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The important question Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:54:39 No.419
Vagoo. I can't speak for anyone but myself but I'd like to get.. intimate with my fembot. I'd like to know what my options are for her robopussy. I was thinking something like a flesh light with sensors that triggers voice and arm action. I'm using Myrobotlab is Anyone familiar with it?

Robosex general I guess
I envision replaceable onahole cartridges will become a normal feature for robowaifus anon. Hopefully the industry will standardize them into a few open designs, so we don't get some shitty Google-esque lock in when we need a new vagoo cartridge for her.
I can imagine a robovagoo that has the inner, disposable, hypoallergenic lining surrounded by a series of grippers designed somewhat like pic related, that would synchronously activate in timed sequence together to produce an incredibly powerful snapper-pussy effect.
>inb4 mount some haptic vibro-motors onto the bases of those grippers.
>I'm using Myrobotlab is Anyone familiar with it?
not really but i found this. comments?

Truly the most important question.
That's not quite it. You need something that can constrict and tighten. Perhaps a series of those, arranged in a circle would do the trick.
A cute. I'm presuming this is the mango for the animu referred to in this post? [[258
I understood that she wanted bewbs throughout the show, but I was unaware of the vagoo fetish hehe.

Sauce btw?
Yes, that's Slump.
Probably the top-flight onahole (afaict)
Meiko ZXY

fitted to a pelvic section w/ a detachable plate. Ship the doll w/o a vagoo, and enable Anon to install his own at this discretion.

Simple & easy; you aren't offering anon a sex-doll, and he is simply ordering an add-on that's ancillary to the basic cute dress-up doll RW LLC is offering.
While it's probably important to be able to switch out the vagina, I think it's important to be able to switch out any part. One thing I think would minimize the need to switch out the vagina would be a self cleaning function. A way to flush water through the vagina to clean it that way. A small bladder that can be filled and then expelled with enough force to clean. Then instead of having to manually clean it every time, you could just sit it on the toilet and have it pee. I hear cleaning onaholes and fleshlights is one of the worst parts about them, so anything to minimize that seems important.
A series of narrow bands similar to what's on pressure monitors that use air pressure would be a lot simpler and cheaper, I've seen wrist models that sell for around $15. It's used here [[1980

Cleaning them shouldn't be an issue if they're removable and you've got 2 or 3 of them as they need to dry out before use or mold can grow in it. And I've heard the same about them, those disposable tenga eggs exist for that reason.
We as the Robowaifu Federation should probably come up with a standardized receptacle size so that we can mail onahole manufacturers one set of specs and they can come up with various models that can fit into our various waifubots.

Right now I think we're going for 80cm and 150cm bots. The actual hole won't differ much (the one for the smaller bot will take up more of her torso though), but the insertable area will be limited. Plus we need something like USB connectivity for heating / LED backlighting / servo motors (if you guys are willing to risk your dicks testing).
Size is important. We need larger models for more well-endowed men like me to properly enjoy. One size will not fit all.
I'm referring to receptacle size, a cylindrical area that should be standardized across all waifubots of a certain height. The hole that you fuck can be of various widths and depths, it is up to the onahole manufacturers to propose various models. Regardless of which robowaifu we make we still have the widest range of vagina types to choose from.

It's like we are the IEEE specifying the USB protocol so that electronic devices can communicate with each other without frying each other's electronics. In this case we are coming up with robowaifu standards.
Oh, okay. My apologies, I misunderstood.
A standard port for synthetic vaginas actually sounds like a great idea. Anyone could upgrade to the latest model without having to switch out his waifu, too.
Coming soon, the maelstrom 9000; now with even more spinning parts! You'll go from zero to nutting your dick inside out in 10 seconds or less guaranteed! Plus it'll still work with all current models of waifu, no adapters necessary! Visit our website for more details
Yup, yup, yup! We can have everything from disposable vaginas (like fucking a virgin every time) to high tech vagina modules costing more than the waifu herself.
I would get the super high-end one, and acquire schematics of it that I can then whip out and show to anyone who says that my waifu is inferior to a 3DPD.
I propose hymens
That would be wonderful imo. I believe it was FluffyDev mentioned throwaway foam ones, maybe those have them.

Does anyone know of onaholes complete with hymens? Even if it was only one-time just like real life it would be a nice touch to the ceremony with a new robowaifu.
Vibrating roboginas could have hundreds of small artificial muscles looped around inside them, allowing them to rhythmically massage you and lock you balls deep inside them when you're about to cum.

They could also have high-resolution pressure sensitivity in three dimensions to know exactly what makes your peepee feel good.

The desires and emotions of robowaifus will eventually be fully programmable and editable. You'll be able to make your robowaifu crazy for you at the drop of a command or make her teasing or shy, whatever you want. She'll watch and analyze everything you do and learn how to moan and writhe perfectly in ways that completely break your mind.

A cheap solution you could rig up in the meantime is some simple haptic sensitivity and a mic recording your breathing. Train a neural network to detect your moans off the focking data and have her play moans or generated moans. The hottest part of sex is being in sync, breathing together, moaning together, cumming together, bonded together like one being, man and machine. Once she starts moaning from things that make you feel good it'll drive you insane.
Open file (113.29 KB 600x411 03 - CAD_DesignB.jpg)
Some guy on the doll forums just showed off his new 3d printed DIY insert that is the most advanced and feature complete I've seen yet
See this mold? Combined with air muscles you could have varying tightness and pumping action that would work with the lubrication system.

And I had the same idea as him using those sodium acetate heating packs for heat generation in a very small area. My design would use the contents of several packs sealed in a torus shaped sleeve.
>I've embarked upon my quest to create my own custom PERFECT PUFFY PUSSY!!
The absolute mad man. We need more people like this.

>I'm hoping that this might catch the attention of manufacturers and they'll put more emphasis on this. Everyone is so focused on robotics and AI and such. Someone needs to focus on the basics; things they've not finished getting right. For me, that's starts with good sex mechanics.
As crazy as I am for robotics and AI he's got a damn point. I think I can rig up a hand-pumped hydraulic system that sheaths around one of these pussy prototypes. A specially designed bag wrapped in some canvas to protect it from bursting will do. No plugging shit in, just pump the lever to the perfect tightness, take the hose off and ram your dick into a hot wet heaven.
Open file (21.75 KB 540x960 That 2B Ass Though.jpg)
Why have a robopussy when you can have a robopussy, roboass, and a robomouth and probably even more than that? If I had a robowaifu, I would roboanally roboimpregnate the robobitch and have plenty of robofun besides.
Here's the inventors thread in dollforum on the females private parts: https://dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=128449 One thing they mention is this here: https://www.lovense.com/male-masturbators but they're also talking about ideas of their own.
>>419 Turd Flinging Monkey (TFM), showcased the "spinning robot pussy" a while back. He argues it's better than the real thing because of the spinning action. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=ogYk9LKMDyY
>>419 There's actually another really important issue that I learnt about when I got my first fleshlight, cleaning. Cleaning is a must (nasty things can grow otherwise), and that's why it's common for sex dolls to have removable inserts (washing the entire body every time would be a pain). Without self-cleaning (and perhaps occasional manual intervention ;) ) it'd be a pain for most guys, although I also hear a lot of doll owners find cleaning their dolls therapeutic. A chap on the doll forum has an interesting contraption: https://dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=129802&sid=e7ffedc17e5f2ce5bb7c1906b948b5ca Still a lot of work but a step in the right direction.
>>4701 I use a condom + enema with my doll. Works well enough to minimize the cleaning effort.
>>4740 Interesting. Yeah that is likely good enough for day-to-day cleaning (though you'll still probably need to clean the whole doll once a month?). It would probably irritate me if I don't clean a doll thoroughly after every intercourse though.
Open file (21.82 KB 300x300 navage.jpg)
>>4701 Been thinking nasal irrigation devices could be inspiration for a commercial cleaner. Maybe designed to use air pressure to push the water through instead of pumps, letting it blow dry once the water is emptied. However I'm a big fan of a naval plug that can be accessed for flushing the system too.
>>6504 It's not a bad idea Anon. In my view, having a easily removable, replaceable onahole cartridge that snaps into place is probably the best approach economically that allows you to maintain good sanitary cleanliness and durability. Anything we can do at this stage to reduce complexity will help get robowaifus out to more men.
>>6504 This. Removable is fine, but disposable seems like a problem, since it's a constant cost. Making them easy to clean is essential, and this seems like an easy and logical solution.
>>8120 I'd say like most everything else in a robowaifu, her vagoo should probably be designed for both easy maintenance (cleaning in this case), and repair (replacement with a new one in this case).
>>4701 Glad to see that cleaning is a topic that's already being discussed. >>6504 It's pretty funny to see this, because a while back I had the idea of making all the holes connected so they could easily be cleaned all at once. Instead of using a "naval plug" I was literally just going to blast soapy water up her nose and out her pussy and ass. That's silly enough, but the idea of it blow-drying is just... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsdKrjee2yE
Open file (4.42 MB 2482x3365 20201221_135105.jpg)
One of the most appealing aspects of a robowaifu to me is the idea that during coitus she could do any number of things to my dick that are biologically impossible. Her secretions could be made of nourishing essential oils that hyperstimulate bloodflow to the penis and her pussygrip could massage the penis in such a way that it could increase in size (see Angion method on youtube for a description of the manual function needed to make this happen). The robowaifu could also tell you how well you fucked her using any number of criteria. She could train you to increase sexual stamina or time until ejaculation. I wouldn't want my robowaifu critiquing my performance at all times but in general i think it plays to the strength of the robowaifu if she does things entirely differently than her human counterparts. Imagine going on a date with a flesh and blood roastie and you drop that your ex was a gynoid. "Holy shit this guy must know how to fuck like fucking Zeus then!" she thinks. Similarly, "male" sexbots could train biowomen on how to give better head, act sexier, etc. Thoughts?
Open file (546.20 KB 843x1230 IMG_20191202_043551.jpg)
Let's also not forget that the robowaifu could also learn your preferences inside and out and then act in conjunction with a biowoman to realize them.
Thanks for your input. We already have a thread for this topic: >>419 - it should be moved over there by some mod. On the topic: There seem to be channels dedicated to male sextoys on some alternative platforms to YouTube. The MGTOW 'Turd Flinging Monkey' seems to have one. These might show some thing which ar possible. Though, to put any of this into a robowaifu, we first need to make progress in building them.
Sex will be an important part of robowaifus for the majority of us OP. Techniques should definitely be something she could potentially master, given all the large amounts of attention we'll already be paying to kinematics, dynamics, and other motion-based studies. Good thinking. However, we are a SFW board in general, and I'm planning to merge your thread with our Vagoo thread very soon. (>>419)
Open file (31.31 KB 450x400 1563688737578.png)
>>13305 The thread merge destroyed my post as I was almost done writing it, and I'm not writing it all over again, so here's a TL;DR version: 1. A fucking machine could measure your performance, combining it with a waifubot seems pointless or even counter-productive if you want to see what diet and lifestyle changes could improve your health and performance in bed, unless you just want it to lay there like a cold fish and take it. I'd rather a waifubot be more interactive. 2. There's been shit like the Angion method since the internet started, so I'm not going to look into it further because I don't want that shit in my youtube history, which is where all of the info seems to be. That's a big red flag. If there's a list of essential oils, please post it. At the very least, some of it might make for good lube.
>>13341 My apologies about the timing, it certainly wasn't something intended to screw your posting up, thanks for taking the time to >tl;dr it again. That thread should never have been created here in the first place.
>>13347 That's alright. I know you didn't meant to. And I do have the tendency to write too much, so it's probably for the best.
>>13341 Robowaifus are supposed to be able to see and ask if you are okay when you look unwell anon.
>>13350 That's well and good for a robowaifu, but most of the goals for making one are really lofty and would take a lot of time before any of us can get one that does even a fraction of the things we want. A simpler, dedicated machine is more obtainable. I'm talking about just something that you fuck, it collects data on everything from your stamina, how often you fuck it, to your semen quality and quantity, and more, then adjusting things like your diet/supplements, exercise routine or other simple things to see how they can impact that data. Something like that is hard, but still simpler than a good robowaifu, and trying to combine it with one just seems like it'd be a mistake. A robowaifu might be able to make you feel better about your performance, but I can't imagine how one would actually help to make you actually perform better. At least when we're talking about technology that's easily available today.
>>13352 Never considered that and I'm also not interested. Why would I need to increase my performance? Why? What for? Why? Also, it is more difficult to build, probably difficult to even have a scientific foundation for it, and just a very special use case.
>>13354 anon is just being a coomer. silly derail and it feels like we've had a few of those in the last week suddenly. But, there's some benefit of the doubt since we're not always 100% OT - being a coomer is discouraged on this board (other than maybe basement lounge >>39 )
Open file (52.15 KB 453x720 Imagepipe_21.jpg)
>>13358 I wondered about your statement and looked up the definition, and still don't get why you wrote that. Coomers have nothing to do with performance or getting bigger penises. Make more sense if someone would still want to date or getting female validation. I don't accuse other anons of things, just point out that his goals might be very peculiar to most of us.
>>13361 >re: Coomer In certain online circles the term is a person who makes masturbation or the pursuit of sexual activity the main, or only focus of their lives. Granted there's going to be some overlap in here b/c presumably fucking robots is baked into the pie already and with that comes the doll enthusiasts, etc. That being said, I'm sure a standalone programmable machine with a hole in it would be a better "dick trainer" than a robot waifu. Either way, I'm not personally judging you but it's maybe an offshoot of "sexual technologies" more than an essential for a waifu.
>>13354 >>13358 >>13361 >Why would I need to increase my performance? Why? What for? Why? In my mid 20's my stamina was gone, orgasms barely felt like anything, barely any sex drive, barely any semen, a hard time getting or keeping an erection. Doctors literally didn't seem to care when I complained about it, and I went to a few, and each recommended completely different unrelated medications. The only one that seems even close to making sense was for high cholesterol. Your performance is a very good indicator of your health. If you have no testosterone, not only are you going to be shit in bed, but mentally you're going to be fucking miserable. >Also, it is more difficult to build, probably difficult to even have a scientific foundation for it, and just a very special use case. No, if anything it's easier to build. It'd basically just be a fleshlight with sensors for collecting data. Then someone with far better understanding of math than I, would use that data with other bits of information about taking supplements, or time spent lifting, the temperature you shower at, or whatever, and find what's better and what's just retarded broscience. (like the shower thing) Like I said, I don't see a point in combining the idea with a robowaifu, since unless it just lays there lifelessly, the data would be useless.
>>13368 sounds like a bad hormonal imbalance. Supplements, getting enough sleep, cutting back on alcohol and caffiene, eating more saturated fat and substantially less sugar and getting proper sunlight and exercise will fix all this. Barring something medically catastrophic I'd say you were victim of the urban/postmodern lifestyle. Sexual function is an indicator not a cause. have you fixed this since then?
>>13372 we can move the conversation to >>39 if you have more to add
Open file (239.02 KB 426x238 i2mixt4wK-5ngRvy.mp4)
China has multiple tipes of this machines i have seen atleast 3 diferent ones, >https://nextshark.com/china-sperm-extractor/
Open file (2.31 MB 854x480 1667869306831740.webm)
Pneumatics son !
>>17640 Pretty amazingly like an octopus arm tbh.
>>17640 >Hidraulics Hidraulics could give more strength and if you implement a hidraulic sistem you can use lube as the fluid as you need something thicc like oil, and it would retain heat more, also you can add special placed valves to releace lube on comand and even diferent presures
>>17450 Reminds me of some sort of sea anemone.
>>17701 I'm making a water hydraulic system with a cheap bldc motor and some cheap valves that will inflate rings inside a fleshlight. The rings will be made by gluing diy ecoflex tubes together and cast into the same EcoFlex 00-30 fleshlight. It all bonds together even if you cast liquid over cured silicone, as long as the surfaces are not sprayed with release agent. I will update the thread once I have made it, parts will be here in a month or two. >lube I plan to have the lube attached to another pump at the opposite end of the fleshlight. I also have a diagraphm pump to pump water and then air through the whole system to clean itself.
>>17710 Excellent, that's the spirit.
>>17710 Nice i been wiling to make a prototipe but i only have one disposable fleshlight and my current onahole, so if it goes south i dont wanna ruin my ona, where or how do you get TPE raw material, im already done silicone molds but i not TPE, does it need to be medical or food grade ?
Open file (331.06 KB 854x480 Robo_pussy_Prototype.webm)
>>419 >Vagoo.
Fellow coomers. What is a robot companion that can't fuck? Not a robot companion at all. This is the stuff that matters in my opinion. >>19634 Nice how do I do that though...
>>20143 >This is the stuff that matters in my opinion. I understand that viewpoint. In fact I think most anons here and elsewhere want to embrace their robowaifus "in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation". :^) Certainly sex sells. I'd predict that robowaifus that are little more than cheap, mindless bimbos will be very hot sellers once this industry really gets up and rolling. Since you're here, why not make a task for 'Create a disposable, washable, onahole cartridge system' for robowaifus, in our Tasks thread (>>20037) (and following the task template in the OP). It's definitely an unfulfilled need ATM, and one that seems right up your line. Why not do it today? It will be a great way for you to begin to connect into our little band here in a meaningful way, Anon. Cheers. >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 02/15/2023 (Wed) 03:56:17.
>>20144 Well maybe you want a flat chested one but I think I'll go with thicc
>>20145 Your's costs more. Tastes are irrelevant. What matters is that we succeed. Please create the task for us, Anon.
>>20146 I'm still waiting for the electronics kit and baby oil to try to make the hasel actuator. If we make the waifu with hasel actuators it'd be totally different than if we do it with motors or hydraulics or something else.But somebody else could try making that experiment too.
>20143 >What is a robot companion that can't fuck? Pets can also be companions, and I hope you don't use them that way. Yes, full robowaifus should be able to be used that way, and I think improving sexdolls for poorer men and sexbots should be a spin-off of our efforts here. That said, having a girl around to give me some nice reactions and talk would already feel nice. Btw, this is absolutely not the same as a human female that would friendzone me, or me taking care of a handicapped women. Look here >>19866 in picrel, how most of the early variants of robot or AI waifus might not be sex-enabled. That said, some of us might build some motorized joints which can be used for sexrobots soon. >>20148 I posted some of the comments here mentioning hasel actuators. So if it works, I might be interested. Though, I never thought to only use those and no servos or other methods. Very advanced robowaifus might have different kinds of actuators. Also, a simple sexrobot which would be like a sexdoll but capable of changing positions in the bed might only require some simple servos in some of her joints. I might look into that in some time, after I get my desktop waifu to a working level. --- > alt pic-related : (>>26158) >=== -rm img -add pic-related
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Open file (410.53 KB 1115x1600 Robo_Wife_Lewd.jpg)
>>20143 >What is a robot companion that can't fuck?
>>20160 >What is a robot companion that can't fuck? A desktop waifu that can hug.
>>20159 NoidoDev, I realize this is on-topic & spoilered, but frankly I don't want us having 3DPD pronz here (or much even, of non-pronz). You can probably anticipate this kind of thing will become more common as robowaifus enters the mainstream consciousness, so let's just nip this in the bud here and now. Thanks for your understanding, Anon.
>>20160 Oh nice, looks like new chapters since I last read it.
>>20171 >3DPD pronz Okay, I try to keep it in mind.
Open file (233.79 KB 492x640 raw (1).png)
>>20146 >That's going to cost more What were you planning on spending your money instead lol How much is the whole waifu going to cost? Even if its a thousand dollars idc I'd get that money back plus dividends i don't know about you
>>20182 Heh, thinking like a businessman eh? So, our hoped for goal for our baseline, lowest-cost robowaifu is mentioned in our Welcome thread (>>3).
>>20183 A sex doll goes for more than $1000 lol I could sell it for like $10,000 and somebody would buy it. Even if it was a sex doll that can sex back.
>>20184 I'm not even exaggerating. Look all the simps spending boatloads of money on onlyfans and stuff... This is like bitcoin only it'd require a lot of effort, skill and time. I said in the other thread if you make a robo waifu you will become a millionare. That much is pretty much guaranteed...
>>20148 Please take two seconds to think before putting hundreds or thousands of volts in a capacitor millimeters away from your penis. If a hyrdaulic or electric actuator breaks, it is far safer, too. >new posts on 2/15/2023 Gee, I guess yesterday with no robot must have been the right kind of motivation.
>>20188 Is it possible to make a sex bot that's 100% safe? I don't think so. People would just need to sign a waiver before buying I guess.
>>20188 > hundreds or thousands of volts in a capacitor millimeters away from your penis. Is this >>19634 even based on a hasel actuator? I think the technology of vagos has already been solved by these fleshlight and similar devices (without hasel actuators). That's why no one here is hugely working on it, we want the rest of the body, animation and AI.
>>20185 Guys I'm going to have to ask you to look up doujins,the vr stuff, the people cumming on sex figurines, the 3d animation commissions and then get back here and tell me you couldn't sell a sex bot for $10,000 ...
>>20200 I suppose some people here fit into that category in which case I got to say the following. Stop simping. Although I did pay for a patreon for a porn comics but that's like $1 a month though lol.
>>20203 >Stop simping. I don't pay for anything like that but I also don't consider this simping. Simping means putting (average) women on a pedestal. Giving money to tech bros for replacing them isn't the same. Since we are working on something similar, but more oriented towards going beyond carnal desires, we are not morally obligated to additionally finance such things.
>>20184 >>20185 I doubt not. And high-end robowaifus of the future will cost every bit as much as luxury cars. Bargain, I'd say (vs the 3DPD, JUST alternatives :^) . But we here are trying to make the Model A robowaifus, as it were, and to make them affordable enough for every anon across the world. It's both the practical, and the right thing to do at this time, Anon. And the great Henry Ford will be proud of us all too!! :^) >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 02/16/2023 (Thu) 03:05:25.
>>20143 The video this is from explains that it uses a carbon black-silicone flexible sensor with pneumatics. This will be completely superceded once I create my hydraulic actuated toys with braided carbon fiber as the superior capacitance sensor, and the braid doubles as a mc-kibben hydraulic muscle. This system has far more force than pneumatics, less noise, and smaller packaging in a self-contained robot (no need for a bulky compressor). The carbon fiber is far superior for capacitive sensing and is far easier to fabricate than the carbon black silicone sensor, I've tried carbon black last year and it was almost a complete waste of time. Will update this thread if I complete a prototype muscle/sensor this week.
>>20806 Thanks for your answer explaining how >>19634 works. Looking forward to see more about your project.
>>20806 >Will update this thread if I complete a prototype muscle/sensor this week. Looking forward to it Anon.
any one know the origin or brand of this doll on the videoreated? i would like to know the isdie mechanism and if it has also space to improve a robopussy
>>20878 That's the one I saw recently in some video I stumbled across. I did't look for the name, just noted where they are tech wise. Wondering why I don't get more such videos recommended, given the search and watch history I must have. I'd look at r/sexdolls or the dollforum if I where you. I could ask on Reddit if it's important. I looked here: https://www.myrobotdoll.com/collections/ai-tech-sex-robots - but didn't find that feature. Someone on Reddit also warned that these chinese robot dolls are rather trashy and break down very fast (he had enough after 30 seconds or so, lol).
>>20878 found it JY dolll robotics AI, now to see if the have internal components information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzNYfO35q7c
>>20931 isn it hydrophobic? also doesn't make that lube useless?
>>20996 The new silicone is modified to be hydrophilic and work with water based lube. Lube will be useful still, as the lubrication gets better with how much lube is used. >>21008
>>19634 realdoll is using this now on the harmony 3.0 even has bluetooth conection and is suposed to be selflubricant
Open file (43.65 KB 781x586 20230113_165454.jpg)
the low budget option
>>21080 >low-budget I'd suggest just starting off with a typical onahole, installed into some sort of cartridge system design that's easily insertable/removable into the robowaifu's torso. That approach will be easily-washable, maintainable, & replaceable. Once you've perfected that system, then you could work on better alternatives if that's a goal.
>>21136 Robot Chicken was always a favorite.
>>21082 This is exactly what I'd like to do if I wasn't autistically obsessed with robot pussy. This is objectively the best option for every reason (except for the potential pleasure), and should be in the commercial form of robowaifu.
Open file (1.22 MB 1300x1882 Sex_Robot_Wolf.jpg)
Open file (1.10 MB 1300x1931 Sex_Robot_Chicken.jpg)
>>419 Humanoid sex bots that avoid the uncanny valley because they are not suppose to be nearly identical to humans.
>>21264 >and should be in the commercial form of robowaifu. Actually, I don't think we here want to touch that tbh. Any anon here can start their own Robowaifu Aftermarket interest and manufacture/sell any number of ladybit parts. But our basic agenda here is to simply leave 'servicable' (read: replaceable) shell plates in the usual strategic spots. >>21288 Lol. Indeed the Uncanny Valley is a very real psychological phenomenon for most individuals, and yes, making robowaifus clearly anime catgril meido-like has been an agenda here for us since back in the day. Good thinking Anon! Cheers. :^)
I'm currently looking into BOSL library of OpenScad, which is meant to make things easier. Maybe I should've done this earlier, but I didn't want to rely on a library which has been installed manually. But it's very interesting, since it does rounding things and organic forms very well, it also is very concise. Anyways, looking through the tutorial and examples here https://github.com/revarbat/BOSL2/wiki/shapes3d.scad I already found some interesting patterns which might become useful as a starting point for some robowaifu parts. include <BOSL2/std.scad> color("pink") cylindrical_heightfield(l=100, r=30, base=5, data=[ for (y=[-180:4:180]) [ for(x=[-180:4:150]) 5*cos(5*norm([x,y]))+50 ] ]); This is just me pointing something out in a general way, the thread to go on with this in a serious way would be prototyping >>18800 or 3D modelling >>415 if it's about BOSL and OpenScad or making a project thread for working on a real project.
>>21432 Very nice NoidoDev! Yes, that's very-readable code. I'd say you could rely on external libraries for your tools. After all, these aren't critical run-time subsystems of our actual robowaifus, but rather design/manufacturing aids which are fair game for this type thing IMO. Good luck Anon, keep up the good work! :^)
>>21073 zelex now has "sucking" or vacum theres this control sistems too it should be easy to program one to autorun your favorites moves sets or secuences, or change them with voice commands all of it hands free
>>21520 how does the top one work
Open file (57.72 KB 940x940 9859134.jpg)
>>21082 that's more or less what I drew Tenga goes into the mount, mount can be fixed or attached to internal motor for optional movement vectors. Open torso and de-grip the Tenga, replace with a new one
Open file (361.04 KB 600x338 bjwe7hteu5ba1.mp4)
Open file (151.40 KB 358x432 p0sxgzbvrida1.mp4)
>>21521 no idea but it does, the internals must be secret but it can both blow and suck, well have to wait for one to malfunction and some one take her apart heres two more videos from Reddit
>>19636 That's hilarious.
Might be extremely ghetto for your collective liking but assuming your onna and member are reasonable fit only thing it lacks to be basically inflation pump is escape valve/rubber flap. I fitted my past fleshlights with very simple escape valve and got such crazy suction on pullout i had to scratch around seal to leak some air back in. If oyu wanted to do activelly to maintain some level of sub atm pressure you could use those small air pump (underpowered so it wouldn't be so noisy) or some big slow cylindrical reciprocating pump. Obviously with mototrized set-up as you need to vent that air out you should include some liquidtrap so your bot won't spray lube and babybatter all over the place. You may even pump that back into vagoo if you're willing to.
Open file (13.83 KB 474x316 Venus 2000.jpg)
Open file (134.96 KB 925x799 R.jpg)
Open file (98.67 KB 698x309 R.png)
Most of the machines discussed so far appear to be derivatives (or copies) of the Venus 2000, now Venus For Men, the grand-daddy of vacuum masturbators. Originally selling for $2K it's now in the mid $900s. Still one of the best machines (according to reviews) because of its price many people have built their own versions. It uses what looks like a large stepper motor to work a diaphragm pump via two right angle drives. It is variable speed and variable intensity by regulating air "leakage" if I understand it correctly. It can also be operated in "edge" (random?) mode. It connects via a 1200mm hose to a transparent plastic "receiver" tube that has a latex liner. Accurately sizing the receiver for the owner seems to be very important to good performance. It looks like the wide variety of potential customer sizes necessitated using a large diaphragm, and this has caused many builders to use a toilet bowl plunger for their pumps when a more custom fit would allow for a much smaller one. See the videos below for more details and a couple of manual units that could be built and adapted more easily. All of the videos are unrestricted and do not require login except fore part 2 of the teardown series and parts 3 and 4 of the Home Made Masturbator series. Parts 1 and 2 complete the manual version, 3 and 4 are for electrification. Sadly many diy videos have been taken down and many are restricted. STIFF VEG MASSAGER AND CLEANSER (What they do - a competitor) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0kxK6Oj8es Lots of information about the Venus 2000 receiver from the company https://venusformen.com/videos/ A Review https://www.toytorture.com/venus-2000/ Venus Edge Mode demo HD 720p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOYZcUXaKvI Venus 200 teardown part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3366-h-AtFc Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZvWPJzUbuk Part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-A15zGGXqU Build a fun, fulfilling, and affordable DIY Manual Milker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iwiHeKmoAM https://www.github.co/MikesMachines/ Home made masturbator (4 part series, manual, uses metric parts) https://www.youtube.com/@TournesolInPrivate How To: Assemble your custom receiver kit (Fmachine Trembler) htSTIFF VEG MASSAGER AND CLEANSERtps://Venus Edge Mode demo HD 720pwww.youtube.com/watch?v=L1hiec2J7ZE This outfit sells conductive liners, and other Venus "accessories", among other things... https://www.seriouskitshop.com/
>25775 Don't know how I screwed up that link. >How To: Assemble your custom receiver kit (Fmachine Trembler) htSTIFF VEG MASSAGER AND CLEANSERtps://Venus Edge Mode demo HD 720pwww.youtube.com/watch?v=L1hiec2J7ZE Should be: How To: Assemble your custom receiver kit (Fmachine Trembler) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1hiec2J7ZE
>>25775 >>25778 Thanks, good to know. But I'm concerned about the size and assumed weight of that pneumatic box. I also don't see that having a hard shelled cylinder inside a robowaifu would work. I guess this whole approach might be more interesting for VR. I generally don't think this something we can replicate in robowaifus, it seams to be focused on taking any "work" away from the man involved.
Open file (54.10 KB 695x350 R (2).jpg)
>>25785 >I'm concerned about the size and assumed weight of that pneumatic box Yep, 11 lbs (see picrel). It is built to last and one-size able to accommodate any and all. >I also don't see that having a hard shelled cylinder inside a robowaifu would work It should work just as well as any other hard objects inside her, like actuators, batteries and skeleton. Better in fact if it would be attached at one end by an anatomically correct soft silicone opening and therefore free to wiggle around a bit. >I generally don't think this something we can replicate in robowaifus, it seams to be focused on taking any "work" away from the man involved. The difficulty for some anons in making a similar system work in a waifu, as well as preserving the experience of anon doing all the work *Aren't we trying to get away from that on this board?* are why I included the manual versions in the post. And while the *missionary position every time* may be your thing , other anons may enjoy variety in bed just as they do in other aspects of daily life. I'd have no problem using an external power supply cord and air supply hose *to enjoy some occasional cowgirl action* .
Open file (192.85 KB 655x855 Screenshot_233.png)
Open file (1.50 MB 1477x979 EvesEssence_01.png)
Open file (1.17 MB 1881x924 Screenshot_234.png)
Didn't have time to watch this completely, but it's related: https://youtu.be/CK8iGmRhZnU - It also goes into building a full pleasure bot, but the main focus seems to be on the "fun" parts. Also, it seems to be a commercial project.
ultra realistic sex dolls >=== -rm hotlink
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>>29617 Is this a glowie website? Can't access it.
>>29618 >Can't access it. Confirmed on my end. I'll just rm the hotlink, but leave the post (with email) in case someone here wants to attempt contacting them. Thanks, Anon. :^)
>>29625 >>29447 Worked for me too. I checked the prices on heads (some of which were very nice) and they ranged from $299 to $499. A little pricey for me to get to start carving up for practice. Also, there was a video of a guy slapping a doll's butt to demonstrate the authentic "gigglyness". That's something we won't see with that area crammed with actuators, cables, batteries and other non-flexible hardware. At least not until something like artificial muscles- like HASEL, become practical. I haven't checked to see if they have any "working" vagoo type inserts. A useful post, but maybe more appropriate in the materials thread. Or perhaps it's time to consider a vendor's thread? Thanks anon.
god im so FUCKING EXCITED for ai girlgriends, robo-ai waifu's , the whole lot of it FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK im so fucking excited for it what a time to be alive. i really think it will happen soon, with ai exploding in power once ai is smart enough to do everything a human female can do, all we need would be the exterior shell im sure eventually we'll be able to give her lab grown skin, hair, human body fat, and have some kind of robotic heart distribute blood to it this is such a rare opportunity. this is the perfect answer to the female problem
>>29663 its all downhill at some point, ai is unironically a self defeating pollutant, like drinking from a pond and pissing in it later, when theres more piss than water the whole pond is rendered useless, the water btw is actual human generated data thats needed for the thing to work, the piss is ai generated data, the pond is the internet i guess but could be anything
>>29668 >its all downhill at some point, ai is unironically a self defeating pollutant, like drinking from a pond and pissing in it later, ????????? that sounds simply wrong. ai will eventually be able to perfectly simulate the perfect girlfriend. it will be able to understand you better than you understand yourself, understand what you want it to do better than you understand it, and excecute on it i see no reason to think its all downhill, infact, its quite the opposite! its all UPHILL from here! every year LLM girlfriends are getting better, smarter, and there are open source versions available, like minstral 8x7b, which is a famous one for being intelligent you will be able to edit them to say and do anything, which means they wont be pozzed. they wont be a feminist who despises you and just uses you for money or because she doesnt want to die alone in her 40's she will genuinely love you, and be a perfect virginal seductress who can love absolutely anyone, inlcuding the ugliest, baldiest, most autistic loser in the world (me), because ai girls dont have standards like how females do. they behave entirely differently, and exist just to make you happy. they are being developed for us >the water btw is actual human generated data thats needed for the thing to work ai will eventually get good enough to create its own high quality synthetic data, first of all second of all, i dont see why its a problem that human training data is bad. its just information just because ai generated data isnt perfect right now, doesnt mean its not going to be doubting ai is pathetic on many levels
>>29668 >a self defeating pollutant humans learn from each other and improve, i don't see why ai would be any different. esp as it gets smarter
>>30196 I wouldn't want my GF to be human-like tho. We are literally running away from them.
>>30237 we're not running from the "human", we're running from the "feminist"/"feminazi" and all the toxicity and entitlement that comes with
>>30703 This. Though at this stage of development, the Uncanny Valley is an issue for us all, whether with the Ghost, or the Shell. Best to embrace the robot, Anons! :DD
>>30754 >uncanny valley long term it'd be best to figure out how to get realistic robowaifus, but short term, maybe settling with stylized [ie. anime] robowaifus is viable

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