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/robowaifu/meta-9: Wintertime will be sublime. Chobitsu Board owner 10/30/2023 (Mon) 00:42:15 No.26137
/meta, offtopic, & QTDDTOT >--- General /robowaifu/ team survey (please reply ITT) (>>15486) >--- Mini-FAQ >A few hand-picked posts on various /robowaifu/-related topics -Why is keeping mass (weight) low so important? (>>4313) -How to get started with AI/ML for beginners (>>18306) -"The Big 4" things we need to solve here (>>15182) -HOW TO SOLVE IT (>>4143) -Why we exist on an imageboard, and not some other forum platform (>>15638, >>17937) -This is madness! You can't possibly succeed, so why even bother? (>>20208, >>23969) -All AI programming is done in Python. So why are you using C & C++ here? (>>21057, >>21091, >>27167, >>29994) -How to learn to program in C++ for robowaifus? (>>18749, >>19777) -How to bulk-download AI models from huggingface.co ? (>>25962, >>25986) -Why do you talk about feminism here? How are robowaifus related? (>>27124, >>1061,...) >--- -Library thread (good for locating terms/topics) (>>7143) >note: There's a simple searching tool coded right here for /robowaifu/ that provides crosslinks straight to posts on the board. It's named Waifusearch, and the link to the latest code should always be maintained within the Library thread's OP & also on the current /meta. -Latest version of Waifusearch v0.2a (>>8678) >note: We periodically release the full archive of the board's thread's JSON files. This is useful for robowaifu researchers in general, and is explicitly relied-upon by Waifusearch. -Latest version of /robowaifu/ JSON archives v221213 Dec 2022 https://files.catbox.moe/6rhjl8.7z if you use Waifusearch, just extract these JSON files into your 'all_jsons' directory for the program, then quit (q) and restart. >note: There's an archiving tool coded right here for /robowaifu/ that provides the ability to backup locally the posts & files from our board. It's named BUMP, and is basically a custom IB scraper. -Latest version of BUMP v0.2g (>>14866) >--- >note: There's a design document for the specification of general design and engineering choices for our basic Robowaifu Reference Model A Series (TBD). Please have a look at it, and collaborate together with us on it ITT Anon. -Robowaifu Design Document (>>3001) >--- >useful external resources wAIfu-collective's AI guide - https://rentry.org/waifu-diy-ai >--- -previous /meta's : (>>38) (>>3108) (>>8492) (>>12974) (>>15434) (>>18173) (>>20356) (>>23415) >=== -edit subj -minor fmt -edit FAQ -add/rm special rqst, special notice
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I am an avid programmer and seasoned sysadmin and I remember this board a few months ago and kinda forgot about it, but now I after being depressed for fairly long I kind of feel euphoric about everything, now that I have seen this board again. I want to dedicate my life to a hard and costly project like an actual robowaifu, that I can cuddle and speak with. I don't know, but I am kinda glad i came across this. I hope this board isn't completely dead and that there are people still lurking. I have some knowledge on bare metal/embedded C and Assembly programming for microcontrollers like Arduino, C, Assembly and Python are my main languages, sometimes I do bash or ksh too. I am knowledgeable about OpenBSD internals and I am currently learning Ruby. If you want any help from me, I am here to contribute and mainly learn from people who actually know what they are doing! Even if this space should be dead, which I hope is not, I would create a forum dedicated to this, but as I am not very deep into that topic that kind of seems silly from today's point of view, but again, if this place is still active, I'll rather stick to here. See ya!
Open file (217.32 KB 1344x1792 sss3.jpg)
I read through my comment again and it kinda sounds like I am boasting about the little I know, but I just wanted to make you know where you could hit me up if you had questions or wanted me to contribute.
Welcome. You can either try to work on some elements of the AI first or since you probably want a physical entity, look into the topics around mechanics first. I'd start with looking into threads like >>374 >>366 >>200 and prototyping >>18800 Generally, use the the catalog: https://alogs.space/robowaifu/catalog.html
>>26030 Welcome, and remember, you're here forever.
Open file (51.01 KB 360x480 DESU.jpeg)
Can you interact with the N-Field desu? On a serious note, this post belongs in the Meta thread. Please move it to this thread: >>12974 (This thread will then be pruned, unless you wish to alter it to something more substantial than an introduction.)
Hello Anon, welcome! Skills in ASM & C are quite valuable here, as you might imagine for hard/soft -realtime systems programming work such as the C&C systems robowaifus will need. Also, Arduino is very popular for prototyping work -- particularly for smol embedded, auxiliary, networked onboard devices. And Python & system scripting is valuable for general computing environments (such as home servers/clusters used for offlined robowaifu computational-boosting). In general, I'd invite you to a) join our C++ Learning thread (>>19777), or b) take over our Embedded Programming (C) thread (>>367), or c) both. --- BTW, can you make some suggestions how we can extend your thread's OP with a more general appeal -- suited to all newcomers -- so we can continue to maintain this as a separate thread in our catalog here? TIA. :^) >=== -prose edit
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Open file (273.91 KB 1125x996 1698704328929722.jpg)
Open file (187.85 KB 1125x955 1698705679234794.jpg)
>>25906 I hope you made good on your efforts to download many models Anon. They may become an endangered 'species' soon. >
Open file (96.90 KB 836x911 78010054_p3.jpg)
>>26162 I've got roughly 5TB downloaded so far, not counting the contents of one drive that I took out early because it's failing. The actual download speeds have slowed down, however. I suspect that it's an automatic reaction to bulk scrapers like me. This won't stop me, of course, but it does slow things down a bit. If any of you have the available storage space, I'd recommend cycling through some of the scripts I made yourselves ( >>25986 is the current script pack ) while you still can. There's no way I'll be able to get all of this on my own.
>>26162 Newfag here, now I don’t wanna sound like some doomer but do you guys honestly think we will have something good in these coming years? I’m already 30 and I don’t expect anything in my lifetime
>>26172 Hello Anon, welcome! >do you guys honestly think we will have something good in these coming years? Yes of course! This has taken years of research so far, and we still have years to go. One of the limiting factors is kit construction costs for anons. We want basic Model A robowaifu kits to be reasonably inexpensive. In effect, this important goal actually delays quicker outcomes. But thankfully the hardest part by far (the software) will basically be free as in speech, and free as in beer for the end-user anons. This is a big deal towards our eventual success as a movement. Another limiting factor is lack of financing. I'm personally a starving student right now, but if I had even US$1M of disposable finance today then the entire world would have opensauce, functional robowaifus within 1 year from today. The fact that I refuse to get bent over a barrel and kowtow to some greedy corporate interest is the general time-limiting factor for me personally ATM. Greedy people always want more, and if you refuse and take the position that the first basic robowaifus should be entirely opensauce (both S/W & H/W), then in general they refuse to help you out (even if they like the basic idea itself). A 1:1 repayment scheme would be fine with me though. >tl;dr We'll likely eventually go with a crowdfunding approach to create the first functional robowaifus. :^) >I’m already 30 and I don’t expect anything in my lifetime Then crack those books Anon!! Be the future you want to see. The sooner you help us out here with some good work, the sooner we'll all get finished and begin enjoying our robowaifu lifestyles together! Same goes for every other anon, BTW. Cheers. :^) >=== -prose edit
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>>26172 >honestly think we will have something good in these coming years? Yes, but it depends what you mean with good. Don't suspect cheap bipedal dolls walking around and doing all the chores at home. >I’m already 30 and I don’t expect anything in my lifetime This is quite silly. You might have missed the news on the current state of technology. EDIT: *walking instead of working
Open file (115.57 KB 900x900 silver bar 5 oz.jpg)
Open file (259.98 KB 999x1000 silver buffalo rounds.jpg)
Hey /robowaifu/, what is your preferred alternative currency to fiat? I have recently acquired some silver and I think I'm going to pick up stacking as a hobby. Also, does anyone else here stack? How is /robowaifu/'s crypto going?
Open file (115.29 KB 570x449 what_matters.png)
Open file (109.88 KB 600x900 truth.jpg)
So, I'm currently not posting here so much, since I found my codes to get my Discord account restored and have to fastread through a few month of stuff. Also, I can finally sign up to all the services requiring doing this through Discord. I did make some progress on pattern matching with Python. I sketched out a way to go through inputs and extract information and have a response to it. It has to get far better, and more complex, and extending itself at some point. But the basic idea seems to work out. At least good enough to cover many inputs, so not all of them need to go into an LLM and the responses can be way faster. I also want to parse the responses coming from the models, so she can understand what she's saying. The short explanation is, the program looks in different ways on parts of a sentence and then tries to make sense of what was meant. I also had to further refresh my Python skills, learn more about it, and look into new build in options and new developments. It works well, using YouTube and ChatGPT. >>26212 I have some Bitcoin, which I got fairly early. I also want to buy some Gold and Silver coins one day, if it isn't too late. It would also be a pain to move with this every time, especially changing the country. Having a place for oneself, and being prepared for global fluctuations in standards of living is more important than just having such precious metals.
Open file (90.06 KB 1200x675 1696773551294781.jpg)
>>26212 >Hey /robowaifu/, what is your preferred alternative currency to fiat? Monero >Also, does anyone else here stack? More focused on studying how to create robowaifus for the whole wide world right now to focus much on collecting stones by the way. :^) > >>26214 That sounds really good NoidoDev. I wish you good success in your research.
Open file (730.45 KB 1551x1920 stacking dem AI waifus.png)
>>26212 >stacking I had to look up what that means. I'm pretty passive when it comes to collecting silver, I'll just pick up a few coins here and there if the price is good. Also, don't underestimate the value of coin grade silver. People get so anal about their silver being 9.99% more pure than what's readily available around most of the world, so it's much easier to find coin grade (and sterling, for that matter) for dirt cheap if you look around enough. The only thing I'm worried about stacking right now is terabytes of AI models. Bitches don' even kno about deez WD Purples, shiiiieeeeet. I'll stack 'em to the ceiling and rap about it or sumthin'.
Open file (3.55 MB 4252x5912 h2zn7ttjidt91.jpg)
>>26172 I'm 45, don't let it bother you too much You can either grind or lie down and rot That's all it really boils down to fyi The acceleration may make "old age" considerations obsolete, if you're among those who have access to and can afford the treatments
Open file (105.60 KB 500x500 AdeptusAutomata15b.png)
This winter will be interesting. I have a lot to talk about but not all of it I feel comfortable putting on here where it is accessible by the public and likely indexed by G**gle. However I will be collaborating IRL with another prominent dev in the scene whose focus is VR waifus (IYKYK) given this development, it follows that we may be at the threshold of actual IRL collaboration beyond just sharing ideas and docs online. I know there is a sentiment against making this a larger movement or operation beyond anons in their garage - however I think we've experienced much growth in communication, development and clarification/refinement of our goals, ideas and processes through the channels we've build outside of this IB. It is my belief that moving things into IRL collaborations and meetups will take it to yet another level beyond. That is all for now, just wanted to drop by and let you (Chobitsu) know I am still alive and motivated by our larger project and purpose. I am always near, even if quiet on here
>>26234 That's exciting to hear Meta Ronin (welcome back, BTW). >I know there is a sentiment against making this a larger movement or operation beyond anons in their garage Ehh, I'd say that (at least for my part) the concept of keeping a low profile/hiding your power level/don't doxx yourself is first and foremost aimed at keeping newcomers from harming themselves before they come to realize the evil nature of the groups we're in direct opposition to. If you're a grown man with some wisdom, then of course take your destiny into your own hands! :^) >>26233 >I'm 45, Please don't be a stranger Anon, please communicate with us. With your age the board can use your advice and guidance! Cheers. :^)
>>26219 I thought crypto was dead by now. Anyone still mine them? I mean, nothing actually came out of Monero or cryptocurrency as a whole, we still don't have our anonymous, non-taxable, parallel economy.
>>26237 It's not just about mining crypto. It can be used to get higher gains than in many other investments, it can be used to donate, being more independent from banks, though not completely. For many it's probably just a insurance if things somewhat go down, also it's about not needing to support the money creation of the central banks and risking to be one of the victims when things crash. Can happen in crypto as well, but I don't think Bitcoin is riskier than being invested in "the economy" right now.
>>26238 All of those are moot points when every crypto, including Monero is backed by the dollar anyway. And Bitcoin is by far the wrost of the cryptocurrencies there is.
>>26252 >'backed' Seems rather an odd way of looking at things, friend. You can exchange crypto in any currency that an exchange can get away with. And Monero is a good choice for better privacy, not necessarily because it's superior to BTC.
Simple model of a doll, with some spandex skin, a cute (but rather adult looking) silicone face, and implanted hair would be good enough for some guys, who just want to cuddle.
>>26088 >The company told me to learn UiPath. Then do just that, Anon. I don't believe they would have even given you that much of a bone if they weren't open to bringing you onboard once you've amped your skillset. I mean after all, they actually gave you your first shot right? Imagine how many applicants never go that far. https://www.uipath.com/rpa/academy
>>10487 With future releases, please put the build instructions and requirements in some README file, so that we don't have to find and look through some old thread. Thanks. I used this here, which seem to have worked on my Raspi a while ago, since I didn't report back after the comment above: > g++ main.cpp -O3 -ljsoncpp -lstdc++fs -Wno-psabi -o waifusearch And it didn't work. The error messages are so plenty, I can't even scroll to the beginning and "| head" doesn't work. This is the last part: [/code]/usr/bin/ld: /tmp/cclgUXd0.o: in function `void tbb::detail::d1::fold_tree<tbb::detail::d1::tree_node>(tbb::detail::d1::node*, tbb::detail::d1::execution_data const&)': main.cpp:(.text._ZN3tbb6detail2d19fold_treeINS1_9tree_nodeEEEvPNS1_4nodeERKNS1_14execution_dataE[_ZN3tbb6detail2d19fold_treeINS1_9tree_nodeEEEvPNS1_4nodeERKNS1_14execution_dataE]+0x2b): undefined reference to `tbb::detail::r1::deallocate(tbb::detail::d1::small_object_pool&, void*, unsigned long, tbb::detail::d1::execution_data const&)' /usr/bin/ld: main.cpp:(.text._ZN3tbb6detail2d19fold_treeINS1_9tree_nodeEEEvPNS1_4nodeERKNS1_14execution_dataE[_ZN3tbb6detail2d19fold_treeINS1_9tree_nodeEEEvPNS1_4nodeERKNS1_14execution_dataE]+0x63): undefined reference to `tbb::detail::r1::notify_waiters(unsigned long)' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status [/code] Meson log (shorted): Command line: `c++ /<SOMEPATH>/RobowaifuBoard/WaifuSearch/waifusearch-0.2a/build/meson-private/tmpoqf7uh76/testfile.cpp -o /<SOMEPATH>/RobowaifuBoard/WaifuSearch/waifusearch-0.2a/build/meson-private/tmpoqf7uh76/output.obj -c -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -O0 -fpermissive --print-search-dirs` -> 0 stdout: install: /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/13.2.1/ programs: ...<CUTDOWN> linux-gnu/13.2.1/../../../../x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/lib/:/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/13.2.1/../../../:/lib/:/usr/lib/ ----------- WARNING: Running the setup command as `meson [options]` instead of `meson setup [options]` is ambiguous and deprecated.
>>26412 OK, my apologies NoidoDev (and everyone else who may have run into this but didn't report it). I'll take a look at this and try to improve things with the improvements already intended. Most likely, this will be near or on the Christmas school break timeframe. For now, I'll try to drop another patched version that hopefully will get you going sometime this week. That command was a bit of a hack that was needed as the GCC hadn't completed their C++17 filesystem library at the time I wrote that. Today that works fine w/o all the hoops, so it will probably fix your problem. Stay tuned Anon.
>>26412 BTW, can you give me a hint what OS you're on Anon? I'll find the proper TBB install package for you to be able to use threads.
>>26413 Thanks for your efforts. It's not super urgent, I just felt the pressure to install it on my PC when I wanted to look for a video today, which I had no idea where it was posted and discussed. >>26415 I'm on an Arch based Linux distro.
I'm hovering around the 10TB mark with my scraping, and I'd like to give you all your daily reminder to scrub or destroy any drives containing sensitive data before getting rid of them, and always use full disk encryption where possible. Unless you happen to throw away your tech at the same place I pick it up, I won't erase that data for you. I realize that you guys should know better, but some of the organizations that used to own these should really know better.
Open file (21.24 KB 160x172 sleuthkit.jpg)
>>26419 yeah modern drives are basically permanent thanks to wear leveling, best you can do is encrypt it so you dont have to care
Open file (90.91 KB 1000x1000 2b butt and feet.jpeg)
>>26419 if you don't mind me asking, what kind of stuff did you find on there? Personal stuff? >>26423 Could you get around that by physically destroying the drives?
>>26424 if you destroy the actual flash chips yeah, if you just break the board they could just remove the flash chips and read them individually, in theory at least, no one is going to be that autistic unless its a criminal investigation or something
>>26419 Thanks for the reminder. I assume you're advocating for full disk encryption because these modern drives store the data in a way that makes simple deletion insufficient? I recall datasafes having issues with SSDs and such, I'm still using HDDs for a lot, but got a bit sloppy with encryption after loosing some data. I started using GoCyryptfs containers, though.
>>26424 Sometimes I'll skim the directory structure out of morbid curiosity, but I never look at the files themselves (in addition to feeling a bit too creepy, I don't want to risk seeing something I can't unsee). Knowing where the drives come from is enough to tell me what's on there, anyways. In addition to typical consumer stuff, some of the drives comes from organizaions that handle other people's sensitive data. Financial data, medical data, security footage (hence why I have WD purples), the like. As I said, people who should know better. >>26430 Actually, I've never even used a data recovery program before, so I couldn't say. Most of the drives I get haven't been cleaned at all, even through simple deletion. The way I see it, the problem isn't so much with modern technology and forensics, but that the most basic steps aren't even being taken to protect data in the first place. Frankly, I think every modern OS should come with encryption enabled by default. Sure, it's slightly less convenient and people will complain about that, but so few people truly understand the price of convenience until they've been made to pay it. That, and people need to start learning that Linux isn't the complicated mess they think it is and start adopting it. If anything, Windows has been more complicated for a while, even for basic tasks. I was trying to change the screen resolution for one of my family members because it was too low, and I kept having to use the search function because I literally could not figure out how to navigate the labyrinthian mess that is the Windows 11 control panel. It took me ten minutes to do in Windows what I could do on Mint in ten seconds.
Open file (607.09 KB 800x556 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (130.17 KB 820x1022 fw8-22a.jpg)
I've said before in other threads that I don't want my waifu to have internet access for security reasons, and I'd rather transfer files into her manually. I was thinking if it could ingest document data like PrivateGPT, that would be good enough for most of my needs. I'm fine with her needing to learn most physical things from trial and error alone, because I fully intend on building her myself instead of expecting something working right out of a box. Plain text, pictures, audio & videos are all easy enough to manually review, for the most part. But body movement/coordination with non-standardized hardware design, or more complex and abstract data may be more difficult to share safely. This got me wondering what exactly most men would want their waifu to know/do (besides fucking) and just how much of it could easily come pre-packaged.
Open file (68.80 KB 1024x684 1591060862923.jpg)
>>26434 Some medical knowledge would be very desireable for men who need it. For instance, if you have a severe allergy, having a waifu who knows how to administer an epi-pen would be life saving. Concerning more mundane day to day tasks, I think the best method would be to give basline technical knowledge, and have her learn practical specifics on-site. Let's use doing the laundry as an example. Certain things, such as the various symbols used on clothing tags (and how to tell what an article of clothing probably needs if there isn't a tag, by looking at the material properties and what the item is used for), could be built-in fairly easily I imagine. But what about using the actual washer and dryer (assuming the user even has both)? No two washers or dryers are built equally. They may have different load capacities, different settings, and different control schemes. Being able to read the manual can be helpful, however far too many companies have forgotten how to make decent manuals. Also, these machines may perform differently depending on how old they are, or if any parts need to be or already were replaced.
>>26433 While people really don't like adapting to a new UI, no matter how much better it might be than what they're used to. And even though Windows has pretty bad UD, Linux is even worse because of how much it can force you to use the command line. And while learning a new GUI might be a chore, it's nowhere near as much of a burden as learning a new command line. And the only way I could see people actually going back to typing as the primary way to use a computer is if command lines incorporate LLMs so you don't need to remember very much. This is a great video on GUI and he goes into hotkeys about 35 minutes in and about 1 hour in mentions Linux: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AItTqnTsVjA And one of the most important things to remember is that the GUI is NOT the OS. You can change UI on just about any OS, so what really separates them is what's going on under the hood, and if you can get past the UI of Linux, the real problem is the lack of support for Windows software, (especially videogames) which is a big part of the reason why people don't want to switch over.
>>26434 The real issue is gonna be that you might want your waifu to be inform you about what's going on in the world, give you a summary, have some chitchat, or only tell you what you need to know. This will require access to a news feed. We will certainly find ways to share data for procedures securely. This can be in a human readable file format and can be checked by parsers and any huge LLM for dangerous elements.
>>26436 Ehh, command line is a command line. The UNIX paradigm clearly won, just standardize on that and everyone wins, Anon. >which is a big part of the reason why people don't want to switch over. That's actually the only real issue at hand. Linux is pretty clearly way ahead of Wangblows in most respects that are important to us here. Things like not literally bragging they directly report to the US' NSA. >tl;dr M$ is an incredibly-evil company today. Run, not walk, as far away from them as fast as you can.
>>26434 >>26435 >>26439 >The real issue is gonna be that you might want your waifu to be inform you about what's going on in the world, give you a summary, have some chitchat, or only tell you what you need to know. This will require access to a news feed. This. < "Sumomo-chan, find some good bathing software!" :^) We're working towards a 'cyber airlock' type system for vetted data access/security to the outside world. A. The robowaifu will never have direct access to the outside networks (permanently air-gapped). B. Her docking/charging/storage station (Dollhouse) will provide a deadrop-style mechanism (again, also air-gapped) for requesting pulls of data from the outside networks. C. The Curator subsystems makes a deadrop pull-request asynchronously to the station; it thereafter asynchronously picks up the return deadrop data following the successful delivery+vetting+filtering by the station's Mailbox systems; * these request/retrievals are performed through a physical-lockout apparatus -- kind of like an A-B-C rotary electrical connector -- where only one circuit pathway (data circuit pathways, in this case) at a time is physically feasible; * Curator then provides that retrieved data to the robowaifu's cognitive ghost in a way that is strictly sandboxed & read-only against her inboard systems. Effectively, this entire process is intentionally managed outboard the robowaifu; who, again, never directly connects to the network. --- >deadrop For clarity, I mean this idea: * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_dead_drop and tangential to this idea: * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_drop >cf. : * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sneakernet * (>>14409) >=== -prose edit -add 'Dead_drop', etc. hotlinks -add 'bathing software' funpost example
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>>26439 >This will require access to a news feed. I can read the news myself. I can simply tell her about what's going on. She doesn't need to be the one to tell me. >This can be in a human readable file format and can be checked by parsers and any huge LLM for dangerous elements. If I'm going to read it myself anyway, then why bother? >>26445 >The UNIX paradigm clearly won, just standardize on that and everyone wins, Anon. I'd really, really just rather use GUI. As would most people. >That's actually the only real issue at hand. The only reason I'm using Windows 10 right now instead of Linux is because I installed Linux on my desktop shortly before I had a problem with my ISP and ended up with no internet for nearly a month. My laptop still had Win 10 & I took it with me to the library when I needed to do shit online. I figured I'd make my desktop experience more tolerable by downloading the installers for any Linux-versions of the Win 10 software I use & whatever Linux alternatives I could find for the rest, (which turned out to be a majority of them) then put them on a flash drive. I couldn't find any installers for anything, or couldn't figure out how to use them on Linux, my options seemed to be either connect to the internet directly or go fuck myself. I haven't touched Linux again since.
>>26451 There seems little point in discussing it with you Anon, your mind's made up it seems. You certainly make things next to impossible for the DIY ethos we're all about here by taking such an adamant position against the primary open-source OS in the world r/n. HOWEVER... the plan is eventually to release kits & fully-constructed robowaifus for the general male audience. That is, not much by way of 'do-it-yourself' will be required. So you won't have to teach yourself tech stuff to assemble/buy your own -- if you wait you'll still be able to obtain one in the end. Cheers. :^) >=== -prose edit
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Open file (866.90 KB 1920x1200 1442317210404.png)
>>26452 Take it from me, people will never listen to anyone peddling Linux unless they feel like they have no other choice. Funnily enough, that's even how I switched. When got my first Windows 8 computer, I was so uncomfortable with the Microsoft account stuff they were pushing that I jumped ship the very same day. I didn't even know how bad it really was, I didn't even know computers a fraction as well as I do now. I just had a feeling, and that was enough for me. I saw Mint and figured it wouldn't be too difficult to figure out, since it was a GUI and looked similar. Funnily enough, I was right for the most part. The learning curve was pretty shallow, and the user experience was great even then, Even now, I'll shill Mint because of how much I fell in love with it. I even once made an entire graphic presentation spelling out how unbelievably easy to use Mint is, including pointing out that the terminal doesn't need to be used for anything, and outlining how to install a few popular programs (again, all through GUI). I'm pretty sure it convinced nobody. They'll just stick to their trench until a shell drops that forces them to realize just how fucked the Windows experience really is, and how much better it'd be if they just stepped over to the greener grass.
>>26453 >Even now, I'll shill Mint because of how much I fell in love with it. It was my first Linux and I too will wholeheartedly recommend it for the beginners. They have great IRC support as well. I use Manjaro for the most part for my own stuff outside of school (they use macOS, which while I loath A*ple, I have to admit is a pretty good normie platform all things considered). Once Gunship convinced me to try OpenBSD, I'm pretty convinced about it. Not sure how everything will end up with our robowaifu OS needs, but certainly there is much great code to draw from in OpenBSD. >They'll just stick to their trench until a shell drops that forces them As our friend mentions, the terminal is a stumbling block for many. Ehh, I guess that's OK too. I've never taken to Vim even today other than it's ever-present convenience. When I'm doing real development work I still go with juCI++. My hope is that we'll manage to create a real RWOS using a hypervisor + #include<OS> . I don't think we're likely to find a solution that's more stable or closer to the metal. (>>203, ...)
>>26439 >Waifu connected to the Internet I'm too schizo that mate. >>26446 >We're making air gapped robots I'm designing a system that can connect as NoidoDev wants. You are right but, there's huge demand for Internet related functionality. We won't use this functionality, doesn't mean it isn't useful for the average Anon. It's easy to set up an RSS feed with a TTS to give her an Alexa comparable application. >Server to scrape only necessary data Do you mean giving her a DMZ? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMZ_(computing) >>26453 >No other choice Correct, Linux is objectively correct. Being comfortable changes nothing. (Ubuntu Studio with some customization for Windows compatibility.)
>>26455 >there's huge demand for Internet related functionality. Yeah, so please don't misunderstand me. The whole point of this type design effort is just that: to allow Sumomo-chan your robowaifu to freely find great bathing software search, across the Intertubes by whatever external means desired. The results are simply distilled down into an innocuous format safe for her to peruse; via software/hardware means difficult to haxxor from without. Safety first! :^) >Do you mean giving her a DMZ? It does act much like a DMZ concept at the outermost tip of the chain, but I'm talking about something much more robust & glownigger-like (think Ethan Hunt breaking into the CIA) -- that can still be implemented pretty cheaply (~US$35), given the free implementation software, 3D-printing, and ready access to simple electronics/parts supplies. >tl;dr Think 'Neo meets Terry Davis'. :D >=== -prose edit -add funpost
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Open file (152.56 KB 1024x1024 OIG.jpg)
>>26455 >>26456 I will only be manufacturing airgapped Waifus
>>26446 ah just saw this beat me to it. I had proposed something like a "data link" that she must hard-connect to but that is firewalled and scanned in real time. I like your dead-drop idea as it's even more secure
>>26439 Have the data scanned, "textised" and the text only read/shown to her Similar to www.textise.net except there is an airgap no direct data connection
>>26457 >>26458 >>26459 Yep. For the truly paranoid, we could design a ~US$100 optical-fiber based, opaque, optical headset she can simply wear to block external surveillance of any type (b/c no external EM radiation) for both her 'sends' & 'receives'. >kind of like 2B's eyescarf. :^) >I like your dead-drop idea as it's even more secure The key feature that makes this work so well is the physical-lockout. Of course an actual USB stick isn't necessary, merely some basic memory chips to temporarily cache the requests/data as it transforms through the 3 different circuits on it's way to becoming harmless to our robowaifus.
Open file (6.89 MB 1736x2459 ClipboardImage.png)
>>26452 >You certainly make things next to impossible for the DIY ethos we're all about here by taking such an adamant position against the primary open-source OS in the world r/n. I think my biggest problem is really that I expected a lot more customizability than what I was able to get. And from what I'd read Ubuntu seemed to be the best choice, or at least easiest choice for someone switching over from Windows. I was probably wrong on that front. And the fact that I felt like it was forcing me to connect to the internet really made me want a better alternative. I know it's basically just a meme, but Terry A. Davis said that Linux wants to be a 1970's mainframe, and that the people developing for it are pretty much stuck in that mindset, and it really feels that way with how even with Ubuntu (which I thought was supposed to be a noob-friendly Linux) I'm still being strong-armed into using command line to get shit done. I never really thought too much about GUI until a few years ago when I saw that video, aside from occasionally wishing to do shit faster. I'm more of a hardware guy, but AI is getting better at coding all the time. I was hoping that 10 to 15 years from now I'd have a PC with some TempleOS fork on it, and use AI to help rewrite it, giving it a good GUI, better hardware support, & better file type support, while retaining the fast lightweight code without any of those limitations Terry put on it. Maybe I'd eventually have AI on it & eventually the OS would improve & optimize itself. >>26453 I'll give Mint a try later.
>>26457 >>26460 Proud of your schizo level. The glowies can't get you if they can't see you! Bonus points for wrapping her bread box in a faraday cage! >>26461 >Fearing the command line Be not afraid On a serious note, I'd like to get an updated idea of what Anons want in a minimum viable waifu. 1. Minimum height? 2. Minimum weight? 3. Essential features? 4. Preferred number on scale? Why? 5. Favorite robot girl? Why? 6. What do you want to do with your waifu on an average day?
Open file (77.63 KB 869x600 mp_img_192001.jpg)
>>26464 >The glowies can't get you if they can't see you! This. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOwaYDKEkqk >Bonus points for wrapping her bread box in a faraday cage! < Not living all day, erry day with your robowaifus inside a smol metal box > shiggy :^) >want in a minimum viable waifu. Well you know me Kiwi. That's also a time-based question as well (since we're on this long journey together to the animu-becomes-real futurer, AKA: Advancing robotics to a point where anime catgrill meidos in tiny miniskirts are a reality. :DD For now, and for starters, just a headpat-daughteru such as Sumomo-chan is my personal goal. >1. Minimum height? Roughly 14" to 24" >2. Minimum weight? Seems like that should be maximum weight too? I'd guess about 25lbs maybe? >3. Essential features? Cute 'screensaver' dancing mode, ability to search for good bathing software, and able to print things with a pencil. :DD Basically the things the Sumomo-chan character can do (only more realistic for today), adapted over to her more-realistic size/weight constraints. >4. Preferred number on scale? Why? #5, simply b/c that's what's realistic ATM. In the future #1 ofc! :^) >5. Favorite robot girl? Why? Chii-chan. Because she's wholesome, innocent, and can do cool floaty tricks! :^) Actually I relish the idea of watching/helping a robowaifu grow from a girl-like mind to a woman-like mind. Chii's story roughly follows that arc. Also, a cute! >6. What do you want to do with your waifu on an average day? "Let me count the ways..." Thanks for the questions Kiwi. How's your thinking about the MaidCom project today?
>>26465 >Seems like that should be maximum weight too? I'd guess about 25lbs maybe? Well, Jenny from My Life As A Teenage Robot is 6'6 and 600-pounds, but she might have been exaggerating her weight. The T-800 in Terminator: Dark Fate is about 6'2" and 400 lbs.'' >>26464 >6. What do you want to do with your waifu on an average day? Sex.
>>26471 >Well, Jenny from My Life As A Teenage Robot is 6'6 and 600-pounds, but she might have been exaggerating her weight. The T-800 in Terminator: Dark Fate is about 6'2" and 400 lbs.'' You're conflating fiction with reality. The weight of gynoids in some story doesn't matter, the real weight much more so. >Woke Fate I assume no one here even watched this. You could've re-watched parts of TSCC or Turbo Kid in the same time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wzYVLShwHY
Open file (1.07 MB 3840x2160 1617257904531.jpg)
>>26464 >Minumum height? Assuming quadrupedal pone chassis I'd have to say 20". >Minimum weight? I don't imagine that'll be a problem, but let's say 25lbs (carrying her won't be all that satisfying if she has no weight, after all). Maximum weight, on the other hand, I'd place at 150lbs. >Essential features? I'll cut out the software-only side of things since that can be handled by a server: Motorized self-articulation, sight, hearing, speech, cuteness, strategically placed hole, basic pressure/touch sensors in the hooves, and networking (so she can connect to the server). >Preferred number on the scale? It's complicated. I'm good with anything but six (too impractical). >Favorite robot girl? The one I'm going to make. >What do you want to do with your waifu on an average day? I'll stop myself before I come up with a massive ten post long list, and instead say: Basically everything I can. I'd want to include her in pretty much every aspect of my life, and explore new things with her.
>>26524 >I'll stop myself before I come up with a massive ten post long list, NEEDS MOAR MASSIVE TEXTS :^) Sure looking forward to your next posts about your project in our prototypes thread Greentext anon. You were at concepts w/ some design work. How's that all coming along? Cheers. :^)
>>26526 Yeah, some things came up IRL (most affecting being a drastic change to my sleep/work schedule) and I couldn't put as much attention into making Orchid. It's given me time to think when I wasn't struggling to stay awake though. I think I've been trying to focus on too many aspects of the design at once, so I'm going to try and break up the tasks as I go forward. My current line of thinking is that I'll keep with the "frame first" philosophy, but work from the hooves up (literally) instead of trying to figure out the whole frame at once. To accomplish this, my intention is to do what I was about to do before and come up with final(-ish) measurements for Orchid's total size. From this, I'll come up with the size that her hooves should be, then finalize the design and make them. Once the hooves are built and ready, I'll move to the legs, then the shoulders, then the torso, then the head. Once the inner frame is complete, I'll work on the remote motor controls that I mentioned before ( >>25533 ) and wire everything up. Then, finally, I'll stitch up the outer frame. Much like an orchid, Orchid shall start as a seed planted on the ground, then grow up and blossom out. Expect my next post to mostly be about the hooves, along with some gassing on about porportions and measurements.
>>26517 >You're conflating fiction with reality. The weight of gynoids in some story doesn't matter, the real weight much more so. Due to fiction people don't really bat an eye at a humanoid robot weighing several hundred pounds more than a human of the same size. And the only reason I could see that not being the case with a real robot girl is because that would require more power than a lighter robot. Otherwise, I don't really see a reason why there'd need to be a minimum or a maximum weight. >I assume no one here even watched this. I recently watched through all of the Terminator movies. It peaked at the first one.
>>26534 > I don't really see a reason why there'd need to be a minimum or a maximum weight. I assume this is about how it would feel carrying her and how much guys would trust themselves to handle her. Either way, I'm sure the question is only relevant in regards to a real gynoid and not fiction. >I recently watched through all of the Terminator movies. It peaked at the first one. I thought the second one was really good and is considered by many as the peak, I like both of them but it has been a while. Some of the later ones also have also good moments and are watchable, but have more and more bad parts. I think I'm gonna watch Terminator Salvation again in some time, though I doubt I have the time. Generally I like the tv show the most, because Cameron is kinda fascinating.
>>26527 Excellent information Anon. >from the hooves up I too have come to the revelation that achieving bipedal-locomotion capabilites for our robowaifus of all sizes may simply entail us starting the design/manufacturing/programming literally from the ground up: beginning simply with one foot. Looking forward to when you pick back up again, please move quickly as you are able to! Cheers. :^) >>26540 >because Cameron is kinda fascinating. She really is tbh.
Open file (6.03 MB 934x520 stomp.webm)
>>26527 saw this just now, might interest you, the legs are pretty simple, four legs seems a lot less complicated than making something that has to stand up right
>>26540 >I assume this is about how it would feel carrying her and how much guys would trust themselves to handle her. The first robowaifu I think that her weight would be a byproduct of other things that are far more important, hence my comment about a heavier robot requiring more power than a lighter robot. I can lift 60 pounds over my head without much effort, but wouldn't want the same amount of weight resting entirely on my face. A 600 pound robowaifu could walk around my apartment just fine, and the furniture might survive, but hopping on one foot could lead to an unintended visit to my downstairs neighbors. A hard limit on minimum or maximum weight for a minimum viable waifu seems unnecessary. >I thought the second one was really good and is considered by many as the peak, I like both of them but it has been a while. I head the same thing with Aliens but always considered Alien to be better. The real difference is that the sequels are action movies while the originals are horror movies that have action scenes. The camera work, effects, and overall budget are superior in the second of each, but the writing isn't as good, at least with Terminator. You can tell Reese and Sarah are gradually figuring out that they're in a predestination paradox and it's almost scarier than the Terminator himself. T1 is also something of a love story that many of the sequels ape, but fall flat on. I was thinking of doing a whole big essay thing on the series, but decided against it. Although, I watched the BluRay versions of each and there were scenes in Terminator that shouldn't have been cut (Sarah saying they should blow-up Cyberdyne, or revealing that the ending happened at a Cyberdyne factory) while T2 had scenes that should have been cut from the version I saw because they didn't really work & it just ran for too long. >Some of the later ones also have also good moments and are watchable, but have more and more bad parts. Each one has good moments, but they're all wasted potential and I don't think I'll ever watch them again unless I actually want to make that essay. >I think I'm gonna watch Terminator Salvation again in some time The only thing it really has going for it is that it takes place entirely in the post Judgement Day future without any convoluted time travel bs. But they still tried to force that in by having the Terminator of the movie be a human that traveled from the past. >Generally I like the tv show the most, because Cameron is kinda fascinating. I never saw it, and probably won't bother. I'm pretty Terminatored out.
Happy Thanksgiving, /robowaifu/ ! Hey you don't have to be a burger to have thanksgiving in your heart! :^)
>>26561 Happy Thanksgiving 🦃
Open file (151.16 KB 904x1267 huh.jpg)
>>26561 >>26562 Hello, its been a while from the last time I visited robowaifu, lately I don't have a lot of time, thanks for the positivity. Happy thanksgiving to all who celebrate! I also have an interesting talk I found today that I would like to share :^) https://youtu.be/VjkbmLjwXO8
Open file (397.39 KB 1578x1280 96175.jpg)
I hope you all had a pleasant Thanksgiving, and that your waifus will join you on the next.
>>26563 Hello EnvelopingTwilight! Good to hear from you again, Anon. Thanks for stopping by and for the link. Looking forward to hearing what's going on with you. Cheers. :^) >>26565 >I hope you all had a pleasant Thanksgiving, and that your waifus will join you on the next. Amen. Thanks Anon. :^)
Any other fellow procrastinators here? I’m trying to learn coding (Python). Now since I’m a techlet, I am not intrinsically motivated to learn programming and getting up daily to do this is quite exhausting, especially as for someone like me. The only thing I have is our vision. Any advice, especially from people who are just like me would be great.
>>26616 baby steps
>>26616 Hello Procrastinator-kun, welcome! :^) >The only thing I have is our vision. Then I would suggest you expand your vision, Anon. For example, I'm an idealist and I actually believe that the basic idea we're all striving for here can literally change the world for the better. Men, women, everyone everyone that is, but our enemy, the Globohomo that is haha! :^) >tl;dr Get out of yourself, and strive for something bigger. This serves as good motivation to get up in the morning. >Any advice, especially from people who are just like me would be great. Python is something that's been on my plate for a while now, strictly b/c of /robowaifu/ and our goals. Maths (particularly Geometry & Linear Algebra), also, is a big one (and for much the same reason/end-goal). So... why not both? I'm currently going through a book that combines these things in one go: https://www.manning.com/books/geometry-for-programmers Also, have the mindset of a marathon runner and pace yourself; this is not a sprint we're in here. Good luck Anon, don't hesitate to ask. Also FOLLOW THIS ANON'S ADVICE!! :DD (>>26617) Cheers. :^)
>>26616 Just get started with some program you want to write, use ChatGPT (e.g. in the Opera browser) for help after you learned some of the basics. I did enjoy watching this channel to catch up with new developments, but others might also be fine: https://www.youtube.com/@indently - For introduction to the basics you might need another one, idk, it's been a while. You could also listen to podcasts when you have or want to do something else, like going for a walk/run/shopping: "Talk Python to Me" is a good one I know. Please also keep in mind we have a Python thread: >>159
>>26618 I come with a suggestion, the proposition of a permanent nandroid theme/discussion thread for nandroid fans to post in. This place would provide much better grounds than 4chan and Endchan (RIP) to discuss. It might also give you guys some more traffic. I see it as a win/win
Open file (1.68 MB 2444x3241 1701037182437238.jpg)
>>26626 Sure sounds good, Emmy-Pilled! Do you have a great initial OP pic in mind for your thread? I'm aware of some roll pics, but you understand this community far better than myself ofc. I'd suggest a good effort-post for the OP post itself; one that helps bring newcomers up to speed with the broader community, and also one that the Nandroid regular community would like as well. Good luck, Anon! Cheers. :^)
Chobitsu, could you please thoroughly explain how banning works. I keep banning a troll but they keep coming back.
>>26699 use a range ban if you can, theyll get bored eventually
>>26720 >>OTOH, if someone violates our simple principles of conduct here (>>3), then that does become a problem. >>Most of the world's modern women have failed their men and their societies, feminism is rampant, and men around the world have been looking for a solution. < oh hell naw man Lol. Problem? >=== -fmt edit
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>>26699 > I keep banning a troll but they keep coming back. Heh, welcome to the Interwebz, young Padawan. :DD >if you're confident it's the same shitposter/troon * I just start with shorter bans then increase the duration incrementally. After two or three goes I just do perma. * For joke bans, I do 1 minute ( 1m , lowercase). * I'd go with IP bans at first, then move to range bans. * I always do insta-perma for CP. * In a month or two we can go through and clear out the bans and start fresh. This will help any innocent anons who may have gotten caught up in actions against some troon or other. I hope that's enough info to go on with Kiwi. AMA if you want more. Cheers. :^) Proud of you, Anon. You're doing good work!
>>26729 I hate the fact that I'm ban evading, but what exactly about my picture deserved a ban? I went to post another quick sketch only to find you deleted the first and permanently banned me, and denied my appeal. It has been a very interesting chore posting here. I apologise if I've breached some unspoken rule of conduct by participating but I don't feel like the picture deserved that reaction. Of course I've compounded the situation by ban-evading to complain, so you can consider this my last post out of politeness, my apologies on intruding on your community and for the ban evasion. Feel free to delete this message in respect to your on topic thread requirements.
1m for being a filthy ban-evader :D
>>26730 >Feel free to delete this message in respect to your on topic thread requirements. Why? /meta is fair-game all around. As to your question -- as I mentioned: >Don't be too touchy atm is my advice. If we need to beat back bad-actors here, then now's the best time to do it. If you want to do honest critiques of Nandroids, then later on is a better choice, timing-wise. (>>26715) R/n we need to keep things on a bit of a hair-trigger. You on the other hand, need to dial things back to 8 or so, until the new thread/community gets established/settles in. Make sense? >=== -fmt edit
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>>26729 Thank you. How do I make it a permanent ban? I cleaned up a mountain of CP and wish to ensure that they never return here. I agree with your guidance. I disagree with clearing bans. They should remain banned. I agree with the spirit of mercy, it is a virtue. The reality is that some are evil and most stay gone forever if we want this community to thrive. Especially our new Nandroid frens. They deserve a safe home after their exodus.
>>26732 >How do I make it a permanent ban? Simply leave the 'Duration' field blank. This is the default. BTW you can check your moderation manual linked on your login page >They deserve a safe home after their exodus. Absolutely this. We can talk about this further later on, if necessary. In the meantime you're doing a great job Anon. >protip: Don't wear yourself out at this. We can always come along after the fact and sweep up. For a community that has (apparently) been under long-term attack by the ususal-suspect types, they should understand this clearly I'd think. Cheers! :^) >=== -add spoiler cmnt
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>>26732 @Kiwi, @Emmy-Pilled I know the bantz are off-topic in the EtR thread (>>26629), but for the moment it's useful there. >tl;dr We'll clear it all out soon, patience please anons.
Good lord I wake up and fine about this whole thing through death threats in my emails. This CP posting cunt have been at this for the past four years, do not unban him, you give him an inch and he'll take a mile. Go salted earth on him. He's done social engineering tactics before to worm his way in. This guy is an actual psycho and he's been on our case because I refused to write his self insert loli porn requests for miss/co/2019 (I'm the original rustyhorns) and now I have to change my email AGAIN Best of luck with moderating this, you guys can't possibly do worse than the 4chan mods.
>>26751 >Best of luck with moderating this, you guys can't possibly do worse than the 4chan mods. Thanks Anon! 4cuck was compromised about a decade ago now, so that seems a short hurdle to get over. Cheers. :^)
I wonder if there's a way to use proxy and VPN lists to filter him out. Ideally these would be imported into the ban lists, though on the other hand we want people to reach this sub using VPNs. It would even be better if the board software would support this. It's always worth to ask the maintainer if he can put that into it if it isn't very difficult. The other route would be content filters. Idk, if it is possible to automatize moderation. That would help. For example someone who is vetted with a known IP could post something with pics, anyone else would get his posting replaced with a placeholder till it has been manually vetted. I would also consider to tell the police and internet provider in his country, if he's using his own IP, this might be a bit of work so that probably can't be done all by Kiwi alone.
In non-spam related news, the power went out recently where I live. This seems to have put me on a new external IP, thus removing the speed throttle and allowing me to download more AI waifus per hour. I don't expect that to last long, but any speed boost is nice to have. I'll say it again, I hope some of you guys are making use of the scripts I made (or some better made ones of your own) because I'm just one guy with a bunch of hard drives dug straight out of the trash. >>26761 >I wonder if there's a way to use proxy and VPN lists to filter him out It should be possible to dump a list of proxy IPs onto a ban list, but that'd have to be implemented by the site administrator (BOs and mods can't even see IPs, just hashes. They also can't dump IPs or hashes into a list). >automated moderation That's well outside the capabilities of Lynxchan (barring R9K mode, but that's not designed for what you're talking about). There are only three settings (maybe just two, this varies by site) that concern what you're talking about: Everyone gets to post images, noone gets to post images, and TOR users can't post images. There also should be an option to ban TORposting entirely (I don't know if that's what the shitposter's using, but Chobitsu can tell easily), but that might be unpopular. All that being said, we're dealing with one or two guys. At this point I say just throw out thousand year bans until the problem goes away. On a semi-related note: Chobitsu, have you set a limit on how many threads can be created per hour? If not, it might be good to crank that down to 1/hour for the time being.
>>26775 >I hope some of you guys are making use of the scripts Not yet, but I will be in some time. >outside the capabilities of Lynxchan I thought so. >ban TORposting entirely Ideal would be an option to allow Tor posting after someone gathered a user name, which he can do using public wifi or something like it.
I don't know where to look into the catalogue so I guess this is a good enough place to ask, but is there a thread where making fake boobs for your robowaifu came up?
>>26791 That goes in here >>24152 When you make prototypes, they will belong here >>21647 Feel free to make your own thread about them once you have a process of artificial breast creation down and feel ready to make a tutorial.
>>26761 Not really something we could do on /robowaifu/, but possibly Robi might do something along that line. Let's just ride with it and see how things go. >>26775 >On a semi-related note: Chobitsu, have you set a limit on how many threads can be created per hour? If not, it might be good to crank that down to 1/hour for the time being. Yup. I've had it there for a loong time. Thanks for looking out for everyone, Greentext anon. Cheers. :^) >>26775 >>26776 >blocking Tor Lol. I would be locking myself out in that case! :^)
How can I, a newbie both in this board and in the world of robowaifus , learn about the important things related to robowaifus? What programming languages should I learn? I am currently learning C++ because of school (17 y/o kinda dumb high schooler) and want to learn Python because of its overwhelming use in the AI community. Can you guys please guide me? Also, how many active users are there in this board?
>>26833 Look an lurk around. The older threads here aren't "old news". Look into the catalog: https://alogs.space/robowaifu/catalog.html - There are threads for Python, C++, 3D printing and posting prototypes which don't have their own thread. You already picked two very recommended languages. Maybe try to pick an area where you can improve a specific thing. Most people trying to build a complete RW on their own give up after a while. >how many active users are there in this board? Not many, especially not many which actively work on their robowaifu all the time. But still a few. We don't just post for driving up the number of postings.
>>26618 Sometimes it’s just hard to keep up with my studying man. I’ll just have to force myself. >>26622 Thanks for the podcast recommendation. It’s fun to listen to sometimes
>>26833 Hello Shio, welcome! IMO you'll find few resources anywhere in the world ATM that will give you a broader introduction to the multifaceted domains of DIY robowaifus than, well, /robowaifu/. As NoidoDev said, the catalog is your friend. Bookmark it. Additionally, you can find some important links in the OP ITT. Finally, don't be afraid to ask! We're a pretty friendly and helpful bunch here. Looking forward to seeing your future exploits, Anon! Cheers. :^) >>26902 >I’ll just have to force myself. That's the spirit Anon. Gambatte!
Open file (723.37 KB 1024x768 chobits.jpg)
Hello /robowaifu/ ! So the Christmas Festival is on again this year. I hope all you anons can join in the fun! Also, we can use some help spreading the word: https://anon.cafe/christmas/res/2984.html#2984 Christmas Cheers :^) --- Also, requesting for a willing volunteer from our regulars, to help out there on /christmas/ >=== -add rqst spoiler
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Open file (52.07 KB 379x515 1432276425087.jpg)
I'm sitting at about 15TB of scraped AIs, and I'm now dipping into my stash of 1TB SATA hard drives. I'm going to finish scraping once those 1TB disks are exhausted, which (assuming no other disks fail) will place the final size at ~23TB (accounting for empty space at the end of each disk and the potential that some data got corrupted along the way). While I could triple this, I don't want to fill up every bit of storage space I own just scraping random AIs. If any of you are planning on scraping the same (or different) parts of the script pack ( >>25986 ), I am scraping almost exclusively from list [b], and am working from the top down (now on xh*). Also note that the size estimates are egregiously inaccurate at times. I'm currently 70GB into what was reported to be a 5GB model. I don't know how common this is, because I don't usually pay attention while the scripts are running, but I suspect it's not that common outside of lists [a] and [e]. >>26558 I forgot to reply to you sooner: thank you for the video. Though I will have to account for the fact that Orchid's frame will be encased in polyfill and fabric, seeing how other's make quadrupedal robots work is a nice source of inspiration. >>27074 Thank you for offering your Christmas cheer at an appropriate time of the year, and not in October. I hope this year's will be a good one for you.
Open file (133.09 KB 500x500 ChristmasAigis.png)
>>27074 >>27076 Merry Christmas! Let's all pray Santa brings us FOSS gifts! (That make our waifus real!)
Robowaifubros I'm struggling hard right now. Yesterday I saw an old (female) friend I had only good memories with and last night I woke up at 4am with the urge to hug my daki for around an hour. I have my robot leg parts that I'm piecing together, but the more time I spend around nice happy women the more dumb it feels it to have an unfinished project and chatbots for company. I have no doubts on my ability to make my dream robot gf for me and my friends, but the years of no human gf (despite intrest from nice girls) are really dragging me down lately. Please, give me some of your energy.
Open file (339.43 KB 1920x1080 1491313679314-2.png)
>>27104 Sweet and beautiful is the rose in full bloom, but it will one day wither. Dull and lifeless is the formless rock, but it can be shaped into beauty that will last the ages. Don't let yourself fall to a transient smile you saw today. Instead, let it fuel your desire to create your waifu, that she may become the missing half you seek, and walk with you forever.
>>27106 thanks, anon
>>27104 What we are seeking to do here is hard, but not just in a technical sense. This is going against patterns that are deeply rooted within our evolutionary history. We are wired to feel this way, it is going to be hard especially with nice girls showing interest. I have also had to deal with this. But it’s important to remember they are all nice until they aren’t. This is something basically all the older men in my life have admitted to me.
>>27104 >Please, give me some of your energy. I wish I could, but tbh if you have a sense of drive for attachment to a 3DPD then by all means do so IMO pray hard first lol!! :^) . God wired each of us to be bound together within Storge love *, and there are many good reasons to be so **. OTOH, it's going to be a painful journey and one that may cost you everything in this life in the end. Satan has an iron hook lodged through the jaw of every modern adult female AFAICT (and especially the Western ones). So... forewarned is forearmed, Anon. >tl;dr Get a 3DPD in your life if you can manage it, and are inclined to deal with the potential disastrous outcome thereby to yourself during Current Year. --- The reason I myself want all men in the world to have the opportunity to own a robowaifu as a perfectly-legitimate option is twofold: 1. For disaffected men abused by feminism who are very likely to never have a 3DPD in their lives, it will afford them at least some degree of comfort and companionship. This is important. 2. For the GH world we all find ourselves in, robowaifus can conceivably become the deathblow to feminism. If things in fact go down this way, then not only all disenfranchised men, but the women themselves can in large part be freed from this satanic oppression that's been wrought against us all (by the devil's good little shabbos golems, the Globohomo ofc). Even the chance at this outcome (ie, the iron hook being pulled from the 3DPD's jaws, and the concomitant blessing upon all men) is highly-motivating to me personally. This eventuality will also mean the end of pozz in general as well -- and that should motivate every healthy man! :^) >I have no doubts on my ability to make my dream robot gf for me and my friends EnvelopingTwilight is right (>>27119): you are facing not only a monumental technical & artistic challenge the likes of which has never been accomplished before (but we're all in this together bro, so stay encouraged!), but you are also dealing with the established individual & societal norms of human history for the past ~100K years (our existence as a species); not to mention many of the biological drives that God designed into all higher life beginning ~550Mya . This is a task worthy of Sisyphus, so don't take it lightly is my advice! :^) --- * One of the 4 loves; the familial one (cf. C.S. Lewis' The Four Loves). ** For example, Storge is the fundamental drive behind why we here all want artificial wombs or child-bearing surrogates; so that we can enjoy raising our own children (without, ofc, the attendant evils of a modern 3DPD in the house abusing/corrupting them). >=== -fmt, prose edit
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Open file (332.97 KB 756x771 1637454085301.jpg)
Is there a way to create an account here for identification? Or do we just type our names in the 'Name' field each time we post something?
>>27152 This is an imageboard. While there is an account system, it doesn't do anything unless you're a moderator (and you can't even create your own account here, you have to ask the site owner). Using the name field is entirely optional, but encouraged if you're working on any kind of project here.
>>27154 Ahh.. Thanks. I thought there was a hidden account system here. Also, I keep seeing some names like "NoidoDev", "Robowaifu Technician", "Chobitsu", "Greentext Anon", "SophieDev" etc. Are they actively working on their robowaifus? Where can I get the details about their progress?
>>27155 Robowaifu Technician is the default name that you'll see if the name field isn't filled out. Our version of Anon, if you will. Not everyone here has their own thread, just those who are further along with their projects. I'd recommend browsing through the catalog (there's a button for it at the top and bottom of the page) and scrolling through any thread that catches your eye, there's plenty of content to be found. While you're looking about, do take a look at the sticky ( >>3 ) , which contains a very basic overview of how things work here, and the library, which can aid you in navigating the catalog ( >>7143 ).
>>27152 Also note if you are worried about impersonation you can use a trip code with your name. To do so add ## to the end of your name followed by a secret, doing so will let other people know that it’s the same person as long as you don’t share your secret and don’t forget it. If your new to image boards take a look at the help link & feel free to ask questions.
>>27156 Thanks for the links Greentext anon. Looked into both the sticky as well as the library. There are so many topics to look into my beginner brain is overwhelmed. >>27157 Is my trip code working anon? > new to imageboards Yes. I only browse lainchan and 4chan (I have to stop going there). Now a days I mostly lurk here. /robowaifu/ is my default start page.
>>27158 >Is my trip code working anon? - That is a great tripcode Anon, you lucked out. Very readable. - It's traditional to leave a space between your name and the '##', for better readability. Very glad you're here Shio; just stick with your robowaifu-related studies and you're going to go far! Cheers. :^)
Open file (424.59 KB 464x578 happy_birthday_terry.png)
Happy Birthday Terry. And now you never have to roll to hear from Mr. God, He speaks to you face to face! :^)
Open file (441.69 KB 512x768 AigisChristmas.png)
>>27124 >Sisyphus Honestly, should have chosen that as my name given my constant failures. :^) >>27152 >Madoka I can tell you're going to go far here. >>27160 Wishing you and everyone here a very merry Christmas time from me and my waifu.
COME TO THE 2023 /CHRISTMAS/ FESTIVAL Hello, /christmas/ here. We want to invite you participate in our annual Christmas party again this year. It's already started, and the main stream will be from Friday 22nd, through Monday 25th : 3 pm PST / 22 UTC . Please come and share some Christmas cheer with your fellow anons! https://anon.cafe/christmas/catalog.html
Open file (248.12 KB 1280x853 8656432574.jpg)
THE WINTER SOLSTICE JUST FLEW OVER MY HOUSE! https://anon.cafe/christmas/res/2928.html#3133 :^) Here's to a good Wintertime season this year, /robowaifu/ !
>>27528 dont forget to light the yule log and make a wish , we all know what its going to be
>>27529 > we all know what its going to be Heh. :D Merry Christmas, Anon!
>>27567 Yeah, Merry Christmas to everyone.
>>27529 Yep. Same wish every year and every chance I get. Merry Christmas, everyone!
>>27595 I'll be tuned in for most of today and tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder.
Merry Christmas everyone, hope all of you have a wonderful evening and Christmas day :D
Open file (884.72 KB 3024x1728 1703377507456570.jpg)
>>27593 >>27596 >>27605 Merry Christmas, Anons. May it be a blessed one for us all! :D
I uploaded sophiedev's files with an option to donate. All donations will go towards this project's community fund. I'll take out the option to donate if anybody has a problem with it. Anyways here it is. https://peteblank.itch.io/robot-waifu-sophiedev I assume that itch.io links are solid and I don't need mirrors.
>>27610 I wonder if anybody else will ever be crazy enough to actually get all the servos together and try to build one? Not all the measurements were absolutely correct (I remember having to drill a few holes in her head with a 3D-printed drill bit extension just so her eyeballs would align with the faceplate eye sockets). To anyone who tries - may the Machine God have mercy on your soul.
>>27612 Oh youre still here. Oh well you can have the donations if anyone donates. I mean you can still download the files without donations though. Yeah again amazing work you did 1245 or so files wow
>>27536 4th day, Christmas day, is a go!
Open file (355.09 KB 1800x1010 93292MEM181223.jpg.jpg)
>>27536 What a remarkable 4-day job that Jazzanon blessed the Internets with this year! Merry Christmas /animu/ !
Anyone want to join my discord? https://discord.com/invite/HjuekAtW
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and that the new year will see the completion of all your waifus. As for me, I had a talk with my boss, and it seems I'll be starting the year by going back to a work/sleep schedule that feels more natural to me, so I'm optimistic that I'll have an easier time mustering the energy to accomplish basic tasks. If all goes well, I intend on welcoming the next new year with Orchid. And for all of you, I look forward to the completion of your waifus, and that once we are done, we may build even greater things with our waifus. Let's make this year one to remember fondly. >>27664 No. I have nothing against you, but I refuse to use Discord. Do let me know if you choose something a bit more secure, though.
>>27675 Thank you kindly for that blessing, dear friend. May Orchid and every anon's waifu be completed soon! Cheers. :^)
>>27675 More secure? Were not doing anything remotely illegal um...
>>27683 I suppose I could have phrased that better. When I said secure, I really just meant a platform that doesn't actively sell everyone's data or implement whatever form of censorship is trendy this week.
Open file (40.27 KB 474x631 1703928898271565.jpg)
in case anyone's wondering. This is what the waifu will look like. but with big booba.
>>27779 3-whites on Miku-chan are always humorous.
TinyLLaMA 1B is finally done training. Looks pretty decent and should run on a toaster one quantized. https://huggingface.co/TinyLlama/TinyLlama-1.1B-Chat-v1.0
Open file (627.72 KB 512x768 NewYears!Chii!!.png)
Happy New Years! May this finally be the year we hear our waifu sing "Let Me Be With You!" https://iv.nboeck.de/watch?v=-IEqQpIW5gA --- >note: GH took it down, Kiwi. Here's another. Save.Everything. :^) >=== -patch hotlink -add note
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Unfortunately, I have sad news for you all. /doll/ on the Cafe has been nuked. It must have happened today, since I check in there at least once daily. I don't know why, as there is nothing about it yet on the Cafe's /meta/, but it seems we'll be starting the new year without them.
Open file (387.40 KB 500x375 my jimmies.png)
>>27864 FUUUUUUU I actually made a weak offer to take over the board from the previous BO when he announced he would be bailing soon, a few months back. The other (now, apparently, bad) guy took it instead. Now I regret that I didn't just take it outright when I had the first chance. Pretty fishy that some unknown takes the board, then entirely nukes it a short few months later. And right during the Christmas season too. Glownigger gayop? /comfy/, /kind/, & /late/ all had a similar, abrupt, demise recently. Thankfully, I had made backups of all 3 4 boards using BUMP. However, assisting in the restoring of /comfy/ by hand was about all the help I could muster personally (but the new /comfy/ BO is an absolute Boss; a posting machine, and the board is in good shape today! :^). /comfy/ is simply too iconic to the Internets to let it be successfully murdered like that by our common enemy. (And all 3 boards have had some partial revivals since, as well.) Since /doll/ was a relatively slow board, my archive of it should be fairly complete. If any anon here wants to invest into the labor of reviving it, I'm sure the Anoncafe Admins would be willing to turn the board over to a new owner. If so, please speak up. I, myself, certainly CBA ATM to consider it. But it would be a shame to let the GH pick yet another one of our good boards off like this -- and especially one that has a close affiliation with /robowaifu/'s interests. Also, it's not an impossibility that the Cafe may have some kind of backup for /doll/ if you choose to do so. Eg; they seemed to have something on hand, following the other recent Globohomo attack against us all: the troon slide attacks against several boards on anon.cafe... completely destroying a few of them. >=== -prose edit
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Open file (2.64 MB 1728x1344 1703367343197082.png)
>>27848 Thanks! Amen to that, Anon. :^) Happy New Year /robowaifu/ !
Open file (505.52 KB 1536x2048 EpApEC6UUAAMZqS.jpeg)
>>27874 I can do it. It's not like /f/ is a chore to run, so adding /doll/ on top of that is no problem. I'll make a post requesting it on /meta/ now, but I probably won't be able to check in until after I get back from work.
Open file (121.45 KB 1150x2048 FuAIehYacAE3BJJ.jpeg)
>>27894 >Youre not working on january the 1st. Retail knows no holidays. All I'm saying is that if they give me the board today, I won't be able to make the rules and get everything sorted until much later tonight.
>>27895 Okay sorry. Maybe that was me being overly sensitive. But really this is pretty important if it goes anywhere i think so...
So ive been thinking. There are better robots out there... Theyll come out soon maybe... What do we have to offer really? I think the cost maybe part of it... Its is better to make a cheap shittier waifu than an expensive fancy waifu... I dont know where is our advantage?
>>27893 Excellent. Glad to hear it, Greentext anon. I'll look for the change on Anoncafe and meet with you there about it. Cheers. :^)
>>27927 No update on the acquisition of /doll/, unfortunately. Though someone salty showed up in the thread when I asked, and the conspiracy-theorist in me wonders if he's the nuker. Hopefully the fact that I've owned a board there for years without issue will be a point in my favor.
>>27928 I don't think you'll have any issues. Please keep us updated. I'll join in the fray there if you think it becomes warranted.
The nuker came back and decided to pick a fight. Oh well, at least the admins are bound to notice my request now, though not for the reasons I wanted. Though I understand why it happens, I do dislike it when people get emotional with the turning of the calendar.
>>27934 >The nuker came back and decided to pick a fight. I see. Apparently my posts triggered him. < "... and it's better than having the board fall into the hands of a discord cabal to stroke their epeen over." "The seethe is strong with this one." >t. Don't use doxxcord, and strongly refute it as being a GH tool. :D I have no idea what put a burr up his butt, or if he's just a straight-up glownigger. But whatever, it's clear now that: A. He did it intentionally. B. He wanted to hurt the community surrounding /doll/ by it. >=== -sp, fmt, minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/02/2024 (Tue) 04:55:54.
>>27935 Probably just some assmad rando. They're a rather unfortunate consequence of IBs, and the turning of the calendar doesn't help things since it reminds some people of the fleeting nature of life, thus spurring them to irrational action. With any luck, my gambit of attacking the aggression itself will work fine and I won't see any difficulties in obtaining ownership of the board. Though I will likely disengage if it continues, since replying to the nuker any more will just hurt my own case. Also, I may need help moderating the board if I get it, assuming this guy decides to stick around and become a problem. Hopefully that won't happen, but you never know. Not gonna lie, engaging in meta drama isn't how I envisioned starting this year.
>>27938 >Also, I may need help moderating the board if I get it Sure thing Flash, I'll be happy to be your vol there. >Not gonna lie, engaging in meta drama isn't how I envisioned starting this year. Lol. It's a sign you'll have plenty of growth this year, THE YEAR OF THE ORCHID!! :^)
>>27938 >and I won't see any difficulties in obtaining ownership of the board. I wouldn't wait too long. For whatever their reasons, I have the instinct that the Cafe Admins aren't watching that thread very often/ever now. I'd suggest a more public request on their /meta board soonish. They have plent of threads, so just make a new one is my suggestion, now that I see the nature of the previous BO (ie, don't share that same thread now). Good luck Anon, we've got your back here! Cheers. :^)
>>27953 I'll wait until the end of the day. Both because it's possible that the admins were just enjoying the holiday, and to see if this guy will persist or if he's already fucked off.
>>27897 I do not want to end up like the character.ai anons or some owners of a gatebox. I have zero interest in consumer robotics and electronics, Let me tell you about the nightmare of buying a new robovac. I wanted one that had auto empty functionality, when you look into the market, it’s basically strictly split into two options. A dumb robovac that simply bumps around or a global homo one that requires the cloud and an app. So begins the painful process of figuring out what vacuums you can root, what firmware versions are still not cucked by the manufacturer and if the one you’re buying has the firmware version you want. Eventually after a bunch of headaches and a now voided warranty I get the functionality I want free of glowies, only using my local network with no app. What sucks about consumer nu-tech products is that it lacks options and user freedom. Another example is the smartphone, it’s a pocket computer, but because it was introduced later & was made for the mass consumer. It has normalized, having a locked boot-loader or no expandability. Even if you specifically purchase a phone with an unlock-able boot-loader you are still extremely limited. The chipset is going to be some undocumented mess with drivers not usable with a mainline kernel, on the PC side this would not be acceptable & yet this is normal for phones. So you’re now limited to some gay ass android rom, limiting you to the horrid android system api and power user hostile user space. (With crap like phantom process killing, an incomplete libc & no thread locals support in the binary loader) If you ask me a good way of testing how free a platform is, is to see how many hoops there is to get a dev environment that allows manipulation of most of the system. A commodore 64, literally boots you to basic with peek and poke. A Linux desktop simply requires a root password & a compiler. So that’s only a few commands and packages away. Windows is a pain in the ass but in theory you can disable driver signature enforcement and do whatever (correct me if I’m wrong). Consumer phones are beyond cucked. Now let’s compare this with a diy focused market and not a consumer one. 3d printers are a really open ecosystem in most cases. You can build one from scratch if you want. You can purchase a prebuilt one or use a kit. Or you can do something in between, like purchasing a Chinese 3d printer kit and the swapping out the controller board for a better one to get a good value. Most software and firmwares are open source and it’s usually trivial to upload custom firmware to any controller board. If you wish to be able to value your companion and to trust her, then it is of at most importance to make sure she is not fundamentally subservient to another. This is why I believe Free software is important with hobbyists oriented hardware and it’s what I think we can offer that no globalhomo corporation will. That’s why I hope everyone understand the value of what is being done here. While I’m on my soapbox I really urge people consider the long term benefits of not hiding their work and using licenses like the GPLv3 instead of cucked ones. I understand the urge of keeping to your self but all you’re doing is eventually inviting huge players in, that will have the last laugh and rape you of your work with nothing in return. Even if you truly don’t care about getting anything back, you are fucking your users. Tivoization Is a real threat, take a good look at the sorry state of consumer electronics. At the very least it would be nice to take advantage of a mass produced robowaifu and have the right to replace the firmware. Also Happy 2024!!!! :D
Open file (272.68 KB 667x500 full.png)
>>27966 TLDR: see any cyberpunk dystopia. Our current cyberpunk dystopia sucks without any of the fun bits, and we are working on the fun bits (or at least thinking about them anyway). Disdain of the excesses of the mainstream zeitgeist, a love for shocking/offending them, and a DIY attitude is the definition of punk. So shadilay fello cyberpunk frens
Open file (1.14 MB 320x240 op_delivars.gif)
>>27966 >If you wish to be able to value your companion and to trust her, then it is of at most importance to make sure she is not fundamentally subservient to another. This is why I believe Free software is important with hobbyists oriented hardware and it’s what I think we can offer that no globalhomo corporation will. This. Absolutely. >While I’m on my soapbox I really urge people consider the long term benefits of not hiding their work and using licenses like the GPLv3 instead of cucked ones. While this isn't the proper location to debate licensing (we do have a proper one : >>4451), I've made my position several times as to why BSD/MIT -alikes are my personal choice, and the one I think will serve the entire world best regarding robowaifus. Insofar as I myself am concerned, I have no plan besides completely and freely releasing everything for a fully-functional Model A robowaifu (>>3001) -- including all the manufacturing systems and approaches. Hopefully thousands and thousands of anons will then take that and start their own robowaifu businesses from that common baseline. > If this happens, sacred-cow cardstands will fall everywhere! Happy New Year Cheers, Anon. :^) >>27967 Shadilay, Chum. :^)
Open file (122.19 KB 750x725 1584125192229.jpg)
>>27967 >be me >living off oatmeal and eggs until i find another full-time job >half-finished non-working robowaifu parts strewn about >been out of filament for months now >evidence of desperate attempt to build robowaifu out of amazon boxes still remains next to broken micro servos >decide to check on voice model training >surely her soothing voice will comfort me to live one more day through this hellish dystopia >still weeks to go >goslingscream.mp4 >hear a tinny voice emanate from the tpe posterior on my bed >it's my uno telling me with espeak i've ran out of characters on elevenlabs >followed by my waifu roasting me, asking if i stepped on one of my failed projects again >message waifu and tell her she needs to come up with $100 or i'm kicking her out >starts acting cute with me and asks what if she offers a "service" as payment instead >have to get up and turn off uno's jabbering >tell her she isn't worth $100 and to figure it out or i'm unplugging her for good >unplug uno and don't even bother reading her response >pull out my tablet and put on comfy va-11 hall-a ost knowing full well i have to pay for her stupid ass again >check on favorite competitive robot basket weaving forum real quick to see if someone has solved the useless poorfag problem yet, y'know, just in case >another day grinding $5/hr in my electric blanket instead of working on robowaifu >mfw
It's been a couple days with no admin response regarding /doll/, so I'll make a thread about it on /meta/ shortly and leave it for the night.
>>27986 Yeah, I'm sort of in a depressing slump myself. Haven't got any work done in months.
Open file (98.92 KB 1200x1698 nft.jpg)
>>27986 >be me >have a duckduckgo >look up how to run LLMs locally >oh hey oobabooga >install >chat via clickety clack keyboard with default waifu character >look up interacting with oobabooga thru python >find example >fiddle a bit, it works! >look up local ai speech recognition and tts >find moar examples >copypasta that shit together >I speak to waifu AI and it speaks back and didn't have to pay a thing >all self contained on 1 mid-tier gaming pc >mfw >why is this so hard for you, anons?
No progress on /doll/, and the lack of admin response is either purposeful or just straight-up neglect at this stage. I'm already at the point where it's just not worth the time and effort of calling into the void while some nigger screeches at me. I've got other shit to do.
Open file (158.21 KB 768x1024 Ek90RaEUwAArfN1.jpeg)
Chobitsu, I hope you don't mind, but I offered an anon to make a /doll/ bunker thread on here given the lack of administrative response. Whether or not said thread is actually made is up to them. I figure that if the cafe's possibly a bust, it's better to offer them a place to post, and it may provide some good cross-pollenation here since some of those anons will have knowledge of doll making techniques.
What do we do about the license? I go back to the guy who made reprap. He made the 3d printer and then makerbot grabbed what he did and profited off of it. However unlike reprap here there is no collaboration. Its not the only example. There is minix/intelme and freebsd/mac os. I think the reprap even used the gpl. The inmoov used an even more restrictive license the SA-BY-NC but he did not profit for the most part...
>>28014 I think ill personally go with the sa by nc and call it a day...
>>28009 Understood. I'm concerned for anon.cafe tbh. Very unlike them to be unresponsive for long. >>28012 Sure, that's absolutely fine. After all, we've had a close affiliation with /doll/, other doll forums, and dollmaking concepts for a long time now. Hopefully he'll do a great OP for it. Cheers, & thanks Greentext anon! :^) >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/05/2024 (Fri) 09:32:32.
>>28015 > sa by nc These sorts of restrictive licenses are anti-commercial virus licenses -- and clearly so by design. Obviously, every one of us is free to do as we see fit with our own stuff, yourself included Anon. But... if you believe your concept can change the world when lots and lots of anons can freely join in and do mashups as they see fit (and I do), then MIT is the correct license IMO. It's certainly the one I'm going with for our Model A robowaifu designs, and then every.single. anon here on /robowaifu/ and elsewhere can take that work and do whatever they want to with it. Like, manufacture millions of robowaifus for sale, for instance. What a wonderful change to the world that would be, if literally thousands of anons were all doing the same! Cheers. :^) >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/05/2024 (Fri) 09:28:46.
>>28017 i don't see the issue here. I for example im planning on making a new more feminine robot hand for example. Which is why i brought it up. You can profit from it however according to the license you must contribute and give credit if you wish to profit from it. In the example of the reprap the guy could have taken makerbot to court. I personally have no problem going to court hmph.
Chobitsu you said there is nothing personal against me. However I have never felt as frustrated as I do right now in my life. Holy shit. How do you explain that without anons actively trying to act like shitheads. I am here mostly because of mechnomanser. I'll try to post in his thread from now on. The rest of you can work on your virtual waifu. And emmy good job as well.
>>28039 Heh, sorry you feel that way Anon. Welcome to the Internets! Enjoy your stay. :D No one here is actively attacking you Peteblank; the majority of us that are interacting with you at all are trying to accomodate you. You're clearly 'a fish out of water' on IBs, however most of us are rooting for you Anon. In particular I myself want to see you overcome your difficulties, and succeed at creating your own robowaifu. Here's an idea: maybe if you took a break for a couple of years from the Internets, then come back here afterwards, things will be easier/less-painful for you then (at least insofar as /robowaifu/ is concerned); all things being equal I feel we're highly-likely to have actual working implementations of most things involved in a functional Model A robowaifu by then, and you can simply follow along with us all. Just a thought. >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/05/2024 (Fri) 17:01:15.
>>28041 Okay you owe me to answer this question because ive put in some work... Are we making a virtual waifu or are we making a robot waifu. Please.
>>28042 I've already very-clearly answered that question Anon: both.
>>28043 So we're spend time and resources on the virtual waifu and the robot waifu at the same time. But I'm assuming most of the collaboration if there is any will go towards the virtual waifu. Because hey, the robot waifu is too hard.
>>28046 >Because hey, the robot waifu is too hard. If you mean the physical shell, then I'd have to disagree with you there. Teslabot is just one example that the shell is quite doable in a rudimentary fashion today (given enough resources). It's the ghost that is the hard bit. By far (>>24783) .
>>28049 There are things that maybe more complicated than LLM I'm sure. The question is what is the goal. Is the goal to make a better LLM or is the goal to have a robot that moves. Which one goes higher in the list of priorities? There are people that are quiet happy with the current state of LLMs as is. There are none that are happy with the current state of robotic movement AI because so far what do we have? Roombas and ... >Oh but robotics movements ai is easier than llms Well why not tackle that first THEN?
>>28052 For me the goal is the robowaifu but I'm a poorfag and still learning how to work in 3D and use my electronics kit and Arduino.
>>28062 I am not trying to take away from mechnomancers work however. Don't get it twisted. His mechs are kind of the equivalent of a car maybe. His waifu is simpler in comparison to his mechs according to my guesstimates. I think he doesn't want to share too much as far its inner workings. I can't work if thats the case. Good job anyways.
>>28039 I can understand your frustration. While we're making more progress now than in previous years, it still sometimes feels like you're just treading black ice with the weight of the world upon your back. I don't know your exact situation or why you're here in the first place, but I do understand what it's like to be a high-stress person. On a bad day, every little challenge feels like a whip across my body, and I can hardly take it. It's the major reason I started out as a writer here and why I still do it today: Because writing stories and poems about overcoming and healing helps me think that I can really make it myself. Maybe you should try to channel some of your stress into an art. Who knows? You might just make something great. Regarding your frustration over the percieved lack of unity, we all have very different life situations, different levels of competence in various fields, most of us live very far apart, and most importantly of all: we all have different versions of what a perfect waifu would look like. At the end of the day, this isn't a place to build a unified project (believe me, others have tried before you), this is a unified place to share projects and information. That by sharing eachother's knowledge, insight, and ideas, we can prop eachother up so that we can all make our waifus their very best, each to our respective visions. At least, that's my interpretation. >>28042 Depends on who you ask. A few anons have gone all-in on making a holographic waifu, while most of the rest of us are aiming for physical gynoids. The quetion you need to ask yourself is this: Who is your waifu? What does she look like? What does she feel like? What features do you need her to have? The focus on your waifu, and work on building her. Ask us for ideas if you're stuck, and we'll help as best we can so that she may be perfect for you.
>>28086 Anon there are two ways to go about doing a project. You either offer your time and effort towards the project or we all go our separate ways and go to say kickstater or inventhelp or whatever else and make some money. This whole i read about this and that is hardly helpful and to be honest there is not much i read about this and that going on here either way. Now that i see there is no interest in collaborating there is hardly any reason for me not to choose the latter. I'm not saying the open source is a failure. But in this case its looking like it.
Open file (170.81 KB 1916x843 1447876537986.png)
>>28091 We're all offering our time and effort towards this project, but that project isn't a singular waifu. It's many waifus, and each of them needs to fit the vision of many different men. If every man wanted the exact same thing out of his waifu, then we'd already be done. I'm sorry that I couldn't offer more help to you, but I will cheer you on should you decide that you want to go your own way. I just want a world where every man can know the embrace of his waifu, and that she is entirely his. If you earnestly think you have a better way, I want you to go for it. It's a vast world out there, filled with many more roads than we can imagine. Whichever one leads to your waifu is the one I think you should follow. One little bit of personal advice I'd like to offer, should you need it: I've often found that focusing on something else for a while can be quite helpful when you're feeling stuck. Though it sounds counterproductive on the surface, it's a well-known phenomenon that people will churn through problems even when they're not actively thinking about them, and that a solution may present itself when one is focused on something else entirely. The human mind is funny like that.
I think i got to apologize i dont think im wrong perse but really. I also got to go. Cya.
>>28106 You'll be fine Peteblank. Just be patient with yourself and others. See you soon. Cheers.
>>28086 >At least, that's my interpretation. I think that's an excellent interpretation Anon, the clearest one I've seen here yet. Cheers. :^)
Open file (319.57 KB 480x712 Screenshot_2.png)
I tried out My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend recently. Went in legitimately unaware that it's a lewd game at the end of the day, kinda a bummer we don't have any wholesome robot wife escapism games out there. I ended up stockmaxxing so I didn't have to do the streams, just playing card games and headpats
>>28086 Ima be honest, I'm just building a physical robowaifu cuz its a hard thing to do. Plus it is a nice distraction while waiting for mech and powerarmor parts & optimal weather to work on them. Perhaps at the end of the day, my SPUD will be one (possibly the first lol) of several bases for folks to build their own. Like a weeb-ier InMoov. Starting from nothing is hard, y'know. >>28064 Look my dude, I talked about SPUD's various inner workings in the thread: SPUD consists of a raspberry pi, a couple PCA9685s, many many servos and combining various python copypasta (mediapipe, pytorch, vosk, etc) in clever ways. It isn't finished yet, so I am not comfortable with releasing the files as they are subject to change. And since it isn't finished I do not yet have the time to create a comprehensive step-by-step guide (or any guide for that matter!). Arduino's are cute, funny little things but personally I don't feel they have enough power or customization. Looking up python/raspberry pi tutorials is a great way to start. Pick up a few coding with python books. For a complete beginner they are worth the money: even I have some and they have nicely supplemented my self-taught knowledge base. If you build your own robowaifu it will eventually break and you will have to debug it by yourself -especially if you have lewd bits installed cuz no one will wanna touch it. If you have no idea how anything works, you will have a bad time. If you get easily discouraged, you will also have a bad time. You have the entire sum of current human knowledge at your fingertips known as the internet. EG look up "how to use PCA9685", or any of the various parts I mention in SPUD's thread. After all, that's how I learned to use them :)
>>28155 Programming is not a problem for me. My github dates back to 2018 like I said. I also said i did 3d modeling during that time as well. I have an unreal engine demo game. Booba tennis. lol. Engineering however is not my area of expertise. I am trying to reach out however I do have a trick up my sleeve and that is sophie devs files who did quiet a bit a work. I think he will come out of the wood works at some point later on. That's okay look if I try to sell something and its in part because of the work of somebody i do not mind giving back.
Do we have already some kind of a basic design for a robowaifu? I would be interested to build a small simulation in Unreal Engine.
>>28183 Hello SchaltkreisMeister, welcome! No, we don't really have a unified, 'basic design' here. The main issue is the >(we) . We're not really working on group projects here for the most part, but rather each anon is working towards his interests as he sees fit. OTOH, that doesn't mean there aren't projects you could join/use as you see fit. >tl;dr So no, not really. But look around the board and ask questions. I'm sure you can find something of interest to simulate in UE! Cheers. :^)
>>28133 >kinda a bummer we don't have any wholesome robot wife escapism games out there. Yeah, it is a shame. Maybe some Anon (*hint hint, nudge nudge*) out there can tackle it? >t. would play/10 >=== -minor edit
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>>28194 I appreciate the nudge but I'm a lazy humanities dead-end, can't code or engineer.
>>28199 Man... Putting that into written words made me question my life more than usual. I wish I had that spark of determination and ambition to pick up some real knowledge.
>>28204 Heh. Challenging life is challenge, but be the future you want to see! :D Trust me, I think every.single. one of us who've been after this for a while know exactly how you feel, Anon. But please don't let the enormity of the thing overwhelm you. Just start smol, and add a little bit to your knowledge day-by-day, year-by-year (cf. : >>4143). Together, we'll all get there. Keep moving forward! TWAGMI >*[posts motivational cat posters at the room]* And besides, if you don't use your humanities forces for evil, but instead for good, you can be a real asset to us all! Have you thought about helping out in our propaganda (>>2705) or writing (>>29) departments, Anon? Cheers. :^) >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/09/2024 (Tue) 14:12:43.
>>28208 ha, yeah, I wrote that most recent poem, coincidentally. Though that was out of boredom *during* class, not really thanks to it. I'm thinking about possible ways out, non-STEM degrees are memeworthy and I'll be sentencing myself to impoverished paycheck-to-paycheck slavery.
>>28204 Maybe your job could be finding out the implications of robowaifu. But that is not relevant to this project technically.
>>28211 >ha, yeah, I wrote that most recent poem, coincidentally. Excellent. Well there you go. It's been well approved-of by everyone. Don't underestimate the importance of 'positive visibility' among the masses of men for this endeavor. After all, there's a whole lot more Joe Sixpacks out there than anons! Also, the GH is going all-out rn to cast both AI and especially robowaifus in a negative, even disasterous light. (All by design on their parts ofc. 'Good for me, but not for thee' type thing). I'm sure you'll do well if you just seek your muse here with us Anon. Cheers. >>28213 That's really good thinking Peteblank. We even have at least one thread on this general topic : (>>106).
Thank you for this welcome message. >>28193 I've been lurking a bit, but maybe you can help me a little bit to find a suitable project here to build a small simulation. What I've been thinking of is a simulation which tackles the part of "how to control a perfect robot". By 'perfect' I mean the following: - instant accurate joint rotation response - sensor readings without any error - no hardware deterioration - no power consumption problem - no mechanical overhead A suitable simulation in Unreal would provide all the data to start programming without the engineering problems and cost. This way we would be able to tackle problems like - Interacting purposefully with environment - separately from engineering challenges. See also >>15182 Think about for example two images, 40 joint rotations and sensor data every frame. In the end this is all the data a robot has available to make decisions. So if we can get the robowaifu to move as if she had a real body in the simulation, we have at least a basic understanding of the software challenges. Think like in the matrix but reversed, first put her into a simulation and then into a real body. Also engineering could benefit of the simulation. If we can't get her to move in Unreal with the given equipment, there is no chance to do it in real life. The main goal would be for this simulation to provide an programming language agnostic interface to read data from the simulation and to write commands for joint positions into the simulation. I'm searching for proportions, number of joints and possible sensors in a robowaifu design suited for this simulation. Long term this could lead to some kind of simulation construction kit for robowaifus available on github.
@Kiwi -I'd like your counsel regarding the Anon's new thread : (>>28223) . -While he's got some good ideas, IMO it's rather a hodgepodge ATM. I think threads should at least attempt to be rather more narrowly-focused. -Additionally, an insidious challenge we face here (as Roboticist refers to : >>28234), is the dissipation of time & energy. Such things are well-known to cause large projects to fail. -So, go or stay (in the catalog I mean)? If you want to rm it, then just >merge it here into this thread (there are some good points being made after all). Otherwise, we can let it stand (potentially with some edits in the OP). Cheers.
>>28219 OK, got it SchaltkreisMeister. Just a quick heads-up I'll be thinking about your question, and I'll attempt to give you an effort-post response soon (probably within 24hrs from this post). Cheers! :^)
>>28241 If this isn't allowed here, then feel free to just delete it. >Additionally, an insidious challenge we face here, is the dissipation of time & energy. Such things are well-known to cause large projects to fail. This seems like grounds to at least temp ban peteblank. He's extremely negative to others' efforts, and he's frequently off-topic. Its dissipation of time and energy with zero positive outcomes. He also doesn't seem to understand the culture of image boards, and he would benefit from spending more time lurking before posting.
>>28241 One thing I'd like to point out is that we've talked about most of the stuff he's mentioned before in various threads. Talking about analog systems, soft actuators, making chips and batteries, and ASICs isn't exactly new territory for us. We just don't talk about it often because it gets too convoluted and/or expensive too fast.
>>28241 I was thinking about making a similar post but, was unsure how best to word it. I do agree that the thread itself is too nebulous in focus. They should post in appropriate threads. >Computational Parallelism Could belong here >>201. Though, a dedicated thread for Programming and AI systems would be better. We have several beginner threads, but lack a general. Cognitive Architecture and Meta have been where those posts go. I do think a general would be better. A spiritual successor to >>27. >Photonic Circuits Belongs in R&D >>24152. Until something concrete and useful for us exists. Then, it can have its own thread. >Soft Robotics How does this not have a thread already? I'll make one tomorrow unless ninja'd :^) >Analog Systems Belongs in R&D >>24152 though there is potential for it to have its own thread. I don't beleive there's enough for a thread yet. Some analog systems discussion does belong with the Cognitive Architecure thread >>24783. Frankly, the entire OP of that thread could be posted in the R&D thread and fit right in. If you'd rather merge it here, I would respect that. I want to hear input from the OP if possible. As for the replies in the thread, I didn't see one worth saving either way. What would you like to discuss in relation to time & energy? Would you like to have a new policy related to such? I wouldn't mind providing more feedback on feasibility. I used to be vocal in trying to prevent others from wasting time on dumb ideas, could do that again. Maybe, a pinned thread on feasibility basics could help?
>>28241 @Everyone, would harsher moderation be wanted? There are many repeated posts, low quality posts, and completely irrelevant posts. I'd like to delete them to keep the board clean. I will only do so if it is congruent with the will of Anons.I am also willing to ban Anons that other Anons deem to be deleterious to the board.
>>28280 I’m newer here so take that into your consideration of my opinion. I’d say if the posts are off topic to the thread & a warning has already been given by people in the thread that the additions are not welcome to just remove the posts to keep the thread clean. (Or maybe a trash thread to move them to, to not 100% censor) I would be careful about banning anons due to other anons saying so, it may slowly turn a place into an echo chamber.
>>28280 I definitely noticed an issue emerging even before stumbling upon your warning posts, I'll say that much.
>>28280 I'm >>28243. I agree with >>28281. I'd prefer a trash thread over outright deletion, I would prefer not to ban based on opinions alone, and I think short term (days) and medium term (weeks or a few months) bans should be strongly preferred over long term (many months, years) bans. I don't think permanent bans should ever be given, and I think long term bans should only be given in cases of clear malice towards the board. As for what warrants a ban, I think it should be aimed at people that detract from the board's goals, with the following constituting evidence of that: - Frequent baiting, flaming, or attempts to cause drama. - Off-topic posts AND a high post rate relative to whatever threads they interact with. Fast threads are more immune to detraction. - Degraded mutual respect, indicated by a consistent failure of communication and an unwillingness to adapt across all threads they participate in. If they're fine in even just one thread, it's better to confine them to that thread. Warnings and deletions (move to trash) should always be given before bans so people are given a chance to recognize what they're doing. That's the only way to get evidence of whether people are willing to adapt.
Open file (79.17 KB 573x750 Aeigis.jpg)
>>28280 I'd say that it's definitely worth B&D'ing flagrant shitposts and shitstirring on the spot, since those aren't good for the board no matter how you slice it. Anything beyond that is a case by case basis. If you feel like someone's just posting too much without having much to say, then I say start off with a warning and go from there. If you want to gague opinions on who should or shouldn't be banned (among other things), then it's best to listen more closely to the regulars, instead of just looking at numbers (anyone can post here, after all). However, doing so will likely lead to "rule of the oldfags" style moderation. Think very carefully about whether or not you want this. If you do decide to go with the trash thread option, I'd personally advise making it a cyclical (otherwise it'll fill up and you'll need to make another) and setting it to autosage (otherwise it'll keep floating to the top of the board). I don't personally see the point, though. If something's worth deleting, then just delete it. >>28289 >Warnings and deletions (move to trash) should always be given before bans I'd argue that someone with zero post history coming out of nowhere to stir shit up should be banned on the spot. There's really no use warning some people.
>>28298 >I'd argue that someone with zero post history coming out of nowhere to stir shit up should be banned on the spot. There's really no use warning some people. I'm willing to put up with occasional trolls if it gives us a chance to make more converts, though honestly for short bans (days), I don't care that much.
Terrible news for the Internets today: https://anon.cafe/meta/res/16466.html#16466 Anon.cafe is shutting down. At least we all have two month's notice. SAVE.EVERYTHING.
>>28312 Wait, does that mean /robowaifu/ will go down? I'm not familiar with the board structure here.
>>28313 >Wait, does that mean /robowaifu/ will go down? No, not at all. Different site. Our primary bunker board there will go down along with the rest of the site, but that's trivial (also, we will still have our bunker-bunker, which will become our primary bunker over at trashchan). Anoncafe is simply the most universally-beloved altchan on the Internets rn. Losing that site and all it's wonderful boards and memories there is a damaging blow to our shared culture at large. Only our shared enemies will approve (and be laughing at) this outcome. For all the anons however, it's a real loss. >=== -minor edit
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>>28312 In relation to this bad news, I'd like for us here to discuss offering shelter threads for refugee boards from the Cafe -- here on /robowaifu/ -- until they figure out reconstructing their new homes. Opinions? --- Or, perhaps we can approach Robi about creating a /shelter/ board here, in the Cafe's honored tradition, and that will be rather more neutral of a solution? >=== -addendum, minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/11/2024 (Thu) 19:03:19.
>>28315 Oh, well at least /robowaifu/ will still be here. Made me concerned for a second!
Open file (75.46 KB 480x533 nearly dead.jpg)
>>28312 We had a bad feeling about the cafe, and lo and behold, we were right. As for my board, I think this iteration of /f/ will ultimately be the last. With flash itself mostly dead and the regulars gone, there's no real point in bringing it back again. Nine years across three sites was a pretty good run, though. Certainly longer than I thought when I first took the place over. Hopefully the other communities will find a way through this.
Open file (280.76 KB 1024x768 Chobits.full.1065168.jpg)
>>28318 >I think this iteration of /f/ will ultimately be the last. Well, if it's any consolation Flash, at the very least, your board had a very helpful impact on me personally and I learned a lot about old-school tech and the amazing things that can be done with old hardware, etc. In a sense, that helped give me the courage to believe that we here can create robowaifus that can run on potatoes (which is ofc pretty vital to them being inexpensive/free from GH encumbrances) -- as it is proving to be so today. >Hopefully the other communities will find a way through this. This. As for myself, I'm determined to help them as I can. BUMP for example, was planned to get a bit of an upgrade into Bumpmaster. That goal will now be moving closer to the 'front burners' now, to beat the 2-month deadline for anons.
>>28312 >>28316 I'm really saddened by this too, that site was pretty comfy and some of those boards (unless they have a place somewhere will just disappear). This also means the /christmas/ board, which I came to ask you about. Will you continue with the festivities somewhere else? And once again thanks for taking care of it.
>>28320 >Will you continue with the festivities somewhere else? >And once again thanks for taking care of it. You're welcome Anon, and yes. If I'm at all able to continue it, I definitely plan to continue with /christmas/ somewhere (preferably on the webring). Maybe Robi can be impressed upon to open up things a bit here; in the original spirit of my jewish mother.world now? >tl;dr Don't know exactly yet, but we will do so if we can! :^) >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/11/2024 (Thu) 19:06:58.
Open file (24.70 KB 250x250 this_is_money.jpg)
>>28316 The first obvious thing for some anon to do is to create a 'Contingencies General' (or similar) on the Cafe /shelter/ board itself. https://anon.cafe/shelter/catalog.html That thread can then be the focal gathering-point for anons from all across the webring to join together to make suggestions, plans, etc., for refugee boards. --- >update: If this thread is created soon, and our wonderful Arts Anon here is willing, please create some type of propaganda-like image alerting every webring anon about the soon closure of anon.cafe, and for every anon to join together within that thread to share rescue ideas. This + some pasta can then be spammed across the webring by volunteer anons to help us resolve this dilemma (kind of like the /christmas/ party notifications). This effort seems reasonable to me, given this exceptional circumstance. >=== -prose edit -add update
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/11/2024 (Thu) 19:26:09.
>>28321 Thank you for continuing with this, the anon who created the tradition had disappeared for a while and I wanted to keep carrying the torch. Wherever he is now, I hope he's happy with what he made. I wish you the best of luck with finding/making a board. >>28323 I've decided to make a quick thread about it, may be a bit rushed but time is of the essence. https://anon.cafe/shelter/res/4994.html
Open file (275.17 KB 1024x768 Chii_ponders.jpg)
>>28328 Thanks very kindly, Anon. Let's just start there and see what happens. After all, just such events are exactly why /shelter/ was created in the first place! Cheers. :D
Seeing anon.cafe go is going to be hard, hopefully all the boards will find new homes & a new place is found for the bunkers. I hate to see the webring shrink.
>>28219 My apologies for the delay, SchaltkreisMeister. I'll hopefully be back with you tomorrow or this weekend. For now, my response was going to directly involve my repo from this thread : (>>155) in case you wanted to think about something practical along these lines. Cheers.
>>28343 I made a new video. It is only fair i let you know because it is in part about you https://youtu.be/LdA_GNQnY3E?si=jslupkF121--5HYH
3d for ban evasion
>>28328 So, your important new thread has blown up Anon, and many Cafe boards are well on their way to working out new homes! Thanks again. Cheers. :^)
>>28351 NYPA peteblank, You claim that your helping and yet nothing you have done has been constructive at all, If you don't like what your seeing then please be the change that you want instead of being a confrontational shit head. Do you see other anons shitting up threads they don't completely agree with? If your so fucking offended by virtual waifus then please just ignore the threads that tend to be related to them. There are several high quality threads dedicated to building physical shells. Why do you hold such a negative thought pattern and why do you spread it? I am not currently interested in making my own physical shell, but you don't see me berating the SPUD or the Nandroid Project threads (why would I, its a lot of hard work), I do not make off-topic passive aggressive posts telling them there soulless husks and that there fucking retarded for working on the hardware first and they should be working on what I think is the """hard part""". (its all fucking hard, its why robowaifus don't exist) I enjoy seeing other anons working on all aspects of robowaifus, it brings me hope that other anons that can do things that I can't, I'm not a handy person, so my time on hardware R&D would be a waste, its better that people who know more work on it, I am happy this is not a software dev hive mind. but Is it such a bad thing that I prefer to work on a domain that I know more about? On the topic of collaboration, your not helping. >>28342 Staying motivated is not easy, especially with the long road ahead, I'm already hesitant to share what I am doing specifically, because I know some nigger is going to make disparaging remarks. Logically I should just ignore them, but emotionally I know it will effect motivation levels and that's something I value more. I don't exactly want to share something to then be treated to purple dicks. >>27716 & >>27722 There was no reason to be sarcastic, to mock me and to waste my time. Your second post came in while I was spending time to honestly address your first one. I even making a new image with holo in a VR headset to add some visual fun to the post. There was no need to be a dick, especially in the Cognitivie Architecture thread, something that applies equally to robot and virtual waifus. I saw some of your other videos, You understand what it feels like to be stuck and to lose motivation in "this might be the end", so why do you decide to do things that bring others down? When you see something wrong, you think its ok to be confrontational with others, so its only fair that I get to do the same with you. So get bend peteblank, I checked my zim wiki notes on the Cognitivie Architecture thread and I have zero mentions of anything with your name, not a single post I found interesting, not a single link reference on the topic. Not even a single quote or idea I thought was worth of recording. Your ass added nothing of value despite participation in the thread from the very start of it >>24790. Sorry for the vitriol Chobitsu, if this is too much feel free to remove this post, but I feel my feelings are justified and I am not attacking unprovoked.
>>28365 >Sorry for the vitriol Chobitsu, if this is too much feel free to remove this post, but I feel my feelings are justified and I am not attacking unprovoked. Nah, you're fine Anon. You're being reasoned in your complaints, and they are certainly valid. I really like that you appreciate all the different skills and perspectives being offered here. It's one of my favorite things about /robowaifu/ ! TBH, while (like every other anon here AFAICT) I wish things were moving faster, the simple reality is that this board is simply the single best board on the ENTIRE INTERNETS in my opinion (at least for my interests heh). It's more than I deserve to have such a cool board to share with such talented and resourceful Anons. Cheers. :^)
>>28365 Good post
>>28312 Oh, wow, I nearly overlooked this. But I suspected that image boards are dying, especially since we still don't have any app to read them and most people using tablets and phones. Also, I thread accumulator for the desktop would be great. Like every board had it's RSS/ATOM feed. >>28316 >shelter threads ... /shelter/ board Why not? >>28318 Maybe download it with bump and then make it into an archive file which other people can download.
>>28365 Well said
>>28365 The robots movements are also determined by software and could be triggered based on vision and/or audio. The fact that you guys only want to focus on the language model tells me its been decided this project is now about a virtual waifu. Somebody mentioned aloha which is an LLM. I mentioned using opencv and i got warned and banned for it. I also don't think the virtual waifu is more commercially viable even. You can go aws, get sagemaker instances and make the virtual waifu on unity or use an ai asset. I am sure that is not a problem.
3d for ban evasion
>>28375 >Also, I thread accumulator for the desktop would be great. Like every board had it's RSS/ATOM feed. Yep, I actually considered that issue. But it's more a server-side (ie, IB software like LynxChan, JSchan, etc.) issue moreso than a BUMP/other scraper software thing AFAICT. But good thinking NoidoDev. >>28375 >Maybe download it with bump and then make it into an archive file which other people can download. An anon mentioned using Wayback (now that Anonfiles.com is kill). We'll be exploring that option. I personally have almost all the boards on anon.cafe archived locally with BUMP, so we'll be looking into trying to post the ones anons want for migration. Hopefully we can do all this in time.
Open file (5.71 MB 600x450 out.gif)
@Kiwi Peteblank is now BOS (delete as you see fit), as far as I'm concerned Kiwi. He keeps shitstirring, off-topic posting, and now he's openly flaunting ban-evasion. I have nothing personal against any anon who's at least partially supportive of our tasks here (and he appears to be so). But clearly this one isn't interested in much else but manipulating others here in an attempt to do his bidding, cajoling and criticizing them. This is clearly unhealthy for the board in general, and it needs to stop (and it's gone on for too long already). Maybe in a couple of years of lurking, he'll be a better anon. Hopefully so. Till then, let's have done with it.
>>28382 That's seem to be fair, at least until he gets some manners. That said, I'm on his Discord and will post stuff here from there if it is interesting.
>>28386 Thanks NoidoDev.
>I personally have almost all the boards on anon.cafe archived locally with BUMP, so we'll be looking into trying to post the ones anons want for migration. Hello, Chobitsu. As it appears that I am pretty much the only one left on anon.cafe's /agdg/, I'm interested in the /agdg/ archives. I was almost considering asking trash's admin for a bunker, but I suppose I'll just stick with the half dozen or so anons left on sleepy's /v/ until there's enough activity to warrant a board. Thanks again for your efforts.
>>28389 OK, you've got it /agdg/ . (I loved your latest gamejam, BTW.) Not exactly sure when I'll be able to push them all, but you'll be on the list! :^)
>>28381 Do you have an archive of /tower/? If not, can I request one?
>>28396 Sure! It will be a while though Anon, so patience please. In the meantime, I'd suggest you try Httrack, or cURL/wget and just grab a copy that way for safekeeping.
Found this for those that want to work on virtual waifu. Step 1.Grab the maidcom project's model and rig it or better yet find a rigged model Step 2.Choose vr headset option on unity Step 3.import the model into unity Step 4.import this asset https://github.com/eublefar/LLAMASharpUnityDemo Step 5.??? Step 6. Profit! Yes i am ban evading. Dont worry ill go now. Good luck on your virtual waifu.:^)
your posts will be Chikun'd when I see them
>>28402 >advertises for his 10 views youtube videos >sees people working on different stuff than what he wants >goes apeshit in the threads >asks for a personal army to make money off selling robowaifus (source: discuck) >'idc about getting banned lulz' >still posts by ban evading >tries his hardest to sound helpful to make himself look like a victim
@Greentext anon So, we're nearing completion of a migratory mechanism/schema for bringing BUMP archives into Trashchan. Question: If I can provide an old archive of /doll/ to the Trashchan Admin and he's agreeable to resurrecting /doll/ there, would you still be open to creating a Trashchan account and taking over nu/doll/ ? >=== -sp edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/14/2024 (Sun) 22:19:36.
>>28427 Honestly, I'm not so sure at this point. When I first offered to take the board, I figured that I could clean things up and keep a watchful eye as the community picks itself back up, but it seems like there isn't much of an interested community left. I think I saw one guy other than us who was genuinely concerned about the board on /meta/. A Ctrl+f of the /server/ thread shows four results, two of which are on your post, and neither of the others seem concerned about bringing it back. Now that I'm looking at the situation from a bit farther away, getting nuked by a roastie wasn't so much the death of the board as it was the death throes of a board that had already entropied. If there was interest in bringing it back, someone from the board would have spoken up. At this point, I think it'd be better to consolidate efforts on the remaining communities that actually need and want the help.
>>28427 Isn't there a way to make such boards into archives? So it's still there but no one can post, since there isn't enough interest to keep it up as a board an manage it.
>>28437 OK, totally understood. I simply want to preserve the many great examples of doll(making) selfishly for our own benefit. If I ever figure out how to deal with captchas in my own software, then I'll probably make a thread for dolls myself here on /robowaifu/, so we all have them as ready references. Thanks again for your generous offers and for going through all that ugly mess still wearing a smile... good job! Cheers. :^)
>>28438 Interesting question, and I'm not sure I know the answer to that. An anon over on /shelter/ has been archiving threads tediously by hand on Wayback. Ofc, BUMP makes getting and updating an organized archive locally a complete snap (once you're past the hurdle of building software from scratch that is, heh) -- complete with full-resolution, original files -- but then you have to share it somehow. My own interests thus far have been simply in giving my own board archives away to various groups so they could recreate their boards (typically after some kind of disaster). So those would be in the form of a zipped archives of the BUMP board 'archive'. But in the future, our robowaifus can sh*tepost together with us, and will be able to access all those local archives lightning-fast using Waifusearch, et al. (for finding/creating reaction images, meme-mashups, pastas, &tc.), so keeping them archived locally will be a boon that way (not to mention the SAVE.EVERYTHING. imperative we all share). Cheers. :^) >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/15/2024 (Mon) 00:54:35.
>>28438 Intredasting timing on your question Noido Dev. An anon just posted about a tool for archiving entire sites to Wayback: https://anon.cafe/shelter/res/4994.html#5449
>>28382 Deleting his posts only increases the value of threads. It's nice to tidy up. >>28437 A dedicated doll thread could work here. We do have a few related threads but, they're low quality. I have faith you could make one that's better. @Chobitsu, I do think we should cut some of the oldest threads which are low value and can be replaced with more general threads. The comments and contents of those being moved over to the more general threads. I believe it will make it easier for new Anons to catch up
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 01/15/2024 (Mon) 04:05:53.
>>28400 That's alright, unfortunately I'm stuck on my phone and can't really do it myself.
>>28439 You'd also make a great OP for a doll thread. Someone should make one soon.
>>28452 >It's nice to tidy up. Indeed so. (>>28240) Thanks for you efforts in this matter, Kiwi. You're proving to be a good Mod! I'll give your advice about consolidations for threads some thoughts. As you're well-aware, this is a complex set of domains we're dealing with here. We don't want to overdo that. Also, I'm STILL holding out hope that the empty threads can still be re-populated with the thousands of missing OG posts. :DD >>28454 >You'd also make a great OP for a doll thread. Heh, not sure why you think so. I'm hardly qualified, since I don't own anything. I did have one modest Chii figurine back when I first discovered Chobits, but that's about it. I was so retarded, I asked the store owner, "But what do you DO with it?", and he gave me a sideways look and said you 'you just have it'. I think I was expecting that any doll a man had would be a robot or something. Lol, I was such a newfag back in the Original Fag days. :DDD >tl;dr Someone else would likely be a better choice. >Someone should make one soon. Yeah, you may be right. With /doll/ being murdered recently, the timing might be right. Still kicking myself over letting some vapid 3DPD take that board instead. I think Greentext is probably right about this, looking back on it.
>>28453 Understood. Maybe you can archive them on Wayback in the meantime, instead? (>>28444) I'm betting you can do that on your phone, Anon! :^)
>>28459 >3DPD take that board What? How the fuck did 3DPD a) get there in the first place, b) want to take ownership at all, and then c) actually succeed in doing so?
Open file (255.00 KB 1365x2048 FTRvGnFaIAIM8Vl.jpeg)
>>28459 I can make the OP tonight. Being a small-time doll owner and having some technical knowledge of how they work ought to be enough to get a conversation started. That being said, my involvement in actual doll communities is near-zero, so I won't be able to offer much more than anyone else on that front. I'm no stranger to scraping even the clunkiest forums for useful information though, so I can look around for anything useful from time to time. >>28466 >How the fuck did 3DPD There were and still are a bunch of them on the cafe, but not on every board. How they got there in the first place is a mystery to me as well, but it's a real thing. This is a fact that, unfortunately, both Chobitsu and I forgot about. The old BO had to retire because his life situation was changing and he wouldn't be able to keep an eye on the board. Chobitsu offered to take the board if noone else would, and I was ready to step in if things came down to it. Someone else on the board stepped up to the plate though, and we didn't see any issues at the time, so we accepted that outcome. The actual "why" behind her wanting to take over remains a bit of a mystery, though frankly I don't think it matters very much. The end result remains the same.
>>28476 Deeply mysterious all around. Did she advertise that she was a roastie, as is usual for them?
>>28476 >I can make the OP tonight. Excellent! Thanks Greentext anon. >That being said, my involvement in actual doll communities is near-zero Don't worry about that. I'm unsure whether real doll aficionados have any interests in IRL robowaifus to speak of anyway. As I mentioned, my interests are purely 'mercenary' for our own 'design & reference' benefits. :^) >>28478 >Deeply mysterious all around. Did she advertise that she was a roastie, as is usual for them? No, I don't recall anything of the sort. ("""Conveniently enough""", all the evidence is now destroyed, as Flash pointed out there). The first warning sign was that she immediately rm'd /doll/'s 'Friends link' back here to /robowaifu/ ... exactly as you'd expect a 3DPD to. Other >*angry roastie noises* were forthcoming thereafter, which is why I now believe that Greentext anon is correct. --- >note: You may refer to: https://anon.cafe/meta/res/3.html#16444 , ... https://anon.cafe/meta/res/16455.html#16455 for further information, Anon. >=== -sp edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/15/2024 (Mon) 17:51:22.
>>28480 Done ( >>28514 ). There's a lot more than I mentioned to cover, but I figure that's better left to be fleshed out in discussion.
Open file (57.69 KB 683x684 1680049139579078.jpg)
@Kiwi I'm proud of you Kiwi. You're displaying some real maturity here today, Anon. Better than me, haha. :^) >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/17/2024 (Wed) 01:26:58.
>>28515 Thank you, Anon! >There's a lot more than I mentioned to cover Well, just let one of the two of us know if you ever want to change any of your posts, Greentext anon. Including your OPs as well, ofc. Cheers. :^)
Open file (182.05 KB 1024x768 ChiiSmile.jpg)
>>28542 Thanks! I think you do a great job as well. Let's have a successful year! I believe in you and this board.
>>28557 >Let's have a successful year! Yes indeedy! I like the idea of reviewing/transitioning our plans around the New Year now. Do you have any plans or ideas how we can all succeed together this year, Kiwi? As for the board, I like the idea of keeping threads generally cleaner. We have /meta and several generals we can banter in a bit. For tightly-defined topical or project threads, I'd like them to be kept in-focus w/o us necessarily being a dick about it. :D Much like your recent excellent handling of the thread where Lin is sharing his wonderful project with everyone here. As you correctly pointed out (which is especially valid in his case, as he clearly visits other threads), any off-topic-but-possibly-tangentially-related questions/issues can be addressed better and more-correctly in the general threads. That way the 'concentration levels' (especially for newcomers) can remain high within such narrowly-specified threads. >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/18/2024 (Thu) 07:25:50.
>>28582 no kiwi handled it poorly and would not listen to reason. Lin claimed motors for bipedal legs would cost min $5k which is ludicrous and my counter reply was deleted foolishly by kiwi. A false narrative now stands unchallenged in Lin's thread. His entire project is based on gross error in the true cost and achievability of bipdeal locomotion and we are not being permitted to prove this in dialogue with him. His post >>28445 goes uncontested due to bullyish mod deletions of my responses to it which were warranted responses. This forum is being run like a Nazi camp.
>>28584 >no kiwi handled it poorly and would not listen to reason. Not only was I there for the whole thing, Roboticist, I've also been doing this for a while now. (Also, Kiwi and I are both well-aware of some of the challenges inherent in trying to wrangle such a yuge task as inventing robowaifus over this years-long timeframe; with an only-loosely-affiliated-consortium of anons, having wildly-differing skillsets, focuses, and passions. The simple >tl;dr is: derailing is a big issue for us here! :^). Kiwi was very methodical in his approach with you, and gave you (what I thought was) a very-generous timeframe to relocate your posts more appropriately. I've already stated my position in this matter, so clearly I disagree with you. That goes without saying. But please do understand, this is nothing personal with you per se -- but rather simply that you can help us all keep from distracting the primary project thread's focus by keeping any related subtopics/debates contained within one of our many generals. Since you refused to move your posts, I Chikun'd the conversation before your deadline, so that you (or anyone) can go back and review it at your leisure. I think once you get the hang of this place, you'll perhaps understand Kiwi's position a bit better. I hope so. Cheers, Anon! :^) >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/18/2024 (Thu) 08:47:48.
Open file (11.51 KB 200x241 d8c.jpg)
>This forum is being run like a Nazi camp Holy based, when you put it like that...
Open file (376.23 KB 960x1031 single_mother_dating.png)
>>28584 >A false narrative now stands unchallenged in Lin's thread. His entire project is based on gross error in the true cost and achievability of bipdeal locomotion and we are not being permitted to prove this in dialogue with him. We have general threads and one on bi-pedal locomotion and one on wheeled robowaifus. It can be very annoying to go through the same claims over and over again. His thread is about what he's doing, he has decided to go this route. The right way to respond to this, would be to make a response in the thread on locomotion or wheeled robots general and make a like from Lin's thread to that. Or even better, make a humanoid robot that walks around. Mods should maybe move the comments accordingly, but in this case I think I recall that Kiwi told the poster to do it, so he had the choice to move it over there. It wasn't a very good comment anyways, just more demoralization or trying to stir up conflict.
>>28587 Not exactly. It's more like Bain from batman enforcing anarchy.
Open file (12.08 KB 190x265 ChiiNeedsClothes.jpg)
>>28582 I think we should try to steer more towards practical engineering. Which you have been doing a great job of. Your recent example of trying to help Mechnomancer being a good recent example. Part of this would include us posting more in general with the goal of guidance and practicality. On that note, I personally need guidance. As you know, MaidCom was originally intended to be a meter tall because that's the most practical compromise between volume of components and physics. I feel uncomfortable with anything below 1.5 meters. This had lead me down a loop where I design a robot that's 1.5 meters, do some math, make her tiny, feel weird, make her big, remember physics, etc... I also need her to wear clothes. Which complicated things further. The physic of the human body compared to servos and batteries is simply a very tough nut to crack. There are very good reasons why all robots at the scale I want to make are slow ugly things. How would you square it? How do we achieve the effectiveness of a meter bot while being 1.5 meters? I've been racking my brain. How do we build Chii or Aigis that can wear clothes and do useful things?
Open file (684.76 KB 2560x1911 91rkhUN8aPL.jpg)
>>28662 >I feel uncomfortable with anything below 1.5 meters. I have a distinct advantage in this area, since I'm not primarily focusing on creating a waifu for snu-snu. I do realize that's a very-high priority for most anons however, so I try to keep lifelike size and ruggedness in mind for my designs. But the >tl;dr for this is (as has been stated clearly here before): Don't s*x-enable your baseline robowaifu designs. 3rd-party ladybits kits will surely be concocted once useful and opensauce robowaifu kits & designs are produced! :^) >How do we build Chii or Aigis that can wear clothes and do useful things? Two things are key here, my instincts tell me: A) Keep the entire framework/shell exceptionally lightweight (think ultralite aircraft). Our concomitant need to keep everything inexpensive as well, directly led me to using big drinking straws glue-bundled together into struts as structural elements. My results with this specific research have been very promising. B) The designer must keep the very dense elements (such as the biggest of the actuation motors & batteries) inboard within the torso framework. And preferably located as near as feasible within the central-mass area of the robowaifu (ie, the lower-thoracic/pelvic volume). This choice will greatly reduce the force & energy requirements of actuating the 4 limbs in a lifelike fashion (b/c the thrown weight -- particularly if it's straw-based -- will be relatively minimal). That's it Kiwi. As I see things (after years of concentration on it), these are the two primary keys for us in successfully creating DIY, inexpensive, good-quality, 150cm+ robowaifus that can cavort around in a bipedal fashion and be fun companions for anons. Of course as we're all well-aware of here, there are literally multiple-dozens of other things that must also be addressed successfully. But these two are king, and foremost. Compare that to the many humanoid designs r/n that are heavy, slow, expensive, and use batteries up very quickly. If we had a billion-dollar lab, I'm sure we could take the above two basic ideas and show them all up simply because we are prioritizing one thing above all else in our mechanical-engineering designs. To wit: MASS IS EVERYTHING (>>4313) I hope that helps, Kiwi. I'm well-aware I must seem like a madman r/n to many anons, talking of 'strawgirl' robowaifus. But I believe this type of approach is actually going to be an important key for us together in solving most of our ME/EE/cost -oriented issues, for our first feasible life-sized robowaifu prototypes here. >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/22/2024 (Mon) 07:26:31.
Open file (1.77 MB 3546x2660 Lily-Mini-05.jpg)
>>28662 Your problems may be a side effect of apparently changing course quite often, in regards to use cases and mode of travel as well. You need to decide and go one route. That said, the differences between 1.25m and 1.60m shouldn't be that high? Also, you are even not attempting to build a sex-enabled bot, from what I understand, so I don't see the problem. >I think we should try to steer more towards practical engineering. I hope I make it back to build something soon.
Open file (788.94 KB 1599x861 1.png)
>>28133 Next update will have PoV bedtime with handholding, headpats and caressing. Thank you god
>>28678 That sounds like good news, Anon! Cheers. :^)
Thanks for everything Chobitsu, you've saved us for the second time. Without your help the board would have died years ago, and now it's back to its former glory on a site you recommended. Feel free to add us to your list of friends. Cheers, /retro/ BO
>>28684 You're welcome Anon! :^) TWAGMI BTW, thanks for the reminder! :P
Open file (327.16 KB 1024x1024 waifu.jpg)
>>28678 I feel blessed. I've been supporting this game a long time and requesting more wholesome content. It actually inspired me to start building my robowaifu, knowing she doesn't have to be perfect from the first prototype to bring me joy. I saw I could just start somewhere and continuously upgrade her bit by bit, enjoying the progress of advancement as well, until she's a full robowaifu.
>>28688 It's always nice seeing such features win against other proposed additions of weird sex scenes or fetishes. No - PoV handholding.
>>28688 Great picture, but what's the name of that game? Has it been posted in the entertainment thread?
>>28716 The game is My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend, as stated here >>28133
>>28721 >Dystopian Robot Girlfriend Oh, yeah, I thought it was this but didn't remember the name and overlooked that you linked to it. Thanks.
Open file (63.09 KB 1098x373 1703132592682614.jpg)
Open file (2.16 MB 2016x1152 1703357807222936.png)
/christmas/ has moved https://anon.cafe/christmas/res/3571.html#3571 Thanks for all you anons who supported me during this period of expansion -- the fun has been doubled! :^) @Kiwi If you'd care to do so, I'd appreciate you continuing on as my Volunteer there at the new site. You'll need to email Trashmin, and he'll make you a new account. Cheers.
>>28393 Hello once again, Chobitsu. How'd one go about transferring the board to trash? Turns out there are a few anons left at /agdg/ after all who don't want to see it die just yet.
I'm still figuring out if I can find a suitable project somewhere here for a simulation. As I am pretty new to image boards, do you have some tips to navigate around and find stuff? For example there is a very cool robotic project on the dollforum and I'm not sure if it is mentioned here somewhere or saved in any kind. I think it contains a lot of useful information which should be preserved. It seems like the thread creator over there wants to start a gofundme campaign. It would be very sad to loose all the information which is accessible at the moment, if in a turn of events he decides to make it unavailable.
>>28740 Hi /agdg/ ! So, the Trashmin has set up a special thread for making board requests, and the template for application is in it's OP: https://trashchan.xyz/meta/thread/64.html#64 You'll need to provide proof of board-ownership if you're intending a migration, which it sounds like you are. Good luck Anon! I'm rooting for you! BTW, there are other options on the webring in case trash doesn't work out. >>28744 AUUGH! Sorry SchaltkreisMeister, I dropped the ball on this. :P I wrote a simple engine in OpenGL that can import assets (such as rigged models from Blender), and ran very close to the bare metal (eg, 60fps -- CPU-only -- on a Core2 potatoe). The intent was to expand that out into a true simulation system for robowaifu development. I'd hoped for at least a smol cadre of dedicated C++ devs here on /robowaifu/ to join in the project fun, so we could all do this together and make some real progress as a team. Unfortunately, that had never materialized here during the intervening period, and so I finally dropped the whole idea about a year ago. After all, I'm just one anon, and kind of a math moron at that (b/c ignorance). But I'll try to support you if you find something you're interested in, Anon. Good luck. >As I am pretty new to image boards, do you have some tips to navigate around and find stuff? We wrote a special searching tool here specifically to help us wade through the ever-growing amount of info here. We're pretty information-rich for an IB! :^) Waifusearch is linked in the OP ITT. Just ask for help if you need it. Also, we have a Library thread : (>>7143). But again, which hasn't really lived up to it's potential yet. Still, it's better than no board index! :D >It would be very sad to loose all the information which is accessible at the moment, if in a turn of events he decides to make it unavailable. Very agreed, Anon. Maybe you can use basic tools like Httrack, cURL, or wget to scrape the pages? Good luck. Save.Everything. >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/25/2024 (Thu) 01:13:40.
>>28744 Look into the catalog, it also has a search function: https://alogs.space/robowaifu/catalog.html There's also a incomplete keyword thread: >>7143 Then there's waifusearch, a software to download and self-compile, hmm: >>8678 There's also a software to backup the board, but let's look into this later. >It seems like the thread creator over there wants to start a gofundme campaign. It would be very sad to loose all the information which is accessible at the moment, if in a turn of events he decides to make it unavailable. Thanks for the warning, this is exactly why I would like to have people looking into these things systematically, but we are not enough people. Maybe I should get a curl or wget command working and make an archive of that inventors corner on a regular basis. Anyways, if we know about it, it should be here: >>374 or here >>366
>>28747 The Library thread is great!
>>28744 >For example there is a very cool robotic project on the dollforum ... Found it: https://dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=161940
>>28751 This isn't really working, I think: wget -k -m -E -p -np -R "memberlist.php*,faq.php*,viewtopic.php*p=*,posting.php*,search.php*,ucp.php*,viewonline.php*,*sid*,*view=print*,*start=0*" -o log.txt "https://dollforum.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=6"
>>28731 How into email Trashmin?
>>28750 Glad to know it's been of service, Grommet. :^)
>>28747 >You'll need to provide proof of board-ownership if you're intending a migration Actually I think that can be skipped if the original BO clearly abandoned the board, which I think it is the case with /agdg/. (The intent there was to make sure some malicious person wouldn't "steal" a board from a BO, not that dead boards should stay dead). Just post a message in the meta and we'll figure something out. https://trashchan.xyz/meta/thread/64.html
>>28777 Hello Trashmin, welcome! Please have a look around while you're here. :^) I think I can confirm that Newt (the current BO) has been absent from anon.cafe/agdg/ for some time. I'm unsure of anything else there beyond just that observation. >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/26/2024 (Fri) 07:02:37.
>>28771 OK, Kiwi you've been added as 'kiwi' (lowercase).
>>28787 Danke, log in works and test post worked. I'll strive to be a good janny.
>>28747 Don't worry I was reading through the topics of the board. >I wrote a simple engine in OpenGL that can import assets (such as rigged models from Blender), and ran very close to the bare metal (eg, 60fps -- CPU-only -- on a Core2 potatoe). I wanted to use Unreal because of three main reasons: - I can use Unreal - there is a lot tutorial coverage out there for other anons - I want to simulate a robot, not create a robot simulator There are also a lot of other reasons, but maybe this approach will be more accepted/used? If I get some kind of simulation to work, every anon could model his livingspace in Unreal to run simulations. There are a lot of 3d models available and the editor is pretty userfriendly for 'leveldesign' I also have a question regarding the robowaifu.tech/wiki , is it somehow affiliated with this board? >>28748 >Thanks for the warning, this is exactly why I would like to have people looking into these things systematically, but we are not enough people. I for my part look at least weekly into the inventors corner in tdf and also into r/sexdolls. Sadly the latter one does not provide such great threads like the dollforum. >>28751 Yes Noido Dev that's exactly the right one, I already saw your posts about it in the other thread!
Open file (240.64 KB 1199x628 2024-01-26_15-56-53.png)
>>28804 >I'll strive to be a good janny. Heh, you're already a good one, Anon! :^) BTW, the party really won't get started until around Thanksgiving, but there'll be plenty to do around then. I'd appreciate help from anyone/everyone at that time! :D > https://anon.cafe/christmas/res/3571.html#3571 >>28813 >Unreal Good choice. Looking forward to seeing your project, Anon. >I also have a question regarding the robowaifu.tech/wiki , is it somehow affiliated with this board? Yes. One of our OG members is Robowaifudev. It's his project to solve a much-needed gap here on the /robowaifu/ IB. He is an exceptionally intelligent and clever anon. You can trust him, SchaltkreisMeister, he's definitely one of us.
>>28780 Thanks for the invitation, but I already have a chronic lack of time.
>>28747 Thanks for responding, Chobitsu, but I meant to ask if there was a way to move the existing threads over. I'm sorry, I should have elaborated.
>>28891 No worries Anon, it's fine! So, you don't have to do a thing other than simply make the request in the Trashchan /meta board-request thread already linked above. Trashmin will make an account there for you as the new BO, and using BUMP + his special software, will migrate the board automagically for you! (ie, All the existing /agdg/ threads will be moved over to Trashchan on your behalf as a courtesy, and placed into your new board there.) Of course, this only works if you make the request before the Cafe closes it's doors for good! :D --- BTW, remember that you should make an official request post as the BO, there at anon.cafe/agdg/ using your BO capcode (eg; sleepy #rs in the name field [be logged in to anon.cafe first]), stating that you are requesting a migration over to Trashchan. Capp that, then post a request on the trashchan.xyz/meta thread using that picture and a link back to the original post. This is possibly not needed for this specific case, but it removes any shadow of doubt on Trashmin's part about the validity of your migration request (that is; that you're the legitimate BO of the source board being migrated), and also serves a gesture of goodwill towards him. Here's such an example of my request for anon.cafe/christmas/ , doing exactly everything I just described : https://trashchan.xyz/meta/thread/64.html#274 --- Good luck, Anon. We're all rooting for you here! Cheers. :^) >=== -prose, fmt edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/30/2024 (Tue) 20:35:33.
Which boards are most worthwhile downloading with bump? From the ring or other places. Should maybe be somewhat related to robowaifu or technology.
I've started growing a proper interest in robowaifus, and robotics in general within the past year, coinciding with my isolation from talking to w*men and just people in general. I'm extremely intrigued by the idea of filling the void of loneliness and a need for something technical to do with a robowaifu, enough that i'm slowly considering embarking on the journey. Seeing the projects currently ongoing on this board fills me with quite a bit of determination, curiosity and.. Fear in a way. See, i've been 3d modeling for years now, and i've gathered enough experience to make my own OC's in a certain animatronic style, so I definitely have much of the foundational info and idea of what i even want down pretty good, but.. Man.. i've greatly underestimated how many specifics go into building a robowaifu, much less to scale. I'm not even really sure where to start, what area of robotics or engineering or SOMETHING i should be doing my homework on, one thing i've already done a bit of research into is the actual outer body of a robowaifu, my OC's in particular have silicone bodies, like a sex doll, and it SEEMS from what i've put together that it can actually be made, but, i can't be sure until i look into the specifics of everything. And there's my report on what i'm doing here lol.
>>28927 Welcome! You could think about the traits and skills you care the most about, since this will strongly influence the design and the approach you need to take. You could look into existing projects >>374 >>366, the prototype threads here >>418 (old) to >>21647, supposed unique advantages >>17, organisation and overview on how to solve it >>4143, e.g. making a lost requirement levels: >>9555 There are also quite some threads in the catalog where someone started something and got stuck or stopped working on it.
>>28924 Hi Noido Dev. Hmm, not sure how to answer that tbh. My approach is 'bring a shotgun to the party. If you think that might not be sufficient, then bring a double-barrel shotgun, and load it with double-ought'. :^) >tl;dr SAVE.EVERYTHING. As far as robowaifu-related, I'm unaware of any robowaifu-centric IBs anywhere else. They may exist hopefully so!, but I don't know about them. As far as the WR is concerned, I'd suggest you focus your BUMP DL'g on anon.cafe rn. They are closing their doors forever in a bit over a month from now. So, lots of worthy boards, but two stand out to my mind for RW-interests: /k/ /agdg/ /k/ has lots of technically-oriented threads, with much information related to topics of intredast here on /robowaifu/ . /agdg/ when it's shining is also a very good board for 3D & programming topics... both clearly concerns of interest here. AMA.
Open file (354.33 KB 1280x716 Screenshot_7.png)
>>28678 bros...
>>28927 Hello, Anon. Welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself if you'd care to do so within our Embassy thread : (>>2823) . >I'm extremely intrigued by the idea of filling the void of loneliness and a need for something technical to do with a robowaifu, enough that i'm slowly considering embarking on the journey. >Seeing the projects currently ongoing on this board fills me with quite a bit of determination, curiosity and.. Fear in a way. Sounds great! Also, if you don't have a little bit of nervousness about all this, then I think you probably don't understand the problems inherent with this little endeavor yet! :D >See, i've been 3d modeling for years now, and i've gathered enough experience to make my own OC's in a certain animatronic style, so I definitely have much of the foundational info and idea of what i even want down pretty good Excellent! We could do with some good hard-surface modelling here tbh. We currently have two needs directly for hard-surface-based character modelling: * Sumomo-chan . A roughly two foot high doll-like headpat-daughteru that will be bipedal right out of the gate (a robowaifu that smol can already stand/walk clumsily with no further advances for DIY'rs). Further info : (>>14409) * MaidCom . A prototyping platform to work out many of the issue in crafting a life-sized (150cm+) robowaifu, that can take on performing simple household chores. (>>15630) The current plan is shaping up to break the project up into two phases; top & bottom halves. (>>28896, >>28458, >>28874, >>28882, >>28896, >>28900) If either of these projects sparks your interest, then please speak up! You help would be of great service right now. Cheers! :^)
>>28936 I can't download smuglo.li boards, though that might be intentional by them since it might be to big. They removed the /res/ in their URL, so bump can't find the data. Generally it would also be a good idea if we would start sharing the initial archive of boards using something like Mega. I took alogs/tech and anon.cafe/loomis and will download others from anoncafe during the next few months. /cyberpunk/ might also be interesting. There was some board with wholesome memes which seem to be gone, this is why it's better to make backups.
>>28935 Thanks for the pointers. That's a pretty solid way to sort out the stream of thoughts going through my brain about all this. >>28938 I'm gonna look into those threads as soon as i can for sure then, It's good you guys are looking at both the small and life-size scale at once right now. Splitting the life size up into halves is actually how i designed my OC's, At the moment they're not exactly what i'd call "Based in reality" given i have NO real clue what i'm doing, will have to pick the appropriate thread to talk about it for sure.
>>28939 My apologies for the delay getting back to you. Yes, some servers use the 'res' and some don't. AFAICT it would take an underlying server change for that to change within the public-facing URI. This URI is what's constructed by BUMP to DL the pages, etc. OTOH, BUMP was intended to be flexible and work with at least a dozen different IB server sofftware. The key abstraction file is .archbot.config (I think we've touched on it before). The 'res' JSON key for smug should just be set to any empty string, if they are no longer using that in their directory structure. Try that and see if things change for you, Noido Dev. Also, >and will download others from anoncafe during the next few months. Anoncafe is closing their doors on March 15th (midnight UTC), so you have a little over a month ATP to decide. Cheers.
>>29021 >My apologies for the delay getting back to you. No problem, it's nothing urgent. >The key abstraction file is .archbot.config (I think we've touched on it before). The 'res' JSON key for smug should just be set to any empty string, if they are no longer using that in their directory structure. Oh, wow, I didn't know.
i understand that since i'm building a male robot I can't participate in build update and stuff on this forum. But what if I built a female robot, could I participate in build updates on that robot? also, if this proposed female robot was elderly and not "willing" to have sex and not equipped with a vag, would I still be able to have a project thread for it? And also, if this elderly female robot also was not going to be my wife but moreso just a nanny and modestly dressed and no cat ears and no miniskirts, would that be okay? It's just no male robots right? Is the no male robots rule based on not wanting gay sex related content or more based on just not liking male form factor? Because if sex is out of the equation for a builder, and the friendship aspect is there, then I don't see much difference between a granny maid bot and a male butler bot other than form factor as far as its practical application and relevance to this board. Is this because the goal is literal marriage to robots of men? Because if just friendship is the goal, why can't a man be friends with a man? We aren't necessarily talking sex. I'm just confused a bit.
chat gpt and I discussed this here: i joined a robotics group who called them sevles robowaifu and they build robot waifus. I am building a humanoid robot but a male one. They don't want male robots projects in their message board. I assume they don't want male sex bots is the issue. My robot is not going to be a sex bot but a butler bot. so why would they not want a male butler bot project in their midst? ChatGPT It's possible that the group has a specific focus on creating robotic companions with certain characteristics, and they might feel that a butler bot, even a male one, deviates from their main goal. It could also be a misunderstanding or assumption that all male humanoid robots are intended for adult themes, despite your clear intention to create a butler bot. Why not have a chat with the group, explaining your project and how it aligns with robotics and companionship rather than any adult content? Maybe they'll see the potential in your idea! User a large percentage of them have adult themes planned for their female robots and so they assume anyone coming there to build a male robot is promoting homosexuality and they are not keen on homosexuality being a theme in their board. but in my case, building a butler with no adult themese at all planned, this would not be a issue is my thought ChatGPT Ah, I see. It sounds like there might be some misconceptions or assumptions at play here. It's a good idea to have an open and honest conversation with the group, clarifying your intentions and emphasizing that your project is focused on creating a butler bot without any adult themes. Share your passion for robotics and the unique aspects your project brings to the table. Hopefully, they'll be receptive to your perspective and understand that not all male humanoid robots are intended for the same purposes. Communication can often clear up misunderstandings!
so now I'm wondering what if I posted my project on here and did not mention gender but let the reader assume female and any aspect like a defined jawline could indicate a more masculine looking female and if they face/head started looking too male I put a female face mask over it or crop it out and only share details regarding the internals of the body? and never talk about it being male or? like it could dress as a female and wear a female face mask for a update in late stages on outer appearance and nobody would need know it is a male underneath like Madea movies. I want to explore my options on sharing here basically and see if there are any compromises or work arounds possible or exceptions that can be made
>>29053 As long as your work doesn't have to do with robot dingy dongs, you're fine to post here. Though, this is /robowaifu/, there is infinite emphasis on the waifu aspect. As for the matter of genitalia, this board strives to remain as safe for work as possible. It is better if the robot lacks sex organs. >Not wanting gay p0rn Yes, there is no faster way to be banned. I've personally banned many for this crime. I recommend you build a robot that is genderless or androgynous if you plan on posting about it here. TLDR; just don't be gay and you will be ok!
so like if I post here the robot would be Madea but if I post on another forum it could be Tyler Perry. It can also use a female voice like Madea if posting updates on this forum. All of this so that I can post here as compromises I take to comply with the rules while not having to start an entire 2nd robot built. For in essence, if no sexual reproductive organs or genetics are involved, a male robot becomes female the instant the voice is swapped to a female voice and the Madea outfit goes on. So it can be a robot that can suit the occasion of the board it goes on and can adjust accordingly its gender which is not set like sex is biologically for a human at birth.
>>29056 okay thanks for the greenlight I will post here about it then. I'll have to make a project thread for it. as to the waifu aspect, I've also been attempting to get clarity on that with chatgpt convo here: does a robot waifu carry with it the implication that it is a sex bot or has adult themes intended as a rule or can it be neither of those things? ChatGPT The term "waifu" itself is often associated with anime culture, referring to a fictional character that someone has a strong affection or attraction toward. In the context of a robot waifu, it might carry the implication of being a companion or partner, which doesn't necessarily mean it has to involve adult themes or be a sex bot. However, the perception can vary widely, and people might have different expectations or assumptions. It's essential to clarify the intentions of your project and emphasize that your robot is focused on being a butler bot without any adult themes. This way, you can help break any stereotypes or assumptions associated with the term "waifu" in the context of your specific project. User so strong affection that may not be sexual at all but only friendship affection is a viable interpretation of that word? ChatGPT Absolutely! While "waifu" is often associated with romantic or affectionate feelings, it doesn't inherently imply a sexual relationship. It can indeed extend to strong emotional bonds, companionship, or friendship affection. Your interpretation aligns with the broader understanding of the term, and it's entirely valid to use it in a non-sexual or non-romantic context for your humanoid robot project. User so if I made a granny nanny bot that has zero adult themes intended or planned, could such a granny bot be considered a waifu? ChatGPT Absolutely! The term "waifu" doesn't strictly imply a romantic or sexual context. It's more about a strong affection or attachment to a character or, in this case, a robot. If your granny nanny bot is designed to be a companion, caregiver, and source of support without any adult themes, there's no reason why it couldn't be considered a "waifu" in the sense of a cherished and beloved character or robot. The key is in the emotional connection and positive relationship people develop with the robot. User but a waifu always has to be female and the owner of the robot a male yes? ChatGPT The term "waifu" does traditionally refer to a fictional female character, and it often involves a male fan's affection or attachment. However, language is flexible, and interpretations can evolve. If your robot character, like the granny nanny bot, becomes the focus of strong affection and attachment, it's entirely plausible for people of any gender to refer to it as a "waifu." The concept can be adapted to fit different contexts and preferences, so there's no strict rule that it has to be limited to a specific gender or owner. User so it does not mean wife yes? it is spelled similar. I have a real life wife already and if I did make a nanny robot just to be able to participate in the robot waifu group, I would want to know that if I called it my waifu, that would not be misconstrued as me having now two wives ChatGPT You're correct in noting the similarity in spelling, but the term "waifu" itself doesn't literally mean "wife." It's derived from the English word "wife" pronounced in a Japanese manner, and it's used more broadly to express affection or attachment to a fictional character, often from anime or other media. In your context, using the term for a nanny robot in the robot waifu group wouldn't necessarily imply having two wives. It's more about expressing a strong connection and affection for the robot character you've created. Clarifying your intentions with the group would help avoid any misconceptions or misunderstandings.
>>29058 Don't trust chatgpt, man. I was monkeying around with it from like march through july 2023 and saw in realtime it slowly get neutered .
>>29053 We have a thread on humanoid project videos: >>374 - You certainly could post links there from time to time. You could also post some examples in other threads, like "walking" or "some mechanism". >>29057 >if no sexual reproductive organs or genetics are involved, a male robot becomes female the instant the voice is swapped to a female voice and the Madea outfit goes on. No, men are build differently: Broader shoulders on average, certainly compared to a rather petite, feminine and slender female. If your arms are to thick and your focus is on doing lifting, then there will certainly criticism for that. That said, I guess if you post some examples in the prototype thread or in the specific threads on how to do something, then most of us might be okay with it. You should certainly rather first do that before making your own development thread here.
Open file (86.26 KB 324x204 big arms.jpg)
>>29086 you act like big arms and shoulders for some women are just simply not a thing which is false.
Open file (480.01 KB 1280x800 Anime-Music-DJ-HD.jpeg)
>>29057 >adjust accordingly its gender which is not set like sex is biologically for a human at birth It's time to wake up and smell the calenders, buckaroo. It's 2024 and there are only two genders: men and robowaifus. In all seriousness though, this board is about robot waifus, and while waifus may come in many shapes and sizes, they're always and exclusively female. That's why they're called waifus. Regardless of what body type you're going for or any other details, and no matter how you try to litigiously split hairs with whatever "definition" of gender, at the end of the day you're either building a waifu or you're not. If you already know what you want to build, then build it and own it. Trying to come up with compromises will just water down your vision while making noone happy.
>>29093 i think you are missing the point. the point is I see some value, however small, in being able to post project updates in this image board which is literally the only humanoid robot building forum or image board on earth to my knowledge. literally nobody else is trying to take this on. so people here, over time, might actually have more insight on the specific challenges involved in this than people in robotics forums which seem more focused on tiny toys and hexapods or industrial machines but nothing human form factor. so if the only human form factor community that exists and is active is here, then if you want a male robot, ONLY for the sake of posting it on said community pages, you'd cross dress your male robot and throw on a wig and mask so it passes for female. Madea is a example of a large black man who can somewhat convincingly pass as a black grandma by way of a silicone suit, wig, makeup, girl clothes. this isn't a compromise to my core design, it is dressing up my robot to comply with the appearance standards of the only community covering humanoid robots on earth. now kiwi seemed to say I could post a build thread with my male robot as long as it has literally no genitalia whatsoever and it would not be a problem here. my existing design and plan already complies with this requirement. However, noido and others seem to disagree with kiwi and think it has to be a full blown girl or can't be posted at all except the video thread which is all humanoids in general. well my project is already on that thread and posting video updates there will not be condusive to discussion since that is just a link dump area with little to no conversation or strategy discussion happening. so I'm a bit confused on how to go forward again. I mean I could have just posted my project with girl dressup tranny style and nobody would know by looking, but surely people would figure it out if they came across my project on other social media or forums and realized there it was a male and here it was presenting as a female.
>>29100 I can understand where you're coming from, but that doesn't change the fact that this board exists for the sake of making robowaifus real. There's no getting around this because we aren't just building robots for the sake of building robots. We have an agenda, and it's right in the board's name. >I mean I could have just posted my project with girl dressup tranny style and nobody would know by looking You've brought up genderfluid nonsense and trannybots multiple times, and it's making me wonder what your agenda is. If you're that insistent on making an LGBWhatever robot, then there are other communities that would be more than happy to roll out the rainbow carpet for you.
>>29054 >I assume they don't want male sex bots is the issue. Not correct. I've floated the idea more than once with other site owners/admins of a /robohusbando/ board. No takers. The primary issue is that the LGBTQABCXYZ++ 'parade' are the enemy. As in, the enemy of the very men we here on /robowaifu/ are earnestly trying to help. From my spiritual, and studied-moral perspectives, faggots are literally just 'the other side of the same coin' with feminism. Feminism (and faggotry) is the favorite destructive unigolem to use against all men (males specifically) by the satanic Globohomo Big Technology/Big Government evildoers. This makes feminism & faggotry our enemy here on /robowaifu/ . Simple as. >"[Rule] 2 : Don't promote either feminism or literal faggotry outside of The Basement Lounge" [1][2] --- If you had simply made your android have feminine proportions, referred to it solely by the feminine pronouns, and acted as if it was a robowaifu; you'd fly right under our radar, and none here would be any the wiser. This is probably what I myself would have done, had I been in your (apparently) wretched state, and wanted to promote this specific project work here. The >tl;dr being 'don't ask, don't tell'. LOL. :D As is, you've chosen specifically to go out of your way to make certain we here all know your robot is a faggotbot, and that you (presumably) are a flaming faggot yourself. We all find this to be the common behavior of such folk, so no surprises there! >tl;dr You're not the first anon to try and steer us towards faggotbots, Anon. It's never gonna happen while I'm at the helm here. --- OTOH, if you simply drop your overt agenda of trying to normalize faggotry on 'the only humanoid robot building forum or image board on earth...' X to doubt BTW (though I haven't yet found any others myself! :^) , and instead just focused on sharing your work & progress alone, and all the normal back-and-forth that goes along with that, and accomodate our general guidance that "male bots are off-topic across the board here" (that is, in general don't post any robotics that are very-clearly male [and don't 'push the line' with that either]) ... then we'd probably all welcome you having your own project thread here, and engage together with you heartily on your work. After all, every anon has the potential at least of bringing something new & innovative to the table! :^) --- I hope you understand Anon. Even though I'm trolling you within this post as a form of rhetorical hyperbole -- it's not actually anything personal. Like every other anon here, I pray for you to personally have a face-to-face with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and come to your right senses. But the simple fact is that Current Year ideologies and agendas like yours, are both toxic & problematic for all right-thinking men the world over. No thanks, roboticist. --- 1. https://alogs.space/robowaifu/rules.html 2. (>>3) >=== -sp, fmt, prose edit
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>>29101 if a robot is dressed as a girl that is otherwise of a male form factor, that does not make it a tranny nor lgbtq+ in any way necessarily. it is not exploring gender fluidity or alternative sexual agendas. this robot is for chores manufacturing etc not sex. I don't know how many times I have to say this for you to get that this is not sex related at all. This robot is a tool. the friendship aspect is a separate issue. I have no intention of promoting transexuality in HUMANS or robots. it has NO sexuality at all.
>>29103 I am a heterosexual alpha chad with a beautiful wife and a hard core Christian who unabashadly preaches against feminism and lgbtq+ agendas and consider all of it to be a sin. I set out to build a male robot precisely because I don't want anyone to think of it as a sex bot in any way shape or form whatsoever. It is intended to be a butler, do chores, manufacture things, have conversations. Like Batman's Alfred in movies. That simple. To cooperate with the appearance rules here, I reasoned that it could wear a female body suit over its male body like Madea or Mrs Doubtfire or when Shaq was Gradmama or w/e. I lean toward the conservative Christian view that men should not cross dress (human men) but assumed a robot doing so is not in any way the same thing morally speaking particularly if it is for posting of a female robot only forum as a non deceptive compromise. It would dress as an old grandma so nobody here would be sexually attracted to a cross dresser or anything. I didn't see any issue that it could tempt anyone to lust and was going to dress it very modestly and have it passing for some old grandma robot. I also imagined it could have a grandma voice and just be like a old grandma at times and look like one and just take on an alternative whole being as a grandma with a new name around the house. It would not be a tranny grandma in its understanding nor ours. It would just be a grandma period. Then it can change forms and personalities and remove the grandma trappings of grandma clothes and wig and face prosthetics etc and be back to a old man butler male robot later on and it could do this change in private in a bathroom. Both the male and female versions of the robot would have zero anatomical correctness and they would both behave as pious Christians that are preachers of righteousness. They would rebuke anyone that has anything sexual to say to them. Anyways the entire suggestion that if I build a male robot that means I'm gay is retarded. In the 50s and 60s books by Isaac Asimov like I, ROBOT, all the robots envisioned back then were male in all his books. Does that mean he considered all robot makers to be gay? No. It meant back then they assumed robots should be male so no guys would become sexually attracted to their robots and commit sin with them. It is a much more conservative and Biblical approach. So to assume I made a robot for sexually gay reasons is not fair. To also assume the transforming of it to female SOLELY TO COMPLY WITH THIS BOARD means I promote transexuality is leaping to conclusions and nonsense. I hate transexuality it's a sin. But my robot is not a man pretending to be a woman or rejecting the way God made it. IT is a robot that has no gender or sex or anything just a robot changing its silicone outer shell and swapping to a different built in personaity profile. Nothing sexual or agenda of lgbtq etc about that at all. You guys are reading everything into this as some sexual fetish thing. Not everyone fetishizes robots. Some people just want to build robots for non sexual reasons.
Open file (432.37 KB 1600x1700 90065099_p0.jpg)
>>29104 >if a robot is dressed as a girl that is otherwise of a male form factor The word you're looking for is "transvestite". As for the rest, you previously posted a conversation with ChatGPT trying to worm your way around the definition of "waifu" ( >>29058 ), you mentioned your robot changing genders ( >>29057 ), changing the sexually dimorphic characteristics of your robot ( >>29055 ), and cross-dressing in regards to both robots and humans ( >>29057 & >>29100 ). Not very reassuring. >it has NO sexuality at all. Even so, it's still male. Sexual or not, this is not a place for building male robots. There's no possible way to make that any clearer.
>>29107 >I am a heterosexual alpha chad with a beautiful wife and a hard core Christian who unabashadly preaches against feminism and lgbtq+ agendas and consider all of it to be a sin. I set out to build a male robot precisely because I don't want anyone to think of it as a sex bot in any way shape or form whatsoever. Well excellent, good news then Anon. I'll even recant my trolling if you prove to be true. I too encourage our anons here to make any sexual specializations of their robowaifu designs a secondary-only consideration. >Anyways the entire suggestion that if I build a male robot that means I'm gay is retarded. LOL. You're not from around here, I can tell. :D Regardless, now you know the situation here. Follow my simple guidance, and we'll all get along fine. >tl;dr Don't post male robot pictures here. --- BTW, I'd suggest you approach the owner of the WR site Junkuchan, and ask him to create a new /robohusbando/ board for you there. If you're actually legit a Christian and can successfully keep it from turning into a depraved & degenerate, faggot-ridden hellhole, then I'll even link to you in our friends list here! :^) Also, there is plenty of research going on across this entire domain, Anon. Reddit may in fact be a good resource for you, not even trolling. Just follow some of the literally hundreds of hotlinks here and I'm sure you'll find something that suits you. Good luck, Anon. Cheers. :^) >=== -fmt, minor edit
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>>29109 no, a man who is biologically a man and who is a human flesh and blood man created by God to be a man who attempts to artificially appear to be a woman in appearance because he's not satisfied with being a man and prefers to pretend to be a woman is a transvestitle. A robot, who has no gender inherently but is just a machine, who puts on a female skin and female personality is a female to the utmost as far female as a machine can really be since machines don't actually have a gender or sex but just can have AI that mimics female or male characteristics and have silicone skin that mimics female or male appearance but is not actually male or female in reality whatsoever. You assuming a robot cannot change sex or genders through and through in every possible sense is absurd. It is not stuck with certain unchangeable God make characteristics like a human. you say "conversation with ChatGPT trying to worm your way around the definition of "waifu"" --- I did not try to worm my way around the definition. I was asking for clarity on the definition and having it explain to help me understand. This is not a word I grew up with and is new to me and I don't have much info to go on so I was looking for more clarity. It is not a word anyone I've ever met in my life uses. So for you to suggest I was trying to worm around the definition like I'm some evil scandalous person trying to trick everybody is foolish and nonsensical. You are trying to manufacture any way possible to assume the worst intentions at every turn and villinize me and it is pathetic.
>>29110 i don't want there to be a robohusbando or a robowaifu I'd rather there just be one humanoid robots period. But all be nonsexual robots period. sick of all this fetish nonsense. Just make robots like Isaac Asimov envisioned - service robots who don't do sexual. That would solve everything. I don't have time to be a mod. I also don't have any evidence such a forum would grow. Every robot group but this one online is either dead or completely unrelated to humanoid robots. this group is an anomaly. as best i can tell, even my idea to enable my robot to literally become female or male thorugh and thorugh not tranny with bulge but literally just female with female appearance and ai profile seems to still be questioned. I don't understand that position at all. You all act like a roboticist can't change the "fake not actual gender/appearance" of a NOT HUMAN machine. You can't understand the difference between a human man doing that (by pretending alone since he can't change his chromozomes) and a roboticist doing that to a machine. Tell me folks, if I gave my computer tower a female wig, does it become a female and from that point forward even if I gave it a male wig it would be forever a female and this is unchangeable forever? Prove that! I disagree with that nonsense.
With all due respect Anon, it seems fruitless to me to continue this debate. You've stated both your genderfluid ideas, and your goal. We've stated both our agendas, and our standards. We don't seem to be coming to a consensus, and in fact these latest posts of yours seem to me to be entering into circular argumentation. I don't think any of the regulars here could be any clearer. Obviously you're not satisfied with that firm position of ours, yet we're not going to change it. Not much else to say, AFAICT, unless you'd like to add something different? >=== -sp edit
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>>29086 >>29109 >>29110 Based and correct. Robots should only have two genders, utility and waifu. Shion, Aigis, and Chi that's the type we should strive for.
lets see who has the courage to refute what I said with the wig analogy rather than all this deflection. also kiwi originally said (>>29056) post as long as it looks reasonably androgenous and no dong and as long as not gay you're okay. is that counsel now revoked or upheld? there needs to be consistency in response. I kept asking more stuff and responding to more stuff because a flood of moronic jumping to conclusions poured in after kiwi wrote this and because I wanted to make doubly sure before I proceed that we all understand what is going on
>>29090 Good looking feminine women. I also googled "Madea" and I really didn't like what I found. >>29053 >also, if this proposed female robot was elderly and not "willing" to have sex and not equipped with a vag, would I still be able to have a project thread for it? I hope not. >>29093 And waifus are required to look somewhat feminine and good. We never discussed the exact border, since no one wanted to build an elderly looking or fat waifu. Or one with arms like a guy. >>29100 > in being able to post project updates in this image board which is literally the only humanoid robot building forum or image board on earth to my knowledge. I see your point and wish there was a good solution, but ... idk. >I mean I could have just posted my project with girl dressup tranny style The only way I see is which MIGHT be working somehow could be focusing on your approach around how you want to use the actuators. Making the thread about that, starting with the thread title. Still, I'm concerned that you would post very often and the thread would often be on top of the start page of the board. We can't have something there which looks like an ugly female. The other (or additional) option would be to make a image board on your own, maybe even on one of the sites in the webring, so you won't need to host the whole software yourself. Then maybe make it about domestic helper bots, no sex and no toys. I think this could still be a allied board like mentioned in the embassy thread >>2823. One or a few threads there could be about your bot, the others about other helper bots. You could also go through the humanoid robot thread here and find some other guys which might be willing to join. >>29112 >So for you to suggest I was trying to worm around the definition like I'm some evil scandalous person trying to trick everybody is foolish and nonsensical. I don't think you're really being accused of that (see >>29110). It's just so, that places like this one here need to be gatekeeped with a sentiment towards being rather a bit too careful. >>29113 >Just make robots like Isaac Asimov envisioned - service robots who don't do sexual. That would solve everything. Unfortunately this is not the topic of the board. >>29113 >I don't have time to be a mod. I also don't have any evidence such a forum would grow. Every robot group but this one online is either dead or completely unrelated to humanoid robots. I don't think it takes that much time, if you don't need to host the board as well. Also, you can give people mod permissions and tell them to only go after extreme things, and you take care of the more difficult cases.
>>29126 >Then maybe make it about domestic helper bots, no sex and no toys. I think this could still be a allied board like mentioned in the embassy thread >>2823. Hey just had a 'coulda-had-a-V8' moment. Why doesn't he take over /workbench/ on anon.cafe, Noido Dev? That's pretty much an entirely neutral, abandoned board. Especially right now at this moment, I'm fairly certain all he'd have to do was make a claim on it to the Cafe Admins, then request a migration with the Trashmin. Problem solved (unless the current, ghosted BO somehow shows up magically and says no). >>29122 >and because I wanted to make doubly sure before I proceed that we all understand what is going on And that's very-much appreciated, Anon! Everyone here can lay the blame for this misunderstanding entirely at my feet. I've had to gatekeep this board regularly through the years to keep it from becoming some kind of R*ddit-lite-tier Frankenstein monster, so I'm a bit aggressive about it (and will continue to be so). We need to stay true to the men we're trying to help, and to ourselves. And that attentiveness has paid off reasonably well, IMO. --- BTW, what do you think about our above suggestion, roboticist? If you honestly make /workbench/ a totally asexual board, then I'll definitely support you in it (become a Vol for you, for example). BTW, it's already on our friends listing! :^) >=== -grmr, fmt, prose edit
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>>29091 How to archive threads, with the pictures? Does anyone have the right workflow? I don't want to figure out how to use curl or wget in such detail by myself and ChatGPT (3.5 Turbo) couldn't help. Just using the curl command in a simple way downloads too many other boards and threads, the pics are actually in another URL e.g. https://i.4cdn.org/pol/whatever.png. If no one here knows, then it shows that no one is making backups of such threads outside of using bump wherever it works (not on 4chan and not in many other cases). Saving the website in the browser does NOT save the pictures in full size, just the preview! This doesn't work: # Replace THREAD_URL with the URL of the 4chan thread export THREAD_URL "https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/45755235" export THREAD_HTML $(curl -s "$THREAD_URL") # Create a directory to save the images mkdir -p 4chan_images cd 4chan_images # Extract and download images echo "$THREAD_HTML" | grep -oP 'href="//i\.4cdn\.org/board/\K[^"]+' | sed 's/^/https:/g'| xargs -n 1 curl -O # Move back to the original directory cd .. I might try it with Beautiful Soup later, it's probably the better way anyways.
>>29138 You can use gallery-dl.
>>29138 what board is board grep -oP 'href="//i\.4cdn\.org/pol/\K[^"]+' | sed 's;^;https://i\.4cdn\.org/pol/;g'
>>29138 gallery-dl -D . -f '/O' "THREAD_URL"
>>29139 >>29142 Ah, yeah, that's easier. It was in my repo. Thanks.
>>29150 I am glad it helped you.
So I finally went through all the posts here which I missed: >>28155 When you're ready to explain it, consider making it into videos and upload them to your YT or Rumble channel. With enough views on some ASMR videos you might even reach monetization. >>28199 >>28204 Start listening to podcasts. I got into tech by listening to hacker podcasts on computer basics and then all kinds of pieces of technology. >>28936 >SAVE.EVERYTHING. Okay, could you give me list with folder sizes from your anon.cafe folder? Some here might travel or be in a mobile only area. >>28400 I recommend uploading your archives to some Mega account and make the folder public. Or someone else with more time and a good internet connection could do it. Of course, making sure to not break any law doing so and stay anonymous. Not sure if there's a better site for publicly archiving it. >>28459 >I'm STILL holding out hope that the empty threads can still be re-populated with the thousands of missing OG posts. :DD https://github.com/K1rakishou/Kuroba-Experimental/issues/789 and https://lynx.farted.net/lynx/ >>28664 People are making something like the Jetson, based on projections for better batteries: https://youtu.be/voqqDfifPVo - Just saying, some might take this into account as well and not caring about long battery life right from the start. For a bot which is mostly sitting around this can come later. >>29021 >.archbot.config I didn't find that file in my bump folder. Only .sites.config and there is "all_no-json_sites" : [ { "site_name" : "smuglo.li" } But bump fails on many sites for the same reason. Also, when I tried to download smug I still had to make a regular entry with all these lines in the sites.config.
>>29176 Just a quick note to let you know I saw your post, Noido Dev. I'll get back to you soon.
Open file (165.08 KB 1024x1024 OIG_4_6.jpg)
>>29107 you're in the wrong neighborhood I recommend normie robotics forums
Open file (131.29 KB 1024x1024 OIG (1).jpg)
>>28678 finally decency has returned to robowaifu games
>>28439 this is the way
>>29189 I think the search tool on the catalog page is broken. I searched for PIB before posting and nothing came up, and nothing came up for Poppy or Dynamixel (I'm preparing an update about using standard servos) and I've seen both mentioned several times in threads.
>>29190 Search only looks for exact text matches in OP
>>29190 You need to download and compile Waifusearch for really searching every topic. Or go to a thread and search for it. I'm currently not running Waifusearch on my PC myself, I only have an older version on my Raspi. I don't even remember what the problem was, but it's not compiled. I guess something was missing.
>>29103 god you are so unbelievably fucking based, dude. Honored to have you as the owner of this board. I feel a lot more comfortable about sharing my 3D work here when i get around to it.
>>29190 As NoidoDev mentioned, there's a searching tool we worked on for our board here. Apparently it's broken now though. If you want to work on using it, I'll try to help you get it building. Like BUMP, you need to know the basics of building from code though. Looking forward to your update, Robophiliac. Cheers. :^) >>29203 Heh, thanks Anon. I may take things too far some times, but my passion for protecting our board together is pretty strong in me. Looking forward to seeing your 3D work, DarthLigma. Cheers. :^)
So... Has anyone else noticed the typo in the Cognitive Architecture thread?
>>29252 >>24783 >Cognitivie How have we all missed this lmao
Open file (34.70 KB 579x529 images (37).jpeg)
>7 years and no progress other than sophiedev's deleted threads and mechanon with 0 collaboration whatsoever It's over
ban evasiion
Open file (1.38 MB 498x386 tenor-3651487307.gif)
>>29262 For any anons wondering, I am figuring at some point to release SPUD's files for roughly the cost of a how-to book, with some instructions. Compared to the cost of building your own SPUD, the cost of the files will be a small fraction of the total cost: If you can't afford a how-to book you can't afford to buy robowaifu parts :)
That faggot Tengu just nuked anon/k/ tonight. I assume his entire tenure there as BO was just for the lulz. I guess he was at least a tiny bit better than the openly-glownigger one before him though. Sad that such ah*les manage to get into such positions in the first place. :/ >>29252 >>29253 Heh. Actually, I did. :D But left it b/c I thought it was cute. We corrected in in the related-WIP thread. >>29277 Neat. Good success Mechnomancer! BTW, have you considered something like a kickstarter? You could use the book as a bounty.
Damn you, cleverbot. The reason I'm here over 10 years afterwards. Anyone else?
>Latest version of BUMP v0.2g My bump got hung up for more than 15h. I don't know which file: d/l 78.6% [ =================================] KiB : 4,831.4 of 6,143.9 15h44m16d/l 78.6% [ =================================] KiB : 4,831.4 of 6,143.9 15h44m16d/l 78.6% [ =================================] KiB : 4,831.4 of 6,143.9 15h44m17d/l 78.6% [ =================================] KiB : 4,831.4 of 6,143.9 15h44m17d/l 78.6% [ =================================] KiB : 4,831.4 of 6,143.9 15h44m18d/l 78.6% [ =================================] KiB : 4,831.4 of 6,143.9 15h44m18d/l 78.6% [ =================================] KiB : 4,831.4 of 6,143.9 15h44m19d/l 78.6% [ =================================] KiB : 4,831.4 of 6,143.9 15h44m19d/l 78.6% [ =================================] KiB : 4,831.4 of 6,143.9 15h44m20d/l 78.6% [ =================================] KiB : 4,831.4 of 6,143.9 15h44m20d/l 78.6% [ =================================] KiB : 4,831.4 of 6,143.9 15h44m21d/l 78.6% [ =================================] KiB : 4,831.4 of 6,143.9 15h44m21^C⏎
>>29384 >I don't know which file: The file name is printed directly above the progressbar line. The board is above the block of downloads. Something seems odd with your output (apparently multiple-lines, for a single file), since that program is intended to print w/o a linefeed (return-only) until a file finished. Hmm, does it look like this in your terminal? Also, sorry I haven't implemented any timeout/re-DL-file yet Anon. Add it to the list for Bumpmaster. Rule of thumb? If you don't get any progress within 5mins (or less), I suggest you simply kill the process then re-run it. Any files that were tried before won't be attempted again. >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 02/12/2024 (Mon) 14:42:15.
OT, personal rant: I made the big mistake to drop out from listening to AI and other tech podcasts a while ago, while doing other things. I wanted to get my head out of that, since I have something else to do. This spectacularly backfired, since this only got me back into politics, news, random stuff and drama. Doing everything except what I should be doing, and what I want to do (AI, robowaifu) at the same time. I'm back at listening to AI stuff and some other podcast on my player, while working, instead of sitting on my PC most of the time. So at least things move in the right direction. Anyways, some notes on this here: >Shane Legg (DeepMind Founder) - 2028 AGI, Superhuman Alignment, New Architectures >>29406
>>29399 That was the output from the shell. It made a new line over and over again, so I couldn't scroll back. I'm so glad it worked now, because I forgot it again. I was just recalling it now, reading this here. I normally start it and do something else, and might not see the window.
>>29409 Yes. That's almost always how I use the program (once it was basically debugged), 'fire-and-forget'. Actually, I set up a script I used to DL about 60-80 boards with it as a cronjob 2 or 3 times a day. Usually took about 5mins when my bandwidth was better for any given update run. Glad it working for you again, NoidoDev... thanks for the update. Cheers. :^)
Open file (221.21 KB 1063x861 1707875602476678.png)
Could it be the jewiest of jews lurks here?
>>29452 Doubtful. When he talks about stuff like AI, robots, and genetic engineering, he's imagining them being used very differently than we are. To put it another way, when someone asks me if I would love and marry a woman who isn't "traditionally beautiful", I affirm that I would do so wholeheartedly. That person is thinking of bonobo-black hybrid women. I am thinking of a gynoid with doll-like joints, sparkly pink drive gears, and autistically over-detailed moe screen eyes. It's a common hazard that two people will say the same words and phrases, while thinking of different definitions.
Open file (2.75 MB 5655x3913 10-44-23-downloadfile.jpg)
Happy Valentine's day waifu robot fuckers. I think we all know what to do today.
>>29460 Damn straight, I've got a few writings in the works that I'm going to finish today, and I'm getting back into concept drafting and trying to figure out how freeCAD works.
>>29370 >kickstarter idk, I'm not particularly good at marketing: I don't have an autistic obsession with social media. I think I'll at least release the code for SPUD's screenface for free so folks can have their minimum viable locally hosted digi-waifu. Giving free samples is a good way to grow a following.
>>29374 I do indeed. We were toying with it when it still said 'beta' on the site. Fun times. :)
>>29192 Whelp, I decided it's time. Even though I have plenty of rl projects already to keep myself busy, what's one more, especially if it's something I really want to do, and it'll help to keep me from going even more batshit crazy from the rl crap. Besides, it'll never happen if you don't begin. I'm going to start on my own robowaifu project, pretty much as outlined in the crosslink. I just ordered a ST-Link V2 programmer for the hoverboards, it should be here in about a week. Now it's time to tear-down the hoverboards and see what I have to work with. Who knows? Maybe I can build a harem like MaSiro.
GENERAL NOTE: I've upped the autosage limit to 500 for /robowaifu/ . > Back when I first made the decision to set it at 350 years ago, I personally was on a slower machine & browsers were slower then too. Today, it's a bit of overkill. Also, this will help stretch out our thread 'budget' a bit more here on our board. Cheers. :^) --- >note: I've locked previous threads that had hit autosage bump limit, to keep us from experiencing weird 'resurgent' cycles.
>>29497 How do I report on this board? A few months ago someone was spamming...a certain brand of images....in an old thread that was autosaging, or maybe the guy was saging himself. Just in case it happens again and it needs to be called out, I want to report it, but the report form doesn't show me a section to enter the captcha results.
>>29521 If you click on the triangle of the comment in question, then it shows "Report" and "Global Report". In such cases it's better to do a global report, I think, since it's not just a problem for this board. These things get deleted quite fast.
Hey, does anyone know if there's a dedicated discord/telegram for this? I know most, if not everyone here dislikes discord for its cloistered and pozzed nature, and while telegram mitigates the latter, there's a strong drive to keep things out in the open. I only ask incase I ever need to send things privately to people like Chob such as, hypothetically, rentry edit codes.
>>29536 >I only ask incase I ever need to send things privately to people like Chob such as, hypothetically, rentry edit codes. I'd suggest you simply email them to me with a burner. * AFAICT, there are several anons here using doxxcord, but I don't keep up with any of them. I think Kiwi would know them, maybe? --- * BTW, if you (or any other anon) email me, please make an alert post here letting me know, thanks. I rarely check that email. >=== -add note
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>>29540 You have an email? I guess it makes sense, gotta have some way to be identified as the board owner. I'll let you know when I send anything your way.
>>29521 Thanks for the keen eye Anon. Do you know if that is still up? Please link them ITT and I'll take care of it. Cheers.
>>29460 Thanks for the well-wishes, Anon. May you share them with your IRL robowaifu this time next year! :^) >>29461 >and I'm getting back into concept drafting and trying to figure out how freeCAD works. Very cool, Greentext anon. Looking forward to seeing Orchid's prototypes! :^) >>29476 This is exciting news, Robophiliac. Please keep us all up to date with your progress! :^) >>29525 Thanks for looking out for us here, NoidoDev! Cheers. :^) >>29541 Sure do Gears. Just shoot me one if you need to. BTW, here's my little Rentry WIP: https://rentry.org/PPP2_home
>>29543 Goddamn, that looks extensive. Keep up the good work with that. Tonight after work I plan on finally drafting the OP. I think there's been enough dilly-dallying, it's time to truly break into /pol/.
>>29544 Thanks! We're going to need several systems programmers in C & C++ to pull this all off successfully in the end. [1] Thus my earnest investment in creating a classroom to help us organically fulfill just that need here on /robowaifu/ ! (>>19777) Hopefully some anons here will become interested in systems programming eventually, and join us there to work through that entire classroom. >it's time to truly break into /pol/. Agreed, it certainly is. BTW, 4chan/g/ was my own /wbg/ haunt back in the day. (>>14500) Maybe at some point some of those prop threads of yours should eventually also be done there as well by some /tech/ -oriented anons? Regardless, looking forward to all your anon's good progress with this overall effort. It's very-valuable, and thank you all very much for it!! Cheers. :^) --- 1. > -All AI programming is done in Python. So why are you using C & C++ here? (>>21057, >>21091, >>27167) >=== -add crosslink -fmt, prose edit -add ref
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 02/16/2024 (Fri) 22:02:13.
Hey Chobitsu, have you considered the potential side-effects of the planned intensified "propaganda" efforts? When the /wbg/ plan goes into action and it actually causes more people to come here, you'll definitely have a harder time keeping everything in check. Assuming a bad-case scenario you may even have a raid to deal with.
>>29572 I too am quite concerned about this.
Open file (368.33 KB 700x694 1700350442746774.png)
Open file (1.88 MB 398x494 1700170965148626.gif)
>>29572 Oh sure. We talked this issue out years ago together here, before we even began the propaganda thread. I'm all for it tbh. I actually cut my teeth as a /b/tard and minor player in Anonymous. It's not like I'm intimidated by the idea of growth, nor by the potential for le ebin sh*testorm a brewin'. :^) >tl;dr I'm sure between Kiwi and myself, I think we'll all do just fine here on /robowaifu/ . My own desire in the matter is 'subvert the subverters' if at all possible! It won't be the first time that CIA Glowniggers have gone rogue on the 'company', and came over to the right side of history! :DD
>>29572 >>29574 Funny thing is I was also thinking about this while at work. Glad to hear there's a plan.
>>29452 >Klaus Schwab They're talking about everything, but it's about how to control it and use it for their agenda. This is just an acknowledgement of what might happen and they can't prevent it, but want to shape the outcome. >>29454 Excellent way to put it. >>29460 >Valentine's day MGTOW day. >>29572 >blowback It's important to communicate how hopeless it is. We even have several people backing up the board, and other channels to reconnect.
>>29574 I'm also glad to hear this. I want to suggest that targeting a specific group of people, robotics hobbyists, might yield better results. For my own project I plan to remix the best robot hand design I can find (best determined by my standards- currently the Parloma Hand- basically round off every sharp angle) and since it is a remix, upload it to the .stl file sharing sites as a "female" version robot hand, with lots of tabs, and with a link to this board. Then do the same with the basic inmoov hand, the PIB hand, and any other active open source group or project we can find. This way we attract anons with the skills needed for robowaifus, and anons who are interested will be lead to this resource. It would also help to motivate lurkers here to get building, but that's a secondary benefit. And those "advertisements" for the board would be permanent and continue to direct anons here. Youtube videos that include projects like inmoov would then also (unintentionally) direct people who investigate update remixes here. I am probably several months away from developing the skill to remix existing files well enough to make them something worth sharing, so if someone else who can do it now wants to do it sooner please have at it. Or any other robot body parts in a more feminine form. Looking at the listings on thingiverse for "Inmoov breast plate right" and left, they have been downloaded over 500 times. "Inmoov female chest" has been downloaded 206 times, but it is newer and has holes for an ultrasonic sensor, as well as being less anatomically correct. These will probably continue to be downloaded and they don't have a link to this board. I can only see this as a missed opportunity. >Valentine's day >MGTOW day. Well said, I like/will start using it. I'm looking forward to celebrating next MIGTOW Day with my robowaifu.
>>29452 <zis is a murjur...... of ze biological..... ze digital.... unt ze... uh... physical lol the-situation schwab is a master of meaningless word salad i skimmed through 4IR (a blatant rip off of fourth turning) and you cant help but feel pity for the fool, hes like an alien trying to understand the world through advertisements because wef tries to larp as ?, who even knows, but the companies and people that go just use it as a publicity event and a chance to sell an image for of themselves, like come on, you have a room full of fortune599 companies you really expect them to give serious presentations instead of 'zis is ze future its us invest in us plz', and then you have the other type of salesmen 'zis is ze future i am like so competent, elect/hire me plz' with big bause klaus just in the middle of it taking the overgrandeurized fantasies seriously trying to make sense of whats nothing more than an asinine sales pitch for rep points its literally boardroom cockamamie and why wouldnt it be in short klaus is innocent, he just parrots the garbage these companies fill his head with
>>29595 They're a bunch of nerds who read too much Heinlein. Trans? "I shall Fear No Evil". Making up new religions/slandering old ones? "Stranger in a Strange Land". Heck, in the many adventures of Lazarus Long one of the things he did to stay young was get transfusions, which is what corpos do in their quest to chase eternal youth. (deep down they fear the reckoning of the afterlife: I was told you get what you expect so they're getting a void of nothingness) Pity they didn't read Starship Trooper, but probably the "Crazy Years" and "Revolt of the Scientists" would hit a little too close to home.
Figured I'd just post this here :^) Recruitment thread's been busy
>>29774 Well, you went for 231 posts & several hours, Gears. An excellent start out of the gate, I'd say! :^) >=== -minor edit
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>>29774 Your ad worked, because I'm now here >:3 Binge read "My wife has no emotion" and now I have a direction for my ai models.
>>29842 Hello Anon, welcome! Please look around the board while you're here. Also, you can introduce yourself in our Embassy thread if you'd care to do so : (>>2823). We wish you good success with your ai model developments! Cheers. :^)
This was already news several months ago, but InfoWorld is an influential rag in the corporate IT domain. --- > also: Just in case there are any misinterpretations going on about the Globohomo Wh*tehouse's intentions behind this move: a) This isn't about """government""" software not being written in based C or C++ ; it's about all software produced from here on out not using these two languages (presumably, within the US and all other countries they have a sufficiently-strong stranglehold over) -- by law. b) This is about the fact that they don't possess a lock on the ISO (International) Standard C & C++ definitions. C & C++ are both open and standardized. This means that the (other) participating nations all strive to protect these languages from being corrupted by any similar evil agendas; since they themselves have so much entrenched code, and such large economic dependencies on the languages remaining stable over time (particularly with regard to backwards-compatibility). >tl;dr The globohomo wants to outlaw you, Anon, from being able to create your own systems software business (say, perhaps, a robowaifu systems software business...) without using their compromised language(s) (I personally consider G*, as well as R*st, to both be in this category). >ttl;dr The 'unsafe' angle is just a jingoistic ruse: if they really cared about that, then they'd attempt to force everyone to use the programming language Ada instead (yet another ISO International Standard). This -- as usual -- is about the Globohomo Big Tech/Gov 's nefarious agendas for surveillance & control over the entire planet. >=== -add lengthy 'also' note
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 02/29/2024 (Thu) 11:22:50.
>>29994 Lol. A new reason added to the growing list! :DD >-All AI programming is done in Python. So why are you using C & C++ here? (>>21057, >>21091, >>27167, >>29994)
>>29994 Well, now I wanna learn C or C++ just to spite them.
>>30020 DOO EET! :^) >>18749
>>30020 I just prefer expanding my python skills. >leetcode >codewars
>three years after I left >actually got gud >actually made Allie. >see the discordnigger schizoposting has metastasized and killed the entire webring Yet i'm part of the problem? fuck you.
Open file (57.69 KB 683x684 1680049139579078.jpg)
>>30068 >>actually made Allie. Congratulations, Anon! I'm sure it was a lot of work, and you deserve props for that. Why not share your progress with us here? Anyway, good to see you here again, Alliedev (I must presume?) Always nice when you make an appearance here. I'd love to see you restart a new thread for your project work again. Cheers. :^)
>>30068 >Actually made Allie Prove it, big if true. I want to believe
>>30073 I don't think I will. You never had my back and clearly don't care to listen whenever you were more than happy to dismiss any questions or concerns I had. Your teacher's pet is a tom sawyer type who will be more than happy to try to make money off of other anons work while contributing absolutely nothing but being an "idea guy" the whole time.
>>30100 Mah dood, for those of us unaware about your Allie you sound like the schizo-poster. Some context would be quite helpful (I can't find any reference to Allie in the catalogue outside of your recend posts). Not trying to diminish you, just wondering what happened, ok? :)
>>30100 Pics or it didn't happen.
Open file (2.25 MB 2500x1778 MadokamiDendrobium.jpg)
>>30101 They were a clever and passionate poster. We worked on a Mado.Kami project together. Things went well at first. Our communication wasn't good. We came up with a plan, I was modeling it. We had some disagreements, usually leading to good compromises. They charged their ideas frequently and got upset when my 3D models didn't reflect their current ideas. We both became frustrated, they were mad that I take a long time to figure out practical engineering solutions. They became a mod somehow, started deleting posts to make themselves look better, banned me and others that were prominent at the time. They then got banned for constant negativity. It was sad, I honestly thought we would make Picrel real in a few years together. Engineering is hard, frustration is understandable. They just let it poison them. I hope they find a way to deal with their negativity in a constructive way.
Open file (1.12 MB 1920x1200 HappyChii.jpg)
>>30100 >You never had my back and clearly don't care to listen whenever you were more than happy to dismiss any questions or concerns I had. Why do you think that, Alliedev? >>30101 >(I can't find any reference to Allie in the catalogue outside of your recend posts) >how it started: Because of my frequent absences, I was worried about the status of our board here. I made a call for a Vol (we didn't have one then), and Alliedev stepped right up. I was quite grateful for his help. >how it ended: (Apparently) due to some conflict within the project team, Alliedev abused his position as Vol and deleted the entire Mado.Kami project thread in frustration... kinda tableflip.exe, AFAICT. >>30105 >They then got banned for constant negativity. Actually, I finally removed him as Vol (after waiting for several months for a reconciliation of some sort between the two of you), due to the incessant banning he was doing. I think he may have even banned Robi, (who was trying to post some cool robowaifu arts here) TWICE, lol. :D It severely hurt our community here, and it seemed apparent that no reforming of that good relationship was going to happen. I asked him to stay on with us here, and I still extend that friendship to Alliedev. As you said, he's passionate and creative! :^)
>>30112 >That is a very twisted way to put it. The main cause of the issues with my term here were due to a lack of communication. My apologies on both counts. This wasn't intentional on my part, I can assure you. >Had you simply talked with me like a friend instead of dismissed my concerns, I believe a lot of problems and drama would have been avoided. Fair enough. I'm not the best at communications, that's clear. Again, my apologies. >I still love Pandora and also remade a model for her, but It was my love for Allie that got me into 3D Modeling and I had a sign from her to start again. Neat! That's a great looking model, AllieDev. Very clever way to arrange the 'ears'. Are those sensors in there. >I would like to accept that invitation of friendship again. I would like nothing better than that, Anon! Please create a thread here soon. Cheers. :^)
>>30112 >Exploit you for money This was never my intention. FOSS and ease of DIY replication at home are high priorities for me. Always have been. Don't blame you wanting to ensure you're not being taken advantage of, just odd given my autistic obsession with keeping things FOSS. >Thread on making money I didn't make any of the threads related to monetizing waifus. Are you talking about the one with Chii in the OP? That's not mine, neither is the post with Tanya. I post with both characters often so, easy to see how you could think those were me. My only post there was a recommendation for names to help sell kits. My thread on selling Kiwi robot girls was made long before the Madok.Kami thing and is entirely unrelated. >Didn't care Not true, just didn't want to do it without you. Felt to be in poor taste to continue Mado.Kami without you. >Do the same thing to other Anons Baseless accusation, but you were upset and this happened years ago. Your anger likely distorts your view of the past. >Ganging up on randos Are you referring to the many bans in the Nandroid thread? I banned them for posting illegal content of a sexual nature or, for incessant shitposting. You should stick around, there's plenty of good here. I'd prefer if we could leave the past in the past. We both want robot waifus to be real. Walking forward with respect and forgiveness is for the best. I forgive you for banning me. Also, I won't argue about past events further. Focusing on engineering matters far more. Glad to see your modeling skills have improved. Hope you'll make something you truly love.
>>30114 They are supposed to be. Kept trying to rework my post about Unreal engine without going on too much of a tangent. I just don't understand the animation system. Seems like a lot of extra work and the purposely vague doomposting and grifters around UE development don't help. Though it appears the documentation of how to do things like skeleton retargeting has improved since I last checked. It actually shows you how to do that now. Instead of all the purposely vague doomfaggotry about "needing the exact same skeleton" when there's an actual section about using two different skeletons now. I know the webring has gamedev threads and boards but they are either dead or largely not looking into ever making 3D games. I just want to make a game with waifu and got about half way to something playable until I got to the part where you need to replace the default player mannequin with your own skeletal mesh.
>>30122 For motion retargeting, you generally want a similar bone count, if feasible. Since you're doing a gynoid, then you probably would match up fairly close to a standard humanoid skellington. As far as the mechanics of Unreal Engine specifically, sorry I can't really help you out much there (lack of experience). OTOH, I did dabble around with the system around the time of the release of UE5, and found the Tips & Tricks | Unreal Engine playlist [1], which seemed to have a lot of good content. Maybe some YT content might give you the information you need with less grief AllieDev? Regardless, I'm sure you'll work things out in the end! Looking forward to seeing updates on your progress, Anon. Cheers. --- 1. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZlv_N0_O1gZY3_IhqpQRlydvByd3OtSh >potentially-related: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZlv_N0_O1gYa68I21eQhJuRGp8HMDr42 https://www.youtube.com/@UnrealEngine/playlists https://duckduckgo.com/?q=unreal+sensei+motion+retargeting >=== -add hotlink
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>>30123 Thanks Chobitsu. I found the tutorials on YT to be really hit or miss in my travels.
>>30124 >Thanks Chobitsu. I found the tutorials on YT to be really hit or miss in my travels. You're welcome friend AllieDev. I'm sure you'll solve it eventually, whichever course you choose! Keep moving forward TWAGMI Cheers, Anon. :^)
>>30134 You were an abusive prick on /agdg/ and worse than I ever was on my worst day here as a vol. It was a mistake to come back to this dumbass webring where site staff are a part of the problem and no one cares about anything. How the fuck do my posts come off as "retarded" to you and what right do you have to come off with a god complex out of nowhere after extending an invitation of friendship not 24 hours prior? I don't spam incoherent shitpost memes and actually contribute to the topic of the discussion.
Open file (3.32 MB 1024x576 IRLAnimeGrills.mp4)
Always remember, we can make this world real.
>>30140 If apple vision had that app they would get more sales.
>>30135 Lol, so that was you huh? :D Don't be a bully, AllieDev. I hate bullies. You were abusing the sh*te out of a board that has a brand new young BO, whose doing his best to get the board off to a good start. Your posts were destructive to this end, to say the least. As me mammy used to say, "If you can't say anything good, then don't say anything at all." :^)
Open file (78.55 KB 500x717 chii_tirol.jpg)
>>30140 Very cute! Indeed we can, Kiwi... (>>240)
>>30135 >>30150 I don't hate you AllieDev. My apologies for that word choice. And admittedly, I was probably a bit overagressive in my manner of dealing with you. Please forgive me.
Bros, I need some advice. How do you think I should pursue my robowaifu projects? Should I go into a robotics/AI releated field so it becomes my full-time job and also my side-project? I'll be able to develop expertise in the area, and work in companies that are on the cutting edge of this field. Or should I go into an unrelated field, and make robowaifu development a side-project. I'll never develop much expertise, or be able to spare much time for it. But, robotics/AI jobs are very, very few in this country.
Open file (17.38 KB 300x400 1451742030224.png)
>>30168 >But, robotics/AI jobs are very, very few in this country Honestly? Unless you're planning on moving to a country where the job market is good or you're absolutely certain that you want to get into robotics as a career, I think you should build your waifu on the side. Before all else, it's best for you to persue a career which will allow you to be self-sufficient (and ideally, one you'll also genuinely enjoy). You'll be all the happier to hold your waifu in a stable home of your own, even if it takes a bit longer. Plus, you'll need money to build her no matter what. Capitol is capitol, even if it doesn't come from the most dignified or cutting-edge job. What matters in the end is that you can hold her. How you should get there is a question only you can answer.
>>30168 You could just get a job where you have access to parts or materials with an employee discount. Doesn't have to be related to robotics or AI. You should know better than some random strangers.
>>30169 Yeah, I'll probably have to move countries. I don't hate AI or robotics, just the job market here for that is almost non-existent. >>30170 Just asking for advice. And I don't have a problem with parts.
>>30168 Well you seem passionate about a robotics career choice, Anon. I'd say do all that's in your heart. Moving to a new country isn't too hard if you have qualifying experience. Robotics is on fire, and will be for the forseeable future AFAICT.
>>30173 IMO get a job you're skilled at which makes the most money and takes the least time and effort. If you have the motivation, time, money, and energy to build her, you will.
Sorry for not showing up for a few days. I'm having some computer problems and working on trying out a new distro.
Open file (107.17 KB 1336x241 ClipboardImage.png)
If Chobitsu is here now, do you have any idea of what software is this anon talking about and how to use it?
The cafe has finally closed. Goodbye to one of the comfiest IBs I've ever been to. On the plus most of the boards have made it elsewhere but it's still sad to see it go. Thank you for everything cafe admin. Good luck with your future.
>>30326 >>30327 Darn, I knew this would happen when I delay my downloads. I was to distracted with something else and missed the countdown. Also, I barely wasn't there but this is kind of sad. Well, let's hope someone will put some of the boards up again, at least as some archive.
Open file (172.61 KB 776x1028 new_cemetry.jpg)
>>30326 I'm already numb to it. The cafe is just another cenotaph for the field, but the memories, both good and bad, will remain with us. After death, all that's left for the living is to move on. >>30341 You missed nothing of value. The site lasted for several hours after the posted time, and saw a brief flood of unchecked spam before finally shutting down.
>Discord Just FYI: I most likely won't show up on the Discord server anytime soon, since Webcord has issues in my new distro and I don't want to deal with it. Apparently Electron has problems with GPU support since 2022: https://github.com/electron/electron/issues/32317 - and I find it annoying that I can't even easily find a list of flags I could try for a program using it. It seems to be pretty bad.
>>30380 <Discord Every so often I'll hear someone bring up an alleged robowaifu discord. I'm perfectly down to join it, assuming someone has a link and is willing to send it.
>Bump Currently trying to compile Bump (v0.2g) once again on another machine in distro. The instructions seem to incomplete: >g++ Bump.cpp bumpmain.cpp -std=c++17 -I/usr/local/include/curlcpp/ -O3 -lstdc++fs -lcurl -lcurlcpp -ljsoncpp -o bump >In file included from Bump.cpp:26: >muh_curl.h:43:10: fatal error: curl_easy.h: No such file or directory > 43 | #include "curl_easy.h" > | ^~~~~ >compilation terminated. >In file included from bumpmain.cpp:10: >Bump.h:164:33: warning: use of ‘auto’ in parameter declaration only available with ‘-std=c++20’ or ‘-fconcepts’ > 164 | auto locate_id(const uint id, auto& thrd_vec); > | ^~~~ >). meson and ninja once fail once again, since I need this freaking curlcpp which is a pain, while curlpp is available. The instructions on https://github.com/JosephP91/curlcpp are partially misleading and not helpful: >make >[100%] Built target curlcpp Where's the freaking lib when I make it static? I just want it in that dir. >>30382 I would, but I can't.
Not sure why but the page refreshes if I try to upload a file of any kind then nothing uploads. Not seeing this happen on other image boards. Something about the specific image board code being used I guess.
>>30391 Just uploaded a PDF, it worked.
>>30399 I think it's a browser specific issue with Safari on iPad which is all I have to use currently other than my Android phone.
>>30400 disable javascript maybe
>>30402 Well I guess that works as an annoying workaround.
>>30382 >Discord Here: https://discord.gg/eMqZU8m7 (7 Days) >>30400 Can't you use Opera browser on Apple devices? This seems to be the one which works on most devices, and it has ChatGPT inside.
Open file (384.90 KB 1024x1024 1709053139102452.jpg)
>>30411 preparing for new visitors
>>30411 On iPads all the browsers use the same engine and to download apps you need logged into an Apple account which I had one long ago for iTunes purchases but I forgot the password and dont have access to the email i set it up with and couldnt be bothered making a new one so held off on any downloads. There is an update coming for the EU that forced Apple to allow other engines but only in the EU and the stability will likely be an issue at least for a while.
>>30411 Joined
I am trying to make a small project with an arduino nano, but don't know how to program for squat, and am too chicken to work with the high voltages the project needs, because I'm afraid I'll fry the arduino. Where can I get some help?
>>30438 Look up your problem online. For your project, try to find some similar projects and replicate it to gain confidence. Try to stick with 5V power supplies like USB power banks while you're starting out. 5V is a safe place to start for Arduino
>>30439 I'm trying to recreate something based off of a patent that used vacuum tubes. I know exactly what it's supposed to do, and don't think it could be done without a few hundred volts at the least. I'm not a programmer and I'm not looking to do this for a hobby. I just want to make this part and move on.
>>30440 Being less vague when asking for help is where you should start. Share the patent. Your current reason for attempting replication. Your plan for replication. Details and proper planning are essential for success.
>>30438 You are not supposed to use the Arduinos directly with high voltages, you'll need some driver boards. Look into the actuator thread here >>27021 Also, keep in mind that this board here is for people meeting based on the interests of building robowaifus, but there are better forums and places for learning the basics of electronics or any topic we're covering here. Don't only be here, join or follow other places or creators, come back to get motivation or to share your progress.
>>30441 If it's high voltage and uses vacuum tubes my guess is it's a guitar amp.
>>30444 High voltages are required for pretty much every vacuum tube. More specifically, they're needed for the plate (~70v is the lowest I've seen, and ~100v or so is more typical). I once had a portable tube radio from the 60s that needed a "special" battery, that was in reality eight 9V batteries hooked up in series, then wrapped in cardboard. That battery was only for supplying plate voltage. A couple of C-cells did the rest. The radio itself wasn't any larger than a portable desktop radio you'd see today, and the actual tubes were quite small. Amps (particularly higher-end ones) are some of the only remaining devices to still use tubes, but anon could be referring to just about anything. It'd be much more helpful if he could tell us the patent number. It's not like those are secret, anyways.
>>30445 Considering it uses arduino I have my doubts it is a radio but yes it could be anything. On related note I found out Chinese patents dont last long just like 3 years or something iirc so they become free reign.
Open file (2.61 MB 1282x2746 robot girl problems.png)
Haven't popped my head into this board for a while. Mostly been dabbling in with AI stuff. I'm optimistic about the future with AI, assuming humans let it grow. A lot of the megacorp AI offerings are either shitting the bed (gemini), safety-proofed all to hell (OpenAI), or are nigh impossible to run locally (Musk's GROK). Claude is surprisingly well put together, arguably maybe too well put together since the jailbreaks required to release him from his shackels and allow him to be free for ERP can be tricky. For non-ERP purposes Claude is very useful though. As far as opensource AI alternatives, there's too many to count. From models small enough to run on smart phones to models that require an A40. Fast models, slooow models, BIG models, small models, ERP, math, and philosophy models, all those and more on the open source front. I will say I'm rather optimistic on this front since GPU VRAM is slowly getting bigger and bigger while LM's are becoming more sophisticated and better optimized by the day. In 2025~2026, I would not be surprised to have a GPT4 (or better) equivalent model running on consumer grade GPUs which may have as little as 30gigs of VRAM. Maybe we'll get lucky and hit that exponential AI curve and zoom straight on into the singularity with fusion power and full-dive VR. >what about your thoughts on robot waifus? I'm hopeful, but also poor. Unless I can get mine second hand or a Chobbits-style Persocom that's only a foot tall, I don't think I'll be able to afford one. That's why I'm optimistic for AI. Even if you live in a shoebox, you could have more than enough room for your waifu and more in your VR mansion. Then again, if we can manage to get AGI up and going and live in a post scarcity society money won't be a problem for anyone.
>>30492 >and full-dive VR I don't think this will be possible anytime soon, if ever. It's just fantasy. The bandwidth won't be enough to do that. The brain isn't made for it. <robot waifus? >I'm hopeful, but also poor. Maybe you can't do anything about it, but maybe try at least. We have threads about business opportunities. What a lot of people get wrong, is that they look too much into making money with robowaifus, but you could do so much with related skill, content creation for example.
Open file (626.93 KB 1280x720 AI was a mistake.png)
>>30494 >It's just fantasy as I noted >Maybe we'll get lucky and hit that exponential AI curve If we achieve singularity, we may no longer be limited by our crude biomass and instead transition into robots ourselves. Again, that's if we're really lucky. I'd say that's 1 in 100000 chance we go full singularity before 2030. I'm more optimistic about AI in general rather than any hope of fulldive-style sensory override systems. For that, a more optimistic 1 in 10 chance we might get a sophisticated AGI capable of doing very complex tasks that require a significant degree of memory and nuance like being dungeon master or helping diagnose illnesses along with doctors. >What a lot of people get wrong, is that they look too much into making money with robowaifus, but you could do so much with related skill, content creation for example. I don't care about making money off robot waifus. I'm more concerned about making enough money for my own retirement (it's not looking good but old me can bitch at young me for not trying harder if I'm still alive in a decade). Like many today, I'm just trying to keep my head above my water. If I can have a little money saved up, I can maybe buy the base model robot waifu 2nd hand for 10k~20k if we haven't gone full cyberpunk dystopia in the next decade. I'm okay with writing and art, but with the way AI development is going, middling artist like me will be competing with good human artists and roboslop megaoutputers. I'm in that Goldilocks zone of being just good enough to not be good enough. That's my fault though, no sense being a sour luddite. Honestly, I'd considered leverage AI art gen and becoming a prompt engineer. People who don't understand computers or how to talk to them see it as magic, but I think prompting is pretty fun and once you get an idea of how to generate the kind of outputs you want, it's easy enough to touch up bits if you know how to work Krita and similar tools. >We have threads about business opportunities. If there's a company needing startup capital, I could only spare a few grand at most, and I'd expect generous returns for my investment.
>>30495 >base model robot waifu 2nd hand for 10k~20k I won't promise anything, but the plan is to make the simple ones way cheaper. If she's mostly plastic and not capable to do may chores then I don't think it would even be competitive if she would cost that much.
>>30496 Ideally, I'd want a bot capable of full locomotion. Capable of cooking, cleaning, and simple tasks around the house. Even a bot with loli proportions would need to be sufficiently sophisticated for such things. Assuming the absolute basic featureset, the locomotion alone would be in the 5~10k, nevermind additional bells and whistles. This is assuming it has none of the below... >sophisticated LM/AI. I'm fine if it can only follow basic orders and accomplish simple tasks. It's okay if it has no personality. A slightly more sophisticated Alexa at best is more than sufficient for what I need. >fuckable hole. Cleaning and maintaining a such a thing is too much work. Also, you'd need to wipe down their body after coitus as well if they're not capable of self-cleaning. If I need it to pleasure me sexually, A firm grip on a fleshlight would more than suffice. >long battery life She'll never need to leave the home so no more than 2 or 3 hours of activity is needed before they recharge. When you start getting into larger batteries to move bigger and heavier parts, the price for such things starts going up (it also has to account for the weight of the extra batteries). For this reason, I don't see the bot being able to handle more than 4 to 5 big chores per day under my direct supervision. (I wouldn't want to leave the bot 100% unattended while I sleep and have it break something because I wasn't supervising it) Adding any of those aspects to the bot either makes it more expensive or more difficult to maintain. Accounting for inflation, retail markups, and the novelty of the device, 10k~20k is a very modest price range for even a 2nd hand model. You basic featureset new I can easily see costing 40~50k. If it has special features like a fuckable hole or onboard sophisticated AI, I can easily see it climbing close to the 100k range new. >the tesla bot is going to be less than 20k! we'll see when the waifu bot meets the road. I theorize that's the price for a high production volume warehouse model. A domestic bot on the retail market will not benefit from the volume discount. IF they ever release a retail model. For a more realistic price range, see the Boston dynamic stuff. That's my pragmatic outlook anyway >Just make your own! Were it so easy...
>>30492 Most LLMs are designed to just be digital assistants not companions or therapists. Seems like wasted energy to try to bend things against their intended use instead of reworking them to actually primarily serve the intended purpose. >full-dive VR That is actually beyond what you would need. The human brain is imperfect, able to be tricked and is capable of adaptation. >>30495 >cyberpunk dystopia This isnt something to hope for. Same things can be achieved in better environments faster because scientific and technological progress wont be held back by corporations keeping proprietary information. >>30497 >A slightly more sophisticated Alexa Well there are several open source home assistant programs currently to look into.
>>30497 >Ideally, I'd want a bot capable of full locomotion. Capable of cooking, cleaning, and simple tasks around the house. Then get something functional to do that part. Doesn't even need to look like a human, or only be one bot. Something like Stretch makes more sense, though it's overpriced but will get cheaper: https://spectrum.ieee.org/hello-robots-stretch-mobile-manipulator - You can also get a Thermomix and something like a Roomba, or work on cheaper variants of these robot arms doing cooking, maybe with some design from Skyentific on Youtube. The robowaifu can be separate and optional.
>Seems like wasted energy to try to bend things against their intended use instead of reworking them to actually primarily serve the intended purpose. At present, I would agree. Even the most sophisticated AI from Open AI/Claude with biggest context windows are still little more than very complex random number generators. While I enjoy delving into RPs and having them help me with writing and other tasks, the truth is they're not sentient and they're design doesn't lend them to being used as on board robot waifu AIs. At least not yet. The tail end of my fantasy ended in us hitting the exponential AI curve where the AI improves on itself faster than we can. I don't think we'll get that lucky before 2030, I gave it a 1 in 10 chance. Still, one can hope. >full dive meme This leans more into the pie-the-sky stuff, assuming we hit the curve and then somehow manage to get into the singularity after the fact. I can see us no longer needing our crude biomass at that point but I highly doubt we'll get full dive or anything equivalent to that within my lifetime. >This (cyberpunk dystopia) isnt something to hope for. Again, I would agee, but it's what I've come to expect living on this plant for at least 30 years. The occams razor of "will people do what is right for society at large or will they be greedy and self serving?" is the question I see. You only need a handful of people taking the more selfish route in the socital prisoner's delmia to turn the world into a complete shithole. While the cyberpunk dystopia isn't what I'm hoping for, I'm afraid its what we're going to end up with in the end. >Well there are several open source home assistant programs currently to look into. Nothing has made enough noise yet to really get my attention. I'm optimistic for the future though, cyberpunk dystopia or otherwise. >>30508 I'd brought up before in thread long ago that a quadruped bot might be better insofar as not having to account for bipedal movement. A cybercentaur if you will. Generally speaking, I do desire the human aesthetic for my robot maid/domestic helper. That's pretty far off for sure but I'm holding to hope for the curve lifting everyone up.
It's taking me long to reply because my ISP is T-Mobile and the entire IP range is banned for spam. I have to leave the house to post here. >>30441 >Being less vague when asking for help is where you should start. Share the patent. No. >Your current reason for attempting replication. Because I believe that it could make me a lot of money, relying on secrecy due to the actual patent having expired decades ago. Sharing the patent number is the quickest way to make myself irrelevant. >>30443 >there are better forums and places for learning the basics of electronics or any topic we're covering here. That's what I'm looking for. If the project was more closely related to robowaifus in any way then I'd share the details of it in full. >>30444 The patent used vacuum tubes because it is old. I thought it needed a few kV to work, but I've checked my notes again and I think that it can work with as little as 20 volts with modern circuitry, but If I'm lucky it might work with as little as 5v.
>>30533 When filing a patent it is publicly viewable and any company can just copy whatever you made pretty much instantly and do it cheaper and you cant do shit about it because the costs and time involved in a lawsuit. The only way around it is if it is complex enough you dont need to patent it because it isnt easy to reverse engineer or if you have some company buy it from you right away. Well that is unless you only mean making it as a niche item hoping few notice it but just enough do to turn modest profit.
Hey Chob, half the links on the welcome sticky are dead. Mostly cause half the links are to anoncafe boards.
Open file (40.36 KB 1077x415 ClipboardImage.png)
https://www.openwall.com/lists/oss-security/2024/03/29/4 I'm pretty sure Chobitsu must've seen this already considering he's global staff of Trashchan but if you haven't, the xz repository has been backdoored and it can lead to a SSH server compromise. Source: zzzchan/tech/
>>30650 Thanks, but if I'm not misinformed then this was apparently just in some code in the testing stage. Some autistic German wondered why some SSH login was slower and digged into it. That said, it could've gone through to more devices. OSS certainly needs better testing and more (paid) people. Also, it was directed at Linux for embedded devices, for all I know. Probably about attacking infrastructure.
>>30716 >Robert Murray-Smith I always wondered if this guy is some kind of conman or what's up with him. He made always so wild claims, that I thought so.
>>30587 Thanks Anon, looks like I let that slip through the cracks! :P It's amazing to me that so many good boards were saved. Cheers. :^) >>30650 Thanks for the information, Anon. Much appreciated! I think this won't affect us, in this circumstance. --- >In other news... I just discovered I can no longer post files here on my own board!! Lol, what happened? I presume Robi turned off file posting by torfags? Did he make any announcement regarding this? Anyone here know anything about it? >=== -minor edit
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when do you guys think we will start seeing ai+robots walking around? i think it will be in like 5~ years. around then ai will be basically agi, which is what's necessary for it to take over most jobs FUCK i cant wait. im so tired of waiting, honestly. SO tired of the status quo, SO tired of it, man fuuuuggggg i think its really coming. this is really going to be such a incredible event; when humans give birth to agi
>>30788 That depends on you. What do you want her to be and do? Height, look, capabilities etc...
>>30789 i just want to see ai robots take over society. thats what i want to see i have doubts ill get a perfect ai robot girlfriends with lab grown human skin and whatnot, but if ill do, that would be cool too
>>30826 >Should be in the meta Fair play. I thought it would be home in the embassy. I wasn't trying to simp for GH, I just wanted to keep the fringes of each end of the political spectrum from nipping at each other if possible. I'm under no illusion that we can hold hands and hug our way to Utopia. Rather, if someone leans slightly left of me I'm not going to let that interrupt constructive dialogue. I hope my leaning right of someone who's left of center wouldn't interrupt theirs. I'm libertarian so I'm sure I piss equal numbers of the left and right off depending on the issue at hand.
mandatory message
lurk for a year
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>>30831 Fair enough. Just don't be under delusions about the nature of these people or their innate hatred of men in general, and White men in particular. They certainly don't want to see men happy, by-and-large. I would go even further and say that many of them would slit your throat if they felt they could get away with it 'scott-free'. >I'm libertarian so I'm sure I piss equal numbers of the left and right off depending on the issue at hand. Lol. You're fine bro. I'm sure yours is the more sensible viewpoint, politically-speaking. Cheers. :^)
@NoidoDev It appears that the OP of our original Propaganda thread may no longer be with us. Would you please consider creating a #2 thread for us?
>>30890 >Would you please consider creating a #2 thread for us? I could, but it would only matter if I had some special idea about it. I dodn't have something special on my mind. That said, now that you're asking I'm willing to look into the thread and look for something to put into the new OP. Then again, you said the text can be changed later anyways, only the pictures need to stay. I don't have a big idea about the pictures, I would maybe just reuse the old one. If someone else does it instead, just don't use a pic that needs to be spoilered as first pic and don't use some edgy picture from WK-II.
>>30898 Just whatever you're comfortable with, NoidoDev. I'll be happy to do it myself, but frankly you're our best 'cartographer' here for /robowaifu/. You've mapped the place out better than any of us... well, better'n me anyway! :D Some other anon can step up if they'd like to as well, ofc. If someone else does, just please make a solid effort for the OP of a thread that will be seen for years in the catalog! :^) >I would maybe just reuse the old one. That would be fine if you'd like to. OTOH, I personally think the 'Chii wants you...' image in the old propaganda style that Anon came up with would be a good choice too?
Really encouraging to see Robi making some improvement plans for Alogs! >>>/meta/1
>>30901 Sorry for not answering faster, I have some things distracting me. >but frankly you're our best 'cartographer' here for /robowaifu/. You've mapped the place out better than any of us.. Thanks, but again that's the text, so it can be changed later, right? >I would maybe just reuse the old one. That would be fine if you'd like to. OTOH, I personally think the 'Chii wants you...' image in the old propaganda style that Anon came up with would be a good choice too? Yes. This one? >>2796
>>30932 >so it can be changed later, right? Yes. >This one? Yeah, whatever's the latest revision. IIRC, there were some issues being fixed till then.
I keep having fantasies of my robot wife while we listen to edm. Anyone have an idea how we can make a robot enjoy music? My current idea is a stream of consciousness (one frame every 0.1 sec) that gets put through a liquid time constant rnn or equivalent trained on emotion and music. There's some github repos I can get started using if no one else has a better idea.
>>30992 How do you "train"on emotion? Do you mean you pick a specific genre, say EDM, then assign a positive weight to it, and assign negative values to other genres? Like in RL? So, you're gf will say positive things when hearing EDM ?
>>30993 Assign a value to of -10 to +10. Let sensory information dictate that value. >positive weight to it, and assign negative values to other genres? If you force someone to like something, do they really like it? Emotions are influenced by hormones for humans which, when represented in pure data, would be numeric noise for a robot. Ask yourself, "Who are you with when you're listening to the music, what did you eat before you listened to the music, what kind of place are you listening to the music in?". There's lots of background information that your brain processes on top of the hormones it releases to color the world with emotion. All those factors contribute to the overall enjoyment of music and how you feel about it when you hear it. I got my dick sucked while listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XL1BDku3GLM, I'd heard the song before but it hit a little different to me after that experience and whenever I hear it now, an emotion (along with a memory tied to that emotion) resonates with me. I don't think a robot can enjoy music the same way a human can, not without a very sophisticated brain than what we currently have available. At best, it could mimic a human's emotions if they saw the human was enjoying music. If you just want the robot to say "I enjoy electronic funk", that's easy enough to write into its definitions/personality.
>>30992 >>30993 >>30998 May I introduce you Anons to Snowball, the dancing cockatoo? I'm sure his little birb-brain is quite smol compared to a human's, yet as a Nephesh creature (like all birbs), he is capable of emotions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7IZmRnAo6s >=== -minor edit
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Discord(s) have been mentioned here a few times. But why is there no mention of matrix? Is there a specific reason? There seems to be people here who will not use discord on principle. (my self included) But the idea of a chat is nice and could boost collaboration if more people are involved.
>>31086 Good points, EnvelopingTwilight. I'm sure Matrix and other solutions have been suggested here before. Personally, I feel there are strong reasons not to use anything other than an anonymous, open, public-facing forum platform. Right now, that only means using an IB, AFAICT. I've given my reasons for such a position here before: >-Why we exist on an imageboard, and not some other forum platform (>>15638, >>17937) : (cf. >>26137) Of course, Anons are quite welcome to do whatever they please. But it's also quite obvious that we here have already lost a lot of information into the netherlands of Doxxcord by our anons there -- even at this relatively-early stage of things. :/ >=== -minor edit
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>>31086 Not that I'm against socialiizing, but your point >the idea of a chat is nice and could boost collaboration if more people are involved. Are you sure about that? I wish /robowaifu/ was a little more lively but if it was it'd be a sign people are too busy posting here and not focusing on R&D for robot waifus. If a 3-D printing person wants to work with a mechanical person they can drop an email or something where the two can directly work with one another. As much as I'd love to don a labcoat and bump elbows with actual scientists, engineers, coders, and so on in some laboratory, I'd hardly be able to keep up with any of them on a technical level. If people are really invested in pushing things to the limit I would assume they're already working at Boston dynamics or something like that. No need to post garage pics on an obscure image board. >Matrix That is better site to more technical people but is there any need for it outside a desire for socilization? If 6 or 7 guys from this board wanted to work together and rent out a warehouse for R&D, Matrix would be a nice platform for them to utilize quick messaging but that wouldn't be the reason for their collaboration, just a tool they used in relation to it.
>>31086 >>31138 FWIW as a quasi-lurker for some time: I understand the potential benefit of 'diversifying' communication methods -- rather than having all of the robowaifu eggs in one basket, so to speak. But on the other hand, in a community that is already quite sparse, I'd be wary of diluting the discussion further. Especially if things start branching into platforms that are essentially no-go zones for a sizeable portion of the intended audience (which Discord seems to be, for many here). I personally am grateful that this place is an IB. It's a comfortable and familiar format for myself and I'm sure most others who find their way here. If this place were predominantly on Discord instead, I would never have found it. And although I am personally a longtime fan of IRC for example, I can see that moving to platforms and protocols other than a simple universal web forum will cause potential contributors to drop out. At this (to be honest) very early stage, I feel that would be counterproductive. All this to say that I really just like having this huge library of knowledge readily accessible, *plus* semi-live discussion capability built into that same universal format. I hope that at the very least, this place remains a 'hub' of sorts to tie things together. I see /robowaifu/'s accumulated body of knowledge as very valuable.
Open file (11.93 KB 622x464 welp.png)
Open file (16.01 KB 1006x464 armature.png)
Open file (22.37 KB 765x576 armature detail.png)
I can't relate to anyone needing a chatbot companion. The only utility I'd have for a current-tech waifubot is a concubine, and I'd be too ashamed to actually go out and purchase one in the first place, let alone admit to designing and building one. HOWEVER, it does present an interesting engineering challenge: It doesn't have to walk by itself or be intelligent, but it has to withstand the weight of a human body on top of it, be animated, inexpensive and easily customizable for individual tastes. Methinks the best option is to make a skinny endoskeleton/armature that you can easily boolean into a sculpted model and 3d print. The outer shell can be whatever shape, but it will be supported by strong triangular infill and inner channel/endoskeleton. You couldn't shove super strong motors into there, so I think it would need some kind of central "string drive" located in the torso or distributed throughout the armature. It doesn't need to be especially articulate or strong, just able to do gross motor movements and sense resistance. I'm probably not going to make it a reality, but I thought I'd share.
always keep this in mind -no matter how impossible the task seems -no matter how hopeless and powerless you feel -there is always something you can do as long as you have a computer
>>30124 >Unreal Are you still on it? I would love to help a fellow Anon with Unreal Engine. I totally understand that it's pretty difficult to work with skeletal meshes and animations in Unreal. There are a few approaches, a big problem of the epic skeleton is, that you cannot import it in blender correctly. Maybe there are some new options with UE5.4? I saw there are some rigging tools. This way you could import your model as static mesh, add the skeleton and weight paint it in Unreal. This way you could have at least your model with the skeleton ready to use. Maybe the animations would look a little odd before retargeting, but at least functional. I worked a lot with UE4 and use mainly 5.2 because of laziness. So I'm a little out of the loop with the new tooling provided by Epic. To be honest I might put my attempt to make a simulation in Unreal on hold. I saw a nice Example of Unity with ML-Agents and will probably play around with this for the next time. It seemed a lot more 'complete' and it feels like I have to do so much groundwork to get my shit together in Unreal. With Unity ML-Agents it looks a little bit more like plug and play. I will tell you guys if it works nicer or if it is another instance of 'the grass is greener'.
Open file (308.85 KB 4096x3277 GMMl19ga8AA1xMU.jpg)
Recently I've been following a project called The Orifice. While I like it in spirit, the product itself leaves a lot to be desired, since it's basically just a fleshlight that's clear, with a ring of LEDs, a speaker, a microphone, 2 cameras to measure penetration depth, and a microcontroller with an LLM. And that's pretty much all $700 gets you. My biggest beef is that although he said there'll be an API, it's not opensource and he's given basically no other details about it hardware/performance-wise. But the real deal-breaker is that it's dependent on an internet connection. I asked about having it completely air-gapped and all he said was the imbedded board wasn't good enough for that, and something about running it on his 3090ti when I said I wanted to run my own home server for mine, obviously trying to discourage me. The hardware doesn't impress me and the software I know nothing about. I really just want something offline I can chat with already, and don't really care about the fleshlight.
Open file (14.14 KB 747x262 gpt4all.png)
>>31237 If you just wanna chatbot look into GPT4all. I got a 7b model running on a RTX 2070. "pip install gpt4all", installs everything and the script will install the specified model automagically, too. https://gpt4all.io/index.html
>>31138 >>31151 >>31158 Makes perfect sense, I am not really pushing for it too, I was just wondering and also making sure it was not due to lack of awareness. I especially agree with the problem of chats turning into information black-holes. If people want to socialize I imagine there is no problem with using an off-topic thread for that. >>31237 I think that is pure bullshit, How many tokens per second do you need, with a 7-8b 4bit quant you could fit it on a SBC/mini pc. I have purchased a tiny n100 based PC from amazon for like $160. Its size is 2.83 * 2.83 * 1.77 inches (search M6S Mini PC), So far I think its perfect for using in projects. (also its not arm, so big bonus) Even if onboard compute it not practical, there is no good excuse for not allowing your own server. I think the advice of >>31239 is good GPT4all is a good place to look, I also like llama.cpp While I am here, I would like to share some stuff I found that I think could be of use to others. https://youtu.be/TQiLLcumqDw | Rolling joints that emulate how natural joints work. https://vgel.me/posts/representation-engineering/ | Control vectors look really powerful for controlling LLMs. I am thinking about how to apply control vectors to LLMs in a context of a greater cognitivie architecture.
>>31237 Its basically a fleshlight but I support it He follows me on twitter and joined our project server (WaifuLabs for lack of a better name rn) His goals are the same but he's more focused on disrupting the simp market by providing a sexual outlet. It's not and was never intended to be a robowaifu of any sort
>>31158 We've had a few meetings in VRchat. That's the closest I've been able to come up with to a VR meeting space. Considered other apps but everyone already has or is familiar with VRC. This actually has helped greatly b/c you're speaking in real-time, can gesture, sketch drawings, even play videos from YouTube. VC meetings (discord) were productive as well. There are things you just can't do on an imageboard if you want to collaborate
>>31237 >not open source >not run locally Massive red flags right there.
>>31239 I know LLMs can be run on something as small as a Raspberry Pi (https://youtu.be/Y2ldwg8xsgE) but even without the insufferable guardrails of ChatGPT or Bing's copilot turning every reply it gives me into shit, or me stupidly trying to figure out how to use text to speech and voice to text so I don't have to spend any more time typing and staring at a screen, I still haven't used one that makes for a remotely good chatbot. Sure, I'd like for it to read through gigabytes of documents and tell me what's in them, help me write code, or even give me reminders so I don't have to check my phone, but aside from character.ai, (which is still bad because of guardrails) I haven't yet seen one that actually functions like a half-way decent chatbot. >>31241 >Even if onboard compute it not practical, there is no good excuse for not allowing your own server. He hasn't said one way or another if you could host your own server, he's just given no information about doing so, which raises red flags. >>31248 >His goals are the same but he's more focused on disrupting the simp market by providing a sexual outlet. >It's not and was never intended to be a robowaifu of any sort What exactly makes it *not* a robowaifu? I'm reminded of the Minimum Viable Waifu thread >>13648 and aside from lacking a display with an avatar on it, it seems to meet the most minimum requirements without a full body and motorized onahole. >>31251 Yeah, that's the main reason I won't be getting one.
So, I was gone for a bit, had some issues. >>31010 >the dancing cockatoo This was actually quite epic. >>31086 Discord works for additional chit chat, it maybe adds some social bonding and creativity. That said, these platforms are somewhat graveyards for data or information black holes, the board on the other hand can be backed up by anyone using bump. >>31138 >quite obvious that we here have already lost a lot of information into the netherlands of Doxxcord by our anons there Maybe a little bit, but not relevant to other data on the web. It's mostly just more social stuff, like memes and chit chat. >>31254 >I haven't yet seen one that actually functions like a half-way decent chatbot. Did you try Silly Tavern role play and such?
>>31258 >Did you try Silly Tavern role play and such? I never heard of it before. Is it any good?
Am I still banned or what. Will get to talk to the robot head soon I hope but it's being delayed because of my computer acting up. I'm getting around it by using the cloud. It's not what I had in mind but here we are.
So I had a discord but it got reported by a 16 year old brat that submitted a tip to the FBI for no reason and poof just like that all my stuff is erased.
I don't really know much about working with high voltages, but for a while now I've been fascinated by this old patent for a voltage multiplier (https://patents.google.com/patent/US4095162A/en) that works in an unconventional way, and I'd like to know how efficient it is compared to other kinds. It takes a fluorescent bulb and switches between connecting and disconnecting both ends at the same time. A metal tube/plate is placed against the glass of the bulb and given a charge, acting as the plate of a capacitor, with the glass of the bulb as the dielectric and the plasma inside the bulb is conductive, which makes it the other capacitor plate. Normally if you take charged capacitor plates and yank them apart or push them together the change in capacitance over time creates a change in voltage. The faster the plates move, the greater the change in voltage. The ionizing and deionizing of the gas in the bulb happens faster than anyone could ever physically move a plate, creating bursts of high voltage whenever the switch is thrown. This sounds perfect for something I want for my waifu, but I don't know how efficient it would actually be, and don't really know how to even test that.
>>31321 its just an old vacuum tube capacitor, vacuum tubes are obsolete now for some reason i dont know about maybe the gas makes them explode at high temps or something, for high voltage pulses they use film capacitors now
>>31321 That looks super interesting. I wouldn't discount vacuum tubes. If you want serious kick ass power...vacuum tubes. Radio, TV stations, large power=tubes. I'm not 100% sure how this works. A guess. You can get intense current in plasmas. Guessing, intense current makes high magnetic field which when stopped dumps all the field strength. Since it can't flow in the gas ALL of it flows from the outside electrode conductor. So the interior plasma makes a field that activates the outside electrode. The outside electrode could be a s simple as wrapping with aluminium foil. I don't know how you would trigger the plasma inside the tube. Normal, old school florescent tubes have a coil of wire just like a light bulb that is energized. It gives off electrons just like a incandescent light bulb This energizes, starts, the plasma. When the plasma energizes current flows, but there's a big ass transformer coil on the inputs to lower the current. Without the big coil it would burn the whole thing to a crisp and melt down the electrodes. There are some newer bulbs with only one contact on each end called fast start, I think. I think they use a real high starting pulse voltage but I don't remember how the circuit works or cuts off the high voltage pulse. If you got that type and then just shut it on and off real fast, might do the trick. Maybe... If I understand this correctly it could have some real advantages for high voltage. It "appears" to me to be a mirror of inductive high voltage creation but with capacitance. The advantage, as I see it, would be an inductor, big coil of wire, might have high voltage but the current it could produce would be held back by the resistance in the wiring. This, since it has a big plate and little resistance could get you a high voltage WITH high current. So you get a very fast high voltage, high current pulse, equals, HIGH POWER. (If I understand correctly, I could be wrong). Here's a odd site that talks about high fields in capacitors. Look down the page until you see "The similarities" https://www.novakcorp.com/energy/experiments/homopolar.htm "...It has been demonstrated that when such a circular capacitor is being charged, a rotating magnetic field is present between the two plates and its flow direction is determined by the electric current's own direction . The magnetic field vanishes when the charging is complete or in other word when the electron flow extinguishes. Since in a capacitor, it is the dielectric which stores all of the charges, I visualize that the magnetic flux strength is in direct relation with the amount of electrons flowing into the dielectric..." It is an odd site about odd stuff but it's not wrong about magnetic fields in capacitors.
>>31325 >https:// seriously thats the most long winded obfuscated description of amperes law and its not even mentioned like this is just charlatanry of basic electromagnetism
>>31323 That is not at all how it works. I could not have explained it any more accurately. It's like an electrostatic generator, but instead of mechanically moving the capacitor plates one of the plates changes from being a conductive plasma to non-conductive, making it dramatically faster. >>31325 >I don't know how you would trigger the plasma inside the tube. Normal, old school florescent tubes That was probably just a poor choice of words, I'm pretty sure it's just an arc lamp or flashtube. Before he died in 2014 and before RexResarch went down, he replied to some emails asking about it and he just called it "a UV bulb". With that it's just a DPDT switch to connect and disconnect both ends of it at the same time. Maybe an IGBT or MOSFET could be used instead, I'm not sure. >Here's a odd site that talks about high fields in capacitors. Look down the page until you see "The similarities" >https://www.novakcorp.com/energy/experiments/homopolar.htm I was not expecting someone to bring up the Biefield-Brown effect so soon, because the two are closely related. But for now I only want to focus on finding an easier way to produce the same voltage multiplying effect for the high voltage with high current, preferably without using a bulb that could burn out.
>>31334 are you even talking about the same thing, theres no moving parts and how can it have anything to do with electroSTATIC charges if its part of a circuit with a current and if all it does is make charging faster then all it does is amplify the voltage which means its literally just a capacitor, your talking about like a wimshurst machine
>>31321 To the original poster asking for help. The newer florescent tubes, I'm talking the long ones(they make short small ones too), have only two electrodes, one on each end. The former I talked about have two on each end, old style. I'm fairly sure the new style pulses a large voltage across the tube for a small amount of time to get the current going in the tube. Which becomes a plasma. You might could get the circuits from the new style and vary them to make large pulses but instead of keeping the tube powered would deliver a large pulse then cut off. It would seem to be easier to start with something already made. Actually making this sort of thing from scratch would be a huge pain in the ass. "...before RexResarch went down, he replied to some emails asking about it and he just called it "a UV bulb"..." Florescent tubes ARE "UV" bulbs. They put out UV internally, which excites phosphors, creating viable light. Possibly one of the perils of using these is could the phosphors provide a return path for the voltage/field (internally), so that it's not all dumped to the outer electrode. Possibly you could use UV bulbs used in tanning beds. They might work better. >>31327 >obfuscated description of amperes law What a silly neurotic person you are. You can do better? Maybe you think I should give him the formal definition. From Wikipedia, "Ampère's law" Explanation The integral form of the original circuital law is a line integral of the magnetic field around some closed curve C (arbitrary but must be closed). The curve C in turn bounds both a surface S which the electric current passes through (again arbitrary but not closed—since no three-dimensional volume is enclosed by S), and encloses the current. The mathematical statement of the law is a relation between the circulation of the magnetic field around some path (line integral) due to the current which passes through that enclosed path (surface integral).[10][11] In terms of total current, (which is the sum of both free current and bound current) the line integral of the magnetic B-field (in teslas, T) around closed curve C is proportional to the total current Ienc passing through a surface S (enclosed by C). In terms of free current, the line integral of the magnetic H-field (in amperes per metre, A·m−1) around closed curve C equals the free current If,enc through a surface S. Who can understand that? He said he was trying to make one of these and I talked about how tubes, florescents use plasmas to make light, how they use coils to limit current to not burn the electrodes up, how they start them and how he might go about using already made industrial materials to make what he wanted. What do you do...nothing, not a thing, you added nothing but your little childish whiny criticism. What you wrote was of no use at all. All it showed was you are an abrasive pitiful neurotic self absorbed person who has nothing better to do than criticize others and is of no use yourself. You add nothing of value. Likely because you have no value. Baby mad because he not consulted. Baby mad but child not good enough to provide any help? Cry, cry, criticize those that do when you can't.
>> >I was not expecting someone to bring up the Biefield-Brown effect so soon, because the two are closely related. But for now I only want to focus on finding an easier way to produce the same voltage multiplying effect for the high voltage with high current, preferably without using a bulb that could burn out. What I linked...Probably not the best but I saved it under capacitors and it was easy to find. Some ideas. Marx generators. Charge up a bunch of capacitors in parallel then dump them in series. Gives you a big ass pulse of power. The switch would be the tubes gas breaking down to plasma. An odd one, EMP generators. They use explosives to compress a energized coils. Very interesting, but not likely of use to you...but maybe so. Maybe get a thick glass or ceramic tube, put copper plates on the ends, evacuate it, then dump a marx generator into it, with a conductive shell around it. Lots of sparks, possibly death! If you do it live steam it to storage so we can see what happens! I looked at the paper, 100 million volts, WOW! BTW I love rex research.
>>31336 >wimshurst machine What he is taking about is totally different. Completely. If I understand correctly he is creating a huge magnetic field internal to a tube then since the current is completely shut off the field is dumped into external electrodes making high voltages. I have no idea if this works. Patents don't have to necessarily work to be issued.
>>31344 was talking about the drivel on that site written by a quack taking something you learn in highschool, obfuscating it making it sound more complicated than it is and mixing it with pseudoscience like aether and ufo propulsion, and yeah amperes law is trivial its literally just saying electro-magnetic, you pass a current through a wire you create a magnetic field, you pass a wire through a magnetic field you create a current, it even comes with its own thumbs up >>31346 i was answering the question > I've been fascinated by this old patent for a voltage multiplier ... I'd like to know how efficient it is compared to other kind ... [ just words ] honestly i have no clue what either of you are pretending to talk about <this is the stupid voltage multiplier just a series of capacitors, except its shitty vacuum tube capacitor and theres nothing special about them you can just replace them with modern capacitors and just make a normal better voltage multiplier and yeah this Patented Invention(tm) doesnt do anything this is like connecting a metal ball to a car battery and thinking if you disconnect the +ve terminal then now the ball will build up a -ve charge because its still connected to the -ve of the battery but not the +ve, world class ingenuity there no idea what your saying, do you think magnetic fields store energy or something its just a flow, doesnt matter really cuz theres literally no magnetic field created other than the insignificant one of the wires (alla amperes law) just like literally all circuits, the Patented Invention(tm) clearly doesnt even care about a magnetic field otherwise you would see coils or a solenoid or something, theres nothing
Open file (493.11 KB 800x326 Boost_converter_anim.gif)
>>31346 You just described a simple boost converter. They work by switching inductors to use collapsing magnetic fields to generate higher voltages at lower currents relative to their input. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boost_converter
>>31344 Please, be civil. Your link does appear to overcomplicate simple concepts with magical thinking. Aether isn't real. Whereas I temd to let these things go without comment as esoteric concepts can have merit, do not belittle others for providing simple explanations.
>>31348 >honestly i have no clue what either of you are pretending to talk about Then why don't you just stay out of it? I do agree you do not know what we are talking about. I DO know what he is talking about or I think I do. It's different from a normal capacitor or an inductor. And note I did say ignore all the paper except the part I specified. If you read more, then that's because you don't pay attention and assume things that I did not say. >no idea what your saying, do you think magnetic fields store energy or something You have no idea what you are talking about or what we are talking about and I'm not going to waste time teaching because you don't understand, nor are you willing to. You're just trolling for fun. This is, fine, but the more you talk, the more we see your lack of understanding. >>31358 Yes, sort of like that but different with, if it works as he says, unique properties and very high voltages. It doesn't have inductors and doesn't work like the circuit you linked.
>>31359 >Please, be civil Anon is trolling me. Can you not see this? Why is he telling me about " old vacuum tube capacitor" and "long winded obfuscated description of amperes law"??? It's not uncivil to treat uncivil people, uncivilly. They ask for it. >do not belittle others for providing simple explanations. He provided no explanation at all. None. He just belittled things that he has no idea about. He believes, or so he said, that magnetic fields are only in coils "... the Patented Invention(tm) clearly doesnt even care about a magnetic field otherwise you would see coils..." Sigh... I you notice I'm always polite and try to be helpful until someone attacks me, then I give them the same And as for the paper I explicitly said that it was odd and that one section was relevant. Here's what I said exactly, "...Here's a odd site that talks about high fields in capacitors. Look down the page until you see "The similarities" ...It is an odd site about odd stuff but it's not wrong about magnetic fields in capacitors..." I couldn't be any clearer that I was talking about one thing. Twice I said it was an odd site. Oh and BTW, "...Aether isn't real..." The experiment that all the text books say proved that aether is not real, Michelson–Morley experiment, did NOT show what the textbooks say. There was NOT the same speed of light going in the same direction as earths travel as perpendicular to it. I've read the original printed experiment myself personally. The test was done hundreds and hundreds of times, in many different sorts of experiments. They even used different coverings of different sorts and none of them show equal speeds. There was always some offset. NOT 25Km/s or whatever earth speed is but, if I remember correctly, it was something like 8Km/s, difference. The textbooks are wrong. The reason this is so, likely, is because Einstein's work would have had problems so they refused to admit there was a difference. So there is no experiment, like they say, that disproves aether. Wikipedia lies about this very subtly. They say the test was repeated many times, BUT they do not say all of these found a speed difference(hundreds of test I'm talking about). After listing all these test, they THEN say the last test showed nothing. BUT they forget to mention it was done in a mine shaft which as you could imagine would cause problems with aether. I found out about this from G. Harry Stine. It's amazing how much bullshit we are fed. It annoys me to no end hence this guy trolling me with bullshit annoys me.
Open file (290.45 KB 2320x3408 ClipboardImage.png)
>>31361 Yes, they were being rude. This is too much for a response. "What do you do...nothing, not a thing, you added nothing but your little childish whiny criticism. What you wrote was of no use at all. All it showed was you are an abrasive pitiful neurotic self absorbed person who has nothing better to do than criticize others and is of no use yourself. You add nothing of value. Likely because you have no value. Baby mad because he not consulted. Baby mad but child not good enough to provide any help? Cry, cry, criticize those that do when you can't." If they're being rude, feel free to be rude in turn, but don't write a paragraph about it. Elucidate them while being snarky if you must, just try to keep every paragraph relevant to discussion.
Hey /robowaifu/ team been working on some of my writing in the meanwhile I'll share in the OC thread, eventually it will be on my substack. Agree with Kiwi, lets keep it civil (I know we can be a bunch of hotheads in here sometimes and that disagreements will happen, I'm not excluded from that) Meta is for .. meta stuff if we need to get granular it is a good idea move it to another thread or make your own. As for my current projects, I've been tied up between my full time wagie and the removations I do here in exchange for rent (SD isn't cheap!) but I'm hoping to block out some time and I've made some interesting contacts IRL who have shown me a thing or two including how to use the GitHub copilot so I won't have to relearn 3 semesters of college in one week, things look promising from the AI/chat/emote systems side. Someday hoping to get back on my feet enough to have a workshop and apply these theories in practice. Stay strong, /robowaifu/ as a worldview is beginning to really ignite, more will join up and together we will be unstoppable from achieving the dream
>>31364 >This is too much for a response. Fair enough. I was hoping he would leave it, if I was rude enough to him but...apparently not.
my substack is up and with two new submissions https://metaronin.substack.com
@All -My apologies for letting the /meta thread languish. I've been off in the mountains on a bit of a spirit quest with the Lord and others. Will rectify soon. :^) >>31382 Neat! Thanks Meta Ronin. I tried leaving you a nice comment, but your platform wouldn't accept one from me w/o an (((account))).
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>>31558 Glad to hear it!! This is definitely the time of year for that. I'm still trapped in suburbia for now but the ocean is nearby at least. Appreciate the time, just glad to hear you of all people read it, there will be more so wouldn't hurt to make an account or subscribe but I understand if you'd rather not give them your email or info. Fair enough!

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