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Open file (54.16 KB 649x492 h1.jpeg)
Anonymous 03/05/2020 (Thu) 13:59:42 No.1917 [Reply]
do you still visit old fashioned message boards? how many forums are thriving out there in this era of social media and discord? how much do they have left?
Open file (61.10 KB 640x640 gt.jpeg)
>>1918 I meant non-imageboards
>>1918 altright tranny fedoration.
>>1918 >9gag not sure if serious

NoScripting Anonymous 11/04/2019 (Mon) 04:15:53 No.598 [Reply]
>Go to website.
>Have noscript installed.
>Page is completely fucking blank.
>Temporarily allow some scripts.
>Fucking text of the article actually appears.
>This isn't some MSM site either. https://www.instituteforenergyresearch.org

You don't need that much javascript to where you can't even see anything on the page without it. Dear lord.
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>>904 Don't forget monetization is a huge part of this. Why use some forum out of pure goodwill when you can be generating revenue? I'm already pretty sure of this. But C net emits quite a high level of light does it not?
>>600 It's all messed up. Only mesh-networks can keep us safe.
I for one am looking forward to us descending further into cyberpunk dystopia.
>>652 any response?
Open file (90.84 KB 500x649 soon.jpeg)

Open file (8.12 KB 240x39 240px-RizonLogo.png)
IRC Anonymous 09/22/2019 (Sun) 17:25:24 No.225 [Reply]
where do you guys go to chat?
>inb4 Discord
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>>1745 4chan blocks some ranges and some IPs but if they blocked EVERY range nobody on the planet would be able to post without a 4chan Gold 10bux Pass. That said, it's like 1/1000 IPs that aren't banned on 4chan. Glowniggers, trannies and skiddies will walk through an entire service and get every IP permabanned or range blocked. It's extremely annoying and I hope the jannies fucking kill themselves. I'd MUCH rather hear from all sorts of autists who pay more attention to their real hobbies than avoiding bans. The internet has turned into a desert with all the ongoing censorship.
>>1745 Why did you defended me? I didn't asked for any form of "help". You should stop spoon feeding niggers, that use insults as their arguments.
>>1550 The wrong politics? What do you mean?
>>1811 Leftists will do whatever it takes to hurt "Nazis." Everyone to the right of Mao is a nazi btw. Check your privilege and respect their pronouns, goyim.
>>1800 >me >you Woah there nigger, there are no identities here. This is an anonymous tard-fighting club, after all.

Open file (94.23 KB 586x1080 mmc-30-in-st.png)
Meta-Machine Code Anonymous 09/25/2019 (Wed) 03:50:17 No.269 [Reply]
I had a thread on 8chan's /tech/ for this program of mine and, now that I've found this place, I may as well make one here.

Featured in the image is my Meta-Machine Code targeted at CHIP-8; on display in that is a Rule 30 program I've written in CHIP-8. This is what I consider an ideal machine code development tool that I envisioned years back and have by now breathed life into.

An assembler is a lesser tool, I believe, lacking an intimate knowledge of what it targets and being a batch tool; my MMC is interactive and asks the programmer to recall little about the machine code being used, as it will explain in suitable detail all instructions it knows of; further, as programming is accomplished through instructions bound to keys, rather than to mnemonics, it's easy to simply press keys and answer questions until one learns what the keys are bound to. Invalid instructions won't be generated; an assembler will simply fail with an error. I've more recently come to believe the tool could have pedagogical worth, as one can simply learn the tool as it's used, which isn't reasonable with an assembler and its assembler language.

Here's some articles I've written concerning this tool of mine, which will give you details and demonstrations:

The version currently available is old and out-of-date compared to what I'm using. The program is in a state where only I can really use it, for a variety of reasons. I've been wanting to write an Ada reimplementation, but I've found that the idea isn't nearly structured enough to the degree Ada requires and the Common Lisp implementation I've is a mess I've been reluctant to work on.

Simply put, Common Lisp is that language I'm most skilled with and the flexibility it provided allowed me to hang myself with tangential considerations. Wanting for a proper customization mechanism that wasn't Lisp, I thought a machine code was an appropriate mechanism to customize a machine code tool and the least arbitrary choice; as CHIP-8 lacks the power to do such a thing, however, I designed a Meta-CHIP-8 and the current implementation of the tool is a shell around this environment, with the personality of the tool being written in Meta-CHIP-8. This is, of course, a mess.

My current plan is to rewrite the Common Lisp once more in a more structured fashion and lacking Meta-CHIP-8 and I expect after that I'll have the structure necessary to translate the Common Lisp to Ada. I can still work on the primitives the Ada version needs and will use, but the overall organization of the packages and whatnot lacked the structure I thought it should have. I've also written my own terminal library in Common Lisp and this is something I've not yet published in Ada, which is another requirement down the way.

In any case, feel free to ask me any questions concerning this or other works of mine and I'll do my best to provide an answer. Now, the argument could be made this doesn't deserve a thread, but I thought this place could benefit from the activity and I'm suitably interested in it.
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>>1559 You seem to believe I was unaware of SHA-1 being unsuitable for its purpose before I implemented it; this isn't the case. Firstly, SHA-1 is still in-use. Secondly, I figured I would implement all SHA over time and SHA-1 was a good starting point. I agonized over the design of my SHA-1 in Ada and this influenced the other two implementations; further, the basic shape of the design is very suited to the later SHAs. Do you not program purely for the learning and fun of it; the implementations of the SHAs in APL are practically worthless, but good fun to write and document. >I had to stop soon because of too much braindamage. Your "ideal machine text" is called entropy encoding, except that entropy encodingis language agnostic. This ideal machine text system of mine uses words as the fixed-length unit and not characters. It's not entropy encoding, but you didn't read enough to realize this. >>1692 Common Lisp resembles historical Lisps moreso than Scheme, obviously as it was designed to be the common Lisp. I like Common Lisp, the separate function and value spaces, and I heavily use macros for my work. I don't mind writing my libraries myself. If you ask a more detailed question, I'll give a more detailed answer. On that note, I've written a Common Lisp Style Document recently; feel free to give your thoughts on this as well: http://verisimilitudes.net/2020-02-14
>>1785 I mean from a consistency and elegance point of view. Both Lisp and Scheme stem from lambda calculus but Lisp departs way further and seem to complicate the syntax uselessly (e.g. ' and quote). To someone who never touched Lisp but use Tcl and did a bit of Emacs Lisp, Lisp vs Scheme distantly looks like C++ vs C; well, if you ignore the timeline and squint your eyes really hard.
>>1804 The Lisp family doesn't truly derive from Lambda Calculus. Without venturing to get an exact quote or to doublecheck, John McCarthy didn't understand all of Church's paper and used the name lambda for some reason I don't recall. The quote shorthand exists in Scheme and Common Lisp, among others. Common Lisp isn't a Lisp which is fearful of becoming more complex to simplify itself. You may think Common Lisp is complicated, but in many cases providing what it does makes things simpler, if only because there's a standard way to achieve such things. By having a mechanism for conditional compilation through #- and #+, as an example, there need not be multiple and incompatible solutions to the problem. Providing a solution to a problem, rather than ignoring the problem's existence, is valuable. I enjoy that I can easily test my libraries and programs in multiple implementations, rather than being tied to a small number and accidentally using nonstandard code where it's avoidable.
>>1813 Then the language failed. It should give you the minimum set of tools to solve all your problems by building more tools, not the world's biggest toolbox. That's why I think Tcl's uplevel is the best thing to ever happen.
I released the reimplementation on the third anniversary of the announcement: http://verisimilitudes.net/2020-07-07 This post doesn't bump, as I'm not quite certain it's worthwhile to do so. I'll still check this thread periodically for replies, however, so feel free to prove me wrong.

Open file (3.83 KB 269x269 image.jpg)
New Systemd Logo Anonymous 10/31/2019 (Thu) 13:33:48 No.582 [Reply]
What do you guys think?
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it means "stop, back to init.d"
Open file (13.04 KB 256x256 systemdicc.png)
much better :^)
benis in vagina :DDDD
>[*<] lolkillbox
The circle symbol is because it lets the NSA record every word you type into the keyboard, and the triangle symbol is because it crashes and forces a restart on a whim.

Anonymous 02/18/2020 (Tue) 03:28:30 No.1721 [Reply]
What's a fun interactive thing I can do with a VPS? I don't want to use it for a Tor exit node because that's not interactive and I don't want to use it for an imageboard either because that's gay. I was thinking as a site where people can just dump a message. Like a text board but without post numbers and stuff.
Run a dynamic web server (node, django, php, jsp, asp, whatever) and allow file uploads. Imagine the fun! Make sure the server stays up to date and prevent the most obvious exploits like system calls, uploading outside the site folder and .htaccess files that redirect everything to CP. Basically run metasploit against your own server and check if it's all good.

Open file (689.16 KB 1200x1324 icup2.png)
/icup/ team Anonymous 02/18/2020 (Tue) 00:06:44 No.1717 [Reply]
We may be an uncultured dead board with only 5 users (all me), but I'll be damned if we can't generate a bunch of characters to compete in the >>>/icup/ . The most prominent (only) game in the icup is watching the AI of Pro Evolution Soccer '17 play against itself. Our job is to provide 22 players (half of them on the bench), team colors, an anthem, a logo and tactical settings for the AI. Players can range from Stallman to NoScript to how2anonymous, while the anthem can be anywhere from Don't copy that floppy to the theme of Mr Robot.
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>>1719 >no Terry A. Davis, the godsend /tech/ messenger 0/10 put niggercattle in the list you quadruple nigger.
He ded bro. I propose IE11, Edge Legacy, Edge Chromium as candidates.
>theme >choosing anything but the free software song https://invidio.us/watch?v=xSkCny-HtTw
I suggest Tux.
Seconding Tux. For team captain. Also Suzanne because she's my favourite in super tux kart and the mascot of the basedest FLOSS program. >>1722 This is neither 4chinz nor kiwiforums. Even that "meta-machine code" autist gets more attention.

Open file (11.11 KB 336x441 The Thinker.jpg)
Anonymous 08/29/2019 (Thu) 02:40:44 No.49 [Reply] [Last]
Why did 8chan's technology board not have a bunker?
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>>1708 >no argument >fuck off Please fuck up another place, jewcucked slave. >inb4 pedo bad cause it's rape Not necessary. It's only because of the (((lawmaker))) definitions. Pedo doesn't imply the act being forced.
>>1712 kys pedo
>>1713 >getting defensive Why do all of you the act the fucking same way? >>argue for pedo >waa he is a pedo >better lynch him now Take a look at what you did. Ask yourself, why?
>>1714 Nobody cares about what kind of mental gymnastic ur practicing. Sad, pathetic and delusional
>>1715 You do. Why don't you tell us where he touched you?

Open file (207.97 KB 1920x1160 ssw-mystery.png)
Open file (78.83 KB 703x524 quantum_slide.png)
Open file (509.42 KB 1024x768 selectors-1024x768.png)
Botnet discussion thread Anonymous 11/18/2019 (Mon) 21:40:14 No.753 [Reply]
Discuss Botnets/new vulns/HW/%other and how to best avoid the paranoid ((overlords)) harvesting info and relevancies here.

Reminder if you still use Winblows you are a part of the cattle botnet with 0 freedom. Even if you HAVE TO use it, preferably use it as a shell system with nothing, with a good distro on other screen. There's no good reason to use this trash. There is also no good reason to let them do static data collection and illegally violate your privacy.
Open file (210.87 KB 768x768 1534420093137.png)
Open file (282.89 KB 768x768 1534420193639.png)
>>>/v/16099 >otter browser extensions You realize why that is? >That board is cancer, though. I use nanochan for "quality" /g/ discussions, but it's been kind of dead lately. You're right, so this will be my final derail post, but I really wanted to help that anon out There's a simpler way to do that and stay on topic >>>/externally/citing Discussions shouldn't be where you discuss, but what else can you contribute to a discussion. I didn't mind you recommend him a ”better“ browser, but you can do that while asking him to read your recommendation on a proper board and thread. >what to think about P2P stuff Phones and computers today are so powerful, you can build an entire network in p2p, and killfile whatever you don't want, like child porn. Most p2p have regex filters you can use to remove from your list of unwanted and ”illegal“ content. >I apologize for double posting the same image as >>>/v/13823 in >>>/v/16025. I haven't noticed. It's fine, I don't mind your autism, it's why julay was created in the first place. It's just nobody wants to know what W3C piece of DRM you use on a fighting games thread on a board about video games. >>>/v/16101 YaCY + searx engines, or any web crawler. Plenty of web crawling software around.
>>1663 >You realize why that is? Yes, I do. I just wanted to point that out for that anon. Add-ons were, are and will always be a big part of the web browser itself, for me at least. >There's a simpler way to do that and stay on topic >>>/externally/citing >Discussions shouldn't be where you discuss, but what else can you contribute to a discussion. >I didn't mind you recommend him a ”better“ browser, but you can do that while asking him to read your recommendation on a proper board and thread. Noted, won't happen again. /v/'s quality is already pretty bad, so no real reason to shit it up even more. >Most p2p have regex filters you can use to remove from your list of unwanted and ”illegal“ content. I'll research that out. >It's fine, I don't mind your autism, it's why julay was created in the first place. Thank you for understanding it.
>>1667 So long as you create the wonderful addons you and that other anon cherish, I see nothing wrong in your attempt. /v/'s quality is an improvement from 5 months ago, trust me, I was here since /baph/. getsession is the new improved OMEMO client that doesn't require servers. I should try it out, but my burners haven't gotten here. Feel free to use this board as you please. I laughed too hard last time I scrapped nanochan. –/os/ I've personally moved on from http-web, it's too cancerous. I only use otter and aria2 for my needs.

Anonymous 02/04/2020 (Tue) 02:37:44 No.1478 [Reply]
Does anyone know how to wholly replace a syslinux boot with grub2? I'm trying to load some squashfs read only live usbs but I need grub so I can pass some grub commands before the kernel loads. syslinux is A SHIT and there are no useful modules like in grub. The live images have the kernel separate from the system rootfs, and I have no problem targeting the kernel in grub, and the initrd seems useless from what I could see from the init script in it, like I could just pass flags to the kernel directly instead of fucking around with a bunch of useless if statement busybox bullshit. I managed to get it to work for one system, with no initrd and everything, but I can't reproduce it in a second system. Why is everything a fucking script and all the real commands undocumented. Anyway, I've been working at it for ages and tomorrow I'll just try the hail mary of passing grub-install to a drive with the live image written and see if it overwrites the syslinux bullshit, but I was hoping anons here might have a better idea. Also, what are the odds of getting a working system from source off github? I've never done a custom build, but I need to because I want to include some legacy drivers as well as grub. Everything seems to be automagically made with bootroot and docker but it doesn't really tell me how to build a custom version. for clarity, I have no problem getting to grub and booting the efi files, but the kernel can't find the squashfs root even though I pass the flags, so something's fucking up in my /boot/grub/grub.cfg, and yes I'm writing it by hand because I'm autistic like that.
1 post omitted.
this is now the Does anyone know? thread Does anyone know how I would go about pairing a hidden bluetooth device to my computer? for some dumb reason certain bootleg console controllers hide themselves from everything other than the console, not even official controllers seem to do this
>>1480 I'm trying to boot a kernel which uses a squashfs filesystem. I succeeded by just passing the right kernel arguments by hand in grub but there were various issues like certain kernels didn't work unless they were specifically passed partition labels as opposed to /dev/sdXX or UUIDs. Effectively I'm trying to do something which is further than my competency, but if it was properly documented there wouldn't be an issue. I've been around long enough to know that almost any system has a dozen or half dozen undocumented bugs that the community is aware of, but the assholes never bother to mention it unless directly asked, and sometimes not even then.
>>1520 both grub efi and grub legacy setup are very different to each other. Make sure you don't mix up between these two setup.
>>1521 I'm using EFI exclusively, and it looks like the syslinux install uses some weird cut-down version of grub anyway, but it just didn't have the modules. I've got it sorted out now, but it was a pain figuring out which kernel parameters to pass. Things really aren't fully documented, lots of switches and kernel options that are never mentioned at GNU or anywhere else.
>>1481 I'm not sure if anyone has a bluetooth sniffer but it's probably as simple as directly targeting the MAC address. >hcitool - This utility can be used for command-line scanning and obtaining the ever-important MAC address when connecting with other tools. >gatttool - Included with the Bluez library, this is a great tool for honing in on specific values of a General Attribute, or GATT characteristic as defined in the Bluetooth specification. >ubertooth-btle - Included with the Ubertooth software; out of all of the Bluetooth tools, this one will be used quite a lot. While hopping and chasing through the Bluetooth spectrum, you’ll occasionally get a complete chunk of Bluetooth traffic while sniffing with this utility. Don’t let the BTLE part of this fool you - all pairing takes place in Bluetooth 4.x in the low energy realm, so if nothing else, this is a great way to get a sniffer trace of the pairing process. Just be prepared for multiple tries and some patience, and when completed, you will have a nice pcap-formatted output file to analyze.

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