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Emmy The Robot Robowaifu Technician 04/15/2024 (Mon) 20:31:05 No.30919
Welcome all Nandroids fans to the Emmy thread, for discussing and posting about EtR. Off-topic posts and personal attacks will be deleted. --- Also, be sure to check out Emmy-Pilled's project thread! (>>25306) Important Community Links: Boorus, etc.: https://nandroid.booru.org/index.php https://emmytherobot.art/ (Jumbo controlled, be careful.) Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mXuNh9ESedCiDZclVuz9uiL7nTNk3U9SgCE_CRHi3Us/htmlview# Webtoons: https://m.webtoons.com/en/canvas/emmy-the-robot/list?title_no=402201 > previous threads : >>27481 >>26629
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 06/24/2024 (Mon) 18:13:49.
>>32111 it's likely, he has done everything so far to control all nandroid media so that Molly may never again be joked about
>>32113 does he not like molly or something?
>>32113 even more so now that webtoons is going bell up
>>32114 quite the opposite, he is so obsessed with her he wants her to replace the entire comic and have it revolve only about his personal and "approved" circlejerk
Open file (19.52 KB 431x424 ClipboardImage.png)
new 'droid just dropped
>>32118 Sorry but no
New updated Bedrock/HD skin for Clara
New updated Bedrock/HD skin for Lil Lulu (the thing over the head it's a jukebox)
Open file (13.48 KB 176x286 ClipboardImage.png)
>>32119 Its the best crossover ever though!
>>32123 latest flarg character?
>>32118 the gem that saved the 'logs
>>32120 the braids, the braids!
>>32124 Look up "soy tan"
Open file (137.64 KB 731x900 GSD7jBLWMAI2w6m.jpeg)
dixieanon's birthday is today apparently glad some oldtroons are still kicking
>>32135 I heard dixie was generally disliked in the communtiy. Is that true?
>>32136 The only people who genuinely disliked Dixie were a niche group of weirdos who hate the idea of wooden nandroids, other than that she's just a niche interest fandroid. Compare that to Sally who was actually hated because she was spammed so much, hence why no one has posted anything of her here other than retard me shit, and why you don't see any good fanart of her that wasn't paid for.
>>32136 I don't think so. She has had steady popularity with no sudden flare ups with just as sudden drop offs like those with avery or lulu. She was especially liked by the artists who came in the third wave. I only assume she is only unpopular to those within the Jumdome due to brainrot and a mix of political bias.
>>32137 Because both stories require you to read more than five seconds lol, and since the latest fandom additions cant do that, they only see normal 80s clad nandroid versus hot southern momma and you can guess which one they immediately go mad for.
>>32139 People liked dixie because wooden nandroid was a new idea and has a historical angle, Sally is just another "what if nandroid but job" slopfest written by an unuronic linkspammer who directly contributed to the janny crackdown >>32140 >2021 Sorry RECENT fanart. Requests need not apply because they would be made by you know who.
>>32141 nah those checkout cashier movie attendants or the lifeguard that made no sense when nans sink from the groombo cult don't even compare to sally
>>32142 Why's that? Because they actually get updates?
>>32144 because it's often very poor and limited writing due to the Jumbo TOS and the egos behind said stories
>>32145 I'd rather have limited writing that gets better over time than """good""" writing that never finishes.
>>32148 Okay so nantales is a good writer is a perfectly normal thing to believe but thinking other writers will get better is bad
>>32146 >gets better over time it will never get better, the whole point of nandromeda and their booru is a hugbox so strong they will never get criticized ever again
>>32149 Have any of them improved so far?
why does 4chan have such a hateboner against nandroids? Even pol jannies are going out of their way to nuke any thread involving robots
>>32161 >filename groombian detected
>>32163 The booru was linked in the thread retard
>>32165 >>32163 it's really odd isn't it? Jumbo hates this place more than anything, calling it a "hateful incel board" yet demands his >>30922 hugbox booru be displayed and defended at all times
Open file (3.39 MB 1990x1592 MerryCommish.png)
Open file (408.38 KB 700x1100 1720734958322p.png)
Open file (133.65 KB 1125x1767 1720735824530y.jpg)
>>32168 i miss drawfags sad they all became xhitter artists
New Bedrock/HD skin for Lil Lulu
>>32175 Well what would you like drawn?
Open file (766.15 KB 834x2376 emmy wedding.png)
>>32177 more cute bride Emmy
>>32179 how about something creative for once
>>32183 Emmy and dr pingas crossover
>>32183 Emmy being exposed for her horrific soap hoarding, crying and pleading as her stash is shown to the world
Open file (27.33 KB 888x849 t523teewy.png)
>>32188 'emmie
Open file (115.72 KB 1576x1500 1720849429721r.png)
>I've replaced all of your meals with soylent sir!
>>32190 built for BWC
Open file (144.70 KB 1080x1350 GSY-EAJXwAAEuil.jpeg)
>>32192 off model
Open file (14.40 KB 832x480 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>32192 Look at how blacked they made my bot.
new thread new thread >>32205 new thread new thread

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