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Robot skeletons and armatures Robowaifu Technician 09/13/2019 (Fri) 11:26:51 No.200
What are the best designs and materials for creating a skeleton/framework for a mobile, life-sized gynoid robot?
>>8650 Hmm, you know it occurs to me you could shape both plates to be more oval that the one in that example .gif. If you sort of designed both parts to be more like thin slice cross-sections of a female abdomen then you could have a Stewart platform that could serve pretty nicely as the base for a robowaifu's upper body. One like our Sophie here, instance. Regardless of what someone does for the hips downwards, fixed-base, wheeled buggy, actual legs, w/e, this section in her middle would work pretty nicely. Bright idea, lad. :^)
>>8656 >One like our Sophie here, for instance.
>>8646 Thanks, considering. But my hope is to integrate as much as possible into the bone, so there would be no bending parts. Not sure if I'll get there, had some thoughts on it today, while playing around with my printed ball-joints. >>8648 Interesting. I didn't really think about it in detail. I want to use motors for some muscles, soft muscles for others. I also thought about using springs or bumbers to make certain repetitive movements using low amounts of energy. Currently I dont know how to insert a bit of randomness there. The body should go down automatically if relaxed, and bumbing back if the spring is unlocked. I'll need a mechanism to change the traits of the spring, probably some mechanism that blocks it gradually. >>8656 Yes, seems to be the way. I didn't think of it as steward plattform, but this seems to be a good way to have a mental model of it. However, all of this is more for the hard shell body type like Sophie. I'd like to try move it via tha spine, more like a human.
>>8660 >I'd like to try move it via tha spine, more like a human. Yep, I think that ultimately that would be the most lifelike ideal for a robowaifu. We'll all get there with eventually I'm sure.
I posted something about DARA project, a guy developing a hand for his robot here >>8700. It's a male bot (like Data), but we might learn from it. He is also working on other parts, like feet, which is rather rare. Could have gone into the thread for bipedal locomotion >>237, but I think its more general so I put it in here: Foot, short clip: https://youtu.be/OBsXwv7m1hY[Embed] Tilt slider for leg: https://youtu.be/R9Wdc0H4iPs[Embed] Same, but more info: https://youtu.be/DW6PW5yQr4o[Embed] Toes, short clip: https://youtu.be/AbhPPy1ioXk[Embed] Middle toes V2: https://youtu.be/i7DZusCGz7k[Embed] There's more: https://youtube.com/c/DARARobot
>>8704 That's fine, I'll just xlink it here.
More from Alitas design. More pics and a explanation of the design process on the designers page here: https://vitalybulgarov.com/alita
>>9352 >>9353 That's really nice Anon, thanks. I don't know why he would choose a fugly face on some of these when a quite attractive one is available already, but w/e. He's obviously loaded with talent as a 3D artist, and this specific work is pretty fantastic tbh. Alita (the 'real' one) a cute and kinda hot, actually. It would be great to see him begin contributing to the IRL robowaifu movement as well.
>>9386 The rendered face of Rosa Salazar was just the placeholder. He made the body design, the face transformation came from Weta in Newsealand (Lord of the Rings).
>>9413 I see thanks for clearing that up, I see the resemblance. Grateful they didn't go with that face for Alita. I wonder who that director Rodriguez will go with for the MOCAP on the second movie? This one's obviously well past her prime expiration-date already.
>>9430 Lol, you're harsh. She's Alita now. The face is being manipulated anyways and they have it as a model, I don't see the problem. She plays the role and her facial expressions are being captured and used with the model the have.
>>9434 >Lol, you're harsh. Maybe. A 35 year old woman playing an action hero is pretty silly IMO. >She's Alita now. Hehe, she wouldn't be if they had put that face on the character! :-DDDD
Open file (215.10 KB 1000x1000 20210407133801ef2.jpg)
Open file (831.48 KB 2410x2800 IMG_20210408_015037.jpg)
Open file (305.96 KB 1000x1500 202104071337590dd.jpg)
Open file (225.81 KB 1000x1000 20210407133758f9f.jpg)
>>1944 More AniFĂ©e porn, also some friends.
I found some old posting of mine with links to some 3D files of the human skeleton, though it was male and I wanted to find if there's a female one now. However, I can't find the posting right now, so I can't link the results. Instead, I found a Japanes database for human anotomy: http://lifesciencedb.jp/bp3d/info_en/index.html and from there they link to the right search terms in Thingyverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=bodyparts3D&sa=&type=things&sort=relevant - Again, this might be mostly male parts but they can be used as inspiration. Just look up the differences between male and female somewhere and change your model accordingly. The other problem is, that such parts are often hard to orint with FDM. My idea is rather to use the 3D models to create simplified and feminized models which are also easier to print. The first is a list with links to download all the 3D models in obj, which might be much more, than on the second page, which seems to be a mirror for STL files on Thingyverse. I only had time to checked parts of it. http://down3dmodels.com/bodyparts3d-3-0-obj/ http://www.yeggi.com/q/bodyparts3d/?s=tt
>>9876 Thanks Anon, the effort is appreciated.
>related xpost (>>10121, >>10125)
>related xpost (>>10131 and following)
Related: >>10542
Open file (105.52 KB 908x1096 IMG_20210526_233435.jpg)
Open file (47.17 KB 902x902 IMG_20210529_221002.jpg)
Open file (35.67 KB 900x900 IMG_20210529_221011.jpg)
Open file (83.65 KB 1080x1080 IMG_20210529_221007.jpg)
Open file (40.45 KB 881x881 IMG_20210529_221015.jpg)
Open file (436.59 KB 1084x2004 IMG_20210528_094246.jpg)
Open file (1.07 MB 1643x2487 IMG_20210521_203659.jpg)
>>10777 Pretty gorgeous details, Mr. Digits. Thanks. :^)
Open file (45.65 KB 370x671 matlab-skeleton1.png)
>>9876 That institute has now the bone models for download. The old links didn't work properly or required to hand CC data to some shady file hoster. http://lifesciencedb.jp/bp3d/info_en/index.html#Data_download Also with information how to use the data to create models, e.g. a link to someone helping with it: https://wspr.wordpress.com/2013/05/09/bones-and-organs-and-everything-else-in-matlab/ leading to https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:31845 and from there to http://craig.bonsignore.com/2012/10/07/open-3d-human-anatomy/ which explains how to use the data in modelling programs (haven't read it, yet)
>>12878 Thanks very much Anon.
>>12878 Related: >>12905 >>12906 Yeah, I found out this whole set they have is from a male. I though they would have both sexes in it. F. However, I looked a bit found out that more female models of bones pop up from other sources, e.g.: www.thingiverse.com/thing:4946668 - I guess I have to look around more.
>>12909 I'm really starting to wonder why no one here or in the dollforum successfully designed some simple skeleton, a bit like hamcat_mmq >>7709 or armatures like 61laboratory >>9268. SophieAnon seemingly only needed a few weeks to months to render some armatures in Blender >>11776 but no one else seems to create some like those and make them printable. Then there are at least stl models of female human bones https://www.yeggi.com/q/female+pelvis/ , and I only find them by random coincidence, because no one else was even looking and mentioning it here. Not to speak of printing them and using them for a simple robowaifu. At the beginning of the forum people thought it was okay to have waifus in wheelchairs or ones which would walk on all four into the bathroom. But now, no one cares about these simple versions, they all have to at least walk somehow. Which is one of the hardest things to do and absolutely shouldn't be a high priority. I thought about this tonight, while waking up: Building a partially animated doll-like waifu or one with printed armatures on the outside would be much easier than trying to figure out how to build something very life-like. It's still gonna take years for getting a fully animated one with a human-like skeleton in the current speed and it will cost rather 10-15k than 2-3k. Just in case you're just lurking and waiting.
No one seem to have looked into how to design a knee for a robot yet. Didn't find it mentioned in this thread once. The problem is, it needs to be able to turn a bit sideways, I think It's not just a simple bi-directional movement, but more complex. Hamcat_mqq's design can do it >>7723, Alita 's design hints at it >>8412, Anifee seem to have some double-ball-joints which can do it >>9685, in action figurines it seems to consist of two hinge and one pivot joint >>7634. Human anatomy of the human knee: https://youtu.be/WhSxZWNBW3o - interesting, but the human knee is known to be a bad design. I have to look into how to design ball-joint knees, I guess.
>>12994 They're simpler than you think.
Has anyone made blueprints for a SFBT- 3 (Special Fullaction Body Type-3) ? It is an artist mannequin with great flexibility and complex joints.
>>12994 Found a cool knee on Pixiv
>>13893 Thanks. One thing in a very human-like robot is to make it look similar to a human one. However, the sliding kneecap actually has a function by connecting it to the muscles in the thighs: https://youtu.be/PuspQOe-sfI
>>13767 >>13893 These look neat, but like a lot of things in this thread, they're just too damn complex. >>12994 >The problem is, it needs to be able to turn a bit sideways, I think It's not just a simple bi-directional movement. What? As far as I can tell it doesn't need to be more than a single hinge, any tilting is done at the ankles and the hips, and rotating is also done at the hips. Perfect mimicry isn't the best idea unless you're literally going to make artificial muscles and bones that move just like a regular human.
>>13944 Yeah, this little sideway tilt might not be really important. However, I generally try to get very close to human-likeness. Others build more robotic waifus, I'll try to go for the "animated doll". So, I'm interested in the >>13893 approach above, but I hope I can go for a sliding kneecap.
>>13961 Not only do I think it's unimportant, but I think it's bad. I had a problem where it felt like my lower legs were held on by threads and would occasionally force my legs to tilt sideways (probably looked like I was trying to unstick my balls from my leg) and they'd crack pretty painfully. At best the sideways tilt is some kind of shock absorption, at worst it's your knees failing.
Human bones in an lower arm.
>>14397 very nice diagram Anon, thanks
Lol, I haven't any idea where to post this here on the board. It's about being careful with cable management. It was either here or the actuators thread I think. Seems like an important, oft-overlooked, topic for structural design. https://anon.cafe/retro/res/803.html#2069
>>14397 That's a lot of joints. Anybody have an idea of how to build a hand without using 19 individual stepper motors?
>>14576 This site has a catalog with a lot of active threads - e.g. hand development >>4577 is the thread for your answers, then the thread for humanoid robot projects >>374 might also include videos which haven't been crosslinked in the hand development thread yet. Your implication of servos also plays into the topic of artificial muscles and actuators: >>12810
Have a look at compliant mechanisms, they\re is easy to make, need little material and are really simple. Only drawback is its longevity, but that can be solved by printing with PETG/Nylon, etc. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=FW6Vx2g9OCI
Suman for my wiggly fingers, here is another neat vid. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=4fFH2RHpcTY
>>14810 >>14811 Compliant (backdriveable?) mechanisms will ofc be very necessary for human-interacting robots such as our robowaifus Anon. Good idea.
I recently started casting silicone with the correct vacuum chambers and pumps and all necessary equipment. Has anyone embedded a complex armature like this https://abcnews.go.com/US/video/man-built-prosthetic-hand-64975188 in silicone?
>>15191 I'm sure there are literally thousands of examples of silicone casting over armatures in the Dark Rides (theme parks) industry. And for the Creature EFX sub-industry in cinema, the results can be pretty remarkable. But for our DIY garage-factory Robowaifu prototyping, I'm fairly sure that silicone's density pretty much precludes most other industries' usage of it. For example, solid-casting a thigh would basically weigh about the same as the same volume of a real human's. Much too heavy tbh. The Medical Prosthetics industry may inform our approaches with the material however. For example, the notion of using a thin-ish sheet (or film) of medical-grade silicone over a sub exo-shell/structural mechatronics could be a very suitable approach for us all. Good luck with your prototyping efforts Anon. Please keep us up to date!
>>15194 Interesting. I will look into making negatives of my molds so that the silicone can go over a shell.
>>15215 Sounds great! You might consider an initial rough prototype using wooden dowels like MeidoDev (>>11446), or Kiwi (>>15214). Over that you might fashion some of that flexible craft EVA foam that's popular as a base for cosplay & accessories at conventions like the various 'Cons, etc. (>>6506) and fasten it over your wooden framework. This outer shell would become the basis of a form for a negative mold, right? Create her 'skin' using your hi-grade silicone, color it, decorate it, etc. and Bob's your uncle! :^) Looking forward to seeing your progress Anon.
>>8062 dude should 3d scan these and make it a STL file for the glory of mankind
>>8062 >>17149 I had memory holed this boner inducing monstrosity thanks for bringing it back to burn into my retinas anew
>>15194 > the notion of using a thin-ish sheet (or film) of medical-grade silicone over a sub exo-shell/structural mechatronics So, basically how the Westworld show depicted the park's early models? Probably is the best way to start off. Also, might be able to implement 'self-healing' synthetic materials to lessen worry about cuts and for making segmented parts for maintenance easier to work with.
>>17487 >So, basically how the Westworld show depicted the park's early models? Yep you've got it. >Also, might be able to implement 'self-healing' synthetic materials to lessen worry about cuts and for making segmented parts for maintenance easier to work with. I agree we should look for material blends that offer 'self-healing' for minor scratches and scrapes, all else being equal.

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