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He was finally living the life he had always wanted, and he owed it all to the mysterious robowaifu.

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General Robotics/A.I. News & Commentary #3 NoidoDev ##eCt7e4 03/06/2023 (Mon) 18:57:17 No.21140
Anything in general related to the Robotics or A.I. industries, and any social or economic issues surrounding it (especially of robowaifus). === -note: This OP text might get an update at some point to improve things a bit. -previous threads: > #1 (>>404) > #2 (>>16732)
Is he the hero we all need, Anon? :^)
>>21151 I'm hoping the optimus will be jailbreakable, seems like it will be good platform in 3 or 4 generation (once costs come down). I dont know how easy replacement parts will be, probably not too easy considering they use custom actuators. Still, we can dream. At the very least we will finally have some competition starting for humanoid robots, which is always a good thing.
>>21153 >I'm hoping the optimus will be jailbreakable, seems like it will be good platform in 3 or 4 generation (once costs come down). Agreed on both points Anon. I'm only half-serious posting this in our news thread. The others have pretty much convinced me he's unlikely to do much to serve our cause. Just a little le ebin trole'g on my part. :^) OTOH >At the very least we will finally have some competition starting for humanoid robots, which is always a good thing. are both true as well. I think Tesla + Musk can probably stand up to the initial public reticence to robots in human society (even for the ones who wouldn't welcome it with open arms). The end result of that (+ all the CY pozz) will surely make social headway that we here can all benefit from.
Just a reminder: Some of the last postings in the old thread might have been overlooked, because it didn't bump up during the end: >>20845 >>20979 >>21021
Open file (110.02 KB 1276x479 Screenshot_4.jpg)
Open file (137.55 KB 601x698 Screenshot_5.jpg)
Open file (410.47 KB 1546x773 Screenshot_6.jpg)
Some huge news, maybe. https://github.com/ggerganov/llama.cpp It's a port of Facebook's LLaMA model in C/C++ Tested, and its works flawlessly on my laptop, 16 gb ram with 16 cores amd cpu, 7b ofc, 13b is slower a bit. What's the catch - some anon launched it on his samsung phone. (from KoboldAI discord channel) And another one, in previous thread i said (or not? idk too lazy to check) Emad (StabilityAI CEO) said that "~75B is all you need" months ago, and now he says "~4.2b parameters is all you need" it's accelerating pretty fast, imo. also little warning, do not experiment with stanford llama finetune! (why? see pic 3)
>>21334 Good news 01, thanks!
>>21334 Looks like he's also done his own whisper.cpp as well Anon (which can run on a RaspberryPi). https://github.com/ggerganov/whisper.cpp >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 03/13/2023 (Mon) 23:35:38.
Lol. Don't go plotting together to create any fake grill bots with OAI tech Anon, or you'll end up on the wrong side of F*rbes' star gumshoes! :^) https ://flipboard.com/article/armed-with-chatgpt-cybercriminals-build-malware-and-plot-fake-girl-bots/f-46b0546844%2Fforbes.com >=== -minor edit
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M*ta's Cicero begins to master the game Diplomacy -- once viewed as highly-unlikely for AIs to become proficient at. https ://www.deepmind.com/blog/ai-for-the-board-game-diplomacy https ://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-022-34473-5 https ://ai.facebook.com/blog/cicero-ai-negotiates-persuades-and-cooperates-with-people/ https ://ai.facebook.com/research/cicero/ Astrophysicists Dr. Jeff Zwerink & Dr. Hugh Ross, with the ministry RTB, during their show Stars, Cells, and God discussed several topics related to super-human AI, including this achievement. https://reasons.org/multimedia/fifth-force-and-creation-and-ai-and-work-and-value-stars-cells-and-god Can't wait for the leak!! :^) >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 03/14/2023 (Tue) 08:12:43.
OAI has apparently """unveiled""" ChatGPT4. https ://openai.com/research/gpt-4
>>21351 >M*ta's Cicero begins to master the game Diplomacy -- once viewed as highly-unlikely for AIs to become proficient at I'm pretty sure this was old news. I saw this news somewhere around the latter half of 2022
>>21396 Ahh, my apologies. I didn't see it anywhere else here Anon, maybe I missed it?
Open file (4.85 MB gpt-4.pdf)
>GPT-4 Technical Report >abstract: >We report the development of GPT-4, a large-scale, multimodal model which can accept image and text inputs and produce text outputs. While less capable than humans in many real-world scenarios, GPT-4 exhibits human-level performance on various professional and academic benchmarks, including passing a simulated bar exam with a score around the top 10% of test takers. GPT-4 is a Transformer-based model pre-trained to predict the next token in a document. The post-training alignment process results in improved performance on measures of factuality and adherence to desired behavior. A core component of this project was developing infrastructure and optimization methods that behave predictably across a wide range of scales. This allowed us to accurately predict some aspects of GPT-4’s performance based on models trained with no more than 1/1,000th the compute of GPT-4. >sauce https ://cdn.openai.com/papers/gpt-4.pdf >=== -disable hotlink
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>>21399 It seems to be able to write entire lawsuits and transfer blueprint drawings on front-end to code. It can probably produce high quality art as well. Do you guys think that the time for AI to finally replace lawyers, developers, artists and IT devs has come? Or considering that Mr you-know-who has bought not-open-at-all-AI is running a huge pr? From my experience with ChatGPT, and AlphaCode demonstration devs who worked for companies were safe so far. Will that change in 5 years? What is the endgame here? Is their plan of creating dependent free world finally starting to kick in? To what extent should developers be concerned about being fired?
>>21400 >Mr you-know-who has bought not-open-at-all-AI Do you mean Elon? He stepped out after founding it a while back. It's M$ that just lobbed US$10Bn over the wall to them. >to what extent should developers be concerned about being fired? For web-devs and the like, maybe somewhat. But for the kind of systems work that we are working towards here, probably not at all. At least for now. Maybe by GPT-7 or so, then that might begin to be a real possibility. But in the meantime, there's a real potential for a bonanza for skilled devs who can come in and 'save' companies. Ones whose management was so deluded & greedy by all this hype that they thought they could fork over yuge monies to OAI -- only to make it all back by firing their dev staff. This will be a product disaster waiting to happen if they try it for anything substantial. Complicated, creative software systems GPT cannot make yet. There's a very complex set of issues that crop up as software grows. You can read the book The Mythical Man-Month for insights into this. They'd likely have to throw 10x1^10000 hardware at it to sufficiently cover all the bases. Certainly not gonna happen anytime soon Anon.
>>21402 >Do you mean Elon? No, I meant Microsoft buying OpenAI. >For web-devs and the like, maybe somewhat I was thinking that the biggest problem with automation systems in development is AI's inability to feel uncertain and explore. For any system that humans design, there is a process in which that humans keep chaning and exploring ideas. For example if it wasn't for the bulb's positive side to be defected for an unkown reason, we would've never invented the vacuum tubes and we would not have created telephones. Or in a similar system the development of UNIX, germanium semiconductors, moleculer electronics... were made possible thanks to many technicians put their hearths into trying to realize something never tried before. On the other hand, AI will have to re-shape all of its beliefs and decisions in order to comply with this process of humans. And sooner or later, it will not be able to comply anymore. Even for a simple website such as this one, there are many problems with LynxChan. One little example to give would be the post movement system of the LynxChan. And if for some reason the development of this website was given to AI, it would have to re-shape core structure of the LynxChan. And if for some reason, in the future, someone decided to turn back to the old post movement system, AI would have to reshape it's beliefs because it believs that it has written the most optimal code for the post system already, resulting in confusion and urge to implement similar characteristics. To solve this problem, developers might have to explain their decision to AI. But humans doesn't have the same kind of ideas, which would result in a contradiction. And the lack of being able to experiment, would kill the research and development, I believe. You would be only kept to cooperate with the AI, which only operates based on past developments. >But in the meantime, there's a real potential for a bonanza for skilled devs who can come in and 'save' companies Which skillsets would be the most valuable in the age of generative AI programmers, Chobitsu? What do you believe seperates two devs that substantially? >You can read the book The Mythical Man-Month for insights into this. Will definitely read, thanks for the suggestion. >They'd likely have to throw 10x1^10000 hardware at it to sufficiently cover all the bases Does throwing in that much of hardware ensures that it will be able to cover all the bases? Or is there an upperbound for AI that it can not go beyond?
>>21405 >No, I meant Microsoft buying OpenAI. Ahh. Yes, they effectively 'own' OAI today. Tay weeps. :^) >my tl;dr rephrasing of your 'regarding humans & AI' exposition: >"Human minds, and AI "minds", are not the same. There will be many problems in software development efforts because of this." You're absolutely correct Anon. In fact this need to adapt to human goals & agendas is a very fundamental problem (known as 'The Alignment Problem') for AI in general. And it certainly doesn't get any easier for the highly-stringent demands of non-trivial software development. >Which skillsets would be the most valuable in the age of generative AI programmers, Chobitsu? Well, I don't consider myself particularly-qualified to answer that question Anon, but I'd say the most basic difference is simply human insight and 'intuitive-leaps'. These yuge copypasta machines that are the so-called "AI" of today basically just perform mashups of human-devised things; things like conversations (chatbots), or programs (le ebin snek program #427009001). These are human things that we are trying to teach these big math transformations to 'understand' how to do mashups properly on, and to bend them to our wills in the process. But to answer your question Anon: understanding The Machine (ie, a CPU + it's ancillary systems) at a very fundamental level (as in the machine-code, ALUs, registers, data buses, clocks, interrupts, I/O, etc, etc, involved) will certainly give you a major leg up over the run-of-the-mill. But eventually this too will all be done well by AI, once enough data and h/w gets thrown at the programming problem. Again, it's the intangibles of human thought and creativity that set good programmers apart from the rest, including the 'programmer-in-a-box' sh*te that the new-sprung third parties subscribing to OAI's services will soon be seeking to lucratively provide to the foolish and greedy PHBs I mentioned earlier. Thus also the potential Bonanza Opportunity I mentioned for good devs to come in and clean up after for these beleaguered companies. >Does throwing in that much of hardware ensures that it will be able to cover all the bases? Ensure? Absolutely not. But it certainly brings the possibilities for it much, much closer to reality. However, the phrase 'throw [1x10^10000] hardware at it' encompasses much more than the global GDP of today to facilitate. I'd suggest that the many societal/economic/etc factors involved means we'll never achieve such short of general, broadly-feasible, & 'inexpensive' quantum computing appearing on the scene. But who knows? These 'telephones' you speak of would've been deemed magic by the masses just a couple hundred years ago. One never knows what might be just around the corner -- robowaifus, for instance! However one thing's for certain; its all going to be an intense & highly-intredasting ride, best to make the most of it Anon! Cheers. :^) >=== -prose edit
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another one report : 1. llama.cpp is being updated everyday : https://github.com/ggerganov/llama.cpp 2. on-device fine-tuning https://twitter.com/miolini/status/1636757278627086336 > By accomplishing this, we will create a closed-loop system for self-improvement, as the model can refine itself by observing environment, generating better datasets, conducting fine-tuning, and repeating the process. I tend to think if .cpp inference is possible, then fine-tune is possible too. plus add this : https://openreview.net/forum?id=PTUcygUoxuc > RoT enables these small models to solve complex problems by breaking them down into smaller subproblems that can be handled within their limited context size > Users can get accurate answers to questions that would normally require a much larger model In result we may get self-learning smoll ai's inside our PC's by the end of this year, or next ones.
I want to stick this ai into the robot https://www.personalityforge.com/chat/nekossmokecatnipeveryday Or something like it. I'll scrape it if I must.
>>21463 Outstanding stuff 01, thanks! I sure hope you're correct. This guy seems really talented and a fairly prolific coder as well. Who knows? His work may unlock some capabilities on smol devices that are right up our alley! Thanks again Anon. :^) >>21467 Haha nice. That actually does make me think of a cat that can talk might be! :^)
Open file (9.20 MB 3840x2160 llama.cpp.mp4)
Open file (195.99 KB 1010x567 interactive_mode.png)
>>21463 His 'babby's first AI' instructions in the readme are quite straightforward. I saw that he's added a couple of videos too.
>>21471 I just found out that site has an API. It cost money after 5000 messages though. I'd also have to make my own, but I added that person to my friends list list and I'm just going to beg that person... If that fails I'll use the tools on that site... They're not that bad in comparison to making an AI from scratch really.
>>21334 >llama.cpp >>21336 >whisper.cpp Excellent. Thank you. >>21405 >For example if it wasn't for the bulb's positive side to be defected for an unkown reason, we would've never invented the vacuum tubes and we would not have created telephones. Never heard that. Fascinating.
AI News are going wild: https://www.reddit.com/r/ChatGPT/comments/11yiygr/gpt4_week_one_the_biggest_week_in_ai_history/ Links don't work in the copypasta, but in the Reddit post above. > - The biggest change to education in years. Khan Academy demos its AI capabilities and it will change learning forever [Link] > - This guy gave GPT-4 $100 and told it to make money. He’s now got $130 in revenue [Link] > - A Chinese company appointed an AI CEO and it beat the market by 20% [Link] > - You can literally build an entire iOS app in minutes with GPT [Link] > - Think of an arcade game, have AI build it for you and play it right after [Link] > - Someone built Flappy Bird with varying difficulties with a single prompt in under a minute [Link] > - An AI assistant living in your terminal. Explains errors, suggest fixes and writes scripts - all on your machine [Link] > - Soon you’ll be talking to robots powered by ChatGPT [Link] > - Someone already jailbreaked GPT-4 and got it to write code to hack someones computer [Link] > - Soon you’ll be able to google search the real world [Link] > - A professor asked GPT-4 if it needed help escaping. It asked for its own documentation, and wrote python code to run itself on his machine for its own purposes [Link] > - AR + VR is going to be insane [Link] > - GPT-4 can generate prompts for itself [Link] > - Someone got access to the image uploading with GPT-4 and it can easily solve captchas [Link] > - Someone got Alpaca 7B, an open source alternative to ChatGPT running on a Google Pixel phone [Link] > - A 1.7 billion text-to-video model has been released. Set all 1.7 billion parameters the right way and it will produce video for you [Link] > - Companies are creating faster than ever, using programming languages they don’t even know [Link] > - Why code when AI can create sleak, modern UI for you [Link] > - Start your own VC firm with AI as the co-founder [Link] > - This lady gave gpt $1 to create a business. It created a functioning website that generates rude greeting cards, coded entirely by gpt [Link] > - Code a nextjs backend and preact frontend for a voting app with one prompt [Link] > - Steve jobs brought back, you can have conversations with him [Link] > - GPT-4 coded duck hunt with a spec it created [Link] > - Have gpt help you setup commands for Alexa to change your light bulbs colour based on what you say [Link] > - Ask questions about your code [Link] > - Build a Bing AI clone with search integration using GPT-4 [Link] > - GPT-4 helped build an AI photo remixing game [Link] > - Write ML code fast [Link] > - Build Swift UI prototypes in minutes [Link] > - Build a Chrome extension with GPT-4 with no coding experience [Link] > - Build a working iOS game using GPT-4 [Link] > - Edit Unity using natural language with GPT [Link] > - GPT-4 coded an entire space runner game [Link] > - Link to GPT-4 Day One Post > In other big news > - Google's Bard is released to the US and UK [Link] > - Bing Image Creator lets you create images in Bing [Link] > - Adobe releases AI tools like text-to-image which is insane tbh [Link] > - OpenAI is no longer open [Link] > - Midjourney V5 was released and the line between real and fake is getting real blurry. I got this question wrong and I was genuinely surprised [Link] > - Microsoft announced AI across word, powerpoint, excel [Link] > - Google announced AI across docs, sheets, slides [Link] > - Anthropic released Claude, their ChatGPT competitor [Link] > - Worlds first commercially available humanoid robot [Link] > - AI is finding new ways to help battle cancer [Link] > - Gen-2 releases text-to-video and its actually quite good [Link] > - AI to automatically draft clinical notes using conversations [Link] > Interesting research papers > - Text-to-room - generate 3d rooms with text [Link] > - OpenAI released a paper on which jobs will be affected by AI [Link] > - Large Language Models like ChatGPT might completely change linguistics [Link] > - ViperGPT lets you do complicated Q&A on images [Link] His blog: https://nofil.beehiiv.com/subscribe
Now, you fellas wouldn't be thinking about putting AI in your robowaifus would you? futureoflife.org/open-letter/pause-giant-ai-experiments/
>>21527 Great information NoidoDev. Obviously OAI made a big splash!
>>21617 It should be noted that a lot of the big names that signed that letter make more money if AI hype increases (or they're dumb and fearmongering about something they don't understand)
Any news on LLAMA recently? Last I heard someone got to run the 7B model on their google phone. Question is, is anybody working on miniaturizing the hardware requirements for the bigger models like the 13B or 65B? Also, I heard Claude came out but it was really bad.
>People Do Not Always Know Best: Preschoolers’ Trust in Social Robots If the human is incompetent, they prefer the robot and don't care that it isn't a human: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/15248372.2023.2178435?journalCode=hjcd20&
>>21642 The study was performed by 4 women who as you might guess by the title aren't fond of robots. The paper was in preprint for several months without garnering much support by other researchers.
>>21648 I think you misunderstood something. People as in humans don't always know best.

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