' link at the top of the page as well that's possibly useful (I don't use it so I'm ignorant about it). Just be patient and keep at it Anon, and within a couple of weeks you'll be shitposting here like an oldfag pro! :^) > Also, would you happen to know where I'd be able to find the latest update to the RDD pdf? sure. it's posted here. >>2620 btw, i'm the general editor of it. i'm requesting everyone to submit work to help me fill it out (right now, it's basically just a skeleton of topics). so, if you feel motivated, then pick a topic and start digging then submit your documents. tia. btw, i've also created a dedicated thread which will be the proper place to retrieve the latest copy of if in the future. >>3001 > And has a wiki been established yet? Not to my knowledge. I'm relying on another Anon for that. Once it's established, I will link to it in both the Welcome Thread and the RDD thread. >//--- >[C++] and from what I've read around in this board it seems like that's a pretty standard route to get up to date. C is most definitely an important language, but to quote a recent post (from myself) on the v/agdg thread: >"The fundamental burden that C places on the novice is putting the cart before the horse. You more or less have to become a guru of exceptional competence before you can create even reasonably non-trivial systems in C. With C++, you can begin to toddle towards doing so even as a novice, as I mentioned. " > (pic related) C will be absolutely essential in our quest to achieve robowaifus, but will be relegated primarily to small embedded micro-controllers, etc. The huge bulk of the system will be in C++, which offers high-efficiency comparable to C code, but also brings multi-mode programming with great abstraction and generic programming mechanisms. It's also much the better language for novices, when given the choice between the two (as I outlined above). I've been programming professionally with C & C++ for roughly a decade now. AMA.
Open file (635.72 KB 940x1500 1589606037604.jpg)
Found a discord server for anyone willing to download that shit. --- keep it sfw, anon
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/17/2020 (Sun) 05:28:36.
>>3215 thanks, btw. :^)
This board's activity seems to be slowing down and this website seems to be hemorrhaging users. Is there anything we can do to reverse this trend?
>>3241 heh, you just did Anon. :^)
>>3242 I mean I can post here all day long, but if the site is losing users we need to quickly stop that trend and get more people in here.
Open file (306.36 KB 728x588 chii_bg.png)
>>3244 Ehh, A) That's not a game I intend to play--chasing after 'users' (suit yourself ofc). B) This endeavor is a long-haul kind of thing tbh and always has been since the beginning. AI researchers are digging through papers and algorithms, software devs are learning2code :^) and building systems that are foundational. Our engineering students are, well, studenting. Other Anons are probably spending free time digging into various things of robowaifu-related interests. We'll be fine anon. And, while we're all very appreciative of Robi I'm sure, we ourselves aren't going to disappear even if all his stuff does. To quote the man himself: >"If everything fucks up remember that anonymity is a spirit and not something people can just shut down. Something new will pop up, keep looking. Julay is not the first imageboard nor is it the last." /robowaifu/ is a great example of that spirit. We're in it for the long haul, Anon. But please, do post. I watch the board generally daily, and basically tend to respond within minutes. If you have a question or interest, I'll be glad to answer if I at all can. Cheers.
>>3244 BTW, we all appreciate all the efforts you've made at promotion. :^)
A poem I found. Roastie toastie pudding and pies Can't get a boyfriend so she cries Goes to /pol/ and finds a thread Shocked to find that in her stead Males are done, they've had enough Of roasties cries and mental stuff Robots soon, the future's near And that which gives the roastie fear No longer will guys have to try with perfect waifus they will lie She kicks and screams and throws a fit A well rehearsed and vocal skit Her only worth has been tossed out And all she can do is cry and pout Her posts are short and fraught with rage How can she compete at ripe old age? Fingers pounding at the keys Dumping endless pointless sleaze Stuck inside her private hell "I've got you now, you fucking incel!" But nobody listened, cared or heard Not a single bloody word The men rejoiced and had a pint Together on a joyous night Roasties no longer waste our lives Now that we've got robot wives.
Open file (53.62 KB 220x164 its_beautiful.gif)
>>3293 kek
>>3241 Contacting the developer of Omnichan app might help. His app does not include julay.world, and we can't just put in our own URLs. https://www.reddit.com/u/MartinVanBallin?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share https://www.reddit.com/r/Omnichan/comments/hpmqkh/until_the_app_is_back_on_the_play_store_here_is_a/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Even better would be to program libraries in Kotlin and Swift to parse all important imageboards, and so allow every app to include (some of) them.
>>4285 >Even better would be to program libraries in Kotlin and Swift to parse all important imageboards Just curious why you specify Kotlin and Swift anon? BTW, we already have software written that can parse effectively any imageboard, important or not: >>4211
>>4298 Your post looks like spam. Please adjust it.
>>4294 Okay, didn't know about that. If this can be put into an Android or iOS app, then it might be fine. You're saying this can parse every imageboard? You mean here on Julay or everything? My point is, there should be good readers for every board like this on mobile devices. Then more people will go there, including here.
>>4307 >You're saying this can parse every imageboard? Any board that supplies a valid JSON API, yes. It can (and will) be extended to parse IB types/sites that don't provide one as well. >My point is, there should be good readers for every board like this on mobile devices. The BUMP software is C++ ISO standard C++17, so the code could theoretically be ported to practically every conceivable device out there. Some adjustments to library dependencies might be needed but it should be relatively easy for anyone interested in doing so.
>>4309 Ah, okay. Amazing. I thought the reason why Omnichan isn't supporting every board is that they would need a parser for each. There are also mainly 4chan apps.
>>4311 If you have the abilities, then I'd recommend you compile a working copy and grab any boards on Julay that you'd like to keep an archive of before they disappear forever at the changeover in 6 days.
>>4312 I think there's nothing important for me. If I had so much time I would create some app like Omnichan (don't care about the 4chan pass option), but open source, and maybe in form a a library. So for example other apps like mgtow.tv app could use it to connect only to different mgtow boards, or alternatively only one board which the app programer trusts.
>>4311 >I thought the reason why Omnichan isn't supporting every board is that they would need a parser for each. I have no idea why Omnichan is doing whatever they do, but yes, each board software type often has minor differences that need to be taken into account. For example Vichan and Jschan software are different in several ways but the fundamental elements are the same ideas. In my software I've just created a JSON file that maps the different tags to the ideas and after that everything's really simple to deal with just that one paradigm, not 2 dozen different ones. >>4321 It's an interesting idea. As you've already seen, my source code is completely open-source (MIT license) and anyone is free to use it to create any kind of imageboard app they want to. Personally, I'm working it towards a distributed, private server model to try to help IBs stay resilient in the face of takedowns, etc. It's why I wrote the software in the first place, because we very nearly lost /robowaifu/ entirely in the aftermath of the 8chan red-flag operation. If I hadn't scrambled my ass off that last <24hrs, we would have
>>4324 Okay thanks for your work. Do you try to build your own or looking into Lokinet and IPFS based thinks like unstoppable domains?
>>4326 YW. > Lokinet and IPFS based thinks No, not yet at least. For now my thinking is a little closer Tor-based solutions, specifically supporting a hidden service in the tool, and allowing for some kind of anonymous lookup to connect together with. It's a ways off, I still have a lot to learn about things yet.
>>2705 Perhaps you'd be interested in another possible community your could draw from. >>4336
>>4909 I forgot to delete a circle on the right side. Will fix and upload another version. >0 threads and 0 posts were successfully deleted. REEEEEEEEEEEE
Open file (727.73 KB 500x558 robologo.gif)
Open file (109.32 KB 500x558 robologo.png)
>>4911 Noice Really fancy XD
I lack the skills to turn these into banners.
>>4911 Thanks for the pro-tier work Logo-Anon. Nice attention to details, it's the little things that count. We could probably use a couple of variations on this, for example half-sized ones in case something smaller is required. I plan to integrate this into the RDD as an official 'seal', as well. >>2876 Here's the /robowaifu/ logo, Ribose. If you're on a forum that supports the animated one, use that. Otherwise use the static one.
>>4923 You might ask on the banners thread Anon. Perhaps someone will help out? >>252
Open file (46.88 KB 250x279 robologo in half.png)
>>4927 How much is "half size"? Anyway, here's is a smaller version of the "static" one. Also, I am not the anon that posted ITT a couple months ago. (But we are all anonymous anyway :^)
>>4929 Ahh, I see then. That size is fine, and thanks again. Nice work!
Open file (28.60 KB 1000x1000 rbwf_hi.png)
Open file (28.67 KB 1000x1000 rbwf_hi-alt.png)
Open file (18.48 KB 1000x1000 rbwf_hi-runes.png)
Open file (18.38 KB 1000x1000 rbwf_hi-runes-alt.png)
Open file (11.14 KB 474x474 toua juukou.jpeg)
So I was inspired by the Toua Juukou (Toua Heavy Industry) logo from Sidonia no Kishi (and others mangas) that uses a stylized "to" (ト) and made a robowaifu variant with the katakana "ro" (ロ).
Open file (15.30 KB 1000x1000 rbwf_hi-runes-alt.png)
Open file (15.33 KB 1000x1000 rbwf_hi-runes.png)
>>4933 Worked on the font of the weeboo version.
>>4933 >>4934 Hey I like the way you think Anon! :^)
>>4933 These are great, and I predict--prophetic. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and others are already getting into the service robotics game and in the future they and many other major industrial interests will also begin offering robowaifu companions. I'd like to think that somehow at least some of us here from /robowaifu/ will be a part of what is sure to be a gigantic industry one day.
Open file (274.38 KB 900x844 mx5qm2z2ahcz.png)
>whey they say that robots can't replace women
Open file (50.41 KB 1643x500 rbwf_hi-mb-alt.png)
Open file (24.73 KB 500x500 rbwf_hi-mb.png)
Open file (13.51 KB 500x89 MHI.png)
Open file (49.58 KB 767x500 MHI.jpeg)
>>5096 :^)
>>5109 kek. with some minor changes, #1 could be a reasonable banner, actually.
Open file (362.04 KB 1000x1000 IMAGINE.png)
Made this a long time ago and posted it in another thread. Fixed it up a bit and am reposting because it's extremely relevant.
>>6292 Euphoria I responded to your banner post.
Pop Culture Idea Just imagine what a large troupe of robowaifus could do along this line. You could even have them singing, dancing, and doing gymnastics as well!
>related xposts >>6718 >>6740 >>6791
Just wondering if it would be a good idea to attempt recruitment IRL by leaving /robowaifu/ tear-off dockets with this web URL inside male toilets. I can place them in the engineering and computer science buildings of my local uni. The library. That sort of thing. I give zero fux about feminist/sjw shaming. To me this is legitimate robotics and craftsmanship. Besides, they have their crappy victim-status movement, we autistic males need one too! A rallying point that isn't focused around hatred, but solutions. I am thinking of printing some of the page banners onto dockets and stickers along with a short and to-the-point description: "D.I.Y female robotic companions" (less webspeak so as to appeal to as wide an audience as possible). Also I want to get something together on my deviant art so that the few hundred people who see my old art gallery every month may be interested in coming here. We need more men made aware of robowaifus if they are going to become a reality!
>>7676 Sure, go for it. Just be aware of surveillance systems being commonplace. Your movements are automatically tracked by Big Brother on something like a Uni campus, so you can very likely be pinned down eventually if you're leaving materials around. Don't do anything illegal mate. But heh, you already live in Airstrip One don't you? No need to remind you, but just practice good OPSEC. Certainly try hard not to dox yourself online at the least. > A rallying point that isn't focused around hatred, but solutions. Absolutely. That's the whole point here, and you seem to understand that very well so thanks for reminding us.
Open file (116.32 KB 960x720 Reinhard working.jpg)
>>2898 >>2889 The Mercury symbol ☿ is the Venus symbol with protusions coming out of it, we can call them antennas and associate it with robowaifus.
>>7687 O cute, a waifu with horns. Like a little devil.
>>7685 >Don't do anything illegal mate. LOL wise advice. But that's another thing that appeals to me about /robowaifu/. No illegal stuff (although obvs I have to get permission to put up posters and pamphlets rather than just fly post). Before I found out about this board I frequented 8kun and 4chan. Both of them were full of people acting like fanatical Neo Nazis, the Khmer Rouge or just the clinically insane. A few people wanted to hoard canned food, grow their own veg and arm themselves to the teeth so they could live the rest of their lives in a bunker, but that's about the most creativity I saw. Lots of memes, rage and depression. Very few solutions.
>>7694 Being upset about politics all the time can be damaging. They don't discuss solutions anyways. It's only wasting time and being angry. Which can have effects on how well to learn stuff or getting upset about problems much faster, because they're just the icing on the cake of worries. So yeah it's better to focus on tech and watching anime to relax. "Entertainment" which is to much driven by permanent conflicts between people also only increases stress. It can't be good to have that the whole time. There's a reason why watching 'My Little Pony' became popular among hackers or other IT guys. They need to relax and have some distance to the world. Btw, I just delayed working on some code for more than seven hours, because I had so enough of it, only to find the solution for the last problem I had with it in literally less than 20sec.
>>7696 Well that is good to hear, anon. Hope it gets you closer to your goals! Just goes to show how important rest is for the human brain.
>>7696 >Btw, I just delayed working on some code for more than seven hours, because I had so enough of it, only to find the solution for the last problem I had with it in literally less than 20sec. More than once, I've literally woken up from bed with the correct answer to a coding problem at my fingertips when I got on the editor, and even for other issues in life as well. You can often hear the answer being given to you if you're doing the right thing and get quiet. And be patient about it too. I second the other anon's advice about giving yourself some rest when you're constantly struggling for a solution to something. Taking a break from it for a bit can actually be important to finding the right answer for things.
>>7687 Heh, cute idea but the basic point is to not emulate that now-degenerate symbology. Find something that evokes the beauty of the mythological Venus in a readily understandable icon at a glance. Think Botticelli's Birth of Venus, mate.
Some of the banners here >>252 might be useful to be posted in other places, or being used as avatars and such. Others are to big for banners and might rather fit in here. Also, this new thread here is about making media with robowaifus: >>19295 and this about illustrations using Stable Diffusion >>17763
Why not take a page from Leftist's playbook and branding ourselves servants of humanity by our effective altruism? https://www.effectivealtruism.org/articles/cause-profile-building-an-effective-altruism-community
>>19507 >branding ourselves servants of humanity Because stuff like this often (~always) backfires. Evidence: Western Civilization (if we ignore some more complex theories). Luckily we aren't an organization, so you would have to convince every single one of us. I don't see any need for it. Ideas like this won't get us any work done, nor is this idea somehow supported by any data that indicates that the lack of growth has something to do with our lack of humanitarian idealism. Better make some good memes instead or try to find out why so many men aren't trying to build something like this. It might only be a small group willing and able to do, then we should find more of them. Or we just work as much as we can and are willing to and be patient.
>>19567 Heh That second pic has some cute waifus tbh.
>>19594 Yes. Gargantia - good post-apocalyptic anime, a bit like Waterworld mixed with a bit of Raised by Wolves or Alien, with cute waifus. No robowaifus, but a bit AI and robot related.
Open file (259.52 KB 844x1417 men_united.jpg)
Someone should replace Androids with Gynoids in this, so that no one can interpret it as gay. Or replace it with other text, about more wholesome. Add some /robowaifu/ to it, somewhere. I can't do it, my program drives me nuts.
>>19978 dang i really wanna check out picrel manga. Can you give sauce?
>>7704 >>7687 are you guys sure you'd want Venus/Aphrodite as ourmascot? I mean, despite being the love goddess, she's literally a cheating roastie who makes people's lives miserable. She cheated on her husband Hephaestus, who btw is a much better representation of us robowaifu anons as a forger/inventor. She's the original Western Woman™.
>>19978 I like your spirit Anon! Will this help you on your work? >
>>19980 >She's the original Western Woman™. Lol, OK pardon our ignorance Anon. Suggestions? everyone here already knows who my chief waifu is :^)
>>19982 ah sorry my bad, the sauce is written in the panel itself
>>19979 No idea, the 4chan thread about "sexbots" mentioned in meta, but it's now archived. Post it in some /co/ board on some chan. >>19984 - Never mind then. >>19980 Her looks are somewhat the long running western ideal, though today many might like it a bit more sporty and maybe younger. Or it's like an average of what guys like, the consensus model. We did not pick her as a our symbol, but good that you read through old threads. Also, I was never married and cheated on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4Y8dB2tg8o >>19982 It may help our efforts. I don't like working on this, though.
>>19985 >It may help our efforts. I don't like working on this, though. You'll do fine. Are you using Krita, GIMP, or Paint.net ?
>>19988 I have no intention to use any such huge program for a little bit of text. No time.
>>19983 well, off the top of my head, the love story of Penelope-Odysseus and Eros-Psyche are the least messed up in Greek myths. I'll have to explore other myths before I get some better mascot goddesses. I also recommend Krishna-Radha if you're targeting the Indian subcontinent population. That would appeal more here than any greek myth. I think we should make the recruitment posters more targeted to specific demographics like my example above. This is what Big Tech has been doing and its been quite successful.
>>19993 >like my example above. Which one was that, Anon?
>>19995 Krishna-Radha based recruitment for Indian subcontinent. Demographic-targeted recruitment posters.
>>19996 Ahh, I see. I wouldn't be comfortable with that personally, but I understand your point. And BTW, I was simply trying to steer Anon away from using the common symbol for women (though I rather like it for the C+= programming language :^), not to promote a goddess. Venus is simply the commonly-accepted notion of beauty in the Western Tradition. Botticelli's masterpiece being the premier rendition IMO.
>>19985 in all honesty, Hephaestus didn't have much choice in the marriage matter. He got married to her because of Zeus. And he wouldn't wanna oppose the king of Olympus, especially since Zeus once threw him down from Mount Olympus and it took him 9 days to hit the ground.
>>20005 And after marriage he still was based, since he mostly occupied himself with his forging and inventing. This makes Aphrodite's adultery all the worse since Hephaestus opened all his works to her and gave her a ton of gifts he made himself.
>>19998 >>19983 Aphrodite/Venus - Western tradition Freya - Norse mythology Parvati - Hindu mythology Ishtar - Mesopotamian mythology Xochiquetzal - Aztec mythology Hathor - Egyptian mythology Rati - Hindu mythology Izanami - Japanese mythology Lakshmi - Hindu mythology Pele - Hawaiian mythology ChatGPT gives the above as symbols of beauty and love for different cultures around the world. I 'd still be careful as some of them are as bad Aphrodite is. Like Ishtar, who killed Gilgamesh's best friend Enkidu because he was too based to sleep with her.
>>20008 >I 'd still be careful as some of them are as bad Aphrodite is. Like Ishtar, who killed Gilgamesh's best friend Enkidu because he was too based to sleep with her. I'll again point out I have zero desire to use any goddess. I was simply trying to stand up an icon of beauty for that anon, in opposition to his suggestion of the thoroughly-usurped, feminist-ideology-drenched, icon of Globohomo evil that the orginal symbol has degenerated into. >=== -minor edit
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>>20016 ah yes sorry, I thought it'd be used for those recruitment banners and poster
>>20018 Yep, nope. I think Anon's 'faceless' graphic of Chii (ITT) is exceptionally pertinent to reaching out to Anons, both East & West. As for Joe Sixpack, probably something closer to our site's own icon of my jewish mother. I don't know, ask around with your local normalfag friends you're willing to broach the topic with, Anon. Good luck, Cheers. >=== -minor edit
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>>20019 I wish I could, but unfortunately only one friend is based enough to consider. I'll speak to him. I'll be committing social suicide with anybody else.
>>20022 >I wish I could, but unfortunately only one friend is based enough to consider. I'll speak to him. I'll be committing social suicide with anybody else. Don't do it at all if you're concerned. Just using something close to Robi's mascot icon of grown-up Milk-chan should be close enough IMO. Cover her tits up, ofc lol. :^) >sorry about my odd edit Anon
>>20022 Just for asking? Krass. Cancel culture, huh? Or just some anxiety?
>>20025 Haha. Lurk moar, Anon. It will become evident to you with time what we're all up against here in the greater, Globohomo-brainwashed culture of the West. In the East? Maybe. Here? Lol, no. >tl;dr Hide your power level Anon. You should already know this by now, fren.
>>20025 >>20026 As someone from the East, its just s pozzed here as the West and the females here are just as insufferable, hence why I'm into robowaifu. There are actually a lot of men who'd love a robot wife, unfortunately most of them aren't even aware that such a thing is possible.
>>20033 >There are actually a lot of men who'd love a robot wife, unfortunately most of them aren't even aware that such a thing is possible. This. It's our propagandist's jobs to let them find out, right? :^)
We should run ads on 4chan /diy/ and /sci/ boards.
>>20294 We don't currently have funding for such, nor do I particularly think this is the right time for it either. That said, I certainly wouldn't have objections to someone who's willing, to pay to do so. I'd want to vett the propaganda ads myself first, ofc. >=== -minor edit
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>>20312 I could swear I saw some /robowaifu/ ads before when I was browsing /g/ and /sci/
>>20312 I thought ads on 4chan were like $20 for a month or something ridiculously low. Schizos are advertising their youtube channels now.
>>20321 Perhaps, but they didn't originate here AFAICT.
>>20334 >I thought ads on 4chan were like $20 for a month or something ridiculously low. Sounds great! If you take some out, please let us all see the ads themselves first, Anon.
I'd like to request the board come up with some materials we can use abroad during the lead-up week for our local C++ Classroom upcoming (>>19777). The plan is -- all things being equal -- to begin our classes here on May 6th. So if you can have something ready before next Monday then we'd all have a full workweek to use them in promoting our programming class out to other boards on the Internet. TIA /robowaifu/ ! :^) >=== -prose edit
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>>22169 I thought everyone just used Midjourney or Stable Diffusion for stuff like that nowadays.
>>19980 Um akshually robowaifus (or artificial ones) are literally blessed by her. Here is the story of Pygmalion whose sculpture of a woman turned into a real one. “ According to Ovid, when Pygmalion saw the Propoetides of Cyprus practicing prostitution, he began "detesting the faults beyond measure which nature has given to women".[1] He determined to remain celibate and to occupy himself with sculpting. He made a sculpture of a woman that he found so perfect he fell in love with it. Pygmalion kisses and fondles the sculpture, brings it various gifts, and creates a sumptuous bed for it. In time, Aphrodite's festival day came and Pygmalion made offerings at the altar of Aphrodite. There, too afraid to admit his desire, he quietly wished for a bride who would be "the living likeness of my ivory girl". When he returned home, he kissed his ivory statue, and found that its lips felt warm. He kissed it again, and found that the ivory had lost its hardness. Aphrodite had granted Pygmalion's wish. Pygmalion married the ivory sculpture, which changed to a woman under Aphrodite's blessing. In Ovid's narrative, they had a daughter, Paphos, from whom is derived the name of the eponymous city.”
Reposting from other thread. So I know it’s a shot in the dark but have any of you thought about reaching out to clubs/people who are interested in robotics? I’m kinda lonely lately and I’d like some robo buddy with me. Anyone got some experience to share?
>>25497 is that even a thing, i only remember an after school activity at my school, it was supposed to be robotics with those programmable legos but once were in the computer lab, after school, it became a cs1.6 party no one gave a shit about legos
>>25497 >Anyone got some experience to share? I used a Lego Mindstorms kit years ago to show others some basic robotics stuff to other guys in school. A couple of them were interested, most weren't.
>>25497 Unless you live in a big city, I wouldn’t hold much hope for an organized club (assuming you’re post-college-age). I’ve heard that cities tend to have “Maker-Spaces” or whatnot, and some of em have clubs/focus groups, but I don’t have any experience there. That said, my experience in both HS and college was a bit disappointing. Probably only 25% of the people had any real interest in robotics, and of those, less than half had either the talent or the determination to do something serious with them. The rest were, as my mentor would have said, “groupies”— people who only wanted to “network” or pad out their applications/CV, instead of actually making stuff Now, for less pessimistic, more actionable stuff: - Drone hobbyist clubs might be your best bet— there are bound to be a few guys DIY’ing. It’ll give you pretty lopsided lessons on robotics (rel focus), but the fundamental concepts and understanding of physics will transfer over just fine, and it’s great introduction to control systems (I’m assuming you’re somewhat new to the field; my apologies if it’s otherwise) - Mechanics-oriented “clubs” (they tend to be informal, often competition-centric) are also helpful for this sort of thing (if you’re aiming to learn mech or intro elec engineering), like racing or flying. Lots of very knowledgeable people in these groups, but you need to either have $$$$$, connections, or a particularly uncommon skill (or a really high CHR stat, but I know nothing of that). A lot of the guys there are more than happy to talk about their specialties, provided the other person shows interest AND can show they understand what they’re being told (the latter tends to be more important lol) Those are really the only experiences I have to offer— if you find something better, by all means, let us know— a lot of us are probably looking for the same thing. >>25503 Those things were pretty great. Sure, their “programming” was a joke, but that sort of trial-and-error is great for learning spatial reasoning and application-oriented design. Shame they haven’t changed much over the years— the kits I saw coworkers’ children playing with looked almost identical to the sets I used over a decade ago.
>>25503 >>25515 Thanks for the tips guys. Like I said I just want to find some new comrades in this grand quest.

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