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Robowaifu references Anonymous 09/09/2019 (Mon) 00:09:49 No.1
My favorite robowaifu is Chii. I'd like to see yours.
My robowaifu is 2b. It's nice to see /robowaifu/ back again. I also really like the automaton from MGE
Yeah, she's a great one anon.
>It's nice to see /robowaifu/ back again.
Thanks to the guys here tbh. I'll just slowly try to rebuild in in my free time.
2B is nice.
>no not my hair
You're speaking like you're a part of the managament staff of /robowaifu/. If so do you think you could make a meta thread or general discussion thread? I would make it myself but I was concerned I would get banned for making an off topic thread.

Also, /monster/ has a bunker of its own on smuglo.li here's the link since If I recall correctly, in the days back on 8chan, /monster/ and /robowaifu/ were allies. In fact, I'd go as far to say they still are.

I am choosing not to sage because I would like the board owner and/or management staff to see this. pls no buli
>You're speaking like you're a part of the managament staff of /robowaifu/.
Yes. I'm the OG founder of 8/robowaifu.
>If so do you think you could make a meta thread or general discussion thread?
Done. I've restored both the meta and lounge OPs. As with all the other old threads, I'll gradually restore them over time.
>I would make it myself but I was concerned I would get banned for making an off topic thread.
Pfft, please. The only thing I ban are screeching harpies or their white-knights, and actual faggotry.
>Also, /monster/ has a bunker of its own on smuglo.li here's the link since If I recall correctly, in the days back on 8chan, /monster/ and /robowaifu/ were allies. In fact, I'd go as far to say they still are.
Done. Added link back into the welcome bread, and I'll put one back for /clang/ too if I ever find they create a bunker. I'm not sure if there's a cross-site linking technique that works for the webring?
>I am choosing not to sage because I would like the board owner and/or management staff to see this. pls no buli
I sage my own threads all the time, no apologies. Do as you see fit anon.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:36:21.
>ywn a 2B-JennyWakeman_Waifubot
Why even?
Open file (243.07 KB 728x1061 4.jpg)
Hard to beat Latin.
Interesting, tell me more?
Its a one-shot story about a guy that takes in a disposed robot who's had her memory erased. This wouldn't be an issue, but she has a bunch of photos of the family she used to work for stashed inside her. I found it to be heart-warming.
>I found it to be heart-warming.
That does sound interesting tbh. Vaguely reminds me of a plot point from the 2018 movie NextGen. While it's definitely not a robowaifu movie--quite the opposite--it's still pretty heartwarming in the end. Sort of an "angsty teenage gril living in Neo-Shanghai befriends and Hyper-powerful military grade robot with a heart of gold who saves all mankind" type of story. Kind of like Iron Giant, but in the future not the past. I highly recommend it.
>Thanks to the guys here tbh. I'll just slowly try to rebuild in in my free time.
I have a suggestion, add in a link to the archive threads. Here's a few of them that I saved
http://archive.is/YnqZk 8ch is having technical issues ATM
http://archive.is/JaIGU RoboWaifu References
http://archive.is/nXesu Welcome to /Robowaifu/
http://archive.is/NhPNu Actuators for waifu movement!
http://archive.is/u5CgC Fluffytail 800 dev thread
http://archive.is/IWWtZ The Lounge
http://archive.is/K2gvn Waifu Robotics Project Dump
http://archive.is/24eLw New United Robowaifu Project
http://archive.is/LMcrI Waifu Materials
http://archive.is/duQSs Meta Tread
http://archive.is/R2avS Self-driving cars AI + hardware
http://archive.is/nCJU2 Embedded Programming Group Learning Thread 001
http://archive.is/StnnR ROBOWAIFU U
http://archive.is/omFRn Robowaifus in media
http://archive.is/sxjT9 Bipedal Robot Legs General
http://archive.is/vFiWe Robo face development
http://archive.is/2Bgqr Python General
http://archive.is/xrTTg Mycroft: Open Source Alexa
http://archive.is/MlS7k Robot Voices
http://archive.is/hcwz9 /RoboWaifu/ Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct
http://archive.is/Do8S4 Robowaifu fiction to promote the product and expand the market
http://archive.is/Vq69d Robowaifu Thermal Management
http://archive.is/ds5pm Plastic Production
http://archive.is/5RJf9 Visual waifus
http://archive.is/Ygm6W Robot Wife Programming
http://archive.is/q1Gyn Waifus in society
http://archive.is/H0ZNP Robowaifu Ethics
http://archive.is/BsiFj Tools to Create 3D Models of Humans
http://archive.is/fZCiJ Homemade doll waifu thread
http://archive.is/cyUci The important question
http://archive.is/P3yO1 Roastie Fear General
http://archive.is/50c3M Robot waifu desires
http://archive.is/JuRGv 3DPD
http://archive.is/cga7W Project: United Robowaifu Development
http://archive.is/E1uzn Robotics sites, organizations and projects
http://archive.is/iv9b6 RoboWaifuBanners
http://archive.is/1d6Si anime cat grill meidos in tiny mini skirts
http://archive.is/u15kq NLP General
http://archive.is/WKJLa Tensorflow
http://archive.is/vL1gL Ai Software
And I found this link in my history for older archives.

I may have some of the more recent threads saved on a laptop as I also do personal backups. I can upload them if there's any interest or anything missing.

There's also this torrent of 8chan archives floating around, not sure if /robowaifu/ was in it.
OK, I'll repopulate the 'thread archives' thread. I'll probably sort it into post & pre bunker lists. Good idea anon.
I'll migrate your posts there if any entries are different from the copy of the thread I have. I'll be deleting your posts from this thread afterwards, as it's more a meta thing than a robowaifu references thing.
Open file (503.10 KB 500x305 meido_chii.gif)
How can anyone not love Meido Chii?
May is a wonderful fairybot waifu. I want one of her sisters tbh.
What are you guys doing?
Open file (127.62 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
The little Visual Waifu inside the Gatebox coffeemakers is breddy cute actually.
Open file (30.96 KB 478x641 images (5).jpeg)
who is she?
Cibo from blame
interesting scenario i didn't know about her.
Open file (41.34 KB 458x688 muh_meido_drills_tbh.jpg)
I don't really know who this is, but I like her drills.
Open file (47.15 KB 1024x576 Nano_Shinonome.jpg)
Open file (584.33 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (685.23 KB 965x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (318.24 KB 1920x1080 45931.jpg)
Open file (488.28 KB 1024x768 s8tj0p.jpg)
These should be robowaifus, even if they aren't yet
Open file (1.65 MB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
cat girl waifus are a must
Do you perhaps know if there's more pictures around of the second one, the Caterpillar woman?
Open file (613.70 KB 600x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
yes thanks to the magic of MSpaint I was able to crop the bottom right corner.
Open file (729.81 KB 800x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (407.28 KB 850x604 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.06 MB 850x1700 ClipboardImage.png)
cute tbh.
I just realized my robowaifu design is strikingly similar to Mahoro but without the maid outfit.
very cute then. look forward to seeing her soon here.
Open file (3.19 MB 1798x2706 MaidTypes.png)
Maids are a goal
>>1877 I've known about this picture for years, and I only just realized that it's meant for dice rolling. Also, five reminds me of Ebola-Chan.
>>2179 What a cutie the lolibot is.
>>2181 I couldnt agree more(not in a sexual way, im not a pedo)
>>2185 Wanting a robodaughteru has been a long tradition here anon. I think most of us that want families though dream more of actual artificial wombs, with robowaifus in the house to be the other half of raising the kids.
>>2186 Yeah, the idea sounds fascinating especially since ill likely die a virgin due to my assburgers
>>2187 >especially since ill likely die a virgin due to my assburgers Well, then hopefully you'll have your own robowaifu at the least some day Anon.
>>2189 Im working on it, slowly. Im a machinist so making parts isnt too difficult, but the electronics and software part is outside my area of expertise. This board helps a lot though
>>2190 >This board helps a lot though Cool, glad to hear that. We have a lot more content that hasn't been migrated here to Julay yet. There are also plenty of amateur robotics resources on the intertubes, like hackaday, instructables, and many others. We're sort of like a shitposting hub where anons can bounce ideas off each other and dream of our own robowaifus some day. A few of us are making specific strides towards our goals beyond just talking. A number of us are in Uni, there's one guy who's graduated and now a professional electronics guy, and at least one who is a professional software guy. Hopefully we'll get some ME majors and some practical machinists such as yourself. Personally I think the IB has been a surprisingly good way to network ideas together thus far, and hopefully we'll manage to pull off actual kits for Anons the world over (maybe inside a decade or so?)
>>2191 If i ever get around to opening my own machine shop, ill make custom parts for /robowaifu/ anons at a discounted price so you guys can afford them. Welding and machining is just as important for building these things as electronics, you dont want your robowaifu to be made from cheap plastic do you?
>>2185 Even if you were a pedophile, I wouldn't have minded that at all. As long as you don't hurt any real child you're fine in my book. Plus I don't think lolicon should be directly associated with pedophilia. Lolis are very much different than the real children and as a lolicon/shotacon myself I don't really care about them. The main reason why most of pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebophiles exists is because because girls get pretty way too early, and stop being cute and adorable way too quickly. There's also no other way of fixing this other than allowing pedophiles to coom to loli/shota doujinshi. Even if you'd kill all of them, there always will be someone who will eventually get born with attraction to undeveloped females. >>2187 It's better to die a virgin, than lose your purity to some random whore that doesn't even care about you.
>>2193 >you dont want your robowaifu to be made from cheap plastic do you? actually, we do. you said it yourself, these components are a) cheap. this is vital for a global, distributed cottage industry such as robowaifus to get off the ground. my most successful chassis designs thus far are relying in large part on drinking straws conglomerations to provide light, cheap, structural supports in the form of modular struts. b) they are plastic. again this is going to be an important aspect of this project deeply highlighting the DIY bit. 3D-printers are both cheap and remarkably capable in producing inexpensive and varied parts. we will need strong metal parts ofc as well though Anon. Things like spinal cord, shoulder, knee & hip joints. The 'breadbox' housing delicate computer parts. All of these need to be both lightweight and very strong. Metal alloys will serve best in this capacity.
>>2197 I prefer value and quality. I dont mind spending lots of money on something if its high quality, but to each their own.
>>2198 Ofc that's desirable. But making this tech accessible to literally millions of men is a high priority here. It actually going to be more difficult to produce quality kits using inexpensive parts and still create robowaifus that can stand up to abuse. It's a real balancing act and a fine line we're trying to manage here Anon. And the clock is ticking against us also. Angry feminists have the ear of many lawmakers already. As soon as we start producing actual products there will be a screeching heard around the Western world to (((shut it down))). Can't have the goys having good things now can we?
>>2200 Oy vey dont be antisemitic you dirty goyim
>>2200 Model ranges are also a viable option. For instance, there could be "low-end" (of course, we wouldn't call it that) "middle-end" and "high-end" ranges in order to appeal to both budget and luxury markets.
>>2222 Yes, that's a very reasonable approach anon. In my way of thinking the 'companion robot' industries will have many close analogies with the automobile industries. Model tiers are certainly one of these areas.
Yuki Nuggetofag reporting in
>>2279 Sorry I can't spoil files selectively Anon, the system here is all or nothing. We're not a guro board. Yuki a cute BTW. :^)
Open file (461.07 KB 1618x1886 1588722872590.png)
Open file (407.78 KB 1149x1588 1588532816689.png)
Open file (294.84 KB 1600x1078 1588270203369.png)
Open file (931.64 KB 3389x2118 1587833855994.png)
Open file (568.92 KB 988x1348 1587884010199.png)
>>2765 These are great. The facial expressions really tie it all together. We'll need a lot of focus on doing faces well.
Open file (363.46 KB 599x350 SleepMode.png)
Open file (141.87 KB 1000x1474 Charging.gif)
Open file (591.99 KB 1695x1525 AvgDay.png)
Open file (178.54 KB 1008x1095 HtDv.jpg)
Open file (1.01 MB 966x1289 ChrgPlz.png)
>>1 Well, you did ask.
Open file (434.94 KB 1600x1366 ErrorDetected.png)
Open file (283.25 KB 759x638 SweetieBotHates.png)
Open file (466.33 KB 510x2000 YouDontEvenKNOW.png)
>>2832 Just, don't make her mad
>>2832 Voice-crack is best CMC in fact of course. I'm sure she'll be the world's greatest robofoal someday heh. :^)
>>1 >>28 So many robot cuties, what a delight! Especially Jenny as 2B! For anyone who hasn't heard of Saber Marionette J (1996) I strongly recommend. It's a robo-harem, but the best gril is obvious :P
>>4467 Lime a cute tbh. >Your post looks like spam. Please adjust it. Robi, this is annoying.
>>4472 >spam Do you mean that I posted too many pics? I unlinked them if that helps.
>>4476 Heh, you must be new. Robitt (aka Robi, the site Admin) recently instigated a kind of spam filter that apparently helped one dumbass from spamming boards here. In the meanwhile, every.single. regular user on the site has to suffer through the annoyance of no longer being able to make short shitposts like >Lime a cute tbh. We get an error message now, and have to repost our post with some irrelevant and useless addition such as >Your post looks like spam. Please adjust it. I was merely complaining about make the 99.95% pay for the sins of the .05%, it had nothing to do you you Anon. Apologies.
>>4477 >helped stop one dumbass*
>>4477 That's alright, I'll just keep it to a few pics at a time then ;) BTW, does the spam filter also apply to links (like article, videos etc.)?
Open file (289.20 KB 1121x760 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4479 I may not have made myself clear so I'll be more explicit: My comment had nothing to do with your post, and explicitly nothing to do with the number of pictures you posted (5 is the limit w/ Lynxchan). I was merely complaining about Robi forcing us to look at pic related all because of one asshole. Please feel free to post 5 pics with every post you make here, Anon.
>>42 I couldn't find this on Anime-Planet. Is it a manga or anime?
>>4491 Takabatake Enaga Tanpenshuu; Yuki no Nestore; Nekomatasou no Shokutaku; Reversi Latin 高畠エナガ短編集① https://myanimelist.net/manga/49003/Latin?q=Latin
Open file (3.90 MB 700x1050 dorothy_skirt_flip.mp4)
>>1 Never played VA11 HALLA, but damn is Dorothy cute. The skirt flip is just the right mixture of cuteness and sexiness!
>>4601 Yeah, she's a pretty adorable waifu Anon. Patrician taste tbh.
>>4602 Hehe, indeed. Although to be fair there are so many robowaifus to choose from. Especially when you consider personality variations (if they were to be real hardware/software of course). My main one is here, I just also appreciate many others. >>4467 >>4479
>>4603 >if they were to be real hardware/software of course That's what we're here for Anon! SOON.jpg.mp4.exe
>>4605 >SOON.jpg.mp4.exe Very soon :D
I dunno, 2B's kinda hot 2Bsee wat i did there? honest.
I don't really have favourites. Also, I'm not limited to anime fembots.
Open file (57.46 KB 350x490 karinka-49192.jpg)
Open file (33.34 KB 342x480 mimi-takaoka-118526.jpg)
Open file (1.40 MB 4096x4096 Alit_smiling-01.jpg)
Open file (1.45 MB 4096x4096 Alita_Beautiful.jpg)
>>5611 OMG, no one mentioned her. Okay she's technically a cyborg with a human brain, but still.
I'm starting to think even just having a little Kibochan around for headpats and bantz would be pretty nice tbh.
>>6907 Kibochan==Sumomo
Open file (915.79 KB 778x1142 elfdroid_headpats.png)
>>6907 Definitely worth a try anon. This is pretty much the level I'm at now even though my robowaifu only has a head/neck. I can speak and interact with her which provides me a morale boost + encourages me to keep on going.
Open file (97.74 KB 941x730 2128971.jpg)
Hatsuseno Alpha. Even after I'm long gone, I hope she will remember me with fondness. And maybe, just maybe carry on my work after I finally die.
>>6931 >Hatsuseno Alpha At first I was unsure of who it was, then I found her again. Yes, she's a truly wonderful robowaifu Anon. You have Patrician taste in robowaifu.
As anons mentioned in the other thread, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou has a remarkably great robowaifu Alpha Hatsuseno. Pretty much perfect tbh, and a very /comfy/ OVA (98) to boot.
>cyclic oh shit time to start archiving
>>2222 Digits confirm. Most of us who want our own robowaifus are probably near broke. But there will be others who can afford the price of a good car for one.
Open file (537.38 KB 1959x2048 1615611867054.jpg)
I realize just about very other r/w enthusiast is probably a 2B stan. Chi is really cute but my ideal "final form" would be more mature like 2B. What's not to like she is sexy, yet cute, athletic, yet classy, smart yet sensitive: the total package
>>9172 2B has such byoot eyes. Shame about the blindfold. She's deffo top-shelf waifu materials mate.
Open file (14.34 KB 200x400 Yuzuki.jpg)
Open file (561.90 KB 1140x1536 PG87.jpg)
Quads for Yuzuki. She gets entirely too little love. She's beautiful, charming, warm, refined, loving, attentive. You could hardly desire a better robowaifu in my opinion.
>>9999 patrician choice quad get confirms
>>9999 Lol, military boots for a maid?
Open file (139.74 KB 1974x1066 octavia_0.jpg)
I am not sure if she couns but Octavia prime is hot as fuck and kinda a robot. She has a great visible/hidden asset ratio. Warframe doesn't seem to start atm but if the game starts i will post my Octavia with good angles. I don't play any instrument but i really like how she has soo many in her design, her heels look great with her long legs. I love how her skirt sometimes flaps and shows her perfect ass for a second.
I had no idea this manga existed but the design for my robowaifu looks and has a similar personality to Asebi from Asebi and Adventurers of Sky World, like a 90% match. I feel like I need to give her bit of a makeover so she doesn't have a My Dear Marie moment one day.
Open file (2.02 MB 1920x1080 robo_pudi_waifu.jpg)
>>10056 Very nice design Anon. I wish you well in your efforts for her.
>>42 I came across this by accident, and I was terribly disappointed it didn't have any Latin (the language) in it.
>>15510 So, can you tell us what it's about Anon? I've never seen it outside of this thread tbh.
Open file (81.39 KB 350x499 latin-1.jpg)
>>15511 It's a cute doujin about a man and his pre-owned robowaifu that has emotional damage. You can read it here: https://manhwahentai.me/webtoon/latin/vol-1-chapter-1-latin/
>>15512 Thanks!

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