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Open file (149.26 KB 768x1024 ElqU1FhVkAMs_E0.jpg)
new user and seeing how it works the anonymous wig 12/09/2020 (Wed) 15:52:56 No.7650
I am new to this ib so I am seeing how it works. Could you show me how to use this ib and its rules? Example of how to put programming text, use bold, what programs use, etc. > aldo sorry for my shit vocabulary I am learning to speak English > aldo 2 I am very excited to learn and help when I understand the subject well.
Open file (83.27 KB 1280x720 RWBY_Vol7_ Penny.jpg)
Welcome to /robowaifu/, where we work to make cyberpunk and anime real! The help section will answer a lot of your questions about how the board works quickest, anon. It's the little dark blue question mark at top left of the centre of this page. Next to all the other little symbols where it says 'Home', 'Boards' and 'Overboard'. If you want to post code then you have to write [code] blah, blah, blah your code here [forward slash code].
>>7652 Thank you > also Could you send an image with the explanation?
>>7654 How am I supposed to open this link?
Open file (17.04 KB 538x139 Selection_199.png)
Open file (37.40 KB 437x302 Selection_200.png)
Open file (5.44 KB 463x45 Selection_201.png)
Hello Anon, welcome. Don't worry too much about your English, and the rules are at the bottom of our Welcome to Robowaifu thread >>3 . > #1 The help button at the top of the link will explain how to use codetags, and other things. > #2 Is a capture from that page talking about tags, for example how to insert code clips or use Japanese characters. >>7657 Haha, welcome to nuJulay where old autism never dies. "theg_u_n_t_retort.com'' links are mischievously corrupted by the site admins as a global running joke. Just replace the incorrect text with the correct ones with these in your browser: > #3 We're a small community of generally-helpful hobbyists who dream of having our own robowaifus one day. Please ask anything you want, we'll help you if we can. BTW, Kibo-chan a cute! Patrician taste in robowaifus OP. :^)
the baby shoes on kibochan are topknot.
Open file (485.76 KB 960x720 hermoso futuro.gif)
>>7660 thanks anon, it helps me a lot, i have already been reading before posting about 18 hours to be aware > also What page, programs, objects, tools do you use to do all this? > also 2 when i see the pic related my heart softens just to imagine this future and help make it come true
>>7670 Below the comment fields on top and footer, on the left there's a link to >>catalog. There are threads based on topics. You'll need to be a bit patient with your vision about the future, though. Getting there is hard.
>>7671 thanks anon >You'll need to be a bit patient with your vision about the future, though. Getting there is hard. I know, at no point did I say that it will be an easy or fast road and I know that it will be full of feminists, allies, big companies and shitty laws who want this not to be launched or normalized. But I know we can do it, let's do our best for a better future
>>7670 Yes, that picture is charming. Let us all hope he manages to succeed and jailbreak his waifu! If we have our way here on /robowaifu/ however he won't ever need to. >>7677 Congratulations Anon. I'd say you already have a good idea on things. If that knowledge still doesn't scare you away, then welcome to the tribe mate! I'd suggest you pick one or two things from the catalog that catch your eye and begin pursuing that. I'd also suggest you begin learning to program, since it would be good for all of us to be able to. I think that's enough for now Anon, maybe you should get some rest. Remember this is a marathon race, not a sprint race.
>>7677 >will be full of feminists, allies, big companies and shitty laws who want this not to be With the hard part I meant developing them. Not politics. The last few years not much happend, we're moving faster now, but it's going to take a while. People don't have much time, need to learn skills, lack money or space, getting distracted by other things... Overcoming this and doing something is the hard part. No one can hinder men living alone and building their own waifu from widely available parts and ones which can be manufactured at home. However, they won't just emerge from our dreams. That's the thing to really worry about.
Hi I'm op, where do I start creating the robowaifu? I'm considering if I do the AI or mycelium-based base body first, although I don't have a 3D modeling yet. > also How are the anons doing with their robowaifus?
>>7721 >mycelium-based base body I think I heard about that one before? But can't picture it, tbh. Not important anyways. You're choice. AI means coding and probably training networks at some point, a bit of math at least. Strong PC or online services to train your models. In 3D modelling you need to learn CAD, pure mesh modelling will probable not suffice. Also, need for a printer if you don't have a cheap service or related person with one around. A bit of mechanics and use of programs to learn. >>7671 >How are the anons doing with their robowaifus? I only saw one or so here, during the last few months - Elfdroid Sophie. All others are learning something, working on some machine learning or just lurking. I plan to start building something soon, which means next few month.
>>7721 >Hi I'm op, where do I start creating the robowaifu? Hi OP. Well, I don't think there's a simple answer yet. Right now we are all trailblazing our own ideas. If you want a physical, IRL robowaifu (as opposed to just a VR waifu), then there are at least two skills that are important. - software programming - drawing There are many other skills needed as well. But these are basic, and also pretty easy to pick up with little cost besides your own efforts to learn the skills.
>>7726 Then type your text here.
>>7726 > Strong PC or online services to train your models Could a PC with 2 ram be considered powerful? kek > Also, you need a printer Which one would you recommend? When it comes to quality-price > A bit of mechanics and use of programs to learn if I was readingagainto learn C ++ and other related threads >>7731 > then there are at least two skills that are important.. > - software programming well, I'll start studying programming > - drawing well one less thing, I know how to draw relatively well
Open file (68.72 KB 733x314 Selection_204.png)
Open file (30.71 KB 502x415 Selection_205.png)
Open file (20.94 KB 718x183 Selection_206.png)
>>7737 Hi Anon. So when you want to reply to a poster, 1st click on the little number at the end of their post > #1 That will bring up a quick-reply box. Just start typing your reply, then click on the 'post' button > #2 Then your new post will appear at the bottom with the crosslink to the replied post already working. > #3 Clicking on the little number first makes everything easy! :^)
>>7742 >well, I'll start studying programming Great! I'm looking to have someone work in our C++ learning thread >>4895 I'm the teacher there. If you can somehow use a Raspberry Pi to set up for learning then that would help you out a lot. >I know how to draw relatively well Outstanding. Please consider contributing arts here on /robowaifu/, we need more. Even a dedicated thread for OC designs would be very nice to have here.
>>7744 >OC designs == Original Content Designs
>>7743 kek I know how to post the problem is the google translator I don't know why it adds a space next to it >> and also add the fact that a ´´message´´ cannot be edited once sent >>7744 Okay, I'm used to drawing on paper and I'm learning how to use a graphics tablet. As soon as I have some quality I can share I will pass it on
>>7745 Although I already know the term oc, it is a nice detail that you highlight it for me, thanks
>>7728 Yeah, I had a hunch that he actually meant the real mycelium stuff, not some name of a doll or character from a show called that way... >>7742 >>> Also, you need a printer >Which one would you recommend? When it comes to quality-price Since we only have a small size of samples here, I'm not sure we could even tell for certain. It also depends on time vs. money. I choose an Artillery Genius, seem to have had more troubles than others (bad luck) but it was doable. I had no experience in mechanics and no help. But a little nut was bad and I had to disassemble it a bit. There's a thread on printers here >>94
>>7758 >Okay, I'm used to drawing on paper and I'm learning how to use a graphics tablet. You don't have to wait till then Anon. Just take pictures of your work and post it. Be sure to scrub any exif data from them! >As soon as I have some quality I can share I will pass it on Look forward to it.
>>7796 ayyyyyyy my memedata that I have been giving all my life without knowing it kek how is it removed? >also Do I upload it to my thread or in which thread do I post it?
>>7814 Please use your own thread Anon. Your GPS data is obviously the most important tag to remove. There are many other tools related, but this seems to be commonly used. https://metacpan.org/pod/exiftool You can usually just install it from your Linux package manager.

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