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The important question Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:54:39 No.419
Vagoo. I can't speak for anyone but myself but I'd like to get.. intimate with my fembot. I'd like to know what my options are for her robopussy. I was thinking something like a flesh light with sensors that triggers voice and arm action. I'm using Myrobotlab is Anyone familiar with it?

Robosex general I guess
>>17710 Nice i been wiling to make a prototipe but i only have one disposable fleshlight and my current onahole, so if it goes south i dont wanna ruin my ona, where or how do you get TPE raw material, im already done silicone molds but i not TPE, does it need to be medical or food grade ?
Open file (331.06 KB 854x480 Robo_pussy_Prototype.webm)
>>419 >Vagoo.
Fellow coomers. What is a robot companion that can't fuck? Not a robot companion at all. This is the stuff that matters in my opinion. >>19634 Nice how do I do that though...
>>20143 >This is the stuff that matters in my opinion. I understand that viewpoint. In fact I think most anons here and elsewhere want to embrace their robowaifus "in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation". :^) Certainly sex sells. I'd predict that robowaifus that are little more than cheap, mindless bimbos will be very hot sellers once this industry really gets up and rolling. Since you're here, why not make a task for 'Create a disposable, washable, onahole cartridge system' for robowaifus, in our Tasks thread (>>20037) (and following the task template in the OP). It's definitely an unfulfilled need ATM, and one that seems right up your line. Why not do it today? It will be a great way for you to begin to connect into our little band here in a meaningful way, Anon. Cheers. >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 02/15/2023 (Wed) 03:56:17.
>>20144 Well maybe you want a flat chested one but I think I'll go with thicc
>>20145 Your's costs more. Tastes are irrelevant. What matters is that we succeed. Please create the task for us, Anon.
>>20146 I'm still waiting for the electronics kit and baby oil to try to make the hasel actuator. If we make the waifu with hasel actuators it'd be totally different than if we do it with motors or hydraulics or something else.But somebody else could try making that experiment too.
Open file (70.48 KB 570x380 Maidroid-P4.jpg)
>20143 >What is a robot companion that can't fuck? Pets can also be companions, and I hope you don't use them that way. Yes, full robowaifus should be able to be used that way, and I think improving sexdolls for poorer men and sexbots should be a spin-off of our efforts here. That said, having a girl around to give me some nice reactions and talk would already feel nice. Btw, this is absolutely not the same as a human female that would friendzone me, or me taking care of a handicapped women. Look here >>19866 in picrel, how most of the early variants of robot or AI waifus might not be sex-enabled. That said, some of us might build some motorized joints which can be used for sexrobots soon. >>20148 I posted some of the comments here mentioning hasel actuators. So if it works, I might be interested. Though, I never thought to only use those and no servos or other methods. Very advanced robowaifus might have different kinds of actuators. Also, a simple sexrobot which would be like a sexdoll but capable of changing positions in the bed might only require some simple servos in some of her joints. I might look into that in some time, after I get my desktop waifu to a working level.
Open file (410.53 KB 1115x1600 Robo_Wife_Lewd.jpg)
>>20143 >What is a robot companion that can't fuck?
>>20160 >What is a robot companion that can't fuck? A desktop waifu that can hug.
>>20159 NoidoDev, I realize this is on-topic & spoilered, but frankly I don't want us having 3DPD pronz here (or much even, of non-pronz). You can probably anticipate this kind of thing will become more common as robowaifus enters the mainstream consciousness, so let's just nip this in the bud here and now. Thanks for your understanding, Anon.
>>20160 Oh nice, looks like new chapters since I last read it.
>>20171 >3DPD pronz Okay, I try to keep it in mind.
Open file (233.79 KB 492x640 raw (1).png)
>>20146 >That's going to cost more What were you planning on spending your money instead lol How much is the whole waifu going to cost? Even if its a thousand dollars idc I'd get that money back plus dividends i don't know about you
>>20182 Heh, thinking like a businessman eh? So, our hoped for goal for our baseline, lowest-cost robowaifu is mentioned in our Welcome thread (>>3).
>>20183 A sex doll goes for more than $1000 lol I could sell it for like $10,000 and somebody would buy it. Even if it was a sex doll that can sex back.
>>20184 I'm not even exaggerating. Look all the simps spending boatloads of money on onlyfans and stuff... This is like bitcoin only it'd require a lot of effort, skill and time. I said in the other thread if you make a robo waifu you will become a millionare. That much is pretty much guaranteed...
>>20148 Please take two seconds to think before putting hundreds or thousands of volts in a capacitor millimeters away from your penis. If a hyrdaulic or electric actuator breaks, it is far safer, too. >new posts on 2/15/2023 Gee, I guess yesterday with no robot must have been the right kind of motivation.
>>20188 Is it possible to make a sex bot that's 100% safe? I don't think so. People would just need to sign a waiver before buying I guess.
>>20188 > hundreds or thousands of volts in a capacitor millimeters away from your penis. Is this >>19634 even based on a hasel actuator? I think the technology of vagos has already been solved by these fleshlight and similar devices (without hasel actuators). That's why no one here is hugely working on it, we want the rest of the body, animation and AI.
>>20185 Guys I'm going to have to ask you to look up doujins,the vr stuff, the people cumming on sex figurines, the 3d animation commissions and then get back here and tell me you couldn't sell a sex bot for $10,000 ...
>>20200 I suppose some people here fit into that category in which case I got to say the following. Stop simping. Although I did pay for a patreon for a porn comics but that's like $1 a month though lol.
>>20203 >Stop simping. I don't pay for anything like that but I also don't consider this simping. Simping means putting (average) women on a pedestal. Giving money to tech bros for replacing them isn't the same. Since we are working on something similar, but more oriented towards going beyond carnal desires, we are not morally obligated to additionally finance such things.
>>20184 >>20185 I doubt not. And high-end robowaifus of the future will cost every bit as much as luxury cars. Bargain, I'd say (vs the 3DPD, JUST alternatives :^) . But we here are trying to make the Model A robowaifus, as it were, and to make them affordable enough for every anon across the world. It's both the practical, and the right thing to do at this time, Anon. And the great Henry Ford will be proud of us all too!! :^) >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 02/16/2023 (Thu) 03:05:25.
>>20143 The video this is from explains that it uses a carbon black-silicone flexible sensor with pneumatics. This will be completely superceded once I create my hydraulic actuated toys with braided carbon fiber as the superior capacitance sensor, and the braid doubles as a mc-kibben hydraulic muscle. This system has far more force than pneumatics, less noise, and smaller packaging in a self-contained robot (no need for a bulky compressor). The carbon fiber is far superior for capacitive sensing and is far easier to fabricate than the carbon black silicone sensor, I've tried carbon black last year and it was almost a complete waste of time. Will update this thread if I complete a prototype muscle/sensor this week.
>>20806 Thanks for your answer explaining how >>19634 works. Looking forward to see more about your project.
>>20806 >Will update this thread if I complete a prototype muscle/sensor this week. Looking forward to it Anon.
any one know the origin or brand of this doll on the videoreated? i would like to know the isdie mechanism and if it has also space to improve a robopussy
>>20878 That's the one I saw recently in some video I stumbled across. I did't look for the name, just noted where they are tech wise. Wondering why I don't get more such videos recommended, given the search and watch history I must have. I'd look at r/sexdolls or the dollforum if I where you. I could ask on Reddit if it's important. I looked here: https://www.myrobotdoll.com/collections/ai-tech-sex-robots - but didn't find that feature. Someone on Reddit also warned that these chinese robot dolls are rather trashy and break down very fast (he had enough after 30 seconds or so, lol).
>>20878 found it JY dolll robotics AI, now to see if the have internal components information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzNYfO35q7c
>>20931 isn it hydrophobic? also doesn't make that lube useless?
>>20996 The new silicone is modified to be hydrophilic and work with water based lube. Lube will be useful still, as the lubrication gets better with how much lube is used. >>21008
>>19634 realdoll is using this now on the harmony 3.0 even has bluetooth conection and is suposed to be selflubricant
Open file (43.65 KB 781x586 20230113_165454.jpg)
the low budget option
>>21080 >low-budget I'd suggest just starting off with a typical onahole, installed into some sort of cartridge system design that's easily insertable/removable into the robowaifu's torso. That approach will be easily-washable, maintainable, & replaceable. Once you've perfected that system, then you could work on better alternatives if that's a goal.
>>21136 Robot Chicken was always a favorite.
>>21082 This is exactly what I'd like to do if I wasn't autistically obsessed with robot pussy. This is objectively the best option for every reason (except for the potential pleasure), and should be in the commercial form of robowaifu.
Open file (1.22 MB 1300x1882 Sex_Robot_Wolf.jpg)
Open file (1.10 MB 1300x1931 Sex_Robot_Chicken.jpg)
>>419 Humanoid sex bots that avoid the uncanny valley because they are not suppose to be nearly identical to humans.
>>21264 >and should be in the commercial form of robowaifu. Actually, I don't think we here want to touch that tbh. Any anon here can start their own Robowaifu Aftermarket interest and manufacture/sell any number of ladybit parts. But our basic agenda here is to simply leave 'servicable' (read: replaceable) shell plates in the usual strategic spots. >>21288 Lol. Indeed the Uncanny Valley is a very real psychological phenomenon for most individuals, and yes, making robowaifus clearly anime catgril meido-like has been an agenda here for us since back in the day. Good thinking Anon! Cheers. :^)
I'm currently looking into BOSL library of OpenScad, which is meant to make things easier. Maybe I should've done this earlier, but I didn't want to rely on a library which has been installed manually. But it's very interesting, since it does rounding things and organic forms very well, it also is very concise. Anyways, looking through the tutorial and examples here https://github.com/revarbat/BOSL2/wiki/shapes3d.scad I already found some interesting patterns which might become useful as a starting point for some robowaifu parts. include <BOSL2/std.scad> color("pink") cylindrical_heightfield(l=100, r=30, base=5, data=[ for (y=[-180:4:180]) [ for(x=[-180:4:150]) 5*cos(5*norm([x,y]))+50 ] ]); This is just me pointing something out in a general way, the thread to go on with this in a serious way would be prototyping >>18800 or 3D modelling >>415 if it's about BOSL and OpenScad or making a project thread for working on a real project.
>>21432 Very nice NoidoDev! Yes, that's very-readable code. I'd say you could rely on external libraries for your tools. After all, these aren't critical run-time subsystems of our actual robowaifus, but rather design/manufacturing aids which are fair game for this type thing IMO. Good luck Anon, keep up the good work! :^)
>>21073 zelex now has "sucking" or vacum theres this control sistems too it should be easy to program one to autorun your favorites moves sets or secuences, or change them with voice commands all of it hands free
>>21520 how does the top one work
Open file (57.72 KB 940x940 9859134.jpg)
>>21082 that's more or less what I drew Tenga goes into the mount, mount can be fixed or attached to internal motor for optional movement vectors. Open torso and de-grip the Tenga, replace with a new one
Open file (361.04 KB 600x338 bjwe7hteu5ba1.mp4)
Open file (151.40 KB 358x432 p0sxgzbvrida1.mp4)
>>21521 no idea but it does, the internals must be secret but it can both blow and suck, well have to wait for one to malfunction and some one take her apart heres two more videos from Reddit
>>19636 That's hilarious.
Might be extremely ghetto for your collective liking but assuming your onna and member are reasonable fit only thing it lacks to be basically inflation pump is escape valve/rubber flap. I fitted my past fleshlights with very simple escape valve and got such crazy suction on pullout i had to scratch around seal to leak some air back in. If oyu wanted to do activelly to maintain some level of sub atm pressure you could use those small air pump (underpowered so it wouldn't be so noisy) or some big slow cylindrical reciprocating pump. Obviously with mototrized set-up as you need to vent that air out you should include some liquidtrap so your bot won't spray lube and babybatter all over the place. You may even pump that back into vagoo if you're willing to.

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