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Open file (3.96 MB 400x224 Gd_LGq.gif)
What's the future of /robowaifu/ like? Robowaifu Technician 05/06/2020 (Wed) 22:40:22 No.2699
I am the anon who was asking about a very basic beginner set up that could be easily upgraded using the ms paint Chii love doll as the base. I am wondering what is your vision for the future of /robowaifu/? I am curious since I am getting a lot of good info just lurking around here, but it seems like everyone has different visions. Nothing wrong with that, but I am more curious about resources and kits for beginners. Even it's just a list of parts to buy and find on your own at different tiers.
>>2699 Hey there Anon. So this is a really good question, and an opportunity for us to get our thoughts together on the topic. I'm going to effort-post a response for you in a day or so, but just wanted to quickly let you know I'd seen the thread. current WIP: board stability - Robi has decided to keep /robowaifu/ on as he creates a new site. I am reasonably confident that at the least he is resistant to the types of influences that corrupted both m00t and Hotwheels, and so I'm hopeful the re-spin of Julay will prove to be a stable home for us for years to come. Add the addition of the Final Solution into the future-mix and I would also predict that IBs in general will be an enduring platform for everyone for quite some time as well. community growth & cohesion - While sadly, we've never really recovered from the setback of 8chan's closure, general interest in the basic mission of /robowaifu/ hasn't diminished even a little. It's grown in fact, near as I can tell. I think coupled with the above point, this means that our community should grow in an organic way at a moderate pace all on it's own. An Anon is heading up a recruitment effort moreover, and if others will join with him in it, we may in fact grow significantly faster than typical. This faster growth brings a number of it's own issues, and one of those commonly seen is a 'rebound' effect where newcomers disappear after a short, intense period of interest. This is to be expected, but the basic trend should be up at an accelerated pace with everyone's efforts. I'm hopeful we may even recover some of our former denizens through this outreach project. - Overall, I think we have literally one of the best communities going for IBs, so cohesion in general isn't a problem for us. We should all go out of our way to strive to be patient and helpful to newcomers over the next few months, myself included. While I will not allow outsiders to just run rough-shod over us and our efforts here, neither do I want to stifle potential new creative blood offhand. It's a tricky line to walk out well, and I'd ask everyone's patience with myself in advance and prayers too, heh. :^) projects progress & openness - One thing it would be nice to adapt here more strongly is keeping everyone up to date on a very regular basis for the progress of your work. Don't be concerned that you're boring others or repeating yourself. Believe me, it will be a significant change for the better if we all adopt this approach here. If anything gets out of hand, I'll gently correct it so please, just dump your work here frequently for the benefit of all. Thanks Anons. - Carver Mead (who's a very famous guy in certain circles) regularly had small group meetings where he and his grad students got together for fun and a meal on weekends, but first thing they all had a 'Confessional' session before eating. This is where anyone who had tried an experiment since the previous meeting and it failed, they had to share with everyone else what happened. The goal was to help everyone else ofc. Sharing your own failures with others isn't comfortable, but if we could somehow adopt that into our culture here (in the past one of our members Dollfan actually did so, in fact) it would benefit us all I'm sure. intellectual property & licensing - Everyone here is free to do what they will with their own creations, of course. But it will definitely serve our community and the larger world if we all consolidate on the non-restrictive open-source licenses BSD 3-clause, or MIT. It has been well-tested legally, offers good protections for the author, and allows any interested entities to use the material at will. This license will both allow for any motivated Anons here to create kits for commercial (or non-commercial) distribution, but will also accelerate the general production of robowaifus worldwide. I'm well aware of the merits of more restrictive licensing, but I'm simply asking for everyone here to adopt the BSD-3 or MIT licenses for all our work here on /robowaifu/. https://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-3-Clause https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT explaining things - Every invention or even just idea is new to someone who hasn't ever seen it before. While you can't explain every little detail to everyone and actually have time to do work as well, I think it would be helpful to everyone if you can make some extra time in your visits to /robowaifu/ to spell out in over-abundant detail information about your projects. This will be particularly effective as newcomers come on board who don't have much of a clue yet about what's going on here. community-based documentation - The board itself has been our only real 'document' thus far. While IBs have proven even better than I'd hoped at allowing us as a community to creatively share our ideas, still as an engineering documentation system it leaves much to be desired. Anon has revived the old idea of creating a /robowaifu/ wiki, and I sincerely hope we manage it this time. I've personally taken the initiative as well to begin a more formal documentation effort called the Robowaifu Design Document (>>3001) which should help us out in the long run, hopefully in a significant way. Probably the two efforts will progress hand-in-hand apace, with the board itself continuing to serve as the main fertile breeding-ground for creativity as it has done so well thus far. - Anon has also created a great IPCNet document (>>2418), which I'm folding into the RDD. I would welcome many, many more such documents after it's kind from everyone involved here. They don't have to be anything fancy, but please throw in tons of details about your ideas and projects. I'll do my best to edit them into the RDD under the pertinent headings, etc. directory & glossary - I'm also considering how best to have a 'directory' thread for the board that will help direct everyone to find posts touching on the very many different topics we cover here on /robowaifu/. >(1 of 2) >=== -add BSD link -add 1 of 2 -add IPCNet & RDD
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 04/06/2021 (Tue) 00:05:02.
>>2701 >(cont) It can be rather frustrating to have tangential conversations frequently derail threads (which has often been the case here). The basic problem for us with this is that as engineers, we need to be able to quickly locate the information we need for our work, and this derailing effect certainly hinders that effort. But rather than get annoyed over this dispersion of needed information across a dozen different off-topic threads, I now realize that it's basically inevitable given this form of communications. And quite frankly, the creative benefits of us all dynamically engaging here together in a free-form way are just too important to ignore. Therefore, the only practical alternative to make things (re)discoverable that I can think of is to have some type of topical index. I mean to adopt the new pinned thread as that index (I'll also have one in the RDD ofc). I would also welcome creative suggestions here on how best to keep this thing maintained in the future in a way that also protects my sanity at the same time heh. :^) - Anon suggested we create a glossary. This is a great idea and a plan I already intended for the RDD. As the directory thread will already be an extensive one once everything's restored here from the past and everything's cross-indexed, it probably makes sense to have a separate glossary thread. As the saying goes, "Pull requests welcome." ie, please work on this Anons, and submit it here heh. :^) >UPDATE: We've now basically done this, and it's our Library Index thread >>7143 . Still has to be fleshed out, but in conjunction with our new tool "Waifusearch", is already serving us fairly well. More to come, everyone go ahead and give some feedback on it please. I'll incorporate further work, and we can just adopt OP's thread as our sort of 'vision statement' thread as we go along. >(2 of 2) >=== -convert this to a continuation post, linked above, due to char limit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 04/05/2021 (Mon) 22:09:02.
Open file (175.90 KB 800x1200 Frame arms girl.jpg)
>>2699 We're pretty much pioneering the future of homebrew robowaifu so there aren't any tutorials or resources yet. The Inventors Corner and Repair & Maintenance board on the Doll Forum would be more knowledgeable in doll modification: https://dollforum.com/forum/ You might enjoy building a Frame Arms Girl in the meantime. They're poseable figures that come in 200-300 pieces with step-by-step instructions on how to assemble them. The RobotShop also has kits for toy robots and remote control cars with microcontrollers and a wide selection of parts if you're interested in that: https://www.robotshop.com/ >>2701 >explaining things I try my best to avoid jargon but it's hard not to use. It would take reading 3-5 research papers to fully explain what I'm doing. For instance, a value and policy network is as obvious as the sky to me but I remember when I had no clue what a policy even was or how a value network worked and struggled to understand what people were talking about, until it finally clicked a policy is basically a chosen action by the AI and a value just determines how good or bad a given state is. Perhaps creating a glossary would be useful so people can look up terms they don't understand because these terms have nuances that need to be understood. A policy for example isn't just a chosen action but a probability distribution over many. For some of the things I'm doing now though there's not even any information on Google to explain what I'm doing except the research papers that inspired it and even then there's not any agreement in the research community on the terms they're using.
>>2743 Thanks for any extra efforts you can make. Your work is by far the most abstract and I, for one, have difficulty following most of the time. I'm generally really smart so intelligence isn't the issue for me, basic ignorance on the topic is. Actually, you've done a great job at explaining lots of things and we all need to try to do so with each other tbh. >Perhaps creating a glossary would be useful so people can look up terms they don't understand Great idea, I updated the response post Anon. Refresh.
Open file (419.79 KB 849x1200 basedesigninspiration.jpg)
>>2743 Some type of required reading collection would definitely help getting everyone to similar competence levels. Currently trying to self-learn programming and machine learning but finding good material is hard. Problem with such a collection would be some bias towards certain approaches that the anon who made or maintains the collection prefers, which could limit the scope of the projects on this board.
Open file (306.36 KB 728x588 chii_bg.png)
>>2745 >Currently trying to self-learn programming You're actually a very valuable resource to me then, Anon. I'm adding a basic tutorial section to the RDD that is intended to get novices up to speed quickly without a lot of overhead, and specifically in the ultimate context of building robowaifus in mind. Care to create a list of issues/questions/ideas etc., here for me?
>>2746 Biggest issue/question that would benefit most anons would probably be what to learn. So many options when it comes to programming languages, machine learning frameworks and their respective hardware support, mainly thinking about tensorflow and similar ones with the last point. There are simply too many options and lacking knowledge that comes from experience with the choices about their strengths and weaknesses.
>>2745 The 3 languages will specifically be Python, C++, and C. They all 3 have important roles to play in the creation of robowaifus going forward. So, with that in mind, have any additional to post related? >>2746
>>2746 >>2748 3D modeling, be it for printing or just designing parts for other fabrication methods, and lists of easily accessible methods. Depending on the backgrounds of anons here they might've never heard of something like vacuum tables, which are easy to make and allow you to turn simple molds into multiple spares to further work on.
>>2749 Great point. I will give vacuum molds specific attention in the Plastics, synthetics, rubber subsection, currently ss of the RDD. Thanks Anon, anything else?
>>2750 Haven't seen much talk about working with silicone or coatings for it, nor other soft materials.
>>2749 >3D modeling, be it for printing or just designing parts for other fabrication methods Blender is the obvious choice, and a recommendation I can pretty make without reservations now that version 2.8 is out. It's truly the equal of the big dogs in most areas now, and far outstrips them in many areas as well. Cura is a good, readily accessible slicer software. Sorry I don't have a lot of specific quidance about the printers themselves only owning one, but there are anons here who can contribute answers to this area. There are lots of reviews available elsewhere as well I'm sure. Maybe it would be good if some Motivated Anon™ took it on himself and helped us all out by updating our 3D printer thread with current information like that? >>94
>>2751 Yea, it was one of the set of threads that haven't been moved over here yet sadly. I will definitely expand on these under ss11.6.2 Gluing & bonding, as well as in the surface materials subsections. Good point Anon, thanks. Anything else?
>>2745 In my opinion reinforcement learning is the most promising area of AI research and lead to the development of AlphaZero and MuZero beating world Go champions decades ahead of predictions. It partially emulates how the brain learns and with further research into neuromodulation we may be able to fully emulate it. The best introduction to RL is Richard Sutton's book and David Silver's RL course: >>2250 >>2449 >>2747 You're gonna need to learn Python for machine learning. PyTorch is the best for experimental work and the easiest to use. TensorFlow is better for deploying a finished AI model that needs to run fast, so it's popular among businesses. If you want to build robowaifus then you'll also need to learn C/C++ for programming embedded systems. I don't know any good books of the top of my head but try looking around for a highly rated book on Goodreads that captures your attention: https://www.goodreads.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=python+programming
>>2758 >but try looking around for a highly rated book on Goodreads that captures your attention: For C++, there is but one legitimate list: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/388242/the-definitive-c-book-guide-and-list There are a yuge number of really, really shitty C++ books in existence Anon, most of them crafted by academic-types who think 'C-style C++' is the proper way to learn (or use) C++. Truly awful. BTW we already have both a Python and a C++ specific threads here. The Python one never took off b/c quite frankly no one ever stepped up. The C++ is fleshed out somewhat, but isn't what I have in mind for beginners. I mean to fix both issues in the RDD software tutorials.
>>2750 >>2753 Ignore these section numbers I'm acting like a retard atm. The headings for the book haven't even been fully fleshed out yet, much less solidified into specific ordering. The section titles are probably roughly correct though. >t. chobitsu
Open file (73.26 KB 450x600 jump_joy_lime.jpg)
>>2701 Hello! Been lurking here for perhaps a month or so. Very good summary! I'm currently studying formal verification for hardware design as well as basics of compiler design. My goals are mainly for designing an open source, well documented embedded system using an FPGA and alternative CPU architecture. Mostly for fun, so I don't expect it to be any better than your bog-standard microcontroller. However I am aiming for it to be studied and perhaps developed further. There is an OS that could run on this architecture, however it would need a lot of optimisation, and I'd need an fpga board with more RAM XD In my opinion an open system with documentation and schematics is vital for a standard that could last a long time. And an architecture simple enough so that it could be built by different vendors. Especially for objects that are intended to be as close as a waifu bot. Also would like to learn about other areas of engineering (mechanical, aero, chemical etc.) as electrical only covers surface level.
>>4413 >I'm currently studying formal verification for hardware design Very nice. So you're going to be a real engineer then? BTW, here's a freely-available formal verification tool for software. >>3720 Maybe it will be of some interest to you at some point along your engineering journey. >Mostly for fun, so I don't expect it to be any better than your bog-standard microcontroller. I'm sure you'll do fine. If it's got even basic functionality and we can compile C/C++ code an load onto it then it would be a welcome addition to our stable if it it's open-source. >Also would like to learn about other areas of engineering (mechanical, aero, chemical etc.) as electrical only covers surface level. Well, fortunately the problem-space of creating IRL robowaifus entails a very broad array of disciplines heh! :^)
>>4421 I'll be releasing bits with an open source (I was thinking 3 clause BSD, as GPL seems a little restrictive) as they become more mature. Because the architecture is simple enough, I'm writing a rudimentary assembler which will compile to machine code. That'll probably last for a little while, before I have enough knowledge to write a C compiler (at least C99). Yeah, that's why real life problems are so fun! You must consider a wide range of properties (mechanical, electrical, chemical etc...) for a given system to work well :)
>>4425 >(I was thinking 3 clause BSD, as GPL seems a little restrictive) They both serve their purposes. As far as /robowaifu/'s efforts are concerned, certainly GPL is too restrictive. The goal here is to spread the concept far and wide over the whole earth, and if entrepreneurs want to capitalize on our work to do just that, more power to them I say. (Hopefully some of that entrepreneurship will be 'in the family' right here from /robowaifu/ heh). BTW, if you're already willing to use BSD, would you consider going with MIT instead? It will help everyone if we can manage to consolidate everything here on a single license. All my stuff is MIT, and there's an official BO request to do so for everyone here. >>2701 >I'm writing a rudimentary assembler which will compile to machine code Hey, gotta solve that step first right? :^) >=== >"...would you consider going with MIT instead?" I'm dropping this request. BSD 3-clause is fine.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 04/01/2021 (Thu) 21:53:13.
I've noticed that there is a lot of theory, but not as much actual testing or doing. I feel like there has been a lot of good discussion and weighing the pros and cons of various systems and designs, as well as methods for designing and testing. There are plenty of resources for programs, books, materials, components, and various topics that just require either a bit of external research or a bit of legwork to get started with. Still, there are only a handful of examples of real tests or actual legwork being done. It could be that people are doing tests and making progress but not actually posting it, or that ongoing projects are being worked on but are taking a long time, but how do we encourage real work being done or designs being made to be shared? Just working out theory is still useful, but without the application of that theory it isn't as useful as it could be.
Open file (15.43 KB 474x247 download.jpeg)
>>4578 You're absolutely correct. It's very tempting to look into all of these topics, but to avoid the hard problem of dealing with any of it. Personally I try to do more and I'm confident about getting to it. I wrote some code for dealing with graph databases (RDF) which I want to connect to AIML plus other software, and I'll certainly come back to that. Before publishing it, I might clean it up a little. Maybe this is flawed thinking, since the whole process should be public. Just didn't want to deal with people trying to use it, and then I might have to change a lot and creating a mess. I also got Arduinos, Sensors, and some motors, but need to set up my Laptop so I can upload code to it properly. Looking into some topics also motivated me to restart learning CAD. Yeah, I'm currently simply a bit stuck in going through all the ideas here, the archive, and similar forums... 🤔 Long story short: Only excuses, but I'm close.
>>4581 Progress is progress man, keep it up! Post it when you feel you've made something presentable, but don't be afraid to post it beforehand as long as you give fair warning what works and what doesn't. Seeing people make progress could easily inspire others to follow suit!
>>4578 >I've noticed that there is a lot of theory, but not as much actual testing or doing. IMO that's not only perfectly fine, but literally unavoidable with such a huge topic. I can't personally think of a more complex systems engineering task throughout the entirety of human history that I've personally investigated. This is a highly multi-faceted undertaking, and Anons are inevitably going to gravitate towards one interest or another. And these interests will very likely change over time for each individual as well. And not all progress is 'real' either, at least as something purely physical you can touch. Conceptualization is very much part of the design process, but typically generates little in the way of artifacts beyond art and text. But that's where it all starts. Another field that's not 'real' (to the layman at least) is software engineering. Kokubunji has been performing AI theoretical testing and exploration. The number of research papers he's assembled for us (many posted right here on /robowaifu/) are of inestimable value to us, but they are 'just ideas, not real'. I've been focusing on learning the latest techniques in C++ that will help drive our efforts forward here, yet that leaves little in the way of practical artifacts to post a picture of. And writing software is definitely not something everyone's cut out for (I'm effectively the sole Anon who regularly posts in the C++ thread at this time, for example). And while Kokubunji has actually made a project that a few people are dabbling with, all I've done is create BUMP. And as near as I can tell, I'm the only individual who's ever bothered to use it at this point. But I would do it again (just better this time) even if I'm literally the only Anon who ever uses it. Still, while I've learned a lot so far about writing effective software, I have a long, long way to go yet. Just to create practical, high-performance, distributed, software solutions that have a hope of satisfying the highly complex and interdependent issues involved with connecting together all the electronics and other components needed for an ideal working robowaifu is a major engineering undertaking to say the least quite apart from assembling the components themselves. I'm rather pleased with the progress I've made since I began this quest actually. And while I often wish I could learn things faster, in this sub-domain of robowaifu engineering at least I'm quite convinced that quality is most definitely more important than quantity. >tl;dr I'm actually fairly pleased with the current state of /robowaifu/, and wouldn't worry too much about the amount of project work being shared thus far. This is a big, big task and everyone has varied interests here so progress is going to be spread out (both in time and across sub-domain). My advice for everyone is to be patient & methodical both with your own project work and research studies--and your expectations of other's work. Keep it realistic. And being encouraging towards each other always helps with motivation, ofc. :^) We'll all get there, but this is a long-term effort Anons. >--- edit grammatical corrections and consolidation
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/28/2020 (Tue) 09:59:13.
>>4585 I'm in agreement with this post. There are a few barriers to entry that make it easier to focus on theory for now. The main one that you mentioned was engineering/programming related challenges. I think another important barrier is cost/materials. I think the best thing that could happen for the board right now would be for it to grow like-minded individuals. I'm a bit new to this board myself. I never knew there was a dedicated community like this out there! I'm glad that I discovered this through some googling. Hilariously enough, the search that brought me here was literally just "Robowaifu". I spent a lot of time lurking Emmy the Robot threads on /co/ and those sexbot threads on /pol/ but wanted more. I had been interested in the concept for a long time but I thought there were few people that felt the same way. This community may be small but I'm seriously relieved that it exists. It's been exciting to browse the exchange of ideas between posts. People on this board are also very respectful towards each other which is another bonus. I hope to make some contributions of my own in the future but right now I feel like there is a lot for me to learn. I'm hoping that by the time I've developed my skills that this community will have grown some.
>>4592 I thought time would be a big issue for most anons? Even work from home wage-slaving takes at least 8 hours, and often leaves my brain fried (engineering, especially trying to get legacy designs with crappy documentation working). As you said, community's great. Probably because getting here requires a level of knowledge and particular type of mind. Nice to speak my mind here without censorship!
>>4594 Yeah time is another big barrier to entry. I guess depending on how you look at it that could be tied in with money. If someone was wealthy enough they could afford to make it their full time pursuit. Although that probably isn't realistic for most people so you're right. I guess the best of both worlds would be people with jobs in related robotic fields. They gain relevant knowledge while also earning the money they need to fund their lives/personal projects. So does that mean the biggest barriers towards moving beyond theory are time, money, and knowledge? I have the misfortune of lacking all three. I'm working on knowlege and money, but I think those two will take so much time for me that it'll be a while before I can try my hand at producing something worthwhile. I overlooked time because of the whole quarantine stuff going on recently, but it is definitely a major bottleneck. I think theories and concepts are so fun to make because they don't really cost anything. There are still a lot of problems that have to be solved on that level anyways. I think overall we lack a final image of what a robowaifu should look like/function like. Some people want something like Chi, some want something more human, and some want something more mecha. Personally I really prefer the mecha musume look, mostly humanoid but with obvious mechanical parts here and there. I also would like them to function more computer-like. I really don't need the whole synthetic emotion stuff. I can't speak for everyone of course. I'd like to know what others are looking for in that regard. I think the fact that everyone has their own internal image of their idealized robowaifu is what causes so many splits in theory. It's interesting.
Open file (67.58 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>4596 In regards to time, that can be acquired if you have the right living conditions. If you're single, your spending can be minimised. If you own your house, or willing to live parents, you reduce monthy payments to utility bills, food, limited travel. Working and saving up, you could probably live off savings for a year after working for a year. That'll be my plan once I save up some more. Though I admit I'm lucky to live with parents, and my rent is small. Good point, the word robowaifu brings up a different image/concept depending on who you ask. For me: -Scifi robowaifu, is a waifu one capable of replacing a human female for everything BUT reproduction (my idea of the future is stationary artificial wombs). This would include self-cleaning, waterproof shell, ability to learn new skills. Perhaps an general AI. -Real/current robowaifu, a robot that performs a limited set of (likely) preprogrammed tasks. More importantly, gives the user/owner an illusion of company/emotional feedback. The illusion would likely be present even in scifi robowaifus (see analog-hacking in anime/novel Beatless), at least until AIs are more generalised. -My robowaifu, my ball-jointed doll that I stylised after Lime from Saber Marionette. She has no hardware inside at all (unless you consider magnetic joints), but she makes me feel the emotions I felt when first seeing Lime. Having her by my side (even if limp) cannot be understated. So when I get to doing robotics, I'd start with a simple appendage (like anime aho-hair) that can express emotion.
>>4596 >I'd like to know what others are looking for in that regard. Chii has a nice cute body, but it's her innocence and honesty that make her so appealing to me. She's more of a headpat wifu for me not that I'm not going to fix that damn off switch!!. As far as a robowaifu that I want to do bed gymnastics with, XJ9 comes to mind. But then so do a couple of Choco and Vanilla's sisters. I guess I'm more of a harem guy tbh, but it all started with Chii.
>>4592 >I think the best thing that could happen for the board right now would be for it to grow like-minded individuals. This. Things will inevitably get easier and cheaper for all the different arenas that affect robowaifu development. But the synergy available to all of us from the 'meeting of minds' that can happen here is of utmost importance, particularly in the short- to mid-term timeframe.
>>2699 >>2701 I'm a (sorta) newfag and this will be my first post here in /robowaifu/ after some lurking. With that being said, I wanted to address this point: >our community should grow in an organic way at a moderate pace all on it's own. An Anon is heading up a recruitment effort moreover, and if others will join with him in it, we may in fact grow significantly faster than typical. This faster growth brings a number of it's own issues, and one of those commonly seen is a 'rebound' effect where newcomers disappear after a short, intense period of interest. I've found MGTOW enough time ago to be able tell you by experience that there's a big problem with enlarging /robowaifu/. Why is that the case? Because, just like any idea on the internet, it needs these 3 things: <1)introductory normie-like people and places with a ton of memes (I don't see many /robowaifu/ memes on the internet as of now and even if there were now there's none that took off so we need better ones) which will give off the spark <2)transition place: where the guys who like the memes, after absorbing them and becoming receptive, can dig a little deeper inside the rabbit hole, without too much jargon but some of it. >3)Here: the place where the real idea is fully presented/manifested. Here's where the people will swear allegiance to our cause and where they'll be fully invested. This way, we won't suffer the same fate MGTOW did. We need the full spectrum, not just a small fraction of people, especially if we have big plans(which we do).
>>4625 Welcome Anon, glad you're here. BTW, we have an Embassy Thread as well if you'd care to share us about your primary community from before >>2823 and also a propaganda thread where specific ideas (like the /robowaifu/ memes you mentioned) might be shared. >>2705 Thanks for taking the time to lurk a little, but honestly this isn't the kind of community where that's particularly important. You've probably figured out by now we're not the typical imageboard. Newfriends welcome. :^) >This way, we won't suffer the same fate MGTOW did. I wouldn't worry too much about it. A) we're definitely not an MGTOW board, and B) this is a huge, niche, topic that will literally take a number of years to explore reasonably well. Anyone who's going to stick it out here is already probably highly-motivated internally anyway. But good points Anon, thanks for bringing them up. Be sure to share any good ideas you think of in our propaganda thread, OK? Again, welcome.
>>4626 Thanks BO, I'll refer to my previous post once I also post on the propaganda thread. >I wouldn't worry too much about it. A) we're definitely not an MGTOW board, and B) this is a huge, niche, topic that will literally take a number of years to explore reasonably well. Anyone who's going to stick it out here is already probably highly-motivated internally anyway. As strange as it might seem, even MGTOW once was as small as /robowaifu/ and people did expect years to come by and then gain some small traction and yet it still grew. This happened because ,even while being a niche topic, the impact of its results, if said choice was taken into consideration by most, would be widespread. As a matter of fact, as it grew, it just grew faster and faster (as the networking effect encourages). I personally think that /robowaifu/ will be the same: very niche contents, very big potential impact nonetheless, hence why more memes will help. Once again, thanks for the hospital and welcoming behavior.
Open file (73.33 KB 1000x528 IMG_20200719_200348.jpg)
I tried to win over some 4channers, while /robowaifu/ was offline. Not sure if I had any success. I'll get my printer in 2-3 weeks, though I will be partially occupied with other stuff around that time. We're not dead yet.
>>4425 After a few months of thinking, I've decided there's certainly no harm in putting BSD 3-clause forward as the primary license suggestion here Anon. I'll amend my overarch post ITT accordingly. >>4578 >but not as much actual testing or doing. Be the future you imagine.
Open file (28.60 KB 300x100 randomBanner.gif)
An idea I had was to have an outer and inner circle. There are frequent robowaifu theme posts on /pol/ which get about 90% positive interaction and 10% negative, but very few actually are aware of the real projects and research taking place here. Last year I created an "enthusiast" level discord server and created a few channels for brainstorming and research (not knowing about /robowaifu/ at the time) - it is interesting to see how many ideas are here that were the same and how many new ideas as well. So what if we were to create an enthusiast tier board for propaganda and memes, fiction, discussion, but anyone wanting to go further into the technical realm would be from a smaller pool. So we have a larger pool which is more "normie" friendly and fun, but those who want more, or who are ready, can be vetted and introduced into the inner circle, so to speak. What do you think?
>>9443 I've always said very plainly I welcome any and all additional venues for robowaifuism Anon. This can only help our cause. Some guy once said >"All press is good press" While I won't actively support evil things like Doxxcord directly here on /robowaifu/ , I don't have any issue if you promote your channels on our /meta thread. I certainly don't have any issues with you creating them on your own initiative. I would love to see large numbers of alternative robowaifu-oriented venues appear literally everywhere. Let's bring on the social shitstorm debate surrounding them, I say. >tl;dr Proceed, Anon.
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>>19391 I don't mind low-level shilling like this Anon, but this isn't the proper thread. Since it seems the electronics thread is the closest fit, I'll soon move your post there (>>95).

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