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Open file (64.66 KB 1024x415 nuclearfusion_1024.jpg)
robowaifu energy systems Robowaifu Technician 09/10/2020 (Thu) 08:16:03 No.5080
/waifu energy source general/ What do you think that our waifus will use for energy?And how much energy it needs to use?From my rough calculations if will need about 2kw for the computer plus 500w for the mechanical part(although I am not sure about the last part because I am not very familiar with the mechatronics ). Surely we don't want to use something like an engine because of the noise ,vibrations and the exhaust.The current state of the battery is not suitable for our goals because of the low energy density (energy per square meter).I think that PEM battery will be a good choice because of the lack mechanical parts , huge energy density , the energy is in the form of electricity.The only downside , for now , is the fact that the PEM layer is VERY expensive ,at least for now . What do you think?What kind of energy source our waifus will use? >=== original Batteries & Power thread >>23
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>>5080 I don't know what you're talking about, and why you didn't post in the old thread, which would be moved up if someone would post there... Please post your calculations, claims and conclusions there.
Same anon than >>5081. On a second note I get it, it's actually better to have thread about real batteries, power sources and technical details of these, while this here is more of a speculative and broader discussion. Your thinking is of the rails nevertheless, IMO. Two kilowatts for a onboard computer is absurd and I also don't see how to get to 500W usage at the same time for the mechanical parts. Additional to the onboard computers, there will be external brains, wifi connected home servers. But they'll rater use max 500-700 Watts. How much more might depend on how much one is willing to spend. Also if more advanced waifus need a lot of mechanical energy we'll need to use airmuscles and at least one onboard tank. Also, they don't need a huge range, from one room to another is sufficient for most people. They can plugin for some time while sitting and talking, and cuddling on the couch won't need much energy. We might simple have different levels of development in mind. The most simple Robowaifus won't need a lot of energy, if you speculate about very active, smart and mobile ones, it might be more about future technologies. But then computers, batteries and motors might also be more efficient. Direct ethanol fuel cell is my current idea of a source for a longer range.
>>5083 >Also, they don't need a huge range, from one room to another is sufficient for most people. I'm inclined to think having at least two types of operational modes would be a good idea. Namely 'At Home' which as you mentioned would mean little more than room-to-room mobility. Secondly, the 'Lunch in the Neighborhood Park' mode, where she can wear a small battery backpack to give her a couple of hours mobility time away from home (but nearby). Thirdly, a 'Oniichan, you might have to carry me home' mode, where both your robowaifu and you wear battery backpacks. Hers is just 2 or 3 kilos, where yours might be up to 20 kilos in weight.
>>5084 Yeah, the second mode is something I had in mind for a while. The third one is new to me. Interesting. For the second mode I think a a plughole in the back would be perfect, then she could wear a backpack or a belt with batteries. Another one in the foot, so if at home she stands somwhere to pose or dance, then she can be plugged in. Additionally, wireless charging might also be interesting. The one in the foot would also work for boots or motorized skater boots with additional batteries. This would need to be controlled by her computer, so maybe micro usb plugs in the feet can cover both cases, or otherwise we'd need some ethernet as well.
>>5081 OP here. I proposed 2kw because of the recent 30XX GPUs power usage(4*3090+ some power for CPU and etc.).My idea is more in the lines of 2-3 to week autonomous operation.She will be able to travel from town to town on her own
Open file (1.05 MB 1000x1421 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5087 >motorized skater boots with additional batteries Yes, having skate boots or a hoverboard or scooter to use during 'Mode 3' travel should help with things. Either or both of you could wear 'stylish' black solar-cell vests as well for trickle charging too ofc. As far as plugs go, I'd think 2 (or possibly 3) USB-C plugs w/ a pair of hi-cap chargers would be sufficient for day to day use. Or the wireless-charging 'neck-pad' like in pic related. > Once you two are finished snuggling, she can top off while you were sound asleep ofc. >>5089 >My idea is more in the lines of 2-3 to week autonomous operation.She will be able to travel from town to town on her own You're going to have to wait for at least a couple of decades (or more) before we have sufficiently good tech for that. No one outsmarts the laws of physics, lad.
>>5089 Then forget about batteries. Some Ethanol fuel cell makes more sense. >>5090 I don't like walking in the sun, also if we already have more batteries then I don't need solar power on top of that. There's a reason why cars use fuel, it's energy dense. There might not be enough Ethanol for huge fleets of cars, but for some robots it should work out.
>>5091 >There's a reason why cars use fuel, it's energy dense. Fair enough. But the idea of living day to day inside my flat with a fuel-burning, fume-emitting robowaifu isn't actually to my tastes. It would be fine for a special-purpose outdoor robot, but not really for a robowaifu companion.
>>5092 It meant it additional to batteries, when they run out she can have some Vodka or so. The remains are water with some acid. She might emmit some harmless gas as well, if so then I forgot about that. https://youtu.be/9Ubhrr5GdQo
>>5097 Watched the vid again, partially. It emits water vapor. Also the one in the vid is very weak, so I have no idea how big this would need to be, so we can have some fembot hicking through the woods, which would be cool but not my highest priority for now. Let's say, if they start using fuel cell for electric bikes, then we'll be using them as well for our waifus...
>>5100 >Let's say, if they start using fuel cell for electric bikes, then we'll be using them as well for our waifus... Makes sense, thanks for the info Anon.
This video explains hy hydrogen is suboptimal: https://youtu.be/PH9gvfaufbo - the efficiency is too low. We could even use methan, so normal natural gas for grilling, instead. I still think batteries plus maybe compressed air, plus maybe ethanol >>5097, makes more sense.
I like the idea of eventually getting to the point where our robowaifus can have a "drink" with us and use the ethanol as supplemental fuel. Imagine also being able to analyze the chemical composition and "taste", robowaifu sommliers before we know it. Joking aside, this would be a noteworthy development simply because engaging in drinking makes them seem more normal and less alien and would put others at ease and lighten any awkwardness at dinner parties "Uh.. your wife is an android?" "Gynoid actually, and yes, but she's got an excellent nose for Pinot"
Open file (437.25 KB 600x1054 1387855794406.png)
>>13303 Being able to taste seems like a good idea for a robot that prepares food, and a sense of smell is also good for cleaning itself or other things. However, using ethanol as fuel just seems like a pointless idea in general, especially drinks like wine or beer that contain a relatively small amount compared to water, and then there's removal of the other chemicals. I can't really imagine a system where a robot would need to eat or drink unless it could use the materials in it to heal itself. The closest I've imagined to that is drinking distilled water to top-off its coolant, or some other ingredients for sex lube.
>>13321 Using ethanol directly was the initial idea here, not extracting it from wine. It makes totally sense that they would trink different liquids for internal use and for social reasons a well. The social part is OT in this thread however, so if this goes on then please pick another thread (meta?) for that and link back to here as the start, thanks.
>>13326 >for social reasons This is just something I never understood. I don't get how eating or drinking is supposed to be social. I also never really got how watching movies together is social, when my best movie-watching experience is completely alone in a theater, unless it's so bad people openly mock it. As far as energy sources are concerned, my plan is using a simple Atmospheric Motor (https://youtu.be/ENeDkGce5-4) to generate power continuously, figure out how to improve it so you don't need such a long antenna. I already mentioned it in another thread, >>13319 >>13281 my goal for long-term internal energy storage will be in EVO Enabled Vacuum Capacitors (https://youtu.be/TXC7-hfk7xs)
>>13331 lmao this is literally just an old school vacuum tube the most retarded thing I've ever seen, the only people that shill vacuum tubes are cringe guitarists and people who think its still the 80s, normal people dont want giant inefficient pseudo capacitors that break after a single use and capacitors arent even storable, they discharge almost imminently after you cut power, theyre only purpose is to smooth out the current of a real chemical battery which dont produce a static flow
>>13332 You can make a point without being an asshole about it friend.
>>13332 >this is literally just an old school vacuum tube No, they're a bit more complex than that, if you actually bother to read more. If it were just a vacuum there wouldn't have been a patent for it made in 2009: https://patents.google.com/patent/US9042083
>>13342 no its literally just a vacuum tube do you not know how patents work, vacuum tubes are 50+ years old the original patent has long been expired, anyone can now patent their own vacuum tube ( if you are retarded enough to actually do it because you dont understand vacuum tubes have been depreciated every since the invention of electrolytic capacitors or just a scam artists looking to reel in naive ESG investors that seem to be sprouting up like mushrooms )
>>13342 So it's supposed to be a form of supercap? I was considering to use them additionally to batteries as well. The one I know don't replace batteries, though. I might look into your vacuum capacitor. >>13353 >anyone can now patent their own vacuum tube At least in the cases I know patents need to show some novelty. So there would need to be another use case at least, and some nontrivial adjustment.
Open file (21.37 KB 998x1226 retard capacitor.png)
Open file (41.01 KB 1280x720 normal vacuum tube.jpeg)
>>13355 man please learn how patents work once an expired patent on a technology enters public domain all subsequent patents are nothing but trivial adjustments if you really dont see that its just a vacuum tube you need to get vaccinated
>>13357 I know how patents work, to some extent. You wrote nothing to debunk my point. Your definition of novelty is just different, and your manners are bad. >subsequent patents are nothing but trivial adjustments At least a while ago we had some requirements for patents in Germany. Don't know if they changed that. No novelty, no patent. If you define some novelty as trivial or not, doesn't matter. Trivial ideas were not patentable.
>>13362 yeah you dont know how patents work, do you want me to cite the thousands of patents on chocolate bars or the laughable court cases from Mars the grantors use the legal definition of novelty, ie. not currently patented ( in its entirety ), the only difference is patents can not make use of already existing active patents without licensing, you cannot make trivial changes on an active patent and then patent it but in the case of a patent that has already expired and became public like vacuum tubes or chocolate bars, patents based on trivial and highly specific details are allowed since no licensing is needed for the original idea, like with that retard company Mars patenting a caramel coated, peanut chocolate bar, the patents are on the specification not the actual idea of the chocolate bar which has gone into public use and no longer patentable, which is why they lost everytime they tried to sue other companies in patent disputes and my manners arent bad, I call out bullshit when called for
>>13363 >I call out bullshit when called for Aside from the exaggeration by claiming I would know nothing, I was only wondering about the differences of patent system in US. I could claim the same way that you know nothing about patents, since you don't know the requirements in other countries. More importantly, you also wrote nothing on the topic of functionality. If it could work or not. Just calling it a vacuum tube and picking unnecessary fights.
>>13364 >functionality fucking look at it, are you blind, firstly its a vacuum tube, possibly the most inefficient way to make a capacitor because it cant be coiled like a real capacitor, you are limited to a single sheet, using only a single sheet would mean it would need to be gigantic to match the capacitance of a modern coiled capacitor, this is why they stopped being used in the first place second, the design is literally retarded, the anode plate[2] is flush with glass[4], and you want to use this as a capacitor!! do you know what happens to metal when you pass a current through it - it heats up do you know what happens to metal when it heats up - it expands do you know what happens to glass - nothing this thing will break due to thermal stress almost immediately after its first cycle, this is just another fake venture capitalist scam that is designed to siphon investor funding, its not a real product and the company has no intention on making a real product, its a scam, the fact anyone takes this seriously is laughable yet I'm not even surprised in todays age, anyone with any background in electronics however would laugh at this because its so openly retarded >whatever you wrote before functionality I dont even know what you wrote, maybe youre confused between patent rights and trademarks
>>13365 I didn't look at it at all, and I don't know much about vacuum tubes, except that they were used in early computers. >I might look into your vacuum capacitor. That's what I wrote before you started on the claim everyone can patent old technology, which made me wonder. That's all. However I looked onto the reputation of those pushing it and realized it doesn't look good.
>>13366 >However I looked onto the reputation of those pushing it and realized it doesn't look good. What did you find?
>>13369 I only looked briefly, but the guy who pushed it was someone claiming to have found a way to do cold fusion and no one could replicate it. The other technology, atmospheric energy, also strikes me as utter nonsense. If that was a thing, then more serious people would report on it. That aside it's meant to be something like a power plant and has nothing to do with the topic of this thread.
>>13371 The atmospheric electricity thing is really basic. For every meter of difference in altitude, there's a difference of about 100 volts, but the amperage is borderline nothing. The video I posted was mostly about some people making a solid state circuit to step the voltage down to something usable instead of the typical method of running a simple electrostatic motor. If you tried to use the motor to run a generator, there wouldn't be nearly enough torque, so solid state is the best solution. (isn't it always?) It's free energy. It works in every weather condition, to varying degrees, and doesn't need any maintenance or any exotic materials, but really hasn't improved at all in over 100 years, so it's still shitty. I can't really think of any way to improve it that wouldn't also significantly increase the risk of the damn thing getting hit by lightning.
>>13381 wouldn't lightning just give you more free energy?
>>19006 1.21 jiggawatts to be exact
crosspost: >>19631 (Carrington event, solar storm)
Open file (77.80 KB 771x882 Screenshot_36.png)
I like this battery calculator: https://power-calculation.com/battery-storage-calculator.php and have an eye on these batteries: https://www.ecolithiumbattery.com/product/9ah-lto-battery/ but we'll see (context: https://www.ecolithiumbattery.com/lto-battery/ ). One 8318 motor works with 6-12S, which refers to 6 to 12 LiPO batteries, which have a higher voltage. So, I might need at least 6 LTOs (per motor, one per leg), though they would provide more Ampere than I need. They would add 3.5 kg to my waifu's body. The volume would be more than 20x87 cm, which I could of course distribute. I might prefer to go with a voltage booster, or maybe I find a bit smaller ones, since they would give me freaking 90A. I didn't even look for the costs, but don't suspect it would be less than 1.5-2k for the batteries alone.
>>23781 Excellent, thanks for the calculator link NoidoDev.
Avoiding fraudulent claims about (LiPo) battery charging power and speed: https://youtu.be/Rdu6dODqSiY https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?1767093-Battery-Load-Test-Comparisons These packs are rather for RC cars, seem to be used to draw all their power in a very short period of time. So, these specific packs might not be very useful in many case to put into a robowaifu, but the information around the marketing exaggerations and such might be generally useful.
>>23829 Thanks NoidoDev. Yep scammery is afoot in the battery industries, for sure. Well-needed information. >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/08/2023 (Sat) 04:15:17.
Here's an excellent place to buy batteries. I heard about them from people running Lithium batteries for sailboat motors. https://batteryhookup.com/ One set that I bought was this one, This ONLY shows the busbar kit that holds the batteries. When I bought them they had batteries in them. https://batteryhookup.com/products/kit-only-6000w-12v-48ah-614wh-busbar-holders?_pos=5&_sid=8539b8858&_ss=r Warning at the site they are now saying some of these, not necessarily from them, are seconds or do not meet specs. Came with 24v 48ah 1.23kWh Lifepo4 - 48 HEADWAY CELLS @ $183/kWh for $224 total . I planned on using it for truck battery but changed my mind because I wasn't 100% positive the normal charging would not overcharge. The volume of it is small enough to fit in a rib cage. I'll go over what I think it can do after I note the human power needed. Here's a reference to power needed by humans https://hypertextbook.com/facts/2003/WeiLiangMok.shtml In fact a robowaifu will need less because it doesn't need to keep warm, but...we will want it warm so likely it will be the same. So roughly 100-125W for normal stuff and with active movement. Humans can put out 400W in spurts and athletes can put out big brief spurts of maybe 1,000W but very brief. Call it 400W for Olympic athlete type power. The reason I point that out is that for robocare givers they will need to lift humans so these 400W or slightly better power spurts will be needed to sell them to nursing home type situations. The battery pack I have is 1.23kWh. So using the numbers above I think you could easily get 12 hours of activity out this one battery pack. Likely much more because it doesn't need to always be moving around. These cells, if they prove to be what they are advertised as, would be perfect for robowaifus. They are designed to put out very high peak amperage. That's exactly what we need. https://batteryhookup.com/products/used-headway-38120-hp-3-2v-8ah-lifepo4-battery?_pos=3&_sid=8539b8858&_ss=r These things put out 200A DISCHARGE so let's say we get 8 at $6.99USD each($56) in series. We then have peak power of 4,800Watts. More realistically we could get 1/2 that but that's still 2,400W. Plenty. Mucho plenty and you get 8AH per cell. So 24V x 8Ah gives us 192 Whrs of power. Let's say you move it around you could easily get a couple hours of strong vigorous work out of it before it needs a charge. At a lower rate you could get more. Get four sets of these at $224 and you easily have power for a day with maybe brief charges for super strong activity. Just hanging around with a little movement I bet you could get 24 hours with these. Now the link I gave on human power is high. I have other notes that say, "...A labourer over the course of an eight-hour day can sustain an average output of about 75 watts; higher power levels can be achieved for short intervals and by athletes..." I can't remember where I got that from, so I don't have the link. And "I think" maybe it's only counting the actual work. Not the power needed for metabolism to keep the body warm. That might readily account for the 100-120W figure for total energy. Notice that the lower figure means you can get a lot of work out of the robowaifu if you neglect body heating. So cleaning the house and stuff like that could be very efficient. Furthermore if it remained plugged in for heat while you were away the smaller batteries power could last a long time. Here's a few other "blurb" figures I saved on power for humans https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skeletal_muscle Vertebrate muscle typically produces approximately 25–33 N (5.6–7.4 lbf) of force per square centimeter of muscle cross-sectional area when isometric and at optimal length For humans,"...According to our data table the body uses 685 W to climb stairs..." (I think this is high but I saved it and it might be a total for climbing all the stairs) "What do we need for power to run these things? Notice that a average human can only produce about 200 Watts or so of power over a good bit of time with world class athletes at about 400 watts but you can get much higher brief spurts." Anyways those are notes I saved in a file to give me rough ideas on what is needed. I got these searching all over for human power.
>>24582 Thanks, 200A discharge sounds insane. Did you buy something there? Personally, I will use LTO's not LiPo, at least internally. But I found this here: >The latest Sony VTC6 18650 3000mAh 15A 3.6V is a highly rated rechargeable battery from a renowned manufacturer, perfect to use in VV/VW Mods and other high power configurations. It features 3000mAh capacity and constructed with Hi-Drain capability for safety with flat top design, often compare to LG HG2 as it is underrated with 15A. Found via artbybot: https://youtu.be/0R2wVuhLTXw So there seem to be batteries with a "Hi-Drain capability", which could be an important factor to look for.
>>24582 Excellent information, Grommet. Thanks! :^) >In fact a robowaifu will need less because it doesn't need to keep warm In fact waste heat is a significant problem to solve for our robowaifus. We certainly don't need to be intentionally adding more of it in haha. :^) >>24588 >200A discharge sounds insane This. Best to keep an appropriately-rated fire extinguisher handy if this an accurate measurement. >=== -add 'heat' cmnts -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 08/12/2023 (Sat) 10:14:06.
>>24588 >200A discharge sounds insane. Did you buy something there? Yes I bought the "24v 48ah 1.23kWh Lifepo4 - 48 HEADWAY CELLS @ $183/kWh for $224 total" and haven't done a damn thing with it. Now it's Chinese so the 200A...well maybe but, likely not. Maybe on a good day in the freezer. (note that many Chinese branded stuff is made on US or European assembly lines and are perfectly fine. On the other hand...it's Chinese with all the fakery implied)They are pull outs from stationary interrupt power supplies so they will put out a great deal of amperage. If you buy car batteries or as I think you noted, drone batteries you can get these high burst of power. In our case the requirements are less because power burst will only be needed for very short time periods. Far less than cars or drones. Just making up a number to be safe. I think if any battery pack we bought we limited the current draw to 1/2 rated output we would likely be good and not stress the batteries. 1/4 would be even better. Even if these batteries are mostly used they are super cheap for what they are and with our weak requirements compared to what they were used for I expect you could get a lot of use out of them. When they replace these it's from equipment that HAS to work. So they replace them far sooner than when they will stop functioning. Likely they will slowly lose function and still be plenty for what we need. It may very well be that some combination of high capacity supercapacitors, then batteries could do a great job for all electric. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supercapacitor I decided to put some real world numbers on this. I found on ebay a super-capacitor 13.5V12F 13.5V 12F Super Farad Capacitor Module Kit DIY Power Supply($20USD) I found a calculator that calculates watt-hours from C and volt here. https://lucidar.me/en/electronics/online-farad-to-watt-hour-converter/ For the above I got 0.24 W-h but we only need seconds of power so multiply by 60 to get minutes, then by 60 to get seconds 0.24 x 60 x 60 = 864W-sec (864 watts for one second) Note this is total charge and the voltage will drop as the capacitor discharges so you could only count on 1/2 or 1/4 of this total power as the voltage would drop, losing the force you can operate at. So this $20 pack of capacitors could give you roughly a 400W boost for a second. If you are lifting a person or something heavy, 400W is a lot. One horsepower is 776W and a horse is strong and HP rating are based on big strong horses. If we maybe have a couple of these packs at $40 it should take care of all our lifting needs with regular batteries doing the rest at the expense of some electronic extras to limit the current flow from the batteries to the supercapacitors. As the capacitor drew down voltage the batteries would start being the major source of power so we would have to limit them to the batteries capacity in amperage to keep from damaging the batteries. > Personally, I will use LTO's from what little I know about them they look super impressive but pricey.
>>24606 >I think if any battery pack we bought we limited the current draw to 1/2 rated output we would likely be good and not stress the batteries. 1/4 would be even better. Great point Anon. 'Better safe than sorry' they always tell me. :^) BTW, this is probably a good rule of thumb to follow for basically every area of designed capacity for a robowaifu's systems. We can always dail it in better once prototypes are up and running & tested thoroughly.
Open file (1.26 MB 1406x741 Hydrogen_Generator.png)
Just in case anyone still wants to use Hydrogen to power a robowaifu and needs to make it, here seems to be a good way to do so: https://youtu.be/oIWgzVaGn4Y
>>28681 DIY blimps for robowaifus when? :D
Small engines might be an option for robots which are supposed to go some range outside of the home. Not very important, but good to keep in mind. I first wanted to post this in the actuator thread >>27021, but they way I think about it is to use this as a generator for electricity. So it would be a backup generator which could be recharged fast by making the robot take in some fuel. In that case it seems to be normal fuel, in alternative cases it might be some kind of alcohol like ethanol. > I Run the Smallest Rotary Wankel Engine in the World to see if it actually starts and runs then I try and hit the engine's Maximum Rpm, Engine is a Toyan RS-S100 Single Rotor Wankel Rotary Engine. >This engine is so small it's almost unbelievable to me that it runs at all but it does. > once things, especially engines or machines get this small it becomes very difficult to maintain the tight tolerances needed to have a well-running machine, but to my surprise, the engine ran very well. > Link to Newest Version of the Miniature Rotary Engine at Engine DIY: https://bit.ly/WpMiniRotaryEngine https://youtu.be/6OFtGntbS8U
>>28697 Very cool idea Noido Dev! So, I could see our robowaifus wearing a randoseru-like backpack that's her 'long-range energy gen mobile pack' . >=== -sp edit
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Two words. Atomic slug. Advantages. She stays warm. Very warm. Disadvantages. Your arms fall off and she has to chew your food for you.
Open file (364.96 KB 240x320 Wankel_Cycle_anim_en.gif)
>>28697 Imagine pic-related happening sufficiently-fast to turn that little crankshaft at 30K RPMs. > >via our neighbors at /late/
>>28724 btw the Mazda ones eat their own triangles at 10k-11k rpm... I doubt if the 787Bs touched 12k to still get through the 24 hours. I'm sure smaller sorts have lower rotating mass and things, but the point is that having turbines /= RPMs necessarily. Also, nobody is going to want to share an enclosed space with a smog rotor. You're really talking about an outdoors-only device by that point. Maybe try hydrogen or something idk If you're interested in outdoors miniature engines and things there's a man who's made a prototype sterling engine out of a Chrysler air conditioning compressor, his channel is called kirkolator1. I'm not sure if he ever reached viability with his project or not, but the point was that any unrefined "fuel oil" could work just the same as the propane he was utilising.
>>28734 >Also, nobody is going to want to share an enclosed space with a smog rotor. You're really talking about an outdoors-only device by that point. I wrote that I meant it for outside. That said, if the noise was dampened by the body and the exhaust captured or filtered, then letting it run for a few minutes might be okay in some edge cases, e.g. lifting something heavy or climbing stairs. >Maybe try hydrogen or something idk Even if, then this conventional fuel engine is worth mentioning. I don't try anything about this anytime soon, I just wanted to have it in mind as an option. Hydrogen is hard to store and not very energy dense, btw. Ethanol would be quite interesting. At the end of the day, whatever works for the specific use case is the right choice. This is meant as an option, and needs to be as small and light as possible, durable and with easy access to fuel. > interested in outdoors miniature engines and things there's a man who's made a prototype sterling engine This could be generally interesting, but I didn't even look if there was a Sterling engine for this use case, because I think they tend to be bigger. If anything then it would need to be very small and maybe could be used with steam. A waifu could gather sunlight with heatpipes under the skin and create steam and then use that to run the engine. Once again, this would only be for outside. More like this one: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/YKrdfjO9SBg - so if it is not needed then the additional wheight won't matter, also the smaller it is the better we can dampen the noise.
> (concepts-related >>28921,>>29063)

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