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Ye Olde Atticke & Storager's Depote Chobitsu Board owner 09/05/2021 (Sun) 23:44:50 No.12893
Read-only dump for merging old threads & other arcane type stuff. > tl;dr < look here when nowhere else works anon. :^)
>>10361 >FANG Well, as you might imagine if you've lurked for ~5mins, then you'll know that the Globohomo Big Tech/Gov are pretty reviled on IBs in general, and /robowaifu/ in particular. So, you leaving their employ would be good for your soul, whether or not you begin your own robowaifu company. We here are all about licensing our designs and source as permissive BSD3/MIT licensing, so you can feel free to use any of our stuff here as you'd like. It goes without saying we here would enjoy you doing the same. Doxxcord isn't a particularly welcome platform again, on IBs in general, and /robowaifu/ in particular. Perhaps you can 'sleuth' for us by simply making your announcements here in your thread. BTW, we're a SFW board, focused primarily on design & engineering. If you have any other questions feel free to fire away.
>>10361 >Anyways, heres Taiga, I voice cloned Cassandra Lee Morris, the english VA for the character. Is there a ink or file missing OP? Or am I missing something altogether?
>>10364 > I know nothing about the culture of IB thank you for the insight. If you have JS enabled, you can find a pulsing, glowing link up in the headerbar of this page entitled The Webring. Click that and you can look around on IBs that have gathered together to form a small community. >Be aware: You may find links prefixed with '8chan' via other site's similar the webring link. This is a suspected fed honeypot. And whether it is or not, at least two of the administration there are also reviled in general if not quite as bad as the globohomo menace, for very devious and corrupt behavior. I'd suggest our board, anon.cafe boards, and kind.moe as good places that are relatively safe for a newcomer to get their feet wet with IB culture in general. Once you feel comfortable finding your way around with this subset, then you can branch out on the webring from there. >I had thought that the IB would close the thread down over time I guess not. As long as no abuse goes on here as a direct result of your actions ITT, then I don't intend to remove it, no. Here on /robowaifu/ (btw we're somewhat unique in a few ways, this is one), we keep a fairly tight-reign on thread creation and as you'll see if you look around our catalog page, we have a fairly wide array of topics covered already. We like to keep posts on-topic as practical b/c it's easier to find design, engineering, and other information later. On that topic, we have a CLI tool created here for this board called 'Waifusearch'. It's a primitive search tool that can do phrase lookups, and provides convenient hyperlinks to thread posts. The links for building & using this tool can be found in the OP of the Library Index thread. >with your blessing board owner sir. <sir Kek, my name is 'Anon' here, same as everyone else. :^) Note: so-called 'name-fagging' is welcome here on /robowaifu/, unlike most IBs. Feel free to go by Em Elle E as you care to, Anon. >I will make the announcements here. Glad to hear it. I'd suggest you use our catalog page to re-locate it again in the future. Welcome OP.
>>10366 Thanks it sounds nice Anon.
>>10371 This isn't my work Anon, so don't quote me. I believe at least one Anon is (possibly others by now) working with a heavily-modded GPT-2 model (>>9124, >>9121, >>9437). We have at least two other (not counting yourself) researchers with AI here.
>>10366 You might look into this novel voice converter, Anon (>>10159). >>10373 >I get it all anons are called robot waifu technicians Heh, you found us out. I think you'll find several IBs during your explorations that have different 'default names'. A former BO introduced ours, and it just stuck ever since.
>>10375 Yes, he's right here from /robowaifu/ so I'd imagine so. Just make a post explaining your desire to one of his posts, and put a so-called 'crosslink' back here to your thread, Anon. (>>10361)
>>10377 I see, thanks for the explanation Anon. That clarifies a number of things for me. While we strongly encourage everyone to open up their work (to help rapidly spread robowaifus everywhere), we also have a number of Anons who intend to start businesses. And that's fine with me too, so I would be fine with helping you out personally. However, I have little experience with AI so I'm not likely to be of much help in that area. I know C++ & CUDA & OpenCV (which is C) programming. I can dabble in Python, but I seem to have a basic aversion to it for various reasons. All my passion is about high-performance, systems-type programming. Only you can answer whether that's useful to you. OTOH, I have managed to devise a pretty easily-extensible (though quite simple) OpenGL rendering system that regularly hits 60fps on my old toaster notebook w/ no dedicated GPU (>>1814). So, I think your target-hardware decision of the desktop is a good one, and offers several advantages as the initial platform.
>>10376 >explaining your desire, replying to one of his posts*
>>10382 Thanks! I know it sounds immodest, and that's not intentional, but that bit of work is literally the simplest OpenGL-specific C++ code I've ever seen, that goes all the way down to the shader programming and asset import/mesh construction level. I worked hard to simplify things within it, simply b/c that's literally the single best way to deal with complexity (>>9641). The very fact it's so simple is exactly why it runs so fast on such potato-tier hardware.
>>10388 >where do you plan to take your work ? what are the next steps? Well, I'm the OP of that thread and outlined a couple of ideas. I was chugging along with laying the groundwork of high-performance rendering and environmentals, got asset import working, but wanted to have our own, independynt skeleton system for our system (remember the goal for it is to be an actual simulator, not just an animation system. think 'physics-linked-to-AI-training system') and that led me down the bunny trail of having to learn linear algebra basics sufficient to devise my own FK/IK skeletal system. After a month or two, I picked up enough to probably go on with. But as there were other things calling for my time I shelved it with the intention of picking it back up when the time seemed right.
>>10407 Thanks. My guess is OpenAI Gym won't run at all on a toaster. I mean for mine to be able to do so well in fact.
Open file (7.70 MB 640x360 goobas.webm)
>Support via Patreon I don't have any money.
>>10411 I think he's looking for help in other ways Anon. Maybe you can do something else to help instead?
>>10377 Welcome Em Elle E! Sounds like you have exactly the kind of skills that /robowaifu/ needs and are focused on solving a major problem of ours (combining all the different functions you mentioned into a single software package). I'm shit at programming mainly because I went into the healthcare profession (a.k.a hell-on-earth), but I've always admired people who can, so it's interesting to hear from someone who actually works for a big-tech company. I'm mainly a hobbyist/model maker guy occupied with hardware - designing parts, 3D printing then building, wiring and programming in movements. Relatively simple stuff but I have enjoyed making my slightly mad robowaifu who I call Sophie. She would really benefit from upgraded software. I'm kinda at the stage where I've constructed her upper body but there's not much going on inside her head (she and I are similar in that respect ;D).
>>10411 Hi, I am a team member working on the project mentioned in the OP. Just as an FYI, most of the product that we are creating will be free for all to download and use, and we are not putting that behind a paywall, so you will still be able to use it without having to spend any money. However, a few cosmetic items, that not related to the actual core functionality of the application, will be monetized or available as exclusive rewards to patrons as a way to show our gratitude for their support. Supporting us financially is entirely of your own volition, since right now at this point, it's more of a means to help us obtain the resources to continue development on this project and make it better, rather than anything else. People can however still support us in other ways if they want, such as spreading the word about this or lending their skills to help with the development process itself (only if they want though).
>>10416 >However, a few cosmetic items, that not related to the actual core functionality of the application, will be monetized or available as exclusive rewards to patrons as a way to show our gratitude for their support. Not him, I consider that a pretty smart business model.
>>10414 >Relatively simple stuff Don't sell yourself short Anon. We're all part of a team here on /robowaifu/ and I dare say the Mechanical Engineering you are teaching yourself to master in the trenches will prove rather difficult for the mathematicians/AI anons to master. We all have our parts to play here. As you mentioned >combining all the different functions you mentioned into a single [] package is in fact exactly what the discipline of Systems Engineering is all about (>>9398). For us, our 'single package' is something that actually encompasses both hardware & software. Without hardware, the software will never be part of something real. Without software, the hardware is simply an interesting doorstop. I'm sure you're becoming well acquainted with this duality in your current journey with Elfdroid Sophie.
Open file (1.27 MB 1111x1169 chrome_chan.png)
>>10424 Thank you Em Elle E. I'm by no means the only guy to be building a physical robowaifu. The demand for synthetic companionship is high (it's just that many people are afraid to publicly admit it because of others being judgemental/shaming). But as soon as a fun robowaifu is released onto the market, then she herself can tell those mean-spirited meatbags to suck her live wires! For sure there is a major financial opportunity for the first group of engineers who manage to code even a somewhat decent interaction platform for D.I.Y robots (not necessarily just robowaifus). I honestly don't know why Google, Apple and Amazon haven't caught onto this with their A.I. assistants? I mean, they've already done a lot of the hard work programming their A.I., synthetic voices and speech recognition - all they'd need is a wider variety of voices and some cute animated characters...or better yet software that lets you design your own. Regardless, whoever manages it will become rich with a capital R!
>>10432 Fascinating! How a system can be so singularly focused upon efficiency and profit but nevertheless still be profoundly short-sighted and broken :D But I digress. Hopefully you can make a robowaifu A.I. who makes both you and others happy, Em Elle E. I probably wouldn't quit your job over it though. Just because all the signs and symptoms are pointing towards a major collapse and restructuring/assimilation of Western civ in the near-future, so it's best to have plenty of emergency funds to fall back on. Robots and A.I. can make ideal companions during societal upheaval though - when you can't trust anyone else. So long as they're not too high-maintenance and power-hungry!
If you want to know where I get a lot of my criticism for modern corporate capitalism, then this channel by 'EcoGecko' on YouTube is the place to visit. He has very well researched videos (showing all the white papers and quotes), and reveals then picks apart the errors in our current way of life, piece by piece. https://m.youtube.com/results?sp=mAEA&search_query=eco+gecko Of course, traditional Communism was much worse (it relied wholly on people to work together and be honest, and we all know how that worked out time and again). >Begin rant about machine collectives. However, machine-based Communism (a machine collective) I think could actually work. Because machines CAN be relied upon to work together without trying to screw each other over, lie and murder. If there's a problem then it should be fairly easy to trace it to the one sure-fire weak-link in the system; the human (usually a programmer, or a technician like me making a mistake or not doing their job properly). Most problems in corporate capitalism arise from greed and selfishness - people wanting too much, too quickly and at the expense of others. Machine Communism eliminates this. In a machine Commune, as long as I work hard 6 days a week on both my job and advancing the machine collective (I see the two as connected and united), then I can make modest, steady progress (despite various setbacks). All the machines that I maintain remain functional (most of the time - sometimes have to get new parts), my robowaifu improves occasionally and I'm content. Can even save up enough money for one holiday a year. But crucially DEBT, conspicuous consumption and large amounts of waste are not permitted. Anything that plays too heavily into the hands of the greedy capitalist Corpos is to be avoided. Debt in particular must be cleared at the earliest opportunity. It enslaves you and compromises finances, reduces machine effectiveness (so "unhappy" robowaifus) and reduces human happiness. As well as leading to corporate enslavement, unnecessary consumption will likely damage the environment more. > End rant about machine collectives.
>>10439 Sorry if I hijacked your thread to talk about my chosen solution to the world's problems Em Elle E. But if you and your team do manage to eventually code a robowaifu development and interaction suite then I will certainly buy a copy and integrate it into my "machine collective". Also willing to support you on Patreon for sure. If your A.I needs a lot of power and compute, then it will just be up to me to work hard and save hard until I can afford the necessary upgraded hardware (then be patient and buy smart). Godspeed to you and your team!
This is really interesting development and I am keeping an eye on this. Sure, it's a guy working in BigTech, but a closet weeb who knows where the efforts should be going. Until you are literally cancelled, I suggest you keep that job in BigTech to sustain you until your projects are doing well in primetime. There's no harm in trying to get a few dollars here and there in your efforts as well -- Kibo-chan the moving doll 's maker (basically the cutest robot on JP Twitter) sells his STL files and has a Patreon as well. You might want to check him out to see realistic expectations for how much a waifu project would actually bring in -- and that's actually one of the most popular ones on the internet. Speaking of which, I noticed there are many software people now compared to a few years ago. This is great, this is where the applications for the waifus would advance. I'm a hardware person, though unfortunately I can't advance in my projects since I'm living with my mother again (senior citizens prohibited from venturing outside during pandemic and lockdowns are decided upon every two weeks depending on escalations). I'm working on robotic RC cars in the meantime to advance my hardware knowledge while consolidating notes on good mechanical practices for my long-term humanoid projects. Desktop apps are a good entry step. For example I like Mihoyo's N0va (Yoyo) Lumi she's very well rendered but she's too mired in chinese culture and I don't appreciate everything that's supposed to make her cute. To get maximum waifu effect, she can run on a big screen TV in portrait mode, the life-size appearance will enhance her presence. Alternately, you can make an Android app, then you can take your tablet and stick it into a DIY shoebox holographic projector. For a hardware perspective, this will also enable you to just stick a phone into a physical robot's head and only have to worry about the subsystems that will link to the motor controllers and sensors. Anyways, thanks for posting.
(Em Elle E's team member here again.) >>10445 >Alternately, you can make an Android app, then you can take your tablet and stick it into a DIY shoebox holographic projector. Yes, our team has plans to move this project to mobile devices, VR as well as AR when we end up getting enough funding to obtain resources for further development. It is definitely a thing that we have in mind. We, however, do not have members with enough skill in the hardware department, so as of now, we do not have plans for what-people-here-like-to-call a "real" robowaifu. It might be something possible in the future for us, but that will largely depend on the support that we get on this in the first place. ---- Anyways, it's unfair if we do not show something of what we have been working on *alongside* the AI and voice part. So here's a small video showing the character model we have doing a little dance (her appearance is fully customizable and we have a full framework for adding custom clothes and accessories, as well as animations. We are still working on the emotions and face expressions, so please ignore the blank look on her face for now.) [P.S. Didn't risk posting the bikini version since I read in this thread that this is a SFW board.]
>>10447 LOL she's looking good! Takes a whole heap of work to model, texture, rig and animate a 3D model like that. Awesome work! (Even more impressive that you guys are working on AI alongside this). BTW do you have a Patreon page setup or did I just miss the link somewhere?
>>10453 > digital assistant kiosk Like Gatebox Grande? You can take it a step further and make like Joi in Bladerunner with her ability to leap from one TV screen to another.
>>10453 >you will be able to attach a webcam to your tv monitor and display this vertically for now. No offense, but I would definitely prefer not to use a webcam to non-opensource, persistent, software. After all the usage scenario isn't like Zoom or something (on, then right back off). Will your system run without a camera/mic Anon?
(Em Elle E's team member here, I think I will now go here by my usual moniker, "Imouto".) >>10462 >Will your system run without a camera/mic Anon? Yes definitely, our plan is to make the system as modular as possible so you can run it without camera/mic as well, although it will limit some functionalities. Let me explain this a bit. We are using mic input for voice chat and commands with the waifu, so you can speak with her AI like a real person and get an immersive experience. We will however also have the option to let you just type in your messages to her and she will respond with her voice as usual. Webcam is to let her "see" you. Face recognition will let her greet you whenever she sees you entering the room. Also it will let us track emotions of the user, so say you are looking sad, she will say something to cheer you up. We will also have eye tracking for other stuff too (cough cough). However all these are not "core" functionalities of the app per se, so you can simply turn off webcam permissions for the app, and still use it normally. It's just that these functions will be missing in that case since they are dependent on the camera to function. We value user privacy very highly, and thus just so people know, the entire core system will be fully functional offline, including the AI and speech recognition and voice synthesis. We will not be collecting any of your usage data unless you [i]manually[/i] turn on chat logging and [i]manually[/i] send those log files to us (so we can improve the AI). And it goes without saying that some functions such as google search from voice commands given to the waifu AI or integrating the waifu to control your Spotify playback, will require you to be online, similar to Cortana's assistant functions. But yeah, the core framework will be fully offline as already explained. Hope that clears things up. :)
>>10468 >and thus just so people know, the entire core system will be fully functional offline, including the AI and speech recognition and voice synthesis. That is well. IMO that opens up a much broader range of usage scenarios if it proves to be the actual case Anon. If you can manage to make time to 'roam the halls' of /robowaifu/ for a few days, you can see that the significant majority are very highly concerned about the surveillance state embedding itself into our waifus. It goes without saying, but NO THANKS. :^) >Imouto Good idea I think. We had a general discussion on so-called namefagging on /robowaifu/ (generally quite unwelcome on most anonymous imageboards), and it was basically agreed that the benefits significantly outweighed the downsides in our specific case as a design and engineering board. Imagine working at a big company where every single day was basically like the scenario for the girl in 50 first dates. >posting tags Click the little '? Help' link in the page's header bar and you'll be given the proper tag codes for Lynxchan boards. >Hope that clears things up. :) It does, and thanks again for taking the time to do so Anon. I wish you Godspeed in your project work. BTW, do you have a name decided on yet, Imouto?
>>10469 >you can see that the significant majority are very highly concerned about the surveillance state embedding itself into our waifus We share your concerns and feel exactly the same way. In my opinion, it's immoral and unethical, and it's basically like someone spying into your bedroom while you are enjoying your private time, and that is truly obnoxious. Hence our decision to create a fully offline AI and bot framework. >if it proves to be the actual case Anon. Of course, we do not wish that you believe us based on mere words and promises. We will prove ourselves when we deliver the product. :) >Click the little '? Help' link in the page's header bar and you'll be given the proper tag codes for Lynxchan boards. Thanks. :) I was new here so I had no idea how formatting worked here. >BTW, do you have a name decided on yet, Imouto? The project itself is called "Waifu Engine". I think Em Elle E probably got the name inspiration from Wallpaper Engine.
>>10471 > it's immoral and unethical, Both quite true. However, it's going to be actually dangerous for any man who is a waifuist in the future. The Globohomo Big Tech/Gov isn't going to take too kindly to any man who refuses to toe the party line, and dedicated most if not all of his resources to propping up useless (and downright demonic) slags. They will mean to put such men up against the wall at the earliest possible moment, I'm sure. However thankfully, God will laugh them all to derision in the end! :^) >Waifu Engine It sounds kind of like a framework and one with a big target painted on it's back (see above). I'd suggest you try adopting such an approach, and allow a community of open-source devs to develop around it. Various distillations and add-ons, etc. Kind of like the transformation the UE underwent.
>>10472 > It sounds kind of like a framework. I'd suggest you try adopting such an approach, and allow a community of open-source devs to develop around it. Various distillations and add-ons, etc. Kind of like the transformation the UE underwent. Yes, that is exactly the plan! We will make the platform as much mod-friendly as possible, so people can write their own plugins in python and other languages and create add-ons and stuff. And of course, they will have the full rights to what they create. I think extensive mod-ability is why games like Skyrim are still popular (honourable mention to Honey Select by Illusion as well), and we plan to do it the same way by giving a lot of customisation power to the community.
>>10473 >and we plan to do it the same way by giving a lot of customisation power to the community. Outstanding. >>10474 >Maybe I am missing something, but why would you say this? is there something I don't understand? It's a painful, and long, drawn-out conversation. I'd suggest you look around on the board in general for the full discussions, but the tl;dr: >Angry feminists have the ear of lawmakers, and are already decrying anything that empowers men. >Sex-robots are high on the list of the many things they want outlawed immediately b/c misogynistic rape -- 'won't someone please just think of the children!'.' >Anything called Waifu Engine is immediately suspect in the minds of these deranged harpies. I hope that clears things up Anon. I'd suggest you invest in building Waifusearch and using it if you really want to dig around in these topics here.
>>10468 >We are using mic input for voice chat and commands with the waifu, so you can speak with her AI like a real person and get an immersive experience. We will however also have the option to let you just type in your messages to her and she will respond with her voice as usual. This alone will be an epic challenge. I was mostly using AIML to program my Sophie chatbot, along with a Python text-to-speech module and a Cepstral voice for my bot and Google speech recognition. I got to about 6500 categories and some more content scripted in Python before I stopped and began building her body. Anything more than that is pretty mindblowing to me. I'm still amazed by the writing ability of GPT-3 (but disappointed it's so closed off and only available to those with a literal supercomputer). I wouldn't worry too much about trying to learn your A.I. terabytes of information, as long as users can program her to learn stuff. Then it's up to them what she knows and doesn't know.
>>10496 These are good insights Anon. I'm a generalist and 'both sides of the house' so to speak (software & hardware) are of concern to me. Have any good ideas about how we might approach modularization of hardware components to help addresses the wheel-reinvention problem? As you suggest, being able to be quick on our feet rolling out new design implementations in the future will be good for literally everyone but the haters. > unless you are like EX robotics company funded by the Chinese government. < *applications to EX Robotics intensifies*
>>10503 Interchanging harware is going to be difficult. Since some want to use motors, others combinations of actuators.
>>10514 Added Patreon link to your OP, OP.
>>10496 Very nice lip-sync there, Em Elle E! That's some really clever stuff. Also... Holy shit Chinese government funds robowaifus!?! I am...conflicted but hopeful. Obviously they will be full of the worst kind of big-brother surveillance tech...but so would Western robots (in fact any robowaifu commissioned by a Western/NATO country is just as likely to be a trap to help them identify and imprison dissidents). However, if ExRobotics robowaifus make it to mass market the potential is huge! Even if I have to dismantle most of the robot, desolder some chips, replace her existing drives and install completely new software. They could help us out a lot!
>>10519 I don't think the Chinese gov does this with the aim of spying on people. They support technology, but also China and some other countries fear the male surplus they migth have (bc more abortions of female embryos). Robowaifus would prevent rebellions even without spying, by keeping men happy, which would otherwise be alone and angry.
Open file (83.70 KB 1024x640 ricky_ma_waifu.jpg)
>>10522 I actually befriended a Communist Chinese guy who was at Uni here. The thing about missing women is very real. Low-tier guys like him typically compete with around 30 other men for a single woman there. Every one of them all call here little sister or young female cousin (almost none are blood-related). Disenfranchised young men there, with basically zero prospects of obtaining a wife, is a very real problem there (and much larger than in the West in this respect). We talked for hours about his situation there, and he opened up to me quite a bit about what they deal with there.
>>10523 There are criminal groups literally stealing young women from neighboring countries or buying them, then selling them to Chinese men or their families for marriage. Maybe feminists should sponsor our efforts here. :)
>>10524 Yep, bride kidnapping is a long and honored tradition around the world. And, as you suggest, since the CPP One Child law for native Han Chinese (but not for the Islamist ones, lol) has been a booming business. BTW, it's generally not quite so 'criminal' in many of the cases, with the females basically volunteering for the process, with hopes for a better life and some money in the process. It's corporate-controlled media that spins the entire thing as ebil Muhsoggyknees!!!111 Again, this has been going on for basically all human history, often quite ritualized in several cultures. But sadly, my friend was far too proud to consider marrying such a foreign woman of dubious quality. His chief goal when I knew him personally was to rise in the ranks of the CCP to some sort of mid-tier managerial post. Sad to my mind, but for him was a key to success.
Open file (15.17 KB 1024x683 Baste_people_of_China.png)
>>10524 >Maybe feminists should sponsor our efforts here. :) What we really need to do is get the Taiwanese Republic of China nerds on board with creating robowaifus with us. This would be the catalyst that would change everything.
>>10523 That's very interesting anon. I didn't know the situation in China was that bad! Suddenly it makes a lot more sense that they are investing in robotics (and also genetic engineering/cloning). I hope your Chinese friend eventually gets a robowaifu too.
>>10528 >I hope your Chinese friend eventually gets a robowaifu too. Me too, but it seems unlikely. He's a pretty conservative Communist. Even once we finally achieve the near-Utopic dream of companionship functionality, I think he would consider it some kind of betrayal or other. Plus, no artificial wombs ATM so there's that too.
>>10529 >>10530 >>10531 Thanks Em Elle E. > https://cyberbotics.com/ Looks quite mature, I'll plan to have a look into it. I was already exploring ODE currently b/c DrGuero's simulator (>>10343, ...)
>>10531 Thanks, I'll look into it at some point. My argument was meant on the topic of interchanging hardware parts, though. If one robot uses a combo of pneumatics and motors, the other only motors, it might be difficult, for example. No air tube, no pneumatics.
>>10518 Sure nprb. Godspeed.
Open file (91.18 KB 789x1200 glorious PC gaming.jpg)
What is the minimum hardware requirement for your program? I hope it doesn't require a super computer to run it.
>>10557 Out of curiosity, does DirectX 11 offer something that is not achievable with Vulkan/OpenGL? Or is it because the engine you are using works better under DirectX? Because DirectX is available only for Windows OS and I'm running GNU/Linux. Well at least there is a program that translates I think at least DirectX 10 calls to Vulkan calls so its not troublesome. >8-16GB RAM hmm it sounds a bit too much for a single program though I cannot tell what kind features you are going for that needs so much RAM.
>>10569 I think it should be noted that interference might not need fast/expensive RAM and also not much computation per thread. That's why I want to build at least one Xeon based server, with one or two old CPUs and a chinesium board, as soon as a decided where to live for the next years. I think anyone here, being serious about having some remotely human-like AI at home, will have to do that.
>>10566 >8-16GB RAM >hmm it sounds a bit too much for a single program though I cannot tell what kind features you are going for that needs so much RAM. Well, the renderer itself takes about 500 MB RAM and like Em Elle said, the speech synthesis module takes about another 500 MB RAM, and then you have the AI model that takes about 5-6 GB of RAM. Now since this is a fully offline architecture, everything is run locally on your system directly. We are not using any online based server to process all the AI stuff (very much unlike how other assistants like Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant), since we value your privacy first and foremost. Now, it's also possible to run an AI without loading the model to the RAM, but then you would have to wait about 20 s for each response. In order to make it run fast and respond to you in real time, we require to keep it loaded in the memory, so that you get an immersive experience just like talking to a real person. So the app itself would take at most about 8 GB RAM to operate (or maybe slightly less than that) and that is the minimum requirement. 16 GB of RAM is what we recommend though, since you will want to keep her on your desktop wallpaper, and you would want to keep doing other regular stuff at the same time, which is why the extra RAM. Hope that makes sense. :) We however plan to make the AI models smaller and more compact (so that they take less RAM) by distilling and retraining them once we have more resources to do so, cause at present we have been working on this with a zero budget and a very small team of volunteers only. >Because DirectX is available only for Windows OS and I'm running GNU/Linux. We plan to support Linux in the future, but it will not be able to have a wallpaper mode. Linux support is currently low priority in our development roadmap, due to far more people using Windows, which is why we want to focus on getting this up for Windows first, which I hope, is understandable. I hope that clarifies the doubts that were there. :)
>>10573 >"since we value your privacy first and foremost." While that's certainly a critically-important topic for every man desiring to own a waifu (whether he even realizes this or not), I'll offer you pointer for such a community as this one. >Protip: IB users are, and rightly so, quite skeptical (and even cynical at times). So, when we read such ad-copy here, we naturally respond with Pfft, sure. Where have we all heard that before? Normalfags, Normals, Normalcattle, Normalniggers, Normies. All these are derogatory terms we Anons use to refer to the normal populace that are in general easily swayed by hype and other media. I believe most of us here on /robowaifu/ would consider such claims as being directed at that population. Again, I'm not denigrating your stated position of protecting your users, of course not. But even Google is now attempting to brainwash people into believing that they are a privacy-oriented company. What could possibly go wrong? Even the glowniggers go to Jewgle for privacy-invasive data mining.
>>10581 Good advice, but thanks I prefer not to use NSA-OS 10 at all outside of a work environment Anon. I do use OpenSnitch, Wireshark, and a wide array of other networking tools on my own Linux/OpenBSD boxes. >f you live your whole life in distrust you will fail to live your best life. Kek, could be, could be. Thanks for the philosophical tidbit, but a healthy dose of skepticism has actually saved many a man's life. I realize that women and children aren't capable of doing this well in general (thus why they are clear targets of exploitation), but God actually intended for us to be protectors over them. 'Better safe than sorry' is an ancient, well-worn adage. And for good reasons.
>>10584 You too. I hope you live up to your promises Anon, it will be a nice step forward for us here if you do.
>>10573 Ah okay thanks for the full explanation, I was kinda worried that you guys weren't bothering with performance that much. >We plan to support Linux in the future, but it will not be able to have a wallpaper mode. Linux support is currently low priority in our development roadmap, due to far more people using Windows, Linux is big enough that even Steam bothers contributing to this eco system, also Linux is the defacto standard in almost any server hosting. Also here is some pointers https://wiki.winehq.org/Developer_FAQ#Independent_Software_Vendor_Questions so adding support is in most cases good enough if native Linux support is too much for you.
>>10592 >...simply ship your Windows .exe along with an isolated copy of Wine. Interesting. Any idea how that works, Anon?
>>10595 I think it means first create a wineprefix then test out the first 2-3 Wine version to figure out which one works the best and when one just works out of a box then do whatever other changes is needed and release that as a "linux" version. Oh and if possible use POSIX calls instead of Windows calls, maybe those programs are suitable for this MinGW or Cygwin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/POSIX#POSIX_for_Microsoft_Windows To create a wineprefix: https://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#Wineprefixes so when you create a new wineprefix it contains well only the standard things so no extra libraries or anything of that sort.
>>10596 I see, I think I understand that. Personally, I generally just use MSYS2 whenever I want one ov my programs to work on Windows. Otherwise, I basically just use the Windows Virtualbox host to run a client OS. Thanks Anon.
>>10592 So I sent out a copy to a OG member of the doxxcord, that anon had a GTX 285 video card. Ran at 60fps and looks pretty good while running. So performance wise rendering seems good. Now just have to see if our AI services run well and low memory
>>10628 That sounds pretty encouraging so far. Thanks for the update Anon.
Is there any evidence of OP's waifu program other than the audio samples and videos that could have been thrown together pretty easily? What is there? A GPT model of which we don't have any concrete example, a speech synthesizer allegedly running realtime, and a barebones single model scene in the default unity skybox. All this from an alleged FAGMAN engineer working on it either between jobs or on sabbatical. Until someone posts a decent demonstration video I'm just going to assume this is someone fishing for patreon handouts on the hopes and dreams of naive anons. >>10573 >We plan to support Linux in the future, but it will not be able to have a wallpaper mode. Get some balls and just say you don't know anything about Linux and won't support it except as lazily as you can with your mediocre closed source unity animation player. It's trivial to draw to the root X window, and wayland probably has something similar.
>>10751 I'm willing to give them a chance. Nobody else seems to be doing what they are except for those Japanons at Gatebox, and I don't speak Japanese. To WA.I.fu or not to WA.I.fu?Only time will tell. If not, then all the more reason to build a physical robowaifu eh?
>>10754 To me it sounds possible. However, I would suggest to try searching for supporters elsewhere, bc we aren't that many people here, already doing stuff around that topic and quite some seem to be rather poor. There might be many others on imageboards and social media, e.g. around anime waifus. I like the animations btw, also the colors remind me a bit of Timkerbell, the fairy of porn (Peterson): https://youtu.be/ZjI7vqizTRc
Open file (116.75 KB 1200x1500 Samantha Samsung.jpg)
>>Your efforts are appreciated Em Elle E. I hope that your robowaifu brings you and your team a fulfilling sense of purpose and happiness even while she is in development. >>10755 I'd like to program Sophie some more and maybe get her to start drumming up more support for the robowaifu cause, but when I get home from work I am usually knackered and have a headache, so not really in the mood to do much. She is just stuck in standby most of the time (I call it 'derp mode' because of how daft her face looks with her jaw hanging wide open). I mainly just work on her at weekends. On the up-side though, I've found Final Fantasy 14, which is now free-to-play up to level 60 and is chock-full of waifus. There are elves, cat-girls in maid costumes, bunny-girls, smol, horned-waifus and some kinda big orc-pirate waifus called 'Roegadyn'. Of course I had to go and play as an Elezen version of Sophie, so she is mostly dashing about Eorzea in the evenings. Importantly, I don't think a robowaifu should be made in a stressful environment. It is best for her to be a labour of love undertaken because you are genuinely interested in creating her. A robowaifu should make you feel good in some way, even if you are her dev. Otherwise the only goal is money. And there's plenty of other miserable jobs one can do to earn that. One last thing. Has anyone else seen 'Samantha Samsung'? She is a 'rejected version' of a 3D computer graphics avatar that was going to be used for Samsung's virtual assistant. I'm not a huge fan of the Disneyesque type face, but she just goes to show how many people all over the world are would really like a WA.I.fu!
>>10764 All these programs that can generate further programs is on another level that I doubt I'll ever comprehend. If only I'd studied computer science with A.I. at uni instead of wasting my time in healthcare trying to cure people who will never get better and getting abused by angry/entitled patients and relatives. Oh well. Judging from the progress that's being made it looks like plenty of maths whiz-kids are into A.I. anyway!
Open file (89.85 KB 640x1136 IMG_20210526_045115.jpg)
>>10763 >Samantha Samsung Yes, Alita Army found her and claimed she's Alita in disguise. >>10764 >Samsung Bixby was acquition of Viv >called dynamic program generation. Which combined natural language processing with intent to create ontologies to understand your query then build a program on the fly. >IIt sad how this technology may never see the light of day or be released Let's collect all they shared, so we can replicate it: >>10783
>>10366 >Cassandra Lee Morris Excellent choice my dude. I will integrate this into my Ritsu-bot when it's done.
>>10763 >One last thing. Has anyone else seen 'Samantha Samsung'? She is a 'rejected version' of a 3D computer graphics avatar that was going to be used for Samsung's virtual assistant. I'm not a huge fan of the Disneyesque type face, but she just goes to show how many people all over the world are would really like a WA.I.fu! I'm vaguely skeptical they ever will b/c Worst Korea (roughly speaking, the ground-zero of stronk, independynt feminism in Asia), but if Samsung actually goes all in on waifuism with Sam they will catapult to the top of the stack in the global phone market, no question. With the tiny peek at the character design, and metric shitton of fan art instantly appeared. As you suggest, that is a very clear indicator of popularity -- as any one under 30 already knows entirely instinctively.
>>10897 LOL that is awesome progress on Em Elle E! Her voice is particularly impressive. I see you are having a similar issue to what I had with speech synthesis, where you have to break certain words down into syllables >synth the sis that are closer to how they sound but completely different to the way they are actually spelt. I can remember one Cepstral bot I had couldn't say the word "shoes", so it ended up being 'shooz'.
>>10897 Also, I get the feeling some folks are probably waiting for the first beta (alpha?) release before commiting to support the project on Patreon.
>>10898 Haha yeah I am gonna switch to using glow tts which uses phones to fix that issue, but will take two weeks to train. And on the second comment yeah I think that’s the case, I still find it strange though how some people can market something that doesn’t exist and under deliver and yet get funding. We should have a AI based chat in two weeks, then I’ll work on the speech to text which was partially in a fine state :)
Open file (562.78 KB 1068x1695 IMG_20201104_162811.jpg)
>>10897 Yeah, the voice is lovely. You might consider Indiegogo, which is more for investments or customers prepaying, while Patreon is for donations. Quite sure, the projects you're refering to, where getting their fundjng that way. Comicsgate, around Ethan van Sciver, is doing it that way. He talks in YouTube videos about his way to do business.
>>10897 Thanks for taking the time to visit us. And the same to you, best wishes.
>>11210 Sorry for leaving. I have realised that what a lot of young guys seem to want is an almost-sentient girlfriend who lives in a program on their computer; all on a shoestring budget 😅. This, of course, is impossible. I just get the feeling that a lot of people's expectations are waaaay too high and they don't realise how limited our A.I. actually is nowadays (unless you have access to hundreds of millions of dollars in funding and a literal supercomputer...and even then the A.I. is still very narrowly focused/brittle). WaifuEngine as an adult videogame makes sense. But I've decided to distance myself from the whole "A.l. girlfriend" idea just to avoid disappointment. I apologise because I am at fault for not having read up thoroughly enough on subjects like A.I. and robotics. Basically, the more I learn, the more I realise how far there is still to go (my Sophie is barely even a proper robot - she has just one sensor and zero autonomy. She's more of a life-sized animatronic plus chatbot - although she can still be fun to operate). It's not my intention to discourage you at all, I'm just being realistic and erring on the side of caution. Also, I have now found and subbed to Final Fantasy XIV Online (a.k.a Waifus Galore Online) because: 1.) Dozens of different Waifu characters. 2.) Gorgeous graphics. 3.) Your own Waifu is highly customisable. 4.) The storyline(s) are HUGE and extremely well written. 5.) The girls aren't left out either - they can play dress-up to look how they've always wanted. 6.) I also really like the gathering/crafting aspect of the game and how you can make/trade items that are of use and more than just tokens. And I haven't even joined a guild yet! I know FFXIV isn't a convolutional neural network...but it'll do me! Although, being a gamer and anime-Waifu enthusiast, I do still intend to purchase a copy of WaifuEngine if it comes out. Meanwhile, as our real-world forests are logged and burnt to a cinder, I shall be under the green-dappled shade of a magical virtual forest, enjoying the company of the wise-but-hella smashable Elves and their tree-sprite companions.
>>11214 I am guessing that people prefer this example because it contains a lot of sexual references? > people's conversational abilities will degrade over time, or certain groups abilities to have conversations will degrade over time. So the real human's ability to have a conversation will degrade as everyone gets dumber and more dependent on technology? This could well happen (I think it already has occurred in many "ghetto" areas with poor access to proper schools and reading material). Personally, I intend to avoid the dumbing down and ghettoisation of society at all costs (avoid, mind you - not try to fight it; I've seen what happens to idealists who try to champion good causes.) The ghettos will inevitably destroy themselves at some point anyway, even if it means all of "Western Civilization" has to be erased and re-built. Sometimes it's better to sear away all of the rotten flesh and start again, anew. Besides, both the ancient Germanic and much later Tolkien elves have always been regarded as a more intelligent but isolationist species compared to humans. So enclaves of smart programmers and engineers are probably the closest IRL human analogue to elven and wizard enclaves. In this respect, I hope that you continue programming for the good of human and robot kind, even if it's not WaifuEngine. You will be a beacon of enlightenment amongst the swelling seas of ignorance.
Are you going to write it in LISP? >>10557 I'm sorry, why do I need 16GB of ram to run this? I haven't ran that much ram while running multiple VMs and hundreds of threads. Why do I need graphics drivers to run an AI?
>>11249 I can see why OP stopped posting here and ignored everyone but Sophie dev… Being someone from the software industry… who trains ML models if OP is doing a self contained version.They are effectively running a server on your machine. Any server that performs inference requires high specs… if it’s a transformer model can easily be 3.0GB in memory either in ram or gpu if you do text processing. I am sure you can optimize this post release. It doesn’t make sense to you because you are a retard and a faggot.
>>11255 >Being someone from the software industry… who trains ML models if OP is doing a self contained version They are running a server? Amazing, take all my ram
>>11258 I don't think you should work with nvidia for obvious reasons. Or if they aren't obvious, nvidia has a track-record of producing crap >>11257 >the renderer uses 700mb the speech model is around 300mb when loaded into memory, the bot framework and language model around 1-2gb That's a lot different than using 16gb. I'm not sure what "deep learning" is other than a marketing buzzword. Can you explain in simple terms what you are doing?
>>11265 Yeah, I'm being objective. Nvidia has a track-record of crappy products and driver / kernel issues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_36yNWw_07g There's a lot of stuff that runs a "local server on my machine". This is also called a computer. For any program, 16GB is excessive. I appreciate you trying to clearly express what you are doing. But I'm not sure that I really see the foundation here. I'm looking at some of these academic papers, and I'm seeing a lot of words, but not much meaning. One problem with academics is that they feel the need to constantly dickwave, so they write in an inaccessible and pretentious way. They also love to invent problems that don't exist, and to pursue useless forms of knowledge. I unfortunately am probably going to have to read through all of this before I can reply to you. >11267 There's nothing to ignore. If you're writing a program and it takes up 16GB, you should be criticized. You might know more about this specific subfield than I do, but using nvidia and using directx are probably not good ideas. >>11266 I'm not an incel m8, lmao. But thanks
>>11269 Isn't this supposed to be a free software project?
>>11274 also, no one is going to buy your proprietary project. This is supposed to be a basis for a free software project, not your startup. I would never, ever pay you a fee for what you're working on, especially if it runs on 16GB of ram
>>11280 >When I first joined I had thought that this was about robo anime waifu's turns out that's not the case. >This is probably not content suited for the board. I'd say you're wrong on both counts Em Elle E. We very definitely are about robo anime waifus < "Advancing robotics to a point where anime catgrill meidos in tiny miniskirts are a reality." I think that's pretty clear. Also, your thread is definitely content suited to the board's general theme. Don't let some anon who's probably having a shitty day be an offense Anon. Just goes with the territory of IBs, and we just learn to roll with the punches. While I think you're probably just not thinking clearly r/n, I'll honor your request if you insist -- but after a cooldown on your part. Let's wait a 3 days (say Sunday) before moving on this. I'm sure none of us want to see your thread removed from the board Anon.
>>11280 BTW, my email if you want it OP.
Open file (224.67 KB 960x540 Seedseer_Waifu.jpg)
Damn, while I was away in my elven enclave the WaifuEngine thread seems to have gone South in the manners department. I know I can get worked up sometimes and advocate cleansing half the planet in nuclear fire, however... It makes no sense to attack Imouto, who is just trying to do their best to develop A.I. companions and benefit robowaifus - a cause that you're interested in. I mean, you must be interested in it otherwise you wouldn't be here? Let's avoid blue-on-blue and concentrate on developing the better, virtual world that already exists.
Open file (195.99 KB 800x450 undying_lands.jpg)
>>11294 Actually I think that might be it! Things that we build and make in this physical world can always be destroyed or vandalised and rust/wear away through time. But digital assets can be backed-up and copied at the press of a key. That was what first drew me to 3D printing; the replacablility. Focus on making assets for the virtual world, since a virtual haven is much easier to preserve and harder to permanently destroy. (As happened to those guys who built that huge model railway only for it to be ruined in one evening by mindless thugs.) No. For a place like Valinor to exist, it would have to be virtual.
I have to agree with OP do you remember the last time someone posted a thread asking for preorders on a sex robot with a shitty render and fake looking website for it? It was maybe 2 years ago on the 8ch board, I archived the site but don't remember the details. If you start allowing ebegging or scam threads this place will become infested with them. I don't mind someone asking for financial help on their project but to start it off that way is a huge red flag of being a scam.
>namefag circlejerk >e-begging >you must use the cuck license Please stop advertising your board on /g/, the culture here isn't compatible
>>11302 >living neet lyfe >goes in search of robo waifu >harasses anons who is building robo waifu >complains about license >expects robowaifu for free Did your parents drop you on your head anon?
>>11303 More accurately >faggots spam this board on /g/ under any thread remotely related to it >Browse the board, see tons of retarded posts, everything from people actually seriously considering paying metal refineries for aluminum cogs in 2021, to people writing AI in DirectX >Post criticism >Admin locks the fucking thread (LOL) >Developer immediately goes into a meltdown and then tries to delete any trace of their work >Browse more threads, see some interesting stuff, but all of it has to be licensed under MIT license, almost specifically for the purpose of allowing the same faggot to make their crappy proprietary DirectX software All I'm asking is please stop posting on /g/ if you don't want people with my perspective to come here. Stay in your weird bubble of the internet. And that's my last post on this board
>>11306 >thinks namefag anon controls what goes on /g/ >speaks for all /g/ >wants robo waifu >under 16 gb of ram calls it “perspective” >name fag anon says he’ll optimize later >name fag anon says fok you and some other anon says fok you >realizes incel moment and being a team red and stallman cuck >gets called retarded across multiple threads >responds to post so this gets ranked higher > to draw more attention to this weird Zoomer VTuber shit With all due respect … Anon I think this accurately describes what happened here. There’s some “perspective” for you
Open file (62.91 KB 600x603 download.jpeg)
>>11296 While our goal is full Chobits-tier robowaifus SophieDev, having lots of virtual waifus is certainly a good interim goal and already doable in large part! :^) >>11297 Yes, I do remember that. But just as in that case I believe I made it clear enough to Em Elle E not to abuse the privilege, and I feel he acted accordingly Anon. He's quite welcome to promote his WaifuEngine here under those conditions -- as would you be or any of the rest of us. >>11300 Thanks Em Elle E. I think it would be much better for you to simply continue using your thread intact to keep everyone here up to date, not just myself. And while a Linux version of your product is desirable, that's entirely your own affair ofc. >>11304 >but you cannot have nice things in an anon world, it's just human nature. I'd say that's wrong. IMO most of the decrepitude (and degeneracy) in the anonymous IB world is primarily due to indifference/lack of diligence on the part of board & site administration. I personally consider /robowaifu/ an exception, but ofc I'm quite biased. :^) Regardless, I hope you'll continue contributing here in the future Anon. >>11306 >And that's my last post on this board Given your posting behavior here of late, I suspect you are the type who can't resist returning to the 'scene of the crime', so I'll reply to you anyway Anon. In my experience newcomers who try to manipulate others through ridicule and/or behaving in a singularly discourteous fashion quite often are either juvenile, or drunk, or both. Regardless, locking a targeted thread can be a useful expedient in general to toning down such behavior. Any author is the sole authority of his creation IMO. Just like everyone else here, you are quite free to license your own creations as you see fit. And I assure you /robowaifu/ has been using a permissive license well before Em Elle E ever visited us. I'm entirely unaware of anyone 'spamming' /robowaifu/ anywhere, but they are free to if they'd like. We even have a propaganda thread they can use for ideas if they'd like. Just like /robowaifu/ the moderation of /g/ or any other board is free to ban anything they don't approve of. I'd suggest you complain to them Anon, as doing so here is unlikely to achieve your desired ends. Based on my engagement personally with you in one of my threads, I'm inclined to think you're intelligent and would be a useful asset to the community here. You're quite welcome to join us if you'd care to Anon. But please, show consideration for the hard efforts of others here if you do so.
Alright, I've tidied up the thread a bit. Just let me know if I've missed anything anons.
>>11308 Yes, I am a dumb nigger. If I can post without having to license my stuff under MIT I'll post my crap here. I'll try not to hurt anyone's feelings
>>11268 you a poor fag? 64GB of ram is like a standard for the PC master race. Right you subscribe to the cult of neck beard Richard cuckman makes sense. >>11275 There are legit 130 people on his discord lined up waiting for this… >>Yeah, I'm being objective. Nvidia has a track-record of crappy products and driver / kernel issues. Legit steam metrics show that almost all gamers have an Nvidia GPU 76.09% of all steam users. Anon have you ever considered that you don’t understand numbers? That’s why OP won’t explain DL to you and ignores you?
>>11308 >I'm entirely unaware of anyone 'spamming' /robowaifu/ anywhere I've seen it brought up on 4chan's /g/ more frequently than usual in the last month as threads about erotic VR software are becoming more popular. The guy's anger at unethical proprietary software or the state of software licensing is understandable but seems misplaced here. I'd like to think that most people here would agree with the 4 freedoms principle.
>>11322 Heh, that's fine lad. I'd suggest you adopt the LGPL if you're going that route. Otherwise, just be yourself. Just realize this is a whole lot harder than it may seem. Welcome aboard. >>11326 >I'd like to think that most people here would agree with the 4 freedoms principle. Sounds like some leftist commie stuff Anon. We're adamantly opposed to leftism here because of it's highly destructive nature. Please move this discussion to the Lounge if you'd like to pursue it though, thanks.
>>11324 I'm at 50gb and could upgrade to around 150gb if I wanted Steam destroyed PC gaming
>>11324 I really don't see what there is to explain, it seems so fucking convoluted that I think anyone would have a hard time summarizing it. Again, I think the problem is that Academic retards want to show how big their brainpeen is so they write academic papers in the most complex language possible. Partially so their papers can't be easily refuted during review, and partially to try to keep knowledge private. I don't really blame the OP for that. I'll try to read the stuff and write a simpler guide to it
>>11329 >Deep Learning or Rebranded Neural Networks is a mathematical technique called super auto correlation, it finds relationships between data in high dimensions to model your objective function. i.e learns from data. Not him Was lurking before thought I would jump in. Op explained it here? This makes sense to me anon.. It seems like many posts made by you infer a you centric world Nvidia being trash? Another anon and OP pointed out that not be the case using numbers imagine that. >Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic I work on the biz side of tech and for someone like you I would say it learns from the data and makes decisions for you. >Academic retards want to show how big their brainpeen is so they write academic papers in the most complex language possible. Partially so their papers can't be easily refuted during review, and partially to try to keep knowledge private For physics yeah… not for deep learning if you just do a search on Google search Deep Learning for wanna be technology professionals.You will find code that lets you reproduce their results and those researchers are lauded for that. > write a simpler guide to it For you to read? >>11328 >Talks about disk space as it was ram
>>11328 Kek You should post this on /g/ and see what people say
>>11332 No, fag, I mean ram. I'm not confused with disk space, lmfao. You people are really incredibly arrogant
>>11334 Not everyone runs a gay ass fucking RGB nu-PC to play steam, some of us have actual computing infrastructure, we don't need to lease stuff on le cloud
>>11330 Only a fucking retard reads something like that and thinks "yeah, makes sense :^), I have no questions". Not surprising you're a business brainlet
>>11333 I have, and they agreed
>>11337 DRM and monopolizing gaming platforms objectively ruined PC gaming and turned it into awful twitch streamer casual crap for normies, I really miss downloading weird shit and everything having its own executable, being a retard and getting hacked, playing GunZ the Duel late at night, kino times
>>11330 >> write a simpler guide to it >For you to read? "An idiot admires complexity, while a genius appreciates simplicity" - Terry A. Davis Hopefully, a simple guide will get rid of the soymale gatekeeping around this emerging technology. I'll try to write something that any average chucklefuck can read and begin writing their own stuff. Really is important that we get to this stuff before FAAGMAN / glowies try to monopolize it and create barriers to entry
>>11338 >misses being retard > is retard > claims to have infrastructure … wants to get hacked by shitty executable Wut?
>>11339 >gatekeeping around this emerging technology > misses being retarded > is retarded Not him Lmfao There’s your gate anon Talks about ram upgrades in base 10 dah fok
>>11342 >2gb ram doesn't exist
>>11342 >uses big words like base 10 to show how smart he is Amazing, I bet you know what weighting means too. You are so much smarter than me
>>11345 >amazon not clicking that shit nigger
>>11347 >Because you are getting dog piled for the things you have said. I guess ill help you out. You're still writing gay bloated code in a crappy language for the worst operating system imaginable >>11347 >If were being realistic...if that's your goal you are already 20 years too late. The technology is already a commodity held by FAAGMAN. Crap written in python that takes up over 9,000 GB is not a commodity, there will be a tech stock collapse during this decade similar to the dotcom bubble pop >>11347 >if you don't understand linear algebra and basic calculus there is no way to explain to someone what this technology is because they are missing the foundation. So you are better off saying, it's magic or it learns from data to make a decision. Really not hard to learn basic math >>11347 >it's a black box that's the point
>>11347 >I feel bad for you, I don't think anyone taught you to communicate well. This resulted in probably a tough life for you and alienation and isolation. Based on your other posts about imageboards, and the fact that you have a name on here, it's clear that you're more of a normie than me. I hope you understand that I don't have any ill-will towards you, and I'm not trying to make you feel bad. It's in jest and good humor
>>11349 My advice is again that I think you're working with frameworks that are bloated and you would be better off trying to narrow it. Intuitively, 16GB seems like a lot. My guess is that the people who are writing the libraries for this stuff have convoluted understanding of what is actually going on, and more work could be done to make this stuff simpler. There is no reason for needless complexity
>>OP is nice to anon >>Anon writes blocks of ideas and opinions of the ideology of Richard Stallman >>Wants to get hacked by clicking exes has server >>Doesn’t think ram is designed in powers of 2 >>Talks about efficiency doesn’t realize OP is optimizing for market capture >> too autistic to click a link proving him wrong >> says a little math isn’t too hard. Legit ignores every number. Gonna side with OP, sounds like something hurt you bad, probably when you clicked that gunz malware and it took down your infrastructure Lulz
>>11351 And nigger, I know what is written on the fucking sticks of ram inside of my machine. It's 2gb. Seethe more zoomie
>>11354 >I felt bad that there were all these anons dog piling you for no reason over confusion. Part of the advantage of having an anonymous image board is that you can't tell who is talking. The advantage of this is you can develop ideas in a chaotic way that cannot be replicated with hierarchical ordered cultures The format incentives posting material that is ridiculous, offensive, true, funny, or some combination of the above Because this board is kind of small it's not the same, but hopefully more people will start posting here I also feel kind of bad because I didn't realize that the board culture here was a mixture, I thought it was supposed to be like /g/ which is very chaotic and offensive My post isn't so much about your specific project but that just in general, I think that the language and scholarship around DL / ML is convoluted and could use a simple guide, especially for people who aren't accustomed to reading academic literature. I'll try to write something up in org mode -> TeX
>>11331 Oh, here seems to be quite some drama in the day I was away. I'm opposed to the other thread being removed, though this one here should. This board is also about visual or VR waifus, and we report and link to whatever wee want. The problems seem to come from 4chan/g/ not from here anyways. Some infos in the thread about the project might be useful to us here. It's not possible to shild oneself from bad guys by not getting mentioned on imageboards, that just doesn't work.
>>11318 I only hope you'll delete more, but not the whole thread. It's obvious that such a project would need to use a lot of RAM and it makes no sense to criticize the approach of using DL for it. I consider this trolling. That said, of course I'd hope we'll overcome this limitation over time, and I'm also sceptical about using something like GPT as a chatbot. However this criticism should be made in a more sensible way, and by pointing out where things should go within some years. If they want to do it anyways, it's fine. It's sufficient to point out that such a 'AI' has no intelligence as in knowing anything about it's responses. Just trashing it, without any argument but a lot of ignorance towards DL is pointless.
>>11360 I don't care that you consider it trolling, the logic of your reply is essentially "x = x, and if you question it you're a troll."
>>11360 >'AI' has no intelligence as in knowing anything about it's responses. This is a point that I guess you could try to make, but I don't think anyone can make any qualified argument about this. I think it is probably impossible to give any truthful answer to a philosophical question of this kind, and it's better to concern yourself with more practical things. Personally, I think the definition of intelligence is probably inaccurate. I don't think humans are much more than a series of impulses that are linked together only because it is evolutionary advantageous. The brain is literally running on 300,000+ million year old vulnerable architecture, it's really nothing to model intelligence off of IMHO. Being able to recognize things as "meaning" or even as whole and discrete "object" is probably a disadvantage and some form of evolutionary cope
>>11376 RGBnigger gets points, I fucked up the date. I mean 2+ million
>>11372 >the logic of your reply is essentially "x = x, and if you question it you're a troll." If x is that deep learning models need a lot of RAM and are currently the best generators for creating new responses, then x is True. Since anyone claiming to know anything about AI would know that, it was save to assume that this was just trolling. >>11376 >>SUCH a 'AI' has no intelligence as in knowing anything about it's responses >but I don't think anyone can make any qualified argument about this. It doesn't know what the responses mean, only knows about related answers, but has no concept of anything beyond that. What did I miss?
>>11412 How do you define meaning? It's a circular question that is going to be difficult for you to provide any kind of axiomatic and incontrovertible definition for
>>11413 You can spend your entire life trying to answer questions like this, IMO it's kind of a waste of time.
>>11413 >>11414 Well, what I meant in >>11412 for example, is relationship to other things, context and such. It's very simple to understand actually: If you ask some GPT-"chatbot" if it owns something, has seen something, if it read some book, or if it has some trait then it will give you an answer. But it will just make it up, as a response someone might give in a certain situation. It just fakes understanding. It hasn't checked if anything it says is true and makes sense.
Open file (89.85 KB 640x1136 IMG_20210526_045115.jpg)
>>11430 >how we will really converge to AGI through waiting for population iq decay Lol. No. We have to do better. They could use this idea if they ever make a part two of Idiocracy, though. Ask it if it has read a book, after it told you yes, just try to talk about the content of the book. In my experience with Replika it fails. Didn't try the same with others though. I wonder if WaifuEngine will read the daily news and then talk a bit about it. That could be useful. Or download the subtitles of the YouTube channels one follows, while he's at work or school, then chat about it in the breaks (via telephone) or after work. Or using Nitter for some news one cares about.
>>11443 Great plan and thanks for your transparency. I like your project, even when it isn't my main goal to get something like that. Where I dont agree is >>11434 and >>11436 >Mainstream DL and AI and Scientist have sold you bullshit, > hyping DL and AI shit up ... support the pyramid scheme of grad students and get more Universities hedge money and prestige They are doing something that returns results. The system might be suboptimal and broken in some way, idk. Doesn't mean it's all BS. That's also not what I meant in >>11431. My point was rather that it should be used where it works well, but needs to be combined with other things. The brain also consists of different parts and filters, this is for example what the whole psychedelic drug thing is about. Since you are focusing on your core project you don't need to worry about that anyways. You made it very clear what to suspect from your active wallpaper waifu system, and what not.
>>11434 >It will be clippy with tits in anime form. If that doesn’t make your dick hard. You are better to invest your money and time into finding a wife and invest in yourself and figure out why you are where you are, do this by getting feedback from your peers and accepting it and acting on it. LOL thank you for your honesty anon! It's refreshing to read. Those chatbot output examples are exactly the sort of thing I was talking about when I said A.I. still has a long way to go. I'd like to add one note of caution about getting feedback from your peers and accepting it though. Be very careful whose feedback you act upon. Always consider - what's in it for them if you follow their advice? Most people are entirely out for themselves and will give you bad advice / attempt to manipulate you into making poor career decisions - particularly if they have anything to gain from it (like colleges, universities or prospective employers). Only you (and your waifu) have your best interests at heart, no matter what any organisation claims. Best to pursue what makes you happy rather than waste your life trying to please or impress others. If you can find a hobby that you keep coming back to - this is a sign that you enjoy doing it. Consider if there are any skills in that hobby or a closely related field that you also quite enjoy. If there are, the next step is to practice, practice, practice and get so good at that hobby it develops into a marketable skill.
>>11501 >Consider if there are any skills in that hobby or a closely related field that you also quite enjoy. If there are, the next step is to practice, practice, practice and get so good at that hobby it develops into a marketable skill. These are solid words of advice.
yeah I think this is the only project that has legs here. Looks like waifu Jesus came and is an outsider FANG engineer, from the globohomo establishment the irony. Good work anon
Open file (142.05 KB 1152x2048 Naoki Yoshida.jpg)
Open file (345.75 KB 2765x1588 Yoko Taro.jpg)
>>11607 >waifu Jesus Don't forget these chaps (and their character design teams too - I am only just learning how much work goes into creating 3D models, so I have a newfound respect for their creations). They have done much for the VR waifu cause. I couldn't find a picture of Yoshimura Tei, (the director of Illusion games). But then, considering the...controversial nature of his productions, this is likely intentional.
>>11639 I wish you well, Em Elle E. Good luck with your delivery.
>>11639 I like her light-up bunny-girl ears. She won't be hard to see at night, that's for sure!
>>11639 >>10751 >>10897 looks legit to me …. Good work Fang Anon, saw the other projects on the board you and SophieDev and the anon who did the wheels based paper robot only people who are going to do anything other than philosophize about building AIs waifus.
>>11686 >only people who are going to do anything other than philosophize about building AIs waifus I also got started a while ago, at least designed and printed some mechanisms and such, but ran into some problems and drove a bit off the road. But, I'll be back. I also was still planning, getting myself organized and learning stuff, didn't drop out completely.
>>11687 What are you working on anon ? Do you have a board just looking to drop some $$ on projects
>>11437 That is an alternative, however please note Live2D is more popular than 3D, theres plenty of apps using Vroid but people still look for Live2D tutorials.
>>11691 No, don't have my own board. I'm one of the anons hanging out here. Just wanted to point out, that there's at least one more working on something. So far I'm posting my progress on the body in the thread for prototypes and failures >>418, bc it's still very rudimentary.
>>11695 Skimmed through it Anon looking good keep it up !! Don’t give up
>>11694 My opinion, I don’t think people care as long as they can customize their waifu which I think fang anon allows people to do. Most of the people wanting to be vtubers go with live 2D because it’s less complicated than a 3D model. Most 3D modellers are not easy to find and are super expensive. Where as 2D artists are easier to find and you can see the work before hand. Though I hope he continues his waifu engine path imo. So far looks promising
>>11639 Is there a "vocoder" option for the voice? Like something that specifically makes her sound "robotic"?
> Chobitsu You're welcome here on /robowaifu/ Em Elle E. Godspeed you with your endeavors.
Busy period coming up!
>I'd also be interested to hear any response from you on my advice as well. If it's this: > but I'd advise you not to try to integrate everything together all at once. I honestly didn't mean to come off as if I am trying to. I was kind of rambling. Honestly though, I feel that me focusing on a chatbot isn't trying to "integrate everything together all at once". I was merely mentioning some other things due to this thread having a VERY broad request of "Any step by step guide". In that comment I literally wrote, "but I didn't want to try to figure out too many different things just yet." >>11987 >Here's a knowledge drop you might find useful, open source projects have a low contribution rate from outsiders. barely anyone contributes, Most people likely don't even know how to program as a team or work from interfaces. I am not sure if your are purposely trying to insult my intelligence, or if you wrote it because I didn't explain in totality my current understanding of such things. I felt it is common knowledge that open source projects have low contribution and have very slow progress (if not popular), but it should also be common knowledge that closed source projects ALWAYS lead to corruption, or have sell outs that lead to corruption. I felt like I did mention the fact that I don't care for team programming hence why I said "maybe" in response to anon's "git(hub)" comment. If you tried to get all of us to work on an opensource endeavor it will probably be like what happened to a certain's "Chan's" /g/ where bickering on languages and general programming structures/paradigms prevented anything significant from happening. >This app is really easy to build, what's hard is turning into a platform people can extend. "This app" What app? Your app? Perhaps I haven't surfed this board enough, but I honestly don't know of what app you are talking about. The only thing I saw from you was a patreon link and some of your webms. >If you cannot build what I have built you should reconsider your programming career or where you stand relative to others and improve. What is this, fucking fighting words? While I have a great interest in a homemade robot woman, my main focus is preparing for a possible economic and societal crash. I am basically a farmer right now, who is collecting various physical tools to make sure I don't ever have to go into a city if I don't want to. I am also spending my time finishing up some things for energy generation and vast water collection. I would like to spend all my time programming, but I obviously don't know enough robotics to automate tasks that I need to do IRL. SO, while I may not be going all in on coding, I am content with my slow personal progress on my chatbot. Once I am more confident that I have some very specific (IRL) things ready, then I am going to look into some robotics to help me build and work on my property to speed that up so that I can get back to learning more programming and more engineering. To put simply, programming/engineering is only a hobby for me. It is not my primary job at the moment. (1/2)
>>11987 >>12025 >Then to monetize off people WHO Fit my target demographic. Which is not really anyone on this board. I think there is this odd, relationship between members of this board and believing that some how I am forcing my software upon them, I am not, if it is good people will buy it, if it trash into the garbage it goes. >Monetization is a two way street, to make it easier for people to test it out and support my mission it is a free app. If you want to change wallpaper it will cost 3 dollars. New costumes cost money that is all and will have limited runs I am not sure how old you are, or how experienced you are on the history of the current "industry", but a lot of us that grew up in the 80s/90s have not forgotten about the homebrew computer club. To summarize, it was basically a lot of dudes very similar to us that were just tinkering and "hacking" trying to improve and create a "personal computer". Eventually, B1ll G4tes came along and started fucking suing everybody for using "HIS" software (which most of the code and engineering progress he had no part in). Also, St3v3 J0bs took advantage of the humble and meek Steve Wozniak and went their own way. Everybody else that may have contributed to anything basically had to relinquish any work they had done and many went to work for these two big startups (if not other companies). You could say that they were ignorant and naive back then, and if they had set up certain licenses for opensource they wouldn't have got used/abused and eventually ninja'd by bad actors. <Today though, we are not so naive. As far as I am concerned, you are a possible G4tes or J0bs skimming thru what could be called a "homebrew ROBOWAIFU club" has. I understand you want to make money, I don't have a problem with that, I merely mention it because we must constantly remind ourselves that there are (((people))) looking to use us. I don't believe you are forcing anything on anybody, at least I didn't until the whole: >If you cannot build what I have built you should reconsider your programming career or where you stand relative to others and improve. I honestly was thinking of buying whatever it is you are selling. I know of certain software that is like a digital vocoder, and I thought it would be funny/my-tastes to have a botgirl with a voice similar to "Soundwave" (from transformers) (I am the guy who asked about the vocoder). I was thinking about feeding it input from my chatbot program to see it come to life. Although at this point I am starting to think whatever company you are trying to make doesn't appreciate the idea of "PR". >Using the funds to pay for gene therapy for my real wife. You keep saying this, and while the "normie" part of me understands, the "NEET" part of me is wondering how much that costs if your FAANG job isn't paying enough for it. You have to remember, a lot of us happen to read Japanese "manga" and we are quite cheap, and it is somewhat of an inside joke/meme for translators to say something similar on their credits page. <"I have to stay home everyday to take care of my mother, who has been sick..." So if your wife is truly in need of help please don't mind me, but if you are also basically using the copy pasta about a sick significant other, please realize that most of us know that meme. >Next as for Github, waifuDev has one, legit no one here contributes, as another piece of proof open source projects wouldn't benefit I am pretty sure most of us don't even know of it, or what even it is you want us to contribute to it. I guess it's true what you said previously, >>10361 >I know nothing about the culture of IB... You're obviously an outsider, and you were giving an anon shit in the other thread about not being able to communicate properly, but you should probably realize it is you who can't communicate properly with the culture of these types of boards. We tend to be anti-social, and paranoid. Anyways, I am obviously going off topic with replying to anons like this. As far as the intent of the OP, I think if someone wants to set something up, right now it's just the reality of what it means to "pioneer". Unless of course you go the corporate slave route, and try to expedite the process. Just like how Micr0s0ft/Appl3 made money with a traditional aggressive business model, HOWEVER, ultimately slow and steady workers who believe in opensource (like Linus) will still exist. Giving G00gl3/Micr0s0ft or any other closed source big tech power has been one of the greatest disasters of our modern times. If the Linux community had produced a user friendly GUI way back when, none of the self proclaimed elites would have the power they do today. You are obviously not a Wozniak (he's a unicorn really), but I really hope you are not a G4tes.
Going to do a live 2D version of your app EmElleE there’s another competitor in this race! Pce.
It was just released on his server an alpha some bugs here and there but good work bro
>>12295 Good news then. Thanks for the heads-up Anon.
>>12300 >I am in the hospital because of the phizer vaccine FUUUUUU. Sorry to hear that Anon, Praying for you to survive the deadly 'vaxx'.
>>12297 What is this?!?!?!?! It’s like a vtuber that sits on your desktop That you can chat to as well as it’s got speech synthesis. It’s all offline too!!! Here’s some key info It uses 6 GB of RAM It’s about 14GB of disk space. Uses GPT2 Damn something real out of this board for once LMFAOO
>>12300 We're concerned about your health and welfare Em Elle E. Can any anon associated with his doxxcord confirm his status for us?
>>12432 He’s alive saw him message everyone last night BO
>>12430 https://waifuengine.itch.io/waifu-engine Anyone who is interested. We should consider helping OP promote his work I think this has legs and he knows what he is doing.
>>12435 Our thanks Anon.
>>11275 Well shit looks like 4000 no bodies are using it, he posted this screenshot recently by accident and took it down
>>12514 That's good news. Hopefully he'll be 10 times that soon. Thanks.
>>11275 >>12514 >"pce" anon >>12515 >>12516 >I wonder what would make them believe that, it doesn't appear to be anchored in reality from just a quick google search and metrics based analysis. On a percentage basis what he concludes in laughable. The confidence he shows and the pompous nature of his project is only creating enemies. Unwise.
>>12605 >Board owner can we delete both threads please I'm in a bit of a conundrum regarding that request, Em Elle E. Once threads go on for a while they gain 'a life of their own' that often grows beyond the OP's post. They become a community-effort, and this one has lots of good content in it. Does that make sense? I could conceivably work something out to delete your posts if you insist (I'd prefer not), but that will certainly make some of the responses awkward if anons were talking with you. >>12610 >Unless ofc you let hatred motivate you. Heh, is this really helping things? one has to ask. :^)
>>12605 >>12643 >Continues to antagonize an IB. >"Board owner can we delete both threads please," What does that matter? It's all been saved, and the internet will remember forever. >"You can pick and choose the things you want to keep but yeah delete my posts please" Too late to hide your true self, and your co-worker/nameless posts. >"I don't use hatred to motivate me" But you do seem to instigate hatred in others for some sort of purpose (if not motivation). >" I just like proving people wrong and being smug or letting others be smug on my behalf. " This 100% is going to come back and bite you. Originally, you came in like a pussy, we accepted you, we downloaded your shit, despite other anons hesitant to your business model and methods. Then you gloat, as if it some sort of success for tricking anons to try your shit, when all you really have is nothing more than an MMD program designed on Microsoft's botnet OS. The only thing you proved to us is that you truly believe "your shit don't stink". >"and where's your project?" You're the new project.
>>12643 I realize you're offended with one individual's behavior here on the board, and on the board itself's behalf I apologize to you for that. I'll give you one more chance, and I'd urge you to reconsider your request. I've never done any such thing like this before in the board history (I don't even like removing shitposts), and I don't want to start now. It won't serve any good purpose, and will become uncomfortable for everyone involved. Just relax and let it pass would be my recommendation. Everyone else just chill tf out OK?
>>12672 update I'll just cut right to the chase: your immaturity and self-centeredness has been a nuisance and offensive to most here on the board. I expect you couldn't care less regardless; that's a shame as we could have all been good collaborators together, which is the relationship I've tried to form with you. I would give you a one year ban due to the insistence on your demand, but I'll reduce it somewhat in consideration for your wife's situation. You're banned from /robowaifu/ for 9 months. Please do stop back by after that time, but not before thanks. I've given you Godspeed and I can't take that back (wouldn't if I could), and so I wish you well on your project. Regards, Chobitsu. >--- Since that's your decision, you can consider yourself banned from /robowaifu/ at the least for several months. I'll update this post sometime this week with both my fuller response and further details as I deal with your demand at my leisure. >=== -add updated response
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/05/2021 (Sun) 17:19:14.
Open file (160.61 KB 300x300 1648484787864-3.gif)
Open file (114.30 KB 1024x686 1648815288814-0-1.jpg)
Open file (462.04 KB 1414x1710 Bukanka.png)
Let's build a Bukhanka-chan! She's the cute and funny loli version of glorious Russian truck. She will love you and defend western civilization from evil jews and nazis. To make her faster, she'll be printed as big action figure with RC cars glued to her shoes! Bonus points for Russian RC cars. Come comrades! Let's build a wonderful Russian GF to defend homelands and fight virginity! Bukhanka-chan will love and and zoom zoom with her groom! Z
Open file (533.52 KB 1332x1445 1648484787864-1.png)
Finally, a vahicle waifu to use as flashlight on slavic night!
Open file (2.07 MB 1920x1223 1648498760735.png)
Open file (4.65 MB 2160x2160 1648815288814-1.png)
>>15764 <Wah, I'm gonna be late for the start of operation again, just like last time >unarmed >became famous after being caught on camera >carrying lots of painkillers, bandages and medical alcohol >always tries to be at the frontline and help everyone who does not resist (being helped)
LOL. It's remarkable the instant traction this waifu has gained along with her 'sisters' over the past few weeks. The origiOC artist really hit a major homerun with this one. Actually, I'm OK with leaving this thread up after this weekend if any of you Anons want to try for her (we already have 'skater' waifu designs in-progress here). Please remember this is a SFW board though; so please keep the ecchi spoilered, on-topic, and to a minimum. :^)
Since there have been no further updates ITT, I think it's safe to say this was just a fun gag for the 1st. So, without any further appeal, this post is notice that this thread will be merged into the Attic Thread (>>12893) sometime around Wed, 220406.
Open file (1.31 MB 1500x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
>>15775 Good decision. Otherwise Donetsk-airport-cyborg-chan will deal with it.
Open file (31.07 KB 480x360 hqdefault-1.jpg)
Good news comradez! RC Truck on sale come in tommorrow, I've secured an Arduino to be her soul and USB bat for her heart! Rus loli mobile flashlights are on the horizon! Z
>>15778 Cute. >Donetsk-airport-cyborg-chan will deal with it. I didn't know she was supposed to be a cyborg Anon. Also, does this mean you're intending to create a robowaifu project of her too? If so, that would be great to see a large variety come out of this stuff. >>15779 So, are you implying you're going to pursue this as an actual project Anon? If so, then I think a new thread would probably be in line with at least a slightly more technical OP text outlining the project's goals a little better. I'd suggest using the MaidCom or Pandora thread's OPs as a minimum style guide. Also, be aware that 'loli' while a fun term to bandy in jest, can actually turn into a serious legality issue for Anons following along with your project in the current anti-pedo hysteria, politically-"""correct""" climate. Best not to go there. I'd suggest you drop the term in your new thread's OP if you actually mean to proceed. I'll delay the thread merge action until Fri 220408, to give you time to respond.
Open file (4.97 MB 4128x3096 20220405_121639.jpg)
>>15781 No worries comrad, Buhanka will rest in peace in backyard Z (I just wanted to finish the shitpost)
>>15783 Haha, OK. Good one, and a nice start! Good luck with your Buhanka, Anon! :^) I'll merge this soon, so you can find it in the Attic if you want to later. Cheers.
Open file (126.90 KB 800x1422 urabe.jpg)
Hello Anon. I'm going to lock this thread but leave it up for a little while so hopefully you'll be around again and see this. We're a topic based, English-language board about creating robot wive for Anons. Feel free to lurk for a while to get used to the board, then please join in! Cheers.

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