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Open file (18.24 KB 176x176 ugurozaicon.jpg)
Delmore Oh/Second Life Lolcows Unironic Ralphamale 03/14/2024 (Thu) 21:03:23 ID: 977015 No.246256 [Reply]
Anyone remember Delmore Oh from Second Life's Something Awful/W-Hat group? He's come back and is now making unfunny /pol/-tier Youtube cocks under the name Uguroza. This rabbit hole probably goes deeper than Britbong's. https://twitter.com/UgurozaVT https://www.youtube.com/@UgurozaVT/videos
>>246256 Wait Delmore is back? I haven't heard that name in over a decade and a half. I see he's recycling one of his closet furry object head motifs for his vtube character. His default look in second life was a cartoon devil and he had an inworld store called "That Handsome Devil". He made some neat stuff but he was a massive faggot.
>>246257 >Buy a gay furry's warez >call him a faggot I bet you're one of the scrubs who got banned from W-Hat for regurgitating 4chan memes.
>>246258 I was never banned from WHAT or from Baku. Even despite my spending a lot of time in Digital Worlds with channers like chainsword.
Open file (132.96 KB 512x512 delmore pixel art.png)
he has a new video out on the SBI/S​ARGON controversy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmKtTWbSYX4 Kind of ironic since he himself is a gay furry. Pic related is uguroza's/delmore's old fursona.

Open file (529.17 KB 1273x773 btfo.png)
Open file (474.05 KB 1108x823 christian.png)
Open file (359.48 KB 690x589 respect yourself.png)
Nastassia Ponomarenko Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 09:06:57 ID: 656597 No.10914 [Reply] [Last]
YouTuber Exposes Nastassia Ponomarenko sextape and gets harassed by fans!

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<Lady Bonor Goooo-ooone
Open file (71.46 KB 400x400 1368744081-55290986.jpg)
Hey, Jannie. I know you are from tvch. I know Robi abandoned the site. I'll find you.
>>242893 lol nuzach mad af
Open file (27.15 KB 564x564 1701950542963294.jpg)
>>61444 >>61446 what the FUCK did i just watch?

Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 17:46:00 ID: 4d2600 No.39633 [Reply]
Why is this sperg posted on every image board i go on
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>>39633 That is a disgusting shitskin mongrel subhuman.
Open file (119.44 KB 664x884 yonkers-capri-sun.jpg)
That's the Bonkers From Yonkers.
fat amos yee?
>>203400 thats at least a year ago i think, his reddit has also been inactive. He might truly be dead, but if thats the case, I would like to see his dead body and have one last laugh

Ashton Parks, the obese Mister Metokur fanboy and Christian larper Anonymous 05/29/2020 (Fri) 03:04:24 No.58308 [Reply] [Last]
Ashton Parks is an obese canadian who first tried to gain online fame as a conservative zoomer, after failing to get attention that way he tried to focus on internet drama and get attention by attacking low hang fruits like jcaesar187 on Stream.me and then on Youtube on his channel PeoplesPopularPress. Being an obese hypocrite and ironybro he show up his own butthole on a live stream to trying to get more attention of jcaesar187 and his haters. Since then he is trying to use /cow/ culture and people invested on all this drama to get views and constantly brag about his numbers and having fans who love him for being an obese tard with a High vocabulary. Oddly enough, he never miss an opportunity to hold attention and make friends with other e-celebs, including extreme left wing figures like Kraut n Tea and not whites scammers like Coach Red Pill and Josh Moon, [all threed are jews], which seems strange from a right-wing white nationalist.
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tvch jannies are seething about people loving TheTheGatorGamerGamer, lol
>>246002 what is going on? Last time i saw a tvch figure seething at paypaypay it was esoAnon
>>246009 was the fags from the Guntstream
>>246040 names? was it wrist the homeless crossdresser bbc lover? who?
>>246044 yeah the drunk wrist guy, that was on a stream a couple months back on gayholes channel, said he was going to kill him and was talking about doing meth as well

DJ Axle / Phantom Organization / Jester69 / Aksel Birger Enstad JDANKS420 09/29/2021 (Wed) 06:12:11 ID: 46f067 No.121078 [Reply] [Last]
PO is a furry fagget incel NEET tug-boat-having kid-touching attention whore with a race-mixing sister. He came to prominence by stream-sniping the Гунт but is too lazy to even do that for very long. He just begs for schekels on his shitty furry cringe stream that no one watches and posts furry porn in his server where his last few friends are. Now he is chimping out on discord and no one can figure out exactly why. Seems to be some sort of autistic meltdown. Racemixing julay truck sister: Hanne Engstad https://archive.md/8HJfU https://mobile.twitter.com/HEngstad https://archive.is/2nbBZ DOX Aksel Birger Engstad 99 35 29 03 Engasvegen 320, 7900 R0RVIK
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>>245645 Axle's a real pedo that uses his pedo behaviour as an act to deflect from him being a real pedo. He really spent years trying to hook up with real underaged boys online and he really jerks off to gay pedo shit.
>>245746 surfer is a lolcow being groomed for a long time to be totally destroyed one day, godwinson wanted to do it, but he is a coward, will be daiymo or forgegang providing the kino
>>246003 Yeah I tuned in yesterday and he was yelling about how he was God's divine wrath and only he knew the truth. Someone's really wound him up into delusion lately and from the chat I'm leaning Forge Gang.
>Axle's a real pedo that uses his pedo behaviour as an act to deflect from him being a real pedo. He really spent years trying to hook up with real underaged boys online and he really jerks off to gay pedo shit. Ops, my mistake, I actually mean Bryan Dunn's a real pedo.
>>246039 Can confirm Bryan Dunn is the only sweaty gamer in the sektur, >we are expecting a conviction any day now.

Mark Mann - #2 Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 08:14:22 ID: 2009db No.45039 [Reply] [Last]
Mark Mann Facts: + Mark has over 500gb of CP on his hard drive + Mark autistically watches loli child pornography all day + Mark is an ethnic jew. + Mark loves cake + Mark weighs almost 300lbs. + Mark would intentionally leave CP up on 8/v/ for days at a time + Mark has posted many videos/pictures of his anus and naked body online for homosexual attention + Mark would use his global administration on 8ch/8kun to moderate/ban people from /pol/ or other boards for whatever he felt like completely ignoring the rules. + Mark wants to become a security guard at an elementary school so that he has access to children that he can abuse. + Mark runs a CP ring on discord where he requires your real name, face, address, and phone number so that he can blackmail you or turn you over to the feds. + Mark bans anyone who speaks against him or criticises him in the slightest + Mark recieved $2k a month from Jim for doing various "errands" between 2015-2020 + Mark regularly wipes "All Posts by IP" which turns every thread on the board into swiss cheese + Mark attempted to monetize and sell Gondolas + Mark spams cyclical threads using a VPN in order to "push" conversations he doesn't like out of the thread. + Mark forced all of /v/ back onto the federal 8kun honeypot so that he could keep getting paid to be a janitor.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (153.21 KB 1848x327 ClipboardImage.png)
>>244764 >Is that true? wtf, why is Mark such a degenerate? I always assumed he was a homo and no one cares if he's grooming boys, but his niece, really? Yeah, he groomed his little niece to play unteraltebach, a pedo game from germany Refer to evidence from >>45271 Whats really interesting is that JEWS ran defense for him for that somehow. >>232925
Who gives a fuck about 2d loli mojcaesar187agging retard
Open file (537.02 KB 485x615 pedo.gif)
>>244996 First off, kys paedo. Second off, stop this fucking 2d bullshit, we all know this is paedocope just look at mark, he is fucking grooming his niece to play unteraltebach with him and probably fucking molested her, you fucking G​AMERGATEkike pedoshit lover
There is a possible rewrite of Mark's thread on Foxdicks, to include more old and new info about him. This thread will probably be used as a basis, but if there is anything else that wasn't covered or more details added to what's in this thread already, it will probably be used. Acid Pedo also applies here, he's the owner of that shithole of a site now after all. >>244169 Ever since he had his little meltdown, he's been checking in on the farms every other day and internally seething. It's great to see.
>>245877 Great, its always good to see a pedokike like him get destroyed.

Open file (503.51 KB 1000x560 yakuzatruth.png)
Yakuzanon/hapafag/priscillafag Anonymous 10/12/2019 (Sat) 15:26:02 No.12121 [Reply] [Last]
This French dude goes around the internet spamming the catalogs of different boards. Got fired from a previous job for watching porn in the workplace in front of his boss.
Sometimes does hilarious things like one time his spam resulted in /tv/ raiding /leftypol/ in the 8ch days.
He typically copies a post from one site and reposts it to another one with an unrelated pic. Back in the day it was JAV porn clips, either of a "shy" male being seduced or a Yakuza clip which is where he got his name from.
Used to have an obsession with one of the /1825/ mods (he's convinced she's Varg Vikernes's wife for some reason).
/1825/ christened him hapafag bickers they were convinced he was a hapa, but he later confessed on /tv/ that Asian is pretty much the only thing missing from his ethnic makeup, a blend of white, black, native American and Indian. No known abbo admixture either.
Other known obsessions that he spams include the /tv/ BO (the reason his channel got so many views is that yakuza would spam his videos on cuckchan), Nastassia Ponomarenko/Nastassia Fitness, Zach (yes, the hapa from /tv/. A few days ago he posted a link to some Zach thread on cuckchan that had been posted here on the Zach thread and was already archived by the time Yakuza reposted it to /tv/ with the mandatory Priscilla Betti picture to go with it).
He's said that he got his city rangebanned from one of cuckchan's boards, and I don't doubt it. Spam is what he does to kill time. And not your regular spam, but spamming new threads left and right.
63 posts and 14 images omitted.
>>175379 Suck my balls you little french bitch
Yakuza has often craved emojitroon's dick deep inside his innards, it's what drives him
Hes going wild right now
>>175357 I don't believe any of this. The way he posts reeks of underage (to me). He is barely 30 or not even.
>>245086 He is mentally ill and a subhuman shitskin, that's why even tho he is in his 40s he acts like a teenager.

Poseidon, former right-winger grifter and Pagan LARPer / Neet shitskin and schizo Brian Holloman 03/19/2022 (Sat) 23:19:42 ID: 90501c No.141211 [Reply] [Last]
Poseidon is one of those many grifters who started getting into the "redpill" bus around 2016 by making videos about immigration in Europe. As "greek-sicilian" he was said to have a more European opinion than the average right-wingers from UK, German and USA about all subjects. However, he never became popular in circles like 4chan /pol/, with only 8chan /pol/ paying any attention to him and a few European anons. In 2018 he had his former channel take down, creating a second channel (his actual one). But since 2019 he started to show himself to be a little less mature and socially successful as he claimed. During weekends, he started doing livestreams called "Whitepilled weekend" in which it constituted of him quietly reading news with his heavy accent while free-copyright music played in the background. Note that as a European, he started these streams every weekend around 2am in European time. Over time, these livestreams began to gain a share of trolls, mocking the fact that Poseidon, who was said to be a mature man, of family, spent every weekend awake hoping to get donations and seething about any jokes about him on chat. After 8chan /pol/ notice that Poseidon didn't take criticism well and was openly banning anyone with the slightest criticism of him the views started to drop and more trolls started to show up. Over time, he stopped those livestreams, according to him, the Catholic Church was being responsible for his troll problems, by sending the trolls together with american Daily Stormer trolls. With that, his first signs of schizophrenia and narcissism showed. In 2020 Poseidon has embarked on the covid wave, and started bleeding views and subscribers. His videos about immigration and politics in Europe stopped and he started to make videos saying how Donald Trump is a massive loser retard and same about any people who supported him, to the point of making a sequence of videos proving that Biden won the election legitimately. Interspersed with videos about Biden being a "chad", he made multiple videos about covid restrictions and vaccine. In these videos, he was totally in favor of forced vaccination, use of masks and severe restrictions. With that, his views, which he now denounces as "far-right" and "Crazy Christians" started jumping off the boat and making serious criticisms about him. How Poseidon reacted? He started replying, comment by comment, personally attacking anyone criticizing him. He would look at anyone's Youtube channel criticizing him and find any detail about the person's personal life or their taste in games, music, etc. He also obsessively started attacking any Americans or Christians in the comments of his videos even if some of those didn't show any criticism about him. Some of the videos around this time had their comment section locked. At the same time, he made a video saying that the right-winger movement was being controlled by the Catholic Church, KGB and American elite. That it would be impossible for Europe to prosper as long as Christians lived in Europe or people voted for politics with any connection with Russia or USA, once again attacking any European politics who have met at any time in their lives with Putin or Trump or are against covid restrictions. Even his old opinions about immigration changed, now he denounces "White Genocide" as a conspiracy theory made up by crazy far-right incels and says the Elite is right to want to have more low-cost employees in Europe and North America and Christians are just worried about being replaced with Muslims and don't care about anything else. With that, he lost around 3k subscribers in this year so far, with downvotes being predominant. So he started making videos claiming he was being attacked by NeoNazis and Christians who had the goal of dox him and his family, although there is no evidence that anyone really cared enough about him to do so. How the far-right are the true terrorists when compared to Antifa and he was being unfairly attacked by extremists and genocidal idiots who wish for the end of the world instead of getting a vaccine. From above 25k subscribers, now his channel has less than 6k subs.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Open file (184.89 KB 740x656 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (57.65 KB 829x474 ClipboardImage.png)
>>227909 a true grifter, what a shame eso faggism is gone, maybe shamoo (the superior eso faggism) can expose Pisszion
>>228472 Reminder this man did a 180 bickers people trolled him in a jewtube chat.
>>227909 >>228472 >>228507 I honestly wonder how mentally ill he is. There is certainly an element of being a grifter, but he seems to be very prone to mood swings and sensitive to other people's opinions, at the same time being very easily influenced. If he wasn't old, but was a millennial or zoomer, I bet he would have turned into a tranny. The only immutable thing about him seems to be his hatred for Christians and Americans. He is still preaching science and attacking Trump at every opportunity. He deletes any posts about covid or responds with his usual emojis.
And he is back, making lazy videos to attract the "alt-right" to his channel and streaming weekly asking for money. And be on his channel or telegram, he will get really mad if you talk about the vax and will ban you in seconds. https://youtu.be/Fgdxg0CLROY?si=O3f4-CFtdh1MdWE9
>>245023 Wow, he is dabbing on jcaesar187 and EsoFaggism while making big money!

Open file (883.93 KB 1000x1500 EDENDOX1.png)
Open file (1.02 MB 1000x1500 EDENDOX2.png)
Open file (595.63 KB 1000x1500 EDENDOX3.png)
Open file (96.23 KB 1000x1500 EDENDOX4.png)
Open file (101.08 KB 500x500 EDENFACE.jpeg)
EDEN LEAKS Unironic Ralphamale 01/08/2023 (Sun) 07:35:50 ID: ab8beb No.186357 [Reply] [Last]
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the greatest leak in the history of the webring: THE EDEN ALTMEYER LEAK. Eden Altmeyer (you know him as Eden, and he goes by the name Gourmet on Matrix in 8moe /v/'s secret server) is an absolute scourge of the webring. Currently he is working under Mark on 8moe to mod cake/v/ and is guilty of pretty much nonstop spamming and fucking with the webring, primarily sleepychan. Today is the day it comes to an end. I will start with a dox that connects Gourmet (Matrix name, good friend of Mark, ringleader of a secret cabal on 8moe) with his old, similar alias of Gourmet Newell. From there, we will find that he has been using his real name (Eden) on the webring. With his piss poor opsec, we will achieve a full dox. The next leaks I plan to share are Eden Altmeyer's involvement in a secret 8moe cabal along others who plague the webring. Please enjoy this leak at the expense of the 8moe G​AMERGATEs which will provide a unique inner look at how Eden functions in secret.
55 posts and 69 images omitted.
Looks like a random, very boring techie to me.
>>187152 second. Looks like underage are trying to 1up their mods from all of those garbage imageboards with many sikrit chats attached to them.
Open file (106.50 KB 644x952 1432120232491.png)
You forgot to mention the 8moe flew out of the webring with looping for resurrecting /hebe/ of all things.
>>245257 >defending 8pedos kys and leave.
>>245426 John is actively posting and coping hard in here now. He defends himself, defends his friends and etc. Essayfag and Eden won.

Open file (172.03 KB 416x441 jahans.png)
Open file (2.74 MB 3000x4966 jahans.jpg)
Jahans thread Anonymous 08/11/2019 (Sun) 10:52:16 ID: 2a28bf No.1179 [Reply] [Last]
Our boy Alex got his wisdom teeth out recently and was given some painkillers. He got high and went on a spergrant about how actually reading porn all day is very altruistic of him.
150 posts and 55 images omitted.
Alright people. I'm dumping EVERYTHING into the archive on archive.org/details/thejahansarchive. -->> If you want the full Jahanschive you need to download it from there. I'll tell you when it's complete (I just started dumping 45GB from folder of 17 alone. wewlad) THIS IS GOING TO BE A FUCKING MASSIVE ONE
>>240867 The full Jahanschive will have everything from 2nd Nov 2008-July 2020, in chronological order. Right now I have all of folder 1 uploaded, some of folder 2, and all of folders 5 and 6 (out of 17) So if you have already downloaded what is there you need to go back and download the videos after 20140923 6eytG8FuUfY In response to Emma Watson's He For She speech until 20150917 yRPvYnZw3fc A Patchwork utopia and other strangeness (since I skipped that part) THE ARCHIVE COULD BE TAKEN DOWN SOMEDAY, SO BACK THESE VIDEOS UP IF YOU CARE ABOUT PRESERVING JAHANISM
>>240867 >(I just started dumping 45GB from folder of 17 alone. wewlad) folder 2 of 17* There are 17 folders
Do you people can find me ?
This faggot is shitting up /pol/ with is europhobic cuckworship anti racism

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