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Open file (58.56 KB 1244x2374 MaidComFront.jpg)
Open file (39.04 KB 1244x2318 MaidComSide.jpg)
Open file (56.65 KB 1244x2318 MaidComBack.jpg)
MaidCom Kiwi 02/08/2024 (Thu) 06:40:01 No.29219
MaidCom Project Thread 2 Project Goal: Simple, low cost, extensible platform for robowaifu development. Picrel shows the model which is being developed. Every part will be designed to be easily printable and replaceable. Her designs will be open source. Modding and customization will be encouraged. This is a base model. Early revisions will be heavily limited in functionality. I invite you to help design and define standards so that it is easy to create specialized add-ons to allow her to become your own waifu. Collaboration is important, MaidCom is officially partnered with Lin and his Waifu Wheelchair, if you'd also like to be officially partnered, say so. Cat eats and miniskirts are encouraged!
>if you'd also like to be officially partnered Idk what this means and if I want that. What I can says is, that I approve of it and I will try to make the parts I develop compatible where it makes sense. That said, I still want to do my own project, which will be different in some areas. Some examples: - No hard shell or hard "tissue" directly under the skin. Based on a somewhat human-like skeleton. - No focus on mobility (and weight reduction) - Low amount of energy storage, maybe just enough to move from one place to another and being plugged in while sitting most of the time. - More human-like face but still with big waifu eyes, at least ASAP. - Might be just a bit smaller, since I don't accept stupid (social) rules. - Sex parts might be embedded as the standard, or at least the cleaning system (drinking water and cleaner, using it to clean herself internally) - (Variants for doing OF or similar, as advertisement for the switch away from women, not sure if this is excluded here) - ... It's obviously more ambitious and will take longer. I always hoped for other people doing the more short term developments and builds. Since not much happened, I started this legless "joystick"-waifu a while ago, which I also still plan to finish and it might use some parts compatible with this one here. I'm currently stuck for some personal reasons but will likely start building much more in a few months.
MAIDCOM THREAD #2 IS LIVE WOOHOO! Thanks, Kiwi. I'm looking forward to seeing where this thread goes. Your #1 thread turned into one of my favorite threads on /robowaifu/ ! Looking forward also to working with integrating with Lin's Assistant platform as well. ONWARD! :^)
I can contribute some code. I'm planning to throw together a few of the scripts I've found that would result in a minimum viable virtual waifu anyway. Voice detection, oobabooga LLM, TTS, screen-based face expressions, and basic examples of implementing your own custom voice commands (eg asking time/date).
>>29241 >I can contribute some code. That would be most welcome, Anon! Thanks kindly.
Open file (24.78 KB 982x630 gptforall code.png)
>>29445 I do hereby give the Maidcom thread... an easy python-based LLM!
>>30149 Neat! That does look rather straightforward, Mechnomancer. Any chance you could devise your own setup tutorial, to help newbs get up to speed with running your software please? Cheers.
>>30153 >Install python. >open cmd prompt (type "cmd" in searchbar, or windows+r and type "cmd" in the textbox) >Type in "cd C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\scripts", where [username] is your user account name in windows (no brackets!) >type in "pip install gpt4all" >wait for install to complete >put le code in python >save >press F5 >Chat away!
>>30154 Excellent! Thank you, Anon. >Windows Heh, it's been a minute. I don't even have to do support for it any longer. :D
Open file (239.90 KB 924x896 RibsVSSmooth.png)
Open file (292.63 KB 889x573 NewComp.png)
Open file (397.34 KB 1103x573 Back.png)
Status update, majorly refined and smoothed out her body. Included her references and original. Gave her a more defined belly, optimized her back to feel better when holding her by her chest, and completely overhauled her butt. Overall body is rounder, more cylindrical, which should help with fitting her electronics and cooling. Any preference between her having a smooth area under her bust or, a defined rib? Her chest was bolstered for the sake of feminine clothing compatibility. Her body was also elongated to match a human woman's body length at this height. I had previously modeled with anime girls in mind.
Edited last time by Kiwi_ on 03/14/2024 (Thu) 01:05:10.
>>30296 Nice! It's looking good, Anon. >Any preference between her having a smooth area under her bust or, a defined rib? I'd say just go with your instinct, Kiwi. I'm sure you'll find the right solution in the end. Remember this is still protoyping R&D at this stage, not yet production. Experiment! Cheers. :^)
>>30296 How does the full side view look? Ribcage might make some sense with hard materials but something like moulded silicone it would seem odd if there wasn't an actual ribcage underneath at least at that level of definition. Overall I like smoother one better though maybe more mild definition only hinting at a ribcage? Also if im not mistaken the ribcage seems a little high even from artistic proportions, or is it just me? Though if I were you id spend more time considering if subtle added hip bone definition would be good or not since that has more appeal to it than ribs for more people. Though maybe there is some, just hard to see. Im not certain from the lighting but does current design lack a subtle bump for a mons pubis? Though careful to not go overboard to make it look like a bulge if you add a little there, it might be too difficult to pull off looking right. Though i do think i see some shadow there so maybe you already do. Maybe you really need two versions one for a hard body and one for a soft body? But that's more work, just was a thought. Im a little confused which is the latest in that four lineup, the torso by itself or is the colored model? I could be off in my judgment but my instincts tell me if former I feel like some of it is a major downgrade especially the ass if the torso by itself is latest reminds me of a horses ass. Why are you doing the smoothing on the outside instead of having wall thickness variety to make the inside smooth only when the whole point is just for electronics and cooling fitting? The back I think you overcompensated on the smoothing out of the dip where the spine would be, something between that and the one colored in maybe so you dont lose the dip entirely? I think the breast shape is in a way an improvement of the torso from the colored in for being not overly ball like but im not sure if that sacrificed definition or not. Although that other one is cute still to me they just feel like two different design approaches really.
Open file (164.01 KB 707x953 Front.png)
Open file (122.63 KB 707x953 Side.png)
Open file (163.66 KB 707x953 Back.png)
Open file (131.40 KB 500x800 AigisFigma.jpg)
>>29241 >>30149 Thanks for the interest Mechnomancer! >>30298 I'm going to make two versions, a standard and a more anatomical model. As long as I keep the dimensions that matter the same, I can easily edit both of them together. >>30318 Everything is designed to be printed in TPU using thick walls while being hollow. I do keep it in the back of my mind that silicone copies should be easily made from the designs with minimal alterations. MaidComs top 3 concerns are, cuteness/appeal, ease of replication at home, and functionality. Because 3D printing is cheap and easy, that is the default method of manufacturing all my designs abide by. Ribs are at that height because that's my preference. Added hip bones Added mons pubis Torso by itself was the latest. This model is completely solid, the inside has not been modeled yet. Added a spine groove, emphasized the scapula, and boosted her butt. I actually really like the way the back came out. I personally prefer a much smoother front. Aigis is my waifu and everything about her is perfect to me.
>>30322 I think the added detail is an improvement on the back and that's a better looking butt. Nice job. Hips might be a little too bony looking now. I was just thinking more the corner parts that commonly pop out rather than enough it seems like there is visible pelvic bone too unless my imagined anatomy is off from not finding a good reference at the moment. Likewise I think you might want to smooth out toward the center of the chest so just the edges of the rib cage show on sides if any, only subtle for more closer to the smooth version you like better. Too much boniness seems less cute. I think you only need very subtle edges at furthest points to gently imply underlying structure but i easily may be wrong. I really haven't worked with 3D modeling like this before just have once touched on a raytracing program way back and back in middle school worked on a CAD program which I cant remember a thing about and I never worked on my anatomy drawing skills like I should. Personally I think the mons adds a sort of cuteness and sexiness, not sure if it needs dialed back a small fraction or not though after other alterations to make sure everything is in balance. Sorry, I'm a perfectionist with an eye for detail. I'm more curious what others think looks best since I'm just one person and don't want to speak for others. Have you looked for feedback elsewhere like among artists more familiarized with female anatomy in this style? Have you thought to run test prints on anything yet or waiting till you feel particularly satisfied with the design? Like small size or printing out a sectioned off detailed portion in full size like the tummy I mean so you don't use up a lot of filament.
Open file (161.49 KB 754x1161 Front1.png)
Open file (156.54 KB 754x1161 CakedUp.png)
>>30325 Took your advice and made some updates. Modeled new arms and legs. It's all coming together. The butt is a gag, she's keeping the original. I am sharing it with friends, some wanted more in the rear, hence the current overload back there.
>>30338 bipedal dinosaurs had big meaty tail for balancing, maybe a big heavy ass could be used the same way semi-facetious
>>30338 I am a bit uncertain on if the ribs are needed or not but I think the rest looks pretty ready to me unless others have more to suggest, aside from needing to blend the legs and ass together which you probably haven't gotten to just yet since it seems like you just recently attached the legs I presume. >>30339 An ass dragging to the floor would be a weird but funny sight.
>>30342 >needing to blend the legs and ass together Wait, i didnt think about jointery on how it has to move.
>>30338 If no one else is gonna say it, then I will: This buttocks are too much as as baseline and they look weird.
>>30358 I suppose I get what you mean. Maybe too rounded? Personally how the green butt here >>30296 looked best out of all the iterations but a lot is different now so I don't know what would the ideal be for the current torso. Current torso seems to be longer and different hip shape just a bit unless it's a scaling thing.
>>30358 a big trunk could be useful
Open file (1.04 MB 1000x2760 1586936793243-4.jpg)
Open file (169.53 KB 348x2289 1586937072623-3.jpg)
>>30358 What is your idea of a nice ass? I think I figured it out the top of the ass isnt shaped quite right in profile maybe? Is that what you're seeing too?
Oh, wow, that's cool. >What is your idea of a nice ass? B,F,(G) - like an L starting from B in that first picrel. H is to big and the rest doesn't look good. Edited version: I first got the letters wrong, lol.
>>30397 If you mean the second from the left on both rows I think the same.
>>30417 Yeah, but the third in the lower row is also nice, and the 2B stans here might also like the the forth in the lower row, which is a bit much for my taste.
Open file (162.41 KB 731x1205 A.png)
Open file (157.29 KB 719x1205 B.png)
Open file (167.36 KB 744x1204 C.png)
Open file (162.08 KB 744x1204 D-1.png)
>>30346 Nice catch >>30358 I was only joking. Her butt is normal. >>30364 >>30388 >>30397 Thanks for your input. Here is her current design. It is good enough. I've started optimizing it for printability and sizing her shells to fit onto cheap and easily sourced 2020 extrusion as it'll simplify everything and make her easier to build.
>>30519 What is the head height ratio you are going for? Looks to be a little bit over 7 heads tall which is in reasonable range. Have you played around with different heights and body ratios? I think a little shorter like maybe 6 and a half heads has advantage of less material and lower center of gravity but that's just me and that might set you back from progress you made on the shaping of the body and everything. Although center of gravity doesnt matter if one isnt doing a walking mechanism attempt. So it all depends,
Open file (109.64 KB 350x350 Lilele.png)
Open file (6.62 KB 202x249 AigisSchool.jpg)
>>30523 Her head to height ratio 1:6.97 as her dimensions are based on real women. I fundamentally agree with your position. I firmly believe that a meter tall robot is the ideal height because of physics and the electronics widely available today. I just prefer 150cm as a minimum height that makes me happy. It honestly didn't make sense and had led me to have sleepless nights doing calculations trying to make it work. Picrel is far superior in every way than my design. I just prefer 150cm too much, it is also the height of my waifu Aigis.
>>30592 >real women Keep in mind ratios and body proportions described by realist art guides are likely based on Western European women. Eastern European women and Southeast Asians are generally a bit different on average. >1 meter Personally I wouldn't below something like 120cm unless going for a more mini girl / faerie / elf design avoiding the short body ratio. Otherwise it easily comes off too toddler like to me. >I just prefer 150cm too much Understandable >Aigis She has some of the longest legs I've seen in a character design from what I can find.
>>30592 >dimensions are based on real women. Yeah, I think that's a mistake or at least not my taste, but it's okay. I prefer the anime look with longer legs compared to the chest. > I firmly believe that a meter tall robot is the ideal height because of physics and the electronics widely available today. I doubt that, but you're the one who knows more about making these calculations. Then again, it might be because you want her to work, walk around and have a battery that lasts long. Without doing much calculating, just guesstimating, my idea was rather that something small would even be difficult or impossible to pull off, because of the lack of space. >had led me to have sleepless nights doing calculations trying to make it work. Kek, this sounds intense. Just think of it as the first try and a process, not a design that needs to be perfect.
Open file (55.51 KB 899x961 Comparison.jpg)
>>30596 >Different regional variants of women I selectively mixed measurements from diverse sources based of what would be best for a 3D printed robot. Notably, I started with American and European women as those dimensions were easily attained. They are too thick. Would have added heaps of complexity. Now she's thin like a petite Asian woman. You can see the difference between my posted designs. >120cm That is a notable psychological threshold. 120 to 133cm is a minimum acceptable height for many. Especially if they're designed to look human adjacent, elves being a great example. >AI Chan legs Legs for days, as a leg man, I enjoy it.
Open file (3.44 MB 1467x3739 P3_Aigis.png)
>>30597 >Preference for anime dimensions Can relate. I love slender, lanky, and cute. >Lack of space at meter scale This is somewhat true if you're going for any anime girl aesthetic. Your intuition on needing space to contain her electronics is good. Going for a dwarf design would be best for smaller robots, opens up volume in her torso. >Doesn't need to be perfect Wise words
>>30596 >Personally I wouldn't below something like 120cm unless going for a more mini girl / faerie / elf design avoiding the short body ratio. Otherwise it easily comes off too toddler like to me. If we're talking legality, I thought the authorities focus more on the size of boobs than height?
>>30607 Knowing how this is gonna be controversial from the start, it's best not to give them anything even remotely resembling an excuse to send this all to hell.
>>30608 The perks of being a giantess enjoyer is that I don't have to concern myself with such technicalities. The con is ofcourse I'll never have my robowaifu irl
>>30605 >mixed measurements >thin like a petite Asian woman I see. Yeah I like petite girls. >That is a notable psychological threshold. 120 to 133cm is a minimum acceptable height for many. >Especially if they're designed to look human adjacent, elves being a great example. Well it is height + body proportions if you are talking attraction. But it is not purely psychological but practicality for use case. You dont want a standing hug to lead to your legs being bound making you lose balance and awkwardly having to bend over for your arms to reach. Im fine with under 100cm depending on design and use intent. >>30607 I wasn't talking legality. Im over 6 feet tall. You might want to bring the legality discussion into meta. Id say own thread for it but there isnt many people on this board so it probably doesnt need to include every country out there.
>>30607 Give robot boobs: "You're sexualizing the robot!" Don't give robot boobs: "The robot is underage!" Can't win either way against puritans, man.
@Kiwi Just wanted to let you know I'm proud of you and all the team continuing to move MaidCom forward. I hope to dive in again around May or so. Keep.Moving.Forward. Cheers. :^)
Open file (148.67 KB 711x1178 LongLegs.png)
Open file (167.00 KB 711x1178 MaidComLong.png)
Open file (105.49 KB 711x1178 LegSide.png)
Open file (149.81 KB 711x1178 LegBack.png)
Had to decrease her arm length to enable her to have a usable working payload. In light of this, her body was shortened and her legs were lengthened by 77cm. She can no longer wear women's pants, still compatible with many dresses . Thoughts? >>30608 I choose to ignore the controversy. It's FOSS and will be hosted in several places for free and open access. >>30714 Looking forward to collaborating in May!
Open file (80.99 KB 233x233 sailormates.png)
Open file (15.04 KB 367x217 367-4146616177.jpg)
>>30611 Mini-robowaifus got me thinking of medabots lol. I might build a Medabot if SPUD's walking mechanism works and will certainly share the code.
>>30740 Looks better. A woman being able to wear pants is not important. But she will likely still be able to wear more flexible ones, or just wear ones which are are baggy. I assume long leggins which would be for a bigger sized leg won't be very baggy, they just wouldn't stretch as much as they could. >>30742 ... Short Stacks >>2666
>>30740 Arms looks a bit too short IMO especially paired with the longer legs it just looks weird. I am not sure what you mean by usable working payload. Do you mean carrying somewhat weighty objects? If so that can be solved by not using arms alone to carry like many humanoid robots do but rather do more like Punyo was designed to hold objects in arms against the body like many humans actually do. I posted a YT link in the humanoid vid thread >>30748
Open file (176.41 KB 1080x1110 NuFront.png)
Open file (193.72 KB 1080x1110 NuSide.png)
Open file (176.76 KB 1080x1110 NuBack.png)
New design, the human like design felt off personally. Now, I'm going for a more robotic look. Much more like Aigis.
>>30860 Excellent, Kiwi. Now you have your overall proportions looking good. Drive on! :DD
Open file (200.30 KB 1103x1134 Front.png)
Open file (195.90 KB 1103x1134 Back.png)
Open file (184.57 KB 1103x1134 Side.png)
Fixed her joint alignment. Printing her soon.
>>30931 Definitely shaping up into a well-unified character model now. Nice progress Anon. >Printing her soon. Exciting! Please keep us all abreast of your progress, Kiwi.
>>30931 Not bad but the butt crack is all weird again. Welcome to the grand canyon. Those ankles wouldnt a joint that also flexes to side make more sense? Seems too stiff looking in my opinion.
@Kiwi Kiwi (and other Anons working on this project), my apologies but I'm going to have to delay further my planned support again beginning in May. I will shortly be unable to access communications via anything other than StarLink, etc., and participating here during this upcoming expedition won't be feasible. But I look forward to seeing how things are going though. Please look after the board closely, Kiwi! Cheers. :^)
Open file (3.84 MB 4624x3468 Top.jpg)
Open file (3.84 MB 4624x3468 Soles.jpg)
Open file (5.53 MB 4624x3468 Socks.jpg)
>>31139 I'll try to step up and help more with moderation while you're away my friend. I'm currently working on a doll variant to help with testing before actuator integration. So far, her feet are printing well with a version that needs support and one that doesn't. I'm printing on vase mode to speed through iterations. Glad to say she is women socks compatible.
>>31150 Thanks bro, much appreciated! I was thinking about doing some focus on MaidCom hands.
Open file (157.28 KB 603x730 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (179.69 KB 603x951 ClipboardImage.png)
>>31482 Working on it. I'm prioritizing printability, Basic grasping, and hand holding Her body has been updated yet again... >>30742 >Medabots They have such fun designs and they function well. They heavily inspired MaidCom on a spiritual level. They're part of why she'd going to be very modular and customizable.
>>31549 >Working on it. Great! >cuddlin' & stuff Hard to over-stress how important I feel that good facial & hand designs are for the comfy, emotional rapport we can all have with MaidComs and other robowaifu models in the future. More important than boobas, vagoo, and all the other, more-typical icons of physical femininity. IMO these two areas (face, hands) are vital to get right (for some definition of the word 'right'). Thanks for the update Kiwi! Keep moving forward! :^) >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 06/11/2024 (Tue) 19:32:04.
>>31549 The finger ratio on those hands creep me out. >>31150 Major case of cankles. This design prevents side to side movement of the foot which is needed for stability on uneven ground.
Open file (5.78 MB 4624x3468 face.jpg)
Open file (31.07 KB 685x346 WhippletreeFingers.png)
>>31554 Completely overhauled her face sculpt. Hands are a fascinating problem I'm still iterating on. I want them to be mostly print in place place easy actuation using one servo. Towards that end I have researched whipple tree mechanisms to evenly distribute force on a variety of objects.
>>31824 Interesting update. Thanks.
>>31824 Oh neat! You've really captured the form of Aigis' face quite well there, Kiwi. GG. It'll be interesting to see how you manage the eyes. Keep up the good work, Anon!! >whipple tree mechanisms Very cool. Yes, if we can greatly-reduce the typical complexity of common 'bionic' hands and yet still retain good grasping dexterity that would be a big step forward in reducing complexity/cost. >print-in-place THIS! I hope this can be solved. Cheers, Kiwi. :^)
Open file (200.72 KB 561x903 NeoTorso.png)
Open file (116.29 KB 594x709 NeoThigh.png)
>>31928 Still working on her hand. Took a detour to revamp her torso to have more defined navel and clavicles. Refined her thigh to have more hunan curves and added a knee. Going to take a break from updating her body to focus on actuator development. I want to integrate her motive system now.
>>32320 >revamp her torso to have more defined navel and clavicles. Refined her thigh I think that looks better. Good work.
>>32320 Great, looks nice.

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