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Waifu Robotics Project Dump Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 03:45:02 No.366
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sauce on pics?
>>3408 I believe they're from a project called "smart doll".
>>366 Some of the items in the playlists are simply amazing OP. I'd like to breakdown some of them for us. I think they'd really contribute to the board.
>"Ready for Youtube censorship…" Lel, OK brickintheyard.com moves to the front of the queue for evaluation
>>3411 Unfortunately they don't pass the TOR test, so no. :P
>>3409 Nah, those are custom dollfies, the smart doll has different shapes and skin tones.
>>3410 Most defiantly! I'm trying to wrap my head around how a lot of it works mechanically. That way I can try implement a variation of the more advanced projects after I've built my initial prototype.
>>3414 I've been wondering how to implement eyeball gimbals and eyelids for a while. Can't wait till we are prototyping this ourselves.
>>3415 Eyes are so important they probably warrant their own thread.
University Paper: Design of a Highly Biomimetic Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand towards Artificial Limb Regeneration
University Paper: Anime Hair Antenna for Emotional Expression
Robot with LED Eyes: >missing filename: 95LOaEk_sIzvcskR.mp4
]]3206 >The more I research the scale of a humanoid companion, the more I realise it'll take the ideas of many Robowaifu Technicians to complete the project. That's definitely truth. Someone once said "None of us is as smart as all of us." In some way, we are kind of like the earliest hackers of personal computers. Search 'Homebrew Computer Club'. This is literally frontier work here. In 20 years robowaifus will be commonplace but definitely aren't right now. It's kind of like lots of anons around the world are all working towards this goal and we all get to define an entire new industry from the ground up. Pretty neat actually.
>>3420 >new industry together from the ground up*
>>3419 Tongue Alternative to Working Mouth for Cheaper Waifubots. Also, Eye Brow Prototyping for Anime-Themed Robotics. >missing filenames: 舌はこのように動かしたい.mp4 眉毛を動かそうとしていろいろやってます.mp4
DSrobotic Doll Showcase of Internal Skeleton. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=hQ7vX_cFroE
>>3423 I wish them success, they seem to be ambitious.
Expressive Robot Head - No Uncanny Valley >missing filenames: st.coSK30Twi2eM.mp4 st.cozXMCkLIzG2.mp4
>>3423 Might as well post the video here if it's age restricted and the highest quality is under 16mb. >missing filename: DSroboticDollVideo02-hQ7vX_cFroE.mp4
>>3427 Canada I hope you don't mind, I put a spoiler on your post since there is robonudity in it.
not exactly waifu related, but interesting here https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=8vIT2da6N_o
>>3430 Awesome video man, appreciate it.
Video I found of some guy's Robo Waifu project. Unfortunately his website/forum www.anime2real.com is down so I can't access any of the treasures that were once there. I can't even find an archive. Funny enough, it was this dead project that lead to my new obsession with robotics and software. So even if it's primitive, I really do take joy from seeing his hard work. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=Fh2lbESw374
>>3432 we must re-locate this anon, obviously.
>>3433 Good idea anon. I found him on Twitter and Facebook so I'm just gonna send the guy a link to the board.
Awesome Eye Mechanism and Application into a Head. This is the design I plan to use for my head's eyes. Once I'm on holiday in a month or so I should have the time to learn Blender and 3D print the frame whilst working on other projects. If I build something good, I'll upload the files and post a tutorial for other anons. I'm thinking of combining this with the OLED eye system to get something awesome. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=8XREW9Vp4w8
>>3435 >>3436 Thank you nice design idea there anon.
>>3436 It looks like he used the same two servos to move the eyes, but two separate servos to move the eyelids. So this robot could wink but not cross its eyes.
>>3438 Exactly! Also, the eye movement is a lot more natural because of how the wires are attached to the eyes. So unless someone's fetish is being cross-eyed this rig will give us a very high quality outcome with minimal complexity. Mind you, for the sake of ahegao I may be… forced to remove the cross support so both eyes can move independent of each other.
Guy's Live Stream of Robo Waifu Assembly. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=-TNaHpCN5ZQ
>>3441 Thanks anon. Watching now.
>>3440 That seems fairly compact compared to the other mechanisms here so far afaict. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=j3ok9grzXH8
Build Log of guy's Robot-Waifu. Build Log: https://togetter.com/li/1256081 His Twitter: https://twitter.com/nimomono >missing filename: 眉毛はまだ動きませんが一度仮組み.mp4
>>3443 It's a good design, especially using shrink-wrap in place of springs and wires. The only problem I see with it is how it bends when working, so a metal or stronger plastic alternative would be needed for the base.
A more primitive version of >>3444 made by some Japanese fella. It's still cool though, it illustrates why OLED/LED eyes with actual eyelids is superior to just an animation. Creators Twitter: https://twitter.com/joker1_ >missing filename: 試着の結果.mp4
>>3446 Yes, I completely agree that for this type of form-factor real eye behaviors are essential to expressing a comfy psyche for our robowaifus. Pure Visual Waifus notwithstanding ofc. Then practically anything goes as long as it adheres to the animation Principle of Appeal.
>>3423 A couple more DS Doll videos I really love. Their Twitter: https://twitter.com/RoboticsDs >missing filenames: Robotics_@RoboticsDs_blockchain_FutureTech_AI_Robotics_IoT_BlueTooth_FutureofSex_Cyborg_sythentics_SexRobot.mp4 st.coZll4sUAS0h_Robots_FutureofSex_futureTech_Cyborg_synthetics_blockchain_AI_VR_IoT_Bluetooth_U.K._and_EU_official_reseller_DS_Doll_Tec.mp4 Robotics_@RoboticsDs_blockchain_FutureTech_AI_Robotics_IoT_BlueTooth_FutureofSex_Cyborg_sythentics_SexRobot_(1).mp4
>>3449 On the topic of DS Doll, it appears that they're using hydraulics for the arms. Might be something for us to look into.
>>3449 Interesting tbh. As I see it, the primary issue with hydraulics is that many of these oils are at least partly toxic to a degree, and the maintenance and management of fluids in a mobile system are dubious at best tbh. Still, it does afford the possibility of (super)human-tier strength levels in a mobile platform using current technology. Which, if I'm not mistaken, is one of the established goals in the Welcome to /Robowaifu/ bread. So yea.
>>3449 >2nd vid dat countdown doe >implying implications kek
>>3449 >3rd Almost ready to climb out of the Uncanny Valley imo.
>>3449 Last point Fotamon, that is a remarkably well-articulated endoskeleton as well. >Any sauces other than the incredibly-pozzed Twatter though?
>>3451 >and the maintenance and management of fluid systems in a mobile platform*
>>3451 Hydraulics can be made in a completely sealed system without worrying about the oils. Yes, you could in theory build a super strong waifu, she'd just be power hungry. You only start to save money compared to gear motors at very high strengths. It seems like an interesting and exciting prospect but, it's very expensive and finicky. Also, tends to have jerky movements. Fantastic for heavy industry where something stronger then pneumatics is needed and the increase in cost is warranted. For waifus, yes, you can make her with very slim cylinders but, you're honestly better off using your motors that would drive the hydraulics to just drive cabling. Cables transfer torque more efficiently anyways. I haven't the slightest idea of why they would use hydraulics. Then again I've only used hydraulics industrially, maybe they're found some way to mitigate its inefficiency? Using a regulated internal engine would give them good run times at the expense of increased complexity, need for regular check ups, and she'd need to drink gas. She'd also small like an engine. Overall, unless you're very rich with access to your own manufacturing equipment, hydraulics isn't the best idea. Pneumatics would be better if you're going to try to lower costs. Though, gear motors are honestly the best. (I have built, troubleshooted, and repaired hydraulic/pneumatic systems. Hydraulics were a pain in my ass, so I'm a tad biased against them. Loved working with pneumatics though.)
>>3457 >using your motors that would drive the hydraulics to just drive cabling Genius. Kiwi, you may very well have found the sweet spot of strength/price/performance.
>>3454 They have a website and YouTube account but they have a lot fewer videos on them. So Twatter is our best bet if we wanna stalk their progress. >>3457 It's a recent change they've made. I assume they're either saving money with hydraulics, wanted a sleeker looking demo model, or ran into a problem with cables and gears.
>>3459 >So Twatter is our best bet if we wanna stalk their progress. I feel you on this. Proceed kind sir.
>>3449 Nice skeletal design but I think most of those plastic parts are aesthetic. Seems they were going for cyberpunk. On the other hand, would be great to have a more steampunk internal skeleton, I would definitely love my waifu to look like a clockwork doll when you open her up, especially if she were wearing a maid outfit. I think I'll just need to use brown/silver/gold colored plastics and go Rococo even if it's really just a waste of material.
>>3461 > would definitely love my waifu to look like a clockwork doll when you open her up, especially if she were wearing a maid outfit. >i can only get so erect.mov STOP. Just shut up and take my money anon.
>>3461 It's definitely possible, check out what Disney did. >missing filename: DISNEY’S NEW ANIMATRONICS.mp4
>>3463 While I find the character design itself somewhat loathsome, the technical aspect of the animatronic is remarkable tbh. I particularly like how parts of the structural system are themselves and form basically a 'metamaterial' similar to what anon mentioned here ]]3286
>>3464 >are themselves flexible*
Awesome robot hand in early stages of development. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=Kfh8puOPiTk
>>3466 That is actually pretty interesting anon.
>>3426 a realdoll that can look you in the eye while fucking
>>3466 i challenge anyone to create a robotic hand that can grab your dick and jerk it off until completion.
I believe this video and the 3D model are a part of this >>3446 project. >missing filename: 9-7N_wWTwfy8LCos_(1).mp4
>>3471 Nice to see these new views of it. Certainly looks similar. It occurs to me that it's always good for us to see projects at all phases of development not just at the finished stage. Helps us see and understand the progression better.
>>3471 Cutest robo face, any way to get his step files or STL's?
>>3473 You can always ask him. His Twitter: https://twitter.com/Spri_ta I literally got Twitter to follow these projects, so I'd encourage you to follow these projects there for updates.
There's a Live-stream of a guy building a Hutsume Miku robot. Live-Stream Here https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=7lGxhseFnNA
Just cool and cute. >missing filename: ball of portal death.mp4
>>3477 Also cute. >missing filename: cute robo.mp4
This is the best anime style blinking project I've ever been able to find. The eyelids are a MASSIVE obstacle we're going to have to overcome if we want a more realistic anime style waifu. I haven't yet been able to figure out any method to create something similar to the silver-haired animation in the initial thread post. >missing filename: Kigurumicosplay.com_Winking_mask_functional_demonstration.mp4
>missing filename: c98b94d656f49ad2f6e9067d34ddc2eb40c962033d0f025d6fba78966e30d0b7.mp4
A website containing a trove of sex robot projects with links to the creators. http://dollautomation.com/index.php/category/robotic/page/3/
This creator seems to be on a whole nother level. The original was ST-00 which passed Robo One qualifications. This one can dance along with MMD. https://twitter.com/med_mahiro
>>3483 Damn, that's some smooth movements, it looks very fluid. I'm honestly surprised he managed to get it to such a high quality.
>>3483 Any chance you could convey a sense of his work to us here on /robowaifu/ anon? I'm not going to click on Twatter.
This Rem bot has literally been around for a year, not sure if anyone knew already. Who was the Rem fan here? http://www.mthung.com/ >>3485 streamable okay? https://streamable.com/bcdhs
>>3486 >streamable okay? Sure that's fine. That's pretty remarkable. I suppose there's some sort of Bowden-cable like arrangement inside the limbs?
>>3483 >Robo One qualifications Had to look that up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robo_One
>>3483 A little older video showing the system inside the shell. Not much detail tbh, would really like to see some good engineering breakdowns. Translated to English would be ideal ofc. https://streamable.com/gvwvq
>>3483 Neat. Now if only he could scale it up.
>>3422 Who cares about details like that?. As long as they can clean, cook and have a onahole build in, it done.
>>3492 pretty sure having some kind of emotional interaction with your robowaifu will long-term be more valuable than just an over-sized masturbation tool anon.
I found this in my old files, but I can't remember where I got this from. >missing filename: MAID ROBOT OH FUCK.jpg
>>3494 It's located on this site, but can't find out any details about it there unfortunately. maybe someone else can. http://kgm84.egloos.com/m/2544788
this korean guy turns out to be a real fanatic for robots of all kinds, and has a number of posts about robowaifus too. http://kgm84.egloos.com/3263089
Guess I'm back to casually sharing more cool robotics projects. If anyone finds any, please share them here. This one some of you will recognize from the thread, it's the sex robot from DS Doll. They've changed her quite a bit and have some funny videos of her on their YouTube channel. >missing filename: Valentines_Day_Sale_at_DS_Doll_Robotics!.mp4
It would seem that companies (and Robowaifu Technicians) in general are too focused on the face. Most the projects I find focus a lot on it despite it not being that important. Why hasn't a single builder gotten us a robo-waifu that can snuggle with us? Probably because faces take a lot of time and money. >missing filenames: Emma_AI_sex_robot_for_Sale_%E2%80%94_Real_love_sex_doll_tr.mp4 NEXT_GENERATION_AI_SEX_ROBOT_DOLLS.mp4
>>3497 That's a pretty interesting bodyframe. Know of any technical diagrams of it anon? >>3498 TBH, we're all hardwired literally from birth to be tightly focused on the faces of those around us, so it's a natural and honest drive. However, as our fascination with cute anime waifus shows, you can definitely manage an affection towards a female character whose face is plainly not fully human. I'd say this is a common theme here on /robowaifu/ now. The 'cute waifus, not slutbots' approach. The Uncanny Valley is very real, and is still a long way off from being solved. And even when if? it does get solved, it will be very expensive for the first generation or two to recoup R&D costs.
>>3499 Afraid not, all I know is that it's made by DS Doll and they've a lot of videos showing off their technology. See these posts below for more videos or search them on YouTube. Also please let me know if you find any technical plans, I love to get my hands on them. >>3449 >>3423 Speaking of robo-cuties. I've been considering the idea of using soft-robots alongside my 3D printer to build a basic waifu that can crudely snuggle with you. Unfortunately, I'd have to prototype at a adult scale for legality's sake (more expensive), and my lack of experience. I don't even know if it's worth trying. Probably would do me more good to just release robo-waifu propaganda in the form of video games instead. Especially considering my roommates lol.
>>3500 Thanks anon, will do. >that can crudely snuggle with you We have at least one daki bread and the notion is fairly popular here and elsewhere. Maybe something like that? I don't know what to tell you about your roommates haha, I'm in the same boat. Eventually I think I'm just not going to worry about what others think about it. The obvious failure of Western women to their societies has made the robowaifu-pill an obvious choice for millions of men tbh. It seems inevitable atp.
Open file (12.38 MB 1280x720 never say never.webm)
How to Program Speech Synthesis in an Animatronic Mouth Using Python and Arduino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mva6MkP_Bco DIY Animatronic 3D Printed Mouth using Arduino and Python https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lY83q531gHk Testing Out a 3D Printed Animatronic Mouth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4j_ifZIUBQ Open source animatronic mouth design: http://www.nilheim.co.uk/latest-projects-and-blog/how-to-build-the-mouth-mechanism Instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Animatronic-Mouth-Using-3D-Printing-Arduino/
>>3501 I'm still larping as vanilla in case my true power level could affect my future career prospective and/or damage my relationship with my family. Anyways, I think those electric muscles are a long way off. Although they'll be selling kits in Q2 2019 which might be interesting if we can replicate them or buy them on the cheap. https://www.artimusrobotics.com/product I'm more so considering air-muscles at this point. It looks relatively simple in concept. I didn't know air pumps could be so quiet so the prototypes can just have the majority of the tubes outside the body. Once we have a basic working humanoid (sit, cuddle, fidget, maybe move arms). An effort can be made in hiding such technology inside the waifu; but the battery is still a problem in such a case so I dunno. I'd be happy with a glorified torso and head tbh if it was done well enough, then add arms for cuddling, maybe pretending to play vidya, etc. BTW, there's a tutorial on how to build this muscle system. Might be a cheaper and easier alternative than servos and whatnot. https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-air-muscles!/ >missing filename: Large Air Muscle.mp4
>>3510 >https://www.artimusrobotics.com/product Thanks for the heads up anon. They look like a good team, I hope they can manage a mass-producible product we could actually use as hobbyists. Yes, I think pneumatics are a reasonable possibility, much more so than hydraulics. They are widely used in the Dark Ride animatronics industry, but they are in fact still noisy. But for the exact same reasons they work in that field, they would also work in robowaifus. As far as just an upper body goes it would in fact be much easier to manage the development of but ofc it's not fuggable. Anon's little moebot-tier robowaifu project ]]4637 is appealing enough an idea and shows that some robowaifus can be just for huggs, not for fuggs. Thanks for the instructables link anon.
The future is now fellas >missing filename: 27C6F6sm6jnfrLzz.mp4
>>3512 >"And Baby Upchuck can can make real baby puke. Just fill her water tank and she can vomit on demand!" kekd that bodyframe looks interesting anon, sauce?
We need IRL Drossel.
Seriously, I hate the whole "uncanny valley" idea designers have. If I want to fuck a robogirl, I wanna fuck an actual robogirl, not some creepy doll. I want some IRL Tsugu-min, not the "I feel fantastic" mannequin.
>>3514 >>3515 I think we're all onboard with this for the present anon. I would love to have a robowaifu mostly indistinguishable from a beautiful young woman, but that's not going to happen anytime soon, so for now cute irl animu catgrill meidos in tiny mini skirts are our best option–and will be a fun alternative even in the future.
>>3515 >Tsugu-min Is she a robowaifu? Care to post some pics of her with context in the 'RWs in Media' bread if so?
>>3517 She's the robogirl you play as in Contra: ReBirth, but she's fairly obscure, as little art of her exists.
>>3513 https://twitter.com/tibadollkoubou It's a doll some Japanese guy is building. Nothing electrical, however it apparently has a good range of motion; so there's the potential to add some actuators.
>>3519 Thanks anon, some good references there. He is obviously very dedicated and I wouldn't be surprised if he could be convinced to take the robowaifu-pill tbh.
Found this campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/doetherobot/iris-secure-affordable-and-offile-social-robot/ It's an Rpi-based offline robot, I like the philosophy of the creator, the opposite of what a robot envisioned by a corporation would be. Seems very fitting for my purpose, I could use this as a base to expand upon. I hope they succeed.
>>3521 Yea an anon has been saying here since the beginning we should let the characterization of our robowaifus allow for the fact they are, in fact, robots. That it would be endearing in fact to have them acknowledge their mistakes in this context. Seems like this developer intends to take a similar approach. Thanks for the link anon. I also like his plans for both interacting with it and programming it. I wish him luck.
http://age-of-aincrad.com/forum/threads/android-2-flugel-3d-printing-robotics.3984/ Someone was planning to make an IRL drossel. It was cool, but the model he used was shit. I'm planning to have a project where one guy edits the model to accommodate servos and shit, one guy 3d prints/CNCs the parts (aluminum and silicone will be very important), one guy attaches the electronics, and one guy installs the AI. We will obviously need better models, and since the only models easily downloadable are Charming models (which while cute, will be fucking impossible because of her lack of feet). We may have to employ the unholy wizard known as ADR, because while he is a dickgirl loving nigger, he has good models that can be edited to accommodate electronics.
>>3523 Sounds like a plan anon. Please start an independent project thread when you've assembled all the details for an OP.
This guy makes and sells his own 3D printed moebot clang waifus called Automoiselles, very good reference for mechanical designs. https://twitter.com/OrzTaki https://takirunn.booth.pm/ I've been on this forum long enough that I'm graduating from 2-3 to 4 and maybe even 5-6 on the clang scale.
>>3525 Very cute, thanks for the links anon. >I've been on this forum long enough that I'm graduating from 2-3 to 4 and maybe even 5-6 on the clang scale. kekd <ywn having a starship-class, disembodied AI robowaifu ;~;
>>3525 I like the idea of using screws for the joints seen here and on the EOS smart daughter Found a lot of similar kits/figures as well on Japan twitter.
>>3527 I searched for eos smart daughter and wow what a treasure trove of mechanical and biomechanical designs: https://megasuculpture.jimdo.com/
>>3528 The "hitogata" image is really cute. I remember one guy saying that robowaifus could be really relatable if they were made conscious of their robotic nature, and I think this can also be applied to their designs.
Another brother of humanoid robotics has returned after years of nothing. The guy's making an advanced humanoid, here's his latest video where he's testing a new limb joint actuator.. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=I9EPkoC35gY
>>3530 I messed up, here's the newest video. He reminds me of an 90s animu mad scientist with all his fancy retro gadgets . Check him out! https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=uH-7HPS45DY
Advanced humanoid hand builder and designer explaining how it works, what he learned and what went wrong. TL;DR - it looks awesome but working hands are incredibly complex and should be an afterthought. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=l6xqTcLXXC8
Ford's bipedal robot also looks very promising. Much more streamlined than Atlas. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=ghmmYQlFNbo
Fluid Humanoid Robot. This actually looks really awesome and gets me excited for the future of wheelchair bound robot-waifus. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=h3Svu--qmeY
>>3534 $26,000 hmm? Well, still cheaper than alimony.
Many of these I do find the faces to be a bit disconcerting, but what's under the skin is absolutely amazing. We can't be more than a decade away from factory produced robowaifus.
I really like the LED eyes in >>3419 so that gets me thinking, until we get it to the point where the facial movements and materials are conducive to really kissing your waifu would it be easier to use a contoured display for a face? That would allow for full accurate representation of your 2D waifu as depicted in media as well as simplifying and reducing the cost of one of the most complicated and expensive portions of the robot.
>>3537 Yeah, that's what I was thinking or we just go higher on the >>>/clang/ scale until technology catches up.
Probably the most convincing humanoid I've seen motion-wise. That could almost be mistaken for a real dude wearing a mask. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=u6iVUgKNJy8
another vid showing the insides https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=5qteMlMAaNM
>>3540 those animatronics look familiar, if I recall the arms, torso, and head are all maneuvered by cables. This may just be a puppet with cleverly hidden strings. If it is self actuated though then this is an even more impressive design.
>>3541 I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why the servo hum is barely audible, at that size it's supposed to be all you can hear. I was going to post another find, vid related, stop motion convinces me that the articulation in a typical anime action figure is enough, just need a way to swap out face plates and hand positions on the fly. https://streamable.com/eg6m7
>>3530 >>3531 >>3532 >>3533 >>3534 >>3539 >>3540 >>3542 thanks for the videos anons. i'm particularly glad to see Alexander Bersenev picking up his robot laboratory work again.
Fuck I love the Japs, here's a new life-size robo waifu! https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=AXhOfPghTpQ
>>3544 http://speecys.com/ Ex-Sony Aibo engineer. Very legit, the only problem is it looks expensive (only renting to businesses for now, and all those patents).
>>3544 Thanks for the link anon. I assume everyone notices the entire thing is supported on a crane boom from the back, probably heavy af. Nice to see it though.
>>3547 Yeah, most of these kinds of robots are. It makes me optimistic for a decade in the future though. I just hope 30+ year-old me has nether impregnated and been trapped by 3dpd or lost my desire for a robo companion. Fuck knows what'll happen to any of us between now and then.
OK, Fotamon. Sorry but that's all I have bro. Hopefully we can recover some of these video files at some point. Cheers mate. :^)
>>3502 Since the main instance seems to be having issues atm, here's an alternate onion that seems in good health: http://axqzx4s6s54s32yentfqojs3x5i7faxza6xo3ehd4bzzsg2ii4fv2iid.onion/playlist?list=PLAtoHywa4Q2Nc_-r5g1bHlHdcnGJ3oM-4
>>3549 Appreciated! I got a lot of crap due over the next week but will see about dumping what extra files I still have into the thread when I get the chance. :)
>>3552 Sounds like a plan, take your time no hurry. GOOD LUCK WITH EXAMS
>>3550 hmm, i wonder if it had anything to do with google's recent captcha-defeat changes?https://github.com/omarroth/invidious/issues/1183
Apparently you had saved pretty much every post in the thread. This thread actually contains more robowaifu projects than I had saved to my HD. So that worked out pretty well.
>>3739 Hi Fotamon, how did exams go? Heh, I do have most of the content from the board apart from 8 threads or so where I'll have to rely on the archives pages. If you have any of the files marked with >missing filename: please post them ITT. I tried to determine the original filename so you might be able to find it in your filepile simply by searching that. Good luck with the job hunt bro. First gig out of school is always a big one! :^)
>>3500 >Unfortunately, I'd have to prototype at a adult scale for legality's sake (more expensive) She only has to not be anatomically correct, like having bigger eyes, maybe some arm showing its a robot. Hip/waist ratio and face proportions might also help.
Look what I've found while looking for models of female torsos on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:833163 Some guy with his own fembot project. Video was deleted by YouTube...
Open file (233.66 KB 1108x1477 1419.jpg)
Open file (280.83 KB 2048x1152 EWdllfSUMAAExmr.jpg)
Open file (117.63 KB 1706x960 2196.jpg)
Open file (265.95 KB 1706x960 2252.jpg)
>>3476 This guy is on Twitter: @missile_39 and @adachirei0 And here is his webpage, last update was last year: http://mechanical-girl.seesaa.net/ And also with more pics: https://camp-fire.jp/projects/12475/activities/132053?s=09#main
>>5361 Wow that's impressive actually. Obviously a mad-scientist at work Terry would be proud. :^)
>>5361 I remember when this guy built a life-size singing Hatsune Miku using what looked like some kind of high-density styrofoam attached to servos and steel hinges. Good to see he has adopted 3D printing now as well. Inspirational stuff!
>>5371 Just a guess, but the pink material looks a lot like some kind of foam, or near-enough. Still, if it's that same guy glad to see he's still at it. He became a minor sensation and made some spending money taking his Miku-chan robowaifu around and just showing her off IIRC.
>>5378 Pink? You mean the whole shell in very light brown or sand colored? This one is clearly 3d printed. Or were you referring to something in the Miku build video: >>3475 Didn't watch that (yet).
Open file (2.99 MB 563x1000 1594931426752.webm)
>>5413 Yeah that's pretty adorable. The guy has a good sense of character animation obviously. Thanks Anon.
Immervision is talking about a humanoid robot, named Joyce, coming out of the computer vision community. I understood one part of the article so that she would soon be available as a set to be build. However, haven't seen anything about it yet. On the site I only found the claim: "Soon, JOYCE’s programming interface will made available to the computer vision community to run experiments and upgrade her capabilities." I understand it so, that they want to show her the first time on some summit soon (might be cancelled bc Covid). Maybe the parts are freely available, and how to rebuild her will be explained after release. Otherwise it's just one more Sophia (Hanson Robotics). I also wonder how she's going to look like: "Joyce comes equipped with three ultra-wide-angle panomorph cameras calibrated to give 2D hemispheric, 3D stereoscopic hemispheric, or full 360 x 360 spherical capture and viewing of the environment." Introduction video: https://youtu.be/1fyDJu5IxCA Article: https://www.eejournal.com/article/the-joyce-project-to-equip-machines-with-human-like-perception/ Homepage: https://www.immervision.com/joyce/ YT-channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ImmerVision
>>5622 Thanks for the update Anon, please keep us posted about her. >Otherwise it's just one more Sophia (Hanson Robotics). I sort of hope not, tbh. What Hanson is doing with her is pretty sketchy IMO, and she isn't particularly appealing either.
>>5413 Segawa is selling STL files for Handmade Kibo-chan (link in video description) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJYUOxxDW4k Apparently it's been out for a month already (I was too busy being distracted by Vtubers to notice). Once I understand the mechanism -- part of why his animations are so smooth and lifelike -- I'm going to merge it with one of my wheeled or tank tread projects to make a wheeled Kibo-chan.
>>5744 >I'm going to merge it with one of my wheeled or tank tread projects to make a wheeled Kibo-chan. You must post videos of such cuteness here when you do!
>>5744 That is an interesting neck mechanism he's got there!
Open file (250.86 KB 1536x2048 Eo8l_HEU0AApRqH.jpg)
hamcat_mqq just updated after a yearlong hiatus on twitter. [machine-translated]"It's been a while, but it's completed! Wow Wow (Wow Wow ⌒▽⌒ ) Before I knew it, I forgot Twitter, Before I knew it, the cat that had been a year old was fine. To be honest, I can't see anything when I'm absorbed in it. Specifications Whole body seamless life-size doll Silicone skin / soft urethane foam Aluminum base Metal frame 150cm 12kg" More pics on his account, the nude pic there you can see his workshop. There have been 1/3 scale silicone animedolls before, as well as near-full-scale 90cm-100cm "stylized" sexdolls, as well as hard as rock fullscale waifu statues. IMHO this is actually the first time I've seen a fullscale silicone waifudoll.
>>7707 I love the work he's done on her eyes and eyelashes!
Open file (372.40 KB 1536x2048 hamcat_mqq-12.jpg)
Open file (275.03 KB 1153x2048 hamcat_mqq-11.jpg)
Open file (285.24 KB 1153x2048 hamcat_mqq-06.jpg)
Open file (267.38 KB 2048x1153 hamcat_mqq-04.jpg)
>>7707 Good find, but I think you can link to it via nitter.net: https://nitter.net/hamcat_mqq and pics might be okay if they don't show a lot of nude skin or if they're hidden. - The Skeleton is absolutely the right direction for better dolls, but also fembots with soft materials and any kind of artificial muscles... Amazing.
>>7707 >>7709 Thanks guys, wonderful stuff. Quite inspiring progress from him.
Open file (253.10 KB 1535x2048 hamcat_mqq-26.jpg)
Open file (222.73 KB 2048x1153 hamcat_mqq-17.jpg)
Open file (237.70 KB 2048x1153 hamcat_mqq-19.jpg)
>>7712 He seem to have started the way I planned to do it, and so far didn't make it, with some differences. Using tubes and small ball joints is a great idea for the first model (pic 26), but knees and elbows in the human body aren't ball joints but hinges. That's something I would probably honor right from the start. The shoulder area is fascinating, and something to keep in mind, though. He seem to have moved away in his later designs. Also, some of his arm designs (pic 17&19) are freaking great. With these two bones to make them twist similar to real ones and also making the bones feel like real that way. Of course, one would need to find a way to move them with motors and/or muscles.
>>7719 oh, didn't look at the knees well enough before. They are actually way better than some simple ball joints.
>>7719 >Tibia and Fibula design Excellent. Biomemetics are really the way to go.
>>3521 > I hope they succeed. Agreed. Do you know of any progress on his project? Just in case you're following it.
Open file (326.56 KB 2048x1536 Et7vwrZVEAIOBM6.jpg)
Open file (66.95 KB 680x510 Et7vv7MVgAEjy2O.jpg)
Open file (67.13 KB 680x510 Et7vwaZUcAAnXbj.jpg)
>>7709 Can anyone tell me if these are some special, more advanced, ball joints? >hamcat https://nitter.pussthecat.org/hamcat_mqq/status/1359787760513503235#m Text is about how to mold them: >Molding method that I often do these days >Very convenient once you get used to it >Modeling and printing the prototype and formwork, pasting and masking on a clear file with double-sided tape, and finishing with silicon >Merit >Dramatic reduction in silicon consumption! >Can be recreated from the same formwork even if damaged"
>>7719 >Of course, one would need to find a way to move them with motors and/or muscles. What I've been thinking is that you could have thin metal cables snaked along the armature, maybe strategically fastened by guides at the joints, that could pull/pull the bones around from an internal centrally-located actuator arrays. Not only would this kind of mimic the actual human tendons, etc, but would also centralize much of the mass around the center of gravity in the robowaifu.
>>8604 It's good to have ideas and sharing them, but I'm quite sure actual muscles contract themselves. Airmuscles and maybe dielectric elastomers are more similar to them than tendons. I'll try to go with small motors in some bones, and then additional soft muscles. Not saying, your idea won't work, but winding tendons up and down might be slow and inflexible, for example.
>>8606 Anon just posted a video showing more or less my exact ideas, but scaled down to the hand & with the actuators out on the forearm. >>8632 My design notions have, as I mentioned, the actuators tucked away inside the torso. But otherwise this is an excellent example of the basic physics of the system.
Open file (377.83 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20210305_034023.jpg)
Open file (325.09 KB 1560x2080 IMG_20210305_031941.jpg)
Open file (132.33 KB 353x667 IMG_20210305_031611.jpg)
Open file (278.47 KB 1560x2080 IMG_20210305_031936.jpg)
Open file (140.01 KB 457x731 IMG_20210305_031602.jpg)
Turns out, it's worth looking into who Segawa (Kibo-chan) is following on Twitter. His friends are doing similar amazing things, which are even more on topic. https://nitter.dark.fail/segawachobbies https://nitter.dark.fail/yonkoushi https://nitter.dark.fail/toodooda https://nitter.dark.fail/nimomono https://nitter.dark.fail/61laboratory If the current nitter address fails, use nitter.net, which has a index or go directly to their github: https://github.com/zedeus/nitter/wiki/Instances
Open file (44.01 KB 750x590 IMG_20210305_033513.jpg)
Open file (78.19 KB 2048x1366 IMG_20210305_033455.jpg)
Open file (412.08 KB 461x582 IMG_20210305_031126.jpg)
Open file (570.28 KB 562x773 IMG_20210305_031122.jpg)
Open file (377.97 KB 796x684 IMG_20210305_031117.jpg)
Open file (168.70 KB 436x505 IMG_20210305_031113.jpg)
Open file (219.87 KB 598x679 IMG_20210305_031058.jpg)
Open file (338.79 KB 771x779 IMG_20210305_031053.jpg)
Open file (357.54 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20210305_034019.jpg)
Open file (68.47 KB 309x632 IMG_20210305_031607.jpg)
>>8801 Sorry, it's not sorted by source. Links to the Twitter accounts are above.
>>8801 >>8802 Thanks, as expected of country-grown vegetables, the Nipponese are in front of us all. Let's do our best! :^)
>>8802 I like how that looks like some serous hardware in the shoulder socket. The hips will need the same kind of treatment I think but even beefier. The brows play an oversized role in expressing emotions. I like how that anon has managed a very simple (but effective) approach in the lolibot face. Has he released and recent videos of them working do you know?
Open file (412.08 KB 461x582 media_Evoc0srVIAMUssJ.png)
Open file (333.23 KB 1536x2048 media_EvYjbhMUUAABXka.jpg)
Open file (274.19 KB 1280x1829 masiro.jpg)
Open file (542.71 KB 1280x958 med_mahiro-dancingdoll.jpg)
>>8802 Damit, I reloaded the page by accident and all of my comment gone... So again, I hope: I forgot https://nitter.dark.fail/A_says_ and https://nitter.dark.fail/med_mahiro and maybe https://nitter.dark.fail/plastic_gear >Robot daughter head on Thingyverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4781105 >State of A_Says MaSIRo project https://youtu.be/6v-7FE1MLFE Here the site: https://sites.google.com/view/masiro-project >>8805 They're dead serious. One bought a batch of five printers, all the same, so he can print in faster. >>8806 Don't know yet, we'll see. My battery is empty.
>>8806 Okay, this is his page: http://www.takayukitodo.com/ this is his Twitter: https://nitter.dark.fail/toodooda, he name of the project is SEER. This is his Youtube: https://youtube.com/user/toodooda
>>8808 This here miht be the best to see it: https://youtu.be/xGjkSriTTUU I once had the idea of using sliding parts of the skull for mimic myself, this is what he seems to use as well. Thought this might need 4 motors or so. Nimomono might have reproduced it, with the Thingyverse link above. Here's the channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCCeQYBVs2-N9AcF_Hy2Mo1g where I found thi for example: https://youtu.be/4XAwcuykkok
>>8807 >>8808 >>8809 Thanks for all the great research Anon, much appreciated here. That med_mahiro a cute. >meido masiro serving up caffeine drinks Throw in a pair of catears and maybe a cattail and I'm in! :^)
>>8807 So many cool ideas here! That headband sensor on Masiro chan. Those eyebrows on Potato chan! Simple but effective. As for the carriage that Masiro-dev has built for his robowaifu, I find that the most interesting. A shame some of the photos on his website aren't larger/higher res, then maybe I could learn more. But still, thank you for these links, anon!
>>8811 Yes, it's quite amazing. I'm going to look more into it. Google Translate might also help.
>>8811 >A shame some of the photos on his website aren't larger/higher res Try running them through Waifu2x maybe? http://waifu2x.udp.jp/ https://github.com/nagadomi/waifu2x
Open file (32.03 KB 400x400 masiro_profile.jpg)
Open file (286.38 KB 1500x952 masiro_build_01.jpg)
Open file (615.33 KB 1755x2048 masiro_build_02.jpg)
Open file (279.64 KB 1079x1760 masiro_build_03.jpg)
>>8807 I won't post all his pictures from his Twitter, and they're also vids which I cant download. I didn't download pics of all the parts, since some CAD files would be better anyways. He's using aluminium profiles, some sheet metal and wood, all cut. He has a laser cutter, though I don't know if he cut the metal parts with it. Thee Japanese guys seem all to be on campfire: https://camp-fire.jp/projects/311735/activities/226402#main
Open file (248.88 KB 1080x1864 masiro_build_04.jpg)
Open file (436.48 KB 1152x2048 masiro_build_06.jpg)
Open file (452.95 KB 1152x2048 masiro_hand01.jpg)
Open file (328.62 KB 1152x2048 masiro_build_05.jpg)
Open file (545.07 KB 762x757 masiro_build_model.png)
Open file (255.31 KB 1152x2048 masiro_build_11.jpg)
Open file (356.16 KB 1152x2048 masiro_build_10.jpg)
Open file (333.49 KB 2048x1152 masiro_build_09.jpg)
Open file (307.47 KB 1152x2048 masiro_build_08.jpg)
Open file (121.49 KB 576x1024 masiro_build_07.jpg)
>>8818 >Still Masiro
Open file (1.36 MB 3024x4032 masiro_build_12.jpg)
Open file (43.54 KB 383x680 masiro_build_16.jpg)
Open file (40.26 KB 383x680 masiro_build_17.jpg)
Open file (1.31 MB 3024x4032 masiro_build_13.jpg)
Open file (530.33 KB 534x537 masiro_build_14.jpg.png)
Open file (274.88 KB 1152x2048 masiro_build_18.jpg)
Open file (325.76 KB 2048x1501 masiro_build_19.jpg)
Open file (229.07 KB 1307x2048 masiro_build_22.jpg)
Open file (216.43 KB 1205x2048 masiro_build_20.jpg)
Open file (207.64 KB 1074x2048 masiro_build_21.jpg)
Open file (80.99 KB 1387x745 masiro_build_23.jpg)
Open file (30.18 KB 716x716 masiro_build_27.jpg)
Open file (38.89 KB 710x710 masiro_build_25.jpg)
Open file (149.45 KB 1435x736 masiro_build_24.jpg)
>>8822 >Masiro So tha it with her, for now. I won't go further back, but most likely post updates. If you want more, go for the media section in an account, then it shows the postings with media of that account. Like e.g. https://nitter.dark.fail/A_says_/media Or looking into the main sections is interesting for finding retweets, that and the following section is good to find other good accounts.
>>8817 >which I cant download Not sure I recall, but you might try using youtube-dl . It may work there. https://youtube-dl.org/
Neat stuff Anon. We should probably find a way to integrate the idea of 'Wheeled Robowaifus' and then just combine the Wheelchair Waifus thread and the wheeled waifus in the Visual Waifus all together into it. This should go there as well.
>>8828 Yes, this belongs to "wheelchair waifu" thread, but should be named differently. There's also the problem that visual waifu thread now includes VR, so some thread for virtual ones would be necessary as well. We had this discussion before, there's a grey zone where the waifu body is just a screen rolling around on wheels.
>>8824 WOW. This dude is an engineer-and-a-half! Proper machined gears in her main driveshaft! This is a treasure-trove of robowaifu-building information anon! Thank you! Immediately faved the link to Masiro's dev page. (Was also amazed to see he managed to strip the teeth off the gearbox of one of those 380kg.cm servo motors - all those electronics, metal gears and aluminum extrusions must add up to quite some weight! Either that or Masiro chan is secretly stock-car racing!)
>>8876 Neat. #3 reminds me of our Sophie robowaifu that Anon is designing and building!
>>8879 Yes, she's quite similar, but with smaller servos, therefore probably weaker. Also smaller hands, but no facial expressions and no voice box yet.
>>8881 Yep, seems like it. I'd say Sophie Anon has been pretty clever the way he's put all the pieces together the way he has. I look forward to seeing her with her own camera eyes, and maybe some kind of wheeled base like Masiro-chan's >>8824 .
>>8876 She's like Sophie's sister! The old weighted box and pole! XD While idiots obsess over race and gender-baiting by the increasingly obsolete legacy media and get bogged down in futile flame wars, we along with our bros in Japan are enjoying a robowaifu renaissance!
>>8899 That would be really neat if you 4 could meet together someday and all take a group photo together. Robowaifu-Con when?
Open file (390.21 KB 1536x2048 IMG_20210312_111419.jpg)
Open file (359.44 KB 2463x1333 IMG_20210312_015420.jpg)
Open file (323.35 KB 2632x1400 IMG_20210312_003011.jpg)
Open file (207.82 KB 1300x1300 IMG_20210312_003004.jpg)
The first one is Kibo-chan in "nude", the others are Alita design porn pics.
>>9039 I always appreciate any design details anyone digs up for us about the Alita Battle Angel character designs. >kibo-chan w/o her toidies on Hehe, just shows how genius her creators design of the face & eyes is.
Open file (2.51 MB 4829x3509 missile39.jpg)
Open file (135.67 KB 960x720 HR-1-picture01.jpg)
Open file (123.96 KB 960x720 HR-1-picture02.jpg)
Open file (175.49 KB 1024x576 mechanical-girl-leg-01.jpg)
Open file (174.03 KB 1255x2048 61laboratory-chest-03.jpg)
Open file (169.99 KB 1536x2048 61laboratory-chest-04.jpg)
Open file (209.82 KB 1536x2048 61laboratory-chest-02.jpg)
Open file (166.12 KB 1536x2048 61laboratory-chest-01.jpg)
>>9267 The other ones from 61laboratory. Here are also some related vids: >>9252
>>9267 Forgot the YouTube link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCrNKWzjnecLTf1J5iVJYQJA These post are also about him (or them?): >>3441 >>5361
>>9268 Nice shell designs. These are comforting just to see these Japanon's efforts.
Open file (183.40 KB 783x950 cocona.jpg)
>>9267 >>9268 These are really beautiful. I wonder how they get their prints so smooth. I want my robowaifu to feel silky.
Open file (11.29 KB 299x168 munny.png)
>>9268 I love these. Looks like he's using Dynamixle servos. Would be awesome to get the CAD or even just .stls.
Open file (139.65 KB 480x640 hoverboard_fembot2.jpg)
Open file (111.09 KB 480x640 hoverboard_fembot.jpg)
Joseph Coppola @disqus_4F5dL6V2jR Attached to a hoverboard, steering via hips.
>>9743 A creative solution to the bipedal walking issue. The zombie ghoul look isn't working though :^)
>>9743 Interesting work Anon. Do you know if he is still planning on more work on it? Is he going to give her some eyes, for example?
>>9968 Well, the whole idea of posting his Disqus ID was to make it possible to find his page again, but search doesn't work. I found this somehow by looking into OpenFembot, but can't find it again. OpenFembot, mentioned here >>9726 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JrBYjlnRYc[Embed][Embed] https://synthiam.com/Community/Robots/Simone-AI-OpenFembot-19719 Here's also a whole list of projects: https://synthiam.com/Community/Robots?sort=2
Open file (283.75 KB 1536x2048 Ezu1yf1VUAEngZH.jpeg)
Open file (338.39 KB 1388x2048 Ezu1yeiVIAA5von.jpeg)
Open file (270.32 KB 1352x2048 Ezu1yegVIAIe8Yh.jpeg)
Open file (532.20 KB 2048x1536 EzPiWxQUUAEC2vA.jpeg)
This robowaifu is such an inspiration. I wish I could afford to make stuff like this. https://twitter.com/61laboratory/status/1385901199329697794
>>10114 Yeah, it's pretty awesome Anon. But, hey it's always good to have something for us to strive for Anon, right? Part of our general agenda is to find ways to make robowaifu construction much cheaper. To devise (relatively) inexpensive kits that any Anon can assemble inside his own garage in a few weeks, right? BTW, please post any more pics you obtain of this anon's project, Anon. As you say, it's an inspiration to us all.
Open file (260.90 KB 374x733 EyxsN1jUcAAc-9s.png)
>>10116 The creator says the small, powerful servos she needs to walk are too expensive. I looked up the cost and they're only $2500 each. :^)
>>10119 I wonder if those could be replaced with brushless motors with cycloidal gearboxes, with something like an Odrive you can get servo or stepper motor like accuracy out of them. Materials for the gearboxes would be the biggest problem, the designs I've seen for 3D-printable ones tend to be somewhat large, but could be hidden in the design.
>>10119 >"We'll never get the budget we need! It's an outrageous amount!" Lol, I literally just finished watching the first episode of Robot Notes if you know what I'm saying. That's obviously too expensive. But OTOH, he's probably using the wrong basic internal design. You can't have a bunch of heavy servos and other components as thrown weight out on the levers of the the extremities of arms and legs if you want to keep the costs down. These item have to be moved inboard into the torso of the robowaifu, it's the only practical way. We have Mini-Cheetah servo design from MIT (>>8415) that run about US$350/incl drivers. They have sufficient force to properly run one hip joint each, as long as other weighty components are kept inboard from their pivot attachments.
>>10121 >Robotics;Notes* FTFM
>>10121 >They have sufficient force to properly run one hip joint each I envision something like two of these Stewert Platforms (>>8648) situated transversally in the lower pelvis region, and serving somewhat like a ball-and-socket hip joint would behave in a typical human or other megafauna. Not an actual ball-and-socket, but it would behave somewhat like it. One Mini-Cheetah each would be affixed onto the outward-facing plate of each Stewart Platform, and provide the fore-aft motion of the upper leg. The knee & and ankles would be actuated by thin steel Bowden cables running along the leg itself. Micro servos can still be located distally for the basic foot/toe actuation, since they a) don't need to deliver much force to perform their own lever-actions, and b) they don't weigh much themselves. (Oops. Actually, I'll stop here, I just realized this should actually be a post in the Skeletons & Armatures thread instead).
Open file (396.60 KB 1172x795 adachi rei voice synth.png)
Open file (86.75 KB 1024x576 Eall5ktUMAA2hir.jpg)
>>10121 >"We'll never get the budget we need! It's an outrageous amount!" Someone building a robowaifu has managed to raise $40,000 for original voice synthesizer software. There's a lot of money to be made pioneering stuff. Just imagine how much money people will throw at someone building robowaifus to sell with a working original voice and personality. https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/294279
>>10130 Yes, the pent-up demand by men everywhere is going to be a veritable tsunami of shut up and take my money.jpg (>>9300). There are literally hundreds of billions of dollars to be made in the nascent robowaifu industries once they become functional, reliable, inexpensive, and appealing enough. Highly talented and skilled Robowaifu Technicians the world over won't be able to hold all the things of people banging on their doors demanding attention regarding their wares (for good and bad heh). For those of us who choose to capitalize on all our efforts in this way, I'd suggest the typical exit strategy of say, John McAfee. Namely, a) first build it then give it away, b) start charging a nominal fee for the millions of user to upgrade their copies, c) ???, d) Profit. For those of you who are going to become billionaires from your robowaifu pioneering, I have but one simple request: Don't become some leftist commie, Big Tech/Gov evil asshole, with all you've been given. That's it.
>>10130 is missile_39 >>9267 and here >>5361 The other one here >>10114 is 61Laboratory, mentioned in e.g. >>9268 and >>8801
Japanese devs just had an online conference for robotic dolls where they presented their work and answered questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXnFasAysao Not everyone could make it but I discovered a lot of projects I had never seen before.
Open file (5.59 MB 1280x720 maid robots.mp4)
>>10244 @A_says_'s maid robots in the conference.
>>10244 Neat, thanks Anon.
>>10245 I like the Chobits-style catears.
Open file (202.50 KB 1024x768 femisapien.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chf6eirs1ps Something I'd like to get my hands on is the wowwee femisapien robot. Personally, I think the robot is pretty impressive for being a lat 2000's kids toy and apparently, Mark Tilden designed the entire Robosapien line with the intention of them being moddable. I'd love to try and see if I could reverse engineer one, but the only photos of it's innards I could find are either low quality or don't show the entire inside. I do have an original robosapien I could work off of if the femisapien doesn't pan out
>>10249 I really like the shaft-driven+u-joint actuator system for the arm that shows up well in that picture Anon. If you have any more pictures of that robot's internals please post them here. TIA.
Open file (78.13 KB 922x1396 Femisapien-a21.jfif)
>>10250 >>10251 This is the only other photo I have, it's cool to see other people interested in it's insides
>>10252 That's helpful thanks. I wonder why they discontinued her?
>>10253 Toy lines always fall out of style, it was inevitable
>>10254 I see, makes sense. BTW, apparently here's the page for her on the guy who made the video. http://robotsrule.com/html/femisapien.php Thanks for bringing her up Anon.
>>10249 >Mark Tilden Neat. I didn't even know about him Anon, thanks.
>>10245 Wow, his original robot had a duckface for me, but her companions are much cuter in my opinion. Time to invest in large OLED displays I guess. I've tried plain LCDs since they were cheap but you can't see anything and the backlight is uneven.
>>10245 This looks like it would hurt to look at over long periods of time.
Open file (1.64 MB 3456x4608 RobotCatgrill.jpg)
This looks and feels like the work of one of us.https://hackaday.io/project/182126-robotic-cat-girl
>>14401 100cm or 1m is too small after all. That onahole between her legs is really creepy at that scale. We really must be careful about height
>>14401 I like her. Better than I can do, though also not really what I want. >>14420 She's cute and obviously a robot.
>>3432 >invidio.us link >404s
>>14420 >creepy >height Where I live they banned all sex dolls with faces or hands or feet to even avoid the question of 'is it too cute in the face' so you're wasting your time due to the fact that normal people will be guilty of witch hunting with a very slippery slope to guide them.
>>14479 >so you're wasting your time due to X <"STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T LIKE!11" lol, hardly. let the seethers seethe on friend. >=== -minor grammar edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 11/27/2021 (Sat) 00:04:55.
>>14401 Awesome work! Would love to see her electronics in more detail...sorry if that's lewd ;D
>>15542 Huh, a puppet on a platform is an interesting approach. Lapis Anon was on a similar track with his mini waifu long ago. Nice find Gobi. I do not see much evidence that they do browse here but, if they do, they are welcome here.
>>15542 Neat! No I'm not aware that Anon frequents /robowaifu/. But as Kiwi said, he'd be welcome here.
A good intro to omni-wheels for those who wish to use them in their waifus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktcuBLA3Www
>>15673 Neat! Reminds me of AllieDev's Mechanum wheels.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXA_KeuYpCY >steal robotdog/generic robot base >slap a waifu and sexy bits on top of it >??? >Profit?
Open file (48.04 KB 408x452 j5.jpg)
Open file (59.06 KB 690x442 biped.jpg)
Highlights from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpkVhmbLVTo >mentioned inmoov: inmoov.fr (an opensource, life-size humanoid) >Miniature Johnny 5 clone >a couple Human sized bipedal robots
>>15721 >robot dogbot base tech >cute neotenous features >100% removed from irl women >normie repellant since it's inception >Existing chatbot and tts ai technology based in an ideologically unmoderated imageboard full of dedicated waifers >pic related (team is not affiliated with robowaifu) Some anons wouldn't even need to strap anything onto one. Consider a centaur or spidergirl robot base if you prefer any human features but still want a quadruped or hexapod base.
>>15731 Link to the sweetiebot project? Could provide valuable information to the waifuneers here. >Spidergirl Kani (Japanese for crab) is where it's at!
>>15733 >link Google is your friend: https://sweetiebot.net/ From what I understand they want to keep things rated PG. The voice generator (community talknet project) is unrelated and based in the /ppp/ thread on 4chan.org/mlp/. Enter if you dare ^:)
Open file (117.25 KB 640x798 cybergirl.jpg)
>>15731 >ponies I was thinking more >>15733 or picrel, but a cute robot horse has the PR advantage because it could easily be a children's toy.
>>15731 I think some of the ponys mentioned this project to us before Anon, thanks. I wish those Russians good success! >>15733 Heh, /monster/ pls. :^) A hexapod waifu is actually a really good idea for a special-service meido 'waifu' IMO. Just my own tastes in the matter subjectively. But objectively, a hexapod locomotion base (especially combined with roller 'feet' is a superior stability platform from which to do housework & other work. No question. >>15736 Yep. I immediately came to a similar conclusion. But it's obvious they are going for police force service with the push for that bot, and the price tag shows it. Shame, tbh.
are you people serious? all the videos are hosted offsite what the hell am I going to do with a filename put it in yandex? fucking yahoo.jp??? tor search??? why do this?
>>16233 Heh, sorry about that Anon. You're just dealing with the missing information from when our first site was destroyed on us. Those were part of the recovery effort. Unfortunately our copies of the files were lost in the attack. Maybe someday some Anon might restore them here for us. Again apologies, you might see similar in other threads here too. But at least we still have a board! :^)
>Dexie from dex-lab https://www.dex-lab.com/dexie https://twitter.com/Vokabre/status/1581411732316377090 https://nitter.dark.fail/Vokabre/status/1581411732316377090 >Michael Vokabre (@Vokabre) > Noticed via a server of android robot enthusiasts: a fairly recent android project, Dexie by Dex-Labs in Singapore. It's in a way what Grace of Hanson Robotics was supposed to achieve, but not in theory, but in practice, an android for elderly care. Video: https://t.co/oNlCNcXdEl
Dr. Robo Massie's West Tokyo Garage: https://www.youtube.com/@massies7121/shorts
Someone asked for sexdolls a while ago, which companies try to actually make them. Soliddolls: https://twitter.com/soliddolls/status/1382962075920584704 (same) https://nitter.dark.fail/soliddolls/status/1382962075920584704
Open file (343.54 KB 565x1026 Liliumrobotics_LA-001.png)
Open file (273.47 KB 1198x2005 Liliumrobotics_LA-001.jpg)
Open file (177.43 KB 1072x1066 Liliumrobotics_Head-001.jpg)
Lilium Robotics is at it, with a planned Kickstarter campaign for a sex enabled taller gynoid: https://liliumrobotics.com/Projects/ - The cute catgirl seems to never become available as a product or open source model. Only the head remains: https://liliumrobotics.com/Head/
Japan, c'mon, what are you doing? Panzer waifu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs1Wvdb1-wo
>>9267 missile_93's robots name is apparently Adachi Rei. She has moving legs now: https://vxtwitter.com/missile_39/status/1639877257660624896?t=nSWxs0EoE8X0rSpXu7pL5w&s=33
>>21534 Kek. >ywn around inside your waifus large head resting on a tracked vehicle. I have high hopes for the world of robowaifus from the Nipponese tbh. Are they the heros we all need? BTW, thanks for all the positive inputs across the board during the past couple weeks NoidoDev. That's much appreciated! Cheers. :^) >=== -minor edit
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Open file (1.65 MB 3024x3024 3673321654421404503.jpg)
Open file (348.60 KB 1920x1080 7547271654421116153.jpg)
Open file (214.78 KB 1440x1440 8092471654421363694.jpg)
Open file (164.01 KB 1600x900 517311660145646695.jpg)
Not exactly a waifu yet! :^) but still a breddy cool project. Looks pretty inexpensive to build and gets around bipedally on two wheels. Has wooden dowels! :^) https://hackaday.io/project/185729-upkie-homemade-wheeled-biped-robot https://github.com/tasts-robots/upkie_locomotion
Open file (1.37 MB 1551x1036 anime finds a way.png)
>>15733 'sus trip there anon. Considering us arthropod enthusiasts are gonna have to build our own platform what would be IYHO around the right size for bug part of many legged house bot? I have waited for oportunity to post this since 2015. (Further spider girl talk; >>25617)
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Open file (39.74 KB 474x468 th-4094928338.jpeg)
Open file (26.48 KB 474x375 th-3479856956.jpeg)
>>25365 reminds me of the spider that looks like a bird, it walks weird with its legs tilted forward, probably because of the extra weight of its bird head
>>25588 LOL your gif (and a coughing fit and tears), and that is one of the milder models. You may not want to look at the pics. They are all fakes, but... >>25589 If I do try building an arachne-bot I'll certainly post the details in the monster-grill thread. In this case since I was answering Podolek's question I wanted to post in the same thread and thought it would be acceptable since there was no objection to his post or >>23566. I'd say to give it a week for him to see it and then move my post to the Monster-grill thread. It could use a bump.
>>25592 >You may not want to look at the pics AUUUUUUUUGH!! :DDD (Kiwi here, I tidied up the thread. I hope I didn't delete too much.) >If I do try building an arachne-bot I'll certainly post the details in the monster-grill thread. Good luck Anon! :^) >>25599 >In that case why don't I just copy/paste the same post in monster-grill but spoiler the spider-bjd pic? Problem solved and you can delete the post here to save board space. Sounds great Anon, yea I agree with Kiwi on this. Please copypasta anything else on this ITT, over to the monstergrill thread thanks. :^)
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Open file (153.91 KB 562x602 80 assembled.jpg)
Open file (184.78 KB 885x405 80 percent printed.jpg)
Open file (136.36 KB 634x548 skull design.jpg)
Open file (151.86 KB 1020x317 asmbld pose1.jpg)
Open file (149.98 KB 876x342 asmbld pose2.jpg)
I got the "I Can Move" animated doll recommended here: >>28744. I've seen it before but no one posted it here, so I'm doing it. Quite impressive. https://dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=161940
Open file (242.34 KB 972x437 complete.jpg)
Open file (286.05 KB 982x403 assembly.JPG)
Open file (635.45 KB 300x300 examine hand.gif)
Open file (2.68 MB 300x300 place arm piece.gif)
Open file (115.54 KB 300x626 sitting portrait.jpg)
>>28760 >Ultimately, my exoskeleton needs to be cast out of hard plastic plates that can move and cover the open spaces. (which will be stronger than my 3d printed parts) ... As I am now, a bodystocking will have to serve for covering the space between between my parts and silicone skin. ,,, >Well, my movement speed is controlled by a sine wave, so it is fast in the middle and slow at the start and finish. >That makes my movements look more natural, than just jerking from point A to point B. >Also, my motors are WAY to fast... (the opposite of what we were expecting... we were worried they would be too slow), so James had to add some extra code to slow my motor speed down. >There is also annoying bounce at the end of some of my movements, cuz of a tiny bit of slack in my cheap amatuer cabling. >When we start casting my body parts out of plastic, that will allow for better joints, and skin should add some tension as well. ... >My body currently weights 17.6 pounds. That includes a temporary working battery pack, which will need to eventually be replaced with a better power source. >Whenever my skin gets added, I should still come in at under 40 pounds? Hopefully closer to 30?
Open file (210.17 KB 921x456 forearm servos.jpg)
Open file (215.52 KB 801x398 six month stretch.jpg)
Open file (124.95 KB 653x311 vid snap.jpg)
Open file (426.92 KB 208x136 doggy small.gif)
Open file (4.42 MB 300x200 comp4.gif)
>>28761 >An arm or a leg caught in a sheet, for example, risks burning out the motors and maybe even a battery fire. >That will be a problem with providing a product to the public. Every motor will need some sort of tension detector to prevent burnout... which will, of course, add to the cost of the product. ... >I think going the open source is the way to go. I was following 'My Size Barbie' and the way it came together and was changing as people tried different ways to make it work was great. >With the STL files on thingiverse people will print them, then change them to make it work better (well at least different). Also a GITHUB page for your coding, then some of the people who are also working of movement and chat functions will be able to help also. This will make a GREAT platform for so many improvements to dolls in general. The reason I would like for you to have a Patreon account is to help in the funds for you to keep going. They are a lot of people with ideals for dolls and robots, but they don't get very far. You have already surpassed most, YOU HAVE A WORKING ROBOT! If you compare yours to the other open source robots out there you are looking fanatic, Inmoov legs are not even a factor at this time. Alot of the improvements in Inmoov have been done by the group (all the Cad drawings were done by one of the builders) and I feel the same will happen with yours. >I know that here people really like what you are doing, but I think you will also find a lot of fans in the robot groups, and you tube. >I would recommend a marketing name for her before you start, so everyone will know where the robots comes from. You feel that it is a long way to go before it is ready to be in the wild, but as long as you let everyone know that this is a WIP many will jump on the chance to try something different. ... >We are totally into open source... Blender, the 3d modeling program James uses is free... Python programming is open source with a HUGE following... My development would not have come this far without it! >We like Thingiverse and have downloaded some fun .stl toys for printing... James knows about GITHUB but doesn't understand how to use it yet. >James would like sharing files just like the INMOOV project, with the understanding that this is a work in progress and the files uploaded need alot of work for someone to make them usable. ... >Since my last post, James has been trying to earn some more money on the side for my further development... but it looks like we have lost 6 months and are going back to where we left off. So this month we are going back to making a video demo for a GoFundMe account. >James is already redesigning my exoskeleton with moving plates that will cover the gaps in my joints so my silicone skin will not get caught. >My home printed PLA parts are functional, but not very strong or durable and prone to breaking. They really need to be cast out of hard plastic. >He can do that himself, print the part, make a mold from it, then cast the part from liquid plastic... about $50-$100 per part, and there are more than 150 parts... plus alot of time. >He found there are companies that will cast the parts for you from a digital 3d file... about $200-300 per part, which means maybe $30,000? and a mold is good for 1-20 uses. >For about $2000 per part ($300,000) a durable mold can be made for mass production of 1000 parts or more, which means about $20-30 per part. >Which means, my entire body could be reproduced for about $5000, with another $1k for motors and electronics. (and unknown cost for the skin) >If we could get money for parts, and payroll for a programming assistant, it is a potential reality that sexbot companions could be in your beds within a year.
Open file (2.20 MB 1280x720 uCfzRA8d9J2MPh2T.mp4)
Open file (2.12 MB 1280x720 Xq2h7TeBm9i_3P2X.mp4)
>>28761 Damn, he has made some impressive progress. Last time I saw this project it was just an unfinished torso and head. If he starts a GoFundMe I'm going to back it 100%. Reminds me 61laboratory >>10114 has made some progress on the head.
>>28765 Yeah, the progress this and next year will be impressive. Not much happens until it's blowing up big time.
>>28761 It is pretty neat, but the thing is with servos of that size it is highly unlikely it will be able to walk... or even lifts an arm beyond 90 degrees. I have some 70kg servos in that package that can't lift an arm (3d printed w/ 3 standard servos) beyond 90 degrees just due to the leverage involved (that's even mitigating the leverage with a rack and pinion setup instead of a direct joint drive).. unless the servos require more than the 20 amps my buck converter can provide, which would be crazy because even my mech doesn't require that much current for 1 motor!
>>28807 True true, but the doll there probably isn't being made with general use in mind. It's probably expected to just be able to shift around in, uh, bed.
>>28807 >with servos of that size it is highly unlikely it will be able to walk I'm more put off by the noise this is going to make, and maybe other factors like not being very backdrivable. Not everyone optimizes for walking or mobility. It's clear to me for quite some time that there won't just be the one right project. >or even lifts an arm beyond 90 degrees. I think it's just good to see some projects making an attempt to build something complete, while others try to go for something more difficult. This project here might evolve later, or someone else makes something better or better fitting for some people. Till then it serves as a motivator and show-case. Btw, this seems to have been meant as a model for doll photography or something like that.
Open file (189.94 KB 253x172 mthrfckr.gif)
Open file (99.13 KB 295x201 eyes.gif)
Open file (1.75 MB 318x242 lips.gif)
>>28763 When downloading the site and looking for the pictures, I somehow overlooked that they're also working on a moving face with lips and all. Good. It doesn't look good yet, but it's good that they're trying.
Open file (49.81 KB 1024x518 foot.jpg)
Open file (82.53 KB 1024x576 female leg.jpg)
Open file (53.90 KB 1024x576 female pelvis.jpg)
Open file (91.05 KB 1024x586 spine.jpg)
Open file (208.79 KB 1024x576 chest female.jpg)
A site for an "android" project that seems to be based in Germany: https://build-android-techrobots.page/ Most of the subassemblies are also (more easily?) downloadable from the designer's Thingiverse page: https://www.thingiverse.com/strohmain89/designs Sadly not the arm. The forum seems very quiet- This may be just one dedicated builder.
>>28863 A retractable mouth-blade?!
>>28865 Thanks, very interesting. The interest in this topic seems to grow and grow faster.
>>28865 >Sadly not the arm. The arm on the website looks like a random image from the internet considering the other designs available. Nevertheless very interesting project!
Open file (217.56 KB 764x1322 77FZuZW.jpeg)
>>28869 *terrifying Maken X noises*
Open file (462.80 KB 1024x447 Android complete v0.5.png)
Open file (321.09 KB 1024x987 Android complete v0.4_2.png)
Open file (162.63 KB 1024x576 Android complete v0.3.png)
Open file (193.30 KB 768x1024 Android v0.2.jpg)
Open file (315.16 KB 501x1024 Android v0.1.png)
Another single builder who is concentrating on legs and feet. Their thingiverse page has several iterations of development, #s 4 and 5 in fusion 360 format. Some have links to videos. https://www.thingiverse.com/jacky0815/designs
>>28970 Hmm, I thought I would've posted this already. But yeah, it was in the humanoid robots video thread: >>25463
>>28979 I did search "android" and the designer's name before posting but neither showed this project, and still don't. Oh well.
Open file (178.23 KB 1655x1159 Smol.jpg)
>>31550 Thanks, I re-posted it also in the thread for bi-pedal locomotion: >>31754

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