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What can we buy today? Robowaifu Technician 09/11/2019 (Wed) 01:41:22 No.101
I've stated many times on this forum my skepticism of the "robo" part of "robowaifu". The reason why is because I've owned a number of dolls, including one full size TPE sex doll, and always been very satisfied with my purchases. The "robo" will be reality within our lifetimes but simply doesn't exist today. I'm starting this thread to discuss options that exist today which don't require advanced technology, products that can already relieve our loneliness. In particular I'd like to promote one cheap, freely available, and obvious option that you may have overlooked.

If you live alone and happen to have a few grand burning a hole in your pocket, you've probably already considered buying a sex doll. It's a good purchase for the money. If you haven't bought one yet, you probably either don't live alone, don't have that kind of money, or have a moral or practical objection to sex dolls. In that case you could buy a <$50 onahole-type or fleshlight-type sex toy, but that's not a "waifu" and isn't really more satisfying than masturbating with your hand. To alleviate loneliness, you need something that you can cuddle, than you can look at and smile, that you can care for, that makes you feel that you are not alone.

It may sound cringey, even pedophilic, but I want you to seriously considering buying a <$50 child's cloth doll. I've been cuddling and sleeping with an 80cm cloth doll for the last year and she has brought me much joy and comfort. A related option is a "dakimakura" (lonely pillow), but the advantage of the cloth doll is that it resembles a real human being, with a head and arms, and therefore is more fun to cuddle. My doll has made surviving this period of peak feminism so much easier, and honestly has probably saved me from the rope.

Here's the 100cm version of the doll that I bought. For cuddling purposes, bigger is better, so I recommend the largest doll you can find.

In this thread we can discuss sex dolls, cloth dolls, dakimakura, onaholes, and other options that exist on the market today.
Open file (1.85 MB 540x253 nero phone.gif)
>I've owned a number of dolls, including one full size TPE sex doll
>posts this on a moving-doll board
>>101 I think you're smart in thinking about what we can buy today. I think you're incorrect in thinking that the "robo" part is unrealistic. Robots already exist. Rudimentary androids already exist, and have for decades. We just need to do the best we can. I've said it a million times on this board (or the old one, I just realized it was active again here), we had dancing robot toys be the biggest sellers of like 2003. They were cheap children's toys. Now we have almost two decades of tech advances. You're not going to convince me that it would be particularly hard to make one slightly bigger, slightly cuter, and stick a fleshlight in it. Also add whatever speech recognition and speech synthesis can be afforded. Those two areas are advancing very quickly these last few years. That's all you need for something that is "good enough." And good enough is all that matters, because it will sell better than the garbage that is out there today, the overly expensive dolls that look like whores anyway. And those better sales will fund further advances, which will spur better sales, and so on. The tech already exists. We just need someone with the startup capital to do it.
>>2534 Glad you're back Anon. >t. Chobitsu
Well, I don't know about 'buy today', but as far as the first kinds of waifus we should be building as our first prototype efforts, hmm. I suppose we shouldn't be trying to go for the most elegant, subtle, beautiful robowaifu engineering and design anyone ever imagined. I mean the kind of waifu masterpiece that would make even Hollywood master character designers green with envy. We should be trying to create the best we can, with what we have ofc. That means using scrap materials where we can, using creative and even innovative design to get the most we can for the least investment. This is a long and honored approach for cottage garage mechanics, and I think we'd be well-advised to adopt a similar approach. Orville & Wilbur didn't roll out a full-fledged 747-stretch that first day at Kitty Hawk after all.
Open file (112.06 KB 1200x1127 ideal_girlfriend.JPG)
>>7342 >that makes you feel that you are not alone. I actually realized abut myself that I don't have the feeling of loneliness, I mean in general. Maybe only woman and some men have that, idk. A doll wouldn't improve my quality of live. I want something like a woman, but without all the downsides and work necessary. This would be a improvement and a long lasting one. For something cute that sits on a sofa, one can get I cat from the shelter.
>>7343 >my family lives there. every time. thanks for posting that anon. sounds like you have a kind of non-functional 'social interaction' gland or something. i don't know if that's a blessing or a curse at this stage in history to be honest. if you're not interesting in a physical waifu, then what about an ai one?
>>7345 No, you misunderstood me, I meant a doll like something that doesn't move or talk wouldn't be good enough. I want something more than that. On the other hand I don't need some doll just to "not feel alone" bc I don't care and also have a cat hanging around.
>>7349 Ah, I see now. Thanks for clarifying that. Well, I guess AI is where we should put a lot of focus to begin with, b/c for a waifuist who wants a corporeal waifu or not, we all want one we can talk with!
>>101 Cuddling and portability wise, I think Ball Jointed Dolls (BJDs) are pretty good. Especially the 1/3 scale ones, as they are not too small or too big (height between 50 and 70cm). Something like the Dollfie dream or Obitsu 50 series. Only issue is you need to look around because they are pretty expensive (not even counting the clothes).
>>7531 At the 1/3 scale, it might not be too difficult to add a SBC & sound input/output onboard for active chatting as well.
>>7531 Yeah, but we're into building our waifus here instead of buying them. There are some links here to someone building something like it, and she isn't just for cuddling: >>5038 However, for robots this whole approach with the ball joints might not be a good idea. Knee and elbows aren't working like that in humans. Biggest problem overall is, that the bottom of these dolls look quite horrible. But yes, if one want's a doll with some speech module and some SBC, that should be doable. Maybe adding a litte bit off movement here and there from time to time. It might be interesting for someone with not much money who want's someone with a human-like body.
>>7533 Hehe, something like pic related? (Not mine) >>7537 Of course, diy is the main goal for us here. I just meant a doll for cuddling, not really any other function. They are also difficult to modify for robotic function (expensive too, I'm not gonna break mine for that :P) 3D printing is probably way to go, while cheaper materials like paper and cardboard for figuring out the right mechanisms.
>>7580 >Hehe, something like pic related? (Not mine) Absolutely. Obviously, doesn't need to be anywhere near that advanced to provide basic chatbox features once everything's in place for it.
>>7580 >>7585 Well, actually I don't see any ball joints here. Except for the head maybe. Maybe it was one once, before it got enhanced and became a robowaifu.
>>7588 Checked. Sauce on that pic Anon? Are they for sale or do you have to print them yourself if you know?
>>7588 Not him but I've seen that before here https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-print-models/games-toys/toys/articulated-poseable-female-figure There's some interesting stuff on that site.
>>7590 Thanks!
>>7589 I forgot, but I posted a whole list of sites in the thread about 3d printing a while ago: >>5234. Have the pic of another one on my tablet, and with the name in it, but's it's charging now, and needs a new battery anyways. Might post it later, but not sure.
>>7593 Ah, thanks. I do recall seeing that now that you relinked it. It's been a busy year haha.
Open file (97.59 KB 1024x1024 Imagepipe_8.jpg)
Open file (80.07 KB 580x870 Imagepipe_7.jpg)
Open file (41.30 KB 400x600 IMG_4409.JPG)
The first (Quin Doll) is from Thingiverse or something similar I think, the second from a thread on some /toy/ board linked here, probably in the joints thread or engineering general, the third is from the dollforum project I wrote above, which is actually based on a bought poseable doll if I recall correctly, only with added printed parts.
>>7625 I see. Quite helpful. Maybe we can even expand on this information over in our robowaifu skeletons thread? That diagram and your photo could be quite useful there. Thanks Anon.
Open file (60.96 KB 800x1600 IMG_20210121_221214.jpg)
Open file (66.67 KB 800x1600 IMG_20210121_221152.jpg)
Open file (271.53 KB 2064x1548 IMG_20201118_171131.jpg)
Open file (312.42 KB 2064x1548 IMG_20201118_171057.jpg)
>>7625 Alita figurines: First two pics from printed ones (no source to file). The other ones are the official ones for sale, if I'm not misinformed.
>>8189 Thanks Anon, wow the detail in the standing figurine in the last pic is pretty compelling looking at this resolution. >t. Alita fan already
900$ but currently out of stock... For a life-sized Alita bust. People are gonna love real robowaifus.
I don't know at which point it started, but this threads contains a lot of postings which don't fit to the title. Somehow it got confused which a thread for homemade dolls and figurines, which is rather this one here: >>372 - the title picture looks similar. This one here is probably confused with the other one, and it's higher up in the catalog so it's easier to find, which is self-stabilizing. I only realized this some minutes ago, never really recognized the word "BUY" in the title.
>>8216 Good point. I'll happily give you mod privileges if you'd like, and you can edit to your heart's content Anon.
>>8219 Oh, one point on my todo-list I forgot about: Trying again to register at alogs. Last time Roddy didn't have much time and it coordination failed.
>>8222 OK sounds good. Just tell him I sent you if he asks, but he probably won't. I had let him know about you beforehand so yea.
Open file (716.66 KB 770x1000 Yumemi_pillow.jpg)
A while ago, I thought creating a pillow with male sex toy insert would also be a good and simple idea. There might be a market for it, even while I'm not interested myself. But it would be cheaper than a doll. Then, yesterday, I was looking for a normal anime body pillow, didn't want it for anything lewd or even complex. Just thought about buying a cushion cover soon, and wanted to look into it. Especially to find out for what characters they even exist. Partially just to support the creators of anime I like but had to download. Well... I found https://www.animepillowshop.com and they make them with optional boobs and buttocks, and have variants for inserts. Okay. I didn't know, lol. In these memes I saw it's always just a pillow. Also, yes, they even exist for quite niche characters.
>>24645 Neat! Clearly others were thinking the same as you, NoidoDev. >male sex toy insert By this, I'll presume you mean an onahole-like vagoo prosthetic?
>>24651 >>male sex toy insert >By this, I'll presume you mean an onahole-like vagoo prosthetic? Yes

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