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He was finally living the life he had always wanted, and he owed it all to the mysterious robowaifu.

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Minimum wafiu Kiwi 10/15/2021 (Fri) 18:34:51 No.13648
Minimum viable waifu. In this thread, we'll discuss what our minimums for waifus are. Be it software, hardware, physical appearance, etc. This will help us focus in on what are the minimum goals we need to achieve as our first steps. For me, I want a waifu that will be just tall enough to hug (about 1.3 m), able to follow me around and have conversations with, will follow basic commands like going to designated spots at designated times, and look like picrel.
Open file (68.87 KB 1000x666 wp-content.jpg)
Open file (244.68 KB 1277x1915 media.jpg)
>>13648 I'd be fine with sk8o dressed as Senko San and basic conversation. Though I do want her to say "kon"
I plan on literally starting with an action figure. I'm not really good with my hands and don't really know what I'm doing. And with how long it takes me to do anything, I'm probably decades away from something that'd probably make me happy. Not to mention that I just can't learn to code no matter how many times I've tried, so I'd have to get money before I could pay to have an AI made. The best I could do on my own would mostly just amount to a glorified mannequin/puppet. I guess on the Human-Mecha scale, I'd be starting at 4, then gradually working up to 1. Anything that I can't get looking and moving realistically (mechanically, not because of the programming) within realistic human body proportions, will instead look overtly mechanical. And as I mentioned in another thread, the brain will be a server rack and the body will be remotely controlled. As far as the action figure goes, right now I'm just trying to figure out how to make something with a realistic or somewhat idealized range of motion with as few parts as possible. I keep trying to figure out how to make a near 180° bend at the knee without a double-hinge.
>>13654 >I keep trying to figure out how to make a near 180° bend at the knee without a double-hinge. use a single hinge?
>>13654 Action figure joints: >>7634
>>9555 shows a method to describe the minimum requirements in different areas and then how to level it up. Here some examples: - Body movement RL00 - moving head, legs and arms, but allowing them to be moved RL01 - walking on all four RL02 - dancing on one spot with guidance from a wall or pole - Facial expressions and abilities RL00 - nice looking smile RL01 - general cute facing - Endurance RL00 - movement in bed for one hour, some time talking and min. movement RL01 - ... - Comfort - internal self cleaning by drinking water and cleaning fluid - internal storage of cleaning fluid and also lubricant for sexual usage - release of internal fluids in bathtub, shower or on toilet Generally the early trend of the initial discussion back on 8chan was: Having a "sexbot" (animated doll) which can move around in bed, and being able to move to the bathroom and clean itself up. Follow up wishes were "making a sandwich" and "washing my car".
>>13655 >use a single hinge? You don't get nearly as much range of motion >>13659 The pics include a figure with no hinge at the knee, and one with the exact kind of double-hinge that I was trying to avoid.
Open file (177.39 KB 653x249 LookAtProsthetics.png)
>>13654 Prosthetics are your friend. Human legs only bend to about 140 to 160 degrees at most.
>>13675 I should probably look into human kinesiology more in general, but the flexibility of the arm or legs is mostly limited by the thickness of the limbs. It's easier to make limbs thicker than you need to, but harder to make them smaller. Making a slim, waifish contortionist waifu is a good goal to aim towards, because you can always add to it, but if you design something clunkier, you might not be able to take off of it.
Minimum? Hardware to store and run her, a screen to see her, the ability to talk to her through keyboard or microphone, and of course a motorized onahole.
Open file (755.69 KB 1152x802 chikaboo.jpg)
>>18248 motorization optional
Open file (152.59 KB 900x1200 E_tUUsTUYAEc9bM.jpeg)
I'd be fine with a smart doll that can watch and read things together with me and remind me when I'm forgetting something. To break that down into steps I'd pick: >basic conversation >text commentary >video transcript commentary >some simple to-do list feature >visual commentary >actual memory I'd be pretty satisfied with that. A full-size robowaifu that can move around would be a luxury.
>>18252 Certainly reminds me of Sumomo-chan's (>>14409) project goals Anon.
>>18252 >text commentary >video transcript commentary >visual commentary I don't understand what you mean by those.
>>18260 Like reading a book or transcript of a video and giving an opinion on it, and noticing things visually like you dropping your keys and saying something about it.
>>18264 You're right though: this seems to be something AI *should* be capable of but just isn't or hasn't been worked on. It should be simple to create systems to "appraise" music, art, writing based on finding self similar patterns (beauty, order) relevance to other works or concepts of importance, and also comparing the qualities of said to the reviews of others. Results would be interesting: "Waifu, rate my writing/music/artwork". Right now chat apps can only give you lip service or tell you "yes its great". But it would be nice to watch a movie or listen to music w/ your waifu and be able to discuss it too.
>>18266 lol ok not simple, but knowing how to proceed should be simple the execution will still take a lot of work
>>18266 This is where preference models become handy because they do exactly that, rate things. You don't want a model to generate the most likely code, art, music or writing. It needs to be the best or it won't work. Preferences and values are what create a personality. Something I've been working on is making a generalized preference model so users can define what they want in natural language and it will perform as well on their preferences as it does on mine even if we disagree.
>>18271 >JUST INSTALL GENTOO muh sides

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