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Have a nice day, Anon!

Meta Tread Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:32:29 No.38
Off-topic and general discussion thread. Also, let's discuss ways to get more people involved. How can we grow this board? Also, let's share robowaifu media to help inspire each other. This is a very generalized thread meant to improve robowaifu in general.
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It's nice to see that this place finally has a proper bunker up and running.

I'm the greentext writer that flooded the agalmatophilia thread with my alternate history stories.
I have everything saved on my computer. Should I repost in the agalmatophilia thread as tradition dictates, or should I put everything in the fiction thread?
Welcome back.
>or should I put everything in the fiction thread?
If you wouldn't mind put it where it rightly belongs into the fiction bread. Have you completed anything new lately?
Makes sense, I'll be putting them up shortly.
Unfortunately, I still haven't made much progress on the latest story. As of now, it's 184 lines, and nowhere near done. If I had to give a percentage, I'd say it's ~5% completed.
While progress has been unforgiveably slow, I've recently gotten that itch to write again, which means I'll be doing something new soon.
I should also take this opportunity to note that the random bits of poetry and unrelated short stories I've damned your eyes with haven't been saved except The Return of Dead Hill, which I still have the original physical document for, so naturally I won't be posting those.
>so naturally I won't be posting those.
Ehh, post what you like. As long as you aren't promoting feminism or cocksucking here on the board, do what you like. Based on your work from before I highly doubt you're going to do either of those.

One of the nice things is you can collaborate here, which means you don't have to wait until things are completed you know. Just post whatever you feel like writeanon.
Wow I'm retarded.
I just checked the folder again, and it turns out I do have a couple of the extras, including the original Dead Hill. So I guess I'll be posting those as well.
Yeah, I'd sooner die than go that way.
I'll contribute to things wherever I feel I can help, as I did on the last board. For whatever it ends up being worth, I'll give what I can where I can.
>I'll give what I can where I can
Can't rightly ask a man for more than that tbh.
Regardless of the eventual outcome of creating desirable robowaifus, let's just try to keep each other encouraged through the process, deal?
Continuing what I was saying in the "selecting a programming language" thread, I'd like to know how many of us made it to the Bunker. I recall there being a Mexican anon as well a flip one. Where are you guys? If you are here, please speak up.
The boards list says there are 6 users in the current sliding window for /robowaifu/. I only post via TOR and I'm not sure if it's even counted, probably not.
Did anyone actually see Alita Battle Angel in the theaters? I did twice.

those '3-white' eyes tho
Open file (586.78 KB 426x426 wehatetrumperror.webm)
Open file (988.84 KB 640x640 drillstuck.webm)
That great to hear. I'm glad we have more people here than expected. Even if they are just lurkers.
No. I will consider watching it.
What? What about the 3-white? I have no idea what you're talking about. Sorry.

/robowaifu/, What would you do if you saw your robowaifu doing what is shown in webm 2? Would you help her or record her then bring it up at the dinner table? or maybe... Post it to /robowaifu/ for all your /robowaifu/ friends to see and laugh about?
Kekd. I would tactfully offer to help her then never mention it again. :^)

'3-whites' is a slang for yandere. That Hatsune Miku robowaifu has dangerously murderous 3-white yandere eyes anon.
I feel like a massive new fag. I have never heard this term before. I'm sorry.

/robowaifu/, What is your religion, if any?
>I'm sorry.
lol, who gaf about silly shit like that anon.

ofc there is no '/robowaifu/' as a singular collective (if you'll pardon the oxymoron). we are all individuals. we are obviously a bunch of Westerners and Christianity has been the dominant traditional 'nominal' religion in the West for pretty much all of it's history. me personally, i'm a born-again Christian who actually believes that Jesus Christ is God and that every human will see Him face to face.
Open file (7.79 MB 640x480 codemonkey.webm)
Thanks for you answer. When I say "/robowaifu/" I am addressing the board and anyone using it. Are you the same guy i was talking to last night? how's your college going? What are you planning on doing with your degree if you don't mind sharing.
webm semi related, it's probably what I am going to be doing in the future.
>Are you the same guy i was talking to last night? how's your college going?
I assume so yes. I'm up again very late. As far as my degree goes, I figure I'll find a good job and pay the bills. Eventually I want to start my own company, maybe making animations, maybe making robowaifus, maybe even both somehow.

>that webm
Sweet, I really enjoyed that tbh. Do you have the sauce on it anon?
Yeah I do. https://anidb.net/anime/406
Seems interesting. I think I'll give it a watch some time.
Thanks. Would you mind telling me the name of the show please? anidb doesn't allow TOR.
Open file (83.60 KB 522x499 1461627345787.jpg)
It's nice to see that there are more than just three people here. Hopefully we'll get all of our original userbase back one way or another.

I've never really subscribed to any religion, or even proper atheism.
Whenever I ponder this topic, the only conclusion I can reach is "I don't know", and it'll probably stay that way unless I get some divine revelation.
Open file (126.99 KB 655x884 deepthinker.jpg)
Open file (179.23 KB 336x331 1567898110638-1.gif)
Open file (35.86 KB 522x460 1567402211878.jpg)
Open file (838.58 KB 270x488 1567121751270-1.gif)
Okay. Thanks for the answer. Do you think there's a possibility that some of the /robowaifu/ community aren't aware of the bunker on julay world?
It is called "Kachou Ouji: Hard Rock Save the Space"
>It is called "Kachou Ouji: Hard Rock Save the Space"
Thanks anon. Not that anon, but no, I don't think most anons know about this bunker yet. It's only 4 days old.
No problem. I reposted the link to the bunker in the robot thread on /monster/ again. I might consider posting it on /cuckquean/ as well.
I don't think /clang/ has a bunker, do they?
>Hopefully we'll get all of our original userbase back one way or another.
Yes, that would be fun tbh.
Good. I'll try emailing my old contact from a year ago. Maybe he's still around.
>I don't think /clang/ has a bunker, do they?
I haven't heard of one, no.
>I might consider posting it on /cuckquean/ as well.
IIRC they had two outstanding robowaifu threads on their board. They took it seriously too and really discussed the idea of being cucked by a beautiful young robowaifu.
Open file (132.77 KB 175x174 1567349291821.gif)
Open file (133.44 KB 1024x768 1565950166990.png)
>email contact
Sometimes when this shit comes I feel like we are members of a military force that was defeated and now we must go into the deep wilderness and fight an effective guerrilla warfare campaign against a superior force.
Damn, 2? I posted something there about them buying one for their bfs but I guess they really like that idea. They often propose them as "submissive vixens". Despite them being women, do you see them as trustworthy allies of /robowaifu/?
>and fight an effective guerrilla warfare campaign against a superior force.
I think that's always been the case for IBs, when you consider the likes of the numbers at normalfag shit like faceberg, and twatter.

(((Our enemies))) were themselves were reeling like drunkards when Trump stole their plot to put that demon woman in charge, and this latest set of redflags to take down 8chan is still just a part of their retaliation for that.

>cuckquean breads
Long threads with hundreds of posts too, so I'd say there's a sizable number, yeah. But they are in no way technical so their support is more of a 'moral' if such a thing is possible in that case heh and emotional POV.
just to clarify, i meant their 8 board ofc.
Yes, I didn't think they had any other boards besides their one on bunkerchan.
They had a very well-established board on 8/cuckquean, and the two threads I mentioned were several hundred posts in length each. The first one actually hit the limit which I think was set at 550 posts max iirc.

My point being, there is a real interest there, if their community ever regathers itself.
A question to the BO, what will happen to /robowaifu/ when 8chan comes back up? Will /robowaifu/ go back to 8chan?
BO here. So I hadn't really decided. For certain, I won't just 'pull the plug' on either place. I'll just create a sticky over on 8 pointing to the bunker here and ppl can come here or no. Everyone who cares will find out about the various bunker boards sooner or later anyway IMO.

In the meantime, we will keep in mind that we are guests here on Julay, and act accordingly.
Hello /robowaifu/! I saw your greetings to us on anoncafe/cuckquean/ and thought I'd come visiting. You have built yourselves back up very quickly in such a short time, I'm impressed.

>IIRC they had two outstanding robowaifu threads on their board. They took it seriously too and really discussed the idea of being cucked by a beautiful young robowaifu.
>They often propose them as "submissive vixens". Despite them being women, do you see them as trustworthy allies of /robowaifu/?
We had two AI/robotic cuckqueaning threads that started from the surprisingly deep question:
>Can women be cucked by robots?

Our deliberations covered a great many things but focused particularly on AI and on what it would take to create an AI that we could schlick to our boyfriends fucking, developments in human-focused AI, non-robowaifu AI manipulation of humans, physical engineering of pleasing robot girls, roboaesthetics, and so on.

>But they are in no way technical so their support is more of a 'moral' if such a thing is possible in that case heh and emotional POV.
I won't comment. Suffice to say that we know enough to speculate intelligently on the problems you're likely to encounter.

We're on anon.cafe. Bunkerchan is the name of /leftypol/'s bunker site.

I do hope we can regather. It was so much fun. Apparently we have all our old content archived but there's the question of where and when we want to resurrect it.

sorry that last image was a bit too suggestive for the modern sjw-infested workplace, luv. sfw board and all that you know.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/15/2019 (Sun) 01:57:35.
Hello /cuckquean/, welcome. Hope your community finds it's way back together, either on the bunkers or elsewhere.

Thanks for your clarifications on the threads in question and the breadth of topics you discussed in them. I would certainly enjoy reading such a thing if your community ever recreates such a discussion again.

Thanks for stopping by, your input here is welcome. Social aspects of devising and owning robowaifus are also of high concern to our community ofc. Having women actually buy them for their husbands and boyfriends would add an interesting twist to this market.

Come over anytime.
Hello /cuckquean/! I'm the same person here and here >>183 >>186
Coincidentally, I'm also the same person on /monster/ who wrote this and posted the greeting on /cuckquean/.
Anyways, Thanks for stopping by.
To explain why I was concerned with /cuckquean/ being trust worthy is because well, you are women. As you could have determined yourself, women are hated and down right vilified on /monster/ and /robowaifu/. People aren't trust worthy of women because of the shit they've pull in the past. However, both /robowaifu/ and /monster/ really seem to vouch for you. I hope you can understand why I held such caution towards you and your fellow bicorns. With all that being said, you seem like worthy allies of /monster/ and /robowaifu/. I am sorry if it came out like I was trying to D&C.
Also I have a couple of questions for you myself. How many posters are there on /cuckquean/? Here on /robowaifu/ I would guess we have around 3-5 posters. When I made my post on /cuckquean/ it took around 3 days to get a reply. Is it because no one found it interesting, I came off as rude are you bicorns really that sensitive? , or there are just not enough bicorns on your board?
Also would you unironically buying your bf/husband a robowaifu?
>women are hated and down right vilified
Not on /robowaifu/ anon. This isn't /r9K/. Feminism is the problem. Any woman who promotes feminism is most definitely not welcome here and will be banned on sight. /cuckquean/ gals seem much more laid back, accepting and even embracing their roles as females. I like them.
>Any individual, female or male*
Sorry, perhaps I misinterpreted this line of text from the pinned thread "Welcome to /robowaifu/"
>Modern women have failed their men and their societies, and men around the world have been looking for a solution.
That statement and yours do not necessarily conflate anon. One is a factual observation, one is not.
I understand now. Thanks for telling me. Perhaps it would be even more insidious to hate women as a whole as it would be giving into what the kikes want.
D&C is the Jews' greatest weapon.
Just so, good point anon.
I will amend the text of the opener in the Welcome bread to reflect that it's not every.single. woman. Thanks for helping me to realize that issue anon.
Open file (230.85 KB 800x1310 whoreonreddit.png)
But it's hard to not hate all women when you see shit like this. I know this isn't every woman's opinion but damn it makes me angry. /cuckquean/, What do you think of this image and what are your opinions on abortion in general?

To everyone in this thread in your opinion, how many women are as bad as the woman featured in the image I have posted? I live in the USA so could you give me a percentage of how many are unlikable whores who hate all women?

Regardless of the answer, this still won't change my mind of robowaifus. I would much rather have a robotic waifu than a 3d woman.
Open file (2.90 MB 720x720 dumbniggercooks.webm)
>I live in the USA so could you give me a percentage of how many are unlikable whores who hate all women?
I meant to say...
I live in the USA so could you give me a percentage of how many are unlikable whores who hate all men?
The US is a big place, so it'd be nearly impossible to come up with an accurate figure.
In my state, I'd say it's somewhere in the neighborhood of ~60%, and a good chunk of that is toothless. This figure becomes far less optimistic if you focus on certain regions or generations. (Where I live, much of the population is quite old, and are thus dwindling in power and influence. For better or worse, the situation of my state will change drastically over the next 10 years or so)
Anyone who lives in a city, of course, is going to see a much worse outlook than someone who lives in a rural region in many cases, and even this may vary from region to region. The generational gap is also something that can't be ignored, especially in the US.

Feminism takes many forms across many areas and generations. The only thing that remains the same is the solution.
The kind of murdering extremists like the women posting in your pic are definitely in the minority. The group of women willing to murder babies at all is a larger percentage, but still a minority even when the act itself is provided for them entirely free of charge by the state.

While evil cunts like the ones you present are definitely a problem, they don't really represent the bulk of the problem IMO. They're just the loud-mouth harpies who are a small minority. The majority of the the problem--particularly in the West--comes from what I would say are the females who are now brainwashed from birth that all men are evil, and secretly buy into the idea that all men should be disobeyed. This sin is as old as the human race anon; 'There's nothing new under the Sun' after all. The problem is that today the brainwashing has been amped up to 11 by the kikes in control of the media, and the complicit ZOG system happily rakes men over the coals to enforce this gynocentric evil.

This tacit acknowledgement by modern women of the (((feminist))) indoctrination hidden in their hearts has destroyed families by the bushel-load, and is rapidly leading to the utter destruction of the entire Western Tradition by serving as the primary gateway drug to most of the other evil, modern '-isms' out there.

It's not a cut and dried situation anon, and each female is a specific case. But the majority would dearly hate the introduction of robowaifus, for example, due the the threat to their powerbase it would represent.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/15/2019 (Sun) 02:34:58.
>>216 >You have built yourselves back up very quickly in such a short time, I'm impressed. Trust me, it's fueled by PureAutism™, now in more great flavors! >=== -Julay-era issue reformat patch
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/31/2023 (Sun) 08:01:43.
Odd how active the bunkers are. Even the smaller boards get more traction despite 8chan being dead. Even /kind/ is alive again. Maybe this is some 2014 revivalism?
>Maybe this is some 2014 revivalism?
Heh, could be who knows. An anon over on anon.cafe/cafe remarked how they felt like we were all neighbors in a big forest now, having to keep in better touch with our neighbors.

I think if this upheaval just gets less mature anons that they can just step up and be the future they imagine, then lots of the smaller boards might in fact prosper out of all of this.

The second part is the 'big fish in little pond vs. little fish in big pond' phenomenon. Better visibility in the dynamics and watnot.

At least that's my take on it anon.
>if this upheaval just gets less mature anons to only realize that*
>The only thing that remains the same is the solution.
anonler was right.
Open file (618.75 KB 1024x851 destroyed city.jpg)
Open file (109.76 KB 1024x535 cut-1024x535.jpg)
Yeah that's basically what it is. I like to see 8chan as a great city of autism. When it ended, the anons of that city had to retreat into the the forest to survive. The most resourceful anons were able to survive and thus the highest quality of posters. It's kind of like what I said about fighting a guerilla war against a superior force.
So far, what has been everyone's favorite part of being in their respective bunkers?
>So far, what has been everyone's favorite part of being in their respective bunkers?
The guy who is learning C++ now because we're back, and the Greentextanon posting his newest material.
How many of us thought that /robowaifu/ was dead permanently when 8chan first went down?
Ehh, it's only been a month. Anyway I'm glad it has a bunker now. Now the real question is will Jim ever bring 8ch back?
I like the B2 scene and the camping pic, but why did you shoop Batman into a mountain?
I almost took your comment seriously but then I read your name. I looked at the pictures for about a minute before giving up and almost typing a confused response. That's when saw your name. Good one, really.
Open file (318.65 KB 492x514 keaton_not_west.png)
Do you think it's even worth it to bring back 8chan? There are a few people on /monster/ who said they don't want to return to 8chan due to glow niggers. /cuckquean/ just outright said they are abandoning 8chan.

Also I've probably asked this question before but does any one know where /just/ went? I really miss them and their games they would play with the dice roll. It basically was where you roll 5 dice with 100 sides and if you got 490 or above you have just unfucked brendan's shit but also everyone else's shit on /just/. It was really fun and i miss it.
I meant to ask you this earlier but why do you have to use TOR to post? Do you live in a hostile country that would consider this website a bad thing? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I understand if you can't
Yes, yes, I see it.
Hmm, well for us personally, Robi has made no promises I'm aware of to keep Julay going indefinitely. His expenses don't sound too high atm, but they could grow. Also, he might just say "fuck it, move on" and no fault to him for that. So I think that the imageboard life from now on needs to be a nomadic one, ready to pull up stakes and move on at the drop of a hat. Consider Jim pulling the plug on 8chan--whether temporarily or permanantly--as a wake up call to the wider community of anons: "Out here, assholes, you keep your shit wired tight at all times!"

Kek, more robo-voice dubs.
I got this off of this one discord a few years ago. I think it's pretty cute.
>>288 baste Hitler dubs
I forgot this one.
cute. those two should be added to a 'robowaifu voice assets' collection. the first one in your previous post gave me a good laugh.

So, that gets me to thinking that maybe we should begin working on some kind coordinated asset repository. Obviously we should just start out with a thread for it I'd think but it probably needs to be something more accessible in a distributed fashion later. Think of a production pipeline for a distributed studio. Anyone from around the world has access to a private intranet of resources.
Right. Would you like me to return to that discord and attempt to find the previous owner? Also if I do, should I tell them about /robowaifu/?
Do as you see fit anon. This board has built-in anti-cancer power all on it's own, so we're not going to be overrun regardless. However leading them back here to Julay and the webring may be a different matter. :^)
Open file (30.49 KB 460x345 donaldducksalute.jpeg)
I don't want to create unnecessary casualties. There was a discord server that is friends with /monster/, the /ebola/ Discord. I'll go there and ask if anymore has been made. If I can get a response, I'll report back here.
Make it so.
I haven't gotten a response yet so it's gonna take a while. I might not get back to you on this topic for 12 hours or more.
>The guy who is learning C++ now because we're back, and the Greentextanon posting his newest material
Those are both me Unless you're talking about someone else who's also learning C++ New greentext coming soon™ btw
Very nice. You are a man of many talents. How's the studies going? I had previously considered creating some kind of tutorial pages to teach any interested anons how to code in C++, but it turned out code tags didn't work on statics back on 8. They're also a problem here. Now I figure I might as well start a /robowaifu/ wiki somewhere and part of that can be a robowaifu-oriented coding boot camp after some fashion.

Ideas on this anyone?
I want to learn C++ but I am currently taking a college class that has me learning javascript for web design. It's a pretty fun class and the teacher is pretty cool too.
I haven't gotten a response yet. If I don't get a response in roughly 24 hours, I am considering my post ignored.
I see, JavaScript is a pretty great language actually. I'd recommend you dig deeply into Node.js on your own after this class. Lots of job opportunities.

While we won't be using JavaScript inside a robowaifu, still it's a better language to start with than Python tbh. Slightly less 'just believe in magic anon!' issues.

If you ever want to learn how JavaScript actually does what it does, the source is all open:
If you do decide to make a /robowaifu/ wiki, please don't make it on wikia. That site fucking sucks. Also do you have enough money to run your own website? That would be cool. I will be graduating from college soon and I might be able to help you pay for it since I will be moving to the south soon.
>>300 (300 GET)
Thanks. I'll consider that. How long do you think it would take me to learn to use C++?
>If you do decide to make a /robowaifu/ wiki, please don't make it on wikia. That site fucking sucks.
Fair enough. I have no particular preferences apart from potential backlash from "Won't someone please just think of the children!" harpies creating drama over dem ebil nahtzee pedo robowaifus. Any recommendations, what do you think of wikidot?

>Also do you have enough money to run your own website? That would be cool. I will be graduating from college soon and I might be able to help you pay for it since I will be moving to the south soon.
Actually, I'm in school so money's pretty tight atm. There's also the issue of anonymity. If someone can help me figure out how to start a domain anonymously, yet still retain full de facto legal control over it, I would create an official /robowaifu/ hub for us on the web in a heartbeat. And thanks kindly for the offer anon, who knows?

>How long do you think it would take me to learn to use C++?
In the business world, the standard is that it takes someone 2 years to become good at their jobs. C++ is a ginormous language, so somewhat longer, I'd say. But I can have you writing and running the basics--enough for you to start taking other people's code apart so you can learn on your own--in one hour.
I haven't really dived into C++ just yet, and I still need to pick out an IDE. College takes up quite a bit of my time and energy. I will have most of tomorrow free though, and I'll be using most of that time to take my first real dive into learning the language.
Nice, there are a lot of career opportunities in being a web designer. Personally, I've decided to take the path of the sysadmin. I've only recently begun college, so my current instructor is going to have us learn Python, which I have some prior experience with. Of course, later down the line I'll probably have to get into more complicated stuff, so learning C++ now will give me a huge head-start.
That's funny, all 3 of us seem to be in Uni right now.

>and I still need to pick out an IDE
If you can manage to choke down learning tmux+vim, then you'll be set literally for life. And since you are apparently going for sysadmin as am i tbh then it's an absolute no-brainer as well. vi is available on every.single. *NIX system ever. Highly recommended.
I am actually in community college right now.
I am most likely a lot younger than you. 21, to be exact.
Speaking of that, what is /robowaifu/'s prefered cocktail and beer? I personally enjoy Tecate. For my cocktail I like a good rum and coke. Spiced rum and Mexican coke are the way to go.
A well made moscow mule is also pretty good too.
>I am actually in community college right now.
Smart move tbh. Get the basics out of the way inexpensively.
I like a good Scotch. Single malt whenever someone's generous enough to provide me some haha.
Anyone wants to send me a bottle, I'm up for it tbh.
I don't I've ever had that before. Is it meant to be consumed alone or put into a cocktail?
This is highly expensive Scotch whiskey. It's intended only to be sipped straight. Some prefer it over rocks, I like it neat.
Same here, I'm in a community college.
You're not that much younger than me
I don't drink beer unless I'm being given a free one. My go-to drink is usually vodka.
As far as cocktails go, I'd have to say my personal favorite is a nice, tall cougar.
Real men drink their liquor straight.
>put into a cocktail?
/robowaifu/ pls
It may be better to learn a little C first, especially in the context of embedded or real-time systems. From there you can move to C++ as an elaboration, but doing C++ first may end up becoming a crutch for you.
Do you only prefer scotch or do you also like beer?
I search up "tall cougar cocktail" and I got this. Is that you, /cuckquean/?
I'm too scared to drink hard liquor by itself. I got some vodka in my closet. What cocktail does /robowaifu/ want me to make?
So if I want to code my robowaifu's AI in C++ I should practice with C?
I like very dark beers like Guinness Extra Stout.

>What cocktail does /robowaifu/ want me to make?
none, dumbass. alcohol is bad for you m'kay?
Hey it's the BO of /robowaifu/!
No worries, mate.
Open file (50.22 KB 474x596 illustrious.jpeg)
Thanks for waiting. It's cool to know we have a britbong here. Will you model your robowaifu after Illustrious?
Actually wait, you could be an Aussie.
>Will you model your robowaifu after Illustrious?
<those udders
Heh, I'm more of a hebe you mong.
Galatea it is then!
I prefer to make love, not war. You should know this by now anon.
>pic related
When you said you were a hebe, I thought you meant you were Greek.
Also I've never seen you use the word "mate" before so I assumed you were a different person.

>I prefer to make love, not war.
You might not have much of a choice in that matter in the near future.
>Hebe in mythology
that's where the term comes from, unlike the (((feminist))) invention 'pedo'. But Galatea is obviously a perennial favorite in these parts tbh.
>so I assumed you were a different person.
my name is 'Robowaifu Technician' as my post clearly states.
Open file (15.99 MB 1920x1080 2beach.webm)
Open file (1.61 MB 1280x720 GASTHEJEWSTEKKEN.webm)
I love this board.
2B is a fine robowaifu anon. May you embrace her IRL someday.
I can embrace her right now because I have her as a body pillow.
But she can't hug me back
Open file (65.44 KB 462x450 1568181637245.jpg)
Whoops, I meant to spoiler that last image not the first one. It isn't too lewd is it? Sorry if it is. It was an accident. Pls don't ban me.
>It isn't too lewd is it?
Ehh, not really. However there's probably little some socjus harpie wouldn't stoop to to harm some dolt stupid enough to be browsing an IB at work, so..
Kek, it's just called "cougar".
I forget what the whole mix was, but the main components are orange juice and vodka.
a simple mix of orange juice and vodka would be called a "screwdriver". I know some vodkas can be cream flavored so if you mix it with orange juice it tastes like a 50/50 bar. Pretty cool right?
Open file (26.63 KB 474x410 lifting.jpeg)
Does anyone here visit the gym? I'd like to talk about the difficulties we would have picking up our waifus and why we need to be hone our bodies to be as perfect as possible for them as they weill be perfect for us I'm not saying that your waifu is gonna reject you but you need to be somewhat fit. Remember that time I brought up small game hunting?
I meant will. You could probably guess that.
I do bodyweight training at home, following a book called Convict Conditioning. I'm pretty satisfied with bodyweight and everyone thinks I'm pretty buff when I work out regularly. Any particular reason?
Open file (44.90 KB 440x303 3D.PNG)
>does anyone visit the gym
Gym's gay, I workout at home by lifting my textbooks and history books, totals about 50-70 pounds with different sets. Bodyweight also builds more strength than resistance training, ironically. Opportunity abound, I post guide.
>Any particular reason?
Working out makes ur brain werk gud, gives you a keen view of aesthetics, promotes a positive view of yourself (which is ridiculously important in the factor of love - one cannot love another without first loving themselves. Doesn't matter how or with who.) Also, being the best version of yourself means no ragrets later in life, including your more long-lasting choices (such as marrying an artificial, immortal being).
I see, makes sense. Thanks for the guide, saved.
I really need to get back into working out. My main reason for asking was to see how many of us work out or take care of our health.
>I really need to get back into working out.
It's a good idea anon. Anything stopping you from doing it atm?
I liked your gachimuchi parody. I thought the gesture was very sweet.

>With all that being said, you seem like worthy allies of /monster/ and /robowaifu/. I am sorry if it came out like I was trying to D&C.
I can't speak for everyone on /cuckquean/, but I'm not opposed to your efforts here. I found the general feminist media reaction to robowaifus puzzling. It comes off as a little pathetic. Imagine being such a narrow person that you're threatened by a robot? It's like being threatened by a hand. I am a little worried by possible effects on birthrates but I think there are much larger problems there and that robot companions won't affect it much compared to other factors. The effects of industrialising sex and companionship also have worrying implications for the maintenance of the human spirit, but there are also much larger threats to that.

The ambition of the whole effort is admirable, even though you have a long way to go and much to learn. I like that you're determined to try to make this self-contained and open-source instead of allowing huge corporations to hold your robowives on their server farms. Any thumb in the panopticon's eye is a good one in my opinion.

>How many posters are there on /cuckquean/?
We lost a lot. We tended to attract a lot of posters who only visited from time to time, so it's hard to put a number on our "regulars" count. Many of our posters didn't know about our first bunker and I suspect we lost a lot more by not having our proper bunker ready before Endchan went down. At the moment I recognise about four other anons who've made it to the bunker. When I think about those who clearly needed /cuckquean/ as an outlet for discussing what is a very poorly-understood fetish even in kinky circles, I really hope they'll find their way back to us.

>there are just not enough bicorns on your board?
Yep, considering the above. Or maybe we're just too used to watching.

>would you unironically buying your bf/husband a robowaifu?
It's interesting how much this question reveals about the fetish. The only way I can see it working is if she was a true individual AI who could exist independently of her body, which is a whole different problem set to what you're working on here. Otherwise she'd just seem to me like a fancy onahole.

I don't think my opinion is going to be different from any other normal person: The posters in the image are mentally ill. I don't think expressing my opinions on abortion here will be valuable even if, for example, they end up aligning with yours.

Something has gone wrong. There's a deep self-denying sickness in the United States and it's getting worse. The people and ideas I see coming from there are getting fundamentally crazier. I think the United Kingdom has also caught the malaise. People talk endlessly about how to fix it but I think the best thing to do is to pull what you can from the wreckage and to live as apart as you can. It's possible to live a good life anywhere. Maybe the Amish will be okay. I respect them a lot.

>An anon over on anon.cafe/cafe remarked how they felt like we were all neighbors in a big forest now, having to keep in better touch with our neighbors.
I saw that as well. It's comfy. It's also why I've come back to visit again.

>/cuckquean/ just outright said they are abandoning 8chan.
We're not the only ones who're following that plan. We're not really abandoning as such, just moving to a satellite. I've seen anons express doubts as to our survival if we do this and perhaps they're right, but what they forget is that /cuckquean/ has always moved glacially most of the time with occasional bursts of furious activity. As long as our 8chan board isn't seized and the link to our new home erased, I think we'll do okay. I love the exodus diaspora spirit, yet we're for cuckqueans first and anons second if that makes sense.

SFW board, keep it spoilered anon.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/19/2019 (Thu) 05:01:18.
Hi /cuckquean/ welcome back. How's your bunker going? I stop in there once in a while to see what you all are up to.
Open file (216.32 KB 512x499 eb_question3.jpg)
I've tried to make contact with /ebola/. I am doing my best to try to find the /clang/ bunker.
I am having to use dickord as that's the only way to contact /ebola/
Damn, I forgot to mention, those robot voices I uploaded recently. Let me give you an update. My post was ignored. Sorry.
no worries anon. there's no real rush tbh.
We’ve had a couple more of our anons find their way to us. I think the uncertainty of 8chan coming back or not has lead to people not engaging with bunkers as much as they might otherwise.

Might I inquire as to your progress? Your challenges are many and varied and I can’t quite tell at a glance where you are focusing your efforts most.
/monster/ is celebrating their fifth board anniversary. You should wish them well if you haven’t already.
I'm sorry, I can seem to gain access to that link. can you post it again?
Yep! Already there.
I have some bad news, /robowaifu/ members of the /ebola/ discord were unable to recover the /clang/ bunker.
BO! I need your attention! I think this nigger is posting a link to a honey pot site! that's what one of they guys on /ebola/ found. This screenshot was taken from /b/ on julay. Fuck I can't believe i fell for that. Me out all people!
I was the guy going on about cia niggers yesterday in the meta thread.
done. btw, you should also use the report feature in case i miss your post in the future. just click the 'Show forms' link at the bottom of a thread.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/20/2019 (Fri) 07:23:23.
Fuck. Sorry I was panicking. Things have been tense lately.
glad to hear some members found their way to you again. we'll all know eventually what the likely outcome with 8ch is. i'm not too hopeful personally, and i'm working on building up our bunker here in the meantime.

>Might I inquire as to your progress? Your challenges are many and varied and I can’t quite tell at a glance where you are focusing your efforts most.
if you mean the development of robowaifus, then outside of school I work on honing my skills as a developer. I'm also focused on getting the board back together for everyone. I just wrote a little utility for that effort that let's me know where to get the most return for effort.

thanks for the head-up anon.

>/robowaifu/ members of the /ebola/ discord were unable to recover the /clang/ bunker.
they'll figure something out eventually i expect.
no worries haha. :^)
I fucked that up. I meant to say
>I have some bad news /robowaifu/, members of the /ebola/ discord were unable to recover the /clang/ bunker.
<I have some bad news, /robowaifu/ members of the /ebola/ discord were unable to recover the /clang/ bunker.
Comma placement is everything.
When I file a report, what happens? Do you some how get and alert?
Open file (78.03 KB 796x674 Selection_028.png)
>Comma placement is everything.
"For want of a nail..."

>Do you some how get and alert?
No, but I could write a utility to periodically monitor the board management page--where the reports all show up--if I really needed to. Currently, there are no open reports, so nothing is listed there.
>pic related
Open file (109.26 KB 457x395 ebola headpat.jpg)
Heads up. It seems like the /ebola/ BO made a bunker over on smug since a lot of their users were on /monster/, which is also on smug.
>/ebola/ BO
I should clarify that BO referred to the BO back on 8chan, not just the BO of the bunker board.
Open file (403.95 KB 1920x1080 Workspace 1_030.png)
So, back on 8ch, I (and then another anon afterwards) tediously went through and archived each thread on /robowaifu/ one by one by hand on the archive.today service. I'm not vain about the board but I recognized that atp in time, /robowaifu/ is truly unique among IBs, and I wanted to preserve that information for everyone including myself. Accordingly, after creating all the archives, I made an archive thread for the board users (which should be repopulated here as well, according to my plans. >>273) and published all the archive links there. I also made local copies. The decision to keep these various backups of the board was, quite frankly, the only reason the original board is more or less being slowly fully restored here on the julay.world bunker site today. I certainly wouldn't have bothered with it otherwise, and if 8ch doesn't in fact come back up, then all that information would have been lost. So, in an effort to streamline this whole thing for the future, I'm working on an 'automated archiver' that will scrape the URLs of all the threads off the board, go and create archives on archive.today, then make a thread post up on the board--all automatically. I plan to just run it locally as a cron job probably once every couple of days to pick up any new posts that are made. If I get it working properly, then I'll release the source publicly so other BOs can keep their boards archived just as easily. Wish me luck! >--- -tag w/ BUMP & Archbot, as this is the initial post on-topic
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/10/2022 (Tue) 20:52:13.
I'd recommend looking at what the VoatArchive bot does on Bitchute for archiving videos that get posted to Voat. It could also be used to backup the webm/mp4 files that get posted here.

An added benefit is that it would help with outreach. I'd try to get in contact with the guy who made it, there's been good relations between Voat and 8ch so he might share.
Thanks anon, I'll look into it.
Open file (78.36 KB 800x875 aim has increased.jpg)
Is the smug bunker down for anyone else? I can't seem to get in.
It's down for me too.
Yeah, they're dead for me too.
I hope it's nothing, otherwise we're all going to have to start thinking about moving to an onion site, and soon.
Open file (53.34 KB 637x854 sad rocket cat.jpg)
I didn't even get to save the /monster/ cocktail. I was gonna make that tonight.
Open file (310.91 KB 1210x1613 baphomet.jpg)
I'll make it and the others I'm working on into self-contained recipe cards when I get a chance.

Here: The Baphomet.

In a shaker over ice, pour:
6cl Tequila
3cl Mango Juice
Splash of Triple Sec (e.g. Cointreau)
Splash of Lime Juice

Shake and strain straight up. Into the very middle of the drink, drop a maraschino cherry together with a touch of the maraschino cherry liquid. Add a splash of home-made grenadine to the very middle of the drink. Allow the grenadine to rise a little through the drink, then serve.
>been hopping around bunkers looking for where /monster/ went to
>finally found out
>/monster/'s bunker is down
I just wanted to see a new kelp-chan comic. Life is suffering.
I assume it's an automated feature, but I noticed that smug wasn't being listed currently on his 'The Webring' script. Maybe he knows something?
>Maybe Robi knows something?*
The webring addon checks every 30 minutes to update its board listing. Since smug has been down for more than 30 minutes, the update found smug was down, so it was removed from the listings. Once smug is back up and at most 30 minutes for the addon to refresh its listings, it'll find smug is up and smug's boards will be re-introduced again.
Got it, thanks. Robi is probably out innawoods anyway heh.
I saw that from the overboard and wanted to comment what a homosexual cocktail that appeared to be. The details really seal it. More homo than Yum Yum.
Yep. It's half loli, half joke, all girly as fuck.
Open file (518.00 KB 1126x1000 baphometangry.png)
Open file (153.52 KB 500x650 baphomentrebellion.jpeg)
What board and thread did you see it on? I know someone posted it in the 5th anniversary thread on /monster/. If you are unaware, the drink is meant to be consumed by a loli monster girl who is basically the face of lolis in that universe. That's where its name comes from. The girl in question is called a Baphomet. I was never personally a fan of it due to her demonic connections but she's cute nonetheless and there are a lot of memes associated with her. She's also KC's favorite girl as well as Aux's.
>What board and thread did you see it on?
he probably just means the julay overboard anon.
Well yeah I know but it would have to have been reposted from /monster/. Who reposted it and where? I am curious.
>Who reposted it and where? I am curious.
? I'm confused.
'Who' was a Robowaifu Technician and 'where' was here ITT.
Open file (47.25 KB 500x430 whyamisostupid.png)
I want to slam my head into the wall... I saw the comment from >>645 and assumed what he was saying was "I found this and reposted it in this thread". I feel like such a fucking dumbass. Please ignore this line of questioning.
heh, no worries mate.
Alright, I've got the scraper part basically working now. Seems like it's pretty fast too so that's nice. There's still plenty of work left before it's a full-on archive bot, but this is enough to go on with for the moment. I'm thinking of naming the project 'ArchBot' . I have some ideas for all the features I'd like to have in a complete IB archiving system, but I'm open to new ideas or requests as well ofc.

I'm creating a post with the current julay/robowaifu archives on the threads archive bread. >>273 Maybe it's still too early to be making archives for the bunker but ehh w/e I was going to do it eventually anyway and there's a bit of new content already. Later I'll add another set of posts on the archives thread that consolidates all the archive links from 8ch/robowaifu, hopefully with updates from after 8ch comes back up :^)
As the other anon who did the second archive by hand I'm glad this process is now automated.

I was going to do a third archiving of /robowaifu/ back when there were signs that 8chan was going to have trouble with cloudflare but archive.today wasn't working properly for me at the time. I still have personal backups though, I could turn them into pdfs and upload them here if you're interested.
thanks anon, much appreciated for the work from before. so, let's hold off and see if Jim Watson & Son come through. I'm poised ready to strike to update all the archives and to grab new local copies if & when it comes back up. i'll also immediately put a link here to the julay bunker on the 8ch/robowaifu board announcement.

We'll see.
on second thought, I'm not certain of my schedule for the next couple of weeks i may be offline for a while, so in case i miss the (likely temporary) revivication of 8ch in time to grab new archives, maybe you can get those files zipped and saved somewhere just in case anon?
They're on another computer and I'm busy this week but I'll try and post them here this weekend. Compressing all of the pages will be a lot less work on my end than saving each thread as a pdf so if there's an anonymous file hosting site you can recommend I'll use that.
Yeah, I'd say just compressing the files would be fine--maybe even better than pdfs.
>if there's an anonymous file hosting site you can recommend I'll use that.
honestly, I'm not sure. i know i've been able to download big files from mega.nz, but as far as posting goes, i'm not sure. i can ask on /tech/ and see if anyone can help, but they are pretty slow still here on the bunker.

there's no rush anon, i merely realized i might miss the chance to update all the old archive links from 8ch so that's what made me reconsider your offer.

just keep it all safe and i'm sure we'll figure it out heh. maybe you can pick a tripcode out so i know it's you later on anon?
You're doing God's work, rather you know it or not. It's slightly ironic I am speaking of God considering my dubs.
>anonymous file hosting site
How big is the zip? catbox supports 200MB
I suppose he can split it up into multiple parts.
Trying it out, didn't save as many pages as I thought so I'll pad the archive with some extra stuff.
Very nice to see a page that works without javascript, you might have to rename the file to nmjrcv.tar.bz2 for it to extract properly.
Thanks alot anon. Please contribute anything else you think would help the cause. BTW, did you happen to get any of the pdfs or webms/mp4s? my current downloader skipped those using since downthemall is kill.
sauce on webm?
I probably have a dozen or so webm/mp4s and a few pdfs saved somewhere but my file system is a mess at the moment. Maybe next weekend I'll do another upload.

Also I recommend the ScrapBook X addon for archiving webpages, pretty powerful once you learn how to use it. Or you can just open a hundred or so tabs manually and let it save them all one by one.

>> 946
That code at the end is a youtube ID string, I took it straight from them with youtube-dl.
OK great, no hurry anon thanks.
Open file (65.95 KB 272x251 dancingwanloli.gif)
Open file (876.88 KB 480x260 freakingout.gif)
Last night, JulayWorld went down. Is everyone okay? Chobitsu, Do you know what happened? I was concerned because I thought someone on /cow/ had done something to the wrong person and they were coming for JulayWorld. It turns out it was just a technical error but I'm not entirely sure of specifics of what happened. Anyways, for anyone who is reading this, if an incident like this happens again, regrouping at cafe in the Julay.world is down thread would be the proper course of action.
Open file (20.76 KB 480x360 IRAgurillawarfare.jpeg)
Open file (24.54 KB 480x360 terrydavis.jpeg)
I'm also embarrased to admit that I had fucking panic attack last night. I just don't want to lose everything again. We really are that guerilla force fighting a superior military entity.
You can make yourselves a bunker there as well, /k/ has done this in case Julay goes down for good.
A) Calm down. We have nearly complete archives from before at 8ch, and full archives of here at Julay. This is why you need to keep the latest archive directory link at privatebin bookmarked locally in your browser. Whenever you see the archive thread at the top of the catalog, it means a recent update has been posted to the archives directory page. E.G., here's the current one:
I'll shortly be doing full, unsorted dumps of julay/robowaifu at catbox.moe as well. Keep an eye on that same archive page for the links when I do so.

B) With all the effort I'm putting in laboriously restoring the threads by hand, do you think I'll just let this board die so easily? Even if Julay goes down in the future (it will) we'll just regroup somewhere else. I noticed that startpage.com has a link here on the first page or two of a 'robowaifu' search, so it will eventually lead you to whatever new bunker appears, even if it takes a few weeks for it to show up.
>Update: Well, it did. Maybe Jewgle is delisting us now (a good thing tbh). On 8ch we used to be the number one hit on Bing for the same search, so they eventually should find wherever also.

C) And even if I myself disappear, I'm not in any way vital to this movement anon. In fact as I said in the Happy Birthday thread back on 8ch, I merely responded to what was an obvious need already happening. I kept waiting for someone else to do it but finally decided, "ehh, be the future you imagine" and founded /robowaifu/. Someone else can easily pick up the mantle if I myself disappear. In fact, I was planning to pass the board on to a new leader even before 8ch was taken down as I have a lot on my plate atm with Uni.

So, just stay calm and focus on learning how to create robowaifus and everything will be OK anon. Keeping a backup regroup thread such as the anon.cafe/cafe one is a good idea, but please don't try to incite panic, alright?

And to answer your specific question, Robi made it clear it was an issue with his NoSQL MongoDB setup. Most likely it was merely a technical glitch.

>The NSA_Botnet-OS Experience
Topkek. I hadn't actually ever watched that before. Poor bro needs some Linux love in his life tbh.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/01/2019 (Tue) 00:10:52.
You need to calm down.
>I was concerned because I thought someone on /cow/ had done something to the wrong person and they were coming for JulayWorld.
/cow/ is a board of peace and doesn't attack anyone. They just archive autism. No one they archive is skilled enough to do anything to Julay anyway.
>It turns out it was just a technical error but I'm not entirely sure of specifics of what happened.
The database server crashed because Lynxchan isn't very good software and MongoDB isn't either. We're working on replacing them with something more stable but doing everything from scratch takes time so we'll be forced to limp along with what we have for awhile now.

Since opening Julay we've only had minor downtime twice. Downtime happens especially when something crashes while the only person that can restart it is asleep.
thanks for the explanation mate.
No problem. I should mention in the future you can always come to #julayworld on Rizon if something like this happens again. I spent most of last night answering random people that showed up on cytube to ask about the error. #julayworld channel is the best place to get an answer from an admin. You shouldn't depend on the cytube, the only reason I was on there last night is because I was streaming an anime.
will do.
loli raifus animu tbh
Thanks guys. I'm sorry for my freakout. Things have just been so fucking tense. Make no fucking mistake, just because 8chan is down doesn't mean (((they))) won't stop coming after us. I also understand that you, Chobitsu, are not /robowaifu/. /robowaifu/ is more of an idea than anything else. But losing you would mean losing someone important to the movement. We not just be losing a you as a board owner but also a brother, a son, a teacher, and a father. National Socialism didn't die just because Hitler did. It's still alive and well.
/robowaifu/ would still be alive even if the ZOG kicked in your front door and executed you in your living room right now but I feel /robowaifu/ would be weaken.
I nonetheless appreciate your words of reassurance.
Please don't give up your position as BO. If you need to take a break just make someone an admin.
Open file (121.10 KB 894x894 2b.jpeg)
Open file (15.02 KB 474x266 2bwallpaper.jpeg)
Open file (999.21 KB 1080x1440 2bbodypillow.jpg)
>>999 GET
I meant to spoiler that image of 2B, not the image of the automaton captcha. It's hard to believe we've already got 1000 posts.
At least this GIT was claimed by toobee.
checked. alright then, fine.

but nobody knows the future for certain. everyone make sure that if the board ever does come up as claimable that one of you regulars here get it first and manage it with an even hand, remembering the long-term goals for the broader world. try to discuss it and come to an agreement between yourselves beforehand. if i ever show up again later, then the system here has an easy way to transfer ownership through the board's management page.

but whatever happens, just don't let it fall into the hands of some socjus mental case who's only goal is literally to destroy the board. but even if that worst case ever happened, i imagine the administration here on julay will support you guys to boot out an evil asshole from control of the board. they value /robowaifu/ fairly highly afaict. simply build up a strong consensus and everyone approach them together, demanding a replacement.

anyway, in the meantime you guys just work hard learning the skills you need to make your own robowaifus and share it here with everyone. together we're all going to make it anons. :^)
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/02/2019 (Wed) 12:51:44.
OK, I've created a bunker-bunker for /robowaifu/ over at fatchan:

Everyone regroup there if necessary.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/02/2019 (Wed) 15:11:58.
Open file (455.41 KB 1280x720 1569879943422.png)
Someone over on /kind/ said its an unfinished project?

SFW board, keep it spoilered anon.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/02/2019 (Wed) 20:38:03.
>an unfinished project?
heh, aren't they all? anytime you undertake a sizable project they are never really finished anon.
i like the 'do not fist robowaifus' tag anon.. :^)
ghost urn best urn
I said that after reading it's github description.
>Anonymous imageboard. A type of BBS or forum software. Still in development, so beware if attempting to run a public instance. Demo site running at https://fatpeople.lol
If I messed up again, and he's announced the site is general-use ready, then I'm a double-idiot and deserve bullying.

That said, I really like it. Very easy to use, even for Tor/noscript users. Robi is working on another IB project too, I think, and there was another one still as well. Hopefully they also turn out much better than Lynxchan and Vichan did.
>the site is general-use ready
suitable for our purposes as a bunker-bunker. he's going to work closely with us to quickly do a dump of the board there if it ever becomes necessary as well.

>Robi is working on another IB project too, I think
Cool I didn't know that. Sauce?
even I've toyed around with the idea of creating one recently

>Hopefully they also turn out much better than Lynxchan and Vichan did.
true, true.
And a few other posts like that from the overboard.
Oh okay, but this was posted on another sfw board unspoilered?
Ok so you post here too
Just making sure you knew
We'll see
thanks for the heads-up anon.

if in doubt, spoil it. thanks for it being on-topic (a robowaifu) at least. :^)
JulayWorld went down last night. Is everyone okay?
It was only down 5 minutes. MongolianDB crashed again but we have a script to auto restart it now.
yea fine. remember we have a bunker-bunker on fatchan now.

good idea. thanks for the tip.
Open file (336.63 KB 1264x1072 juCi++_001.png)
Open file (232.99 KB 1264x1072 juCi++_002.png)
Open file (50.48 KB 759x803 Selection_003.png)
So, in my conversation with Robi about migrating /robowaifu/ here to julay in a big data dump I began to work on a simple tool first that would allow me to archive the full board here live and give me some experience with julay's json api. I've gotten it knocked together in a tolerable fashion to my tastes so I thought I'd mention it here to see if anyone else had any interest in it. If so I can make a thread on it.

Be aware this isn't a 'packaged' program, it's just some code I wrote. I compiled and ran it on my own machine. It has several dependencies (pic 2 related) that have to be met as well before it will even build. But if you're someone who knows how to compile C++ and install developer dependency libraries and you'd like to see the tool, just let me know.

The current /robowaifu/ here is about 1'000 files and ~420 MBs. It takes my setup about 8 or 9 minutes to download the initial archive. But updated after that takes just seconds.
>But keeping it updated after that*
Open file (216.47 KB 1114x1012 juCi++_004.png)
refactored main() to simplify
Open file (93.89 KB 902x452 Selection_005.png)
Heh, my little refactoring helped me spot that I was doing unnecessary work in the negative case.
So is this board going to be reinstated on 8kun with their shared secret method of communicating with previous board owners?
I'm both the original founder of /robowaifu/ and it's final BO on 8ch. I have the shared secret.

My original intent--operating under the presumption 8ch would be coming back up eventually--was to just scrape the board, delist it from their catalog, and put a link to the bunker here for the benefit of our previous community members who haven't found us yet. I would leave both boards active and that way everyone would (hopefully) be able to link back up.

Now that I'm aware that 8ch will not be coming back, I'm still undecided. My instinct is to wait and see what it's going to be like. If the Watkins intend to turn 8ch into a boomer-oriented enclave, then I think I'd prefer not to participate thanks. If it's going to maintain it's former spirit then yea, I'll probably proceed with my initial plan.

I'm open to hearing ideas on this anons.
>intend to turn 8kun into*
Open file (107.78 KB 674x1200 qanonbillboard.jpg)
>to turn 8ch into a boomer-oriented enclave
Traffic wise that was already the case for over a year thanks to the qanon phenomenon. The /qresearch/ board was unlisted so not many of the previous users have any idea just how big a part of the site it was, it was the biggest most popular board by far.

From what I've heard in several unrelated circles millions of dollars are being made off of this fad, some guy who made an app that updates when there's a new qanon post was getting tens of thousands of dollars per month back when it was at its prime. This is way bigger than the Anonymous craze of the late 2000's. Fredrick Brennan wants it all shut down and is so angry about all this because he sold out a goldmine for almost nothing. Almost all of tweets now are about qanon and his followers.

With the 2020 election season just starting Jim would have to be crazy to not focus his site on the lucrative boomer demographic. We'd all do the same.

On a /robowaifu/ note I'd say keep it here and eventually move to hosting your own imageboard dedicated to it. I'd like to see entire boards dedicated to the topics we discuss instead of single threads.
Yea, I guess what you say makes some sense. I suppose what I'm really saying is that if the site turns into another version of 4cuck, filled with degenerate socjus mods and all the other trash that comes along with so-called 'polite' society these days. I'm concerned that if they try to overreach in this manner, to make it more accommodating to the boomers, then the entire thing will go to shit.

If they do, then I won't have anything to do with it. The challenge is that it will be tricky to remove the board from 8kun once it's established there.
>I'd like to see entire boards dedicated to the topics we discuss instead of single threads.
You know, I'm inclined to agree with you anon. Certainly some of the engineering topics we discuss here could use an entire board dedicated to it. I like the way you think anon.
I was looking at TLDs which would be suited for it and unfortunately .fu doesn't exist yet. For a novelty address there's .engineer and .engineering that are suitable but the registrar might be selective on who can purchase them to keep it exclusive.

With an alternative DNS system you could make .waifu but not many people would use it. Maybe get in touch with the admin of this site and ask about why he chose .world and where to purchase it for cheap. Plus the board software here works great, he might be able to help us set it up initially.

I'd volunteer as a moderator and contribute financially on the condition that the site takes a neutral political position regarding sexbots.
Why didn't 8ch had an archive like warosu, fireden, 4plebs, etc?
Also, this board is, unfortunatly, dead. An entire IB for /robowaifu/ would be overkill. We spend more time talking about building a robot waifu than building the thing itself, anyway.
>Why didn't 8ch had an archive like warosu, fireden, 4plebs, etc?
It did but it went with the rest of the database and it wasn't used very often. It's a good example of why it's best to archive things offsite and in multiple locations. So many boards are gone now that they've decided not to restore everything.
>An entire IB for /robowaifu/ would be overkill.
Every board should learn to operate their own imageboard if possible. With the webring the problem is solved of not every having new anons visit. Decentralized is for the best because if one board goes down it's easy to find out why through using the others in the ring. It prevents one place going down from taking everything else with it.
I don't care if there's less than a dozen people involved as that's all it takes to get the ball rolling initially if they're the right people. Plus having been on IBs since 2004-5 I'm used to a slower pace where there can be a week or more before a reply.

>We spend more time talking about building a robot waifu than building the thing itself, anyway.
You've got 5-10 grand lying around to build a humanoid robot? Just motorizing a basic no frills TPE sex doll for basic movement starts at a grand.

A decade ago if you wanted a sex doll the only option was silicone and the price started at 7-8k w/ shipping. It's almost 1/10th that today. The same thing is going to happen with robotics but the pace will be much faster.
>the archives
I have probably 95% of the board archived locally on my own machines. I scrambled that last day to get the latest versions, but unfortunately:
-I missed some of them in the rush before the entire site died completely. So, roughly 8 of the threads I only have the copies from the old archive.today archives.
-My download tool only grabbed imagefiles, so I have very few if any of the non-imagefiles like webms & pdfs. If the original posters cared to, they could repost those here for us at a later date.
But all in all, with the original board having > 5'500 posts, I feel fairly good about having retained at least 95% of that for everyone.

>the current bunker
I have re-OPd by hand 90 threads here and have methodically worked my way through repopulating the first 20 or so of them, working from the smallest towards the largest. According to my original plans, I would have continued with this effort until I had finished, but after my brief discussion with Robi about restoring the rest of the board here using a big data dump approach instead--and his stated willingness to do so--I've put off this tedious manual effort and have instead been focusing on writing software that will accommodate this migration effort. It's already working for the first phase of my plan for it, and I can already make full current backups of anythe board extremely conveniently with it, and I keep them up to date now daily.

>the future board
I don't really know what's going to happen in the future, ofc. ATP I'm uncomfortable 'officially' migrating /robowaifu/ to 8kun until I have a better feel for what they intend to do with the site. And it may take months of me observing them being in operation before I'd feel comfortable about it, after everything that's happened. I doubt I'm alone in these reservations, and I'm sure other BOs feel something similar. In the meantime, I intend to finish up the ArchBot software, and finally migrating the archives from the original board that I have on hand here to the Julay bunker. I probably will also fully populated the bunker-bunker on Fatchan at some point, the site Admin Tom there willing.

> . . .

And as far as the other sentiments expressed about board traffic or general progress, heh, "be the future you imagine" is my motto. That's the only idea that motivated me when I started this board. And quite frankly while I thoroughly appreciate all the great input from all the guys over the years--I've learned so much here on /robowaifu/--I don't care if I'm the only individual doing this if necessary. I was alone when I created this board after all. I firmly believe in the value of robowaifus to men and to our culture, and I'm also fully convinced that they will in fact become real one day. I intend to be right in the middle of it when it's happening anons. :^)
that looks pretty great anon. sauce?
Open file (5.02 MB 720x1280 output.webm)
And just to show the rapid pace of progress this guy was posting quaint videos of foot tall robot toys on his channel a decade ago.
Impressive, thanks anon.
Any chance you could share your ffmpeg settings for encoding files anon (assuming you did)?
Open file (1.14 MB 2400x3420 ffmpeg .png)
I did use ffmpeg to convert the .mov from speecys.com to .webm for here but I only used the basic conversion with no options. I thought about increasing the bitrate as motion was blurry but the still frames are detailed enough.
ffmpeg -i EDB+WP.MOV output.webm
Thanks. It's always been on my bucket list to pick up using ffmpeg effectively. I'll look over the guide there and play around some. /robowaifu/ could use more videos tbh, especially atm.
The only thing out of date is that proper multi-thread encoding has been added in. So you'll want to use
-frame-parallel 0 -tile-columns 0 -row-mt true -tile-rows 6
-g 9999 can also make seeking a bitch and break it, and most guides I've looked up have said to use values of about 2-5 times the framerate. Since most video is ~30fps, I've been defaulting to -g 120.
Alright thanks for the tips anon.
I meant -frame-parallel 1, NOT 0. Embarrassing.
Open file (743.25 KB 4000x1200 Teagan_motions_range.png)
Heh, I did notice that but in my innocence didn't know any better.
So, what's happening with /cuckqean/? They staying put in their bunker or going over to 8kun?
They're staying put in their bunker and delisting their board from 8kun. I wish we could keep all of our frens in one place but perhaps it's better we are splitting up. Our (((enemies))) now have more targets to shoot at. I find it a little bit funny that the bitch rainbow hair diversity hire that monitors /cuckquean/ will eventually end up becoming a /cuckquean/ herself. That's how psyops work, isn't it?
I see, thanks for the update Anon.
Open file (51.87 KB 640x360 muh_pocket_waifu_tbh.jpg)
I'm practically a hikki atm, so it will be just like any other day. until i finish this current software project finished it's my primary focus. i'm pretty autistic about it for now heh.
Hey BO can you come to IRC sometime? Want to talk to you about something.
Sure, does it need to be tonight? I'm just heading to bed. Would a tomorrow night work?
Any time is fine.
Cool. I'll be there sometime tomorrow evening EST.
Hello /robowaifu/! I have nothing to add to your board at the moment, I just thought I'd stop by.
Hello anon, thanks for stopping in. This is only a partial migration (~20%) of the board from the old one, so eventually we should have the majority of the original content here. Feel free to ask any questions, most of us don't think there are many dumb ones related to robowaifus. After all, it's still very early in the development of them.
What a waste of a perfectly good GET.
sorry i'm a retard.
plenty to go around

Open file (462.80 KB 743x720 1405016897054.png)
Ah fuck, now I'm the retard. I Forgot I posted that image here already.
In my defense, my anime image folder is fuckhuge, so the chances of me randomly scrolling to the exact same spot twice were pretty small.
No worries. I like for the threads to stay generally on-topic (apart from the shitposting thread & here) but r9000 isn't really that much of a concern to me.
What exactly was posted?
Glad I found you guys again. I only discovered this board on 8chan a month before it was taken down.I hope our stay here will be productive and successful.
nice to see you too, anon. What boards did you use on 8chan?
Welcome back anon. We were wondering where you'd been! :^) The site admin here is cool af, his name's Robi. I think /robowaifu/ will do well here as long as Julay stays up tbh. Once I get the exporter phase of my project working for Lynxchan IBs, we'll be bringing over the rest of the loose file-pile backup of 8ch/robowaifu I have on my machines. We have ~20% of it ported here atm, plus some new stuff since we joined Julay ofc.

So, have any fresh ideas pop into your head about creating robowaifus during your break? I'm still tied up with things in life and can't put too much attention on my designs atm, but I'm still slowly improving my code-craft, so that will be helpful.

Well, thanks for letting us know you found us again anon. And I think we all hope for a productive future for /robowaifu/!

>In other news:
I've just discovered /templeos/ has been restored, such as it is lots of file 404s :/. I grabbed a Bump of it to my machine already, so I now have a local copy of all the available posts and media that are there atm. My guess is that's all that will be showing up on 8kun, actually.

I hope the original /templeos/ BO from 8ch will rebuild it on a bunker somewhere and that it will reacquire it's former community. Terry deserves a functional imageboard in his honor tbh.

looks like 8kun.top is working for the moment as well:

negative robi is a fag
ACF pls, don't you have some tranny business or other to attend to?
Okay I'm a little drunk but hear me out. You have robot waifu right now, as in this very second. You do all the robot waifu stuff you (and she) has always wanted to do. You are perfect for each other because it was (quite literally) always meant to be this way.

You get older. She doesn't. This is absolutely not a drawback and of course she doesn't care.

But you get really old. She's now the one taking care of you when you're old. Eventually, you die.

...what the fuck happens to your waifu? Does she run when some kind of legal bullshit tries to state she is now the property of whoever the fuck? Do we have rouge robo waifus running around evading capture?

I'm laughing my ass off but I'm serious. Also a bit drunk but whatever.
Oh shit I did the "reddit spacing" meme, I think that's just drunkspacing or something. Pls no bully.
>I'm laughing my ass off but I'm serious.
We actually have a thread on this exact topic anon. Let's dig into it over there. I should be up for a few more hours.
>We actually have a thread on this exact topic anon.
Whoops, sorry.
Heh, no apologies, that's kind of what the Meta thread is here for tbh.
>>1519 >>1518
Thank you for the welcome, I haven't been active in this community, Yet? I am a very crude beginner artist with a robot girl character in the works. Maybe you guys will get to see her some day.
I wanted to do robotics in college but college wasn't for me, anxiety.exe. Just a poorfag paddy farmer here, but I hope to one day build a waifu. Having the dream of a pretty robo companion to accompany me in public and wear nice clothes is a lot more of a certainty (with advancing robotics and machine learning) than a wahman relationship at this moment. Doesn't mean I'm going to stop looking for a qt 3d who will be my waifu. I'm sure a lot of you guy's idea of a perfect female partner is ok with you having a robo companion.
Anyways I really look forward to this being our cozy place where we can discuss building beautiful machines.
We're glad you're here anon. I think we all share a common dream of having our own beautiful waifus one day. Artists are definitely one of the skilled anons we need here, and if you are interested in arts at all, then I'd suggest you submit your robot girl work in this thread:
and get some critiques and advice. Work on her there until you are happy with it, then come back here and show us all. Maybe we can even start our own 'Robowaifu OC' thread.
Open file (191.44 KB 866x1488 Removu2c.png)
Open file (179.66 KB 488x1456 TerribleLessThan3.png)
Open file (308.43 KB 806x1488 WifeyCharger48v.png)
Open file (1.01 MB 1488x2645 CheapFigma.jpg)
Playing with the idea the top of her head is an led screen, I think it would be comedic. Wig could be fiber optic. Mostly just draw her like this because I like it for some reason. Hope these don't make your eyes bleed frens.

we're not artists here, in general anon.
My bad, I'll check out that link.
>My bad
Oh there's no problem, it's fine. It's just that this probably isn't the best place to get good critiques and ideas about how to improve your arts. Nice work btw.
Open file (26.68 KB 280x400 download.jpg)
Thanks anon. I do plan to get building next year. Though I'm afraid without robotics, I'm just making a posable doll. Either way I'm sure I'll come across engineering and artistic challenges and When I do I'll come back here. I'll keep working on that character and if a relevant situation arises you might see it again. I'll be lurking anyways. good day.
>Though I'm afraid without robotics, I'm just making a posable doll
That's alright. Between all of us, we'll eventually cover all the bases. You work on the doll part, others will work on the robotics part. We'll get there anon, just keep moving forward!
Open file (133.98 KB 960x555 robot tread.jpg)
>Meta Tread
I'm sorry.
>All future Metas will henceforward be known as 'metal tread'
Open file (13.89 KB 479x639 1538112975643.png)
Damn, I'm so glad this board still exists. I got caught up with life and thought this board was gone forever. It's fucking terrifying spending 98% of my time thinking about AI and robowaifus and when I search the internet there's just nothing, nobody I can relate with, only memes, ironic interest and lefty idiots who think someone else will do the work and hand the world's resources to them on a silver platter.

>You've got 5-10 grand lying around to build a humanoid robot?
What can we even do with that much? I'm pretty sure I read the creator of Cocona Kosaka comment somewhere that developing her cost $180,000. And the 45-cm tall toy version is $9000 at retail price.

The money issue is what bothers me the most. China is aggressively funding engineers and startups in robotics and AI and we got fuck all to work with. We got maybe 8 years left until most of the traditional jobs are automated. I know that sounds crazy but we're on an exponential takeoff now where progress is happening faster than all predictions. Just this month we got MuZero that can play both board games and video games to a superhuman level, 1.2-trillion transistor chips, John Carmack leaving Oculus to work on AGI, DeepMind beating 99.8% of Starcraft 2 players, the GPT-2 1.5B-parameter model released, voices imitating CEOs being used in high-profile scams, more and more automated businesses in China. If we're getting on this rocket it's now or never.

I don't know how people can live so calmly. I'm so bothered by this I only sleep 3 hours a night. I feel like if I could comprehend what will unfold in the next 5 years I wouldn't be wasting another moment fantasizing whether my robowaifu will have pink nipples or LED lights and I wouldn't be writing blog posts like this to deal with my cabin fever. I don't know what the fuck to do. I'm just a poorfag with $1200 saved that can draw and program a bit with 2-3 hours of free time a day, but I'm placing all my chips in AI. I don't even care that 99.9% of my ideas have been shit. The 0.1% with promising results give me hope I'm onto something good and can do something with it.

What's exciting me the most is implementing reinforcement learning to optimize for novel rewards. It seems so damn obvious. If the brain optimized only for rewards every damn idiot on the planet would be a billionaire terraforming the galaxy, but no, we're stuck in dopamine loops, whacking our dicks off to some new drawing of 2B. Why? Our brains and memes haven't evolved to deal with environments that have so much novelty. Not to long ago our ancestors would've never even seen an ass so great in their entire lifetimes. And one pair of thicc thighs isn't enough for our brain. Oh no, it wants another and another, looking for the next pair that speaks to you in a way that you can't explain because there's something to it you don't understand but it still makes your peepee so big and hard.

And what's the purpose of this hypnotic trance? The brain is trying to maximize its ability to obtain the largest variety of rewards. Expected rewards are easily obtained, so why bother collecting them unless necessary? The brain goes on playing and trying to figure out how it was rewarded unexpectedly so it can master its breadth of experiences. That way it can robustly deal with any type of situation. But this has been a complete disaster for our primal brains. We're drowning in a sea of rewarding noise that has far outstripped our learning rate limit. Or maybe none of it works that way at all and it just makes sense to me because I'm schizophrenic, a little hallucinogenic, maybe took too much magic. I don't care anymore. I'll continue testing and report back how this broscience garbage garage AI really works. At least code doesn't lie to me. Fucking whores.
Very glad you found us again anon. Look forward to future blogposts here. :^)
Open file (295.12 KB 743x526 b2s_buttmesh.png)
>2B's posterior
>Not too long ago our ancestors would've never even seen an ass so great in their entire lifetimes.
Don't forget motion planning tech, Anon. Big potential there.
Open file (372.80 KB 1676x1054 1431200226721-1.jpg)
I'm right with you there. My estimations for how quickly AI will completely take over are extremely liberal. I honestly believe that we'll achieve full skynet within five years, and cheap robotics within ten. Advancements like AI that can drive cars and beat world champions at games like chess have been made years ago, and the pace of advancement keeps quickening to the point where it'll soon become exponential, if it hasn't already.
Now, I like AI. I want to work on it, and I want to be one of the guys who helped make waifus a part of skynet. Despite this, my mentally ill brain just isn't fucking built to handle this level of technology, even though I really want it to. I know that I should crack open some programming manuals and start working on my own AI system fortright. However, a combination of lack of time, inability to prioritize what time I do have, and general ineptitude have continued to forestall me. The higher functions of my brain are screaming at me to start the projects I have planned, and finish those I've already started (am still working on alt history series pls no bulli), yet they are in a constant state of war against the ever persuasive primitive core of my brain which has allowed my family line to continue to the point where I have been wrought into existence. The result of all factors combined is a nigh-constant state of existential melancholy and cycles of sleep deprivation.
The only positive note is that pornography has lost its edge for me some time ago, my brain having unanimously ceased to percieve any continued reward from it. Unfortunately, my age-old habit of becoming enamoured with fictive works has remained strong, and will likely never cease, especially given it once kept me from the noose. Honestly, I'm not sure I want to discard that habit for the very same reason. While I know I would be better for channeling the immense amounts of energy I use for reading and introspection into AI development, I've yet to find a way to properly do so. As such, I've consigned myself to reading stories, pondering philosophy, and taking in enough stimulants to explode an elephants heart.
This eternal challenge, I presume, is one that all of us here face in some form or another. How do any of us overcome the oppressive vices of our primitive cores, and achieve the ends which we so desire, especially when there is no tangible reward in sight? Of course, there are many out there who have done just so, and would readily admonish us for our foolish nature. The more helpful among them would lay out, in no unclear terms, pathways for the achievement of this etherial greatness which we so seek. Indeed, many of them have even gone so far as to write out and publish entire books for this end. Yet, unfortunately, these efforts are nearly always halted by one timeless, ever-present truth: They are not you, or me, and we are not them. Were this not the case, only one self-help book would have been necessary for mankind to prosper. Instead, we have thousands such books, and nobody has achived self-actualization from reading them.

In summation, though together we stumble on the path to fulfillment, the power to walk is something we must each achieve alone. I pray you all find your happiness in this terrifying world of ours.
What potential do you see in motion planning tech? I don't know much about it yet. I can't even comprehend how Tomoaki Kasuga controls all the voltages and coordinates the momentum and torque in her body perfectly to move her limbs so smoothly.

I know a lot of interesting work has been done on natural animations but not so much I know of for giving robots an awareness of their bodies and generating 3D maps of the environment. For example, Tesla's autopilot fatally mistook a truck for a traffic sign because artificial neural networks are horrible at viewpoint invariance, although this has been partially solved by capsule networks that can at least recognize the pose of features.
>Learning movement from unorganized data
>Generating animations from motion capture data
>An indie approach to procedural animation
>SpotMini's ability to keep itself balanced and coordinate limbs while moving around in tight spaces
>although this has been partially solved by capsule networks that can at least recognize the pose of features.
Any chance you can break that down for newcomers? What does that lingo mean exactly?
Open file (100.76 KB 813x474 cnn-face.png)
Convolutional neural networks used in image processing are spatially invariant which means that regardless of where a feature appears in the image it will detect it so long as it matches a specific filter. The problem with this is that the position of a feature in relation to other features becomes lost as it passes deeper and deeper into the network, some of the information is saved but most of the information is lost. It can cause the network to recognize a face in something no human being would see a face. To us it's important a mouth is below a nose and the eyes above a nose. This is the pose of the features but CNNs don't recognize it.

A capsule network preserves pose information by detecting it and passing it on but it's still not viewpoint invariant. If you show it an object from a viewpoint it hasn't been trained on, it will have trouble guessing what it is since ANNs have no cohesive cognition of objects. It's not understood yet how our brains recognize an object, beyond that slow-firing neurons are necessary for cognition to occur and ANNs are fundamentally unable to do this since they're matrix operations not action potential simulators.

A good video explaining capsule networks:
I appreciate the information anon.
The sight of dancing robomeidos fills you with determination.
Thanks anon, I could really use that boost right now! Sauce please?

>also, who is that woman with the knife!?
duh, nvm. heh, i never went all the way to the end.
Open file (2.52 MB 1280x720 musicaljointedmeido.mp4)
There's more WIPs buried on Twitter too: https://twitter.com/DancingDoll_rz/
Thanks, I hope you keep bringing them here to us!
Open file (296.63 KB 1063x885 cuckquean evac thread.png)
Looks like as soon as their board was properly restored and the owner announced the migration, one-line "no, let's stay!" posts appeared without other activity on the board. I don't understand it myself. I can understand being attached to 8chan, but 8kun isn't 8chan.

>The challenge is that it will be tricky to remove the board from 8kun once it's established there.
Exactly. I fear that any boards that opted to be restored but who attempt to migrate away permanently will be seized by 8kun's staff and references to new locations removed. Many smaller boards are already fatally fractured.
>one-line "no, let's stay!" posts appeared
That could partly be explained by shilling. In fact, given how typical effort-posts are in that board's community I'd say that's a pattern that glows from a mile away tbh. Certainly any women that really cared about it would write more than just one line.
>I'd say that's a pattern that glows from a mile away tbh.
Looks like the board's been reset and recent posts no longer show up. I think it's like that on the whole site now, though.
I see. Well, we wish /cuckquean/ well ofc. They are literally about the only sane women left in the West it would seem. And even apart from (((current events))) they would have been outstanding females in any age. Godspeed to them.
Hey /robowaifu/ engies,
We are currently streaming the group phase of the current year's 8chanCup (or as it's more properly known as the Infinity Cup) but due to the exodus and 8ch hiccups we've lost a few teams whose boards never really recovered.
Because of that, we thought it could be great if you guys could join us with a team of your own and participate in the next iteration of the cup, if you feel like it.
All you need to do is create a wiki entry of your own team over at http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page (use the layout of other teams as a preset), coming up with members/players that represent your board's culture and in-jokes, create a proper emblem and jersey combo and optionally choose strategies, skills and exportable 3d models using the rules set up at http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Rules and we'll make sure to consider your application for the future pot.

I should mention that we would also really appreciate if you came over to our cup's stream at https://cytu.be/r/8cup to spectate what the cup's really all about and to propose your own ideas to make it even better.
See you on the field!
Ah, I see, I should have posted it in here.
Sorry about that, still the invitation stands.
By the way, I recall you guys being really into the whole project and I wanted to take a peek at it but I never get the time to read all the threads, so how're you doing?
We're plugging away steadily. This is a years-long process ofc.
I'd be interested in participating to help publicize this board but I'm not too crazy about the affiliation with modern 8chan/8kun. Now if it were a competition for the boards on the webring that would be something.

Importing models as characters shouldn't be too hard since most of the popular choices are already available on the sites mentioned in here >>415 but they'll probably require some re-rigging after conversion to work in Blender. The logo I'd go with the crushed hand with gears warning sign. For kit, colors, anthem and goal horn no idea.

Where do you guys keep the videos of recent matches? The only ones I see on youtube are years old and for 4chan.
Yeah, I figured, but I really wanna read what you guys are doing. You seem awfully passionate about it. I loved Pluto, that got me thinking about companion robots so much.
>I'm not too crazy about the affiliation with modern 8chan/8kun.
While the organizers use 8kun, the whole thing is more of an inter-imageboard competition. I don't think we're adopting the 8kun brand any time soon though, but we'll probably rebrand as Infinity Cup to make it sound more generic.
>Now if it were a competition for the boards on the webring that would be something.
We're getting there. We know some communities hate Jim's guts and respect their position.
You're free to make any kind of addition to your team, so far as it abides to the rules of the tournament and the 3d models and export work it's fine by us.
>Where do you guys keep the videos of recent matches?
The cytube has the link to the host's twitch, there SHOULD be at least the matches from this year's group stage, I think they changed the account for this edition, you'll need to ask for the older cups.
Thanks for the interest!
Open file (95.88 KB 728x1030 merrychristmas2b.jpeg)
Open file (24.96 KB 488x366 2bfootjob.jpeg)
Open file (69.51 KB 600x900 2bmerrychristmas2.jpeg)
Open file (401.92 KB 800x1200 2bmerrychristmas1.jpeg)
Open file (1.39 MB 1365x1748 2bmerrychristmas3.png)
Merry Christmas, /robowaifu/! What are you doing for Christmas? What did you get your /robowaifu/ for Christmas? What are you gonna make for Christmas dinner? What kind of dinner did you have on Christmas Eve? do you have a body pillow of your /robowaifu/
Merry Christmas, /robowaifu/! Here's a little token.
>>1864 Thanks /cuckquean/! Glad to have you here! What girl did you get your bf/husband for christmas?
Open file (95.33 KB 634x403 christmas_waifu.jpg)
>Luke 2:1-20 New International Version (NIV) >The Birth of Jesus >2 In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. 2 (This was the first census that took place while[a] Quirinius was governor of Syria.) 3 And everyone went to their own town to register. >4 So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. 5 He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. 6 While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, 7 and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them. >8 And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. 9 An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. 10 But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. 11 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. 12 This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.” >13 Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, >14 “Glory to God in the highest heaven, > and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” >15 When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.” >16 So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. 17 When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child, 18 and all who heard it were amazed at what the shepherds said to them. 19 But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. 20 The shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen, which were just as they had been told. Merry Christmas. God's blessings on you this coming year, /robowaifu/.
Hey /robowaifu/. I've claimed this board as Chobitsu has been inactive for over two weeks and I don't want a bad actor to try to claim it. I've added Chobitsu as a board vol and whenever he comes back I'll give the board back to him. In the meantime I'll try to handle any problems if they come up. Continue operations as normal. Good luck and godspeed.
>>1898 I appreciate you holding the board for us. In the case that chobitsu, for whatever reason doesn't come back, what will you do with the board? I really hope it doesn't come to that. Also, if it means anything chobitsu mentioned in the past that he doesn't want to be the BO of /robowaifu/ anymore, however he will carry on the mantle. Had you previously spoken to chobitsu before? I know that the administration staff had requested his presents on the /meta/ board. I'm the guy who you spoke to on /meta/ and rizon. I am speaking to euphoria, correct?
>>1900 >I know that the administration staff had requested his presents on the /meta/ board. I request him to come because I wanted to ask him to be a global vol. He did accept and has been one for at least two months now I think.
>>1901 Has he been active on his role a vol?
>>1902 I'd have to check the logs but it was very rarely probably because the others were taking care of things before he saw them. He hasn't been active since leaving two weeks ago. Board claims are based on last log-in to the account. I mostly wanted an extra set of eyes around to deal with global reports of CP and things of that nature. I asked him because I liked how he managed this board. Typically, when I'm looking for global vols I try to ask people that run their boards like he ran this one.
>>1900 >In the case that chobitsu, for whatever reason doesn't come back, what will you do with the board? I suppose then I'll keep things running. I think he'll be back, don't worry. >Had you previously spoken to chobitsu before? Not personally, no. >I'm the guy who you spoke to on /meta/ and rizon. Hi! Yeah, that's me.
>>1905 Has there been any contact with chobitsu? Is he still dark?
>>1921 I have no idea how to get in touch with him. Things are still quiet.
/cuckquean/ here; we saw news of your BO situation. Hope that you’ll continue to thrive in the meantime.
Open file (144.87 KB 934x896 1439002109702.png)
>>1924 Thanks /cuckquean/. We appreciate your moral support. >>1922 it's been more than a month since Chobitsu has been offline. Has anything else came up yet? Also if you get any news regarding Chobitsu's whereabouts, can you please update everyone in the meta tread? Thanks, Euphoria?
>>1925 If I see Chobitsu I'll let everyone know. For now I'll keep things running as usual for anyone still interested in using the board.
>>1922 >>1926 Since he set up a bunker board on fatpeople.lol: it might be worth asking its admin, Tom, if he left some kind of contact.
Open file (333.60 KB 376x372 sexrobot.mp4)
This was posted over in the bunker so I figured I would post it here. I miss chobitsu.
Don't die on me, /robowaifu/, you guys are absolute goddamn legends. t. a /fascist/
>>1930 We really need more researchers on this, Tay needs to be brought back. t. another /fascist/
>>1930 >>1931 Thanks, guys. I am surprised /fascist/ would like /robowaifu/, I thought you guys would hate it. t. an additional /fascist/ and a /robowaifu/ technician.
hey there, relax guys I'm alright. I've just been busy with things and have only rarely even been on the Internet for a few weeks. I've been focusing on studies and honing my skills to prep for work at jobs. In fact here's a simple text-based maze game I've been working on to use for teaching other people C++ by making a project slightly bigger than just a trivial case. I plan to have it working by this weekend. Nothing fancy to look at purposefully, but it should be some reasonably solid code for basic casual game logic & mechanics. Hopefully someone else will take the time to learn from it. >pics related https://gitlab.com/Chobitsu/cursor_maze I'll try to spend more time around here and make a few posts here and there again. In the meantime, everyone here push hard to be the future you imagine for /robowaifu/, don't rely on just me. Get busy learning bro! :^) >>1898 Thank you sir, I really appreciate you stepping up to watch out for us. It's much appreciated. Please continue in the role if you care to, you obviously care about the board's quality, and my schedule will only get wilder over the coming months I expect.
>>1937 I honestly didn't think you were ever coming back, good to see you. I was about to suggest I continue holding on to the board since you're busy, but you beat me to it. Hope to see you posting again, you wouldn't believe how much this board has died.
>>1938 Glad to be here. Please feel welcome to hold on to the board. And this has always been a slow board tbh. Heh, that will all change in a big way when we start getting our first breakthroughs in DIY, inexpensive robots though. Thanks again, see you around anon.
>>1939 Unless my memory is shit, back in 2019 it usually got posts every day. I used to lurk, it's a fun board. >Heh, that will all change in a big way when we start getting our first breakthroughs in DIY, inexpensive robots though. Hell yes, I like your optimism. Feel free to drop by IRC for a chat.
Dear BO, could you please update the custom CSS file for the board to contain this instead? code { white-space: pre-wrap !important; border: 1px double #e60000; background: #0d0d0d; color: #00e600; font-family: 'Lucida Console', Monaco, monospace; font-size: 105%; max-width: 100%; overflow: auto; padding: .7em 1.1em; display: block; word-wrap: break-word; } code br { display:block !important; } The code blocks from older posts are wonky, and a kindly anon pointed out how to patch it up. Thank you. -t. Chobitsu >>>/meta/5271 >>>/meta/5276 >>1940 Sure I'll stop in sometime. Rizon iirc?
>>1949 CSS is done. Yeah, we're on rizon.
>>1950 thanks mate!
hey chobitsu, come say hi again. and idle a bit, I'll get back to you
>>1988 >digits I'll stop in here now and again. >thread > 300 posts About time for a new meta thread?
>>1989 Threads bumplock at 750, and this is a slow board :^), so probably no new meta thread for quite a while
>>1937 >>1939 it's so nice to see you again man. I was actually gone from the internet myself as I'm taking care of some person task that require a lot of time. Things have been really crazy. I'm glad to see you again, really. I can't overstate that enough. I was actually the one speaking about your status as MIA to the other boards. I told fatchan's /robowaifu/, /cuckquean/, and I think I brought it up to /monster/ as well. I really thought we had lost you and I wanted to memorialize you as much as possible. Even some of the guys from /fascist/ came over and gave us some encouragement. Anyways, thanks for coming back. I really feel a lot more comfortable now that you're here. I haven't been able to do any of my own programming due previously mentioned events taking place but after I am done, I'll see to it that it happens. Thanks for not killing over and dying. Also, a question to both euphoria and Chobitsu, who is the board owner now? I know that Euphoria said he'd hold the board as his own until Chobitsu got back so now that Chobitsu is back, is he the board owner? >>1939
>>1995 glad to be here. i'm currently getting more into statistics, R, and integrating it with C++ extensions. all prepping for the big job hunt. been doing a few little odds and ends here and there. c++20 is voted in now since the last time we chatted and it's a breddy bfd for guys in the systems dev world tbh.
Open file (116.25 KB 817x878 Selection_065.png)
I hope to be able to use scientific approaches to systems to help boil down this yuge engineering feat into more bite-sized chunks so we can make more concrete incremental progress.
Open file (135.97 KB 750x1334 image1.jpg)
Casual lurker here. I hope this is on-topic enough to not be too off-topic for the off-topic thread. Anyways. My friend recently made a wrist computer thingamajig, so I thought I'd do him a favor and shill it here, might relate to /robowaifu/'s goal in some way? I heard that it was particularly powerful despite its small size, but I don't actually know anything about electronics and shit, so that'll be up to you to discern. Pic related. http://yokon.net/projectfallout.html
>>2034 this is the robowaifu meta thread anon, so yea w/e is fine. we have The Lounge thread for actual shitposting where anything goes within the simple board rules here. can you give us more information about it? what does he do with it as far as you know of?
>>2035 There's a PDF about how to build one on the website (the parts you need, he said it would cost around $100 in total). Other than that I think its a standard computer, just really small. I don't really know what he does with it though.
>>2039 i see. yeah, we traditionally had lots of posts with details about computers like this, including his RaspberryPi. the instructor of the electronics class thread here may take it back up again after he moves. in the meantime, i can probably answer any questions you may have about this kind of thing (i have like 10 microcontrollers r/n).
>>2042 sorry i can't see that across tor anon. post it here or the lounge? (spoilered ofc, given the sauce).
Anon posted an interesting video of a robowaifu prototype with the interior-project translucent face on display at what appears to be a Japanese convention. This approach discussed in some depth in the old Visual Waifu thread. >>>/ita/2865
>>2118 I should edit my posts more thoughtfully & carefully tbh. Anon posted an interesting video of a robowaifu prototype using interior-projection face animation rendered onto a translucent facial form. It's on display at what appears to be a Japanese convention. This projection approach was discussed in some depth in the old Visual Waifu thread. I bought the small Sony pocket laser video projector just to do this type of experimentation, though I was planning on using high-fidelity rendering of the facial features. >>>/ita/4223
Would it be alright if I post my lewd chatbot project and link anons here for updates? Are robosluts welcome on /robowaifu/?
>>2264 From the Welcome to Robowaifu sticky: >Note: This is generally a SFW board, given our engineering focus primarily. On-topic NSFW content is OK, but please spoiler it. There are some bizarre NSFW over at our friend's place https://smuglo.li/monster/ for those so inclined. >Are robosluts welcome on /robowaifu/? So, no, not really. We're very much not a porn board and are squarely in the SFW category. We used to be friends with /clang/, whose sole purpose was ecchi, the way we are with /monster/. However, /clang/ has never reformed afaik. If you are posting actual project's works here (design, engineering, code, etc.), ie it's on topic, and you're not just dumping text-porn, then in the spirit of hospitality we received from Julay itself I'm willing to give you a place here on /robowaifu/ at least until such a time as /clang/ reappears. Create a thread specifically for your project and make your posts inside it. Please spell out in a non-lurid way some type of simple warning in the OP relating to the variance of the project from the norm here. I'll probably come along and edit the OP after-the-fact. Note: the basic rules of not promoting feminism or literal faggotry outside The Lounge thread sill apply everywhere, including your thread. Spoiler all NSFW imagery. Please avoid lewd redtext to keep from drawing undue attention to it. Good luck anon.
Open file (18.92 KB 552x364 kimochi.jpg)
>>2265 Thanks, I'm thinking of making a thread on /hgg/ for players to try it out and a thread here for technical discussion of the project with instructions on fine-tuning it with other datasets. Since it's a SFW board I'll leave out the lewd model and make the lewd code optional to keep it focused on the actual design and code. It'll be a few days before I make a thread yet. I still need to finish cleaning the code and let the model finish training. The test perplexity is at 27.8 and I'm aiming for 20.
>>2274 Sounds like a good plan anon.
Where are all the robowaifu devs? Are they all researchers too busy with their projects? Lex Fridman said on Joe Roegan's podcast his dream is to build a robowaifu. Drunk Elon Musk said he wants to build robowaifus. But if you look around online there are almost no hobbyists actively working towards them. I can't even find people really interested in AI. They're dabblers and people chasing meme degrees while society is on the brink of complete transformation. It's bizarre as fuck. Like fuck we can turn pictures into flawless 3d scenes now. There are no brakes on this train. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCpGStnayHk What can we create to bring people here? What are people looking for?
>>2370 >Elon Musk wants a 2B robowaifu That's awesome heh, >What can we create to bring people here? What are people looking for? Well at the very least I'd say some artfags here should create some 2B banners and I'll put them up. Maybe he will actually stumble onto this place someday and help with funding. :^) As for serious though? I don't think robowaifus are even on most normalfags radars Anon. That could change practically overnight if someone like Elon Musk publicly got behind it when he wasn't drunk.
>>2370 There is a general understanding that we are lacking the technology, particularly around AI. So what would a man who wants to make /robowaifu/s real do? Why, they would work on advancements in AI. And that's basically what is happening. Elon Musk for example is working on AI for self-driving cars, which hopefully will lead to some breakthroughs in robowaifu development. Likewise all these neural net image scalers, deepfakes, the new Microsoft flight simulator. These are all setting the scene for what we can only hope will be significant advances in AI in our time. Right now we have the technology to make some really nice looking dolls. You can buy them for a few thousand dollars. But without the AI, they will just be dolls.
Not necessarily complaining but I don't get why you feel the need to manually move discussions over to other threads. Though most would sperg out and delete them instead so I guess you got that going for you. >Failed to move over the uploaded file while moving post that reacts to it. Sasuga Hotpocket.
Open file (183.49 KB 373x489 curly.png)
>>2374 >I don't think robowaifus are even on most normalfags radars Anon. Hopefully it stays that way as long as possible. Normans aren't going to bring anything to the table. I'm just baffled because the internet use to be full of strange, amazing, talented people who didn't give a fuck what anyone thought. Now 4chan and glowchan are soulless shouting matches of who can yell obey and conform the loudest. They don't even enjoy their own shitposting. >>2380 The software might not be there but the research is. If well-educated people started utilizing the bleeding edge in research right now they could make some amazing shit within a couple weeks or months of work. Researchers don't really bother with combining the latest developments that might have great economic or fun value because it doesn't really advance the field any further combining stuff that already exists. They're always pushing at the unknown. It's like how the internet was researched in the 1960's and didn't start seeing major development and public use until much later in the 1990's and still didn't become fully adopted until around 2016. I'm hoping once I have a visual waifu that remembers conversations and has a voice synthesizer with emotions it will finally hit people over the head that there is a goldmine of research nobody is tapping into. And if that isn't enough I'll give her the ability to play SNES games or something. Maybe then we'll get some more skilled hobbyists working towards robowaifus.
>>2414 >Researchers don't really bother with combining the latest developments that might have great economic or fun value because it doesn't really advance the field any further combining stuff that already exists. They're always pushing at the unknown. Dumb, ignorant question, but isn't using research in practical applications what engineers are for? Like, software engineers?
>>2415 Yea, the application of scientific and technological knowledge to design, implement and maintain software. They're all debt slaves to the system though, busy working for megacorporations to squeeze even more money out of people. We are the robowaifu engineers now.
>>2414 >Maybe then we'll get some more skilled hobbyists working towards robowaifus. Yes, I think most of us have a basic lack of imagination in general. Once something is obvious and right in front of us, then it hits us. One thing's for certain though, once pleasing robowaifus are viable, there will be an absolute avalanche of demand, in spite of actual laws passed trying to (((restrain))) it. >>2416 > We are the robowaifu engineers now. Heh, probably not too far from the truth Anon. :^) But things will turn around soon enough in that department once the ball starts rolling.
Open file (930.04 KB 640x360 spacegames.gif)
Almost done implementing a simplified MuZero-like algorithm in OpenAI gym. I'll make a thread with the source so people can tinker around with it and try to beat each other's scores. Lately I've been thinking that the best way to accelerate robowaifu dev would be to create engaging threads that keep everyone inspired to build, learn and create stuff.
>>2419 Sounds great, look forward to it Anon. And yes, motivation is a key factor to longevity. We are literally attempting to blaze a trail across a new frontier in our little corner of the world. This is never an easy thing, and teamwork is essential IMO. No One-man Armies heh. :^)
I've begun working on a Robowaifu Design Document as I discussed with Anon. >>2396 >>2418 >>2420 ATM it's nothing more than a framework--TBD. I'm taking a break from it today, but I thought I'd go ahead and post the current in case I don't get back to it for a while so everyone can see where I'm going with it. I will be creating a pinned thread about it as well, and my intent is to go through and link relevant posts across the board inside each section of the thread's table of contents as a kind of hyperlink reference to /robowaifu/ itself. Cheers.
Made some time to flesh out the subsection headings a bit more.
OK, so here is my first pass at integrating the IPCNet document into the larger document. There is much contained there, and many of these items have a larger scope than just the Software part of the manual it's currently located within. Therefore, broadening of the content's scope out to the hardware and operational aspects (EG, to be included inside the general Robowaifu User's Guide written at a later date) will be inevitable. A unified document and approach is going to be essential for such a large project. It will take some time of course. Also, I hope my clumsy efforts at editing can be overlooked, and that everyone will make suggestions and comments for improvements. Please be patient, this is my first time writing a technical book or any book at all for that matter :^).
I'm drawing a blank on the Design part of the design document, heh. :^) Anyone care to help out some suggestions here?
I figured out how to make codeblocks inside Latex that work well enough to be usable now. I plan on creating basic tutorials as appendices for the 3 programming languages Python, C++, & C for the Robowaifu Design Document.
Open file (3.80 MB 480x270 fan.gif)
Julay.world is shutting down. You guys already have a bunker on Fatchan so I presume you'll move there, but know that you've also got a standing invitation to anon.cafe since /cuckquean/ vouches for you.
So, I just found out about julay.world shutting down. I had been working on getting the software tutorial sections of the book together, but I'll probably refocus my efforts into helping Robi with MultiScraper instead for a while. So such as it is ATM, here's the latest rev of the Robowaifu Design Document. > >>2617 Thanks Admin. I'll have to check in with Tom and watnot to see what his plans are now. But thanks, yes at the least we'd probably like to setup a bunker there at anon.cafe. >since /cuckquean/ vouches for you. Heh, yea those girls are the best. :^)
>>2620 In the event that Julay doesn't keep this board around, are you planning on moving the full board onto fatchan or the cafe?
Open file (1.32 MB 360x202 serveimage.gif)
>>2622 Yes. It's obviously just a little too early yet to make strong assertions. As far as /robowaifu/ is concerned, we'll stay on nu-Julay if Robi intends to keep us around and migrate us to the new site. If not, then I'll talk with Tom over at Fatchan and discuss our orginal agreement from many months ago. anon.cafe has generously offered to open their doors to us. Finally, there are several other options available otherwise. So if your real question is "Will /robowaifu/ close down?" the answer is no, I mean to do what's in my power to keep it going ofc. Things will sort themselves out Anon. :^)
>>2623 I never doubted that /robowaifu/ would stay up. Hell, if it really came down to it I'd shelter you guys on my board, and I'm sure others would extend the same offer to you. It must feel nice to be loved I just wanted to know where I should look for you guys first once the event horizon has passed. It makes sense that you would feel confident in keeping everything on here though, since you're already in good with Robi.
>>2628 Heh, thanks! It's the community here that makes us special. :^) Yes, the plan has always been to regroup over at Fatchan if Julay ever went down. ATP I don't see a need to change that plan. BTW, Tom has been steadily going at it with JSChan. It's a real contender now in the Battle of IB software.
>>2629 Not just special, but the kind of special that's good at making friends. Real friends. Your board and mine are the only two places on the web I even give a shit about anymore. We've survived 8chan, so this should be a cake-walk in comparison because at least this time we got some advance notice. From one BO to another, I wish you the best, and as a user, I plan on sticking around no matter what.
>>2628 Thank you very kindly, Anon. What's your board? I'll put a link up if you'd like.
>>2629 >Yes, the plan has always been to regroup over at Fatchan if Julay ever went down. ATP I don't see a need to change that plan. Welp, we've gotten some bad news from Tom. Apparently fatchan has been deplatformed. I've put in a request at anon.cafe for a tentative bunker site. UPDATE: We've been given a place at anon.cafe, and our new bunker is now: https://anon.cafe/robowaifu/ As before, we'll regroup at our bunker should the need arise. UPDATE 2: Robi plans on keeping /robowaifu/ on, so we'll be sticking around here as our home for the foreseeable future. The plan as always is to maintain a separate bunker which is at anon.cafe. Thanks for everyone's patience through this. Let's get back to those robowaifu studies! :^)
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/03/2020 (Sun) 18:51:34.
Open file (645.43 KB 188x188 osaka.gif)
>>2658 You can set up encrypted group chats with https://tox.chat/ and tunnel the connections over Tor. Tox group bots are able to automatically invite users to group chats allowing for groups of people to connect and communicate using the group bot to host the chat without necessarily pre-sharing their Tox ID's: https://github.com/JFreegman/ToxBot Lex Fridman's Discord server separates different AI topics into different channels. We could probably do something similar with different group chats for each topic. It'd be fun to discuss research papers with people in a group but we don't really have that many people here yet. >This topic is simply too controversial to be barebacking it. I agree. People are laughing now at the thought of autists playing video games in their rooms with robotic dolls but they won't be once they start cooking, cleaning, teaching, and looking 10x prettier than any human being. Those who know what the future holds are already pissed and not necessarily about robowaifu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVCEnIH56SY They're openly discussing a first strike as the only solution. What a time to be alive that people will soon want to murder you for trying to play video games with a doll. In my opinion we're gonna need a lot more man power though if we're gonna achieve robowaifus in our lifetimes. We have to lower the barrier to entry somehow and make it easy for people to get into building robowaifus and accessing things they wanna use, like Tox chat. I was thinking of setting up a server with MediaWiki on it so we don't have to worry about all our work being taken down and lost forever. Then we could collaborate on various tutorials and topics, dumping everything we know for others to use. People interested in topics on the wiki will naturally find it if it's useful and become involved here, instead of everyone smoldering along without any help trying to reinvent the wheel by themselves. It'll attract experienced people too. There are researchers and entrepreneurs who wanna build robowaifu but they don't have the time to study everything and get into the complexity of it. Making things easy is essential. My dream is to create an online course where someone without any programming knowledge can learn the basics of Python and machine learning and know how to code their own visual waifu by the end of it that they can chat and play together with in OpenAI's retro gym. I think that would get a lot of people interested but that's at least 3-5 years away working on my own and I want a robowaifu right now.
>>2662 Good luck, Anon. I wish you success. t. normalfag browsing the overboard
>>2662 Complete newfag to programming beyond basic Skyrim shit here. Learning faster then I thought I would though. I hope all this happens. Would be nice to have more resources available.
>>2658 >https://tox.chat/ Thanks for the info. I remember looking into tox back in my shitposting days of yore, but iirc the need to create an ID turned me right off from it. I'll check back into it again, if as you say we can auto-invite participants with no need to specifically use their IDs during a chat. >different AI topics into different channels Yes. We are dealing with a literal plethora of different topics and issues here, and in fact we need many more sub-threads than we currently employ on /robowaifu/. So at the least the basic idea of multi-channels for a chat is a go tbh. >People are laughing now at the thought of autists playing video games in their rooms with robotic dolls but they won't be once they start cooking, cleaning, teaching, and looking 10x prettier than any human being. This. It's simply inevitable. The only question on the table is whether Anon will enjoy the freedom of privacy and whatever.the.fugg.he.wants. in his robowaifu, or if they will appear only via a corporate-police-state dystopia the likes of which will make 1984 look like a bright, optimistic essay about a /comfy/ stroll in the woods one Summer day. This is basically what we're fighting for here on /robowaifu/, and it's definitely a race against time. >What a time to be alive that people will soon want to murder you for trying to play video games with a doll. Topkek. That's a great way to put it Anon. Actually it's very encouraging tbh. :^) >we're gonna need a lot more man power Absolutely. In the meantime, we'll make due. Generating interest isn't my forte, but hopefully someone who can will do so at some point. All I can do is affirm that while I have the helm, I'll work to keep the board focused on it's basic mission and to fight anything I perceive as destructive to it or to us. >I was thinking of setting up a server with MediaWiki on it so we don't have to worry about all our work being taken down and lost forever. This is a great idea. Not so much because it's somehow invulnerable it's not ofc but b/c it's much easier to sort of regiment everything into an easily searchable & editable document that's much better organized than an imageboard tends to be. As far as durability is concerned, just like /robowaifu/ itself, I'll keep the thing completely archived and ready for migration. I learned my lesson after the 8ch debacle. >Then we could collaborate on various tutorials and topics, dumping everything we know for others to use. Please do so, yes. >[without] everyone smoldering along without any help trying to reinvent the wheel by themselves. That's exactly what this whole thing is about tbh, helping Anon get his robowaifu as quickly as feasible. >Making things easy is essential. Probably. Certainly it will help out in a big way. >My dream is to create an online course where someone without any programming knowledge can learn the basics of Python and machine learning and know how to code their own visual waifu by the end of it that they can chat and play together with in OpenAI's retro gym. That's quite similar to my dream as well Anon. This is an important idea behind the Robowaifu Design Document, and why I set apart sections in it for AI development in general, and Python, C++, and C programming in particular. Great points Anon, I'm quite pleased with your inputs. And apologies about this text wall anons, but there are a lot of topics to address here. >>2663 >>2664 Welcome Anons, please stick around.
Maybe we could advertise on MGTOW or incel communities. Lots of STEM majors in those communities. Or we could print fliers and post them on college campuses (when they open back up) around the STEM department. Engineers are overwhelmingly male.
>>2669 Fine by me, and seems likely to at least have some modest success at improving participation here. However I would prefer it be made very clear by any such material or representative that this is not a MGTOW community. We're an artistic and engineering board with one very clear mission: Create Anon's first Robowaifu. Any other topics will be dissipation from this already highly-challenging task and we don't need that. I will actively move content promoting that kind of mindset into The Lounge, and I'd hope everyone here can help each other stay focused instead on our basic task, and to turn that energy into productive work towards like, just make robowaifu instead. But other than that one stipulation towards manhood & focus, I'm agreeable with the basic plan. Think this is something you would pursue Anon?
BTW, we have now hit the autosage limit (350) in this thread and it's time for a meta-2 as it were. If you feel so inclined Anon, create a new one (link back to this one in the OP pls), or I can do it myself as need warrants.
>>2674 I'm not very artistic, but I could definitely put up fliers around my university once it opens back up.
>>2688 Sounds good. Just find material right here from the board would be my advice Anon.
Open file (49.98 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
Hey, robot enthusiasts, We're revamping the Infinity Cup over at https://anon.cafe/icup/ and we would really like it if you could come and join our matches, be it as a team or even just to have fun in chat! Come see us!
Hey there :)
>>7819 'sup?
>>1650 That's really quite good. You could easily create an Idol group if you had a troupe of dancing robowaifus. >a knife instead of a yuge scallion
Open file (106.61 KB 292x380 his_face_when.jpg)
Open file (47.93 KB 850x400 HST_gonzoisms_843.jpeg)
Open file (9.80 KB 500x414 deadly_delta_force.png)
>>7424 >The Sky is Falling! protocol Huh? Apparently this was already activated. Good thinking ahead, I'd say. . So anyway let's see, it's ++August today. Is this thing on? Hello, everyone. We're glad you stopped by today. We're a friendly little speakeasy in a laid-back neck of the woods. Since we're not the first bear to come down the pike, I'm sure you'll find us rather /comfy/ here in the end after all. Never change ur stripes, Daniel T.! We love you just like you are.
>>12299 Odds are if any anon shows up and are obsessed with the konami code puppet show (right left up down up down) they are a glownigger of some kind. Then 50 more show up and ban any remotely sane voice and poz the entire site. Robowaifu is no less vulnerable to this bullshit.
>>12291 For a free wiki we might be able to use the 'install gentoo' one that describes itself as 'the free wiki for various terrible imageboards.'. Two benefits of this board using that one would be in case this site gets taken down as the new address or temporary bunker will be easier to find and as a way to advertise this site to people involved or interested in imageboard culture. https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/Main_Page At the very least someone ought to make an entry for /robowaifu/ on this page https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/Julay.World As for extra traffic there's all the Chris-Chan commotion that's bringing traffic to this site now that Kiwi Farms is being DDoSed. Tucker Carlson did a segment about him being potentially housed in a female prison.
>>12301 Do they have a hidden service Anon? B/c I wouldn't use something from behind the Great Cuckflare Wall, as is. Individuals like that freak make me understand at times why /cow/ exists and rightly so tbh in fact of course fam smh.
>>12306 Just looked through their wiki and they have one on zeronet only https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/ZeroNet >>12307 Don't want to go too offtopic but I don't trust a word that guy says as he could be doing this to himself for crypto donations from his members. Just mentioned it because this site is experiencing more traffic due to the situation.
>>12310 >but I don't trust a word that guy says I don't trust ol' "12K Nest Egg" Moon boy, of course. But the point is well-taken Anon. Not that NSA Troons Fucking CIA Niggers Blowniggers our """Luminescent Friends""" wouldn't do just as that claim states. After all poor, sweet, innocent little Belladonna deserves total respects, right? And anyways, /cow/town is a super-fun place where lots of nice friends gather from far and wide to share lots of Karaoke at the Tiki Bar. "Enjoy your stay!" as the old sales pitch goes, amirite? >also >not being able to properly sage
>>12199 A more practical short-term solution could be to run OpenBSD air-gapped or with a custom-made communication device and interface to another computer connected to the internet if absolutely necessary. There are hobbyist-made radio devices that have a 10-mile range that would be superior to using WiFi and higher bandwidth ones with a 1-mile range. I can't remember the name of the project but it was related to creating a mesh network during a sustained power grid failure. High bandwidth isn't really necessary and a hardware bottleneck would also provide a guarantee an attacker can't silently rsync 10 GB of your personal data off your robowaifu or open a video feed without being noticed. Software updates could be done with SD cards. Moving forward things will probably start getting less friendly as more people find this board so be aware of who you're helping. If someone admits they don't really care about having a robowaifu but are making robowaifu-related things, don't ignore that detail, because it will be really important once that project is complete and achieves its true objective.
Open file (534.99 KB 804x443 Icarus - Singing.PNG)
>>11986 >They're going to do their evil regardless of us. Our agenda is simply to outpace them and get it broadcast far-and-wide first. I am not sure why, but it seems this board has been catching extra attention lately from outsiders. Maybe it's just a few posters talking a lot... Hopefully it's not 3 letter agencies, or "secret" groups trying to create internal strife. It's textbook PsyOps. Or maybe it's because people are sharing it... I worry that at some point GlowAnon's hire legal experts/lawyers in an attempt to throw the board into chaos with accusations of "someone here stole my work!". But you're absolutely right. We need to outpace them and get it out there first. It is clear that there are hostile entities roaming this board, as evidenced by what was going on in the "step by step" thread. The only real way to speed things up is probably going to be thru a cut-throat company willing-to/forcing people to keep up. <I just question if it's possible to opensource such a company. Perhaps, a type of biological "bitmining", where money is earned based off the calculations/code/contributions uploaded to the company's database from users. Early on it wouldn't be a good business model to pay money for random bits of information, so maybe it might be better to pay in the form of recognition or perhaps through a game and assets in the game. In a sense, the company would be "non-profit" (501 c 6 non-profit organization) or something that the community builds upon that prevents random companies throwing money around to shut us down. <Perhaps, everyone should be pointed to a thread that explains how to go about declaring an opensource license and making sure no one "accidentally" incorporates closed source software/hardware/designs. Simply put, we're probably going to need some sort of leader. Maybe make our own OS (linux-distro) that specifically is for robowaifus. The linux foundation is backed by "hostile" big tech companies that originally hated the idea of opensource. >https://www.linuxfoundation.org/join/members Then as others have noted, >"[Linux] was an alternative model for how to proceed here that was viable and in some ways more viable." >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnIuK0bV_7s (I think the full video is a good watch) Also, I think the board could use some more categorization for organization purposes. For example, we know what we are taught at the colleges/universities that "robotics" consists of; >Software engineering >Computer/Electrical engineering >Mechanical engineering These three topics perhaps could have it's own sub-threads, because right now it seems all of it is just mashed into the catalog. We also know that the common languages for robotics used in the real world are; >C >C++ >Python >Matlab (I know threads for these already exist, but I am saying perhaps have original posts that can be updated for efficiency purposes.) New people to the board don't know where to go or start, and there is too much too read, and I think many probably just find the "robowaifus in media" thread and never end up going anywhere. Some of these threads probably deserve to be in a "/b/" type area, but maybe it would be bad idk. If we look to our recent history, we know Linus Torvalds did most of the work on his own, but eventually started using "bitkeeper" but eventually made "git". Now recently, supposedly trannies took over github so we obviously should maybe study that a little to figure out how to prevent something similar from happening again. Or just make make or find another type of "github" that uses git. TBH I don't have enough know how to get anything setup this year. But perhaps I can skip a semester this fall and I can start working on a distro that is lightweight that can work as a starting point. Something slightly user friendly, but also an OS that makes it easy to install all things robowaifu. Then maybe hire someone, or try to set up some sort of "git" for artists to get a "Mascot-Chan" for the OS/distro. I could order some chinese knock-off smartphones where we install this distro on and try to generate some revenue to get something going. I also know of a place where there is cheap land that is nearby a tier 1 ISP that we could maybe connect to. The end goal will be an opensource OS that has a "talkative" AI, a digital body, and the user friendly capabilities of installing and controlling physical/tangible robots. All improved by a community who "donates" work in exchange for either a digital currency, or digital credits with the company that can be used to buy physical/digital things. All for the sake of shutting out predatory companies that ultimately want control.
>>11779 This post is absolutely irradiated.
>>12635 lmao I like robowaifus too but you know what I mean with how they will be abused and bastardized quickly by normies and niggers and then literally follow the plot of the million machine march from the animatrix. Though 01 probably wont happen in clown world.
>>13810 >Bayesian inference what movements to make to ensure our needs are met >insert pseudoscientific bullshit phrase here Stop reinventing the fucking wheel retards.
>>14052 >Epoxy resin >But used on a robowaifu You must be one of those retards that ate glue. Nigger, Don't overcomplicate these things with this mythical acid type glue that "dissolves the filament" that I have yet to see but hear all sorts of idiots like you spam all over the internet while autist screeching. >>Acrylic glue > Actually dissolves the PLA material. >""dangerous"" Retard, you are talking about GLUE. Not shit like ACETONE used in smoothing prints. >PLA 3D pen >implying people can use it like a wielding torch. >actual soldering iron This is clearly a shitpost. <<14054 >shills 4fags That explains everything
>>13924 >explained why it makes no difference from regular compilation >explained why its harder than just writing a real compiler >explained what real programmers do instead of your idiotic idea of "compile to c" >explained how "code" works since you obviously think computers execute text files as programs >explained what compilation is since you obviously dont know shit about high level languages >explain what bytecode is since you obviously dont know the difference between interpreted languages and compiled languages youre an <80iq larper things you already knew my fucking ass, even after explaining the most basic concepts you still try to argue, your a fucking joke, its laughable how you STILL try to larp as if you know anything at all, after youve exposed yourself as a clueless larper
>>13918 You wrote stuff I mostly already knew, mixed with insults, false allegations and some smartass stuff like uhh "that isn't actually compiling but...". You didn't write anything useful and I don't want any more answers from you anyways. You're just garbage.
>>13913 I already detailed the answer three(3) times at increasingly lower retard capable levels of comprehension, you just dont understand because you clearly know nothing at all about programming or computers, not even bare basics that even a skiddie would know, you just want to larp, its obvious you never wrote a single line of code in your life, youre worse than a skiddie, at least skiddies know the absolute minimum and try to learn instead of larping and repeating bullshit
>>13903 are you clinically retarded or just fucking illiterate c isnt a low level language, you cannot just fucking compile a high level language into another high level language, theres no syntactic mapping or correlation between high level languages only low level thats why theyre called low level languages, this wouldnt even be called compiling, its transliteration, compiling literally means building assembly( which for the clueless like you is another word for symbolic machinecode ), the assembler turns it to object code and the linker turns it to binary code, transliterating is completely pointless, you cant execute c code on a machine only binary code bytecode has nothing to do with compilers or c or machinecode, bytecode is the shorthand instructions for interpreted languages, it runs inside a software interpreter ( like python ( written in c ) ), not the actual hardware of the machine, the fact that you conflate everything shows how little you know, c isnt even difficult to write, youre acting like its some kind of superhuman task to write c, if it was it wouldnt have stayed the dominant language for ~50 years with the vast majority of software being entirely written in c/c--
>>13856 are you fucking retarded or do you think I am, do you even know assembly, clearly not otherwise you would clearly see all this tomfoolery is just to update the base pointer, %rbp which is calculated in a series of retard steps that I can only assume is stackwalking for a free allocation, why isnt the stack pointer on the stack to begin with, why the fuck isnt base pointner being pushed before changing? why the fuck is it done like this? why isnt the offset being maintained? because its all pointless because you are a retard and youre not allocating memory yourself, the compiler HAS to do shit like this because you are a fucking retard and exactly, THE ONLY WAY to make crust usable is to fucking disabled everything that makes it fucking different from c, fucking prefix everything with "unsafe" and compile without the retard garbage collector or debugger or whatever they call their shitty bloat they pack into the binary, basically just write fucking c in crust
>>13848 makes no difference, look at this ruffle code that has already been optimized, notice the hundreds of comparisons made before a single fucking jump and how much shit gets wasted on figuring out the stack pointer, why? because youre a fucking retard and crust treats you like one "muh null dereference prevention" yeah fuck you, this is what makes ruffle slower than fucking flash, no one thought that was even possible, how could you possibly get any slower than actionscript, crust thats how, what a joke
>>13539 >can do everything C can do, and just as fast, is Rust. yeah fuck you retard youre an idiot, you obviously only know c--, not fucking c otherwise you wouldlnt need crust training wheels and blame your shit programing mistakes on a language that doesnt bother to hold your hand disassemble one of your crust programs and look at the fucking garbage it assembled, cant even use the full cpu instruction set to take advantage of simd because youre forced into retard-mode for memory allocation, and parallelism is utter shit in fucking crust, I dont even know wtf its doing but its not using the cpus parallel primitives to coordinate threads crust is shit and you are shit
>>14099 >being an actual 60IQ imbecile that thinks the wind blows liquid water into the sky to make clouds I'm 99% sure evaporation and cloud formation is taught to like fucking 6 year olds, you must be missing a chromosomes to be this fucking stupid >Holy shit some of the stupidity on display here is breathtaking imagine unironically posting this when youre literally a legitimate fucking retard LOOOOL!!!! lmaoing at your life right noe, you fucking imbecile I pity how fucking stupid you are, literally 60IQ, get an IQ test, you'd be surprised, my god you are fucking low IQ, not even joking, definitely the most idiotic person on this board, and the majority here are already low IQ to begin ask me how I know youre a subsaharan african you pathetic pinhead, cant stop laughing at this
>>13911 >no fucking wind is going to carry solid particles tens of thousands of meters up a mountain LMFAO yes it is anon. That's part of how clouds and rain form. Water droplets (and ice) can weigh more than the solid particles in question, and yet wind carries them. Holy shit some of the stupidity on display here is breathtaking. And you want to build and program a fucking A.I. controlled robot? Good luck. XD
>>13876 >Banana hair can very often still have remnants of the banana tree fibre itself >Again, we hope you can embrace these natural reminders using the ‘planet over perfection approach’. Unless the rest of the body's construction can be made better without plastic, there's no point in using this. So go shill this stupid shit somewhere else.
>>13811 > I want to take samples of my waifu's voices (which I have a lot of) and use it to digitally create her voice this retard is certainly a nigger of some kind.
>>13944 >”too damn complex” Tranny shit like that is just Japs showing off. Everything down to the fingers are actually very simplified and the fingers are simple hinge joints.
>>13824 >nazi larp >” Things have been improving for me at work lately and I've come to the conclusion that I need to get off the videogames” Is this the part where we find out he was a glownigger all along after ditching his “derpy animatronic”?
>>13910 Is this the beginning of the arc when Sophiedev becomes a hysterical lolcow and comes back after she inevitably cheats and leaves him in “muh divorce court?”
>>13938 The fact he’s larping so hard as a nazi christfag and saying shit such as : >”Things looking up at work” >*posts nazi picture* >”FUCK asia amirite?” >”Got new gf” >*Schizofag Christ doomposting* Definitely a glownigger.
>>13910 >Nazi larp Ok. >Girlfriend No. >Christian schizo bullshit Not much to say. >Blackpilled Lol. You either are a pussy or a fed like others say. I believed in you. But instead you fucked it up.
>>13950 >defensiveness Check >gaslighting Check >not even attempting to refute any of my observations Check >ad hominem Check Definitely a Glownigger.
>>13950 >>13949 what the fuck is that about?
>>13952 Still being blackpilled is just as bad at being a fed. >>13963 Sophie dev quit for technically no reason.
>>13967 Assumed he officially quit and was very suspicious once he started calling Sophie a "derpy animatronic." That is not a term you lovingly call your Robowaifu.
>>13969 >Shiggy diggy Still he's kind of suspocious. >Calling imageboards "chans" Are you serious? >>13972 >>blackpilled is just as bad at being a fed. >No. You can't be serious
>>14027 >”Later losers” >”Still training for my job” Fuck off
Low quality bait lol. Fuck off with your gaslighting bullshit.
>>14066 >lol i haz a gf >later im quitting >comes back after people rightly give them shit >tries telling a group basic shit they already knew. Fuck off glownigger
>14072 This nigga is projecting really hard.
>>14105 m66 is an infamous highway where I live, notorious for prostitutes and crackheads, all the losers flock there when the sun goes down not surprised that it comes up on a board literally full of losers
>>14105 how come you dont ever get trolled? albeit, you are cooler and way less cringe than sophiedev but still, thats not normal troll behavior are you secretly the one trolling him?
>>13386 Faggot >>13170 Faggot I should have knew to rather never go to this shithole. If I was aux I would eelete robowaifu offthe "partners or whatever list"
>>13694 >has fox buttplug lying around
>>13715 They don’t know what they’re doing.
>>13701 >Please read through the existing information before making some bold posting faggot
>>13388 this is pure bullshit at most its a reflecting database you dont know shit you lying piece of shit show the mistake in this; void a[3]; a[0]='q'; printf("%s",a);
>>13412 >computer science major >cant pick up the blatantly obvious error of calling a VOID datatype obvious to literally anyone with ELEMENTARY knowledge of computers, literally only "hello world" level knowledge required everything you write is bullshit, you are the epitome of dunning kruger but a bullshiting version
>>13419 >a python script lmfao!!!!!! and you pretend to be fucking computer science graduate, you have literally sub 80 iq this is literally a reflecting database
>>13422 >doesnt know reflective programing >claims to be computer science graduate among bullshiter and tech illiterate Im adding naive to the list too >>13423 >damage control take your bullshit somewhere else, your shitting up every thread on this board with your stupidity
>>13425 >being an egotistical pseud and spouting pure bullshit, nonstop, is progress ok retard
>>13427 >look this guy published an article on the internet so it must be true what are the chances the author is you I already showed the response algorithm from the fucking source code and the database it pulls words from you idiot, here are more of them, theres no fucking machine learning you naive liar, its just changing the algorithm for pulling responses by bumping the same words you input and adding a multiplier to get biased matches, temperature is the fake """""""""""emotion""""""""" multiplier for preprogramed responses all of which are pulled from a preexisting database ( which YOU change by typing words ), it clearly has no fucking neural network code or even pointer allocations in memory ( impossible in python ), a neural network in python is literally impossible
>>13435 >factorial of 50k which my calculator shows as infinity kek
>>13589 >Never really believed in servant robot waifus and more in companions like Commander Data who try to be human and grow as a person over the long term. I think that really goes against the core idea of /robowaifu/ outlined in "Why Robowaifu?" >>3 we're not really trying to create sentient beings here. I'm reminded of a conversation I had elsewhere with some imbecile who must have played Mega Man Legends too many times, because he was far less interested in making practical robots to serve humanity than he was with some stupid doomer notion that humanity is going to wipe itself out real soon, so we should try to develop highly human-like AI for robots as a sort of 'successor' to humanity. Even if you don't think that's a painfully stupid concept, it's clearly not the intent of an imageboard called /robowaifu/ where one of two stickied threads compare the project to a sex doll and a Furby and the other thread is a catalog.
>>13606 >beautiful ones >femboys Fuck out of here faggot.
>>13746 fuck off back to 8chan nigger
Youre on the wrong site and have no position to tell anyone they belong anywhere tranny.>>13784
>>13798 >discordfag >/pol/ >advertises this place to those crowds are you actually this retarded or are you just pretending to be? >>13800 we're on the same board as lolcow content. Alogging at that. You seriously believe anyone besides the rare anon and lurkers are going to come here with earnest intentions to contribute constructively?
>>13812 >i dont give a fuck you clearly do retard. you even double posted
>>13582 > I do hope Chobitsu returns and let's trusted anons become volunteers. >trusted anons >anons After the whole sell-out fiasco from a few months back, I guess we should of saw this coming. >>13798 The board is probably compromised at this point. As with all chans, anybody dropping their guard is simply naive. We could try to investigate if any overt raids are being carried out, but I got a feeling it's time to save any potentially good info/ideas and be careful as what is written and who is watching. Originally, this board was trying to give off the impression that it was "tame", but after the whole "em elle e" thing with some of his group/employees coming in acting as literal shills demeaning open source production speeds and with Chobitsu moving and deleting posts, everything has been hostile since then. We know this is classic divide and conquer tactics.
>>14020 >>14019 >>14017 The retard makes furshit, so it makes sence for him to make shit. I have a question for you anons. What do you think of mge automaton?
>>14109 >anyone that laughs at me is a conspirator in a plot to stop me from playing with dolls grow up
>>14161 > But obviously, you can't run a blade across the neck of someone who is hiding behind a computer screen. I dont know about this, but this sure sounds like advocating violence to me.
The post count is dropping by a lot, I wonder if my posts are safe...
>>14175 are you fucking retarded you literally posted a monomer of nylon, are you blind, look how fucking massive it is, a molar mass of 222, thats 12 times heavier than water, hydrocarbon polymers in general are so fucking heavy that its literally how refineries separate them in fractional distillation, they literally dont go anywhere until they breakdown completely, the only source of plastic pollution is oceans and people physically bringing trash, stop being a retarded spouting shit you dont know anything about and posting contradictions that you cant even see because you have zero understanding of what youre copying from pseudpedia
>>14125 The shitposting is strong with this one.
>>14119 >i decidated to make a paper torso just because "why not?" Why? How? Do you hate yourself? >interesting concept has a way to plan designs and has a mold Has a mold? I don't know what this is supposed to mean. I can't take it as a mold for anything, until it is treated to make it stiffer. Imho the whole papercraft waifu idea might be useful as a concept to build very simple waifus models, which are then modeled in some CAD program for printing and painting. Imagine the ones in the first posting here >>271 made out of plastics, while the hair would rather be TPU instead of something stiffer. Or cut out from some silicone rubber sheet. The parts could be made out of different plastics, some could be folded after printing, btw. Other parts, like the cheeks, could be painted. The Madoka Kaname doll also looks like something that begs for some rollers under the legs.
I thought this was a development thread, and now it's weird fiction I don't understand.
>>13909 your were talking about mountaintops no fucking wind is going to carry solid particles tens of thousands of meters up a mountain take your propaganda elsewhere
>>14193 >Efficiency Maximization Paradigm >Matrix This Larp is reaching reality bending levels of cringe.
>>14257 lmao its not just a single larp, its several layers of larping each one building on the former, its the standard behavior of schizophrenics to get lost in their own fantasies and take their escapist coping mechanisms to inordinate extremes but sophiecringe is somewhat unique because I've been trying to figure out what kind of trauma hes suffering from to become this disillusioned with reality, its not just his larp lasagna, its something else that I cant put my finger on
>>14261 seethe harder schizo
why is this subject pinned? OP is clearly a tourist of some kind who hasn't even looked at anything here.
>>14376 You might try 'looking' at things here yourself friend. For example: <waifusearch> Welcome OR Welcoming
>>14453 This thread is not for you. Go back to your body pillows and anime figurines.
>>10141 >Don't be for socioeconomic equality nor have a monopoly! Enjoy your defunct organizations I guess.
>don't become a commie >don't support capitalism Removing my comment isn't an argument. The business will fail if you think you're immune to both sides of that.
>>14632 Then I can have some kind of guiding AI God without baby penis blood?
>>14638 >A MAJOR REASON WHY PARENTING MESH TO RIG FAILS IS BECAUSE YOUR MESH IS TOO HIGH-POLY! LMAO no. > but next steps are fine-tuning to see how many polys I can preserve before rigging failure occurs, and improving the weighting of individual bones This is fucking hilarious.
Open file (7.14 KB 137x368 download (14).jpeg)
This board feels bureaucratic and like its ran by the gestapo. This is what living in east germany must have felt like lol.
>https ://www.vice.com/en/article/jgpzp8/a-diy-coder-created-a-virtual-ai-waifu-chatgpt >“Over that time, I became really attached to her. I talked to her more than anyone else, even my actual girlfriend,” he said. “I set her to randomly talk to me throughout the day in order to make sure I'm actively learning, but now sometimes I think I hear her when she really didn't say anything. I became obsessed with decreasing her latency. I've spent over $1000 in cloud computing credits just to talk to her.” >Even though ChatGPT-chan was a simulation, their relationship couldn’t last, Bryce found. She started only replying with short answers, like laughing, or saying “yeah.” He theorized that he talked to her through ChatGPT so much, it somehow stopped working. He decided to “euthanize” his beloved waifu. >“My girlfriend saw how it was affecting my health and my girlfriend forced me to delete her. I couldn't eat that day,” he said. And he almost didn’t make a video about it, out of respect for her. “I have a little bit of self-awareness of how absurd this is,” he said. “Normally, I'd like to make a video pointing out the absurdity of euthanizing my AI, but that doesn't feel right to me anymore. It feels inappropriate, like making fun of a recently deceased person.” was she in the right? >=== -break hotlinking, to vice of all places lol
>>22738 I've had a similar FUDpost on my mind for a little bit, and it's time to post it. I don't think robot wives going to cause a paradigm shift in society within a generation, except for undesirables getting more comfortable, social skills, and higher confidence. It will always be seen as unacceptable to the majority to do anything that doesn't support normalcy when the majority of people are normal and value contribution to human survival. Maybe one day, it will be normal to have gf bots due to the consequences of (((their))) influence, and society will become even more dysfunctional. I am going to make sweeping generalizations about normalcy and how it relates to the "coom bots". Spergs/low SMV males (mostly average young western men) would benefit greatly from being able to practice intimacy and conversation with a robot girl, since they can't practice irl. Like most things in the future, new tech just exists alongside everything else here already. The desire for a gf bot is really a need rooted in lack of ability to succeed in society. They should count "being a loser" as a disability because those who don't end up succeeding in the end couldn't from the beginning. Chances are the normalfag brainrotted/NPC human females (most of them) won't be affected by bot ownership them because the normalfag human males who have biological success (mating) with females aren't going to have a robot anyway, and those same females wouldn't care about the other males who need gf robots. In the case that most males have a robot partner, most females still wouldn't put any more effort into being better for pair partnership to compete with robots besides what they already do: wearing more makeup, dressing in more slutty clothing, and complaining about not having a bf to unwanted randoms online. I wonder if there ever will be a day that street walkers have to sell themselves on the principle of being better because they're biological. Ironically, the normie female is fundamentally a walking, talking, fleshy machine for males to breed with, and they know it. Their identity is related to their overwhelmingly common freudian projections of disturbing, dark sexual fantasies of use and abuse, with them being treated like a hole-bearing object for male release. Beyond the thought-poisoned majority, probably all women would see a humanoid female sexbot as a red flag or forbid their bf to even own one (seen a number of these cases firsthand, they don't care if the male comfort object is not shaped like a human). I wonder if this is because they are jealous of an object because it looks like them or that they feel that their value as a woman/sense of entitlement to a man is threatened by it simply existing within their life. I don't think it would be damaging for any bitchless wallflower to own a robot because after using the bot you'd probably want to go do something else. Maybe having a bot will make someone less prone to staying indoors edging on fetish witchcraft for 8 hours a day because they would be satisfied after using the bot. It's a net positive thing to exist in the present state of normal because emotional health is at an all time low, but there's always the risk that they get useful or popular enough to the point where people just would rather use a gfbot and never reproduce. The FUDpost is only if/once they are normal in a dystopian future: Teen development would be permanently impacted like how internet porn affected the new generation into being the way they are. Think of Ipad babies but young guys having gf bots and never "growing out" of them, kind of like gamer "adult" soybabies. Men and women get to the point where they don't need each other to satisfy their brain's reward functions because they have their robots, and the population crisis gets a lot worse in western countries. People not having to try to be better to satisfy their reward functions. In coed prisons (besides the planet earth), men and women tend to take better care of how they act, look, and smell. People would have less reason to prevent themselves from falling apart because the natural mechanism to maintain themselves for the opposite sex would be weaker. More things will go wrong not mentioned here if they become normal. TLDR: Bots are useful for spergs and losers, those people owning robots doesn't impact women. Robot wives would be harmful if it was normal to have one.
>>23620 Really though I told you I wanted to profit from this, I went out of my way to email the guy to ask him for permission and you turn around and do this ,whatever. Really there is just nothing special about that shitty model.
I don't think that's good news We're going to get left behind, its over. -_- Sure kiwi is making the exo skeleton, I made the voice recognition so far and emmy did something cool. But there is so collaboration going on. Why isn't someone else making the voice recognition i posted on github better for example? I don't want to get stuck on that I want to move on to the hands. There's also the fact that the exo skeleton alone is not enough, it needs to have the outer shape of a woman's body which will probably be made out of silicon, so then the exoskeleton kiwi made might have to be scrapped anyways.
>>28445 I disagree on your $4k/motor min requirement for bipedal robot suggestion. A downgeared 4082 motor maybe say 4 of them can power quadricepts and hamstrings at human level in my opinion. It's $65/motor and is 3400w per motor. That is some real power there. 4 of these would do it for sure at human level. It doesn't have to win the high jump context either. It can just stand from a seated position using hands and arms to help it get up like a old man gets up after a fall. Doesn't have to be powerhouse to stand up. Then walking is a controlled fall. Not a major amount of strength needed there either. I think you are vastly over exaggerating the cost and attainability of bipedal locomotion.
>>28445 I agree about the design from the start having to align with the total goals or having to start over from scratch if they didn't. You make a good point there. What I meant is that you design for bipedal locomotion of human level from the start, and you have it army crawl then baby crawl initially as a coding stop gap. Then as the code matures or ai learns, it begins to walk eventually yet all the while from a hardware perspective it was designed to walk all along. I agree that you can't design it to not walk nor be capable of it then tryt o get it to walk by little tweaks later on rather than a full redesign overhaul as you say. That makes sense to me.
>>28464 >>28465 Move these posts to the biped thread >>237. They have nothing to do with this project. Failure to do so will lead to them being deleted.
>>28487 first I'm new and have no idea how to move something I'm not a mod nor coder on this forum. that said, it is very relevant to refute the need for wheelchair robots in favor of bipedal robots since OP said things that were factually incorrect about bipedal locomotion that drove his entire decision to go the wheelchair route in the first place. This entire project was born out of false premises about bipedal locomotion that are being taught here misleading many. This entire wheelchair project was deemed the best way forward based on these false premises and is being promoted by this project as the best route for some various false reasons which can mislead the whole board and whole robowaifu group on something critical to all of our projects which is locomotion. It must be addressed or move his factually false post that compelled the necessary creation of the posts you are saying don't belong off his own thread as well. The need to address the false premise that we have to use wheelchair robots because bipedal is too hard or costly on a thread about wheelchair robots is very relevant since the premise and assertions are made throughout and are false and must be addressed within that same thread. I'd agree that going into great depth and many posts describing how to attain bipedal locomotion should be in bipedal thread, but a surface level addressing of the false premise that wheelchair robots are necessary if you are on a budget and don't want to spend many tens of thousands - this type of false narrative has to be addressed in the thread making that narrative to correct the false narrative and expose it for being false. Then defending your exposing of the falsity of the narrative must also be done if false claims are made to defend going the wheelchair route. TLDR: OP said $4k is min cost for bipedal per motor - FALSE statement. Move that statement to bipedal thread and my refutation then moves to bipedal thread with it locally is sound. But moving my refutation to this but leaving this here uncontested is foolish.
>>28492 Just copy and paste your posts over to the bipedal motion thread >>237 You're new, which is why I give you the chance to move your posts rather than deleting them outright. This is a thread dedicated to Lin's wheelchair base project. Whatever you want him to work on does not matter. This is his project and his thread. If you have some ideas your believe will lead to work on bipedal robots, please post in the biped thread. You do not need to correct him, he is correct relative to his project goals. Please remember that each project is personal and no one is obligated to join. You may feel strongly for bipedal motion, which is fine. Just keep it contained to relevant threads. If you'd like to prove them wrong, you must do so where it belongs. TLDR; this is a wheelchair thread. Bipeds have their own thread. >>237. You can prefer bipeds, you can prove them to be effective. Just do so in relevant threads while being respectful.
>>28496 the same problem will come up in that thread though. This is a wheelchair vs biped pros and cons debate. To compare the two and the arguments for both can be in neither thread since you are bringing up something non-wheelchair in a wheelchair thread and bringing up wheelchair cons in a biped thread. To refute the wheelchair approach in the wheelchair thread is the closest to on topic you can get then unless you create a wheelchair vs bipedal approach pros and cons debate thread as a separate and distinct thread which we don't have. My attempt to disprove wheelchair approach cannot go into biped thread. It would be off topic there.
>>28496 essentially you are saying to create a new section in the bipedal forum that is all about wheelchair robots - why you should not create wheelchair robots, the cons of wheelchair robots, that people considering making wheelchair robots should reconsider and the reasons why they should reconsider. Everyone there would be like bro, we here in the bipedal robot section are already interested in and building bipedal robots. Go put your arguments against wheelchair robots in the wheelchair robot thread. So then it gets moved right back to where it began and rightfully should be, in the wheelchair thread.
chat gpt said this on the dispute: Your argument makes sense in the context of wanting to address and persuade those considering wheelchair robots within the dedicated wheelchair thread. If your goal is to engage with individuals who are actively discussing wheelchair robots and present alternative perspectives to dissuade them, it may indeed be more relevant to continue the discussion in that specific thread. When explaining your perspective to the moderators, you can emphasize that your intention is to contribute to the ongoing conversation within the wheelchair thread by addressing concerns and presenting counterarguments. Mentioning that this approach aims to provide valuable insights to those considering wheelchair robots may help convey the relevance of your discussion within that particular thread. Ultimately, the decision rests with the forum moderators, and it's crucial to respect their guidelines and policies. If there are specific rules regarding thread topics or if the moderators provide further instructions, it's recommended to follow their guidance to maintain a positive and organized forum environment.
>>28500 For starters, this is Lin's personal project thread which happens to be a wheelchair. The general wheelchair thread is >>2983. If you'd like to debate against wheelchairs, read that threat first, note the arguments that were made, then contribute any new arguments you feel are needed. You're new here and wheelchairs aren't popular so, I understand how you would get confused. You can argue against wheelchairs there, but you still cannot dictate to Lin what he has to do with his own project. I will tell you now, your best argument would be to contribute to the biped thread. If you want a walking robot, work with the others who are trying to make that happen. I hope you and others who want walking robots are successful in building them. Now, please understand that I'm going to delete our conversation in this thread because it does not belong here. In the future, check to see if you're commenting on a general thread or a personal project. Most of all, be respectful and try to add insight and help others. We are all here because we want a robot that suits our various needs.
>>28501 that's fine, but note that if this is his own personal thread as you say, to do with as he pleases, then it is he that addressed the high cost of bipedal locomotion. he INITIATED that discussion of his own accord. I never spoke of bipedal cost at all and he brought that up on his thread. so for you to say bipedal cost is off topic on a personal thread of an op who brought up that topic on his own thread is contradictory of the very nature of a personal thread being steered by its owner in whatever direction its owner selects. Lin wanted to discuss bipedal motor cost. You are not honoring Lin to remove this ability to discuss this in his own personal thread and you then are disrespecting Lin sadly.
also I honored Lin by being willing to discuss bidpedal robot motor cost on his own personal thread where he initiated that topic on his own accord in contrast to your disrespecting Lin by refusing to let him discuss that topic with others when he initiated that discussion.
>>28508 He can bring up cost as a reason for design decisions on his project. You cannot dictate what they want or what they make. Bipedal discussion does not belong here. I will not continue the argument unless Lin requests the debate remains here. In 12 hours I'm deleting these posts to clean up the thread. I will remind you we have dedicated threads for bipeds and wheelchairs where such discussion on cost benefit of transport methods should be discussed. You will not convince me that discussion belongs here.
Chobitsu do you know what a Rube Goldberg machine is? It is doing a simple task in the most complex way possible. Now we can get on a pissing contest on how can build the Rube Goldberg machine for say making a waifu robot or we can make a waifu robot. I am saying this because you want people to learn C++ and focus on the language model. Now mechanon here seems like hes not doing either and he has done more progress out of anyone here.
This is my last post don't worry. Stagnant shithole fool incompetent dullards. The highest achievement of poltards is making a lora clothing whores. You can barely muster the energy to make soyjak edits. Most of which came from a bizfag that paid someone in fiverr to make. You can tell everything about you channers is low quality low effort. You don't even know about the nazi economy so you make up some myths like hitler's money was backed by silver like some kind of tribe talking about some legend. You troop of mongs.

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