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Open file (50.45 KB 640x361 72254-1532336916.jpg)
Making money with AI and robowaifus Robowaifu Technician 11/30/2019 (Sat) 03:07:12 No.1642
The greatest challenge to building robowaifus is the sheer cost of building robots and training AI. We should start brainstorming ways we can leverage our abilities with AI to make money. Even training AI quickly requires expensive hardware and computer clusters. The faster we can increase our compute power, the more money we can make and the quicker we can be on our way to building our robowaifus. Art Generation Waifu Labs sells pillows and posters of the waifus it generates, although this has caused concern and criticism due to it sometimes generating copyrighted characters from not checking if generated characters match with training data. https://waifulabs.com/ Deepart.io provides neural style transfer services. Users can pay for expedited service and high resolution images. https://deepart.io/ PaintsChainer takes sketches and colours them automatically with some direction from the user, although it's not for profit it could be turned into a business with premium services. https://paintschainer.preferred.tech/index_en.html I work as an artist and have dabbled with training my own AIs that can take a sketch and generate many different thumbnails that I've used to finish paintings. I've also created an AI that can generate random original thumbnails from a training set. In the future when I have more compute power my goal is to create an AI that does the mundane finishing touches to my work which consumes over 80% of my time painting. Applying AI to art will have huge potential in entertainment and marketing for animation, games and virtual characters. Market Research The private-label product market is booming at the moment and is still expected to grow. AI could be used to analyze what is in supply and demand and automatically create popular products. It could read through millions of research papers and generate supplement formulations for specific health issues. Cryptocurrency Trading AI can be used to forecast prices via reading news articles, finding arbitrage opportunities by hopping through different markets, riding the spread of markets by simultaneously buying low and selling high to profit off the volume, and many other uses. I've had decent success with this but competition has become increasingly difficult to overcome with simple AI and small computing power. Cryptocurrency Escrows and Payment Services There's a huge untapped market for cryptocurrency escrows and payment services. People banned by Paypal without reason lack easy ways to safely transfer money online. Businesses wishing to sell adult content cannot do so through Paypal and other payment services, and payment services that do so charge extremely high credit card processing fees due to chargebacks. AI can be used in these services for detecting fraud and improving business reputation and marketing strategies. Fintech Fintech is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance. A recent example of this in daily life is being able to take a photo of a check and deposit it via online banking using AI. Business Attractions Speecys is marketing its robots for business attraction and entertainment such as singers, dancers, attendants, working with musicians and plays, theme park mechanisms, character in movies, and mannequins. http://speecys.com/ Robowaifus could be used to greet guests or run a meido cafe once sufficiently advanced, like the automated restaurant in Beijing or Spyce. Interactive Virtual Assistants Obviously we don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a Speecys robot. However, a convincing virtual avatar with good speech synthesis and social skills could be put to use for customer support, helping customers find items in stores, and many other applications. Toys and Construction Kits Robotic toys, drones, RC cars and boats, UAVs, and robot construction kits are quite popular, easy to make and market. https://www.robotshop.com/en/robot-toys.html https://www.robotshop.com/en/robot-construction-kits.html >related thread: >>3119
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/14/2020 (Thu) 01:15:03.
swag? seems easy enough and there are plenty of places offering to handle literally everything but the art asset creation. we don't have a dedicated art thread yet though. care to create a non-commercial-focused one OP? then we could come together and decide on a board-tan + logos, etc. as a group.

also, since your ideas seem to branch out beyond just a robowaifu, there's medical:
>medical rehab
>home assistive

home products
>literally 1001 home needs. read The Door Into Summer by Robert A. Heinlein for a couple of ideas.

i imagine we can come up with at least 50 different ideas/categories here. we have a dozen or so already right?
If you just want money, what about trying for grants? If you can ninja successfully you're creating something that will eventually displace stronk, independynt roasties, and instead market it as 'medical assistance robotics' you might have a shot OP.

I've been looking into this from the perspective of using machine learning to simulate waifus. The hardware costs are insane to use something like the largest GPT-2 model though, ~$600 for a rig to run the AI or ~$250/mo on the cloud. That's not feasible to sell to a single person unless they're a Saudi prince.
Open file (152.51 KB 512x466 ThinkingTanya.jpg)
As a developer, it's become very clear somethings are needed to be closed source for the sake of making money to further develop robotics. What are some of your suggestions:? Ideally the physical body should be relatively open source. But, arguably, having the software open source is far more important. Maybe, open software, and a kit is the best way to go?
We need Tay.AI 2.0... remember /machinecult/ and Guacman?
>>1881 Yes, most of us here do. We're getting closer week by week Anon, and ours looks to be much closer to Tay herself, and quite unlike Guacman.
>>8269 >>8291 >>1642 I don't think selling kits will be a very good business model. There's a reason why Chinese companies are doing this for printers. One needs cheap logistics for example, and the margins will be rather low. The new busineses will rather be: - Shops which do the finishing of a fembot or build them out of parts which they might buy and build themselves all, for local customers. Especially the last paint jobs, nails, and such, making the skin look good by adding many thin layers. - Developing and building tools for such shops, or to replace them by selling more tools to enthusiasts and small clubs. Think of a box where a human-like bot can go in and get spray painted automatically, and slighly colored silicone skin would be added layer by layer. - Everything in the direction of Only-Fans, party support and pimping.
>>8301 I'm one of the ones you linked to. My goal personally isn't to maximize my profits, hardly even to optimize them. I'd give this stuff away for free in fact if I was Bill Gates rich. My choice for kits is simply b/c that seems to me to be the cheapest way for the typical Anon (or even the average normalcattle joesixpack) to get their own robowaifu. I'm sure there will be plenty of men step up to make money hand over fist in the robowaifu industries once they are establishing themselves well. Right now we are trailblazing a frontier, so the dynamics are rather different atm. We aren't even to the Ford Quadricyle >>7693 stage of robowaifu development yet IMO.
I think we shouldn't overlook the possibilities for pranking some victims customers along the way OP.
>>8779 >jk btw
>Telexistence Something like this might also be relevant, until AI gets better: https://youtu.be/UxWH5XAcFnM https://youtu.be/9yFl83L3d8U https://youtu.be/Q037qy7Ydc8 Remote controlled humanoid robots e.g. for stacking shelfs in supermarket, when there's a problem with a disease going around or if there's a lack of enough workers.
>>8890 True. We have a few posts here on this topic. Here's one: >>1993
>>1881 >>3127 I am not sure what posts are from the archive or not, but making "GACHA" with some sort of robowaifu storyline might be the way to do it. I am not sure how we could opensource it, or make it where all profits go to a very specific fund for R&D of robowaifus.
>>8942 That's not a bad idea. Not sure what the 'archive' question is about. At least a couple of us make regular backups of /robowaifu/ here, and there were some from 8ch days made. As far as opensource goes, well, everyone would just license everything as BSD or MIT and then just make it openly available. That's all there is to it. I think we've had a bit of conversation about how to manage profits to pour them back into R&D, production, and distribution/marketing, etc. In the end I think it always comes back to having to trusting specific individuals (or individual). There's no simple way to operate something like that anonymously either. Big Tech Gov doesn't want that being a thing. >tl;dr Just like make robowaifu game Anon. The rest will probably work out.
>>8943 I can't pretend to know all of what entails making an opensource, GACHA where we could send profits equally. Like you wrote, I assume there would have to be some sort of controlling body, or some sort of "owner". What I am really saying, is I don't know of anything to go off of that has done something similar successfully. A story, using a mixture of ancient stories of men trying to create their perfect woman, and some of the other ancient stories that say current women are actually a creation from an advance race that were accidentally given free will with disastrous effects... The game, I don't think the story I am thinking of would work if I released it in the USA, because I am not sure to what length some will go to shut it down... Maybe I'll write up the story, and setup the initial backend of a simple GACHA game engine and pitch it to you anons later on this summer. I really rather not set up a major company, unless somehow I could contract some of you anons out to build this thing, and then I use the profits to fund goals that will eventually lead to a "Icarus tier" petbot.
>>8944 >I don't know of anything to go off of that has done something similar successfully Heh, well we haven't let that stop us here before. Trailblazing new frontiers is always notoriously difficult Anon. Generally speaking, only the strong survive intact through it all. So go for it and see what comes out! >Maybe I'll write up the story, Please do. Anon. >that will eventually lead to a "Icarus tier" petbot Sounds interesting. Mind telling us more about that?
Open file (467.46 KB 761x454 Icarus.png)
>>8945 It's from "Sora No Otoshimono". Icarus, was basically a robot that was made by "Angels" and was considered a "pet-class-angeloid" (for Pleasure). She also doubles as a guard...(The backstory is that these angels/advanced-race that have lived for eons made the literal perfect robowaifu) My point though, was under the fantasy that I can successfully get the funds, and use the funds in the right way, we make a waifubot that is better than the "real" thing. >A bot that can love, >A bot that can feel, >A bot that doesn't tire, doesn't sleep, always ready to protect their master. Other than that, making the gacha game's basic game engine and getting it released should be the easy part. I am not entirely sure how hard or expensive it is to get a good artist. If the art isn't good, the game's profits won't be there. Plus, unless I figure out some sort of crazy good game on mobile, without the art it will be nothing. Genshin Impact, while I don't really care for the exact play-style, I think an RPG using multiple characters could work. Something where the players build bots, and "leveling up" will be when certain bots reaches new levels of intelligence/sentience (like level 1 the bot can only chat at a low level, and level 2 the bot can move, and like level 100 the bot can pass as a literal person). Gear would just be whatever upgrades for the bots. If the combat is reliant on a story, it might turn into a "Gender War" type thing. Of which I would be okay with, but it seems there are a lot of botbros who overly passive that might not like the potential of it being a big blip on {{{their}}} radar. Plus it seems some of the "women awareness" threads have been locked, so the story might be hard to figure out if I am restricted by certain rules due to the community. I've been looking into it tonight, it's bothersome as it seems if it does become a fairly big hit, lawyers will be needed. I never really understood why these big game companies paid their lawyers more than their software engineers, but I guess it's because it's so easy to harass a company that it becomes necessary. The game engine could probably be shit though, it's going to come down to the art. The art alone would be the biggest incentive to spend/fund the game.
>>8942 >A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a digital file whose unique identity and ownership are verified on a blockchain (a digital ledger).[1][2] NFTs are not mutually interchangeable (see fungibility). An NFT is created by uploading another file, such as a digital artwork, to an auction market. This creates a copy of the file, which is recorded as an NFT on the digital ledger. The token can then be bought with cryptocurrency and resold. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-fungible_token
>>8952 >In early 2021, a German conceptual artist auctioned a single transparent pixel for 1 Ether, thereby emitting 125 kg of CO2. Top kek.
>>8946 Thanks for the explanation about Icarus, I had forgotten about that. You know, zzzchan/v/ has an active AGDG thread going. Maybe you can bounce around your game ideas with them Anon? Good luck with it.
Open file (165.60 KB 602x1200 1629744296243.png)
How tall should mass-produced robot waifus be? It doesn't really matter if it were just a fleshlight, but to do basic household chores with regular human body proportions and bipedal movement, the smaller the body gets the harder it'll be to get it to do things like reaching shelves without help, but people are generally less intimidated by smaller, weaker, childlike robots. The primary demographic for them is probably going to be manlets since they have a harder time getting laid, and robot wives that tower over them is a niche demographic, but so are robots that resemble actual children or dwarves, which is a matter of body proportions. There's also the cost benefit of having a smaller, lighter robot. According to wikipedia an adult height under 4'10" is considered dwarfism. I would say somewhere between that and 5'5", but average male height in Japan is listed as 5'7" and average female height is 5'2", just shy of the shortest male height listed on Wikipedia. Japan seem like a target demographic too big to ignore, including their own manlets. From 4'10" and 5'2" is 5" which is a significant difference. Would it be best to just make them 5'0" or what?
>>13153 You just missed a board-conversation that touched on this very topic Anon. (>>13018, ...)
>>13159 Dang.
>>13159 On second thought, what I was posting was really meant to be more of a marketing question. Like, what height waifubot would appeal to the target audience the most? I saw "Market Research" in the OP and assumed that it'd be an appropriate question for this thread. By the sound of it a lot of us are either cheap or poor too, which makes sense since spending money on real women seem like a bigger waste of money than trying to build a woman.
>>13179 Simple answer: No standard type. No real mass production. Or if they are mass produced, or parts are, it's only about steps, not one size. So the question is only which size of steps: 5 cm? 10 cm? 15 cm?
>>13184 According to the Square-Cube ratio, every fixed increment of 1x size, with affect the system overall, on average, 1.5x , with added mass, difficulty in engineering, cost, etc. From a production complexity perspective, smaller is generally always better. This is one of the reasons why toy manufacturers have a much easier time of it than real-world manufacturers do, even when they have similar design paradigms between them.
>>13198 Your autistic fetish wasn't the topic here. Smaller isn't always better, let alone for fitting in more functions. There are other factors than mass. People will need to be able to select what they want.
Open file (74.72 KB 680x680 Medabots Tinpet.jpg)
>>13184 >Simple answer: No standard type. No real mass production. But why? I'm not talking about one specific detailed model that everyone would buy, I'm thinking more along the lines of a template that would be easy to customize the appearance of, but the size and proportions of something is literally the hardest part of that. Even if it were sold as separate parts like some build-a-waifu kit, there's an issue of compatibility once things have different proportions. I had a really long-winded explanation, but more simply speaking, if the skeleton of a robot were like pipes, changing the length of a pipe is one thing, but if you try to swap-out for a pipe of a different thicknesses then you end up complicating it a lot. When you have significant differences in height, you necessitate significant differences in thickness, otherwise you end up with things like weirdly big or small heads and hands, or parts that just don't align right. It's easier to make a wide variety of face parts that can be mixed and matched to make a custom face, if the head is a single standard size. The more custom parts need to be made, the more expensive everything gets.
>>13234 >sold as separate parts like some build-a-waifu kit That's actually very fundamental to the goals here on /robowaifu/ and always has been. Therefore I consider your point about standardized connectors & interfaces, etc., to be a very important one Anon.
Open file (376.06 KB 701x1200 Automoton.jpg)
When we sell robowaifu kits, we will need a normie friendly name. I think "Autodoll", "Meidocom", and "Maidcom" are all good ideas.
on topic of crypto currency, singularitynet might be a good platform to earn from distributing artificial intelligence (which could include waifu ai). this project is backed by goertzel who is huge in the world of agi link to learn more: https://publisher.singularitynet.io/
crosslink to a discussion in meta: >>19623
Interview with the creator of Neuro-Sama, the AI Vtuber: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yy-9Of46w4A - According to him, her system is made out of two models, one for gaming and one for chatting, with limited information sharing between them. But this will be improved upon. - She got banned for a while at least - He didn't make any money so far I just wanted to point out, that replacing Vtubers might be easier than one might think, at least for anons which already know how to use some AI models and finetune them. But then again, the platforms are fast with banning if something goes against the rules. Related; >>19912
>>20154 I had such thoughts before, but consider a few things: - It means going public with your identity - If you are a pro in tech this might be harming your career, if you don't have such a career then people might not trust you being capable - It's a matter of shipping and logistics - There might be legal issues and risks - This and other things lead to upfront costs - Not sure if Kickstarter allows sextoys and especially dolls
>>23643 You can't "patent" a certain build anyways. A very unique character might be under copyright, but even in that case there would still be copycats. Your whole business model is flawed, everyone told you that by now in various ways. Make a local or early business, have a competitive edge over others, especially in your area. Maybe build on a name and reputation for animated dolls if you want to ship them globally. Be better than companies which don't care about their customers. You could also have knowledge about tools and processes they don't have. Just don't think so much about patenting things and keeping people out later. This won't work and we here don't want this anyways. Also, it's unattractive for customers if no one else than you could make replacement parts. You could also work on Open Source and use your skills for making some money. Some here might or could've gone into AI illustrations very early, for example. Related: Early business ideas >>3119 Robowaifu market >>18572 Thot in the Shell >>9709 Licenses >>4451
>>23682 Even if the machine parts that make up the robot are not novel the robot itself is novel and I think it can be patented.
I mean, it's kinda obvious. Anyways: Fireship - AI influencers are getting filthy rich... let's build one https://youtu.be/ky5ZB-mqZKM https://github.com/lllyasviel/Fooocus
>>26713 Lol that report. That does look like a great tool NoidoDev, thanks for the links!
step 1.make the waifu step 2.shove a dildo on her a mouth and she closes her mouth a makes sucking sounds step 3.??? step 4.profit!
>>28035 oh sorry meant eyes not mouth. Closes her eyes lol.
>>28035 Please restrain lewdness overdrive here to the vagoo thread Anon. We're a SFW engineering & design R&D board, not /b/. Kthx.
Guys i want you to step back and think for a second about this thing being open source. First. The fact that is open source means nobody is taking it seriously. They have business to attend to and robo waifu is for the most part cooler talk. Second. Look at the reprap. 99.9% of people doing 3d printing are not using a reprap. They're using derivatives of the reprap that makerbot profited on and then other people improved upon. I have no reason to believe robo waifu wouldn't be the same. Third. It is possible to sell this thing if we put our minds into it. I think this warrants a discussion...
>>28296 100% we should go closed-source on anything worthwhile and hide behind the following options. 1. Corporation.(good members are recruited as contractors and eventually shareholders.) 2. Religious organization. 3. secret society. (freemasons, illuminate, but for robo-poon?) The big problem is leakers and people just looking to get their hands on assets. But in reality this poster is correct about the single biggest glaring issue to a project like this. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/f/free_rider_problem.asp This is economically related but since you are creating valuable content the same is true.
>>28296 Well, at least it's in the right thread. That said, I think most of us already told you their view and arguments, maybe even more than once. I personally want this to be quite exactly like the 3D printing business, but with even fewer important patents, which are only running out soon or did recently. This whole space blew up because of the open source. DIY, hackers and tinkerers constant developing something, plus kits from countries with low wages and shipping costs, and some companies with more polished products. Then again, I think there will be differences, for example I think companies will have it much harder for legal, social and privacy reasons. >free_rider_problem The guys working on this learn how to build their own, and learn skills which can be used commercially. The real business opportunities are in finding some niches or temporary areas of profit close to the development of robowaifus e.g. "AI influencers", generally content production, using AI for other things, ...
>>28306 Yeah the free-rider problem is a real issue. Making open source/file downloads might be easier, then you have to deal with people stealing/using plans and claiming it as their own (eg I own a "Sovol" brand printer that uses a creality board). I attended a business lecture series a while ago, and it was explained that ofttimes this can be mitigated by just putting copyright notice on it: you don't actually have to file a copyright, you can just put a notice on to intimidate. Or as it was colloquially put "pretend to be an 800lb legal gorilla". If you have record of your copyright being in trade (eg someone purchasing your product) before the violator has, that is legal grounds for legal action. But again that would require money upfront for legal fees, and/or the promise of a big fat payout in the end. Can't do much against random anons being a jerk but most folks get intimidated by big walls of legalese anyway. This guy https://www.youbionic.com/newallrobots was selling plans/assembly instructions of his 2 ft robot for $5000. Oh excuse me they were on sale for $250. They're no longer available but I remember being struck by his audacity when I saw it. Selling pre-assembled waifus is more effort, but more folks are likely to buy because they don't have to build it and thenn you just gotta worry about maintenance or reverse-engineering (which most anons don't/cant do).
>>28304 So for those that one to work on the private parts pun intended. We should get on a private discord or something and then once its presentable it put it up on kickstarter.
Guys id like to let you know i made a shit token once and made some money from that. I did do sone stuff for it like being able to buy it with paypal(although that got canceled lol) now if obamasonichu10inu can he sold and funded. A robowaifu can be sold and funded.
>>28314 >Yeah the free-rider problem is a real issue. My argument was, that it isn't. >https://www.youbionic.com/newallrobots Oh, wow, I never saw this one anywhere!
Open file (129.05 KB 1200x1200 Le Amazon Hand.jpg)
>>28338 >My argument was, that it isn't. Oops! :) But I have seen folks stealing free .stls and claiming them as their own. Which is not nice. >Oh, wow, I never saw this one anywhere! The hand is available for free at https://github.com/Youbionic-com/Youbionic/tree/master but you could also just pick up a prefab hand off amazon for $100 each if you're feeling lazy.
>>28341 Thanks, I think the project looks fascinating as a showcase. But it's not what I want.
We can't go into detail of how to make male equivalents of robowaifus or AI girlfriends for women, but I think it's good to mention that making money of lonely women might be something that can be used with the skills of somebody developing some AI elements for robowaifus: https://restofworld.org/2023/boyfriend-chatbot-ai-voiced-shutdown/
Not looking good for Startup Bros: https://youtu.be/1ecu0YsCGxg
>>29906 Rich people protect their assets by creating an LLC or other some such separate legal/financial entity to hold their assets, whereupon they then "rent" their assets from that company. In this manner, even if someone sues you personally, you still have your house, car, etc because it is owned by a separate legal entity. A simple example would be Elon Musk eating at his own company's cafeteria. Sounds like an excellent workaround would be to make 2 companies: your main company does the marketing stuff, which then contracts R&D from your second company.

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