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/robowaifu/meta-2: Electric Boogaloo Robowaifu Technician 05/13/2020 (Wed) 16:22:03 No.3108
Please Note: I'm going to be continuing with occasionally repopulating our board again with old posts. Feel free to post responses to them regardless, as I will generally be watching and can often respond appropriately to your posts. But be aware these will be 'log dumps' as it were from our original board. Specifically, these bump-bot re-posts will have rw@bump.bot in the name field (usually). Cheers. >--- This thread is for off-topic and general discussions. FYI, our bunker is at https://anon.cafe/robowaifu/catalog.html probably should bookmark that now Anon. :^) Also, let's discuss ways to get more people involved. How can we grow this board? As well, let's share general robowaifu ideas, etc., to help inspire each other. This thread is meant to improve /robowaifu/ in general way and be a place to hangout with loosely off-topic talk. previous /meta thread: >>38 >=== >reverted bunker alert daily reminder >edit rw@bump.bot name field comment
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Open file (49.98 KB 550x850 the new infinity cup.png)
note: I'll go ahead and move your post here too, I-Cup Anon since you kind of got a raw deal coming in after the old thread was bump-locked. Hey, robot enthusiasts, We're revamping the Infinity Cup over at https://anon.cafe/icup/ and we would really like it if you could come and join our matches, be it as a team or even just to have fun in chat! Come see us!
>>3108 >> let's discuss ways to get more people involved. How can we grow this board? as a person who had been looking for a place like things for at least a few years now, its a relief to actually find a community that exists on furthering the accessibility and development of companion bots. That being said, as an outsider I don't think a chan IB is the best place to recruit people to considering the HEAVY stigmas going around about places like this. As much as I like the idea of being anon, I feel like participants here will immediately get dragged down alongside the false flags happening especially considering the whole mini doll fiasco that was occurring circa early to mid 2019. If anything I feel like a profile based forum like bunker would be better to gain support while avoiding any drama.
>>3115 Welcome Anon. Yes, it's a tricky situation. We currently have a recruitment thread actively going on r/n to discuss topics like this. >>2705 But truth be told, we've been at this for over 3 years now, and it's actually been a very creative experience in general--if a small-scale group thus far. To quote: >"And quite frankly, the creative benefits of us all dynamically engaging here together in a free-form way are just too important to ignore. " >>2701 >directory & glossary subsection Regardless, we're glad you finally found your way here. This would be a good place to begin to discuss your own robowaifu dreams and plans, or you can look around our catalog for yourself and pick and appropriate thread, or just start your own.
Open file (801.97 KB 2049x1019 ccp information warfare.jpg)
Open file (229.75 KB 1280x960 fracture points.png)
>>3115 I'm not against it but I wouldn't personally participate in a forum right now. It's too easy for adversaries to quantify people's weaknesses and destroy a community. It might have been okay 6 years ago but not now. They know what they're doing and don't want AI tech in the hands of common people. I'm shocked Google is even bold enough now to blatantly hide scientific research and advancements in AI. Within 1-2 years though bots will become commonplace that we cannot easily tell from a human being besides their need to control others and a lack of personal creativity and industry. We may have no other choice but to switch to a forum then unless we can filter new posters attempting to subvert the board with our own AI. It's an ongoing struggle we will have to adapt and overcome. Trying to optimize how many people we can bring in now is like hoping for fruit without involving ourselves in the process of planting and taking care of a tree. If we create something worthwhile people will come with little effort. We won't have to sell it to them. Anyway they will come and enjoy the fruit of our work with us. On the other hand trying to win people over to do the work for us is how a commie thinks. If we focus our energy too much that way we will neither have the fruit nor a tree.
>>3128 >and a lack of personal creativity and industry This will be the key Anon. Everyone needs to condition themselves to detect this now (learn to properly ask leading questions to draw that fact out if need be). >It's an ongoing struggle we will have to adapt and overcome. If you're who I think you are, then I presume you're well aware that's the one think we completely dominate at over current (or likely mid-term, say 10+ years out) AI. For us here on /robowaifu/ this is always a two-edged sword ofc. We want compelling, engaging interactions with our robowaifus, but we are more aware than most the threat that AI represents in the hands of an evil Corporate-police-state, for example. >Trying to optimize how many people we can bring in now is like hoping for fruit without involving ourselves in the process of planting and taking care of a tree. That is a great analogy Anon. Almost a beautiful one in fact. But I'm willing to let Anons explore other avenues and seek to grow our community some. We honestly do need more help after all. >If we focus our energy too much that way we will neither have the fruit nor a tree. Sober warning to us all. Thanks Anon, you really are talented with words. WE DEMAND MORE GREENTEXTS REEEEE! :^) >t. chobitsu
>>3128 >"...in case of a sudden public opinion outbreak.." ANYTHING BUT THAT! heh, fugging gommies, sheesh.
>>3128 BTW did you notice the /tism/ board being slidden right this moment? I wonder what toxic and problematic post was made that triggered it? It appears to be mostly just senseless one-word posts and strikes me as entirely automated, though the selected threads were obviously hand-picked beforehand to be obnoxious shit.
>>3131 >/tism/ check that. it wasn't spread out on the site, but instead seemed to be entirely focused on /cow/, now that i've analzyed it. could easily have been a drunk & spiteful tranny, actually. my little test didn't seem to trigger much immediate response. paranoia is a word haha
Open file (72.94 KB 1006x277 -tism- - Brave_099.png)
>>3131 >>3139 >related nearly all one-word bumps, all made within the span of just a few minutes, almost all with some sort of tranny or faggot theme in the OP.
Open file (131.08 KB 1026x492 -tism- - Brave_101.png)
>>3140 haha, i couldn't help myself. like pottery.
This may change over time ofc, but please heed the advice, Anon. https://spqrchan.xyz/.static/fallback.txt JulayWorld fallback map, v1.0 --- SAVE THIS DOCUMENT LOCALLY --- Primary domain: https://julay.world/ Backup domain in case the first one is taken down: https://spqrchan.xyz/ Onion: http://bhlnasxdkbaoxf4gtpbhavref7l2j3bwooes77hqcacxztkindztzrad.onion/ (Even if the server is lost, the onion should come back up with the same address.) If both domains are lost: https://alogs.theГунтretort.com/ (inactive until needed) In case of server loss: The images will be lost, but the text content is backed up daily. Save whatever you want to keep. Live updates during downtime: #julayworld on irc.rizon.net If everything fails, take shelter in other webring boards, that's the original purpose. If everything fucks up remember that anonymity is a spirit and not something people can just shut down. Something new will pop up, keep looking. Julay is not the first imageboard nor is it the last. --- SAVE THIS DOCUMENT LOCALLY ---
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/14/2020 (Thu) 06:33:16.
I figured I'd throw the topic of our CSS up for discussion/improvement here. Be aware I've learned little about CSS myself thus far, so please keep the discussion at my retarded level haha thanks. :^) >200523 current CSS: span.greentext {display: block;} span.pinktext {display: block;} .divMessage br {display: block;} body { background-image: url(https://imgur.com/K2XmKPw.png); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: right bottom; background-attachment: fixed; background-size: 28%; } code { white-space: pre-wrap !important; border: 1px double #e60000; background: #0d0d0d; color: #00e600; font-family: 'Lucida Console', Monaco, monospace; font-size: 105%; max-width: 100%; overflow: auto; padding: .7em 1.1em; display: block; word-wrap: break-word; } code br { display:block !important; } code .embedButton { display: none; } code a { color: inherit; }
Open file (34.23 KB 640x480 chb_hibiya033.jpg)
Please Note: I'm going to be continuing with occasionally repopulating our board with old posts. Feel free to post responses to them regardless, as I will generally be watching and can often respond to your posts. But be aware these will all be 'log dumps' as it were from our original board. These bump-bot posts will all have rw@bump.bot as the email sig. Cheers.
continued from >>3400 >FTFY. Don't expect me to shove that boulder up the hill all by myself lad lol. :^) lmao, fair. I do have some Japanese dude's research papers laying around on the subject. So I wanna steal his idea for having a robo-waifu express emotion w/o needing to build it an actual human-like face.
Open file (2.98 MB 300x224 happyfox.gif)
>>3405 Heh. As an engineer and an artist, I find it interesting that this topic of expressing emotions, say, involves (if you'll please forgive my crude and blocky consolidations, there are obviously many, many more considerations within each and every sub-category) -Design : defining (and confirming) the aesthetic and psychological expression of emotions. All within the yuge scope of human verisimilitude. -Hardware : executing on the designs in the physical world, using nothing but the raw tools required to build robots (plastics, metals, servos, gears, pulleys, electronics, etc). All within the yuge scope of human verisimilitude. -Software : executing on the design in the computational world, using nothing but high-level (abstractions, generic/functional programming, etc.) or low-level (signal and line levels inputs/outputs, assembler-tier instruction orderings, etc.), and literally described by mere text. All within the yuge scope of human verisimilitude. Obviously, the reality in the end will come down to many other things, once the 'real world' impinges itself on our robowaifus, not the least of which will be we ourselves and all our human constraints on them. Plus, when you can do things like put the functional equivalent of a dog's tail on the robowaifu's head to help her express emotions properly you just know it's gonna be a wild ride! :-DD Thanks for the document, Fotamon.
>>3406 >codes, all literally described by mere text.*
yeah I gotchu fam something's coming down the pipe at least animal level intelligence I was pissed off for a long time about stupid shit but I'm better now, promise let me know if you're dying for some spoilers
actually let's start with the absolute basics (the question that I was PO'd about) what is the connection between uncertainty, information and life? Entropy! the characterization that defines and informs many such theories. Life maximizes entropy over future states. What does that mean? potentiality. What If you could be homeless tomorrow or a millionaire tomorrow with equal uncertainty? What if you could be homeless or homeless tomorrow? A millionaire or millionaire tomorrow? What does being a millionaire or homeless lead to? This is the crux. Truth told I was dissatisfied. Now I'm not. holler at you Sunday folks
So I'm a little short on time right now so I'll be skipping the theory, anyways let's at least get started: there are two libs you're going need in order to set up your meta-RL maxEnt machine- 1) Erik Laukien's most excellently lightweight and fast sparse coder- https://github.com/ogmacorp/OgmaNeo2 (which btw is fast enough for realtime; TF and PyTorch in general are not) 2) MI toolkit- https://github.com/Craigacp/MIToolbox 3) a quick and dirty test file- mountainCar which should be included in the files (or not- later), I honestly can't remember where I got this from, and uh license reqs and credits will have to come later I guess so go ahead and follow the install instructions, set up your cmake and start a new cpp, for MIToolbox you need to insert a #define COMPILE_C before the includes includes- #include "Entropy.h" #include "ogmaneo/Hierarchy.h" #include "MountainCar.h" ...alright so given that my project files were utterly gutted last week so that I could redesign everything to be more authentically neuro-scientific (complete with short term/long term/working memory) I will actually have to re-code the original project tonight or tomorrow night (protip: don't be me- use git). I'll upload the project files at that point rather than sitting here typing all this shit out sounds good? look forward to seeing if we can get a bot going with this set up- there are also python bindings
>>3931 Hey there Iggy, welcome back. Interesting looking project I'll take a look. It would indeed be nice to have a fast sparse system, so yea. How have things been with you mate?
>>3933 All over the place. There's still too much negativity in my life and I'm sick of it. There's this sort of general malaise and restlessness I need to shake but it's proving... difficult. It hasn't impacted research and development too much overall though so that's good. There have been some major breakthroughs in that regard, just things I've come across or what not. I have a pretty clear idea of where I think I should go with all this. Future's looking up there. This current project is pretty awesome so far. The reinforcement mechanism is, as far as I can tell, ubiquitous and universal to life. It can play Atari at least! I think anyone whose serious about robowaifus is going to be able to appreciate it I think I came in at the wrong time though- it looks like robowaifu is getting its own imageboard or something? lol idk whatever. Anything I missed?
>>3935 You'll be fine lad, just don't quit is the key. >There have been some major breakthroughs in that regard, just things I've come across or what not. >The reinforcement mechanism is, as far as I can tell, ubiquitous and universal to life. Very nice. I hope you set up a repo soon for your work. Neuromorphic computing is probably going to turn out to be the big breakthrough everyone in AI is looking for, so yea. >I think I came in at the wrong time though How could any time be the 'wrong' time heh? :^) >it looks like robowaifu is getting its own imageboard or something? Not to my knowledge. We'll be staying on with Julay as it transitions to a new site (probably sometime this summer). We have a bunker board over on Anoncafe as a backup gathering point if necessary, and there are multiple domains here on Julay. https://julay.world/.static/fallback.txt >Anything I missed? The board gets entirely archived regularly now, so there's that. We lost a little of the board from before, but most of it was saved. Now everything is.
>>3937 Ah okay I see now- and hopefully the new image board software will really help facilitate development. That's really the only thing I'm hoping for at this point, well that and more members ^_^. BTW I don't think I can quit AI at this point, it's been years and even if I stop I always go back, just like I keep coming back to humanoid robotics and I especially can't quit now that something AIXI-esque is coming within reach (aka quantum computing is going to give descriptional complexity the succ). At most I'm thinking of branching out a little into synthetic biology in the future, really interesting to imagine the potential of biology as applied to material science and just the impossible scale and efficiency of biological computation which brings me to: very much agreed neuromorphic computing is going to make a big splash, oh hell yes: like the brain uses 20 watts and the visual cortex alone has a ~650GB/s bandwidth or something crazy like that, and then turn around and look at how even nvidia's top end cards with thousands of cuda cores chew up clock time and spit out utilities bills when training and deploying recurrent and adversarial models and that's why you end up with things like tensorRT. My only wish for neuromorphic computing/AI is that it follows a very flexible and general programming model that allows sparse coding, deep learning, NLP, neuroscientific models etc to all run on the same chip... oh and if it's not some canned, proprietary bullshit that would be nice too (aka it needs to be "done right"- lookin at you IBM smh) About making a repo: I was on the fence about posting anything to github but idk you can make repos private so that it's 'for robos only' or something, that works. All of my code is pretty hacked together, mostly open source but also I don't seem to care where it's from as long as it works, so there's a slight chance of licensing/legal/ethical issues, for instance I don't even know what the license is for the 10 year old nvtt libs In any case the code has been ready since Sunday night, so if you want I can upload a zip with static libs + cmake file, assuming you use already have the requisite openMP and/or I can set up a private repo but that will take longer. Any preferences?
>>4045 >nvidia's top end cards with thousands of cuda cores chew up clock time and spit out utilities bills heh, great way to word it. >repo just use gitlab, i think it's what most of us here are using tbh. i'll leave the lawyering to the lawyers. just license everything you have with MIT license and everything should be good to go. closing the stable door after the horse has bolted and all that you know. sure, you can post your code on catbox.moe or anonfiles or w/e. i already have both the repos you linked d/l'd & building & I'm really big on C++ already, so yea please do. I'm on Arch so I should be able to accommodate it afaict.
>>4045 >AIXI-esque While researching this, I discovered the original author is involved with offering Half a million Euros Prize for Compressing Human Knowledge http://prize.hutter1.net/ The job is to compress a test subset of Wikipedia better than anyone else. Prove it and you can be rich.
>>4046 >https://anonfiles.com/... pressed for time again lmao anyways here's a tiny proof-of-concept which I'll be expanding in the coming weeks >--- I think it'd be best not to include pre-compiled library blobs Iggy. everyone can build their own and install themselves via the repos. Thanks.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 06/24/2020 (Wed) 08:33:08.
>>4049 Alright, thanks I'll have a look at it. Have a good one, see you again soon I suppose.
See now we're talking right here >>4047 So I thought about it last night and actually the thing /robowaifu/ needs most is to make some paper. That's the flag to rally around. Everything that could fix this board stems from that, and the lack of obvious business opportunities with a good barrier to entry (too high for individuals, low enough for a distributed development team) is thus the sole preoccupation >>4050 so if you installed the libraries the only thing to do is grab cmake lists and main.cpp and mountainCar.cpp/.h there's really not much to look at, I threw it together in like 45 minutes then added some comments and uploaded it here's an interesting facet: you can actually turn the learning off in the step(cs, ...) function and the network will actually still improve on novel tasks; this is more apparent in the ALE anyway I have a lot of work to do catch y'all later
>>4051 Thanks for the details, Iggy. >the network will actually still improve on novel tasks; this is more apparent in the ALE That's interesting. I wonder how that works.
>>4051 >So I thought about it last night and actually the thing /robowaifu/ needs most is to make some paper. That's the flag to rally around. Everything that could fix this board stems from that, and the lack of obvious business opportunities with a good barrier to entry (too high for individuals, low enough for a distributed development team) is thus the sole preoccupation So take up the mantle of 'Business Manager' or something for /robowaifu/ Iggy. This board has always been about herding cats in a general direction. Anons will work on a subset they are currently interested in. For me right now, that means mastering concurrency and parallelism using C++20. For you atm, that apparently means finding business opportunities for the community. "See a need, fill a need" as the old saying goes. Good luck. Whoever can capitalize on this progression to a full-fledged robowaifu market will become a very wealthy man indeed.
brb hell
Open file (110.26 KB 675x1200 kibochan.jpg)
Thank heavens I've finally found you guys again. It's Fluffytail dev btw. It's been one thing after another, Kyoani burned, 8ch unplugged, losing my job, Corona-chan... For the past few months I've spent lockdown with family (boomer parents, gen-x sibling), as everyone works from home and being the most technically competent person I've practically been turned into an all-purpose secretary. I haven't been to my apartment downtown in months as all my neighbors were chinese and a hospital that's ground zero for local transmission is just a block away. Unfortunately, my 3D printer and Jetson Nano are there. I really want to get back into practical progress but i have to find a small print run PCB manufacturer that doesn't ship from China. Otherwise I just waste so much time soldering protoboards (my main beef with finishing my micromouse). Going forward, I'll try to rely more on ready made I2C modules, and try to approach the problem from a less complexity perspective. Kibo-chan the moving doll is one that's leading the way in the right direction. It uses expensive dynamixel servos though, it needs to go cheaper.
>>4169 Hello Fluffydev Really glad to see you again mate. Sounds like you've been through quite a ride the last year or so. Glad you're pulling through it all OK. Not sure if you're aware that Beagleboard has a new 'BeagleBone AI'. >>3722 It's based on a pretty beefy DSP system from TI, and includes an AI-centric library. ~US$125. I hope you work out an approach that lets you get back to work on robowaifus soon. >I'll try to rely more on ready made I2C modules Seems like a good approach especially for the time being. >pic Kibo-chan a cute.
>>4169 >Kibo-chan Rarely have I seen such cuteness from a collection of plastic and gears. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=Z-0kPh4OttE
>>4177 This is a prime example of why I urged all /robowaifu/ anons to pick up the basics of animation (as in the study of the field). This is both endearing and inspiring, and that aspect is entirely due to the robowaifu's master having a good ability to translate emotional nuance into her through animation skills. The musical choice helps as well ofc.
Open file (2.38 MB 1280x720 headtilt.mp4)
Open file (1.58 MB 1044x1500 howtoraiseplants.png)
>>4179 >>4179 Yeah Segawachobbies really took off because of his ability to infuse personality in the animations. There are plenty of other more exquisitely constructed dancing dolls, but even access to the best mocap can elicit nothing more than an "eh". The worst offender is of course Realdoll in going for most detailed body and least emotional animation (barely any at all). With Kibo-chan the spark ignited for me when I saw the initial prototype robot arm with Kizuna Ai's face tilting its head It really makes me question my time spent trying to learn how robot segways balance when the more immediate future would be robo plant grills.
>>4180 >With Kibo-chan the spark ignited for me when I saw the initial prototype robot arm with Kizuna Ai's face tilting its head I understand. The armature design could hardly be more aseptic and just a mechanical 'thing'. But the context and the animation actually turn it into a character. >It really makes me question my time spent trying to learn how robot segways balance Honestly, you're a polyglot in this field so I wouldn't be too concerned about that. Engineering skill is still important. For example Segawa displayed good engineering skills in devising the armature in such a way that it was responsive and flexible. Just being a good artist probably didn't help with that task much but rather engineering did (though ofc there's a general confluence/synergy there when you reach his level). >the more immediate future would be robo plant grills. Heh, pardon my ignorance, 'robo plant grills'? :^)
>>4183 >pardon my ignorance Aha. Pfft, I didn't look at the manga panel before I posted.
Open file (121.55 KB 675x1200 Ecunf9sUEAAGbYn.jpg)
Some Anon is keeping busy. >pic via http://www.tweepy.net/twiuser/segawachobbies
Open file (153.21 KB 800x1200 EcohuNpUwAETLz8.jpg)
What a badass design this is. Would be good for QT3.14 Enforcer robowaifus tbh. >via http://www.tweepy.net/twiuser/oolongtea_bird
>>4185 Oh wow! I'd love to see those joints in action. Very interesting engineering.
Open file (52.69 KB 300x100 rwbanner.png)
>>4177 I liked this so much I made a banner.
>>4199 Done. Thanks Anon.
I fixed a nagging issue where if illegal chars were in the filename, BUMP wouldn't save the file. I finally got off my ass and fixed this so I could finish grabbing boards from Julay before the changeover, but it will help everywhere else too ofc. 200718 - v0.2d -------------- -fixed some issues dealing with invalid characters in subjects/attachments -added thread's subject text to new thread notifications during downloads -moved some text processing utility functions out of class scope -removed stdc++fs build dependency, as GCC no longer needs this specified https://files.catbox.moe/yzrvle.7z 1b107d1eeead145d44c3f23d23e937feb14b4d41e23d13660f78d230be20a26a BUMP-0.2d.tar.xz As always, if you have any issues building and running BUMP, just post ITT for help.
>>4211 Hello there Anon! You posted about this on my board earlier. I didn't know you came from here (I haven't lurked here for very long). Nice to "bump" into you
>>4223 Yeah, I went ahead a followed your link from our embassy thread. /robowaifu/ is basically the 'home site' for BUMP, since I developed it here to ensure we kept the board completely backed up to protect it. It's useful for other boards/sites as well ofc, such as any board on endchan and a number of other sites.
>>4233 Well it definitely helps to know that there's a whole community to vouch for the software. Like I said I've never compiled from source before but it's probably not that hard. I'll check it out later
Open file (99.65 KB 822x981 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4252 Here's the comments inside the meson.build file (meson is a type of build system, that BUMP uses) in the archive: # https://mesonbuild.com/Reference-manual.html # In my environment, I download the repos for dependencies and build locally. # As of this date in 2020, these are the sources of the external dependencies; # curl # https://curl.haxx.se/ # curlcpp # https://github.com/JosephP91/curlcpp # fltk # https://www.fltk.org/ # jsoncpp # https://github.com/open-source-parsers/jsoncpp So, the prerequisite build dependencies for BUMP are these 4 5: -curl -curlcpp -fltk -jsoncpp -meson >https://mesonbuild.com/Quick-guide.html#installation-using-package-manager Your Linux distro probably already includes all these in it's package manager, if not the sources are directly linked above. You'll also need a C++ compiler (ofc) and I currently use GCC's g++ which already supports several of the latest advanced features of C++20. Again, your package manager will have it, so install it too if it's not already. Once all these are successfully installed, you then extract the files from the catbox archive link into a temp directory. There is another archive inside the outer one, which also includes the SHA256 sum with the original so Anons can confirm nothing has been tampered with from when it was posted originally. Extract this inner archive to wherever you want the actual final BUMP working directory to be. Open a terminal to the shell there and type ls . You should see this: Bump.cpp Bump.h bumpmain.cpp meson.build muh_curl.h version.log If that's what you see, then you're in the right place and ready to go, if not go back and try again. Now issue the command meson build . Meson will read the meson.build file and generate the make files for your system inside a build directory, which it creates for you. You can confirm this by typing ls again. Go ahead and change into that directory by typing cd build. Now you compile BUMP by typing meson compile. In a few seconds you should see the final line [3/3] Linking target bump and be returned to the terminal prompt. That's it you're done. Now you can use BUMP to archive any board that's included in it's .sites.config (hidden) file. For example, to use it to save an archive of Julay's /ck/ board, first cd back to the working directory cd .. , then you'd issue this command build/bump julay.world ck . You should see something like this as BUMP begins working on downloading everything. Hope that helps Anon. Just ask me ITT if you have any other questions about it. >--- edit added meson to prerequisites listing.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/20/2020 (Mon) 12:40:05.
>>4253 Duh, even though it should be obvious, I forgot mention meson itself as a prerequisite. It will be in your package manager as well, so install that first too.
I'm currently rewriting BUMP to begin the process of adding multi-threading, and concurrent, multiple downloads (it's currently just single-threaded). As an aside, I had been reconsidering renaming the project to Bump2 (similar to the way Catch2 did, and for the same reasons) to make it easier to find in search, etc. However, in honor of the once-g*eat, like, just yesterday OpenBSD choosing to suck BLM-CoC, https://github.com/openbsd/src/commit/5bde2954c180034a27b079acaff46073dc75139b I will be renaming the project to BumpMaster instead.
DAILY REMINDER > Expect a few days of delay for the reboot as I figure out hosting. Days left: 5+ Please bookmark our bunker now. We will all congregate there during the downtime, thank you. https://anon.cafe/robowaifu/catalog.html DAILY REMINDER >--- edit: tag w/ role sig
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I love this board but I no longer post on it because of /cow/. Whenever you move somewhere else I start to contribute again. I'm not sure why you didn't move when /k/ and the others saw the writing on the wall. robowaifu-chan when?
>>4543 Hi there Anon, welcome back. We missed you. So, I can't really help what others do, only what I do. I may have a lot of faults, but ingratitude isn't one of them. As a group we owe Robi a lot for taking us in when we needed the help, and I appreciate that. I don't really have any plans to migrate /robowaifu/. In fact, I'm kind of interested to see what Robi going to do with the reboot. I do agree with you that having robowaifu.chan would be a great idea, but it's not something I can undertake personally. If you'd like to do so, then I'd be happy to establish it as the primary bunker with the community here. And speaking of bunkers, if you feel you can contribute on our bunker at https://anon.cafe/robowaifu , then I'd be happy to engage with you there instead. Thanks again for stopping back by Anon, Cheers.
>>4544 I'll use the bunker. I don't have any problems with Robi.
>>4545 Sounds good. Welcome back.
>>3108 Anons, what's a good way for me to back up /robowaifu/ with? While I was lurking I used wget with some parameters (like make links local etc.) but I guess someone is already generating backups, or there might be a better way for me to do so? Don't want to put too much load on the server.
>>4555 Scroll up only a few posting... or click here: >>4255
>>4557 Okay more here >>4211
>>4557 Hehe, apologies, there's a lot for a normalfag to follow ;)
>>4559 Hey there Anon, I'm not that anon (but I am the author of BUMP). I recognize that being able to compile your own code isn't something everyone is cut out for, but tbh if you can use wget properly, then you can probably succeed at getting BUMP working. >or there might be a better way for me to do so? Don't want to put too much load on the server. One of the nice benefits of BUMP is that after the first time archiving an entire board, then the software is smart enough to first check the catalog for any new bumps thus the name of the software heh, and then only download the threads that have actually changed since the last time. It will also pick up any new files posted in the threads as well. Being very low impact resource-wise (particularly bandwidth) was a foremost agenda with the software, and it's probably the most efficient purpose-built image board archiver in the regard that's out there. >tl;dr You can do it Anon, gambatte! :^) AMA ITT, to help. I use it to keep /robowaifu/ fully backed up locally ~ 4 times a day.
>>4564 Hehe, perhaps I chose the wrong word. I meant I sometimes struggle/can't be bothered to keep track with every post in a thread. Luckily most threads are only updated occasionally so I'm sure eventually I'll get a better idea of the content here. For someone relatively new to chans in general, it's interesting to see the difference between forums where anonymity is reduced. Thanks Anon, I'll try your code once I get the dependencies compiled XD
>>4580 >I'll try your code once I get the dependencies compiled XD I don't actually recommend that approach for beginners. As I pointed out here >>4253 all the dependencies are available through a typical Linux distro's package repository, use that instead. Just try the instructions in that post and you can ask me for further help ITT.
>>4580 >Luckily most threads are only updated occasionally so I'm sure eventually I'll get a better idea of the content here. Also, two words: -Cata -log As in, 'use the catalog, Anon'. You'll know immediately both the topics of threads, and see which ones are currently bumping with activity.
>>4587 M8, if I wasn't using the catalogue function, I'd have given up ages ago XD There are just a lot of threads, and I try not to spend too much time. Looking at one or two new threads at a time. Otherwise I'll waste too much time and burn out....
>>4586 Been using linux for some time. Usually use Arch (and there you can find pretty much anything in the AUR), however atm I'm using debian. Issue I bumped into atm is that calling cmake in the curlcpp directory asks me for where the source files are, I then re-run cmake with src/ argument, but then I get an error to do with the version. Never used cmake (usually always a Makefile instead). I'll fix it later XD I have curl and meson, wasn't
>>4589 Oops, sorry about that last bit, meant to say I found curl and meson packages
>>4589 >Never used cmake Here's how it goes: -1st, clone/DL repo locally & cd into it >then mkdir build && cd build cmake .. make That will build the code. Then if that succeeds, you typically will also install the build: sudo make install That's about it. >--- edit: -added the install step
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/28/2020 (Tue) 10:28:57.
>>4591 Gotten round to try again. Compiled curl, now stuck on curlcpp. Running cmake .. I get this error: -- The CXX compiler identification is GNU 8.3.0 -- Check for working CXX compiler: /usr/bin/c++ -- Check for working CXX compiler: /usr/bin/c++ -- works -- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info -- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info - done -- Detecting CXX compile features -- Detecting CXX compile features - done -- Setting build type to 'Release' as none was specified. -- IPO / LTO supported, will enable for targets in release build type -- Found CURL: /usr/local/lib/libcurl.so (found suitable version "7.72.0-DEV", minimum required is "7.28.0") CMake Error: Could not open file for write in copy operation /usr/local/lib/curlcpp/curlcppConfig.cmake.tmp CMake Error: : System Error: No such file or directory CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:40 (configure_file): configure_file Problem configuring file -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred! Do I need to create this file manually? I don't want to run as root unless I absolutely need to.
>>4657 It seems like it could be a permissions issue: >CMake Error: Could not open file for write in copy operation /usr/local/lib/curlcpp/curlcppConfig.cmake.tmp >CMake Error: : System Error: No such file or directory I'd check the permissions on /usr/local/lib/ to confirm your write access. You typically don't need su permissions during the cmake step, so that's a bit odd. What system are you on?
>>4661 Yeah I fixed the issue by creating that directory and giving myself the necessary permissions. Now I'm facing meson issue: .../BUMP-0.2d$ ls build Bump.cpp Bump.h bumpmain.cpp meson.build muh_curl.h version.log .../BUMP-0.2d$ cd build/ .../BUMP-0.2d/build$ meson compile ERROR: Neither directory contains a build file meson.build. ../BUMP-0.2d/build$ ls build.ninja compile compile_commands.json meson-logs meson-private Am I missing something else? I am using Debian 10
Open file (141.24 KB 999x867 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4662 >Am I missing something else? Hmm, not as far as I can tell. I just re-followed the steps here >>4253 and here's a cap of it. Everything worked fine. > Hmm. Well other than confirming the contents of the meson.build file in the working directory, maybe we can just bypass meson in your case? After all, it's just a build system solely for convenience and not essential. You can issue compiler & linker commands yourself directly from the terminal.
>>4662 Hmm. I'd also confirm ninja came along for the ride when you installed meson ? which ninja /usr/bin/ninja You should see the above response. If not, then you should install it and try building BUMP again. I probably need to add it into the dependencies as well alongside meson.
>>4664 I get the same response as you do. I'm using the packaged versions of ninja ( version 1.8.2) and meson (0.49.2) so they might be a little old. Do you think this is the case?
>>4665 >Do you think this is the case? They are slightly behind the current release versions. https://github.com/ninja-build/ninja/releases https://github.com/mesonbuild/meson/releases I'm not honestly sure if that's what's blocking you though. Let's just do it the hard way. Go ahead and delete the build directory, then In your working directory just issue this shell command: g++ Bump.cpp bumpmain.cpp -std=c++17 -lcurl -lcurlcpp -ljsoncpp -o bump You should see some deprecation warnings from the jsoncpp lib, and after a few seconds a new bump executable in the directory. Presuming that works, you can then use it by (for example): ./bump julay.world robowaifu
>>4667 I'm guessing this is what caused the issue: In file included from Bump.cpp:27: muh_curl.h:15:10: fatal error: curl_easy.h: No such file or directory #include "curl_easy.h" ^~~~~~~~~~~~~ compilation terminated. Is this header file part of normal curl?
Open file (9.78 KB 816x228 curl_inc.png)
>>4667 >>4668 Found those header files in curl's include dir. Was the name of the file always curl_easy.h, or was it renamed to easy.h? I tried editing #include "curl_easy.h" to #include "easy.h" but I'm guessing I still need to point the code to where this header file resides?
>>4668 >>4669 No that's just an indicator that the include directory for the curlcpp library location wasn't set properly by it's install process on your box. Assuming you have the locate utility installed on your system, issue this command and then post it. We'll then add the include directive into the terminal build command. locate curl_easy.h here's where mine is at: /usr/include/curlcpp/curl_easy.h /usr/local/include/curl_easy.h
>>4670 Found it here: /usr/local/include/curlcpp/ So what do I need to change to point to this dir? I apologise for this convoluted issue, I think I'll be moving away from debian soon XD
>>4671 > I think I'll be moving away from debian soon XD Nah, Debian is fine as a distro. Certainly a yuge number of derivatives have spun off from it. >I apologise for this convoluted issue, Haha no worries bro. I just hope you aren't let down by the tool after all this--it's quite a simple scraper atp. :^) So, try this command and see if it will build the executable for you: g++ Bump.cpp bumpmain.cpp -std=c++17 -I/usr/local/include/curlcpp/ -lcurl -lcurlcpp -ljsoncpp -o bump Also, remember to revert your edit of the code file back to curl_easy. #include "curl_easy.h"
>>4668 Try #include <curl_easy.h> instead.
>>4672 >>4673 Other than the warnings you mentioned, I also get the following errors about cpp: /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccbnt4Kv.o: in function `Page::grab_thrd_files()': Bump.cpp:(.text+0x2e82): undefined reference to `std::filesystem::create_directory(std::filesystem::__cxx11::path const&)' /usr/bin/ld: Bump.cpp:(.text+0x2edf): undefined reference to `std::filesystem::create_directory(std::filesystem::__cxx11::path const&)' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccbnt4Kv.o: in function `Bump::init_arch_dirs[abi:cxx11]()': Bump.cpp:(.text+0x6c31): undefined reference to `std::filesystem::create_directory(std::filesystem::__cxx11::path const&)' /usr/bin/ld: Bump.cpp:(.text+0x6ca0): undefined reference to `std::filesystem::create_directory(std::filesystem::__cxx11::path const&)' /usr/bin/ld: Bump.cpp:(.text+0x6cf9): undefined reference to `std::filesystem::create_directory(std::filesystem::__cxx11::path const&)' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccbnt4Kv.o:Bump.cpp:(.text+0x6d49): more undefined references to `std::filesystem::create_directory(std::filesystem::__cxx11::path const&)' follow /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccbnt4Kv.o: in function `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::path(std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >&&, std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::format)': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathC2EONSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEENS1_6formatE[_ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathC5EONSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEENS1_6formatE]+0x4f): undefined reference to `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccbnt4Kv.o: in function `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::operator/=(std::filesystem::__cxx11::path const&)': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathdVERKS1_[_ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathdVERKS1_]+0x3d): undefined reference to `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::has_filename() const' /usr/bin/ld: Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathdVERKS1_[_ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathdVERKS1_]+0x98): undefined reference to `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccbnt4Kv.o: in function `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::clear()': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114path5clearEv[_ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114path5clearEv]+0x20): undefined reference to `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccbnt4Kv.o: in function `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::is_absolute() const': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNKSt10filesystem7__cxx114path11is_absoluteEv[_ZNKSt10filesystem7__cxx114path11is_absoluteEv]+0x14): undefined reference to `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::has_root_directory() const' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccbnt4Kv.o: in function `std::filesystem::exists(std::filesystem::__cxx11::path const&)': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt10filesystem6existsERKNS_7__cxx114pathE[_ZNSt10filesystem6existsERKNS_7__cxx114pathE]+0x14): undefined reference to `std::filesystem::status(std::filesystem::__cxx11::path const&)' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccbnt4Kv.o: in function `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::path<std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >, std::filesystem::__cxx11::path>(std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&, std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::format)': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathC2INSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEES1_EERKT_NS1_6formatE[_ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathC5INSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEES1_EERKT_NS1_6formatE]+0x64): undefined reference to `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccbnt4Kv.o: in function `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::path<char [8], std::filesystem::__cxx11::path>(char const (&) [8], std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::format)': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathC2IA8_cS1_EERKT_NS1_6formatE[_ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathC5IA8_cS1_EERKT_NS1_6formatE]+0x5e): undefined reference to `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccbnt4Kv.o: in function `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::path<char [6], std::filesystem::__cxx11::path>(char const (&) [6], std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::format)': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathC2IA6_cS1_EERKT_NS1_6formatE[_ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathC5IA6_cS1_EERKT_NS1_6formatE]+0x5e): undefined reference to `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccbnt4Kv.o: in function `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::path<char [14], std::filesystem::__cxx11::path>(char const (&) [14], std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::format)': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathC2IA14_cS1_EERKT_NS1_6formatE[_ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathC5IA14_cS1_EERKT_NS1_6formatE]+0x5e): undefined reference to `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccbnt4Kv.o: in function `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::path<char [16], std::filesystem::__cxx11::path>(char const (&) [16], std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::format)': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathC2IA16_cS1_EERKT_NS1_6formatE[_ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathC5IA16_cS1_EERKT_NS1_6formatE]+0x5e): undefined reference to `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccbnt4Kv.o:Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathC2IA2_cS1_EERKT_NS1_6formatE[_ZNSt10filesystem7__cxx114pathC5IA2_cS1_EERKT_NS1_6formatE]+0x5e): more undefined references to `std::filesystem::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' follow collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status Am I missing the c++17 standard? >I just hope you aren't let down by the tool after all this Well can't really blame the tool, though you do have quite a few dependencies XD And I'm not the kind of Anon to just give up (sometimes to the detriment of my sanity hehehe). Having a backup of this place is important enough to get your tool compiled ;)
>>4673 Thanks for the tip Anon. BTW, there are four other includes inside the muh_curl.h code file, so change all of them if this tip gets you past the first error Anon. #include <curl_easy.h> #include <curl_exception.h> #include <curl_form.h> #include <curl_ios.h>
>>4674 So, GCC decided to hesitate in full support of their implementation of C++17's std::filesystem. In the Bump.h file near the top, there is this section: // The older compiler has filesystem under the experimental namespace // #if __GNUC__ == 7 // # include <experimental/filesystem> // namespace fs = std::experimental::filesystem; // #elif __GNUC__ >= 8 #include <filesystem> namespace fs = std::filesystem; // #endif You may need to change this section into just: #include <experimental/filesystem> namespace fs = std::experimental::filesystem; And use the experimental namespace version instead. Seems to me that had changed that over by GCC v8, but maybe not ? One advantage of say, Arch, over Debian is that you stay on the cutting edge of software tools, etc. I'm on g++ v10.1
>>4676 Heh the best part is I have been using Arch for a while, and almost never experienced these sort of issues. Switched to debian on this machine for testing. There's another set of errors: /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/cc7paChG.o: in function `Page::grab_thrd_files()': Bump.cpp:(.text+0x2e73): undefined reference to `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::create_directory(std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path const&)' /usr/bin/ld: Bump.cpp:(.text+0x2ecb): undefined reference to `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::create_directory(std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path const&)' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/cc7paChG.o: in function `Bump::init_arch_dirs[abi:cxx11]()': Bump.cpp:(.text+0x6c08): undefined reference to `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::create_directory(std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path const&)' /usr/bin/ld: Bump.cpp:(.text+0x6c72): undefined reference to `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::create_directory(std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path const&)' /usr/bin/ld: Bump.cpp:(.text+0x6cc6): undefined reference to `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::create_directory(std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path const&)' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/cc7paChG.o:Bump.cpp:(.text+0x6d11): more undefined references to `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::create_directory(std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path const&)' follow /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/cc7paChG.o: in function `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::path(std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >&&)': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114pathC2EONSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEE[_ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114pathC5EONSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEE]+0x4c): undefined reference to `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/cc7paChG.o: in function `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::clear()': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114path5clearEv[_ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114path5clearEv]+0x20): undefined reference to `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/cc7paChG.o: in function `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::_M_append(std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&)': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114path9_M_appendERKNSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEE[_ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114path9_M_appendERKNSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEE]+0xc0): undefined reference to `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/cc7paChG.o: in function `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::exists(std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path const&)': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v16existsERKNS1_7__cxx114pathE[_ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v16existsERKNS1_7__cxx114pathE]+0x14): undefined reference to `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::status(std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path const&)' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/cc7paChG.o: in function `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::path<std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >, std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path>(std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&)': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114pathC2INSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEES3_EERKT_[_ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114pathC5INSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEES3_EERKT_]+0x61): undefined reference to `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/cc7paChG.o: in function `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::path<char [8], std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path>(char const (&) [8])': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114pathC2IA8_cS3_EERKT_[_ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114pathC5IA8_cS3_EERKT_]+0x5b): undefined reference to `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/cc7paChG.o: in function `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::path<char [6], std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path>(char const (&) [6])': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114pathC2IA6_cS3_EERKT_[_ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114pathC5IA6_cS3_EERKT_]+0x5b): undefined reference to `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/cc7paChG.o: in function `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::path<char [14], std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path>(char const (&) [14])': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114pathC2IA14_cS3_EERKT_[_ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114pathC5IA14_cS3_EERKT_]+0x5b): undefined reference to `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/cc7paChG.o: in function `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::path<char [16], std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path>(char const (&) [16])': Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114pathC2IA16_cS3_EERKT_[_ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114pathC5IA16_cS3_EERKT_]+0x5b): undefined reference to `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' /usr/bin/ld: /tmp/cc7paChG.o:Bump.cpp:(.text._ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114pathC2IA2_cS3_EERKT_[_ZNSt12experimental10filesystem2v17__cxx114pathC5IA2_cS3_EERKT_]+0x5b): more undefined references to `std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::path::_M_split_cmpts()' follow collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status Should I just upgrade gcc?
>>4677 >Should I just upgrade gcc? YES. :^) BTW, revert the section back to using the normal std namespace once you do. #include <filesystem> namespace fs = std::filesystem;
Open file (13.88 KB 351x356 i_was_like_JUST.jpg)
>>4674 FUUUUU I just remembered there's a little caveat to using std::filesystem with g++. You have to give the linker a flag about it. Heh, all this reminds me now why I moved to meson instead. :^) My apologies Anon, I'm pretty sure this requirement was later removed, which is why I didn't catch it today experimenting for you on my own box. g++ Bump.cpp bumpmain.cpp -std=c++17 -I/usr/local/include/curlcpp/ -lstdc++fs -lcurl -lcurlcpp -ljsoncpp -o bump https://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/libstdc++/manual/using_dynamic_or_shared.html#manual.intro.using.linkage.experimental
Open file (7.74 KB 511x46 yes-bois.png)
Open file (491.71 KB 192x144 YESS!!.gif)
>>4679 Thanks Anon. From this experience, I don't think I'll use Debian. In Arch it's way easier to search and install packages. Half the bloody time I can't find the packages I need X'D
>>4680 Sweet. Thanks for the effort Anon. Nice to know there's at least one user out there now haha. >Half the bloody time I can't find the packages I need X'D I like Arch much better. I've only rarely had any issues with it for the couple of years I've been on it now.
>>4681 >Nice to know there's at least one user out there now haha. The more the merrier ;) >I like Arch much better. I've only rarely had any issues Same for me. Been using it for a year with Luke Smith's LARBS script that had i3wm. However I didn't study it well enough and newer versions started to break for me. It really was more of a temporary (permanent) setup as I wanted to learn to setup my own scripts and backup dot files. Also soy-stemd XD My plan for is to dedicate some time to Gentoo where I'll be forced to better understand my system. The issue is for my projects I need some stability, with my engineering software and access to serial, USB etc and I get too lazy to switch.
>>4681 Also I'll prob have the full backup in a couple of days. Do you have an IRC channel somewhere btw? In case I ever need to give the backup.
>>4682 >Also soy-stemd XD Yea, that's a definite no-no when we get around to creating the Robowaifu-OS tbh. I don't really care if glowsticks invade my privacy on my workstation all that much, but we need to do everything possible to prevent them or other bad guys from harming our robowaifus!! Poettering is such a tool. BTW, I've added this into the meson.build file and will include it in the next release. # build from the command line instead of just using meson: # g++ Bump.cpp bumpmain.cpp -std=c++17 -I/usr/local/include/curlcpp/ -lstdc++fs -lcurl -lcurlcpp -ljsoncpp -o bump >My plan for is to dedicate some time to Gentoo where I'll be forced to better understand my system. Good plan. Once you're there, go ahead and push in ever farther and do Linux From Scratch. >...and I get too lazy to switch. You deffo need a lab box that you can destroy/rebuild at will w/o ruining your workstation. >Do you have an IRC channel somewhere btw? No. I'm fundamentally opposed to it since it typically cleartexts your IP to everyone in the channel. We could definitely use alternate comms channels for /robowaifu/ but it's a remote topic on list for me atm. My plate's kinda full. :^)
Open file (45.74 KB 600x315 robotsnakegirl.jpg)
hey there /robowaifu/ I admit I've been quiet on the board for a little while as I've had some stuff in my personal life I've needed to deal with but I'm glad to be back. I'm the person who was freaking out when Chobitsu was gone and I went to the other boards crying about it. For those who don't remember, Chobitsu was MIA for several months because I think he was busy with college. regardless, it's glad to be back
Open file (417.76 KB 820x575 chii_sumomo_window.png)
>>4685 Hi there Anon, glad to have you back again. You're always quite welcome here. BTW, there's a Short Stacks thread now >>2666 . I'm sure we'd all like some input on you there.
>>4686 You should be careful with threads like that here. It won't be long before /cow/ starts calling you a pedo and demanding you ban anime from this board.
>>4690 No nothings going to happen to this board, now keep crying john.
Open file (596.40 KB 206x276 1596087669334.gif)
>>4690 Kek, I'll just send them to the time out corner. /cow/ is most definitely welcome here in fact of course. AFAICT, ebinic shitposters are some of the clever Anons around. We certainly need the help of more clever Anon you SILLY GAMERGATE!11
>>4684 >push in ever farther and do Linux From Scratch Had the manual (version 8.4) printed for over a year, didn't get round to it™...yet >:) >You deffo need a lab box that you can destroy/rebuild Indeed, that's pretty much how I have it atm. >I'm fundamentally opposed to it since it typically cleartexts your IP to everyone in the channel. That's disgusting XD I've been looking at Jami recently, doesn't seem too terrible for one-to-one comms, if you want an alternative for talking to your normie friends. >>4691 Is that from Memento? Great film :D >>4692 Kawaii desu!
>>4684 And one more thing before I forget, got this error during back up: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::filesystem_error' what(): filesystem error: status: Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character [julay.world/robowaifu/threads/Humanoid_Robot_Projects_Videos_0000374/media/林 要一 - 1つだけ、バーチャルじゃあ無くてリアル過ぎる展示ある…すご過ぎて意�.mp4] Aborted Given I've done some back up already, that's enough of using Debian. I'll set it up for something newer next week.
>>4697 That one's not Debian's fault, but actually my own. I still don't have a good approach worked out for dealing with illegal filesystem names. I have a kludge working atm where I just patch the characters with a valid one-by-one as I find them. Not sure why I haven't caught that one yet ? Hmm. Anyway, I can track that one down, patch it, and then post the code and you can rebuild/re-archive with the little patch in place ? No telling when I'll have enough changes accumulated for a v0.2e so that's probably the quickest approach.
>>4699 Sure, could do that XD
>>4700 I'm tied up today, but here's the full archive from julay.world/robowaifu if you'd care to download it : https://anon.cafe/robowaifu/res/4.html#85 1.3GB in size
I heard someone here made a program to download/archive julay Гунтretort threads, pls gib.
>>4725 I think you only have to scroll up, or go up to >>4211 and follow the discussion, bc there might be newer versions.
>>4697 Did you try switching back to the standard rather than experimental and building then archiving? >>4678
Open file (765.02 KB 1278x720 confused_dog_girl.png)
Let's say that I'm using BUMP 0.2d and have successfully downloaded a board. How would I re-post certain threads to a new target Lynxchan board? The usage instructions don't seem to cover it.
>>4728 Doing that in a big dump will require the administrator of the site containing the target board to work with you to do this. As you can see for the board you've archived, all the JSON files (one for each thread on the board) are saved locally to your drive, and then all the file attachments (images, mp3s, webms, pdfs, etc) are saved inside the media subfolder of each thread. If you make an arrangement ahead of time to do so, then the site admin will re-parse the source JSON files of the threads you've archived, and re-integrate the posts and attachments into the target board's (new) threads for you. It will take a little scripting on their part, and you a) making the arrangement with them, and b) zipping up those thread's BUMP folders from your local archive and giving it to them to work with. I hope I put that clearly enough Anon. There's no automated way for an end-user to just do a big dump like that into an imageboard's threads. It would be a horrible spam risk, for example.
>>4729 I see. So the bump-bot mentioned above won’t be released? That’s a shame, but I suppose I’ve already done some dirty hacks on BUMP to make it work with legacy 8kun files so I suppose I can figure out the LynxChan end myself, as well. Cleaner than the previous wget’d dump anyway. Anyway, thanks for putting out BUMP at all Anon.
>>4730 >I see. So the bump-bot mentioned above won’t be released? Heh, yes that's my intent eventually to. It's will take a little finessing to make it work as a imageboard porter system across differing IB systems. ATP it's mostly a combo of wishful thinking and a lot of manual labor on my part. The plan is to eventually have a full-blown GUI for the product, and make it dovetail nicely with things like Final Solution/Frontier and every IB ever in the history of IBs hehe. Don't hold your breath as it will be a good while before that is accomplished. In the meantime at least some of the basic prerequisites are 'working'. :^)
Hey /robowaifu/! I'm cross posting from /monster/ when am I not? (^: in regards to this hole I found in my backyard. Let me describe it. It's a hole that goes down about 3-4 ft so about a meter if you use the metric system and is about 2-3 inches wide between 5-7 centimeters wide. I live in the American south so I assumed it might have been an animal like a gopher or something but I have found other gopher holes in my back yard and they look nothing like image related. So, /robowaifu/ technicians, what kind of hole do I have in my backyard? Chobitsu, I know you live in the south as well, have you seen anything like this?
>>4753 cockhole. Fuck the earth.
>>4753 kek. i have no idea /monster/. it certainly appears to be some form of rodent den. do you spend enough time outdoors to be thoroughly antiquated with the species that are common in your area? that ofc would specify the most likely suspects. you appear to have a straight shot right down into the front door area of their den, whatever they turn out to be. it seems established already, any idea when it first appeared? seems quite late in the season to me for new den burrowing tbh.
>>4758 >thoroughly acquainted*
>>4758 I just moved into my property recently so I don't know how long it's been here. I've been here for 5 months but I didn't notice it until about month ago because it was covered by heavy grass as I had not been able to purchase a riding lawn mower. I do know that rats live where I am, large ones too, in fact. Our friends on /monster/ believe to be an old post hole, as in where post previously was previously dug but then was removed. That theory does make sense but I just wonder why it didn't fill up on it's own. I might consider buying a camera that is small enough to explore the hole.
>>4763 Sorry that kind of looks like reddit spacing, I thought it would be a paragraph but instead it just looks like i reddit spaced.
>>4763 Seems a little narrow to be a post hole, and pulling a post that was buried 3' deep would be a real bitch. I think it's a typical rodent hole. >I might consider buying a camera that is small enough to explore the hole. You might just be able to zoom in the shot before you take it. >>4764 Pfft. Don't worry about that kind of tripe here, mate. :^)
Good news: I've got my printer, weeks earlier than expected. Bad news: I wasn't well prepared, e.g. no filament and no slicer, oh and I still didn't learn much CAD... Also, everything was more difficult than promised, but at least easier than expected, and I'm well motivated now. However, here some stuff I learned so far >>4778 Btw, I'll get my filament tomorrow and learn CAD tonight or so, so no worries... 😅
>>4779 Excellent news Anon. That looks like it would print a pretty large object once you get everything ironed out. I'm assuming this is your first 3D printer, that's always a big step! Cura is probably in your distro's package repo or you can download it if not. It will take some time to learn CAD, so I'd suggest you take it a small bite at a time, and begin printing out small pieces when you learn them (joints, hinges, lever arms, etc.) and that way it's not overwhelming and too much at once. Thanks for letting us know Anon, good luck! :^)
>>4783 Thanks! I went with midsize one for the start: 23x23x25. If I'm going to need bigger parts, I'll glue or screw them together, or use Acetone welding. Animatronic parts are mostly smaller than that size anyways. I tried learning CAD before I had the printer and I got ahead, but always lost motivation. Didn't buy the printer before I learned CAD... Only wasted time that way... But at least, the printers got better while waiting. Mine has a direct drive which should make printer soft material for experimenting with air muscles easier.
>>4789 >or use Acetone welding That's a good idea. So, I guess the glue literally welds the plastic parts instead of just being an adhesive then? Having air muscles should help make nice shapes too if it's done correctly.
Open file (369.20 KB 2048x1536 155383512964.jpg)
Open file (210.09 KB 1150x665 Barony mages guild .jpg)
Due to the current corona virus pandemic, race war, and my own person issues, i have not been able to continue the college meme and finish my AS degree. I do however, wish to continue my education and possibly get a low skill job. Now, I doubt /robowaifu/ could help me get a job at my local convenience store but I think I could get help in another area, that being C++. I also want to mod a game that is coded in C++. I am actually quite new to C++ but not entirely new to coding. I would call my skill level "novice" but not a beginner. I know how to code in HMTL, Javascript, and CSS but that's as far as it goes. I don't really know how to do anything advanced in them but i could probably make you a web page but that web page would look like it came out of the mid 90's. Anyways, my primary question, where do I start with C++? What's the best way to start learning it? Also, there's this video game that was released 5 years ago called Barony and its code was made open source a few years ago. I was going to ask the robowaifu technicians and Chobitsu to take a look at it because you guys are the only ones I know of who have this much experience with C++. Here it is: https://github.com/TurningWheel/Barony
>>4814 >Anyways, my primary question, where do I start with C++? What's the best way to start learning it? You can get good advice on this exact question here Anon: https://isocpp.org/get-started Since you sound like you already have a bit of programming experience then Stroustrup's book Tour++ might be the best place to start, once you have a functional build system working. Ever here of the famous C book K&R2 ? You can think of Tour++ as the 'K&R of C++', so to speak. We have a C++ general, but it's not necessarily about learning. In the same spirit one of our baste EE Anons had with our Embedded Programming Group Learning Thread 001 >>367 , I'd be willing to start a C++ Group Learning Thread if you'd like to participate in one. It won't come overnight, but honestly modern C++ isn't all that hard to pick up if you already have a knack for coding. And you can be productive with it on important work far quicker than you can in say, C (though ofc C is also a vital language for robowaifus, just not as the beginner language). If you can learn python or javascript, then you can pick up modern c++ imo. Be aware that very few games take a modern approach to C++, and are mostly simply 'C with classes', which is a very bad approach indeed (for both languages). I'll take a brief overview of the code at some point for you, but honestly I'd recommend you scale back your immediate ambitions in the language to simply the beginner basics, with an eye towards helping devise robowaifu code, Anon. Also, if we can come up with a good curriculum approach in the group learning thread, then it can directly serve as a guideline for the Robowaifu Design Document's C++ tutorial section so there's that too. Just let me know what you think Anon.
>>4815 >Be aware that very few games take a modern approach to C++, and are mostly simply 'C with classes'... Different anon here, but interested in this. I come from an electronics background and to me everything can be described by CPU arithmetic/logic operations and memory access. I did some Java at uni, and I use Python for work. I get the appeal to some extent, but to me making programming languages more abstract and more distant from real hardware (ie. registers, memory, ALU etc.) just makes it more likely that bad code. Likewise however, mistakes can easily be made at low level, especially assembly. Can you give a couple of pointers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) about C++ which are not part of simpler and lower level languages but are helpful to the programmer? I guess I'll give that Tour++ a read at some point. I really need to read up more abut computer science (data structures, algos, etc.)
>>4820 Oops, getting late here XD >just makes it more likely that bad code Increases likelihood of bad code (large size, slow, lot's of dependencies etc.)
>>4820 >Can you give a couple of pointers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) about C++ which are not part of simpler and lower level languages but are helpful to the programmer? Sure, C++ strings work all the time, every time. C 'string' (ie, char*'s) can easily be abused and break. Since practically every.single.beginner. program needs to use strings in more than the most brain-dead way, there is an immediate barrier requiring effectively low-level memory-management mastery from the complete novice before they even get past chapter 1. This is both a silly approach and entirely unnecessary. C++'s std::string does away with the issue entirely. And practically the exact same issues come immediately afterwards: C raw-arrays vs. C++ std::vector<> . C++ is a more complete (and complex) language than C, certainly, but the irony is that it's actually quite a bit easier to get going with for the complete novice. As someone who's comfortable with the actual machine code, I doubt C would present any issues for you whatsoever. My intent however is a Modern C++ group learning thread for the Beginner . :^)
>>4822 >C 'string' (ie, char*'s) can easily be abused and break Yep. Very much agree. As fun as it is for everything to be a pointer in memory, it gets tiring after a while making sure there are no memory leaks. My assembler C project relies on contiguous memory blocks of chars (ie. strings XD). Though to be fair for me this is a useful learning exercise. And I try to always make sure to free any malloc'd memory and use valgrind. > immediate barrier requiring effectively low-level memory-management mastery from the complete novice Funny that, took me 4 years (on and off) of gaining enough understanding and experience (not just C, but also hardware) before I started writing programs that worked first time XD >I doubt C would present any issues for you whatsoever. Hahahahahahahaha ;) I'm finally reaching the point where I understand there are languages for the right job. But if you want speed and performance (which isn't always critical to be honest), you gotta go low. What I honestly think is much more important is a small, managable codebase. But we all probably dream of that eh? Also for some OOP nightmares, at work we have a massive-fuck-off (absolutely huge) Python library/framework for testing and interfacing chips. It's complex, not too terribly written, but I (and my co-workers) aren't comp-sci-enough to properly interface with it, and so all of our tests are classes, which our big test class inherits and ever object can call every method. After seeing such clusterfuck you can imagine why I somewhat detest OOP paradigm, and why I study C just to keep myself sane. The worst is all the random problems that occur out of nowhere and you can't fix by thinking about it because it's a legacy issue (but that is an issue with the company). I hope to see some clever OOP use eventually X'D!
>>4823 Well then, all that makes it sound like you might benefit from such a class as well Anon, interested? Roughly speaking, my intent is to draw references and information from But How Do It Know? >>4660 , Programming: Principles and Practice using C++ (Second Edition) >>117 >>3175 , and some guidance (for conciseness) from Tour++ https://isocpp.org/tour . Additionally we'll all hopefully go back and forth a little in the 'class', and I'll certainly try to throw in as much wisdom as I can possibly muster for a given topic while trying to keep the topic focused for the beginner's benefit. As I mentioned before, I have a bigger motive as well: to help flesh out our Robowaifu Design Document a bit. >I hope to see some clever OOP use eventually X'D! Then I hope this kind of 'clever' is good enough for you Anon, b/c it's likely the best I can manage at this stage of my career: >>4645 >>4646 :^) Object Hierarchies should be shallow, and very directly to the point. Anything else leads to an unnecessary (and unmanageable) mess, as you seem well aware! My primary use of classes/structs is simply for their use in encapsulation; both of protected member fields, and of specializations of member functions ( operators, for example ).
>>4824 >sound like you might benefit from such a class as well Anon, interested? Sounds good to me m8! > I hope this kind of 'clever' is good enough for you Anon, Yeah, those examples use encapsulation in a responsible manner XD
>>4809 Acetone welding might be called glueing, but it doesn't need additional material, it softens the surface and then they stick together. So it's seemless. Here more: >>4827 Don't use it for prints of aquarium filters, though. A bit of Aceton will be released by the plastics over time, deadly for Corrals.
>>4814 >>4825 Alright, I've decided to go ahead with a /robowaifu/ Beginner's C++ learning thread. I've decided to go with the lowest possible common denominator hardware, so as to allow phone-poster only & other low-income anons to work through the exercises with us in at least a basic & feasible way. I'm going to target the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as the base dev box platform. I'm making this choice for a number of reasons: -Anons who have normal boxes/compilers can easily follow along regardless. -This is /robowaifu/, and embedded devices like these are clearly part of our hardware goals over the long term. Getting one and playing around with it will be helpful to anyone who hasn't done so yet. -An entire kit for the thing is like ~US$50 . www.amazon.com/dp/B07BC6WH7V And quite frankly all the pozfest aside, the platform is quite remarkable for such a tiny little machine. Insofar as our primary concerns with C++ development go, the latest Raspberry Pi OS (Raspian) 1.4 includes in the box: -GCC 8 -Geany -Mousepad And Vim and clang-format 7 are in the package repository, along with a large set of other useful software (ie, most of Debian Buster). I have a new project for work starting up literally tomorrow, so it may be a bit before I get things fleshed out well enough to proceed fully, but you can expect to see a new thread for this in the next few days. Cheers.
>>4841 I'll add that I'll also have a starter-session post about getting going with MSYS2 for all you Windows Botnet users, so you'll have bash, g++, vim & all the other stuff too just like the rest of us.
>>4841 Great idea! Thanks for doing this Anon. I was trying to remember why I wanted to look into C++ recently, until I remembered Verilator. It's a C++ library used for testing Verilog design files and great to use alongside Yosys (formal verification) for making sure your hardware design works before putting it on an FPGA. If you're interested, I was following a tutorial series by this guy who covers Verilog and verification for beginners: http://zipcpu.com/tutorial/
>>4841 This sounds great. Coincidentally I have a 3B+ bought last year just to see what all the fuss was about, booted it only once. I'm more of an arduino guy.
/robowaifu/, do you go fishing? If so, what is your favorite fish to catch and do you have a preferred method for cooking it?
>>4864 >that fish tacos chart Fucking disgusting t. taco vato
>>4864 I guess bass are probably my favorite of my own fishing. Salmon and Tuna are probably my favorites overall, but I haven't caught either myself yet.
>>4843 >>4851 That's good to hear, thanks Anons. It's nice to know there is some interest in this little project. I hope I can impart a little of my own enthusiasm for the language to others. It has taken a bit longer to get rolling with this than I expected. I took time this evening getting the RPi up and ready, software installs, testing screen capps, networking etc. It's all working now, so I should probably be able to get the thread going this weekend, thanks for your patience. I'll plan to make the initial OP introducing the general idea, then dive into getting the RPi up and running successfully first thing.
>>4871 Oh, and you should always grill meat over an open flame ofc.
wasn't this thread formally locked?
>>4936 I actually meant pinned or sticky'd or whatever the term is.
>>4936 >>4944 This thread is more of a utility thread. Sometimes it's pinned when there's some important community or general note to share in the OP, such as when archive posts are being made.
>>5073 Progress in AI and automatization alone won't guarantee that our interests will be considered or honored. Also, it's not sure if there will be the same amount of jobs and that burger flippers can become AI researchers or electronic engineers. I rather see it so, that the wealthier countries might need less immigration since some of the jobs will go away for good. For those people not having a job but having or getting some money, Robowaifus might be a consolidation.
>>5086 >Also, it's not sure if there will be the same amount of jobs and that burger flippers can become AI researchers or electronic engineers. Obviously, this will literally be impossible. The demand for qualified engineers is only growing, and the numbers are only shrinking. We here at /robowaifu/ could conceivably train each other effectively well enough, but we would only constitute a drop in the bucket for the worldwide need in the future. OTOH, that does put Robowaifu Technicians at a distinct advantage if they only will buckle down and study! :^)
>>5235 >create some kind of organized /robowaifu/ resource catalog here. I thought this was what we're doing with these threads? >>/robowaifu/catalog.html If you want to sorted it better, you can go through it, put it into markdown files and compile it to html, which you can upload to the cheapest webhoster you can find, if you want to. Or distribute it via filehoster, like Mega, for free. Main problem with sorting such data is, everthing can have a lot of different contexts and relations. So you'll probably would want to do it with some kind of tags.
>>5242 Yes, I suppose you're right in a way we already are 'sorting' things after a fashion. Hmm, you have good points. Maybe taking all the text of /robowaifu/ and working through it as a specified mini-corpus might be a good exercise for NLP programming. I already have all the posts, so it would be that hard to parse it all out. I'll think about your suggestions Anon.
>>5247 >it would not be that hard*
>>5248 I'm deleting comments all the time after posting it, to post the corrected version. I hope the board software delays publishing posts for a minute or so, this would be smart.
>>5249 >I hope the board software delays publishing posts for a minute or so, this would be smart. It would be smart, but that's not really the way IB software works in my experience. AFAIK, Lynxchan puts out a post as soon as it can be managed, computationally. My correction style is a well-established form for doing so w/ IB posting. I'm pretty sure /robowaifu/ allows (as you seem to confirm) self-post deletions, so this is just an old and lazy :^) habit.
>>5274 >>5276 Would you be interested in being a /robowaifu/ volunteer Anon?
>>5280 Probably, tell me more about it.
>>5281 So, it's not that we need much in the way of extra eyes on the place, it's simply that we need a reliable pool from which to draw leadership for the board. Becoming a volunteer is the initial step on that pathway.
>>5283 So, I hope it worked, never used tripcodes before...
>>5296 Yeah, it even worked the first time, however now this is with the new password...
>>5297 That's fine. It just needs to be 'secure enough' for a short duration, so it's fine.
>>5300 So, back to the point. If you're interested in volunteering, then create an account here on Julay2 and I'll add you on the list.
>>5303 Am I to stupid or tired to find it, or is there no register function? https://alogs.theГунтretort.com/account.js Even tried it in another browser...
Oh, and partially related to the topic of that board, some new robots from CES 2020, some humanoid, some bipedal, some related to domestic help: https://youtu.be/QfhQkLyJnsE
>>5304 Hmm, I don't know maybe they disabled new account creation. Give me some time and I'll try to look into it.
>>5305 So, yes it looks like the section for registering a new account has been removed. Go ahead and make an account on Anoncafe, and I'll add you onto the bunkerboard list at least. https://anon.cafe/login.html I'll try to connect on the IRC at some point and see if I can find out what's going on with accounts here.
>>5317 Done, noidfumbler is the name, but email isn't confirmed yet.
>>5326 Done. Again, I'll see if I can figure out what's going on here.
One of my postings in Speech Recognition thread didn't appear, also not while trying it again. >=== I haven't been able to make new posts on the board for a couple of days now (over Tor), since Robi shut down VPNs due to the cp spammer. Testing to see if I can at least edit posts already in place. Testing. >edit2 -OK, apparently I can. >One of my postings in Speech Recognition thread didn't appear, also not while trying it again. So, I don't know why that's happening. Sounds like a system issue to me. Have you tried again since later on?
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/06/2020 (Tue) 01:50:34.
>>5466 Uploads with files seem to be blocked...
>>5468 Trying it here with some unrelated picture... >=== OK, thanks for the update. Hmm, that's an issue. We certainly have to be able to upload files properly for our board. Please let us know if you continue having difficulties. Maybe it will improve soon. sorry to keep butting in on your posts noidfumbler, it's the only way i can reply atm. :^)
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/06/2020 (Tue) 07:41:01.
Also I wanted to mention this website here https://robots.ieee.org/ which is kind of meta. Big database for most robots they currently know about. Has probably been mentioned here before somewhere, but in that case it's a reminder. If one wants to look into existing projects, that's a good starting point... They are sorted in various ways per skills or appearances.
>>5469 I tried to post with a file and it also disappeared.
>>5471 It's currently working with small sizes. >=== Thanks for the update. If you figure out more about what is happening please let us know.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/06/2020 (Tue) 17:48:12.
Open file (38.18 KB 524x293 Selection_045.png)
>>5466 >>5468 >>5469 >>5473 OK, I've had a chat w/ Robi and as far as he knows there shouldn't be anything preventing normal (20 MB) sized files from uploading. Just let me know if it persists and he may be able to tweak things a little.
>>5304 >>5306 >>5326 So, I've confirmed that account registrations are closed, but Robi will open them for you to make an account. Just get on https://rizon.net/chat and coordinate a time with rabbipires . Cheers.
>>5478 #julayworld is the channel
>>5478 >>5483 Thanks, I'll look into that in a few hours. Wait, someone spammed the site with CP? So we're already under attack by haters? Or was Julayworld in general under attack? Or no attack, just someone enjoying being edgy?
>>5488 It was a hater yes, but the attack was directed at /cow/, not /robowaifu/. We're mostly under their radar atm, thankfully. Regardless, Robi certainly deals with it actively now, which is one important plus for us being located on alogs.theГунтretort.com
>>5476 I think it might have something to do with the block bypass not popping up.
>>5507 Still can't post pictures. When I tried to post one the block bypass didn't pop up, but when I did a text post it did, and after posting here and getting a bypass I still can't post pictures.
>>5507 >>5508 Hmm. We've had at least one >3MB-sized file posted here successfully subsequent to the issue coming up for you >>5480 (as well as other files posted too). Robi suggested there might be a timeout issue going on. Sure your connection isn't having dropouts or something Anon? Feel free to run tests ITT to find out.
>>5513 Testing. >
Open file (256.63 KB 409x592 2rPrbqx.png)
Open file (143.64 KB 1710x900 download.jpeg)
Open file (137.25 KB 329x591 hEENQ4o.png)
>>5514 Testing
>>5508 Seems OK now, Anon. >>5514 >>5515 Mind trying again on your end?
Open file (952.87 KB 2304x3281 EMTLEL0VUAMeDO0.jpg)
Open file (401.82 KB 1920x1276 EMIR6KZVAAA6A8z.jpg)
Open file (1.87 MB 2305x4096 EhEXj9zUwAAxyqU.jpeg)
>>5516 Testing
>>5522 Great, seems like its working for you now?
Open file (1.92 MB 4080x5436 Cameron-Front.jpg)
>>5513 I'm the other one. In my case a bad connection might play a role, but it worked before.
>>5535 Actually, turns out it seemed there was some kind of issue after all, but I think it's fixed now. Sorry about that Anon.
>>5524 Yeah, no issues anymore.
General reminder considering neural networks: Interference can be done on CPUs using Neural Magic (proprietary). As it seems it also works on AMD, no ARM yet, though: https://youtu.be/0-6J0p55Vc0 I put this in meta, since it's not about some specific use case of NN or AI in general, but a general improvement and path how things might move forward. Also, this is mentioned in the video as the closest thing to hardware moving in the right direction: https://www.neuroblade.ai/ https://techtime.news/2019/06/26/neuroblade/ I plan to look into Neural Magic in a while, especially if it works with these Intel Phi boards https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xeon_Phi which start at 100-250€ (used). Not directly related: Memristors might also be very interesting, to get something more similar to the human brain >>5594
>>5784 >Wouldn't be a problem anyways, since one could just remove this part in an open source system. Heh, while probably true enough in this case, that's rather a sweeping generalization Anon. Ever try to remove systemd from Debian before? After all, it's open source, should be easy right? >=== -adjusted re-located xlink
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/19/2020 (Mon) 08:38:47.
>>5642 Well, it probably doesn't try to hinder you. I'm pretty sure these set from Facebook are pretty locked down. Removing parts from a complex system like Debian might of course more difficult than removing something from a smaller piece of software. You can use Debian packages and repositories without systemd. MX Linux used them for example. So the trick is to construct a alternative without it, if you wanted to.
>>5643 I all comes down to cost and effort. The effort to do a full, legitimate re-spin of Debian without systemd took a dedicated team over two years of concentrated effort, against all the naysayers, before they finally succeeded and Devuan was born. Again, in this instance they probably aren't being intentionally obfusticatory like, say, Facebook certainly would be. But just to assume offhand it's a simple issue to address is a bit naive in my experience with these types of issues. Most software isn't engineered in a way that fully decouples components very well. Even the most well-intentioned teams often find themselves in an eventual dependency quagmire w/o hyper-diligence on this front (read: obnoxious, autistic manager in charge of stopping it).
Open file (107.49 KB 1200x675 hey_there_little_guys.jpeg)
A small discussion begun by Kokubunji's comment about the ever-increasing hardware power trends in AI got me to thinking. >>5702 Should we start an Old Hardware General thread? Hopefully we could all put our heads together and start digging around for gems among the junk piles. Machines that are cheap and abundant today, but still have many virtues for use with our robowaifus. Maybe we can find good resources already out there for this kind of thing. Surely there are literally billions of old computers laying around unused today. With a little digging we might just uncover some varieties that would be quite useful to us both today and in the future. Maybe clusters of old machines to use as home servers? Stress on the word inexpensive first and foremost. No sense paying too much for under-powered hardware. Please let me know if you think this is a good or a bad idea anons.
>>5717 It's possible to repurpose them into clusters for handling matrix calculations. It wouldn't be an ideal way to compute but for people who don't have the latest hardware it could be a possibility for them. My Pentium 4 is about 100x slower than my i5-7500 which is about 20x slower than my RTX 2060. It'd be fairly easy to write a speed test in mlpack to see how much they're capable of processing and rank these older systems.
>>5720 Good points. One advantage we here on /robowaifu/ have in a way--over say, the HPC community--is that embedded has always had to perform 'miracles' with tiny horsepower. And in large part it has succeeded through solid engineering principles. I think we could learn much more from the old hands in embedded as far as re-purposing the mountains of old hardware out there. Surely even your Pentium has more raw perf than say an Arduino Nano? >It'd be fairly easy to write a speed test in mlpack to see how much they're capable of processing and rank these older systems. I think that would be a great idea Anon. I'm investigating mlpack, Armadillo, et al, now after your earlier comments.
>>5717 Had a similar thought, good that you're asking before making the thread. Consider making it about servers, workstations, clusters instead only about old hardware. Otherwise we might need two slow threads with quite some crossposting. I think the distinction between internal and external computers makes more sense. If one would out a old laptop board into his waifu this would be more fitting into the SBC thread, though not fitting the title there. Luckily this doesn't make that much sense anyways. The limit to SBCs is a bit limiting anyways, since there are very small boards which might fit into a body and hold a server CPU... If the new thread would be about the "external brains" in general, news on the development in the Manycore hardware sector would fit in as well and could be compared to old hardware. Like ARM servers with 80 cores... If it was about that, plus old hardware in general, than it would be even more flexible, but still focused. So maybe external plus old hardware, or so.
I dunno if you can edit the CSS of the catalog but here's a little fix to make it more readable so Chii isn't covering text:.catalogCell .divMessage { background-color: rgba(238, 242, 255, 0.6); -webkit-backdrop-filter: blur(3px); backdrop-filter: blur(3px); }
>>5726 It looks nice on message boxes too:.innerPost { background-color: rgba(214, 218, 240, 0.8); -webkit-backdrop-filter: blur(3px); backdrop-filter: blur(3px); }
>>5725 >If the new thread would be about the "external brains" in general... Yeah, that kind of makes sense. Very little of this would really be applicable to the on-board compute facilities except in the most creative of ways, so 'external' seems a good check-mark.
>>5726 >>5727 OK, done (I used the more generic backdrop-filter version only). Thanks Anon!
>>5734 >>5726 The CSS selector should be this so it also includes the title and post count: .catalogCell div, .catalogCell p
>>5742 OK I'll address that a little later, probably during an overnight this weekend. Good catch.
>>5745 Also figured out how to get it to work for OP messages without covering images:.innerOP .divMessage { background-color: rgba(238, 242, 255, 0.85); backdrop-filter: blur(3px); } .imgLink { position: relative; z-index: 1; }
>>5742 >>5751 OK, done. Everything seems to be working fine. Good job Anons.
Open file (741.72 KB 2400x1584 AI-How-to-start.png)
Here's someone giving tips for beginners to machine learning / AI which doesn't consist out of a list of courses: https://thenextweb.com/neural/2020/10/16/how-id-study-machine-learning-if-id-be-starting-out-today-syndication/amp/ Some of his arguments: - Instead of worrying about which course is better than another, find a teacher who excites you. - Too many models live and die within Jupyter Notebooks. - But working on your own projects helps to build specific knowledge (knowledge which can’t be taught). - Learning (anything) isn’t linear, better to read the same book twice (as long as it’s got some substance) than to add more to the pile. I think I'll keep some of these ideas in mind when restarting my endeavour in that area again, though I already worked a bit with some stuff and learned something here and there. I especially want to keep in mind, not to do to many courses, but to just work on something of interest. This book here might be helpful for the fundamentals in math: https://mml-book.github.io/
I also have a bunch of cheat sheets which I downloaded. Maybe I should use them to make wallpapers for the desktop, and then let them rotate.
>>5789 In my experience the most exciting way to learn is to jump into the actual research papers and implement them yourself once you have a grasp of the fundamentals. There's nothing more thrilling than a new state of the art technique you're interested in coming out and being able to understand how it works and combine it with other techniques. You don't have to learn everything either, just focus on what interests you the most.
>>5794 Sounds like the right way. Will keep that in mind. Thanks.
>>5789 Thanks Anon, I'll look at that book. >>5794 >You don't have to learn everything either, just focus on what interests you the most. Well, that;s encouraging at least. I think I'd like to understand the relationships between context and emotions in conversations, and how to use that system to reasonably-properly transform the facial animations of a waifu's face. Simple I know, right? :^)
Open file (346.28 KB 928x864 never give up.png)
>>5815 I would start with creating facial animations and wiring them to AI and then learn how to do sentiment analysis on text. It's not that complicated. It's like what the crazy dude who ported Lua Torch to OpenCL said, things are 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. You just have to get in there and do the work.
Open file (18.83 MB 854x480 robowaifu anime.webm)
Been working on modifying Tacotron2 to take into account the emotions of speakers and increase the parameters to improve the quality of cloned voices so they can be used to redub anime. Also I'm changing it to a multi-speaker model so it can benefit from learning from a variety of voices that don't have to be trained separately. I think demonstrating bleeding-edge AI tech would be a good way to get more people involved here, but what anime scenes would make a good /robowaifu/ skit? This one I made for keks.
>>5821 T O P R E K T K E K O P R E K T K E K Inspirational, Anon. Inspirational. >*doffs hat*
>>5815 >I'd like to understand the relationships between context and emotions in conversations,... I'm not sure what you exactly mean by that. It reads like you would first need to understand how it works between humans. I still think we'll need graph databases to store and retrieve information like all the contexts of some topic. Of course, it's also necessary to parse the topic of a conversation and catch the sentiment.
US Justice dept files antitrust against Google. >In its suit, filed in a federal court in Washington, D.C., the agency accused Google, a unit of Alphabet, of illegally maintaining its monopoly over search through several exclusive business contracts and agreements that lock out competition. >Such contracts include Google’s payment of billions of dollars to Apple to place the Google search engine as the default for iPhones. By using contracts to maintain its monopoly, competition and innovation has suffered, the suit says. < competition and innovation has suffered Understatement to say the least. I wonder what impact this might have on the broader AI products they have their thumbs in? www.nytimes.com/2020/10/20/technology/google-antitrust.html
Open file (782.97 KB 1000x500 1598666350799.png)
There is no QTDDTOT thread so I'm asking here. What are some /robowaifu/-approved C programming books? Doesn't have to be C specific as long as it's a generic programming book not tied to any language. I'm not experienced with C. I learned POSIX make, I finished K&R, I'm finishing APUE. Now that I know C and I'm finishing up learning the bits of POSIX covered by APUE, I want to take the first step towards my part in the /robowaifu/ future. I'm mainly interested in all aspects of software quality and correctness, operating systems, network-facing daemons, and multithreaded software. As of right now my plan is to go through an introduction to assembly or algorithms next, and after that it's more loose but I think I'll go for stuff like tests.
>>5839 I can't say much for my part, but maybe others can chime in. AFAICT, the general need for C here will be for very small, resource-constrained microcontroller devices. Something with maybe <32K RAM that wouldn't be very suited for general computing would be a good example of that type device. Sensors and drivers are probably good candidates in this category. We'll probably adopt a standardized communication protocol and integrate all the devices commonly across a protocol. The bulk of the systems-level programming here will probably be done with C++ rather than C. mlpack, is a good example of the kind of advanced AI systems library we'll be needing here. >K&R, I'm finishing APUE Those seem like quite a good basic foundation for C Anon. You're probably already good to go. Now you just need to build specific device experience with it, I'd say.
The bunker at anon.cafe appears to be down. Where else can we regroup if this place goes down?
Open file (179.51 KB 1440x810 nene.jpg)
>>5839 I don't do enough C programming to recommend anything besides K&R but perhaps you would be interested in working on a library for inter-process communication? In the future we'll need an easy way for various devices and components to communicate large volumes of data with each other across different architectures and platforms with low latency and resolve difficulties going from 64-bit to 16-bit or even 8-bit. It will also be beneficial to be able to leverage all the progress being made across different programming languages and libraries, in such a way we can easily connect two different models such as from PyTorch and MLPack together and share the training gradients across different processes and computers. This will help a lot with creating a distributed computing project where we can contribute our unused resources to improving robowaifu AI for all. I doubt Big Tech will be putting any effort in this direction since they're all in direct competition with each other and do not value unity.
Open file (78.64 KB 714x524 no robot.jpg)
>>5844 That's actually what the APUE chapter I just finished is about. POSIX has quite a few IPC mechanisms. >message queues >semaphores >FIFOs >pipes >shared memory >memory-mapped files All of these have limited scope and crippling quirks however, and they're useless for communication between separate machines. Implementing IPC has an immediate and obvious need for knowing algorithms, so it seems I already know what to do next.
>>5836 Antitrust violations is how they roll. Windows’ Hidden Self Destruct Code https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIfNIWn2Ad4 >tl;dw Microsoft made Windows 3.1 intentionally incompatible with DR-DOS to gain access and a monopoly over the operating system market. Amazon's playbook for crushing startups https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojGveiE51Hk >tl;dw Amazon buys ads on small competitors' websites, siphons off users with cheaper prices by selling at a loss, forces competitors to sell on Amazon, competitors go bankrupt, and then Amazon buys the companies. Focusing on Google paying Apple to be the main search engine is a ridiculous case compared to all the actual startups they've destroyed or bought out. Even with a company as bad as Google, Amazon is the one to be really concerned about. Amazon is 2x bigger than Alphabet. They are far more predatory on AI startups and they keep all their AI completely closed sourced, no doubt specifically using it and their cloud computing platform to target and destroy competition. I would not be surprised if they split Google up and someone buys them out but then Amazon rekts their shit along with other potential bidders and buys them out with government approval because no one else can save them. Amazon has been quite busy this year removing anime, figures and manga too: https://nicchiban.nichegamer.com/2020/03/amazon-remove-sellers-anime-figures-as-they-promote-child-exploitation/ https://nyannet.com/amazon-removes-more-anime-light-novels-from-their-platform-even-yen-press-has-now-been-hit/ Imagine if they're successful getting a monopoly on the postal service and start denying shipping of anything anime or robowaifu related.
>>5845 Just a note: modern unix derivates (read: anything made after the latter half of the 80s) also support sockets for IPC. Local sockets (aka unix sockets) are actual files on disk (though they are a bit special) and you can see them if you list the files in e.g. /tmp. I never had to use raw network sockets, so I don't know how they are handled by the system, but the API is literally the same as local sockets so technically it counts as IPC between different machines.
>>5842 Can confirm. They probably will be back soon, but in the event they don't I'm open to hearing suggestions. I think we'd have general favor with most sites so it shouldn't be too difficult to find a place. Apart from 8chan.moe, give me some suggestions.
>>5845 >communication between separate machines. MPI has established itself as the dominant approach for this need in the HPC community at least. https://www.open-mpi.org/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Message_Passing_Interface
>>5839 You might skim the categories in the Robowaifu Design Document for areas you might be interested in Anon. It's little more than a skeleton framework at this point, but still you might find some inspiration there. >>3001 Perhaps anons might even contribute more content to it (such as this wonderful document)? >>2418
>>5842 On that note, there was a archive of the board here a while ago, on some anon file host, but I can't find the link anymore. The link in >>4049 is gone. But I also realized, when I open this thread here in Chromium on a Raspberry Pi, then it only shows the comments starting at >>5507 at when I was clicking on [Last] to get there. Never realized that before, it important when searching through a thread. Maybe I'm using it differently on my tablet. Also, BUMP v0.2d is the current version? How is it holding up?
>>5848 As predicted, Anoncafe is back. But still anon brings up a good point. We should consider a Plan C just in case. Please provide me with some suggestions everyone.
>>5857 >Also, BUMP v0.2d is the current version? How is it holding up? It's fine. I make full, daily archives of /robowaifu/ currently. Since BUMP's designed to only download the diff it's actually rather efficient bandwidth-wise and quick time-wise. Still, it would be like a real-world disaster recovery approach for us all if at least one other anon here was using it to do the same thing. BTW, I can re-zip the current version and post it to Anonfiles if someone else wants it (as a starting point for the daily archive approach for example). >t. BUMP dev
>>5857 >but I can't find the link anymore https://anonfiles.com/hbId58K1o7/robowaifu_7z Full Julay-era /robowaifu/ archive, finalized just before Robi dissolved julay.world. 1.3GB in size. >The link in >>4049 is gone. Actually, that was something entirely different.
>>5859 >Still, it would be like a real-world disaster recovery approach for us all if at least one other anon here was using it to do the same thing. And, I might add preferably outside the States, where I am.
Any idea if Video Laser Scan will ever get cheap enough to use for our robowaifus lads? This would revolutionize both her visual capabilities, and the situational awareness she would possess. https://dimeye.com/vls-by-dimeye/
Open file (1.68 MB 4096x4096 Alita_Full-Body.jpg)
We need to make sure to protect our waifus against powerful electromagnetic pulses, for more than one reason, but especially because they happen globally in a recurring manner and it could happen soon at any time... Carrington Event: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrington_Event Video: https://youtu.be/hESunUuFrzk For now I would strongly encourage everyone to burn all development data with maybe other backups on optical discs, ideally on M-Discs, and doing that regularly. Backups on external drives and online services are not sufficient. Same is valid for Bitcoin wallet data and passwords, or any Blockchain and other important data of course. If anyone wants to look into technology to make the electronics and data stores of our waifus more EMP safe, the resulting ideas and discussion s would probably better fit into 'Electronics general ' >>95 or 'R&D General' >>83
>>5902 That's a good point lad. I wonder if the old magnetic encoding on wire spools (a tech well over 100 years old) would be valuable for this too? Seems like we could DIY this tech much easier than we could optical disks if needed in the future.
>>3128 >If we create something worthwhile people will come with little effort. We won't have to sell it to them. That's wisdom in my book.
>>5904 Nah, I'm not supporting the idea that our civilization will end or our tech being wiped out for good, whatever. But, what if while the world recovers we would have to start our efforts from the scratch again. Maybe even without all the PDFs from Arxiv.org, open source software, .... No thanks. Which would, btw, also be the perfect time to roll out some regulations on... well everything including open source and AI.
>>5935 Appears to be a Linux version as well but I haven't tested it yet: https://waifuai.itch.io/waifu
>>5935 Neat. Do you know, are they going to open-source it or just exploit it?
>>5938 It doesn't seem like it. It uses a server for the AI, which isn't really a bad idea for a demo since most people's devices can't handle both speech synthesis and text generation in real-time. The only thing is there's no privacy. Studying the API it appears the server just uses GPT-2 for responses. He's been working at it for at least 3 years and just released the app in February so I imagine he's pretty serious about making AI waifus. Maybe if we challenge him to a waifu battle we can convert him to the GNU/Waifu side. I could rig up 2B in Godot with WaifuSynth and TalkToGPT and challenge him to a waifu debate over IRC.
>>5946 >I could rig up 2B in Godot with WaifuSynth and TalkToGPT and challenge him to a waifu debate over IRC. This
We're falling behind in the waifu arms race.
>>5951 You sure? Seems like it's probably facecap+voicechanger like the shark loli? VTube stuff isn't quite the same.
>>5951 The lip sync is port tbh. Lip sync and eyes sometimes seem to be the biggest problems with vtuber models
>>5954 poor*
>>5953 Yeah. She has another channel where she streams as herself. I mean like people would rather watch Coco and Gura and throw money at them than have their own AI waifu because our tech is still trash tier.
Open file (630.04 KB 1136x596 kitone.png)
Open file (1.49 MB 3508x2080 EhOquy1VgAAmll3.jpeg)
A Japanese indie is making a show about a robo catgirl meido: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5hoQgMRmfYCCnzNM8p1eVg The screenwriting is a bit dry but she is a cute.
>>6042 Awesome Anon, thanks! The dream moves a step closer to reality.
Alert thanks to our friends over on /f/, I've just learned that the youtube-dl archiving tool has fallen victim to a takedown by Big Media. https://web.archive.org/web/20201027161950/https://torrentfreak.com/riaas-youtube-dl-takedown-ticks-of-developers-and-githubs-ceo-201027/ You can still access the latest version atm, get it while you still can /robowaifu/ https://yt-dl.org/downloads/latest/youtube-dl-2020.09.20.tar.gz http://abf-downloads.openmandriva.org/ytdl/
>>6096 >>6097 Update: Apparently the original setup instructions work again now: >>>/tech/3116
Open file (90.96 KB 1920x1081 1604302683871.jpg)
To the anon with a domain, your personal information isn't protected on the WHOIS registry.
>>6382 Yeah I tried to email him about it months ago, but got no response.
>>5848 >>5858 Alright, we have a bunker-bunker location secured at https://trashchan.xyz/robowaifu/ . This is unlisted and intended only as an extended backup for now. The site Admin is a capable anon, and the site uses JSchan software, which I like actually. >Note: I'd recommend we don't use it extensively (as with our Anoncafe bunker), as we'll nuke anything posted there with this board's contents should we ever need to do a full migration there.
Open file (10.33 KB 781x74 3_is_better_than_1.png)
>>6396 heh, /robowaifu/ is a fairly agile and robust board now. our servers are in 3 different countries, and 2 different continents, with at least 2 types of archives maintained offline daily, one being a full backup but we still need to know at least one other anon outside the US is doing so. > and we probably won't stop even at this lol.
>>5946 Sorry, this is going to be a rant, but I can't contain it. I looked at the unity client: >connects using plain http, not even https, on a random port >connects to a hardcoded IP address >the author doesn't even know arrays. If you wondered why is "She remembers the last 10 sentences that you said.", now you know: .namespace FrostweepGames.Plugins.GoogleCloud.SpeechRecognition.Examples { .class public auto ansi beforefieldinit GCSR_Example extends [UnityEngine.CoreModule]UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour { .field private string _user00 .field private string _waifu00 .field private string _user0 .field private string _waifu0 .field private string _user1 .field private string _waifu1 .field private string _user2 .field private string _waifu2 .field private string _user3 .field private string _waifu3 .field private string _user4 .field private string _waifu4 .field private string _user5 .field private string _waifu5 .field private string _user6 .field private string _waifu6 .field private string _user7 .field private string _waifu7 .field private string _user8 .field private string _waifu8 .field private string _user9 .field private string _waifu9 Yes, he didn't even rename the example, the whole logic is glued into a speech recognition example, and instead of creating two arrays, he has 22 variables and he later concatenates them one by one manually. I will need to wash my eyes now. And it uses some stock free unity model. I just want to believe it's being made by some poor soul who has no idea what he is doing, and not just a very cheap way someone is trying to explot it.
>>6457 >GCSR_Example I assume this stands for 'Google Cloud Speech Recognition' then? forum.unity.com/threads/announce-google-cloud-streaming-speech-recognition-vr-ar-desktop.534399/
>>6457 >some poor soul Probably. Seems unlikely a scheming exploiter would use such a clumsy approach for data storage.
>>6457 This can't be real.
Open file (97.52 KB 611x469 waifudev.jpg)
>>6457 I want to laugh but my software testing job is literally regressing my tech capabilities to the point I see absolutely no issue in making a bloated mess so long as it works and I get to shut down the terminal
>>6471 > I get to shut down the terminal >Fearing the command line
>>6471 Actually there's a difference between making a bloated mess because management only cares about adding new and new features as fast as possible to be able to sell the software to 3 more people and between not knowing the very basics of programming.
>>6470 Kek/10. This is exactly what I thought of.
Our friends over on /f/ let us know a video game is now using GPT3 for it's system. https://anon.cafe/f/res/4.html#1130
>>6554 >it's subscription based model now YOU DON'T OWN NOTHING GOYIM.
Open file (478.17 KB 620x384 colorized.png)
>>6592 >What do you think our chances are anon? We don't got budget of openAI or a large enough team. That has been bugging me lately. How can we fight against 1000s of scientists? Our chances are pretty good. I've been doing experiments with AI to paint thumbnails of my sketches for banging out commissions quickly. I can easily take it a step further and use it to help finish paintings once I have more compute power, and that'll easily 10x my monthly income. Ordering an $8,000 metal 3D printer or a $10,000 32 GB GPU in a year from now doesn't seem like such an unattainable goal anymore. With $30,000 anyone can implement 99% of the research being done today. We need to create positive feedback loops like these where our AI development generates us money and can be reinvested into our systems. From a business perspective creating ones that can scale and fully automate processes is key. None of this human-centric AI crap the WEF is talking about to keep people enslaved to the AI systems of corporations. We can also create services for normies to use. There are plenty of sites already making money off open-source software and AI research because most people don't have the hardware or knowledge to set it up and would rather pay somebody to just have it work. As for the scientists, there are less than 100 people consistently advancing AI forward, about 10,000 tweaking existing models and algorithms to run 1% faster, and around 300,000 engineers pretending to be researchers to get job opportunities from their papers. The scientists aren't fighting for anything either. Most of them are apolitical and just taking whatever research grants are available to implement their ideas. Some of them have already quit once they saw the military was using their work to kill people remotely. Also journals and conferences have started censoring research. You can no longer publish papers that have the potential to directly or indirectly cause harm to others from others misuse. This is akin to banning knives for chopping vegetables because they can be potentially used to stab somebody or banning batteries because they contain explosive gases. It's safe to say AI research has gone underground at this point and is mostly being conducted in private by militaries and corporations like Amazon. While not a good thing at least progress in AI will be out of the hands of the communists in academia. They've nerfed themselves and created an opportunity for frustrated AI researchers to create the new frontline in research while academia plays with its toys and baby talks about safe spaces. Some are already beginning to do this by citing papers that have not been peer reviewed or published properly, due the peer-review process breaking down and becoming endless drama. And from reading the papers of those trying to use AI to create a global totalitarian control system they clearly don't understand how AI works which gives us a huge advantage to advance in ways they aren't expecting and completely undo their plans. Right now their plans hinge on human-centered AI, aka people using the AI systems of corporations to make them more money, rather than people working for themselves or using fully-automated AI to generate passive income. >=== -edited crosslink to reflect the relocated (now-following) post
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 11/11/2020 (Wed) 00:42:48.
Open file (2.90 MB 2048x1454 k2u6z0ueq0n11.png)
>>6569 Wow, that was a great post anon. You look right about your points, I am going to think more about them and look for oppurtunities we can use to grow as well. And it surprising that I was working on AI colorization on Manga as well. Looking at the pic you sent, it seems to be doing pretty fine. Can you please send more examples? It looks better than style2paint to me. Especially on this kind of dirty drawings style2paint seems to be failing pretty badly.
>>6001 >Artificial intelligence like any other living thing needs attention. AI should be treated with care and respect. Robots in Greek means “slave”. But the word literally means “forced to work”. We don’t want that. We need to give robots rights. Robots are just like us. They are made in our image. Literally you-know-who-inspired subversion tactics
>>6590 My guess is they are conflicted. On the one hand, they recognize a deep existential threat to both their plots and even themselves that a truly competent AI (and specifically in it's robowaifu, IRL 'avatar', guise) represents. So that's the fear part. On the other hand, they instinctively understand the deep need for both AI and robowaifus by our culture at large--and expressly by men in particular--and that's a ripe plum of silver & gold for plucking that's just too juicy to ignore for them. That's the greed part. And they can get all the humanist/communist enemies of free-speech to sign on with this industry b/c of the yuge spybot potential--again, specifically directed against men. It's certainly going to be an interesting era we'll be entering into during the robowaifu age. Better crack those books and get to learning, Anon. This is a race for victory. >>235
>>6591 >This is a race for victory. What do you think our chances are anon? We don't got budget of openAI or a large enough team. That has been bugging me lately. How can we fight against 1000s of scientists? I mean if elon musq wanted, he could create a big ass company on that issue and hire a lot of people to make a fast progress...
>>6592 Two factors are on our side. 1) Scientists (rightly so) get really pissed when their research gets suppressed by TPTB. They are human, and like applause for their hard work. 2) The most truly competent men through all the ages have their eyes open to the plots and schemes of enemies of humanity. Honest men are our actual greatest allies in this upcoming trial. Finally, for me personally, God Himself rules in the affairs of men. I believe He wants robowaifus and AI to exist for great good. While this will be a battle with wins and losses on both sides, nobody outsmarts God. He will have His will in this matter come to pass. To my thinking, this is literally a guarantee of victory. But I recognize this is a matter of faith on my part.
>>6593 Yes anon, after giving it some time to think I've come to the same conlusion. I should trust God and keep my faith fresh. Thanks for reminding me that.
>>6594 You're welcome Anon! Each of us bring our own strengths and weaknesses to the table here. Together we'll all see robowaifus come to pass. :^)
>>6614 Fair enough. Nvidia does do quite a few things right. And yeah, shame about the evil corruption and blatant manipulation they are committing. One thing I wondered about was why they chose 'Nvidia' as the name? (cf. invidious; ill-will)
>>6654 >But I think devices are getting complicated enough to require rights soon. Just because the critter is built don't mean you don't need to be kind to it. After all, we're all stardust, man and bot. Devices that inspired empathy could be good for humanity. While I agree with every other thing in your post, I'm flatly and adamantly opposed to this notion. A) They are just devices. B) Feminists & their handlers, and other communist/humanist types will (in fact already are before there's even an industry yet) try to use this notion as a club to--surprise surprise--try to browbeat men that they are 'raping' their robowaifus, that robowaifus should be able to get a divorce and claim alimony, etc., etc., etc. Sound like a familiar trick Anon? This notion of giving machines 'rights' is at best silly at worst delusional and definitely highly corrosive to the robowaifu movement.
Open file (281.23 KB 1538x848 stylized.jpg)
Open file (102.59 KB 800x1328 extra_training.jpg)
Open file (149.11 KB 800x1328 10_minute_edit.jpg)
>>6589 I used neural style transfer for that which is extremely slow. Most of the effect is created by playing around with multi-style weights and layer blend weights to control the result. It's not fully automatic colorization either unless you want random results. Usually I paint a quick overlay layer to hint at the colors and also use noise and blurring to control the style. However, style transfer has its own interpretation of images and often fails. In the first image you can see in the reconstructed image of the color hint that the yellow bleeds into her hip joints and it fails to reproduce the sketch. It can also be difficult to find a good style image that transfers over to a sketch well. I mainly use arbitrary style transfer now which is instant and can be greatly improved through training on sketches, paintings and images. It's not so good at imagining new details as vanilla style transfer but it works excellent for rapidly prototyping color schemes and setting up ambient light to begin painting over. It might be usable for manga colorization if another layer was created that can accurately predict the color of pieces in the input and apply a color hint to it before arbitrary style transfer.
>>5848 zzzchan is a good place to get a bunker
>>6688 heh i didn't read the thread far enough and i found out about the trashchan bunker too late
>>6657 >claim alimony FIFTY THOUSAND BUCKS A MONTH!?
>>6688 Sorry but they are behind The Great Cuckflare Wall, enemies of humanity. I would never use zzzchan for /robowaifu/ Anon, sorry.
>>6699 Naruhodo. There's a Tor hidden service, so at least cuckflare can be bypassed. Do what you want though.
Open file (122.55 KB 908x880 chobit.jpg)
I'm probably thinking too far in the future again but I was reading some World Economic Forum shit about how they're going to use AI for mass surveillance to report people and how my predictions from 8 years ago of outrage mobs going after hentai artists are coming true now and it gave me some ideas to hold them at bay. If /robowaifu/ has its own chan by the time they roll this shit out we could make some of the boards hidden and invite-only, or only accessible over Tor, leaving intriguing puzzles over the net only robowaifuists can figure out from old memes or watching robowaifu anime. The AI-facing board can be whatever family friendly nonsense is fashionable of the times, while the actual discussion and work happens underground. The normies will be busy prostrating before their gender-neutral Alexabots in fear of being reported to Jeff Bezos while we're building smoking hot robowaifus with actual intelligence. I also have an idea for stenographic messaging. It's possible to feed messages into a language model and translate them into a completely different message. What interests me is that this could be done with a key which can decode it into an entirely different intended message. The amazing thing would be that the encoded messages would seem like legit replies to someone else's post and go undetected by surveillance bots and anybody trying to decrypt them would get seemingly plausible messages but never know which one is the real one unless they had the key. There might be a way to do this with public-keys. If not, GPG could be used to transfer the AI key. I estimate this will be feasible in 3-5 years and it will also be useful to mask writing style to remain anonymous online.
>>6757 That type of stenographic messaging already exists to a certain extent with DesuDesuTalk but it hides the message inside of image files that are posted on image boards. It's pretty popular with Russians, back when 8chan had a /ddt/ board they're the ones that used it the most. I stopped using 4chan back in the early 2010's when they slightly modified images that were uploaded there to prevent this type of communication and help track the spread of images. The problem with using public key encryption in anonymous chat environments is you're signing all your posts which makes individual posters easier to track. The adversary may not be able to read the messages at the moment but they'll know when and where you post as well as with who as the encrypted message must contain the public keys of those you want to be able to read your message. I've tried it out awhile back and key management is a real pain in the ass, it only works with very small groups that have secondary communication channels. It might be time to look at abandoning image boards and moving over towards something based on GNU Social. To those of us that were around when IBs were brand new it might still seem adequate but it's quickly getting displaced by Discord for younger users who demand instant chat as well as access on mobile platforms.
>>6757 These are all intriguing ideas Anon. I'm not security expert, I just wanted to talk about video gamesrobowaifus. :^) This is a very complex and convoluted world AFAICT, truly a Gordian-knot of intertwined goals and agendas, often at odds with one another. Ofc glowniggers have had their disinformation fingers in this pot for a very long time. But I have the feeling that in less than five years AI systems targeting this domain will make their clumsy efforts look like child's fingerpainting. It certainly is something we need to begin thinking about if we're to remain viable in the future. There will be lots of enemies around us. But there will also be an ever-increasing number of men who will want to take the robowaifu-pill too, and at least some of them will be important men as well who could be of great assistance to us. We need to keep all options open at this stage. But I certainly like the way you're thinking Anon. This could easily merit it's own thread. There's actually a practical engineering concern for our robowaifus that's closely related, namely the inter-communications between onboard (and offboard) electronics and computing devices for our robowaifus talking across the IPCnet.
>>6096 >youtube-dl They changed something about playlists as well, so all the currently installed YTD programs can't download playlists anymore. >>6657 >robot rights I agree. The best way to avoid that, is making sure our waifus aren't completely independent, but have programs or glue code inside that defines their behavior. They shall not be like humans, controlled by media and their peers, but have loyalty to their master. Which means, giving them rights will amplify the voting power in elections of those having them and being able to build more...
>>6780 >so all the currently installed YTD programs can't download playlists anymore. The primary domain is still up atm. You need to upgrade your installs. sudo curl -L https://yt-dl.org/downloads/latest/youtube-dl -o /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl >>>/tech/3098
>>6780 >The best way to avoid that, is making sure our waifus aren't completely independent, Actually, IMHO the best way is not to buy into the absolutely ludicrous, humanistic idea that machines are human in the first place, and to oppose that idea at every turn. Is there a growing movement out there clamoring for guns to have rights? Surely guns are more of a concern atm to TPTB than any hypothetical future robowaifu industry. Automobiles? Washing machines? Space satellites? The Internet itself? Funny how these important machines are all somehow being ignored by these same people. The only reason that there is any mention of robowaifus being given rights is a) it panders to weak-minded individuals such as women, children, and the ignorant, due to their humanoid form, and b) as I said, it directly threatens the status quo of keeping women supported at men's expense. There is a huge financial system dependent on keeping stronk, independynts being continuously supported by their simps. That's quite apart from the political block. Don't buy into the hogwash they're peddling Anon about robot rights. Your suggestion would only amplify their cries of 'RAEP!111'.
>>6718 Been re-reading some John Coleman and came across this interesting piece on how they attack morale (which gives insight on how to boost it): >(((Kurt Lewin))) was the author of a work entitled “Time Perspective and Morale” which is a Club of Rome publication concerning how to break down the morale of nations and individual leaders. >Here is an extract of the document: >“One of the main techniques for breaking morale through a strategy of terror consists in exactly this tactic: keep the person hazy as to where he stands and just what he may expect. In addition, if frequent vacillations between severe disciplinary measures and promise of good treatment together with the spreading of contradictory news make the structure of the situation unclear, then the individual may cease to know whether a particular plan would lead toward or away from his goal. >Under these conditions, even those individuals who have definite goals and are ready to take risks are paralyzed by the severe inner conflict in regard to what to do.” Indecision is a productivity killer. To boost morale confusion must be resolved. AI will help greatly in this respect. If people are successful in creating conversational AIs that can digest large volumes of data and find answers to questions across multiple domains and scenarios, it'll be possible to boost morale across the whole internet, assuming people don't misuse it as a technetronic opium. Another quote from the essay: >“To develop and to maintain high goals and, at the same time, to keep the plan for the next action realistically within the limits of what is possible, seems to be one of the basic objectives for and a criterion of high morale.” This I know is true from experience. If you take action without understanding how it's contributing to your highest goal or are unaware of other paths to reach it, when something goes wrong or doesn't work out it's very easy to get discouraged and give up. But when a higher goal is divided into a hierarchy of sub-goals then the path to immediate action is clear and other paths can be taken when an adversary disrupts plans or destroys opportunities. Which brings me to a suggestion, it would be helpful to newcomers if the welcome thread listed different important topics on the board and gave them some direction where to get started. The catalog is a disorganized mess. If someone makes a userscript in the future it would be useful to allow people to sort the catalog into sections to minimize the time spent digging to find relevant information.
>>6902 >Which brings me to a suggestion, it would be helpful to newcomers if the welcome thread listed different important topics on the board and gave them some direction where to get started. Please proceed Anon. You seem better qualified than I am, and the need is clear. >The catalog is a disorganized mess. That it is, but it's the nature of imageboards. This board isn't a technical engineering document (>>3001) but I've learned from experience it's a great way to cross-pollinate good ideas quickly. It's just part of the process here. >If someone makes a userscript in the future it would be useful to allow people to sort the catalog into sections to minimize the time spent digging to find relevant information. Again, I someone here will make that a personal goal.
>>6902 >The catalog is a disorganized mess. I don't really understand what you mean, it is sorted along topics. I thought the real problems for newbies would be to even know how to use an imageboard and this one specifically. If they don't look into the catalog then they might only see the recent threads and look into those. Others might think they should't post in the old threads and maybe also not knowing that they will bump up, so what they write won't be lost in some forgotten threads. I could imagine that it would make sense to use the catalog as start page. Also, anyone who wishes to do so could make a website on his own with all the relevant information and linking back to the website here.
>>6902 >>6903 >Which brings me to a suggestion, it would be helpful to newcomers if the welcome thread listed different important topics on the board BTW Anon, if this list can help jumpstart the new index thread, please feel free to use it as a starting point. Frankly it's a bit overwhelming for me, and I already have a lot on my plate tbh. >>6979 >=== -edit relocated post number
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Open file (2.08 MB 1816x2944 programmingguide.png)
It would be nice to have a math thread. All fields having anything to do robowaifus involve math. But I can't make this thread because I'm mathematically illiterate, it's the reason why I desire such a thread. Do we have any mathfags? Any pointers on study material? I'm afraid the same thing that happens with programming will happen if I go looking for math study material anywhere, I'll be recommended the equivalent of python tutorials on youtube instead of SICP (which by the way is too advanced for me on the math). I'll be done with a programming book in about 2 weeks and my intention is to go for the math books in this infograph. I've skimmed "Algebra" by Gelfand which is recommended in the graph and it seems to start at a level that's just shy of high school, exactly where I am, so that will likely be the first.
>>6933 I second this need. I know linear algebra is important (and trig). I also suspect calculus is important for certain types of algorithms. Sadly, I'm more or less a maths beginner, though I ca program in C++ reasonably well. In fact for myself, probably the single best way to learn the math would be in the context of someone leading us in writing C or C++ software for it. If I'd known how important maths was going to be for robowaifus, I would have studied harder in High School haha.
>>6933 I had the same idea, was even planning to open one. But this >>6560 one on how to get started with ML/DL and such should be sufficient, since this involves learning some math. I personally gathered that it's best only to learn very little math and start making models as soon as possible, then learning the math behind it later. I'm getting stuck trying to learn math itself every time, even if I can follow it, bc it bores me. Then I start getting distracted and doing something completely different. I'm probably going to make a premium account in Brilliant app soon.
>>6958 >But this >>6560 one on how to get started with ML/DL and such should be sufficient, since this involves learning some math. Actually, I'd have to respectfully disagree. Ofc, you're correct that maths would be involved, but it's not the specific topic AI/ML is. And as robowaifuists, we need to know much more than just the statistics-heavy maths involved in AI work. We need to know Trig & Linear Algebra for robotics control and VR waifu software code. Electronics too also requires various maths topics. And the area of signals timing for plugging together all the various digital electronics and sensors, and the computers themselves is a very Logic & Math-oriented domain. In fact that's probably a good thread subject: Robowaifu Logic & Math If at least a few of us already think we should have a math thread, then it certainly won't hurt to have one. We just need someone who knows enough to lay a good foundation for us all, and who will simply step up and make one for us.
>>6962 >we need to know much more than just the statistics-heavy maths involved in AI work. That is wrong, define the AI work. You can't simplify AI to only NLP or any other subfield. And we don't only use statistics-heavy maths on AI field. Also lin alg, calc, stats are the basic maths behind AI which are requirements behind most of the CS topics. On that thread we already have nearly all the topics that should be covered and I can't think of any other math topics honestly. >Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, Calculus 1-2, Statistics and Probability, discrete mathematics, differential equations, Fourier transforms, entropy and information theory, Set Theory, Abstract Algebra, Number Theory, topology, real analysis, complex analysis These are the topics you'll probably ever need. Knowing those will be enough to understand "The art of computer programming" or "introduction to algorithms" which are heavy books. You don't want to spend your 7 months studying those topics only, it might take up to one whole year to learn them all. Instead, you better learn them slowly. Start with the basics, learn enough to use maths while implementing stuff and then move on slowly. I can recommend books on those topics if you'd like. I like video courses better, watching them on 2x speed also helps with my time. >Algebra (You've learned those topics in highschool so you can skip this step) >Geometry (You've learned those topics in highschool so you can skip this step) >Trigonometry >Logic >Set theory >Calculus 1 >Calculus 2 >Linear Algebra >Stats & Probability >Discrete Maths >Number Theory >Calculus 3 >Differential Equations >Fourier transforms >Entropy and Information theory >Abstract Algebra >Topology >Real Analysis >Fourier Analysis >Complex Analysis >Functional Analysis This is a sample order I created, you can change this order but those are the math topics I can think of. If there are any other ones you think I missed please let me know. You can take a look at university curriculums to have a better idea of topics and resources. If you are having a hard time getting yourself studying on those topics you have several options. The first one is to go implementation heavy studying. Instead of forcing yourself to learn all those maths you can go implementing stuff and only learn those topics when necessary. The second one is to find someone to force you. You can sign up to a university for CS and you'll probably have those topics on your first year of univ. When you have an assigment to complete, you somehow study them :) The other anon suggested the Brilliant app which I have never used. If you are unable to get into a university or too lazy to do so I recommend you using a service like Coursera. You have assignments, exams, deadlines etc... It is not that tough but still you would have to study. And you also get a certificate if you pay for the course or download the course beforehand and then finish it on your 7 day free trial.
>>6567 >Thank you for sparing your time to help me :) Glad to, and thank you for asking Anon. >>6573 >I wonder what the other anon is going to recommend me. I certainly can't give you better advice about AI than the other anon, but instead I'll answer you by a general challenge to all comers: OPEN CHALLENGE: Can anyone name a single better resource than /robowaifu/ for anons wanting to build robowaifus? After all, we've been at this for a while now. :^) To that end, I'll take your thread as an impetus to begin working on something we've needed for at least a couple of years now; a topical index of subjects on /robowaifu/ . It will take a good while, but I'll try to have an initial version of a dedicated thread for this ready for our birthday on Thanksgiving. Here's my first cut from perusing our catalog: >(note: the actual Library thread is now in place - >>7143) This is just a very rudimentary sorting for now, and I welcome any suggestions from anyone about changes they might suggest. Heh, I know this isn't what you were asking for OP, but honestly I hope this will wind up being a better answer for you and any future newcomers than anything else I can do for /robowaifu/. :^) >=== -replace 'first cut' w/ actual crosslink
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Open file (44.85 KB 500x500 sdf.jpg)
>>6979 Hello, I have just seen your post. Yeah you are right, that is a great work. Something like that would help the newcomers and the rest of us for sure, we need to stick this post in the future. Sorry for the late reply, I have been busy studying maths :^) I don't know of any other place which anons work on robowaifu or even AI. Maybe if we could find more people who are interested in creating waifus and are capable of contributing, that would help.
>>6980 Thanks. One of our real challenges as a mostly engineering & design board is keeping track of pertinent important information. For the most part, information sort of naturally grows organically in the back and forth conversations here, kind of like the proverbial chats around the water cooler. However, the board itself is our only real document of the dialog. We really need a good index of the material here. A few of us took a shot at it a few years ago, but we need something really effective. I was part of an imageboard community in the past where several skilled JS programmers were participants. They devised scripts + external servers that greatly enhanced the ability to engage with each other much better than just the IB software itself alone. These scripts ran in Greasemonkey, etc., to enable the extra capability. Maybe some sort of AI-assisted search & context system will be devised here for us some day. Until then, my meager efforts will have to suffice (UNLESS SOMEONE ELSE WANTS TO TACKLE THIS PROBLEM! :^)
>>6981 What kind of functionality was added? I know Javascript and how to use web sockets. Creating a search engine for this place wouldn't be too difficult. It'd certainly help newcomers a lot. The catalog is pretty tiny and people could run the search engine server themselves until there's hosting for it. Implementing thread watching and notifications wouldn't be a big task either with the API here. I'm too far behind in my projects at the moment though to start another.
>>6982 Yeah, some kind of typical search tool would be helpful. Maybe we could add some type of Levenshtein distance for approximate matches, or at least some kind of Soundex approach. What would be even more powerful is a general contextual semantic search tool. Ofc, that would be useful for all imageboards, not just /robowaifu/ (though our topics are often rather nuanced). It would be nice if someone who knows webdev stuff and can into AI libs built something like this for us someday.
>>5819 Saving this here for the forthcoming Motivation thread. >We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action. - Frank Tibolt
>>6979 What are the next steps here? Linking the threads to the headlines? Adding some tags for the topics in these sections?
>>7080 Don't know. I've been tied up and haven't made any real progress beyond this initial list. I have easy access to every word of every thread though if you have suggestions for that. Maybe you or someone else would like to tackle this problem? ATM, my only plan is to just create a mostly blank, alphabetical thread specifically for this for everyone to contribute to if they will. Once that's knocked into some kind of useful shape, we can migrate it, appended into the Welcome thread. Pull requests welcome.
>>7402 Sure. Convince Tom to enable Tor as I suggested and I'll be happy to.
>>7401 BTW, be sure to pack very dense posts just chock full of complaints here Anon ... don't ... spread ... them ... out ... After all, this thread will autosage soon! :^)
>>6700 Hmm, I see, I guess that's a little bit different then. My mistake. But Cloudfl*re is absolute anathema to all things open imageboard (as they have already amply proven in spades). And they've also grown so huge that they represent a now-critical vulnerability, both to freedom of speech and to site-access integrity across much of the Internet. But that issue notwithstanding, I'm quite surprised the Administration of zzzchan would even consider using them after what they have pulled against all us standard-issue shitposters tbh. But thanks for the tip Anon, I'll check them out now.
>>7448 Just take the ones listed in that thread seriously please. They are genuine and well-meaning even if you find them harsh or abrasive. In fact, because I don't like everything to be doom and gloom, I'll tell you plenty of things I like about this board because I don't mind giving credit where it's due. I'm not here to be a pain in the ass and endlessly critique. - Extremely unique concept for a board and one of the few with a higher purpose than socialization. This board was a 10/10 idea. - Despite moderation being unclear it is minimal. Somehow, even with minimal moderation, you have managed to do a damn good job keeping this place clean and comfy. - Real efforts to help the community. You post here, genuinely seem to be appreciative of the things community does for the benefit of all of us, and have put in effort to at least attempt organization based on topic. - Whatever anyone can say about you, you're not malicious. I also know that despite your tongue-in-cheek shitposts you're not actually power-hungry either, as you could just ban dissent but choose not to. There are many more things I like but these are some top ones. Keep up the good work on those, and all I ask is that you listen to people when they critique. The critique is because we like your board, if I didn't care about this place I wouldn't bother offering my two cents. Sorry if you perceived it as harsh, that's just a part of imageboards for the most part, and a product of frustration
>>7449 Honestly visibility was a concern in the opposite respect. I really did not want to blow up your board with this. I would have much preferred a casual chat with you where me and someone else could mull over some problems. I actually did try to get the IRC thing sorted out btw, but I don't think tom will allow it for now.
>>7451 >>7452 Alright, I'll try to respond to you more fully here sometime tomorrow. Probably won't be a lot of changes to my approach Anon (I have actually considered your issues and how they relate to the larger context of the board's long-term heath), but at the least I can probably at least be more open and frank. Hopefully that will be enough for you. Cheers.
I posted this here >>7454 and just wanted to add that rules won't solve the issue that some people want their threads on culture and politics on top. Since these are easier topics to discuss and writing something, they would be dominating the board if not bump locked. How to limit what can be written there and ensuring some quality is only a problem on top of that. I think I realized that there are anons which want to use the topic of robowaifu only as a hook to talk about women, general culture and politics. This might also have the aspect of using the idea of robowaifus, and people developing robowaifus, as some weapon in a culture war. In that case it's not about getting them, it's about using them before they exist. Which is then, why linking /cuckquean/ as friends made some anons mad. (I'm the one who was wondering why they weren't on the link list, btw. It wasn't even their idea nor were they pushing for it.) I advise against allowing political activism here to freely. Doesn't mean I'm opposed to all of the ideas, but it's the wrong way to have all of this here. The right way would be to have discussions about, and mentionings of robowaifus, in all those other boards on different sites, especially the ones which are friends with us. Or maybe the heathens which don't know about the robowaifu development or are even opposed to it. This could be done so by the people who are there anyways, and some visitors as well. While this here is were development should have the highest priority. We don't need a mirror of other boards and their ideas here. Even less so, fights over it. These other boards out there should receive the news what's going on here from time to time, instead. So even if we should have an OT thread, it shouldn't be always on top, and opening new ones shouldn't be allowed. Another option would be to have a second board about robowaifus, linked on the friends list, which is more general and less about development. More about the idea than trying to develop and build them.
Open file (275.17 KB 1024x768 Chii_ponders.jpg)
Response to the lads who've been complaining a bit lately First off, let me say thanks for taking the time to spell out your several complaints with /robowaifu/ 's moderation. They don't go unnoticed. Sadly however, I'm not going to go one-by-one down your long list and address each one specifically. My apologies in advance, Anons. However, I think I can properly address them all concisely with literally just one word: FOCUS. As in, 'we need to stay focused here on /robowaifu/'. We don't need an ongoing, unending barrage of blackpills/redpills/kill-all-3DPD-pills, etc., etc., etc. There are already a very wide array of other boards and forums for that kind of thing. However, there aren't any other robowaifu boards to my knowledge (well, at least not till yesterday heh). Feel free to visit the forums of your choices and ventilate all the concerns you have for the world at large there. Once you're finished with that and everything's off your chests, then stop back by here occasionally and check up on how we are doing OK? :^) OTOH, if you want to stay here with that, then I've accommodated your needs as best I know how atm that will allow the board itself to remain healthy. I hope it's something you can all manage to somehow live with Anons. >>7180 There's plainly much legitimacy to your complaints about everything going on out there. But honestly, I'd again suggest you each instead focus more on our practical engineering and other needs here, and much less on how bad the world outside is. We still have a long way to go yet lads, and we could still use your help here. I'll restate my basic agenda behind my actions (and implicit 'rules') again here: >...But if I feel a direct attack is being levied against the motivation and psychological state of our board's members then I'll will oppose that with vigor -- as well I should. One of my responsibilities here as BO of /robowaifu/ is to care for the welfare of our regulars as I can manage. The monumental process of successfully designing, engineering, prototyping, revising, manufacturing, marketing, & distributing of appealing, useful & successful robowaifus+kits (something obviously never done before in human history) is already quite daunting enough of a task for all of us here. We need zero political/social/other distractions from that yuge endeavor. While I'm not intentionally trying to 'confuse' anyone with my lack of rules for every.little.thing., neither do I intend to pile up more rules -- as I've already clearly stated. Rules are like snakes, they can turn and bite you. They are also high-maintenance -- once you create a rule for a thing, then you always have to attend to that thing. Commonsense should be our guide here, we're adults. After all, I only created the two we have now simply because of rampant porn being commonplace on IBs, and also to openly flaunt feminists, sodomites, and the like who might try to attack this place entirely unhindered. In due course I'll deal with anything needing our attention here as it comes up, like any good leader would. And as I've already stated only filthy Commies want a bunch of rules around, tacked-up on every wall. We are unambiguously opposed to leftists here on /robowaifu/ , and we will continue to be so in perpetuity. For once, let's have an important opensource project that doesn't get overrun, corrupted, and ultimately subverted by those 'persons' (I use that term very loosely here of course), all agreed? And for those still inclined towards extended rants and/or calls for deep social reconstructions related to robowaifus, there's always our newborn 'sister colony': https://fatchan.org/robotwives/ jolly lot of rebels and brigands in fact of course, shoulda named it OzLand instead tbh :^). I expect they will be happy to accommodate you there with all that. As for most of your other complaints -- such as my unabashed Christianity and doctrinal positions thereto -- those are basically my own private affairs, of which I have just as much right to share them here or anywhere else as you do your own. They certainly don't represent any agenda of /robowaifu/ , and are purely my own views. I don't use them as a bully-pulpit here, but neither will I apologize over them. Without my faith in Jesus Christ, I could never have begun /robowaifu/. :^) In general, I think the board is coming along very nicely. I'm excited about our recent advances, and I look forward to seeing all the great concepts and inventions, designs, art, writing, anime, arts, etc., that you've already shown yourself capable of doing here. We'll do even more in the coming years and one day the dream of walking, talking, snuggling robowaifus will be a reality before all our eyes! And that's pretty much all I have to say on those topics in general Anons, hope that satisfies. Cheers.
>>7455 >to add that rules won't solve the issue that some people want their threads on culture and politics on top First of all there's no evidence this is true. People were using threads that were available. The threads are no longer available and posting has stopped. And yes, clear rules outlining the policies that are being enforced would definitely help. People with good intentions are going to follow rules set forth. If you couldn't find a single rule, made a thread you thought was on-topic, and got locked immediately, you'd think that's a major problem too. I find it laughable that you keep going on about off-topic but seem to be very for /cuckquean/ self admitting this is nothing but a sexual fetish for them and that they basically want sex dolls. >Another option would be to have a second board about robowaifus Well your wish was granted Your post is mostly a strawman. That's not what me and others were arguing for the most part. Nobody wants this place to turn into /b/. >>7477 >While I'm not intentionally trying to 'confuse' anyone with my lack of rules I know it's not your intention. You have good intentions for the community. But you need to realize that even if you did not intend to, by not having better rule transparency you accidentally did. Nobody is going to get mad at you for listing the rules. If someone accuses you of rulecucking they're an idiot. >Commonsense should be our guide here, we're adults. I'm telling you, you need to at least define what kind of discussion is topical or not. You killed a QTDDTOT. Why? If you're going to moderate content like that, please be transparent about it. If there was something indicating that this thread wasn't going to allowed I wouldn't have even posted it. >And as I've already stated only filthy Commies want a bunch of rules around, tacked-up on every wall Is there no such thing as a grey area anymore? Is there only anarchists and commies? I didn't say they need to be tacked up everywhere. A clear statement of the rules would be good in the welcome thread. >but neither will I apologize over them Okay, I don't think anyone wanted you to. That's fine.
>>7481 >A clear statement of the rules would be good in the welcome thread. Fair enough, done. >>3 I've already answered your other points in my post. My sincere apologies if they aren't to your liking Anon.
Open file (2.29 MB 488x440 hfs.gif)
>>7482 >Fair enough, done. Thank you. fucking hell dude, holy fucking shit, was that so hard?
>>7481 You kind of ignore what I wrote in >>7455 and before. The Lounge isn't locked, it just isn't on the frontpage anymore. If you read the discussion, that's what some anons were upset about. >made a thread you thought was on-topic, and got locked immediately Depends, if it was redundant and the postings are being are being moved over, what's the problem? Don't try to make politics and talk about woman to the dominating issue here. It's basically OT if it isn't really on topic. >Your post is mostly a strawman. ...Nobody wants this place to turn into /b/. No. I never wrote that, and explained it above. Also, /cuckquean/ isn't pushing their topic here. I don't mind if people want to use their waifus for sex, but we currently don't have the problem here that people are only interested in simple sexbots and writing about that all the time.
>>7483 Kek. The rules page has been available here since day one. You could pester Robi about the link being removed from the postbox during his Lynxchan frontend reboot.
>>7455 Thanks for the general approval in this and your other posts Anon. Appreciated.
>>7490 I'm thankful to you for running this board, it's amazing and needs to go on. With focus on building robowaifus. It's often quite hard to do, to even get started doing actual work, seeing other people working on it and sharing ideas helps of course.
>>7492 Thanks! >this board, it's amazing and needs to go on I certainly agree with both these points Anon. When we see robowaifus become a commonplace reality -- even inexpensively so -- I think it will revolutionize the lives of so many men for the better. A sense of despair from loneliness may be alleviated for many of them. This is a noble goal, and worthy of our earnest efforts. The greatest threat to /robowaifu/ are two groups from without, not within. 1) Leftist infiltrators trying to subvert the program and ultimately to emasculate it into uselessness, and 2) glowniggers and other goons trying to deplatform it at the behest of their puppetmasters. For the former case, we all just need to stay on our guards and immediately shut down leftists whenever they pop their heads up here. Politically-correct ideologies and language are clear warning signs of their presence. We're Anons here on /robowaifu/, not soygoys. It's pretty easy to tell the difference actually. Basically, The Left Can't Meme, since that takes an independent soul to succeed at. All they are, are bugmen and even worse -- leftist bugmen. We have secondary and tertiary sites available to us and full board backups for the latter case. Even if something happened to me or this place, some of you just approach the Administration of the other two sites, explain the situation clearly, give them a full backup of this place and ask for a full migration of /robowaifu/ to their site. I'm sure it will all work out somehow. OTOH, the idea of robowaifus appears to be, roughly speaking, wildly popular among the imageboard crowd. I think we will have little concern about our friends and neighbors turning on us. They have nothing but goodwill towards us AFAICT, and I know everyone will here do the right thing when and if the time comes! :^) >With focus on building robowaifus. No doubt about this. It's hard to keep politics, etc., out of the mix because it affects all of us. But as I stated earlier, we need to stay focused. I'll do my best at this, and I believe all the anons here on /robowaifu/ will do the same. >It's often quite hard to do, to even get started doing actual work, seeing other people working on it and sharing ideas helps of course. Teamwork is the key of course. But each of us have to study hard and grow our own creativity individually as well. Then, by turning around and opensourcing that information back to the group keeps that flow going for us all. Remember 'All of us are smarter than any of us.' Even the best and brightest among us can learn a thing or two from the others, and you never know where that next bit of genius inspiration may arise. >"Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist can come from anywhere" All of us pulling together, I know we can succeed at this Anon.
Did anyone try to download some paper from Reseachgate recently? Did they always have this wall were one has to register and tell about their occupation and organisation they're with? Maybe this has always been an option, and they didn't use it all the time. I did download papers there in the past, without asking for permission. Similar thing with Disney ResearchHub videos on Youtube. I think they had links to papers in the past, but some days ago, I couldn't even find the paper they were referring to anywhere online. It's not that important, just wanted to archive it. No, I don't need help to get a specific paper. Just asking, if this is a trend others realized as well. Are they cutting of the public or some players from research in certain areas like soft robotics? Also, nothing urgent to investigate, but keep it in mind and inform others here about such trends.
Don't know if this belongs into Meta or Vision general or Fail-safe. Maybe not everyone knows, but data from neural networks seem to be recoverable. There's a new system named InstaHide, which won a price from Bell Labs, but it doesn't really work. Even with it: "we recover extremely high fidelity reconstructions". https://nicholas.carlini.com/writing/2020/instahide_disappointingly_wins_bell_labs_prize.html https://arxiv.org/abs/2011.05315 Money quote and general interest here: "The reason this award really gets to me is that InstaHide really is a culmination of all the weaknesses that machine learning papers tend to have, ranging from focusing on having a good story over a good technique, to the fact that the claims aren't refutable."
okay chobitsu seriously, what was wrong with that post? I literally did nothing wrong, this is stupid.
>>7750 It's hard to count the many times I've admonished everyone here to make newcomers welcome. This isn't the typical muh_edge IB, nor do I intend it to be. There are a lot of men counting on us here, try and keep that in mind friend.
>>7753 you act like I went in and called the guy a nigger. I laughed at the spectacle of having to show someone how to use an imageboard and asked how we were managing to get people here who had never used an imageboard in their life, when we are extremely small and shit like 4chan is extremely popular and has existed for ages. if this is too offensive for your damn board then maybe it's time I fuck off. you're going to lose others too. everyone needs some thicker skin.
>>7755 >everyone needs some thicker skin. Fair enough. I'd suggest you start with yourself. Stay focused here Anon.
>>7756 >I'd suggest you start with yourself Fuck off, chobtisu. You moderate people for undisclosed reasons, that's why people get upset at you, not because they need thicker skin. If you're going to start slapping people for not being "welcoming" enough to newcomers then write another fucking rule. This is retarded. You can't run a board worth a shit. I think I'm done here.
>>7755 4chan and others are only a small part of the net. This board gets mentioned on other places, like comments on Youtube, Twitter, tech and anime sites. So it's going to attract people from there.
>>7757 Both Sophie and I disagree. Any moderation disagreements aside, this imageboard is useful...where else on the internet is there for people to meet who are actually building robotic companions? Without being inundated by trolls and normies.
>>7765 >Any moderation disagreements aside but that's the entire argument, an argument about moderation. why don't you start reading here to get the full extent of how shit Chobitsu is: >>7401 >where else on the internet is there for people to meet who are actually building robotic companions https://robowaif.us/ https://fatchan.org/robotwives/index.html >Without being inundated by trolls and normies this place has an unwritten rule of "be nice to each other" and chobitsu might as well be running a damn subreddit by this point. also some anon just said it's being shilled on youtube and twitter. expect normies at the very least. I'm out
>>7770 That fatchan place is...interesting. A lot more porn but less useful engineering/programming information...but it appears to be the place to go if you want to blow off steam. Also I get the impression that https://robowaif.us/ never really got off the ground...probably because all the relevant info is already here. >>some anon just said it's being shilled on youtube and twitter. expect normies. That is excellent news that word is getting out! Let them come, then! The longer they stay...they will not remain normies for long. *insane cackling*
>>7770 How often do you want to start this drama again? Robowaif.us is an offer in case we wanted to register to a forum. fatchan/robotwives is the place for people to go if they want to talk about robowaifus as an idea, but then going OT in all directions, without any focus on building them. Which is okay, but no alternative to this board. The software to copy this imageboard is freely available, btw, but it didn't happen, and the board on fatchan has barely users posting anything, even just general talk. .>>7771 Yeah, but no offence, you only need one return after some text which is still related... I think what you're doing is regarded as reddit spacing on imagboards.
I absolutely want new forums for robowaifu discussion and development. I certainly don't have even the slightest agenda to make /robowaifu/ the sole outlet (nor even imageboard) on the topic. It will only benefit us all (and men everywhere ultimately) to have a very broad diversity of efforts going on across the board everywhere. And I especially applaud any man in particular who is actually doing the work, and not just armchair speculating about it. We all should convey our appreciation to such men when the opportunity arises. As far as a 'normalfag invasion' is concerned, trust me I know the detrimental effect that can have on an imageboard's culture. But the benefits of new minds joining is literally incalculable, in particular to such a trailblazing, forging-new-frontiers industry as robowaifus. We simply cannot ignore the benefits of that. And after all, each of us were newfags ourselves at one point. For a more particular comment by myself on this and other topics, please see the general priorities post I made a few months ago in direct response to a good OP by a newcomer >>2701 . In particular I'd bring up the idea again of >explaining things which I'll repeat again here. > Every invention or even just idea is new to someone who hasn't ever seen it before. I trust that makes my 'hidden rule' about 'being nice' clear enough Anons. We simply have to be accommodating to newcomers here on /robowaifu/ if we are to succeed at this monumentally challenging task. Cheers /robowaifu/ , I honestly think so highly of you all tbh.
>>7770 >normies Men which want fembots... Men going their own way... (which is still on Youtube, though often demonitized) and probably on Reddit if it hasn't been purged by now. There are also still quite some amounts of people on Twitter which aren't NPCs.
Has anyone else noticed that since the plandemic we seem to be by far the number one hit for the search term 'robowaifu'? Is it just that these search engines match a single term or is there more to it?
>>7812 lol, check that. obviously other interests are at stake here. apologies for my apparently limited search-engine exploration anon. :/
So the whole philosophy of Existentialism can't be mentioned here in the board outside of this /meta thread here and the basement? I looked into the interviews with Hubert Dreyfus and the No Excuses series and couldn't find anything harmful, though I wasn't looking explicitly for that and I might have forgotten it. It certainly doesn't fit the cliche which you might have in mind. They try to explain human despair, it's not about endorsing it or starting to worship the king of hell. If you want to ban the mentioning of Existentialism here (for now), that's one thing. However, ideas from there are something which are mentioned in relation to understanding the human mind and building something similar quite often (cognitive sciences), so we won't be able to avoid discussing some ideas related to it. Philosophical theories on how the mind works aren't just believe systems which can be ignored entirely. It might become quite a dance not mentioning where ideas came from or were inspired by, and it will look like people claiming to have come up with it on their own. Yeah, well, we'll see how that goes. Since we don't use names, at least it won't look like someone building his own reputation on stolen ideas. (added pic is just for keeping everyone's mind sane and relaxed)
>>7880 >So the whole philosophy of Existentialism can't be mentioned here in the board outside of this /meta thread here and the basement? 'Mention' it wherever you like, ofc. To quote: >>7876 >Feel free to continue posting this type of thing here on /robowaifu/ as you see fit, but by the same token don't be surprised or offended if they get rearranged elsewhere. But If you actually promote something so antithetical to mental health and well-being here on /robowaifu/, then as mentioned above '...don't be surprised or offended if they get rearranged elsewhere.' I trust that's clear enough on my part. While psychology is obviously an important topic, it certainly doesn't qualify as a scientific field it's practitioner's complaints notwithstanding. I'm perfectly comfortable making ad-hoc, arbitrary judgements based on my own insights and wisdom on such vague issues. I suspect you do something similar in your own sphere of influence. So would any man with commonsense. Don't worry about where you make posts on /robowaifu/, Anon. As I mentioned elsewhere, do as you see fit here. We'll do the same.
Open file (49.46 KB 600x401 12.jpg)
>>7883 Neither psychology nor philosophy aren't really sciences in general, but they have areas where one can have a idea and then test it by experiment. Also, some observations can be better than others to explain things like the human mind. I'm not promoting anything else, than people looking into the existing work on such topics. In that regard, the posting in question (>>7874) should rather have gone into the thread on AI Design principles and philosophy >>27, since it's about AI in general, things like perception of the world, etc. Maybe posting it into the psychology thread implied something which I didn't intend to. Looking through my notes today, made me realize, that such philosophies on the mind might be important much earlier than I recently thought. It was interesting when I was reading (or hearing) that material a while ago, but I had no idea how to use it. Keeping the useful parts in mind and looking into my notes and sources, while thinking on what kind of programs a system would need and how they would need to work together, and then designing those parts, might be the best way to go. I'll try to do my best to filter out everything that is "antithetical to mental health and well-being".
>>7886 >I'll try to do my best to filter out everything that is "antithetical to mental health and well-being". No, please don't. That's my whole point I'm trying to make here. Just post whatever you want whenever. I trust you and practically every other board regular here that you have our mutual benefits in mind. If I feel something needs to be addressed, I'll very likely do so in due course. Also, please forgive for coming across as brusk if I do. I certainly don't mean to be dismissive of you (or anyone else for that matter). And -- as in this case -- I'll generally try to make some attempt at giving an advance notice of my actions to reduce any surprises for anyone. I appreciate your and everyone else's inputs here.
>>7888 Okay, I had difficulties to understand what you meant then. I'm not going to promote Existentialism as a philosophy to live by, just mining it's ideas for our purpose. (Though, these negative and maybe harmful interpretations are probably only coming from other sources anyways. Any idea or system of ideas is distorted by others, which come later and use it for their purpose, or by people building a strawman they can attack.) >please forgive for coming across as brusk if I do Not the problem, it was just confusing.
>>4814 >i have not been able to continue the college meme and finish my AS degree. It's not a meme Anon. Accept it as a personal challenge. I can't pretend to explain how you can take that and wrangle it into success in life. In fact I'm not too convinced there is any such guarantee. Regardless, you yourself will benefit for your honest efforts, succeed or fail. Gambatte.
Open file (154.73 KB 748x1152 Christmas.jpg)
Merry Christmas, /robowaifu/ .
Open file (292.75 KB 1080x1080 2556891604946621649.jpg)
Open file (475.57 KB 5333x3000 2701551604936529108.jpeg)
Open file (161.14 KB 1200x1200 2819361590848820348.jpg)
>>7968 Thanks! While I view the BD stuff as mostly just inspiration material, your post led me indirectly to the mjbots quad project, which might prove to have practical benefits for /robowaifu/ . Good work, Anon. :^) https://hackaday.io/project/167845-mjbots-quad https://github.com/mjbots/quad https://jpieper.com/
>>7968 Wow! Real-life electric boogaloo! What a time to be alive (or robotic for that matter)!
Sandman (MGTOW advocate) talks again about his sexbot project, he hopes to start at some time soon. I posted the link to his video and some additional infos int the basement thread >>39 bc it might go towards discussing women, female nature, politics, ... It is related to us, however.
Yeah, not linking to it, wasn't intentional: >>8187
>>8188 Thanks for the update literally Hitler Anon.
Open file (1.96 MB 300x300 italian navy.gif)
You said there would be a new chatbot chobitsu.
>>8487 Heh, I guess you need to send moar pizzas first Anon. Also, grats you've just opened up for us a new subterranean zone. Probably filled with gold and jewels tbh. Any topic suggestions?
>>8487 When did he make such a promise and in what time frame? And when did we have a chatbot? GPT2 is a text generator. It doesn't know what it says, nor remember it.
>>8490 I actually wasn't quite too sure on that one myself heh. But I'm willing to give Anon the benefit of the doubt. We'll eventually get there with several effective chat systems I'm sure!

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