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Prototypes and Failures #3 NoidoDev ##eCt7e4 03/31/2023 (Fri) 19:20:29 No.21647
Post your prototypes and failures. We fail until we win. From now on with even more madness, while the prototypes are starting to look cute and have extras. Don't forget looking through the old threads here >>418 and here >>18800 to understand how we got to where we are now.
Open file (1.25 MB 1529x4555 AigisMeido.jpg)
>>27466 Cute enough?
>>27472 YEP! She's wonderful. :^)
Made some of half of a pony pelvis. The human pelvis is much the same construction. It's going to use two sets of these motors to drive two legs, but all four motors will be fixed on-axis. The big gear will have the rest of the leg bolted onto it. Just realized half of the heavy motors are going to be all stacked at the top. I will need to re-arrange the leg motors in this pic facing the other way so the legs are positioned as wide and stable as possible. Grey is the spine, red is the bracket connected to the spine, blue is the bracket that connects both motors rigidly. Might do a motor where the red conmects to the grey and a motor that drives the spine itself.
>>27758 Attached is the fixed design. The motors that will be attached below the hip will drive the knee and ankle joints, and those motors will set the center of gravity to right below the hip joint. This way, the leg motors can be heavy and not take too much power to move back and forth repeatedly. A perfect solution would be what's called a bi-articular spring (spring force back and forth) on the hip joint that would make the two lower motors a "sprung mass", and/or depend on the hip motors for regenerative braking to slow down the leg without losing energy. I bet there's a spring like mechanism that could be turned on and off like an inductor, maybe in a future version it could have energy harvesting and active damping/springing with capacitors/ect. For now, it will remain an unsprung skeleton, and designed as simply as possible.
>>27759 It's nice to see someone else making progress on their robomare. I've got a few questions about yout design, if you don't mind: Is your waifu going to have a hardshell outer frame, is she going to be a plushbot, or something inbetween? How, if at all, are you handling lateral axial shoulder/hip rotation? One challenge I keep running into when drafting concepts is figuring out how to get her legs to 'spead' neatly. How will you be driving the knees and hooves? I've settled on using nylon rope to connect the motors to the joints, but I'd be interested to know if you have something else in mind. How will your waifu be able to tell what position her limbs are in? It looks like you're using motors with built-in sensors (based on the number of cables), but are you going to rely entirely on that or use external sensors?
I just started looking seriously into inmoov's myrobot lab. The interface is terrible but there's a lot of stuff here... somebody on discord said you can simulate the whole robot.
>>27765 Looking forward to hearing about your research into My Robot Lab, Anon. Cheers. :^)
Open file (4.93 MB 360x640 CarryShowcasesmol.mp4)
Here is my workshop waifu v1.41. "Carry" was originally intended to carry tools as I worked on other projects, like that powerarmor behind her. But due to complications like the drive motors not being powerful enough and accidentally snapping the sd card containing her source code, she's been mothballed. Once I get my Spud finished I'll put Carry back together and retrofit. Learned so much since then.
>>27788 Carry is kinda charming tbh, Mechnomancer! Also: >Learned so much since then. is inspiring to all the rest of us, since you simply didn't quit. NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER! :^) Cheers. >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/30/2023 (Sat) 23:52:24.
>>27788 This is farther than anyone's gone before really amazing work but the robot working is half of it i think. The other half is sex appeal. Now you've come so far im sure making her look nice should pose no problem. Hell something like a simple mask would do wonders.
>>27788 I love your robot gwar cover band when do you guys release a new album? Metal thrashers will kill all humans was the best.
Open file (225.12 KB 1280x720 IMG_20231231_1533262.jpg)
So for the spine concept I came up with this... not sure if this can be made to work somehow or if it needs a few design modifications. What do you guys think...
>>27799 oh I just thought of something. Instead of using a sphere on the end id use holes
>>27801 in fact now that i think about it. The spine is kind of like the finger really.
>>27799 >What do you guys think... As already discussed, I think you shouldn't doxx yourself. But since no kid is involved I'll leave it up to you here on out, since you already know the hazards you're letting yourself in for. If you change your mind, just ask and the image can be rm'd. --- As to your 'tentacle', laparoscope-like spine concept, I think it's a great idea! As mentioned it's straightforward to construct, and easily tunable with obvious mechanisms. Relatively lightweight too. Win-win. Just try to biomimic the human spine and you should be good to go, Peteblank. Good luck. >>27803 Neat! Very nice design there. Thanks for the link, Kiwi. Cheers. >ps: There are some really excellent reference links from that project : (>>27808) >=== -fmt, minor edit -add crosslink
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/31/2023 (Sun) 12:32:44.
Open file (1.35 MB 3000x4000 IMG_20240101_162714.jpg)
I think i solved the spine problem. I added some holes. Now its fixed in place.
>>27883 Okay so now the question is how the spine is supposed to support the body... Im thinking we just make a big spine maybe.
Open file (6.02 KB 226x223 download (4).jpeg)
>>27885 This may not be that fancy but it may single single highhandedly solve the flexibility problem. I got sophie dev to thank and that inmoov guy as well. Although inmoov may not be as essential as sophie dev really. And huh chobitsu thank you for making the site. tyty.
Open file (187.14 KB 197x550 spood.png)
>>27899 Thing about the human spine is it gets a lot of force on it because of leverage multiplying forces from the limbs and such. If there is even a little give that is gonna spell disaster. Don't forget what articulates the spine (lets focus on the bit between the ribcage and pevis) isn't just muscle around the spine, but the abdominal muscles as well. That's why I'm going for basic motor joints for the torso, and even without power SPUD more or less freestands (extra mini bungees in there cuz I'm paranoid af about it).
>>27921 I am not knowledgeable enough to comment about it mathematically... However i think the spine can be made as big as you want so that might take care of it. Id make it like 4 times as big as that motor. Maybe thatd the the trick.
>>27922 Here is the file. https://files.catbox.moe/6ap818.stl I however still need to attach the strings to the servo motor/s before i can be sure it works right. I think it'll work...
>>27924 Okay so maybe we can collaborate then... If we are to collaborate however i do wish you replace the mouth with sophiedevs nutcracker, i think it work for an anime mouth. As for the skin i had the idea of using tpu filament and paint it like skin color. So we have the nutcracker mouth with the skin on top and voila. What do you think? I could work on the skin however i dont know the dimensions of your robot. I mean if you want to collaborate.
>>27925 Oh i also should say that the sex portion of the waifu is quiet important to me. So again if we are to collaborate she should have an onahole on her mouth.
>>27921 >even without power SPUD more or less freestands (extra mini bungees in there cuz I'm paranoid af about it). This. Our bones are what primarily gives us the strength to stand, not muscle activation. The combo of our skellingtons & it's passive (but flexible) fixation (in the form of biotensegrity) by the tendons/ligaments/fascia are all vital to our posture & mobility. >tl;dr For bipedalism: try to make your design 99.9% non-energy-consuming for the basic 'standing upright' posture. Then use a 'controlled-falling' paradigm for casual walking. >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/02/2024 (Tue) 02:52:50.
>>27929 Hm i see. Well my vertebrae are not energy consuming... Perhaps... Unless it leans forward. Again the priorities might be different. In my mind a robot waifu implies it being flexible. It all goes back to the sex you see.
>>27936 OK, well whichever way it goes Anon, study hard and just don't quit! Cheers. :^)
>>27945 I had thought about it earlier too actually. The vertebrae could be made bigger or two hydraulic tubes could be put on the hips in front. With the hydraulic tubes it would not move with a line/rope but rather with the hydraulic tubes maybe.
>>27948 okay you know what you want me to do with math. That's fine im going to stress test the vertebrae right now...
>>27950 Okay no. I can not stress test it because i don't have a small or small weights or any tools to measure strength... Still i don't know if I could assume it'd be the same on a bigger scale. Because right now its been held by little pieces of nylon string. However when I do press it down with my finger it is quiet sturdy let me tell you. However it hardly moves when I pull the strings then...
>>27951 >just don't quit! (>>27945)
Anyone have any ideas for the placement of a speaker in the waifu? I thought that it could use one of those speakers that turn any object into a speaker but that's all.
>>28618 That would fit well into >>24152 since this thread here is about prototypes someone build. >>28621
@Kiwi Nearing autosage. Confer : (>>28624)
Open file (39.70 KB 800x450 Can_I_make_it_(800p).jpg)
Open file (452.22 KB 800x449 Dolores_Build_(800p).png)
Open file (47.42 KB 431x600 IF-i-had-one_(800p).jpg)
Open file (552.21 KB 1024x640 manly_quest.png)
>>28636 These are potential candidates for the next thread. One of the first two, one of the second two, then the last one or a new but similar one with all pictures, but some kind of meme as first pic, like in this post here.
>>28636 >>28637 Well, I think you should decide as usual Noido Dev. I personally like the idea of showing the most recent protoyping work in the OP. As for the memes, the final one is probably closest to my heart here! :^) TWAGMI
Open file (50.11 KB 960x720 Drip_Oil_Foundry.jpg)
I tried to make a waste oil foundry for casting robowaifu parts while utilizing a waste product, but this project ended in failure. The foundry got so hot that it warped the aluminum bronze nozzle and the foundry couldn't get enough fuel. The project was also over budget. It would just be easier and cheaper to buy a devil's forge on Amazon. I've moved in to an apartment so I won't be able to work on a foundry for the foreseeable future. Here's the design if anyone wants to try their hand at a waste oil foundry.
Open file (7.28 MB 8160x6120 foto_no_exif.jpg)
These are a couple of mycelium bricks I made a while back while I was dicking around. I wanted to investigate if mycomaterials would be suitable for building robowaifus. The bricks have about the consistency of particle board, they are very light, they grow in the shape of their container, and blocks can be "biowelded" together (the bioweld here left something to be desired so further expirementation is needed.) The material is also a very good insulator, water resistant, and cheap I grew mine on cardboard, but sawdust, spent coffee grounds, and wood chips and other waste materials can be used. I'm going to make a proper incubator and further investigate mycomaterials. I understand this project might not end up benefiting the cause, but if it does work we would have a very cheap and accessible material for people to build with.
>>28699 Really cool Ribose, thanks! So, I presume you intend this material as a structural/structural-complement type of thing? I assume it's very important to keep it from getting wet? (b/c goes soft) Can you seal it up inside some kind of plastic film to help preserve it's mechanical characteristics? Regardless, glad to see you here again Anon! Cheers. :^)
>>28700 >So, I presume you intend this material as a structural/structural-complement type of thing What I envision is a structural component that can be grown in a desired shape and then biowelded with other pieces. So maybe 3d print a mold, grow the mycelium, then bioweld the parts together. I also want to play around with mycelium leather and potentially explore sensors in the future. >I assume it's very important to keep it from getting wet? It's pretty water resistant and water is required for the biowelding process. Still too much water and bacteria will start to grow. Especially if cardboard is used as the substrate. >Can you seal it up inside some kind of plastic film to help preserve it's mechanical characteristics? I will explore this idea and others in a future experiment.
>>28700 The topic of Mycelium has been brought up quite often in the materials thread e.g. here >>3058 and in the cyborg thread >>2184. In the later case more in regards to sensors and compute.
>>28700 >>28699 Looks like a hosting bed for black mold unless you use formaldehyde.
>>28704 The stuff is supposed to be pretty resistant to mold. I have a brick that is a few months old and still no mold growth. Granted I have kept the thing dry and inside.
>>28704 Black mold, scientifically known as Stachybotrys chartarum, is a type of mold that can grow on various organic materials under certain conditions. While mycelium-based materials are themselves derived from fungi (mycelium), it doesn't necessarily mean they will automatically support the growth of black mold. The growth of mold, including black mold, depends on several factors such as moisture, temperature, and the presence of organic matter. Mycelium-based materials are often designed to be resistant to mold growth, especially if they have been properly processed, dried, and treated. To prevent mold growth on mycelium-based materials, consider the following: 1. Proper Drying: Ensure that the mycelium material is thoroughly dried during the manufacturing process. Mold requires moisture to grow, and a dry environment inhibits its development. 2. Surface Treatments: Some surface treatments or coatings can be applied to mycelium-based materials to make them more resistant to mold. These treatments may include natural antimicrobial substances or other protective layers. 3. Environmental Control: Maintain the environment where the mycelium-based materials are stored or used. Keep humidity levels low and ensure proper ventilation to discourage mold growth. 4. Storage Conditions: Store the mycelium-based materials in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing them to prolonged periods of high humidity. It's important to note that the specific resistance of mycelium-based materials to mold growth can vary depending on the formulation of the material and the specific manufacturing process used. If you are working with mycelium-based products, it's advisable to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for proper storage, use, and maintenance to minimize the risk of mold growth. If you observe mold on any material, including mycelium-based products, it's crucial to address the issue promptly. Cleaning and, if necessary, treating the affected area with appropriate antifungal solutions can help prevent further mold development.
>>28707 > I have a brick that is a few months old and still no mold growth. Granted I have kept the thing dry and inside. What kid of conditions are you exposing it to? Humidity, warm, humidity cold, dry warm, dry cold, what materials will be housed or adjunct to it, what size is your brick and can you do various samples of different sizes and shapes? (This is not me trying to tear you down or say it;s a bad idea I'm actually curious now. You have to control these conditions as a grower so I know you can run some tests) >>28709 What is this.
>>28710 >What kid of conditions are you exposing it to? This one I just kept around the house. Right now we are moving past the "dicking around" phase. Humidity, warm, humidity cold, dry warm, dry cold, what materials will be housed or adjunct to it, what size is your brick and can you do various samples of different sizes and shapes? The first batch of bricks were 4inX4inX1in and they can be grown at different sizes. I haven't tested how well they hold up to long term humidity yet.
>>28710 >>28707 For example, if you can guarantee perfect conditions, treat it with formaldehyde and then seal it with an epoxy or resin coat (if you're dealing with a consumer product then at some point there will be some regulator requiring the organic material be irradiated or treated with a sterilizing chemical for 'safety'(most of these cause interesting cancers), you would have a very strong and light weight skeleton with mild flexibility.
This thread is bumb locked since it reached it's maximum limit, I'll make a new one.
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