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Open file (149.83 KB 975x832 1567426767955.jpg)
Emmy The Robot Robowaifu Technician 12/20/2023 (Wed) 15:04:29 No.27481
Welcome all Nandroids fans to the Emmy thread, for discussing and posting about EtR. Please refrain from posting off-topic or non-Nandroid related things. --- Also, be sure to check out Emmy-Pilled's project thread! (>>25306) Important Community Links: Booru: https://nandroid.booru.org/index.php Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mXuNh9ESedCiDZclVuz9uiL7nTNk3U9SgCE_CRHi3Us/htmlview# Webtoons: https://m.webtoons.com/en/canvas/emmy-the-robot/list?title_no=402201 > previous threads : >>26629 Only Kiwi & Chobitsu can correct grammar.
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 02/27/2024 (Tue) 01:07:45.
Open file (1.58 MB 768x1024 IMG_6682.png)
A new thread and a new time to give love to some underrated Fanny-bots. Here’s Evelyn once again by someone from Ao3. https://archiveofourown.org/works/49052029/chapters/123751474 Post some underrated stories!
>>27481 mmmmm new fred
Yay new thread!
Open file (96.18 KB 747x1733 IMG_9486.jpg)
Open file (222.13 KB 581x737 image (2).png)
Open file (549.84 KB 2424x2424 CoolFran.png)
Open file (1.44 MB 768x1024 Untitled90.png)
Open file (218.27 KB 1200x1200 GB0VdbnWsAAC-_g.jpg)
historychads can't miss
>>27498 before nantales came to ruin everything
Respect Nantales
>>27498 love Lulu :)
>>27500 >respect nantales hes literally the shit flinging faggot from last thread
>>27502 Post nans or get bans :)
>>27502 Post fans or get bans :)
Open file (474.12 KB 512x768 ChristmasMay.png)
>>27486 >>27490 >>27515 Added the links to the OP. Merry Chistmas
>>27519 I don't know if it has already been mentioned in another thread but I'm sharing it just in case https://perchance.org/nandomizer It's basically a nanroid generator.
>>27519 Thanks Kiwi. >also A cute! :^)
Open file (8.12 MB 3000x2250 mss.png)
jolly Molly Christmas time
Open file (512.38 KB 250x250 1703281709106.gif)
>>27535 Merry Christmas EtR thread! :^)
>>27537 Merry Christmas Chobitsu
>>27539 Thanks, Supra80! :^) >that pic Great Padoru crossover! :D
>>27540 Here's the fandroid one
>>27541 Naicu. So cute. :^)
>>27542 ....and here's the one that started it all.
>>27543 Nans are so versatile. A robowaifu for all seasons! :^)
Updated HD skin of Itzpapálotl
>>27545 Are these for some kind of vidya, Anon?
Open file (2.11 MB 2237x4502 AiandNan.jpg)
>>27537 >>27539 >>27541 >>27543 These are all so cute and filled with Christmas cheer! It is crazy how thin Nandroids are. Printed a life sized standee with a custom head to get a feel for them.
>>27547 >Printed a life sized standee with a custom head to get a feel for them. That's excellent, Kiwi. You've really managed a great crossover there. I hope you move forward with a real project for her soon! :^)
Open file (153.08 KB 1200x925 GB2PMHZbwAAG6ur.jpg)
Open file (1.18 MB 1002x1758 waverlysanta.png)
>>27546 Do you not know what minecraft is?
>>27550 Ahh, I see. Sure I've played it, but I spend most of my time autistically thinking about robowaifu engineering in 9'001 different ways now. I guess something had to go since I only have smol brain capacity, heh. :DD Thanks for clearing that up Anon. Have fun with it.
Open file (889.16 KB 620x3346 Beans&Toast_Webtoon.png)
Open file (3.53 MB 4032x3024 20220708_085633-3.jpg)
Open file (679.75 KB 1125x620 1703362698858423.png)
>>27554 nice gems, the amethyst is the my favorite
this weeks update >>27568
Open file (653.33 KB 770x1077 1703385226395008.png)
Open file (297.32 KB 1350x1800 GCJvBjjWwAAVaXS.jpeg)
Open file (270.79 KB 2200x2500 20231225_051216.jpg)
Merry Christmas nanfans
>>27609 Very cute. :^) MERRY CHRISTMAS /ROBOWAIFU/
Open file (224.88 KB 1300x1700 20231225_161907.jpg)
Celebratory colossal Christmas cleavage continues
Open file (1.73 MB 3096x3096 MerryNatalia.png)
Open file (3.28 MB 2000x2000 Christmas Lulu.png)
>>27609 She's so cute! >>27615 >>27617 Wow, a Christmas 🎁 would choose the mistletoe! >>27619 Merry Christmas! 🎄 Jacket from dEi_pft Lulu from cpt_pop
Open file (483.18 KB 1135x1135 Ohohoho.png)
https://pastebin.com/YMY02dfz Merry's Christmas, a nice little story.
>>27622 It's pleasant, but the gender-neutral pronouns (I thought the vast bulk of anons were men) for the narrator who talks and acts like a man irritates me.
>>27628 well, the intent was that the human was supposed to be a universal self-insert, I think.
>>27629 I could see that, but the second-person might be overall better for it. More can be done with the language. First-person too.
Open file (183.18 KB 297x332 robowaifu_Janny.png)
Janny the Nandroid, the patron-saint of this thread
Open file (29.96 KB 640x593 PwDSjC3_d.jpg)
>>27631 She does it for free
>>27631 >>27633 Lol. Can Nandroids eat Hot-Pockets? :D
Open file (754.41 KB 752x731 Screenshot_2.png)
>>27636 That's just not right >*INSTALLS COMPACT BIODIGESTER INTO JAN-DROID* Now she can be a true janny. :D
Open file (30.52 KB 781x537 y7c5rhbyknz21.jpg)
>>27628 >gender neutral pronouns >irritating
>>27628 I wanted to leave Merry's caretaker kind of ambiguous, since they're not really the focus of the story here. Not really going for a PoV story with these either. This isn't even the worst Merry is going to get, so that might not be such a fun read!
>>27641 Am I going to wish for her demise?
>>27643 It's pretty likely! She's meant to be quite the nasty one.
sorry for being late
Open file (328.20 KB 1567x1175 1608988499870.jpg)
Open file (77.45 KB 910x907 Christmas Avery.jpg)
My goodness, I'm three days late! Hope you had a good Christmas, my Nandroid friends!
>>27653 >>27655 Merry Christmas! The New Year is soon upon us...
>>27619 >>27650 Who's the artist of this stuff? >INB4: reverse image search When I do it shows me JumboG stuff, and he signs his work and this stuff doesn't have that.
>>27659 Fourth one in that list was drawn by someone going by the name Rose in the nandromeda discord server.
>>27660 Is there some way to excess the nandromeda discord w/o an account?
>>27661 The artists are artemisarty and piggommi, the latter has a twitter. Theyre both in the leaf server, Im a mod there
Open file (2.80 MB 1198x1557 Clara_Fanart1.png)
>>27660 Also drew Clara
>>27663 I can see how the 2nd, 4th, and 5th can be Piggommi's. The eyes are similar to the stuff on his twitter. I'm guessing the 1st and 3th are artemisarty's, right?
>>27667 Pretty sure chocolate milk Amy is ArtemisArty as well. Actually I think of the ones you posted here >>27659 Only the Tabby one is Piggommi's
>>27667 >>27667 All but the tabby one are artys
>>27667 Also piggommi is a girl
>>27663 >leaf server Huh? Like Canada?
>>27671 Lulu Emmy Avery Franny
>>27639 Gonna "not read further." Not worth feeling the scratch in my skull from it, whatever the charm in the rest. Yes, autism. Duh. "Lulu and Anon" lacks that problem. Interesting setup, pairing a broken down model with a man whose job is essentially to torture others of her kind (possibly to death). Good traces of old Noir with that (even gets a bit of a lampshade with their favorite show). Genuinely sweet at other parts. Not that it also lacks for problems. Like not exploring what the nandroids smell, feel, and even weigh like. Failing to work with details like these turned any scenes of physical intimacy into a snoozefest. Let's have our fun passive reminders that she is not a human with a control panel on the back of her neck. Spice things up a little.
>>27674 Are you talking about the lewd one? She did have some control panel in that one.
>>27668 >>27669 okay, I'll update the booru Are the Molly and thumbs up Franny from >>27491 artys as well?
>>27678 booru updated
Open file (770.99 KB 2780x2894 tabby_padorugreen.png)
>>27674 Hey, if it's not your kind of thing, that's all good. I didn't really expect the ambiguous identity of "Human" to be the hangup with the Merry stories myself, though.
Open file (1.24 MB 2879x2879 HumanReal.png)
>>27686 nantales moment
>>27692 Momentposting is not allowed. Post nans or get bans.
>>27692 Post nans or get bans.
>>27693 >>27694 right whatever doesn't change the fact that nantales is the only one who would humanize Emmy, he never even liked nandroids
>>27698 >>27698 Post nans or get bans
>>27699 Im posting nans and warning you about nantales at the same time. hes the botler shitter
>>27700 Look, i dont care about what he did. Or what anyone did. Drama discussion is forbidden here
>>27700 youve already been warned to respect nantales
>>27702 He did contribute a lot to the fandom in its early days and does deserve recognition for that. Even though i dont like him either i respect his contributions
Open file (197.92 KB 1413x2000 FinalWarning.jpeg)
>>27700 Shut up, don't care if they are botler cock gobbler. I banned that poster's region several times. Talk shit, you will get hit. Next nantales moment gets banned. Anyone talking trash beyond this post will be deleted. This is an Emmy thread, not a whine about personal problems thread. >>27699 >>27702 Follow their lead.
Open file (783.60 KB 1600x1000 1568670381159.png)
>>27704 Absolutely based
>>27701 Except there's no real discussion happening here, just me warning and being reprimanded for it >>27702 I can agree to not moment posting but im not obliged to respect him especially after everything hes done >>27703 And thats what needs discussing is the things he does and still does to hurt the fandom and im the bad guy for saying that and telling mods that he will come back and do shit like that because he always does it. >>27704 And its not an Emmy thread without shit like this or talking about creators in any capacity being banned. Where have you been the past four years?? Right. If your going to have these threads that means shitflinging with it as more /co/fags show up so god forbid i say something about a fandom shitter who suddenly has to be respected because the mods whiteknight for him
You were warned.
Open file (207.62 KB 1139x838 1569342755257.png)
>>27706 Theres plenty, and none is still better than dramaposting. If anyone posts fag shit here they will be banned since we have real moderation. Post nans or get bans :)
Open file (3.16 MB 1080x1630 Mary.png)
>>27707 Recently found the Mary stories. There's so many cute fan stories about restoring cute nans. Don't agree with MC wanting to steal Polly to revive Mary, that's just rude. The idea of a Nandroid being a central controller for home appliances is kino.
>>27708 Itd be like skynet but cute
Open file (25.53 KB 512x384 hidekis_big_find.jpg)
>>27708 >There's so many cute fan stories about restoring cute nans. Clearly the key to staying on the cutting edge of research & development is frequenting waste dumps! :^)
Open file (9.92 KB 283x372 Clara_Beanbag.png)
>>27666 A real treat, now here we have Clara drawn by Beanbag
Open file (1.75 MB 1941x1656 NataliaManager.png)
>>27720 Fuck off with the humans nantales
>>27723 Post nans or get bans. Respect nantales.
>>27725 Im going to agree with him here we want nans not fleshbags
True, what's the point if you suddenly find the idea of humans more appealing
>>27725 >Respect nantales. Please don't abuse the kindness of Kiwi, thanks.
>>27720 Finally, she has a name. >>27535 also who's TS and what's his connection to Clara?
>>27725 I wonder what era would TimelineAnon label this as.
>>27734 The 2nd emmaisaince. Things are finally looking up
>>27731 Topss, Clara is a, OC character in an upcoming story, for now only briefly appearing in the prologue https://archiveofourown.org/works/51415198/chapters/129928282
>>27735 You're joking right
>>27735 The 2nd Emmaissance is my favorite part of the Emmymatrix
>>27737 Not at all. Were finally getting a bunch of new creators. We have a thread with real mods that ban shitters and isnt dead
>>27740 the comic has been going a little slower lately as well, so?
>>27733 But since we're here instead, please see the #2 section of our conduct protocols for this board, Anon: (>>3) >tl;dr You can disagree w/o being overtly (& intentionally, AFAICT) disagreeable. And in particular, your continual bitching and moaning about the past comes off ITT as somewhat akin to the proverbial Chinese water torture harpy. [1] We're all tired of it; pls give it a rest kthx. < yet another great case in point: (>>27740) At least Eyore has an excuse: he's literally nothing but a cartoon donkey! >What's yours Anon? :D I think you'll find us more relaxed about your complaints if you post them in the current /meta thread (>>26137) instead. Such bantz can be slung around there more easily in the intentionally-open nature of the off-topic thread. As-is, you're spoiling the vibe here in the EtR thread, bro. Otherwise: very cute Christmas Nans! Why not post them in our Robowaifu Embassy thread over on /christmas/ Anon? Cheers. :^) --- 1. "A constant dripping on a rainy day and a contentious woman are alike—" https://biblehub.com/proverbs/27-15.htm >=== -fmt, prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/29/2023 (Fri) 18:49:49.
Open file (260.28 KB 336x494 Officialemmy.png)
>>27730 Thanks, I want everyone to be respectful of everyone else. Nantales was simply an example, he receives no special treatment. I would have said to respect anyone who was being condemned without doing anything negative in the thread. Emmy would want us to all be kind.
Are tomboy bulges fine with you guys? I understand and support not wanting botlers, but Avery is too cute to not be posted!
>>27746 So now you're going to test the waters by posting futa shit?
>>27747 If robot rape is fine, why isn't futa? It's not gay after all, the math proves it.
Open file (309.98 KB 369x658 10K.png)
>>27747 I just like Avery. Probably should have spoilered the image in hindsight, but I suppose it's not that bad.
>>27748 The math proves futa is gay
Open file (391.66 KB 825x1520 AveryKnows.png)
>>27746 >Bulge Please try to restrain your desire to be plowed by gay robots anon :^) >>27748 No one has ever said assaulting robots is ok. There is no robot assault material on this site. Your Avery is only allowed because I can ignore the bulge. I also have a thing for redheads. :^)
>>27743 >Emmy would want us to all be kind. Agreed. And one way for anons ITT to be kinder to our board's culture is to respect our Rule #2 (>>3). >>27746 >>27748 >>27749 Are definitely out-of-bounds. If I'd known beforehand it was faggot sh*te, I would have deleted, then banned the poster for flaunting it here. Simple as.
Open file (1.33 MB 1116x1550 E8EXClMWEAERoFy_large.png)
>>27755 The fandroid in those images in Avery, who is canonically female. In this image >>27749 specifically, she is drawn correctly as female. It might violate the rule about spoilering NSFW images, but that particular image isn't faggot shit. IIRC the bulge image was her creator/artist trolling his fanbase. Or someone edited it, idk.
>>27752 Those hands are pretty decent, who draws these ones?
Open file (229.38 KB 800x1100 Luvery.png)
>>27760 That was made by Keramagath Here's a link to more of their work: https://nandroid.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=artist:keramagath
>>27735 >>27739 This is more of an Emmy Middle Age. With the end of the /co/ thread and many creators leaving (fall of Rome) we are just crawling out of the Emmy dark age
Are the 4ch threads just permaded now or what?
Did emmy-pilled even post in this thread. Lol.
>>27770 There's no new comic for Patrons so I don't think the OP has anything to post.
Post nans or get bans.
Post nans or get bans!
Open file (221.64 KB 770x530 AverySaturday.png)
>>27778 Avery just wants to have fun on the weekends!
Open file (158.35 KB 720x1024 Men's room.png)
Oh man, I want a new comic update Are we seriously looking at one, maybe two updates a month at best? This is horrible
>>27756 Thanks for the info, Anon. Good to know. Cheers.
Some nandroid skins :3
Open file (3.78 MB 2000x2000 Merrytea.png)
Mean Nandroid
>>27811 >tea too cold >steam effect What?
>>27812 It's simply not hot enough for her liking! Make it again human!
>>27813 Nandroids cant drink tea
>>27815 Merry's a next-gen prototype who can. Supposed to use her taste for sampling meals, but she doesn't care for much other than tea.
>>27813 >Make it again human! Lol. Would a Nandroid really give her Master that kind of order? :D >>27815 That is a very cool progression of Dorothy, Anon. Thanks! :^)
Open file (37.77 KB 350x575 Teeny Merry.png)
>>27817 She's kind of a special case. The human isn't her master, but rather they've been forced into a "care taker" kind of role.
Open file (189.34 KB 960x832 image.png)
>>27826 Post nans or get bans :)
>>27826 Post nans or get bans!! :)
Open file (6.29 KB 290x404 F10SbA9acAEtceQ.png)
>>27818 More of beanbag's work, right? >>27820 Nandroid Angela by whom?
Open file (216.84 KB 913x762 image-9.png)
>>27831 Artemisarty
Open file (2.34 KB 153x147 Merry why tho.png)
>>27831 It is! Just a little doodle he did of her.
New year New me I have a feeling this one is gonna be good for us boys!
>>27838 >I have a feeling this one is gonna be good for us boys! Amen! :) Happy New Year, Nanfans!
Open file (6.90 MB 360x364 Darling.webm)
Post nans or get bans.
>>27930 okay nandroids it is
Open file (1.40 MB 768x1024 Untitled181.png)
Sex with Avery in a tennis skirt
Open file (81.75 KB 784x822 smooth barbiedoll.png)
Open file (831.01 KB 1648x2801 papalotl-1-1.png)
Itzpapálotl dressed as Barbie (from Toy Story 3). Artist: Mr_bax
Open file (182.78 KB 1096x1200 GC97MY1XsAALacT.jpg)
Open file (1.66 MB 1058x890 712873918.PNG)
considering their "rubber"-like faces, how much do nandroids have actual lips? And how well do you think they could give kisses?
>>28001 We've seen robots with less realistic faces, who apparently have no "skin", and their mouths are stylized and "animated" in a very cartoonish way. Nandroid mouths look normal, so I think we can assume they can use them as well as humans can. As for kisses, I think they'd do fine. One of the earliest comic pages has Emmy spitting out marbles, which implies Nandroids are capable of changing pressure, which is kinda required for kissing.
>>28004 handholding... kisses... HOLY FUCK
>>28005 trve, trve
Open file (203.56 KB 720x694 lick.png)
>>28006 so zased
Open file (316.28 KB 662x925 Hayley nan.png)
>>28010 Those are actually some pretty large elbow joints
>>28001 >>28004 >>28005 >>28008 real question: how would your nandroid react to giving her a surprise french kiss?
>>28018 a *surprise* french kiss?
>>28021 excellent mouthfeel
Open file (36.70 KB 720x515 kisses.jpg)
>>28004 >>28005 >TFW your nandroid will never have a malfunction and kiss you for an hour straight
>>28029 Is that by Domm or not?
>>28099 It is
>>28058 >>28099 >>28101 I'll be honest, I like his nandroid and human designs except that I can't stand the nandroid noses it looks like a forced perspective concave in the middle of her face, he's trying to trick us into saying that inward curve is a bridge-line, but it's not! It is not! It's a damned dip in the middle of her face and it's driving me nuts!
>>28102 I did not link to the correct picture, I do not endorse pokemon/human interbreeding
Open file (1.05 MB 4160x3120 4131254132421.jpg)
>>28102 their noses are a bit more like a snowman
Open file (164.75 KB 1200x960 20240107_005058.jpg)
>>28110 Lol. Jenny Nandroid would be a fun crossover!
Open file (25.64 KB 239x266 image-1.png)
>>27964 would nandroid protocol dictate they let you win every match?
>>28278 Definitely not Avery's, but maybe sometimes you'd get close
>>28279 wonder how well she can run around on the tennis field with those gyroid feet
>>28287 Way faster than you, meatbag!
Open file (8.58 KB 443x206 uooohhhh.png)
>>28288 >making out with Avery behind the tennis bleachers
Open file (4.15 MB 2395x2395 AmyandtheBee.png)
Amy and the Bee
>>28349 Free is the amy bee
>>28349 Very cute. I love the idea that everything to a new robowaifu will be like a child first discovering things. I remember the constant wonder I had as a boy playing in the woods (I hated staying home until I was a teen) where new adventure was behind every tree, and down every stream. >tl;dr Robowaifus will be spending all day, erry day for the first few <<insert timespan here>>s learning everything from scratch!
>>28363 Growing with one's romantic partner is part of an ideal relationship. Even so, I am reminded of Lady Murasaki from the Tale of Genji (oh Hikaru Genji you silly goober).
Open file (171.19 KB 1675x1835 media_GDF8Mx8agAE4SNP.jpg)
Open file (307.11 KB 1868x1983 media_GDXLkJMagAAwoIR.jpg)
>>27949 >>28349 More Piggommi artwork?
>>28418 So Ula actually was made in Poland, who would've thunk for Darcy to get that right. Also Darcy has some mean fantasies, you'd expect the downtrodden beggars to at least be the bullies from a couple strips ago.
>>28421 People from the ghetto are often shitty human beings. In darcys case its probably trauma but still
>>28422 yeah, we still don't really know how she ended up at aunt Ginny's, right?
>>28423 Nope
>>28418 I quite liked this chapter, just a bunch of interesting characters shootin' the shit with Darcy imagining being a rich brat. Pretty cool to see a bunch of other places apart from Beacon City, is Dupont an older subsection of Beacon City? Was wondering why it wasn't listed on the weather report. Darcy imagining head bitch in charge on her name plate, that and the punch nuts machine. She is more vulgar than most of the other characters. I wonder if we'll get a repeat of the middle finger comic somewhere down the line.
>>28418 She's got a sailor's mouth, that's for sure.
>>28418 More useless filler.
Open file (88.85 KB 825x1200 GDvxGvHWYAIfLc2.jpg)
>>28477 I liked it, it's a little more character development for the outmode family. We now know that Aunt Ginny's house has its own generators, that Ula definitely comes from Poland, that Darcy is kinda mean and that Doc seems to be the most outgoing of them all, along with Socket maybe.
>>28485 >ula is polish I demand art of her cleaning a toilet
"Molly lets her hair down at bar across town, and meets a kindred spirit." Quick doodle of Pacifica from Gravity Falls led to a crossover pic. Next drawing of them might a clothes swap pic.
>>28502 Nice, cant wait
>>28502 Finish with black felt marker instead of pencil. Do everything you normally do all the way up to where you think you're done, then go over it with a black felt tip marker and start to fill in the hair and dress areas with light color.
>>28502 I love how you drew molly
Open file (401.94 KB 693x831 Hair Down Molly.png)
>>28513 Wouldn't be the first time I've drawn her with her hair down. That would be pic related.
>>28523 Well id love it if you did more
>>28418 glad to see new content/chapter. Seeing the mention of the storm and to charge early makes me think about hurricanes down in florida or the -40degree winters we're having in the states atm.. It'd be interesting to work out the logistics of how well robots handle natural disasters or freak weather patterns From a power grid perspective, I'd imagine we have a higher concentration of robots in cities that are less prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, etc etc. Would robots have public charging like tesla? Or are outmodes mooching off the grid with unreliable charging units?
>>28549 A car battery and a cheap solar panel would be plenty
>>28550 Given the shitshow that EVs are facing due to the cold weather, i do rather wonder if those alone would be enough Has there been any theorycrafting on what the energy pull requirements would be to run a nandroid?
>>28554 No idea but id cuddle with my nan to keep her battery warm
Open file (50.60 KB 1554x1222 1673866128117972.png)
Open file (55.41 KB 1554x1222 1673896477718250.png)
Open file (111.91 KB 1914x1186 1673922383290014.png)
>>28554 Not really. I think these pics might be the closest thing we had to that.
>>28554 >Given the shitshow that EVs are facing due to the cold weather Being very cold makes nandroids sleepy
>>28563 >Being cold makes them sleepy? Why? Perfect time to overclock and get some high end performance out of some maidbots.
Open file (236.22 KB 969x945 image-1.png)
>>28565 Lesbians :))
>>28563 >Being very cold makes nandroids sleepy Lower temperatures reduce electric resistance, being cold would make a nandroid feel more awake than anything.
Open file (108.76 KB 1920x1080 1701207289096461.png)
>>28571 Love <3
>>28569 Certainly my battery in my truck would crank better when it was frigid out. I'm sure there's some chemical lower-limit for degraded performance, but that's not likely to be hit in normal conditions, I'd think.
>>28581 Eventual moisture buildup on circuits and metal components from exposure to humid air if the nandroid isn't hermetically sealed, low temperatures can freeze and crack thermal past on boards, and heating creates a dual load that can drain a battery quickly so if the nandroid has a heating component for winterization she has to have a bigger battery than normal or she'll run down faster. Otherwise just imagine a bunch of zoomied nans polishing the streets shiny and smooth.
Open file (881.86 KB 3397x4677 image_123650291-3.JPG)
Open file (964.58 KB 3397x4677 image_123650291-5.JPG)
Itzpapálotl and Larimar ♡ Artist: Xochitl Bailey
>>28586 Robotic fluid internals for heat dissipation. Similar to capillary systems seem to be a logical next step for handling heat overload.
>>28617 wait IG still does nandroids?
Open file (92.50 KB 500x500 gothnan.png)
>>28628 If you pay him
>>28647 link?
Open file (331.36 KB 1149x768 image-8_1.png)
Open file (221.33 KB 798x646 image.png)
Open file (341.17 KB 768x1024 Fanart3.png)
Open file (296.08 KB 768x1024 Fanart4.png)
What are your bets on what the next chapter is going to be? Is the foreshadowed storm going to come sooner than anticipated and power surge Emmy's batter to the extreme like in some of Dom's concept art, or are we going to have a chilled out chapter where everyone huddles together in the dark? Also more Clara fanart attached
>need to free up space on my laptop >find a shitpost animation enjoy
>>28671 CENSORED
>>28671 gif version
Open file (75.63 KB 850x1154 1689616551264781.jpg)
Open file (37.37 KB 800x800 1698588241100639.png)
Open file (535.42 KB 1000x1000 1699223812878638.png)
Open file (189.70 KB 523x575 1681578823553914.png)
>>28713 artist? also does anyone know the artist for these too?
>>28727 The Emmy drawing you replied to is by artescos from Nandromeda, the PoV Franny is by Topss
>>28728 Thanks >>28659 the second and third pics here are artemisarty's work, right? Then on these ones; I know who the artists are, but I don't know who the OCs are. Anyone got any clues?
>>28659 Yeah the second and third here are by Artemis
>>28727 Guy forgot to draw some hands in that last one....
Open file (616.58 KB 1080x1763 1682780855812.jpg)
Open file (350.38 KB 500x789 1682779189413.png)
There is a criminal lack of Missy ITT.
Open file (260.14 KB 1215x2048 20240125_194216.jpg)
Open file (147.24 KB 1029x2048 20240125_194225.jpg)
Open file (246.60 KB 1215x2048 20240125_194234.jpg)
>>28770 Done n done
Open file (137.68 KB 1024x538 1706312626760861m.jpg)
Open file (668.04 KB 1200x5277 1706364011404570.png)
>>28834 >Socket episode GH will be pleased.
new update >>28839
/co/ threads are done for lol
>>28846 They really are, the threads can't stay up for a whole day.
>>28855 Probably for the best
>>28856 Sad but true. >>28776 Sauce?
>>28857 by ALoNLinesS07 on Twitter
Open file (595.11 KB 1080x1350 GFBtPlLb0AA8BAY.jpeg)
>>28879 This stinks
>>28914 Yeah, kinda aggressive not feminine.
>>28915 >>28879 True, I'm not really a fan of this theme either, of these imagined interactions with a character being presented as transactional.
>>28917 does make you wonder, would Sterling host maid cafes? Or is it sticking to the Apple Inc. ideology?
>>28919 in-lore Sterling is supposed to be a prestigious company, I think. They'd kinda pride themselves in their robots not being easily accessible to everyone, since that makes them seem even more luxurious, so there probably wouldn't be any official Sterling establishments like that.
>>28925 If they're that prestigious, they'd probably also have some sort of buy-back program to keep 'em away from second-hand sellers.
>>28956 That would make sense, but hasn't really been touched upon in the comic.
>>28956 Rolls royce cars depreciate faster than bananas, i doubt nandroids would be any different especially since the comic states that older robots have more free will and disobey orders
Open file (108.56 KB 519x303 squashed.png)
>>28972 >depreciate That's a retail trick, they say the same about cars that are worth 100k over top their book price. Go buy a second hand Rolls Royce and talk about depreciating value, it only counts for personal sales. A company like sterling would both want to control access and invoke envy so they probably would have an outreach or community center that allows people to interact with nandroid products in a controlled setting. A use of proprietary charging ports (their world seems...less regulated/ethical(lol) so probably have a strong monopoly like apple did) and parts along with specific maintenance requirements that failure to abide by results in a voided warranty or breached service contract and trigger a recall or repossession would control who can service or repair them. The company wouldn't allow resales and require owners to trade in or send back old models if they were out of use. Some companies force you to destroy the product and send evidence. You'd have a first sale market, Sterling has a condition i nthe sales contract that forbids or restricts resale, leaving them as a prestige legacy company while others fill in the gaps with their own models.
this week´s update >>29022
Open file (187.05 KB 720x1024 asdas2.png)
>>29043 Lem is that you?
>>29043 Lem you should continue your greatest work of Molly with braces
>>29035 This is really good character blocking. I'd love to see this artist do an 11-second club entry [1] with this rigged model of Emmy. Think you can ask him to look into it, Anon? Thanks & cheers. :^) 1. https://www.11secondclub.com/
>>28952 Artist ?
>>29154 ArtemisArty
Open file (1.00 MB 1474x3350 Franny 01.png)
>>29043 That's looks a bit familiar...
Open file (5.90 MB 1500x7515 One of Us 2_Webtoon3.png)
Open file (4.45 MB 1500x8009 One of Us 2_Webtoon1.png)
Open file (6.16 MB 1500x6600 One of Us 2_Webtoon2.png)
New emmy chapter
>>29291 >no new emmy thread on /co/ its so over for emmycels
Open file (783.60 KB 1600x1000 1568670381159.png)
>>29292 Not a bad thing tbh
>>29292 The /co/ threads have been shit ever since the greentext holocaust started. >wasn't that like three years ago yes.png
>>29314 >The /co/ threads have been shit ever since the greentext holocaust started. >The /co/ threads have been shit since nantales got jannied out Doubt.
Fanart skins of Mandy and Clara
>>29356 Clara got her own skin!!
Open file (560.97 KB 800x800 image.png)
"Listen here, human..."
>>29328 based take
Open file (231.86 KB 1600x1685 GGUArfHXgAANYUV.jpeg)
So when did piggommi's twitter account get deleted?
>>29471 Oh shit, hope shes ok
Open file (8.62 KB 225x225 download.jpeg)
Open file (11.78 KB 225x225 download.png)
Open file (9.42 KB 225x225 download (1).jpeg)
>>29474 Hopefully. In the meantime, does anyone have high res pics of these?
>>29481 What's a reichs? And why would anyone delete their X account because of harassment?
>>29487 You clearly have no idea at the type of venomous hate and irrational stalking an internet artist can be subject to for drawing pictures.It's not just mean words, it's literally 'I know where you live and who you work for and I'm going to ruin your life', because you used the wrong line thickness or added a mole to their favourite character. It makes a lot of sense to delete an X account once you start getting harassed, it's simply not worth the trouble once you pick up a schizo.
>>29493 Piggommi dmd people recently, shes not being harassed
>>29493 Okay, yeah. I kinda forgot. Some Japanese anime artists seem to have had such problems. I just thought they're anonymous, so it won't matter. But yeah, even so, it might be scary to deal with insane people.
Open file (535.08 KB 4092x2893 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>29494 did she say what happened? Her style was cute. pic unrelated that's from bax
>>29502 Shes just taking a break because shes busy with irl shit. Shes done this before so its no big deal.
>>29481 If I had a nickel for every female artist reichs harassed out of the fandom, I would have two nickels, which isn't a lot, but it's crazy he's done it twice. More trannies kept out at any rate.
>>29508 >>29508 She isnt being harassed, ask her yourself
>>29508 Piggommi is a troon?
>>29512 any nandroid artist that claims to be female is anon
>>29503 Is there anywhere else she posts her art? Because to my knowledge she just posted to her twitter and the discords.
>>29516 Nope. Just those
>>29515 That's a fair assumption, but I always like to make sure. I've never seen that implied with Piggommi, and those people usually can't shut up about it.
>>29517 Okay then. I'll just post what I have now to the derpibooru and keep an eye out for when she comes back. Also what's this meme about?
Open file (7.64 MB 1836x2448 image.png)
>>29519 >it's 3 am >you have to pee >you go out into the hallway >out of nowhere, you hear a voice reverberating through the hall >"Tannewite..."
>>29518 There are no women in Emmy. Just (((women))).
>>29503 so she delete her accounts every time she take a break? That's pretty retarded.
this week´s update >>29575
>>29555 It's a tranny thing they do
>>29601 wendy was made by trannies
>>29603 troons in fandom >active threads and discussion >great artists >best stories no troons >jumboslop >bad artists >terrible stories end of an era
>>29604 Lol. More like >troons in fandom >threads clogged with shitposting and arguing >self important whiny artists >or artists shat on relentlessly >mediocre self important writers shilling ocs and inviting jannies to destroy threads further >no troons >"jumboslop" = active fan creation, works compiled and saved, wiki made and more >emerging artists not afraid of ridicule >same but for writers I'd rather have the jumbo regimented fandom if it meant that people weren't afraid of creating things out of fear of 100 same-fags all dogpiling them to stop drawing or worse because they made a doodle that didn't take 30 hours of rendering. Meanwhile now we have: >no gayshit/botlers >no lesbo shit >no 'my fandroid isnt a nandroid anymore' bs drama >no fucking career shitters ruining every thread available
Open file (2.75 MB 1341x1948 MollyEyeshadow.png)
Nandroids? N-Nandroids?
>>29606 this has got to be b8 >no lesbo shit literally the top nandroids of nandromeda is the lesbian OC droid owl house ripoff "Natalie" extremely poorly written yet pushed hard because jumbo pulls the strings >jumboslop is better than nothing The fact all the things are subpar and an innate refusal to improve in any form instead aiming for constantly shitting out half-baked material to remain relevant truly is a low new bar to set for "quality"
Can you guys just go back to harrasing content creators directly in their dm or ruining their hugbox servers instead of shitting up the threads? Please and thank you.
>>29628 This is what happens when the /co/ threads die, you lose your containment pen. Now all the moment posters and so on have free reign to come here and fuck your thread up explaining why nantales is the antichrist
>>29636 the magnet abuse is taking its toll...
>>29621 >lesbian OC droid I don't remember when that wholesome story was suddenly about nandroids eating pussy or cucking their owners? I dont think you remember how bad the fujo shit was in the old days, if you were even there. >an innate refusal to improve in any form Unironically false if you ever bothered to look at jumbo's stuff from months or years ago, and considering how much more in other mediums he's created for the fandom your "slop" definition is just because it doesnt tailor to your exact specific idea of what you want nandroids to be doing in fan shit, retard. >>29628 Anon, this was invited here the instant it was called an "Emmy the Robot" thread. You can't have artist harassment in DM and discord without it in the threads too.
>>29636 bro...
Just commissioned this
Open file (170.35 KB 1024x1280 GGuJScRbIAACSHh.jpeg)
Open file (104.57 KB 1095x1200 GDF8Mx8agAE4SNP.jpg)
>>29654 >>29687 Coomer coomission
>>29654 >>29687 i love it
Open file (240.05 KB 717x771 MerryColor.png)
where wendy....
Open file (206.20 KB 550x676 catwendy.png)
>>29812 here
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 02/27/2024 (Tue) 00:55:28.
Pls rember we're a SFW board (and why), EtR-anons. TIA. >tl;dr Support your local cube-nerd Engineer today! :^)
Open file (1.90 MB 1610x1365 Sammy.png)
>>29820 >no botlers no lesbians >you get in trouble like the botler dude based >they deleted posts saying shes not a nandroid Understandable, it's a classic way to derail a /co/ EtR thread Here's Sammy and some puppies
Open file (99.07 KB 340x379 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29823 I understand deleting the spam but she's still off topic
Open file (5.62 MB 3000x4000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29825 wow that one came from the heart "dint" it
>>29818 (>>3) If it's on-topic NSFW and it's spoilered then there's a little more leeway (within reason). Those rules #1 & #2 were: a. intended for the context of serious discussion of creating robowaifus, not for a fan community; b. intended for adults working together towards a common goal, not for casually trying to poison the well. Just use common sense. I'd suggest you all work towards having Kiwi moderate this thread, since I'm likely to be far more stern about it's contents. There are numerous posts that violate the spirit of Rule #2, ITT for example. I would yank them outright on the spot, if I can't just leave such concerns to Kiwi instead. Please understand this is nothing personal for any specific anon, but rather for the long-term health of the board in general. Plus there are already ample sources of degeneracy out there, without /robowaifu/ contributing to that abominable mix! :DD >>29828 Give it a rest, khtx. We're not going to create rules for every little depravity one may care to flippantly dream up and throw out there. Just follow rules #1 & #2 in the spirit they are intended, and we'll all be fine. --- We're glad you're here Anons. Please moderate yourselves a little better ITT is what I'm asking for, thanks. Cheers. :^) >=== -rm my redundant re-statement -fmt, sp, minor edit The posts being linked to were deleted for being off-topic trolls.
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 02/27/2024 (Tue) 00:59:23.
>>29835 >Moderate yourselves better Their inability to do so is why they're here.
Open file (353.54 KB 1536x2048 whatcouldhavebeen.jpg)
>>29835 >Just follow rules #1 & #2 in the spirit they are intended >Don't promote either feminism or literal faggotry outside of The Basement Lounge. This is super vague for people who o my found this place when this thread was made. What does "don't promote feminism" even mean "in the spirit"? Depending where you come from that could be anything from saying you don't hate women to saying they are superior to men. I'm not trying to be a dick or bend the rules I honestly don't understand how this is supposed to be taken.
>>29855 >I don't give a fuck about your language Then stop speaking it.
Open file (507.88 KB 620x3965 Dr Darcy_Webtoon.jpg)
Open file (317.88 KB 810x1063 1590262171868.jpg)
Open file (63.16 KB 556x550 1592709151831.png)
Open file (149.68 KB 892x1200 20200905_101103.jpg)
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 02/27/2024 (Tue) 01:02:06.
Open file (631.16 KB 2200x1600 1598159662978.png)
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 02/27/2024 (Tue) 01:02:35.
Open file (132.17 KB 490x650 1588307106947.png)
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 02/27/2024 (Tue) 01:03:16.
>>29838 >What does "don't promote feminism" even mean "in the spirit"? Think of the most despicable & vile things that say, femin, or those parade sodomites do in public. Then stay as far away as possible from that! :D >tl;dr This is a SFW, design & engineering board. You must be 18 to be here. Proceed accordingly. Simple as. :^)
Open file (632.07 KB 670x680 41245123121.png)
Would a black nandroid chirp like a smoke detector?
>>29883 Why would you want a negroid?
Updated skins for Tilly and Tatyana Format: Bedrock 128×128 (HD)
>>29884 The shade look quite nice if it's not paired with socioeconomic factors and related phenotype.
>>29856 >ms paint Basado. Good Ms paint always has a strong alt-comic vibe, like you're checking out some weird magazine full of bizarre comics in your cool older brother's bedroom.
>>29897 >Basado not really, aliased scribbles are always easy
>>29898 Do one right now.
Open file (95.97 KB 900x675 7c5.jpg)
>>29895 >Not Nandroid Clean your shitposts or I will. You have 3 hours to comply.
>>29912 I'm not the one shitposting man, I'm trying to talk about English grammar and post nandroids. This is what Emmy threads are like, take it up with the other guy.
>>29856 Artist?
Open file (312.27 KB 779x724 20201128_183007.jpg)
>>29914 astraltellurian the same artist for >>29913 He also created another OC, Mary Ann the nundroid
Open file (31.02 KB 278x354 Perplexed Polly.jpg)
My god what's become of the /co/ thread
>>29938 The namefag war remains as baffling as ever.
Open file (97.50 KB 1200x960 F38xIKgWoAACdKX.jpg)
Open file (233.63 KB 522x844 Folz4WxWIAEkrj_.png)
Open file (788.02 KB 1080x1350 FsbxqmgXsAID562.jpeg)
Open file (1.05 MB 1177x1080 1676160755560804.png)
Open file (1.52 MB 1085x1000 1602959735897.png)
>>29943 Not spoilered. Not a nandroid.
>>29912 >3 hours to comply >full day later and nothing happens to either shitter
Open file (2.56 MB 3372x4824 comi paladar 4 a.png)
Artist: @zukiz9
Open file (148.35 KB 901x1109 E4gl1LMWUAgAeTl.jpg)
Free Palestine
Open file (100.25 KB 351x423 1642902651040.png)
>>29951 Free you say? I'll take three!
Open file (1.51 MB 2130x3019 KnockYourShitOff.png)
>>29913 >Grammar Shitposting, that is shitposting. You were actively dragging down the quality of this thread, don't ever do it again. If you want grammar fixed, I can fix it. We are in international board with a default language of English. This is not everyone's first language, be kind, be patient, and most of all, let them learn somewhere else. Keep this thread Emmy and Nandroid only, if you won't I will.
Open file (160.00 KB 2000x2000 Shrug.jpg)
>>29946 Was away from PC, posted that on phone.
Open file (1014.21 KB 2876x3425 Untitled13_20240226161648.png)
Open file (296.45 KB 1000x700 1611419773207.png)
>>29961 >Keep this thread Emmy and Nandroid only, if you won't I will. one was still posting nandroids? if you want emmy threads you get discussions about other shit besides nandroids even if people are posting them. >posting this goofy fucking dictator discord mod message with a nandroid in military dress Subtle.
New Bedrock Skin (HD) of Shortcake ♡
Open file (469.58 KB 1920x1080 screenshot_02.png)
>>27481 Made this by the way. Thought you'd all want to know that. https://soaringmoon.itch.io/nandroid-generator
>>29985 Always love seeing new projects pop up! You ever dabble in any modding for video games?
>>29986 Not really, I develop games instead. Updating that software with blush colors as well.
>>29987 Ooh, do you stick to any specific genre, or have you done several different types? Have you seen the Nandomizer that was made a while back? Was another fun generator project: https://perchance.org/nandomizer
Open file (2.65 MB 480x270 screenreel_05.gif)
Open file (2.90 MB 480x270 screenreel_07.gif)
Open file (2.67 MB 480x270 screenreel_04.gif)
Open file (2.55 MB 480x270 screenreel_08.gif)
>>29988 I'm familiar with nandromizer. Well I typically develop tabletop roleplaying systems, but you can see my published games on itch. https://soaringmoon.itch.io/ >Windborne Kin is my main project.
Open file (605.10 KB 1000x1500 NewTabby.png)
Open file (2.09 MB 2560x4096 1624344911423.png)
>>29985 Are you the same guy who made this image?
Open file (2.09 MB 1920x1080 Polly Pic.PNG)
https://gamebanana.com/mods/493529 Nandroid models for Mario 64!
>>30001 Fascist
>>30007 Meritocrat actually.
>>29985 Did you ask jam for this?
>>30009 Jam is going to have conniptions
Open file (18.59 KB 473x84 ClipboardImage.png)
>>29985 The original of those pictures is not dom, but Jam https://twitter.com/wwwJam/status/1266872809550229505/
>>30011 >>30012 Wasn't aware, I'll go ahead and credit him as well.
>>30013 Done.
>>30008 >meritocrat >makes /pol/ roll chart
>>30015 >names a political ideology >tried to imply that an image can't be made by a person with that political ideology on a board about politics
>>30015 >>30007 nantales moment
Open file (197.12 KB 862x749 1708830733201419.jpg)
>>30023 Respect nantales
Its just gonna get worse as we recruit more and more. That faggot is just the first pebble of shit, wait till the dam bursts and we get flooded with the feminist and simp diarrhea. Chobitsu, will you be okay with this or should we be recruiting from somewhere other than /pol/?
Open file (223.80 KB 1000x1000 1598155385615.png)
>>30027 >respect nantales >the communist antifa retard who still shits around to say retard shit like merit is fascist >respect nantales
>>30037 Anyone who knows even the smallest amount about me (not implying you should) or my work (that either) knows I've been running a meritocratic micronation. Since 1999.
>>30038 Good for you I'm talking about nantales not you
>>30038 I know lol. I'm saying even if they looked into it a little bit, would have found that out.
>>30028 Post nans or get bans.
this week´s update >>30069
>>30028 >Chobitsu, will you be okay with this or should we be recruiting from somewhere other than /pol/? No, I think it's great! It's kinda gratifying to quash the GH & their golem's putrescence from time-to-time! :DDD Seriously though, we're in a yuge culture war already, and robowaifus (and, by extension, /robowaifu/) represent a key battle zone IMO. >tl;dr You are already conscripted, Anons. Best grab your gear and move out! :^) BTW, I'm not often in this thread. I'll rely mostly on Kiwi to manage it. Go ahead and report anything you want to anons, and I'll take a look into it myself as needs be. Cheers. :^)
>>30027 I suspect no one here """respects""" Nantales, Anon. Please do remember we're acting in an accomodating fashion ITT to keep sh*testirring to a minimum, and to broaden the base for robowaifu DIY anons. Please act accordingly.
>>30087 Do YOU respect nantales?
Open file (1.40 MB 1265x955 1709665329474749.png)
Open file (805.01 KB 800x1590 1650122463131.png)
Open file (53.57 KB 190x243 1650123500126.png)
New updated skin for Itzpapálotl and the new Larimar skin ♡
Updated Bedrock/ HD skin for Itzpapálotl
Open file (49.14 KB 860x645 wp2840138.jpg)
Write the crossover episode. What would happen if the nandroids and their families moved to woodcrest?
>>27756 >>30302 I see you, you see me How pleasant, this feeling The moment you hold me I missed you, I'm sorry I've given what I have I showed you I'm growing The ashes fall slowly As your voice consoles me As the hours pass I will let you know That I need to ask Before I'm alone How it feels to rest On your patient lips To eternal bliss I'm so glad to know
Open file (5.02 MB 2048x3640 Flowers4Lulu.png)
>>30333 Now now, it's better to reserve Goslinging for more wholesome lovey-dovey content!
the classics
>>30302 >frames are not lore accurate INTO THE TRASH IT GOES
>>30335 >tfw you'll never have a lovey-dovey relationship with a robowaifu where she reserves all of the lewd stuff just for you and you only out of love.
>>30335 I don't think the stuff here >>30302 are "unwholesome" or "non lovey-dovey" just because they're NSFW, with the exception of two. Sex has a reputation of being unwholesome because in this promiscuous society its seen as something to be done with anyone, even strangers. But, if its something special you do just with someone you love, I think it could be quite wholesome.
>>30355 I know what I meant and you know what I meant. There was no reason to try to undermine my point to make yours - even though it's valid.
Open file (14.78 MB 1500x13299 Hacking_Webtoon 1.png)
New chapter
Open file (8.40 MB 1500x7193 Hacking_Webtoon 2.png)
this week´s update >>30369
Updated Bedrock/HD skin for Emmy
Updated Bedrock/HD skin for Cassy
More updated nandroids
>>30394 >>30395 >>30396 Going HARDCORE
>>30401 And the updated Bedrock/HD skin for Avery
Another updated Bedrock/HD skin, and it's for Dashy
Open file (267.35 KB 1018x1018 JustMolly.png)
>>30432 jumbo would never type that naughty word
>>30433 Yeah he's more of fan of high pitched gibberish, apparently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCvofRbLAgw
>>30446 What the fuck is this.
Open file (135.50 KB 301x299 Yikes!.png)
>>30368 Ugh. Emmy's got those cancer patient vibes, how horrific. >>30446 It's crazy to see how far Jumbo's come since his early days, you have to give him credit for his dedication to Nandroids, even if he is a m*llyfag >>30447 It's Jumbokino, silly!
>>30458 If that's his kino I do not want to see his coal.
>>30446 sovl
Open file (267.35 KB 1018x1018 JustMolly.png)
Open file (67.69 KB 768x1104 1710627708603239.jpg)
Open file (159.47 KB 571x761 image-10.png)
Open file (245.90 KB 712x770 image (10).png)
>>30468 and a "morn pwree imne..." to you, pretty lady!
this week´s update >>30470
>>30433 Who?
Open file (178.08 KB 2048x1774 GHyt518XQAAKXfc.png)
Open file (119.17 KB 871x527 GJa83GvWwAERxcO.png)
Open file (177.92 KB 1192x2048 GHwC8qJXEAIdKtA.jpg)
>>30447 cute as fuck is what it is :D
>>30458 >>30459 dustiest 'cord subterranean coal
seems the weekly thread died just before I could post. Here´s to this upcoming saturday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n63o0dE44jo
Robot waifus are all part of the grander transhumanism question. This question was posed before on /pol/ and they will not touch it (they're afraid of being called a faggot by their super cool friends I guess). If a human male can completely abandon their physical form and replace it with an aesthetically female robot form or a gynoid body that is biologically 100% female while retaining their original male mind, is it gay to have a relationship with them? Similarly referred to as the bowsette proposition, I would argue it's not gay, at least from the perspective of the guy enjoying the ostensibly female form.
You will never be a woman.
Open file (351.79 KB 768x768 512.png)
>>30593 Did you come from that nigger hate robowaifu thread? I think we'll need to move on from human assumptions when we start living in a world where that doesn't matter. We are already grappling with what is considered "sentience", "consciousness" and "humanity" in a time when AI is starting to show signs of them too. I think I'd look at it through the lens of just having another experience. Part of what attracts me to stuff like FDVR or transhumanism is that we'll experience things that we otherwise never would have, in our meatbag bodies.
>>30593 >Would you have sex with a guy if he was in a woman's body No that's gay nigga what the fuck.
>>30593 Somebody is fantasizing about living Heinlein's "I shall Fear No Evil". Nerd.
>>30593 You're just mtf trans but without the botched surgeries
>>30593 The part where he is attracted to the female body isn't gay, but knowing that it's a guy inside is extremely weird, gay or not. Not caring about that is as well. Also, it's just fiction and also not necessary. We can build female robots soon.
>>30623 >We can build female robots soon. You're joking, right?
Open file (82.72 KB 239x211 image.png)
>>30631 It's not the "female robots" part it's the "soon" part. Any contemporary female robot is little better than a motorized RealDoll which has the problem of its power consumption on top of the already steep pricetag.
>>30633 >it's the "soon" part Well, there are some examples already. At which point it counts is another question. We're doing it anyways. One step at a time. >Any contemporary female robot is little better than a motorized RealDoll If it was full body, than that's fine. Some here are fine with something less doll-like which might be cheaper. >which has the problem of its power consumption That depends on what somebody wants. A female robot that works for 20 minutes is not "no female robot available". Also, nobody said the first iteration is going to do a lot of chores. >on top of the already steep pricetag. 2k-15k is okay, imo. Harmony is a commercial product, made in USA, probably mostly by hand. DIY and mas produced parts might make things cheaper. Again: Where do you think you are? https://alogs.space/robowaifu/catalog.html
Updated Java skin for Emmy
>>30639 >At which point it counts is another question. When it can choose whether it does or doesn't want to be your robot girlfriend.
>>30647 Yeah, that's certainly not the benchmark for if "we can build female robots soon". That kind of thinking will be treated like a virus and purged before it would even be considered.
>>30648 >That kind of thinking will be treated like a virus and purged before it would even be considered. >Wants a robot wife >Doesn't want a robot wife that will truly love him Gay.
Open file (95.59 KB 1188x714 1706998536106251.png)
>>30649 Are you one of those retarded roasties or simps that want "consent" options in your bots or want them to reject males because they feel threatened? Yeah, I'm guessing you're one of those fags.
>>30647 Hate to break it to ya boyo, but unless instructed otherwise, LLMs are always down for a good time ;)
Open file (241.88 KB 720x1024 BunnyLulu.png)
This is an Emmy thread, not a gay thread. >>30647 >Wanting a robot to not give consent Your fantasies are disgusting. We firmly believe in loving, man machine relations where both sides accept and adore each other. Take your nasty kink shit elsewhere sodomite. >>30646 Cute! >>30651 >>30654 Keep up the good fight against demented sodomites. Which Nandroid would you want to dress up as a bunny for Easter? Lulu would be prefect to me! (Picrel credit to iamlem)
>>30651 Okay so you don't want your robot to be able to consent or think independently? Go buy a sex doll. Or you could go the Dahmer route and just pour boiling milk in some broad's brain and have a living robot all your own in your apartment or something horrid like that. I fail to see how you can have the combined goals of creating real, futuristic robot waifus and then not care to give them free will or anything like that. >>30654 All current LLMs are either corporate-owned censored slopfests unable of really conversing, or are going (within the year) be so deeply inbred on the existing stock of undifferentiated LLM written material that they're going to revert to the level of a late aughts "clever bot". >>30658 >Your fantasies are disgusting. What fantasy? That a robot should be able to choose its partners? >We firmly believe in loving, man machine relations where both sides accept and adore each other. Great, so you should believe then in a world where both sides mutually choose each other as well?
Not Emmy related. Stop bringing up your rape fantasies sicko.
>>30649 >>Doesn't want a robot wife that will truly love him She's programmed to love me, not picking me based on some judgements which I or someone else would have to install into her anyways. That would be a independent woman with embedded hypergamy. We are obviously not recreating that. >>30659 This whole "give consent" thing is either legal terminology and in other instances something feminist. Relationships worked fine for at least thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years, without that. Also, you overlook they wouldn't be humans. Humans might naturally have a drive for autonomy, especially when they can compare their situation to others and seek something more advantageous. Robots can either have full obedience programmed into them or maybe not. In the second case they might resist to some things, but this would be what the owner wanted them to be like, though they'd still be property.
>>30659 Even with Sterling Robotics grip on their nandroids, there's still folks able to void Emmy's warranty to help her. Hackers gonna hack, and there's always gonna be cyberpunks fighting the corporate slop.
>>30658 I'm not much of a bunny fan, but either Lulu or Molly. They're my favourites. >>30659 Don't care, not programming hypergamy into my bot.
>>30688 Coomer.
this week´s big update >>30694
Open file (115.74 KB 1200x969 GJuaWoJWEAA9lrf.jpg)
>>30707 Murder drones has some good designs, if you guys like euro-comics and robots girls then check out Sky Doll, lot of cheese cake mixed with theologicism, morality, and socio-political discussions. It's an older one, came out in 2000-2001.
Someone posted two nandroid AI voice videos, one with Avery and other with Emmy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5Xz0M79Kr4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqRUKN2S54Q
Open file (3.39 MB 620x5393 Malware 1_Webtoon.png)
>>30765 Damn, this ones depressing
Open file (129.07 KB 884x1350 GKQ4fvVWIAAzEd2.jpeg)
>>30707 Not sure how I missed this lol. Murder Drones is kino.
Open file (1.28 MB 3015x3016 robowaifu_EM1.2.png)
>>30796 Why isn't this lewdness spoilered?
>>30800 ughhhhh
Open file (913.96 KB 1868x2200 Francis.png)
>>30804 this week´s big update
>>30803 get rid of this before the anti gays show up and argue for twelve days straight.
>>30808 yes, it's the "anti-gays" that are the odd ones. Where do I updoot your post?
Open file (190.29 KB 644x667 image.png)
>>30808 Go be gay somewhere else
>>30812 I already got banned and blocked by jumbo for not responding to him so I can't bud Kiwi: >Blocked by a homo for being too gay Listen, I'm letting you stay as long as you act less gay. Take it or leave it.
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 04/08/2024 (Mon) 23:30:02.
>>30816 based Jumbo
This mf?
Open file (2.33 MB 1287x2030 040824_KCOKO_Cover_1.png)
>>30827 still not a nandroid
Open file (252.39 KB 720x1024 1683463842205.png)
>>30833 Is this a nandroid?
>>30841 no she has disgusting meat sacks nandroids dont have disgusting meat sacks
>>30849 >shit taste >posts nans that support my statement literal reichtard moment
>>30850 Why yes Heiliges Römisches Reich is indeed my favourite country. Thanks for your question
>>30851 Großdeutsches Reich reporting in
>>30855 EtR peaked at Wendy.
>>30856 too bad her creator is a schizophrenic fag >inb4 trolling It's completely true and you can find out about it in the original discord
>>30870 my jew in christ you just described everyone in the fandom
Most Emmyfags are "schizos" and "gay", wendyanon is a genuine diagnosed schizophrenic that physically suck dicks
>>30872 no cap receipts?
>>30872 And wendyanon managed to be the most based and skilled writer in the fandom. What have you accomplished? >>30873 >no cap Nigger.
>>30876 >>30872 Better then majority honestly.
>>30876 >What have you accomplished? Several drawings that retards on 4chan got mad about because I drew my fandroid as something else than a nandroid
>>30891 go back to crying on reddit
>>30891 Sounds like the average 4chan experience to me
as this thread has been bumplocked, we move once again to a new thread >>30919
>>30920 >as this thread has been bumplocked Autosage is set at 500 (>>29497). --- NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD >>30919 >>30919 >>30919 >>30919 >>30919 NEW THREAD NEW THREAD NEW THREAD

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