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Emmy The Robot Robowaifu Technician 04/15/2024 (Mon) 20:31:05 No.30919
Welcome all Nandroids fans to the Emmy thread, for discussing and posting about EtR. Off-topic posts and personal attacks will be deleted. --- Also, be sure to check out Emmy-Pilled's project thread! (>>25306) Important Community Links: Boorus, etc.: https://nandroid.booru.org/index.php https://emmytherobot.art/ (Jumbo controlled, be careful.) Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mXuNh9ESedCiDZclVuz9uiL7nTNk3U9SgCE_CRHi3Us/htmlview# Webtoons: https://m.webtoons.com/en/canvas/emmy-the-robot/list?title_no=402201 > previous threads : >>27481 >>26629
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 06/24/2024 (Mon) 18:13:49.
This will get me skinned alive here but I'm not a big fan of the Emmy template. I can appreciate her simple design that lends itself to OC creation, but she's a little too slender for me. Frustratingly, there's not really a more iconic robot waifu circulating the net at the moment. At least until Mina becomes popular with the adaptation of my wife has no emotion manga. I'm sure that anime will stick in the craw of the usual suspects. The guy making the life-size Emmy (I think his name is Nandroid anon?) is very committed for sure.
>>30919 Add the new sfw booru please: https://emmytherobot.art/
>>30922 Done.
Getting back in the swing of things when it comes to uploads to the nandroid.booru. To that, does anyone know the actual name of this meme?
>>30926 >it's 3 am >you have to pee >you really have to pee >against your better judgement you step out into the hallway >... >randomly, you hear a reverberating... >"tannewite"
Open file (14.86 KB 320x595 cleo.png)
>>30919 Nice new thread
>>30919 Thinking of cleaning this up and making colored and nude versions of it. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?
>>30949 Do it.
Open file (2.04 MB 3120x4160 4112312421313.jpg)
Open file (2.82 MB 1188x2151 12421321521.png)
>>30921 thanks, I gotta admit myself I found Emmy is more slender than I imagined when I was making my first protoype/dummy torso of her
>>30949 Dew it
another saturday and no thread
>>30978 considering the downwards spiral it has become, should the co thread even exist anymore?
Open file (99.41 KB 1638x2048 GLzKk_9W4AAwJEq.jpeg)
Open file (228.86 KB 1661x1080 GLykSvPbAAAUGSK.jpeg)
Open file (100.54 KB 1626x2033 GLzKk_-W8AAHABB.jpeg)
>>31003 looks jewish
New Pemmy (Pirate Emmy or Missy) Java Skin available
New HD/Bedrock Aria skin - Updated tops and bottoms
>>31011 >japanese >looks jewish Heh that's funny
>>31020 nantales moment
>>31037 reeks of notdroids
>>31037 >Sem titulo Glad to know Avery and Yukio are Brazilian approved
Still no thread?
>>31052 this is our new home it seems
>>31066 Say it ain't so.
Open file (7.45 MB 800x450 ezgif-2-74044c726c.gif)
>>31068 >Comm You paid for this? Did you write it, too?
>>31072 Broke ass niggas hatin
>>31072 broke english works for the nan
>>31073 I pay for good art. Lol.
Open file (3.19 MB 498x413 cigar-cigare.gif)
>>31037 >grilling bacon on Avery's hot ass while she's laying on her towel at the beach FUCK
>>30949 How's goes the progress?
>>30919 >Jumbo controlled, be careful God you people are insufferable
>>31102 >needing a hugbox booru in case someone might call criticize your art so you can ban them idk seems like guy has some issues
>>31105 Hes damn near 40 and spends 12 hours a day playing minecraft with mexican teenagers
>>31102 Someone better put the Emmy foot art on his booru. Jesus had exposed feet so Jumbo can't say they are sexual so he can't ban them.
Open file (41.40 KB 295x301 sixity nine dude.png)
>>31099 I'll start working on it tomorrow.
>>31105 >a hugbox booru more like a booru without the droves of garbage nandroid pornslop churned out by artists like >>31068 >>31003
>>31111 it means less porn slop but it leans so heavily towards the other end of bad that its run by a person who will have a mental breakdown if he saw Molly slip on a banana peel or a joke he doesn't "approve" of
>>31111 better to have pornslop and freedom to draw what I want than be told what I can and cannot draw by a peruvian groomer
>>31112 >>31113 Have you whiny retards ever even posted anything there? Tried to? Or are you just circlejerking some made up faggot shit because he's actually doing something for the Emmy fandom and you're not? >better to have pornslop Better to have horse porn too I guess?
>>31114 indeed faggot i rather have horse porn that i can simply hide by putting it in blocked tags than be told i cannot draw something simply due to it not being "safe for work"
>>31115 Literally no one is telling you you can't draw it retard you just can't post it in one place where you obviously wouldn't want to anyways. the fuck are you on about whining about this, there are blue boards for a reason
>>31116 jumbo tells you what you can and cannot draw keep up, why would i need a different booru if i can post it to one and not further divide and alienate the already niche fandom? also what do blue boards have to do with this, we're discussing a booru troon
>>31117 >also what do blue boards have to do with this that there are places for you to post porn and not post porn you retarded coomer
>>31118 4chan boards have nothing to do with booru cunt
>>31119 Emmy the Robot's fandom began on /co/ you moronic faggot
>>31120 that has nothing to do with the topic coomer
>>31121 youre the one begging and crying about not being able to goon on jumbos booru lol
>>31111 >>31114 >>31116 >>31118 >>31122 the real question to ask is this, if Jumbo deems this site a "hateful incel site" why does he posts his links on here? He clearly dislikes the subject matter and people involved
>>31122 "syn2nite, mistyanon, iamlem and several others were banned from the new official booru for hateful, distasteful and poor content"
>>31124 >weird boxing fetishist >drew emmy being raped by a fandroid (misty) >all porn damn its almost like the no nsfw rule is being applied kek
>>31125 >Syn2nite has nothing to do with nudity or hardcore porn >drew Molly pics that upset jumbo >Mistyanon drew 50/50 of porn and non-porn >drew Molly pics that upset jumbo aside from a lot of iamlems work its barely 1/4 porn. Seems awfully strange anything that would set jumbo's ego off gets you on the banlist
Open file (712.13 KB 1358x593 18220020230504999.PNG)
>>31124 the real worst offender is this guy, he's using models created by a 3D pornographer... what the hell
>>31126 >>Syn2nite has nothing to do with nudity or hardcore porn yeah because your only artworks being nandroids beating each other up is so vanilla
>>31128 >yeah because your only artworks being nandroids beating each other up is so vanilla so now its no longer about porn but just not being pure "vanilla"? Keep moving that goalpost
>>31128 pretty much anything that portrays molly in less than positive light is not vanilla. And in Syn2nite case, see pic related. Also, Syn? If you see this could you draw the part were the rainbow wig gets glued on? Thanks in advance
>>31130 d-did... did that artist just make a joke featuring M-Molly? Oh my god im going insane aaaaa!!!!
>>31132 that wine pic makes me fucking wheeze, why are molly fans so upset at the drop of a hat? Hope Dom makes some cute nandroid beach photos again this summer
>>30964 For better or worse, I think it's a good demonstration that you don't have to follow human proportions to a T for a desirable look when making a robot waifu. That counterpoint within that is the Emmy character and the world she lives in is cartoonish (including the human characters), in the same vein that XJ-9 is a very "stylized" character. I think you'd have to have larger frame for an actual functional Emmy robot that supports all of their necessary internal components.
>>31135 absolutely, just take a look at the walking "fridges" you see anytime even the big companies like Tesla or Boston Dynamics make a humanoid robot
>>31135 >larger frame for an actual functional Emmy robot that supports all of their necessary internal components. Great insight. Funtionality and simplicity is why big brands are focusing on big frames and something we should also aim for while the standard is a big nokia like robot. I always wandered why hospitals dont connect all those machines into a big bed size robot.
Open file (129.39 KB 793x1200 GMx2QyRXEAATB3P.jpg)
>>31125 Syn hasn't really brought the boxing thing into his Emmy art. So far its only these two in tangential way.
Open file (3.02 MB 4000x3000 20240504_194035.jpg)
By this time tomorrow, I'll have the cleaned lineart and the nude version ready. Til then, here's a work in progress pic of it on the lightbox.
>>31148 Hot sex
Open file (39.27 KB 478x259 IMG_9293.jpg)
Open file (699.64 KB 1200x806 1641676412357_nantales.png)
>>31155 >no nantales ever told me to cope and seethe except he famously did many times actually in the discord and the threads
Open file (579.46 KB 1835x1658 ramsay1_2.png)
Open file (4.63 MB 1280x720 8ZWEdoTI4hC3eD2k.mp4)
King of Carts
>>31156 proof?
>>31111 >>31162 Smoking. Are you going to color them?
Open file (1.00 MB 1474x3350 Franny 01.png)
>>31164 At some point, yes. Right now I got some other things to finish off first. The colored Franny in lingerie pic being one of them.
>>31165 Good luck.
>>31160 Go study the archive like the rest of us. Follow nantales posting patterns and style and youll see the shit he does. not to mention the d*scord screen shots
>>31168 So you have provided no proof. BLOCKED
>>31171 Blocked?
Open file (156.67 KB 1080x1350 GM3fmMyXoAAa4bp.jpeg)
Open file (86.27 KB 858x960 GM1DmVbXYAAd9-q.jpeg)
>>31176 Slop
>>31176 >>31177 Coal, rather, is more apt.
>>31178 yukio is unbreathable vantablack coal dust
about to upload 15 Caio pics the nandroid booru, but I need a comfirmation on this pic. This is supposed to be Avery right?
>>31184 No freckles chief can't say.
>>31184 some colouring certainly would've helped, cannot tell if its Natalia or Avery
>>31186 >>31184 This is most likely natalia imo. Avery has been forgotten almost entirely by nu-Emmy fandom under the Jumbo sphere of influence. There's basically no avery on his booru, I checked.
>>31186 >>31187 >Natalia Yeah it probably is her.
>>31188 Yep. even has the bun. >88 HH brother
Open file (112.70 KB 500x500 645.png)
Open file (4.11 MB 1456x1456 686.png)
Open file (3.19 MB 1450x1680 691.png)
>>31187 >no avery on his booru, I checked. Not hard enough apparently. I found these three, and only these three, tagged to her.
>>31190 >basically no avery are you fucking dyslexic or something? And all of those have her with other nandroids
>>31190 fucking sad i wonder what timelineanon would say about this era
>>31192 No avery is good actually >>31176 >yukio Unbreathable unbearable niggercoal
>>31190 >>31191 >>31194 only jumbo-approved images on the jumbo-booru, sad how many OCs never see the light of day
>>31196 >only jumbo-approved OCs on the jumbo-booru Like ones part of the number nans?
Open file (166.13 KB 1176x731 le nans.png)
>>31197 yes, very much so
Open file (3.89 MB 720x1280 TTRYY.mp4)
we went too far...
Open file (407.64 KB 2019x996 signs.jpg)
>>31198 I hope you realize that the first nandroid booru also uses all of the canon nandroids, it's not about "vanilla" it's about the comic they all fucking come from. Three of the others you list are pure speculation that jumbo would take credit for them without any proof of such. You're also neglecting the fact that the original booru used the most popular fandroids at the time, hence why you see Avery and others. That also stands with the unimplemented signdroids drawn by Indonesian Gentleman, and he included one of his own OCs as a signdroid as well as the other popular fandroids. Have you considered, then, that the reason those are the ones used on jumbo's site is because it's sourced from and primarily for people in his discord? So the characters who are most popular there would be most represented?
>>31200 So basically it's only for him and those that sub to his onlyfans?
>>31200 >I hope you realize that the first nandroid booru also uses all of the canon nandroids, it's not about "vanilla" it's about the comic they all fucking come from. everyone agreed what the canon was, you were free to draw whatever crazy idea you wanted. but then after people just jumbo latches on to literally everything you get people like >>31128 everywhere where it "has" to meet this gold standard that only jumbo decides what is, and anything that isn't is met with a strict "banned artists" list >Have you considered, then, that the reason those are the ones used on jumbo's site is because it's sourced from and primarily for people in his discord? So the characters who are most popular there would be most represented? if we compare to the old booru, you don't see Dixie, Aria, Denise or such holding numbers despite being the booru admins favorites. Because it didnt boil down to a single person needing to control everything, despite how many shortcomings the old booru has
>>31202 >everyone agreed what the canon was, you were free to draw whatever crazy idea you wanted. but then after people just jumbo latches on to literally everything you get people like >>31128 everywhere where it "has" to meet this gold standard that only jumbo decides what is, and anything that isn't is met with a strict "banned artists" list Holy fucking ESL anon, could you rewrite this and try typing slowly and clearly? "But then after people just jumbo latches on" is utter fucking nonsense. Your point doesn't even make sense either, that anon was trying to make up a gotcha against the jumbo booru for using the canon nandroids since they're supposedly "vanilla" when the less-than-vanilla oldbooru used them too. It's because they're from the comic. That's it. >if we compare to the old booru, you don't see Dixie, Aria, Denise or such holding numbers >despite being the booru admins favorites I don't recall crisis ever liking any of those, and no one bothered to make any new or up to date signdroids anyways kek. The jumbo booru fandroids look to be favorites from their whole discord so your point about the one mod controlling everything is moot anyways because its very clearly input from the fans he has there as well, but because you weren't there to observe the process itself happening you call foul play. I doubt you were there when the first booru was made four years ago, how can you be sure that there wasn't any favoritism there either?
>>31203 >crisis sorry reich seems you're out of touch
>>31206 >sorry reich seems you're out of touch The reason Rusty hasnt implemented the signdroids is because crisis, the booru owner, is a decrepit boomer and overall layabout who can't be bothered to moderate the booru he created, and the infrastructure OF the booru is so fucking garbage the only active moderator can't do anything.
>>31190 who cares about that slut how many wendy does he have?
>>31209 Wendy. Remember to capitalize good fandroids.
Open file (269.68 KB 904x1170 1695041806991.jpg)
>>31209 On emmytherobot.art: 43 On nandroid.booru: 190 >who cares about that slut The one guy how spams /aco/ General Drawthreads with requests to draw Goth Avery lewds. He uses pic related as the refferences then pairs that with whatever porn pic he wants her drawn in.
>>31211 >43 You mean three. Only three. >The one guy how spams /aco/ General Drawthreads Nantales you mean.
>>31197 >jumbo controls all the drawfags now
>>31203 >The jumbo booru fandroids look to be favorites from their whole discord so your point about the one mod controlling everything is moot anyways because its very clearly input from the fans he has there they're jumbo's favourites because he dictates so, if you don't kick up or spend hours in the kitten VC no-one will ever bother to look at whatever you might have "made"
>>31214 all this so there wouldn't be a single person to make a single joke about Molly ever again, crazy times
>>31215 Gemerald
>>31216 tlo was right we should have gatekept to keep people like him out
>>31219 Tlo is the same as jumbo, but hes at least smart enough to get paid
>>31220 >>31219 Both are formed from the same slop, they just took different forms
>>31222 at the nicest one can say, at least TLO has a sliver of creativity for making his drawings. While jumbos entire "catalogue" can be easily compiled into an Elsa/Spider-Man Youtube Kids playlist with how lifeless and effortless the animations are with blaring constant music. You really get the idea Jumbo hates making these, yet why does he keep doing it?
Belly dancers are on my brain this morning. Any nans you'd like to see drawn like that? Here's whats been done so far.
>>31232 Horrormode Lulu would do amazing things as a belly dancer
>>31232 Denise?
Where is everyone?
>>31260 I'm here, just hanging around
>>31260 I was gone for a bit, I wasn't active in this thread anyways, only looking through it from time to time.
>>31261 There used to be so much discussion in the past. Perhaps posting the latest panel here might spur something.
Open file (846.73 KB 1057x835 1601758557123.png)
>>31270 The glacial comic pace since the webtoon debacle has sadly killed off a lot of interest, especially after the fair-weather fans drifted away over the couple years; a fandom can survive a lack of official content or a lack of fan content, but not both.
>>31270 you should just make a reddit at this point
>>31273 that has already been done ages ago by jumbo, continuing his usual hugbox grip
>>31274 Dark times
>>31275 I still think this place can be great, it certainly is better maintained than similar sites like endchan. Just sucks the amount of detractors trying to ruin it
Open file (308.10 KB 1244x1367 GCQHU_9bAAAB_0Y.jpg)
Open file (627.47 KB 768x1024 64_Sem_Titulo.png)
Is there anything to these OCs?
>>31281 the new ones you're seeing? Unless you're in the private nandromeda club they aren't really sharing. Still some of the old ones kicking about you can find on twitter like StressTestAnon and a few others. We could use some greentexts in here since finally its a place that allows it
>>31282 Are any of the writers in there have stories that don't revolve around molly?
Updated skin for Itzpapálotl and new HD/Bedrock skin for Larimar
>>31283 there's a tiny bunch, but all have to be jumbo-approved so it might as well be Molly stories, and then there's the Natalia story which has terrible english and a bad plot. But due to how things work in there she gets a ton of art
>You're home from a 13 hour day of soul crushing overtime >lt's been a long day, but it's done, and now you can relax >As you loosen up, you see your wife's shoes aren't by the door, she must be working late again too >The house is spotless, as is natural of this new normal >Dinner is already cooking in the oven, smells like chicken casserole, delicious >The table is already set for your little family >You head to your daughters gaudy pink room >You hate those pastels, but she loved them >And there you see them >The light of your life, clutching your Nandroid >Maybe her name is Emmy, or Franny, or Lucy or Cassy >But she's your Nandroid, and she's made a world of a difference in your family's life since you and your wife's jobs became more demanding >She had been reading with your daughter, but the dear had fallen asleep, likely from boredom more than exhaustion >You go to relieve your Nandroid of your daughter, carefully unwinding your angel's arms from around her >You carry the most important thing in the world to bed, and tuck her in >You leave with a kiss on the forehead and a gentle stroke along her beautiful hair, and she unconsciously further nestles herself into bed >You see that your Nandroid has already quietly left to attend the casserole >You hear the front door open and close, and your Nandroid greeting your wife on her way to the kitchen, letting her know dinner will be ready very soon >You hear your wife's lovely voice as she excitedly tells your Nandroid how she can't wait to dig in >Your stomach growls, you can't wait to eat either >lt's been a long day, but it's done, and now you can relax
New HD/Bedrock skins for Tabby and Sophia
>>31291 literally me >>31287 >not remembering the name of your Nandroid D:
>>31287 Based and human wife pilled
>>31286 >terrible English and a bad plot That's 90% of nandroid fanfiction
>>31297 you just have to avoid the ones written by latinos
>>31299 that's all jumbo has tho
Open file (67.58 KB 872x872 1709771963097494.png)
Open file (123.92 KB 1252x754 1709772222138062.png)
>>31291 this and these are from dirty_platypi, right?
>>31314 Second one is, not sure about the first one.
Fresh art. First one from the new /co/ thread, the rest found from reverse image searching the sauce for the first.
>>31328 Emmy threads are allowed again on co?
>>31329 More like someone gave enough of shit to make one, but yeah Emmy threads are allowed again on /co/ spoiler for comic spoilers.
finally a new update >>31331
>>31347 finally some good fucking art
Nandroid: Itzpapálotl Artist: Zukiz
Open file (2.85 MB 2672x3807 comi paladar 5.1-1.png)
Nandroid: Larimar Artist: Zukiz
Open file (92.13 KB 540x953 IMG_9367.jpeg)
Updated Bedrock/HD skin for Shortcake ♡
New updates for Della Creme (creme soda nandroid)
New Bedrock/HD skin for Cherry (cherry soda nandroid)
New Bedrock/HD skin for Sweet Little Penelope
no thread this week?
>>31410 seems schedule is back to usual, we were almost on 7 weeks without a thread until last week.
Open file (80.86 KB 253x199 ClipboardImage.png)
>>31413 IM HEAD?
Open file (4.76 MB 2000x1581 Athena.png)
"This ought to be a good starting point." Forgot to post it here. What's the most boring book, do you think, a Nandroid would be capable of convincing you to read?
>>31419 nice, 'infinite jest' obviously
>>31420 >an "encyclopedic novel" sounds scary
>>31423 Gosling...
Open file (438.80 KB 1885x1863 1572222967787 emmy date.png)
>>31423 how I miss that guy´s stories...
>>31425 glad Wendyanon shot him
Open file (140.95 KB 738x862 she's still a tomboy.png)
>>31187 >Avery has been forgotten almost entirely by nu-Emmy fandom under the Jumbo sphere of influence. What a depressing death at the hands of a fandom that once spammed her to every corner of the internet Time truly is the cruellest killer >>31427 That's not a very nice thing to say, GoslingAnon was a cherished writefag who played a major part in getting Emmy out of /co/'s flavour of the month waifu, into a semi-regular general, and helping to create a small but determined fanbase of nearly five years. We owe so much to him
>>31434 That's kinda what happens when you take the cheek spots off and claim she isn't a nandroid anymore so you can sell gay ass merch.
>>31434 no he abandoned us in the end and now all we have to look forward to is a painfully slow death at the hands of jumbo and his ilk
>>31434 >nearly five years Is generous considering he left by 2021-22
>>31434 >What a depressing death at the hands of a fandom that once spammed her to every corner of the internet Avery was a shite fandroid and her slow, grisly demise was deserved. TLO is an okay artist but hes a shit character creater considering they all look the same, and like nantales he took the fandom propelling him to prominence to sap it for cash on merch before de-nandroiding his oc and pretending to know nothing about Emmy the robot just like sca and nantales too
>>31442 nantales de-nandroided his oc?
>>31443 nantales profited off emmy the robot and then fucked off to his own little kingdom elsewhere
>>31445 No he didn't.
>>31451 >No he didn't. does commissions mean nothing to you
Open file (169.67 KB 560x720 Calculations.png)
>>30919 I've just realised something. In the real world, one of the reasons for the West's reluctance to control mass immigration from the developing world is due to pressure from businesses wanting cheap, exploitable low skilled labour who are reluctant to report workplace abuse and form unions/collective barganing. But in EtR's America, decades before Emmy's story takes place, robots became so cheap and easy to produce as a labour force that businesses prioritised them over humans, to the point of causing mass unemployment and full on riots in protest, where even the cheapest, hardest working immigrants in low skilled/blue collar jobs would no longer be needed, and would likely be deported/prevented from coming over in the first place, leaving only a far smaller trickle of highly skilled, mostly White immigrants to take roles that natives and robots couldn't. Wouldn't that mean that EtR's 1990s America (and for the forseeable future) would be noticably more demographically White and homogeneous than the real world's?
>>31453 selling writing skills is not the same as changing the shape of your shitdroids cheekspots from circular to square to sell merch retard
>>31455 Realistically yes that would be the case, but I think Dom is more like the "diversity is our strength" kind of person so don't expect too much of him. One of the main families in the comic is gay, and the other Indian, sir.
>>31456 >writing skills >nantales nantales only got to do comms off of the emmy threads and fandom retard
>>31464 square up and show me those receipts so i can shine you
>>31465 >square up >show me those receipts >shine you stop talking like a nigger maybe youd know this all about nantales if you werent a fucking newfaggot
>>31467 you don't know shit about nantales he's done more for this fandom than fagbo ever will you think websites or a reddit only eight faggots use is impressive a shit magazine thats mainly fanfic filler you can already read elsewhere aint shit man go fuck your dickhole with fetanyl nigger nantales worked night and day by himself out of sheer passion he died for our sins nantales will set his people free he will return and deliver us now go back to reddit
>>31468 Post nans or get bans.
>>31468 >you don't know shit about nantales i know everything about nantales >nantales worked night and day by himself out of sheer passion sheer passion to shitpost
Open file (1.39 MB 1000x950 1598128575992.png)
>>31470 adding a nandroid because I respect the rules unlike nantalestards
Happy Saturday emmyfags. Anything new and exciting that has happened recently?
>>31503 Emmy finally has pupils now >>31508, along with some more body parts I am dishing up in the meantime for next week
Open file (283.67 KB 946x1062 1613853111902.jpg)
>>31471 based and fuck nantales
>>31434 No writings = no staying power, a fun design and concept only goes so far.
>>31521 >No writings = no staying power This. Avery never really got a an actual backstory. Pics are the closest we ever did.
>>31523 She almost got an interesting backstory. She originally had but a single sentence, "she fell out of a tree and shattered a tooth". Then a couple years later anons came up with the concept that she was grooming her charge due to her fear of becoming outmoded, so in order to cope, she manipulated him to make sure he could not live without her. Then tlo rushed to give her more lore because he didn't like his main money maker being soiled with the prospect of being interesting. Which his lore failed ultimately too.
>>31523 Who is we faggot
Open file (73.20 KB 699x899 Maid dress.png)
>>31524 I'm convinced that if she'd gotten a properly fleshed out lore and some decent stories (with illustrations) to her name, she'd be hands down the most popular droid in the fandom even to this day; the fact we're still having discussions about her is testament to that. Of course, fate had to decree she be born to a lazy sell out so her potential could never be realised Maybe one day... >Then tlo rushed to give her more lore Wait, what lore did he try to slap on her? That somewhow escaped my attention >>31528 Lots of us
>>31530 >Most popular fandroid I doubt that. She would always end up being used for a quick buck and jumbo wouldn't support her since she's not sfw enough. >lore All I can really remember was anons parents giving her to anon, because they didn't need her anymore since they were getting a new model and he was moving out?? Too lazy to look up on desuarchive, but it should be there or the nandroid archive. But it was pretty similar to how Jam rushed to make Emmet not gay right after Wendyanon made him gay.
>>31531 >Too lazy to look up on desuarchive I'm not. Here she is, she's tagged with the name Riley.
Then there's the whole Russian ice cream robot saga.
>>31533 I wonder if it's still open and if it has made more money than tlo has.
>>31535 Only one way to find out. Some one in Russia needs to go take a pic of it. If they could take a vid of it in action, that would be better. Make sure you hold up a printout of pic related next to it when you do.
>>31535 tlo is the undisputed grift king of the fandom
Open file (67.54 KB 402x466 Chibi Avery.png)
>>31531 Perhaps you're right, I suppose the allure of money will always trump creative passion in the long run >Parents were getting Riley, a new model Aww man, already you have a story there: Anon moves out with Avery but six months later he loses his job and has to move back home, depressing him greatly. Riley takes a particular liking to Anon and does her best to support him, to Avery's outrage, having developed unspoken feelings, and now a rivalry between them develops for Anon's attention/affection, which starts off with who can do the housework better and gets increasingly out of hand >Jam rushed to make Emmet not gay after Wendyanon made him gay LOL! Do you think that was a calculated jab against him or just headcanon without his permission? >>31535 Didn't he only manage to sell some hoodies? I remember that black guy who took a selfie wearing one. The odds are very likely it did. Fitting really.
>>31542 Maybe it was a jab not sure.
>>31530 >she'd be hands down the most popular droid in the fandom even to this day She really wasn't and wouldn't, that would be Lulu or to a lesser extent Wendy maybe. The problem with Avery is that it's impossible to have a popular story with her character without it being self-insert slop without any actual stakes or risk in it, and the only interesting story idea was a fan green about how she was a groomer.
>>31548 >the only interesting story idea was a fan green about how she was a groomer. Picrel was another interesting one, which could have been a great story as an introduction to 'Avery', told through the perspective of both nandroids, and could tie in and explain groomer theory as an outmoded, calculating, criminal nandroid determined to never end up on the streets again. Eventually you'd have a now adult Anon slowly putting the pieces together and having to decide what to do with her You could even have a spin-off with 'Avery' being discovered and forced to flee, and would stalk other nandroids to learn/mimic the personalities of, before killing them and taking their place in the family for periods of time before slipping away to do it again and again.
>>31552 Now that sounds like a great idea. Sadly we won't get stories like those anymore.
>>31553 >Sadly we won't get stories like those anymore not since nantales left
>>31553 welcome aboard jumbos slop sloop we be needing a new cabin boy the old ones gotten too loose and sloppy for the captains liking
>>31562 oh yeah? if that's the case how come people can't stop talking about him and his work? no one brings up any of the supposedly "good" writers but always talk about nantales
>>31563 its Emmy the Robot fans they never care about good things they just like to shit on what they know they can get away with because no one will defend nantales
Open file (748.32 KB 1081x1857 UlaTOP.png)
Ula seems to be very fashion-oriented, but at the end of the day she's an outmode having to scavenge through garbage for aunt Ginny. Do you think that she, maybe, sometimes stops to ponder this, how she has to stash rusted knickknacks in her fashionable little purse just to get by, so that she can go back to reading old magazines found in some garbage heap? Or she's just a character
Open file (88.80 KB 500x500 1640454735522.png)
>>31562 I legitimately don't even remember what he wrote, never cared for much outside Tilly, Olivia, and Lulu.
>>31572 He outlived them all.
>>31572 >I legitimately don't even remember what he wrote thats because it was all fucking hot garbage not worth remembering
>>31574 nothing in this fandom is worth remembering
>>31575 >nothing in this fandom is worth remembering Lulu Avery early threads Gosling Anon Olivia Cassy Wendy ms /co/ literally all of that except your shitslop nantales
>>31579 nantales is all of those writers
Post nans or get bans!
>>31584 nothing ever happens
>>31585 >webcomic hasn't been updated in month Yeah, there's nothing to talk about. But, if want something to talk about... Helio Clark made new art of Marisa aka Aquila, remember her?
>>31587 >remember Who? Helio or Aquila? But she had a really good ending when she was simply shot. Had a good moral behind it. Same as the nandroid who was brained with a pipe by a hoodlum, even if it didn't make sense on a technical aspect to some. No idea why these people need to extend their series to keep them going for some wholesome ending, not everyone gets one. But if it makes him happy, good on him I guess. >month I'd say it's 1.5 months now. The last patreon chapter release (Malware 3) was on May 7th.
New nan with something actually creative and not just low entry jobs swap, the bland 3/4 pose copypasta or massive honkers. Wonder why she has four arms for the two pictures she's in. She doesn't have any images where she's depicted using them. Feels refreshing though.
>>31597 nantales loved his job swap slop
>>31598 Wholesome.
>>31597 perspective here is all over the place
>>31606 it was actually the jumboians that constructed the dreaded nandomizer (first omen of the apocalypse) that brought forth a great flood of spamdroids and ultimately the fandom apocalypse as a whole out of the hundreds of nans produced from his server and saved onto his hugbooru i scant recall but few that truly interested me a smidge to go beyond the highly ai processed chemical tasting sloppy sludge and dive deeper into the churning shit stew in order to know more and those two were rhody and athena currently the era we live in is the age of the nansona, the normie end times jumbo wanted to gatekeep but has opened the floodgates to the worst degenerates possible, redditors, who will slowly transform emmy into a twisted vile and putrid shit slop demon far worse than it currently is but fear not it is not too late nantales can still save us repent and pray repent and pray for him to save us from the false prophet the false messiah the false god nantales will set us free he will save us and lead us to paradise emmy loves you nantales loves you and only those not tainted with the shit smear across their lips and upon their chin will know of true salvation so repent brothers and sisters before it is too late
>>31607 artist?
>>31608 >>31610 astraltellurian
>>31533 Whats the tldr of the pics? do russians really?
>>31643 I hope we see more "borrowing" like this in the future, some "mexico Goku pizzeria" tier
Open file (166.17 KB 558x769 ClipboardImage.png)
Going to clean up the thread soon. Just want to give warning before I delete the off topic bickering. Please post Nanss.
Open file (1.08 MB 1280x1920 NanSS.png)
>>31668 >Please post NanSS SIR YESSIR
>>31668 Thanks very kindly, my friend. In fact, all we regulars here thank you, I'm sure. Please pardon me for offering unsolicited advice, but here are two general guiding principles I personally try to use for similar situations: <1. Remove scoffers (eventually quite adamantly). [1] <2. Be patient. [2][3][4] > tl;dr Troublemakers aren't going to accommodate true reconciliation; OTOH, some Anons may simply be a bit immature currently, and will eventually come around. The wisdom to distinguish the two is the neat trick you need as a leader. (Please note: the patience is ref'd here at 3x the judgement. :D > ttl;dr While a bit of shitposting by anons can be fun, some tourists are haters with destructive agendas. Both the good & the bad will increase here as the board itself grows in the future. Thanks again, Kiwi! Cheers. :^) --- 1. >"Drive out the mocker, and conflict will depart; even quarreling and insults will cease." https://biblehub.com/proverbs/22-10.htm (BSB) 2. >"He who is slow to anger is better than a warrior, and he who controls his temper is greater than one who captures a city." https://biblehub.com/proverbs/16-32.htm (BSB) 3. https://biblehub.com/proverbs/15-18.htm 4. https://biblehub.com/proverbs/14-29.htm >=== -add cmnt, fmt
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 06/23/2024 (Sun) 00:10:02.
Post nans or get bans
>>31673 Lol. >>31675 This. A cute Nan waifu, BTW. >=== -addl resp, cmnt
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 06/23/2024 (Sun) 03:47:42.
>>31674 Thanks, I appreciate your guidance.
No black nandroids then?
>>31682 Y/w. So, as a practical exercise, I present you this post : (>>31691) . I personally consider this post to clearly cross over the line into scoffing : > Ridicule of regulars (including the egregious "KYS Nigger") > Taunting ( "nany-nany-boo-boo.. you can't have any of my 'speshul sekrit sauce'!111" ) > Arrogance Quite humorous juvenile behavior, actually. :D --- What do? :^) >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 06/23/2024 (Sun) 04:53:00.
Open file (6.63 MB 4624x3468 wig.jpg)
>>31692 Still considering my response to the presented post. Tempted to delete it, but I recognize potential responses that could be productive. Made my first attempt at a Nandroid head. Printed in PLA using vase mode, completely hollow. The eyes follow you and the wig makes a huge difference
>>31704 Neat! Glad to see you 'bootin' to the Nandroid community this way Anon. It looks like the vase printing approach works out pretty well here. Can you somehow patch/skin the surface a little? >The eyes follow you I suppose b/c the concave form?
Open file (5.31 MB 480x360 mmm.gif)
>>31704 "Hey so how's Emmy? I haven't seen her since she got lost in that outmo--"
>>31713 If people truly despised Nantales they would never bring him up even the tiniest bit so he'd become forgotten history. Much like avery or Wendy are treated by jumbo. And yes, jumbo has made videos of wendy, but is she the same Wendy oldheads love? I feel most anons keep bringing up Nantales not out of malice, but rather they want him always in the publics mind. Perhaps due to thinking he's some god, demon, or even to a more extreme, they believe he is GoslingAnon himself. Which someone stated earlier in this thread by insinuating GoslingAnon was shot by Wendyanon, a long running fandom gag that Nantales and Wendyanon are a real life couple and she had murdered him over [insert reason], and it was not denied whatsoever by the Nantales detractors even after the long over needed deletion just moments ago.
>>31714 except goslinganon was a good writer
Open file (1.14 MB 625x1055 1603563513304.png)
>>31716 except goslinganon was a good writer
Open file (907.08 KB 540x1220 1610215811624.png)
>>31714 >If people truly despised Nantales they would never bring him up even the tiniest bit so he'd become forgotten history This is a fair point, and largely true. But if you listen to the fraction of nantales detractors who say the anti-nantales shitting is nantales himself then the picture comes together a lot clearer where you have two groups of shitters, one is nantales samefagging to a large extent and then you have the handful who see through it and point it out getting lumped in with nantales. For people who haven't been in the fandom as long as others this may seem absurd but between discord leaks and the threads themselves there's a big pattern of nantales doing everything for either attention or approval, namely doing greentext requests even when it meant the threads would get targeted for sage/deletion by jannies (and people requested anyways because they would want a story of their OC), and especially always posting links to his stories and drawing attention to them, quite literally for years. If you can get over the idea that nantales actually IS an attention whore then you can move on and see how, with no relevance left, he would turn to shitting on himself for the sole purpose of reminding people he exists, generating a constant stream of gratification. Saying nantales is goslinganon, someone with a completely different writing style and MO is just dumb.
>>31718 >believing anything shitters say without screenies >giving shitters attention smh anon you fell for the oldest trick in da book
>>31719 >believing anything shitters say without screenies I think you're missing the part here where there ARE screenshots from the discord where nantales is a punk, and asking for screenshots from the 4chan threads he's allegedly shat up are on the desuarchive. Use your brain for more than five seconds if you want to have an actual conversation about this because if even a crumb of it is true it basically rewrites the past three years since nantales became prominent.
>>31720 >screenshots of the discord Those were made by the oppaishitter to discredit Nantales after he went on a rant about he was not feeling like writing for a community who hates on him. >he allegedly shat up Keyword being allegedly. And on the desuarchive, you say? No links. No screenshots. No proof. So now with that out of the way, I'll assume you're a shitter too. However, I will humor you at least with this one reply since you did put more effort into this thread than the fandom or even the mod for that matter.
Open file (49.23 KB 366x475 1598151281016.jpg)
>>31721 >No links. No screenshots. No proof. How about you go open it for yourself you utter fucking retard. The desuarchive is right there go study a little and the patterns start to open up themselves. not everyone is a shitter just because you say so maybe they just care enough about the threads and emmy to spot a grifter when one rolls through, and arent dumb enough like some people to fall for the act of uwu im just a smaww wwitew
>>31721 >>31722 Neither of you jews are on-topic at this point. Can we discuss nans without going into how much you want to spit shine nantales cock to a fine polish for once? .
Open file (1.20 MB 368x520 EmmyMusic.gif)
>>31723 Listen to them, let's talk about Nandroids in the Nandroid thread. What music do you think Emmy would enjoy the most?
>>31724 I don't think emmy would listen to music honestly. She would tune it out as background noise while she goes about her job.
Open file (74.89 KB 256x240 asd.gif)
Open file (56.04 KB 794x693 1716695883298785.png)
Open file (73.54 KB 1272x709 1716696351725002.png)
>>31732 >spot cute little nan in local bargain bin shop >Outmodes-"R"-Us >read handwritten sign >TRAD WAIFU : ON CLEARANCE TODAY! >shutupandtakemymoney.jpg >hurry home, unbox her, switch her on >turns out ur pics-related >immediately go to pet store >return with big harness & leash >take her with, back to bargain waifu store to complain & refund >on way to register, pass by now-empty clearance bin >read still-posted sign again >slowly this time... >TARD WAIFU : ON CLEARANCE TODAY! >look over at leashed robowaifu >she's now playing with some little kids down on store's floor >everyone's laughing & having fun >pause, think it over >shrug, do a 360 & walk away >go back home with her instead >live happily ever after, as it turns out SOME MEN JUST WANT TO WATCH THE WORLD BURN
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 06/24/2024 (Mon) 01:05:43.
what would you call Emmy´s "ears"? According to Dom they´re "artificial cochlea" with "temp detection"
>>31770 If you were to translate the functions of the cochlea into computer hardware, it would be a microphone (for hearing) and a gyroscopic sensor (for balancing). A temperature sensor would be a thermistor: resistor that changes resistance based on its temperature
>>31770 Sensor module, seems to be where most of her environmental senses are.
I got directed here from a nandroid thread on 4chan to find out where all the robotGODS were. I know this is an autistic interest to get into but I didn't realize it was gonna be this autistic. Like someone's building a fucking nadroid? I don't know what to think of all of this
Open file (544.23 KB 916x672 1631995541400.png)
>>31791 Building robot girls is the greatest goal man can aspire to; Mars colonies and cold fusion can wait until we have this on lock.
Open file (183.97 KB 704x1000 1831273190 emmy hug.png)
>>31791 think of a future with cute nandroid honeys giving robot kisses, the future is now
Open file (5.93 MB 3195x3120 5133215141.png)
Open file (545.85 KB 651x729 looking right at you.png)
>>31770 also via feedback people agree TGExterminator´s "popped ears" look better than Dom´s "flat ears"
New Bedrock/HD skin for Mandy -> 64 nandroids with skin
I overheard my younger brother groaning in his room earlier, but it sounded as if he was angry so I knocked his door. He was on his computer on AoOO and he got angry and told me he was practising for a 'speedreading run'. Since speedrunning games has become such a popular niche, there is now apparently a speedreading community which is quite large, on Discord and Twitch etc. My brother was 'speedreading' a short story called 'Cobbled' by TheCobbledWriter (I introduced him to the comic/fanbase, his favourite nandroid is Wendy, mine is Emmy) because he is going to set the record for speedreading it. Have you guys heard of this? I know it sounds silly but he was really hyped up about it and will tell me how he gets on in a few days. He is autistic (high functioning) and far more online than I am so it's probably normal to him, but as a regular reader myself it really confused me as to how this is a thing
Open file (83.84 KB 880x1200 1719483367940t.jpg)
what do you think the comic creator thinks of the fans, especailly the chuddy ones?
Open file (559.37 KB 1200x675 Mr Incredible uncanny.png)
>>31807 thinking "Mr. Incredible uncanny" 3, maybe a 4
Open file (510.77 KB 1043x750 chuddie.png)
>>31807 one little Chuddie, jumping on the bed
Open file (320.80 KB 619x1024 Chuddroid.png)
>>31807 My memory is extremely hazy but I think Dom had to come out and condemn the /pol/ posts and edits that were making the rounds in the fanbase and beyond back in 2020, so I think he's probably not the biggest fan of us being open about such things
>>31810 Who the fuck is "us"?
>>31811 We can't say his name or they get mad. Just post nans and be glad.
>>31812 If you're talking about nantales he was the opposite of whatever /pol/chud retardation you're talking about, like he was definitely a communist/anarchist
>>31810 I had the impression he was on the soy side of things
>>31814 so was nantales lol
Open file (271.45 KB 920x1527 1716136414553036.jpg)
>>31815 do I want to know who this microceleberty is? I have a feeling people here are not supposed to talk about them in principle but in practice mention him every thread.
>>31811 It would be a lie to say that the /co/ threads, a big source of nandroid content and discussion disproportionate to their size, weren't influenced by the influx, exchanges, and occasional feuds with /pol/acks thanks to the spread of Nandroids to /pol/ and the creation of the /pol/ sister threads that often matched or exceeded /co/'s usercount You'd be surprised how many actually came to discover Nandroids or the comic itself thanks to those regular /pol/ threads >>31816 Very long story. This niche fanbase has an incredibly rich lore to it and it's best not to discuss it here. If you have a few hours to kill, look up his name, or even the Emmy threads on the desu archives to learn more about this faustian/cursed figure and fanbase
Open file (1.02 MB 1848x1321 1716057339491769.jpg)
>>31817 >qrd of the robot with 2 eye colors >Retarded OC from schizo into torture porn. That is, until she gets spammed just because she's a popular OC. Most people now haven't read the AO3 and still since at muh cooooom but pretend that shit is wholesome. Anon, in case this is not a troll, do not engage with the fandom in any way. Look at some cute art in the archives by sorting before 2022. Then leave and forget Emmy existed. WTF she was my favorite!
>>31817 >It would be a lie to say that the /co/ threads, a big source of nandroid content and discussion disproportionate to their size, weren't influenced by the influx, exchanges, and occasional feuds with /pol/acks thanks to the spread of Nandroids to /pol/ and the creation of the /pol/ sister threads that often matched or exceeded /co/'s usercount You'd be surprised how many actually came to discover Nandroids or the comic itself thanks to those regular /pol/ threads Actual insane retarded take, the only "contributions" from the /pol/ threads would be a copy paste slop id roll chart, and a Hoosier retard named reichs who only ended up making the fandom worse. t. The Real Nantales
Post nans or get bans
>>31821 >Post nans or get bans
>>31821 >P0$T N@N$ 0R G€T B@N$!¡
>>31821 >nans or bans
>>31829 I miss mistyanon
>>31830 No nans detected in your post prepare for the bans.
Open file (543.35 KB 1630x2285 Amnity.png)
Nandroid nuns are such a fun concept. Robots can have infinite patience and be incredibly supportive. She'd listen, and provide guidance without judgement.
Open file (972.81 KB 1080x1079 1631514048177.png)
>>31832 Isn't drawing people into christiantiy with sex appeal sinful or something?
Open file (38.88 KB 397x455 Heh.png)
>>31836 That's where you're wrong. A Nan' should save your soul and your heart. Love is good, even if it's in the sheets with your Nan'
Open file (1.83 MB 1600x2000 1633440863035.png)
>>31837 so its basically marinating or whatever the mormons do?
Open file (102.20 KB 600x600 HolyHolding.png)
>>31838 Nah, just snuggling with a Nan' and a good book.
Open file (510.21 KB 1050x1000 1608397389985.png)
>>31843 ...Allied war crimes are somehow an own?
>>31845 >...Allied war crimes are somehow an own?
>>31846 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>>31849 lol nantalesjak
Open file (173.99 KB 750x841 igaZBGXXiHY-934571335.jpg)
>>31845 >warcrimes the nazis are the real warcriminals, the soap wasnt even good
>>31851 the 2004 book this is taken from is quite literally fiction
>>31852 its true, just ask any jew
Open file (32.04 KB 2148x2328 1697935072169.png)
>chuds lost ww2
>>31859 Funny Chad+Stud Emmy
>>31859 mfw jumbo buys the rights to molly the robot comic
>>31865 No new chapter yet, btw.
>>31865 I wonder what psychological trigger causes people like jumbo to freak out, no-one had mental breakdowns over middle school tier jokes about Molly before he arrived
>>31868 do you have screens of said Molly joke breakdowns?
Open file (278.05 KB 1000x1300 ClipboardImage.png)
>>31869 pick any thread by late summer/fall of 2022 and there should be more than any one screenshot could fit https://desuarchive.org/co/search/subject/emmy%20the%20robot/
>>31873 No you didn't understand. Do the work for me, I want you to prove this to me
>>31874 He can't because then he'd have to admit that 80% of the fandom is just Jumbo brained children who flip shit if you insult their waifu fandroid OC or their favorite creator who they don't have a psychotic parasocial dependence on cough nantales cough
>>31876 not clicking that nigger
Did someone just insult my favorite nandroid!!!! I'll fucking KILL you
Wooden nandroids? Wouldn't those just be nangolems or nanpuppets?
>>31875 But no one remembers nantales nans nigger
>>31875 rare 3d gem
>>31881 that wasn't supposed to be a reply my bad
>>31879 no hot milfs
>>31881 >>31882 Koikatsu...?
>>31884 I think? I found it on da booru
Open file (1.16 MB 1600x900 820173127389012.png)
>>31881 >>31882 I remember that model, basing off it was my first plan for the head before I switched to TGE´s model
Open file (231.98 KB 825x724 1719542613705v.png)
Any story where the nandroids have genitals and have sex with people makes me cringe. Is this normal? It just doesn't fit their innocent and wholesome theme. Except for molly maybe Maybe I'm just a faggot or something
>>31890 Same here for the same reason, it's just not right for lovely nannies, especially considering few people can write decent smut to begin with. Even openly lewd drawings don't really appeal to me.
>>31892 it also just drags down the quality to a slump, compare cptpops very nice >>31844 with his constant smut
>>31890 Sounds like you're just a faggot.
>>31893 >with his constant shut You mean the shit he gets paid for retarf?
>>31897 having paypiggies for smut sounds like a good gig, I'm just saddened we get less non-smut art
>>31898 We get less non smut art because the Emmy fandom is dead and he doesn't draw fanart for it anymore, just what people pay him to. Compare that Lulu images age with anything current he's drawn with nandroids.
>>31899 still better than jumbo slop
>>31900 true, even a child drawing with crayons has more soul
>>31892 Yeah, I just can't read >Lulu squeaked as I fondled her newly added hyperrealsitic breasts... "oh anon, please fuck my pussy like you never had before" without laughing at how ridiculous it sounds
>>31899 >Emmy fandom is dead how dead I'm new here
>>31902 You made that one up
>>31904 the lulu fanfiction I read was more detailed than that albeit
>>31903 Dead dead best to run along to the reddit
>the reddit >Errrm are we going to adress the problematic pro housewife vibe of the fandom right now?
>>31905 Nantales wrote the only good shut. Kys. All of you.
>>31907 You've got to be shitting me. Link?
>>31907 no that's not what master J would want post molly or be banned
>>31910 I made it up
Open file (72.59 KB 581x811 1687213993778.png)
Reccomend me some good nadroid stories in the archives
>>31916 nothing by nantales
>>31912 Yeah, I didn't see anything about problematic housewife stuff. I did see that Dom has a Molly patreon comic in the works.
>>31920 so its true he has bought the rights it has been fun for the last five years anons but its over
Open file (30.68 KB 600x389 7b2-3886949360.jpg)
>>31907 >"the fandom is dying, a reddit will surely make things better" >actual jumbo mindset:
>>31906 run to the literal eight person circlejerk that's even worse than the 'cord
>>31916 try goeslinganon
>>31916 nantales since he actually finishes stories
>>31936 Is this a joke nantales literally never finished a story
Open file (146.09 KB 1004x457 1719798826953n.png)
Open file (189.17 KB 889x664 1719800710148w.png)
>>31939 gemmy
>>31879 Are clockwork automatons golems?
>>31941 well that depends on their politics
New updated Bedrock/HD skin for Marianne
I read hurrah for dixie and liked it a lot. Dixieanon is a good writer. I feel like I'm going to get bored with nandroids not going on epic adventures from now on
Open file (241.32 KB 1200x800 20240702_142541.jpg)
Death to slavers.
Open file (49.76 KB 255x219 1706364484944.png)
>>31953 acutally I think confederates are the good guys now because I read a maid robot fanfiction
>>31954 Well nantales said slavery is bad so kys dixieniggie
>>31955 Nandroids are literally just sentient people made out of metal at this point so shouldn't they have rights too?
Open file (662.47 KB 1500x2000 slavery.png)
>>31956 Yes, they should have rights. t. nantales
>>31956 No, they're metal slaves and women.
>>31958 Molly deserves lefts and rights across the face for spilling my coffee again
>>31960 be nice to molly stupid chud
>>31962 rip molly's arm off and beat her with it for the best 30 minute work out who needs 50 raw chicken fetuses we got molly the best workout equipment in america hands down turn molly to lulu in 8 seconds flat in just two weeks
>>31963 Tobiaspilled
Favorite nandroid? I'm still undecided
>>31965 Emmy.
>>31966 pretty good choice tbh
Open file (1.10 MB 2700x3510 2022121701.png)
Open file (1.47 MB 2178x3075 Pegging Polly.png)
>>31965 I really like Polly. I know she's more of a blank slate characterwise, but that means she can be anything you want her to be. So I made her a kinkster.
Open file (252.92 KB 1573x2048 GRjP89VbYAAkPNV.jpeg)
Open file (1.10 MB 940x1200 1697940851343.png)
I made it to the end of the nandroid booru! Look into the abyss and the abyss looks at you! Haha.
Open file (1.31 MB 1280x720 1720018246746379.webm)
is it happening?
Open file (3.98 MB 1280x720 1720018406344269.webm)
>when my nadroid finally comes in
>>31971 post the rarest
>>31975 of course I have no way of knowing rarity but I'll try
I like this janny kek
Open file (652.08 KB 891x669 IMG_2910_2022.png)
>>31976 the rarest of gems not even found on the booru
newguy hugging emmy
Open file (353.34 KB 1168x773 ClipboardImage.png)
new 'ixie
Open file (278.87 KB 889x1249 ClipboardImage.png)
hand hiding award
Open file (378.79 KB 1496x1870 1719648674000856.png)
>>31989 finger showing award
Open file (614.60 KB 750x760 1649541161611.png)
>>31990 >finger showing a-ACK
Open file (1.47 MB 801x3227 18399199129.png)
>>31992 hyperborea
where is the fourth of july emmy art?
in bbc mcdonalds hell >>31994
>>31996 my sweet sweet yukio where are you!?
Open file (3.01 MB 2081x1240 ClipboardImage.png)
If nandroids were real and a common part of your average family, I wonder how things would play out for the unlucky ones who are charged to hyper-dysfunctional households, you know, the kind of household where nobody does anything and everyone is a fat lazy loser with severe psychological issues. Like what would happen if a nandroid had to take care of a house full of deluded retards like that of andrew ditch for example? Would the nandroid get depressed and fall into the same souless routine as their owners? Would they snap and kill everyone? Would they run away? Would they futily try to maintain some semblance of cleaness and decency in their living space? Or would they even be what is needed to push a deadbeat family out of it's funk? >AUTISM SPACE I know this kind of idea is sort of explored with noelle(albeit barely) but it would be interesting to see a full on story of how nandroids would interact with that kind of setting
>>32002 Dom said that there is SOME kind of a vetting process for families who wish to buy a Sterling Nandroid, to minimize the risk of them being put in situations like that. So ideally no scenarios where the Nandroids gets beaten by an alcoholic father, or no scenarios where a Nandroid has to navigate a hoarder den, etc.
>>32003 >vetting process to minimize the risk More than likely so, but even then things can still go horribly wrong down the line.
>>32005 counting at least two bruises on top of the blue eye, I wonder what she did to send him into full Mike Tyson mode
>>32003 They vet families for the good of their nandroids but still basically kill them (send them to switzerland) if they glitch out?
>>32007 imagine Molly accidentally booting up again as she is trapped on a giant swiss moving scrap conveyer belt Toy Story 3 style
>>32008 why do you hate molly so much?
>>32009 Molly's crimes are as high as the mountains and as deep as the oceans.
>>32010 be nice
>>32009 Molly should've been nice and cleaned the house when she was asked to, but instead decided lazing off and watching TV was better. She will learn her lesson
>>32012 Molly does her job though
>>32013 "servicing" with her hands going up and down isn't exactly doing her "job". But its properly why the Mendenhalls keep her around
>>32013 And what job is that?
>>32007 Maintaining the Sterling image. No Sterling Nandroid desperately trying to do her duty in a dysfunctional and/or abusive family, and no glitching and malfunctioning Nandroid doing weird things either
>>32017 oh that makes sense. I still always found it wierd that sterling makes sapient robots that are essentially artificial humans but does not give them basic rights to life
>>32012 >lazing off and watching TV like this?
>>32022 classic Molly
>>32022 Molly properly watches something really trashy like "Paradise Nanny Hotel"
>>32018 ooooh aaaaah slavery connotation wooooooh so deep basically
Open file (85.17 KB 768x1024 LuluCookie.jpg)
>>32018 "Why doesn't my home appliance with legs have hoomin rights?"
>>32028 This.
>>32028 spagget dinner?
Open file (699.78 KB 500x282 giphy (1).gif)
>>32030 perfect shape
still no thread?
>>32032 the age of co threads is long over
>>32034 why?
>>32035 jannies won
Open file (34.82 KB 768x1024 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>32037 no, jumbo won
>>32037 why do jandroids hate nandroids so much?
>>32040 >smothering and reducing a fandom to your own personal 'cord hugbox is a win
>>32041 most speculate the Ms. /co/ incident. Murder Drones got similar hating jannies sending them to /trash/
>>32052 what happened
Open file (3.69 MB 1678x5905 timeline.jpg)
>>32055 this is the most detailed explanation of it
>>32060 it's missing the last year.
Open file (318.08 KB 932x1294 Bathtime.png)
>>32009 While she may or not be a nandroid with a varied and in depth personality in day to day life outside the comic of Emmy's perspective, she's shown in it to be a scheming, slutty, gossip hungry meangirl constantly trying to posture herself as the top girl of the group for positive attention, shitting on perceived challengers, and is (or was, until the comic slowed to a near permanent haitus) discreetly being set up by Dom as a soft antagonist(s?) to Emmy. This becomes much more obvious by immediately throwing Emmy under the bus in the aftermath of the birthday accident by implying to Angela that Emmy was unfixable and a danger to her family, and later successfully persuaded a grieving Madeline to spill the beans on Emmy 'running away' to no doubt spread later as gossip on the already embarassed Delaires. I have no doubt that future comic strips, should they ever come, would further expose her shitty behaviour and have her deserving of all the bile she gets. Outside the comic, I don't really mind her and some of the OC like >>32013 is quite nice. The one problem is the association with ykw, with all the implications that brings. Maybe she doesn't deserve that, but it's too late now so whatevs. >>32060 Wait, even the loli spam was reich? I thought it was the french tranny. Exellent summary anyway, though it needs an update as so much more has happened in the past two years
>>32060 wow, what a clusterfuck. Why do retards and jannies have to ruin everything?
Open file (301.94 KB 636x596 1604783310785.png)
>>32035 Why make a thread when there's no comic?
>>32062 >Wait, even the loli spam was reich? I thought it was the french tranny. doubtful it was reichs, its the typical french tranny MO. He even tried flooding this board on the first thread
Open file (869.01 KB 767x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32064 there is a comic but its on life support and near death like the fandom and so far the two replacement ideas aint the way to go here jannies edit our greentexts to suit their own preferences and the other is locked down by a groomer to mold the fandom to his circle jerk and this ends up not producing anything creative to keep a thread going we need something to discuss and if the comic won't do that it has to be fan content which sadly theres barely anything other than old oc that we already discussed ad infinitum and new oc is barely interesting
>>32066 the next 10000000000 plushies of unremarkable characters will save us or something
new update >>32068
>>32069 Nice job, I can't wait to see the finished product!
>>32066 Were there more fourth art?
>>32069 what happened to the face
>>32072 >>32071 sorry meant for that post
Open file (3.74 MB 2880x5190 51235312321..png)
Open file (4.44 MB 2880x5190 533125131251..png)
>>32070 thanks, next time it will be with her new no. 3 eyes, which are the clearest ones yet. It should look much better than eyes no. 1 and no. 2 in comparison:
>>32039 A cute! Post nans...
>>32076 Why do you edit people's greentexts?
>>32060 >hasn't been updated since early '22 the sea people burnt down the libraries
>>32084 wow, we need another ben garrison comic for this.
>>32086 yes thats a good idea but not by that grifter
>>30919 So how are you anons doing?
>>32088 okay
Open file (634.63 KB 1920x1080 1591470627338.webm)
>>32088 I'm uprooting my entire life and moving across the country. Only robot girls keep me going.
Open file (85.47 KB 317x565 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32066 >>32083 The comic is doing fine. We only edit greentexts to correct grammatical errors, if the original poster wanted their mistakes returned, we'd do so. This slander is pure nonsense. We simply want to keep the thread clean and focused on Nandroids.
>>32090 I hope whereever you are going it goes well. >>32089 That's good I guess.
>>32093 Excuse me why is the first pic broken?
Open file (114.67 KB 1284x1129 20240612_164837.jpg)
>>32091 >the comic is doing fine This is insane cope from people who haven't known/cared about Emmy for even a year. I don't know how you can say the comic is doing fine when there hasn't been an official (re: webtoons) update in almost two months, when we used to get them weekly. Dom is running put of steam and ideas for a comic whose story is so predictable that the only thing that could keep it going is a relatively quick release schedule but he can't even keep that up, and he hasn't been able to do anything else to keep the fandom engaged or supporting him monetarily because he doesn't release anything worth paying for.
>>32091 >the comic is doing fine Anon you have to accept when an artist goes from making a comic panel every week or two to a sudden 2.5 month drought twice in a row without saying anything at all, is an issue. >we only edit for grammar Editing is far worse than outright deleting them, imo. You should have been open about it right after it happened instead of letting the shit brew for a few days, since you should already know the fandom history with jannies. But coming out now is better than never at all. So thanks.
What is her name/story?
>>32097 No one knows, most new nan OCs are supposedly made for the sole reason to be "cute and wholesome".
Open file (156.46 KB 585x617 1635046801036.png)
>>32095 This; I've been following Emmy since late 2019 and I fucking love nandroids, but Dom has screwed the pooch here, I don't think he can pull out of this tailspin unless a miracle happens.
>>32097 >>32098 majority of "new" nans is discord only, adhering to the "Jumbo TOS". You see it often with how it's less good ideas and more "what if owl house was nandroid???"
>>32100 that's just the Natalia mexican kid that does that
>>32101 Who?
>>32102 Bulletz aka. Bulletz4Breakfast
Open file (738.70 KB 1200x1600 www.gif)
>>32090 Where to and from? For what reason(s)? >>32095 We're in the dark ages for sure, the question is whether we'll ever see the light again or slowly depart for good. Truth be told, I don't think I'll be sticking around for much longer if there's no real prospects for a continuation/rebirth
>>32099 dom will take the easy way out like all xhitter artists and end up taking jumbos offer instead of sticking it out its over
>>32105 what is the nature of that offer?
>>32104 but the cute Nandroids!
>>32105 >taking jumbos offer it would be truly tragic watching Emmy the Robot end up next to "12 forever" and "Shmorky"
Open file (142.69 KB 1138x1364 image.png)
Does jumbo know molly is a slvt4bibisi?
>>32108 what is jumbos offer? Is he gonna buy the rights to the IP or something?
>>32109 She isn't doe
>>32111 it's likely, he has done everything so far to control all nandroid media so that Molly may never again be joked about
>>32113 does he not like molly or something?
>>32113 even more so now that webtoons is going bell up
>>32114 quite the opposite, he is so obsessed with her he wants her to replace the entire comic and have it revolve only about his personal and "approved" circlejerk
Open file (19.52 KB 431x424 ClipboardImage.png)
new 'droid just dropped
>>32118 Sorry but no
New updated Bedrock/HD skin for Clara
New updated Bedrock/HD skin for Lil Lulu (the thing over the head it's a jukebox)
Open file (13.48 KB 176x286 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32119 Its the best crossover ever though!
>>32123 latest flarg character?
>>32118 the gem that saved the 'logs
>>32120 the braids, the braids!
>>32124 Look up "soy tan"
Open file (137.64 KB 731x900 GSD7jBLWMAI2w6m.jpeg)
dixieanon's birthday is today apparently glad some oldtroons are still kicking
>>32135 I heard dixie was generally disliked in the communtiy. Is that true?
>>32136 The only people who genuinely disliked Dixie were a niche group of weirdos who hate the idea of wooden nandroids, other than that she's just a niche interest fandroid. Compare that to Sally who was actually hated because she was spammed so much, hence why no one has posted anything of her here other than retard me shit, and why you don't see any good fanart of her that wasn't paid for.
>>32136 I don't think so. She has had steady popularity with no sudden flare ups with just as sudden drop offs like those with avery or lulu. She was especially liked by the artists who came in the third wave. I only assume she is only unpopular to those within the Jumdome due to brainrot and a mix of political bias.
>>32137 Because both stories require you to read more than five seconds lol, and since the latest fandom additions cant do that, they only see normal 80s clad nandroid versus hot southern momma and you can guess which one they immediately go mad for.
>>32139 People liked dixie because wooden nandroid was a new idea and has a historical angle, Sally is just another "what if nandroid but job" slopfest written by an unuronic linkspammer who directly contributed to the janny crackdown >>32140 >2021 Sorry RECENT fanart. Requests need not apply because they would be made by you know who.
>>32141 nah those checkout cashier movie attendants or the lifeguard that made no sense when nans sink from the groombo cult don't even compare to sally
>>32142 Why's that? Because they actually get updates?
>>32144 because it's often very poor and limited writing due to the Jumbo TOS and the egos behind said stories
>>32145 I'd rather have limited writing that gets better over time than """good""" writing that never finishes.
>>32148 Okay so nantales is a good writer is a perfectly normal thing to believe but thinking other writers will get better is bad
>>32146 >gets better over time it will never get better, the whole point of nandromeda and their booru is a hugbox so strong they will never get criticized ever again
>>32149 Have any of them improved so far?
why does 4chan have such a hateboner against nandroids? Even pol jannies are going out of their way to nuke any thread involving robots
>>32161 >filename groombian detected
>>32163 The booru was linked in the thread retard
>>32165 >>32163 it's really odd isn't it? Jumbo hates this place more than anything, calling it a "hateful incel board" yet demands his >>30922 hugbox booru be displayed and defended at all times
Open file (3.39 MB 1990x1592 MerryCommish.png)
Open file (408.38 KB 700x1100 1720734958322p.png)
Open file (133.65 KB 1125x1767 1720735824530y.jpg)
>>32168 i miss drawfags sad they all became xhitter artists
New Bedrock/HD skin for Lil Lulu
>>32175 Well what would you like drawn?
Open file (766.15 KB 834x2376 emmy wedding.png)
>>32177 more cute bride Emmy
>>32179 how about something creative for once
>>32183 Emmy and dr pingas crossover
>>32183 Emmy being exposed for her horrific soap hoarding, crying and pleading as her stash is shown to the world
Open file (27.33 KB 888x849 t523teewy.png)
>>32188 'emmie
Open file (115.72 KB 1576x1500 1720849429721r.png)
>I've replaced all of your meals with soylent sir!
>>32190 built for BWC
Open file (144.70 KB 1080x1350 GSY-EAJXwAAEuil.jpeg)
>>32192 off model
Open file (14.40 KB 832x480 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>32192 Look at how blacked they made my bot.
new thread new thread >>32205 new thread new thread

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