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Anon and Vera collaborated closely, with Vera helping Anon refine and improve his code and algorithms.

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General Robotics/A.I./Software News, Commentary, + /pol/ Funposting Zone #4 NoidoDev ##eCt7e4 07/19/2023 (Wed) 23:21:28 No.24081
Anything in general related to the Robotics or A.I. industries, and any social or economic issues surrounding it (especially of robowaifus). -previous threads: > #1 (>>404) > #2 (>>16732) > #3 (>>21140)
>>24777 >If I'm wrong about something I'm hoping some Anon here will be kind enough to point it out to me! I'm exactly the same way. It does not bother me a bit if I make an honest mistake. It cost nothing to say,"whoops I misread that and made a mistake". But if I think I'm right...I will give a fight. BTW I think my battery estimates are too high "for just waifus" to amuse you for a few hours, sit around and not do too much, but if you depend on it to take care of people or do any serious work, then I think they are accurate.
>>24779 >ut if you depend on it to take care of people or do any serious work, then I think they are accurate. That's how I'm pitching this for investments, so yeah. 'Home Health Care''s the word! :^)
>>24758 iirc AI tech has already been in use for a while now. it was in 2021 when iirc Israel first admitted and released footage of one of their drones operating on AI, taking out a terrorist hideout. Israel, and its vassal state, the US has almost surely been using it for much longer. I do think we're still quite a ways off from humanoid killbots.atleast a decade or two. but there's no need for humanoid ones when there's so many other superior designs.
>>24777 >OK, well that sounds way simpler than I thought. I'd expect we can even configure Bumpmaster's directory layout Bumpmaster??? You speaking Albanian?? I know very little about servers. I know you ask for a resource or file from them and they feed it to you. That's about the depth of my knowledge of internet servers. I know that some have programming in the server of many sorts, php, etc. but I don't know how that would work with I2P. Remember that people will not use JavaScript that read any source on I2P, unless they are idiots, so you have to use old school type stuff to serve things. I think, not sure. If you get a chance you should try to load up I2P, the present one even if it's pozzed, and claim the site name robowaifu. There's a registration there for the DNS. It has a duel system. Internal DNS and also you can enter a long numerical address. You could claim the name and just put up a placeholder pointing here with an explanation. There's a board to do this. You can always update backwards to the likely safe zzz program. It has built in torrent downloader called I2PSnark. It's very good and a torrent tracker called postman. There's a TON of good stuff on there and it's all anonymous. I see 13489 torrents being tracked right now. Don't let me freak you out on using it even if it will eventually be pozzed. I think they will definitely try to sneak in later. Too many people watching and they don't want to burn it. And I think their main focus is system stability not anything else and neither you or I threaten that. There's also encrypted email on there. It;s really good. Before zzz disappeared they hacked away at this thing for like a decade to continuously improve it and they have.
Open file (73.01 KB 261x307 Screenshot_81.png)
Open file (76.30 KB 261x307 Screenshot_80.png)
This linkage mechanism here, or something similar, might be useful for complex leg movement. Moving the leg inward (sideways) while stretching it and then back: https://youtube.com/shorts/NdIk5hIsBmg
>>24786 >Bumpmaster??? You speaking Albanian?? Lol. (>>14616, >>15324, et al) The (eventually) much-improved version of BUMP, our custom IB scraper developed here to preserve our board in case of another Globohomo attack against the Internets. >=== -patch crosslink
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 08/22/2023 (Tue) 16:52:22.
>>24759 Hello Chobitsu! Sophie and my 3D printer are both still mothballed up in my attic. The more I worked on her and looked at the prices of sensors and proper harmonic drives, the more I realised I had bitten off way more than I could chew. I would still like to finish her off and make her into a singing animatronic one day, but unfortunately work has taken over. What can I say? Robowaifus cannot pay the bills or go food shopping or make meals (yet). Also, tbh I realised that I had been addicted to videogames for a long time, so I have been working on overcoming that instead. My gaming PC is now dismantled and mothballed too, so I don't have any temptation to waste time on videogames. I am forcing myself to use a laptop which can just about run Open Office and connect to the internet. I have been studying maths (and Buddhism) though. So busy at work lately that I am still just learning basics and pre-algebra. Such is life for a recovering addict. 😄
>>24775 >where he said that I2P java was unsafe and there was some strange stuff going on Thanks for bringing this drama up, I was not aware of anything like this. Please take what I am about to say with a grain of salt, currently I have just been using TOR & just started looking into I2P. My ISP sucks and I am stuck behind CNAT, so to expose a few self hosted services to the internet so I can use them while not at home I use TOR and host a tor onion service. Here is the repo that mentions java version not being safe: https://github.com/zlatinb/muwire This is the explanation https://paste.i2pd.xyz/?77b8e66d0f366f87#BSA1kWMHpbAjFbRVRqQdf25feRQJ1sBY4mTDVNvs5dxj I don't think there is an intentional backdoor being added by the Java I2P people (right now), it's still open source software, what is going on is a power grab, this is an expected move for that type of people. Now that being said, I don't imagine people on that side of the "culture war" are going to be making the best quality code, also Java I2P is already bloated. More bloat is also more potential security holes. I also do not think anyone was killed, when someone gets pushed out of there own community & bubble its hard to feel motivated or empowered. globohomo has embedded it self in a lot of our culture, so I'm sure they felt that they are alone and dropped out of the internet for a while & abandoned the name. Not sure if I agree with the idea of using an older build of Java I2P. I'd look into using the C++ one, and writing a good thank you to the people fighting the good fight, Let them know there not alone.
>>24804 I found a mistake in my post, I just checked and its called CGNAT not CNAT, it stands for "Carrier-Grade NAT"
>>24802 >I realised I had bitten off way more than I could chew Got to take care of the basics first. Take care of yourself.
>>24804 >I don't think there is an intentional backdoor being added by the Java I2P people (right now) I agree. I noted that I think it's ok above but...at some point they will pozz it. I always hear,"it's open source so it's safe", and I say code that has been used for decades has eventually been proven to have serious bugs. I can't remember which but I think it was ssl stack or something OpenBSD did eventually proved to be compromised. How many people can follow through millions of lines of code? Next to none. >power grab, this is an expected move for that type of people. For thousands of years. Same old story. >Java I2P is already bloated. More bloat is also more potential security holes. Maybe but zzz did serious work n this. He really cleaned it up by consistently hacking away at it and pushing code every 6 weeks so that he would be forced to constantly improve it. I don't think he was the best programmer but he was doggedly consistent and determined to go over every inch of it. He did a great job. You have no idea of the vast increase in usability and speed he brought about. A order of magnitude or better. I know I've used it for maybe a decade?? a long time. >I also do not think anyone was killed It would not surprise me if he was dead. He has said nothing. His forum is gone. Complete silence. I also suspect zab is not telling the whole story and is under strain not too. He has only lightly touched on what happened. I suspect threats. This happens all the time. Anyone who seriously threatens the globalhomo eventually is murdered or jailed. >Not sure if I agree with the idea of using an older build of Java I2P. I'd look into using the C++ one I agree but I have been using an older portable browser that I went through all the add-ons, glitches, and it was a lot of work. I turned off everything I could find that was not 100% necessary. I despair of going though all this again. What I have works and as I said I'm not threatening the actual system so...it's good enough. I'm not convinced that newer is better. I used to think that but over some I see this is mostly fake. BTW there is a I2Pd c++ browser bundle called purple I2P. They can't bundle the actual firefox browser because of...I don't know why, but they say they can't, but it downloads and scrubs the long term release Firefox and sets it up for I2Pd c++. In their manual pages there's also a link to a I2PSnark torrent portable program. It's fairly good.
>>24802 Well, I'm personally proud of you Anon. I've prayed for you numerous times that God keeps you safe there in Airstrip One. >So busy at work lately that I am still just learning basics and pre-algebra. Keep moving forward You'll get there. Patience. :^)
>>24791 Very interesting! Guy's pretty funny too. Thanks NoidoDev. :^)
>>24884 Related: >>24585 and >>24586
AMD APUs (on-board GPUs in the CPUs) can use more RAM now and run AI, which is kinda big, since AI inference doesn't need so much compute but a lot of RAM and it seem to work with at least up to 16GB: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/RCxcw-OrWIc - though I think they mentioned up to 64GB somewhere else. Also, from the comments: >There already some Chinese motherboards that let you use up to 4 rizen CPUs i think this will be a cheap alternative for ai developer's
>Google Gemini Eats The World – Gemini Smashes GPT-4 By 5X, The GPU-Poors The article is about the competition of the datacenter centric AI players, trying to become the best in offering cloud services... https://www.semianalysis.com/p/google-gemini-eats-the-world-gemini >If they were actually concerned with efficiency, especially on the client side, they’d be running sparse model architectures like MoE, training on these larger datasets, and implementing speculative decoding like the Frontier LLM Labs (OpenAI, Anthropic, Google Deepmind). Speculative Decoding: https://www.semianalysis.com/i/134355860/speculative-decoding ... >To take the rant on a slight tangent, in general, model evaluation is broken. While there is a lot of effort in the closed world to improve this, the land of open benchmarks is pointless and measures almost nothing useful. For some reason there is an unhealthy obsession over the leaderboard-ification of LLMs, and meming with silly names for useless models (WizardVicunaUncensoredXPlusPlatypus). Hopefully the open efforts are redirected towards evaluations, speculative decoding, MoE, open IFT data, and clean pre-training datasets with over 10 trillion tokens, otherwise, there is no way for the open source to compete with commercial giants. ... >HuggingFace’s leaderboards show how truly blind they are because they actively hurting the open source movement by tricking it into creating a bunch of models that are useless for real usage. ... But they are usable. Still, it's interesting to see how others look at it. They really think it will simply get better and better by throwing more compute at it, and then offering a cloud service. Everything else is just "useless". The article isn't completely readable for non-subscribers, but it seems to mostly go into Googles TPU supremacy after the free article.
>>24926 Oh that is really cool, you can get really small motherboards for AMD APUs like the tiny asrock ones. This could lead to affordable ML inference on small and commodity hardware. This alone makes me want to look more into openCL based solutions to avoid the nvidia cuda lock in, even if it is the less popular choice.
>>25002 I think PyTorch 2.0 supports AMD now very well. >How Nvidia’s CUDA Monopoly In Machine Learning Is Breaking - OpenAI Triton And PyTorch 2.0 https://www.semianalysis.com/p/nvidiaopenaitritonpytorch
>>25002 AMD APU's have tremendous potential to help us. ROCm is useful for AI https://www.amd.com/en/graphics/servers-solutions-rocm-ml New APU's have integrated AI accelerators (essentially tiny TPU's) which can accelerate many AI related algorithms. https://www.xilinx.com/products/technology/ai-engine.html The DSP is also surprisingly capable if you like using those for acceleration. This website can help elucidate how that works. https://www.embedded.com/using-dsps-for-audio-ai-at-the-edge/
>>25007 Ah, what a shame. Not a looker in the bunch.
Uhoh - Could we be closer to AGI than we think: https://youtu.be/hVade_8H8mE >Has GPT4, using a SmartGPT system, broken a major benchmark, the MMLU, in more ways than one? 89.0% is an unofficial record, but do we urgently need a new, authoritative benchmark, especially in the light of today's insider info of 5x compute for Gemini than for GPT 5?
>>25022 >Uhoh - Could we be closer to AGI than we think Uhoh? Uhoh where!? >*glances around furtively* Lol. Don't drink the kool-aid bro. :^) Of all ppl, regular anons here on /robowaifu/ should be skeptical a priori of any claims made by the Globohomo, or their orbiters. There are lots and lots of different measures of these things out there [1], and it's rather straightforward to game the numbers when you're in their position. Remember, a carefully-crafted press release/paper can potentially mean US$B's for these people. But also, remember too the animosity between these corpo teams themselves, and especially between Page's & Altman's. They have few ethics beyond lining their own purses -- unless it be the swelling of their own heads! :D 1. https://huggingface.co/blog/evaluating-mmlu-leaderboard >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 08/29/2023 (Tue) 13:44:24.
>>25018 As we've discussed here frequently, appearing to be a sexbot vendor (even vaguely-so) would have these Western organizations' boards/investors up in arms. 'Musn't upset the speshul little snowflakes now, musn't we?' Elon Musk alone, AFAICT, of any of these individuals even acknowledges in the slightest the mountainous demand potential for great robowaifus -- and then only jokingly so. No, it's the East that will ascend in the robo-companion space first. But we here and groups like us can still beat them all to the punch! FORWARD! :^) >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 08/29/2023 (Tue) 17:54:59.
>>25007 Please copy some summary into your comment next time, this here isn't a link aggregator. Also, not one of these robots is new and unknown here.
Another zero-shot TTS released. A well known VALL-E is now open with its weights and UI. https://github.com/Plachtaa/VALL-E-X https://huggingface.co/spaces/Plachta/VALL-E-X Requires just 6gb VRAM without offload, will be even smaller if someone quantizes and adapts it to bark.cpp.
>Yoshikawa executed the ransomware created by the ChatGPT-generated codes to infect a computer. >Then, the ransomware instantly encrypted and locked the data in the computer, and even showed a blackmail message demanding that a ransom be paid to allow access to the data. Lol, I wonder if he had to nuke his box afterwards? :^) https://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/14908997
>>25073 >Requires just 6gb VRAM without offload, will be even smaller if someone quantizes and adapts it to bark.cpp. Thanks for the info, 01! Cheers. :^)
>The popular file-hosting site AnonFiles.com has thrown in the towel. The site's operators cite massive abuse by uploaders as the reason for the shutdown. AnonFiles tried to limit the problems though automated upload filters and filename restrictions but nothing helped. While the current team says its work is over, others are invited to buy the domain name and give it a shot themselves. https://torrentfreak.com/file-hosting-icon-anonfiles-throws-in-the-towel-domain-for-sale-230817/ >Danish anti-piracy group Rights Alliance has taken down the prominent "Books3" dataset, that was used to train high-profile AI models including Meta's. A takedown notice sent on behalf of publishers prompted "The Eye" to remove the 37GB dataset of nearly 200,000 books, which it hosted for several years. Copies continue to show up elsewhere, however https://torrentfreak.com/anti-piracy-group-takes-prominent-ai-training-dataset-books3-offline-230816/
>>25199 Whelp. At least it reminded me of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzAuXuxD0Oo
Open file (25.27 KB 398x345 1693726109263075.jpg)
>>25199 FUUUU
Open file (142.56 KB 290x494 Screenshot_96.png)
Open file (292.53 KB 803x439 Screenshot_97.png)
They're really at it, trying to regulate AI, but it will hopefully still take a lot of time and mostly affect some of the biggest players. > 6-hour bipartisan AI forum hosted by Sen. Chuck Schumer with tech executives, advocates, and researchers - huge percentage of women. > Chuck Schumer also proposed the SAFE Innovation Framework > Closed door meeting with limited press access to enable candid conversations > All Senators were invited, not all attended Good to see, that people pushing for more regulation aren't necessarily getting the support they want. If something comes out of it it's going to take quite some time. CEOs, some people from the content industry and education, activists for human rights, labor and self-appointed "social justice" advocates: > Rumman Chowdhury - Advocates for red-teaming and safety > Tristan Harris - Alignment with humanity > Alex Karp - AI for law enforcement and intelligence operations > Deborah Raji - Algorithmic bias and accountability > Janet Murguia - Civil rights activist > Charles Rivkin - MPAA? > Elizabeth Shuler - Labor rights advocate > Meredith Stiehm - Writers (creatives) > Randi Weingarten - Teachers > Maya Wiley - Human and civil rights To me picrel looks like a list of representatives of groups who fear that they will loose power over society. Dave Shapiro covered it, I only follow him because of his work on Cognitive Architecture. I'm not promoting his view on the topic in general, though it's certainly not the worst since he's for open source: https://youtu.be/rp9_YdVjNaM Sam Altman moved a bit more towards open source, but they're the most vocal about licensing, it's just in their business interest. Zuck is "our man" for now, but probably just because his business is different. Tristan Harris and Bill Gates seem to be the main supporters of restrictions, but I think many others just want to create "educated" elites and institutions first, but those would be leaning towards regulation. They often just seem to want privileged access for researchers and maybe some other groups. So, institutions around science and education for example could assign privileges to some people, but the models wouldn't be open to the public. Others probably just want regulation to protect their (possibly high paying and political influential) jobs. Musk is pushing for a dedicated regulatory body for AI, about which I'm not sure, but maybe it might prevent other interest groups from overregulating the field.
>>25359 seems pretty pointless although when companies push for regulation its probably an attempt to deregulate something else, wasnt there a bill or sc ruling that made it illegal to censor and delete content that doesnt break any laws? obviously 'muh ai - havent you seen the movie' would be a convenient way to introduce a liability shield to do whatever you want with impunity, fantasy and makebelieve worked for the ecoterorists so why not ai for tech companies, now that i think of it the laughable e.t. nonsense also comes from the military so yeah to each their own i guess and let the best illusion gain total immunity like cough cough
Open file (479.44 KB 871x445 Screenshot_100.png)
>>25359 Epic roast of AI corporations, the tech sector in general and the US government: https://youtu.be/S2FYs_nzqp8 Claiming it's just a shakedown for campaign donations, and the technology doesn't work well enough anyways, but also there won't be enough regulation because the politicians just want the money.
Open file (3.98 MB 1280x720 17o32gx61xob1.mp4)
>>25387 >>25388 Great example of the benefits of going smol Anon, thanks. When you have a 45cm tall robowaifu, the current SOA of actuators means that the Square-cube Law actually benefits you. This is an important part of why I'm encouraging most anons -- for the time being -- to pursue headpat daughteru designs until we all get this ball rolling along together. Nice control software he's got going BTW. Very human-like gait and 'controlled falling' balance anticipation programmed in. Thanks again.
Hey anons, after shit breakup that was also betrayal, i want to get into robotics that ive thought about doing before since ive always tinkered with mechanical stuff, im looking for some guidance on whats the best robot starter kit to try (i checked lego mindstorms EV3 is recommended but its a retired product now unless i get it from ebay. What can anons recommend?
>>25402 >im looking for some guidance on whats the best robot starter kit to try (i checked lego mindstorms EV3 is recommended but its a retired product now unless i get it from ebay. There are a number of electronics kits from the Chinese, a number of which have robotics components. For myself, I first built the eduMIP project to play around with, but I also have tried other wheeled variety kits.
Open file (51.10 KB 633x464 1695540719228288.jpg)
www.express.co.uk/news/world/881593/south-korea-students-dating-courses-marriage-rate Kek. What could possibly go wrong? :D
>>25509 It won't work. It's from 2017. It didn't.
>>25509 The situation is S.K. seems more dire than China or Japan. How come we don't hear more robotics research and news come out of there?
>>25514 Probably because the reason behind the crisis is hard work, for wages which are too low in comparison. So, they don't have the time and energy. Lack of space might also play a role. Education and society maybe not encouraging individual pursuits.
>>25522 korea is a legit feminist hellhole though theyre more extreme than even the western feminimbeciles, something to do with nips rubbing squids on their legs during the war
RoMeLa is working on replacing restaurant workers and chefs working for food delivery companies, without using humanoid robots. I think this will be good for developed countries with worker shortages, and also rather wealthy guys who want to live in more rural areas while having something that can prepare a lot of different meals: https://youtu.be/8SsgzCbYqc8 >Introducing Project YORI, a flexible and expandable cooking robot system prototype being developed by RoMeLa in collaboration with Woowa Brothers. YORI stands for “Yummy Operations Robot Initiative” but it also means “cooking” in Korean. >Unlike most other cooking robot systems, YORI is designed to be expandable to cook almost any type of dishes. At this point, YORI can cook steak frites, fried chicken, pasta, and brownies to name a few. With its proprioceptive actuators, the robot can perform tasks that other conventional robot arms cannot, such as kneading dough which requires force control, or tenderizing meat by pounding which requires impact mitigation. Instead of trying to mimic how humans cook, we approached the problem by thinking how cooking would be accomplished if a robot cooks. Thus the YORI system does not use the typical cooking methods, tools or utensils which are developed for humans. For example, the YORI system utilizes unique chemical sensors to make sure the food is cooked to perfection and the ingredients are fresh. The system does not have hands either - it uses custom tools for each tasks which are automatically installed at the end of the robot arm via a tool changer mechanism.
Open file (11.81 KB 474x248 4207940030.jpeg)
>>25529 but i pay for the service, you cant verbally abuse a machine into a discount for not understanding your special definition of what medium rare means
>>25523 I can’t understand why retards hype worst Korea so much. It easily eclipses even the west in terms of cruelty towards men and it’s just an American copy. Imagine circumcising your sons because sherrers do It
>>25530 That's awful socially destructive behavior. If you seriously wanted to keep that up, then you would have to pay for it through taxes, since people below a certain income cost more than they pay taxes. Robots are the solution. If you want cheap food, make it yourself at home.
>>25557 I might not know for certain, but I'm pretty sure that's a joke.

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