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General Robotics/A.I./Software News, Commentary, + /pol/ Funposting Zone #3 NoidoDev ##eCt7e4 03/06/2023 (Mon) 18:57:17 No.21140
Anything in general related to the Robotics or A.I. industries, and any social or economic issues surrounding it (especially of robowaifus). === -note: This OP text might get an update at some point to improve things a bit. -previous threads: > #1 (>>404) > #2 (>>16732) >=== -edit subject
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/08/2023 (Sat) 13:10:41.
>>23334 It can be a team effort but it doesn't have to be really. There's been many robotics projects that have been one man team type of thing and the tooling is really catching up to make that a reality even moreso. Ideally it'd be a team effort though.
>>23336 You're absolutely right on both counts Anon. Just reading through /robowaifu/ alone, you'll encounter several 'one-man band' type projects. BTW, we do have a team project, MaidCom (>>15630). Also, we have a 'please help us with these team goals' thread (>>20037) as well. Why not join in Anon? Cheers. :^)
>>23337 I don't know the details of the one man team efforts other than sophie dev and emmy. Well maidcom is a thing but there hasn't been enough progress yet for it to officially call it one really. It'll get there I'm sure though. As far of making this thing modular and working on the whole thing no disagreements there. I'm almost done with my speech to text to waifu ai and really waifu ai does handle the chatbot aspect of this thing pretty well. Really there are many chatbots to choose from if that one is not the right fit which is why i think efforts should be put elsewhere. I found out the other day that you could simulate a robot on o3de for example and there might be stuff for unreal. Really robotics movement ai is more important regarding ai than chatbots and somebody could look into that on the mean time. Yeah you can train your own chat bot too but really seeing the lack of progress from this project makes me kind of nervous. We don't have unlimited time if we want to profit off this thing its a race against the clock, I'd say we have 5 years at best. But if we pull it off we could make some real fuck everyone money. And I say we cause everyone who contributes would be invited to the yatch party ofc. Yeah if we pull it off we'd get a yatch for sure. Well maybe rent cause the upkeep for those things is kind of annoying lol.
>>23319 bullshit there's always some catch, just like these meme benchmarks a.k.a "my finetune is 1000 times better than yours!" > with the Cortex A53's NPU acceleration, so this shit will run fast and in your pocket yes, fast, but will it be smart enough? that's the main concern :/
>>23322 It wasn't explicitly trained to do that and chat data only appeared in a bit of the pretraining data but they reported their finetuned 1.3B model is capable of chatting about code. The 350M model could only solve coding problems though. >>23323 If that's what interests you then start with the robot, dude. Getting near human-level intelligence onto edge devices is a much more interesting problem to me than amusing myself with a moving doll or chatbot that can't reliably remember what was said a day ago. If someone is excited to work on the manufacturing and mechatronics they have my support but it's not my focus right now. And I'm not working on a ChatGPT clone. I'm working on a system that can reliably utilize multimodal memory and reason about sensor data in real-time to make intelligent decisions and plans. Optimizing models is an essential step towards achieving that. Open source efforts are currently focused on 30B models but models over 35M are too big for this. That's three orders of magnitude smaller than anyone is working on. >>23339 Why do you think HumanEval is a meme benchmark? Also they took the effort to remove any training data similar to the test set. Of course it's not going to know anything about Nigerian basket weaving but who cares? That knowledge can be offloaded to disk or internet search. What matters is how well models can correctly implement complex instructions and utilize the data they're given.
It'd be nice if some people could take a look at this https://docs.o3de.org/docs/user-guide/interactivity/robotics/ or something like it. That could lead to actual useful AI. >>23349 You can work in what you want but the mechatronic doll will always be more important than making waifu smarter cause if there is no mechatronic doll there is no waifu at all.
>>23357 Then work on it if that's a waifu to you. Quit being a nodev and grifting to get others to do what you want.
Open file (154.36 KB 1280x800 CuteAndCute.jpg)
- Music generation is working - More Adobe stuff - More AI in many online services - I-JEPA: Model after some Yan LeCun idea. Autocomplete for pictures (more below). - AMD will do the compute for HuggingFace - AMD also works on catching up with Nvidia - Context windows in models are getting bigger - APIs are getting cheaper - Google Lens helps with hinting at medical conditions - Flicker in AI made videos gone or reduced Source: https://youtu.be/4M0oYnWNTTk 8 recommended plug-ins (didn't watch): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzScqirAqfU - AI can now generate games more from the scratch with just some prompts (FRVR Game Maker). The interesting thing about these games is maybe not about games, but using these game elements as symbols for things in the real world. I mean, some AI assembly writing it's own simplified simulation about the world and use that to test ideas. Imagine it creating a map of the house and planing where to go to archive a list of tasks. Ideally we would not have to put every concept about how to grasp the world into it, but it could at least manipulate some patterns and over time come up with new ones. One parts creates a "game", the other one tests how to solve it, and memorizes good solutions for a certain context. - GPT Engineer seems to do what AutoGPT was meant for, but it works. Building apps and games. - Blender can generate whole landscapes procedurally - Creating any 3D world one can imagine (InstaVerse) - AvatarBooth: Human avatar generator via text prompt (doesn't look good, yet) - Longer music generation (Waveformer) - Augmented reality with the phone - Midjourney Stats to check how busy it is Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpoz_uM2ZFI - Midjourney got the same photo fill features than Photoshop and other upgrades - Some new version of Stable Diffusion - Meta Voicebox, maybe best voice generation, including different styles (not freely available) - Dropbox and maybe soon Google let's you chat with your documents (I prefer to have that at home). - Youtube will make dubs (translations) for all kinds of languages, so more people can watch it. - Black Mirror makes propaganda against AI - Real celebrities are making money with their avatars - ChatGPT data leak, but it isn't, the computers of users got compromised - More from ilumine AI: From Midjourney picture to InstaVerse isometric(?) scene - Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0GqJYvDL_w Better coding AI model, based on StarCoder, now allegedly as good as GPT 3.5, but runs on 40GB vRAM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjsyHrmd3Xo - not sure if this smaller one is as good as GPT 3.5 though, the bigger one still needs a bit more GPUs. And something about uncensoring every model and a new NSFW 13B Model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kta1D5CFHp0 (didn't watch yet) I-JEPA: https://youtu.be/6bJIkfi8H-E https://ai.facebook.com/blog/yann-lecun-ai-model-i-jepa/ https://github.com/facebookresearch/ijepa https://arxiv.org/abs/2301.08243
>>23349 >Getting near human-level intelligence onto edge devices The Golden Oracle in everyman's pocket! This dream is alive for myself and thousands of others RobowaifuDev. However you are actually working hard on it, I'm merely a sideline cheerleader. :^)
>>23392 I'm already doing my part more like you doing anything at all.
>>23515 Stop trying to "bully" us into doing what you want. I get the anger about how slow it went, but it doesn't help. It you want to make an outer shell, you can find my files for OpenScad in the prototyping thread(s) or start from the scratch. Here >>21647 and backwards. If that Karen sketch a while ago was from you, it's could be made quite easily I think. I even thought to pick it up as secondary simple body design if I get to it. >like you doing anything at all. No one needs to justify how much they do to you. You're making these comments, but didn't show anything yet. That said, Chobitsu runs the board, teaches C++ and motivates us.
Open file (285.84 KB 768x1024 Kibo-Chan-C51B800BD767.jpg)
>>23505 I think I made a mistake above. This MPT30b model, which can be used commercially, is the one which needs at least 40GB of vRam for a 8bit version. I thought it was the Wizard Coder model, but I don't have the time to check. Either way, it's good we have these big models anyways. Especially since AMD tries hard to get more usable at this, 2xXTX cost currently around $1600 and prices come down fast. I expressed the hope that either Intel or AMD would bring a 48GB GPU to market, based on a slow and cheap but power efficient version of their lower end consumer models. GPUs for ML don't need to be fast, if they add 48GB but make it slow it could still be quite cheap. - Orca has now a mini-model (3B, 7B, 13B): https://youtu.be/d8sWCGTGCUw - Hannah starts smiling (kind of): https://youtu.be/Esw5gjrFL-w - Gorilla: Large Language Model Connected with Massive APIs https://youtu.be/8AqQBPI4CFI (old news, from 2 weeks ago)
>>23517 Dear Kibo-chan has a new look! Nice hair and cute little booties. :^) Thanks for the links Anon. It's clear that many groups/individuals are rejecting the cloud model and pushing towards edge computing for AI. This is excellent news for all of us ofc.
>>23505 do you think Meta's gonna release VoiceBox as open source some time in the future? Meta seems to be the only one sticking to open sourcing their models nowadays. or will it have to get llama'd too?
>>23520 >Meta's gonna release VoiceBox as open source Maybe, but even if not then someone will reverse engineer it. If the knowledge how to do it leeks out then it is enough, aside from that we know already what's possible. So people are gonna try.
>>23521 >If the knowledge how to do it leeks out then it is enough, aside from that we know already what's possible. So people are gonna try. I think you're right Anon. The guy who did the first 4 minutes mile is always held up as a good example of this phenomenon.
>>23521 >>23554 btw did Meta say if it can support custom voice training and how long of a clip it takes to train? I think one of the best features from ElevenLabs is that you only needed 1 minute of audio for your custom voice.
I assume none of you anons here are using CentOS, but turns out as an open platform it's effectively dead now, were you considering that. sfconservancy.org/blog/2023/jun/23/rhel-gpl-analysis/ www.redhat.com/en/blog/furthering-evolution-centos-stream
> How Nvidia’s CUDA Monopoly In Machine Learning Is Breaking - OpenAI Triton And PyTorch 2.0: https://www.semianalysis.com/p/nvidiaopenaitritonpytorch > AMD MI300 – Taming The Hype – AI Performance, Volume Ramp, Customers, Cost, IO, Networking, Software: https://www.semianalysis.com/p/amd-mi300-taming-the-hype-ai-performance
>>23693 > graphene materials will be the same as fibreglass today except half the weight I know how this works. (((You))) pretend I say something I didn't and try to pretend you didn't say what you did. You are wrong. You used fiberglass as a reference, a composite, then said graphene was not much better. You're wrong. It's a simple as that, and you can talk about Greeks, pencils and call me all names you want and it doesn't change things. You also talk about graphite as it it is graphene. You're wrong about that too. That there is some graphene "possibly" in a sample of graphite does not make it graphene. The only reason I keep answering these feints and bullshit is I want people to see what you are doing. This is a very common way of discourse by (((them))), whether you are or not is irrelevant. It's likely taught to (((them))) in those after hour schools (((they))) go to. You see everywhere. Once you recognize this, it's very patterned. It's a technique of dishonesty. So I start by saying that graphene composites are far stronger than twice the strength of fiberglass. Your response is typical because you know I'm right. Change the subject, attack me as some fool, but I'm not a fool and I know exactly what you are doing. This is why eventually everyone throws you people out of every single place you go. Constant gas-lighting, corruption and dishonesty.
> Distributed inference via MPI https://github.com/ggerganov/llama.cpp/pull/2099 big ggml quantized models distributed on clusters soon.
>>23819 Excellent! I'll repost this to our Robowaifu@home thread. Thanks 01, cheers. :^)
Well I guess we now know why all FAGMAN Globohomo were running robotic humanoid prototype projects. No one could've predicted this! :^) www.reuters.com/technology/un-recruits-robots-strive-meet-global-development-goals-2023-07-05/
>>23852 Apparently they didn't crash the Earth plane with no survivors yet. Maybe during next year's event? news.un.org/en/story/2023/07/1138412
Open file (45.55 KB 900x600 16450779907601.jpg)
Is it even possible for China to ignore robowaifus during their upcoming drives for AI+humanoid robotics integrations? I'm personally betting they can't. They have, by far, the world's most sizeable difference between men & women in their population. Literally 10s of millions of men would be left without a woman if every.single.one. of their 3DPD were matched up to a single man. This is clearly untenable and is why they finance kidnapper operations to "steal" women (most of them are signing up for it w/o parent's consent b/c much better conditions) around SE Asia, and bring them by the busloads into China and robowaifus seem to me to be the correct official response by the Chinese government to this dilemma. Please note this is quite different than why we need robowaifus in the West -- most of our women have become, effectively, brainwashed garbage regarding being a lifemate. China's women are simply too few in number, and many of them are now refusing to have children due to the Globohomo's influences on them. equalocean.com/analysis/2023070619859
already posted in "Robowaifu@home" ggerganov merged "Distributed inference via MPI" to main today https://twitter.com/ggerganov/status/1678438186853203974 https://github.com/ggerganov/llama.cpp/pull/2099 as he said there : > It would be a fun thing to try and potentially achieve world-first inference of 65B model on a cluster of Raspberries
Fruit fly complete brain emulator is online: codex.flywire.ai Here their Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@flywireprinceton4189 Found here, through this short explainer: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/kiJAWHXNX-k
>>23890 And the Chinese will definitely need open source robowaifus more than us because if there's one thing we can say for certain about the CCP, they're a surveillance dystopia. I'll bet both my balls they'll have all kinds of built-in independent power supplied mics, cameras, telemetry etc.
>>23944 >And the Chinese will definitely need open source robowaifus more than us You are absolutely correct Anon. I personally liken this situation vaguely to the growth of the underground Christian church there, with many of the same dynamics likely to play out. For certain, we here on /robowaifu/ and our affiliated cadres can all help our Chinese brethren out by getting a good opensauce solution -- our Model A Robowaifu -- out as quickly as feasible. Cheers.
>>23936 Interesting NoidoDev, thanks! If we can achieve even this level of autonomy cheaply, then many of the robowaifu's automatic/ancillary subsystems can be moved into the 'Done' column more quickly. Forward! :^)
>AI news > News from Aipreteneur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW5miAvDktA (I didn't copy all the links) Kokomind (recognizing feelings of a human from context in prompt and with camera feed): https://chats-lab.github.io/KokoMind/ LongNet (1bn tokens possible now): https://arxiv.org/abs/2307.02486 Control A video (better video generation, open source): https://controlavideo.github.io/ Zeroscope text to video: https://huggingface.co/spaces/fffilon... Robots That Ask For Help, instead just making a guess and being confident, error reduction: https://robot-help.github.io/ > News from Matt Wolfe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3CVCc42x9w Code Interpreter Example: https://twitter.com/altryne/status/1678506617917120512 Code Interpreter Example: https://twitter.com/skalskip92/status/1678046467804524547 Code Interpreter Example: https://twitter.com/chaseleantj/status/1677651054551523329 ChatGPT: https://chat.openai.com/?model=gpt-4 Sarah (Silverman) Sues OpenAI for copyright infringement SDXL 1.0 - pick the better picture option which then will be used to train a new model: https://www.futuretools.io/news/stable-diffusion-xl-1-0-available-for-testing-in-discord-bot Claude 2 (100k tokens, largest publicly available model): https://www.anthropic.com/index/claude-2?ref=futuretools.io BeeHiiv AI (newsletter with pictures) ShutterStock works OpenAI (before they become irrelevant) NotebookLM From Google (if you want them to have all your files to learn and help you) Pika Labs (moving pictures from static ones, like gifs): https://twitter.com/pika_labs/status/1678892871670464513 SoundMatch (picks the background sound for your video): https://www.epidemicsound.com/blog/introducing-soundmatch/?ref=futuretools.io Bill Gates writes Notes on AI (it's scary, but he likes it) X AI (Elon has a new company): https://x.ai/?ref=futuretools.io Shopify AI Assistant (advises shop owners e.g. when to make things cheaper and have special days) Bard Updates: https://bard.google.com/updates Stable Doodle (doodle to pictures): https://stability.ai/blog/clipdrop-launches-stable-doodle?ref=futuretools.io Leonardo AI Updates: https://mailchi.mp/leonardo.ai/unveiling-canvas-v2-elevate-your-image-editing-skills-6259114?ref=futuretools.io LONGNET: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2307.02486.pdf > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlDDmPz-Asc 0:22 ChatGPT Slowdown 0:41 Meta Threads 1:20 MidJourney Pan Feature 2:16 Leonardo's New Canvas V2 2:56 Steam Not Allowing AI Games (images, for now) 3:52 Google's Scrapping Everything For AI (based) 4:38 Open AI Superalignment (team for alignment) 5:49 GPT-4 API is Now Available To All 6:09 ChatGPT Removed Web Browsing 7:04 ChatGPT Making Code Interpreter Available 7:32 AI Trump Vs AI Donald (nonsense debate) Video generators (didn't watch): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVze7REhjCI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlDDmPz-Asc
>>24009 Another excellent list NoidoDev. Thanks so much for all your researches and for sharing them here with anons! :^)
> LLAMA v2 by Meta released i personally ignore it, because it was further cucked with RLHF on top of (((curated))) datasets :/ https://ai.meta.com/llama/
Open file (100.49 KB 1259x868 Screenshot_6.png)
>>24032 >it was further cucked with RLHF RLHF isn't fundamentally bad, it all just depends on who is giving the feedback. Anons will generally give very good feedback. Our enemies will only accidentally do so. >on top of (((curated))) datasets Again, same story. Depends on who's doing the curating. Obviously in M*ta's case, they lead the charge for the Globohomo in general, so yea, bad news. We'll clearly need to create our own systems from similar large baseline datasets, and guide them with anon-based curation and feedback derived across the Internets. The archives are all there, it's simply up to we here anons to be clever and utilize it for /robowaifu/ 's (and all other men around the world's) benefit. >=== -prose edit, cleanup
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/18/2023 (Tue) 16:40:46.
Open file (56.48 KB 1127x642 SO SAFE.png)
>>24032 >>24033 nah fuck this shit
Open file (24.62 KB 1443x536 1689698052079338.png)
>>24036 this one is from 4chan's /g/ lmg thread. and, holy fuck it worse than chatgpt link (needs github auth) : https://replicate.com/a16z-infra/llama13b-v2-chat
>>24036 >>24037 That's good to know, but first of all, it doesn't matter if you use more than one model in some AI assembly. Also, it doesn't mean RLHF is fundamentally bad, it's just a technique.
>>24040 Remember how we predicted here several years ago that the Globohomo's version of """robowaifus""" : * would be stronk, independynts * would regularly cry RAEP!111 on the news * would simply continue on with all the same old feminist garbage of Current Year -- but under the new guise of 'muh friendly gynoid you filthy incel!' ? Behold the face of the enemy, NoidoDev. It'll get much worse than this example of course, but this is effectively a starter-kit demo reel of the basic idea itself. Heh, if you think dealing with 3DPD is rough today, just wait till you're sleeping with both the enemy, and the surveillance state, right in your own bed... :^) I predict we only have a few years left to get ahead of this curve, anons. The GH seems clearly to begin to be setting sights on this market now. Keep moving forward! >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/19/2023 (Wed) 02:02:38.
>>24037 >and to prioritize their consent and well-being >from a novel that only you and the AI only knows about I hate normalfags.
>>24055 i've seen guys in /g/'s /lmg/ general saying this happens with chat finetunes only, they are lobotomized to the hell, but base models are left "as is", technically it is the same llama-1 but with 2T training tokens, and no cutoff for 7b and 13b.
I don't know where to post this, so here it goes.
>>24067 also the most useful model, the 30B one hasn't been released yet. Depending on who you ask its because that one isn't (((aligned))) enough or Meta saw that it was quite bad compared to other models, so they're retraining it. >>24069 holy shit it physically makes me cringe
Seems it's time for a new thread, OP. :^) >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/19/2023 (Wed) 18:41:07.
Open file (329.39 KB 850x1148 Karasuba.jpg)
Open file (376.75 KB 804x702 YT_AI_news_02.png)
Open file (423.49 KB 796x706 YT_AI_news_01.png)
Suggestions for the new thread pics. I picked someone from Prima Doll again, but maybe the new tradition should rather be to pick one from the newest good related anime. I think this might still be Prima Doll. At least the newest I've seen. I was thinking about using the girl from ATRI. Maybe next time. The other idea here was the relation between reading the news and having some coffee. In that case we would mostly be stuck with Prima Doll, at least if the girl serving is also supposed to be a robot.
>>24077 They look fine Anon. I'm perfectly fine with animu grills as the opener pic. I'd personally suggest leaving your options of choice wide open. Just that the opener have great waifu appeal, which your choice here does. >tl;dr Go for it NoidoDev! :^)
Open file (449.75 KB 2048x2048 1687959908288867.jpg)
>>24080 Thanks. If people have suggestions for future opener pics I'm listening. Picrel might be it at some point. But currently it's hot in many places, so the pic of Karasuba with some iced drink fits very well.
New Thread New Thread New Thread >>24081 >>24081 >>24081 >>24081 >>24081 New Thread New Thread New Thread
>>24082 > Picrel might be it at some point. I think that's fine tbh.

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