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Vera stayed by Anon's side, continuing to support him in building new programs, but their primary goal was no longer work or money or fame.

SPUD (Specially Programmed UwU Droid) Mechnomancer 11/10/2023 (Fri) 23:18:11 No.26306
Henlo anons, Stumbled here via youtube rabbit hole & thought I'd share my little side project. Started out as just an elaborate way to do some mech R&D (making a system to generate animation files on windows blender and export/transfer them to a raspberry pi system) and found tinkering with the various python libraries a kinda neat way to pass the time when whether doesn't permit my outside mech work. Plus I'd end up with a booth babe that I don't have to pay or worry about running off with a convention attendee. Currently running voice commands via google speech and chatgpt integration but I'm looking into offline/local stuff like openchat. WEF and such are so desperate to make a totalitarian cyberpunk dystopia I might as well make the fun bits to go along with it. And yes. Chicks do dig giant robots.
Okay, that's quite far evolved but doesn't look like something for snuggling. Where do you plan to go with this? Mobility? Silicone Face? Manipulation of Objects? Also, did you have an Atari Jaguar (I did)?
Hello Mechnomancer, welcome! This is a very interesting looking project. >Plus I'd end up with a booth babe that I don't have to pay or worry about running off with a convention attendee. Yes, as Masiro Project and others demonstrate, anything remotely robowaifu-related is pretty popular at conventions. >WEF and such are so desperate to make a totalitarian cyberpunk dystopia I might as well make the fun bits to go along with it. >And yes. Chicks do dig giant robots. LOL. Indeed, the Globohomo (in all it's rapacious, octopus-like branches & divisions) is well along within their evil plots to destroy the civilizations of the Earth. Hopefully we here and others like us will present some serious obstacles to their path by helping with the big task of deconstructing feminism in our own important, practical way. And personally, I'm less concerned about the chicks digging robohusbandos, and more concerned about them as a species returning to the sanity of their God-ordained roles within a man's family. Robowaifus can actually help with that process. Looking forward very much to seeing what progress you make with your project, Anon! Cheers. :^) >=== -fmt, prose edit
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Open file (78.41 KB 667x1000 1.jpg)
>>26307 Well, nobody is particularly cuddly without their skin on. I'm working on establishing a nice solid frame first. I'll be modifying the face a bit to cover it with some stretchy fabric, if I can't get it walking like a wowee femisapien (I got one off ebay and it is cute to see wandering around on its own https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNezxoSEEB0 ) I'll be giving it a mobile base like the attached mecha musume image (minus the mech arms), and some fabric/foam covering. End goal is something like a VTuber but going the other way... might be a funny co-host for a gaming channel... robowaifu onlyfans... idk. Ask it to hold small items, clock, alarm, weather, conversation, etc. Will probably release source code and maybe sell the .stl files/assembly instructions for a few bucks (like the cost of a diy-project book so I can recuperate development costs). If y'all wanna mod them to do off-brand things its no skin off my nose. >>26317 >And personally, I'm less concerned about the chicks digging robohusbandos I was making a Megas XLR reference :) Even in her unfinished state, lots of folks liked SPUD; I go to a few local cons and a local fair allows me to demonstrate my mechs/robots there in perpetuity for free, since there were folks coming to the fair specifically to see my stuff. Of course SPUD was wearing her hoodie so she looked a bit less like a necron gf XD Hope to get her mobile by con season next year, but I also have the mech to get walking on all six of her stubby legs. There's already articles about middle-aged childless women regretting their life choices. And unless they suddenly start fda approval for growing babies in ziploc baggies like that sheep, feels like the great big ol' cargoship of society is startin' to turn (I hope for the best and plan for the worst, hence my 600lb dreadnaught-type mech). Competition breeds (pun intended) innovation, so guys leaving the dating pool for a machine (no offense meant) would prolly catalyze the turnabout. Building Spud, I better understand and appreciate all the little things the human body does that we take for granted, like compensating the shifts in center of gravity from something simple as raising an arm. So many little things one learns when building stuff. >=== -patch hotlink
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>>26341 >since there were folks coming to the fair specifically to see my stuff. Excellent. That's a great sign Anon. I don't think most anons realize what a yuge sea-change is coming related to robowaifus. The demand is going to be outrageous. Every anon honestly struggling and striving right now to effectively solve every.little.thing. will eventually have an outstanding opportunity to be a first-mover (& shaker) in this new industry I predict will literally become larger than the global automotive transportation industries before all is said and done. Just let that idea sink in for a minute! :DD >Building Spud, I better understand and appreciate all the little things the human body does that we take for granted, like compensating the shifts in center of gravity from something simple as raising an arm. So many little things one learns when building stuff. God's designs of higher life is nothing short of truly mind-boggling, if you simply open your eyes and observe. So, in the film industry, there's a sub-branch of EFX called animatronics (typically about the same as the concomitant field in the Dark Rides industry). A fairly commonplace tool for that is a so-called Monkey, which is simply a manually-adjusted motion control device fashioned into a crude approximation of the body form being controlled (much like a maquette, in the case of a humanoid). Not much by way of preprogramming numbers, code, &tc., is needed for the technician-artists driving the monkeys. They simply pose-to-pose act out the performance that they want, and the full-sized rig (whether practical or virtual) follows suit. Kind of like an indirect MoCap scenario, so to speak. All it takes is patience and good instincts; writing code &tc., isn't needed at all at this stage of the performance pipeline. Just be a natural good actor with a great sense of balance & pose. I've been working towards devising an inexpensive, bipedal-capable form for /robowaifu/, et al, and I've already started gravitating towards a monkey-like control system to program in the base movements such as walking, running, jumping, climbing, backflips, &tc. Once the animation data's recorded, then of course it can be further refined & tweaked afterwards. Eventually, we'll have a collection of software algorithms for 'bio'-kinematics control models, sufficiently accurate for retargeting; with which we can draw from ginormous amounts of professionally-mocap'd performance data to run upon our robowaifu's shells thereafter. >tl;dr It's gonna be ebin in the end!! Cheers. :^) >=== -prose edit
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Open file (7.07 MB 246x315 powerarmorgif2.gif)
>>26345 I mean, not only do I have the WIP robowaifu but I also have a 600lb, 8ft pilotable mech and powerarmor (attached) XD What remains of megabots at one point were stalking me, quite butthurt and jelly at my work
>>26351 Man I have to say that you have an amazing project going on. The robowaifu ain't bad either. You talk about selling kits, you know how may 40k enthusiast's would buy a walking space marine suit? That's cool as fuck, great job, I'd totally have sex with that mech.
Open file (32.54 KB 600x900 Gourai.png)
>>26341 >Gourai Based Please provide details on SPUD. Height, weight, speed, power consumption, capabilities, processor, motor controller, sensors, actuators, what printer are you using, etc... Information in a succinct post to make it easy for people to understand her quickly.
>>26352 Same energy as the attached lol. >>26355 Spud specifications as of last public demo (paper ears/atari hat wearing hoodie): currently 5ft, about 30lbs, stationary, standard size servo package (similar to SG996R)with varying weight limits (9/25/35/75kg) controlled with PCA9685 servo board connected via I2C to a raspberry pi 4 3gb. Power switch to convert between AC/onboard 40v 2.5Ah lipo battery. Can create custom animations (arm movement) via "blend" file. Smol LCD to display eye icons and access Rasbian OS and scripted in Python. Voice commands include: Activate/deactivate chatgpt integration Weather (need to get a new python library as it has recently depreciated) Time Date Set alarm @ time with a message Adjust listen time between 3 to 60 seconds Debug show eye expressions TTS for chatgpt (and chatgpt can control eye expressions) Activate wave animation Current WIP (necron-looking) Separate lcd screens via SPI to free up the HDMI port so OS can be accessed while SPUD is running Physical blinking eyelids Solid wiggly ears :3 More robust neck mechanism w/ ambient movement & face detection (webcam) where eyes follow detected. Better cable management Future plans: Integration of local-ish LLM (separate tower PC and communication via wifi) Localized speech to text (anyone wanna make the pocketsphinx library not in a hard boston accent?) Replacement of linear actuators with ASMC-04B Walking legs or seated on a mobile base (or maybe both) Dedicated GUI More mouth movement via SG-90s Cloth face cover (eyelids too?) robot-like Cloth/foam covering/morphsuit
>>26306 >>26351 Unfathomably based and incredibly awesome. (but God, I wish I had a mech suit too lol) If you have time, could you elaborate about your experiences/goals at fairs and conventions? I really don’t know how to build IRL interest for my own project ( >>24744 ), nor what benefits it could bring, but it could be worthwhile to start planning ahead for them. (then again, I’ve never been to a con’, and the fairs I’ve attended all had livestock stalls and a rodeo arena— needless to say, I’m pretty clueless) >>26351 Off topic, but are there any takeaways re: armor you’d be willing to share (if you considered that with your mech)? I’m hoping to armor my design’s battery carriage enough that it can survive a few shots from a handgun, if only to avoid my multi-year project going up in flames cause some inner-city thug was having a bad day…
>>26351 Looks pretty wild Anon. Stay safe in there! :D >>26356 Nice specs on Spud, Mechnomancer. I hope you manage all your WIP & future plans. Looking forward to watching your progress ITT! Cheers. :^)
Open file (1.04 MB 878x662 chonky servoos.png)
Open file (1.17 MB 675x897 mek doggo house.png)
>>26364 About IRL stuff: 1) It always takes longer than you think or plan (setting up a booth, transportation, or building stuff) 2) Most folks understand when something is a work-in-progress or prototype. The Hard critic/butthurt naysayer is rare in meatspace 3) Unless you explicitly state you're a one-man-band doing it out-of-pocket folks will think you got university funding or somethin. My fair in bumfuk is mostly agricultural but some of the vendors that follow the midway company with the fair sell anime merch. Used to have an oscar the robot wandering around when I was a kid https://www.oscartherobot.com/ but doesn't seem to be one anymore so I might as well be the change I wanna see and make an animu version Biggest pain with my projects is designing bits to work exactly how I want to-I fly by the seat of my pants, making physical parts quick as possible so they can be tested IRL. But once past that phase building what you know is rather easy (mech parts, powerarmor, etc). Armor is the easy bit so I'm focusing on making it work, then protection. >>26368 >Stay safe in there! :D I already have a slight powerarmor injury from it closing around my ribs a little too tight, 2 years out just occasional slight twinge/soreness - rib injuries are a bitch to heal. Mech goal is to try to start grassroots giant robot fights(jumbo piloted rockem sockem)/giant robot first competitions. Like Megabots/Kuratas except, yknow, real and unscripted. I have a venue for the latter, I just need to rustle up competitors. Of course, as the weather turns I'll be focusing less on the mech and more on SPUD. Mech's list is to install new motor pods, shorten leg lift linkages by 2.5" (thats cutting 16 pieces of 1" squarestock and drilling 16 new holes!), install leg control computers and program walk sequence. Doubt I'll get that done by the time heavy snow sets in (see attached "mek doggo house.png"). Currently waiting on a shipment of flanges to mount the ASMC-04B 180kg servos to the 3d printed bits (see attached "chonky servoos.png") so I can get a start on the legs. Checked out David Browne, gave me some ideas how to upgrade SPUD's face even more (been thinking about switchin over to cloth eyelids anyway.
>>26380 >rib injuries are a bitch to heal. They sure are. Sorry to hear it bro, hopefully it'll get better! >Of course, as the weather turns I'll be focusing less on the mech and more on SPUD. Great! SPUD is much more pertinant and of interest to /robowaifu/'s goals. >the ASMC-04B 180kg servos Their form-factor reminds me of dear Elfdroid Sophie's shoulder servos. (>>10152, >>7284)
Open file (268.80 KB 816x612 servos smol.jpg)
Open file (774.23 KB 624x816 spud scale.png)
>>26382 I'll keep the mechposting to a minimum :) Originally started robowaifu development with "Carry", the emotive tool holder/workshop waifu... get it? She can carry tools lol. Functions were pretty basic like on-board speech recognition for simple things like raising arms, bowing and looking cute. Attached pic is her among her other mek siblings as of spring 2022. She's currently in a state of disassembly in the mechworkshop. Those elfdroid sophie shoulder servos do indeed look familiar! Was kinda tempted to put them in Spud's shoulders but I'll stick with my small ones for safety concerns. I want to make sure she is bottom-heavy so when she does (hopefully) walk she'll be less likely to tip over. Attached is Spud next to a RSMedia (for scale and also inspiration for the devkit I'll eventually release) and a closeup of the double-jointed elbow (inspired by some art)
Open file (183.04 KB 1280x790 real_steel.jpg)
>>26384 >I'll keep the mechposting to a minimum :) No worries, it's amazing stuff. Good luck with starting a league competition system. Soon life mimics art. > We're simply more about 'make love, not war' here is all. :D >the double-jointed elbow Nice design. I actually immediately thought it was a knee from the thumbnails hehe. I'd like to use a design similar, but with rubber bumpers+some kind of elastomeric suspension at the joints. Keep moving forward this Winter, Mechnomancer. :^)
Open file (1.41 MB 735x955 servoknees.png)
>>26386 >We're simply more about 'make love, not war' here is all. :D To each their own, but I'd rather be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war (eg hope for the best, plan for the worst). Protecc the waifu with your laifu XD Joint was initially designed as a knee (see attached), but experimenting proved the servo package isn't really powerful enuff to move legs of such size (at least without bulky gears). Working on replacing the 2 eyelid MG995 servos with 4 SG90s (I also need to steal a few MG995 circuit board for the mech leg motor controllers). This way a cloth eyelid can be stretched over the lcd screen, slide along the surface and have minimal gap between eye & face surface. Plus eyelids could be set to angles to give extra angry/sad expression.
>>26387 >Protecc the waifu It's a fair point : (>>10000). But as I mentioned before in another thread, I don't want /robowaifu/ to devolve into 'Terminatorz-R-Us' . I'm quite well-aware of the military connotations here, but this isn't really the proper forum for such developments. >This way a cloth eyelid can be stretched over the lcd screen, slide along the surface and have minimal gap between eye & face surface. >Plus eyelids could be set to angles to give extra angry/sad expression. Excellent. The eyes are 'the window to the soul', or so the old adage goes. You're already well along the way to highly-flexible eyelids simply by dint of choosing cloth materials. I'd suggest you confer vids-related : (>>1392) Anon; a very clean & simple concept for further warping of the cloth lids during emotive expressions, &tc. >=== -prose edit
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Open file (244.00 KB 337x587 hearts.png)
>>26388 > I'd suggest you confer vids-related (>>1392) for a very clean concept for further warping the cloth lids during emotive expressions, Anon. Heh I've seen ST-01 and kinda stole the eyebrows. The eyelids in the vid seem to have a bit of a spasm. If unintentional, that's usually caused by the servos either being under strain (approaching stall) or the signal line picking up electrical noise from somewhere (typically a power cable). Not a big deal with little robots, but I'm a little traumatized from that happening with my larger projects enough to avoid it like the plague. I'll only mention my larger robot projects if relevant/affecting to development of SPUD, such as the above. Spud is built to be fren :) Something else I'll be looking into is having 2 different eye icons at once, so spud could be cross-eyed or have asymmetrical eye icons -eye screens are currently wired in parallel. Could be simple as modifying the library to change the Chip Select pin, have to experiment a bit.
>>26390 how much was the material cost for this roughly?
>>26390 >but I'm a little traumatized from that happening with my larger projects enough to avoid it like the plague. Twisted, shielded pair is the standard signalling goto in EM-noisy environments. If that's not enough, go with electro-optical transducers + fiber. >Spud is built to be fren :) Even everyday robowaifus will face issues with this. And of course the more complex/evolved they become, the more likely. There is also the potential for unwanted, exterior noise to block. I may say that all our 'breadbox' (a cooled, electronics housing system within the upper thorax) designs are Faraday cages as well. >Could be simple as modifying the library to change the Chip Select pin, have to experiment a bit. My animator's mindset compels me to think 'the sky's the limit' when discussing screen faces/eyes. :^) >=== -add 'Faraday cages' cmnt -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 11/13/2023 (Mon) 19:09:45.
>>26391 Roughly $500. Most expensive bits are the 5x 70kg servos and the pi. I do have a tendency to overengineer/large factor of safety (holdovers from experience with my larger projects) so you might be able to get way with cheaper servos. >>26393 >There is also the potential for unwanted, exterior noise. So far Spud has experienced no motor noise, although I've had to separate the loops into separate threads to get smoothed motions (thread for face detection, thread for determining movement, thread for implementing movement). I've heard some autistic detail about the python "threading" library, but don't really care so long as it makes it run faster. I'm like a 40k ork in that way. I'll try to get some footage of the face/eye tracking stuff later today, it's fun to see the 'bot's eyes following a face around the screen :D
>>26395 >I'm like a 40k ork in that way. Heh, you have no idea. This type of stuff will prove to be deepest rabbit-hole of them all, before we all push across the finish line together in the end. >t. systems-engineering wannabe. :^) >I'll try to get some footage of the face/eye tracking stuff later today Looking forward to that Anon. Cheers.
Open file (3.52 MB 1801x903 spiny.png)
I forgot that I disassembled SPUD's stand while testing the ASMC-04Bs -give these babies enough power and they can ZOOOM-, so I did a little more prep for the upcoming shipment of servo flanges by doing a lower body/spine transplant. Good-bye fun-noodle spine and heavy mech-grade actuators! The process reminded me of the intro to Battle Angel Alita, schleping the half-assembled torso around. I'll save you the messy details: results are attached. The rib cage connects in the front, with tension of the ribcage holds the bolts in place eliminating the need for nuts (other machine screws you may see self-tap). Plenty of space in the abdomen to stuff a tool battery & charger/ac adapter. I'd love to figure out a system to seamlessly switch between the two, but rebooting SPUD to switch between powermodes wouldn't be too bad I guess. I took in mind the structure of the motors so they make the hips/upper thighs flair out from the pelvis, however I think the hips are a bit too wide: over double the width of the ribcage! Already got some ideas to reduce the width like rotating the pelvic ASMC-04Bs vertical, recessing the flange on the pelvic servo linkage, and increasing the length of the keyway notch on the hip motors all the way down the shaft. These things are like $50 each, so I'll practice on the one I accidentally broke rather than risk breaking more of them (legs are gonna be a total of 9 of these beasties, over the past 6 months I got 7) I just need to go over the wiring with a fine-tooth comb to ensure nothing went hinky before turning SPUD on again. My mech once caught on fire (don't worry it was small enough to blow out) and that is an experience I want to avoid repeating.
Open file (48.66 KB 321x826 StandardFranxx.png)
>>26345 >Monkey Surprised this hasn't come up before, please make a monkey/mocap thread! >>26356 Thanks for the specs! >>26384 >Genista Nice! Personally want to clang a standard Franxx. >>26393 >Twisted pair Beat me to it. I'll add that you can use Cat5 cable for data lines. Wrapping wires in copper/aluminum tape is a cheap alternative.
>>26401 >>>Monkey >Surprised this hasn't come up before, please make a monkey/mocap thread! It did come up, or at least something similar, but just briefly. James Bruton made a video about it, or even two. I can't find the posting here on the board, since I can't compile Waifusearch. Anyways, I even bought the electronics for doing that. Problem is, no on here has an actual robot to control. >DMX controllers (I always forget the name) https://www.youtu.be/6TAfDX1u7w0 https://www.youtu.be/diVXbuRislM
>>26401 >please make a monkey/mocap thread! A Robowaifu Motion Capture/Motion Control thread would indeed be a good idea Kiwi. I'll think about what might make a good thread related to our specific needs. >Cat5 cable Yep, it's not only a widely-used standard interface, it also has 4 separate, balanced data channels per cable. Good thinking. >>26404 >since I can't compile Waifusearch. Huh? I thought you were using it regularly Anon. Is there something I can do to help? >DMX Yes it's a widespread C&C protocol, especially for stage lighting, etc. It's rather heavy for our internal, onboard robowaifu uses IMO, but it's a reasonable consideration (at least for Monkey captures, etc.) >le ebin blackpill Lol. I hope you get encouraged soon NoidoDev. We all count on you here! Cheers. :^) >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 11/14/2023 (Tue) 14:20:57.
>>26399 >Good-bye fun-noodle spine and heavy mech-grade actuators! Lol. The old spine does look pretty cool Anon. :^) >with tension of the ribcage holds the bolts in place eliminating the need for nuts I'd consider the ability to maintain good physical integrity despite mechanical orientation or dynamics to be a high-priority for our robowaifus, Mechnomancer. Do you not see things that way? > cf. Tensegrity < of course, I personally have this wild idea that our robowaifus will be cabable of world-class Parkour exploits, once we solve all the strength+power-to-weight issues effectively enough, so there's that... :DD Maybe I've watched too much animu/scifi? :^) >Already got some ideas to reduce the width Yes. Anything we can all do to reduce the volume necessary for internals, the better things will work out for everyone here & elsewhere. Good luck with your research along this line Anon! >My mech once caught on fire (don't worry it was small enough to blow out) and that is an experience I want to avoid repeating. Safety first! :^) >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 11/14/2023 (Tue) 14:47:40.
>>26405 I have it on my Raspi but not my PC (on a external disk which isn't connected to the Raspi right now). Trying to install it on my PC didn't work when I tried some hours ago. I might post something in the related thread: https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/12.html#8678
Open file (93.05 KB 804x604 rsmedia.jpg)
>>26405 >Robowaifu Motion Capture/Motion Control As I understand it Kibo-chan uses the Blender Servo Animation library. This allows for bone rotation in blender to be translated to servo id/pwm signal and feeds it to an attached arduino, allowing the robot to be animated just like a videogame character. Sauce: https://github.com/timhendriks93/blender-servo-animation-arduino I haven't tried attaching the arduino, I modified a companion plugin from exporting a highly formatted mess to a list of servo positions per frame. unmodified plugin here: https://github.com/timhendriks93/blender-servo-animation#readme I'm aiming for similar flexibility as the RSMedia's development kit (see attached), which allowed custom movement/sounds to be uploaded to a special Robosapien V2.
>>26420 Very nice information Mechnomancer, thanks kindly! I'll plan to add these links into the thread's OP. Cheers.
Open file (1.11 MB 633x848 spoodsit.png)
Got spud onto the old display stand, inspected wiring and got the idling program running. However opencv stopped recognizing the usb webcam but is still recognized by cheese. So I'm reinstalling opencv via pip, and if that doesn't work I'll try apt-get.
Open file (363.49 KB 462x517 PaperOtter.png)
>>26437 Is that upscaled papercraft hair?
Open file (1.25 MB 884x970 motahs.png)
>>26438 >papercraft Yup. Pepakura is good way to check part proportions for relatively cheap. I also trace parts from paper onto 26 gauge steel/pop rivet the tabs together for the more complicated armory-y bits of my larger projects. In comparison, SPUD is much easier than those (no need to schlep around 100lb parts lol). Found out the issue with the webcam. After reinstalling Opencv (a long process) I found the default webcam encoder for Opencv -called "GStreamer"- has issues with its latest version, so I wrangled it into using the older (?) Fmpeg encoder, so not only does it work but it runs faster. Gstreamer still throws errors but it doesn't stop the code from running so I consider that a win. Narrower hip servo mount finished printing after 13 hours/50 meters of filament, so Spud's hips should now be a bit less Willendorf. New top piece makes 16 inches at the widest point on the hips/thighs, as opposed to approximately 22 inches for the older lower one. So, just gotta tweak the code for the new encoding method and I should have the demo of the face/eye tracking hopefully tonight. Also show off the papercraft... uh... chest panel .
>>26437 Sound like your prep work is progressing apace, Anon. BTW, there are dedicated smol cams that literally have Linux + full install of OpenCV directly onboard the camera. Makes this style of integration/maintenance close to a non-issue as long as you leave them dedicated solely to their task at hand (JeVois cameras, >>1110). http://www.jevois.org/
>>26441 >Pepakura is good way to check part proportions for incredibly cheap. FTFY :^) I think it's an amazingly-effective approach to many issues we face here. I've even used paper as a direct part of practical structural supports intended for real, highly-inexpensive (read: Everyman's) robowaifu kits. Great progress with this interim goal of volume consolidation. Of course, closer-quarters imply higher heat concentrations, and therefore may indicate some type of passive/active cooling locally. Cheers Mechnomancer. :^)
>>26444 >$300 camera Unless I experience performance issues, Ima stick with single-board computing/webcam for the robowaifu except for LLM/speech recognition. Keeps it simpler and costs down. When I factor costs, I also include time. I had to re-write all the ambient movement code because reinstalling opencv broke it somewhere (or I'm just really bad at coding), but either way here's a close-up of the face wandering around and the eyes tracking my face every few seconds (using a haar cascade, still have yet to get the machine learning library running so it can recognize individual faces). Also lowered the eyelids a bid so they obscure the top of the iris, didn't have time to put on the papercraft vest/chest, might wait until I build the legs (servo flanges should be arriving tonight).
>>26463 Notice: You've doxxed yourself in your video, Mechnomancer Our policy up till now has been simply to delete anything that's personally-identifying, if it legitimately can be construed to be an accident. OTOH, perhaps this has been a bit overbearing, so in this case I'll leave it up to you: I recommend we delete your video, and you can reupload an edited/censored version if you wish. >the ambient movement code That looks nice Anon. Nice subtleties. >servo flanges should be arriving tonight Looking forward to the next updates. Cheers.
Open file (3.06 MB 2251x827 hipbiece.png)
>>26466 Oh I'm active in several online communities, many are more contentious than this one :) but if you'd prefer I can delete it and use my wyatt earp action figure for a face recognition demo instead. Besides if one aims to sell robowaifu kits digital or otherwise that's gonna leave digital foot prints Hip-piece servo hubs have been completed with a knuckle for the secondary leg parallelogram linkage. Just need to 3d print more bits.
>>26468 >but if you'd prefer I can delete it and use my wyatt earp action figure If you would, thanks. I'll rm your vid this time for you. You're on your own hereafter unless you point out a mistake to us. >Besides if one aims to sell robowaifu kits digital or otherwise that's gonna leave digital foot prints That's yet to be determined. In the meantime, every anon here should exercise due diligence. Generally-speaking, Leftists can be quite vicious & demonic in my experience. Typical Filthy Commie stuff. Just use commonsense Anon. Remember, the very mild opposition we are facing today is as nothing compared to what is coming once the Globohomo sees their favorite pet feminism begin crumbling down as a result of widespread adoption of robowaifus by men the world over. >Just need to 3d print more bits. Looking good Mechnomancer! Eagerly waiting on the next updates!
Open file (1.67 MB 914x897 spuddy.png)
Need to re-print some parts as the pvc mounting points need further reinforcement, extend the ankle joint adapters and make the shins 6" longer. Even so, SPUD kinda stands.
>>26497 Excellent! Nice work today Mechnomancer. The hips rework is a nice improvement.
Open file (842.07 KB 603x793 spudpanel.png)
While waiting for more stable/reinforced ankle joints to print I applied some papercraft. Torso seems a bit long and shins too short, but since they're connected with pvc fiddling with the proportions shouldn't be too bad. Once I get ankle joints printed I'll be installing the gyroscope and powering up all the leg servos to test this neat simple bit of code I cooked up for making it balance.
>>26576 Nice work on the boobs, I love the early years lara croft look.
>>26577 Thanks, final panels will probably be laying cloth onto a form and painting it with acrylic/latex paint to create the shape, then foam backing. The chest is more annoying than you'd think, because I have to reach around 'em to adjust stuff :/ SPUD is much higher poly than Tomb Raider 1 Lara tho lol
>>26576 It's an interesting effect of psychology that even a crude approximation of a robowaifu's shell makes her feel more 'alive'. Nice work Anon! Keep up the good work. :^) >>26578 >laying cloth onto a form and painting it with acrylic/latex paint to create the shape, then foam backing. Sounds like a great idea.
Open file (722.96 KB 796x900 render paper.png)
Putting all the 3d models together into a single file to check proportions and whatnot. Made a new chest panel specifically fitted to the model, and working on a new hip piece. Structure of the shins is actually thin enuff I might just remove the gundam panels and instead give it human-scale shins with big chunky boots to hide the ankle joint/big feet (and probably put batteries in the feet to be more bottom-heavy). Also need to get around to designing/replacing the wriggly ears with those chobit-style ports for the HDMI/usb hub.
>>26597 Excellent! Looking forward to seeing the new additions, Mechnomancer. Cheers. :^)

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