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Open file (992.12 KB 844x863 Vitruvian Miku.jpg)
Body Proportions Robowaifu Technician 11/24/2021 (Wed) 01:35:27 No.14388
I don't know if this was covered already in an existing thread, but I thought I'd make a thread dedicated to body proportions. Obviously everyone has different ideas of what they want in a waifu and body proportions are no exception, but for the sake of discussion this is for a realistic adult, human, female of indefinite height. Height is especially tricky, since proportions play a huge role in perceived size. A lot of information on human body proportions easily available online are idealized, rather than realistic, which isn't a problem itself, but most is about men's body proportions, and often tend to self-contradicting. Common examples of idealized proportions are Vitruvian Man or the 'Physical characteristics of the Buddha', neither of which are very useful for waifus a Barbie dolls are a common example of unrealistic beauty standards, but deviate too much from reality to be seen as anything but Barbie dolls. The only consistently agreed on idealized proportions are an arm span matching the height, and legs that make up half of the height. Everything else seems to be completely up in the air. Any thoughts or resources on the subject would be appreciated.
>>14388 An extensive discussion that took place a few months ago here on the board related to robowaifu form factors. I can only presume this is related at least tangentially to your topic OP. (>>13018, ...)
I don't understand why you are implying that robowaifus should be supposed to look realistic. The real issue is making proportion between smaler parts like muscles looking plausible or realistic. This is more or less exclusively a problem for the more softdoll/human-like ones. I mean realistic looking muscle and bone movements and such. Or human-like facial expressions.
>>14388 >Any thoughts or resources on the subject would be appreciated. waifusearch> body proportions OR form factors ORDERED: ======== THREAD SUBJECT POST LINK Visual Waifus >>1266 form factors DCC Design Tools & Training >>4480 body proportions " >>4481 " Making money with AI and robowai >>13153 " /robowaifu/meta-4: Rugged Mounta >>13018 form factors " >>13023 " Minimum wafiu >>13654 body proportions Body Proportions >>14368 " " >>14369 form factors " >>14371 body proportions, form factors UN-ORDERED: =========== THREAD SUBJECT POST LINK Meta Tread >>1590 (form, factors) R&D General >>2048 " Robot skeletons and armatures >>4246 " New United Robowaifu Project >>371 (body, proportions) Work on my Elfdroid Sophie >>8074 " Elfdroid Sophie Dev Thread 2 >>10013 " Body Proportions >>14372 " ' body proportions | form factors ' [10 : 7] = 17 results
Open file (131.24 KB 978x817 ProportionGuide.jpg)
Open file (299.13 KB 666x1172 Tatsumaki.png)
>>14388 1:6 is ideal for cuteness while triggering the nervous system to register the subject as old enough. Lower proportions will feel child like to normies. I have done research into the psychology of it, make her head too big relative to her body and it will trigger weirdos into accusing her of being a child. Same thing to a lesser degree with width of limbs, if they're thinner it triggers the brain into perceiving maturity. It's how Tatsumaki got away with being so small, her body is thin enough to appear adult-like.
Open file (725.54 KB 1280x720 SassyChild.png)
>>14389 Well, yes, but I'm focusing more on human anatomy. Like the waist-to-hip and shoulder-to-waist ratio differences between men and women. That sort of thing. >>14390 They don't have to be realistic, but I want to make one that is, so I need some help. To me taking something that looks like an anime figurine and blowing it up to life size with no other real changes to it is just cringy, especially when it comes to the face, is like guys walking around in public with anime body-pillows. I'd rather have something that looks like a really good cosplay, than a character that had 4-head-tall body proportions at 5-feet-tall, resulting in a weirdly huge 15-inch-long head. This also doesn't necessitate that it's attempting realism like a robot skeleton wearing a rubber skin suit, it's more like trying to figure out the best measurements for a prosthetic arm. Normally with a prosthetic you have the rest of the body as a reference, but I'm trying to create an entire prosthetic body whole-cloth without really having the background to do it. I can't use my own proportions as a reference unless I want it to look like a man, and I'd prefer to work out as much of it as possible before I start building anything. >14391 None of those posts really help me, except for maybe >>4480, the golden ratio does get brought-up a lot, but the examples are still generally men. A number of them are about height rather than proportions, most are too far off-topic, and a few of them were posted by me. >>14392 This here is the perfect example of the exact kind of thing that interests me. I was mad the thread was gone and I didn't get the chance to save that picture.
Why is the thread stickied? >>14400 >I was mad the thread was gone and I didn't get the chance to save that picture. Now that I've re-read it, the post was better than the picture.
Open file (54.66 KB 515x596 TatsumakiFubuki.jpg)
Open file (60.81 KB 960x500 PureCuteness.jpg)
>>14403 Thanks Facial proportions also matter. Tatsumaki may be the older sister but, Fubuki looks older. Larger, rounder eyes look more youthful and friendly. Fubuki also has a narrower, more triangular face compared to Tatsumaki. Rem is the ultimate example, her face is all roundness to the point of almost being circles. This makes her look very young and cute.
>>14431 That reminds me of the Wikipedia article on Moe, back from before the site got so pozzed. Cuteness and neoteny are basically synonymous, and heads get less spherical with size and age. Vertically elongated eyes are common in anime, taking the roundness of the eye even further, far past the point of believability as human eyes. Just look at Roll. A lot of anime things like that just can't really apply to 3D logic. If you took just about any anime character and made a life-sized statue of them without any changes, at best it'd look like a big toy, like this Jotaro statue because your brain doesn't have that degree of abstraction to work with. At worst it's "Animegao kigurumi". Even if Jotaro's clothes were real fabric and his skin and every muscle moved perfectly realistically, the face still doesn't look like a real face when you look at the eyes. Compare this to Kryten from Red Dwarf. (https://youtu.be/GQ-S6SiLhrs) Even though the actor's head is almost completely encased in latex and made to look angular, your brain just sees a man in a rubber mask and it can never really come off looking that weird, and the same tends to go for Twi'leks and most other sci-fi aliens. Alita: Battle Angel on the other hand had a lot of criticism thrown at it for using CGI to change the size and proportions of Alita's head to something that stands out as harder to process than entire rest of her body being robotic, and I don't think it's the quality of the CGI that's to blame, it's the proportions. Her body starts out like a very detailed and complex doll that mimics the human body about as well as you could want, and only gets more detailed or covered-up, but her body always just blended in with crowds of people. Working with a lower-detail body like the last pic, your brain interprets it as being male simply from the proportions and angularity of it, not just the lack of tits. If those aren't right, the whole thing falls apart and you don't have the same margin of error as with anime. You can determine sex and approximate age from the proportions of a very primitively-shaped head, but what I think would be best and what I intend on doing, is something more like actors as rubber-forehead aliens. Even though I have no intention of taking mine out in public, I've seen the thread with people who like the idea, and I think this would scare normies the least. I want to start out the design with the assumption she may eventually have a perfectly realistic human head and adding bits on top of whatever part of it doesn't yet look or move realistically. It might start off looking like she's wearing something like a full motorcycle helmet all the time before improvements can be made. If it moves right, and unless people get a good look at the joints in the body, which may even be clothed anyway, most would probably see her and think it's just someone in a costume.
>>14452 Excellent post Anon. Nice analysis, thanks.
Open file (36.21 KB 1200x600 Petit.jpg)
Open file (37.25 KB 668x1000 Gourai1.jpg)
Open file (554.13 KB 1330x2000 MeganeDrossel.jpg)
>>14452 >Look at roll She is indeed cute, vertical ovals do make for good eyes on robots too, see picrel. You are correct in that anime does not scale to reality. Anime characters only work in 2D, to bring them to 3D requires significant adaptation. Beyond proportions, humans pick up on even minor details. Simplified and abstracted designs are good for denying the mind details to find problems with. See how Gourai is cute but, slightly creepy, compared to Drossel who's so simple she is practically only cute.
>>14496 I created this thread for trying to figure out those minor details, rather than just saying that we shouldn't even try and just use simple and abstract designs. I'm sure that's what you prefer, but there are probably plenty of other people who don't. After my last post just got a sarcastic "Okay, cool. mailto:sage" I gave it a salty reply and have been permabanned, so this is the last time I'm bothering with this place.
>>14497 Darn, I had high hopes you would be able to figure out solutions to many design problems. You clearly are knowledgeable and going back and forth with you over design considerations was enjoyable. I do hope you at least lurk around, your thread can still yield good insight. To keep this post somewhat on topic, when researching robot girl figures, I have found Polynian to have cute faces while maintaining human-like details by keeping flatter, more cat like facial geometry
>>14497 Thanks for stopping by Anon. You were banned not for making a 'salty' reply (which wasn't deleted, rather moved to the Chicken Farm). You were banned for re-posting the same post again immediately afterwards. If that's not goonposting then I don't know what is. Normally I don't quickly ban someone for shitposting here, but I'm less patient than typical due to the aggressive attacks against us. Feel free to stop back by when you feel differently about things Anon. You plainly have interest in the topic and will be welcome here. When you do, please read this post before continuing (>>14130), thanks. >Be civil. Be courteous. Be patient with each other.
>>14497 One other point, Anon. >After my last post just got a sarcastic "Okay, cool. mailto:sage" Is a complete misinterpretation on your part, possibly understandably. This isn't /b/. A polite sage is in fact expected here, if a post isn't actually moving a thread's conversation forward. When I posted: >"Excellent post Anon. Nice analysis, thanks." I both meant it in all earnestness (not sarcasm), and ofc also sage'd, since I was contributing nothing to the conversation. It was intended strictly as encouragement and approval. >=== -add 'encouragement' comment
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 11/27/2021 (Sat) 00:34:19.
>>14497 >ban lifted You're free to use that IP again, Anon. Next time be a little less aggressive please. My apologies for the confusion. >=== -add word 'time'
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 11/27/2021 (Sat) 00:42:34.
>>14512 Than you Chobitsu, I appreciate it and hope they come back. Also, where is this chicken farm? I'd like to the post. Feel free to delete this post, just wanted to express gratitude for coming around.
>>14510 >You were banned not for making a 'salty' reply (which wasn't deleted, rather moved to the Chicken Farm). You were banned for re-posting the same post again immediately afterwards Considering this whole thread just accidentally deleted itself once before, how was I supposed to even know my post was deleted or it just didn't even get submitted the first time? I didn't even get a warning or anything. >>14511 > A polite sage is in fact expected here, if a post isn't actually moving a thread's conversation forward. This is a completely new and alien concept to me. >>14509 I think it's probably for the best that I stop lurking here for a while. I need to get a job again, and build my CNC, among many other things. When I finally do come back, it'll be with a username and at least a prototype to post. (you were my favorite regular here)
Open file (57.23 KB 496x310 Tanya.jpg)
>>14515 I wish you good luck and prosperity in your employment and CNC related endeavors. When you return with a prototype and username, you will be warmly welcomed.
>>14514 There is no Chicken Farm, Kiwi :'( never was *is this how we polite sage?
>>14515 Haha, OK point conceded you win, Anon. Again, my apologies. >This is a completely new and alien concept to me. We're a laid back and friendly bunch here. You can basically relax here on /robowaifu/ Anon.
>>14388 anyone else notice the domino pizza logo hidden in the center of the picture? I thought this was a troll shitpost thread.
>>14552 >Miku is the town bicycle of collabs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQSX6jbTw2g Even I could probably get an official collab if I walked in and asked for one.
Open file (2.93 MB 720x720 1709650997337827.webm)
>>14391 That seems like a neat little search engine, do you share it somewhere?
>>30774 I found a possible GitHub link but it's dead. https://github.com/elfry2/waifusearch
>>30774 >>30775 >That seems like a neat little search engine, do you share it somewhere? We do! In fact it was written right here for our own use as a research hub, primarily. It's always linked in the OP of our latest /meta thread (currently : >>26137) >note: There's a simple searching tool coded right here for /robowaifu/ that provides crosslinks straight to posts on the board. It's named Waifusearch, and the link to the latest code should always be maintained within the Library thread's OP & also on the current /meta. -Latest version of Waifusearch v0.2a (>>8678)
>>30776 Thank you for the fast response, will try it out.
Useful anthropometric data for understanding the various measurements of the human body. https://msis.jsc.nasa.gov/sections/section03.htm https://stacks.cdc.gov/view/cdc/100478 https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/engineering/anthropometric-data >=== -hotlinks patch
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Open file (783.49 KB 808x808 00063-1778171855.png)
I'd err more on the pragmatic side. Make the bot as big as it needs to be to accommodate the necessary internal components to facilitate locomotion. I think the happy medium of size and functionality is around 5 feet tall. I would imagine it would utilize child-like proportions, not to emulate kids but because it'd be cheaper and easier to perform maintenance on a bot with a smaller frame. It'd also be easier to store since it'd take up less space. It doesn't matter if the limb length or hip width is slightly exaggerated if it's for the sake of accommodating a bot's ability to navigate and interact with its environment. As far as the issue of "child sex" doll aspect, I'd simply have the external body looking more mechanical aesthetically.
>>30779 If you get it working, I'll do my best to have an updated archive of JSONs to use with it for you, Anon. Just let me know! Cheers. :^) >>30817 Neat! Thanks, Anon! :^) >=== -add'l resp
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 04/11/2024 (Thu) 08:18:09.
I'll post the resources I use for this. I typically use BDJ's (ball jointed dolls) for proportions.
>>30874 Some art references.

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