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Open file (251.27 KB 704x838 Cardan I.jpg)
Stormtrooper 02/06/2020 (Thu) 20:21:01 No.2450 [Reply]
Station ready.
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Open file (118.23 KB 1242x1499 g7piitkcpez01.jpg)

Open file (50.36 KB 843x1023 LOLISOKA 02.jpg)
Open file (120.17 KB 268x500 LOLISOKA.jpg)
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Stormtrooper 11/05/2019 (Tue) 23:21:02 No.355 [Reply]
Do you shitpost on 4chan? Do you go to reddit/twatter/fagbook/other normalfag sites?
Of course you fucking don't, none of us are big enough faggots to go to those and admit it here, this dead bunker is more than sufficient for our SW shitposting needs.

But I AM a total faggot & have been hanging out on 4/tv/ lately because most alts are hilariously faggot ridden shitholes run by ACF trannies & 4chan is ironically far less faggoty than that bullshit.

Anyway, the point. I've noticed something. LOT of fucking SW threads. Not even TROS threads, just every type of general SW thread you can think of, some even calling Yidsney out for bullshit, most of which the OP sits around & constantly bumps with some numbered images from some shitposting folder.

Being the totally lifeless faggot that I am hanging around 4/tv/ & such, I hang out in a lot of these threads. In one of them, I made a shitpost about Loli Ahsoka & how hot she was, and a funny fucking thing happened: the fucking OP bumping IMMEDIATELY STOPPED and the thread got real quiet before dying to archive.

It got me thinking. These threads are all a last ditch effort from Yidsney marketers to help out TROS's box office by getting us to fucking talk about ANYTHING SW related, in the hopes some of us would lose resolve & go give them ticket money. And pointing out & talking about how sexy their canon loli padawan character is was probably the sole subject that wouldn't help TROS's box office at all, without also "hurting" their image in their minds.

I mean we can call them out on their bullshit all day & if it leaches into the normiesphere they've got a thousand ways to deflect it back on misogynist racist incel trolls, like they have been for years.

But if the normiesphere starts jumping on the sexualization of a minor age character they didn't see as a problem, who actually kind of fit into their overall stronk womerns narrative...

Save your boards. Save your threads.
Post Lolisokas & make the shills flee. It works.
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Did Ashoka ever take a bath?
>>2569 >wookies can live for up to 400 years Wait, what the fuck? How can they live that long with the trandoshans being constantly at war with them?
>>2592 That's how long they can live, hell Chewie was like 160 during ANH
>>362 Kind of surprised she would wear panties over her leggings.
>>2592 They can live that long but that doesn't mean all of them do. Just like humans can live 80+ years but those that live on a wartorn planet will probably live much shorter.

Bob Iger is out! Stormtrooper 02/25/2020 (Tue) 22:31:45 No.2634 [Reply]
http://archive.ph/wip/lRKaH He's being replaced by "Bob Chapek". All I can find is his official bio which states he was previously in charge of parks. http://archive.ph/wip/HLDpg Any info on him?
He doesn't look like a Jew, so he's already much better than (((Iger))) and (((Eisner))).
Praise be to custom search ranges! Thought Galaxy's Edge was a failure http://archive.ph/wip/DcXSQ Got sorta promoted when people got axed for Galaxy's Edge failing http://archive.ph/er3ds Responsible for spamming merch of sucessful products. https://web.archive.org/web/20180301122500/http://www.thedisneymoviereview.com/problem-bob-chapek-disney-ceo/ Also don't expect his comments on park tech to be relevent here, but the lack of stuff I'm finding on him means I'll include this anyways http://archive.ph/cFsgq
>>2634 Why is Iger staying until the end of 2021? Anyone got an idea of what he's making sure gets finished on his watch? I mean I would have figured he'd be out of the CEO seat before second quarter ended, not getting another year and a half.
>>2634 >Bob Iger is out! >smug laugh Iger will just have to laze around his mansion or one of his vacation homes and find a way to spend his vast fortune that normal people could live their entire lives on a small fraction of. Totally a win. >Bob Chapek Someone who will allow the exact same shit to happen.
>>2634 Bob Chapek is a cheapskate and he's already making some cutbacks. This will prove interesting. Hopefully Disney will get downsized. Stupid fuckers had it coming. >>2653 We know Iger will never get his comeuppance (unless he committed tax fraud or something) but the point here is that Iger going out is a sign of Disney's own destabilization and slow decay. So, Iger will sadly not get fucked, but Disney as a whole along with their reputation and that of Iger's is likely smeared forever.

Stormtroopers Stormtrooper 02/02/2020 (Sun) 03:32:34 No.2327 [Reply] [Last]
I lost my Stormtrooper folder. I would greatly appreciate any and all Troopers that you have. All mediums are good. Thank you.
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>>2456 Got it from old /sw/, so not sure how it made it there.
Open file (85.63 KB 388x388 1451952609789.png)
Open file (190.52 KB 627x1243 Battlefront.jpg)
Open file (76.89 KB 257x257 suicide.png)
Open file (56.95 KB 1280x720 tk.jpg)
Open file (219.27 KB 938x306 Trooper-headshot.jpg)
>>2458 >last one Fuck Leia.
>>2411 The artist for the first pic also does a star wars comic that they post on their artstation. The pic itself being part of a story they do the art for about the stormtroopers under Vader's command.
>>2474 Is it good?

Stormtrooper 01/17/2020 (Fri) 20:02:55 No.1900 [Reply]
So what's your favorite species /sw/? Mine are the Chiss and SsiRuu. >inb4 humanocentrist shitposting
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>>2161 Because fuck you that's why.
>>2155 >>1904 No. The artwork in the second pic is from some awful Disney guide by some guy who traces all his artwork and is just a bad artist all around. The kaleesh in the pic not only has fucked up fingers but the wrong kind of feet. He also made the pic in question by tracing someone's fanart.
>>2171 >tracing someone's fanart That seems to be a big problem in the Marvel Star wars comics nowadays.
>>2181 Marvel comics once copied 40k and they quickly learned how autistic a certain model maker was regarding copyright
>>2128 Those are called "Jews", I heard that species is now marked non-canon by Disney

Open file (5.16 MB 1500x2470 2ndIceberg.png)
I bid you dark greetings! How far down are you? Stormtrooper 12/05/2019 (Thu) 22:36:06 No.601 [Reply]
Iceberg for Star Wars.
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>>2390 Needs dancing wookies
>>2475 I do have a few other things from Grand Master tier like the Jedi Prince series, so I wouldn't drop back to Master if the Dark Empire endnotes were brought back up, but the further up you go the thinner your completion probably is. >>604 already said RepCom as well, but with no suggested tier placement. I don't know if there's anybody out there who legit makes it to bedlam spirit level. Does anybody have the first version of this?
Open file (1.43 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>601 I'm down to Master from Super Star Wars. Also, where would Rogue Squadron go on that list? Those games were great.
>>2495 I'd put Rogue Squadron at Knight level. Though with the "suggest a missing thing and gain a rank" bonus, you can be a Grand Master. The missing thing should be at least Knight level to qualify though. Also the idea of giving bonuses for things like this is amazingly autistic.
>>2488 (czech) >>2496 >bedlam spirits Speaking of those, do Cult and Supernatural Encounters count at their level, or lower?

Open file (40.09 KB 357x669 1398768081861.jpg)
Balosar Market Stormtrooper 02/04/2020 (Tue) 11:05:27 No.2402 [Reply]
Hey kid, wanna buy some death sticks?
You don't want to sell me death sticks. You want to go home and rethink your life.
>>2402 I feel like my lungs are melting, is that normal?
Open file (14.10 KB 480x360 komari vosa.jpg)
>>2417 You want to buy death sticks. You want to come with me and join the Bando Gora.
>>2425 So death sticks literally turned you into zombies or did she put some dark side in her army?
Open file (64.06 KB 555x254 Bando Gora.png)
>>2434 The Bando Gora cult predated her existence. So they were always sickos who used chemicals to turn you into mindless servants. Also this board needs a Bando Gora banner or flag.

Kotor Remake 11/20/2019 (Wed) 01:16:51 No.450 [Reply]
Anyone have the Apeiron code? I know they were supposed to destroy it but I'm sure someone didn't.
sent ;)
>hur dur hey guiz look we r making remake of [insert good game from popular franchise here] gib munny 2 help us finish it
>oh noes we got a C&D order from the IP owner sorry u no get game but we keep monni :)
I actually have no idea if the people making this were asking for money for it, but making it public that you're remaking a game is retarded. Just make the fucking thing, dump it on the internet and now the IP holder can never get rid of it.
I believe they were not asking for any gibs which makes their announcement even more retarded. Assuming they didn’t attach their names to the project (why would they?) can they not just keep making it and say “oh hey we’re another studio that took this over and totally not the same guys haha, we finished it here you go.”

Overall though just play the original, I don’t think they were adding anything and just redoing the graphics/animations. I tried to convince someone at my summer job to play KoTOR because he was a “big Star Wars fan” and said after looking it up that he thought the graphics would break his immersion and lessen the game. But he also likes soy wars so obviously he has shit opinions.
It's not the graphics that should be the issue but rather the bugs & lack of moddability..... yes I know they have many mods of Kotor but you can't really make new levels, mess with the models quickly, or create new features (as code). It was very limited in addition the games do not run well on new computers due obsolete code. In a new engine exporting models from 3dsMax to the game is quick & painless, mapping/level creation is not only possible but fairly straight forward as is coding particularly in Unreal 4. The better graphics & shades that come with a new engine are just a bonus.
>>467 Could you possibly send me the apeiron code as well?

Open file (1.29 MB 960x540 ClipboardImage.png)
Stormtrooper 12/23/2019 (Mon) 22:03:43 No.1238 [Reply] [Last]
This board is now under the control of the CIS.
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I heard that some EU had stories of packs of CIS droids that avoided the shutdown code roaming around the outer rim. Anyone care to shed any light on this?
>>2071 Just remembered how much piece of shit Star Destroyer is when playing as Rebellion in X-wing game. You have to pilot in Y-wing that's slow as fuck and it is the only craft that able to take down star Destroyer because Y-wing is a bomber class space craft. Imagine piloting a slow shit space craft and try your best to take down Star Destroyer with heavy bomber missiles and ion laser cannon. As you get closer to Star Destroyer, all the danmaku style green lasers coming towards you. Good luck dodging that shit with Y-wing. It's one of the hardest mission ever made. Oh another one is the escort mission in tie-fighter, god damn.
>>2278 That is what you get for playing as Rebel Scum
>>2276 Not stories, but a mission in Battlefront II had a Geonosian reactivate the droid army on Mustafar and the 501st had to clean house. The Essential Guide to Warfare goes into detail of the early campaigns of the Empire to clean up Separatist remnants, many of them using droids in their armies until they were all destroyed. Jan Dodonna and Terrinald Screed are know for these offensives. Some Separatist remnants managed to survive into the Rebellion era and while Mon Mothma didn't like them because "muh atrocities" they cooperated and one notable example got a letter of marque to become proper privateers. Also some ships like the Lucrehulk and Providence class were used by the Rebellion during it's early years.
>>2276 Scavengers Guide to Droids mentions V2 Commando droids "a larger percentage of V2 droids survived the Clone Wars, owing to their effectiveness as soldiers. The droids that survived were some of most skilled combatants in the conflict. and those that have fallen in with mercenary companies can command top rates for their services." and states they're most common in the outer rim. Rogue Squadron III features some rampaging droids on Geonosis.

Open file (94.89 KB 602x490 5638634735837.jpg)
What could have been Stormtrooper 01/29/2020 (Wed) 21:11:19 No.2225 [Reply]
>be a child in the 90s >watch the Star Wars Trilogy on VHS my parents made when Star Wars was shown on public TV >learn there was a Clone Wars >already understand that Cloning means a form of Immortality, since people can make copies of themselves >try to imagine how brutal a war between factions would have been, soldiers never die and meet the people that have killed them yesterday >would explain why Obi Wan comments that the galaxy's technology has regressed >learn that Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker >its no wonder that he turned into a bitter cynic Cripple in a gimp suit considering the type war he had to go through >years later the Prequels come out >their version of the Clone Wars is fucking lame >its not a bitter war between Clones or against Clones, its some Mexican dude cloned to fight Mickey Mouse Robots >Anakin Skywalker... >he doesn't fall to the Dark Side because of the brutality of war >he is a whiny bitch with anger issues that would switch to the Dark Side because the employee at Space McDonalds forgot to put the Toy into his Happy Meal >disappointment of a live time What ideas did you have about Star Wars when you grew up?
26 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>2250 >That reasoning is flawed, since neither Hitler nor Caesar orchestrated the war that allowed them to raise to power, also Palpatine is clearly a better stand in for such characters than Darth Vader, who is just an enforcer for such a person. Does it matter in-universe whether the conditions the led to Palpatine's were his doing or some matter of external force? Neither the PT or the OT are meant to be straight allegories of real world events rather than being applicable to them while still being their own thing. While the Empire had influences from Germany in WW2, in reality it is quite different and that design cue is merely one of a series of ingredients to the recipe of Star Wars. You can't even compare the Clone Wars or the GCW to the 20th century world wars anyway, as both were civil conflicts more closer to the American Civil War (the Clone Wars especially) than anything else. >Meanwhile the Clone Wars as represented by the Prequels and accompanying media fails to be Anakin's Vietnam or any other war. I could accept if they tried to make him some type of Achilles character, but the Anakin the Prequels gave us is a less cartoonishly evil version of a Joffrey Baratheon. I suggest you read the Jabiim arc of Star Wars: Republic if you want a war is hell story with Anakin at center stage. Anakin is meant to be a very troubled and flawed character, with his obsessive attachment to those he loves (his mother, Padme) leading him to be seduced by Sidious. It does not matter if he is likable as that is subjective-tier redditor swill that takes feelings as actual facts. What truly matters is that he is a CONSISTENT character and in the PT Anakin acts fairly consistent throughout. Anakin isn't "cartoonishly evil" at all, his flaws come from a very real and human place, which leads him to make a Faustian pact with Star Wars figurative devil figure. I think you are disappointed because you fell into the same trap many other Star Wars fans did and imagined Anakin as some PTSD-ridden Darth Rambo and got mad when it didn't match up to what was on-screen.
After seeing the Republic in the prequels was I the only one rooting for the Sith the entire time?
>>2260 it would be easier if the prequels could just be shifted back, but as you said, the gap of a single generation constrains this. that's why I thought of moving the clone wars further back relative to the prequel story. but then you lose other things, like the parallel between clone wars and Anakin's fall (akin to the civil war and Luke's rise), the tragedy of Padme (as you mentioned), etc. it seems like any decision you make requires sacrifices, and George's sacrifice was an insufficient interlude between III and IV.
>>2277 You mean the republic that was run by a sith chancelor?
>>2284 Sith weren't really in charge till they were elected democratically.

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