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Open file (1.59 MB 608x1080 BouncyNumbAdder.mp4)
Open world games fucking suck Anonymous 02/03/2023 (Fri) 21:25:28 No.388 [Reply]
Back in the day I could tolerate it, it was s small niche and occasionally it was alright to play some and have fun. But now everything is an open world game, and most of them have nothing to do in that open world because they tacked it for the sake of it, to justify you buying a PSwhatever. vid unrelated
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>>5194 It wasn't, that's the point, gotta numake it. I'll take gears of war over any modern franchise. That being said, I don't need a shitty open world slop.
>>5188 I had no idea there was a Gears 4 and 5. It really was just aping Halo the whole way even down to having an ending at the third game then dying and continuing to shit its pants for years afterwards.
>>5513 It was "the emblematic western 7th gen game".
I don't get the appeal of "open world" games at all. When a game is advertised as "do whatever you want, go wherever you want", that's marketing speak for "we were too lazy to actually organize all this stuff, so here, you waste your time wandering around aimlessly and do our job for us". I'm not the game designer. It's your job to design your game, not mine. I stopped buying open world games years ago before they're a waste of time, a fucking chore to play, and had to give up series I used to love because they fell for the open world meme. What is the appeal of wandering around an empty map full of copy-pasted content?
>>8039 >do whatever you want, go wherever you want The funniest thing is, that's it not. If you look at hotmaps of where people go in sandbox games (I remember examples of Skyrim and some Farcry posted) it's literally all the same places. 95% of people all go to the exact dame places via the exact same routs, so like 60% of the "open world" is left completely untouched, just a useless waste of time and resources that could have gone in polishing the mechanics and adding extra details.

Open file (27.67 KB 545x362 time.jpg)
E3 is gone forever Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 15:58:51 No.7825 [Reply]
https://archive.is/yUu8d It's over. It is beyond over.
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Open file (1.46 MB 1423x8513 Screenshot.png)
>>7832 It's nothing interesting, we already knew E3 is dead from earlier this year if not from 2022.
>>7833 Thanks Anon.
>>7832 >mind just sharing the open link? get a vpn
Open file (227.87 KB 853x1280 2.jpg)
Open file (240.20 KB 853x1280 3.jpg)
Open file (235.53 KB 853x1280 1.jpg)
Open file (221.21 KB 853x1280 4.jpg)
Open file (253.17 KB 853x1280 5.jpg)
>>7848 nice

Open file (284.42 KB 1113x687 latest_version.jpg)
Open file (102.02 KB 768x268 latest_version2.jpg)
Squeenix Thread Anonymous 03/12/2023 (Sun) 20:04:07 No.1335 [Reply] [Last]
Squeenix is losing money. I won't be surprised if they're bought by Soyny or something. Really sad state of things thinking back on their illustrious work in the past. FF16 won't be a big hit that's for sure and Forwoken undermined their brand really hard.
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>>7820 It's still complete shit. It's just that what came after was somehow even worse.
>>7822 >It's still complete shit I disagree. Though it's very lackluster and disappointing in many ways, it's the last Final Fantasy that anyone actually wanted to make over at SE and that people were excited about.
Open file (120.58 KB 300x168 ClipboardImage.png)
somebody put them out of their misery
>>7842 soon
Open file (466.49 KB 1451x2160 h.jpg)
Will you buy a PS5 to save her?

Open file (64.26 KB 600x478 pumpkin-645382271.gif)
Spooky Scary Games Anonymous 10/03/2023 (Tue) 21:46:44 No.6097 [Reply] [Last]
What spoopy games do you like? Which ones you find memorable?
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>>7253 Yeah, there's plenty of people looking for that kind of thing despite what eternally griping faggots like >>7261 say.
>>7253 no, gaming is dead
I always wanted to see the 5th-era game style done in 'modern' graphics but alas.
Open file (170.87 KB 400x225 ClipboardImage.png)
REmake is on sale for $5.
Open file (6.65 MB 300x320 bre.gif)

Open file (1.09 MB 1000x1500 mmo.png)
Anonymous 07/16/2023 (Sun) 10:19:33 No.4352 [Reply]
Is there any particular reason why MMOs died out?
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>>6329 Can't get to that behind Cuckflare Anon. What was it about?
Open file (943.40 KB 1423x4626 Screenshot.jpg)
>>6339 Dunno tbh. But the editors of the page decided to put Deshawn Travon's head in as if the nigger was an important insight into solving the question. Therefore >snopes says: FAKE NEWS
>>6345 But doesn't it look like the negro is using the keyboard as a hitting rock like a primordial ape, not knowing what to actually do with it? A very accurate depiction tbh.
Do you miss MMOs?

Open file (210.26 KB 871x1599 gay bear sex.png)
Open file (2.31 MB 1280x720 BG3 gay bear sex.mp4)
Anonymous 08/03/2023 (Thu) 03:53:23 No.4687 [Reply]
Baldurs Gay 3 BIG GAY BEAR SEX lol what the fuck
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But what if my soul was trapped in the wrong body, but then it turned out it was the right body after all? Don't I still get to choose!? https://www.pcgamer.com/worlds-biggest-mod-site-shows-no-patience-for-bigoted-mod-that-erased-a-queer-relationship-from-baldurs-gate-3-will-keep-banning-mods-that-are-deliberately-against-inclusivity-andor-diversity/ According to Anglin: >We need a new mod site. >These rules from Nexus about “you must be gay” are too much. >People have a right to play video games without gay shit. >Remember that Nexus also banned someone simply from removing anal flags from Spider-Man.
>>7717 There is the site "Based mods" https://basedmods.eth.link/browse/
Open file (35.44 KB 1340x765 2023-12-07_10-07-06.png)
>>7725 Based! Thanks Anon, may it soon make Nexus irrelevant.
>>7726 it already is
Open file (1021.67 KB 500x365 saved.gif)
>>7725 nice

Open file (1.89 MB 1438x698 sa.png)
Anonymous 04/05/2023 (Wed) 13:26:03 No.2126 [Reply] [Last]
It seems common to say these were poor transitions to 3D graphics, but I think they still hold up today. Especially SA1, its open-ended world and impressive early online features are a standout.
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>>7018 oh my
Open file (596.66 KB 1080x1936 sanic.jpg)
It's gotten uglier.
>>7246 shaders were a mistake
Open file (12.93 KB 199x253 shadou.jpg)
I've never heard a single convincing argument as to why this game is bad, only plebs getting filtered.
>>7489 It's the same 3D Sanic jank but with black Sanic who has a gun. It's alright tho.

Open file (69.40 KB 640x538 3387.jpg)
Anonymous 10/23/2023 (Mon) 07:18:03 No.6596 [Reply]
What's the best Castlevania game?
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>>7385 >and their history >castlevania is set in romania Is there a single thing niggers have that they didn't steal from someone else?
>>7395 I wouldn't be surprised if they set the whatever that is in Africa.
>>7395 <actual castle in transylvanian hiv aids originated in africa so theres that they can be proud of in their history
>>7395 Mudpies, maybe?
>>7397 dat looks like africa to me

Anonymous 09/16/2023 (Sat) 17:57:57 No.5715 [Reply]
Fuck man, I miss when cutscenes were a reward for overcoming a challenge and beating a portion of the game. Whether they were state-of-the-art CGI or in-engine, they always had an immense impact on you when you actually deserved them. Despite a lot of games even having simple short stories they became iconic and legendary due to this, each and every moment burned into memory. Now compare to all this modern slop with HUNDREDS of hours of cutscenes literally nobody remembers, where it's all about muh story, story, story with game as an afterthought.
6 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>5715 I miss the pre rendered cutscenes, they always felt like a true reward. I remember spending hours and hours unlocking all the endings in Tekken. Nowadays even if they make those you can't even tell them apart from in game graphics so they are redundant and don't mean anything. It's another one of those things that will never come back. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=lKHaMeTcVr4
>>6024 Spending days to level up and finally manage to beat a hard boss at 3AM in the morning and get a major new story beat with a brand new jaw-dropping CGI cutscene... Zoomers will never undrstand.
>>5715 What was cool about cutscenes in pre social cancer, pre jewtube and even pre broadband era, is that you couldn't really easily rewatch them. Some games had cutscenes theaters but not many. So you really only got one fleeting chance to see them, especially final and secret cutscenes, without having to replay a portion or the entire game again. This made them very special and ultimately iconic. Nowadays fuck, people just go and watch final, secret and whatever cutscenes on jewtube without even beating the game.
>>5899 Full-Motion-Video My ass anon....
>>6920 Or in the ass.

Open file (20.05 KB 220x274 doom.jpg)
Anonymous 11/05/2023 (Sun) 08:59:54 No.7016 [Reply]
Doom 3 > Half life 2
23 posts and 8 images omitted.
>>7163 This just tells me you aren't sensitive enough to political correctness. It was the beginning of what is now obvious to everyone now.
>>7164 >I didn't like hearing her drone on and on and lead Gordon around She's barely in the game. You meet her like 2 times. >They also made her completely damage resistant Well yeah she's a story NPC, what were they supposed to do, make her killable in-game?
>>7166 >what were they supposed to do, make her killable in-game? You're part of the problem.
Open file (525.57 KB 1920x1080 HL2-1933692114.jpg)
>>7163 Alyx a cute.
>>7167 >>7166 I will clarify. First, the design shouldn't force you to be in the situation where you have to be lectured in a room for 30 minutes to progress the story and told exactly what to do. >what were they supposed to do, make her killable in-game? Like I said, you shouldn't be in that situation in the first place. Second, why not? Just make it a game over. At least you would have the freedom. The first game made pretty much every npc killable. All of the scientists and security guards were (if I remember correctly), even when they were talking. There was a beginning exposition part where you couldn't, but it made sense because you were still doing your job at that point.

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