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AntichristHater69 Unironic Ralphamale 08/02/2022 (Tue) 22:43:09 ID: 7d9097 No.166017 [Reply]
https://anon.cafe/meta/last/15642.html https://anon.cafe/.global/logs/christian/2022-07-25.html Anyone else following this guy over on /christian/? He's apparently a volunteer, can't stop responding to bait, and seems genuinely autistic. He's also apparently a closet pedo.
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>>182361 I've seen nuzach on /christian/ seething about tvch before and their mods there also trying to stir shit.
>>181934 I half believe chobitsu is the same guy with a different persona. he was a vol there and resigned there after a few months.
>>191406 no, completely different writing styles, also chobitsu wasn't as ban happy, both have a weird thing about christ-chan tho chobitsu was fired for saying ACH should be banned, christianjanny came in to the thread and said 'check your emails, now' or some shit, a day later he was fired and namefagging was banned
>>190795 Jewzach try to create webring wars all the time, he visits zzzchan and post something, go to /christian/ more shit, then visit /cow/ and cope, then visit tvch and seethe.
does anyone has the screenshot of a thread where he and the other /christian/ fags calls for a crusade against tvch and /cow/?

Open file (125.94 KB 1920x2560 20200604_133109.jpg)
Open file (70.17 KB 1384x1684 20200606_0608041.jpg)
Open file (16.37 MB 1080x1920 20200601_215705_Trim.mp4)
nanotech dox Anonymous 06/11/2020 (Thu) 09:24:02 ID: 170f4e No.61743 [Reply]
Full name: Nathaniel Paul Gonzalez Age: 18 (becomes 19 in 2020) Current discord account: Chen#0848 Email: Nathaniel.gonzalez1219@gmail.com Email 2: nanotech6100@gmail.com Address: 710 Continental Dr Apt 1, Brownsville, Tx, 78520 School Number: (956)548-7700 School Website: http://www.bisd.us/pace/ Face pic: https://files.catbox.moe/u07iow.png | Mirror: https://archive.md/VnGhX Wants to join the military after high school Owner of Freech.ltd, used to own 32chan (32ch.org) Is a crossdresser, pics: https://files.catbox.moe/ubnfrt.png | Mirror: https://archive.md/HO48W https://files.catbox.moe/8y7xrn.jpg | Mirror: https://archive.md/wip/v24WX https://files.catbox.moe/uynzwa.jpg | Mirror: https://archive.md/wip/VGpmj

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I remember this fag from /intl/, him and that slovborg kike
is a 15 year old dating a 20 year old considered excessive sweating
>>197848 Yeah that's not a good one there, but beyond the Romeo/Juliet clause there. That said there's no funny in the OP and it reeks of personal army so that could be OP lying. In summation; I ain't gonna give a fuck bickers it looks like someone this kid(20 is still a kid)pissed off could be stretching the truth here.
>muh Nuzach!

Open file (124.61 KB 854x280 schizo_lolicon.png)
Nuzach / Pedochu / Niggerchu / Eric Unironic Ralphamale 09/02/2022 (Fri) 01:02:27 ID: 32497c No.170550 [Reply] [Last]
Nuzach once enjoyed the prime-time bloodsports even before jcaesar187's downfall at the hands of the Гунт with by far the most stupid reasons to lose one's mind for; a good deal of 8ch veterans kept enjoying his seething about alogs until this day. But not nuzach, he was too much of a trailer trash white G​AMERGATE himself to laugh at a lolcow proper and enjoy the show. But most importantly, he was a ni/gg/er at heart. He didn't luck out with the /cow/ userbase that repeatedly mocked his inclinations to waste time playing cuckeogooms and to want to fuck children. Neither did he luck out with the administration, and his buddy John was ousted and the ni/gg/er-infested cancer known as /v/ removed from my jewish mother. As a result of my jewish mother cracking down on pedos, he lost 90% of his remaining sanity. To get told to "go and make your own site if you want to jack it to children" was the straw that broke this buck's back. As a result all his pedo buddies, those parasitic cliques that had already lost 60% of their numbers when TheGatorGamer got rid of /hebe/ and other boards, were left without a host again. Some went to KC, others were scattered in the wind forever. Enter zzzchan, a pretty rulecucked site existing pretty much solely for the ni/gg/er pedos to play smash and jerk off to kids, where the mere suggestion that loli is pedophilic earns the poster a ban. Even the few boards that wanted none of that were eventually infested. Nuzach now spends his days seething on zzzchan about the alogs and tvch, sometimes going to those sites to seethe at the moderation and screech at "/cow/kikes" and Anita. Nuzach is definitely the main individual lolcow of the webring, the juciest one among the collective lolcow that the ni/gg/ers from zzzchan are. Banned from every board that isn't ran by pedos, he says the "/cow/kike moderation" and "feminists" are at fault for him getting banned from every place he goes to. No, it couldn't be the precious Eric, he's too good to be fairly banned.
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Open file (630.49 KB 1578x1571 ClipboardImage.png)
>>196207 They are one of the Nuzachs and Emojitroon (>>194290), Emojitroon is the one using that picture on tvch for a few weeks now. In a thread he openly defended excessive sweating and "hebephelia" till vol3 kicked his ass. He also said he would sleep with trannies/femboys if they fit his requirements.
>>196207 >>196557 why do tvtroons come over here? Your seethe is that bad? Have sex, incel....but not with a gay butthole like you're probably used to.
>>196635 Nice failsafe plate tranny
>>196635 TRSperg is and was right.
>>197049 They are seething about him in gahoole thread lol

/intl/ Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 22:02:42 ID: 411349 No.42051 [Reply]
Where is /intl/ now? Also, post /intl/ lore for great julay.
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>>197483 Pretty much agree with the majority of this besides the obvious /intl/-subversiveness at the end. the 2-3 anons called nuzach and emojitroon are massive faggots.
>>197485 What is the musical equivalent of kino? Zoomers throw around retarded terms like bops and bangers, but is there a term for really great music, as opposed to the Jewish-produced slop they churn out to the unwashed masses?
>>197495 >What is the musical equivalent of kino? Renaissance-tier Classical music ofc. And a fair number of those great gentlemen were quite spoken-out against the kikery of their own days. I'm sure they would have fit right in on (previous generations of) /pol/, while still crafting their own masterpieces of human achievement and beauty.

Gahoole2 / Patrick Nelson Toad 11/03/2020 (Tue) 17:45:05 ID: 13edc2 No.89421 [Reply]
A failed normalfag briefly known as the BO of 8/japan/ from bumfuck nowhere (Saint Cloud, Minnesota). Fancies himself a "comedian", known for shilling his unfunny garbage on ghettogaggers and imageboards. Possibly cursed with the worst genetics on the planet, he looks like an ogre and is grossly prematurely balding at 22. His youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCba0Ep0yWSBnfZj1IDdUKpQ/videos
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/cow2hu/trannies are so dumb, they forgot searchbyimage is a thing. But at the least I'm glad knowing they actively search for furry gay on twatter
>>98823 read the bible
>>98819 >>98877 same about you two, go read the bible instead of spenting your day fapping to anime and gay shit or circle jerking each other on servers
Open file (4.26 MB 400x224 gahoole.mp4)

Open file (659.60 KB 888x505 soybitch.png)
The entirety of /tv/ is lolcow Anonymous 10/30/2019 (Wed) 21:54:29 ID: 288dd0 No.15436 [Reply] [Last]
All they do is talk about capeshit, 4chan memes or jewtube ecelebs and jewtube videos.

Insult their precious capeshit, Jokershit, or jewtube shit and the tranny vol3 or Gayhoole will delete your posts, no fun allowed only cuckthink allowed.

Constantly projecting they are patrician yet constantly disproving their assertions by being bing bing, zoomer capetards that discuss every single capeshit movie with an online marketing scheme to soyboys.
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Open file (232.76 KB 600x738 1617687855638.png)
Any Megan respecters still around?
>>196827 I'm still here.
>>196864 So, how are things? Are you still simping for Megan, or have you found yourself a new waifu? Also, are you that anon from Siberia?
>>196888 I found her cute, that's about it, never really simped for her, I kinda messed with meganfags if anything, the video is truly cute. how sad
Open file (43.92 KB 720x960 1617687855638.jpg)
Open file (31.71 KB 480x360 Jerome Weiselberry.jpg)
>>197038 Oof and yikes, my guy. Hopefully you are recovering from his low point in your life. I’ve been down too, but never to the point that I ever found (someone like) Megan cute. What was it that made you drop the little goblin? The lack of new wanking material? There was even a couple of deepfakes of her back when you guys were simping for her, as well as that lewd video where she moans as she plays some game on her laptop. I just hope you won’t relapse into Megan simping now that AI can churn out Megan material for you. For me, it was Jerome. Now she was cute, and she enjoyed literature and film, unlike a pleb like Megan, who gobbled up Disney Star Wars.

Open file (15.10 KB 772x238 CuckChan.png)
Anonymous 03/06/2020 (Fri) 13:48:12 ID: a21f23 No.39419 [Reply]
Lmao at CuckChan, the most cucked place of the internet. Can you think of a more cucked thing that posting in there unironically, filling googles recaptchas and shit, buying a goy captcha pass hahaha Even plebbit and normies forums allow to post from basic VPNs and browsing from tor. The userbase in there are retarded failed normies posting from google chrome connected with their google accounts, if you don't do that the recaptchas are too hard and the website is unusable. CuckChan achieved to totally removed anonymity on a forum system based on anonymity, isn't it beautiful?
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The age of imageboards is over, the webring is pure trash as well.
They are shadow banning the anons, not only banning or doing ip ragebans. https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/129002.html
>>195371 Which lolcow are you?
>>195371 cuckchan >>>>>>> tvch after being ruined by gahoole and vol3
>You're here forever! Apparently not

Chudbuds dot lol AlishaSmith##el3Ick 03/06/2023 (Mon) 03:38:33 ID: 10b17d No.194788 [Reply] [Last]
Chudbuds dot lol is a fediverse instanse started by the most obnoxious sweepy squad members. Claire Rushe aka chudbere, the instance administrator, is a middle aged hag with 6 kids and a husband who draws anime porn to fellow chuddophiles. The instance came to life after graf aka Daniel Stevens from poast told them to fuck off for "disrespecting anime" and driving fellow pedo admin undu to suicide. Chudbuds dot lol is where medicare spends his dying days seething about the jcaesar187amale. It's also the place for cancerman approved "gayops", bickers discord bad or something like that (more on this later).
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Open file (35.37 KB 400x444 based.jpeg)
>>196173 Based on a cool story bro
>>195815 This come help us, plategang, bring hell to gahoole and vol3
>>195643 TheGatorGamer will let you come back in two weeks
>>195643 He said on his stream to appeal the ban via email in 2 weeks. He will be less angry at you by then.

Open file (135.63 KB 720x875 1.jpg)
Open file (103.29 KB 632x946 2.jpg)
Open file (3.16 MB 720x480 yakuza 0.webm)
Anonymous 10/14/2019 (Mon) 10:49:04 ID: 56300c No.12433 [Reply]
the cripple is fucking with jim IRL…

The second largest imageboard owner is getting sued now by non other than Fredrick Brennan the creator of 8ch. This is political as this effects the future of the second largest English speaking imageboard.
Jim Watkins might actually get arrested now.

that little cripple knows exactly what he is doing. The context here is that the Philippines not only has a dictatorial regime in power, it also has a sizeable (and violent) Muslim population. By citing "grotesque pornography" and also "hosting the Christchurch shooting", Hotwheels is deliberately placing the lives of Jim and his family in danger. It doesn't matter that Jim had nothing to do with any of that. Hotwheels is painting a false picture bickers he fully aware of the danger this puts them in.

9 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>12433 Jim would have support if he hadn't banned lolis. But now? Get fucked, Jim.
>>14031 are you okay woman?
Based Hotwheels living rent free on op shitty head
Open file (461.41 KB 780x489 1617967844707.png)
>>195333 Brittle fingers typed this post.

Open file (411.45 KB 870x998 1666549195229.png)
Unironic Ralphamale 03/06/2023 (Mon) 12:45:10 ID: ccabb5 No.195015 [Reply]
Roxos arguing with 7 different grossly offensive right now
3 posts omitted.
>>195015 Grossly Offensive, Eso Anonism, Bryan Dunn, Weasel, ГунтRetort, Edinson Cavani Respector, Shamoo, Grimmcheers, and Dark Ninja are all the same person
Open file (1.49 MB 1248x684 platespic_kiwi.webm)
grossly is kaz
>>195814 The breakup with his boy Mikey broke Roxo's funnybone I see.

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