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Open file (149.83 KB 975x832 1567426767955.jpg)
Emmy The Robot Robowaifu Technician 12/20/2023 (Wed) 15:04:29 No.27481
Welcome all Nandroids fans to the Emmy thread, for discussing and posting about EtR. Please refrain from posting off-topic or non-Nandroid related things. --- Also, be sure to check out Emmy-Pilled's project thread! (>>25306) Important Community Links: Booru: https://nandroid.booru.org/index.php Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mXuNh9ESedCiDZclVuz9uiL7nTNk3U9SgCE_CRHi3Us/htmlview# Webtoons: https://m.webtoons.com/en/canvas/emmy-the-robot/list?title_no=402201 > previous threads : >>26629 Only Kiwi & Chobitsu can correct grammar.
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 02/27/2024 (Tue) 01:07:45.
>>29897 >Basado not really, aliased scribbles are always easy
>>29898 Do one right now.
Open file (95.97 KB 900x675 7c5.jpg)
>>29895 >Not Nandroid Clean your shitposts or I will. You have 3 hours to comply.
>>29912 I'm not the one shitposting man, I'm trying to talk about English grammar and post nandroids. This is what Emmy threads are like, take it up with the other guy.
>>29856 Artist?
Open file (312.27 KB 779x724 20201128_183007.jpg)
>>29914 astraltellurian the same artist for >>29913 He also created another OC, Mary Ann the nundroid
Open file (31.02 KB 278x354 Perplexed Polly.jpg)
My god what's become of the /co/ thread
>>29938 The namefag war remains as baffling as ever.
Open file (97.50 KB 1200x960 F38xIKgWoAACdKX.jpg)
Open file (233.63 KB 522x844 Folz4WxWIAEkrj_.png)
Open file (788.02 KB 1080x1350 FsbxqmgXsAID562.jpeg)
Open file (1.05 MB 1177x1080 1676160755560804.png)
Open file (1.52 MB 1085x1000 1602959735897.png)
>>29943 Not spoilered. Not a nandroid.
>>29912 >3 hours to comply >full day later and nothing happens to either shitter
Open file (2.56 MB 3372x4824 comi paladar 4 a.png)
Artist: @zukiz9
Open file (148.35 KB 901x1109 E4gl1LMWUAgAeTl.jpg)
Free Palestine
Open file (100.25 KB 351x423 1642902651040.png)
>>29951 Free you say? I'll take three!
Open file (1.51 MB 2130x3019 KnockYourShitOff.png)
>>29913 >Grammar Shitposting, that is shitposting. You were actively dragging down the quality of this thread, don't ever do it again. If you want grammar fixed, I can fix it. We are in international board with a default language of English. This is not everyone's first language, be kind, be patient, and most of all, let them learn somewhere else. Keep this thread Emmy and Nandroid only, if you won't I will.
Open file (160.00 KB 2000x2000 Shrug.jpg)
>>29946 Was away from PC, posted that on phone.
Open file (1014.21 KB 2876x3425 Untitled13_20240226161648.png)
Open file (296.45 KB 1000x700 1611419773207.png)
>>29961 >Keep this thread Emmy and Nandroid only, if you won't I will. one was still posting nandroids? if you want emmy threads you get discussions about other shit besides nandroids even if people are posting them. >posting this goofy fucking dictator discord mod message with a nandroid in military dress Subtle.
New Bedrock Skin (HD) of Shortcake ♡
Open file (469.58 KB 1920x1080 screenshot_02.png)
>>27481 Made this by the way. Thought you'd all want to know that. https://soaringmoon.itch.io/nandroid-generator
>>29985 Always love seeing new projects pop up! You ever dabble in any modding for video games?
>>29986 Not really, I develop games instead. Updating that software with blush colors as well.
>>29987 Ooh, do you stick to any specific genre, or have you done several different types? Have you seen the Nandomizer that was made a while back? Was another fun generator project: https://perchance.org/nandomizer
Open file (2.65 MB 480x270 screenreel_05.gif)
Open file (2.90 MB 480x270 screenreel_07.gif)
Open file (2.67 MB 480x270 screenreel_04.gif)
Open file (2.55 MB 480x270 screenreel_08.gif)
>>29988 I'm familiar with nandromizer. Well I typically develop tabletop roleplaying systems, but you can see my published games on itch. https://soaringmoon.itch.io/ >Windborne Kin is my main project.
Open file (605.10 KB 1000x1500 NewTabby.png)
Open file (2.09 MB 2560x4096 1624344911423.png)
>>29985 Are you the same guy who made this image?
Open file (2.09 MB 1920x1080 Polly Pic.PNG)
https://gamebanana.com/mods/493529 Nandroid models for Mario 64!
>>30001 Fascist
>>30007 Meritocrat actually.
>>29985 Did you ask jam for this?
>>30009 Jam is going to have conniptions
Open file (18.59 KB 473x84 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29985 The original of those pictures is not dom, but Jam https://twitter.com/wwwJam/status/1266872809550229505/
>>30011 >>30012 Wasn't aware, I'll go ahead and credit him as well.
>>30013 Done.
>>30008 >meritocrat >makes /pol/ roll chart
>>30015 >names a political ideology >tried to imply that an image can't be made by a person with that political ideology on a board about politics
>>30015 >>30007 nantales moment
Open file (197.12 KB 862x749 1708830733201419.jpg)
>>30023 Respect nantales
Its just gonna get worse as we recruit more and more. That faggot is just the first pebble of shit, wait till the dam bursts and we get flooded with the feminist and simp diarrhea. Chobitsu, will you be okay with this or should we be recruiting from somewhere other than /pol/?
Open file (223.80 KB 1000x1000 1598155385615.png)
>>30027 >respect nantales >the communist antifa retard who still shits around to say retard shit like merit is fascist >respect nantales
>>30037 Anyone who knows even the smallest amount about me (not implying you should) or my work (that either) knows I've been running a meritocratic micronation. Since 1999.
>>30038 Good for you I'm talking about nantales not you
>>30038 I know lol. I'm saying even if they looked into it a little bit, would have found that out.
>>30028 Post nans or get bans.
this week´s update >>30069
>>30028 >Chobitsu, will you be okay with this or should we be recruiting from somewhere other than /pol/? No, I think it's great! It's kinda gratifying to quash the GH & their golem's putrescence from time-to-time! :DDD Seriously though, we're in a yuge culture war already, and robowaifus (and, by extension, /robowaifu/) represent a key battle zone IMO. >tl;dr You are already conscripted, Anons. Best grab your gear and move out! :^) BTW, I'm not often in this thread. I'll rely mostly on Kiwi to manage it. Go ahead and report anything you want to anons, and I'll take a look into it myself as needs be. Cheers. :^)
>>30027 I suspect no one here """respects""" Nantales, Anon. Please do remember we're acting in an accomodating fashion ITT to keep sh*testirring to a minimum, and to broaden the base for robowaifu DIY anons. Please act accordingly.

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