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Emmy the Robot - Official Thread Robowaifu Technician 11/30/2023 (Thu) 03:58:48 No.26629
Welcome all Nandroids fans to the Emmy thread, for discussing and posting about EtR. Please refrain from posting off-topic or non-Nandroid related things. --- Also, be sure to check out Emmy-Pilled's project thread! (>>25306) >=== -minor edit -add project crosslink
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/01/2023 (Fri) 00:35:17.
Open file (3.11 MB 1200x4880 1700921835522599.png)
Open file (3.18 MB 1200x4001 1700921927542195.png)
Open file (3.30 MB 1200x3771 1700921995234207.png)
Open file (3.28 MB 1200x5833 1700922075446165.png)
this week's comic for those who missed it
>>26629 Looking forward to learning all about EtR Lore, OP! Cheers. :^)
>>26635 from what I see in here there seems to be actual moderation going on. I think I saw a janny once on endchan?
Open file (285.34 KB 1058x2376 MyaChan.png)
>>26630 That's a sweet little story. >>26635 >>26636 Fret not, Chobitsu and I will carefully moderate this thread (& board) Made my own Nandroid, May Chan. An outmode that pretended to be a cat to find a home.
>>26637 what a cute idea
Open file (10.85 KB 225x224 Threat.jpg)
After being alerted to other threads being buried under shitposts and fighting, I will be ruthless in enforcing a baseline of quality in this thread. Mild trolling will be fine if it's fun. Make every effort to stay on topic and remember, Emmy wants us all to be happy and get along! Stay keen or be cleaned!
>>26645 Excellent. Dont play nice with them.
>>26637 >Made my own Nandroid, May Chan. A cute!
Open file (190.08 KB 671x783 CuteLulu.png)
>>26647 I warned you. Your post has nothing to do with Emmy the Robot and reduces the quality of the thread without being fun. Post kept for the sake of being an example of the shit that won't fly here. >>26638 >>26646 >>26648 Thanks! Nandroids are really growing on me. They're all so cute and wonderful in their own way! Lulu is cutest though.
>>26649 >Lulu is cutest though. Thanks to Emmy-Pilled, I found out about Lulu. As a robowaifuist, it appeals to me b/c I know I'm going to make many mistakes along the way just like so many great men before us have, and so caring for damaged waifus has a kind of sentimental affection effect on me.
Open file (108.76 KB 1920x1080 1701207289096461.png)
>>26651 Dont bring it up, at all. The drama doesnt belong here
Open file (48.99 KB 680x1254 Avery.jpeg)
>>26650 You're right, there's something sentimental about Lulu. Wish we could repair Nandroids. Just need to invent them instead! >>26652 Thank you. Who's your favorite Nandroid?
>>26655 Probably Chaika since shes my oc
>the pedophile is here now too Yup fuck this place too Good luck mods, you'll need it.
>>26663 We have to try, we need at least one comfy thread
Open file (81.59 KB 680x1017 EmmyVictorious.jpeg)
>>26663 All demons will be eradicated in Emmy's name.
Open file (7.92 KB 303x166 images (5).jpeg)
Avery is best nandroid.
Open file (100.82 KB 940x1200 F2jDar9WQAkfKtb.jpg)
Open file (396.48 KB 1008x1373 1683474289995561.png)
>>26666 Nandroids must be protected
Open file (68.17 KB 924x900 F9OAdi2WsAgNsEy.jpeg)
Open file (391.66 KB 825x1520 nunvery.png)
>>26672 that's not a nandroid tho, at least post the nandroid version
Open file (77.45 KB 910x907 Christmas Avery.jpg)
>>26667 By far the best.
Open file (342.83 KB 1800x2400 sundressvery.jpg)
>>26675 a shame he stopped drawing her and quit the fandom
Open file (508.37 KB 563x845 LuluAI.png)
I'm not one to flood with AI art so I won't, but I picked up that Lulu edit from the recent /co/ thread and edited it a little more, I think it looks pretty nice
>>26681 Yeah but fuck him. We can make our own
>>26681 I like to think he'll come back again one day, even if it may be years. >>26682 That looks nice. It's a shame he doesn't have enough time to train it on the comic strips, as that's really the only kind of AI art I'd be interested in. Emmy-Pilled, can we expect any festive OC from you this month? I notice you have none on the booru
Open file (1.44 MB 768x1024 Untitled90.png)
>>26686 Maybe if the fandom improves
Open file (255.30 KB 805x909 tloula.png)
>>26685 >Yeah but fuck him That's exactly why he refused to come back, don't keep it going. >>26686 >I like to think he'll come back again one day, even if it may be years. With how things are going I doubt he's even thinking about us anymore, he's cycled through at least three new OCs by now and haven't done anything nandroid-related in months. It's best we move on honestly, let's just try to not make teh same mistakes with newer drawfags.
Open file (187.95 KB 1916x877 F1bX2HlWIAMtuAi.png)
>>26689 Silver lining, im trying to learn how to draw like teelo so i can fill the void
>>26692 Doing gods work
Open file (1.77 MB 447x424 emawareuh.gif)
>>26691 Personally I'd prefer to get new stuff rather than try to recreate the past, but if you manage that godspeed. And it took me until now to realize "robowaifu technician" is this board's version of "anonymous" and this place wasn't spammed by the same namefag.
Open file (1.01 MB 2048x2048 image0-2.png)
>>26694 I cant draw at all yet so its gonna a be a long time
Open file (900.66 KB 3000x3000 Natalia.png)
Protip: you can hide spam by clicking the little black circle and clicking filter name
I'm officially cheering Robowaifu mods on, maybe they'll be able to maintain some semblance of peace
>>26698 Me too, its been hell since the peru incident
Posting a greentext i wrote for my oc chaika since its safe to do so here >Chaika was busy cleaning the stove when her masters son Sergei came into the kitchen >"Chaika, new western drink called Red Bull is at supermarket now. I need to to buy some." >He placed a wad of rubles into her mechanical hand and left >Chaika changed into her standard issue sterling uniform and went to the elevator >As the doors opened she smiled feeling the warm summer sun on her face. She rarely got to go outside. >Since the supermarket was close by she decided to walk >There was already a huge crowd of people at the store who were also eager to try the new import. Chaika was quite sad that she could never do the same. >She pulled a six pack of the stuff off the shelf and made her way to the cash register >after what seemed like hours it was finally her turn >The cash register was manned by an especially beautiful nandroid with purple eyes >She gave Chaika a dirty look as she scanned the drinks but she didnt really notice >"500 rubles please" the cashier asked >Chaika handed over the cash and received 300 in change >She began walking home quickly, not wanting to keep her master waiting >When she got home she presented a can to Sergei who eagerly opened it and took a sip >"blin is good"
Open file (49.73 KB 1080x1080 missywalk.jpeg)
>>26700 >>26698 >>26669 Not even trying to talk shit, but I really don't understand the appeal of those fandroids. I tried reading their stories or just looking into them but it feels forced or badly written. I don't understand how there's so much art of them while being so forgettable.
>>26702 Some are good, some not. Its a community tradtition to make one
Open file (66.26 KB 584x705 tiremolly.jpg)
that was uncalled for
>>26666 Based. >>26698 >I'm officially cheering Robowaifu mods on, maybe they'll be able to maintain some semblance of peace Kiwi is a very based Anon, and a knowledgeable and skilled engineer too.
Open file (111.26 KB 585x1200 Coat.jpeg)
Hope we get more art of winter Nandroids! They looks so cute and cozy in sweaters and jackets!
>>26719 >This fandom deserves all the encouragement and applause for their consistent dedication. That's quite true. I'm really looking forward to learning more about it ITT, since I'm rather new to it.
Open file (57.88 KB 680x1020 Cute.jpeg)
>>26734 I'm honestly still new as well. I do adore the fan works, but would appreciate our new frens talking about the source material. Who is she? I've seen some wholesome pictures of her being loving.
Open file (137.68 KB 650x900 LuluChristmas.png)
>>26704 I think Celly is nice. The cashier has a lot of art because her author is very pushy about getting free art and people are usually too kind to refuse an innocent request, that's about it.
>>26745 NTA but Noelle is a different take on a Nandroid's role. They're usually expected to be robotic maids for busy families with children to take care of, but she's been relegated to caring for an old veteran instead, which she still is technically qualified for. She's not angry about it, but she still kinda envies other Nandroids for being able to take care of children. So like a childless Nandroid if you can put it that way.
>>26726 A cute! :^)
>>26754 >So like a childless Nandroid if you can put it that way. Interesting. Since we're all about actual, IRL robowaifus who at least to some degree can mimic human cognition/emotions/behaviors, the idea of her feeling 'useless' is something to address for /robowaifu/ IMO. Also, it's not an uncommon trope as well. (cf. Bicentennial Man, Chobits, et al) It will be interesting to me when you anons share your Nandroid lore here with us. We can probably both learn a thing or two. Cheers. :^)
Open file (1.74 MB 6600x3600 1701537461724943.jpg)
>>26785 Nobody cares. This is a place to discuss nandroids not people
>>26786 need more mimes, Mimedroids? Naimes?
>>26788 Nandroid.booru.org is your friend
>>26682 narrationanon here. i was the one who was pissing around with AI prompts. For those interested - base model of lulu was Jennifer Connelly from the old 80's fantasy films Labyrinth. Sammy base model is Aubrey Hepburn from My Fair Lady Attempting a young Molly Ringwald as base model for avery but i'm suckered in to fucking around with Season of Discovery classic wow today
>>26793 ever tried using an AI prompt on an earlier AI prompt image? Or editing one and running prompts through it again? That might help make them a bit better
>>26794 I do, yeah. I use https://perchance.org/ai-text-to-image-generator then I take my base thoughts, and use the prompt generator for the initial 'paragraph' of whats used to make a first image. the page refreshes often so sometimes i lose my work. once i find an image that sticks, i'll rip the prompt details off of that and start refining
>/co/ thread pruned its so over
>>26800 shit tier janny with a very long lived hate boner
Open file (152.81 KB 293x300 EmmyWink.png)
>>26793 Please share your work over here. There's a new community that would enjoy it. >>26801 Jannies love Emmy here!
cool Jannies
>>26701 Thanks DorothyAnon! Good start. Do you plan to do more work on this storyline? Hopefully so. Cheers. :^) >>26802 >Jannies love Emmy here! This. >>26803 >pic Haha nice. :D
Open file (75.78 KB 559x486 1606596335207.jpg)
>>26800 It reminds me of the greentext days, it's almost refreshing.
>>26811 This place is better
RIP 4chan thread
Open file (1.34 MB 2500x3000 Itzpapálotl.jpg)
>>26818 Itzpapálotl is such a cute and fun Nandroid design. So warm and cozy like a summer day.
>>26823 With respect, anon, the "future I want to see" is one where I can call a robot OC, who was once a nandroid and was made not a nandroid by her creator, can be called "not a nandroid" and therefore off topic. I don't like the character, which obviously influences my decision, but DorothyAnon knows that said character is not a nandroid and posts her anyways because more irrational anons immediately jump to call her slop, and her creator a blacked porn artist or apologist (in reference to other art said artist has drawn of this OC). Point being, nandroids only. Call me a purist, but I wanna see /nandroids only/.
Open file (844.87 KB 1200x985 F24njC3XAAAFgUs.png)
>>26824 Then post some
>>26824 Those are fair enough points Anon. The primary point I wanted to make is that -- just at this point in time -- posts being antagonistic are likely to be rm'd. Both Kiwi, myself, and other anons here like the Nandroids community. OTOH, we're all aware that it's apparently been abused by bad-actors for a long time. >tl;dr ATM, we jannies are being a bit over-protective ITT. This effect will chillax out with time. I hope that makes sense, Anon. Have patience with us please. Cheers. :^) >=== -grmr, minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/03/2023 (Sun) 08:33:25.
Open file (48.15 KB 693x951 Yukio.jpg)
Open file (393.44 KB 1097x4102 Claire.png)
>>26824 Respect Yukio :^) She was designed as a Nandroid, she belongs here. If her creators is a pozzed moon bat that take it up the neg hole and said their design is not longer a nandroid means nothing. >>26825 Listen to DorothyAnon, there's so many! I just found about Claire. >>26826 As Chobitsu says, antagonism won't be tolerated until this new community has had time to settle. I've heard too many horror stories of 4cucks threads being derailed into negativity spirals. Let's all have fun and enjoy nandroids!
Open file (4.07 MB 4567x5000 Clara.png)
My donut steel is Clara
Open file (926.27 KB 1239x1115 rhody being cool.png)
Since this seems to be the new thread, I may as well show off my own fandroid Rhody keeps YOUR home safe from communist outmodes of all kinds
New Aria art by her original creator, anoningram
Open file (188.46 KB 1200x900 1699276999604752.jpg)
Open file (97.50 KB 1200x960 F38xIKgWoAACdKX.jpg)
Open file (70.04 KB 1215x1620 20231113_031902.jpg)
Open file (206.40 KB 1215x1620 F-x78IeWAAAG7al.jpeg)
Open file (199.69 KB 1215x1620 F-x7-XCXsAAmkcP.jpeg)
Alright, let's settle this once and for all...is this pic Lulu and Sammy fused into one or just another rando OC?
>>26839 >is this pic Lulu and Sammy fused into one Where does this idea even come from? It looks like none of them
Why is there a comic thread here?
>>26826 >OTOH, we're all aware that it's apparently been abused by bad-actors for a long time. >>26827 >I've heard too many horror stories of 4cucks threads being derailed into negativity spirals. In case you ever want to grasp the absolute state of the last two years of Emmy threads on 4chan's /co/, the Nandroid Archive keeps track of them (as well as the main nandroids and many fandroids): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mXuNh9ESedCiDZclVuz9uiL7nTNk3U9SgCE_CRHi3Us/edit?pli=1#gid=410886743
>>26839 Pretty sure she's a random OC, a Lulu fusion would absolutely have the bichromatic eyes like the Luvery fusion does.
>>26843 Probably because it drives traffic and might help to recruit more anons working on some kind of robowaifus. You can hide it if you don't want to be bothered with it.
Open file (2.54 MB 4000x3000 20231203_083158.jpg)
>>26842 context from the thread it was posted in implied it was. At least to my knowledge. >>26845 Alright, I'll go ahead and change the tags then IN OTHER NEWS... I'll have a drawing of 50's Denise in 50's lingerie done soon. Pic related. It was heavily inspired by swimsuit pic in >>26685 >>26693 >>26700 sauce plz? inb4: reverse image search It doesn't find anything on either one.
>>26849 Sweet! I love your art
Open file (1.00 MB 1474x3350 Franny 01.png)
Open file (370.21 KB 1258x2000 Amy 01 Colored.png)
>>26850 Glad to hear it. Next piece will the finished colored version of Franny in lingerie. She'll be in green, Amy already was in blue. Who should be the next 'nan in lingerie,' and what style and color of lingerie should she be in?
>>26851 Chaika in red lengerie pls
>>26849 Also, the sauce is c4i0, an artist in the nandromeda and leaf servers
Open file (294.12 KB 928x940 FlusteredLulu.jpg)
>>26843 This board is dedicated to the love of all robot girls in all shapes, sizes, and mediums. (With a preference towards functional IRL robots.) >>26844 Thanks for this, still new to the fandom so extra context is appreciated. It's truly amazing how many OC there are. Maybe someday my May can make it to this document. >>26851 Lovely art Supra80! Lulu in red panties and green bra to celebrate Christmas 🎄 would be appreciated.
>>26856 Mod is a LuluChad
>>26856 Regular Lulu or goth lulu?
Open file (260.96 KB 720x1024 GothLulu.png)
>>26859 Lulu is based cutie >>26860 Regular is preferred. Thanks for introducing me to the goth variant!
>>26819 Thanks for the compliments you made about my OC, I really appreciate them. She is my little sunlight, and Larimar too ^^
>>26863 She is very cute
Open file (34.56 KB 512x768 00364-3977337017.jpg)
Open file (80.72 KB 1034x652 F2YlUw9XQAIgDAa.jpg)
Open file (333.78 KB 1800x2400 1691256873803206.jpg)
>>26866 >>26865 It was als idea to move here, we both worked this out to save the fandom from drama and trolls like (you). Move on already and post cute robots
Open file (65.63 KB 512x768 download (81).jfif)
dont want to spam the board with my ai crap. is there a preferred 'hosting' for anon files which would be a shitton of lulu/sammy ai renders based off of SLA story greentexts?
Open file (360.13 KB 2500x3000 Larimar.jpg)
>>26868 I would recommend putting them all into a Google doc that is publicly available. Remember to turn off editing, don't want trolls to invest it. :^) >>26863 >Larimar A cute! Love the gem stone aesthetic. Would be nice if you made more! Maybe an emerald and ruby one for Christmas? Would also enjoy green posts about them. I feel like they could have quite nice stories.
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 12/04/2023 (Mon) 23:40:18.
>>26875 Nobody gives a fuck about old drama. We want to talk about nans
Open file (1.69 MB 2000x3000 Prägende Erfahrung.png)
Posting more Clara.
Open file (63.06 KB 512x768 download (45).jfif)
Open file (54.90 KB 512x768 download (48).jfif)
Open file (51.56 KB 512x768 download (73).jfif)
Open file (66.42 KB 512x768 download (77).jfif)
a smattering of sammy AI renders
Open file (54.57 KB 512x768 download (24).jfif)
and a dash of lulu samples
Open file (46.24 KB 512x768 download (25).jfif)
Open file (61.81 KB 512x768 download (27).jfif)
Open file (66.96 KB 512x768 download (28).jfif)
>>26871 I am currently creating a small story for Itzpapálotl and Larimar. About the new OCs, I love giving them gem details in their designs, that's why I take my time to give them a simple but meaningful final design. The new OC in progress is Villiamy (based on the mineral "villiaumite").
Quit concerntrolling
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 12/04/2023 (Mon) 23:41:51.
Open file (634.85 KB 993x1413 OppaiLulu.png)
Open file (657.75 KB 3734x4096 butterfly.jpeg)
>>26881 These Lulu are cute! Love the uniform. Does anyone know why there's Lulu with tig buddies now? Thought nans were flat? >>26876 Real and true >>26883 >Villiaumite Beautiful, but toxic. I imagine she'll have quite the spicy lore
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 12/04/2023 (Mon) 23:42:46.
Open file (59.52 KB 512x768 download (6).jfif)
Open file (61.69 KB 512x768 download (13).jfif)
Open file (71.25 KB 512x768 download (10).jfif)
Open file (64.61 KB 512x768 download (7).jfif)
>>26886 >big tiddy lulu I might be to blame for that i think. I made a joke years ago about needing a big tiddy goth lulu and thus bigtiddygoth lulu started appearing also, yay for being able to attach more than 1 image? nice QOL function there
My guy just make the Google Doc
>>26889 lol fair nuff. probably going to post later on tonight as im tinkering with other nan text renders atm
Open file (180.37 KB 627x878 b47.png)
Open file (391.95 KB 2900x3412 109892059_p6_1.jpg)
Open file (124.40 KB 713x896 1689433856784622.png)
Open file (198.39 KB 602x872 1689435442424057.png)
Is the whole nandroid community like this
Open file (24.96 KB 239x227 1574294208541.jpg)
Open file (328.71 KB 900x900 1567685535509.png)
Open file (29.96 KB 640x593 PwDSjC3_d.jpg)
Open file (59.70 KB 487x503 1567291015022.png)
Open file (144.19 KB 874x704 1568115222058.png)
>>26895 No, ignore the trolls and theyll go away. Its one or two deranged autists posting drama in the threads
Open file (782.59 KB 1172x602 Child.png)
Open file (104.23 KB 635x1200 1682859323960304.jpg)
Open file (182.56 KB 877x1200 FumHDP_WYAA9Ewc.jpg)
Open file (414.26 KB 1000x800 1682185047645332.png)
Open file (952.90 KB 1300x1219 1682178768291903.png)
Open file (96.18 KB 747x1733 IMG_9486.jpg)
>>26908 Post nans. We came here for a new start and leave old baggage behind
Open file (62.46 KB 788x989 image0 (5).jpg)
>>26913 Just post nans and enjoy yourself. If anyone tries to cause trouble it will actually be dealt with here and thats what matters.
Id like to make something pefectly clear. I have done things in the past i shouldnt have and i officially apologize for that. I really care about emmy and i want to make things right which is why emmypilled and i set this thread up.
Open file (48.39 KB 681x905 Avery.jpg)
>>26915 Can confirm, they made mistakes. They have learned and grown since then. They also know that if they talk shit, they too will get hit. We really should be forgiving. Now post nans or nan related text or get out. This is a cozy thread. :^)
Open file (522.02 KB 938x1200 IMG_6663.png)
>>26918 Its true, if i tried to pull that shit here id get banned too
Uploading one of my other chaika greens Chaika vs the roach It was a bright warm summer morning in Moscow and Chaika was alone in the Dmitrikov flat since the family was at work. She was tidying up the kitchen when she saw something that made her shriek with fear and disgust: There,atop the pile of fresh watermelons she had brought home earlier was the king of all cockroaches, the largest she had ever seen. She grabbed the newspaper on the island,rolled it up and smacked it down ontop of the insect. She missed however and the roach ran up the newspaper, across her arm and into her long black hair. she frantically pulled at her hair, screaming at the thought of the disgusting pest touching her. She was relived when it jumped off her and ran under the counter. She took a frying pan from the cabinet and dove down to chase after the cockroach. Unfortunately it was nowhere to be seen. Chaika immediately laid out some poison traps and went to the bathroom down the hall to take a shower. Once the water had warmed up she hopped in and began scrubbing her hair with a generous amount of shampoo. She enjoyed the feeling of the warm water and she was starting to become quite relaxed when she looked up at the top of the shower head and staring back at her was a pair of black eyes and two antennae. Chaika smacked at it with the shampoo bottle but it once again evaded her and ran back into the walls.
Open file (226.10 KB 1225x975 1694181744844659.gif)
>>26918 >They also know that if they talk shit, they too will get hit. Can confirm. For our new friends here, WELCOME!! Enjoy yourselves. :^) As to the quality of this (serial) thread specifically, we're going to keep things nice & tidy ITT. So, posts of the variation: > REEEE this guy is a meany-face poopy pants!111 (or something roughly thereto), eg: >>26837 >>26840 >>26841 >>26870 >>26884 >>26908 >>26910 >>26911 >>26913 >>26916 Are contributing zero to the Nandroid enjoyment, and basically smack of concern-trolling from my entirely-objective eye. As such they will be deleted soon. Further: >>26915 >>26917 >"I have done things in the past i shouldnt have and i officially apologize for that." Is perfectly-acceptable to me. I'm not Jesus Christ, but that seems quite sincere to me, anons. We've all made mistakes, and if you're going to turn over a new leaf you have to start somewhere. You other anons please give him enough room here to make /robowaifu/ his fresh start. He's been here for a while now and has been perfectly fine. Besides, it's Christmastime ya' sillys! Let's all give each other the benefit of the doubt during this season, alright? ALRIGHT!? :DD >tl;dr If anyone gets out of line ITT, we'll take care of it -- For the sake of /robowaifu/ itself. So chillax and have fun anons. Cheers. :^)
Open file (281.00 KB 1448x2048 DorothyNandroid.jpg)
Open file (86.38 KB 269x357 Hat.png)
>>26919 Surprised you don't post more Dorothy nans. >>26923 Nicely said. Let the spirit of Christmas carry us all forward into a wonderful thread! -Can we get hats? :^)
>>26924 Dorothy kind of is a nandroid if you think about it
Open file (179.60 KB 667x776 LapPillowLulu.png)
>>26887 Had a feeling like it was you, somehow. No worries mate, it's fun! >>26888 What LoRA and model are you using? Those Sammy have incredible curves and the way their metal legs look like hosiery looks amazing.
>>26925 she may not be a Nandroid, but she certainly is an android, right? What a barrel of laughs
Open file (3.57 MB 1344x2391 Dorothy2.png)
Open file (144.22 KB 1280x905 1697391500391595.jpg)
Open file (99.79 KB 844x1280 1698640718440664.jpg)
Open file (459.90 KB 1648x2048 1698009567062217.jpg)
Open file (130.51 KB 829x1500 1696285318716466.jpg)
>>26927 A cute one
Open file (544.79 KB 1800x2400 Dorothy.png)
>>26927 It is silly, something nice about a familiar character depicted as a Nandroid. The Nandroid style is just so nice!
Open file (345.49 KB 1324x2024 Shiny.jpeg)
Post more Nandroids!
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 12/04/2023 (Mon) 23:49:21.
Open file (177.42 KB 883x1000 robowaifu_OC_Malinda.png)
an older Nandroid-universe robot made by a different company. Malinda is the de-facto companion of an aging workshop owner who was brought up during the times when even being classically polite towards your robot servant was seen as odd. He tries really hard to maintain a distanced attitude but his attachment manifests itself from time to time, not like he'd admit it though.
Open file (90.89 KB 726x1350 Fqgz-XXXwAI8Z9y.jpeg)
Open file (95.16 KB 806x990 Fu4yx5sXsAITwn3.png)
Open file (84.44 KB 1000x500 1682174072549115.png)
Open file (460.92 KB 720x480 1684463060101382.png)
Open file (3.82 MB 2293x1823 1684597068185511.jpg)
>>26941 Cute
Open file (230.63 KB 915x1380 Mary.jpeg)
>>26941 I'm a sucker for cute old and/or damaged robots being treated right.
>>26926 no LoRA models. just shit text-to-image generation from the website i'm using https://perchance.org/ai-text-to-image-generator currently pissing around with avery. really wish the AI would stay away from buxom wench maid bodies
One of my personal projects: I'm trying to make skins of the nandroids from the comic and the fandom. As part of this project, I have already made 49 nandroid skins (HD skins and classic Java skins). I hope you like them.
>>26949 I'm not a modder by any means, but I'd love to see nans being modded in to cyberpunk. only challenge might be the clothing because for the life of me, ive never see anything remotely similar to a maid outfit in the game
>>26949 >I have already made 49 nandroid skins Got a link to a GDrive or other place to downloaded them? And have you decided on who the 50th will be?
>>26856 >Maybe someday my May can make it to this document. May?
>>26953 You can find the skins in planet minecraft ^^ About the 50th skin, i haven't decided the nandroid yet, but i can hear your ideas
>>26957 Have you done shortcake yet?
sick day working from home. experimenting with Avery variant art styles
throwing this out there, are there folks in the community who experiment with ai and 3d rigging? https://github.com/HumanAIGC/AnimateAnyone
>>26830 >>26877 I really like her long braided hair and her traditional dress Anon. Nice job, moar pls! :^) >>26832 Rowdy Rhody! :^)
>>26971 More surely is coming, though I'm kinda dividing my attention between art and writing the actual story!
Open file (225.32 KB 632x852 EverythingWillBeNice.png)
>>26923 Leaving this post as a monument and warning. All those posts that are linked but are no longer their were filled with personal attacks. I will delete posts from everyone, including myself and Chobitsu if it details the thread. This simply isn't a thread for fighting and arguing. Please, post about Nandroids in this thread. If anyone causes a problem, they will be removed without you screeching and reeing about it. Be patient, kind, and go forward with a spirit of forgiveness. Now, post about Emmy the Robot and her big bright, wonderful world!
Open file (585.43 KB 1540x1228 1692569877407611.jpg)
Open file (495.80 KB 1858x1304 1690673845120754.png)
Open file (122.77 KB 1200x1097 F2KLvCtXQAAlT8e.jpg)
Open file (1.17 MB 1199x969 F2JgFNCW4AEcUid.png)
>>26974 Based, lets have some good wholesome fun
Open file (109.47 KB 745x569 1687033822269233.png)
>>26976 Dont dwell on it. Whats your favorite nandroid and why?
Open file (6.69 MB 498x332 2099.gif)
>>26977 I had one. Once.
>>26985 >Clearly the first of the two (>>26976) was not just non-helpful, but actually harmful and should be rm'd. That's an oc from Ms. /co/ some years back? And the other one is just a meme. wtf kind of hugbox are you running here? heres another of the Ms. /co/ ones
>>26959 I can make her skin, it's a good idea
>>26832 Can't believe I forgot- She's got a story, 141k words of glorious african civil war and counting: https://archiveofourown.org/works/42232356/chapters/106036380 if links=bad then c'est la vie, mods
>>26998 Wow. You could publish this as a novel
>>26992 Piggomi would love it
>>26999 "Emmy the Robot" is however copyrighted, in fact he would not be the first either. A poster by the name of "sometimescreativeanon" published a denannified book about his OC a good while back titled "Spark-Easy Nights"
>>27001 Is it any good?
So in my rendering, I'm finding that rail thin waif models respond well with the prompts for no chest, flat chest and with a negative response limiter being anatomy. This produces less buxom nans. Don't get me wrong, I like some upgraded nans, that's for sure, but the non-gifted nans fit better with the source material. Vintage anime as a theme filter really nails good robotic limbs since the 80s and 90s anime scene was flooded with really good bladerunner/cybernetic inspiration for its time
One thing I cannot get is metalic skin or synthetic skin to produce results worth a damn. Anyone who wants to try the AI generator linked earlier in the thread, if you can get some sort of cybernetic synthetic or robotic skin to stick , let me know what key phrases you used to achieve that.
>>27004 >>27003 Anon, you're just generating human women with partial/full body prosthetics
>>26688 >>26959 >>27000 >shortcake So that's what her name is, yes?
>>27005 Well aware of that. Prompt gen or specific prompt language needs some sort of better parameters or negative parameters to hopefully work. Again, very open to suggestions or even discussion of prompt word use to produce better results. Since this isn't SD that I'm running locally, I can't train the model with specific art :(
>>26972 Looking forward to it, Anon! >>26998 >if links=bad then c'est la vie, mods Not at all. We ask you to mark them as NSFW if so. >>27003 >>27007 >since the 80s and 90s anime scene was flooded with really good bladerunner/cybernetic inspiration for its time That sounds interesting Anon. I'd like to see some renders you made that follow that style. Here's the thread for doing so: (>>17763) . Those look really nice BTW.
>>26969 Looking forward to seeing their code release whenever it's ready. Thanks, Anon! Cheers. :^)
>>27011 I really wish I could nail down the tomboy butch shaved rooster crest/comb fop hairdo aesthetic on those. Again, molly Ringwald from breakfast club is what is included but if anyone has an actress for reference I'm all ears
>>27011 >>26941 Plugging the prologue to my WIP Clara story, featuring Malinda. I'm curious how coherent it will seem for someone new to the Emmyverse https://archiveofourown.org/works/51415198/chapters/129928282
Open file (556.74 KB 512x768 ClipboardImage.png)
>>26955 My nan OC. A blonde nandroid similar to Emmy that's a generation or two behind. Now, she relies on acting as cute as possible with cat ears to find a home.
Open file (139.82 KB 1984x1200 rendercombined.jpg)
>>27023 Super cute
Open file (60.71 KB 768x512 huh.jpg)
Open file (70.74 KB 768x512 huh2.jpg)
Open file (52.62 KB 512x768 huh4.jpg)
Open file (755.79 KB 768x512 huh3.png)
Open file (69.79 KB 512x768 huh5.jpg)
Open file (610.48 KB 512x768 huh6.png)
>>27015 I'll take a look at it, prbly this weekend, Anon. >>27016 >Still used to the shitty rules we were under on /co/, glad to hear Hopefully you can be more relaxed around here, Anon. >>27023 Very cute! >>27026 >>27027 Wrong thread, Anon? (>>17763) might be better, I think.
>>27029 >Once the community is settled in, we'll be less agressive about moderation then. The community is four years old, already approaching five. There's been plenty of settling, and the only people are 4chan transplants coming from there because the link was shared here. Our problem was a complete lack of moderation, but coddling people because a gif is flashing or mean words are said is not exactly what people are looking for when it comes to nandroids. And even here the root issue is the same. Someone posted the actual comic here, but scrolling up it's gone already for some reason and instead everything is image spam and AI art spam, which is what the 4chan threads on /co/ have been for months already, with even worse things before then (I feel obliged to mention the actual unironic drawn horse porn, the oppai loli spam, flargspam, discord image spam, etc and everything from the years prior). So with the comic removed/hidden/outright deleted this isn't a good look for the moderation trying to cultivate a more positive thread atmosphere when the actual source for the nandroids is put away and instead random non-nandroids are spammed and even unironic pro-Nazi soyjak memes are posted and not removed for days lol. Not very confidence inspiring. >inb4 concerntrolling No. That word has been bandied around for weeks now without anyone caring to know what actual concerntrolling is or looks like. I'm not doing this to get (You)s (since it will inevitably be hidden, or edited, or deleted anyways), I'm raising a legitimate concern with the moderation for the sake of the community that is being transplanted here and advertised to through sharing the thread link on the place they congregate (4chan's /co/). It helps to have an active pair of moderators who will read this and don't need an IRC to reach and raise complaints with, but nailing any post that's labeled wrongthink, or concerntrolling, or "high signal" as the problem without any prior understanding of the community (per your and Kiwi's admission) is not the solution.
Open file (258.55 KB 1029x1027 PlasticLoveEmmy.jpg)
>>27037 I agree that spoilering joke GIF was a tad heavy handed. But, bare in mind that Chobitsu is new to this community and has had to deal with mountains of BS. His instincts need time to adjust. Unrelated personal attacks need to be deleted for thread health. The actual comic is still up. Unfortunately, most discussion outside of image spam is "so and so is stupid" tier posts that needed to be cleaned. The AI poster moved to the appropriate thread. Their posts will remain here as they are Nandroid related and were clearly made in good faith. The comic is clearly here >>26630 and is always welcomed in this thread. As for your post, I think of it as a good reference point for meta Nandroid communication between the community and moderation. If anything, I appreciate you being open and honest. Both Chobitsi and I care about this community and want it to grow on this board. We will make mistakes, we will learn, we will improve. It'll take time, but I honestly believe we all can have a healthy fan community here.
Open file (41.94 KB 788x808 1566898059744.png)
>>27037 My apologies, Anon. Like Kiwi I want the community here to be happy and feel safe. That alone guided my decisions. Are rolls allowed ITT? >>27042 Thanks Kiwi, well said! :^)
>>27042 >But, bare in mind that Chobitsu is new to this community and has had to deal with mountains of BS I recommend then taking the time to sift through the desuarchives of Emmy threads, read the comics, even get familiarized with a lot of the fandroids and fan stories that accompany them, even the nandroid booru [https://nandroid.booru.org] even if that is kind of desolate/populated with a ton of what I would call off topic material, and more gravely the shittery that has often followed the threads. Like, if you have no idea what Ms. /co/ is or "Peru incident" or "nantales moment" mean nothing to you, you're not going to be moderating from an informed place >The comic is clearly here >>26630 and is always welcomed in this thread. Probably something to do with how alogs displays posts in the threads, but point stands that where Emmy threads have suffered for zero attention paid to the comic or discussion of it, the same case is here. The major difference is that in the past (before all the artists were driven off) there were other things to populate and enliven the threads. Not so here where it's been all image spam, frankly. >>27043 >Are rolls allowed ITT? I would say no since there's a very bad history of the earliest Emmy threads (pre-comic) quickly becoming exhausted for things to talk about or do, where they then fell to image spam, thread spam, necrobumping and the like. With the comic coming around in 2020 and a lot more droids than Emmy showing up, alongside fandroids, there were roll charts that would very often derail those threads entirely because of the much higher userbase (at the time). Here where you have very few, infrequent posters it might not be as much of an issue, but the same problem would crop up eventually imo. Not to mention that there were a lot of adaptations of the chart made, with one being made specifically made on and for /pol/ threads about "roasty hate" and replacing women with nandroids (something else that has clung to the fandom, invariably).
Open file (24.88 KB 793x392 sith_avery.png)
>>27046 >that where Emmy threads have suffered for zero attention paid to the comic or discussion of it, the same case is here Not to say this is an analog or replacement of the /co/ threads by the way (given this will be up here for months to years like the endchan, versus weekly like there), but the fandom is centered around and founded on the comic (or at least, originally, the instagram art of Emmy and smaller comics from way back when).
>>27046 OK, thanks. So, the comic panels ITT are the very first ones I've ever seen. So it's kind of 'we join our program, already in-progress' type moment for me. If any anons care to post more comics panels, that might be really helpful to us newfags. ATM, my perception of the community is "Emmy-Pilled is doing some great work here on his project, and Nandroids are really cute with some nice fanarts. Glad they're all here."
Open file (31.39 KB 264x536 ula.JPG)
>>27049 https://www.webtoons.com/en/canvas/emmy-the-robot/list?title_no=402201&page=1 What's above is the most recent comic, here's the rest.
>>27050 Thanks Anon, cheers.
>>27046 >replacing women with nandroids (something else that has clung to the fandom, invariably) My brother in Christ, where do you think we are
Open file (40.42 KB 793x688 lover2.JPG)
>>27052 >>1061 >We are going overboard with the vitriol and hate ITT. /robowaifu/ isn't about hatred, it's about creating robowaifus as we so desire. >And the simple fact is that engendering and fostering hatred of women isn't helping us either be productive, nor furthering our cause.
>>27053 I didn't quote the hate part. You can be disappointed and/or cynical without hating
Open file (827.02 KB 638x765 sallyshoe.png)
>>27054 Disappointed with and cynical about women?
>>27055 Why not?
Nans would make great wives
>>27057 >Nans would make great wives I'm curious if that's at all a common trope in your fandroid communities, anons? Like maybe the dad is widowed, or he adopts his kids, or he has surrogates for them. Or even without family, just as the Anon deciding to buy (they're always bought from Sterling Corpo, right?) a Nandroid. Just curious.
>>27058 There are a few stories like that. Yes.
Open file (233.63 KB 522x844 Folz4WxWIAEkrj_.png)
Open file (454.96 KB 804x946 1676068272068298.png)
Open file (410.46 KB 628x1304 1676171820562048.png)
Open file (683.76 KB 1200x1733 1676235563307642.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 1177x1080 1676160755560804.png)
Open file (80.96 KB 800x800 Franny.png)
Kiss Franny. Befriend Franny. Hold Franny's hand. Watch the sunset with Franny. Accompany Franny during her daily routine. Date cute Franny. Give Franny a nice gift. Go on a walk with Franny. Cook along with Franny. Stone-skip with Franny at a cozy local lake. Thank Franny for the tea she made you. Spin Franny during your dance. Compliment Franny on her hair. Remind Franny she's irreplaceable. Appreciate Franny's effort. Watch movies with Franny. Help Franny plug into the charging station. Headpat Franny. Drive Franny to her destinations. Carry Franny up the stairs. Watch Franny blush. Smile with Franny.
>>27064 any actress inspiration i can use when tinkering with franny renders?
>>27065 No clue, I'm Hollywood-illiterate
Hello, fellow robowife lovers! I'm a 4chan refugee as well, so as a gift, I bring my own stories, which are centered around a diner ran by nandroids. https://archiveofourown.org/users/Hun_Anon I hope you gys will enjoy it!
Open file (119.83 KB 502x502 cindance.gif)
>>27070 Haha! Yes I remember your stories big fan way back when
>>27068 what a masterful level of nirvana!
>>27065 >any actress inspiration i can use when tinkering with franny renders? For some reason the actress Katherine Hepburn from her prime reminds me of Emmy a bit. Here's some photos from the movie SUMMERTIME : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1ruq_rKYLo >>27072 >what a masterful level of nirvana! Haha
>>27058 >Like maybe the dad is widowed Closest story I can think of to that is Wendy's (though divorce rather than death). Noelle's might also count since I recall her elderly owner having nobody else but his adult son. >Or even without family, just as the Anon deciding to buy (they're always bought from Sterling Corpo, right?) a Nandroid. A long-lived concept in this fandom. Anon finds a nandroid's shattered head in his garage, lost there years ago when the nandroid fell, and rebuilds her (Mary). Anon who works in Sterling's Stress Testing department and protects a damaged nandroid of his own (Lulu). Anon keeps his parents' nandroid when he goes off to college (Avery). A hundred greentexts of Anon detailing a glimpse into a world where Emmy is really exists and is really his wife. Plenty more that I fail to mention. The reasons for this board's existence and the early fandom's ability to get off the ground are one and the same.
>>27078 >when you skip thigh day
Open file (180.11 KB 1600x2044 GATisIFb0AA9hSN.jpeg)
Open file (269.45 KB 1615x1361 media_GAd3jEobsAAuOJ7.jpg)
>>27078 More of Piggomi's work from the Nandromeda? If it is, he doesn't put that stuff on his twitter. It's all just Shortcake there.
>>27085 >More of Piggomi's work from the Nandromeda? If it is, he doesn't put that stuff on his twitter. It's all just Shortcake there. Maybe we shouldn't be sharing art from a private discord without people's consent? Or something like that.
>>27052 >My brother in Christ dude just say nigga
>>27086 If he doesn't want it seen or spread he shouldn't put it on the internet it's one of the more basic rules
Open file (15.43 KB 202x235 Sc2.png)
>>27087 I only use "nigger" and "negro" whenever needed.
>>27058 >I'm curious if that's at all a common trope in your fandroid communities, anons? Basically every story is a permutation of, "What if a nandroid was my wife/girlfriend/partner/childhood friend?" There are very, very few exceptions.
>>27090 it's good that Anon fantasies find their expression in these ways
>>27071 Thank you! I have ideas for new parts, although uni is taking most of my free time away
Open file (149.83 KB 975x832 emmyconcepts.jpg)
>>27093 What was it like in the "early days"? And did you know any other writers from back then who are still around? Or aren't?
>>27058 Olivia's story is both typical and different in the fact that the parents die in an accident and the nandroid becomes the guardian of the kids. If you want something different, there you go since no one, last I read, was lusting after her.
>>27095 That is a good question. If countless anonymous say it's the best story how come no one lasts after her besides Bal of course lol.
>>27094 It was comfy, like this one. Constant discussions about the story, lots of drawfags and new ideas popped up in almost every third post... I have to say that I joined around 2021, so I wasn't there when most of the core fandroids/concepts were created As for other writers I have no clue. I think one of the Lulu writers still makes a story from time to time, but I'm not sure. I checked the forum on the booru to see who's still kicking and it seems like everyone moved on (or at least most of them)
>>27097 Did you know any of those people? Maybe bring them back?
>>27099 I used to know Wendyanon but he disappeared from discord. The rest I either never spoke to or weren't big writefags to begin with
>>27100 Ah that's sad, shame none are around anymore. Do you know of the names of other writers for people to look into here? I see I'm not alone in being new since the mods are too so it would be good maybe
>>27101 I really liked Mary's story, although the ending feels pretty anti climactic if I remember correctly https://pastebin.com/rp8serhv Olivia's story is also good as mentioned before. There are also some experimental stories I wrote on my pastebin, but I can't promise that it has good prose http://pastebin.com/u/Hun_Anon
>>27101 there are links to the archive site, you can search by the Emmy tag to find stories >>27070 >>26998 >>27015
Open file (1.58 MB 768x1024 IMG_6682.png)
Some light needs to be shined on some lesser known Fan-Nans, here’s Evelyn from A New Beginning in an old way! https://archiveofourown.org/works/49052029/chapters/123751474
>>27101 There are a lot: https://archiveofourown.org/users/JollyCordie/pseuds/JollyCordie does Rhodie the Mercenanny, about a nandroid fighting in a fictional African country. https://archiveofourown.org/users/LaunchEscapeTower/pseuds/LaunchEscapeTower does/did Spacedroids, about nandroids being repurposed during the Cold War for space exploration in lieu of human astronauts, chief being Tilly and Tatyana. https://archiveofourown.org/users/OliviAnon/pseuds/OliviAnon does Olivia's Story mainly, mentioned above, and did a story about his own Wendy-named nandroid. https://archiveofourown.org/users/JumboG/pseuds/JumboG has a number of nandroid shorts but he's mostly an animator. https://archiveofourown.org/users/Stress_Test_Anon/pseuds/Stress_Test_Anon and https://archiveofourown.org/users/SecondLuluAnon/pseuds/SecondLuluAnon do/did stories about Lulu, one of the first nandroids with a full story. The former does her main story, and the latter did mostly shorts about her. https://archiveofourown.org/users/Dixie_Anon/pseuds/Dixie_Anon has a few OCs, the main one being a historic nandroid enlisted to fight in the American Civil War, named Dixie. On top of that he does a number of shorts. https://archiveofourown.org/users/WendyAnon/pseuds/WendyAnon mentioned above did Wendy & Bishop as his main story about Wendy, a nandroid bought by a divorcee to care for his home and daughter, on top of an emerging but unfinished romance subplot. Shorts also. https://archiveofourown.org/users/Rippen_Tehr/pseuds/Rippen_Tehr did the above mentioned Bringing Mary Back about a guy finding his nandroid's head in his garage, and bringing her back to life essentially. https://archiveofourown.org/users/AnonIngram/pseuds/AnonIngram does/did a story about a modified nandroid who is the husband to another OC of his, mostly cute domestic things. Those are the biggest ones on AO3 that really matter or people care about, but there are a lot more on pastebin scattered and archived there as well, which can be found since they're linked here on the wiki: https://emmytherobot.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page. Look up a character and you'll see what if any stories are made about them.
>>27107 Also worth mentioning TheCobbledWriter's version of Lulu, which imo was my favorite of the three Lulu stories. TCW suddenly destroyed all of his online works and vanished, but an anon just so happened to download the story as a PDF and it was archived in a google drive here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Fk7KCwBJ3ayEjaSvhCYtHCL5D5RmwxqE/view?usp=drive_link
Open file (66.59 KB 630x640 1687034425125830.gif)
Open file (257.35 KB 756x568 1683490110934220.png)
Open file (5.88 KB 361x517 1687132089081757.png)
Open file (1.27 MB 1400x1413 1686440522920134.png)
All this talk of writers and you're forgetting someone :)
>>27111 And who might that be?
>>27111 of course anon how could I forget about nantales the single writer who put more blood sweat and tears into this fandom than anyone else https://archiveofourown.org/users/nandroidtales/pseuds/nandroidtales
>>27083 >>27090 Thanks Anons! >>27099 >Maybe bring them back? That would be great.
Open file (345.58 KB 530x442 swag.png)
>>27123 No, the author mentioned there above has made every indication, for better or worse, that they don't want to have a place in the Emmy fandom anymore, so I think sharing their writing gives up undue attention where attention seeking behavior by them in the past has caused a lot of problems in the threads and the discords. Best not to open the can of worms any further, or at least not here, but there's a reason that "nantales moment" has some 150+ individual instances on the desuarchive.
>>27126 He was the backbone that got most stories moving or ideas to grow, simply forgetting them because samefags spammed low tier bait that anons for some reason had to respond to, is not an excuse to forget his stories. Reading what he left up is not a crime, besides the newer people that the fandom may gain from this site may learn from his mistakes, or better yet hopefully learn to ignore bait.
Open file (944.18 KB 1387x1179 1605998692601.png)
>>27127 >may learn from his mistakes >his mistakes If you could call them that. There's more merit to his being involved in his own anti-nantales shitposting just because he wanted to eject himself from the fandom as soon as possible, leaving us with the fallout while he sits in his own threads and lives it up. Not exactly a role model for the future, and he was never even that great of a writer if he had to lower himself to writing about every Tom, Dick and Nanny with cheekspots.
>>27126 >>27128 If he or anyone else comes into these threads to stir sh*te, then Kiwi or myself will deal with it appropriately, I'm confident. So just chillax about it is my advice. >every Tom, Dick and Nanny with cheekspots. ngl lel'd . :D >>27127 I appreciate your historian's view, Anon. Cheers. :^)
>>27129 The "historian's view" is nantales was a mediocre writer turned shitter because no one paid any real attention to his writing unless it was to get free requests done.
Open file (247.42 KB 720x1024 Sally gun.png)
>>27126 >there's a reason that "nantales moment" has some 150+ individual instances on the desuarchive. Wasn't that "reason" being someone with a grudge against him for not wanting to write child rape content? that's not really a damning indictment against him >>27128 >being involved in his own anti-nantales shitposting just because he wanted to eject himself from the fandom >>27130 >mediocre writer turned shitter because no one paid any real attention to his writing Genuine curiosity, where is the proof for this claim? I've heard this a hundred times before but have never seen anything regarding screencaps/confessions that actually proves this to be true, just endless "trust me bro" posts. While I agree he probably doesn't want to be a part of the fandom any more, owing to what kind of history there is between him and us, shunning him, hiding his content and pretending none of it ever existed is just undeserved pettiness, at least from a derivative viewpoint. His Detective Sally stories were pretty decent, by the fandom's standards at least, and already did the "heavy lifting" of character and world development regarding Nandroids in BCPD so there's no reason why someone shouldn't take from or even revive Sally herself if they're interested in making crime/police related content. Imo, there's too much emphasis in this fanbase on dismissing the older characters/OC in favour of starting anew, that often don't really get fleshed out to the extent of their precursors. The fanbase would fare better if we were to look back and expand on, or at least take for inspiration, what we already have.
>>27134 Absolutely. He was relentlessly harassed by the cp spammer for refusing to write pedophilic fanfiction for him.
>>27134 >While I agree he probably doesn't want to be a part of the fandom any more I mean... has anyone asked him?
Open file (2.40 MB 2300x2000 amyborg.png)
>>27139 need a sloppy version from Manwich Mansion or Sloppy Joe Sultan
Some updated HD skins
Open file (234.35 KB 693x797 unknown-21.png)
>>27134 >shunning him, hiding his content and pretending none of it ever existed is just undeserved pettiness You could say this if he was an angel in the threads and the discord, but in the former there's proof he was just another shitter or at the least an obtuse annoyance, and in the former he actively incited jannies against us by taking greens and writing them in the threads, ultimately making things worse. Literally nothing would have stopped him from sharing the link to a finished request, but spamming greentext instead made him look cool so he did it, to the threads detriment.
Open file (59.14 KB 640x921 20231209_140521.jpg)
Open file (68.90 KB 768x1104 20231209_140512.jpg)
Open file (88.55 KB 768x1104 20231209_140506.jpg)
Open file (56.11 KB 768x1104 20231209_140502.jpg)
Fresh content gents
Open file (66.88 KB 768x1104 20231209_140738.jpg)
Webtoons updated to have part of the current Patreon strip, but with the end paywalled behind a note telling the reader to read the rest on Patreon. Remains to be seen if all future pages will be paywalled, or if it'll be a rolling paywall as new pages get posted to Patreon.
>>27163 no leg joints :(
Open file (135.38 KB 504x639 1607197831825.png)
>>27163 >>27164 Post this AI slop somewhere else man >>27166 God that is embarrassing, Dom really is squeezing the fandom for every last cent now huh?
Open file (625.52 KB 2143x2875 angel.jpg)
Open file (1.23 MB 2550x3167 ring.jpg)
>>27172 These are incredibly charming pics Anon, thanks! :^)
>>27171 From an artists page on Twitter. Don't think it's ai slop
>>27178 >>27163 >MoRN MWREE IMNE. .. Anon, I...
>>27163 >>27164 Finally! Some proper Nandroid themed AI art Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this kind of content
>>27171 >God that is embarrassing, Dom really is squeezing the fandom for every last cent now huh?
>>27184 Why doesn't he just open comms at this point?
>>27188 >spend more time for low return on it I think there's really nothing he can do to shore up his finances enough to focus on the comic other than jumping the cost of his patreon up way beyond what people can or care to afford for it, and with other things like webtoons and the plushes falling through this is his only option. He did comms once and never did them again, so odds are the comic is going to slow down even more than before now that he's made it his main thing. Combine that with the general decline in the writing, art, typesetting even and more... it's looking like the comic is going to take a big backseat to the fandom, which is either dead, dying or painfully exclusive depending on where you look. At least for image board/chan Emmy, this is the end of the beginning of the end.
>>27189 didnt dig that deep in to the twitter posts, anon. just saw the emmy art and posted. deleted the post for the 'artists' twitter profile.
>>27190 It was fun while it lasted
Open file (116.82 KB 470x462 1662228838465518.png)
>>27184 I wonder how many people dropped the patreon back when he stopped giving it early access and prioritized the webtoon shit, those chickens have finally come home to roost.
Open file (478.56 KB 512x768 ClipboardImage.png)
Lucky Maid Emmy!
Open file (1.02 MB 1800x2400 Replacement arm.png)
>>27184 Not trying to pile in and be yet another doom monger here, but I think the obvious worse case scenario has arrived and this is genuinely the beginning of the end for the comic. Barring whoring himself out for commissions, it's going to be very difficult for him to generate the funds needed to continue working on it consistently. How is a print version is going to work out considering the quality and pacing of the current strips themselves? It's not even finished yet, unless he plans to rush an ending in the next year or two? Either way, this is very depressing news
>>27198 Unless it's a concept art book or something akin to that, I doubt anyone would spend any actually money on said book unless they're a die hard fan since most of the comic is free already. He should be asking real people for advice and thinking about what would work for his long term goal, rather than the people who ask if Molly's hoofs stink in his comment section. He already screwed up going all in on the Madeline doll, not sure what bozo talked him into the book tbh.
Open file (459.62 KB 512x768 PinkNandroid.png)
Open file (367.24 KB 512x768 CuteNan.png)
I adore the Nandroid concept, everything is just so cute!
>>27198 >How is a print version is going to work out considering the quality and pacing of the current strips themselves? Probably a "Volume 1" of the first "arc" of the comic or so. Maybe up to the birthday party or up to Emmy getting lost in the dump? I could see that being a decent transition between a hypothetical Volumes 1 and 2. How well they sell remains the real question.
Open file (528.65 KB 885x3925 1627735401712.jpg)
Open file (464.24 KB 885x4271 1627735428880.jpg)
Open file (3.87 MB 620x3631 1627744627857.png)
Open file (3.36 MB 620x3022 1627744732697.png)
>>27206 I was thinking the same thing. I'm thinking volume 1 would end at the birthday incident, with volume 2 being everything that comes after.
Open file (336.45 KB 680x585 emmy the robot.png)
Open file (445.77 KB 768x1024 gnome artificer.jpg)
Open file (119.69 KB 1920x1080 lolbertarian flag.png)
I have a D&D campaign I'm a part of and I'm playing a Rock Gnome Battlesmith Artificer. The unique part of the Battlesmith is that he has a robot that he can bring with him into battle. I've decided to make it either Emmy or Jenny(from my life as a teenage robot). Based on the character I am playing, a gnome who hates the matriarchal government, I'll probably go with Emmy because of her naturally submissive, docile, and subservient nature. The main idea is that he's basically an autistic "Free as in Freedom" libertarian and hates the authoritarian Matriarchal government. He believes the government would be better ruled by a male libertarian like John McAfee or Ron Paul. The reason he doesn't like the central government is because he fought in a battle that was very similar to the Battle of the Somme where the majority of his unit was killed after a very foolish and arrogant tactical error was made. Anyways, I just wanted to share that with you all. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
>>27209 Ooh you should write a greentext or something based on this lol, like your Gnome and Emmy sharing adventures
>>26959 I think she is ready, and she is the 50th nandroid skin ♡
Open file (433.68 KB 1600x708 ClipboardImage.png)
Found something interesting while searching for sources. Who did that artwork of Itzpapalotl anyway?
Open file (897.66 KB 2100x3000 Papálotl 2 Bdo009-1 (1).jpg)
Open file (1.09 MB 2700x3900 Bdo0015-1.jpg)
>>27226 The artist is Malu_glezcortes, and that is an alternative version of Itzpapálotl, her doll version is called "Papálotl" (means butterfly). I have 2 versions of her for diferent stories.
Open file (2.84 MB 3072x4096 53 sin título-1.png)
Open file (3.00 MB 3072x4096 58 sin título (1)-1.png)
Itzpapálotl and Larimar with the adventure time artstyle ♡ Artist: Miss_Bunny_Li
Open file (1.39 MB 2893x4092 png_smugest.png)
So far so good it seems with the thread. I do like that the mods are keeping things on-topic.
Open file (434.38 KB 536x652 YeetedDeleted.png)
>>27237 stop having a meltdown please (For context, two anons were being wankers over politics. Their posts were deleted, this post stays because it's funny.)
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 12/11/2023 (Mon) 03:46:37.
>>26849 its done
>>27245 NICE
>>27245 Good work!
>>27224 Very cute. Know of any similar Nandroids that are Christmas'y-themed, Anon?
Open file (483.18 KB 1135x1135 Ohohoho.png)
>>27255 I don't think there's any explicitly Christmas themed Nandroids? There's Merry, but despite the name and clothing, she doesn't really embody the spirit of the holiday.
>>27256 The reason I ask: (>>27074) As the new /christmas/ BO, I'm hoping that /robowaifu/ (including all Nan-fans!) will make a strong showing there during this year's festival, spanning Dec 22nd-25th. Get all those Christmas waifus ready, Anons! :^) >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/11/2023 (Mon) 20:59:53.
>>27257 Ah, fun fun! I did a Christmas themed Emmy drawing last year, but I wasn't really planning on it this year. May be doing a Christmas'y story for Merry, but she's gonna be more Grinch'y with her shenanigans... and I still actually need to finish up her introductory chapter to begin with.
>>27258 Ehh, post 'em if you got 'em! :^) OTOH, don't let that stop anyone from participating on /christmas/ this year. Just show up is the main thing! :D
>>27256 Is there no "Holly" ? Seems like the next obvious choice next to merry/mary
Open file (80.07 KB 800x600 crimbo.png)
>>27257 I can't even remember when I scratched this out, likely last year just to have something for christmas Don't ask where the gifts are from or why there's red stuff all over 'em. It's cranberry juice.
Open file (702.31 KB 2390x1980 Christmas Eve.png)
>>27260 There was a Holly, but wasn't Christmas related whatsoever. She was from a story called "Anon Buys a Rapedroid", of which the thing that I remember most about was a little Courage the Cowardly Dog cameo at the end. >>27259 Not much of an artist, but every now and then I enjoy doing something.
>>27261 Heh. I'm sure Rhody is quite skilled at all that operator-tier bush work. :D >>27263 >Not much of an artist, but every now and then I enjoy doing something. It's charming Anon, thanks! Cheers. :^)
Open file (746.21 KB 1536x2048 101195593_p0 (1).jpg)
She didn't mean to break the vase, she just got a little distracted. Artist: Diegosagiro
Open file (468.34 KB 1180x2284 Tabby.png)
>>27266 For the most part I am fairly happy with how they come out. Not great, but I do like the style I've been developing, just not sure on how to refine it. Want to keep the big heads and rough looking lines personally.
>>27269 The fact that Emmy/Nanroids caught on with a notable fanbase in middle/south America is wild to me.
>>27274 To be fair, latinos cling to anything and everything.
>>27269 Cute! >>27272 Yeah it's a nice style. Please do develop it further, Anon! Cheers. :^)
Love me some nandroids
Open file (32.99 KB 501x668 1695012033776460.jpg)
Open file (35.19 KB 501x668 1696850324668851.jpg)
Open file (30.09 KB 501x668 1696850691092212.jpg)
1. sauce, plz 2. Is Olivia with a demon? 3. Why?
Open file (3.67 MB 2900x2882 snowman.png)
>>26686 might actually get around to it since I gotta wait so long for my prints finishing in the factory. I did do this one last year
>>27300 literal donutsteel
Artist: Moth.art
Open file (102.17 KB 600x854 GBZd7oFX0AA16La.jpg)
>>27316 >that tsundere tho <B-baka! I-it's not like I like you or anything!! :D >3rd pic Adorabru.
Open file (16.21 MB 4961x7016 Madison_xmas_60.jpg)
Here's a Christmassy picture that a friend did for me last year.
Open file (7.35 MB 720x404 Franny_Friday5.mp4)
Blessed Franny Friday.
Open file (2.96 MB 1280x720 1652573651660.webm)
>>27329 >you can post full videos Good to know, might post something cool tomorrow.
Open file (4.18 MB 1920x1080 nantalesmoment (1).mp4)
>>27332 >you can post full videos Neat.
Artist: Moth.art
Open file (889.16 KB 620x3346 Beans&Toast_Webtoon.png)
>>27341 Darcy seems to have a ways to go in developing her sense of mechanical practicality.
this weeks update >>27343
>>27341 What a riveting update.
Open file (114.60 KB 975x1200 GBfDM8kXoAA6GrX-1.jpg)
woodchads winning again this year
>>27346 Sigh.
>>27346 Why do you want splinters in your dick
>>27348 Why do you want rust in yours?
>>27346 new BTG-lulu hopefully for christmas/newyears
>>27354 SIGH.
>>27346 Needs preg version
Open file (239.89 KB 748x650 20231217_051939.jpg)
Open file (229.52 KB 734x683 20231217_051942.jpg)
>>27373 sovl
Open file (43.29 KB 503x563 20201210_183304.jpg)
zero nandroid mistletoe content this year...
Open file (404.63 KB 512x768 20221102_081741.jpg)
>>27376 Do go on
>>27376 No Saturday thread either
>>27380 >No Saturday thread either Why not start a different 'Saturday thread' then, anons. Unless it's intentionally ecchi. :^) >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/17/2023 (Sun) 20:21:17.
Open file (2.22 MB 1920x1080 Emmythreads.png)
>>27377 With Dom dropping webtoons for patreon for full releases of the comic, at least based on last week with the "see the rest on patreon", a lot of people are going to balk at paying a dollar to read a comic that was up until now free, if delayed on different platforms. The only other place to read the comic for the /co/ fandom would be on /co/, where Emmy threads have been pruned two weeks in a row and none has been made for this week, so the fandom there is dead or at least dormant until someone with the patreon chooses to be an OP and post the comics... which takes money away from Dom, and means he'll take even longer on a slowing release pace for a comic most anons agree has diminished in artistic and written quality over the years. Obviously the /co/ fandom is a very small minority of Emmy fans, and Emmy the Robot will persist in some way into the future. But the /co/ fandom, arguably the most inventive and expansive relative to its size, is dying if not already dead. It all feels like watching the universe end- pinpoints of light recede from each other before fizzling out quietly and surrendering to the empty blackness of entropy. >inb4 picrel is before the universe starts again A new universe starts again just to end anyways.
Open file (31.77 KB 932x783 Alien N.png)
>>27383 >A new universe starts again just to end anyways. screw that, we recreating the entire fuckin universe https://youtu.be/Xkp0TmQFGp0?si=9fLCqGHHbgfMdrkk&t=138
>>27405 The others are obvious or have been explained but what the fuck is pip
>>27407 Dom's attempt at making a broadly appealing "scrunkly" character, for that kind of audience.
>>27408 That's not a satisfying answer in-universe at all
>>27409 Yeah, well, welcome to what the Dom writing has been for the comic for the past year or so
>>27404 I don't really care about that autistic aspect, robots can be male-programmed. I'm more concerned with these botlers being a foot-in-the-door for Tumblr-tier homo art.
>>27405 Looks like he's got at least three different types of char design going on. The nandroids and the humans are his main style, darcy, dennis, ula and ginny all match each other and are consistant with Emmy and her family's design. Socket is definitely out of place, from a completely different cartoon, cheap fredanator 'anime style'. Pip is terrible, reminds me of Gir from invader Zim but matches with doc but not with the nandroids or human and human style bots, while Garrison is too clanky compared to all the others. Darcy also seems to be very similar to Anne-Marie from all dogs go to heaven.
Open file (1.99 MB 2000x2000 shortcake.png)
Open file (172.37 KB 2250x2599 20231218_102547.jpg)
>>27405 >So if I want to talk about the comic but I have theories or questions about the males robots, I can't post it here? As long as you can do so without being abusive against our >no literal faggots sh*te (>>3) rule, then sure, their discussion is fine. Images are simply off-limits as a tarbaby no one here in their right mind wants us to engage with (nor will we). >>27412 >I'm more concerned with these botlers being a foot-in-the-door for Tumblr-tier homo art. Pretty much this, yeah. But further as an industry, we just don't want to support the concept itself. We exist to help men get their waifus... not to create general humanoids. Male bots would support the feminist's and the faggot's agendas; not men's. And we're (explicitly) not here to promote either of those two groups -- but rather quite the opposite: to help & to serve men. Cheers, Anon. :^) --- >tl;dr There's a reason we're called robowaifu, not robohusbando. Simple as. >=== -add'l resp -fmt, prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/18/2023 (Mon) 05:36:29.
>>27383 >a lot of people are going to balk at paying a dollar to read a comic that was up until now free Apparently his patreon jumped up by around a hundred patrons after the change. Dunno if that's just a monthly flux or what, I recall it rising and diving by about as much in the past.
Open file (278.36 KB 419x550 Ginnysoutmodes.png)
>>27407 Original post was deleted for trolling. Pip is is the odd grey bot with black sclera and yellow pupils. Their gender is unknown. They live with Aunt Ginny as a saved outmode who brings her junk to use or sell. They're nice and try to be helpful.
>>27412 >for Tumblr-tier homo art Yeah, the majority of it isn't "tumblr tier". Also I noticed that no one griped and groaned over the Emmy lesbian art, glad that there's such a childish split between the two and in general. Big fan of male robots being "faggot shite" while the entire concept of replacing human women with robots is looked at as the manliest thing ever.
>>27425 >>27413 >Each character has a different design type of eye Goddamnit >The background is layer traced over I like his nandroid characters, they've got a nice cute flavor to them but he's killing me, can't decide between Don Bluth and 2010 sitcom flash animation. It hurts.
Open file (31.39 KB 264x536 ula.JPG)
>>27432 Yeah but the lesbian art, of equal "appropriateness" to the art of botlers holding hands, wasn't deleted. That's because in the eyes of people here lesbians aren't *really* gay, so it's okay to have lesbian art since it's not *really* lesbian art. Since it's not *really* gay, compared to two men holding hands, it's not deleted since it's rationalized as such.
>>27433 either way I don't like Emmy being shipped with a woman
>>27435 Chobitsu specifically mentioned the industry aspect, so that's the field you just entered. In that context your remark doesn't really matter much, because it just turned from >omg just let me post whatever I want into >build me my male robot or else you hate me
>>27437 I think you just seem a little surprised that it is homo stuff being moderated out of existence for a change, instead of the other way around. While I do think that deleting actual comic-related discussion about some male-modded robot characters should not take place, I chalk it up to growing pains, as the mods have hitherto mostly moderated actual project threads, and they don't want people making male robots here. I also fully understand the deletion of "faggot shite", though I'd also wish to see some doctrinal consistency resulting in the deletion of the lesbian images as well. Today most internet refuges have to take sides, whether they want to or not.
>>27443 This is roboWAIFU. Not robohusbando. Nobody wants to see your gay shit
>>27424 >>27433 Let me clarify. No one here cares about gay. We just don't want male robots unless they're integral to discussion of the web comic. Discuss gay politics somewhere else. Lesbians are fine because they are female robots. Being gey female robots is completely ignored. (Unless it is egregious, for example, excessively lewd art will need to be spoilered with clear warning.) >>27436 This is correct. This board is dedicated towards building feminine robots. Specifically for men. Wanting a male robot in anyway is antithetical to the board and will be met with natural pushback. >>27439 Correct, though I will allow male related posts as long as it is 1. Entirely ontopic to the comic 2. Not trolling 3 Not trying to encourage gay. Whereas I support the gays, it just doesn't belong here. Do it elsewhere. >>27444 Gay is ok as long as it is only women. :^) This is a thread about Emmy the Robot, not fighting about gays. If you don't like that you can't go off topic to talk about gay politics and wanting gay male robots, go somewhere else.
>>27453 That's cool, Anon, but HomoBots are not allowed. Shame you consider that to be such a deal-breaker, but at least it helps everyone get a more accurate measure of you.
Open file (443.26 KB 1000x1000 SafetyFirstEmmy.jpg)
>>27454 (For reference, they were responding to a troll throwing a tantrum because moderation refuses to turn the Emmy thread into a thread dedicated to gay botlers.) Please, discuss Emmy and her comic here. I wonder how long it will be until she returns to the Delaire family? Would be sweet if Madeline found her.
>>27455 I accept this segway back into comic lore, mister moderator. I wouldn't expect Madeline to just cross a body of water and go look for Emmy in a kinda-dangerous district, I think the conclusion will look a little different. I also think there's a lot more story awaiting Emmy right where she is, probably some important lessons about outmodes and whatnot.
>>27455 mad's got no chance. Probably more likely for the Dad Bod Duo (Ted and Webb) to do so, following a trail of breadcrumbs out to the boonies
>>27455 I hope darcy gets adopted by the delaires
>>27458 Well what about the outmode gang and Aunt Ginny? That's the problem with trying to predict how the story will end. Some of these superficially good endings end up kinda sad when you think about either Emmy, her family, Darcy or the outmodes. It's going to be tricky to put a neat bow on everything, I'm sure.
>>27459 the mind of Aunt Ginny is already starting to slip, the signs of dementia are there. A year or two more and she'll be like Bruce Willis. Perhaps a new more "normal" family is what she needs
>>27460 This, darcys life is far from sustainable. She will need somewhere else to live eventually
>>27463 like the renovated GinnyMansion, after she makes a fortune on her workshop and buys out Sterling Robotics to get the entire software team to work on Emmy's repair.
>>27458 I liked that one Anon's idea of Darcy being adopted. And the new nandroid Avery having to be purchased to provide extra hands in the household
Open file (2.97 MB 2900x3412 109892059_p0 (1).jpg)
My two beautiful nandroids posing for the camera ♡ Artist: Diegosagiro
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