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MaidCom Kiwi 02/08/2024 (Thu) 06:40:01 No.29219
MaidCom Project Thread 2 Project Goal: Simple, low cost, extensible platform for robowaifu development. Picrel shows the model which is being developed. Every part will be designed to be easily printable and replaceable. Her designs will be open source. Modding and customization will be encouraged. This is a base model. Early revisions will be heavily limited in functionality. I invite you to help design and define standards so that it is easy to create specialized add-ons to allow her to become your own waifu. Collaboration is important, MaidCom is officially partnered with Lin and his Waifu Wheelchair, if you'd also like to be officially partnered, say so. Cat eats and miniskirts are encouraged!
>if you'd also like to be officially partnered Idk what this means and if I want that. What I can says is, that I approve of it and I will try to make the parts I develop compatible where it makes sense. That said, I still want to do my own project, which will be different in some areas. Some examples: - No hard shell or hard "tissue" directly under the skin. Based on a somewhat human-like skeleton. - No focus on mobility (and weight reduction) - Low amount of energy storage, maybe just enough to move from one place to another and being plugged in while sitting most of the time. - More human-like face but still with big waifu eyes, at least ASAP. - Might be just a bit smaller, since I don't accept stupid (social) rules. - Sex parts might be embedded as the standard, or at least the cleaning system (drinking water and cleaner, using it to clean herself internally) - (Variants for doing OF or similar, as advertisement for the switch away from women, not sure if this is excluded here) - ... It's obviously more ambitious and will take longer. I always hoped for other people doing the more short term developments and builds. Since not much happened, I started this legless "joystick"-waifu a while ago, which I also still plan to finish and it might use some parts compatible with this one here. I'm currently stuck for some personal reasons but will likely start building much more in a few months.
MAIDCOM THREAD #2 IS LIVE WOOHOO! Thanks, Kiwi. I'm looking forward to seeing where this thread goes. Your #1 thread turned into one of my favorite threads on /robowaifu/ ! Looking forward also to working with integrating with Lin's Assistant platform as well. ONWARD! :^)
I can contribute some code. I'm planning to throw together a few of the scripts I've found that would result in a minimum viable virtual waifu anyway. Voice detection, oobabooga LLM, TTS, screen-based face expressions, and basic examples of implementing your own custom voice commands (eg asking time/date).
>>29241 >I can contribute some code. That would be most welcome, Anon! Thanks kindly.

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