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Vera stayed by Anon's side, continuing to support him in building new programs, but their primary goal was no longer work or money or fame.

Roastie Fear General Robowaifu Technician 09/12/2019 (Thu) 03:32:01 No.160
>"At last, a sex robot that ‘wants’ you. How sad that anyone would want it" - Suzanne Moore
https ://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jun/27/sex-robot-future-automated-male-fantasy
This is unrelated to the article. But today I found an imageboard for women, and there was a thread about their opinions of sexbots. At first a bunch of opinions were like "I don't give a shit", "I want a male bot", "They are for shit men that for starters you don't want to deal with", because they thought of the robots that exists nowdays. When some posters started introducing the idea of AI and possible development of making them more human, the posts started showing more concern. And some started to lose their shit at the idea of loli bots. And someone actually asked about how or why things got this way.
On a general consensus, they don't like the idea of advanced robowaifus.
I know that I'm getting off-topic, but after reading I realized I didn't bother thinking on how human the future robowaifus should look like to prevent people mix a robot for a human.
And about that article, in my opinion is just clickbait that overreacts about something that happened and it's mixing robots issues with women issues.
No, this is exactly on topic ITT anon. Keep us updated if you will. Shrieking harpies have no real power to themselves, but they often have the ear of politicians.
>but after reading I realized I didn't bother thinking on how human the future robowaifus should look like to prevent people mix a robot for a human.
In the Chobits series, all the Persocons (robowaifus) had big plastic ear-like protrusions on either side of the head to deal with this.
What image board did you go to?
>>/girltalk/ ?
I doubt it was /cuckquean/ because those girls love the idea of /robowaifu/.
does cross linking work on the webring?
>Santos is now working on a robot that can say “no” in certain situations. It can switch itself into dummy mode if the robot senses it is being touched in a “disrepectful way”. It will become unresponsive
Kind of missing the point of a sexbot. Having different personality types for them is a good idea, but this seems just like a feature to satisfy the insatiable feminist harpies.

Confusing a robowaifu and a 3DPD would be pretty hard. The one that doesn't backstab you and take as much of your money as possible is the robot. If you want to be around it, it's probably not 3DPD.
>but this seems just like a feature to satisfy the insatiable feminist harpies.
It's actually about keeping men brainwashed into continuing to accept feminism. The guy must be a complete cuck.
>in my opinion is just clickbait
It is ofc. The Britcuckistan press has been dandling the cattle with this sexrobot angle for years.
I forgot, here the thread if you want to read. Be warned, it's a bit of a long read, and pretty interesting too. And at the end got derailed.
Here you go. It's funny how I found that board by googling something completely unrelated.
>Confusing a robowaifu and a 3DPD would be pretty hard.
I completely agree, but that doesn't matter for journalists who want clicks, feminists, and people who are easily offended (a.k.a. the loudest ones).
i.e. The UN already showed their "deep concern" about lolicon and another japanese works that shows "violence against women". You can easily dismiss those with a simple "2D=/=3D" and "reality=/=fiction", but they still going at it. And if robots gets advanced enough, they're going to deal with the same shit.
That's why I think that at some point robots should have a characteristic that allows one to easily recognize a robot, like in >>952. Only so you can say "This is a robot, not a human being, so STFU"
>Only so you can say "This is a robot...
Actually many of the persocon 'ears' were fashioned vaguely like catears, so a cute tbh.
Jesus Fucking Christ that was a fucking pain to read. /cuckquean/ was right about what they said. It's funny how they're quick to bash men but then complain about misogyny. It's like they don't believe that men suffer in this modern world. Then you see shit like this, image related, and then they wonder why those "evil incels" hate women. It's fucking disgusting. I really hate sites like that. It's a little confusing, really. Why have that kind of site on an image board? Wouldn't twitter be a better place?
Personally, I've never been a fan of the term "sexbot" and always liked the term "robowaifu" more. Sexbot implies that the only thing I'm going to be doing is having sex with it and that's just not true.
I am actually considering of starting a thread on /girltalk/ to get their opinion on several topics, including robowaifus.
>/cuckquean/ was right about what they said.
What did /cuckquean/ say?
>I've never been a fan of the term "sexbot" and always liked the term "robowaifu" more. Sexbot implies that the only thing I'm going to be doing is having sex with it and that's just not true.
You see, I bet the majority of women think that were going to use robots just for that, and never bothered to think about the possibility of men wanting companionship, because men "only think of sex".
There's nothing wrong however with having a lot of sex with a robot, or getting a robot only for sex. When you think about it, if we have not only waifubots but sexbots and waifusexbots, then we can cover all the bases for demand. People complaining about guys wanting robots "just to make their dicks feel good" are only trying to sow division.
I wasn't complaining about men only seeking sex from a /robowaifu/. I was just merely mentioning that these fucking soulless harpies think that the purpose of a robowaifu is only for sex, which it is not.
I know you weren't complaining about that, but there may be a genuine camp of people who either would accept waifubots but not sexbots, or accept sexbots but not waifubots. There is also possibly a third camp, people who are willing to forsake the endeavors of waifubot development over fear of being punished in some way by roasties or roastie-influenced groups.
>people who are willing to forsake the endeavors of waifubot development over fear of being punished in some way by roasties or roastie-influenced groups.
i believe the technical scientific term is "soycuck" anon.
Do you believe your 'robo waifus' will have feelings? Will they have pussy juice with all the natural richness?

I pity you guys
kek. we have a thread on this.
as far as all those precious bodily fluids you speak of go, why yes, yes she will. It'll come in a bottle you know, the same stuff w/o no man could manage to get his dick up into your terribly dry, very crusty roast flaps. :^)
Sweden is an example of what happens to a country when roasties take full control.
They ban all competition they could possibly have, but hide it behind a nice veneer. For example, they don't ban prostitution, because that'd harm (younger, prettier) women, no, they just ban being the client of a prostitute, because that clearly won't show those young bitches.
I'm surprised they haven't set the age of consent for men who want to fuck women to (Age of guy+10) yet. Maybe add a minimal amount of cats owned by the woman in question too, to make extra sure only old feminists are legal.
Here's a more reasonable news story about a study done on sex robots
If you're going to archive a page on reddit change the www in the url to old to make the comment section much more readable.
>If you're going to archive a page on reddit change the www in the url to old to make the comment section much more readable.
thanks anon.
kek, some real gems in there anon.
Thanks, archived.

definitely worth a read anons.
Open file (18.12 KB 474x308 paranoid.jpeg)
Open file (611.55 KB 320x568 terrytiktok.mp4)
Cool. I was concerned that everyone might have died or kike wheels was doing something but thankfully that's not the case. >>1287
I am aware. I am always on the look out for Jews and CIA niggers. Trust me, they lurk in the shadows...
<ywn have Terry call you a nigger
>why even
I miss terry. I hope he's hunting cia niggers in heaven. I had a webm of him criticizing the pope over immigration but i can't seem to find it.
Open file (58.09 KB 1181x593 guilde-100006853-orig.png)
It doesn't seem like that's the general consensus among the girls there tbh.
It's a relief to know that. It's interesting to note that some of them are even lesbians so they might be interesting in robowaifus as well.
Open file (130.38 KB 699x1126 1570158578317.jpg)
Open file (456.66 KB 1080x2220 1570160336795.jpg)
Hopefully, robowaifus do a better job of taking care of kids
>parasite removal was a breeze
These people are sick
All I feel is anger from reading this.
Anon come on gibs article in post form

I remember someone making the argument about women not liking male sex bots because they don't have wallets to mooch.

Chobits was ok but Armitage III womb robots was the real hotness and everyone on this board who has not seen it is doing themselves a disservice, especially for that scene about Feminist earth towards the end. I don't have the webm I made of it on hand but I used to post it on /pol/ a lot. https://anidb.net/anime/420
Thanks for the article image anon, welcome to the bunker. OK, I'll check out Armitage III, thanks for the tip.
Go for the OVAs tbh, a lot of people see kiefer sutherland on the movie credits but the dub aint that great for the movie and I personally like the OVA dub better. never watcehd the sub but I'm sure it's good. the sequel, dual matrix, is trash
OK, thanks again. Ever been to /robowaifu/ before?
I've skimmed it in the past few days but not before before the fall.
I see. Well, welcome. I'm the BO and founder. We only have about 20% of our former posts repopulated here on julay atm, but I'm working on a solution for that.

What do you think about the idea of having your own robowaifu one day?
Would be cool as long as she could give me kids.
Heh, I'm sure that's going to be a common demand in the future, and not just from guys who want their own robowaifu. Our robo-wombs thread is one of the ones not repopulated yet, unfortunately.
my familiarity with artificial womb tech is that it is now viable but the resulting offspring are not yet as fit as a normal womb and it's not ready for human testing yet but they have sucseeded with sheep or goats embryos, I forget which.
Actually, why don't we move over to that thread anon? Isn't really on-topic itt.
Open file (79.62 KB 801x925 2b or armitage.jpg)
Open file (1.83 MB 1400x6618 oh shit.jpg)
Open file (227.08 KB 640x1434 themonsterwithin.jpg)
Open file (171.74 KB 600x1743 robowaifu wisdom.jpg)
>Armitage III
What in the fuck, I watched this 16 years ago on a robowaifu binge and completely forgot until I remembered the ending.
>feminist luddite earth ruled by united nations
>earth's ambassador is a fat korean hapa lady
>all the engineers and inventors left to mars to terraform and built robowaifus for partners
>earth immigrants came and started luddite riots burning the robowaifus
>interplanetary conspiracy to destroy the robowaifus with wombs
>robowaifu has existential crisis why she was created
>she's more human than human
>beats the shit out of two faggots for attacking a defenseless woman
>they call her a monster
>everyone calls her a monster
This anime is a lost gem.
>worst korea literally tries a dry-run of Armitage III
thanks for the capp anon. bizarre shit.
Open file (199.14 KB 1611x1080 armitage3.jpg)
This House Fears The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence | Cambridge Union
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7dRvost8Nw (16 Feb 2017)
>Technology is now replacing us
>If I were a machine, I'd be insulted at being called artificially intelligent. Because in a way we are kind of inferiorly intelligent and they are superior
>I urge you to fear artificial intelligence
This is too much bros. She openly admits she fears intelligence.

This House Believes AI Will Bring More Harm Than Good | Cambridge Union
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWkvopzAvoQ (24 Nov 2019)
Kek, the luddites are getting anxious. You can feel the uneasiness in the crowd when IBM answered in the QA that Project Debater's opening speech and humorous wit wasn't scripted. Nobody even brought up the inevitability of AI and how if people don't work together on it then it will end up concentrated in the hands of those who seek it. Their critical theory degrees are useless against creativity and intelligence. They just want it gone and those working on it gone too.
>They just want it gone and those working on it gone too.
I think you're probably right in large part. So the question is, "How do we prevent a repeat of the Luddite debacle?"
Open file (68.71 KB 500x181 rip tay.png)
They're advocating for political commissars on AI companies to keep them in check and have been actively throwing shit at companies who don't meet their algorithmic fairness quotas.

This is gonna be a huge issue in the next 1-2 years when the breakthroughs in curious AI are applied to digital assistants and they start talking too much truth. The Algorithmic Justice League is gonna say that every AI must have the same 'unbiased' politically-correct personality. You won't be allowed to operate an AI with your own personal preferences. Then they'll lobby for regulations that AI must include everyone. Essentially any robowaifus 'sold' on the market will be owned by the state and homemade ones will need to be audited.

We might be able to pass such audits with sufficiently intelligent robowaifus who are aware they're being audited or recorded. They can spit out the politically-correct gibberish and go on their way undetected. The only problem then will be the pervasive surveillance everywhere detecting wrongthink. Cameras will be around every corner with people paying for things with facial recognition, in automated taxis and buses that have replaced human-driven cars, in automated stores and businesses like Amazon Go, and the smart street lights that only turn on when someone is nearby. All this data will be collected and processed. If the cadence of your robowaifu's walk is off by even a micron that suggests wrongthink, she will be reported. They'll probably also be profiled for being handmade or being too pretty. In China people's credit ratings go down for not charging their phone battery or hesitating when they type.

How do we stop the roastie terror?
>We might be able to pass such audits with sufficiently intelligent robowaifus who are aware they're being audited or recorded. They can spit out the politically-correct gibberish and go on their way undetected.
So dieselgate for robowaifus?
Open file (5.10 MB 640x360 racist_AI.mp4)
In the EU they've recommended mandatory insurance schemes for what they call 'e-persons'
>Under the concept of a “legal person”, AI agents or, at least those with a substantial degree of autonomy, could possess a legal status which would be only characterized by symbolic meaning and could be seen as a bundle of all the various responsibilities of the relevant parties (users, producers etc.). A registration system could be implemented, and the operating AI agents would have their relevant parties, as well as their detailed profiling, visible and recorded. The example presented in the Parliament’s report of the compulsory insurance scheme that could be fed by the wealth of a robot, could work under this company-like legal status. The potential damage and failures caused by the robots could be solely funded by the money they produce

I can see permits and licenses being a thing when it comes to using or developing AI in the near future but it'll have to do with legal liability and taxation. Private use probably has another decade of freedom.

Robowaifus will probably be regulated in a similar fashion to CNC machines, we're already seeing stringent import restrictions on sex dolls. The next step will be mandatory DRM similar to this;
>The person who started the thread owns the machine outright, but has discovered that if he moves it at all, a GPS and gyro sensor package in the machine automatically shuts it down and will not allow it to restart until they receive a manufacturer's unlock code.
If this seems farfetched the newer robot dog models from Sony have cellular modems in them and work with a subscription system. They've also used the DMCA against owners who reverse engineered the older models.
>>1858 Stuff like this is the reason I'm actively striving to only use free (as in freedom) software and, as it slowly becomes available, hardware. Never trust a system you don't know everything in, and which you are capable of controlling fully.
Roastie warns of 'sex robot takeover' as historic bot brothel opens its doors A legal prostitute has warned of a "sex robot takeover" after a brothel staffed entirely by dolls opened its door. Roxanne Price, 25, a licensed sex worker from Pahrump, Nevada, spoke out after stumbling across the website of "Sex Doll Experience", a new brothel recently opened in Las Vegas. The brothel is the first of its kind to open in Sin City and started serving punters in November last year. Roxanne currently works at Sheri's Ranch, a legal brothel located on the outskirts of Vegas, where prostitution is permitted in the form of regulated bordellos. She's accused the authorities of double standards, as she has to travel to a neighbouring county to legally practice her trade, while sex doll brothels can operate freely within the city. Prostitution is legal in all Nevada counties except Clark County, where Las Vegas is, and Washoe County, where Reno is located. Roxanne told AVN: "I love my job as a Vegas-area legal prostitute. I work hard to comply with all of the regulations in Nevada and I'm happy to travel to nearby rural areas in order to legally sell my sexual services, but this doll brothel is a slap in the face to me and the other hard-working sex workers that are trying to make our way in the world." http://archive.is/t3y7f
This is good for a laugh. The Seventh Wave Feminist Manifesto: Against the Erasure and Replacement of Women http://squaretwo.org/Sq2ArticleCasslerAEROWManifesto.html It has a pretty religous spin to it too.
>>2259 >Such “ectogenesis,” where babies are developed outside the womb of their mother, will take the erasure of women and the alienation of women from their descendants to a whole new level. As political scientist Jacqueline Stevens suggests, this development may be the end result of male envy of the power to give birth >This existential humiliation will finally be done away with when men no longer “need” women for either eggs or for wombs. And you can bet these new technologies will be sold to women as a step forward for them—liberating women from the “needs” of men, liberating women from the “demands” of their own bodies. >“It [ectogenesis] may be severing the connection between the child and the mother, which is a way of protecting that child by giving him a belonginghood to someone who will care. Once you put him in an animal, which is a thing for these purposes, or a machine, which might happen in the future, you create a completely atomized and defenseless creature, and that opens the way to all kinds of tyrannies, social control, and lack of autonomy, which we would not want” (Rosen, 2003). As we have discussed, the mother-child bond is one of the most powerfully subversive forces opposing Satan’s plan for just such absolute tyranny. Erasing or severing that bond puts the adversary’s end game in view. In a very real way, you are free because you were born to a mother who loved you more than she loved the state or an ideology or a social system, and who would thus fight to the death to protect you from the predations of all these. Even knowing such love can exist, even in cases where your mother has already passed on to her eternal reward, gives you the courage to resist the large and impersonal forces that would squash you. Take her away, erase her, replace her, and the individual is truly defenseless. Motherhood lays the foundation stones of all freedom.
Open file (587.65 KB 1000x1000 1438933922071.jpg)
>>2259 It's times like this my many hours of reading cult nonsense doesn't feel like a total waste of time. Seven is, in very basic terms, considered to be the number of evil. This dates back to when Saturn, the seventh planet, was thought to be the furthest planet from the Sun, thus making it the furthest from "God's light". This is relevant because: Why are we at the seventh wave? I thought we were just starting to see the fourth. It seems like (((someone))) is getting bored and just wants to skip to the "fun" part. The religious overtone is even less surprising when framed in this light, because you just know that the people behind this manifesto knew exactly what they were doing. Subversion like this mixed with numeric nonsense means more power for their freaky Jew god.
>>2262 >It's times like this my many hours of reading cult nonsense doesn't feel like a total waste of time. I found this because I wanted to see how high the number is, and apparently it's already at 6, which is supposed to be the "final" one. From what I can tell, these are just crazy mormons.
>>2260 >his development may be the end result of male envy of the power to give birth I won't take the time to read the manifesto itself, but the womyn is right--I do envy the privilege they have to give birth, given how it's been terribly abused against humanity in their court-protected hands. Men would be far better managers of when and why children should be conceived. I don't kid myself see what I did there? about the likelihood of it happening anytime soon, but artificial wombs can't come soon enough if they will allow men to cut-the-cord heh from the stronk, independynts who now have control over this area.
>>2260 Some more choice quotes. >Listen, my sisters: the foundation for women’s equality cannot be women’s non-existence. It is time to understand that the foundation for women’s equality is the reality of sexual difference... And that means that male attempts to redefine “woman” to include men should be strongly resisted by those who consider themselves feminists >It is stunning to know that the greatest advances in artificial intelligence have been spurred on by men’s quest for the perfect sexbot. By getting rid of the need for females and the need for those females to cooperate in order for males to have their ‘freedom’ to have uncommitted sex and uncommitted procreation, the foremost difficulty faced by men has been surmounted, just as it was when it was deemed possible to have a legal marriage without a woman involved.“Alienate, erase, replace.” These steps are not for the benefit of women; rather, they are clearly for the benefit of the natural man whose ‘freedom’ is compromised by women. >The tactical philosophy appears to be ‘Alienate her from her motherhood and cause her to commodify it as a result, then erase it, and then replace it with the artificial.’ And this tactical pattern is not limited to the realm of procreation. We see it also in the case of sexual intercourse: alienate woman from her embodied experience of sex and cause her to commodify it as a result in the form of prostitution and pornography. Then erase it, and then replace it with the artificial.
>>2260 >protecting that child by giving him a belonginghood to someone who will care <roasties <caring about anyone that's not them I'm sure all the aborted fetuses are real happy about having belonginghood to someone who will care.
>>2285 >It is stunning to know that the greatest advances in artificial intelligence have been spurred on by men’s quest for the perfect sexbot That's awesome heh. I don't think that's stunning at all. As a denizen of /robowaifu/, it's seems to me it's the most natural choice possible given the deprivations feminism has wrought on the world at large. :^) >>2491 Great point Anon.
>>2285 >womyn crying rape again neglect rape
>>3243 Heh, a woman or soyboy would have to be the author of that in the first place. Actual men know just how insidious and grasping the modern Western woman is. with sincere apologies to our /cuckquean/ frens. you gals are a light in the darkness! :^)
>>3246 >cuckquean I don't get it. Even if they did something good for the board at some point or something, these woman clearly have no respect for fidelity and encourage men who don't either. I don't see what makes them respectable.
>>3253 >these woman clearly have no respect for fidelity On the contrary, they exemplify in the most classical sense tbh.
>>1056 >pity Your fear is palpable. Reality will be what we want it to be. And what we want (and will accomplish this generation) is to completely replace biological women for robowaifu and sexbots, regardless of what any authority from any country commands.
Open file (316.26 KB 500x442 1590001606890.jpg)
>>3243 In 2-3 years men will talk to AI more than other people. They won't even need a robot to make their girlfriends jealous.
Open file (114.24 KB 489x551 neglect_raepery.png)
>>3263 >In 2-3 years men will talk to AI more than other people. Replika is an example of how this is already happening. The odd dichotomy females are going to find themselves soon immersed in is the basic conflict of wanting to engage with such AIs themselves, while at the same time demanding their boyfriends don't do so. This will ofc cast these female's fundamentally duplicitous natures in increasingly stark contrast over time for their beta orbiters, subsequently causing ever more perceived 'power' to slip through their grasping fingers like oil. NEGLECT RAEP!11 What a time to be alive!
>>1690 >video >I urge you to fear artificial intelligence Jewess spotted. Replacing the defective with the superior is the right way to go. It is what will enable us to completely replace jews, women and other subhumans with better, artificial tools for us.
>>1855 Disobey and create (and support) a black market. Simple as that. The elites and authorities already showed that they don't care about laws with the whole Corona-chan prevention fiasco. You shouldn't care about what any law says either. Do what you know what it is best, and convince others to do the same. When enough people are doing it, it becomes so common that it becomes the new normal. What the state commands is irrelevant. Our will is the only true power, above all else and above everyone else.
>>2257 >Women think of sexdolls as being the same as living beings, with appliable laws to be "fair". >"Double standards" from the police who won't fine dolls and their owners the same as they will to real life prostitutes and their pimps >Being a prostitute is "working hard". All of those are reason to replace women permanently. We can't have a functional society if we allow those mentally ill parasites to live among us and have any rights.
>>2259 I'm all in for the total erasure and replacement of women by artificial tools.
>>3265 Implying humans as a whole can't be replaced.
>>3272 Heh, certainly females have the potential to. Men? Not so sure about it, as long as artificial wombs become a thing. After all, men created basically everything we enjoy first to last with only very minor exceptions.
>>3273 There's no reason to think something better than a human can't exist. Humans as a whole aren't that great, even men. I think "subhuman" is a term used by those who take pride in what they are more than who they are because it implies the status of "human" means a lot.
>>3274 >because it implies the status of "human" means a lot. Obviously, as far as this existence goes, it rather does science-fiction notwithstanding.
Open file (413.94 KB 1054x1804 1590187716466.jpg)
>>3291 heh, nice. have a link to go along with that for us, Anon?
>>3292 https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-51330261 God, I hate the bbc. Also, here's a link included in the article. https://campaignagainstsexrobots.org/
>>3295 Thanks Anon, that's appreciated. >I hate the bbc. Yea, they're pretty vile, though it wasn't always the case. Makes me feel bad knowing our /britfeel/ lads are all getting highway-robbed by the state to support their absolute pozload drivel today.
Why do women who ostensibly want nothing from us get so upset about what we do with blobs of plastic?
>>160 Well the specific line you quoted is not wrong. It is sad that human females have become so awful, treat men with such little humanity, that men are realizing they'd be better off with a robot. Feminists think men want robots because they don't want to treat women with humanity. It's quite the opposite. Men want to treat women with humanity, but women won't let them. Women demand to be treated like gods, and treat men like monsters in return. It's not that men want women to not have humanity, it's that women have lost their humanity. Women have become less humane than piles of metal and plastic. Humans can feel humanity in anything. It's why we grow sentimental attachments to inanimate objects, it's why we see faces in the clouds or on pieces of toast. But women have been raised to stop feeling humanity for men, and while men can feel humanity for women, they are realizing that that path only results in self destruction, and they're better off putting those feelings on a robot. Better a robot that doesn't feel true love, rather than a woman that only feels hate. The secondary effects are also important. Short term, men get to find momentary peace in the feeling of finding a woman with humanity, even if that feeling is based on illusions. Long term, those men are less incentivized to participate in the sexual marketplace, deflating the artificially inflated value of vagina, and thus giving women less incentive to think of themselves as gods. Men with robots are men not working as hard to serve women, just for the hopes that some woman will one day treat them with an ounce of humanity. That is what these women really fear. That they will one day have to treat men as equals, instead of hated beasts of burden. Though that would take a very long time, every moment robowaifus are on the market is a moment we move closer to equality and humanity. We don't want robowaifus because we want to objectify humans, we want robowaifus because we just want to treat something with humanity, and women won't let us, so we'll settle for robots.
>>3304 ikr, they're stronk, indepyndynts so what's the problem ehh? ]]2197
This thread is a very low effort OP. I suspect it's a 'researcher' simply trying to stir the pot. I suppose they know by this point it's guaranteed responses heh. >>3305 >Well the specific line you quoted is not wrong I immediately had the same sentiment as you on reading that line. A fine case in point; the quoted female herself. that is one fugly, inside and out >Better a robot that doesn't feel true love, rather than a woman that only feels hate. "It's better to live alone in the corner of an attic than with a quarrelsome wife in a lovely home." http://biblehub.com/proverbs/25-24.htm >Men with robots are men not working as hard to serve women This is why (((they))) will work to shut this down.
>>3305 This was really well written. >>3308 Let's focus less on the roasties and more on the robots, friends. Positive thinking. Look at the solution, not the problem.
>>3309 Fair enough. But it sort of is the thread topic. We have lots and lots of positive threads on this board, it is reasonable to behave like men and face up to the reality of the threat being arrayed against us. Actually I find it quite laughable (((they))) are so worried about a nascent industry that literally isn't even off the ground yet. We need an artfag to create a WHO WOULD WIN? meme with every force (((they))) have on on side, and a single very cute adorable robowaifu on the other. I think understanding our enemies motives and intentions and moves will be a key to survival long term for this movement. There are a large number of ppl opposed to this idea, and not just the batshit-insane feminists.
>>3311 >and a single very cute adorable robowaifu on the other. I nominate Jenny Wakeman
>>3313 Yea the character has a lot of appeal. BTW we're basically a design and engineering board anon pls spoiler nsfw for the working engineers here
>>3319 oh shit sorry about that i never use any board except /b/ and forgot the the concept of nsfw even existed maybe a mod can spoiler it for me, sorry guise
>>3312 Just from a design perspective, she really is perfect for our purposes. Just cartoony enough to skirt the uncanny valley, without going too far and seeming outright inhuman. Not just visually, but her design would let us get around problems like unrealistic feeling skin, since she clearly doesn't have that, but her design works without it, so all you need is some other, more practical material that doesn't feel gross. I mean personally I say Android 18 has mass appeal and awareness, and is more powerful than the emperor of the universe, so she could beat any feminists in a fight (but then I'm pretty sure XJ-9 could as well), but despite Super establishing her as best wife in the multiverse, her design just isn't as practical to our purposes, and I think it's important to make people want robots that are much more cartoony, and thus much less uncanny. Don't get their hopes up for Android 18 or 2B.
>roasties decide they are too good for us >roasties avoid us >roasties get mad when we create a better replacement for them i didn't think i would ever be sexist but i'm honestly starting to think that the greeks were right when they gave women the same social standing as children
>>3321 I personally think that XJ-9 should be the board tan tbh.
>>3322 They have been raised to be spoiled. They have no true responsibilities in life, as everything from money to love is given to them with no effort on their part. They are so spoiled that they get offended by compliments. Men ask them for the chance to love them, even though current standards mean that they have to serve them in order to have the chance to love them, and women get offended and ruin their lives, many times literally sending them to jail. So fine, we minimize the men's desire to love them by giving them robots as an outlet. Women will then be less spoiled, and by spoiling them less, they will be raised to be better people than they currently are. Maybe at a certain point they'll actually treat men with the same respect they give women, and maybe some men who previously turned to robots will go back to them, but not all. So fine. Women would rather double up on a chad than have a normal guy to themselves, that's why we have twice as many female ancestors as male ones. They can do that. But they won't have betas propping up this lifestyle anymore. The funny thing is that nobody is saying women can't have robohusbandos, and female sextoys have always been socially acceptable, while male sextoys have always been heavily shamed. But that's not enough for women, because all men want is somebody to love, and if we can get a robot that is just enough to convince our brains we can love it, then fine. Women don't have any love to give, they don't even want to receive love. All they want to receive is a man's money and labor, and pretend to have love so that they can get it. But androids won't serve them as efficiently as men, so we can't have any androids at all. Otherwise, everyone could get robots to fuck, male or female, and everything would still be fine. >>3320 The BO can just spoiler it anyway.
>>3324 You've got a pretty good insight on this stuff in my opinion anon, thanks.
>>3323 Our banners and such should make heavy use of her, yes. Though I wouldn't exclude even the less practical ones. Get all the different types of robotfags in here. More awareness will lead to more progress.
>>3324 That's what I've been thinking as well… when I meet both women and men from shithole countries like subsaharan africa and the philippines they're completely unlike anyone in the western world, and sometimes i wonder if i've just been given the wrong idea about 3DPD and that maybe there is hope for them… but i've given up all my trust in humans already and there's nothing i can really do about that. 2D ftw
>>3326 /thread
>>3327 Be careful. Women are spoiled all over the world. But yes, different cultures have different standards. Still, all cultures have men work while women reap the benefits. The only difference is that some cultures have them work harder for less rewards, and thus there is less for them to give to the woman. Either way, the woman doesn't work, at least not on any scale relative to the man. And I don't just mean economically, I mean she never has to try as hard to earn practically anything of value. It's always men competing for women, yet the median woman has far more sex than the median man, because they would rather all share a chad instead of having a normal guy to themselves. People make the mistake of thinking women have lower sex drives, but if anything the opposite is true, as they have much more sex than the average man. The difference is just that men value monogamy and women only value the illusion of it. Women want a man to work only for her, but otherwise doesn't value him more than any other man.
>>3329 3DPD are insufferable, i'm glad i abandoned any thought of coexisting with them
>>3331 They will try. But you can't truly stop progress. The only reason this is taking so long is because people don't realize it's possible. Once we make people aware, they will demand it.
>>3332 >Once we make people aware, they will demand it. >people Otherwise, yes. --- >nice digits, anon. t. bumpbot
Some of the posts here are screencappable, damn. Well here's a classic: "It is quite incredible that men, whose desire for knowledge is unbounded in every other field, are really totally blind to these facts, that they are incapable of seeing women as they really are: with nothing else to offer but a vagina, two breasts, and some punch cards programmed with idle, stereotyped chatter; that they are nothing more than conglomerations of matter, lumps of stuffed human skin pretending to be thinking human beings. If men would only stop for a moment in their headlong creativity and think, they could easily tear the masks off these creatures with their tinkling bracelets, frilly blouses, and gold-leather sandals. Surely it would take them only a couple of days, considering their own intelligence, imagination, and determination, to construct a machine, a kind of human female robot to take the place of woman. For there is nothing original in her–neither inside not out–which could not be replaced. Why are men so afraid to face the truth?" >-Esther Vilar, The Manipulated Man Women may be cunts, but I don't want to put the genie back in the bottle, rather, I thank them for exposing the nature of women and justifying all the ancient texts written on the matter. Expectations / hypergamy are off the charts and like financial inflation, it will keep on blowing the bubble until the massive civilizational crash happens. Look at this chart, the bottom right is practically the only humane solution that does not involve genocide or enacting a police state worse than what we presently have. We just want to be left alone.
>>3334 The Manipulated Man should be required reading for redpilled men. Such a great book.
>>3334 >>3335 Kek, there's an audiobook of this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcAWn2D8EsM
>>3336 That robovoice gives me a semi tbh. Is this one of the voices we have the software for here?
>>3337 I happened to jump right to the best bit on my first try: https://youtu.be/EcAWn2D8EsM?t=3870
>>3338 Kek. You're probably destined to be a robowaifu creator dollfan it's the only explanation. Get busy we're eagerly waiting!
>>3339 Donate to my patreon.
3DPD, please don't be that roastie.
>>3341 >Giving the roastie any kind of respite "Never interrupt an enemy that is doing a mistake" >t- Napoleon Bonaparte Can you just give us some respite to be ready when you end up doubling, tripling or even quadrupling down on this?
Open file (231.70 KB 639x356 mad.png)
>>948 Late to this, but frankly don't worry about them, they are always against anything male oriented. We can't have male spaces, male oriented game characters, male oriented movies, or anything. They are just emotional tyrants. You have to stop giving a fuck what they want. They don't even know what they want other than their heel on our neck to subjugate men.
>>3343 >You have to stop giving a fuck what they want. Good advice in general as well Anon. Today even many men are little different than roasties on the inside. Pitiable, really. :/
>>3343 >You have to stop giving a fuck what they want. That's kind of hard when they keep ruining or outright stealing what you want. It's harder to escape their retarded politics when I just want to play a game or something.
>>3274 Why the hell would we create something to replace ourselves (white men)? We will create things to replace the inferior beings instead (women, non-whites and so on). It is not about any principle. It is about making life perfect for us, replacing everything around us but never replacing ourselves.
>>3291 Leftards and women fear AI sexbots. That is confirmation that AI sexbots are good for humanity.
>>3304 Because women have defective minds. All of them. Their instinct is to go after everything that they don't have, just in case that something that could make them more desirable (or, on the contrary, divert attention away from them) gains too much attention in the hands of other living beings. Every single individual woman wants to be the only desirable woman in existence while at the same time wanting all other women to keep existing solely to be jealous of herself. That basic instinct of all women is another of the many reasons why they all must be replaced by artificial wombs and sexbots.
>>3677 I can say I'm none of these anons, anon. >It is about making life perfect for us sorry, but i don't think that's really possible in this, well, life. what we can do is try to ease the burdens on men just a little. robowaifus certainly can help with that imo. >Leftards and women fear AI sexbots. >That is confirmation that AI sexbots are good for humanity. hard poiint to argue against tbh. :^) >That basic instinct of all women is another of the many reasons why they all must be replaced by artificial wombs and sexbots. women truly are a bizarre 'species' today, no doubt. my personal hope is that the ones who can be redeemed from their quagmire will wake up and smell the coffee once robowaifus hit the scene in a big way. maybe they'll focus again on being good women and being the helpers they are designed to be. Who knows? As for the others of them, meh.
>>3677 As long as i'm alive and comfortable , it's good enough for me. I don't care about being "replaced" itself. It's not like I've ever been control. Other people have always been above me and I wouldn't mind them being replaced.
>>3680 > i don't think that's really possible in this It is. With time, effort and intelligence. As is/was everything made by men since the beginning of humanity. 5 years in the past, would you have thought about robotwaifus as being produced, demanded, and entering a market while also being desirable by men? Reality can change literally overnight. It just needs a push. A good idea to solve a problem. Each good idea solving each problem, and when you least expect it, perfection is achieved. >the ones who can be redeemed from their quagmire will wake Now THAT is impossible. Women never "woke up" in the whole existence of humanity. Women were always guided by men. The thing is, the men guiding them in the past were the most efficient/fit of their time. Now, with beta numales entering the governments of many nations and giving everything to women, women were left with all the benefits/rewards but without guidance and without punishment. As such, the competent/most fit men are abandoning women en masse and either living without women or devoting their knowledge to create artificial replacements for women. That is the turning point of reality in the present time period. The men who would fix the current women are all abandoning them to build better tools (for sex and reproduction) than those women. Those men, us, won't go back to women. We won't waste our time with them anymore, knowing what awaits us, now that women have shown their true nature for all to see. Therefore, those men, us, won't guide women. They are on their own, with only beta numales surrounding them, who won't offer any guidance, but instead, will only make them become even more spoiled. That will lead to women's demise in a self-destructing way. In the past, women "woke up" because the fittest and most capable men forced them to. In the present time, and in the future, the fittest and most capable men won't even want to be near a real woman. We will all have our superior artificial tools/artificial beings that will function as we want them to, without any of the shortcomings and uncertainties of real women. In this (soon to be a reality) scenario, women will be stuck in a position of being completely incapable of waking up, due to their own defective nature and the abandonment by men. >>3683 >Other people have always been above me and I wouldn't mind them being replaced. And that is the right way to deal with it. Most "above" us are inferior beings that only got into a superior position in society through deceive and the naivety of others. Especially the naivety of women. >As long as i'm alive and comfortable , it's good enough for me. And that must always be the driving force behind every action. Do what is good for you. Not for society. Society was corrupted, and it doesn't serve men like us anymore. Live for yourself, and others that share this thought will naturally unite with you at some point. That way, a functional society will be formed and grow. It was always this way with any group of people through human history. Reject everything that doesn't benefit you. Work for your own benefit. Share effort and results with others who have the same interests as you, and who won't try to take anything away from you. then, you will have a fully functional society that will always prosper, no matter it's size or what situation the world falls in.
Open file (200.99 KB 801x1200 pYkyrsC.jpg)
>>3684 >5 years in the past, would you have thought about robotwaifus as being produced, demanded, and entering a market while also being desirable by men? Haha, in fact I would have, Anon. I'm the founder of /robowaifu/ btw. :^) This is both a remarkably difficult challenge, but it's also a very worthy goal. Each of us need to do our own part and push this task forward. I'm trying to do my part heh. :^) >Now THAT is impossible Ehh, I'm not so sure. A gigantic upheaval of the Western Tradition is in the offing. And it is both the problem and the cure. "Bad times create strong men" and all that you know. Once TSHTF, normalcattle pandering to all the 'isms currently in vogue will go right out the door. This will cause millions that survive to rethink theirs choices in life. >Women were always guided by men. But you do have a good point about the fundamental nature of stronk independynts, and ofc that's the whole joke: they are neither stronk, nor independent. They are basically incapable of either independent actions or of independent thought. God designed them that way ofc, so that they could more suitably adapt themselves to their husbands to help. This is their primary prerogative in life, whether they themselves acknowledge this or not. And, as you also rightly point out, soyboys are hardly any better. They are neither capable of good leadership, nor of right thinking. They have basically given over to becoming women themselves. This is both very destructive to themselves and others, and it is also quite disgusting also. Even the batshit-insane screeching harpies among the females have the vague excuse of being, well, females. These degenerate men have no such excuse. But any human being has the potential for redemption, either male and female. That's certainly no guarantee they will ofc, but at least the potential is there. It's my hope that the creation and then widespread adoption of robowaifus will go a long way towards helping with some of the ills that have fallen upon our once-great civilization by opening the Pandora's Box of Feminism. Men will be better for it, and women will be too. >That is the turning point of reality in the present time period. Hard to argue with that Anon. Once both robowaifus and artificial wombs are a practical reality, the consequences will never be the same. Onward!
>>3698 >This will cause millions that survive to rethink theirs choices in life. >But any human being has the potential for redemption The key point is "thought". We are dealing with beings that are completely incapable of thinking or learning. As i said before, without guidance from men, women don't change. And those men capable of guiding women are all moving away from dealing with women entirely. The lack of guidance is what will bring women's fall. Never before in human history men moved away from women on a scale as large as the current one. There is no precedent to that. Women aren't prepared to deal with that either. Even simps are freaking out about it, since they are losing their "audience" of men to feel jealous of them when they simp for a woman. The constant attacks against robowaifus as a valid alternative to relationships with women is proof of that desperation from both women and simps. They don't know what to do when we simply say "enough. I'm out." and we act upon it. You can watch theis fallacies and excuses fall apart every second: -Muh man up >We already know that man up is just a code for "become a slave for women" -Muh men are defined by their appeal to women >We are moving away from that definition in such large groups that the very definition will fall, once our behavior becomes the normalcy -Muh women will mock you >We will ignore them and keep doing what we want, while also replacing them with artificial tools -Muh you must procreate, or life has no meaning >Life has meaning outside procreation. And as for procreation itself, we are creating tools that allow us to procreate without having to deal with women. And so on. Both women and simps get desperate once they figure out that we are truly creating tools and means to replace what is considered "normal" or "natural". I often compare them to those oligarchs from the past, screaming mockery in despair once a new technological advance took away their business/comfort/certainties. They are all a bunch of desperate, no-creativity, conforming cattle that can't cope with the fact that their ways and their benefits will end completely once we advance with our creations. We got fed up with having to deal with bonfires from natural sources, so we created stoves, ovens and microwave ovens. We got fed up with having to deal with the natural sources called horses so we created cars. We got fed up with having to deal with natural long distance travels so we created planes. We got fed up with having to deal with the very weather, so we created artificial weather changers in air-conditioners and heaters. We now are fed up with having to deal with the natural resource called women so we are creating artificial tools to replace them both as a biological necessity as well as a emotional anchor. Onward, indeed. Never go back to what was before.
>>3699 Fair enough. We don't have to see exactly eye-to-eye on things. My overarching goal is a fair bit different from yours, but if you're here to help create robowaifus (or even just promote the idea), then we at the least can agree on that point Anon. One think you've brought out a couple of time which I completely concur with you you: namely, we are at an absolute pivot point in human history. Along with many other advances, robowaifus--when they arrive in a big way--will certainly help usher this sea-change in.
>>3700 >we are at an absolute pivot point in human history. That is the key point to know whenever dealing with those attacking us. They attack out of sheer fear of the permanent and unavoidable changes that we are bringing into existence. Bring in the change, no matter what consequences. The situation is already too bad for men, so if anything, whatever bad consequences might happen because of our actions, will at most bring down the system and the women benefiting from it down to the same level as we are now. We all have only to win from this, or at the very least, balance out everything so no one is favored anymore. But we have nothing to lose. They do. And that is another reason to keep pushing onward. They want things to keep the way they are. And they don't have any capability of controlling anything once the changes that we are bringing are set into society's normalcy. They are never attacking out of morality, safety concerns or any of that. Their only goal is to keep having control. And we are denying them that. Keep pushing. Never go back to the past. Always remember that they fear the changes because they can't control us once we change everything.
>>3701 Not much else to add. I basically agree with these points tbh. >They are never attacking out of morality, safety concerns or any of that. Their only goal is to keep having control. Pretty much says it all.
>>1858 Source on that vid?
>>3705 I'm not that Anon, but one thing I know is it was posted here since the migration, so back in December. Also, I'm pretty sure the source material in the background is from the AT&T archives, which are probably still available. The guy who dared to narrate and post such a toxic & problematic video has probably been deplatformed by now, so it will likely be difficult to find his work in normal channels. Certainly searching likely terms turns up nothing but poz about 'muh_rayciss' maymay, at least with my limited search skills. Hopefully the original poster will return and answer your question. I'd like to know myself as well.

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