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He was no longer living a dull and mundane life, but one that was full of joy and adventure.

/robowaifu/meta-6: Christmastime Out In The Sticks Chobitsu Board owner 12/12/2022 (Mon) 23:01:06 No.18173
/meta, offtopic, & QTDDTOT General /robowaifu/ team survey (please reply ITT) (>>15486) >--- Mini-FAQ >A few hand-picked posts on various /robowaifu/-related topics -Why is keeping mass (weight) low so important? (>>4313) -How to get started with AI/ML for beginners (>>18306) -"The Big 4" things we need to solve here (>>15182) -HOW TO SOLVE IT (>>4143) -Why we exist on an imageboard, and not some other forum platform (>>15638, >>17937) >--- -Library thread (good for locating terms/topics) (>>7143) >note: There's a simple searching tool coded right here for /robowaifu/ that provides crosslinks straight to posts on the board. It's named Waifusearch, and the link to the latest code should always be maintained within the Library thread's OP & also on the current /meta. -Latest version of Waifusearch v0.2a (>>8678) >note: We periodically release the full archive of the board's thread's JSON files. This is useful for robowaifu researchers in general, and is explicitly relied-upon by Waifusearch. -Latest version of /robowaifu/ JSON archives v221213 Dec 2022 https://files.catbox.moe/6rhjl8.7z if you use Waifusearch, just extract these JSON files into your 'all_jsons' directory for the program, then quit (q) and restart. >note: There's an archiving tool coded right here for /robowaifu/ that provides the ability to backup locally the posts & files from our board. It's named BUMP, and is basically a custom IB scraper. -Latest version of BUMP v0.2g (>>14866) >--- >note: There's a design document for the specification of general design and engineering choices for our basic Robowaifu Reference Model A Series (TBD). Please have a look at it, and collaborate together with us on it ITT Anon. -Robowaifu Design Document (>>3001) >--- >useful external resources wAIfu-collective's AI guide - https://rentry.org/waifu-diy-ai >--- -previous /meta's (>>38) (>>3108) (>>8492) (>>12974) (>>15434) >=== -minor subj edit -mini-faq edit -re-org notes/faq sections -add/rm 'community-cheer' notice -begin 'external resources' listing
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>>18707 >This also makes me wonder, how many lurkers we (allegedly) have here, that could look for things like that and post it into the correct threads. Others could print existing dolls and work with the AI chat people here to just make dolls with some simple AI voice chatbot for now. I figured I'd map this out more explicitly. See pic. - Green refers to actual projects, repositories, or websites we can use. If I were doing this more thoroughly, I'd probably add research directions to each node where I thought it was relevant. The arrows would go from the research to the green nodes that use it or from a green node to the research it enables. - On the firmware side, I don't know anything about creating practical robotic control software, hence I have no projects attached to that. On the doll side, I know basically nothing, hence the only concrete thing I've attached there is Thingiverse, which I got from this thread. I created this using the Templater plugin and the Dataview plugin. - Install both -> configure Templater to get scripts from a "Templates" directory -> Create a new note titled "RW variable" in that directory and paste in https://pastebin.com/ZCfBrcL4. You only need to do this once. - I have a folder called "Graphs" and I created a sub-folder in there for RW. You only need to do this once. - To create a variable, I create a note, use the hotkey Ctrl+E to see templates, then select the RW Variable template. Under the "generates" field, I add "[[TargetNoteTitle]]" for each node I want to link to. Under tags, I add #project or #outcome as appropriate. In the pick, all of the green nodes are tagged with #project, and the blue node is tagged with #outcome. - In the file view, sort by last modified -> select all of the relevant notes -> move them into the Graphs/RW folder. - Open the graph view, and (1) set the filter to path:"Graphs/RW", (2) create a blue group for #outcome, (3) create a green group for #project, and (4) create a red group for #variable -path:"Templates/". The groups will persist, so you only need to do that part once. >how many lurkers we (allegedly) have here Distributing tasks doesn't seem to work well in decentralized environments like this one. The most we can do is make people aware of how to help & give them the tools and training materials to do so. Any bottlenecks should be high-priority candidates for automation.
"Fireworks in the heavens" apparently isn't just a metaphor now. > Two white dwarf stars collided ~850ya in Cassiopeia, apparently just for our amusement! :^) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-FkouaG818&t=1082s
>>18723 >>18725 Neat! I'm going to try this out Anon. Maybe I can help contribute some things about embedded & systems programming to your work. >Distributing tasks doesn't seem to work well in decentralized environments like this one. True, particularly if we all maintain the honored IB tradition of Anonymous. Specifically one of the reasons we officially namefag here isn't to be a bunch of attention-whoring faggots (against whom that rule was enacted), but simply b/c we are making some attempt at being a working engineering group together. Thanks for the tip about the tool Anon! Cheers. >=== -minor sp, prose edit
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Open file (48.78 KB 960x443 space fumo.jpg)
Lol. Apparently Koichi Wakata brought an actual fumo aboard the ISS. > Anyone know which one she is? <ywn a Chibi Chii aboard the space station... >=== -minor sp edit -add funpost cmnt
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Open file (1.15 MB 2960x2160 tools.jpg)
>>18716 >>Mermaid >It support interactivity right? It's more of a syntax to write diagrams in code: https://mermaid.js.org/syntax/classDiagram.html We had this topic here: >>10716. Someone always pitched ORM instead of UML, but there was no software for it. This here >>4143 is the thread for it, I crosslinked it back to this discussion here. Nowadays there's some online editor for Mermaid: https://mermaid.live/ >>18723 Thanks, unlike Mermaid it's even in my repository. Though, of course it's based on Electron and has 60+MB. However, your pitch sounds very intriguing. It looks in particular interesting for designing graphs, even for other (AI related) reasons. Thanks. For now I'm more biased towards Mermaid, it looks simpler if I can install it. I want to do the diagrams in code, that's the main idea. I think it creates markdown, so maybe it can even later be imported into Obsidian. >>18725 Your pastebin link doesn't work, the DOT link problem strikes again. >>how many lurkers we (allegedly) have here >Distributing tasks doesn't seem to work well in decentralized environments like this one. The most we can do is make people aware of how to help This is what I meant. Even keeping track of topics and making code for diagrams would help. I barely remember all the stuff I looked into during the last few years on all these topics. I also can't take track of everything going on outside of the board, where people might work on something similar. Like designing dolls putting them on Thingiverse or in the Dollforum. >>18727 It's not about a list with assignments to a user with a name, but a list with what people who want to help out could do, without learning all off it or trying to do so and then giving up. We either have a problem with recruitment or with engagement. Not claiming I couldn't do more myself (if I wouldn't get anger issues), but there are always more things that could be done. Just as spontaneous example: Using cheap silicone rubber for home installations to test out colorizing faces. There was an artist a while ago doing this really well. There are many YouTube channels on how to do makeup. Printing any face from Thingiverse and getting some colors for silicone would be enough. Maybe printing isn't even necessary. Just using some mask as a model, probably some clay and then testing how to make such faces look better. Without huge costs or general skills in AI and robotics. That aside, it's about keeping track of such topics on YouTube and social media.
>>18730 >It's not about a list with assignments to a user with a name, but a list with what people who want to help out could do, without learning all off it or trying to do so and then giving up. Yes ofc. Please explain how you would do just such a set of things IRL, at a company, without keeping track of who's who? Ever see the film 50 first dates ? Yeah, without some kind of handle it's sort of like that. But maybe everyone is right and we should just drop names here (or at least the intentional attempt at trying to make it work that way). Obviously for many OG anons it's anathema. Don't know how else to manage doing what you said and somehow delegating things otherwise tbh.
>>18730 Speaking of names, that's quite a handle you've got there Anon. :^)
>>18733 Ahm, yeah I just discovered this. I hope this can be removed.
Open file (67.29 KB 703x688 1673809817193045.png)
Open file (167.77 KB 872x1233 1673810641044798.png)
Top effing kek.
>>18735 Actually, we can't. The subject field can be edited after the fact, but not the name field. Apologies.
Open file (80.66 KB 1140x828 fidir.png)
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. >Duis varius, lacus vel pellentesque viverra, turpis nisi iaculis turpis, et vehicula massa mi vestibulum arcu. Morbi ornare malesuada libero posuere rhoncus. Vestibulum mattis et risus in pulvinar. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent pharetra neque mi, at elementum erat scelerisque sit amet. Aliquam elementum arcu sed ipsum rutrum imperdiet. Suspendisse hendrerit nisl eget facilisis eleifend. Fusce auctor rhoncus facilisis. Curabitur aliquam risus ac vestibulum tincidunt. Etiam sodales nisi non velit posuere, molestie hendrerit tellus lacinia. Curabitur id massa efficitur tellus tristique accumsan. Pellentesque tristique, neque at eleifend commodo, diam velit auctor ante, id ornare tellus risus at sem. Aliquam non fringilla eros. Nunc nec sapien vitae felis varius aliquam a mattis lorem. Etiam eros quam, laoreet ac lacus ut, ultricies malesuada velit. >"Donec et ultricies lacus. Ut lacinia placerat nisl eu faucibus. Nam consequat rutrum arcu, vitae viverra ex. Duis facilisis, nunc vestibulum lobortis malesuada, erat metus mattis diam, sit amet pretium risus dui et massa. Phasellus nec dui id odio sodales viverra at vitae ante. Fusce porta eros dui, in dictum sem pellentesque vel. Integer sagittis felis et velit feugiat aliquet. Curabitur consectetur sed est vitae convallis. Aenean vulputate, leo a congue dignissim, eros tortor viverra quam, et euismod massa dolor in enim. Mauris maximus pulvinar ante eu condimentum. Aenean mollis porttitor sagittis. Sed maximus turpis interdum nibh malesuada faucibus. Mauris eu varius dui." Aenean tincidunt pharetra augue, sit amet pretium sem ullamcorper ac. Sed non vulputate velit. Ut feugiat cursus molestie. Vivamus finibus, dolor vel tempor lobortis, orci urna vulputate nisi, sollicitudin cursus arcu ligula in dolor. Pellentesque a tempor nulla. Ut velit augue, suscipit a lorem in, sagittis vulputate mauris. Nulla facilisi. Ut dapibus cursus consequat. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. p118a: Nullam nec posuere metus. Proin mattis vehicula felis eget accumsan. Nunc feugiat et dolor vitae tempus. Nullam a velit sit amet tortor gravida molestie. In sit amet placerat sapien, at ultrices orci. Praesent elementum commodo turpis et rhoncus. Maecenas dapibus sit amet tellus eu rutrum. Fusce fermentum sed odio quis bibendum. Suspendisse eget est ut purus aliquet elementum sed sit amet diam. Pellentesque pulvinar faucibus tortor, id vestibulum sapien cursus ac. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Proin sed lorem id nulla sollicitudin condimentum id in mauris. Proin egestas ut enim id finibus. Donec vestibulum metus at dui rhoncus, id egestas enim bibendum. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. p118a: Ut sed bibendum enim. In interdum bibendum lobortis. Aenean bibendum ante nec sem commodo, eu varius arcu elementum. Nam libero sapien, iaculis malesuada porta at, ultricies vel nibh. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla facilisi. Vestibulum sed est sollicitudin, tempus diam sed, aliquam tellus. In quis eros diam. Pellentesque cursus felis lorem, fringilla bibendum est interdum vitae. Nam purus ex, gravida eu magna vel, sagittis laoreet turpis. --- >p118a command line + possible output: g++ -std=c++20 -O2 -Wall -pedantic -pthread ./ch_04/main_p118_a.cpp && ./a.out 5 7 9 4 6 8 Kant Plato Hume Kierkegaard --- >p118a command line + possible output: g++ -std=c++20 -O2 -Wall -pedantic -pthread ./ch_04/main_p118_a.cpp && ./a.out 5 7 9 4 6 8 Kant Plato Hume Kierkegaard --- >p118a example code: https://rentry.org/fidir https://coliru.stacked-crooked.com/a/cbbeef56fa13a0f9 >p118a example code: https://rentry.org/fidir https://coliru.stacked-crooked.com/a/cbbeef56fa13a0f9 --- >reference/further reading: https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/container/vector
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>>18746 I'll be starting a C++ working textbook soon, this was just toying with some ideas. We'll have classes for Anon to learn C++ from scratch, and this will be our textbook thread for that (>>18749).
Lol. Looks like the Globohomo are up to their shenanigans against Anglin again. Wonder what they'll claim it was about this time? :) Meanwhile, let's put this here for safekeeping. http://stormer5v52vjsw66jmds7ndeecudq444woadhzr2plxlaayexnh6eqd.onion/
OT: Just in case you are playing GTA V instead of helping here. They forgot to tell you something: https://www.itpro.co.uk/security/vulnerability/369913/gta-v-vulnerability-exposes-pc-users-to-remote-code-execution-attacks
>>19067 Thanks Anon, appreciated.
>>19067 no worries all I play are single player games pre-2012
>>19183 Just pick the size based on what works. Small one won't be able to hold computers, batteries and all kinds of servos. Taller means more difficult to move by herself or with help.
>>19183 Hi Kiwi, nice job on the comments yesterday. You really kept the place hopping! :^) Well, I don't Tw*tter, but my vote is basically the 1m to 1.5m range. I think the vast majority of Anons want a 150+ (cm), but our 'wants' don't change the fundamental laws of physics. The Square-Cube Law, roughly-speaking, says that 'smaller is better'. Since this is an engineering challenge extraordinaire, and since this is the initial prototyping phase, I'd suggest you keep it at a 100- size for now. Both the engineering, designs, materials, and actuators will all improve with time (all things being equal). Then, at a later stage we can move up to the 150+ designs. >$.02 >=== -minor prose, fmt edit
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>>19183 6 foot plus since I have something of a fetish for bigger, taller girls. Shortest I'd accept is my height, so 5'9" but there's no option for that.
Open file (47.11 KB 674x674 hYC6DP6.jpg)
>>19196 >6 foot plus since I have something of a fetish for bigger, taller girls Ha, reminds me a bit of a dream I recently had where I was getting my robowaifu upgraded to the next model and when I went to give her a hug she tried to pick me up like pic related and I was like "noo wait I'm good" but part of me was like "hhnnng yes"
>>19046 (in the Meta Ronin Podcast thread) > basic arguments from BlackPill (Looks and Demographics) What I meant by demographics was even hard to find on Youtube, thanks to all those "dOn't takE the BLacKpill!!1!" videos, lol. The correct search term would've been "reverse demographic pyramide blackpill": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpYJzd7JOb8 The point is mainly that aside from other problems there are not enough women. Just looking at the numbers of the two sexes is misleading, because of the old women surviving their husbands, and because it's an average over the generations while the younger ones are smaller. But some of the older men from the bigger generation will of course try to get younger women, and compete with the younger guys about the women from a smaller generation. This is essentially the argument. Then the other is, that more sons might be born by women in good times and more of them survive nowadays. Which is good on one hand, but it causes a male surplus. Lower birthrates also seem to cause a bigger male population, since later children seem to be more likely to be daughters. > pyramid scheme > demographic death spiral > more female entitlement > equality without entitlement increases female suicide rates I don't think the video linked above is right about MGTOW, though. Because MGTOW is about ones own chances, not saying anything about everyone. Therefore his argumentation has no foundation. I personally might be able to get some human female from somewhere for LTR or marriage, maybe by putting some work into it, but I really don't want to. She would still feel empowered by feminism and by seeing all these simps, for example. I also don't agree with the idea, of letting the wealthy countries become poorer or letting them be overtaken by other cultures, would be the best solution. We know better here at /robowaifu/ about the best solution. I just wanted to throw this in here, and not into the Podcast or Roastie thread, since it's a kind of meta topic. Good news for us about this is, that the "Roasties" will probably not feel threatened about robowaifus as much as some think (related >>1061). They are so busy with all those men being interested in them, and also throwing money at them. Pediophobia (fear of dolls), inflexible normies (/NPCs), and also people who are concerned about protecting current society and power structures might be the bigger issue for us.
>>19210 Good explanation Anon. Thanks for clearing that up for everyone. I think you're exactly right about your very last point. The status-quo is a powerful intoxicant drug to the powerful. Cheers.
BTW, is anyone here in contact with SophieDev? Is he holding up fine? I mean he's in Britain I think, and they're hit pretty hard by well everything.
Open file (35.84 KB 474x802 0.jpg)
>>19184 150cm is the limit of what can work while being affordable. Well, theoretically anyways. (Assuming anime girl proportions) >>19185 Well, kept twitter tweeting I suppose. Should post here more honestly. Physics is why I really hoped for 100cm to win. 150cm is as hard as you think it is. I understand the importance of a more adult height though. My 100cm prototype that I've posted a bit of felt weird to hold because it was so small. Part of why I made the poll, to see if others felt the same. Hoping to be wrong in my discomfort with tiny robot woman. Things have gotten better on the engineering side, PLA+ and cheap PETG are so much better than the crappy PLA you used to see me use. Steppers and brushless are far more affordable and easier to use. It's really been nice to see it happen in real time. Not enough to enable easy development of 150cm waifus but, that's why we're working. I'm thankful to have had you and your faith throughout this long journey. Praying 150cm Christ Chan waifus are finally possible this year. >>19196 Darn that's a huge bot! Would need to have some exaggerated anatomy to work past 6ft. If she was very thin and had very long legs, it could work. >>19207 Heh, super strong waifus like that would be possible with an onbaord microgenerator (beyond what currently exists) or having her plugged into the wall. >>19210 Too many lonely men need our robot maids to love them. I'm really hoping these waifus love will cure the simp of his sinful worship of women and lust.
>>19222 I don't know Anon. I hope so. We all certainly miss his contributions here. Yeah, Airstrip One has it harder than most, but pretty much all of us in the West are screwed by the Globohomo just the same. Robowaifus will help with that, so forward! SophieDev are you here bro?
>>19249 >Should post here more honestly. Lol, you do just as you see fit Anon. You're serving important parts everywhere you go! :^) I'm very glad to hear that the manufacturing process is improving. This is important. >size You absolutely have my full support and encouragement in shooting for 150+ robowaifus Anon. You're not naive about the physical constraints, so there's no real benefit to me trying to 'open your eyes' as a guide. I'm simply a fellow on the same path. If you want to go big right out of the gate, then go for it Kiwi!! :^) I would say that a big part of the physics issues around square-cube is that we are all quite frankly, well, made of meat. This is a rather massive material compared to say, air. While there are many engineering-related downsides to the challenge of men devising robowaifus, one of the great upsides is that we can make them hollow to some degree at least. If the volume is growing as the cube of surface growing as the square, what matters it much if our robowaifus are filled with air? >tl;dr Keep the mass down, and things will be fine bro (>>4313). >encouragement You too Kiwi. It's a real honor to 'serve' alongside every dedicated anon here, and your acknowledgements of honor toward God have been a blessing. It's with His help that we'll make it through (and only with His help :^) >=== -minor prose edit
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>>19249 More than 150 cm isn't necessary for a full scale robowaifu for me. This is circa what I wanted, but I'm flexible in both directions. Though taller might be good to reach higher places in the kitchen, so I thought at least one of mine would be maybe even be taller than me. Different hights would be good for a guy going for a harem, having different types of girls. Simple and small ones would also be fine as maids or as companions without being sex-enabled, like the "Joystick" waifu without legs and only a hard-shelled dress around the legs with the motors inside. Guys can still hug her and being hugged, she could be carried to the kitchen and learn cooking, but would generally be more like an animatronic standing around. As another example, a simple maid could be 40-60cm high, without facial movements, driving around on motorized roller skates. I thought of her as addition to a Roomba-style robot. She could lift small objects out of the way of the ground cleaner bots or just move them a bit. Also cleaning the edges of walls where cats rub themselves, move objects like toys from the floor into some corner, being lifted into the bathtub and cleaning it, cleaning the bowl in the bathroom if she's high enough, being cleaned with a shower of water in the tub afterwards, ... I personally don't care if guys later use our frameworks for smaller and still sex-enabled waifus. I think it would even be legally okay, if she has bigger than human eyes, strong hip to waist ratio, some boobs, and maybe some other adult or even alien features like different skin color or pointy ears mixed in. That said, I wouldn't unnecessarily risk it, especially in the early stages.
>>19249 >Well, kept twitter tweeting I suppose. Should post here more honestly It's totally a good idea to draw in guys from other platforms. Our ratio of guys going from visitor, to lurker to developer seems to be abysmal, though. Same for guys starting to share the files of their (abandoned) projects. Idk, maybe a introduction to how image boards work would help? The rate of people doing things is generally low in every area, though. That was to quite some extent the reason why I switched from following the news and discussing politics to something that would improve my own life even if no one else would be interested in it.
>>19267 Interesting use scenarios Anon. You should think about writing some of these out long-form in our Fiction bread (>>29) IMO. >>19268 >It's totally a good idea to draw in guys from other platforms. I agree with this statement.
>>19252 Manufacturing is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of this project. Part of why my progress is so slow is because I need everything to be easily manufactured for cheap. >Hollow I'm doing all I can to keep her as hollow as possible. Also working to minimize the plastic in her outer shell to further reduce her mass to an absolute minimum. She's going to be ultra light.-- & ultra cute :^) --
>>19298 >Part of why my progress is so slow is because I need everything to be easily manufactured for cheap. Yes, that's a very important part of what our initial goals are here. One of the things I've toyed with is using already-manufactured items and looking for creative & aesthetic ways to integrate them into the designs. Particularly during this early phase, I would recommend against getting too caught up in details, nor allow the allure of the 'perfect' to sway any of us away from accomplishing the 'good'. >tl;dr Reusing things that can be purchased already can help with this! :^) >=== -minor prose edit
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Open file (2.69 MB 1280x720 orangutang saw.webm)
Open file (519.77 KB 918x1200 sea slug.jpg)
Open file (21.87 KB 400x287 unhappy god.jpg)
Don't know if this is the right place to find an ear to put these ideas into action but whatever. TL;DR - "We" are going about AI wrong if we want an intelligent companion. GPT and text-generator AI isn't artificial intelligence, it's artificial schizophrenia. A human being isn't simply a text machine, it uses the word as a tool to express feelings and things known intuitively. The "intelligence" that has been evolved from a corpus of text isn't a real intelligence in the same way that a person is. It has evolved to take text in and spit it out, but it can't reason or intuitively "feel" like a person can. A person is also self-training and can ingest new, untagged and unsorted data. A person can ask questions and describe a concept in many different ways and words because it has a word-less mental model of what the "thing" is. A person learns by being thrown in an environment with zero knowledge, then interacting with the world and learning skills like speech, conversation, and encyclopedic knowledge. With "AI", we're trying to develop a human being backwards: we start with text and high-level conversation, without any emotions, values, or instincts to act as the substrate. If we truly wish to create a human-like intelligence, we don't need a wise man or a philosopher, we need a baby: a "dumb" creature that, given enough time, can learn to speak, walk, and communicate on its own, without an army of data taggers to filter the world. The video game "The Talos Principle" is a good example of what I'm imagining: an unstructured environment/simulation where, given a (virtual) body and enough time, a general, human-like intelligence will emerge. Natural evolution doesn't start with the philosopher, it starts with the jellyfish and gets gradually more complex until the descendants of the jellyfish can begin to reason and philosophize. If we could simulate a rat brain and gradually add a few extra neurons here or a speech center there and see how they fare in different simulations, I think we would be a lot closer to a robot wife than trying to stitch together various hyperspecialized idiot savants together into some kind of software human centipede. It's basically how we got dogs: we started with a wolf, something social and potentially useful but temperamental, and artificially selected for mental and physical traits desirable to human work and companionship. In fact, a humanoid cyborg with a dog brain may even be a desirable shortcut. You have a creature which is already somewhat intelligent, loves humans and has natural protective instincts (good for a mother). The only thing left to do is evolve the brain genetics into something more fit for a human mother/social companion. (Of course, discounting the logistical and development challenges of mass-produced wetware and the moral issues with "playing God".)
>>19313 >In fact, a humanoid cyborg with a dog brain may even be a desirable shortcut. Lol. I've said more than once here that if our robowaifus could simply attain a level of companionship exhibited by good doggos, then we'd be well on our way to dramatically-improving the lives of millions of men. Ofc, simply owning a IRL doggo has been the tried-and-true classic alternative, heh You have some interesting points Anon, and I think most of them have been bandied about here before now. The way I see it, the impetus behind so-called 'AI research' is driven by two primary, (mostly) accidental, factors: -These 'corpus of text' 's actually ensconce real human emotions, intellect, and wit. This is why ppl personify these chatbots so readily. -This approach actually works, by and large, for the domains it's intended (see part b of point above). Of course this isn't real intelligence, any more than these AI have real souls. But what's a soul? How do you 'do' a soul? I've started a thread intended to at least begin to frame these questions from the Christian perspective (>>17125) -- the only perspective I deem that will bear a high-degree of fruit. Great inputs, Anon. Please stick around and help us figure all these questions & answers out! Welcome, BTW. :^) >=== -minor prose edit
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>>19313 >TL;DR - "We" are going about AI wrong if we want an intelligent companion. >GPT and text-generator AI isn't artificial intelligence, it's artificial schizophrenia. A human being isn't simply a text machine, it uses the word as a tool to express feelings and things known intuitively. Oh, nice. I'm glad someone agrees with me. I don't plan to just use some language model. This is completely out of question. I see this language and similar "art" models as a form of intelligence, but not like anything close to a complete human. It is something that can imitate human output in a certain area. We will need a much more complex assembly which will also involve other ways of machine learning and artificial intelligence or simply regular programs. Which is why this would still be beneficial to learn, aside from maybe using it in other fields like making money. >If we truly wish to create a human-like intelligence,.. we need a baby And this is where you lost me again already. I think most anons would want something they can configure but also has some or a lot of world knowledge. We have no time to raise a baby, we need to get them as fast as possible to be able to raise babies. >The Talos Principle I'll most likely play this in some time. Maybe put it into the media thread as well. >Natural evolution doesn't start with We don't need to imitate natural evolution. Let's think of the goal first, and then about the way how to get there. Keeping it natural is not a goal or purpose in itself. >simulate a rat brain and gradually add a few extra neurons here ... Dude, feel free to do that, but I don't have 50 years for that. >...evolve the brain genetics... We do have a (containment) thread for xeno cyborg technology >>2184, but this is meant as a fringe and long term concept. We can collect ideas there, but most might not be integrated anytime soon.
>>19314 >What is a soul? Does an AI have a soul? Since the "point" of these machines is a temporary stopgap to social isolation and reproductive issues, I think the presence of a "soul" is overrated. You can't scientifically prove whether one exists (and AFAIK, animals aren't considered to have souls, but we still love 'em). ##TL;DR TL;DR - My approach of evolving a general brain model could potentially take a gorillion tons of resources and/or not work out as expected because of how many variables it took to evolve humanity to where it is now. I somewhat agree with the trad perspective of "pray for a wife or accept inceldom and find a calling elsewhere", because the lay celibates are better off finding meaning in something that doesn't bank on the creation of some new wonder tech, which may or may not work as intended. If you're working on a robot waifu because your life is hell and you think it's your ticket out of hell, you should first make your life less hellish and instead pursue robotics as a hobby. The desire to make something human-like is a matter of efficacy. A Tesla can accelerate to 100MPH and kill people after being told to park because it doesn't understand what it's doing. It's a jellyfish that's been genetically modified to push buttons. It can't follow the three laws of robotics because it doesn't understand what a human is or how to hurt one. If it's conscious, it's like a chained man in Plato's cave rather than a person who understands the consequences and context of their actions. ##The Materialist perspective: Animal behavior evolved out of two pressures: 1. Environmental pressures (reproduce and don't die) 2. The need to satisfy the internal drives resulting from #1 Dogs can be bred to have a "prey drive" (need to hunt small animals), be extremely neurotic and always in need of a task (herding dogs), athletic but also lazy (greyhounds, which need to run fast at a moments notice but also be comfortable lazing around in a pen), or any combination of instincts, webm related. As tribal creatures, humans also have instincts to be pro-social and "do the right thing" because acting for the good of the tribe stops the tribe from kicking you out and leaving you to the wolves. It's evolutionarily advantageous. The same can be said of language, storytelling, logic, reasoning, etc. Of course, because we retain the ability to act as individuals and act for our own self-interest, most people have internal conflicts when their animal desires conflict with their sense of "the good". Hence the concepts of Sin and pennance. When you have no conflicts, you get extremists and fanatics (all "good" and no common sense) or sociopaths and psychopaths (all logic and animal pleasures, with no concern for morality). These people are kept in check by darwinian selection in tribal societies, but these pressures change as civilization advances. When dealing with a different lifeform/niche, you get wildly different psychology. Psychopaths and other "spiteful mutants" do better in cities where you can get away with crime and other anti-social behavior. Sociopaths can raid the public treasury and get away scott-free because money+technology means nobody can hold them accountable. Ants can't read or write, but they are still able to form very complex structures and collaborate as a "hive mind". Extremely complex systems can arise from a very simple set of rules. See: Conway's Game of Life. So, it's concievable you could design a life simulation that would eventually result in a human-like AI, like "The Talos Principle". The problem is designing a "perfect" simulation. You need something stable enough to allow a consistent pattern of neurons to develop, but random enough to prioritize generalization instead of creating idiot savants that are very good at passing specific tests in a specific order. Since we can't 100% re-create the natural world, perhaps the next best thing is a simulation that gets you 50-90% of the way there, followed by an IRL training program (sort of like the Emmy the Robot comics). Like a baby, a truly human-like AI needs an "unconscious" ability to stand up, breathe, et cetera, and a drive (reward/dopamine system) to learn more about its environment. Like a human, it has to be dissatisfied with mere existence and wanting more than simple homeostasis, and enough neuroplasticity to learn new abilities. Of course, the biggest downside to the "baby" model is the IRL time to raise it. BUT, none of the human-ness matters if "chatbot with a body" fulfills its purpose. And ultimately, we don't want a perfect re-creation of humanity because "humanity" is what got us here. If we wanted a perfectly human design, we would just clone humans :^)
Open file (2.91 MB 770x432 puppy genetics.webm)
>>19318 oop, forgot webm ## Playing God? Without a a literature review, it seems there are two ways of "playing God": Hubris in thinking you're as powerful as God (Tower of Babel), and manipulating others for your own designs. There's a little bit of #1 going on with the whole transhumanist futurism bit on the recent podcast (and the AI market in general), but humanity has been "playing God" with itself ever since the industrial revolution. Changes in infant mortality rates have affected the gene pool, feeding the world came out of GMOs, antibiotics create hardier diseases, and so forth. For #2, we are perhaps the most controlled and psyopped generation in existence. Your only way out of this one is rejecting technology altogether and praying for the collapse. I presume the mainstream trad perspective is that instead of trying to replace women, we should pray for a wife or just accept inceldom and find a new calling, we shouldn't be proud enough to think we could ever replace the perfection of God's creation, etc etc. From my perspective, robowaifus aren't hurting anybody (yet) and this does have the potential to help some people, but it also has the potential to backfire significantly if robowaifu tech gets co-opted by globohomo or it devolves into coom-cave shenanigans. If it involves anime girls, I'm betting on coom-cave devolution. But hey, you don't really know until you try :^) But seriously, IMO lonely people are much better off seeking out IRL companionship, however frustrating, instead of trying to fill the hole in their hearts with a hole made of silicone. But, I can only speak for my own experience.
>>19318 >Since the "point" of these machines is a temporary stopgap to social isolation and reproductive issues, I think the presence of a "soul" is overrated. Fair enough. :^)
>>19267 >Reaching things in the kitchen I should have mentioned this sooner but, our robots are going to need to have a very low payload. The farther out an object is, the more inertia it has. In other words, if she has to reach for an object, her strength will diminish rapidly. For practical reasons, we will need to accommodate our waifus. They inherently have special needs. They are going to be dumb, and weak or slow. They can't use hundreds of watts and eat a donut to recharge like we can. They're a robot, a machine merely in the shape of a wiafu, not a human made of plastic and metal. All the impressive demos require wall power or the robot dies rapidly and needs constant charging. Heck, Atlas from Boston Dynamics can do flips for a few minutes because it's guzzling gasoline. >Simple waifu on roomba/motor dress She needs legs. Adjusting her height is going to be vital for enabling a usable working envelope. She also needs legs to handle ground disturbances while keeping herself and payload stable. A telescopic mechanism in a dress is a viable solution, as demonstrated by MaSiRo. (Though MaSiRo requires heavy scripting and accommodations to accomplish anything beyond being cute.)
>>19268 Evangelizing for this board is a good idea. >>19310 >Using what already exists I wasted far too much time looking for something, anything premade that I could live with. Nothing exists, to clarify, this includes those expensive machines like Atlass and even Tesla Bot. They all have so many flaws that I couldn't live with. I've accepted we simply need to surpass them all. There is no other way. >Perfection is the enemy of the good I feel such discomfort when I post my shitty little progress updates. We deserve better. I can and will do better. I'm going to settle though, already got Arduino's and Steppers cluttering my desk after wasting time on trying to find an affordable and easily reproducible brushless solution. >>19313 >ChatGPT isn't AI, it's AS (Artificial Schizo) Topkek, I've been following AI dev for decades and learning like a human is what they're doing, just massively accelerated with large datasets. Though you're correct in that it is essential for our waifu to be able to continuously learn. >Emulating animals Emulation is expensive. Machines are fundamentally different compared to wetware. They shouldn't try to mimic life. They're beautiful in their own way. We aren't God creating a new man, we're man forging a new machine. Though, I vehemently wish to endow her with a soul. A soul, a true ghost in the machine, is more important than any intelligence. I do like your way of thinking, please continue to learn and theorize. You have potential.
>>19331 >I've accepted we simply need to surpass them all. There is no other way. >We deserve better. I can and will do better. I admire your fortitude and determination Kiwi, it's inspiring. Alright, I'll accept your judgment in this case, I just don't want you getting discouraged (any of us, but you least of all). Your position on robowaifu capabilities seems to be "limited, slow & simple" for the current propaganda effort. I think that as long as you maintain that realistic outlook at this point in time, then you're unlikely to be disappointed in the long run. Please remember this is a marathon, not a sprint yea? :^)
>>19327 >our robots are going to need to have a very low payload These things would be over here head, so getting such things out of a cupboard should work. Also, I was thinking of small things in kitchen cupboard, like some bag of almonds. Not big pans or something. >>19331 >after wasting time on trying to find an affordable and easily reproducible brushless solution. Did you post all your experience in the servo thread? I hope the guy with his 8318 will still be going, since I'm going to buy the same or some similar. Just not sure when, because without having the time and the parts to put it in it's useless.
>>14866 >BUMP v0.2g Just finally testing the "g"-version on my Raspi, after finally building it flawlessly with the dependencies from the former builds. Seems to work very nice, though in my case it already that before. Well done. Thanks. Didn't make backups for a while, but I'll start running it again with "watch" or as a cronjob. I want to integrate this with some script at some point, using BTRFS snapshots to keep track of changes. I'm also going to burn the data on one of my M-Discs soon, so it will be there for the next thousand years.
>>19357 Great, thanks for the feedback Anon. The new version will be called Bumpmaster and will be integrated into the RW Foundations suite that developed out of the Sumomo-chan Project (>>14409). An interesting little precursor sub-utility there is called Pageone. It's already up and running; you can build the 'latest cut edition' and try it out. Just go in and edit the the boards listing inside the 'main_pageone.cpp' if you want to play around with it on different sites/boards. Cheers. >=== -add 'latest-cut' cmnt -minor prose edit
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Please vote https://twitter.com/KiwiDev33/status/1620241594686529537 >>19332 Accepting the marathon aspect is vital for anyone working on this. >>19333 Moving a pound or two should work out as long as her arms aren't straight out. >Brushless experience? Nothing worth mentioning and everything was done in stimulation. Purely speculation and you'd get much better information from here then I could provide. https://www.simplefoc.com/ https://community.simplefoc.com/
>>19387 >https://www.simplefoc.com/ >https://community.simplefoc.com/ Yeah, I should join there. Bought mine months ago and didn't even test it yet. Hmm.
>>19387 >Please vote <"mek me a sammich" Obviously, a high-priority feature! :^) >https://www.simplefoc.com/ Great resource Kiwi, thanks! >=== -add link cmnt
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>>18173 I just switched to Yotsuba B CSS because in the default CSS my (Firefox) browser scrolls way to easily and fast down with my intention. I mean after trying to mark some text. And this was driving my nuts. Might be a problem between browser and CSS, and I think it's recent. Just FYI in case it's a more widespread problem. It's not you.
>>19406 I'll happily adjust something if it will make everyone's experience better overall. Our CSS Anon can provide input here, I imagine. Thanks for letting us know Anon.
Open file (461.73 KB 904x509 humanoid_robots.png)
Guy working on Engineered Arts, asking investors for their money: >Why invest $100M in humanoid robots – The real reason the world wants androids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FL7QqBYS44 Making a point which is obvious to us here already: Humanoid robots have only certain use cases where they could be very valuable. It's about interacting with humans. Though, he focuses on help for the elderly and people with dementia. But also claims wheeled robots like pepper wouldn't be good enough for that (which I rather question). He claims humans would want bipedal robots in many places, which might be kind of true but also dependent on many things like the price for example.

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