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Anonymous 10/15/2020 (Thu) 15:05:39 No.3062 [Reply]
Where did everyone go?
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>>3202 Just host your website as a Tor hidden service. It's free to do so and you don't need to open your ports. I'm not sure if you can avoid DDoS attacks, but it may be the case anyways.
>>3203 This. Somehow in 2020 there's still this mentality of "Tor is only for cp and glowies", like this shit doesn't happen in clearnet. Today's clearnet is pozzed to all hell in terms of censorship and the effort required to host anything safely is stupid. Honestly anyone who gives somewhat of a fuck should host/provide a mirror over Tor.
>>3201 Neocities only requires captcha to sign up, but I agree it's frustrating. I do agree people need their own sites, but there is no way in hell I'm signing up on every site just so I can talk to someone. I'm not bored of anonymous imageboards, I actually prefer them over all other types of social media. I just think we need some kind of federated imageboards system. Then anybody can self-host an imageboard with ease, everybody can setup an imageboard alongside their website. I think it would be very nice. It would have the benefit of federation too. This would also make it easier to keep track of posts, bookmarks, watched threads, etc. without needing to compromise on the anonymity aspect (because of a shared protocol). >>3202 I agree with this, buying a domain requiring personal information is cucked, as is renting a vps. >>3203 Suggests a Tor hidden service, I haven't looked into this, but would this not mean your website is inaccessible to clearnet users? Which is not ideal imo. If I want to host a website to give to normies, I'd host it on clearnet and the tor frontend would come second. For non irl stuff, that's fine to only have the Tor one. I think Tor is a good concept, I haven't used much though. I think the speed is an issue (although I understand why).

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>>3215 >I just think we need some kind of federated imageboards system. I agree. Robi had the idea of The Final Solution which seemed vaguely to expand the basic idea of the webring further. My idea is basically to use the Kademlia (DHT) system common in BitTorrent to route users to each other anonymously, each hosting their own .onion service, and sharing a common imageboard directory arrangement across the entire network with each. They could each pull down 'live' board's content, manage it as they like (ie, moderate it themselves), and then publish their own edited version of an amalgam of all /tech/-related boards say, and anyone who cared to could subscribe and pull that user's moderated version of a "mega-/tech/" down onto their own machine as well. Not only would this be a federated system, but also very close to being an automatic, persistent, and durable archiving system as well into the bargain. If Robi ever gets his ass back here, I'd be happy to work with him to get The Final Solution going, and also to offer my own idea's implementation as well.
>>3215 >Suggests a Tor hidden service, I haven't looked into this, but would this not mean your website is inaccessible to clearnet users? I only suggested running an onion site since it is a realistic way for a person with zero resources to run a website. The larger your audience, the more it's going to cost to run a service for them. If you need clearnet people to access an onion site, there are free web proxies that MITM an onion site to allow clearnet users to access it. With a quick search, I found this example: https://onion.pet/ . Onion sites are actually the biggest thing I like about tor. These days everyone uses huge monolithic services, but onion sites allow anyone to host a site from their own bedroom. At least in theory. In practice there are very few onion sites worth visiting. >Secondly I don't entirely understand the anonymity aspect. Tor BROWSER suggests to not modify anything, keep it out of full screen, etc. I understand this, because you don't stand out. But then there's people who wrap their entire systems in the Tor network, or OS's that do it like Tails (I think it was tails? One of the distros does by default). How does this not massively make someone stand out? I actually don't know how the tor client works exactly, but I would hope that every program that uses tor would get separate paths through the tor network. If a same path is used by different programs connecting to the same destination, then indeed that would be bad for anonymity. However, TorBrowser doesn't actually use the system's tor client, but it comes with its own tor client. As a result, this shouldn't be a problem, if we ignore timing attacks. The approach I take to anonymity is that I see it as a gradient rather than as a binary value. Even if I'm not getting good anonymity every time I go online, it's still better than never being anonymous. If your threat model is different, for example, if you're trying to build your own wikileaks, then I wouldn't trust Tor to be anonymous enough for that. The reality is that I'm running a bloated OS written in an unsafe language dating back to 1970s, on hardware that has NSA backdoors, running not so great implementations of bloated protocols and standards. I cannot really expect perfect privacy, security, or anonymity, while still using the internet. If I can just make the enemy's life more difficult, then I have succeeded.

Anonymous 12/10/2019 (Tue) 09:21:45 No.1054 [Reply]
I just realized Terry revived God
Go in peace ,/tech/
>>1054 You too Anon.

Anonymous 10/29/2020 (Thu) 18:05:57 No.3086 [Reply]
If you wanted to create a website that only allowed Computer and Laptop users to browse, how would you go about it?
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>>3146 If you read the thread, that's the reason why I asked. Some things can be standardized, not all. "General" standards are the worst of all. http://harmful.cat-v.org/standards/ Most websites should be rewritten into real programs.
>>3086 Living example (with the exception being that it only allows phoneposting): https://wilchan.org/b/
>>3198 >cuckflare no thanks you!!
>>3198 >wilchuj it's not only bad, it's also full of dumb polish femboys
Open file (72.79 KB 678x960 tak.jpg)
>>3205 >full yes >polish yes >femboys yes Where is the bad part?

Open file (72.02 KB 1200x971 youjew.png)
Anonymous 10/31/2020 (Sat) 08:54:19 No.3098 [Reply]
the glow-in-the-dark RIAA niggers took down the github repo for youtube-dl and it seems that using the latest version no longer works on any videos that have copyrighted music in them. any other software for this? obviously something that rips the media and doesn't re-encode or anything niggerlicious like that gas kikes
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>>3134 heh, welcome to the internet troonfriend.
>>3134 no, not dead. almost dead. the whole project was starving because of lack of maintainers. before the shutdown pretty much the only person doing anything with the repo was dstftw and he only bothered to show up like once a month to merge a few critical bugfixes. other stuff like fixes to less important extractors, improvements and new extractors were brushed aside and ended up hanging on the pr's list for eternity (iirc there was something like 700-ish pr's in september). i tried adding a new extractor some time ago and even though it got reviewed by someone, it just hanged there until the dlc fork came along and finally merged it. so yeah, not exactly dead, more like a bleeding corpse.
>>3143 derp, i meant >>3140
install python open terminal pip install youtube-dl or pip3 install youtube-dl

Open file (52.47 KB 512x512 best distro.png)
/tech/ support Anonymous 05/12/2020 (Tue) 14:07:38 No.2826 [Reply] [Last]
Old thread is bumplocked. Lets have another "Questions That Don't Deserve their own thread" thread.
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>>3151 I did, only 480p .m3u8s keep popping up, which is weird.
when i set my hostname on my linux machine, shouldn't other systems be able to just type my hostname and connect to it? for example if i set my hostname to "box" shouldnt i be able to type on a computer on the same network "ping box" and get responses from "box"? i used to be able to do this with my file server but one day hostnames just stop resolving.
richard stallman uses jitsi im pretty sure
>>3151 Not under the media tag? >>3153 RTFM: hostname, dns, domain name
Are the current Wyzecam V2's able to use cfw?

Open file (59.30 KB 872x312 Capture.JPG)
/hsg/ Anonymous 09/13/2019 (Fri) 13:13:12 No.103 [Reply]
Post your servers, what you're working on, or what you plan on buying
or post anything, don't let this board get any more dead then it is
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What are your (creative) solution for dynamic ip?
>>3081 Create an overlay network where the current address is bound to a public key, so that when the physical address changes all it takes is to change the associated value and since the overlay address is a crypto key I can encrypt data for free, too. Not my idea, but it's cool.
>>103 i dont have anything cool to say except devuan, nice also >don't let this board get more dead then it already is than*
>>3082 What is the resolver?
>>3084 As long as some kind of table can be built, resolving the overlay address to get the physical address is easy, just store it as a value in the table with the overlay as a key. It's pretty much what also happens with routers and IP addresses. With an overlay network the already existing protocols can't really be used, but it can be worked around by using a dht or something like that.

windows xp leak Anonymous 09/24/2020 (Thu) 16:00:11 No.3056 [Reply]
looks like a windows xp and 2003 leak https://www.limetorrents.info/Microsoft-leaked-source-code-archive%202020-09-24-torrent-15247398.html https://mega.nz/file/PdhxBSZD#w-O3C-BAMwE4E02qPn_fSdTivILcE8hzk9PeyoXg7wU we may get fully functional foss windows, i could easily see russians or whoever updating it for security and improving it.
>>3056 maybe

Open file (164.14 KB 1000x1000 8bitdo-sn30pro-plus-1.jpg)
Open file (20.57 KB 402x444 controller.png)
Controller Issues Anonymous 08/29/2020 (Sat) 10:46:35 No.3047 [Reply]
I have recently bought an 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ controller after it had been shilled to hell and back and it was pretty comfortable to play with, but I'm getting some issues with diagonal inputs with the analog sticks. More specifically, according to Windows 7 patented controller settings screen, I can't seem to get the cross in any of the four corners, no matter how hard I try or what settings I change using 8BitDo's software. Updated firmware doesn't seem to make a difference. More specifically, I'm having trouble when playing with emulated games that use wide and angled movements, think Crash Team Racing. I can play it no problem but it won't turn all the way left or right in tight corners for some reasons. Is there a way to achieve that sweet corner movement, or is my controller just defective? It's such a joke that a Linq cheap PS3 controller can do what a 40 dollarydoos controller can't.

Anonymous 08/08/2020 (Sat) 05:31:31 No.3032 [Reply]
I have a $800/$1000 budget. What would be a good general purpose laptop to get under that?
Would my dick be a suitable laptop for your tight pussyass, lad?
>>3032 Thinkpad x220 or Thinkpad x200
>>3032 Acer Nitros are the best value if you want one that can handle the latest games.

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