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Open file (49.17 KB 239x266 sonic friday.jpg)
Alone on a Friday night? JEWS 03/14/2020 (Sat) 01:25:23 ID: 2baeff No.40288 [Reply]
God, you're pathetic.
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Open file (44.76 KB 480x640 EZUn9KJWsAIZ6kQ.jpeg)
Open file (78.36 KB 638x960 bobsez.jpg)
>>49151 welp I was off by 2 weeks or so but I knew fucking riots would break out with all that lockdown shit. Now people just use that as an argument to loot and burn stores. Nothing too significant happened in my neck of the woods but tt seems like clockwork for burgerland, each summer time, that joggers gets out and loot. They just need the first argument to come their way to do so. At least it makes for good entertainment in the near 4 months this shit has been going on with the lockdown. Meanwhile, my main pc tower broke and i need to use a shitty broken laptop to even get on the internet and do school work. I went to several stores to get my pc fixed. One of the stores I went to was a fucking little crawny jew that never did his inspection fully and charged me 25$ for it. So i took it back and dropped it at some other store. I was supposed to get news yesterday. Didn't get any. Called the next day and I let my Karen rise in me. Spoke to a clerk. I was very calm but direct in telling him I'll take the damn tower back if it's still taking so long even though some other fucker has it for 2 weeks and shit his pants and did nothing with it and I would look for another shop. I actually didn't want to take it back but I wanted to add a bit of pressure. I didn't even need to ask, I was sent to a supervisor cause the dude in charge of my machine had food poisoning or whatever the fuck excuse it really is. The supervisor told me I should get news by tomorrow. I swear, there is nobody fucking competent or honest enough to fix a fucking pc in the tech world.
Open file (8.13 KB 383x289 shiiieeettt.jpeg)
Evening you spergs. How many of you are left replying to this thread?
what's up GAY mers, How's the lockdown going still? Not dancing at the end of a rope I hope. Lockdown ends in my neck of the woods on the 22nd and i'll be able to get my dick wet again. Can't fucking wait. 3 months of this fucking nightmare... holy shit. I was on the brink of going fucking postal. I'm surprised there hasn't been a lot of shootings/bombings since this started but I'm not surprised lefty communists decided to LARP in Seattle either. Makes for a fun distraction while this shit ends and Jim decides to stream again and lets his slave wife shut his devil spawn up. not saying it's fact but it's a rumor i've heard that Jade gave birth and this is why Jim stopped streaming entirely so that the news wouldn't leak out in case the baby screamed in the back Crazy fucking times we live in.
is sad to noticed how abandoned this thread and others are

Open file (5.95 KB 64x64 64dolphin.png)
Sick of HangingFlesh's lies? Dolphin##4GfA2L 04/23/2020 (Thu) 13:48:23 ID: 2339a7 No.45384 [Reply]
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Holy fucking shit so Dolphin was right all along when he said Robi and his goons are faggot. Why didn't you listen to him, guys?
Faggots > pedos Loli == cp Enough said pefo old fags?
>>54423 more like /cow/ spergs and the IRC cabal are actual pedos, who spammed /v/ with REAL child porn, to epic own gaymergaters, lmao >/cow/ cucking out 4 social justice, just like k1wi farms HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
>>47223 Imageboards was always a hive of degenerate weirdos. What do you think a "normie" is anyway?

Toad 08/19/2020 (Wed) 16:50:20 ID: b37cc5 No.76630 [Reply]
Imagine falling for that fake and gay virus psyop designed to legitimate an economical collapse just when the system reach its end. Imagine unironically using the term "conspiracy theorist" when all the so called conspiracies just so happen to be true. Imagine believing lockdown is useful and legitimate when the countries without lockdown are the one with the lowest death rates (Belarus, Iceland, Japan, Malawi, Nicaragua, South Korea, Taiwan, Timor-Leste, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming, South Dakota, Uruguay). Imagine being for mandatory surgical masks use when a surgical mask is made for sterile closed places and that wearing it outside is useless and dangerous. Imagine thinking there is an increase of cases worlwide when there is just more tests being performed that do not take into account the rates of false positives. Imagine falling so deep down in this collective psychosis you're now building a whole new identity around it and become aggressive and angry at anyone pointing out the absurdity of the whole situation.
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Some Toad McKinley fanboy is trying to slide the fat canadian thread.
Be ready for the second wave, OP faggot. Toad McKinley was right about they trying to force the vaccines and everything else.
>>76703 The danger of EM-waves depends on their energy levels and wavelength, you smug cumface
>>81888 Daddy Gym won, check those trips.
Open file (40.47 KB 639x539 CDI Link Smug 1.JPG)
>>76630 Imagine falling for communist propaganda and thinking that not only china has a low number of cases & deaths from the coof but also that their GDP growth is "good" Imagine that the coof hype won't be dropped completely after the USA elections are over (And that regardless of the outcome of the elections) and the media/democrats quadruple down on everything & will bring life back to normal & not the BS "new normal" they're pushing

Open file (266.49 KB 474x362 oofsize.png)
Toad 09/11/2020 (Fri) 15:51:43 ID: d6d488 No.81929 [Reply]
Happy anniversary /cow/, You aren't what you used to be. Now it's just a bunch of faggots in the IBM thread waddling around like zombies. feels bad man
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>>81935 It's a lost cause anon only 1 or 2 oldfags are left here. Happy 9/11
Open file (109.13 KB 465x583 smug potion seller.jpg)
Oldfag here, first time I have seen /cow/ in years due to the IBS autism and it's still just a shit. JEWS should have gotten fucking ganked for not putting a leash on that faggotry. Hell, a /cow/ ran by /int*/ would be more popular and less deadass at this point.
We'll always have the sacred day, fellow judges.
>>82075 >Oldfag

Open file (113.55 KB 1080x1079 gabriele.jpg)
Toad 09/10/2020 (Thu) 15:29:08 No.81730 [Reply]
>G‚ÄčAMERGATE treath his family >kill the G‚ÄčAMERGATE in self-defence >leftists is ruining his life Show some support and solidarity to him. It's a big case in Italy. Spread this to other chans. instagram.com/_gabrielebianchi_

Open file (54.85 KB 800x600 1523514064595.jpg)
Open file (189.65 KB 401x456 1560141354595.png)
Open file (56.01 KB 660x831 1559969904963.jpg)
Nein Chan Moot BlackJackArmy exposed! real name is Eric Hoover Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 22:18:11 ID: 577963 No.21679 [Reply]
Eric Hoover, aka BlackJack/showme, is the owner of Nein Chan, he has always shilled his honeypot board all over places such as Voat and 4chan, and some people have started calling him out on this, and today, many discovered datas about him will be leaked!
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>>45351 Clown world was around a long time before Joker.
As in Edgar Hoover??? Maybe it is like that
>politics site has ties with several glow sites wow nice one faggot discover that yourself?
>>81620 (((Neinchan))) (((Tarrant)))

Open file (146.98 KB 1157x552 Josh-Is-A-Moron.png)
9chan is a lolcow Anonymous 05/06/2020 (Wed) 01:30:56 No.47352 [Reply]
9chan.tw is now allowing a board to share pictures and stories of female US Democrat politicians with fake nudes and stories about raping their children. This could never, ever go wrong for Josh bickers Josh is the greatest coder ever to teach himself to code. No one help with this board.
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>>48758 Anyone who's attracted to that disgusting flat nose is subhuman.
Lol people at here are still jealous and seeth about generous Josh?
>>48601 >implying this happened
All image board are lolcows. Only 4chan /mu/ and /tg/ are health bickers are mostly used by mentally stable and good people.

Open file (6.90 KB 697x437 gabshadowban.png)
Has anyone else been shadow banned from gab.com or voat.co? Anonymous 05/05/2020 (Tue) 14:33:34 ID: 599671 No.47222 [Reply]
Has anyone else been shadow banned from gab.com or downvoated into oblivion (essentially banned) on voat.co? I can't even log in anymore. This page is all I get. I tried everything to get back into my account, but I can't even get to the main ordinary gab.com page to even try to log in. I only get this screen. I do not get any indication I have been banned, I am only simply locked out now without any reason to why or how. Someone is going to be a bitch and call this a blogpost so here have your blogpost warning okay bitch? Warning: Blogpost warning. Imporant things to note: I tried voat.co bickers it's supposed to be a reddit altrernative, but it has the same communist social credit system as reddit. If you tell the truth, bad people downvote you and this takes your communist social credit points away, thus essentially censoring you by having your points in the negatives, which only allows you to post once per day, last time I ever used the site before I just left it behind forever. Eventually I started using gab.com These are some things about me, and things I would talk about on both gab and voat: Telling the truth, even if it's politically correct. I never went into """"""racist"""""" territory, but I was very politically incorrect. However, I never went as far as other people who use those sites, who seem to share very extreme things that I never even got close to saying or doing, which makes me question why I'm being shut down or locked out or shadow banned considering I never went as far as I saw other people going. One thing I always did was TELL THE TRUTH, NO MATTER WHAT. I don't even know if you can see my profile anymore, it might have been disappeared away, but my user name on gab.com was @BroDoYouEvenDrift I am fairly conservative, I love GOD, I like Q, Trump, and talking about conspiracy theories, and there is very much discussion about those things on gab.com and voat.co I would often ask suspicious people honest questions like "If you don't like Q, why are you spending all your time on a Q board and telling people Q is fake? If it's fake then why do you want to try so hard to convince people that it isn't real? Isn't that a bit silly?" I had lots of great conversations with lots of people who also loved freedom of speech and the truth and most importantly GOD, but I have lost all faith in gab.com and voat.co bickers I think they are just as bad as twitter and reddit. They are not alternatives to me at all, just more of the same crap. Why shadow ban me? If I'm banned, then tell me I'm banned! If I'm banned, tell me WHY I'm banned. I know for a fact that I did NOT break a single rule anywhere. I never spammed, I never threatened anyone, I never said anything really that rude at all, and I watched huge amounts of users say much worse things than I ever said. I never broke a single rule, and yet here I am, suddenly presented with this suspicious and ominous screen, basically a big fuck you to my face. It's just like the website abovetopsecret. You go there to talk about conspiracy theories, but if you actually TELL THE TRUTH, suddenly you're banned. You got too close.
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>>47222 >why? Jews? You probably got too hot, but dont give in, just keep reuploading and making new accounts. Getting banned is like a measure of success these days. Happens to everyone these days. The Q meme is a side show anyways if not fakeshit or some primer leaks to distract people. LTIC Fucker is inconsequential distracting people with their hearts in the right place who are too pussy/and/or old to accept the real truth namely that Adolf Hitler was right and the wrong side won ww2 and most of the events caused today is a direct consequence caused by the same people as back then and before. >>47238 Voat's GUI is fucking dogshit anyway, and the upvote faggotry you mentioned.
OP is a high-functioning-autistic lolcow. If this thread isn't fun enough for you, look at their FSE page. https://freespeechextremist.com/brodoyouevendrift >"Unauthorized Schizophrenic Autism Wizard" >All religions=infiltrated by satanists. (If you ask me why I think this, I can give some pretty good evidence of why I think this, very deep redpills, maybe too deep) damn buddhist satanists! >Q >suckered by voat and gab claims of 'free speech' And then he spammed the same thread across over ten imageboards (use search engine to find more) and complained about spam filters while doing so and posting 30 links. https://anon.cafe/cafe/res/784.html http://endchan.org/b/res/27589.html
What a fucking schizocow. Look at the FreeSpeechExtremist page. Qanon goldmine
>>47222 >laughing_whores.jpg
>>58371 Fuck you I can see the links you know. Take down this slander before I REPORT you to the moderators.

Open file (298.29 KB 1280x430 20200615_010414.jpg)
Anonymous 06/15/2020 (Mon) 06:16:08 ID: ea6c34 No.62394 [Reply]
X( god i just spent a long time shitting a nice wall of schizo text out of my brain it was amazing the best one i've made in a few days, i was completely in the zone and none of my surroundings existed, but my ingocnito browser crashed and lost it. A good 20 minutes of hard work thrown out the window. I feel very VERY angry and dangerous now that i lost it. I even screamed Maybe another day. You can at least look at this one i shit out of my brain on 4chan. I should really be on medication but no thanks it was beautiful and now its gone forever and i dont even remember what it said
It's true OP Post again, its just a glitch

Bismi Allah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem Anonymous 06/26/2020 (Fri) 19:45:41 No.63735 [Reply]
La ilaha illallah save yourself from the wrath of Allah. bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship in truth but Allah; and reject all false deities
if you are sincere: learn about tawheed and how to avoid shirk -> learn how to pray -> jihad for the sake of Allah (see kitaab at tawheed) if you commit shirk and then die, all of your deeds will be for nothing and you'll abide in hell for an eternity. one of the sins Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala will not forgive is shirk. the definition of shirk is to associate partners will Allah. It is very dangerous in the sense that it is very easy to fall into.
your a lol/cow/ islamfaggot

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