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Open file (122.08 KB 474x474 ClipboardImage.png)
IRL Opsec Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 06:17:59 No.728 [Reply]
With the glow niggers covering the globe with camera's capable of facial recognition, I'd like a thread dedicated to avoiding detection from these devices. I was reading about certain shirts with patterns on them that confuse AI for starters, but I can't find much information on it. Also I've never been one to wear hats or glasses, but I'm considering getting a pair to avoid facial recognition. Does this work and is it good opsec? Any other IRL related tech opsec discussion is welcome.
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You literally can't escape facial recognition at 2020, it is simply impossible.
>>2490 >t. gaslight glowstick
How do you avoid being tracked from camera to camera? There are so many cameras that you can just follow someone until you see where they live.
>>2471 Some people have gotten pretty creative with their homemade PPE, I'm pretty sure I saw a luchador at the grocery store yesterday.
Open file (934.62 KB 1920x1920 sage2.jpg)
>>2629 > I fucked up my sage just end me

Open file (515.66 KB 2000x1100 models.png)
Urbit Anonymous 04/10/2020 (Fri) 18:04:51 No.2529 [Reply]
What do you think of Urbit? Is it just another hipster P2P/decentralization meme project? Moldbug wouldn't waste his time on that would he? Does anyone have one? What have you done with it?
>>2529 Before you do your data mining, why don't you state your opinion first?
Whatever it is, you need it accessible from a web-browser so you can bypass walled gardens for all devices and get plebs to use it. If every smart device that exists can run the service, then whatever you're doing becomes a needle in a haystack of needles.
Everything you could do with Urbit you already can do with other more reliable and better documented tech. Also the "consistent identity" crap together with the anti-democracy stuff their investors are spewing makes me feel uneasy.
Completely niggerlicious lolbertarian autism.

Pale Meme: the new alt-right symbol? Anonymous 04/04/2020 (Sat) 21:02:02 No.2387 [Reply]
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>>2528 Last time i used qute was a long time ago. I thought this would've been a fork, didn't think qute had plugins...
Meanwhile https://www.ghacks.net/2020/04/09/mozilla-installs-scheduled-telemetry-task-on-windows-with-firefox-75/
>>2544 >you should use furryfox because firefox is also shit >don't talk about the fact that we disable add-ons we don't like Why would I want a furry deciding what software I can use when I don't even trust the trannys he gets his code from? >>2540 >using a GUI Give me one reason why I should switch from Vimb you can't
>>2545 tree style tabs
>pale meme is alt-right now Man, shitlibs must be running out of things to scare themselves with.

IT IS HAPPENING Anonymous 04/12/2020 (Sun) 05:11:55 No.2547 [Reply]
openbsd.org is down wikipedia is down but en.wikipedia.org is up search anything and it will timeout joke aside, anyone know what is going on?
Easter weekend downtime/maintenance? People are on vacation or fixing things?
3 days of darkness...

Automation AI revolution is here Anonymous 03/15/2020 (Sun) 04:04:30 No.2047 [Reply]
>Virus spreading rapidly killing people >China has been running their factories for weeks while their population is locked in their apartments They're killing us off and replacing us with robots aren't they?
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>>2118 >robotics salaries crater >slaves still defend global capital m-maybe my kids will be oligarchs *cough*
>>2055 >so the CCP can then make a power consumption GDP chart that shows China growing larger. <all of it is just empty boasting Are the chinks capable of anything of any substance?
>>2183 it will obviously be the other way around, actually.
Honestly, as a neet, i welcome our new automation overlords.

Project Thread Anonymous 11/05/2019 (Tue) 07:26:28 No.610 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: Post cool your (or other anon's) Projects here
Rules: Drop links to the repos and community chat/forum, and add a description as to what it does

Here, I will start.
https://hydrusnetwork.github.io/hydrus/ and https://github.com/hydrusnetwork/hydrus (repo)
https://github.com/CuddleBear92/Hydrus-Presets-and-Scripts (scripts to scraping websites)
https://gitgud.io/hydrus and https://gitgud.io/groups/hydrus/-/shared (add-ons and such)
https://github.com/mserajnik/hyve and https://github.com/floogulinc/hydrus-web (webUI)
https://github.com/git4unrealnondev/Hydrus-App (mobile app that is an original)
https://github.com/glael/nori-with-hydrus (mobile app adopted from a dead project)
https://github.com/git4unrealnondev/Hydrus-Updater (updater for linux and Mac)

What does it do?
1. Download images and files with tags from imageboads, boorus, art galleries, blogs and other sites
(Everything from ExHentai to YiffParty are covered, if you want more coverage just ask)
2. Sort images and files using tags, with a whole publicly shared tag database (PTR) for booru-tier collabs
3. Using IPFS to share images and files peer-to-peer style (because Torrents sucks and Zeronet a honeypot)

https://discord.gg/vy8CUB4 (yes the dev uses discord due to popular demand)
https://endchan.net/hydrus/ (because some anons don't use Discord, and Odili reached out)
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>>1798 Use their API. Plenty open source scrappers online
OC encouraged. Here is my idea: >Flyback transformer to produce high voltage >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulsed_inductive_thruster to shoot it out >Plasma gun/sword done depending on plasma velocity
Edited last time by NULL_1 on 04/09/2020 (Thu) 22:20:30.

ACM Library is free for a few months Anonymous 04/07/2020 (Tue) 15:12:28 No.2455 [Reply]
https://dl.acm.org/ Plenty of things worth reading on here as a supplement to books you should've gotten off libgen already. Beats picking through a poorly sorted torrent if you ask me.
>>2455 Well, that's a big surprise. Maybe LibGen is having a solid impact against publishing prisons after all. I've been a member of SIGGRAPH on and off again since school. Neat, thanks for the tip anon!
>>2470 All we need is for Sci-Hub to download them all and cache it.
>>2489 I'm wouldn't count on it as they ban IPs at the drop of a hat, and ACM's interface is slightly more useful anyway as you can browse a lot of the cited works on there. No reason to wait if you are currently out of school or work, I already got ~90% of everything relevant to my projects in the last week.

Open file (103.61 KB 1200x800 prism-slide.jpg)
Intel Management Engine Has NSA Kill-Switch Anonymous 10/18/2019 (Fri) 12:30:31 No.468 [Reply]
>According to a highly technical blog post, Positive Technologies experts revealed they discovered a hidden bit inside the firmware code, which when flipped (set to "1") it will disable ME after ME has done its job and booted up the main processor.

>The bit is labelled "reserve_hap" and a nearby comment describes it as "High Assurance Platform (HAP) enable."

>High Assurance Platform (HAP) is an NSA program that describes a series of rules for running secure computing platforms.


>Our DMA malware DAGGER is not executed on the host processor. It is
executed on the processor provided by Intel’s ME. No additional hardware is
required. DAGGER implements a sophisticated isolated runtime attack on user
input. Additionally, our DMA malware could steal cryptographic keys, target
OS kernel structures in an attack, and copy files from the file cache.


This is old news, but the new board needs a new reminder that until RISC-V hardware becomes readily available, no amount of free software will protect you from glow nigger spying.
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>>468 > no amount of free software will protect you from glow nigger spying. Doesn't matter. NSA and most other western intelligence agencies are extremely intelligent, but clinically niggerlicious ( fortunately/unfortunately depending on your glow level) <"extremely intelligent, but clinically niggerlicious" What this? This is best illustrated via an example... Consider the following: Objective: Open door. NSA solution - spend $1bn designing advanced AI drone that turns the door handle with a laser tractor beam using telepathic remote control. Non-retard solution - Turn door handle. So although glowniggers can peek up your ass digitally it has been fuck all use because hundreds of thousands of chinky sleeper agents walked right past them and have pretty much fucked over the countries they were supposedly 'defending' from harm. Spying on your own populace makes you inherently weak.* Excessive 'Navel gazing' ensures you WILL miss exterior threats. *This will also be exploited in repercussions against (internally spying) chink commies during the upcoming (obvious) war(s). Glownigger, before you bitch about "B-but No, that's not true!" IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED! I bet those Chinese commies are pissing themselves at parties laughing at just how useless you all are.
>>2467 >niggerlicious >r e-t=a.r:d,e/d >c u c k e d wordfilters found
>highly technical blog post
>>1889 RISC-V is such a meme that it's CISC
>>1853 no.

Open file (37.50 KB 442x397 DK0l8Y-VYAIzB-o.jpg)
Libbie thread Anonymous 04/05/2020 (Sun) 17:06:27 No.2422 [Reply]
Fuck it, it's been too long since we had one and we missed the last anniversary thread. Time for more Libbieposting! I'm also sharing those Libbie folders to IPFS, since the previous uploads kept going down. I can't keep my machine on all the time though so some seeders would be appreciated. /ipfs/QmTtraPF9pcEPF7tCPMzNT67vd4gaWsCNhcaN59r5rZBXG/mascots
Is there a fork or rebrand of LibreOffice with more Libbie?
>>2437 There's a patch floating around, powered by some real impressive code.
$ time ipfs ls /ipfs/QmTtraPF9pcEPF7tCPMzNT67vd4gaWsCNhcaN59r5rZBXG/mascots/ 2>/dev/null ^C 291m41.90s real 0m00.11s user 0m00.17s system thanks
Open file (473.96 KB 900x900 99560453786mirror.png)
>>2460 Oh yeah and... I'll let you guys in on a little trick. If you want to get some free high quality seeders on your IPFS stuff, just download your data off of every gateway you know. Use wget to download stuff recursively within a shell script that fetches everything to /dev/null from a list of gateways or something. It's what I did. I'm not sure how often any of the gateways clean up, but I tested this by putting an image on IPFS, fetching it off cloudflare, turning off my daemon, downloading it off every gateway from a list I got from some random gateway tester github page, and it's been months and I still see multiple peers who claim to have it. I also did this but without actually downloading anything, just listing directories, with a folder with a bajillion files in it. That one is also still up.

Handheld Computers Anonymous 02/22/2020 (Sat) 06:22:49 No.1789 [Reply]
What is /tech/'s opinion on devices like the Smach Z and the GPD Win series and their potential for software freedom? On the one hand, having the same functionality as a laptop packed into the size of a handlend system like the 3ds could potentially let you do some pretty cool stuff. One blog I saw talked about putting Kali Linux on a GPD Win 2 and using it as a more subtle tool for wardrivng, for example. But on the other hand, they're still (((modern hardware))) so they're probably backdoored to hell and back at the very and won't be able to be 100% pozz free anytime soon absent some firmware-flashing breakthrough. Any recommendations/advice? Where I can get one firsthand in particular? I was thinking about getting one and maybe trying to install something like Retroarch on it to emulate older vidya on the go. Maybe sort through text/images/etc with /k/ and /pol/ stuff too, but that might be a bit risky w/o any idea of what kind of backdoors might be hiding. But I didn't have any luck finding anything available online the last time i tried that wasn't a secondhand offer and I'm not interested in chancing get broken shit I can't fix at a price tag of hundreds of dollars.
11 posts and 4 images omitted.
Open file (51.46 KB 500x500 pc110.jpg)
>>1806 it's not that simple, I've looked into it, the packaging will be hard. first, I can't find any keyboards that are just the right size. either they're miniscule, or netbook sized, not palmtop sized. Also a lot of them are bluetooth with no USB connection so you'd have to do a bunch of stuff to wire it properly. so it seems to me that at least for the keyboard you'd have to do it yourself, this shouldn't be terribly hard if you can use some perfboard or something. They have tutorials online to wire up a matrix keyboard so it's doable, you would have to source push buttons and we would have to find out what kind make the best keys for typing on. >>1894 if you're at 10" that's already a netbook size anyway so I wouldn't really call it a handheld. IMO if you could make a PC110 clone with newer hardware it would be just about perfect. one thing that sucks is all the small screens are lame 16:9 bullshit. I think making one is doable but it will take a lot of design, I don't think it's easy to throw together, at least not anything that will look and feel good.
Yeah I looked on digikey and screens are pretty expensive, usually about $40. Unfortunately they're all touchscreen garbage, but I guess with a stylus it would be alright. also, most of the ones in the 5" range are 800x480 turds. I don't even know if that is going to be usable on most websites. Maybe just barely. Unless you want to spend $160 for the 800x600 screens on there.
Why not use something similar to a raspberry pi? Are they insecure?
>>1789 I remember open handhelds were a big craze in the 2000s, shit like the Canoo and pandora. Most of those devices aren't being made anymore though, and they were almost entirely suited to playing games(no keyboard or mouse-replacement except for like the pandora).
>>2323 Try Alibaba. Chinks have all kinds of gadget and second hand screens. They should be able to modify a tiny remote media keyboard to wired at a low cost.

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