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/robowaifu/meta-8: Its Summertime, why even wait? Robowaifu Technician 06/24/2023 (Sat) 19:24:05 No.23415
/meta, offtopic, & QTDDTOT >--- General /robowaifu/ team survey (please reply ITT) (>>15486) >--- Mini-FAQ >A few hand-picked posts on various /robowaifu/-related topics -Why is keeping mass (weight) low so important? (>>4313) -How to get started with AI/ML for beginners (>>18306) -"The Big 4" things we need to solve here (>>15182) -HOW TO SOLVE IT (>>4143) -Why we exist on an imageboard, and not some other forum platform (>>15638, >>17937) -This is madness! You can't possibly succeed, so why even bother? (>>20208, >>23969) -All AI programming is done in Python. So why are you using C++ here? (>>21057, >>21091) -How to learn to program in C++ for robowaifus? (>>18749, >>19777) -How to bulk-download AI models from huggingface.co ? (>>25962, >>25986) >--- -Library thread (good for locating terms/topics) (>>7143) >note: There's a simple searching tool coded right here for /robowaifu/ that provides crosslinks straight to posts on the board. It's named Waifusearch, and the link to the latest code should always be maintained within the Library thread's OP & also on the current /meta. -Latest version of Waifusearch v0.2a (>>8678) >note: We periodically release the full archive of the board's thread's JSON files. This is useful for robowaifu researchers in general, and is explicitly relied-upon by Waifusearch. -Latest version of /robowaifu/ JSON archives v221213 Dec 2022 https://files.catbox.moe/6rhjl8.7z if you use Waifusearch, just extract these JSON files into your 'all_jsons' directory for the program, then quit (q) and restart. >note: There's an archiving tool coded right here for /robowaifu/ that provides the ability to backup locally the posts & files from our board. It's named BUMP, and is basically a custom IB scraper. -Latest version of BUMP v0.2g (>>14866) >--- >note: There's a design document for the specification of general design and engineering choices for our basic Robowaifu Reference Model A Series (TBD). Please have a look at it, and collaborate together with us on it ITT Anon. -Robowaifu Design Document (>>3001) >--- >useful external resources wAIfu-collective's AI guide - https://rentry.org/waifu-diy-ai >--- -previous /meta's (>>38) (>>3108) (>>8492) (>>12974) (>>15434) (>>18173) (>>20356) >=== -Mini-FAQ edit -add/rm Council link
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>>25544 Anonymity means, you might have a hard time to exchange it into money you can actually pay with. The bigger the sums are you are dealing with, this might matter, since you might want to buy a house or something at some point, without being under the suspicion of money laundering. >>25579 Bitcoin has a payment system on top, called Lightning. As much as I'm informed, this has now features which makes it anonymous as well.
testing my new camera
>>25698 Sorry to 'intervene' Anon, but please don't doxx either yourself or your family in this forum. I feel you don't quite understand the hazards involved yet. Feel free to try again? >=== -minor edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/02/2023 (Mon) 05:42:08.
>>25698 What exactly did anon do? Post an image of himself?
>>25703 Posted a video of my Thai wife and kid. I guess the feminists are going to kidnap my family?
>>25703 Lets just say it wouldn't be the first time CPS took a child away from "unfit" parent(s) because the authorities didn't like them. The years spent trying to regain custody, racking up $Ks in legal expenses while the child is brainwashed becomes a special kind of hell. The process becomes the punishment as an example to others. Don't do anything, in the age of facial recognition, that could identify you or anyone close to you. You have no idea where it could end. Ask Elian Gonzales.
>>25705 I'm in Thailand right now. The authorities here aren't insane.
I don't really know where it might belong, therefore I post it here. Hopefully no one already mentioned that, but I found some interesting stuff for the printing of parts for our robowaifu. pib.rocks, or the 'pib project', is a community-driven effort to make a humanoid robot (not a robowaifu per se), and they've already achieved a functional robot that can move the arms and hands and fingers. I think for now they're only at the upper half of the robot, but everything is already printable and they even give a guide to construct everything, with the material needed, as well as a software on raspberry pi for movement I think. It's kind of corporate so one definitely will have to tinker with it, and also add maybe some silicone or other material on top of the soulless white one. They have a discuck (mostly composed of boomers) they use to share ideas and announcements. Just thought i'd share (and hopefully no one already did it since it would make this reply very much useless kek).
Open file (38.01 KB 739x415 images (70).jpeg)
>>25710 Looks kind of ugly. I'm thinking inmoov with a a modded body, with some stuff from Sophie dev for the face/mouth, with screen anime eyes, with an anime face, etc...
>>25710 Thank you very much for sharing this Anon! >I don't really know where it might belong, therefore I post it here. So, we have a waifu projects thread (>>366) that while this isn't about waifus per se would probably be a good fit. I generally just use the catalog view to see which thread might be a good match for my posts. Very glad to see you posting information here with us Anon! Cheers. :^) >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/02/2023 (Mon) 16:42:33.
>>25710 Yeah, we have a thread for such projects, even two: - If it's really about (humanoid) waifus: >>366 - Any humanoid robots, for the tech, video: >>374 - Anything ~animal like, probably /monster/ >>10259 Another one, partially redundant >>268 I covered pib.rocks here and mostly roasted them: >>18281 - Keeping an eye on it, but have no expectations. >>25711 Yes, it's ugly. Companies and certain groups are inherently incapable of making beautiful and maybe even sexy robots, for cultural reasons. On top of that, in general it's the same as here and everywhere, fast progress comes with going for something rather simple.
Open file (25.53 KB 220x329 Chi_from_Chobits_8.jpg)
>chi! >Watch out she has a gun! >Bang bang bang >What do you want? >Chi! >wait she's holding a bag give her some money >Chi chi chi
>>25734 thought it was a spider at first, too many spider posts got in my head lol
Open file (115.54 KB 704x1000 F7nSacQX0AAoIH8.jpg)
I'm not a big fan of screenface robot designs, but it's something I've been thinking about a lot lately. With a realistic face most of the expressions are created by contorting the face and the same can still be done by using the screen to render a head and manipulate it. Besides making normal facial expressions more exaggerated and easier to read, I'm not really sure what else would be a good way to implement the screen.
>>25811 screenfaces would only be a temporary stopgap measure. Kicking the problem down the road. Sooner or later, we'll have to work on robot muscles, especially the facial muscles or there'll be other problems down the line.
Open file (399.59 KB 498x280 anime-girl.gif)
>>25812 Maybe you will
>>25811 One thing you should consider is how much facial animation you really need your waifu to have. For instance, if you only really care about eye animations, then you can just have one ot two smaller screns that encompass that part of the face. If you want the mouth to be animated as well, you can tack on a third, much smaller screen for that. Doing it this way is a bit more complex, but it also prevents your waifu from having a completely flat face. If you really want the whole face to be animated though, I'd recommend looking into rear-projection ( >>19380 ). >>25812 While I agree that full face screens aren't ideal, I think eye screens are going to stick around. They do the same job as mechanical eyes, are far more versatile, and come with none of the mechanical complexity. The latter becomes especially important when you get into larger, anime-esque eyes. Of course, that's not to say that mechanical eyes won't have a place, just that neither will supplant the other.
>>25816 Sophiedev has mechanical eyes. I don't know I thought about it, mechanical eyes seem a bit more realistic even if it's anime.
>>25812 Agreed, but right now I'm just curious about making a cute, minimalist, expressive screenface with what's available. >>25816 I'd much prefer my waifu not have any screens at all, and would prefer one to having several screens, even if it does include the mouth. Having a bunch of screens just makes me think of 790 from Lexx, which was about as hideous as everything else on that show.
Ok so next week the AI company I want to intern for will give me some exercises to determine if I’m even good enough for an internship with them as a techlet. I’m quite nervous but I know I can do it. The future is now (heh).
>>25827 Goodspeed. Don't be too nervous. You will find something else if this doesn't work out, since you made it that far, but it probably will workout.
>>25827 Just be yourself Anon. You've got this! :^)
Open file (101.81 KB 976x850 1696258589715393.jpg)
Is anybody data hoarding the models at hugging space etc... Won't be long now
Open file (76.95 KB 799x568 zip.jpg)
>>25904 Are they going to start cracking down on stuff? I haven't been paying close attention to what's going on with them. I got a whole pile of multi-terabyte drives just lying around (~30TB, but I can get at least 50 if I use everything. That's also assuming I leave everything uncompressed). Just point me to the good stuff, and I'll get started. I'll also browse around there and snap up whatever catches my eye.
>>25906 is that a tape drive?
>>25912 That's a zip drive, and the disks are more like really high density floppy disks. They enjoyed some popularity for a while in the 90s and 2000s, but became wholly redundant as flash drives entered the market. That one in particular is a 100MB model, but there were also 250MB, 750MB, and a few less known variants. Not terribly relevant these days, it was just the first related image I found.
>>25906 I'd suggest getting all the models & tunes of everything that can run on an individual's box with a modern GPU Greentext anon. That probably translates roughly to all the <40GB ones r/n.
>>25922 Is there any way I can filter out the massive models? I'm not seeing a way on the website, but I'm not that familiar with it either.
>>25939 probably not, i hate this gitshit i tried just making a list but my ip got blocked, only got to page 300 but thats already like 60k models, you can continue from there if you need more #!/bin/perl my @models, @msize, @pages = (300..500); #<- page range to download # download pages mkdir "/tmp/(-_-)" unless -e "/tmp/(-_-)"; system "echo '' > '/tmp/(-_-)/tmp'"; for my $page (@pages) { if ( fork() == 0 ) { system "curl -# 'https://huggingface.co/models?p=$page' >> '/tmp/(-_-)/tmp'"; exit; } } wait for 0 .. @pages; # get models from pages open my $fh, '<', "/tmp/(-_-)/tmp" or die; my $txt; $txt .= $_ while <$fh>; close $fh; push @models, $1 while ( $txt =~ /<h4.*?>(.*?)<\/h4>/gc ) ; # calc rough size of models print "calculating size...\n"; for my $model (@models) { if ( fork() == 0 ) { my $file = $model; $file =~ tr;/;|; ; system "curl -s 'https://huggingface.co/$model/tree/main' > '/tmp/(-_-)/$file'"; exit; } } wait for 0 .. @models; for $model (@models) { $model =~ tr;/;|; ; open $fh, '<', "/tmp/(-_-)/$model" or continue; $txt = ""; $txt .= $_ while <$fh>; my @GB, @MB, $size = 0; push @GB, $1 while $txt =~ /title="Download file".*?>(.*?) GB/gc; push @MB, $1 while $txt =~ /title="Download file".*?>(.*?) MB/gc; $size += $_ for @GB; $size += $_/1000 for @MB; push @msize, $size ; system "rm '/tmp/(-_-)/$model'"; close $fh; open $fh, '>>', "rip.txt" or continue; printf "%64s : %2.2f GB\n", $model, $size; printf $fh "%64s : %2.2f GB\n", $model, $size; close $fh; }
Open file (254.97 KB 1920x960 1467675913986-0.jpg)
>>25945 Thank you. I'll start with the list you made, filter out anything above 100GB or so, seperate the result into multiple lists that reflect the actual sizes of the drives I'm using, and go from there. I'll probably just make a basic script that just runs [git lfs clone] over and over until each list is exhausted for the actual downloading. Honestly, you'd think a website that deals with such massive files all the time would offer a torrent option or something similar. Shit, anything that makes the process of downloading multiple models more efficient. Whatever. I have some days off ahead of me and a bottomless well of autism to burn through. I'll do some preliminary setup now and start in earnest within the week.
>>25948 np, heres more smaller ones, i kept it running out of spite because of the ridiculous captcha
>>25949 I'm not sure what's going on, but it looks like the size estimations on the lists aren't matching what I'm downloading. I double checked this with a couple webpages as well. It's quite a large factor too, one listing as ~10GB when the actual content is only ~20MB. Not a major problem for me, all it means is that I'll need to splice the lists into smaller parts so that I don't hit the limit of a hard disk due to a huge model I didn't see coming. Just a few extra minutes of work, and checking available space on my drives a bit more often. You may want to look into it anyways, since these mismatches could lead to a problem elsewhere.
>>25951 yeah something went wrong with the first list a lot of those are way too big, the second list looks fine though except for some duplicates
Open file (1.11 MB 1920x1080 1492545582231-2.jpg)
Bulk text operations are done. Splicing is done. I now have about 1700 scripts, each with 10 [git lfs clone] commands. This will be easy. Tedious, but easy. Let's see how many models I can download before running out of hard drives.
For those of you who want to make some of your own backups without preamble, I am providing my spliced and ready to run scripts here. These were created almost entirely via bulk operations, and as such should be considered unsorted. Nearly every file contains exactly ten links to models, with the notable exceptions of [list01, list02, and List99]. List99 in particular contains every model which was estimated to be at least 100GB. The [lists3] folder was created more or less by hand, and the others were autogenerated by [split], hence the difference in filenaming conventions. In order to run these scripts as-is, you must have [git] and [git lfs] installed, and you must be running a bash terminal.
>>25962 >>25963 Naicu. Godspeed John Glenn Greentext anon. :^)
Git isn't something that I've used much before, so I never had any strong opinions about it. Now that I'm using it in bulk however, and coming to learn about how it works, I've developed a newfound hatred for it. Apparently, whenever you use git to download something (which seems to be the only fucking way to get something from huggingface, APIs aside), you get a .git folder for versioning. Now, even I already knew this, but what I didn't know is that this folder effectively doubles the disk space footprint of whatever you're downloading right out the gate. I guess this is good for normal use, but for bulk operations that span multiple terabytes, all it does is halve the number of models you could be storing. I've tried researching a way to get git to not make the .git folder, but if there's a way then I can't find it. So, I'm going to solve the issue in post. This set of scripts is completely identical to the previous one, except each script has been appended with [rm -rf ./*/.git], which will delete every .git folder that was created by the previous commands in the scripts. Messy, but functional, and it'll save terabytes of space. Fucking git.
Same deal as the previous, just a bit cleaner and more well sorted with a readme file. These scripts also shouldn't crash due to duplicate entries that I'm too lazy to remove. Done with the edits now, I'm not going to try to streamline an inherintly messy bulk operation beyond what's necessary.
I'm a fucking idiot. Made a bulk typo, here's the fix.
>>25850 >>25866 Thank you friends unfortunately this has all been completely overwhelming to me since I’m a complete newbie and I’m utterly burned out from all the information overload. Cant even do the improvements they suggested to me in my assignment because my brain has utterly shut down and any attempts to get to work are met with me just being frozen. I don’t think they’ll take me and I’m completely bummed. And I don’t think telling them the truth will help. No need to respond to this, I’m just venting out. I know I’ll eventually be able to help with our dream but it all seems so hopeless now.
>>25998 As someone who's dealt with burnout many times, I completely understand what you're feeling. It just feels like too much is happening all at once and no matter what kind of energy you try to muster, you just can't. I don't know much about your situation, so the best advice I can give is to do what you can, and make the most of your free time. Give yourself the opportunity to slake off some of your built up stress whenever you have the time, because if you try to power through, you'll just make yourself feel worse. As for telling them the truth, I assume you're referring to your burnout. I think you should just tell your boss that you haven't been feeling great lately, but also show that you're still trying to get stuff done. There's no need to get into details. Unless he's a complete asshole, he'll understand because he'll also know that shit happens and nobody can operate at 100% all the time. A good manager likes it when his employees are open with him and keep up communication. Hopefully things work out, I'll be rooting for you anon.
>>25999 Exactly I try to muster any last reserves but I can’t do anything. On your second point you’re right. The problem is that those assignments are critical for them taking me as an intern. I’ll tell a shorter version of the truth and maybe fate will have mercy on me.
>>26000 "Fake it till you make it" or so the old adage goes, Anon. :^)
>>25998 Well shit they didn’t take me. Anyone have any tips on how to move forward? The company told me to learn UiPath. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s a language that is widely used yet, so I figured I should continue studying Python which I started months back?
>>26088 bad luck, yeah more useful to continue with python, youre more likely to encounter it and at least more than 10 people know what it is
>>26088 >Well shit they didn’t take me. Anyone have any tips on how to move forward? The company told me to learn UiPath. Oh, too bad, but don't let them discourage you. With the UI path they probably meant doing something around learning how to make a user interface, usability and such. I'm not sure if I can give you advice but I would make some projects which I could show off, but don't listen too much to on company in regards to the area. Maybe look into LangChain.
We need a new /meta/ - this one is bump limited now.
>>26090 hahah I mean to be fair automation will become a very important skill and there are some job listings that demand a knowledge in it (UiPath, Automation Anywahere). But as a newbie I gotta do Python first I guess. >>26094 Shouldn’t I first get a foot in Python? I don’t want to mix these two languages. For now I at least have a UiPath certificate.
>>26100 yeah learning how to script is pretty much a necessity if you want to use a computer for its intended purpose, scripting isnt programing the language isnt really important you can switch language easily when you already know one its just preference at that point
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