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Anonymous 02/18/2020 (Tue) 03:28:30 No.1721 [Reply]
What's a fun interactive thing I can do with a VPS? I don't want to use it for a Tor exit node because that's not interactive and I don't want to use it for an imageboard either because that's gay. I was thinking as a site where people can just dump a message. Like a text board but without post numbers and stuff.
Run a dynamic web server (node, django, php, jsp, asp, whatever) and allow file uploads. Imagine the fun! Make sure the server stays up to date and prevent the most obvious exploits like system calls, uploading outside the site folder and .htaccess files that redirect everything to CP. Basically run metasploit against your own server and check if it's all good.

Open file (689.16 KB 1200x1324 icup2.png)
/icup/ team Anonymous 02/18/2020 (Tue) 00:06:44 No.1717 [Reply]
We may be an uncultured dead board with only 5 users (all me), but I'll be damned if we can't generate a bunch of characters to compete in the >>>/icup/ . The most prominent (only) game in the icup is watching the AI of Pro Evolution Soccer '17 play against itself. Our job is to provide 22 players (half of them on the bench), team colors, an anthem, a logo and tactical settings for the AI. Players can range from Stallman to NoScript to how2anonymous, while the anthem can be anywhere from Don't copy that floppy to the theme of Mr Robot.
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>>1719 >no Terry A. Davis, the godsend /tech/ messenger 0/10 put niggercattle in the list you quadruple nigger.
He ded bro. I propose IE11, Edge Legacy, Edge Chromium as candidates.
>theme >choosing anything but the free software song https://invidio.us/watch?v=xSkCny-HtTw
I suggest Tux.
Seconding Tux. For team captain. Also Suzanne because she's my favourite in super tux kart and the mascot of the basedest FLOSS program. >>1722 This is neither 4chinz nor kiwiforums. Even that "meta-machine code" autist gets more attention.

Open file (11.11 KB 336x441 The Thinker.jpg)
Anonymous 08/29/2019 (Thu) 02:40:44 No.49 [Reply] [Last]
Why did 8chan's technology board not have a bunker?
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>>1708 >no argument >fuck off Please fuck up another place, jewcucked slave. >inb4 pedo bad cause it's rape Not necessary. It's only because of the (((lawmaker))) definitions. Pedo doesn't imply the act being forced.
>>1712 kys pedo
>>1713 >getting defensive Why do all of you the act the fucking same way? >>argue for pedo >waa he is a pedo >better lynch him now Take a look at what you did. Ask yourself, why?
>>1714 Nobody cares about what kind of mental gymnastic ur practicing. Sad, pathetic and delusional
>>1715 You do. Why don't you tell us where he touched you?

Open file (207.97 KB 1920x1160 ssw-mystery.png)
Open file (78.83 KB 703x524 quantum_slide.png)
Open file (509.42 KB 1024x768 selectors-1024x768.png)
Botnet discussion thread Anonymous 11/18/2019 (Mon) 21:40:14 No.753 [Reply]
Discuss Botnets/new vulns/HW/%other and how to best avoid the paranoid ((overlords)) harvesting info and relevancies here.

Reminder if you still use Winblows you are a part of the cattle botnet with 0 freedom. Even if you HAVE TO use it, preferably use it as a shell system with nothing, with a good distro on other screen. There's no good reason to use this trash. There is also no good reason to let them do static data collection and illegally violate your privacy.
Open file (210.87 KB 768x768 1534420093137.png)
Open file (282.89 KB 768x768 1534420193639.png)
>>>/v/16099 >otter browser extensions You realize why that is? >That board is cancer, though. I use nanochan for "quality" /g/ discussions, but it's been kind of dead lately. You're right, so this will be my final derail post, but I really wanted to help that anon out There's a simpler way to do that and stay on topic >>>/externally/citing Discussions shouldn't be where you discuss, but what else can you contribute to a discussion. I didn't mind you recommend him a ”better“ browser, but you can do that while asking him to read your recommendation on a proper board and thread. >what to think about P2P stuff Phones and computers today are so powerful, you can build an entire network in p2p, and killfile whatever you don't want, like child porn. Most p2p have regex filters you can use to remove from your list of unwanted and ”illegal“ content. >I apologize for double posting the same image as >>>/v/13823 in >>>/v/16025. I haven't noticed. It's fine, I don't mind your autism, it's why julay was created in the first place. It's just nobody wants to know what W3C piece of DRM you use on a fighting games thread on a board about video games. >>>/v/16101 YaCY + searx engines, or any web crawler. Plenty of web crawling software around.
>>1663 >You realize why that is? Yes, I do. I just wanted to point that out for that anon. Add-ons were, are and will always be a big part of the web browser itself, for me at least. >There's a simpler way to do that and stay on topic >>>/externally/citing >Discussions shouldn't be where you discuss, but what else can you contribute to a discussion. >I didn't mind you recommend him a ”better“ browser, but you can do that while asking him to read your recommendation on a proper board and thread. Noted, won't happen again. /v/'s quality is already pretty bad, so no real reason to shit it up even more. >Most p2p have regex filters you can use to remove from your list of unwanted and ”illegal“ content. I'll research that out. >It's fine, I don't mind your autism, it's why julay was created in the first place. Thank you for understanding it.
>>1667 So long as you create the wonderful addons you and that other anon cherish, I see nothing wrong in your attempt. /v/'s quality is an improvement from 5 months ago, trust me, I was here since /baph/. getsession is the new improved OMEMO client that doesn't require servers. I should try it out, but my burners haven't gotten here. Feel free to use this board as you please. I laughed too hard last time I scrapped nanochan. –/os/ I've personally moved on from http-web, it's too cancerous. I only use otter and aria2 for my needs.

Anonymous 02/04/2020 (Tue) 02:37:44 No.1478 [Reply]
Does anyone know how to wholly replace a syslinux boot with grub2? I'm trying to load some squashfs read only live usbs but I need grub so I can pass some grub commands before the kernel loads. syslinux is A SHIT and there are no useful modules like in grub. The live images have the kernel separate from the system rootfs, and I have no problem targeting the kernel in grub, and the initrd seems useless from what I could see from the init script in it, like I could just pass flags to the kernel directly instead of fucking around with a bunch of useless if statement busybox bullshit. I managed to get it to work for one system, with no initrd and everything, but I can't reproduce it in a second system. Why is everything a fucking script and all the real commands undocumented. Anyway, I've been working at it for ages and tomorrow I'll just try the hail mary of passing grub-install to a drive with the live image written and see if it overwrites the syslinux bullshit, but I was hoping anons here might have a better idea. Also, what are the odds of getting a working system from source off github? I've never done a custom build, but I need to because I want to include some legacy drivers as well as grub. Everything seems to be automagically made with bootroot and docker but it doesn't really tell me how to build a custom version. for clarity, I have no problem getting to grub and booting the efi files, but the kernel can't find the squashfs root even though I pass the flags, so something's fucking up in my /boot/grub/grub.cfg, and yes I'm writing it by hand because I'm autistic like that.
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this is now the Does anyone know? thread Does anyone know how I would go about pairing a hidden bluetooth device to my computer? for some dumb reason certain bootleg console controllers hide themselves from everything other than the console, not even official controllers seem to do this
>>1480 I'm trying to boot a kernel which uses a squashfs filesystem. I succeeded by just passing the right kernel arguments by hand in grub but there were various issues like certain kernels didn't work unless they were specifically passed partition labels as opposed to /dev/sdXX or UUIDs. Effectively I'm trying to do something which is further than my competency, but if it was properly documented there wouldn't be an issue. I've been around long enough to know that almost any system has a dozen or half dozen undocumented bugs that the community is aware of, but the assholes never bother to mention it unless directly asked, and sometimes not even then.
>>1520 both grub efi and grub legacy setup are very different to each other. Make sure you don't mix up between these two setup.
>>1521 I'm using EFI exclusively, and it looks like the syslinux install uses some weird cut-down version of grub anyway, but it just didn't have the modules. I've got it sorted out now, but it was a pain figuring out which kernel parameters to pass. Things really aren't fully documented, lots of switches and kernel options that are never mentioned at GNU or anywhere else.
>>1481 I'm not sure if anyone has a bluetooth sniffer but it's probably as simple as directly targeting the MAC address. >hcitool - This utility can be used for command-line scanning and obtaining the ever-important MAC address when connecting with other tools. >gatttool - Included with the Bluez library, this is a great tool for honing in on specific values of a General Attribute, or GATT characteristic as defined in the Bluetooth specification. >ubertooth-btle - Included with the Ubertooth software; out of all of the Bluetooth tools, this one will be used quite a lot. While hopping and chasing through the Bluetooth spectrum, you’ll occasionally get a complete chunk of Bluetooth traffic while sniffing with this utility. Don’t let the BTLE part of this fool you - all pairing takes place in Bluetooth 4.x in the low energy realm, so if nothing else, this is a great way to get a sniffer trace of the pairing process. Just be prepared for multiple tries and some patience, and when completed, you will have a nice pcap-formatted output file to analyze.

Open file (48.38 KB 452x631 appearance-csd.png)
Open file (123.01 KB 1024x576 gnome-clock.jpg)
Open file (56.44 KB 750x459 gnome-header-bars.jpg)
Open file (39.37 KB 382x688 panel-dark-csd.png)
Open file (26.50 KB 1226x793 parole-csd.png)
Xfce Degeneration 01/04/2020 (Sat) 13:47:34 No.1245 [Reply]
It looks like Xfce is joining the header bar retardation movement. Soon it will become another one of these touch oriented GUIs, chanting "elagant usability" while making everything less intuitive just like Gnome. Version 4.14 already possess deep PulseAudio tendrils. Version 4.12 may had been the last sane release of the old fast mouse. https://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.16/roadmap/general_ui/csd
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>>1265 >>1262 >>1260 >>1250 >>1246 Qt is a commercialized plataform, and as one, their focus is profit. Open source projects rarely have such abundance of resources to expend on a tolkit, thus making the future of said projects very uncertain. GTK devs may be retards, but at least the software is accessible. Check out the new deal from Qt: https://www.qt.io/blog/qt-offering-changes-2020
"Widgets" are for niggerlicious numales, the same kind that add "premium" sparkplugs to their cars then slap a million stickers on it. There are more redditors than us, so the market will go where they do. LXQT is disgusting bloat compared to LXDE. What a disappointment.
>>1451 QT5 now uses less ram than GTK3, hence you're wrong and gay
>>1455 GTK 3 is one of the reasons I stopped giving a shit about linux.
A new tolkit focused solely on window managers would be great.

The Joys of 2FA Anonymous 11/03/2019 (Sun) 16:01:37 No.594 [Reply]
>try to login to shithub to fork something
Hi there WE didn't recognize your device. Please give us your phone number.

>Please verify your device

Looks like shithub fully joined the list of ass cancer "services" on the internet. Well played microsoft it took just 1 year.
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As I said, this has to be a shitpost, don't tell me that CoCHub is now pulling this BS to datamine my ass.
>>594 >Using microshaft services While I'm not shocked that they now require you to dox yourself, I am surprised at how quickly they managed to ruin github with their shit. Move all your work to gitlab like you should've ages ago OP. The biggest issue with all this is that Github has become a kind of faceberg for programmers so it is unlikely that most people will drop the platform. Oh, and most devs don't even care about these types of issues in the first place, I often forget we are a minority of a minority.
>>1243 >require you to dox yourself Wrong You can make an account without any identity, like it's always been. For using the rest of the features you only need to confirm an email address, like it's always been. And for logging in to an account from another computer you only need to confirm an email, like it's always been. If you were dumb enough to add a phone number that's on you. You and OP are either trolling faggots or niggerlicious faggots. Of course MS is datamining the fuck out of shithub, but they don't care if you've given them your real name and credit card details. They want to know with whom you collaborate, what languages/libraries you use, how popular your repos are etc etc to find out if you're a good hire for and emlpoyer in you're neigborhood!©. It's nice for them to have some link between your shithub and linkedin like your real name so they can put you in contact over there, but they can just as easily add personalized ads on gitbutt.
>>1249 I was speaking from ignorance as Im a gitlab user, thanks for clearing that up.
>>1249 Shitskins have no business spying on white men.

Happy international libre source day Anonymous 01/14/2020 (Tue) 06:54:50 No.1316 [Reply]
Today we celebrate software you can read, adapt, and distribute. Some good distros: >>480 Resources: https://www.fsf.org/resources/
Give me more free stuff

Open file (22.00 KB 640x225 Sirius.svg.png)
Cops locate person through Sirius satellite radio Anonymous 01/25/2020 (Sat) 18:10:35 No.1395 [Reply]
>VALLEY CENTER, Calif. (KGTV) — Using a satellite radio "ping" signal, local deputies were able to track down an attempted murder suspect at a North County casino early Saturday. >Just before 2:30 a.m. Saturday, Valley Center Sheriff's deputies were alerted to the suspect, identified as 54-year-old Steven Salas, who was wanted for attempted murder, criminal threats, and felony domestic violence. >Using information about Salas' vehicle provided by Imperial County deputies, local authorities were able to track down Salas by sending a "ping" to his Sirius satellite radio. His vehicle was then located at Harrah's Rincon Casino in Valley Center. >When deputies say they tried to make contact with Salas, he fled the casino and led deputies on a pursuit. >A spike strip was successfully deployed and Salas ended up driving back toward the casino before pulling into a nearby gas station, where he was arrested, deputies say. >No one was injured during the pursuit. >Salas has been booked into San Diego County jail on several felony charges. https://www.10news.com/news/local-news/north-county-news/deputies-ping-satellite-radio-to-track-down-attempted-murder-suspect
6 posts omitted.
I used to be that you could get free satellite radio if you played the long game. You just put your radio in some sort of faraday cage, then call and cancel your service. To save bandwidth, they would only send the kill signal for your radio for a year or so. If you kept your radio hidden long enough that they finally stopped broadcasting the kill signal, you could get out your radio and have service for free after that.
Isn't that more or less the trick for free stelitte TV ?
>>1395 >Steven Salas >Salas Coincidence?
>>1416 No, free Sattv requires having the proper keys to decrypt the content. I haven't kept up with it in many years but last I checked they'd gotten pretty good at dealing with pirates. Might be different for services other than Dish/Directv. >>1400 Depends on the GPS service. Most call home through other methods like the cell phone network or WiFi. >>1404 If your car has built in Sat Radio or something like OnStar it can be pinged remotely at any time. Services like OnStar can listen to everything being said in the car at any time. They can do the same thing with all modern cars that have built in microphones for hands free cell phone usage. Basically, anything made after the early 2000s is botnet by design. In fact, since the ECU is so tightly integrated in modern cars they can even be disabled remotely. This is often used when cars are stolen that have OnStar like services and they want to located and recover them.
>>1437 >connect onstar service to ecu inba way that can control and kill it. Very smelly, at least they cant kill your breaks right?

Setting up Protomail anonymously Anonymous 09/11/2019 (Wed) 07:08:48 No.84 [Reply]
I'm trying to set up an email account to use with my board here, but my old 8chan.co email apparently won't receive emails now. I want to go ahead and set up a Protonmail account, but in the setup process they ask you to fight 'spam' by confirming your identity with either email, SMS, or a donation. I tried several of the burner emails from guerrilla mail, but proton say these are all 'temporarily disabled, please try another'.

I certainly have no plans to give them a real email or phone number, and don't have a good way to give them a donation to help 'fight spam'. Any suggestions /tech/?
19 posts and 1 image omitted.
Services that pretend to keep your data safe from court orders sound suspiciously like honey pots.
Use a secure paid provider and aliases or self-host for business purposes to limit tracking and abandon email altogether for secure personal communication.
You can use certain free ones too, but they're often very limited regarding IMAP/POP3 and aliases, and there's a bigger chance they're scams or go bust.
Also you risk getting caught up in other people's issues like when cock.li's servers got raided by German police.
Only manually, just search for things attached to it that have any worth to you and change the address on those services.
>>964 just download your old emails using POP3, you can do it easily with Evolution or Thunderbird, and redirect all email from your old gmail address to your new email address.
>>1375 Ive heard of Thunderbird from people making vista builds. Does linking Thunderbird to gmail leak any information to google?
>>1405 >Does linking Thunderbird to gmail leak any information to google? I'm not sure what informations you are talking about, but if you consider that Gmail is literally Google's mail service, any kind of action on your Gmail account will be recorded by Google. In particular, if you redirect like >>1375 suggests, the mail will still pass through Google's servers before being sent to the new address.
>>1410 Sorry, scrap the last line, I misread what the anon was trying to say. Anyway, you are probably better off simply abandoning the account altogether.

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