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Open file (1.55 MB 906x906 Moliberry.png)
3x3 Anonymous 08/12/2020 (Wed) 17:54:18 No.61 [Reply]
Post your favorite 9 games in 3x3 format critique lists and suggest games!
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Open file (127.49 KB 616x533 tvaz.jpg)
>>297 >skyrim
>>63 >>65 >hedgehogfag >Fallout 4 lmao sunset yourself
>>297 Skyrim can be decent when heavily modded, also even if most if theae games are mainstream they are all good or okay, well vanilla skyrim is pretty meh but like I said the mods can make it funner.
>>295 Zero mission is a lot of fun, I've heard the Wario Land games are pretty good as well.
>>861 >Wario Land games are pretty good They are. Wah-Wah Wario.

Open file (36.25 KB 1000x600 download-1.jpg)
Anonymous 02/02/2023 (Thu) 11:32:52 No.361 [Reply]
What 5th generation games would you consider to be masterpieces and must-play games?
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>>371 Negro, if you throw all of the fps games from Nintendo 64 that is seen as a classic. Then you don't have any worthwhile games for the system to begin with. If you play Silent Hill for the puzzles and not for it being a good RE clone/survival horror game there is something deeply wrong, one could argue that the whole game of Silent Hill as in the plot is a puzzle to figure out but that's bit too artsy. >there was a skip animation button where the fuck is it? on OG hardware.
Easier to count which games weren't masterpieces and must-plays.
There's this channel I found on jewtube that does these documentaries on the Saturn and the person's goal is to review Saturn game released in America. His episode on Virtua Cop has him interview with the development team and documenting their successes and struggles porting it to the system. https://invidious.slipfox.xyz/channel/UC9pDNUuabc9QVAm-WzXUe_A
>>377 Holy boomer!
For me, gen 5 and 6.

Open file (506.11 KB 795x362 JEBUS.png)
I AM JESUS CHRIST Anonymous 02/20/2023 (Mon) 02:38:46 No.734 [Reply]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pek0p5K0B78 Remember to pray bros or else Jebus will beat the shit out of you when you get to the pearly gates.
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Open file (2.00 MB 540x960 JewJew.mp4)
>>741 >literal a Galilean jewish rabbi >n-not jew!
>>746 Gotta love how wario is basically kiketendo mocking jews.
Open file (36.10 KB 604x604 oy vey.jpg)
Open file (169.92 KB 525x696 cf5af8f.jpg)

Anonymous 01/23/2023 (Mon) 23:29:42 No.225 [Reply]
Man, I'm really disgusted with the state of these NuSouls games. The whole point of King's Field and then Demon Souls was to be an anti-conventional RPG. They were deliberately obtuse, stripping you of familiar orthodox tools, conveniences and mechanics. All for the sake of a more challenging, cerebral experience where you had to git gud. Now we've somehow came all around to the point where they add all the convenient shit back into the games to make them more conventional and mainstream. All because normalfaggots pretend they like these games.
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>>625 >DS2 has its merits, especially now when it's almost 10 years old feel old yet? Yeah I feel video games fall across into the stains of time anon, and although that makes me sort of feel older, my manchild mind doesn't exactly feel older, I sort of feel like an autistic observer watching everything slowly but surely die, reality on the internet has sort of regressed into the undead state you are in the souls games for the most part at this point.
Open file (123.03 KB 958x720 snapshot.jpg)
>>630 Thanks to a backlog, the death of gaming hasn't really affected me. There are so many great games out there you'll never finish them even in your lifetime. There are games I'm still trying to get to since like 2011. This thought makes me very positive, I can only laugh at (and feel pity for) zoomers who have to tolerate all this woke modern garbage because they can't play anything older than widescreen era.
Open file (3.84 MB 7067x5679 fM5YRlr.jpeg)
never forget
>>631 I just go back to the classics as well, and some of my autistic late 2000-mid 2010 jap games that aren't pozzed. Still the death of gaming, much like the death of all (((nerd))) culture and the death of the internet that anons knew is truly a depressing thing when you think about it for a second, your attitude is a lot better than mine. Doom still has incredible mods/content and is incredibly fun to play even without any 20+ years later. Also there are a couple of DS2 mods that actually add new terrain to the map and improve the game a ton that I really enjoyed playing, auger of darkness being one of them I think it was its name. >>632 Oh I didn't forget how bad it was, but I do play the original with a couple of mods on RCPS3, and event he original PS3 as I have a couple modded ones stashed about.
>>633 Yeah DS2 was modded to almost look like it was originally advertised. But ultimately any gameplay improvement mods are just there to make it more like a proper Souls game, at which point you might as well just play a proper Souls game. DS2, especially now, has merit specifically in being different and unique, for good and for worse.

Open file (1.59 MB 608x1080 BouncyNumbAdder.mp4)
Open world games fucking suck Anonymous 02/03/2023 (Fri) 21:25:28 No.388 [Reply]
Back in the day I could tolerate it, it was s small niche and occasionally it was alright to play some and have fun. But now everything is an open world game, and most of them have nothing to do in that open world because they tacked it for the sake of it, to justify you buying a PSwhatever. vid unrelated
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>>527 Pre Skyrim/NuFallout Bethesda games are pretty good for what they are and the type of open world they were going for.
>>529 Vegas was pretty fun.
>>587 it's still a nufallout mod
>>590 But a very fun nufallout mod.
>>623 I just can't stand nufallout's gameplay no matter what.

Open file (41.84 KB 852x356 soyman.jpg)
Nintendo Direct Anonymous 02/08/2023 (Wed) 20:32:44 No.445 [Reply] [Last]
Live in 90 minutes. Soybeards keep saying this one gonna have something important which means it's not gonna. https://iv.ggtyler.dev/watch?v=yMdUSVSEp7U
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>>504 gotta restock on soylent till then
>>503 >I guess they're just gonna run with this look for the next 5 games or so. There's only been 3 mainline Zeldas since the pair of Ocarina and Majora, so it's not like a repeat of style is so surprising, especially when the sandbox gameplay is being carried over too. The only problem is it's been way too long since BotW. This should've landed in 2020 and another brand new game should be half way through development already.
Open file (588.38 KB 476x268 clue.mp4)
>>506 >There's only been 3 mainline Zeldas since the pair of Ocarina and Majora Yeah and they've all been completely different and unique. Even Majora at least has an excuse of being made in under a year by a B team, and even at that it's a drastically different game. This shit is literally the exact same game, just a map randomizer executed. No graphical updates either, not that Shitch can do anything better but at least do something different. This isn't the first time they've been selling glorified DLC to cattle at full price of course.
>>507 Yeah it's pretty bad that I have to create an alternative reality to defend part of the situation. Oh well, I haven't had high expectations for a decade now.
>>508 voice acting ruined a great deal of appeal too

Open file (80.41 KB 920x617 1620163013650.jpg)
Open file (1.87 MB 1885x1060 1612285883284.png)
Open file (103.06 KB 403x347 1530807157669.png)
Open file (97.63 KB 590x1030 rare todd howard 5.jpg)
Open file (152.68 KB 676x1445 rare todd howard 4.png)
coming and new vidya General 1 Anonymous 02/02/2023 (Thu) 16:31:54 No.362 [Reply]
Since some of us likes to play or watch new vidya games either because of a sense of seeing how stagnant it is or because it might be fun or in hopes it might be fun. But before one can give judgement of what is and isn't shit one needs to know what is coming to PC and consoles. since vidya is the ultimate coomsumer hobby there is. So what is new and coming to the newest of new consoles and computers? So let us start with the Xbox Series X n S and PC with Xbox game-pass Xbox Series S and Series X what is coming to Game Pass as of 02/02/2023. >Hot Wheels Unleashed on xbone and series X and S >Atomic Heart Series X and S it is also a multiplat game >Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Series X and S it is a multiplat game >Minecraft Legends Series X and S probably PC but it could be a multiplat game >RedFall I think this is a Series X and S, and PC only kinda game These games was just in the pre-install forthcoming release of games on xbox game pass, what it means is that there is a nice list on the xbox console and that tells you to download them and when the release window is near, you will download them and then be able to play them. This list will be updated because there are many games that is coming day 1 on game pass and on regular stores.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>368 >gayming is stagnant, not dead it was dead 10 years ago, now it's decayed and a dust in the wind
>>368 >gayming is not dead LMAO
>>369 There was games 10 years ago that is the launch of a new generation of consoles. >>372 That dumb sound clip made me wanna pre order Howarts Legacy, mmh.
Open file (133.72 KB 1035x1080 1675380106243159.jpg)

Open file (99.65 KB 750x500 396824488.jpg)
Anonymous 01/28/2023 (Sat) 20:47:20 No.325 [Reply]
I think we can all agree that Capcom made a fuckload of good games. It's practically impossible to agree on what their greatest game is; so what, in your opinion, is their greatest franchise?
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Open file (470.77 KB 640x800 (SLUS-00036).jpg)
>>353 Not even their best fighting series.
>>353 I think Alpha has the best OST from that era, imo.
>>355 Zero is the best SF iteration.
Open file (14.09 KB 480x360 vega dab.jpg)
>>354 nobody knows or cares
Open file (328.18 KB 500x463 mm.gif)
>>357 Good, that's why it's still not ruined.

Fire Emblem General Anonymous 01/26/2023 (Thu) 18:18:15 No.282 [Reply]
The new and last game in the Fire Emblem series is here! Fire Emblem Engage what is it about? It start off with, you choosing between a male or female avatar and then it starts off with you battling the bad guys. Now you win and wake up a thousand years in the future, and you are greeted by a loli calld Framme and shota, called Clanne then an old duder called vander, and you learn that you have amnesia then later you meet your mother which is a divine dragon mommy called Lumera, and can turn on her will. Also you learn yourself that you are the bloodline of divine dragons, and thus meaning you are divine and then the emblems are rings of past hero. and the bad guy or the Fell dragon has awoken again! And you are on a journey to fight evil or The Corrupted. Now, is the gameplay any good? There is the walking around and talking to and interacting with the NPC which is the fwend simulation part of the game, so like the school grounds in Fire Emblem Three Houses you have something similar called the Somniel which is where all the interactions happens oand sometimes after a battle also so you walk around and fuck around the battlegrounds, so if you want you can even adopt animals like a cat, then you have the story being told via cutscenes. The combat aspects is quite good but unlike three houses that really wanted to show a battlefield with each unit, and generally had this epic feel. this is just one on one battles like the 3DS games like Fire Emblem Awakening or Echoes.But now instead of you being a hero with no power or anything, since you are a divine dragon, you have this gimmick of Emblem ring which makes this game copy Fate/Autism to some degree. So these are legendary heroes of time long past that you use in battle and conveniently are rings you can change, and then you can use them to engage in battle whenever you want, which only means you emerge with the hero you have chosen and become a robot looking thing and you are stronger for 3 turns in that battle skirmish, and then you have to wait until it fulfills again to use it. The rings aren't tied to a specific character, so if you want you can use loli and Math or another ring. Also Engage has other things that are more like previous Fire Emblem games like Fire Emblem Echoes is there is a world map also. So it is a solid 7/10 game so far. I am not sure what this game has to do with previous Fire Emblem games except the name and use of heroes from previous Fire Emblem games, I am not into the Fire Emblem lore tbqh.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I've never played the series, where should I start?
>>283 You can basically start with any game in the series. These games feels like they are like Final Fantasy where you don't need to know too much about past games to enjoy the new games. I started with Fire Emblem Awakening and really liked the series because it is easy to get into and to play. The modern games or the 3ds and switch games you can skip out on permadeath of characters or units that die in combat skirmishes. If you have a 3ds then Awakening and Echoes is pretty good, if you have a Switch then Three Houses is pretty darn good, also these games are a bit of waifub8.
Fire Emblem Engage 15 hours inn. I can be confident in some few things and those are that this is a good contender for muh personal goty this year and what it lacks in the beginning(waifub8) the game builds up in a nice way where one does not feel cheated. What I kinda think is the biggest problem is the Somniel mechanics or where you supposed to go for interaction with the characters, I feel that it is quite poor because for now(this might change the further I get into the game it might become like three houses) the interaction is quite limited and there is just 2 mini games because the fishing-bit isn't opened. So for now, how I interact is to get them up in the support level via either a combat trail, romantic dinner or gift them random things like horseshit(none of the characters like it when you gib them horseshit). Then there is going to bed and sleep and then a random NPC is going to wake you up.If this was another JRPG I might've felt cheated when it comes to the waifub8 interaction and the fwend simulation of this game so-far but I actually like the gameplay-part rather then the waifub8 interaction that is presented in the game, so now I don't feel that I have to change the waifub8score it is still a solid 6 out of 10. And some of the waifu's that is presented in later chapters or as side-quest are a nice 8/10 b8 with nice tiddies. The real meat and potatoes of the game is obviously the combat mechanics with the Emblem heroes and that the stages is in 3d so after each combat you can walk around in the stages and to interact with characters to get gibs and find gibs for weapon upgrades and other upgrade like the Emblems. Personally like this more than the whole Sominel-place interaction-bit area, the Sominel feels like they just put it there so that the people that are fans of Three Kingdoms can feel familiar with this new game. So to level up the emblem heroes, also the bigger the level is with the bond then you can inherent emblem heroes skills which is really nice way to mix things up. The engage mechanics at first it just seems like a gimmick that isn't really needed in the game because it is somewhat overpowered, and you are overpowered for 3 turns but without it the combat would've lasted maybe a few turns longer which would have felt more like a grind when you are wanting to level up some fags. Also the downgrade to make it just 1v1 instead of what Three houses did. makes the battle just feel more vicious and brutal in a strange way than what they really are, and the the sound design really shines because Nintendo is semi progressive, they have chosen to have both men and women voice the soldiers and bandits, so the death cries, and these death cries becomes like allot more brutal when Japanese women screams in agony which gives a nice tension to each battle,even when you have 6 characters that have engage on , this is real fun. Then the world-map of the game is really where the focus is since you can grind and obviously get to the next chapter and further the story, what is annoying is that you have to get to the Somniel or walking area of the game to giv gibs to each region while you git gibs from the grind that you did in the world map. So the gameplay is still a solid 7/10 and I don't think this will change later because it feels like a real video game package with solid gameplay.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>340 Nice autism, would read again.

Open file (185.38 KB 1600x900 2.jpg)
Open file (139.29 KB 1600x900 3.jpg)
Open file (460.19 KB 1600x900 1.jpg)
Open file (612.64 KB 1175x552 4.png)
Age of Wonders 4 is coming May 2023. Anonymous 01/28/2023 (Sat) 18:14:17 No.314 [Reply]
What is this game? It's fantasy RPG with turn-based strategy. It's like Civilization, Master of Magic, or Heroes of Might and Magic. It's addictive, just-one-more-turn strategy. I'm a huge fan of AOW 1 and 2. The game has a lot of interesting fantasy races and I can't wait to see what races are available in 4. It looks like Mole and Rat humanoids are some new races in this game. Also, the game builds on Tolkien's fantasy genre and creates their own beautiful version. Visually, this game builds on AOW 3 and has very colorful, sharp graphics sort of like WOW except cleaner and higher-polygon, but still sort of cartoony and stylized. Full presentation reveal: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1712860178 Developer thread: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/threads/welcome-to-age-of-wonders-4s-first-dev-diary.1565520/
4 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>322 Sseth released a video on yewtube on the original but the racial selection is for the faction effects and it's far from an MMO. The art style is just the modernization of the originals, MMO just borrow from the same sources is all. >>314 >It looks like Mole and Rat humanoids are some new races in this game. Do you think this will shift the focus to some underground aspect?
Open file (4.93 KB 250x231 OOO.jpg)
>>327 >Sseth released a video
>>328 I'm just saying there's plenty of resources since clinking on the link or reading the OP was far too hard for anon.
>>327 <Sseth I will check video out. Thanks. <Moles and rats underground. Maybe it will have more underground aspects but there's always been a cave-crawling underground layer to most AOW maps as the Dwarves, Goblins, and Orcs operate underground. <MMO's draw from the same sources Yeah. Tolkien created modern fantasy. Then DND expanded the races and subraces: https://www.dndbeyond.com/races. And Magic the Gathering also draws from this. MTG and DND are both owned by Wizards of the Coast, which is owned by Hasbro.
So for anyone interested in this game before May, now is the time to catch up and play AOW 1-3. The first 2 games are very old but run on any computer due to their sprite graphics (but are tricky to get to work on modern Windows). Also, these games have a beautiful symmetry of underlying systems in the game that determine everything. Like the races have terrain bonuses or penalties that affect how fast or slow they move across those terrains. And they have race relations with other races. Some despise other races and that affects whether units on your side desert you and how their unit morale is affected. So if you capture a Goblin town with Elves, the Goblin town might revolt under Elf oppression because the evil Goblins hate the good Elves. And the Goblin units you produce from that town might abandon you. So you have to migrate the Goblins out and ship a new race in. Literal ethnic cleansing in a strategy game, which is based. The races have an good/neutral/evil alignment too. And they all balance each other out in a beautiful symmetry. I took these pics from the AOW 2 game manual to show these systems.

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