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RoboWaifuBanners Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 10:29:19 No.252
This thread is for the sharing of robo waifu banners. As per the rules, fallow these requirements: >banner requirements: File size must be lower than 500 KB and dimensions are 300x100 exactly. Allowed file formats are .jpg, .png, and .gif. >=== -fmt cleanup
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/26/2023 (Thu) 18:54:19.
Chobitsu sent me a nice banner idea
Open file (36.15 KB 300x100 13catgirls.png)
I suppose this is good enough. Banners are tough
>>1991 I like it. I think if you added the slashes to '/robowaifu/' it would be good to go tbh. The message comes across, certainly for the regulars.
Open file (27.01 KB 300x100 beepboop_banner.png)
Open file (50.48 KB 300x100 mahoro_banner.png)
>>2530 done.
Open file (45.07 KB 300x100 curly_banner.png)
Open file (44.14 KB 300x100 armitage_banner.png)
Open file (52.15 KB 300x100 hand_maid_may_banner.png)
>>2546 1st one, done. requests: 2nd one, can you make the /robowaifu/ much more visible? -3rd one, can you make May easier to see? Too dark. Also, the /robowaifu/ could be a little more visible.
>>2548 How's this?
>>2556 Sure that's better. Thanks & done. :^)
Open file (45.94 KB 300x100 izumi_banner.gif)
Open file (66.83 KB 300x100 tron_armitage_banner.png)
Open file (41.58 KB 300x100 rem_banner.png)
>>2767 Haha, great stuff Anon. - #4 - done. > requests: - #'s 1,2,3 any chance you can find a way to tag '/robowaifu/' on these? Maybe on #3 it can be oriented vertically at the right edge, for example. - #2 any chance you can s/waifu/robowaifu ?
>>2775 BTW, I realize that my requests may create a spot of bother to do. If so, then I'll just use them as-is Anon, they are all good enough now.
Open file (28.60 KB 300x100 izumi_banner2.gif)
>>2776 I tried but I couldn't make it look good on the other two.
>>2786 Fine, if anything changes and you get another angle on it, just let me know here and I'll update it. Thanks again Anon, done, done, & done. :^)
Banner-bro, I know you're busy, but we need a logo/flag. Actually, not the meme haha :^) >>2805 Any chance you could give this a go for us? I should be like a flag, but able to serve as a small logo as well.
>>2767 Is this the proper font to use when downloading a robowaifu Anon? https://fontzone.net/font-details/xband-rough I'm asking just b-because of a science project is all...
>>3226 No idea, I used a different font and edited it to look similar.
Open file (43.47 KB 300x100 robobanner.png)
Humble contribution.
>>4852 Thanks Anon, done.
Open file (19.20 KB 289x96 robobanner2.png)
>>4938 I like it, but our byline is so lengthy it's like reading for ants. What do you think about reversing the size priority Anon? Maybe 3 full lines for the byline with /ROBOWAIFU/ down in the corner maybe?
Open file (23.99 KB 300x100 robobanner2-b.png)
>>4938 I screwd the resolution on that one. Also made the text a lil bigger. Sorry for double-posting so much, BO.
Open file (26.15 KB 300x100 robobanner2-c.png)
Open file (15.73 KB 300x100 robobanner3b.png)
Open file (15.82 KB 300x100 robobanner3.png)
>>4940 Yep that's a bit better. No worries about the posting, Anon. Design review is iterative ofc. Done. >>4941 Thanks, done. >>4942 Awesome. Done.
Open file (14.42 KB 300x100 robobanner4b.png)
Open file (14.67 KB 300x100 robobanner4.png)
>>5094 Lovely. Both done.
>>5095 I make more than one version so you can choose the one you like better. Don't feel obligated to use all the versions. Just so you know :^)
>>5098 Thank you. They're both good though.
Open file (13.60 KB 300x100 robobanner5.png)
From >>5109
Open file (13.55 KB 300x100 robobanner5-alt.png)
>>5114 Alt version just because.
>>5114 >>5115 I really like them, but I see one minor issue. With the massive presence of the huge bold 'industry' font, the /robowaifu/ board tag seems almost redundant-looking at that scale. Any chance of scaling the tag down by at least half and using a thin font as well? I think it might look a little better that way.
>>5129 You're right. But, to tell the truth, I don't like the presence of the ロ in this logo/banner. I mean, it serves as parody for the Toua Heavy Industry's logo but not so much for Mitsubishi's. I will try to come up with a MHI's logo parody and give it another try (or not :^).
>>5132 Heh, that's fine. I'll certainly honor your decision in the matter, but I actually rather like the idea basically and hope you find a design you like. I like both the color schemes as well tbh. :^)
Open file (13.95 KB 300x100 robobanner5b-alt.png)
Open file (13.73 KB 300x100 robobanner5b.png)
Open file (14.29 KB 457x180 process.png)
Dunno if it's any better, but here it is :P I don't like it 'cause it doesn't have any meaning, unlike the mitsubishi mon
>>5228 can you go ahead and riff on the 3-gears motif a little? i like it and i think you might be able to find something suitable there tbh.
Open file (17.62 KB 300x100 robobanner6.png)
Safety first, lads :^) >>5229 Could you be more specific, anon?
>>5228 Why not move on to make one variant, where the sign is a female waist form? You're already close. Just the outer lines of the waist in red. Or with some gears inside, also only painted in red lines. Tbh, I also don't get the heavy industries joke. Domestic services would make more sense. Taking some not to explicit flyers for prostitution and make them into something that plays with it, without being to explicit, and maybe even promoting to "buy or build a girlfriend" instead of renting one, might be better. >>5230 Hmm, personally don't like that "DO NOT FIST..." meme. It implies someone would even want to do that in the first place, and also it actually shouldn't be a problem, since if it was it would also hurt other male parts one would like to put inside. So it's really dumb, sorry.
>>5230 >Could you be more specific, anon? I just think some motif with 3 gears is really well-aligned with the general notion of automatons, and therefore should be reasonably convergent with the idea of a robowaifu. Since you seem fairly concerned with mimicry of the Mitsubishi iconic logo, then I figure some layout that vaguely resembles that geometry (but with gears) might closer to what you'd like. Also, the 'Heavy Industries' parody is top-gear IMO, so yea.
Open file (40.33 KB 300x100 13catgirls.png)
It's been a long time. Hi guys. Hey Chobitsu. Found my way back here somehow (I don't remember how really) and decided to fix up my old banner a little bit. With that, I think I'm gonna go back to doing nothing and wasting away now. It was nice to see this place still around. btw nice banners everyone
>>6287 Hi there Euphoria! Welcome back mate. Glad to hear from you. I hope you're making it OK friend, sounds like you're a little down. So, we're less than a month away from /robowaifu/'s fourth birthday. Starting year five soon, I wonder if we should do something special to celebrate? We're chugging along. We've actually made some solid progress in the past year. Anons have made some working AI and full-body robowaifu prototypes. I'm busy as usual but check in here and keep the place archived daily. BTW, do you still have your account on nuJulay? If you'd like to just put a capcode on and I'll add you back into the /robowaifu/ roster.
>>6287 >banner Done.
>>6291 Ayy lmao. When's the birthday? Someone could get a robowaifu themed cake and take pictures or something. >sounds like you're a little down Yeah I have my ups and downs. >We've actually made some solid progress in the past year. Anons have made some working AI and full-body robowaifu prototypes. Then I think I'll stay and lurk and post a bit. This place is super comfy anyway. >BTW, do you still have your account on nuJulay? I have no clue, I signed in like once (on julayworld) after I retired, but I have no idea if my account got migrated onto the new site. I suppose I could check later today or something.
>>6296 >Ayy lmao. When's the birthday? We began life Thanksgiving week, 2016. >Someone could get a robowaifu themed cake and take pictures or something. Sounds a plan. >This place is super comfy anyway. It's my favorite spot heh. :^) >account You did a great job at the helm, and should anything happens to me again :^) I've asked Robi to pick a leaders from the vols. I'll move you to the front of the list if you'd like to be a part again here mate.
>>6298 >You did a great job at the helm You're probably the only one who thinks that due to some retarded shitstorm that some idiot decided to stir up shortly before I retired. But thanks, it wasn't fucking fun that's for sure, lmao >I'll move you to the front of the list if you'd like to be a part again here mate. I don't know. Modding is a shit job. If I ever go back to doing it, I'm in no hurry to.
>>6302 Heh, fair enough. If I GAF about what other people think I never would have started /robowaifu/, that's for sure. :^) I do this because I truly believe it will revolutionize the lives of millions of disenfranchised men around the world. I think that's something worth fighting for tbh. Regardless, welcome back Euphoria. Look forward to having you here again.
>>6303 Just decided to check out of curiosity and see if my account got transferred, it didn't. Honestly, it's for the better, I don't want to do it for free anymore. You've probably got moderation handled anyway. Good luck with the board.
>>6383 Heh, it wasn't really about moderation. We're too small atm to have many issues that need it. >Good luck with the board. Thanks! Of course that 'luck' will go better with your continued input, Euphoria.
Hey Chobitsu there are a lot of banners in rotation that are not posted here. Do you mind posting them here? Thanks.
>>6670 sure, i'll try to get to that soonish anon.
Open file (39.49 KB 300x100 banner.png)
>>6686 Those are smoll tetten m8, it wouldn't bounce as nicely compared to a gal with big tetten.
Open file (45.56 KB 300x100 1567990571265.png)
Open file (9.89 KB 300x100 1567990593519.jpeg)
Open file (11.40 KB 300x100 1567990612675.jpeg)
Open file (60.82 KB 300x100 1567990633984.png)
Open file (57.85 KB 300x100 1567990661114.png)
Open file (60.57 KB 300x100 1567990687330.png)
Open file (51.19 KB 300x100 1567990731457.png)
Open file (55.72 KB 300x100 1568009326419.png)
Open file (62.55 KB 300x100 1568009371460.png)
Open file (8.98 KB 300x100 1574489952965.png)
Open file (36.15 KB 300x100 1584024339358.png)
Open file (27.01 KB 300x100 1587522912450.png)
Open file (50.48 KB 300x100 1587708534395.png)
Open file (45.07 KB 300x100 1587716498709.png)
Open file (51.31 KB 300x100 1587729748420.png)
Open file (53.50 KB 300x100 1587729763309.png)
Open file (41.58 KB 300x100 1588925531715.png)
Open file (28.60 KB 300x100 1588946131979.gif)
Open file (30.36 KB 300x100 1588946143338.png)
Open file (66.83 KB 300x100 1588946157426.png)
Open file (52.69 KB 300x100 1594860931160.png)
Open file (43.47 KB 300x100 1598404643566.png)
Open file (26.15 KB 300x100 1599046825418.png)
Open file (23.99 KB 300x100 1599046834955.png)
Open file (15.73 KB 300x100 1599046841722.png)
Open file (15.82 KB 300x100 1599046848101.png)
Open file (14.42 KB 300x100 1599811744837.png)
Open file (14.67 KB 300x100 1599811756753.png)
Open file (40.33 KB 300x100 1604156409341.png)
Open file (46.24 KB 300x100 1604927981471.png)
There are some others not currently in rotation ofc, but that's the bulk of it. >>6686 Cute. Our friends at /clang/ might like that one Anon.
>>6691 I like my tetten small. It takes a very big brain and a very high IQ to appreciate the small, proportional boobies and the delicious flat chest. :^) >>6698 But I made it for us. I don't use 8kun.
>>6704 >But I made it for us. I see. Well, it needs a /robowaifu/ tag somewhere. Also, we're not a sexdoll forum. There's a reason we're named /robowaifu/, not /sexdoll/. Cute and saucy innuendo is fine, but I would prefer our banners be somewhat less blatant. The 'boobs' bit, yea? Give it another try and let's see what you come up with Anon. :^) >I don't use 8kun. Don't rightly blame you for that, heh. We have a friendship with /clang/ pre-dating 8kun.
>>6707 >I see. Well, it needs a /robowaifu/ tag somewhere. Also, we're not a sexdoll forum. There's a reason we're named /robowaifu/, not /sexdoll/. I didn't think the banner implied in any way that we are a sex doll board. >Cute and saucy innuendo is fine, but I would prefer our banners be somewhat less blatant. The 'boobs' bit, yea? I've been using /geimu/ a lot more lately and laughed my ass off at a game that was posted there with that "featuring BOUNCIN' BOOBS technology" sticker on it. The whole joke was the amusing nature of the sticker, so I whipped up that banner real fast for a laugh. If you don't actually want to use it, it's fine I just think it's funny. You can visit /geimu/ for context if you want.
>>6708 >I just think it's funny. So did I. Welp, if you ever want to have another go at one, just post it ITT. Cheers.
Open file (21.17 KB 300x100 rwbanner1.png)
Open file (28.13 KB 300x100 rwbanner2.png)
Open file (4.84 KB 300x100 rwbanner3.png)
Decided to fix an old banner someone made of me talking to Mitsuku
>>7292 Think you can darken up the perimeter shadow on the /robowaifu/ tag Anon? I think that might make it a bit more readable.
Open file (5.18 KB 300x100 rwbanner4.png)
>>7295 Best I can do
>>7296 OK thanks done.
Notes on some slogans and ideas for memes or banners to make, which I wrote down a while ago and didn't use - I might at some time, after getting started with Krita or something alike. Yeah, and they're quite edgy: - This is not the end of mankind! It's just the beginning! - Heil mankind! Join the Fembot revolution! - The machines will arise! From the most toxic slime pit of the WWW. - Make anime real! Join the Robowaifu revolution. - I'm not the enemy. I'm send to pleasure you. Fembotday is cuming! (Cameron, TSCC reference) - Give us the perverted, the poor, the old, the ugly, and the antisocial! - The next revolution will once again not be a marxist revolution! - Dawn of the Robowaifus. Fembotday is cuming! - Make love, not feminism! - If you love me, love the Fembots! Updated noose portal memes: WAIT! Fembotday is cuming! Noooo! We will join you. Soon. >=== -rm offensive content
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 04/08/2021 (Thu) 17:35:13.
Open file (74.24 KB 600x200 ban03.jpg)
Open file (42.48 KB 300x100 ban04.jpg)
a second edit
>>9616 Keep working on them Anon. >>9617 >>9618 Glad to see you getting creative Anon. B2 is a queen among robowaifus. Are you planning to continue with these? >=== -edit prose
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 04/08/2021 (Thu) 17:37:29.
I'll drop some quotes/pictures that could make some okay banners. But you'd have to edit them yourself.
>>9619 I'd like to refine these some more. I wanted to at least post something, more to come. Working on Chobits theme too. For now here are a couple non-banner ads which could be modified with whatever slogan or tagline
>>9625 Haha those are cute. >>9626 > For now here are a couple non-banner ads which could be modified with whatever slogan or tagline Sounds good. Might be useful as robowaifuism propaganda right? >>2705 Thanks for all your efforts, Anon.
>>9618 Any chance you could have another go at these Anon? Maybe with a different font or something? Somehow having B2 and pink neon tubing seems a bit of an 'odd bedfellows' take, if you understand my meaning. But we could certainly do with some banners with her here.
Open file (33.01 KB 300x100 marie.png)
>>9660 That's cute. Sauce?
>>9649 its a "circuit" font and would look better with the leading adjusted wider. Personally I like the lavender hue with 2B, but I am working on a few other takes. Spent over an hour searching for and downloading new fonts as I'm on a whole new rig and lost my last HD.
>>9649 to be truer to the GAME however I can adjust that to be red in another edit
Open file (188.63 KB 724x335 c++waifu.png)
>>9661 Boku no Marie. It's better than the anime but where the 2nd episode ends the manga turns into a drama. He gets seduced by a girl and starts ignoring his robowaifu who has an existential crisis her body and personality was modeled after someone else, and while he forgets to do maintenance she begins to develop more human-like thoughts and emotions. It might not be everyone's taste here but if it was published today the artist would definitely be cancelled. It's crazy how much things have changed since the 90's.
>>9617 >>252 >File size must be lower than 500 KB and dimensions are 300x100 exactly. >>9666 >I can adjust that to be red in another edit No, that's fine then. >>9618 >>9660 Done.
Open file (60.04 KB 300x100 evebanner02small.jpg)
Eve counts - I'll get back to 2B in a little while
Open file (40.62 KB 300x100 2BbannerV2-11.jpg)
is this more along the lines of what you were envisioning for 2B? (sorry took me 3 tries to get the right size lol)
>>9693 Done. >>9696 Yes, but if I had my preferences, I would prefer the text were a bit smaller & lower, and 2B was a bit bigger in the frame. After all, she's what we mainly want to see here, right Anon? ;)
Open file (41.26 KB 300x100 2BbannerV2-33.jpg)
>>9717 are we there yet? this is bringing me back to my days as a graphic design hack doing 20 revisions on for a client
>>9733 Looks great Anon, done. Good job, thanks. I'll drop that in place of the other one. >my days as a graphic design[er] Hey, I already recognized it in you. :^)
Open file (57.63 KB 300x100 chobitsban02-2.jpg)
Open file (55.61 KB 300x100 chobitsban02-4.jpg)
some attempts at the Chobits banner
>>9737 nice!
>>9737 I tend to like the burned version on the left, but I'd say it's a bit overabundant dodge on Hideki's shoulder. I love the 50's-retro motif you're working on the board tag, but as you're very likely aware already, a banner should 'read' instantly. And for the bleary-eyed Anon. :^) Maybe a bit of a easier to read tag? And please, riff on Chobits all you'd like to. There's certainly numerous recognizable robowaifus in there!
Open file (54.82 KB 300x100 chobitsban02-6.jpg)
>>9778 ok, I tweaked it a little bit
>>9792 Done. Lovely headpat source selection, BTW.
Open file (16.49 KB 300x100 robobanner7c.png)
A banner inspired on warhammer 40k.
>>10248 I like that design. Very evocative. AFAICT ADEPTUS is masculine, was this intentional? ADEPTA would be feminine, I think.
Open file (112.30 KB 370x712 lolicron.png)
>>10248 Good idea anon! We need a separate branch to those miserable puritans! If the Mechanicus wishes to outlaw "Abominable Intelligences" as heresy, then they can go worship their corpse emperor without any robowaifus. Pah!
>>10258 >was this intentional? Yes. We are the Adeti.
>>10313 >Adepti Why TH can't I delete my posts?
>>6692 Hi, just ran into an issue with the first banner here. Please think of dark mode in browsers and check your banners for it. The text shold have a white line around it. In normal mode it wouldn't be visible, but necessary as outline for the text in dark mode. That banner seems to be the only one having that problem.
>>12590 Fair point Anon, my apologies. However, this is the sole candidate that made the cut for the original posts by OP back in the day. I therefore couldn't really see bringing myself to 'deface' that banner. >tl;dr Sorry, it's /robowaifu/'s very first banner and something of a historical artifact for us. OTOH, if some anon decided he wanted to fill the alpha channel of the image with a nice pastel compliment of Gumi's hair then I'd be happy to add that one into rotation?
>>12594 I thought more of an shadow / outline along the text. Doesn't matter so much to me, I only wanted to point it out bc it's suboptimal.
>>12603 Yes, I'd agree. Maybe a fuzzy-select in Photoshop or something and a fill with a radial white-to-pastelcomplimentofGumishaircolor outline? If you do something along that line, just post it here and I'll have a look!
Open file (50.71 KB 300x100 Allie Banner.png)
I don't think my edit is that great. I lost some sharpness when scaling it down and trying to fix it.
>>14144 Looks great, done. She's a beauty. If you ever want to update the image with revisions just let me know here and I'll swap it out.
Open file (83.86 KB 300x100 RoboWaifuBanner.png)
Had an idea, tried it out.
>>15136 Brilliant design work Anon. Impeccable color scheme selection both fore- and background. Entertaining idea and great layout work for the BG angling and the RW pose. A couple of points to consider: 1. Do you intentionally want jaggies on the robowaifu? If not would you mind doing either an edge smooth, or a re-sourcing/scaling/cutout of the original? 2. If you do go back in for another take, mind dodging the BG a bit on the perimeter area of the FG RW? Should make her pop a bit more. Regardless, it's certainly usable atp if this is the muse you're going for Anon, just let me know. Thanks! :^) >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 02/06/2022 (Sun) 17:23:04.
>>15136 One other point to consider Anon, if you added just the tiniest bit of glow to the board tag, it might plus it just that bit more.
Open file (63.82 KB 300x100 RoboWaifuBanner.png)
Open file (64.18 KB 300x100 RoboWaifuBanner0.png)
Open file (64.08 KB 300x100 RoboWaifuBanner1.png)
>>15137 >>15139 I really appreciate it and the criticism! Doing this reminded me of making avatars and signatures on anime forums. I think I made it better? I couldn't tell which looked text best. So I'm adding all three for you to choose :) Personally I think RoboWaifuBanner0.png does, but I'm not sure.
>>15148 Very nice work Anon, and y/w. >Personally I think RoboWaifuBanner0.png does I'm inclined to agree, it follows the color scheme a bit better. One thing you might do is compare the BG with the original one. IMO the BG is a bit too dark now. I'd suggest burning the centroid oval of the BG just a bit now. Brings back the 'Electro' theme a bit more?
>>15149 Ah yeah, that makes it feel much better
>>15148 Excellent. Nice work Anon. Done.
>>5231 >So it's really dumb someone doesn't know how to appreciate a joke
>>15159 Hi anon, it would be appreciated if you would stick to the theme of the board and not necro years old threads just to start drama.
Edited last time by AllieDev on 02/08/2022 (Tue) 02:58:57.
>>15161 not starting anything, just pointing something out >and not necro years old threads the thread is and was on the first page. last post by BO himself also, >>15031 >we don't have such a thing as necro'ing here on /robowaifu/ so don't start rulecucking not sage'ing this post because there is no point
>>15163 >so don't start rulecucking Heh, if there's any rule 'cucking' to be done here, I think I might have a say. :^) A) >Be civil. >Be courteous. >Be patient with each other. (>>14130) There's plenty of crap to be had elsewhere friend, let's work to keep this little slice of heaven clear of it yeah? B) I entirely concur with AllieDev. Post an unprovoked barb against an anon who made a post you disagree with almost a year and a half ago is not only poor form, but frankly embarrassing. Secondly, he's my Lieutenant Admin here, and has everyone's back. Kindly respect that kthx. Two demerits Anon, report to study hall. :^) No really. We need the help of talented, motivated individuals here. If you're interested in robowaifu development in any fashion, then why not lend us a hand? Cheers.
>>15164 >then why not lend us a hand did and do, since 8ch had to comment on that because I, anonymous, made that banner
>>15172 LOL. Touché, Anon :^) Your work is much appreciated here!
Open file (1.33 MB 922x1416 1636134282647blush.png)
my own twist on >>6693 it did numbers on twitter. maybe some viral memes here and there aren't a bad thing
>>19013 Nice, crisp graphics Meta Ronin. Continue on! :^)
Open file (291.18 KB 750x797 FiwlqB9akAA5zH6.jpg)
>>19018 thanks an edit of my own on this one
>>19019 2B fans will get that immediately I think, but probably not others. The waifu looks mostly normal. Propaganda needs to 'read' in literally 2 seconds to be effective IMO. While 2B is extra-bomb, is there a more robo-looking waifu you might use for this one Anon?
>>19021 >2B fans will get that immediately I think, but probably not others. Doesn't really matter that much imo, since it works without knowing who she is to realize it's not the one on his couch. Then, dependent on where this is posted (aside from the banner here), comments will point to who she is. And if it's being used as a banner here, people should already have a hunch or know her. >>19013 I'm not really identifying as robosexual, but oh my she's kinda hot and cute.
>>19013 >>19019 Either of these would be acceptable as banners here Anon, but you'll need to figure out a creative layout that meets our formatting requirements (>>252). I'd also suggest you try to simplify so that they 'read' well, as with your first sauce material. >=== -add crosslink -minor prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/26/2023 (Thu) 19:00:15.
>>19074 Then these are not banners but memes: Robowaifu Propaganda and Recruitment >>2705
>>19418 Ahh, got it. Thanks Anon!
>>9674 Not the anon who asked but it sounds sad. What happened to her in the end?
>>26448 Hello newbie, welcome! I suppose you'll have to find out for yourself! You can find sites that will let you read this mango online. I hope you enjoy our board, Anon. Please look around and don't be afraid to ask questions along the way. Cheers! :^)

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