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Licensed games Anonymous 02/15/2023 (Wed) 21:18:30 No.637 [Reply] [Last]
Contrary to popular belief, licensed games can be fun.
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Open file (720.25 KB 1143x889 hmm.png)
you know the drill
>>8519 >protag is clearly not a stronk independynt, stunning & brave, trans-non-dimorphic mtftmtf nigra woman searching for the latest in gender-fluid treasures left by Blackrock... all while demonstrating at 30 stone that heros can be beautiful at any size. DAS RAYCISS <Though fighting off the evil white nazis can stay in place, of course. In fact double-down on that.
>>8519 It's over
>>8521 >main Nazi looks suspiciously like Dup
>>8521 Give it time. There will either be a bait and switch where you play a stonk indumpendint for 2/3 of the game or there will be one that shows up to 'put those silly boys in their place and show them how it's done' all the time. They're just not putting it front and center because they know how much damage it does to sales.

Open file (652.70 KB 1237x809 hy.png)
Anonymous 06/29/2023 (Thu) 08:42:42 No.4089 [Reply] [Last]
I don't understand how games cost more to make than movies now. For movies you have big actor, sets, props, staff etc. For a game it's just a bunch of nobodies in a office.
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>>6504 >I really need to just so one fucking thing that isn't shit in my life. Excellent. Really looking forward to seeing your results Anon. Keep moving forward!
>>6507 I'll just keep moving foward, till I can draw like a jap.
>>6509 That's the spirit Anon. Please keep us updated on your progress here. Cheers. :)
>>6505 Yeah they really are the one trick pony.
remember when games were made by 50 people, those were the good times

Open file (27.56 KB 624x455 18001179de9_sfcytr.jpg)
Anonymous 05/03/2023 (Wed) 19:20:08 No.2761 [Reply]
People want to believe video games are artworks that will be able to be enjoyed for years to come and can constantly be critiqued by a fresh set of eyes. Nobody wants to admit the more grim reality: That nobody who isn't part of your immediate generations is going to give a single fuck about any of the video games you think are amazing. Its sad but thats just how it is. Any attempt at some kind of video game art historical curation or museum thing is just millenials desperately floundering and trying to make the thing they really loved matter more than it does. The truth is that the generation after Zoomers(Alpha) wont give much of a fuck about any of the old games and the generation after that even less. It'll all become even more ephemeral and esoteric when all the original hardware has finally bitten the dust and the only way to experience these things is emulation (which they can't into).
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>>2765 brown?
>>2761 >That nobody who isn't part of your immediate generations is going to give a single fuck about any of the video games Good. Normalfags should be gatekept out of gaming at any cost.
>>3416 >>3442 If zoomers won't play Deus Ex that's their loss. If Alpha/Omegas will not boot up Shenmue in their lifetime then it's a crying shame for them. All I'm going to do is curate my own things that I like and hope that a few amongst the newer generations are already interested before they come in from the cold to look at what I've got, and maybe learn a thing or two they didn't know before. Maybe most won't do that, maybe it's poppy playtime/fortnite/FNAF all the way, I don't know. But most people won't go to a museum regardless of what generation you're talking about. Gaming is one of the most self-preserving hobbies you could choose to pick on in terms of culture that gets passed down and in terms of surviving upheavals. I refuse to doom over it. We'll be culturally bereft of many more important things before we're left bereft of some of the most basic recreational activities like that.
>>8469 Modern gayming has literally nothing to do with real gaming. It's like the difference between a PS1 and an old pong console, sure they're technically both "videogames" but not really.
>>8472 But these companies making "the current thing" are making decreasingly low-tier level of slop. Are you sure even the ignorant and culturally bereft are to never notice this? These companies, they're beginning to lose money slop over fist... Do you think the fortnite character skins market should "progress" in perpetuity? Take the film industry as a parallel example. Kids might start to notice this crop of films suck shit from Goldsteinberg's ass. Said film companies may stand to make a little bit less profit. As for the millennial generation becoming a cultural irrelevance, it's worth reminding OP that due to the nature of millennials having fewer kids, millennials are the majority demographic after boomers turning from retirees to deceased. It's said that kids dictate the buying habits of adults through pester power and things, but it's mostly been about the fact the younger generation outnumber their adult peers, yet now that dynamic has reversed. So if you want your "product" to carry the broadest appeal and milk the most monied groups, then millennials are the audience you should be pandering toward. That we *all* bear irrelevance compared to the genuine well-to-do is a little bit besides the point OP had for us. Sure, we'll all be told to eat the ESG. Even if that ESG is corporate-facing and not customer-facing, any companies awash with ESG cannot help themselves from contaminating and reaching their end product(s). So, in some bizarre way I'm being an optimist. Soon Porsche will not only delete from history the Christ the Redeemer landmark (which the zoomers won't care one jot about) but the product(s) they make will turn from stagnatory, to regressive, to dead-to-market in a reasonable, single-generation length of time. Let's see these kids buy/rent these products that functionally don't work and no amount of DLC aftersales will fix them.

Open file (186.38 KB 320x240 ClipboardImage.png)
Point and Click Adventure Games Anonymous 12/18/2023 (Mon) 06:29:01 No.7923 [Reply]
Currently been playing this. It's really good. What are the best point and click games? Not talking about Monkey Island or Grim Fandango, more lesser known games.
Point and click adventure games are my jam. I wrote about some lesser known ones here if you're interested: >>407 >>592 >>2982 >>5121 >>5921
It's a shame this genre died out. Would have been cool to see it done with powerful modern graphics.
>>7958 just imagine what you can do with fixed camera nowadays, the level of detail on par of pre-rendered backgrounds from the 90s but all in-game and interactive. Alas, we must pander to the lowest common denominator.
>>7959 Or have pre rendered locations with modern tech, the level of layers, parallax scrolling etc., would be unprecedented. REmake looked fantastic in what 2002, it's been 20 years and nobody tried to do that again, fucking shame...
>>7958 it would play itself with modern gaming

Open file (108.91 KB 600x472 VG8xBT.jpg)
Ambitious videogame projects that were never completed as intended Anonymous 05/10/2023 (Wed) 09:35:04 No.2876 [Reply]
Pic related and Shenmue are two great examples. Both were supposed to be a longer series. Do you have other examples?
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>>5125 I think it's partly because of the improvement of graphics. It used to be possible to forget that you had anime children in your party. Now it's not. Hard to suspend disbelief and feels kind of gross even. Also way too many female characters in modern JRPGs.
Open file (2.33 MB 1170x1314 965.png)
>>5128 >way too many female characters in modern JRPGs That's supposed to be a bad thing?
>>3425 i still don't know how they did the watermelon cutting, it's impressing even to this day
Open file (127.16 KB 1479x471 GBC.jpg)
My go-to example for something like this would be what became Oracle of Ages, and Oracle of Seasons. Originally, they were supposed to be THREE games, with each one themed around a different part of the Triforce, and back in the day, hearing that got me pretty hyped. I was pretty disappointed however, when it was announced that they were reducing the games to just two because it was too difficult to work out a password system for linking 3 games as opposed to 2. The game based on the Triforce of Power would have focused more on combat gameplay. The game focused on the Triforce of Wisdom would have focused more on puzzles in dungeons. And the game focused on the Triforce of Courage would be focused more on interacting with characters to progress, along with having Ocarina of Time's day/night system. Honestly, it all sounds pretty awesome, and maybe it was too ambitious of a task to complete. If only they could have worked out the password system. But it's this reason that I never had an interest in Oracle of Seasons, or Oracle of Ages, because these were watered down compromises that we had to settle for instead of the way cooler idea of 3 games based on the Triforce.
>>7197 yeah that's pretty cool but ultimately they're just near identical portable games so it's not that impressive

Open file (286.40 KB 640x480 1.png)
Open file (474.82 KB 640x480 2.png)
Open file (346.67 KB 640x480 3.png)
Open file (335.64 KB 640x480 4.png)
Anonymous 11/22/2023 (Wed) 07:01:34 No.7411 [Reply]
I really enjoy games with desolate, derelict public or specialized spaces. Malls, transportation hubs, stores, offices, maintenance quarters, etc. Places that you only visit or pass when they are full of people and can't do anything there because they are guarded/monitored, or you don't have access to them because you don't work there. But now you have them all to yourself. It's very comfy. I'm not talking dystopian/post-apocalyptic, that's more of a different genre, but specifically vacated like due to an epidemic or a rapture where everything is largely intact and working, equipment buzzing, but void of people.
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>>7442 >not dystopian/post-apocalyptic
Open file (370.20 KB 1077x1041 comfy.jpg)
Open file (142.47 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Those PS2 disaster games are like that for me. Very comf.
>>7562 >comf kot is comf
Open file (199.56 KB 1427x1073 WF_Ico_108_Adjusted.jpg)
Ico is kinda like that even though it's not a real world.

/vgmg/ Vidya Game Music General Anonymous 02/26/2023 (Sun) 15:21:25 No.959 [Reply] [Last]
pastebin - https://pastebin.com/gyiFdwFf archive of previous thread - https://archive.ph/trxrp Who is your favorite vidya composer and why? Which vidya generation has the best music? What is your favorite sound chip?
Edited last time by nandandor on 02/26/2023 (Sun) 17:15:36.
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>>8106 At least post where it's from, anon.
>>8110 I apologize I thought I had them listed. 1. If, a VN for the PC98 that has three short scenarios. Music from Keishi Yonao and Yasuo Ito, but they only did the first one of the three. 2. Desperado X, a remake of a mecha side-scrolling shooter ala Defender for the X68000 computer. Music from Naoya Kawahara, and this was left unused. 3 & 4. Megumi Rescue(Arcade), so I have to say the Arcade version because it was thought to be lost until it was recovered a few years ago. This was technically Aicom's first game, but they retooled it for the Master System since the arcade version had similar hardware. These tracks are from Hirohiko Takayama, but he went uncredited and Kiyoshi Yokoyama also did the music but got credited(probably because he was assigned to the game early then Takayama was put in later)
>>8117 That's some obscure stuff. Nice.
>>8118 I have plenty more where that came from. :)
>>8126 Do post.

Open file (1.59 MB 608x1080 BouncyNumbAdder.mp4)
Open world games fucking suck Anonymous 02/03/2023 (Fri) 21:25:28 No.388 [Reply]
Back in the day I could tolerate it, it was s small niche and occasionally it was alright to play some and have fun. But now everything is an open world game, and most of them have nothing to do in that open world because they tacked it for the sake of it, to justify you buying a PSwhatever. vid unrelated
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>>5194 It wasn't, that's the point, gotta numake it. I'll take gears of war over any modern franchise. That being said, I don't need a shitty open world slop.
>>5188 I had no idea there was a Gears 4 and 5. It really was just aping Halo the whole way even down to having an ending at the third game then dying and continuing to shit its pants for years afterwards.
>>5513 It was "the emblematic western 7th gen game".
I don't get the appeal of "open world" games at all. When a game is advertised as "do whatever you want, go wherever you want", that's marketing speak for "we were too lazy to actually organize all this stuff, so here, you waste your time wandering around aimlessly and do our job for us". I'm not the game designer. It's your job to design your game, not mine. I stopped buying open world games years ago before they're a waste of time, a fucking chore to play, and had to give up series I used to love because they fell for the open world meme. What is the appeal of wandering around an empty map full of copy-pasted content?
>>8039 >do whatever you want, go wherever you want The funniest thing is, that's it not. If you look at hotmaps of where people go in sandbox games (I remember examples of Skyrim and some Farcry posted) it's literally all the same places. 95% of people all go to the exact dame places via the exact same routs, so like 60% of the "open world" is left completely untouched, just a useless waste of time and resources that could have gone in polishing the mechanics and adding extra details.

Open file (27.67 KB 545x362 time.jpg)
E3 is gone forever Anonymous 12/12/2023 (Tue) 15:58:51 No.7825 [Reply]
https://archive.is/yUu8d It's over. It is beyond over.
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Open file (1.46 MB 1423x8513 Screenshot.png)
>>7832 It's nothing interesting, we already knew E3 is dead from earlier this year if not from 2022.
>>7833 Thanks Anon.
>>7832 >mind just sharing the open link? get a vpn
Open file (227.87 KB 853x1280 2.jpg)
Open file (240.20 KB 853x1280 3.jpg)
Open file (235.53 KB 853x1280 1.jpg)
Open file (221.21 KB 853x1280 4.jpg)
Open file (253.17 KB 853x1280 5.jpg)
>>7848 nice

Open file (284.42 KB 1113x687 latest_version.jpg)
Open file (102.02 KB 768x268 latest_version2.jpg)
Squeenix Thread Anonymous 03/12/2023 (Sun) 20:04:07 No.1335 [Reply] [Last]
Squeenix is losing money. I won't be surprised if they're bought by Soyny or something. Really sad state of things thinking back on their illustrious work in the past. FF16 won't be a big hit that's for sure and Forwoken undermined their brand really hard.
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>>7820 It's still complete shit. It's just that what came after was somehow even worse.
>>7822 >It's still complete shit I disagree. Though it's very lackluster and disappointing in many ways, it's the last Final Fantasy that anyone actually wanted to make over at SE and that people were excited about.
Open file (120.58 KB 300x168 ClipboardImage.png)
somebody put them out of their misery
>>7842 soon
Open file (466.49 KB 1451x2160 h.jpg)
Will you buy a PS5 to save her?

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