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Open file (394.51 KB 1731x2095 1614545368145.jpg)
How to invest in Robo Waifus? Robowaifu Technician 03/07/2021 (Sun) 20:57:45 No.8841
Hi /robowaifu/, I've stumbled here after doing some research into creating a robowaifu stock portfolio. My thinking was I am never going to be able to build a robowaifu from scratch but will buy one when they become available. I want to contribute somehow to their development so I am creating a stock portfolio where I buy only stocks that I believe are working towards robo waifus either literally or by just advancing the tech that would be needed. GPUs, Semiconductors, AI, VR, Robotics, Batterys, Silicon. My current portfolio: >NVDA - Nvidia - GPUs used in AI / Machine Learning >AMD >TSM - TSMC. The world's biggest and most advance semiconductor foundry. >INTC - Intel >ABB - ABB Ltd - Swedish-Swiss company in automation technology, robotics, heavy electrical equipment. >IRBT - iRobot - Home Robotics >MSFT - Microsoft - They are investing heavy into AI and have one of the largest AI chat bots "Xiaoice". >TER - Teradyne >IBM Other suggestions: >TSLA - Tesla - Humanoid robotics Then buying into the japanese stocks via ETFs such as BOTZ (Japanese heavy robotics, lower fees) and ROBO (more diverse, focusing more on automation tech). Individual stocks are better but I have to cope through ETFs to get exposure to japanese stocks such as YASKY ( Japanese manufacturer of servos, motion controllers, AC motor drives, switches and industrial robots). Also looking into Hyundai, Toyota, Honda for their robot developments. So my plan is to DCA (buy a tiny amount each day) into these types of stocks (I have already started) then once robo waifus are on the market to sell my stocks to purchase one with the idea of the stocks maintaining or going up in value before the first robo waifus hit the market. Hopefully by the time they are for sale my portfolio will allow me to afford one, my goal is $10k-$50k by 2035. Do you have suggestions on what stocks or companys I should be investing in? What companys will be making parts/batterys/semiconductors/ai that will be used in their eventual development? Thanks for your time. >=== -add 'other suggestions' section
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/08/2023 (Sat) 05:50:42.
Don't have much to say on this topic. Just that we don't need to make everything about robowaifus, and I'm even not sure if this creates so much extra demand compared to other developments. I would rather go with >>1642 and >>3119 by trying to make some money with anything related to it, like eg AI. Could also be some automatic trading or analyzing historic data and how it influnced markets in the past. Or simply replacing OnlyFans and Project Melody with AI. However, I don't think about this much, I already got enough money to be independent, I need a robowaifu companion.
>>8841 This is a great thread idea OP. While it's possible there are wizards in the financials here (there certainly should be in the future!) I'm not one. So take everything I say here with a grain of salt. So, any American Big Tech is probably not a good bet at this stage IMO. The issue isn't primarily a technical, financial, or human risk one, but rather a (((social manipulation))) one. They are simply too heavily committed at this stage to the globohomo farce to ever back down on it now (short of a national collapse). The notion of creating anything that 'hurts the fee-fees' of stronk, independynts or sodomites is simply bad optics for them. Another important point here from their perspective (and what's the actual, fundamental issue for """TPTB""") is that a broad acceptance of robowaifus across the culture would mean an end to the status quo, simply by dint of women having to actually openly compete in the sexual marketplace. This would quickly lead to men everywhere questioning why women get such a free ride in the first place -- which would mean that women would have to then compete openly in every marketplace. This would mean an utter disaster for their globohomo program for the West, so don't expect there to be a unified, strong industrial push for robowaifus in the West anytime soon. However in the East, particularly East Asia (China, Japan, S. Korea) the idea of waifus -- even robowaifus -- is already pretty commonplace. And while the situation is steadily worsening there, as yet the insanity of feminism doesn't have such a lethal stranglehold on their cultures. So, there's some hope in these East Asian economies for a Robowaifu-focused portfolio to do quite well. The heavy industry manufacturers as you indicated have already started to make moves in this area. And as we can see here on /robowaifu/, the Japanese robowaifu hobbyist field is beginning to explode now as well (eg, >>8801 and following). This trend is highly likely to continue there. You certainly can expect the anthropomorphic robotics field to show dramatic, global growth over the next 10-15 years for the vertical areas related to elderly nursing and home-healthcare. In fact, if any cracks are eventually to come in the West's feminist hegemony, it will probably be by way of normalcattle men putting cute outfits/skirts & wigs on their nurse-meido bots. After a few years of the (((media))) screeching 'Old men are insane degenerates!111' then normal, White businessmen themselves will start to wake up to the lucrative potential for robowaifus in a broader context as well. That's when things here may change noticeably for the better. Good luck with your project plans OP.
>>8852 >short of a national collapse We are already basically in a national collapse in the U.K. - massive debt levels, completely hollowed-out economy, over 18% unemployment rate for young adults (and that's using the government's doctored figures that count zero-hours contracts and 12 hour weeks as full employment). We also performed terribly in the pandemic, despite the frantic propaganda our media is pushing. But robots perform very well in apocalyptic situations due to their very sparse needs and lack of any fear or irrational emotions. So a robowaifu is the ideal waifu to have by your side for the apocalypse!
Open file (460.44 KB 1080x1920 IMG_20200705_233727.jpg)
>>8854 >Robowaifu in a doomsday scenario Yeah, I thought about that as well. When this wrong alarm in Hawaii happened, when they thought a nuke would hit them, I realized that living in a bunker with a robowaifu for a while might not only be more pleasant but would also require much fewer resources, compared to living with a human female. Before I got aware of the idea that we could build robowaifus on our own, I already had picked up the idea of sending humanoid robots to other planets, with frozen human embryos, so the could raise the humans there. I thought this would be the most likely way to do it. For similar reasons, they won't need much resources and can "sleep" for quite some time.
>>8866 >wrong alarm in Hawaii happened, when they thought a nuke would hit them Haha wow, I didn't know about that one. >"Hurr Durr, wonder what this button does?" <*push* www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-42680070
>>8866 >I realized that living in a bunker with a robowaifu for a while might not only be more pleasant but would also require much fewer resources /monster/ crossboard-lurker here. Thanks for the idea, I'm writing that.
>>8902 Please greentext it here when you do, neighbor! >>29
So what's your thinking on all this OP? You still around?
I may be biased but the best way to invest in robowaifus is to invest in your local robotic company or electrical shop.
>>9191 >invest in your local robotic company That would be pretty cool. Maybe not too many around atm, but that could change with the advent of the Robowaifu Age.
>>9192 I am disappointed in the cultural trends being so bullshit. Like everyone is like "bro lets be fuckboys on tiktok" when you could be controlling an RC car or have battle bots. Like I am dead ass thinking if someone started publicly challenging people to RC races and amateur battle bots then there would be more people into the sports and that would bring them to us. Maybe because I have a local RC track that is shabby but has lasted for more then I have been alive. I enjoy RC racing and I think if it was more in the spot light there would be more mod shops. And mod shops means avenues we can sell kits To and have people mod our robowaifu kits.
>>9244 True enough. I think there will be ample investment/development opportunities for entrepreneurs everywhere once robowaifus society takes hold. The (((Globohomo))) is dead-set against allowing the little guy to get ahead, so don't expect this to be smooth sailing. But in the end, this will happen regardless. The only question for Anons is will the waifus be free & open, or will they be Big Tech/Gov spys and tools. We need to work hard now if we want to see the former case. BTW, I think it's really cool you're into RC Anon. That's plainly right in line with /robowaifu/, so glad you're with us here.
>>9244 I agree with you, I feel disappointed with the trend. I've seen 2 of the RC courses near me close around 2016-2018. Same for a lot of hobby shops. I don't think that its because there no interest for this stuff. A new season of battle bots aired recently and received good reviews. I think its just the difficulty in getting into said hobbies along with the simplification of technology causing these problems. Looking at technology progressing, we can see that menus are getting a lot more simple, its all one click to do this, and customization is becoming much less frequent. This causes the next generation of people who use it to not develop the skills or the interest in this. Pair that with the expensive cost of getting into robotics and we get our problem
>>9245 Sadly, I don't see them being free and open, People will gravitate to the most likely easier to use large corporation version just because it will have more support. Optimistically, I see big corporations selling them as kits similar to raspberry pi kits where you buy the electronics from a big corporation already pre-designed and you get the AI from open source platform. Worst case scenario, you buy the robot at an astoundingly high price and you will need a subscription to interact with the bot, which will be really disappointing.
>>9361 Actually, the optimistic case is the exact one /robowaifu/ is already striving towards Anon. To wit: >"We are technologists, dreamers, hobbyists, geeks and robots looking forward to a day when any man can build the ideal companion he desires in his own home. However, not content to wait for the future; we are bringing that day forward. We are creating an active hobbyist scene of builders, programmers, artists, designers, and writers using the technology of today, not tomorrow. Join us!' >>3 Freely open-source models & software, combining readily available, commodity hardware and materials, artistically fashioned with love by caring masters into effectively far superior replacements for the average female today (not too hard a task, actually hehe) is the optimistic outcome. However, according to the (((globohomo's))) plots & schemes plans, they have your 'worst-case' scenario as their fundamental baseline in store for men. Let's instead just not have that evil outcome at all, shall we?
>>9361 I have a plan to build an open-source library for conversational user interfaces and virtual agents. Once people see the value of virtual agents they'll support such projects and other developers will contribute. We'll be able to create chat support agents that can help people use our libraries and route people to a dev whenever they can't solve an issue. Also, sometime in the next 2-5 years we'll be able to generate tutorials and videos which will help spread our open-source projects and compete with Big Tech, at least in software. Ideally people will sell robowaifu kits and fully-built robowaifus that come preloaded with this software as it becomes cheaper to mass produce parts. If we try to compete with old methods or current methods for that matter though, then yeah, we'll be lost in the dust of AI's exponential advancement, paying $9.99/mo for some baseline AI + $19.99/mo for each additional feature because GNU/Waifu turned out like GIMP instead of Krita. It's up to us to make our dreams a reality.
>>9393 Not him, but you are right on track Anon. Godspeed with your project ideas. Work hard to seem them through! :^) >because GNU/Waifu turned out like GIMP instead of Krita. LOL >It's up to us to make our dreams a reality. This. 9'001 times, This.
Open file (454.65 KB 1920x1080 doslog.jpg)
>>9360 Fellow RC anon, I think the RC hobby has revived this past year because of the pandemic. Granted some people say that RTR (Ready to Run) is the major trend in RC, but there are still a few scale modellers and kitbuilders. I myself have built 3 new chassis so far when my previous RC experience was mall-bought toy grade cars in my childhood. So hobby grade is new to me and I am enjoying even just bashing since each run feels like prepping for a real race. In addition, due to my experience with arduino, I am able to place not just fully functional lights, but speedometers and Wifi FPV (which unfortunately still is very slow compared to 5.8Ghz FPV). I'm not into drones since I come from a scale modelling background and drones look like toys, but I can apply drone technologies onto these newfound landrobots. Maybe one day I'll invest in a proper headset for FPV use. I'm also studying AI with Jetson Nano and I plan to make a self-driving RC car once I commit to destroying one of my chassis to place the additional hardware. I also plan to have a Youtube presence once my craftmanship is up to par with the master scale modellers and amateur arduino teachers currently out there. This will be my approach as I segue into introducing robowaifu style landrobots. I'm thinking of starting with a OriHime like wheeled torso robot that will read taped lines on the floor. I need a workspace, especially at minimum a 100 square meter space with dark epoxy floor which I can tape with white line markers so I can do proper robot training (at first for them to follow the lines, then I can make roads or mazes or even encode instructions into the lines themselves and it'll look like that robot cafe in Japan) That is the biggest long term hurdle for me right now, since buying arduinos, ESP32s and Jetson Nanos and 3d printing plastic is easy and cheap. I think for most people, if they are a maker type of person they would have built arduino or 3d printed projects already. But we only see these robot competitions in university settings since you need not just the large flat hallways for the robots to drive around in unimpeded, but you need machined metal parts so ready access to a machine shop is a given for the bigger robots. With 3D printing you are limited to "toy grade" robots. One thing I noticed is that robot kits are less value for money compared to RC chassis kits, that's why for robot projects its better to just source your components and 3d print the chassis pieces yourself. Maybe once more robots start having better motors and suspension systems, we can convince some of the aftermarket RC suppliers to supply robot parts as well.
>>9415 >Maybe once more robots start having better motors and suspension systems, we can convince some of the aftermarket RC suppliers to supply robot parts as well. This. Not him Anon, but I'm very interested in your plans. I hope you will create a project thread here on /robowaifu/ as you get things going. Don't wait until everything's 'perfect' before doing so please! We (as men with much less experience than yourself) all need to see the process growing from scratch. >OriHime Just curious do you mean the trope itself, or the Bleach character?
>>9415 Related waifusearch, Anon >>7983
>>9389 I should have worded myself better, I meant the best case scenario for corporate robo-waifus.
>>9393 I agree, its up to us. We have to have this ready way before the corporations!
>>9415 I think RTR is great, especially for getting new people into the hobby. I still have my Traxxas Stampede. Not too long ago, maybe 4 or 5 months ago, I started modifying it. I have a whole bunch of Lego Mindstorms and I 3d printed custom mounts for the components. I made it "self" driving where it would just drive straight and avoid walls. I want to to move over to using a raspberry pi but I haven't found the time for that yet. The experience with the Legos were really fun and I think you will enjoy making your RC self driving once you do it. good luck on your YouTube channel! ;)
>>9421 Well, there's Corporate and then there's corporate Anon. :^) I'm hopeful that with our BSD or MIT licensing model here for our work on /robowaifu/ that any Anons anywhere in the world can take our ideas and run with it. That will both help strengthen the cause of men everywhere, and also weaken the Big Tech/Gov stranglehold over all of us. Who knows? Maybe we can even have a corporate federated group of us from here get together into robowaifu-based business of our own someday! Thanks for clarifying that for us, BTW.
>>9426 I'd love to see that happen, a group of us leading the way. It also doesn't have to stop at robo-waifus, robo-husbandos and robo-pals too.
>>9428 >robo-husbandos and robo-pals too. Robo-husbandos is definitely off-topic across the entire board Anon. Sorry.
>>9416 Thanks. I actually posted a lot back in the 8chan days before I knew what I was doing. Now that I do know a bit, I hesitate since im not contributing anything new. Orihime is an actual commercial robot in Japan. >>9423 RTR waifubots is an endgoal, its just that kits are more appealing from a manufacturers perspective since there is no comprehensive support since you can just blame the customer for messing up the build. That said, there needs to be a Tamiya TT02 of waifu chassis kit... cheap to produce, easy for beginners, and tons of aftermarket hop ups. For example, Dancing Otto and Arduino Quadruped Spider are two common open souce chassis types with various kits based off them.
>>9431 >Orihime is an actual commercial robot in Japan. I see, thanks for clearing that up. >RTR Just curious, does that mean 'Ready-to-Run' or something? Welcome back Anon, BTW.
>>9415 >enjoying races If I would pick this area as a hobby my challenges would be: - Building my own versions of Roombas - Building autonomous cars which can drive through town at night, avoiding humans and cars, hidding under parked cars or race away if necessary. - Making a delivery bot out of that. - Maybe building ones which do something in the garden. - Also ones which can play with pets (it's a product already) >then I can make roads or mazes Maybe consider training it on vido from your cars driving (outside). I recall people training a system by driving around on bikes with cameras, while following the trafic rules, then using this as data. >robot kits are less value for money compared to RC chassis kits Thanks, good to know.
>>9433 >- Building autonomous cars which can drive through town at night, avoiding humans and cars, hidding under parked cars or race away if necessary. That's pretty interesting actually. You could even build swarms of these things that could carry 4 or 5 pounds each, and run/hide with the stealth and instincts of small animals.
>>9431 One thing is an RC because it doesn't not have a microphone or connect to the internet. I wouldn't trust a RTR, at least on the AI side of the robo-waifu. It would be worse than having an Alexa and Google Home combined for privacy. Unless, the RTR is just for the hardware and you put your own software.
>>9450 > It would be worse than having an Alexa and Google Home combined for privacy. I think that's literally impossible. I don't care how big slimeball, dirty globohomo snakes the manufacturers are, they simply can't be worse than those two exceptionally prime examples of Big Tech/Gov . And taken together? Lol, no. We are off-topic ITT anons, lets move it into meta or one of the engineering threads that would benefit from it.
I think the RC is a good idea. Because if we want more people in the cause or at least help bridge our ways to robowaifus. >>546 Has the best idea on how we can bring people to robots and robowaifus. But that might be off topic.
>>9529 >But that might be off topic. I suppose it's only fair to everyone that this question should be clarified in detail. Since you've brought the topic up and I'm motivated enough to, here seems as good a spot as any (we're generally already well off-topic ITT regardless). -The subject of a thread is the first step in evaluating that Anon. In this specific example that would be: How to invest in Robo Waifus? -The second step to answering that question is the content of the OP. If it's a quality OP, then the subject will be properly expanded upon to help everyone else understand OP's intents better. Again, in this specific example, it's apparent the OP is interested only in stocks and the financials markets. Any secondary considerations thereto appear only, well, secondary to him. The quality of a thread's OP is certainly not a given. Some are better, some are worse. Often, the quality of an OP is directly proportional to the word-count of the OP text itself, the longer the better. -The third step requires more effort on an anon's part to decide; namely, actually reading the thread itself. By following the flavor of all the other -- at least tangentially on-topic -- posts in a given thread, one can often discern properly where the general consensus is going, and if any given following post would therefore be along that trend or not. >--- So, following this pattern in evaluating the on-topic context of your post: 1. Doesn't seem really concerned with 'Investing in Robowaifus' (actually, the stock market). A No. 2. See above, since OP's idea of investing was strictly about the markets. Again, a No. 3. Well, the thread itself was quickly derailed into ongoing discussions about RC'ing as a fun hobby, and being a field that has at least a tangential relationship to creating robowaifus. The investment aspect was plainly only a secondary consideration, if at all, in these numerous posts. The thread itself is therefore only a somewhat watered-down, off-topic thread at this stage. A Maybe. So, the score is: -No, not in line with thread subject. -No, not in line with OP text. -Maybe, pretty in line with the already-corrupted thread. Hope that helps clear the process up Anon. >--- As far as my own personal evaluation of this thread goes; I'd say it's quite apparent that an Anon who knows exactly what he's talking about in the RC world should create a new thread here on /robowaifu/, one that touches on the crossover of that field as it relates to anons creating their own robowaifus (the overarching, fundamental topic across the whole board). IMO RC'ing is clearly a good, on-topic subject for /robowaifu/, and one often brought up here. But so far, apparently, I'm in the minority considering it a good-enough thread subject. I myself don't qualify to start one on it. Additionally, that this OP himself should have been aware that 'investing in robowaifus' is a topic that extends well beyond just moving your monopoly, fiat money around in the markets. If he had adjusted the OP accordingly, then we might have easily had a thread where both the RC field and any of dozens of other fields would have been on-topic. As it is, this is a diluted thread now IMO, and basically not super useful in the board's catalog. Thankfully, we have waifusearch so a vague memory of something about RCs, etc, a year from now that some anon is trying to bring back up can potentially still be located then. Certainly, checking the catalog and seeing "How to invest in Robo Waifus?", and a cute but entirely-unrelated OP image won't be of much help to anyone in that scenario. In an only secondary evaluation aspect of this (or any other) thread, I might add that an OP should be involved. Just common sense, actually. Up till now, this thread's OP himself apparently CBA to even revisit his own thread. This is definitely shilly, goony, glow-niggery behavior, and not actually welcome anywhere outside of a /b/. If he re-appears and takes the reigns of his own thread once again, then I will respectfully withdraw my specific complaint against him in this. Regardless, the point itself still stands. I may try to turn this post into some kind of static advice page in the future.
Open file (56.08 KB 547x960 IMG_20210307_153723.jpg)
Here's an article on BOTZ and ROBO ETFs. I didn't read it completely, I could imagine to be interested later, I do not recommend anything, but especially not to invest all of one's money into something for the reason of being enthusiastic about it. On the other hand, following news on some topic and being interested might help to judge the outlook of some industry better. https://www.thestreet.com/etffocus/.amp/trade-ideas/botz-robo-best-robotics-artificial-intelligence-etf-2021
>>10269 >On the other hand, following news on some topic and being interested might help to judge the outlook of some industry better. If the goal is basically just to acquire wealth in a kind of 'everyman' way, then I'd suggest ignoring robowaifus entirely, and simply 'riding the curve' of daytrading. Our friend Gunship over on /f/ discussed this topic in general. Personally I see our calling as much higher than simply cashing in on the market...
>>10271 I'm into Crypto, profiting from the new financial system. I agree to not get caught up on one topic like robowaifus. In every case, as someone who wants to do something else it's best to speculate long term, not doing daytrading, may it be Crypto, S&P or themed ETF like the mentioned ones. Whatever, I posted the link from >>10269 here because we already have a thread for it.
Lurker here. This seems to me like one of the more important and overlooked subjects on the board, particularly for those of us less technically inclined, as realistically, progress in the development of advanced androids and their components is primarily going to be brought about through corporations and startups developing the tech we need that can then be re-engineered and made open source. Finding ways to facilitate this feels like the quickest path towards the stated goal of the board to me and probably should encompass a larger focus than it currently does where we don't seem to have much of a clear idea as to which companies we should be supporting. I suppose it is possible to invest in robotics/AI in general through ETFs but isolating which areas of the sector are most crucial at the moment should be the priority first and then understanding the best way of supporting them, be it through stocks or whatever else.
>>11034 Welcome Anon, thanks for taking the time to post. I'm sure your sentiment is a correct one. Personally, I'm simply less interested in money itself (and therefore finance) than I am in the technology and social aspect of creating/having a robowaifu. But you're obviously correct. >but isolating which areas of the sector are most crucial at the moment should be the priority first I'd suggest that rare earth motors that offer lighter weight and higher power is probably a very vital sector. The struts, frames, connectors, etc. hardware, can be made from lots of different low-cost & lightweight materials Anon. But the actual motors behind the actuators? Not so much. AI is obviously another critical area, but you hardly need to follow along with /robowaifu/ to get plenty of information on that. I'd suggest the autonomous driving sector offers many corresponding requirements with our own here (>>112).
>>14630 >you WILL become globohomo regardless of your weeb shit rn I disagree with everything except this, robots will become globohomo because there is a lot o groups developing, its not a matter of time anymore, but of what niche you want to fufill in this new industry. Fortunately, here on robowaifu we are aiming to make a diy open-source robowaifu, not the most profitable idea for big tech.
>>14632 >>14630 > Fortunately, here on robowaifu we are aiming to make a diy open-source robowaifu, That's entirely by design ofc, and in large part specifically to deal with the issues you Anons bring up.
Open file (134.63 KB 1200x900 5289.jpg)
£150 bags will now buy you a 'robotic kitchen'. Considering the complexity and difficulty of building and programming a machine such as this, I consider that a very fair price. Hopefully this catches on with rich folks/large businesses. Unsure how well it will do though. Robotics seems to stay very niche even when it is technically possible and commercially available. My gut feeling is that robots such as this won't make the big-time unless you can make them cheaper than the quasi-slave labour most teens/young adults are subjected to. When you can pay illegal immigrants to work a 60 hour week earning below minimum wage and report them if they complain, robots just can't compete! (Which is just another reason why uncontrolled mass immigration is so popular with big business!) But hey, just in case the neo-slave trade ever gets banned, I will link this here; https://moley.com/
>>14721 Yes, I agree that incremental advances of robotics into the average Western home like this--first for the wealthy, then for the rest of us--is part of the progression that leads to the eventual widespread acceptance of robowaifu catgrillmeidos in the home. Much to the chagrin of stronk, independynt screeching harpies and their simps ofc! :^)
Open file (5.54 KB 214x235 Teslabot.jpg)
>>8841 HTF? do you skip the ONE company that is actually planning on mass producing humanoid robots this decade. TSLA - Tesla
>>23877 Haha. I don't think I personally was even aware of this project when this thread was created Anon, were you? :^) >TSLA - Tesla Added to OP, thanks!
>>23877 >HTF? do you skip the ONE company Simple. This thread isn't updated very often. I'm also not sure if Tesla plans to sell their bots anytime soon. These are for factories.
I hope no one here has made the mistake of buying AI company stocks recently and plans to hold them. The ratio between expected earnings and stock price is quite insane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lI-MfISce7E
>>24343 I mean I agree with your statement, but there's no way I'm trusting the video. That thumbnail alone tells me what kind of channel it is, and virtually all of them suck.
>>24365 You don't need to trust the channel, just contemplate if the arguments are more likely to be true than false.
Open file (29.97 KB 350x263 Shark_Tank_Logo.jpg)
The best way to invest in robowaifu is to be on the receiving end. If people here atleast have the intention to contribute to this thing for free I'd say it'd be even nicer to contribute to this thing while getting paid. There are many sites out there for seed funding, I'm not finance guy and I'm kind of clueless and i'm assuming most people here are kind of green as well. Its in our best interest for us to go that route really. This could be yuge. i don't want to do this myself and can't though. I don't have good credentials, I can't be the face, they'd also want to give funding to a team not a single individual that might as well bail. I bet they get plenty of ideas and I'd best most of those ideas suck tbh. Just guessing though. A lot of people got stuck on the whole middle man app stuff and I don't think anyone is interested in more middle man apps or web services nowadays. There is nothing unrealistic about it really If we can get something that's good that resembles a robot waifu ofc. I wouldn't feel comfortable presenting without a full bodied waifu that can do the bare stuff and that's why I don't have a problem sharing it. Just a robot waifu that can move and talk and have basic visual recognition, maybe. But that's where it'll end. The rest will be proprietary I think. The components would also have to be customized. We could not use proprietary technology such as a raspberry pi or esp or whatever else. With that we'd have the ingredients to make something better which is the idea and so would anyone else that pays attention to the process. We give back we also get back. Tl;dr:We make a basic robot waifu and present to multiple seed investing sites. Again I don't see a flaw on the plan. Let me know if you think there's a flaw. Really cause I get the impression you guys don't think is possible whereas i feel more optimistic about it. Although I will say its too early to start thinking about such things, but why shouldn't we aim our sights high?
>>24367 Haha, no. We had this conversation several times. No point in repeating it.
>>8841 >How to invest in Robo Waifus? You have to separate making money from your hobbies/personal interests bro. Thats the nr.1 rule of making money: be heartless. After you make money you can invest in small inventors who have practical inventions that improve current sex dolls. You dont go from nothing to 100% wAIfubot. There will be a lot of sexdoll-sexbot intermediaries, so fund people who make those intermediaries.
>>24408 >Thats the nr.1 rule of making money: be heartless. I consider that a rather-outmoded way of thinking tbh. It's generosity that will bring you, your employees, and indeed the entire planet the most benefits in the end. Greed for filthy lucre is the GH's game, and will prove their downfall in the end. In our model, everyone rises together on the same tide. :^)
>>24408 If you think that robowaifus are nothing more serious than a hobby, you're in for a world of surprises. Also, I'd argue that those interested in robowaifus are the more inclined towards being able to monetizing it. https://www.instituteforlearninginnovation.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/R18.pdf

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